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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 21, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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kairls rrn ♪♪ >> todd: we begin this hour with a fox news alert. singer and actor meatloaf has died. he jumped to fame with one of the best-selling albums of all time, "bat out of hell," and he was an actor in rocky horror and his hit song "i would do anything for love," but he won't do that, trying to figure out what that is. meatloaf dying with his wife by
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his side, he was 74 years old. you are watching fox t.v. i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. i was looking up information on meatloaf, one of the best-selling artists of all time and sold worldwide 80 million records. his first album "bat out of hell," can you believe this, still sells 200,000 copies annually, in movies like rocky horror picture show and "fight club," and i was working on my first job and i was don imus's assistant and he was a guest two times. had a big smile throughout the interview. sometimes celebrities would be nice to don imus and not nice to the bottom-tier people like me.
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he was the exact opposite, such a sweet man. i'm so sad to hear he died at 74 years old. he did die with his wife by his side. if have you to die issue at least you have your family with you. >> todd: we highlighted how his career spanned generations. he was an icon in the '70s. i have to bring up, in jersey, whenever paradise on the dashboard comes on, guyos one side and the girls on the other side, you do that. paradise by the dashboard light, a memory we have from our high school and middle school days and it is a great way to remember meatloaf here on a friday morning. >> carley: that is right. we have so much news to get to. we will turn to the crime crisis raging across the country. career criminal expected of brutally killing a grad student
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in a california furniture store may face a judge today following his arrest. ashley joins us live as the public slams city leaders for policies that are leading to surging violent crimes. ashley, good morning. >> ashley: good morning. shawn laval smith could face a judge today. a caller recognized smith from survileance video showing him going into the 7-11 upon minutes after brianna kupfer was found dead. >> i see a gentleman that looks very similar to a suspect in the kupfer stab nothing l.a. >> what was he wear something >> a black hoody on and a black backpack that was very similar to the one in the images. >> ashley: orange county
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district attorney joined us saying the nation needs to wake up. listen. >> where was the assessment of smith's background? we have hundreds of people who are being shot and murdered in los angeles. this is going on all throughout los angeles and it is particularly going on in counties and jurisdictions that have elected soros woke district attorneys. >> ashley: new york city district attorney bragg is stand by his stance. >> what i have done, we said it out loud in the spirit of transparency. >> ashley: in new york city, the nypd released footage of the moment an 11-month-old baby girl was shot in the face in a car
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sitting in the bronx. that baby just learned to walk. the mother says she is expected to survive. if that wasn't a wake-up call, we don't know what is. the time model is speaking out on michelle go's death after being pushed in front of a train, saying, i was lucky and she was not. i cannot understand why nothing has changed. back to you guys. >> todd: ashley, thank you. a live look at the white house. the administration is doing control after the press conference. >> carley: jen psaki cleaning up claims to have vice president harris double down on his claim. griff jenkins is live in washington with the details. griff. >> griff: several mop-worthy moments in the marathon press conference, none more so than this one. >> i'm not saying it is going to
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be legit. the increase and prospect of being illegitimate is in proportion of not being able to get reforms passed. >> griff: clean up crashed and burned when vice president harris bagged biden's bogus election claim. >> is he concerned we may not have fair and free election? >> around our country states put in laws that are making it more difficult for the american people to vote. >> does he think the '22 mid-terms won't be legitimate or fair or free? >> let's not conflate issues. >> griff: fanning flames saying failure to pass voting rights legislation was blatant erosion of democracy. at the white house, they're still trying to put the fires out. >> press sect. psaki: he was not intending to cast out on
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legitimacy of the 2020 election, he was attempting to make the opposite point. in 2020, despite covid and attempt to suppress the vote, democrats and republicans, independents, too, turned out in the face of the pandemic and election officials made sure they could have votes counted. >> griff: republicans don't agree and are not buying jen psaki's message. >> it happened in 2000, 2004 and 2016, now it is going to be 2022. if joe biden thought his party was going to win the elections, all would be fine. >> griff: clean-up job is getting more difficult. there is legitimacy election claim necessary november. todd and carley. >> carley: thank you. secretary of state blinken is reaching russian foreign minister in geneva.
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>> todd: the white house scrambling to clean up more. brooke joins us liech with the latest. good morning. >> brooke: right now secretary of state blinken is meeting with russian counterpart sergey lavrov to deescalate tension between moscow and ukraine as thousands of troops build up on the border. president biden is facing backlash over this major remark. listen to this. >> russia will be held accountable, if it invades and depends what it does, it is one thing if it is a minor incursion f. they do what they are capable of doing on the border, it is going to be a disaster for russia. >> brooke: ukraine's president is snapping back at biden reminding the great powers there are "no minor incursions" in small nations and no casualties
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in the grief for loss of loved ones. vice president harris are back pedaling and insist russia will pay a price if they invade. >> press sect. psaki: i think you heard clearly multiple times from the president, the president has been crystal clear sglchlts let me be clear what the president has conveyed to president putin. >> it is clear to us that the decision is probably in his hands. we are clear and have been clear for quite sometime. >> brooke: the president's gaffes don't just stop there. he lashed out at our very own white house correspondent. [indiscernible] -- >> brooke: russia's foreign ministry is accusing the west and ukraine of lying about an eminent attack to cover their
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own large-scale provocation and disguising it by stirring up concerns over moscow. todd, carley. >> todd: the world is watching. have a great weekend. where in said world is kamala harris? you know not at the southern border. big group of lawmakers demanding answers on what the white house is doing about the migrant crisis. two congressmen join us next. >> carley: u.s. secret service being accused of withholding documents in regard to hunter biden travel. could the federal government be covering up for the president's son? eus clief interview with iowa senator grassley, you don't want
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>> carley: house and senate republicans are banning together to demand department of homeland security investigate president biden's handling of the border crisis. joining me is ted budd and fred
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keller, good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> carley: more than 100 gop lawmakers, including both of you are call og dhs inspector general to investigate president biden's border decisions. congressman, if this investigation is to take place, what do you hope to find out? >> we've got a long list, an extensive request. who came through with the checkpoints denied, who was caught in between the checkpoints and what are the got-aways and the responses. we have extensive list to ask from them. these are questions that the american people are asking. >> carley: congressman keller, speaking of questions that need to be asked, white house press secretary jen psaki was on the air yesterday, asked about this topic. take a listen how she responded. >> yet in 2021, we believe there were two million encounters at the southern border, should we
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expect two million more in the year 2022? >> press sect. psaki: we need to fix our broken immigration system, smarter security at the border and moral approach to how we treat peep when he will they come across the border. >> carley: if you look at the southern border migrant encounters, over 178,000 is increase from november. congressman, what will 2022 look like? keller, rather, excuse me. >> go ahead. >> i would just say that we're not sure what it is going to look like. we know a little over a year ago, we had a secure border. we did something that the president and vice president didn't do, we went to the border, many of my republican colleagues. we learned what trump administration put in place worked. our letter asked, what information did the biden administration, where did they get information that told them
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to undo things that had proven to work. they ought to be concerned this border is open and cartels have more control over this board sxer people are being trafficked and look at the scale and people on a terror watch list have been caught coming into the border. we want to know what made them make the decision to reverse trump policies. >> carley: yeah, congressman budd, you are calling for transparency, the biggest concern is the number of gang members that come across, number of suspected and known terrorists that come across, do you know that number, has that number been made available? >> t is part of the question we're asking the biden administration, i met with border patrol agents, fred did, as well. this was just last year. they said we need to finish this wall, the same time looking at tens and tens of millions of dollars of steal laying there
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and in diesel equipment ready to build the wall and would shut down when biden was inaugurated. border patrol agents told me, we need to finish the wall, right now they don't have that. >> carley: congressman keller, members of congress were give masks to wear and what a disaster that was, when you received them, you noticed that there was a made in china stamp on them. so our tax dollars going to china the country that create third degree problem to begin with. >> it just goes again to show the lack of transparency, the lack of preparedness by the speaker. it is not just administration, the speaker is doing these things. architect of the capitol bought the masks and why they didn't
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get them made in america, i am not sure. we have a stockpile, why couldn't the speaker buy masks made in america? we need to get to the bottom of this, we have many things now we didn't have a year ago and need to start leading by example and getting back to the way things need to be and get through this, we should not be helping the chinese communist party by buying their items. >> carley: we all agree with that. absolutely. yeah. congressman budd, congressman keller, thank you for hopping on with us this morning. >> thank you. >> thanks, carley. >> carley: todd. >> todd: time magazine is a far cry from when joe biden was named person of the year back in 2020. we're talking to joe concha about that next. k-d k-d rfk
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>> todd: time magazine predicting gloomy forecast for president biden on their new cover which commemorates the president's first year with a dark cloud over his administration. >> carley: joe concha is here. the headline, how the biden administration lost it's way, "administration that pledged to restore competence and norm alsy seems overmatched and reactive, democrats fear harsh political backlash looms." sounds about right to me, what say you? >> joe: you have to wonder what white house press secretary jen psaki are thinking right now. they didn't have media turns against us on the media card one year ago. it is clear and here is your captain obvious statement coming, there ain't nothing going right for biden/harris right now.
2:25 am
unlike bill clinton first year polling 37% or barack obama 40% heading into election year, you don't get a feeling there is a comeback coming. the public, more and more, sees this president, this vice president, the administration as incompetent, over their head, out of pulse with the american people. their priorities are inflation, crime, covid, education and the border, that is top of mind. what does team biden do? push a massive spending bill and what they call voting rights. the president is acting his age, he is stubborn, unsteady and the vice president has no plan b. just watch her interviews recently, 2021 was bad. 2022 may be worse for democrats accomplished at complaining and poor it seems at governoring and executing these days. >> todd: joe, that was the best summary, clip that, air it
2:26 am
throughout the network for the rest of the day. liberal media keeping -- off their home page. get serious here. they didn't use the suspect's picture and made no mention of his enormous rap sheet. as humans, how can they ignore that part of the story all in furtherance of this perverse, woke agenda? >> joe: todd, it are replay of the wakasha christmas parade. a suspect with a rap sheet a mile long senselessly murdering a young woman with her life ahead of her. wakasha was more than one person, it was grandmothers and grandchildren. imagine wisconsin or this horrific murder in california, it would be wall to wall to wall coverage. it seems the suspect doesn't match up with certain political
2:27 am
narrative issue the story is forgotten quickly, that is remember journalistic injustice. >> carley: joe, thank you for joining us this morning on the two very important topics. happy friday. >> joe: have a great weekend and try to stay warm, it ain't going to be pretty. i'm sure janice will tell us about it. i have to get away. >> carley: perfect segue, janice dean is here with the fox weather forecast. hi, janice. >> janice: good morning, good morning and joe is on speed dial. i will always give him a forecast. take a look, we have cold weather as far south as florida this weekend and texas, winter storm warning in effect. 7 in chicago. 17 in new york. those are current temperatures, not wind chills, dallas at 25. if you have moisture happening, it is going to turn over to snow, that is why we're watch thanksgiving front along the gulf coast that could bring
2:28 am
wintry weather to texas, mississippi and alabama. we are watching the carolinas and virginia for area of low pressure to develop starting today through saturday and bring an ice storm to coastal areas, including just north of myrtle beach to wilmington and norfolk. this is a big deal, ice on the roads and power lines will cause problems, very dangerous to travel through. bottom line here, timing today through saturday, it peaks this afternoon, the carolina, southern virginia, snow and ice, travel, power issues, all of the above. this is a big deal., will bring the latest on storm details and look at that winter storm warning still in effect through noon today for southern texas, including the areas of corpus christi, laredo and san antonio, winter weather advisory, which doesn't happen often in south texas. cold air hangs around chicago,
2:29 am
kansas city and florida, the sunshine state issue not beach weather here in jacksonville and tampa, temperatures in the 60s, which would be warm here, but not so warm in sunny florida. back tou, carley and todd. >> carley: janice with winter weather alert. thank you. and republican senators say secret service is improperly withholding documents on hunter biden international travel while his dad was vice president. could the federal government be covering up for the president's son? our exclusive interview with congressman chuck grassley is coming up next. ♪ ♪ panama panama panama ♪
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with your final wishes. and it's yours free just for calling. so call now for free information. >> carley: we are back with more damming allegations on hunter biden. it is reported hunter biden and former aid invested in two chinese companies with ties to the top levels of the communist party. e-mails showing recently as 2017, hunter's private equity firm held a stake in harv's sports and entertainment, backed by china's development bank.
2:34 am
-- global game in china. in 2020 the harv announced it was bringing entertainment centers to the communist country. todd. >> todd: republican senators calling out secret searchs claiming the agency is hiding information on hunter biden's overseas travel while his father was president. chuck grassley joins me, great to have you senator grassley. >> the united states secret service did not produce communication regarding hunter biden's travel for 2011 and 2013. why the request and why now? chuck grassley there are a lot of questions about hunter biden's involvement with a lot of countries around the world,
2:35 am
also most importantly, with china. and whether or not he was interacting when his dad was vice president of the united states, the gain advantage that way. and it seems to me that we ought to have these questions answered. they have given us some information, but as you said, there are three years we don't have any information for and in regard to where we did get the information, it was so heavily redacted, it was hard to make sense out of it and it doesn't have to be redacted for the congress of the united states and our investigation authority under the constitutional power of oversight. so we want this letter again following up on other letters, just like pulling teeth to get answers from the executive branch, particularly on this subject, but the public is entitled to this information, transparency brings accountability and ought to know
2:36 am
what what extent we know hunter biden traveled sometimes in airplane with his father and also there is an uncle, james biden, that is involved in this, as well. i can't make any accusations against the president of the united states, but i think we have a right to know what the son was doing in those instances and these records from the secret service and the travel of him and the secret service would help us fill in details. >> todd: understood. senator grassley, do you allege that the secret service is covering for joe biden's son? >> you can't grau any conclusion or seem to me they would come forth and give this information we need and it is very suspicious when they don't did it. it is hard for me to agree 100% they are covering or just not doing their job or responding to
2:37 am
congress, but surely looks like there is a connection there. >> todd: first big tech, as we know, squashed the hunter biden story prior to the 2020 election. now the mainstream media ignoring it. coverage numbers, this is from a year over the course of 20 dlts 21. world news tonight on abc 57 seconds, cbs evening news, 60 seconds and nightly news, 191 seconds. with the blow from democrats about democracy and trouble, how much of disservice is media doing not covering the hunter biden issue, one which many feel could have swayed the 2020 election? >> thanks to your coverage of it, it is about the only place senator johnson and i and we seem to be the only ones working on the issue and we've been
2:38 am
working for three or four years and getting more information all the time. we are not getting to the bottom of it yet. let me add to your question this way about the media. the media ought to be the policemen of our political system, media ought to be keeping everybody in government honest and make sure that is what the first amendment freedom of speech and press is all about, to make sure that government upon doesn't interfere with it, but also in your profession to make sure that you pair out all this stuff and when only one channel, i presume, the only channel i see it on, that brings it up, we could get to the bottom of it faster if the other news media would take as much interest as you do. >> todd: agreed, sir. with senate majority on the
2:39 am
line, you are working to ensure conservatives take control of congress, highlighting failures of the biden administration and you are running for re-election this year. what conclusion are the american people coming to when it comes to the biden administration and how will that impact the 2022 midterm? >> if you look at the polls today and the election was today, we would take over the house and senate. that election is 10 months away and difficult to predict what is the situation. right now we'd have a heavy turnover in the congress of the united states to republican majority. and i think it is because number one, what happened in afghanistan and number two, the open borders, this president doesn't believe in enforcing the immigration laws, the interference in the classrooms and the violation of free speech and the fbi on mothers and fathers going to school board
2:40 am
meetings and then most importantly, the highest on people's minds is the inflation. don't forget, he was going to defeat virus and now the virus is having more hospitalizations than they have had before. these failures are what is leading the prospects of the republicans taking over the united states senate and house. >> senator chuck grassley, we appreciate your time this morning, sir, have a great rest of your day, we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> good stuff, todd. rachel campos-duffy is live in washington with stars of the hit tv show, "duck dynasty" ahead of the march for life rally, we'll check in with them in just a minute. hello, guys. one of america's favorite candies is going woke. cheryl casone will tell us how the characters are getting a
2:41 am
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>> todd: leaked report claiming peloton is halting production of the bike and treadmill. >> carley: cheryl casone is here and the ceo says that is not true. >> cheryl: pelloton is denying reports that sunk stock thursday. claim internal memo cited the company planned to delay until 2024 and pause bike production. the ceo issuing statement, rumors we are halting bike and tread are false. the stock fell about 24% or so yesterday. that was two-year low over the last 12 months stock is down 79%. it is actually looks like it will recover 7.5% when the market opens. they just announced price hikes. >> carley: pricey.
2:46 am
>> todd: curious story there. seems like dc is trying to get on rules for the not for me segment. >> cheryl: i know, mixed messages out of dc and not from politicians this time. the city will not require entertainers to show vaccination proof, but if you want to attend a show, have you to show your card. the mayor says you have to have one dose to enter bars, gyms and nightclubs, effective january 15th, but people doing the service doesn't have to be vaccinated or show proof. >> carley: this one, chocolate is going gender neutral, who knew chocolate had a gend sner >> cheryl: woke police have come for m&ms. mars coming claiming tell be a more progressive world. they
2:47 am
begin with m&ms is announcing commitment to create a world where everyone feels they belong. green m&m character will swipe white go-go books for sneakers and the orange character will reflect the anxiousness of generation z. former senior advisor at heritage foundation called it all madness. listen. >> look at corporations going woke. you were talking about gender neutral m&ms, i can't think of a weirder thing to pitch on kids who like candy. >> cheryl: "fox and friends first," it is candy! >> carley: unbelievable. >> todd: it is freaking candy. i will say the f word. thank you very much. pro-life activists hoping today's march for life in washington is the last while roe
2:48 am
v wade is the law of the land. >> carley: rachel campos-duffy joins us with "duck dynasty" stars lisa and allen robertson. great to see you, good morning, rachel. >> rachel: good morning. how darn cold it is. we've been hugging each other. we're hugging each other it is so cold. this sudden an exciting march. this could be the last march, where we're under roe v wade. i am here with al and lisa. it is personal for lisa, explain why you are here, i think a lot of women are here for the same reason. >> i am here because at 16 years old, i was told lies about what was actually grow nothing my womb. i was told what was growing was a glob of tissue, just cells and
2:49 am
until this baby was born, it was not a life, so to abort that child was not really that big of a deal and just go on with your life after it happens, that was 40 years ago. i still think of that day everyday of my life and through jesus christ, vibeen redeemed, he's forgiven me, but regret is always there, it will always be there, because i rid myself of a child that generation, plus generations after that. i just want women to know the truth before they choose to abort their child. when you abort the child, it doesn't get rid of the problem, that is when your problems begin. >> it is one of the greatest lies people don't talk about, the aftermath of abartion.
2:50 am
people come here, we are braving cold weather and peep dole it every single year. you are people of faith, people come here and pray. roe v wade, we might be on the cusp of that. >> the pro life move ments is now the pro love movement. around town, last night, all the young people i saw, that gives me hope we will get this behind us and get this curse off our country. >> rachel: i would love to see that rebranded, the pro love movement. there is a lot of youth and technology on the side of this movement before the ultrasound. you can't have a baby and not know it is a baby, when you are giving birth, you know what happens. it is great having you, you have dedicated your lives to serving god and serving this movement,
2:51 am
great having you here today. we'll have to keep hugging. carley, todd. >> carley: great stuff. >> todd: rcd, try to stay warm, it is not easy, we appreciate it. president biden snapping at a fox news reporter as his communication team heads into the weekend with a lot to clean up. >> carley: a lot going on at 1600 avenue. we will talk to later about it coming up. ♪ . poison. .
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for anytime, anywhere, migraine strikes. without worrying if it's too late or where i am. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks cgrp protein, believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy and learn how abbvie can help you save. ♪ >> thank you, thank you. >> carley: president biden lashing out at fox news white house correspondent jacqui heinrich for asking a straight question about vladimir putin.
2:56 am
fox news contributor joins us now, larr lara. describe the outrage if your father-in-law had received the exact same question or to a female reporter on such an important topic? >> oh my gosh, well, good morning, guys. i cannot begin, todd, to imagine the outcry from the mainstream media if donald trump had done this exact same thing. it is virtually all they would be discussing right now. we all know that to be true. but we see this side of joe biden sometimes. you know, it seems like he is very happy to appease people and play the role of the nice old man whenever he sees that someone might be politically against him whether they are friend or foe. this kind of cranky old man down the street comes out and we see the true feelings of joe biden when he is pushed on this. and by the way it is not a stupid question.
2:57 am
joe biden. this is the result of having someone as the leader of the free world. the leader of our country in such an important question where he clearly does not understand the gravity of some of the things he is saying. what you heard from him in that press conference the other day was very confusing to a lot of people. a minor incursion. what does that mean? it's probably confusing to vladimir putin. we know he got trolled on twitter by the president of ukraine on this. so it's not a stupid question at all. these are things that have major implications for our country around the world, for our troops, et cetera. but not surprised that he responded this way. this is like the default if he can't handle something, it's a stupid question. i'm grumpy and going to move on. not surprised. you are right, todd, crazy if donald trump had said this. >> carley: lara, more from president biden on the russia front and then the vice president sort of attempt of clean up on aisle 5. watch.
2:58 am
this russia will be held accountable if it invades and it depends on what it does. it's one thing if it's a minor incursion. >> i will tell you that the president has been very clear and we the united states are very clear if putin takes aggressive action, we are prepared to levy serious and severe costs. >> carley: the vice president says that the administration is being very clear, but everybody else is still a bit confused as to where the white house stands on this subject. if your father-in-law were in office today, how would he handle the russia situation? >> well nothing about this entire mess of a press conference was clear at all the other day. there is just so much confusion to come out of it where the united states stands on things. where joe biden and the entire administration stands on things. if donald trump were president right now, i don't think we would even have found ourselves in this position right now. because russia doesn't test
2:59 am
donald trump. they didn't test donald trump. but they are testing joe biden. there is no doubt that our adversaries all around the world has seen the way he has performed his first year in office. it has been from a place of weaskness. and whether you look at afghanistan, the southern border, any time joe biden is pressed on anything on the world stage, he exudes weakness. and they know that believe me, vladimir putin knows that. this would never have come to this point with donald trump because they wouldn't have even tried it. unfortunately, this is what you get whenever you have a leader like joe biden in the white house and, look, we are all hoping for the best outcome here on all different fronts, but it is such a shame that we have found ourselves in this place because of ineffective and weak leadership and it comes from the top from joe biden. >> todd: it is a sad state of affairs where we are following that press conference. we certainly hope that this administration listens to individuals that say come to the
3:00 am
middle, let's come up with some compromise that the entire country can get around, around issues like inflation, like gas prices, like crime. this administration showing no proclivity to do it. lara trump, have a great weekend. >> carley: great seeing you. great being with you this morning,. >> todd: you too. >> carley: "fox & friends" starts. >> actor and legendary singer meat loaf has died. he jumped to fame in the 1970s. he was 74 years old. president biden tries to clarify wednesday's comments. >> any assembled russian units move across the ukrainian border that is an invasion. >> there is going to be more blood on his hands if putin enters glurk alvin bragg apologized for writing what he said was an unclear and legalistic memo. >> i take full accountability for that confusion,


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