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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 20, 2022 12:00am-1:01am PST

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major programing announcement tomorrow night. you don't want to miss this program. former president donald trump will join us for an exclusiveld interview. we'll get his thoughts on biden's disastrous first year in office and disaster of n a press conference. in the meantime, we hope you'll set your dvr so you never miss an episode and that not your heart be troubled.ou we get laura ingraham's takegr on this press conference today. did you have fun watching it? >> it was agony. w what made it worse for me is i had stuff going on with my kids so i had to keep pushing pause so it's badgh enough. it's bad enough when you watch it straight, e through . but then when you make it evenha longer by having the oppositela nightmare. oh my god it was it came out the worst as i can remember from our president franklin. me i honestlyri as an american andi don't say this with any joy i felt embarrassed. i felt humiliating a minor
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incursion into ukraine and yeah, like i'm the greatest thing since sliced bread. i'm like, okay, reality check. : thank you . y know what i think you should do with trump? i think it should make a gentle suggestion to him. he should call biden.y oh . but have a friendly phone call and say i'm happy to come in and since you're collecting new advice from people seeking out new voices, he's happy to come in just to share his thoughts on things like the border inflation, trade deals with china.ou just throw out the offer. you never know what you're going to getha back .ok how's that ? isn't that a funny way of looking at it? just bring back the trump policies and he canan sleep allt day. i'd be happy we'rere done. all right. and good to see you tonight . i'll pick up where you left off. i have laura ingraham. this is the ingram angle from washington tonight . a california mother sets her seventh grade daughter was preyed upon by her teachers a and made to think shend was tras
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gender . i kid you not. in that mother is here tonight to explain how she's taking on this school district and raymond arroyo has the momentic you might not havep picked up from biden's disastrous presser today. plus f the breathless media reaction that's all ahead and seen and unseen. but first, our quicksand president. >> that's the focus of tonight's @ngel. now new polling today shows just how far in one year joeof biden's presidency has sunk in the eyes of the public t. now a survey conducted by the muhlenberg institute of public opinion has biden at an abysmal 36% approval rating in thend battleground state of pennsylvania s. an and things are just as dismal in the new gallup numbers to biden that his lowest point of his presidency with gallup only 40% approve, 56% disapprove. now independents are abandoning joe in droves with only
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30 three percent approving of the job he's doing. how can that even be? well, fromla inflation to empty store shelves to store shelves, the government's covid shuffle, the white house has proven utterly he out of touch and ineffective on all fronts. we're seeing a levelro of incompetence in domestic and foreign policy unmatched by anything we've nd witnessed in modern american politics. thus when we heard that biden was actually going to conduct a press conference today, wee expected some level of maybe a little bit of introspection and awareness, but instead wewe got this . >> how do you plan to win back moderates and independents who cast a ballot for you p in 2020? the polls indicate areole unhapy with the way you're doing your job now. >> i don't believe can youha think of any other prison as much as when you say muslims ? okay,ea this man is completely delusional. the staff who told him to say this frighteningly stupid, theyu had to have briefed him
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on the obvious question of in hindsight, what would you do differently and apparently this is what the white house mensa members came up with. three things i'm going to do differently. no one threw me out of this place more often. i'm going to go out and talk to the public. i'm going to do public forums. i'm going to interface with them. i'm going to make the case what we've already done, why it's important and what we'll do. i'm also going to be out there seeking the advice of experts outside from academia to editorial writers, think tanks and i'm bringing them in just like i did early on and bringing in presidents historians to get their perspective p, saying i'm doing a lot more of is being d in this situationo where i'm able to bring i'm going to be deeply involved in the off these off year elections. >> okay, well here are my three things, joe.
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number one , the more people see and hear you, the more strongly they feel buyer's remorse and sheer horror that people need more joe like they need more covid numbered two, as far as bringing in more advisors, whoever suggests that is part of the problem. the fact is ron klain would never allow anyone to adviseny biden who would actually challenge him and question white house priorities. but that is exactly what they need over there. and as jon meacham been writing biden's drivel for a year now, isn't he a big historian and editorial writers? you're going to bring in editorial writers, talk about out of touch like the ones from utah who want unver people rounded up by theti national guard. yeah, let's bring themonlet' inb and number three, as for the idea of putting biden on a campaign trail, that's great news for republicans. i can't wait to see the excuses the democrat candidates make as they politely decline his help.
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oh , sorry. heanother positive test today in our office and i wouldn'tn' wantt to put your health in danger. we'll take a rain check. and speaking of covid, biden fumbled another obvious c question when are we done with this ? >> what type of restrictions do you imagine being on americansag this time next year and what does the new normal look like?th i hope a new normal would be that we don't have to have 30 million people not vaccinated anymore. can most people have seen their own interests and have taken advantage of what we have available to us now? >> hardly anyone picked up on this, but understand what you just heard. he's moved the goalpost againng on beating the virus. what it looks likee apparently even if we had 90% of all americans vaccinated, it wouldn't be enough. now this is insidious, especially at a time when the curtain is closingid on the covid theater here
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and abroad. the coffee giant starbucksuc announced that it was ending m its employee vaccine mandate. itwa wasn't just the supreme court's ruling either. it was a financial call. they made the mandates arees making it harder for starbucks w to retain and hire staffuc. in colorado last weekend the local starbucks posted a sign saying it was closing until february 17th. okay, i just wanted a latte. it's not sustainable. i expect more companies to c follow starbucks lead and that means ukar heart and bigger news across the pond that willll shakee europe to its foundation. boris johnson, who's in his owns political drama, announced he'll drop most major covidor restrictions immediately. >> it's going to happennm on thursday. the government will no longerri mandate the wearing of masks anywhere. but we will end the compulsory use of covert status certification in we will trust the judgment of the british people should have done
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that all along and the new government. the czech republicc is nixing vaccine mandates for select and people over 60 years of age. t buthe of course back in washington delusional washington. biden's caught in a fallacy covid time warp and thus is totally clueless about how the omicron virus evades the vaccinesdes and boosters. he's like a bad i vegas lounge act. es >>t who thinks that anyone wants to hear his greatest hits? he went from two million people being vaccinated at the moment i was sworn in to two hundred and ten million americans being fully vaccinated. today we're going toin stick wig our vaccination becausee vaccinations work. so get vaccinated pleasee and get your booster. look, we're also increasing testing no, give it up so itn' can't sell sand in the desert and you can't sell mri
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and vaccines to people d who don't want them, don't trust them or they have naturalm immunity. the virus is something else that was very revealing but which you noticed another classic goalpost moving moment .o it's not enough just to vaccinate three hundred and forty fully vaxxed three hundred forty million people in the united statesn . that's not enough. it's not enough to do do we have to do that ? we have to do a lot more than we're doing now. and that's whys we have continued to keep the commitment of providing vaccines pro and available cures for the rest of the world as well. you heard it. f the world needs toor be vaccinated for us to have our lives back . now this is precisely what bill gates,pr anthony fauci, many others in the global health racket believe and they gotit biden to say it. think about it this way only 27% or so of africa isic vaccinated. so that means we'lla be in this
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covid theater of the absurd for a very, very long time. but he always holds the carrot out. listen to biden t closely. just do what you're toldfr and we'll give you a little bit of freedom back . >> maybe if you behave, somey people may call what'sor happening now be normal. i call a job not yet finished it will get better. we're moving toward a time and covid-19 won't disrupt our daily lives. we're covid-19 won't be a crisis but something to protect against to and the thrt it'll get better when you're out of office. >>ce so 15 days to flatten m the curve. one hundred days of masking it is all a bunch of lies they need to keep you on the hook but also they need to keep the fear machine humming in the background. there's always going to ber another variant. i promise you. cities and states that follow g biden's lead are going to share his fate and just slowly start to fade away. deterioratingo before our eyes.
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philly and d.c., our instituting their new vaxxed mandates for restaurants, gyms, conventionste, sporting events basically anything that requires being near other people. but reality will come crashing in just as it did for starbucks. just watch. but as for the white house, i they're in so deeps there's no getting out off this quicksand if they step into democrats on the hill should have approached the president and demanded that he replace his entire top staff and appeal more to the mainstream, begin working with a broad coalition of republicans on compromises and that's the angle. joining me now i is arkansas senator tom cotton. senator cotton, if biden's speech in georgia was a disaster, what do we call d this depressor? totally clueless, laura . i mean, the president isch completely detached from reality and the kitchen table issuesed that matter toer
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americans. he's claiming that inflation is under control, that shelves atre the grocery stores ares restocked, that we're going to geted it under control soon if you just keep wearing mask and we keep demanding people for their vaccine cards, none of these are what people are experiencing across arkansas across the country. i think it's ironic that i'moc standing here tonight in the senate when the democrats are trying to make it illegal for a state to require id to vote to prove you are who you say you are. yet if we wanted to walk across the street and get a hamburger at a restaurant in washington, d.c., we'd have to showt our vaccine card and our id card just too get a hamburger to eatd that'set how detached these democrats are from reality. op well, i know a lot of people in d.c., senator cotton, who are refusing to eat in d.c. and these are vaxxed people. they just don't want to be part of this new show me your papers mentality and a lot of them are hightailing it across the bridge to virginia and i think they're going to lose a huge thimo amount of business. i don't wish it on any small business owner.
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they've been hammered h, but they've got too just make their voices heard. by the way, on the nextwh election and what biden is already forecastingng about that , he began today to undermine the results of 2020 two before they even came in . >> watch. >> do you still believe the upcoming election will be w fairly conducted and itsil results will be legitimate? but it all depends on whether or not we're able to make the case to the american people that some of this is being setme up to try o to alter the outcome of the election. >> do you think that they would in any way be illegitimate? oh yeah. i think it would be a legitimate senator . i thought questioning the integrity of elections was was the beginning of encouraging and insurrection. so we're going to have a one 19 commission now. we're goingng to do that .
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we are not believable. it's amazing joe biden is accusing republicans not just here in washington but acrosshi the country who want things like voter id and you don't want balaklava of impeding our elections and that if we don't give the democrats their election take over bill, then the elections won't be legitimate. that is exactly what joe biden has in accusing us and accusing the former president of doing 2,020.6. 2020 joe biden has either lost his mind or he is lying to the american people because what he is saying about elections is completely false. it's the big lie that the democrats are propagatings across the country that somehow ortes like georgia or iowa texas have adopted laws that are making it harder to vote or suppressing vote. they're simply making it harders to cheat and the democrats apparently don't d like that . well, senator cotton, there was already a couple of days agoco that senator amy klobuchar had met with some senior white house officials about just
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how things were going on , the various billsme and initiatives and her staff came away very a frustrated with the senior white house staffers. how are you hearing any scuttlebutt among your colleagues on the hill about democratol frustration wih what is an obviously incompetent senior staff atst the white house? i mean, they've got to restart that whole place. yeah, there's a lot of frustration with the president in the white house. i hearly privately from democras and frankly about chuck schumer as wellat. many democrats think that he's afraid of a primary about alexander a cosio cortez. that's why he's pushingdi this radical election takeover bill and hanging so many of his members out to dry. i also heard today a lot ofl members who were astonished that joe biden would not only refuse to express any regrets about the impotence in the incompetence he displayed in afghanistan, which is, by the way, emboldened vladimir putin to prepare for an invasion of ukraine. he also basically greenline
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in vladimir putin to invade ukraine when he started speculating about minor incursions. many democrats here d in theem senate were astonishedha the president had no regrets about the debacle in afghanistann and that he iset basically rolling out the red carpet for vladimir putin f to o into keeva. senator , it was shocking if trump had said any of these things, they would have been t i mean, there would have been pitchforks out. we appreciate it, senator . we'll be watching tonight and covering the you know, the ill fated effort on on the filibuster and all the other nonsense that chuck schumer is trying to dootr. butt while biden doesn't see an end to cover, the narrative is crumbling. wewena explain it in moments. a texas doctor is suing houston methodist after they suspended e her for misinformation. but it wasr in something she revealed yesterday about vaccine coercion that's even more shocking. >> dr. mary bowden is here next . the word i chose is failure. it would definitely be broken,
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one of the best restaurants i was back in june when hospitalal the houston methodist hospital became the first in the nation to mandate vaccines for all their employees. now we warn them at the time that this would only worsenor shortages of essential health care workersal and of course we're right. houston methodist ended up forcing outg o more than
12:22 am
one hundred and fifty employees. but they weren't justy content with firing me on vaxxed they a doctorenfterer who question the medical establishment's covid narrative. houston methodist hospital suspended dr. mary bowden last year on charges that she spread covid misinformation. she's now suing the hospital.or mary bowden joins me now. dr. bowden, good to see you tonight . now it wasn't justt your suspension over, quote, misinformation that was troubling. you also revealed the wayslk in which the hospital was coercing or attempting people to get vaccinated. explain it right. and i, don't i don't know the strict details on this, but from what i understand and one n of their nurses works for me now, they gave all their employees the five hundred dollar incentive bonus to get the vaccine after they did an initial roll outd. and then to try to getm more people on board. they gave them they offered
12:23 am
that bonus and what was a misinforms that you got fired for sounds it sounds positively soviet. by the way, when i hear this misinforms shot against the state dangerous misinformation not just misinformation, dangerous. and essentially i wrote ivermectin works and that's based on treating over two thousand patients with ivermectin and keeping them out of the hospital. and then i said vaccine mandates are wrong and you know, nothing that crazy, but they went after me and what they precisely say and how did they carry out the alternative convention? i got a text message from the houston chronicle from a reporter saying is it ten true that your privileges of and suspended and i'm like, no ,what are you s talking about? and then i check my email and there was a letter and thene i checked twitter and they were tweeting about it, which is unheard of. that is that is probably setting it's unprecedented.
12:24 am
no h one no hospitalos has ever done that to a doctor that ino know of. sof. were you posting on social media or giving media interviews? no, you weren't on on a this show. but how i they know about your views about it. i probably had less than a thousand followers and tweeting it it wasn't it wasn't like i was some social media influencer either. i mean it's it was very unprofessional. and like i said, unprecedent well, dr. fauci is deeply troubled. >> dr. bowdon apparently by people like you watch this is very disturbing, i believe to all of us as public health officials and scientists such a degrees of pushback against regular normal easy to understand public health measures if we all pull together as a society, we would be much, much better off
12:25 am
back of our near response. so mandating investigative drugs, drugs that are still anug s investigative stage that's normal and having therapeutics w at work, that's not normal. your response to that ?>> >> well, any good doctor will t change their positions based on what they're seen and that that's what i did.n i mean, i was all for the vaccines when they came out and then i saw the breakthrough cases. i saw the the risk associated with adverse reactions and i changed my position and that's part of the scientific process. that's part of being's a doctor is to look at what's happening y and perhaps you need to changeou your approach and that's not what is happening with these big institutions t now they're dependent on a lot of money from big pharma. that's sure. that's for sure. dr. brown and a lot of them are running scared. thank you so much.
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and speaking off these vaccine mandates, biden's latest one is a master class and colossal stupidity and this time he's getting help from pretty boy justin trudeau. as of january 22nd, the binyomin situation will require truck drivers returning from canadars to be fully vaxxes so just days ago a similar mandate went into effect in canada the other way around. in response, canadian a truckers in manitoba took to the streets in protest. now you're thinking, well, whybi is this such a big deal?ou well, until you realize as many as half of american truckers are unvaccinatedck, many of them of course, already recovered from covid. so if you thinkhi the grocery store shelves are barren now, wait until tens of thousands of truckers are forced off the roads. we already have a trucker shortage. it's going to make it worse. w joining me nowal is rick wall wo organized a protest against a trucker mandate in manitoba this week rick. truckers who in large part sit alone in a sealed cab for hours
12:27 am
a day, apparently a viral threat to the public. good evening, laura . first of all, i reallyi appreciate you having me on . i appreciate the opportunity and yes is absolutely there's absolutely no logic in wanting or needing to enforce vaccination on truck drivers. you're right. truck for approximately, you know, 16 hours a day. they get two or three times a day depending on how long their trip is and it's just. there just is no logic. i cani just make a real brief.f but i'll give you a brief example of one of our drivers. run a trucking company out of southern manitoba and one of our drivers, the first one i cross after january 15th whene the mandate kicked in on the canadian side. so he came across in manitobad and has loads destined for british columbia, which is west coast canada. so they allow them to gohe deliver his load to west coast d and british columbia. he's allowed to reload, come back home, which isck probably
12:28 am
about seven or eight day journey. getss back home ,he's still such a danger to society that now he needs to quarantine before he goes outd. on the road. >> who's going to tolerate this ? i this is no way to live. it's no way to treat peopleno who are vital to your economy, our economy, our our trading relationship, which is huge. but it looks like biden and trudeau are just standing, you know, as thick as thieves here for the vaxxed mandate for truckers. and this is what justin trudeau said that the truckers have known for months that the mandate was coming and the us will soon be bringing in an identical one to force ensure that truckers are vaccinated. so rick, you you have knownge this for months. so i guess the message to you from them is shut up and get vaxxed right? well, yes. you know what the initial the initialhe proposal did come a month ago, but there's been i so much flipflop from
12:29 am
the federal government. i have made a number of phone calls throughout the last couple of months to sebastian and emerson, manitoba are closest port and you would getct conflicting information. it would reallyti depend on the officer that you would speak to. that's the type of answer you would get. thereypnswahi is never anythingd until it was two days before the mandate was supposed to bery imposed on january 15th of january 13th, if i remember correctlyy, news article came out that cbsa was now had now reversed the mandate so c canadian truck drivers wouldank not need to be vaccinated coming into canada. so of course the industry celebrate c and you know, we wee all excited about well, finally we had to turn around one of the one of the mandates and then of course the nextt day they flip flopped and said that that the agreement that there is a complete and it is a nightmare for the people of canada who are, you know, just kind of go along with a lot of the stuff.
12:30 am
it's time to resist. it's timeas to stand up and figt against this , especiallyll with omicron and omicron getting around all the vaccines it makes no sense at all. rick, thank you for standing up and keep it alle right. my speech wasn't the only disaster for democratsts o. ht they a bigger one is playing out right nowar on capitol hill. democrats are out plowing full steam ahead on nuking the filibuster to pass their own election over bill. fox news , congressional correspondenton chad pergram is going to give us the latest chad. good evening. are democrats voting now to alter senate filibuster provisions to pass the voting rights bill tonight ? democrats need all 50 democrats on their side to alter the filibuster. but democrat joe manchin opposes changing the filibuster custom just for votingh rights > we're going to break the rules to change the rules to make up new ruleses as wee go along. let this change happen in this way and the senate will be a body without rules. >> some democrats upset at a those who invoke martin lutherhe king in opposing voting rights
12:31 am
and the filibuster change. >> let the message go out. you cannot remember martinem luther king jr. and dismemberdi his legacy at the same timesr, you can argue whatever side you want, but you do not get to argue. both sides . i will not sit quietly while some make dr. king a victim of identity theft. senate majority leader chuck schumer t has proposed a one tie change to senate procedure forig voting rights that would actually stretch out debate. s iten would allow senators to speak on the floor twice as long as they want. w vice president harris was here earlier to possibly break a tie, but she has left. democratsts can't break a tie toe change the filibuster in a 50 50 senate. and justst in the past couple of seconds here, the vote is still open on the floor, but all 100 senators have voted. now if you lookk at the screen here, there are 52 yayss and forty eight nays. what democrats needed to do is
12:32 am
have more nays. they needed tos. have fifty one nays to implement this change to the filibuster. the nays needed to prevail. right now they are losing because senators manchinin and sinema voted with v the republicans this time. so the filibusterub remains intact laura . chad, high drama about a foregone conclusion. thank you . th thought you saw everything from today's biden's press conference, think again. raymond arroyo reveals the most tellinggra moments in the press. reaction you can't miss next . i lost the weight. i definitely wasn't feeling like myself mentally. it was a difficult time for me to the pictures show this huge gap and i'm like, oh my god, is that me having asked for seatbelt extenders? that's pretty embarrassing. now is the time for you to try nutrisystem with food that is new for 2020 two. it's hard to even believe this food could help you lose weight on your like. nutrisystem follows a high
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selling your home is expensive and stressful. so we created our smart solar system to sell your home for top dollar and save thousands in commissions. i was amazed at the fact that my house sold one idea or agent save me in the neighborhood of twenty to twenty five thousand dollars and the process was as easy as they are. the number one way to sell our service is free available nationwide and there's zero obligation calls for a day or visit ideal agent .com. it's time for our seen and unseen segment and for the revealing>> moments you missed from today's presidential presser we turn rather than foxve news contributor raymond arroyo. all right, raymond, what didha you see that the viewers may have missed in that tantalizing? for or as as you know, much of
12:38 am
this was choreographed. the president called on a listle of prescreened reporters and as they ask the questions, biden is busily flipping through his p prompt book searching forro the answers. it he read what was written there and then he repeated it again and again on the few times that he decided to freelance over ukraine for instance, he got into a lot of trouble, which the white house is still cleaning up now.e well, tell me about the way the whole thing looks. i mean, the optics of this long term impact here for the president. what do i always say? look, it'sat not what you say. it's the impression and the feeling a president leaves on people that's important in politics. now at one point. the president was asked by james rosen aboutol that political poll where 49% of respondents questioned his cognitive abilities why do you suppose such large segments of the american electorate have come to harbor such profound concerns about
12:39 am
your cognitive fitness? >> no idea. well, i think viewers probablyat have an idea. anybody who watched this entire press conference as we did, it's's crystal clear why the american voter might have doubts about the president cognitive state watch. >> when i have probablype outperform what anybody thought would happen. i'm not sorfho sure that he has he's going to i probably. shouldn't go anywhere. but iff i want to thank my a purifications for the great help here, the voter. has is becoming much more informed on the motives of some of the political players and some of them and the political
12:40 am
parties. laura , these grandville brain freezes are really concerning. i mean, this has gotten worseor and worse. his syntelel was garbled.hi hes lost his thoughts repeatedly here. and i have to say if the idea was to changemp impressionser this minted americans concerns about where this president ran and ate one point i thought my my remote control had gone back on pause. i was like, i don't like what's happening to my tv. i'm like, oh , he's just pausing. he's pausing, by the way. yeah, fauci alcindor. she she tweeted raymond that bidenen pushed back on critics made news longest presidential press in history called out lies, a foresponsibility mistakes and he didn't lash out at reporters quite the change she thought it was gres. he lashed out at reporters. but laura , she's singing from the media hymnal here. the reaction to the president's
12:41 am
two hour endurance test is really interesting. i'll play a few clips and will react to all of this . t >> there are questions aboutmi his stamina. f there areyo questions about wilf you do a press conference if he wanted to prove he'd stand there for two hours and take it mission accomplished and a jawbone people into feelingng>> better? i didn't think it was a veryto impressive list and i'd probably go t back to the drawig board. i thought today was a very good day for anybody planted in dr. i think he showed an element of toughness today to that was encouraging. >> if you're a democrat, a lawyer with apologies to our pal james>> carville, i don't know if he planted an oak tree, maybe poison ivy because the party is itching all nightt. long after it. i mean, this was a wobblyan performance. axelrod is right. rememberer that cnn report from a couple of days ago where focus groups are worried that biden looks old and he's absent. that is probably true . and i'mou sorry, how long can yu blame inflation and empty shelves on meat producers,
12:42 am
which he did again today? raymondi still can't get over the fact that he's promising to campaign at 36% approval rating with all the democrats who are hanging on by a thread. so that's his big takeaway. they have to clean up the whole ukraine thing all night long at all otherha than that . that wasas great.>> yeah, other t than that they're going to hand out librettos before he speaks because the audience won't know what he's saying. laura biden's voting rightsra or the federal election take over bill that's being debated right now in the senate the today. congressman hakeem jeffries indic who inspired this voting rights bill. listen to this wins by hugo chavez, cesar chavez. we're inspired by all of these leaders the first time, vlora. hugo chavez, of course, the venezuela ailing dictator who changed the constitution use public funds in his
12:43 am
campaign and that's not unlike what this bill would do. >> so i think he might have been right with old hugo. well, pause and think who is that cabinet secretaries name again that he has trouble with cabinet secretaries and numbers. i don't knowue why, but those to things, they're tough. raymond, y thank you . and a truly shocking story out of california where the mother of a middle school student says that predatory teachers tried to convince her child that she i was transgender. the mother joinsn usom in momens with some newse n on what she's planning to do in response. >> so stay there. this rate increases are forecast. stocks could possibly be stuck . yet experts say apartment building values and rents are currently appreciating in an estimated three point eighty six point eight million more homes are needed. now this is likely due to real estate being locked in a limited supply high demand bottom diversify now by investing in real estate alongside an industry leader with a 15 year track record call, 800 814 fortune.
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12:48 am
seven. that's eight hundred three four one ninety eight point seven. my ability to parent my child even before any knowledge i didn't even get to show support. you ask for support. i didn't get a chance. your job was to educate my child in math, science, english etc. do your job and let me do mine. that was jessica koenen, my mom . so why is she so angry? well, markowicz entrustedad her seventh grade daughter toec the spreckels. it's a california. school district who in turn conspiredis to change the girl's gender name and pronouns and they did this entirely behind her parent's back by telling the seventh grader her mother couldnth not be
12:49 am
trusted. moscona joins me nowlu exclusivelysi along with her attorney, hami dillon, founder of the center for americanan liberty. that's taken this case. ago you just hoursrs announced that you are pursuing legal action against the school district. briefly explain what happened. well, it kind of starts my my my daughter. i love her and she deserves this justice. my family's already gone through so much and nobody else needs to gody through this. nono family needs to suffer starting a sixth grade. they're eleven g years old . they're already vulnerable. you know, youu wouldn't expect a teacher to be predatorial towards a child that they're supposed you know, the teacher they're supposed to be trusted and they stepped out ofe their line in seventh grade to find out that there's secrets, there's lies, their tactics are disgusting. i feel as a mom disturbed by this because it is my right to parent her and they took
12:50 am
that right away from me. it would be okay. you know, specifically i want people to understand are watchingng us and heartmate obviously representing her in this litigationar specifically what did they do to jessica's daughter or urge her to do that is so disturbing in this case. absolutely. so there's two teachersip and with the knowledge of the principal, what they were doing is identifying children who they thought belonged in a secret equality club that washa for children questioning their identities. and they invited kids including jessica's daughter, to behi in this club. and then theysub told these kid do notr tell your parentsal and specifically jessica's mom do not tell them they cannot be trusted. what's going on here? they gave them reading materials about transgenderism. they secretly change the pronouns. but when in front of
12:51 am
the parents refer to their children by their birth pronouns, behind the children, behind the parents back in the school use their newde identity and all of this was t done secretly. then suddenly they called i jessica in and informed her that g going forward her daughter was to be referred to by male pronouns by different name. they changed it in the school records officially of laura and and it was presented to the mom as a accomplis. and of course, as you saw from the video in the intro, jessica was outraged by the usurpation of her right to make this decision jointly with her daughter. now jessica is very supportive of whatever her daughter wants to be and decides it is not fore these teachersve to prematurely assume this . and one more thing, laura , is that what's interesting about this is that this happened before covid. so when it started and remote learning started eventually i the daughter began to changent back into her original identity because she wasn't under the current the constant grooming influence of these
12:52 am
weird teachers and secondly, the teachers are also monitoring using the software that they used for remote learning what children wereth looking up and thenat using that to try to put more kids into this . oh my god. this is this is like a lot parent's worst nightmare. you know,ar theye. send childreh school and you think kids are going to be taught the basics. instead they're being lured into something that parents aren't aware of and don't support. jessica, bothh the teachersa, accused that hami just mentioned of radicalizing your daughter ledhele this workshop. i guess it was titled how we can run a gsa in conservative communities we keep no records. buena vista middle school teacher and lgbt q club leaderme laura caldera state sometimes we don't really want to keeps s records because if u parents get upset that their kids are coming, we're like, yeah, i don't know, maybe they you know, we would never want to get in trouble for attending if parents are upset.
12:53 am
so jessica, they're admitting they're keeping the real truthng and what they're doing from a parents, they're admittingre that is correct. they have not one time denied any allegations towards them. if anything, they keepon justifying what they've done and it's not thene. that the justification to the children they are hurting. they need to stop messing with our children. it is not their jobs to do that . yeah, they think it's their job. how are we going to a lot of kids? yeah, they think it's their job actually. hamimi this they're on a mission to propagandize to kids and try to subvert parental authority, especially if you're a parent p who has traditional religious or christian or just traditionalarl views on on sexuality and gender, then you're really a target. and i think this is per 100% purposeful. but what will the lawsuit seek to seek to get as far
12:54 am
as damages or or firing or so if it's a lawsuit today we t issue the first step here. when you sue the government, you have to issue a government tort claimsnmen. notice we did that todayes and we're seeking damages for intentional fn infliction of emotional distress, conspiracy to violate civil rights, the violation of the civil rights act was an infliction of emotional distress. and so we think that there isnd a lot of this going w on and we're very interested to hear from other children and othere parents who believe this may have happened in this school district of bonavista or any school district we're looking at a class action here. we got it. we got a roll. but there can be a class action center for american liberty a does great work and you are free to matters charity for this month as well. so everyone get great gear on freedom fighters, freedom fighters gear on . laura ingrahammatt, ladies, good luck. >> what happened to howard stern the last night? cytogeneticscstiti with my hectc
12:55 am
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12:59 am
somehow radio host howard stern went from questioning authority, the big rebel to
1:00 am
don't you dare question authority. >> if it was up to me anyone unvaccinated would not to be admitted to a hospital. at this point they've been given plenty of opportunity to get the vaccine, it's time for you to get it. if you don't get it, in my america all hospitals would be closed to you. you'll go home and die what a sad tall man he has become. >> announcer: we begin with a fox news alert. >> democrats deal biden a below, a philly butter without which democrats would have complete control of the country legislatively and the ability to force through agenda said without one single republican notice. what a day yesterday, what a morning. you are watched "first and foremost", on this thirst. i'm todd. hay carl yes. >> carley: great to


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