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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 20, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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to be using this . imaging really works. you've got to get off the couch and get one when you rather have this in the tank, really pick up the phone call the energy companies. they're going to take care of all eight hundred eight three zero 80-20 that's eight hundred eight three zero eighty 20 orri visit immagine .com. good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. m tonight there's nothing more tiresome or predictable than a cable news a host who makes the show about himself narcissism as to tv people with black lung is to coal miners. we do our best to avoid at f catching it. but tonight we're going toes break our rule and tell you about something pretty interesting that happened toap this show a couple of days ago. on tuesday we did a segmente about the nationdi of ukraine.t now ukraine may be a perfectly nice place to visit, but you wouldn't thinkt would get a lot
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of attention from s a superpower like this one. ukraine is a small country. it's in eastern ukraine's a pretty small country really. it's in eastern europe. it's five thousand miles from washington . it's got a population about the size of the state of california. so hugely significantsi. not really. and yet we never seem to stop talking s about ukraine as vice president united states joe biden himself spent an enormousb amount of his time meddling in the internal affairs ofai ukraine and because of his influence in that country, his son hunter got a jobbeca in ukrainian company. he got rich from that . then donald trump was impeached for speaking on the phone to an official from yes, ukraine. and now as of tonight , we're moving closer to a war overkr ukraine. in the coming days, russia may violate ukraine's eastern border and thisrn, we are told, cannot stand in washington. the territorial integrity of the united states means precisely nothing. wallste are racist. we're a nation of immigrants. buts. the territorial integrity of ukraine, that is something we mustt fight for.
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watch as a remarkably broad spectrum of political figures appear on all three cable networks to explain that if russians cross the ukrainian border in an undocumented caravan, we have the moral o obligation to use force immediatelyy we will movedi more nato assets closer to russia, not further away we if they once again bring war to ukraine, it's just not going to . that simplele i thinkoi we should be doing a lot more and we we shouldn't be just considering. a diplomatic track. >> there needs to be clear dosequences for what they because we fail to deter and now you're inviting conflict. it's a very bad situation and we left ourselves without many options as a result. i don't think we're providing the deterrence necessary toto putin from invading ukraine. the preibus of russia. and it's time for the biden white house to start speaking more clearly and more aggressively and tellingsi how they're going to stop this invasion from happening. they're all red in the face,
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but it's not the usual partisan chorus. this is the entire choir you just saw representatives from every faction in washington from adam schiff to dan cranshaw, as different as they seem and all the dummies in between and all of i them are promoting war against russia on behalf of our new and deeply belovedd ally, the government of ukraine. vladimir putin is our most dangerous enemy. they scream we can't let them hurt ukraine. so it turns russia. it was actually more effective even than we'd realize. the steele dossier has been debunked. but in washington the theme remains in force. russia, russia, russiahing, rusa is bad. >> what is this about exact? well, obviously it's the usualal collection of children falling for the usual collection of lies. but why this specific lie? on tuesday we tried to get tom the bottom of this because it seems like it matters. we spoke to a man called clint urlich. h. as urlich pointed out, there are a lot of factors here over w us toward war ukraine. but one of them, a centralkr one is natoai. so what is nato and what is the purpose of nato since
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the fall of the soviet union 30 years ago that nato was designed as a bulwark against? well, no one can answer that question. not one person. and yet the same people who cooked up the iraq warar are now insisting that ukraine must join nato anyway. that would mean puttingat american military hardware right on russia's border and russia doesn't wantnmo that any more than we would want russian missiles in taiwan. hence the tension. now the irony, as clinton pointed out, is that nato doesn't even want ukraine to join. in other words,wa the wholento g is it serves no american interest whatsoever. it is yet another manufactured crisis, this one devised by restless power hungry neocons in washington looking for another war. here's part of what clint urlich told us p here we have people who are arguing that even if the russians don'ti invade ukraine that we need tora invade and kick the russians out of crimea.ns that was o an op ed from a senir obama administration officialk. this week.
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and so i would say that it's even simpler than that . we're dealing with ournnwe warmongers, unserious people w whose policy prescriptions could have deadlyho serious consequences. the deeper irony is that nato doesn't even wantip ukraine, that it's a corrupt country. it's more ofpt a liability than it wouldli a military asset. and the people who are pushing this simply argue that it needs to happen because russiaav shouldn't have a veto over who's in nato. in other words,ever even when io in our mutual interest tour not have a state in nato, we haveha to insist that there will be added just to spite the russianshe. ng well, that was an interesting conversation. those seem like fair points ifai aheade wrong, go and explain how they're wrong. listen, butterfish, washington is done explaining anything as you may have noticed. so instead the veryy same foreign policy geniuses who brought markets to libyabe went insane with rage. not since we made fun a. of pregnant flight suits have they been this mad fox host unabashedly makes putin's case bachs. cnn's white house correspondentm unabashedly shows how the disinformation successes of russian
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intelligence extend way beyond trump tucker hollande for putin noted billl kristol, a man who couldn't even run a small circulation magazine but imagines he m could run our country's foreign policy. and then a former dnc contractor told alexandra chalupa announced that this shows opinions violatedct a law. this isn't journalism, she wrote it. it's an ongoing affair, a violation. tucker carlson needs to be prosequi c as an unregistered agent of the russian federation and treason under article three, section three, clause one of the u.s. constitution for aiding an enemy in hybrid warfare against the united states. i'm death penalty offense with alexandra chalupa didn't mention speaking of feral violations is that she herself has extensive personal ties to the ukrainian government in 2016 chalupa contacted ukraine's embassy looking foror dirt on donald trump's presidential campaignnmen. now she says that anyone who doesn't believe americans should dieve for ukraine must be sent to prison for virginia. j
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congressman gerry connolly didn't go that far but close. he called uslyt right wing agitators spewing russian propaganda into millions of american homes like a virus. and then congressman eric i swalwellnt, a california man who literally had with a chinese spy apparently multiple times very strange m ways agreed with this carrying putin's water again he wrote on twitter and then one of barack obama's speechwritersrr accused us of being quote on the side of ethno nationalist authority arianismf nationalism. so if youno don'tst supportng fighting a war on behalf of all white ukraine against all white russia, you, my friend, are a racist and so on . >> so what's so interesting here is that there was notot a single argument, not a single idea in any of it. these aren't just twitter trolls. these are people who imagine themselves foreign policyntpl heavyweights, deepte thinkers, statesmen. but when challenged all they could muster was name calling. they want ades hominem immediately because they had nothing else.
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they're pathetic. they don't worry you though because they may be pathetic. they're also very powerful. so in the end it's self-support. kamala harris to explain why weo need tor fight for the honor of ukraine and she did it on the today show. the biden administration's forum for deep thoughts on foreign policy. here's what she said then on the subject of ukraine, i will tell youub that the president has been very clear and we as the united states arew very clear, if putin takes aggressive action, we arect prepared to levy serious and severe costs, period. and i will tell you that part of the posture that we have taken is grounded in theth respect and the value wee place in sovereignty and territorial integrityrr. reading our little talking points as vehemently. but the best the emphasis we place, the value we placee on territorial integrity, borders, sovereignty, the right
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to determine who comes into your country and when. that'sr the word from kamala harris. ry athe flung open bordersn activist. so how should putin handle this ? well, putin had a better imagination apparently. doesn't he paint the russian tanks now massed on the ukrainian border with the slogan no person is illegalu . kamalala harris stated that on what grounds would she tell russians who just want a better life with their families in ukraine that they can't come to ukrainelili? if the russians just quoted emma lazarus, kamala harristhem who have to back off and support them and their voting rights in ukraine, but unfortunately for them, the russians are just too literal for this when a we invac a country, just go ahead and call it an invasion. but you still have to wonder invasion or not, why is any of this a profound concern ofld ours? why would you even consider risking american lives or sending billions of dollars toti stop it? there are multiple borders, wars underway around the world, multiple justr w on the continet of africa right now. >> there always have been manyn. are dying in those wars and yet
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kamala harris is not agitating for american troops in congo. c how comeon we can only speculate aboutwe what we do know is that the administration's russia policy would only make sense if your goal was to sense gravely hurt the united states of america. already we have spent nearly four billion dollars in aid to ukraine over the last few years, much of ithe l for weapo the point of this is to tweak russia and if necessary to kill russians. ss our leaders feel very superior about this morally. they brag about it constantly. up.n's an it's f a win for them. but what about the cost to the rest of us and to our country? china is the preeminent threat? to the united states.ea nothing comes close to the threat that china poses. here's the truth. the u.s. military, impressive a as it is, is nots big enough to engage meaningfully simultaneously in europe and in asia can't do both at the same time. so our attention toour ukraine by definition and detracts from
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our attention to china. but worse and more dangerous than that , more dangerous than anything it drives the russiansi into an alliance of convenience of necessity with the chinese government. so here you have our two biggest rivals, united . you know, it's not simply against our military but against our curren when the u.s. dollar is displaced as the world's reserveni currency. and when that happens, this country will become poorer a aovernight. this what you're watching now will ber one of the reasons why it happened. so it's hard to imagine anything more significant or destructive than what these people are doing right now. it's not just about ukraine. it's aboutivople. our future. doug mcgregor is retired armyy colonel. watch this unfold over the course of the year. he joins us tonight . it seems like an awful lot isre at stake, here, doug. and i don't hear anybody making obvious the most obvious points like why are we driving russia into the arms and an alliance with china? why doesn't anyone say that ?nc don't they see it?
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well,, first of all, thank you for pointing out that both the democrats and the placebo party also known as thee republican party are both equally committed to a dumb idea of a war in eastern europe against the russians, a place of marginal interest to us strategically but of great interest to russia, obviously where they have high strategic stakes. problems are three withs the whole approach. nonu one , i'm sure you watched the press conference with the president. yeah,waes biden has become the metaphor for declining great power. everyone senses a all the headsd of state around the world. certainly putin and ge are watching us and they know we are not the country of nineteen ninety in any way, shape or form. we are declining t in terms of our military, economic o and political influence. that's the number one . secondly, our record of interventions have been a dismal failureti.
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nothing's work.. everywhere we've gone has turned into a disaster over a the last forty or fifty years and then finally the timing could not be worse. ae americans are not interested. st the american people have no interest in going to eastern europe to fightsi russia.? why not? well, look at the economy. it's fragile. if anything, it continues to deteriorate and fail. it's not just supply chains and stores that shows that are empty. the living standards in this country are falling for the majority of the american people. they knowic it. so the idea that we would now embark on a war after we've wasted trillions over the last thirty years on failed interventions is incomprehensible to americans. so washington on left or right,, completely out of touch with reality and it's almost everybody in both parties. this is a great country.rt it can be rebuilt. ita can be saved.ou it's not too late but you can't do stuff like this . you really can't i don't think well, there's there's something
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it's worth mentioning nato after the collapse of the soviet union. so its position or missionon in the world as provin i orting another war in europe, not fomenting it, not cultivating it, for god's sakes. that's what all of the europeans wanted. if you think the germans,ll the dutch, the french, is the british, the norwegians, anybody in nato is going to pack up and immediately rush east to invade russia, they're out of their minds. this has no future. ifis h anything, this is going o end nato before they're through that before. doug macgregor, thanksrego so mh . > joe biden's a full year into his presidency as of today, he's not doing he knows that . insurors. t full he's questioning the legitimacy of the upcoming midterms. he wantsy to. stop seal here hel was his press conference yesterday sowing doubts about our democracy. >> speaking of voting rights a glegislation and if this isn't
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passed, do you still believe the upcoming election will be fairly conducted and its results will be legitimatean, though it all depends on whether or not we're able to make the case to the american people that some of this isto being set up to try to alter the outcome of the election. >> come, i was asked about this today too. we're not going to show youns the clip. you can look it up. itio turns out she's an election truth or two. she doesn't thinkn' it's on the level she thinks elections are beingng stolen. that's kind of a common view in congress. here's jim clyburn of south. >> are you concerned that without these voting rights bills the election results won't be legitimateig? i'm absolutely concerned about the question the legitimacy of our election doing the bidding . putin where's liz cheney? she is always on the hunt for insurrectionist undermining democracy. dan holloway joins liz.
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he wouldn't. but even better, we u have dan holloway when the host of the drinking podcast. he joins us. so sit in here. have the leaders of ourun country undermining democracyer by questioning legitimacy of elections. how can the stand? it's pretty crazy. re in november of 2020, the biggest threat to ourhe democracy was calling a federala election illegitimate, which is interesting because in twenty sixteen in november, the biggest threatem to our w democracy was an illegitimate election because of trump russian collusiongi, which is super interesting because earlier in 2016 hillary clinton dnc money too pay a foreign agent to fabricate all oftu that , which is anal actual threat to democracy. so i'm not sure where we really go from here. >> it's a total clown world. maybe the rest of us or at least partly at fault by taking them atm their word and understanding terms by their literal meanings. maybe we shouldn't believe anything they say and assumeme the opposite is true . >> maybe that's true . i mean, look, don't believein
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the spin from jen psaki f either because chris cillizza and robert were right out on the stump immediately after biden said this full throated lee agreeing with him. just rememberr this , tucker. there's a really importante thing i want your your viewers to remember 2020 was the most fair election of all time right testimony. perfect election of all time. but if p we don't pass this legislation now which takes voting rights away from the states and puts them in federal control, then weed can't guarantee legitimacy of elections ever again. i guess that that's that's the lesson that we're being asked to take from these guys to so that january 6th committee,ry liz cheney's committee, nancy pelosi's committee is now taking stealing the text messages of journalists and political consultants who doubted the fairness of the last election and leaking them to the news media. do you t think they're going to subpoena the text messages of kamala harris, jim clyburn and joe biden? no, i don't i don'
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this is like i said, it's a clown world. it's the same thing is going w on with a filibuster right now. the filibuster was fine for two or three hundred uses in the last legislative cycle when trump was president. right. but now all of a sudden that too is a threat to democracy. i guess that's justgues the hot button these days. you call something a threat to democracy and that's what it is. that theras outut democrats are just fairts weathr fans of democracy. right. they likef when it works for't them, but when it doesn't, everything is an existentialti threat. wellpoint, dan holloway, greatl to see you p tonight .ay thank you ., so if you have listened to howard stern recently, please don't. it's depressing a manentl enorms talent and bravely he has become brazen using his radio show to push paranoid cowardice. but if you're interested in what's happened to howard stern, we have a tape you actually seem to. join me as we uncover certification of america on foxnation.
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he used his platform to fight government censorship to give the finger to the man was a lot. that was impressive about howard stern for sure. inthat briefly allowed him to be creative but not anymore. he was the coronavirus that broke him. he was just hormonal changes of the middle age. d he's now a coward and hisdc broadcast is aboutas cowardice,g amplifying his fears about corona overco the air and attacking more precisely attacking anybody else who has decided to live life as a free person. when are we going to stop putting up with the idiotsth in this country and justun sayat you now it's mandatory to get vaccinated their freedom. i want my freedom to live. t i want to get out of the housewa already. i want to go next door and play chess. i want too goe take some pictures. this is so this is a guy who's had every facts available and still hiding in his basement because the vaccine works so well that he can't go out. right. so one of the people disagree when aaron rodgers, for example, the athlete decide to f
10:25 pm
make his own medical decisions about the vaccine, howard stern wasciical enraged. he said roger should be kicked out of the nfl. socializing is nowre off limits to howard stern. he scolded oprah because she had the audacity to host brace yourselves a christmas party . >> and i'm really amazed by oprah. i really am. i mean on her instagram, she likes to take you into her house where every night ofou christmas is a big party like a celebration and she flies in a different chef and i'm a yu know, it's getting very confusing to me. you know, i see what's going on with covid. everyone's got it. everyone sick people have 104 fever. i don't want toe 100% fever. i don't want to get sick. so i i'm hiding. but everyone else is out running around. i see oprah's got she's having dinner parties so the guy was always a narcissist. obviously the show is about himself but again he had a spirit, he had bravery but
10:26 pm
he's declined into this kind of quivering mass of neuroses and hatred, hatred that so overtaken him that he's decided that anyone who doesn't follow his commands should just go diey was if it was up to me, anyone unvaccinated would not be admitted to a hospital u. at this point they've been given plenty of opportunity to get the vaccine. they p don't trust our government. they think that there's some conspiracy to turn them inton a magnet or something like this . now l if you don't get it in my america, all hospitals would be close to you. you're going to go home and die . so if you don't trust the government, you don't get health care and you should die. so the bigger questionnd is how did this brave creative guy become a tool, craven tool ofwe the powerful wishing death on his own listeners or something sad about this really sad jimmy door has watched rt happen. sh he's the hostess in your show and we're happy to have him come on say so, jimmy.
10:27 pm
i'm not even attacking howard stern, whom i respect for his talents which are real. butis what is this that we're seeing? i don't know. is there anything creepier than a guy who looks like a hippie but g talks like a fad that for that's good.are can we all i mean, howard stern ab,can we doesn't anybody care about howard stern anymore? he's just a poor guy who wants to go outside and feel the breeze in his wig. that's all he wants to feel. w soen what is weird to me is now he went from being a bad boy tog becoming hillary clinton's buddy. how dodo you do that ? a he's about as dangerous as a pair of plastic scissorss . so what happened is the thet establishment gave them four hundred billion dollars and now he's the establishment. and so nowhm instead of standing up to the oligarchy and standing up to the government and standing up to authoritarianism, now he's preaching it and it's crazy like a bully to get you to do things the government wants you to do. it of freedom.itee it's the opposite of what comedy is supposed to be. you're supposed to use comedy
10:28 pm
to undermine the status quond and poke holes in it and make fun of it. he's now using his platform to prop up the status, authoritarianism and by the way, he's doing exactly what the oligarchy wants them to do, which is blame your neighbor, right? t he's not going to blame. why are the hospitals so hot, by the way? you don't want the hospital gete clogged because the next time he needs another chin liposuctione, he won't be able to get in .. but the point is wee have been cutting hospital beds in newat york state alone. theye cut thirty thousand hospital beds in the last twenty years. so we went from one point five million hospital beds down to nine twenty five thousand hospital beds since nineteen seventy five . you know why there aren't enough icu beds? because it's not profitable toot the private equity firms that administer our hospitals emergency rooms. now people don'ter know this in 2018 i just covered it on my t show. there was a huge outbreakhe of the flu and guess what ? every hospital in every state was overrun and they were treating people in tents for the flu. so p this ideaeo that the joe bp
10:29 pm
patient is the person you should be angry at instead ofyor the oligarchs who have been getting rid of hospital beds and icu beds becauseyf they are not profitable. of course, that's what howard -frn does now because he is a status quo. there's no point to himim anymore. he turned in and so instead, you know, if you live long enough as a hero, you're going to, i guess, turn into don imus because that is what happened tomu to howard stern.ow >> that is sad to watch. o i don't even know what to say. go jimmy door. he looks like he hit me. he talks like a said that was so great. it's great to see you. thank you for that .ed perfect.. thank you . after nearly two years, the proud return of one of our favorite segments final exam comes actually dana perino and jesse watters, the labeled pro-choice meaning from the word choice and we stronger all the water for abortion both
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a little crazy and we thought oh the time is to serious for this segment. so wee suspended it and then the other day we wokes upe u and realized is there anything too serious for a game show segment? probably not. and so it's back final exam. we put the news professionals against one another. so snake pit boss, he's been paying close attention to the news. have they been doing their jobr this week? who is the very best on two good friends of ours? dana perino, host of the five o,america's newsroom, one of the smartest and most decent people we know and definitely [l the most decent person in the tvau business joining her this season sayingsa this through joining us tonight as well, jesse watters also of the five and the man who was about to take over the new show, jesse watters primetime. it starts monday, 7:00 p.m. right here in the foxnation. jesse , by the way, a graduate of trinity college in hartford ,connecticut, a fact that is single handedly prevented that college from falling to the bottomot, the u.s. news rankings. i'm really glad you got the claim.
10:36 pm
no, they don't claim it at all. and god, they're so awful. i'm so glad he's here. the rules hands on the buzzers. you know, i ask the question the first person to person gets to answer the question. you've got to wait till i finish askingg before you answer once i you can'tg answer and acknowledge you by saying your name. every correct answer isin worth a point. you get one wrong, you lose a point. the cool math and final exam best of five wins. are you ready? we're ready. okay, all right. question one this is a multiple choice question the three choices wait so all three are read aloud. okay, well announcing he willt not after all be running forbe governor of the empire state. new york former mayor bill de blasio of new york city did confess something odd and sad. he admitted he had once played a tragic role in the accidental death of an t animal. what kind of animal was it? wait for the answers. hey, hey.t subway will be a groundhog or see his son's hamster save us
10:37 pm
early so it goes jesse say our judges by name. justin well, sir, if you can blame him later. so jesse goes to you and where do the animal go with the groundhog? tucker the groundhog will take together to make a big change. now t i made my fair share of mistakes. i was not good with groundhogs at all. bill de blasio appearing to drop off staten island. chuck- week after the de blasiof fumble. the groundhog did a few more events before being found at zoo space deceased on february nine kills chuck and then he laughs withut a suicide attack you. but you knew that , didn't you, dana? of course i didn't know it, but i didn't i didn't realize it's like, you know, on that other show jeopardy where i have to wait to you finish that and then i can do itt. exactly. but as an animal lover, i knew that you knew it. okay, question to another multiple choice, another f question which you must wait for all options here it is increasing interview on television. the vice president united states offered some deepn
10:38 pm
philosophical advice toic the rest of us. it wase much like a zen koan. we're going to read you several quotes. you tell us which one came directly from carmel harris,e the was it a it's time for us to do what we have been doing in that time is every day was it b, it's not a sizzling issue, but the shape of our democracy is an issueis that affects a every other issue or was it c peter piper picked peck of pickled peppers, a peck of pickled peppers. peter piper picked shifty waters. >> ladies and gentlemen, we're going to go with a whatever she says the word salad. the the growl from dana suggest she agrees. but we'll find roll tape. it is time for us to do what wer have been doingac in that time s every day they legalize it t and get like brushingim your teeth. . should do that every day, every day. and nowth iso t the time to doev what we do. nower is the time. all right. questionay three, this is nott a multiple choice. a
10:39 pm
so fast fingers and they have an advantage here yet another fast food chain followed the advice of bill gates and rolled out a plant basedd product they claim and it's unlikely taste just like meic among the delicious ingredients in this potato starch, citric acid, pea fiber which is behind the foamy. and by the way, we're just going to you have every reason for thinking that i was finished with the question overrule our judges data. i think you smacked it first and we're just i think now the judge said give it tos dana. we like that . the reason that's what they said. you know how i know how because this product was a feature on the five four jessy's feeding frenzy. i believe you're talking about kentucky fried chicken . >> it's not chicken . well, i don't actually know. i know i'm not going to eat it,t but we're going to rollo the tape. you can buy it at kfc nationwide starting on monday, okay? does it i taste like real
10:40 pm
chicken or is it what they call chewed and glued? i can tell you i that they use a new technology this time and they will replicate the real meat muscle fibers. so apparently it'sea good. no, it's not good. we tried it on the five. it's not good. well, it does it doesn't taste like chicken but itit looks like chicken . that was weird. it'sch like the opposite of all other foods but it tastes like chicken . but you can't go beyond eat anyway. it doesn't make sense. okay, question for we are aboutw to show y you a woman on the screen. she's a femaleon member of t . e united states senate there she is walking around a restaurant without a mask despite complaints from the owners and from fellow diners. now this senator has long lecture. the rest of us leaves wearing our masks. who is she, dana? i believe that was kirsten gillibrand. >> youou believe that was kirstn gillibrand of new york , was itt indeed. i can't tell. >> unfortunately, we're seeing resurgences from america
10:41 pm
as people stop wearing masks, they stop social distancing. s we're seeing a massive spread. and so the governor is doing what he can to make sure that new york does not have itsn own resurgence. garrison gets to too. that brings us to this place of peril, the emotional drama five versus the five, two versus two. this is the final question. are you ready? yeah, here we go. this is this is multiple choice. there's a children's song called baby shark that has driven parents almost to the brink of insanity for many years now. and it just set a record because so awful. it's also so popular. it's become the most viewed video in the history of youtube. that's a multiple choice. how many views does this video have? is it eight? three billion? is it five billion or is it c ten billion? dana, i'm going to have to go see ten billion. oh, no that is so dark you couldn't have ten billion but we'll find out. >> here's the tape.
10:42 pm
baby baby you physics maga hats just set a new record on youtube baby shark the very first video ever to that ten billion with a b fox news . wow i thought you got a hit. didn't feel very good. i didn't want to feelfe competitive on my way down but i'm really glad i won. oh man that hurts. remember what they told us the internet is going to make us smarter. boy, add ild that to the life bt thank you for putting that song on our head , your viewers. thank you . i won't be bullied. i've already limited data. you get a mouth breather mug a specialty of the show. any kamo koozie that apparently our producers made c in the brek i really get one . that's what justin just said. i mean,wh what do i know? michaell tony fauci final example. i wanna thank you . you guys are the best
10:43 pm
and congratulations. congratulations to you. just wanted to see you next week. onoron yright before our show.ed we're really excited. all right. i'll see you there. thank you . that's it for final exams. next time see if you can beat the experts will be with us wondering how to naturally improve your blood pressure or just avoid the dreaded energy slump. it's a snap nutrient dense snap ,organic beet crystal support healthy blood flow and boost energy levels because they're packed with dietary nitrates, the body converts into nitric oxide. nitric oxide widens blood vessels maximizing oxygen and circulation and keeps you feeling energized and alert. naturally snarf nitric oxide, organic beef is a game changer. maintaining healthy blood flow is the best thing i can do to avoid chronic conditions. tics tv to six eight three eight zero for this exclusive tv deal and we'll throw in a shaker and a bottle of nitric oxide capsules absolutely free snap nitric oxide, organic
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trupanion. join the trumpian family by calling us today or visiting trupanion .com. we've told about the by the administration's latest attack on the civil liberties of its political opponents. justice department has just created a new division devoted to harassing and imprisoning conservative activists. theseed people joe biden routinely refers to as white supremacists. e now white supremacist is a termr you will notice that joe bidenem never defines yet he would like us to believe that this shadowy group, mysterious bad people poses quote the most lethal threat to the homelandd. in other words, they're worse than al-qaida. it's completely ridiculous. everything about it is ridiculous. yet biden and his minions keep repeating this talking point and upping the stakes as they do. lasthe weeky the administration indicted 11 january six protesters on charges of sedition. you ought to j read
10:49 pm
the indictments. they're fascinating. the first thing you f learnfi is that these people are not al-qaida. they're patriotic veterans, working class people, the elderly. they love their country far more than the bureaucrats who indicted them do. but at the same time as you read their text to each other in the indictments with the gut which the governmentn th secrety gathered, it's obvious they'reus terrified these are people who genuinely believe the united states is falling apart. why do they believe that ? that's a question we ought to ask ourselves but rarely do the main reason they're so upset is because life for them in america has become measurably worse overri the course of their lifetimes. and here's one thing that has changed dramatically t. io communication isn't private anymore in this country. in the us it is now virtually impossible to communicate with anyone anywhere without the chance that somebody else is listening to youou. every text you send, every email, every supposedly secure encrypted messaging app you use, all of it can be monitored
10:50 pm
by utterly politicized government agencies working in concert with utterlyer politicized tech companies and much of ited t is everyone who pays attention knows this is true . we live in a surveillance state. these germans would be envious. now we underestimate how destabilizing and destructive it is to l live in a surveillance state. human beings need privacy. i privacy is a prerequisite for freedom. privacy is also essential toea mental health. imagine theyoften have no privacy. that's the hallmark of their mental illness. other people are reg their thoughts. but what if they're right? 10 years ago if someone had told you the government was intercepting s your emails, youg would have been pretty sure that person was mentally unbalanced. if you heard it now, you'd probably assume, well, that's true because it very well mightm beeec true . think about what that means, what only paranoia once believed the entire country now knows tono be true .
10:51 pm
so people who are alreadye on the edge emotionally havevi got tong be moving swiftly aroud the bend. the government is driving them. they'reove! this is dangerous whether intentionally or not the biden administration is . eating radicalismm they're making people volatile. they're making the country unstable. by the way, the endless racial attacks aren't helping. less than a decade ago, a black man won the majority of the popular vote in this country. maybe that was too muchh progress for the democratic party because ever since they've been screaming aboutev how you're a racistmi, most americans have done a pretty good job of ignoring this . i'm just tuningg out. but e then you wake up one morning and they're handing out life saving medical treatment on the basis of skin color along with jobs, promotionsng, college acceptancs and untold billions in federal contracts, etc. now the last thing you want to do is think about your own countryur in racial terms. it's awful. nobody wants that . but at this point they're forcing it. it's all incredibly unhealthy. t
10:52 pm
it's making's people insane and at some point it may drive someone to do something truly awful in the summer of 1992, federal agents murdered an unarmed woman and a child tor a place called ruby ridgeid in idaho. less than a year after that , bill clinton's justice department killed more than 80 people, 80 americans during a sieges in waco, texas. dozens of children were shot and burned to death in the media at the time and now acting like allll of this was ne big deal perfectly normal. butea the public knew better. one borderline personality type responded to all this by buying fertilizer and fuel oil and in the spring of 1995 blew up one hundred and sixty people. the federal building in oklahoma city was awful. imagine something like that happen now. we wouldld never recover. violence against the innocents is always wrong. it's always tragic no matterr who commits it. it's not a political question. it's a moral questions and absolute. but in a political environment like this one where the people in charge are already
10:53 pm
salivating at the thought of going full soviet the u.s. as we know itul would be over right away. our core freedoms would disappear overnight. we would be enslaved. that be a disaster on top ofis a disaster. so there there's no suggestion that will happen in this country in the face of vicious provocation, cruelty and persecution, conservatives have remained calm and nonviolent and thankod for that . we sincerelyn, c hope they stay that way. so they pulled the statue of teddy roosevelt down in newy. york city, been there for 80 years. vandals took it down, vandals posing as politicians. that ?they doo to this ? would that the the mission of goya caren's it's love and care for god's precious child and a
10:54 pm
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experience better hearing with no obligation. call 1-800- miracle right now and experience a better life. investment rate increases are forecast. stocks could possibly be strong. yet experts say apartment building values and rents are currently appreciating and an estimated three point eight to six point eight million more homes are needed. now this is likely due to real estate being locked in a limited supply high demand bottom diversify now by investing in real estate alongside nra, the industry leader with a fifteen year track record called 800 814 fortune. that's eight hundred eight hundred fourteen for. i'm bill hemmer. i'm right there. i'm dana perino and this is the fox news. right now america is listening to the fox news with top news seven days a week and providing a contrast to perspective you won't hear anywhere else down the fox news 1% and fox news content .com. teddy roosevelt became president in nineteen 01. he was one of the greatest w
10:59 pm
americans who ever lived. roosevelt was a scholaras. l he was a sportsman, a soldier. he was a statesman. he is the father of six . he f was the youngest presidente in our history on the average day teddy roosevelt wrote more words, read more books, played more games more vigorously and made more significant decisions than the average person does in a month, including president company. he was the paragon of masculine energy as well as a thoroughly decent person. if your son grew up to be teddy roosevelt, you would happy. so of course our current leaders hate teddye, roosevelt's life magnifies their mediocreed and their utter smallness. they are nothingio compared to the man teddy roosevelt was and they know that . plus he was the wrong color. so this week vandals posing as politicians tore down p teddy roosevelt's statue . that statue, it stood forndy more than 80 years in the same placeicat s where it shoule been right in front of the american museum of natural history, naturalrif history in manhattan. so if you're going to take over the country and turn intont
11:00 pm
something awful, ito is, dangerous for people to t knowus that men f like teddy rooseveltt once existed here in the united states. youyo can't let them know you can't speak his name. you must erase him. o the details of his life areng dangerous. by the way, in octoberer in manhattan they just putp up a statue of george floyd, the violent criminal and drug addicts. he's a role model now tells youu everything. have a great night.. sean hannity now. all right. and tucker, thank you and welcome to "hannity". we beginan h tonight with a fox news alert. the 42nd president of the united states, donald j. trump is only moments away. we have a lot of ground to cover serious crisis at home, serious crisis abroad. e, year at the white house has been anit abject failure and yesterday's trainho wreck marathon press conference only made everything worse. just look at the cover of the new york post headline reads. he said ypo what biden's confusd disastrous q&a. well, now we know why they've


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