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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  January 20, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PST

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there were no aides there and when asked about hunter, he did not answer that part. you know what? i don't think he wants to talk about his son, ainsley. >> and why won't the media cover it? brian, when you showed those numbers that was over the last year, not just this story. all of this controversy. we'll be talking about it. >> bill: thank you, good morning. here we go. 9:00 in new york city. was this the reset the white house was hoping for? president biden kicking off a second year, long in length. the president arguing he out performed expectations. we'll look at that today. the day after. i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." the press conference went on longer than anybody thought. the president's prerogative. i might have faked a heart attack an hour 30 minutes into
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it so he could clear the room and get it done. who better to ask about this than jen psaki. she'll join us for her first fox news interview. >> bill: looking forward to that. a lot to talk about. 56% of americans disapprove of how the president is governing, a 20-point drop from where he started. more than half of americans don't believe the president understands the everyday problems that they are facing in their lives. quite a statement, dana. >> dana: the president attempted to right the ship yesterday during this marathon two hour news conference. reporters pressed him on everything from covid russia aggression in ukraine. watch this. >> president biden: minor incursion. if they actually do what they're capable of doing with the force they amassed on the border it is going to be a disaster for russia if they further invade ukraine. they haven't been able to do so
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far to get my republican friends to get in the game and make things better. what are republicans for? >> republican reaction was swift. conservatives calling this press conference further proof the president is out of touch with america. tom cotton. >> the president is completely detached from reality and kitchen table issues that matter to americans. he claims inflation is under control, that shelves at the grocery stores are restocked, that we'll get covid under control soon. >> republicans across the country oppose joe biden's agenda. what's more telling is the reason why his agenda has been torpedoed this past week is democrats in his own party oppose his agenda. >> dana: to that point the president's agenda taking another hit last night. democrats' election reform bill falling short in the senate after moderate democratic senators manchin and sinema joined the republicans in refusing to blow up the filibuster. fox team coverage. karl rove with analysis.
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let's go to the white house where peter doocy is standing by. good morning, peter. >> a year in the president is recalibrating things and promising a new approach saying he will stop acting so much like a senator and start acting more like a president. >> president biden: i've made many mistakes i'm sure. if i made a mistake i'm used to negotiating to get things done and i've been in the past relatively successful being in the united states senate, even as vice president. i think that role as president is a different role. folks, -- >> he talked about mistake. one mistake was saying in that event that it's okay if russia only makes a minor incursion into ukraine. jen psaki said that's incorrect. the vice president adds this today. >> the white house press secretary had to actually clarify the president's remarks. >> i'm being clear with you right now. and so if you are interested i will continue to be clear which
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is that we -- we have had direct conversations through various levels of diplomacy with putin. >> the big focus of the press conference was the domestic agenda and the president admitted on his voting rights legislation he is trying to get things done with democrats only. >> president biden: i was trying to get everybody on the same page. on my party i -- i didn't calm republicans at all. >> despite the lack of outreach to the other side the president says he is still in the middle. >> why are you trying so hard in your first year to go so far to the left? >> president biden: well, i'm not. you may recall you guys are trying to convince me that i am
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-- i'm not bernie sanders. >> two hours worth of q and a with the president and the press corps and suggesting there is more where that came from. he thinks a lot of the problems people see at the white house are perception. he thinks the perception will improve if he gets out there more talking directly to people about what he is doing and he says that's just been tough so far during covid but that's changing. dana. >> dana: see if he gets on the road. >> bill: we want to look at the year that has been. come over here and we'll look at the approval/disapproval numbers. yellow is the approval line. this is january 2021 here. goes to january of 2022. disapproval line is in red and you see where the lines cross here and we'll show it to you as to how that happened. what was happening back in may? may he is flying high up 12 points on the approval number.
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fully vaccinated people got rid of their mask. july 4th and covid. where things changed. dana, i think this is the most telling graph we can talk about for the current administration. august to september. you know what happened when the lines crossed? august 15th kabul fell, august 16th was the day that c-17 went rolling down the runway and we see what happened to the numbers between approval and disapproval. show you right here. blinken is talking about it. covid started to gain strength again. in chicago the teachers union were up in defiance and focus on the border with the migrant encounters going up and up. what happened as a result is that the disapproval number kept going higher and higher and the approval number kept going lower and lower. in a nutshell this is how it went. disapproval line that began in january so solid for sometime only went higher and higher to where we are now and very telling story for this
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administration after year one. >> dana: why the white house when they present viewed the president's press conference talked about the reset. karl rove you're here with us, perfect for this morning. let's get your overall take and show you headlines here. "time" magazine saying i didn't over promise. joe biden is being defensive in abc news report. an utter disaster. "new york magazine" says the press conference didn't go quite as planned. it was a very long one. let's get your overall take on the press conference. >> my overall take is that there are lots of ammunition in there for the president's critics and he gave it to them. i was taken aback with some of it. ukraine, the minor incursion we just talked about. terrible mistake that the russians will take advantage of. no apologies for afghanistan. he thought he did it perfect. covid, i'm satisfied with what we've done and i think we've
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done remarkably well. voting rights, read the speech. i didn't call him a bigot and compare them to george wallace and jefferson davis. read the speech. that's what he did. out of touch. i thought peter doocy made an interesting comment. i'm not asking for castles in the air. he ignored some of the main concerns of the american people and saying inflation is transitory and dismissive of its effects and focusing on things being pushed by the base of the party without support from the middle independents and on the congress support from republicans and that's not what the american people want. they want a less partisan president and they certainly don't want somebody out there on the leftward fringe playing to the base of his party. >> bill: he seemed intent on delivering a message to republicans, what are they for? what will the answer be now from republicans to that question? >> look, this is positioning for the fall campaign and he is right. if he can say the republicans
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stand for nothing except opposition to me he will do better than he would do otherwise. he won't win the mid-terms. they'll lose badly but a weakness the republicans better be prepared to address by saying here are the things we think we need to do to make america's economy stronger and create more jobs and reduce inflation, to make it possible for people to have better lives. but the fundamental problem for the president. you had great numbers in the billboard. let me give you the white board. right track, wrong track. 28% of the american people think the country is on the right track. 64% think it is going in the wrong direction. not all of that is biden's responsibility but he is the president of the united states and he will be held to account for that lousy attitude where the country is today. >> dana: can i follow up on that? those numbers track exactly with an a.p. poll just out this morning where it says the question was would you like to
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see president biden run for reelection? the yes was 28%. those are the same 28% who believe the country is going in the right direction in what you cited and no with 70%. you don't get to 70% by just republicans. that is a mix of independents and probably some democrats. >> sure, look. there have to be some democrats in it. i have long said i think it is impossible to conceive that the democratic party will nominate an 82-year-old president for reelection. it just boggles the mind we would say yeah, the guy will be capable of being president up to 86. >> dana: he said he is running again and kamala harris will be his running mate. >> we'll see. we have three more years to go. for me i find it very hard to believe that that's going to be the case. certainly if the numbers are the way they are today, democrats would be well advised to find somebody fresh and new or they are going down to utter defeat in 2024. >> bill: coming in today check
6:11 am
out the piece in the "wall street journal." very good writing. we'll see if you're right in the end. >> dana: excellent use of grammar. >> bill: go back to the approval/disapproval on the issues. put it on screen. this is pretty good, right? you look at the economy and covid, foreign policy, healthcare and look where the disapproval numbers are for the white house. he conceded close to nothing on these issues yesterday. again, keep in mind how he turned that on republicans. what are they for? karl is very right. he is setting up the argument to be delivered for the next 12 months leading up to the mid-terms in november. >> dana: kevin mccarthy has put out a statement about what republicans are for. they are looking at some very key issues that they will say this is what we would stand for when it comes to education and parents being in charge of their children's education. on immigration, on taxes and the economy and on crime which is something that didn't even come up yesterday, bill.
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>> bill: i would say he set republicans up to try to answer that and we'll see how well they do over the next 12 months. >> dana: they will have to answer for sure. new audio of what is believed to be the suspected -- texas hostage taker. we have jen psaki coming up. what he says about the jewish community next and we'll have that for you as well. bill. >> bill: the u.s. supreme court is now refuting this claim about an ongoing mass dispute between justices gorsuch and sotomayor. what is really happening behind closed doors? we'll check in on that coming up. >> dana: the suspected killer of a ucla grad student arrested less than 24 hours after police identified him. >> we've become so used to seeing people behave erratically in public it doesn't draw attention until someone gets killed. and that's just -- we've been desensitized to the fact that
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please recall school board members collins, lópez and moliga before our kids fall even further behind.
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>> dana: police arrested the man they say stabbed brianna kupfer to death. he was spotted sitting on a park bench in pasadena. we're live in los angeles with more on how they caught him. >> it was an intense manhunt that ended with a 911 call from a member of the public who spotted the suspect in pasadena about 15 miles from the store where 24-year-old brianna kupfer was stabbed to death. smith did not resist arrest and now being questioned about kupfer's murder. police believe smith simply walked into the store where brianna was working alone and within minutes killed her and calmly walked away and a short time later seen on security
6:19 am
camera shopping at a store. he is homeless and had a long criminal history. most serious of crimes taking place in south carolina where he was freed on bond after a 2019 incident where he fired a flair gun into a car occupied by a man and toddler. that charge should have carried a potential 10 year prison term. also free on bond from a misdemeanor shoplifting incident in pasadena. soft on crime allowing criminals to be free to roam the streets. george gascon issued a statement following smith's arrest saying it is tragic and heartbreaking that kupfer was murdrd while she worked and a tremendous loss for her family, friend and community and county. we're working with lapd and will review the case as soon as it is presented to us. a vigil will be held later today to mark the moment she
6:20 am
was so brutally killed. we expect smith to be charged with murder as soon as today and to be arraigned before the end of the week. dana. >> dana: thank you so much. >> bill: want to bring in leo terrell from los angeles, civil rights attorney and fox news contributor. good morning to you. have you seen the 12 mug shots over 10 years? what happens to him in your city today? >> well, i'll say right now he is a career criminal. be very clear. he has been passed from state to state and california has an obligation to file murder charges, first degree murder charges. gascon has to do what is right. this guy is a murderer, career criminal and shouldn't have been on the street. i interviewed the father of couple of days ago and this situation is tragic. he is a true hero trying to make sure his daughter gets justice. all eyes are watching george gascon. >> bill: i want you to listen to the sheriff on this program
6:21 am
talking about the crime wave. give this a listen now. >> we have an open air mental asylum. he was arrested possibly for possession of stolen items. used to be a felony. now a misdemeanor. got out on a ticket in october and a few months later he is killing brianna right at the start. >> bill: you feel for the family when he talks about that comment. what he said at the beginning. we have an open air mental asylum. how do we address that now? >> i tell you how we address it. we should have addressed it yesterday. bill, joe biden gave a two-hour press conference and not once did he mention public safety. public safety in america is not a priority in the biden administration. that was a crime not to mention that. i hold the press negligent in not asking one question. it is impossible to not see what's going on from california
6:22 am
to new york. progressive left prosecutors who will allow criminals to roam free. this criminal being allowed to go from coast to coast is shameful. this shouldn't happen in a civilized society. >> bill: no reporter asked him about it. >> and they're negligent. >> bill: i don't disagree with you. what is happening to your great american city? >> i'll tell you exactly what's happening. the problem is simply this. there has been a flip where the criminal is more important than the victim. and this is what you have with these left wing progressive prosecutors. it has flipped. where is the attention to the victims who have been brutalized? people are afraid to go out of their homes because the state is not protecting the civilized. it has been flipped. completely flipped. >> bill: i'm sorry to watch it
6:23 am
happen. come back soon. leo terrell live in los angeles. hoping the best for that family in a tough time they're going through now. here is dana. >> dana: fox news alert now. supreme court rejecting a bid by former president trump to withhold presidential records from the congressional committee investigating the january 6 riot at the capitol clearing the way for more than 700 documents to be transferred to congress. they include presidential diaries, visitor logs, speech drafts and handwritten notes. >> bill: we'll watch the story and see where it goes. new audio of the british terrorist who took hospital acknowledges over the weekend in a synagogue in texas. what he said and tell us about his motive inside. thousands of schools shut down this week blaming covid. charlie hurt on your kids' future next. no one deserves the american dream of homeownership more than veterans. at newday, you can buy a home with no down payment. and they're holding the line on purchase loans with rates in the twos. already own a home and need cash?
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>> dana: f.b.i. agents spotted outside the home of democratic congressman henry cuellar with
6:29 am
law enforcement activity. a spokesperson for cuellar saying the congressman will cooperate. >> 2021 the year that was. it was the year unprecedented for immigration and customs enforcement at the southern border. the biden administration has yet to release a key report from ice on the final numbers of arrests and deportations. that report given out every year has been released at the end of the calendar year going back 10 years. critics predict a dramatic rise in the border apprehensions but a drop in overall deportations. we haven't seen the report. dan springer live in la joya, texas with more. >> that's exactly the case and that's why critics believe this ice report is being withheld and it is being withheld. we're usually getting this by now. it is because it will be politically damaging. we continue to see people trying to sneak into the country illegally every day. this was yesterday in mission,
6:30 am
texas. border patrol agents pursued a car with five migrants inside. they bailed out and it was a foot chase. you got the border patrol helicopter involved. all five were apprehended. we now know a record was set in 2021 for encounters at the border thanks to a court filing in the case texas versus biden we have december's numbers. 178,000 encounter is a 141% increase and pushes the year total over 2 million and more than 55,000 were released into the u.s. >> i think it's reasonable for us as americans to judge the president with two simple criteria. is he making us more secure and more prosperous? no. after one year of one-party rule is almost 2 million, maybe over 2 million. >> and we now know it's over 2 million. the ice report will tell us how many of the over 2 million illegal crossers were allowed to stay.
6:31 am
it will be a big number as president biden undid much of the trump-era immigration policies. he ended border wall construction, terminated asylum agreements with countries, limited ice's ability to deport and tried to end the return to mexico policy. it leads to scenes like this on monday when the border patrol encountered a group with five kids including two triplets, girls of one year old. they were suffering from hypothermia symptoms. no questions about this issue at yesterday's two-hour news conference. >> bill: dan springer. waiting on the numbers and the report. we'll be patient but only for so long. thank you, dan in texas. >> dana: president biden facing criticism for his school policies. defended those decisions during his news conference yesterday. >> president biden: very few schools are closing. over 95% are still open.
6:32 am
the phrase the question what one watches on television. my god all those schools must be closed. what will we do? the idea that parents don't think it's important for their children to be in school and teachers know it as well. >> dana: let's bring in charlie hurt opinion editor at the washington times and fox news contributor. so you see we looked it up. number of schools closed the week of january 17th, 3,430. maybe that gets you to 95% but there is also this. what kids have lost. here is this from unicef. the pandemic generation is at risk of losing 17 trillion in future earnings from knowledge deficits. what did you think of yesterday? are you clapping for me? >> yes, i am. always applauding for you. no, it's really incredible. president biden didn't reveal anything else yesterday was that he remains wildly out of touch with regular voters.
6:33 am
the 95% number, maybe that is true, maybe not true but that's not the point. the point is still you have that means 5% of schools are not open and that is a huge problem. it also doesn't address the point you just made which is that we are looking backwards here. the problem is that schools never should have been shut down in the first place. and we are going to be paying the price for the fact that these schools were shut down for no scientific good medical reason. we will be paying for the price for that for literally a generation. on top of that you get into the fact there are a lot of other problems that are -- have come along with covid whether it's masking or the other problems with instruction within the schools that are open. >> dana: tell us where you are. i was excited that we were doing this focus on education. a summit called the miseducation of america. what are you hearing from parents gathered there so far?
6:34 am
>> it's amazing. by the way, the fox nation show the a fantastic show. it is a little like the da vinci code for education. pete uncovers lots of secrets that you didn't know about education in america. fantastic show. this summit is here in richmond where just a couple of days ago virginia inaugurated glenn youngkin who beat democrats at one of their most -- strongest issues, that being education. and i think that election really does sort of reveal a huge schism between joe biden and democrats and terry mccaul i have running for governor for a second time and regular normal voters who came out for glenn youngkin to make a difference in schools. >> dana: not enough focus on education in the press conference yesterday, either. i will pay attention to the summit. glad you are there, charlie. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> bill: so we all watched the
6:35 am
big press conference yesterday. did the president help clarify his positions and priorities? we'll ask the white house press secretary jen psaki in her first fox interview coming up next. we're a different kind of dentistry. one who believes in doing anything it takes to make dentistry work for your life. so we offer a complete exam and x-rays free to new patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan. we're on your corner and in your corner every step of the way. because your anything is our everything. aspen dental. anything to make you smile. book today at, walk in, or call 1-800-aspendental. no one deserves the american dream of homeownership more than veterans. at newday, you can buy a home with no down payment. and they're holding the line on purchase loans
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>> dana: president kicking off
6:40 am
his second year in office with a nearly two-hour press conference yesterday, quite a marathon. the president defending his record despite his major agenda items falling short in congress. here to talk about it is white house press second jen psaki. >> bill: it's hard to find two bengal fans in the same room and we've done it. >> dana: can i join the party? >> big game on saturday, go bengals. >> dana: hopefully no breaking news you have to deal with during the bengals game. we'll try to protect you from that. let's start with voting rules. you tweeted this. let's be clear the president was not casting doubt on the legitimacy of the 2022 election. he was making the opposite point in 2020 a record number of voters turned out in the face of a pandemic and election officials made sure they could vote and have the votes counted. here is what the president said yesterday afternoon. >> president biden: it all depends on whether or not we're
6:41 am
able to make the case to the american people that some of this is being set up to try to alter the outcome of the election. the increase in the prospect of being illegitimate is in direct proportion of us not being able to get the reforms passed. >> dana: last night those reforms failed. so i'm curious if you'll continue to say the 2022 elections will be illegitimate? >> first i talked to the president a lot about this and he is not predicting that the 2022 elections would be illegitimate. the point he was raising was both that in 2020 even amongst challenging circumstances efforts to suppress the vote in the midst of a pandemic there was record turnout. democrats and republicans record turnout to go to the polls. the point he was making the former president asked seven or more states to overturn the outcome of the election. now obviously if there is an
6:42 am
effort to do that we have to fight against it. that's what our commitment is to doing but not making a prediction. he has confidence in the american people and do everything we can to protect people's rights. >> bill: he mentioned the minority vote. he was pretty brash about it. we had the largest turnout we've seen in 120 years in a percentage bases. states are changing their own laws as we speak. joe biden has lived in delaware for 70 years and they have early voting for the first time this coming november in 2022. >> it should be a baseline. everybody should have access to early voting. if are you a parent of two kids or three kids. i have two, some people have three or more it is challenge. you should have more places to early vote or put your ballot. that should be a baseline everywhere across the country. we know voter suppression impacts minority communities the most. part of what the voting rights act is trying to do is make it harder for states with a history of that to change their laws to make it even more
6:43 am
difficult. they have to get it from the department of justice. we think it is reasonable. a lot of republicans in the past, 16 who are still in the senate today supported the protection of voting rights in the past. his question is why wouldn't it be a bipartisan effort? >> dana: this issue will continue. in addition here in new york the city council passed a bill saying that non-citizens can vote even if they just got here 30 days ago. the question about legitimacy of elections, does it go both ways, right? we have a lot of talk about that. i want to ask you about covid. we're about six weeks behind europe when it comes to the variants coming through. true with delta and omicron. yesterday europe made interesting decisions. boris johnson in the u.k. rolling back mask mandates and vaccine passports. israel saying we won't make everyone get a booster every three months. spain doing something similar on vaccine passports and czech republic. the president is going in a different direction. sending out masks and do the
6:44 am
tests. but can you envision -- will the president provide america an off ramp to covid and especially for those the unvaccinated because the more we find out from the cdc saying it doesn't -- you are more protected if you already had the virus even if you are unvaccinated. that just came out. i am looking for an answer on an off ramp for americans. a lot of unvaccinated feel like they are being the scapegoats and second class citizens even though i want people to be vaccinated so they are protected. >> 75% of the country is fully vaccinated. all of those people did not vote for joe biden and certainly they're not all democrats. we know that mathematically. what the president is trying to do is protect the country and protect people from death. we also know from the cdc and scientists that you are 17 times more likely to be hospitalized and 20 times more likely to die if you are not vaccinated. we're trying to provide people accurate information. at the same time, dana you make
6:45 am
an important point. we don't want to live like this. you heard the president say we don't want to live like this forever. we want to get back to a point where we aren't wearing masks and not worried about our kids being in school and cheer for the bengals for you, bill, in football stadiums. that's where we want to get to. what we're trying to do is continue to fight at the height of a pandemic to get to that point. >> dana: six weeks away from something like a boris johnson announcement saying masks won't be required? >> bill: maybe less. >> i can't make a prediction of that. we listen to the scientists. we've seen it spike in parts of the world and we've seen spikes and come down a little bit in some parts of the united states. we'll watch it very closely. >> bill: on the border. it did not come up yesterday. yet in 2021 we believe there were 2 million encounters at the southern border. just blowing away all kinds of records. there does not seem to be much of a suggestion that the policy is going to change. should we expect two million
6:46 am
more encounters in the year 2022 now? >> well, i'm surprised, bill as well. it was a nearly two-hour press conference and people asked whatever they wanted including crazy questions in there. but i will say, bill, what the president's view is we need to do more. we need to fix our broken immigration system. smarter security at the border. it also means a moral approach when people come across the border. we still have issues in these countries that have been going on for a long time and see surges every couple years where people have challenging economic circumstances and they are not -- we haven't done enough to address the root causes. that's part of what we're focused on as well. we need to address it from many fronts. >> bill: criminals being arrested at the border on a weekly basis and you are well aware of that. on to crime. dana. >> dana: another issue that didn't come up last night but starting to show up in the top five issues voters are concerned about and look at the
6:47 am
polls that say that a majority of people feel the president is not focused on the issues they care about. on crime, will the president find a way back to where he was when he supported the crime bill? people are concerned about the murder rate but also assaults, burglary. everything is on edge. you can't think about anything else like free community college or universal prek if you're worried about your security. >> absolutely the president would agree with you on that front and we've also encouraged local leaders and officials to take on the crime in their communities. that's absolutely essential. what the president has proposed and what there will be a lot of discussion of this i expect over the next couple of months is a significant plus up of funding for local community policing programs. significantly increased from the last president. the president is a believer in that. >> dana: will he push on the progressive prosecutors like here in new york city things like taking a gun into a store, robbing it but leaving and
6:48 am
nobody gets killed is a misdemeanor? >> the president won't wade into the legal justice department or prosecutors. that's his bottom line. he has been very clear and a long-time supporter of cops programs of the police, of local first responders, of local law enforcement and he has been an advocate of additional funding. defunding the police wasn't something he proposed or supported in the face of real criticism within his own party. >> bill: what would the white house consider to be a quote minor incursion from russia? >> let me be very clear what the president has conveyed directly to president putin. if there is any movement of military troops across the border into ukraine, if they go into ukraine and invade there is an invasion and severe economic consequences. it is also true and i was at the state department and dana at the state department in 2014. we saw some of this back then. a range of tactics the russians
6:49 am
use, whether it's the little green men or cyberattacks. we'll be prepared to respond to that as well. so we're prepared for a ranged of tactics they may use. if they move their military in ukraine we'll be responding. >> bill: overnight kiev was shocked by some of their leading diplomats when they heard that comment. has there been a direct communication with kiev today since that comment last night about a minor incursion? >> our national security team has been in touch. tony blinken is in europe now and the foreign minister conveyed this morning he is confident in the support of the united states and he should be. we are supporting and have their back. >> bill: back here now. a lot of this was framed in the last 12 months coming up on one year in office. he said he outperformed in his first year. what would progressive lawmakers say to that comment? >> you will have to have them on your channel and ask them. but i would say, bill, what he was referring to is the fact
6:50 am
that no one thought he would get a bipartisan infrastructure bill across the finish line. he did that with the support of 19 senators and 6 members of the house. no one thought that we would make as much progress on covid as we did. are we still in the midst of the fight? absolutely. but 210 million people, 75% of the country is vaccinated. that's progress we can build on. as dana and you know well from covering white houses you don't pack up your bags after one year you keep working on it and exactly what we are going to do. that's the point he is making. >> bill: we're doing this interview in realtime and the president of ukraine sent out this tweet. i want to read it to you. you haven't seen it yet. i haven't seen it yet. >> dana: i haven't seen it yet. >> we want to remind the great powers there are no minor incursions and small nations. just as there are no minor casualties and little grief from the loss of loved ones. i say this as the president of a great power. end tweet.
6:51 am
your reaction to that. >> well, i would be very -- thank you for the opportunity. i want to be very clear. the president has conveyed directly to president putin if there is a movement of any military troops across the border, that is an invasion. if they go in, that is an invasion and there will be severe economic consequences. i know president of ukraine knows that and we've conveyed it. there are a range of tactics the russians use and have been warning about some of those steps including the spreading of misinformation out there which has been widespread. was widespread in 2014. the use of cyber tools and we also will be ready to respond to that as well and working in lock step with ukraine. >> dana: other adversaries of the united states watch everything the president says and that you say. yesterday when the president said that about minor incursion you can imagine everyone in beijing was thinking hum when it comes to taiwan. and i wonder about that message how it will spread even further.
6:52 am
but also curious about the olympics. does the president have any concerns about the well-being and safety of american athletes as they head to china in this very tumultuous time? >> if he did, we would work with the u.s. olympic committee to address that. i will tell you we made -- the president made a clear decision not sending a diplomatic delegation not for security purposes but human rights and our concerns about the treatment of uyghurs. however, we work closely with the u.s. olympic committee. athletes are going. the president is looking forward to cheering and me as well from home. >> bill: we hope they stay safe along the way. >> bill: absolutely. >> bill: the world will be watching this country. no answers on covid. the president yesterday said he brought this up with president xi. how firmly? >> the president never holds back and also firm in his conversations i can promise you that including with president
6:53 am
xi. he has had a lot of direct conversations with him. >> dana: last question for you. i have a lot of empathy on the press things. i feel like i can be in the room and think what you are thinking. when the president said looks at his watch and says i guess i'll go another 24 minutes i'm curious what your exact heart rate was at that point? >> i'm a pretty chill person in general. i may not always seem that way in the briefing room but i will say i knew -- i watched and knew he was having a good time. he actually likes engaging with reporters as you all know he was on the hill for 36 years as a member of the senate and in congress members wander around and reporters ask them question and that's what he is used to. i knew he was having a good time. >> dana: i was having a heart attack for you. >> bill: the build-up for the press conference went for five days and how soon you announced it. we would encourage him to join us and we would encourage him to join the white house press
6:54 am
corps more often than just yesterday. thank you so much. >> he has answered questions 250 times in the last year in the white house press corps. i will pass on your invitation because i will see him shortly. >> bill: thank you for being here today. please come back and we'll do it more often. >> dana: good luck to the bengals, everyone. thanks, jen. >> bill: i don't know how well they take that in nashville. we'll see about that with the titans this weekend. interesting answers. press conference on my watch went 1:45. >> dana: i was there sitting there. it wrapped at 5:54. i was on "the five" yesterday and we were able to get greg, jesse, harold and kennedy got comments in. jen was very generous with her time and we thank her for that. >> bill: this late last night democrats dealt a major blow. now they are going after their own. can the party survive the
6:55 am
infighting after this vote went down? coming up when we come back.
6:56 am
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7:00 am
>> dana: nuclear option going down in flames in the senate dealing a major loss for president biden and democrats in their battle to pass new election laws. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. we kind of knew this, right? this was forecasted better than a sunny day. >> dana: the democrats knew it, too. it is baffling. why would you want to have the president on the night of his anniversary, first anniversary as president. we had a chance to talk to jen psaki, the white house press secretary generous with her time and hope to have her back. >> bill: democrats have failed to change the senate guidelines in the filibuster. everybody saw that coming. crushing efforts -- senators manchin and sinema blowing up the idea of voting to keep the filibuster as they have said
7:01 am
for months repeatedly. this is a bad idea. >> we will break the rules to change the rules. make up new rules as we go along. let the change happen in this way and the senate will be a body without rules. there will be no rules. >> bill: that from last night. this from today. chad pergram has the fallout. good morning, chad on the hill. >> good morning, bill. senate filibuster remains intact. sinema and manchin voted with republicans to reject a one-time filibuster exception just for voting rights. >> america can breathe a sigh of relief. this radicalism will have been stopped. >> manchin and sinema drew praise from the gop but received scorn from some democrats for not helping pass the voting bill. the duo support the bill but they oppose the modification to the filibuster. politics is about coaxing
7:02 am
issues to ripen. chuck schumer says they'll try again on voting rights. >> we are closer to achieving our goal of passing vital voter protection legislation. >> this comes as democrats are discussing breaking up build back better into smaller pieces. they think that could help pass that bill. >> bill: chad pergram, early day, late night. thanks. >> he is not predicting that the 2022 elections will be illegitimate. a lot of republicans in the past. 16 who are still in the senate today have supported the protection in the past. his question is why wouldn't it be a bipartisan effort? >> dana: jen psaki clearing up some of president biden's comments on the 2022 mid-terms. josh holmes, former chief of staff to senator mcconnell. let's talk about when you heard the president say yesterday that unless he got those re forms that failed last night in
7:03 am
the senate through the 2022 mid-terms to be illegitimate, what did you think? >> it's tremendously irresponsible, dana. to be honest with you, we've entered a new level of irresponsibility when the president trying to characterize what they have on the floor as voting rights at all. honestly, it has nothing to do with voting rights. nothing to do with the bills in the past that provided voting rights for under served communities across this country. this is about federalizing elections. about things like eliminating voter i.d. unbelievably radical proposals that democrats had packaged for decades to have an advantage in national elections across this country. nothing to do with preserving anybody's voting rights. to say something like he said i'm not surprised jen psaki had to come out this morning with a bucket and mop to clean things up. it was a dangerous statement. >> bill: they were arguing 2020 was legitimate and then now
7:04 am
you'll say the 2022 is illegitimate? >> dana: they widely criticized the former president for saying the same. >> it is a funny pattern you get with national democrats. 16, not legitimate. maybe not legitimate. a pattern if you can look underneath and figure outs which ones are legitimate and which ones aren't. >> dana: in georgia any time the question about georgia voting rights bill has been brought up the fact checkers look at it and say actually that's not true and that's not true and that's not true. before anybody flies off the handle read the bill and see what's in it. >> bill: the thing that's stunning about georgia is they won all three major races. the president won and two senators won. go back to yesterday, the president on the ogress he claims to have made in the first year. >> president biden: i didn't over promise. what i have probably out performed what anybody thought
7:05 am
would happen. the fact of the matter is that we are in a situation where we have maiden -- made enormous progress. i haven't had my republicans in the game. >> bill: to that you say what? >> joe biden wouldn't be president at all if he hadn't convinced a majority of the american people that covid-19 would go away by changing the occupant of the oval office, right? of course that wasn't true then and not true now. covid is worse than it ever has been. talk about over promising. that is overpromising as it gets. to sort of try to point fire at republicans i found very interesting in an all-democratic town. they've proceeded in an entirely partisan fashion. only needing democratic votes to do so and they can't even get that done. this is a joe biden problem and
7:06 am
not delivering on anything for any constituency at this point. >> dana: the president gave the speech in georgia widely panned not by people on the right necessarily, although it was but you had dick durbin majority whip say his speech in georgia went too far. yesterday the president said wait, i didn't say what you are saying that i said. don't you know how to read english. that is not what i said. if you actually read what he said that is what he said and he is trying to figure out a way to get back to it and the other reason we know that is the next day on the hill to try to rally for the voting rights bill, he went to find mitch mcconnell to say gosh, no hard feelings, right? remember when in the campaign of 2012 when president biden said that mitt romney wanted to put you all back in chains. the language can get really overwrought and now he is the president of the united states. >> no question about it. look, this is the crutch
7:07 am
democrats have used for years. any time you disagree with them on issues you must be a racist and bull connor or george wall as. this is something that has come up time and time again. we have never had a president of the united states use it as freely as this one does. you look back into the democratic primary when his own vice president kamala harris called joe biden a racist, right? it gives you -- it really gives you a good idea of the casual nature that they throw the charges of racism around. >> bill: josh, hang with us a moment. two sound bites. here is the second one. repeatedly yesterday the president was going after republicans saying what are they for? i think we'll pick up on the theme for the next 10 months leading to the mid-terms. mitch mcconnell was asked that question and how he answered that. call for number one. >> if republicans take back control of the congress what is your agenda? >> that's a very good question and i will let you know when we
7:08 am
take it back. make no mistake about it, the election this fall is a referendum on this all-democratic government. >> bill: there is his answer. final comment, josh. >> look, what the democrats would love to do is distract from what they are arguing. the policies have made month over month inflation 7% increases, supply chain problems, border crisis, afghanistan. those are the policies we need to focus on and reverse. >> dana: good to see you this morning. have a good day. >> bill: thank you, sir. eight minutes past the hour. back to the issue of crime specifically here in new york. we have a story now about a gun fight in new york last night leaving an 11-month-old baby girl fighting for her life this morning. in the back seat of a car when she was shot in the face by a stray bullet. bryan llenas back on the crime blotter again today. what happened, bryan? >> good morning. the father came out of a nearby
7:09 am
grocery store and heard his wife screaming holding their 11-month-old baby girl who was struck by a stray bullet in the left cheek while sitting in a parked car in the bronx. the baby was wearing this pink coat stained in blood. rushed to the hospital and she is in critical but stable condition. a man fired a gun twice while chasing another man. no arrests have been made. eric adams called this a wake-up call. >> doesn't matter if it's a police officer shot or a baby shot. i'm going to stay in these streets until this city is safe. i'm not going to surrender this city to violence. >> in philadelphia murders are up 22%, outpassing last year's record homicide rate and carjackings have tripled since 2019. more than 100 carjackings or attempts this month alone. back here in new york city two police officers have been shot
7:10 am
and wounded in the last two days, bill. one of those officers shot by a 16-year-old out on probation for previous gun charges. >> bill: nice to see you. >> dana: police are asking for the public's help to find the suspect that pushed and elderly man to the ground early on christmas morning just steps away from the mayor's mansion. the victim suffered minor injuries and declined to go to the hospital. police released video yesterday showing the suspect flashing a hand signal possibly the middle finger right after the attack. >> bill: new mayor has his hands full. >> dana: he said he will stay out there. >> bill: we are hoping to get him on our program very soon and we will hear about his policies and his plans and a lot of people are riding on this, too, to find out. >> dana: paying attention across the country. >> bill: supreme court shooting down a report about justices wearing or not wearing masks on the bench. did you hear about this back and forth? what's the real story? is there friction behind the scenes?
7:11 am
shannon bream will shake that down based on her own reporting coming up in a moment here. >> dana: ncaa announced a new policy on transgender athletes. what it means for college sports competition and does it actually level the playing field? ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent. one of the most important is giving them ways to fulfill them. for over 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life. because life insurance can help protect and provide for the financial futures of the ones we love. talk to a financial professional about pacific life.
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7:17 am
>> dana: the college student was 18 years old and stabbed four times at morningside park in new york city in december of 2019. weaver was 14-year-old old at the time pleaded guilty to killing her. the third and final teen to be sentenced in connection to the attack. >> bill: justice sotomayor and gorsuch denying the report from npr there is a debate over mask wearing in the chamber. npr report claims quote sotomayor did not feel safe in close proximity to people who were unmasked. chief justice john roberts understanding that in some form asked the other justices to mask up. they all did except gorsuch. his continued refusal since then has meant that sotomayor has not attended the justice's weekly conference in person instead joining by telephone, end quote. it is part of the reporting. shannon bream covers the court
7:18 am
and doing her own reporting. nice to see you. could you illuminate us on what in the world is happening in those marble halls? >> you know, good morning, guys. i saw the story tuesday coming out of npr and i thought i need to run that down. it doesn't sound exactly right to me. let's see what i can find out. digging around with my sources at the court and getting a totally different story. the source says the chief justice never made a blanket request of anybody or everybody to wear a mask. there wasn't really this friction going on. there hadn't been a request from justice sotomayor to gorsuch. it didn't add up. we went to air with that tuesday night and there were a lot of people who ignored our reporting on that and ran with the original story. yesterday the key players much more important than anything i would report they put out their own statements including the chief justice and the two justices at the center of the story. it is rare they did.
7:19 am
they knocked down the allegations. >> dana: here is the one from chief justice call for number two. i did not request gorsuch or any other justice to wear a mask on the bench. a joint statement from sotomayor and gorsuch. reporting that justice sotomayor asked justice gorsuch to wear a mask surprised us. it is false. while we may sometimes disagree about the law we're warm colleagues and friends but here is how the media played it. >> anti-mask insanity has now reached the highest court in the land. >> risking the life of your colleague because you don't feel like putting on a mask. you are dangerous to be near and a rotten co-worker. >> can you put a mask onbe polite? >> what kind of workplace is this? >> other conservative members of the court are willing to go along with this. why not him? >> dana: how did she get this so wrong, shannon? >> you know, you have to wonder.
7:20 am
we have all gotten something wrong from a source. we have all at some point been burned by somebody who didn't get to it to exactly right. that's possible, somebody was in the court, a clerk or somebody which is very rare, no idea who it would have been but simply given bad information about this. what i do know is that these justices work really hard to maintain their friendship, to be collegial outside what they are fighting about on the basis of the law and a particular case. it is important to them personally and publicly to project the court is one of harmony. they will disagree and they are friends and eat lunch together and a lot of interaction that is true friendship aside from the bench. >> bill: this fake news traveled fast. so many outlets ran with it for 24 hours. and that sticks. >> yeah. npr was saying as of last night
7:21 am
we stand behind this reporting. now you could quibble and split hairs over some of this but the contention the chief justice had made and requested all justice estuary a mask doesn't line up with his report yesterday saying i never asked gorsuch or any of the justices to wear masks on the bench. it is also important to remember they are all vaccinated and boosted and all test each day before they go to the bench and spend time around each other. that is an important part of the story, too. >> dana: what a scandal from washington, d.c. thank you, shannon. >> bill: good for you for running it down. >> dana: you have great sources, too. >> part of the job. >> dana: thank you. good to see you. critics sounding off on president biden saying going into ukraine could be a minor incursion. we talked to jen psaki. >> the president has conveyed directly to president putin if there is a movement of any
7:22 am
military troops across the border that is an invasion. if they go in, that is an invasion. there will be severe economic consequences. >> dana: that wasn't the only remark that got the president in some hot water. why his comments from inflation to afghanistan are making some people very angry. with no down payment. and they're holding the line on purchase loans with rates in the twos. already own a home and need cash? with the newday100 loan, you can get up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments $615 a month. no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newdayusa. >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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7:27 am
>> the president of ukraine sent out this tweet. i want to read it to you. i know you haven't seen it yet. i haven't seen it yet. >> dana: i haven't seen it yet. >> bill: we want to remind the great powers there are no minor incursions and small nations. just as there are no minor casualties and little grief from the loss of loved ones. i say this as the president of a great power, end tweet. your reaction to that. >> well, i would be very -- thank you for the opportunity. i want to be very clear. the president has conveyed directly to president putin if there is a movement of any
7:28 am
military troops across the border, that is an invasion. if they go in, that is an invasion. there will be severe economic consequences. >> dana: white house press secretary jen psaki talking about russia and ukraine reacting in a statement tweeted out by the ukraine president. you were quite gracious, we know you haven't seen this yet and you can imagine the president of ukraine was very frustrated. russia, china, north korea were watching yesterday and parsing every word. >> bill: the initials reaction from diplomats in kiev were shocked when they heard the president describe the minor incursion the way he did. jen did her best to try to clean up. >> dana: last night the white house had a background call with a senior administration
7:29 am
official from the national security council to try to clean it up. they must have known immediately once the president said this they had a four alarm fire. >> bill: the world is holding its breath now. we do not know what putin will do. greg palkot may have a sense of that on the ground live in kiev, ukraine with more from there today. greg, what are you hearing? hello. >> hi, bill. yeah, as if the ukrainians didn't have enough to worry about now they have been sifting of the lines coming from president biden about the crisis here. we learn some troops are now within 30 miles of the border. there is reaction as you were just noting to president biden's lines including that a russian minor incursion might not trigger a major reaction. fox had a chance to speak with the foreign minister here as well and while he says the u.s. has ukraine's back, he also stated an incursion is an
7:30 am
incursion, aggression is aggression and must be stopped. a bit more what we saw and heard today. >> as for the people of ukraine, they've been living with war for years. what do they think of a greater chance of a russian invasion? >> he thinks there could be an invasion. do you think there could be? >> the russian invasion by force into ukraine is not probable. >> you think there will be an invasion? >> i hope not. >> you hope not. >> right now i don't think we stand a chance if we get invaded. hopefully that doesn't happen. >> all eyes now are on secretary blinken here and around the world meeting with russian foreign minister lavrov in geneva tomorrow maybe trying to untangle some of the tangled diplomacy and keep the russian troops away. >> bill: we're watching. good to have you on the ground in kiev.
7:31 am
>> president biden: as you know, the inflation has everything to do with the supply chain. there is no way to get out of afghanistan after 20 years easily. not possible no matter when you did it. and i make no apology for what i did. am i satisfied with the way in which we have dealt with covid and all the things that go along with it? yeah, i am satisfied. i think we've done remarkably well. >> dana: president biden's rare solo news conference drew a wave of criticism many saying the president did not take responsibility for a tumultuous first year in office. brad woodhouse. great to have you. we had jen psaki on for quite a while and how she thought. terry, what did you think? >> i thought the president's
7:32 am
news conference yesterday was a total disaster for almost everybody. he wasn't speaking to republicans or people in the middle. he was trying to basically play pundit in chief about his own agenda giving it glowing reviews to no one's surprise. he stepped in it in ukraine obviously sending shock waves around the world. and really continues to try to get some accomplishment out of this congress when his progressives are dead set against him. there wasn't much in it for the american people. it was generally just a conversation between joe biden and the democratic party. >> bill: let me bring in brad on this. the headline. no course correction for joe biden after a year in office it writes an unpopular president says full speed ahead. the one thing he said he will get out and travel more. beside that he conceded nothing, brad. >> well look, look, 6 1/2 million jobs. record number of jobs created.
7:33 am
>> bill: you know a lot of people were knocked out of jobs because of covid. continue. >> they were locked out of jobs. >> bill: let's get it straight. continue. >> they were not knocked out of jobs because donald trump didn't deal with covid. president biden came in. >> dana: you disagree with how he shut down the economy in order to help protect people from getting sick at work? >> can i finish, he created 6 1/2 million jobs. 2 1/2 million people vaccinated. let me ask -- job creation or do we want to stop the shot? do they want to stop the infrastructure projects going out as a result of him passing the bipartisan infrastructure bill or close schools again like they were under president trump? there has been a tremendous amount of accomplishment in the last year. it is undeniable. the president was frank, though, in the twin problems of covid and inflation needs -- still need more work and he is going back to doing that work. >> bill: you look at the
7:34 am
quinnipiac poll. 38% approve. you can't be satisfied with that as a democrat? >> look, do you believe in all the polls, bill? there is another poll that had him at 45%. another poll that had him at 49%. that's not how he will govern. the democrats and president biden need to accomplish things. they have accomplished a lot. they need to accomplish more and deliver those accomplish 789s and do what he did yesterday. what are republicans for? why are they against prescription drug lowering costs? why are we against lowering costs for premiums and against cutting childcare costs? why are they against everything that the american people are for? you have to accomplish things and hold republicans accountable. >> dana: there was a poll from the a.p. today. 28% of people in america, only 28% want president biden to run again. brad says it is undeniable how great the first year was. what happened to the 70% who don't want him to run again? >> so much of what president biden promised in the beginning
7:35 am
was to unify the nation but he has taken a lot of big issues and he has driven wedges between the american people at every turn and continued to divide the country in a way that a lot of people didn't expect and maybe us cynics could have seen it but he is continuing down the course to invigorate his democratic base as much as he can so he can win an election of deduction rather than an election of pulling people together. he simply chose the other course. it's too bad but the republicans know that the burden of proof is on this president on these democrats to say why they've taken us on such a long, bad voyage so far in this first year. that's what really is going to be up for the election. people will decide based on the referendum of this administration and not what the republicans say as opposed to it. >> dana: we'll see. not too many months left.
7:36 am
>> can i get in here? >> bill: quickly. >> terry, nothing you said has any bit of truth to it. 95% of americans want to lower prescription drug prices. that is not dividing country. 85% want to lower healthcare premiums. >> the process your colleagues have chosen in the house and in the senate has been to deny process, to deny the opportunity for an open debate. >> are you joking? >> i am not joking. you have taken every issue and sent it to the radical left. you don't leave anybody any room. >> every piece of legislation the president would pursue republicans are filibustering in the senate. >> bill: terry get the last thought, go. >> i would just say this election coming up is going to be very important. we should look at this biden agenda and we should judge by whether or not we want to continue it. that's really what's on the ballot in november. >> bill: that's the debate and that's where we'll leave it. thank you terry and brad. we could go on and on but the
7:37 am
commercial -- >> dana: go get a beer. i could use one. it's 10:30. >> bill: just a beer? >> dana: i don't even drink beer but i thought it sounded good. they look like two guys that would have a beer together at 10:30 in the morning. >> bill: some senators not giving up to find out by hunter biden's business dealings when his father was vice president. ron johnson what he thinks he is in pursuit of. that's coming up next. ayment. and they're holding the line on purchase loans with rates in the twos. already own a home and need cash? with the newday100 loan, you can get up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments $615 a month. no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newdayusa.
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>> dana: china sending a warning to foreign olympic athletes anyone who speaks out against the olympic spirit will face punishment coming after a similar statement from human rights activists advising athletes not to criticize china. they have faced increased scrutiny for the alleged genocide of muslim uyghurs and taiwan and i could go on. we had a chance to ask the press secretary about the american athletes' safety in china. she says the president feels confident but you can bet they are paying a lot of attention. >> bill: the strangest olympics. >> dana: weirdest ever. >> bill: plus 12, right? they are 12 hours ahead of us. maybe not. i don't know. >> dana: i have to watch
7:43 am
curling. >> bill: i'll bring you a broom. senate republicans two of them seeking information about hunter biden's activities overseas. they've sent a letter to the secret service direct or and want to know what's up. they claim that documents hid names and other information contained in email conversations that regard hunter biden when he was overseas. in question is in part a side trip to kazakhstan from 2014 and there are others as well. wisconsin republican ron johnson, republican homeland security committee. good morning. you and chuck grassley are on this. specifically, sir, in a general way what are you looking for? what do you think happened? and let's go from there. >> good morning, bill. first you have to understand this is a continuation of our investigation into hunter biden that started years ago. the agencies in this case the secret service lacked such transparency. they are hiding something. here is an example.
7:44 am
we finally after years of dickering back and forth with them got 259 pages of documents over his 5 1/2 years of secret service protective status. this is what we got. i don't have x-ray vision. i can't read through the black ink. they are completely not being transparent with congress and the american public. so that just raises my suspicion. all we were trying to figure out to what extent does he have financial foreign entanglements. tony bobulinski said joe biden was compromised. we've been trying to uncover it for years and this is the kind of crap we get from the secret service. it is disgusting and unacceptable. >> bill: this is when joe biden was the vice president with barack obama. what you are alleging it seems like is a cover-up on behalf of the secret service. why would they do that?
7:45 am
>> yes. from january of 2009 through july of 2014. they omitted three years from the production, 2010, 2011, 2012. i don't know why they did that. we get this. they could have given us this on those years as well. so again it is baffling. i have no explanation for it. all i know my antenna are tingling. it raises my level of suspicion. they're covering up something and they've been doing so for a number of years. >> bill: you wonder why the secret service would put its reputation on the line. see where it goes. there was a trip to paris and he took a side trip to kazakhstan is my understanding. was joe biden on that plane to paris initially? >> we don't know. but we know he traveled to china with hunter biden, or hunter biden traveled with joe. they shook hands with one of the hunter biden's business partners and president biden said i had no information, no
7:46 am
knowledge of his foreign business interests. that's all been a big fat lie. >> bill: i have this clip here. do we have this, guys, call 4. this is from yesterday here. this is something that goes a little bit off topic but i want to get your comment on it. you are running for reelection and you are a republican in the senate and i'm sure you are quite aware of the trip to georgia last week. if we've got it here is the exchange from yesterday. don't have it. he tried to klier file the remarks of bull connor. it sounded like you were calling republicans race it. he said he wasn't doing that. how did you hear that comment. >> he was calling us rasist. they call any american that wants voter i.d. 87% of americans want that, they call us racist. they want american taxpayers to pay for attack ads in campaigns. they are trying to pass something and trying to destroy the institution of the senate to pass an election bill that a
7:47 am
small fraction of americans think is important whatsoever. that is a non-solution looking for a problem. bill, show me one voter who wants to vote that had a problem voting. we're at near record voter turnout. democrats want one-party control. they can't talk about their record because their record is one of miserable failure from democrat governors and open borders to catch and release. this is miserable. >> bill: the turnout was up higher than we've seen in 120 years. the exchange of the reporter and the president answering it. >> i know that you dispute the characterization that you called folks who would oppose those voting bills as being bull connor or george wallace. but you said they would be sort of in the same camp. >> president biden: i didn't say that. look what i said. go back and read what i said and tell me if you think i called anyone who voted on the
7:48 am
side of the position taken by bull connor that they were bull connor. >> bill: need a quick answer, sir. >> unfortunately you can't believe what joe biden tells you, you just can't. he said nothing has changed on the border. are you kidding me? he dismantled all the successful policy. he said his administration exceeded expectation. nobody thought it could possibly be this bad. he exceeded expectations from that standpoint. but we can't believe what the president tells us unfortunately. >> bill: thank you for your time. i know you have a deadline of next wednesday on the hunter biden documents. see if you get your wish from the secret service. if not we'll follow it. thank you for your time. >> stay well. >> dana: hypocrisy in the nation's capitol should people have to show identification to show vaccination status but not vote. the democrats say yes. new policy for transgender
7:49 am
athletes for ncaa after a pennsylvania transgender swimmer what raised questions of a biologically born male competing in female sports. >> all of the woke world we're living in right now is not working. i feel sorry for the other athletes that are out there especially at penn or anybody she is competing again. in the woke world you have to say this is great and on and on. no it's not.
7:50 am
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>> harris: huge backlash there president biden went after them hard in his press conference. biden made a potentially dangerous mess with comments on russia, ukraine's foreign minister said the president invited a russian attack. "the faulkner focus" covid confusion, a deep dive into where we are right now heading into year three of the pandemic. will cain, senator tom cotton, dr. marc siegel and dr. robert
7:55 am
redfield and admiral brett giroir top of the hour. >> bill: a fox team investigation revealing hypocrisy of a democrat vaccine mandate. d.c. residents aren't required to show an i.d. to vote but vaccine passport is different. what did you find out? >> good morning. mayor bowser's new vax mandate went into effect. businesses must check your vaccination card and verify it with a driver's license or passport. according to the d.c. board of elections website you don't need a government i.d. if you want to vote. a utility bill or even a bank statement can work. republicans crying foul as democrats push their so-called voting rights bill on the hill. thomas massey announced his office won't comply with the new mandate while house republican whip steve scalise says it's all about a fight for
7:56 am
control versus freedom. d.c. democrats don't see an issue at all. >> apples and oranges. voting is not a problem in our country as we have witnessed the last election in 2020. but counterfeit i.d.s to get into restaurants have been shown to be a problem. >> dana: that's representative norton. she wants lawmakers from other states to just butt out of d.c.'s business. >> bill: aishah, thanks. >> we need to protect women's sports. obviously this is about lia thomas. i respect her decision to live her life authentically 100%. but it also comes with responsibility and some integrity. i don't know why she is doing this. >> dana: caitlyn jenner
7:57 am
disagreeing with u penn athlete lia thomas's decision to compete in women's sports and the ncaa announced new rules for transgender student athletes. mike tobin is live with the latest. what is the latest? >> the ncaa board of governors voted to pretty much sync colleges with the rules dictated by the olympic committee. each individual sport will make the decisions. the national governing bodies will dictate the rules. ncaa rules say for this year they will need to be documented four weeks before a championship. next year testosterone will be checked several times during the season. olympic gold medalist caitlyn jenner thinks that transgender female athletes have an unfair advantage. >> i feel sorry for the other athletes and anybody she is competing against. in the woke world you have to say it is grate and on and on. no it's not.
7:58 am
we need to protect women's sports. >> the case of penn swimmer lia thomas put transgender athletes in the spotlight recently. she competed for the first three years on the men's team and transitioned and broke records and she finished two seconds ahead of her competitors. >> dana: an important story for so many people. thanks. >> bill: hey, how about that for two hours? before we go, i got one for you. the scene in belgium a few hours ago. 19-year-old pilot. youngest woman to fly solo around the world. sarah rutherford is awesome. supposed to take three months. took longer, bad weather, issues. she did it covid and all. covid be damn she said i'll do it. >> dana: solitude. i have one about an airline as
7:59 am
well. she is proving she is not afraid of heights. she stands on top of the world's tallest building in dubai. now she has done it again but this time with a jumbo jet airliner flying behind her. she didn't even -- are you accusing emirate airlines? >> bill: i'm throwing it up there. >> dana: could you stand up there? >> bill: heck no. that -- height sometimes when i get to the edge of a building in some of these tall spaces in new york i have to take a step back. my stomach is rolling. >> dana: i have a fear of heights in general. i could never do that. peter used to have a fear of heights. got over it. on our honeymoon we climbed up in a thing in greece and we couldn't get down. it was windy and he wouldn't
8:00 am
come down. a german guy helped him get down. peter is no longer afraid of heights. something happened. >> bill: the good news is you lived happily ever after. >> dana: 23, 24 years. i think i'm okay to tell the story. i'll find out when i get home. "the faulkner focus" is up next. here is harris. >> harris: the reviews are in and critics agree president biden's rare solo news conference created more problems for him and democrats. and news coming from across the world, ukraine's foreign minister said president biden just invited a russian invasion. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". president biden getting a taste of a hungryer than normal white house press corps. reporters asking him if he overpromised on the campaign trail. biden bit back saying he


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