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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 19, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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anymore. take your own advice. >> i've never endorsed a candidate, i will never get involved in politics any way, shape or form, i don't think that is my face. >> exactly right. nick is for saving the filibuster, i understand. roll tide. all right, up next greg gutfeld takes it from here. >> we begin with a fox news ark letter. police identifying the man suspected of killing brianna kupfer as shawn smith, career criminal set free on $1000 bond. he remains on the loose and considered armed and dangerous. you are watching fox t.v. on wednesday morning. i'm carley shimkus. >> griff: good morning, carley, i'm griff jenkins in for todd piro. more on this breaking news in just a moment. let's begin at the white house
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where today president biden is gearing up to hold his first press conference in months as the administration is planning public reset of his tarnished image. all the details with ashley. >> ashley: the president is set to hold only his tenth news conference this afternoon, his first in several months. of his nine previous press conferences, six were solo. public reset of his failed agenda as senior white house official says the dynamic with the president needs to change. the reset man is said to be making conversations with congress less of a priority and focus on talking with americans, although his approval rating continues to drop, jen psaki insisted -- >> press sect. psaki: this has been a lot of progress made, we need to build on that. the work is not done.
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the job is not done. >> ashley: senate majority leader chuck schumer is proposing a talking filibuster to persuade manchin and kyrsten sinema to allow vote to overhaul the u.s. election system. >> we must consider and vote on the rule changes that are appropriate and necessary to restore the senate and make voting legislation possible. we're going to vote. we're all going to go on the record and republicans will have to choose which side they stand on. >> ashley: manchin and sinema are standing in the way of the democratic-led effort and resisting their party's push to get rid of the filibuster. manchin says he is standing firm on his position not to change the senate rule. >> the democratic caucus changed their mind, i respect that, you have a right to change your mind. i haven't. i hope they respect that, too. >> ashley: senator bern better
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than opened the door to support primary challengers to the two senators, both are up for re-election. march manch didn't seem too worried. >> i've been primary my entire life, nothing new for me. i've never run an election that wasn't primary. this is west virginia, it is rough and tumble, we're used to that. bring it on. >> ashley: the president's news conference is expected to start at 4 p.m., the east of the anniversary of his inauguration. back to you, guys. >> here is seaba hannity's take. >> they are not concerned about failing policy or spiking inflation, rising gas prices, open borders, supply chain crisis or the americans they left behind in afghanistan that we will never forget. the administration apparently believes they have a messaging problem, just the problem is messaging and in order to solve the messages problem, some
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advisors want joe biden to spend more time communicating directly with you, the american people. the quote, there is unity about having biebd talk to people, there is no agreement about whether that effort will work. >> the mainstream media is expressing concerns president biden and democratic party could be doomed heading into midterm, similar territory to former president obama's first term in the white house. >> basically three poll numbers you can follow nationally that tell you likely shape of the mid-term elections. it is direction of the country, presidential job rating and generic ballot. two of the three we track are sitting there and shellacking territory. >> griff: thanks, chuck todd. house democrats announcing retirement, james long and james
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mcinerney bring the list of democrats leaving the house to 28. wow. a lot of folks headed for the door. carley, it is fascinafascinatin remember the shellacking in president obama's words, he said at the press conference about his own midterm when he lost 63 democrat seats in the house, six senate seats. we could be headed for that this november. >> carley: yeah, president -- biden administration is plan og new strategy for the president for year two and think they know the reason the president's poll numbers are so poor right now. they say that president biden needs to shed the image he is approaching the presidency like a member of the senate, so senior administration official told nbc news the president doesn't want to sends the message his role is to be legislator in chief.
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have you heard anybody say president biden is fine, he could be better if he didn't act like a member of the senate? that is not the problem. the problem is his policies, foreign and domestic. i'm not sure him communicating with the american people will help him out. he has trouble with communication, as well. >> griff: a year ago tomorrow, when he was inaugurated and i was standing down on the maul covering that, i remember the speech of unity, that is what so many people, both democrats and republicans voted were expecting. he has given in full tilt to passion of liberal left democrats and we saw in the dr. ghaly poll that nip from the first quarter to the fourth quarter. the party preference will show that survey in the fourth quarter of 2021, 47% republican, 42% democrat, meanwhile, you see his approval rating at 33%. i submit to you, i would guess
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if he stays there in that 33% range and you see people niping from the democrat party to the republican party, we're going to have a red wave this coming november and the president, even if he tries to hit the reset button, if he tries to carry out what progressive democrats want, he is not going to succeed. >> carley: you have to think about why democrats are pushing voter reform so hard right now. i have a prediction. i think in 10 months, when republicans take back the house, it is looking like that will happen still 10 months ago, i guess anything is possible issue but when you look at the signs how there are more republicans now in america and president biden's approval rating is so low and 70% of americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. if republicans take back the house, next conversation is that republicans stole the election because they did not allow a
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voter legislation, voter reform to pass and then we're going to be having a flip of a conversation where democrats are now saying that there was voter fraud and an election system that isn't working in this country. we'll have to wait and see on that front, that is a possibility for things to come down the road. to america's crime crisis. police are searching for the armd and dangerous suspect accused of fatally stabbing a ucla grad student while she was working at a furniture store. >> griff: live with the suspect's lengthy criminal background. good morning, brooke. >> good morning, the lapd says shawn smith is who they are looking for and they are offering reward for information leading to his arrest. so far, smith is still on the loose. jail records show it is not the first time he slipped under the radar, a law enforcement shift
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saying smith has a rap sheet including arrest necessary san francisco and south carolina. somehow he was freed on a $1000 bail in october for undisclosed misdemeanor charge. last week he crossed paths with brianna kupfer. she was working at a design furniture store in l.a. smith targeted her in a random act of violence. >> brianna kupfer was working all by herself and sent a text to a friend letting her know there was someone in the location giving her a bad vibe. >> brianna kupfer's father blaming politicians for the rise in crime and joins "fox and friends" yesterday. >> she had aspirations that are ended by this, she will live on in many ways, but it is a tragedy and it can't befall more
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people. >> after brianna kupfer's murder, chilling video shows smith buying a vape pen at a 7-11 just 30 minutes later n. new york city hundreds turning out in honor of michelle go, who was killed when a stranger allegedly pushed her in front of an ongoing train at a subway station, this happened just hours after eric adams admitted he doesn't feel safe riding the subway himself. >> from day one i took the subway system and felt unsafe. homeless everywhere, people yelling on the train, a feeling of disorder. as we deal with the crime problem, we also have to deal with the fact people feel unsafe. >> those comments from adams are stunning reversal. last weekend he insisted the city had a safe subway system and blamed public outcry on a perception of fear. today the suspect in michelle
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go's case is set to be arraigned on second-degree murder charges. >> griff: we have the manhattan d.a. coming up to weigh in. brooke singman, thank you. hansen says the democratic radical shift is making the country less safe for average americans. watch. >> we have to redefine this woke ideology, we think it is cute or incompetent or left wing, marxist, it is cruel. it tells you, me, every citizen, if you get hurt or shot, we will not worry about you. the person who did that to you will probably be out on bail or not prosecuted for an earlier crime, it tells a young child, you in the present will learn good racism because there were bad racism in the past. it tells the old guy at 68 like me, if you need treatment, you
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may be the wrong color and wait in line. this is regression, an evil ideology, it is cruel and mean-spiritted. >> griff: crime surges nationwide, president biden is planning to take executive action on police reform after congress failed to make a deal on the legislation biden promised to progressives. carley. >> carley: fox news alert, the white house believes russian invasion of ukraine could be eminent. russian troops are stationed along the border. listen here. >> press sect. psaki: let's be clear, our view, this is an extremely dangerous situation, russia could launch an attack in ukraine. >> carley: secretary of state blinken landed in kiev to meet with the president and foreign minister today. it will talk about territorial integrity and will meet russian foreign
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minister lavrov to deescalate boiling tensions. >> griff: to the border we go, officials say member of the texas national guard was nearly run over by a vehicle smuggling six migrants over the border. one of the soldiers fired their gun stopping the car just before it rammed into his partner. no one was hurt, the driver and six migrants were arrested. in mexico issue the body of a 7-year-old girl is recovered from the rio grand river. she was venezuelan and attempting to cross into del rio with her mother. the child was swept away while crossing in the heavy current. >> carley: white house launch free covid test is hitting snags after going live yesterday there is a limit of just four tests per household and critics point out the number is not enough to be helpful to families and the
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website notes the free test will not ship until the end of january as health experts say the omicron surge is already slowing, the postal service also saying some orders are being blocked from multi-unit buildings with the system only recognizing one household for the address. not good there. >> griff: not good indeed. carley, remember when president biden said no one predicted afghanistan would fall to theital ban as quickly as it did? newly declassified intel report tells a different story. cory mills helped rescue americans and allies after biden's botched withdrawal and has a lot to say about the damming new details. >> carley: what happened to full transparency? president biden spent a quarter of his presidency in del care, and he says americans don't deserve to know who he met with while there. joe concha and sean sean duffy
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are both coming up on fox t.v.
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>> griff: the white house revealing the gunman that took people hostage at synagogue did not raise red flags in the country. >> press sect. psaki: he was checked multiple times and the u.s. government did not have derogatory information as entry. >> griff: he was investigated as possible terrorist threat in 2020. the investigation was closed after it was determined he posed no danger at that time. >> carley: failure in the biden administration's withdrawal from afghanistan and contradicts biden's claim he was never warned about the country's impending collapse to the taliban. joining me is cory mills who rescued allies from afghanistan. good morning, sir. >> good morning, the inspector general's department was given
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to the department of defense in january of 2021. it says the afghanistan air force would collapse if u.s. troops were pulled from the country. president biden decided to pull troops from the country and take a listen to what he said specifically about the afghanistan air force. listen here. >> is taliban takeover of afghanistan inevitable? >> it is not. the afghanistan troops have 300,000 and an air force against something like 75,000 taliban. it is not inevitable. do i trust the taliban? no. but i trust the capacity of the afghanistan military, who is better trained, better equipped. >> carley: so there is the president saying that the taliban takeover is not inevitable, touting the strength of the afghanistan air force and seven months earlier the department of defense was given a report that said the air force
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was so weak that it would collapse without our help. is the president lying there or was he just given bad information? >> no, he was absolutely lying to the american people, just like he lied about the fact that all of the americans are over there that wanted to leave left. obviously that wasn't the case we saw with miriam and her three children and others we rescued during our time on the ground there. think what he says there, do i trust the taliban? no. what has really changed? he's trusting the taliban enough now to run the government and to give hundreds of millions of dollars and humanitarian aid he happenings will trickle down to those suffering, which he know will never occur. the entire operation in itself, he calls great success was failed from the beginning. secretary austin and blinken is the brain child of failed jpoa
1:22 am
that president trump got us out of. bagram air base would allow us to have military buildings and vetting afghans to ensure we didn't get unvetted afghans that came into the united states and had an air field to run 24 hours per day would have enabled two things to occur. enabled them to run bagram air base air field and commercial that they shut down in hkia. it is not about strategy and having successful withdrawal and a transition of power. >> carley: i can't imagine being a family member of one of the 13 servicemembers who died and reading this ipspecter general's report, it essentially says if u.s. pulls troops at once, a taliban takeover is inevitable and that is what happened. presidency trump's plan was conditions based. it seems clear the taliban did not plan to meet those conditions.
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should he have entered into negotiations with the taliban to begin with? >> well, i'll tell you, i think conditions-based agreement was set forth and could have been followed. instead, what the biden administration had done, they wanted to announce 9/11, we had withdrawn. further negotiation could have gone on, you could have held adversaries accountable by saying we will not leave until these conditions are met. we want to make sure women are allowed to continue to go to school, we want to make sure terrorist networks and isis-k will be held accountable. that is why we went to afghanistan to be sure it wouldn't be safe haven of terrorism. thousands of lives have been lost of american soldiers and now we have this thing where we have given them 86 billion in
1:24 am
defense articles, hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and allowed terrorist networks to create by going forward and trying to create the islamic state and that is what the biden administration has done, create the most well-armed, most monetized terrorist group in the world. >> carley: another topic of concern this morning, the white house believes russian invasion of ukraine could be eminent. what does this mean when it comes to foreign policy for our country? how important is this to the united states security and what is your take on this situation as a whole? >> i think we can look globally and say we are weaker in respect to the biden administration, we are seeing 100,000 plus troops are on the ukrainian border, things that would predicate
1:25 am
national invasion. i was there when obama was there to defend mariopel. i had self-funded by olygarcs, we are seeing failed policy because people don't respect biden on the world stage. ure are seeing hyper sonic missiles being fired from korea, continued enrichment of uranium in iran, china's ramp up in the mainland and south china sea. i continuing is a very scary time and we are weaker than we were under president trump. >> carley: anthony blinken will meet with the president of ukraine today and russian foreign minister on friday and we'll see if talks can deescalate the situation. cory, thank you, we appreciate it. >> griff: carley, it is 25 after
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the hour. manhattan progressive d.a. is prioritizing his personal image over the lives of new yorkers, but wouldn't he need a pr crisis team if he was doing his job? another soft on crime d.a. could find himself out of a job as republicans in that city fight back. we have that story next. ♪ thanks for bringing me with you guys today, mr. and mrs. lopez. not a problem, josh. hey, you two. check out all these camera views in my silverado i can see in front of me, behind me, on either side of me. and it has this cam, so i can see if there's any funny business going on. you see any funny business going on? no, sir. let's have a great day! the chevy silverado offers eight cameras with up to 15 different views. find new views. find new roads. chevrolet. tony here from taking to the streets to talk about credit. with up to 15 different views. can you repair your credit yourself? yes. -great. how?
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>> carley: progressive prosecutors are being called out as homicides surge in major left wing cities. l.a. county prosecutor john hotommy blames george gasgon for failing communities. when you say here is a list of crimes i'm not going to prosecute, you are not a good d.a. some people are so bad, they deserve to go to prison.
1:31 am
the crime rate is up over 90%, he's calling for citizens to pay more attention and choose more qualified candidates. state senate lead is asking house lawmakers to begin impeevement against philadelphia d.a. krasner for the wave of lawlessness. gun violence soaring to unprecedented levels over the last two years and more than a thousand people have been killed in homicides since the beginning of 2020. 30 people have been slain in the first days of 2022. >> griff: hundreds gathering to honor michelle go, after she was shoved to her death in a time square subway station. now mayor eric adams is admitting citizens are not safe underground after claiming the opposite over the weekend. >> when you have an incident
1:32 am
like this, the perception is what we are fighting against. this is a safe system. we will make sure new yorkers feel safe and they don't feel that way now. i don't feel that way when i take the train. >> griff: former assistant d.a. for manhattan joins us now. mark, the mayor doing an about-face, perhaps honesty coming from what was perceived to be the law and order candidate. what do you make of what is happening there? >> it is pretty shocking when the mayor of the largest city in the country says, i can't take the subway a couple days after encouraging people to take the subway. he is right about one thing, perception is everything, especially in this city. the perception is criminals are running amuck and the city is not safe. it is not good. >> griff: let us show you the stats. over 65% increase in the new
1:33 am
york city subway crime wave and the first two weeks of 2022. mark bederow. what do you think? if you were in office still, what would you be telling the mayor he needs to do? >> you need police officers to be out and about and making arrests when appropriate, which of course is what people want law enforcement to do. the perception these days, police officers are be instructed not to make arrests or if they do, there will not be prosecution. this requires the police department and d.a.'s office get on the same page and last couple weeks, it appears internally they may not be on the same page, that is not good for the public, either. >> griff: they are not on the same page, the d.a. alvin bragg who has chose not to prosecute a litany of crimes, allen bragg
1:34 am
drafted a pr team to deal with outrage over his policy. one of the cries people is former u.s. attorney berrara, who was fired by president trump. what is going on when the d.a. has to hire a pr crisis team? >> it is pretty odd an elected prosecutor would do such a thing, certainly within two weeks of taking office to, i suppose, defend a memo which was submitted to the prosecutors presumably for the purpose of explaining how we are going to pursue a system of more equal justice while making the city safer by making less arrests or downgrading charges. it is hard to square that. the fact they have a crisis team in play two weeks later seems to be admission they misread the room in terms of what the public
1:35 am
perception is. -- >> griff: quickly, let me play a little of what bragg has been saying about his policies. take a listen. >> maybe i had a comma out of place or didn't use the right word, address violent crime, at the same time we make our system fairer. >> griff: we only have a few seconds, can this be turned around? >> i don't know how you turn it around without reversing the policy. the policies a large class of violent felonies should be prosecuted as misdemeanors, that is hard to square with making the streets safer, that is what majority of the people believe and why they have a crisis team. how do we get that message out? so far it hasn't been working, that is clear. >> griff: thank you for your time, we'll see what happens and follow it closely. thank you, sir. >> carley: the time is 35 after the hour.
1:36 am
a top republican wants consekwens for the n.b.a. team owner who made the shocking comments about china human rights abuses. >> nobody cares what happens to the yugers. nobody cares. >> carley: red states are thriving as americans flee from democrat policies and california is pushing another radical plan that could make the exodus even worse. we will talk to a dairy farmer who left the green state for greener pastures. i'm jonathan lawson here to tell you about life insurance through the colonial penn program. if you're age 50 to 85, and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three ps. the three what? the three ps? what are the three ps? the three ps of life insurance
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>> griff: mandatory app has a "devastating security flaw," according to watchdog group citizen lab, the ny-2022 app encryption can be easily hacked and read by chinese internet providers. the international olympic committee is pushing back saying two cyber security companies found no issues and senator tom cotton calling on the n.b.a. to force one warriors co-own tore sell his stake in the franchise.
1:41 am
the investor drawing sharp criticism by saying nobody cares about the horrific human rightss abuses being committed by china. >> nobody cares about what is happening to the uyghurs. >> what, what do you mean nobody cares? >> the rest of us don't care. >> griff: cotton says it will prove itself greedy, hit krital if it doesn't force chamath palihapitiya to -- does not speak for the organization, carley. >> carley: california weighing a costly proposal funding single health payer system that could double the golden state's already high taxes. the left's plan could increase resident burden by $12,000 per
1:42 am
household. here to react a dairy farmer who moved her business out of california. good morning, stephanie. >> good morning. >> carley: does this policy proposal surprise you, pushing single payer healthcare system for every resident including illegal immigrants and could increase taxes by $12,000, how will people afford this? >> honestly, no, it doesn't surprise me, eight years ago we packed our dairy farm and moved to tennessee because of regulations and air quality books, bills and higher taxes coming out of california. for them as a state to double a crippling state of people moving out just doesn't make sense and coming from the agriculture industry, there is $17 billion in agriculture in the san joachim valley. 8% of food is grown there. as advocate, i have to ask what is the plan for this billion
1:43 am
dollar budget and where is the money going? they can say healthcare, they continue to be financially irresponsible year after year. >> carley: you and your family moved your dairy farm from california to tennessee, the "wall street journal" is reporting four republican states, texas, arizona, utah and idaho recovered all jobs they lost at the start of the pandemic and democratic states like california are lagging behind. does this surprise you and why is that happen something >> no, again, looking at the agriculture industry, since 2017, they lost 9%, over 7000 family ranchers and if they double that taxation, ki see that going to 15, maybe 20%. double taxation is great for big corporations that have offices in california, they will not see the big difference of taxation coming out. but middle-class companies,
1:44 am
families and owners will see a huge effect when it comes to taxes coming out of their paycheck. they are paying $15 hourly minimum, you have 40-hour work week and labor shortage necessary california and people are moving out. it is not a strong tactic for california to do that to the people and it is crippling our agriculture industry it will not stop in california. >> carley: moving your family farm that was in the same area for 100 years must have been a massive decision for your family. have you thought of where you would be financially if you stayed in california and how much better off are you now? >> yeah, so we had a sitdown, our whole family in 2014 and said we're going to sell or move. it was that bad in the dairy industry and we were just feeling the weight of our shoulders from the government on regulations and bills. we would not have the dairy farm if we stayed in california. moving to tennessee has been a
1:45 am
blessing, the farm bureau is strong, tennessee agriculture is strong, they truly fight for farmers and our way of a lifestyle. we have been humbled enough to open a creamery, we sell our own products and have created a strong rural community stance in tennessee. >> not only is your farm in existence, it is expanded to a creamery, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> griff: still ahead, republicans zero in on education department and the doj over their push to treat school board protesters like domestic terrorists. the action now being taken to defend the rights of concerned parents and democrats helped glenn youngkin flip red. should the left be worried about the same thing happening in the midterm? we'll ask our panel of virginia voters who left th party to become part of the red wave. ♪
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♪ i got my mind set on you.
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>> carley: senate republicans are probing the education department over the doj and the doj over the national school
1:50 am
board association letter comparing parents to domestic terrorists. republicans writing in a letter to education secretary cardona action by attorney general garland has created chilling effect on parents throughout the country and is inappropriate deployment of federal law enforcement. e-mails show cardona requested the letter from the nsba, the organization has ark pol jized for sending the letter. -- delaware home. listen to this. >> a lot of presidents go visit their home when they are president. we also have gone a step further than the prior administration and many administrations in releasing visitor logs of people who visit the white house and will continue to do that. >> carley: the president spent a quarter of his first year as president in delaware, but he has not released information regardaing who is visiting him. interesting question there.
1:51 am
over to you. >> griff: carley, the democrats failing liberal policies are pushing voters into the arms of the gop as support for the republican party reaches highest level since 1995. our next guest are among those who switched their vote. fairfax virginia parent breana howard and virginia davis and -- mom who is an independent voter. ladies, good morning, thank you for taking time, you are certainly a part of this crossover we're seeing, just to remind our viewers, this week the gallup poll show democratic support was 49%, in quarter four, it was 42%. let's start and go around the horn. brianna, why did you crossover and go republican? >> my key focus was education. i felt like democrats were not listening to the voices of parents and our concern
1:52 am
throughout the covid pandemic related to school closures and republicans, especially governor youngkin, when he was running his campaign was listening to our voices and made clear action plans to address our concerns. >> griff: sandra, why did you cross? >> many of the same reasons, i can tell you, i would like nothing more than to still be a democrat. locally it is democratic committee refused admittance to me recently because of my support of glenn youngkin for putting children first. i basically have no political home. >> griff: why? why? what happened? >> well, they know that i supported glenn youngkin because of his position on open schools and putting children first and you would think they would invite me and ask me why i did that. if you're not progressive and you don't do everything or think the way they want, you're not a
1:53 am
democrat to them. >> griff: that was shocking to you? >> it was disappointing. i honestly felt bad for them, they are making the same mistakes that got glenn elected in the same place. >> griff: bethany, i see you shaking your head, why did you crossover and vote republican? >> it was really frustrating, trying to speak to democratic representatives was like talking to a brick wall. i wanted schools open or a game plan to get schools open. i -- plan to get masks off, they treated me as if i were a republican. they did not embrace me. they did not embrace my perspective and it just doesn't seem to be a party that is open to various input and that was really frustrating for me. bethany heim. i see democrat-led cities and
1:54 am
states, they were much slower to reopen schools and much slower to develop an off-ramp for masking our kids, whereas republican-led cities are not. >> griff: bethany, do you think there is a message in that for democrats running for office or re-election in november? >> i do. i think moderate democrats need to step up and be more vocal and push back against the far left narrative. i don't understand how the democratic party works how narratives work, how speaking points work, what they are allowed to say. they need to do a self-assessment. >> griff: briana, what do you say about what the democrats should take away from what happened in virginia? >> i think that again, they need to listen to our voices and what i found throughout the school closure is that many of my
1:55 am
democratic candidates that i voted for were more concerned at ark peezing the teachers unions than they were providing adequate educational services to students and listening to parents and hearing our concerns about academic laws and the harm this was doing socially on our children. they were more concerned about their union dollars. >> griff: briana howard, bethany and -- heim, thank you for joining us, for what is precurse orto midterms in november. thank you. have a great wednesday. >> thank you. carley. >> carley: thanks, going from bad to way worse for democrats, two house members rush for the exit before voters can pass ballots this november. we're talking to sean duffy about the nightmare and joe concha has some idea about what
1:56 am
president biden's message to the american people should be when he finally asked questions today. it is all coming up in the next hour of "fox and friends first." buried in receipts, invoices and other paperwork that's preventing you from doing what matters most? then get the all new epson rapidreceipt smart organizer to scan, digitize and organize your documents and
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go to and never go to the post office again. >> carley: we begin with fox news alert. police identifying the man suspected of killing ucla student brianna kupfer as 31-year-old shawn laval smith, a career criminal who was free on $1000 bond. he remains on the loose and is considered armed and dangerous. here is a look at some of the mug shots he's acquired over the years, 10 from one city. charleston, south carolina, alone. a stunning image there. you are wat


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