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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 20, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> carley: we begin with a fox news alert. senate democrats dealing president biden a major low, quickly killing his push to alter the filibuster. without it democrats would have complete legislative control of our country and the ability to force through ideas without a single republican vote. you are watching fox t.v., i'm carley shimkus. hi, todd. >> todd: hi, carley, great to be back. i'm todd piro. the latest legislative failure comes today as today marks one
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year since he was sworn into office. he says his administration has outperformed since that time and blames president trump and the republicans for any shortcomings. >> carley: brooke has reaction, first we begin with griff jenkins. a lot to talk about this morning. >> griff: a whole lot. the president begins a new year with another legislative failure, even before the vote was called over changing the filibuster rules, senator joe manchin labeled it dead on arrival. >> it will fuel on the fire. >> griff: the president tweeting this, i am profoundly disappointed the senate failed to stand up for our democracy. i am disappointed, but not deterred. this after the president
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defended his performance. >> president biden: i outperformed what anybody thought would happen. you mentioned number of deaths from covid. it was three times that not long ago. it's coming down, everything is changing. >> griff: as far as the direction he wants to take the country in, he had this exchange with peter doocy. watch. >> pete: why are you trying to pull the country to the left? >> president biden: well, i'm not, i don't know what you consider too far to the left. you guys have been trying to convince me i am bernie sanders, i'm not. i like him, but i'm not bernie sanders, i'm not a socialist. i'm mainstream democrat. >> griff: absent from the discussion was discussion of the border and violence sweeping the nation. republican criticism was swift.
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minority leader mccarthy tweeting biden has spent a quarter of his presidency in delaware and two hours today deflecting blame for the crisis he created. senator tom cotton had this to say. >> the president is detached from reality and kitchen-table issues that matter to americans who claim inflation is under control, shelves at grocery stores are restocked, we'll get covid under control soon if we keep demanding people show vaccine cards. >> griff: you may hear more today, the president refused to say if mid-term election results would be legitimate without the voting rights legislation. todd and carley. >> todd: that was unconscionable. president biden talks about his success, he says republicans are at fault for stalling his far left agenda. >> carley: the exclusive reaction from former president
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trump to those comments. brooke, what is the latest on this front? >> brooke: good morning, guys. president biden boasted wide-ranging success in his first year in office. the question is, if things are going well, why is he blaming republicans for his failing agenda? biden says he is surprised by the converted effort by the gop to block his progressive plan that all his legislative pushes have fallen apart and he's pointing the finger directly at donald trump. listen to that. >> president biden: did you ever think that one man out of office could intimidate an entire party where they're unwilling to take any vote, contrary to what he thinks should be taken for fear of being defeated in the primary? >> brooke: biden saying five republican senators told him they would support his agenda,
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but do not want to cross trump. following biden's press conference former president trump denied the accusation he is intimidating fellow republicans. when asked, trump told me no, i love the party and the party loves me. trump not committing if he will run for president in 2024, but telling me he will make a lot of people happy with his decision. biden blames republicans for blocking his agenda americans are blaming the democrats for poor performance. party preference is shifting by stunning 14 points giving the gop best advantage since 1995. that gallup survey showing biggest swing ever in a single year since the survey began 30 years ago. carley and todd. >> carley: thank you so much, a lot of reaction on year one. here is what mark lavin thinks
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about biden's presidency. >> like two americas here, the democratic party that lives in a cocoon and rest of the nation. there is inflation, he says no big deal. we didn't talk about schools today, crime, people mentioned that is true. the border is out of control. the issues that affect americans across the board, he talks about we voted to spend this and this and we passed this law and this law. that is how the clowns in the democratic party in washington, d.c. think, you passed a law, my life is better, that is not the way it works. >> carley: inflation is one of the biggest concerns of the nation right now. we look ahead with brian brenberg and joe concha has more on the reaction to the marathon press conference, you don't want to miss any of it. >> todd: one thing we are not ignoring is the crime crisis and now there is this.
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a career criminal finally behind bars this morning for the murder of a ucla grad student stabbed in a random act of violence while working at a furniture store. ashley has the latest. >> ashley: after a thousand tips a week ago, shawn laval smith was arrested in pasadena, california. we covered yesterday smith's lengthy rap sheet. we've learned more about the charge he was out on bond for. he had a pending felony case for allegedly shooting a flair gun into a car with a man and toddler inside. he hasn't seen his day in court on this charge because of massive backlog in the county due to covid. smith had been arrested in october for stolen items in l.a., which is now considered a misdemeanor. los angeles prosecutor joined fox t.v. last hour blaming
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district attorney george gascon soft-on-crime policy for a rise in crime. listen. >> it is a 15-year high, the homicide rate in los angeles. george gascon bears responsibility for this. his response? he says crime is overwhelmingly not on the rise in los angeles. that is a slap in the face to brianna kupfer and slap in the face to all victims in los angeles county. >> carley: l.a. county sheriff echoing concerns. watch. >> he was arrested in october of '21 and released based on the new bail schedule. he should not have been released. >> george gascon released a statement saying, "it is tragic and heartbreaking brianna kupfer was murdered while she worked. we are working with lapd and will reveal the case when it is presented to us." his comments come after 94% increase in homicide between
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2019 and last year. the district attorney who is assigned to brianna kupfer's case says smith's arraignment will likely be tomorrow. back to you. >> carley: we'll be following it all, ashley, thank you. it is eight after the hour. when you thought alec baldwin had a lot on his plate, the actor is being sued by the gold star family of one marine killed in afghanistan, wait until you hear why. and did you see this? >> can you guarantee, do you commit she will be your running mate provided you run again? >> yes and yes, will she be my running mate >> todd: president biden standing behind his second-in-command. why is he doing that considering her failure. congressman pfluger is on deck.
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>> todd: we are back with crisis at the border. the migrant encounters last week is a 1 41% increase.
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cbp has yet to officially release the update. it is blamed on biden rolling back donald trump's border policy. the biden administration has been -- the protocols. carley. >> carley: court documents reveal migrant encounters took place along the border in december. once inside the u.s., it is easier than ever for illegal immigrants to hop on a flight. joining me is congressman august pfluger. i want to get to this story in a bit, first what is your reaction to the december border numbers. 178,840, up from november, what is your reaction to that? >> august: let me start by asking a question. i think it is reasonable for us as americans to judge the
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president with two simple criteria. is the president making us more secure and more prosperous? unequivocally no. what we have seen after one year of rule, over two million when you count the undocumented migrants, illegal immigrants who enter this country. every state is a border state. fact there has not been one sippingel hearing for border security, it is unconscionable. we are asking the chairman to have hearings and understand why moral is so low at customs and border patrol. why agents, according to the national council are all-time low on moral, when they want to do the job and keep americans safe. it really is a disaster. >> carley: the daily caller is out with an unbelievable report, they say tsa is allowing illegal immigrants to fly without proper
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idea. they can use arrest warrants as form of id to pass security and get on a flight. how is that legal? >> august: in this, on the heels of what we saw this weekend in colleyville, texas. someone entered the country and held hostage four people in a jewish synagogue, an act of terrorism. the question i want to ask, what point in time will democrats step up to the table and take this as nonpartisan issue that we need to secure our country? after 9/11, we as a country made a decision we would not have more incidents in the air and now this. every state is a border state, we need answers. there has to be accountability. what is the president and vice president going to do about this, they are not making our country more secure. >> carley: the vice president is heading to honduras to tackle root cause of illegal
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immigration after president biden said she is going to be his running mate in 2024. first on the honduras front, this is her second trip to a northern triangle country. we know it is not even just the northern triangle countries where people come into the united states. can anything positive be done with the trip to honduras later this week or month? >> august: i think if she had been to the border and talked to border patrol agents and saw what i saw in del rio, tex tex /*as two short weeks ago, the answer would be yes. it is so important to this problem, yet one year ago president biden overturned that along with every other policy president trump had in place. she needs to go to the actual border and rio grand value and
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cocheese county and the biden administration failed to deter illegal immigration and are inviting illegal immigrants in record numbers and it is affecting all of us. >> carley: president biden yesterday committed to vice president kamala harris being his running mate again in 2024. quick answer here, should he? >> august: well, i think the american public is ready for a new administration, regardless of who his running mate is, we've seen lack of prosperity and security. we need a new change and direction and that is what republicans are going to do this year, get us on that path. >> carley: bigger question, is the president going to run for re-election in three years time or two years time now? congressman august pfluger, thank you for joining us.
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todd. >> todd: carley, a third democrat getting car jacked in a blue city. the ambush caught on camera, we'll show that you shocking tape. did you hear about this? one school district using a classroom game to call out military families for their privilege, quote, unquote privilege. is that what we want to be teaching our kids? a veteran and proud father of four joins us next.
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>> carley: president biden says he still stands by his decision to withdraw from afghanistan. listen. >> president biden: there is no way to get out of afghanistan after 20 years easily, not
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possible, no matter when you did it. and i make no apologys for what i did. >> carley: hmm. biden adding he has great concern for the 13 servicemembers killed during the final days of the withdrawal and explained the decision was about the weekly cost of our presence in afghanistan and inability to unify afghan under one government. the family of a u.s. marine killed in the bombing at kabul is suing actor alec baldwin for defamation. the $25 million lawsuit says baldwin falsely accused riley royce of breaking laws on january 6th and sharing the allegation with his instagram followers. baldwin had donated to riley's willow issue but his goodwill turned to anger when he discovered royce attended the
2:25 am
capitol. >> i never went inside, i was reported to the fbi, they came and had a sitdown with me. i was not guilty, they never followed up, there were no charges, i was just there protesting. >> carley: baldwin called her an insurrectionist. would you say, todd. >> todd: wow. fairfax county schools issuing apology after playing privilege bingo in the classroom, not math or science. bridge bingo. the game labels students in military families, among others, as privileged, even though their loved ones put their lives on the line for our freedom. joining us is a virginia father of four. joe, let's be clear, privilege they are referring to is not
2:26 am
honor of defending our flag or country, it is this woke sense you should feel guilty for every single thing you do. when you heard about this, could you believe it? >> you know, this is absolutely absurd, todd. thanks for having me on. i almost never use the word unbelievable, because most things are believable. this goess to the line and beyond, absolutely absurd and of course it is coming out of northern virginia, of course they are playing privilege bingo with kids instead of reading, writing, ark rith metic, math. >> todd: unbelievable. here are examples, go through the list here, military kid, feeling safe around police officers, being male, being heterosexual and being white. focus on the military kid one. how out of touch are the people who created this curriculum? as far as the struggles of military families, most notable
2:27 am
being, you don't know if mom or dad will come home alive. >> absolutely right. you get to basic training before your military career even starts. you get an id tag, dog tag that identifies you and designed in such a way should you perish on the battle field, one of your friends can take that tag to identify and you have record. next thing, they give you weapon to defend your life with and third, they teach you how to carry one of your comrades if they should fall, not the hallmark of a privileged job, a high-brow job. my kids, for most of their lives, had never had a blood relative that wasn't a parent at a birthday, christmas or thanksgiving because we lived 1500 miles from the nearest relative. to look at them and say they are privileged because they are a military family is absolutely unacceptable.
2:28 am
all of our friend groups had grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles and family. military families don't even know what that is like, that is why we move all the time. we're constantly sunsetting relationships and trying to develop new ones and quite frankly it is incredibly destabilizing to a marriage, to children and their development, so this is out of touch and offensive and just an indicator that the leadership in schools needs to change. >> todd: you mention that virginia seems to be ground zero for this woke stuff, glenn youngkin get rid of it all? >> i think glenn youngkin are the right team and are doing a full-court press. we are seeing executive orders come out of the governor's office, which is great, but i
2:29 am
truly believe they are poised to make legislative change, to make change that will outlast his administration. he has right skills and mind set and the right acmen, i think virginia will be leading the fight. >> todd: joe mobley, we appreciate your insight. this is a head scratcher of head scratchers, thanks for your service and your time. carley. >> carley: janice dean is here with our fox weather forecast. good morning, janice. >> janice: good morning, a lot going on across the map, even snow in texas. yes, it is happening. we have this arctic cold front that has sunk as far south as dallas, texas and we'll see more ice and snow for southern states toward the mid-atlantic. take a look at it. this front is bringing snow across mid-atlantic and northeast. we will see potential for snow in south texas today and
2:30 am
tomorrow as we've got this gulf of mexico moisture lifting northward and interacting with that cold air and a winter storm warning for south texas, that doesn't happen often. winter weather advisory for austin and san antonio and look at forecast lows. 22 in dallas, 15 in midland, 29 in san antonio, 36 in houston. crazy, i know. winter weather ark letters expand to louisiana and mississippi to alabama, as well. that is the big headline. then our next system that moves in friday and saturday bringing potential ice storm to the mid-atlantic and the southeast including our friends in the carolinas. that is something we'll have to watch. bottom line, the cold air is there and the snow is falling as far south as texas. do not ark just your tv set, it is happening. back to you, carley and todd.
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>> carley: that is wild. last year there was that cold front that hit texas and it was a disaster. hopefully everybody stays nice and warm. >> janice: good point, be cautious and listen to local authorities. >> carley: when you thought you heard it all about hunter biden, the secret service is being accused of covering for the president's son. you don't want to miss this one. >> todd: plus food prices are skyrocketing, if you can even find what you want on the shelves, i'm talking to you, eggs. even the main-stleem media forced to admit it, how does joe biden get himself out of this one? we're talking to brian brenberg next. ♪
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>> todd: dc candidate nate flemming getting hijacked, this footage showing a gunman pointing a gun at flemming's face. he is the third dc democrat lawmaker to fall victim to a car jacking amid a major crime surge after that liberal city defunded police. last month, pennsylvania congresswoman and illinois state
2:36 am
senator kimberly lightfoot was ambushed. >> carley: reports the agency searched henry cuear's home. provided no details. agents snapped pictures and carried large bags out of his house. he said he would fully cooperate and committed to ensuring justice and the law are upheld. wow. cuellar. >> todd: president biden has tried in the past, watch. >> president biden: my plan is working. we've gone from stagnation to an academy growing faster than it has in nearly 40 years. reduced inflationary pressure
2:37 am
over the long run. balance sheets are better, as well. the economy is stronger than before the pandemic. >> carley: brian brenberg is author of that op ed, and is a fox news contributor. president biden spent time yesterday during the press conference talking about the economy and inflation and said the solution to it is to pass his build back better agenda. listen to this. >> president biden: covid-19 created economic complication, including rapid price increases across the world economy. if price increases are what you are worried about, best answer is my build back better man. >> carley: best answer to inflation and made news by saying he thinks he can pass chunks of build back better like $500 billion for energy and environmental issue and
2:38 am
universal pre-k, what would that do for the economy, brian? >> brian: if you are concerned about inflation, last thing you want to hear is that the president of the united states still thinks that spending money via his build back better plan is the answer. carley, americans needed something different last night, they needed to get away and see a president who understands that spending is the root of what we're dealing with when it comes to inflation. this president said i am full speed ahead. i am not turning around. i am not course correcting, he thinks spending is the answer to this problem, that is concerning. reality needs to intrued -- intrued on his agenda and he is not listening. his allies in the press are saying, mr. president, do something different, people are concerned. he is coming back with the same old, same old chunks.
2:39 am
instead of the big old plan, chunks of the plan. what is the difference in small bites or big bites, all the same thing. >> todd: you mentioned media sounding the alarm. cnn, inflation concerns could spell trouble for democrats. you think? another line from the sound bite carley rolled. if price increases are what you are worried about, doesn't that phrase joe biden used shows how out of touch he is. there is no if, price increases are making everybody worried, brian. >> brian: that is right, it goes back to perception thing, you hear the president say it is a perception problem. i need to go back to the american public and speak in plain sxer simpler language. mr. president, we don't need you to dumb down the language, we're looking at the problem. we need you to recognize it.
2:40 am
he is just not doing that. you are right. it is not an if, not about an if. we have had inflation, had it for a while, worst we've seen, we are at the needing solution stage, not the stage of you think it is a problem. god bless your heart. mr. president, we know it is a problem, do something. >> carley: it is a problem. brian, what are your predictions for 2022 when it comes to the economy? >> brian: i was feeling more optimistic after build back better failed and after the vaccine mandate got squashed. the problem is the president is not backing away, he's trying to find a different route to spend more money. if this administration's agenda is to spend, spend, spend, inflation is not going away.
2:41 am
there is no answer to that problem. i am not optimistic that the president is getting it and he's got to get it if we're going to get out of this. >> carley: yeah. >> todd: wait for $4 gas come driving season, will not look good for that administration. brian brenberg, we appreciate you. thank you for your insight. president biden just making a major claim about getting to the bottom of covid origin, but not even his own staff can back him up on it. we'll tell you what he said. >> carley: one clothing retailer facing calls for a boycott. cheryl casone explains coming up next. ♪ limu emu ♪ and doug. we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> todd: i just found out what is going to be on the show. i might as well share it with you. dan crenshaw will be here live talking about vaccine mandates. he will join us with his fight for medical freedom, can you imagine that? and reacting to president biden's marathon press conference yesterday, was she
2:46 am
impressed and what does she think about the claim the gop exists only to block her agenda and has no agenda of their own? congressman lance gooden will confirm -- lara trump is here and pete hegseth has great education session coming your way, dr. carol swain, will join us ahead of america's summit coming on thursday. don't go anywhere and thanks to fox t.v. anchor for getting dressed. >> carley: you don't need a valid id to fly, just an arrest warrant. looking forward to that interview with you. president biden insisting --
2:47 am
over origin of covid-19 despite aids not having any idea what he's talking about. >> president biden: i did raise question of transparency. >> is the reason your press staff is unaware of that and what did you say to the chinese president? >> president biden: they weren't with me the whole time. i made it clear china had obligation to be more forthcoming on what the source of the virus was. >> carley: president biden leaving americans to take the word for his. the question does highlight lack of transparency between the president and his own aids or maybe he wasn't being truthful, todd, who knows. >> todd: ron johnson and chuck grassley calling out the secret service saying that agency is hiding the travel logs on hunter biden. >> carley: cheryl casone joins us live with the details. good morning. >> cheryl: good morning to both of you. a letter sent to james murray
2:48 am
from chuck grassley and johnson raising concern hunter biden's travel activities were redacted when his father was president. the uscircumstances did not reduce hunter biden's travel for 2010, 2011 and 2013. contains freedom of information act redactions which do not apply to congress. demanding complete copies about a trip to kazakhstan in may of 2014, when he was working for ukrainian gas company berisma. no comment from the secret service. >> todd: interesting, we'll be monitoring that. cheryl, do you want a teenager driving ana 18-wheeler? >> cheryl: not sure about one, the ceo of the trucking association says the industry is at the end of a cliff.
2:49 am
new pilot program would allow teenagers to drive big rigs from state to state, has industry leaders concerned. listen. >> minors under 21 are reckless and driving, imagine for a moment that careless driver is hauling loads up to 80's,000 pounds issue not fair to put our families at risk. >> cheryl: driver shortage is reason it jumped in december. this could take six months or longer for the supply chain to mobilize. just to be clear, so everybody doesn't think 15 year old will be driving, this is 18, 19 and 20 year olds eligible under this program. when i was 18,is was not that great of a driver, i will say it. >> carley: i see pros and cons, i'm still not a good driver, either. >> todd: she's not. >> carley: todd knows.
2:50 am
what is going on with carhart? >> cheryl: facing mandates despite the supreme court blocking president biden -- the ceo saying "we put workplace safety at the top of our priority list and supreme court's recent ruling doesn't impact that core value." the company has 3000 employees and will continue with the vaccine mandate. next question is will lawyers get involve? ed todd, back to you. >> todd: yes, the lawyers will get involved, lawyers always get involved, cheryl, including that next story. tennis star novak djokovic saying he will sue the government for ill treatment while being held in a hotel. djokovic is considering suing for $4.5 million, the sum would include the prize money he could have potentially won had he been
2:51 am
ark allowed to compete in the australian open. it is reported they reported djokovic because he refused to get vaccinated, adding they feared he would encourage antivaccine sentiment among his supporters. one reporter finding out the hard way, there are some questions joe biden doesn't want to be asked, watch. >> president biden: no, i didn't say that. go back and read what i said. and tell me. >> carley: that wasn't the only touchy subject to come up. is president biden losing favor with his friends in the media? joe concha on deck coming up next. ♪ woman: i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. with skyrizi, 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months after just two doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis.
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tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms, .
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>> promise to the american public what you could achieve in your first year of office. do you need to be more realistic and scale down these priorities. >> why are you try so hard in your first year to pull the
2:56 am
country so far to the left? >> carley: white house reporters getting their first chance in months to question president biden on the eve of his first year in office. >> todd: fox news contributor joe concha joins us now. joe. that's the question, did they deliver? >> i think there were some pointed questions, todd, carley. i found the questions overall to be a bit disappointing. lots of missed opportunities. not one question during that two-hour press conference yesterday about violent crime skyrocketing across america. we have talked about it before. 16 cities setting homicide records in 2021. not just in cities. it's spilling over into suburbs, play the clips of senseless murders going on. many violent criminals released on bail only to go out to commit more crimes like we saw
2:57 am
waukesha, wisconsin where grandmothers and children were run over. so, i thought that was a big missed opportunity. crime is something that the american people really feel and i get that russia is a very big deal. but a little bit too much russia for my taste. and not enough on domestic issues like crime, which will be a top two issue in the 2022 midterms. not one question also and we talked about this yesterday about the fentanyl crisis that is the leading cause of death for those in this country between 18 and 49. not one question of why the president refuses to visit or address the border crisis that is a catastrophe. so, as we head into 2022, i guess we are in it now or go more into 2022, the criticism is polite of mr. biden compared to his predecessor there were some sharp edges i saw on cnn yesterday for example when dan jones formerly of the obama-biden administration on cnn last night called the press conference foggy, meandering and compared him to ronald reagan at the end of his presidency. we know that reagan was diagnosed not too long after with alzheimer's.
2:58 am
some criticism. certainly not the vitriol like we saw with donald trump. but, at the same time, again that press conference yesterday, i liked some of the questions for two hours boy we could have covered a lot more ground. >> carley: no questions on education either, joe. >> thank you. >> carley: virginia election as well. i thought that one of the most unique moments of the press conference was when president biden got pad as a reporter for asking about his georgia speech on voting rights. listen to this. >> you dispute the characterization that you called folks who would oppose those voting bills as being bull conner or gorge wallace but you said they would be in the same camp. >> no, i didn't say that look what i said go. back and read what i said! and tell me. >> carley: so i am going to read what he said. do you want to be on the side of dr. king or george wallace? do you want to be on the side of john lewis or bull conner? so what do you make of the president denying this -- what he said instead of owning up to
2:59 am
it? >> i thought the reporter in that situation could have had that quote ready. right? he paraphrased what the president said and if he was ready with okay, sir, let me read back my words to you just as you just did, carley, and for the president to react so angrily regardless, that's not mr. unity we are seeing up there anymore. that's get off my lawn, joe biden. that didn't play well at all in that situation. over all, i thought the press conference was a net negative for this president. i don't see a vision for 2022. he is going to continue doing the same things. the same messaging, and that did not work in 2021 when your approval rating in quinnipiac is only 33%. one out of three americans supporting this president right now. >> >> todd: are we going to see any of these press conferences any time soon, joe? >> no. this one took 300 days between formal press conferences, that's enough to deliver a baby to full term, right, plus a month to take afterwards to enjoy the moment, so, yeah, you will not
3:00 am
see one, i think, at least until the summer. not in this sort of setting. not for that period of time. but, carley, i heard before you are not a good driver. you from jersey, how could you not be good driver for self-survival. >> carley: question own whether biden was a good driver in that press conference. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> joey: good pivot. >> president biden insists he has made enormous progress during his first year in office. >> i have outperformed what anybody thought would happen. >> president is depletely detached from reality. >> detached reality democrat party live in cacoon from the west of the nation. >> senate voted against changing the filibuster to pass a bill overhauling elections. >> allowing one party to exert complete control only pour fuel on the political. >> police have arrested responsible for the murder of brianna kupfer. >> allowed to walk freely amo


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