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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 18, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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animals. all coronavirusesall that meanst cannot be eliminated. however, that means we can never get to couverture no matter how many vaxxed shots you take their lionyo at some point we have to live with it. but not tonight . tonight we're out of time., tomorrow we'll be back on the show. that is the sworn sincere enemy of pomposity, lying, smugness and all the rest of humanity. no hamster's for me, no, not happening. all right, tucker. i know little creatures likela baby mice and i don'trl know, i never particularly liked them anyway. thanks information though. welcome to "hannity" tonight the democratic party, their close allies in the mob and the media are in an utter state of chaos. pl poll numbers imploding, bidenod struggling in every single way . many are in a state of despair. somede are predicting predictaby smearing their political opponents as racist. in congress are throwing in the towel, retiring in masswa
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. they want outnt completely. at least one media outlet is calling for the national guard u to round up unvaccinated americans who dare to leave their homes. we have a lot more on that coming up tonight . now, as we pointed out last night, almost everyone on all sides of the political spectrum is lashing out at joe bidenbi even fake news. cnn and many others in the media mob quote president joe biden's 2020 two is off to a dreadful start. prices at the pump could even make it worse. and here's a headline from the new york times. biden's overpromised yoyounderdelivered on climate w trouble looms in twenty twenty two on lo panic stricken journalists at the washington post complaining biden was failing politically and needs to stop spinning his wheels. but according to a report from nbc news, the white house didhe not concerned at all about their failing policies of spiking inflation, rising gas prices, open borders, supply chain crisis or of course
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the americans they left behind in afghanistan that we will never forget. instead, the administration apparently believestan that thy have a messaging problem not just the problem is messaging. and in order to solve the messaging problem, some advisers want joe biden to spend more time communicate directly with the american people. but quote, while thererean p is among advisors about having biden talk to more people directlyha, another official sae there is no agreement aboutt whether that effort will work. in other words, even the whitewh house, they know what we've t been telling you even in the early days of the electionti that joe biden is incapable of communicating well. they's confused, bounded mumbling, bumbling, stumbling, a complete cognitive mess. this won't work well for any of them. in fact,th at this stage in life ,he's really notot able to do much of anything. well,ng at all today, for example, after a long three dayl weekend in delawareaw where he
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spent literally a quarter of his presidency so far, joeno biden waswh nowhere to be found after no public events. the white house called the lid at 1:00 p.m. over the past four days, biden has been almost entirely amea instead of performing the many rigorous duties that presidents perform . joe has been holed up in an office somewhere prepping tomorrow's big press conference. now think about that . we have a president who is soly mentally incompetent that he has to spend four long days prepping for what would be for anybody else a routine press conference and they're trying to hide itto h by running it at four p.m. eastern and that would be one p.m. on the west coast right in the middle of the in and out burger rush that takes place out there. so makee no mistake, joe biden is not competent too serveis and that is clear c and obvious and transparent to everyone. take a look. this uncomfortable moment with far left senator elizabeth warren, a cbs news interview e
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from earlier today. take a lookar through about 2020ab four. do you believe that president biden is up for the job? president biden is running fore reelection. i expect to support himng f. pa his approval ratings are some ry the lowest that they've been or a very long l time. i understand that . but remember, we've justqu finished the first quarter. we're justarme starting intoin the second quarter here. so we've got a lot of time, a lot of workk in front of us. but you only have probably less than a year before you lose both the senate and the house. all the polls are very, very, very bad right. i mean, the gallup poll recently that showed a preference nationally foror m republicans at a five pointar margin over democrats. >> did you notice what i noticed? they used his best poll, notan the quinnipiac poll that hader him atce a thirty three percent approval rating. also keep in mindap that biden and his fellow democrats were polling significantly higher when republicans swept the three highest state offices in the commonwealth of virginia, took back control of
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the house of delegates at the time, virginia republicansvi ran on getting politics out of the classroom, empowering parents, restoring law and order. and now the newly sworn in attorney general jason myerss is now keeping his promise with an investigation into the virginia parole board. another investigation intoer the wokeness loudoun county school board and by immediately purging staffers not aligned with his agenda. good move. virginia attorney generale, jason auris joins us now with more . first of all, congratulations to you. i'm glad especially we'll start with loudon county. so we had this incident, terryay mcauliffe. i think this played a biged factor in your victory and now governor youngkin victory and that was his comment about parents in schools. and then wee understand the school superintendent denied knowing about an owinincident that took place ina bathroom at a school and that
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student of sexual assault and then that student was transferred tha to another schol and another incident happened. law enforcement confirmed that it had happened.ed and the i superintendent, as i understand, still denied any knowledge of that . is that what you're lookingki intong? yes, john, you're exactly right. and really what happened in virginia was parentsin deciding toia rise up and say,ts listen, parents matter and that's exactly governor youngkin ranen. that'sy exactly a lot of what i ran on .ir and in virginia, what's so unique is when terry mcauliffe said, hey, parents don't haveed a say in the education ofuc their children, this guy used to be governor of virginia. that's in our virginia constitution actually says parentssco it have a fundamental right to the upbringing and education of their childrenn and that you have a right to an education in virginia. well, one of the first steps ift si'm a parent and i dropped my child off at school when i dropped that child off, they're going to be safe.t and what we saw was a school board that went woke and i like
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to say once you go woke, you go broke. they went woke and they decided in my opinion what i've seen on the outside is they've played politicso with our children's safety and they passed a policy. obviously, as you noted, there was a tragic a violenten sexual assault that happened. the victim was vi only 14 years old and they just trained forto this perpetrator to another school or the second alleged assault took place. and what's even tragically is when the parent of the firsten s assault tried to voice their displeasure at the school board, this individuals arrested. . and so if there's any frustration people feel in government right now, n there's no accountability and there's no transparency. well, that's stoppedo on day one . i'm so proud that governor youngkin within an hour of getting sworn in , we popped upe and the third floor of the capitol signediz the executive order give him the authorization to investigate the loudoun county school boardat as well as the parole board, which is another disaster in virginia. but it's this entire mentality of a criminal first victim, last mindset. they don't care aboutnc the victims.
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they much more concerned abouter the criminals . and when it comes to public safety in our schools, there's no sign that that's a big red line with me that you're messing with our kids. wasn't the individual that involved found guilty>> of this girl in a school bathroom and then was transferred to another school? and as it t relates to the paroe boardd, didn't they break the law when they were letting out murderers and m and cop killers early on their sentences and not as the law? requires identifying and calling the victimsg and telling them this was happening. they broke the lawey that flagrantly corrects. this was what happened the last two years. you had a far left liberal monopoly in richmond that pushed eight entire wokeness social justice agenda that made virginians less safe .virginia our murder rate was, a the higa it's been in two decades. i talked to one shopkeeper who had his store partially destroyed during the riots in richmond and he said, listen,de it's easy to wash away graffiti. it's hard to wash away fearash.
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and virginians felta a lot of anxiety and then it really culminated witht wokeness social justice parole board. they got appointed by ruth northam and what do they do?co they let out cop killers, murderers and sometimes with n decades on their sentence and they never even bothered to notifyev t a victim, somebody le patrick schooley who had not one not two but three life sentences without the possibility of paroleut for the brutal home invasion, and murder of a 78 year old beloved grandmother, bessie roundtree in suffolk, virginia, bessier family found out that their loved ones killed or got released when they heard about it on the news that's in violation of law. you have to get input from the family of the victim. they didn't do that and so it goes back again to accountability and transparency desperately neededd a governmen that's on day one . the governor also authorized me to investigatete a parole board shortly after he fired all the current members. we're putting firir actually victim first mindset on that parole board instead of a criminalth
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mindset. and so again, virginia,e at n the end of the day, there's a new sheriff in town as attorney general. there's a new governor in town. we're all about keeping virginians safe and that's what we aim to do from starting on day t one . america's not going to get an opportunity to compare and contrast real law and order accountability, upholding the laws of the land, the constitution of the commonwealth versus defund, dismantle no bail laws and not sentencing even people using weapons in the commission of a crime in new york city. so mr. attorney general, great to have we wish you luck in your work and we'll be able to see whichbl which plans worke better be interesting to see the results one year from all right down today while joey biden was busy, studying for his upcoming big presser tomorrow, 4:00 pm easternaste at a time that most presidents choose to have a press conference, his twitter account issued the following statement jim crow 2.0at is about to insidious things voter suppression and electionrs
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subversion. it's a it's about making it harder to vote. who gets to count the votee and whether your vote counts ata allt . we have to pass the freedom to vote act and john lewis voting rights advancement act, in other words, supportrt my unconstitutionalt federalgh takeover of elections or you're a racist. wekeov have one serious question tonight . where arequ the disenfranchized voters exactly and why in ally his decades joe biden i thinkst he's served the state of delaware. five hundred eightyatat seven thousand two hundred70 and seventy eight days as a senator and then vice president. why didno he not one time not a single time that we can find ever lift a finger to makefie voting more accessible in what he calls my state is a state and that has the most restrictive voting laws in the country. he never lifted a finger. this was never an issue to him., voter id laws no early in-person voting.
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you have to have an excuse if you want to mail in ballot in delaware, all the other states are far more accessible in terms ofmo voting to date, democrats have failed to produce a single examplengle ofy american who was prevented from lawfully casting a ballotto in the last two national elections. not a single one , not noa in ay state. and of course the hosts over at msnbc never let facts get in the way of a good political narrative. take a lookolal at this clip frm joy reid. a look.k. that is exactly what the old version of the dixiecrats saidhe back in the 1950s and 60s. oh , no one's being prevented h from voting. is that the tell us how manyny jelly beans are in this you can vote. just read the complicated passage. yousu can totally vote. now, of course we're going to make sure your schools are awful and you're barely even taught to read, let alonent anything like this passage. but no, don't get mein voting the more dixiecrats into the nullification of change, the more they stay the same.
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this is nbc news. they're okay with that .ll she's calling more than half ofn america, including two democrats in the senate racist dixiecrats. now what about this clip from msdn see former republican . so he thinks he representeded john mccain and ran his campaign. steve schmidt, take a look. is it fair to look at it and say that this is the legacyd of this is the descendant of a george wallace rally? is this the descendant of a bull connor rally? i think it is fair to say that in in substantial measure is an extremist movement. does it have fascistic markers ? is it appropriate to say it's fascist, that it's that it's ant autocratic movement? >> i think it is okay.t' it'ss real simple as a conservative, i could tell you
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what you want and need if you want voter integrity and peoplef of this country toid have confidence in the results, you need voter id laws like they have in the state of delaware. you need let's see, signature verification. what's wrong with that ? you need to make sure the chain of custody for mail in ballotsch put themai in a room so everybon could watch it twenty four hours a day and then nobody can tamper with those ballots. updated voter rolls.r that makes sense.ns and i believe as most states have laws that partisan observers, people from every party get to watch the vote count from start to finish up close where they can see it not five thousand feet away. so a lot of people over atse msnbc are kinde of losing itgr and following biden's lead. but let not your heart be trouble. last week jen psaki told us that biden wasn't trying to offend anyone when he callede them domestic enemies and compared them to the bull connordo, jefferson davis and democrat george wallace. after all, george wallace was an old friend. right in here now with more , the founder of clay travisto
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along with fox news contributor leo to point throw. you're looking healthy, clay.t that means i'm assuming that covid is over and you're feeling better. yeah. thanks for asking, sean. i'm tuno against covid. i had it in november of 2020. beat it and now i think i had the omicron version last week 100% back ready to roll and to tee off a year on the absurdity of all the things that you just laid out. here's the big story sean.he here is what is going on . i bet leo is going to agree with this too. and i love the leo to pointnt ot having to get one myself. here's the deal. all the democrats managed evenmi in the middle even in the middle of using covid to dragg joe biden from his basement across the finish line in theto electoral college. if you go look at the tally of votes that are out there, sean. twenty thousand votes20 in wisconsin. ten thousand votes in georgia. ten thousand votes in arizona. 10if twenty thousand peoplege change their mind in this
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country out the three hundred million three hundred and thirty million that we have 0 haat one hundred and fifty million plus who voted twenty thousand people . that's an nba or nhl arena full of fans right now. donald trump would be your president and so democrats with all the fix in with the big tech rigging that they had with all of the changes that they made to balloting because of covid, they won by forty thousand total votes. twenty thousand people change their mind out ofou one hundred and fifty million plus who voted. they are terrified because they know what's going to happen. a reden wave in twenty twenty two and complete destruction for their party in a 2020 four that's where we're trending and they are terrified and they're doing everything they can to try to keep itto frm happening and that's really what this entire week is all about. leo, i'll add one more item to my list in new york city, for example, illegal immigrants can vote in municipal elections and other states are trying to
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adopt similar measures and cities. my question is, is therein anything wrong with any one ofgs the six things i mentioned to have confidence in election results and integrity in the entire process? because i'm trying to understand why people that want vaccine courts and want to mandate vaccines, you know, don't want you to show a votere id. youto neede one to get into the white house. you need one to get in the y capitolou. you need one to get into the dnc convention. i needed to buy a jewel pod for myself. i need it if i want to buy a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer for crying out loud. t >> first of all, let me just i want to be clear. i agree to everything clay justs said and there's nothing wrong with what you're asking for n. here's the problem. the democrats are totally disconnected from everything. vote short. no one in america is talking about boy, i hope they pass that voting right, bill boy, i need to votee. you know what they're talking
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about in their homes. they're talking about tthe crying. they're talking aboutrn the schools being taken over by the government. they're talking about immigrant, . theyti talkon about inflation. no one was talking in america about the voting rights act except joe biden. you know why? because they wantednow this trk from all the issues joe biden may not even know that there'she crime in all these city. you know what someone needs to give him a fox news channel and then watch it for an hour no one's talking about jim crow in american householdta . it's a is a red herring. it's a distraction because he can not talk about the economy. he can not talk about these things. i hope and i pray he gives peter doocy more thandu one question because he's goinw to get a lollipop tomorrow at this press conference. he's any special role or all. s letea me go let me go to the issues. you bring it up here because you're bringingcaus a lot of god points. you're sure it's a great distraction is not a singlene
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thing that i've mentioned that in any way prohibits any american from ever voting. a as a matter of fact, voter id standard in almost everythingro updating voter rolls, what isir more fair play than partisan observers watching the vote count up close to make suree it's legitimate on every party gets to youh. know what part of this is corrupt that people would be so against it and accuse others't that don't support it beingst racist? >> well,, th people that do supt it are beingng racist. sean, you're 100% right. the jim crow 2.0 argument doesn't hold water and leo's right about white, black, asian and hispanic people all over this country. whelming leaste support the idea of voter id laws. is this isn't even something that joe biden's most ardent base of voters is in favor of. they are using this as a distraction.
11:20 pm
sean, i think he made a goodmo point here. think about what democrat run cities are saying right now. they arewa saying, hey, if you want to take your kids out to get some chicken mcnuggets or a big mac at mcdonald's, you have to show an i.d., a covid c vaccine card to be able to go to mcdonald's. okay, you they are saying simultaneously should not show an i.d. to vote if you go out and you poll the average american right now in this country, you say, hey, which one do you think you need voter id for?to do you need to show id for to go to mcdonald's and go get your kids something to eat or to go castca a ballot for the next leader of the free world? democrats have it backwards rights ha? the covid vaccineca cards and al of the id lawsd that they are embracing right now surrounding vaccination show blatant i hypocrisy involved in these voting bills. they've got everything backwards. people are not supportive of these, nototsu even their most ardent supporters black, white, asian, hispanic. we have a lot more in common
11:21 pm
here when it comes to votingvo security than the democrats want to acknowledge. this is all a big distraction. every minority, every demographic supports that overwhelmingly. leo, you get the last word i lat week very simply no. >> i want to be clear about that . no one in america has been denied the right to vote. if you are a legal citizen in this country and you have the right to vote, no one can be denied. joe biden may bi be denied, but noen one in this country be that itie is a total red herring in salacious crime. those ared the issues they're trying to distract from. by the way, leo clay gave me a let's go brandon t shirt. he sent it to my house. right. i wear when i work. i don'tdo have a leo 2.0 and i don'tt have a leo to point out how to work out and i wear my bayamon personally. yeah, i am personally delivering a two point ohad to sean hannity. travis personally delivering
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first year coming to a close. the data indicates that he spent a quarter of his days at partially in delaware. in light of that , will the white house be reconsidering the decision not to release mr. logan permission from his delaware residents as well? the president goes to delaware because it's his home. it's also where his son and his former wife are buried and it's a place that is obviously close to his heart. a lot of presidents go visit their home when they are president. we also have gone a step further than the prior administration in many administrations in releasing visitor logs of people who visit the white house and will continue to do that now in its first year in office. according to the new york post, biden spent all or part of one hundred and one days in delaware and of course has given fewer formal press conferences than his predecessors. and is this why we haven't seen much of joey so far this week? joe is being prepped every day that prep sessions for his big
11:28 pm
four p.m. eastern one pacific time press conference tomorrow and the middle of an in and out burger rush out of the west coast. of course, the never ending flubs failures and far left lunacy here with reaction fox news contributors ari fleischer and laura trumpian is with us laura . all 25% of his time in delaware first here, he dodged questions about why he always goes to his home, gets close to his heart and where his late son and wife were buried and claim the white house is open with white house visitor logs so much more than other administrations, isn't it probably that far fewer people visit. he has bedtime early after he gets to watch his cartoons and eat ice cream and cereal and a sippy cup. don't forget the city has shown you always talk about that one. i've been ordered to say, yeah, okay, i'm old enough to
11:29 pm
remember when we had a president who worked all day every day for the american people and by the way, took no salary. of course i'm talking about president donald trump who in four years in office made four dollars. that's right. because he had to take one dollar a year and i struggle to figure out any job where you could just not show up for a quarter of the days and keep your job do a good job. but i think that's the problem here. people wouldn't be really upset about this if the country felt like it was working, if things felt like they were going well in america, they obviously are not. and now i remember when the press and the democrats would go crazy if donald trump got anywhere near a golf course. now he clearly wasn't golfing a quarter of his presidency. but let me refresh everybody's mind out there about what had happened at about this same point in donald trump's presidency one year into office
11:30 pm
,the american people had the biggest tax cuts in american history under president donald trump. he had removed so many regulations on businesses. small businesses were booming. companies were moving their factories from overseas back to america out of historic rate one year into donald trump's presidency. oh , and he had also gotten rid of isis one year into his presidency. now obviously you contrast that with joe biden who every single thing he has done has hurt the american people. we know we have a 40 year high of inflation, gas prices through the roof. you go to the grocery stores, you can even find what you want there. you can't even afford to pay for it at this point. for so many people open southern border, we don't know who is coming into this country . embarrassment after embarrassment on the world stage. and then he handed over the reins to an entire country to the terrorist taliban. so i think it's time to stop vacationing joe biden.
11:31 pm
and i think instead of walking your dog mashed up on the beach in delaware, by the way, we still don't know what happened to the first dog. it's time to roll your sleeves up, get to work in the white house because vacationing clearly is not working. by the way, ari fleischer, communications expert, i think you agree with me that if laura trump she's going to kill me for this ran for senator in north carolina, that speech alone would put her over the top. that was well done, laura . ari, you are a communications expert. he's not capable if they if they're believing that messaging is the problem and he needs to go to the american people more . i don't think anybody in america believes he's capable of doing it. no, the problem is the president that's the root cause of the problem. it's his judgment. it's his bad judgment. it's the fact that he took over in an incredibly close election . he lost seats in the house of representatives, has a 50 50 senate and he thought he could run and govern from the far, far progressive left.
11:32 pm
terrible judgment and we've seen it in foreign policy. we've in afghanistan. we've seen it on the border. i'm waiting for one issue which is judgment actually shows that it's got some depth and strength to it. he did an unkovic. why on earth are we sending free covid to everybody now that we don't really aren't going to need them anymore? as on the ground is starting to come down? he should have had that ready and stockpiled so we could have gotten them as we had better be prepared in early december. they didn't see that coming. they said how could you not see the very coming i mean, it's so scientifically impossible. i'll ask you this and then we'll get laura's take on it. he got a thirty three percent approval rating. that's kind of hard to get to. you've got the worst inflation in 40 years. a disaster at the border you lose in the supreme court. there's no fear in putin, the ayatollahs or in president xi in china when you can't name a single thing that this guy
11:33 pm
has done well. and then you're saying that the problem is messaging that's just not rooted in reality. why do they believe that or do that ? and it goes back to your first point to i'm really not concerned about where he is much more concerned about what he's doing and it doesn't matter to me where he does it because he's not doing it right or doing it well. the issue here is when everything is going against you ,white house staff have to resort to something and typically what it means is they say there's a communications problem because it's not a communications problem. it's a substance problem. it's a policy problem or it's a personal problem. it's the man in charge, the judgment of the commander in chief and that's they are so they have to blame communications because it's all they've got. that's what happens when things go this badly wrong. last word, laura . well, i guess this is what america gets whenever you allow a guy to campaign from his basement, you never really press them on anything. you figure out what ice cream flavors he likes and you move
11:34 pm
right on and this is what you get in the united states of america. you sure you want to run for senate? just ask you one last time, but figure out for that . ari will work with me another day. all right. thank you both. coming up, you're not going to believe what the salt lake tribune wants to happen to the unvaccinated in utah will expose a stunning proposal. dr. oz is next with reaction. also talk about his race for the senate and the great state of pennsylvania straight ahead of pennsylvania straight ahead ,why hide your skin if you pexton has your moderate to severe eczema or a topic dermatitis under control of ourl skin? not because you picksd and target the root cause of it helps keep your skin from withti this keeping you one step aheade and for ages six it up. that means clear skin and noticeably less high kn95 does not mean by helping to control eczema to fix it you can change how the skin looks and feels and that's the kind of change you notice how myou skin not me don't use if you'rew
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11:39 pm
those who are not vaccinated from pretty much doing anything. so what the paper writes, quote, the governor's next move would be to find a way to mandate the kind of mass vaccination campaign we should have launched a year agoo and going as far as to deploy the national guard to ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed well anywhere. wow, that's tyranny. authoritarianism, you name it. and downright terrifying. it's just like i've been saying ,this is a party bent on taking over everyng single aspect of your life. it sounds like home imprisonment, even attacking every single one of your freedoms, even when opposing data is staring themac right in the face. a new landmark trial in israelr is now finding that even a fourth dose is not goodop enough to stop the omicron variant. now ask yourself why push mandates? why push more restrictions if it's not going to stop transmission, which biden and
11:40 pm
fauci lied about when they said, oh , if you get the vaccine, you're never going to get covered. they've been wrong on everything. where is the honesty? where's the transparency? because we're now learning that a group of seeking key data from fox news financial and professional history may only get the disclosures spread out overth a year. oh , okay. i thought he said it was right there for you to see. we'll continue to follow that . and also developing tonight , it looks like not only is the number one tennisth player in the world, novak djokovic out of the australian open, ital looks like he will not befr allowed in the french open either, all because he will not comply with draconian rules, restrictions, vaccine mandates. but to the media mob they'reth a okay with all of it. but is it based on science? we only follow the science when the science is convenient to our political narrative that we want to advance vaccinated booster's natural immunity people like the unvaccinated yes, they're all infecting
11:41 pm
other people. follow the science. or by the way, is it all just another reason to attack perceived political enemies? listenen to the ladies of that hard hitting news showw the view slamming novak djokovic. look at this every time things on top you are spreading f more hassle for them.or they're trying to clean yitheir country. they're trying to put everybody in a mess and here you come and you you think tennis needs you that badly? no, honey, no. on it, was reaction. pennsylvania senate candidate, a better known as dr. oz to the regular world. so fully vaccinated people now can they're getting covid fully vaccinated people, boosters getting covid and people fullyeo vaccinated and boostersl and even natural immunity are getting covid aren't they equally at risk of spreading covid as the unvaccinated of course is they've made
11:42 pm
the argument because the symptoms are less it might be more likely, but let's just go through the side becauset' i think that that's the salt lake tribune article just reflects the hysteria. the ideacle of sending the national guard in a police state to address something that doesn't have a lot of scientific merit. the vaccine does not seem to be as effective as we would like against spread. i think it's goods to have the vaccination because it'll protect youou, but it's not goip to help people around as muchle as we thought the durability much shorter the omicron than we ever expected that israeli studies highlighting that as well. and remember, 90% of folks over sixty five , the vulnerableon population, they got vaccinated. so people who should be worried, we're worried and gott the vaccine. i believe that we're blaming the failure of the medicationth nu on non users. i mean, how does that work if the medication works, protect doesn't work. don't blame the people who didn't take the the the productt and were hiding the real crisis here. the true treatment of omicron was to have the testt that aren't around. you can't find them and theyto have the treatments thatcl include the antibody cocktails which we know workud incredibly
11:43 pm
effectively and we have two fda approved pills go try to find them. i had beenil looking it's tough. soso it's created and another economic burden is continuing to grow. and i'll tell you, sean, here in pennsylvania, more and more voters are askingnsyl about reparations from china. they agree with president trump that something's got toe give here. we're not able to dealto within this with the traditional pathways and we keep running up the bill. now in our third year that we ran out of tests which are easily we could have anticipated, you know, with hanukkah and christmas and theew new year, people are going to get together. so you would think you'd ratchet you know, having enough tests available then we never ran short at all of monoclonal antibodies. now the federal governmentt gets involved. now all ofl of a sudden there's a shortage. the one therapeutic that i would argue that i have anecdotally seen works. but i would ask people to ask their own doctor , you've talkedve about these antivirals. there's not a single doctor i've spoken to that doesn't rave about theme and how good they are, but they're not available anywherela
11:44 pm
. >> imagine reducing by 90 percent the chance of having complications from covered by taking a pill. and remember some of theseco c things like the pill existed way before covid started so we can examine the entire timeline of what took so long. i hear this is the answer realin quick. the only answer coming out ofon washington and washington got this wrong was vaccine vaccine. nowa matter what the question was, the answer was a vaccine. i'm a doctor. i like to treat the problem if it happens to break through the preventive strategy in this case we got covid that'st causing issues we should be able to treat it.wa wey did not treat this problem the way doctors minister to our patients. it wasas a major disconnect andi have to blame the people leading the public health charge, noincluding dr. fauci fr not being aware and predicting appropriately what was going to happen because most peoplepe on the ground as a clinician would expect this to happen and then we complicate things like with the djokovic storye that you mentioned, but we're w not willing to admit that natural immunity has a benefitnity. ifre you're a young person who has natural immunity, you can't ban these people from life here in philadelphia.
11:45 pm
you can'tli go to a restaurant f you don't have fullbacks, a nation which again if you're highly vulnerable population is really important if you're twelve years old , i don't know how critical that is. you know, maybe yes. maybe no. it's up to you, your parentsr and the doctor . i haven't seen the science. isn't the cdc numbers about kids five to eleven. it shows a pretty comparable rate ofom of real sickness and potential death is fairly similar every time i've looked well. the reality is one of the members of the original panel that looked at the the vaccines for young kids did not think that his son should have a booster shot. and again, that's not how you make medical decisions. but it calls into attention the fact that we've run the game on boosters and vaccinations as the only solution. i'm in favor of vaccines said that many times, but no doctor has a treatment strategy that only based on preventing also believe in people those potential you believeli in people's freedom, you believe in medical privacyev
11:46 pm
and i'm sure you believe in doctor patient confidentiality. >> no, without question. and as some as a conservative republican , the way doctorow's .com has all my strong beliefs in this area, please check out i'm able to articulate that and people resonate to it, which is why it's so shocking that a country like australia wouldou accept the authoritarian overreach so comfortably putting people basically com immigration quarantine prison for real reasons that are sort of dubiousre. wh ifat you look at that drug of is cage, forget about what the ladies of the view were saying. the guy's three weeks out from covid actually a bit longer. how can youer possibly covid-19 you're not helping anybody. it's just optics virtue signaling. ducros, always good to have you. thank you . when we come back , straightia ahead, california nightmare cargo train robberies up a whopping three hundred percent. major oil companies blaming l.a. soft crime d.a. plus an update on the ucla grad student was fatally stabbed while working at a furniture storere. she was getting her master's
11:47 pm
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11:51 pm
that's eight hundred eight hundred fourteen point. now more disturbing evidence tonight of the lawlessness taking over america's democratic run cities. for example, look at your screen out in los angeles that's against cargo trains are now spiking and the union pacific railroad is now blasting failed far left districted attorney george gasco for lenient sentences that downgrade serious theft charges to a lesser offense ge. and according to union pacificfi train container theft increased by a whopping one hundred and 60% just from 2020 2020 one inou l.a. county. and of course,and it's not onle property l.a. s failure to address growing crime. well, that's costing lives
11:52 pm
nearly every single day. tonight we're continuing to follow the murder of grad student ucla graduate student. her name is briana kupfer who was fatally stabbed overta the weekend while working at an l.a. furniture store. the lapd is now offering a twor hundred and fifty thousand dollar reward for informationto that leads to the capture of tca this suspect. now identified as 31 year old shawn lavall smith. butsm i'll ask again tonight how many more of these stories do we have to cover before far left district attorneys start taking this seriously ? un you've got democratic run cities and states failing to protect people and failing to protect property and failing to prevent lawlessnessss from completely taking over here with reaction. radioally syndicated talk show host, founder of elder for america pacac and former gubernatorial candidate larry elder. you know larryfo, look at, this young woman she's killed. look what's happening withg the railroads.
11:53 pm
correct me if i'm wrong. when they defunded the lapd and cut its budget, wasn't it vice president kamala harris to praise the lapd? well, that's right. kamala harris said that we need to reimagine the police department and they diverted a lot of funds for so-called . uth programsth and shortly after gavin newsom survived the recall election, sean, he signed a bunch of bills. one of them was to reduce crime enhancement becausese he feltt that a large number of these bad guys are gang members and they're black and brownpe people and therefore they are victims of systemic racism because too many of them are black and brown. never mind that the very victims that they claim that they care about are also disproportionately black and brown. and regarding this young lady from ucla, this graduate student and these are train robberies, they're allac connected. they can be traced rightur back to our soft on crime. d.a. gavin newsom, george george gascon, the gavin newsom supported and thated george soros supported and guesseo well supported maxie waters. maxine waters lives in hancock parkrk.
11:54 pm
this is the upscale area where this young lady was working in a furniture storere. so the very policies and people that people likeat maxine waters supported are coming very close to home. so maybe now to reconsider some of their policies that have imperiled the lives of citizens in l.a. county and in los angeles. i don't think so, larry. because it's getting worse. i mean, i see they've doubled down on defund dismantle. they've doubled down on no baili lawssm. they doubled down on chargingow people with serious crimesn and reducing the charges to misdemeanors. that's common now. and pretty much every blue city and democrat run for state in the country. yeah, but a growing number ofns people are now beginning to reconsider things like idproposition 47 that allows you to steal up to nine hundred, and fifty bucks not just the day but per store. and if you get caught, the worst that happens is they writerst a ticket as a misdemed and of course you have you have cash bail so you don't need to show up. and then we've got proposition
11:55 pm
57 that reduces a whole bunch categories of crime toim nonviolent crimes and they include assault on the police officer that's now a nonviolent crime serial arsonist, a nonviolent crime, of an intoxicated victim is now a nonviolent crime and felony domestic battery is now a nonviolent crimeme. but a growing number of people are beginning to reconsider these policies because now it's coming close to home. when i ran for governor, sean, a lot people said when is california going to hit rock bottom? and i said whenck a crime comes to places like like brentwood, a la bel air in malibu now the crime is coming to those areas and now gavin is talking about single payer healthem system and doubling the state tax in california. i mean, you up can't make this . they had a shot. you could have been a great governor of california will bern regretting. thank you for being with us. we have more had to do this when it comes to real estate agents experience matters.
11:56 pm
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i have good presenting the euro live system and outpatient treatment said simply reopens the channel to increase flow with no cutting yes no side effects. a mild moderate serious bleeding and infection events earlier in the year markowicz ask your urologist about growing quickly. eight hundred seven five to eleven hundred today it's easy to share love with the most memorable cars you can get hundreds of designs choose from to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you ordered today with free shipping and 15% of your order and love i'm bill hemmer. i'm burisma. i'm dana perino and this is the fox news right now i'm me fox news with top news stories of amygdale and providing a contrast perspective you wouldn't hear anywhere else. dunlow the fox news weathertech fox news youngkin .com mean that's all the time we have i left tonight .ni
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thank you so muchng for joining us. you make this show possible. we never forget it. pleasehe dvr never miss an episode of hannity in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. i'm going to lower early because she has a question for me so i didn't want to take all your time. didk o you watch as you promised you would? i did the angle last night. okay, so then you know what our not one minute campaign: is where we say we're not going toe watch one minute of nbc's coverage of the olympics bec because of the labor, ethnicsl cleansing,, olympics.ide olympic are you supporting our campaign? i'ms. torn and i'll tell you whs my whole life i've never support i never call forr firings. i never support boycotts. i believe people have the right to choose. so this is a little nuanced answer. so the the answer is for all the reasons you stated, thoseor are good reasons for people not to watch. on but on the other hand , i don't want to boycott it


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