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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 18, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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series the miseducation of america available now only on fox nation plus tomorrow i will be hosting tomorrow meeting on thursday i'm hosting a live summit at 9:00 a.m. only on fox nation great if you don't have subscription go to fox nation right now go to the promotion classroom and you get a 90 day free trial great thanks for watching. tucker is up next grade ♪ >>sean: welcome to tucker carson paid we want to note somebody obvious because this i the obvious show. you may have noticed the permanent homeless encampments pretend ratting out what was once tidy park spread vagrants drooling unconscious on the steps of train stations on the way to work brady watch as junkie smoke meth without any
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embarrassment at all and then yell at pedestrians on the sidewalk, may be a children. everywhere there are vagrants. this is not calcutta, this is new york, san francisco and austin, texas,. so the question is, what happened? the short answer is our leaders did this. in matter what they tell you, homelessness is not an act of god, it's not the result of economic collapse in this country, america did not run ou of housing, a determined group decided to make it easier to live on the streets in this country while doing drugs, that therefore many more people live on the drug streets while doing drugs. not complicated. in 2005 and unemployed alcoholi enrolled in a rehab program in boise, idaho,. when humphrey refused to stop drinking the rescue mission kicked him out and he spent months sleeping outside. eventually local authorities
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ticketed him for camping on public property. the story would've ended there except a huge corporate law fir in new york city took an interest and the case on the other side of the country. typically, their wall street banks and prominent democratic officeholders for the firm wanted to change the vagrancy laws to increase homelessness. why did they want that? we don't know. they filed a lawsuit against th city of boise. that suit mated to the ninth circuit court of appeals in 201 the court declared that cities have no right to criminalize homelessness. in fact, the court ruled cities have an obligation to provide free housing to the homeless at the public expense. the supreme court later upheld the ruling card it was known as martin versus boise and it had exactly the effect intended. the city officials across the country no longer had an obligation to protect the publi and public spaces from drug addicts who decided to live in them. at the same time, politician suddenly had access to a massiv
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new source of taxpayer taxpayer money, many billions in taxpaye money for something called homelessness prevention. what is homelessness prevention? it's the opposite of what they call it, as always. here is seattle's interpretatio of homelessness prevention. a handful of homeless going fro the street to a new apartment was stunning views of the space needle and puget sound, using part of a share of the 1.000000000000 dollar covid package. they brought bought part billions for $50 million, for 165 homeless. in los angeles goudreau about t get a new neighbor. a 19 story high-rise for homeless. costing taxpayers $160 million, or $580,000 per unit. part of an expensive push to ge the homeless off the sidewalks and outs of city parks, and int government subsidized housing. even if it means buying new
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buildings at market rate from developers. >> stunning views of the space needle and puget sound grade yo help one of those? crackheads do. more than half a million dollar per apartment to house drug addicts at public expense. at market rates? you can find out like they woul support a program like that and of course they strongly do. luxury apartments are just the beginning. the most recent municipal budge allocates $150 million to so-called homeless meant programs, just this year. keep in mind seattle has 750,00 people living there, that's an awful lot of money per bump right it's a lot more than anyone else is getting in seattle. at the same time they're giving overpriced condos to drug addicts with stunning views of puget sound, seattle allocated just $10 million total for its small business stabilization fund trying to keep family businesses from going bankrupt during the covid walked down.
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the city prior orders cannot be you lavish money on the most antisocial parasites in our society in than you punish americans who work. got it? it's not just seattle, the latest city budget infant francisco $667 million for something called the department of homelessness and supportive housing. yet at the very same time, san francisco's department of children, youth, and families gets less than half that amount. city program designed to help low income families pay its college tuition gets to $60 million total. that's about 2 percent of what the homeless get. so if san francisco it makes sense, in fact it pays to get high on the sidewalk. don't bother to get an education , nobody cares. that is the message from the safety. in austin, texas, homelessness assistance was $68 million last year at the same time, the city of austin spent $3.5 million on
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new loans for struggling small businesses and only $7 million for mission critical infrastructure and deferred maintenance at city facilities. the things that matter. at the same time as this going on. police department of the city o austin got $11 million budget cut. what happened to the homelessness? two no one's surprise, it has grown by 10 percent and just tw years. you get what you pay for when you pay for homelessness, you get a lot more of a. see how that works? in los angeles, they have spent billions fighting homelessness, this has been a company by a massive increase and the number of people who are homeless. four years ago, the city spent $440 million or what of called solutions to homelessness that was supposed to fix the problem. homelessness in los angeles jumped 15 percent just last year . so this year, la will spend more , close to a billion dollars on the homeless in 2022. as for the small businesses,
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crushed by the covid restrictions, what will they get ? $62 million total. for cities gang reduction program gets about half that. so politicians in los angeles are very clear about the priorities. what has this done to la? we don't have to look for to se the incident that. last week a homeless man walked into a furniture store on the last and murdered a graduate student working alone. he stabbed her to death for no apparent reason and then walked out. he is still at large. she was 24, now she's dead. today her father said she holds city officials responsible. >> the promo society right now is everybody is focused on giving back rights and bestowin favor on people that robbed others of their rights. we should be celebrating the good in people and trying to
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recognize the job they have is to try to elevate that to make people care more, two not tear down communities by exposing them to people that are falling at the bottom that really don't care about other human beings. they think they can do whatever they like in our society and they are doing it more and more in every community. >> very composed for a man who just lost his child. focusing our attention in our money on people who contribute nothing, who only detract from the project and the country the don't help their communities or anybody's communities, who help hurt other people who live solely for themselves that's insane. so that girl died and she wasn' the only one break last month i los angeles and man called gary bell murdered seven -year-old emergency room nurse.
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the man who killed her, bell ha a long criminal record. he had arrests in other states as well, but authorities let hi go and kept letting him go. he was homeless, he was a victim , he was part of a protected class. in than he killed somebody. here is the report on that. >> days after a brutal attack a beloved nurse lost her life. sandra shells worked at la county medical center for decades where she was highly respected and revered. she was allegedly assaulted thursday morning by a homeless man now identified by police as 48 -year-old. bell, they say they hit her 40 no apparent reason before knocking her to the ground and fractured her skull. they found him sleeping nearby about 90 minutes later and arrested him without incident. >> she was emergency room nurse walking alone to work. and now she's dead. another woman murdered by the homeless. no one in la is never going to
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do anything about it. to probably will who are outraged noises from a few minutes, but the politicians will get back to sharing the un housed community and another billion dollars, what you're watching is civilization collapsing in real-time. here is our producer shot in lo angeles in the spring of 2019. it shows homeless encampments downtown in three separate blocks and then it goes west. seemingly forever. so in january of 2020 the "l.a. times" reported that california's railroad tracks ar now lined with men and women sleeping in trends or cardboard boxes. in response to this the governo announced another $12 billion i state funding to fight homelessness. we will hear the results. >> the images are startling, thousands of empty or damaged packages planning they tracks along the union pacific la railway. amazon packages, meant for
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delivery along the west coast, they are opened by cargo trains that take advantage of the trai stopping or slowing down to break into the containers union pacific officials saying they have had 160 percent increase i cargo thefts in the la county area and over 90 containers broken into every day. >> i guess they didn't clean up the railroad tax, $12 billion but of course, allowing people to live outside and defecate outside of public places and us drugs outside in front of our children, is both a cause and a symptom of growing disorder and chaos. it's the degradation of what holds us together as a civilization. so producers are back for the tucker carlson original series on fox nation. you see some of the footage on your screen. this way shot this morning in o
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skidrow. it's a 50 black neighborhood an downtown. it's hard to overstate how dystopian it is great you shoul go for yourself sometimes, but watch. not fewer homeless, just better funded homeless and thousands more of them, so like covid and oxycontin in virtually everything else that is wreckin our country this is a manufactured crisis? it didn't happen by accident. people paid for its. in new york, officials have given drug addicts over virtually everyone else in the city. a lock of working poor in newark , the city is ignoring them. in 2015, the annual budget of new york city department of homeless services was 950 million, this year, it is double that, it's about $2 billion. how much is that?
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what their spending on the homeless in new york city they are getting more per student to sit outside and smoke meth. is that creating fewer homelessness? probably not coming at the highest level since the great depression. where is all this money going specific specifically? that money is going to in overdose prevention center preventing overdoses, which in fact means helping the homeless get high. >> officially called in overdos it is a place where they can snort, smoke, swallow, or injec illegal drugs and and two centers in east harlem and washington heights are the firs in the two allow supervised dru use the says the facility and the nearby methadone clinic hav led to unwanted influx of bags
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very. >> they come here from differen areas of the safety. we never had this around here. new matter how bad it was and what we never this around here. >> it's pretty funny watching the people looked confused. what's going on here i don't remember this. it's not complicated at all. a couldn't be simpler. politicians are making it much easier to be a homeless drug addict and the united states an much harder to be a law-abiding member of the middle class. what's the effect? the middle-class is dying, and we now have record numbers of drug addicted vagrants. what does that tell you? it tells you incentive works great if you destroy nuclear families which they have, if yo hand out they have more addicts living in tents again, it's not complicated. it's not a vexing public policy question. it's not like fixing social security. in the solution is as simple as
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the problem. no, no, you can't smoke meth in the park. you're not allowed to on the sidewalk. full up your pants and get out of here. go somewhere with lower standards. we do care, and that's why we are howling your tent to a landfill and cutting up your checks today, you are a drug addict. get a job or leave. this is our city in you're not allowed to wreck it when didn't build it. that's not hard, it works, you know it works because that's ho society has function for about 2,000 years. if you're an unmarried man with no job, you are allowed to it wasn't you're right, this is ho successful family still operate to this day in the privacy of their own homes. parent reward the behavior and they do not tolerate bad behavior. why? because if you let your kids smoke weed at the breakfast table, they will.
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so why not apply the same standards to the drug addict at the station. it's an attack on civilization. candace owens is the host of canvas and we are delighted to have us join tonight. when to take a bitter bigger look and we could've gone on in great length. at how this is funded, by ngos and taxpayer dollars, the amoun of money going to people to do drugs on the sidewalk in destroying our cities can make you realize this is a manufactured crisis. >> they're is so much i want to say here. you're talking ngos, and you have to look into what's going on you have to yes this was a manufactured it was a plot, don't allow people to look at you and project their spirits see theories commute can look this up yourself to look at world economic forum. how schwab released a book in 2020 site about the panda
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offered for them to transform the world, for them to abolish private property per think abou everything you do and you understand this is exactly what they're after. the eviction moratorium saying you have to people who are homeless live in your home. you're making no money bright how are they going to be able t pay back their mortgages? they're going to default afraid people will be skipping up thei properties that were once owned by hard working middle-class citizens went before the government shut this down. you look at the inner cities an you say why do they want these problems why are they funding these problems. who on earth would ever fund th centers to allow them to do drugs radio looking at a government that wants a system of dependence. and look at the situation and i say what we're seeing is modernized slavery. this is slavery in 2020 to and they are proliferating this under the guise of covid 19. >> i agree with you. i agree with every word of that i wish i didn't, but i sincerel do great wonder why there isn't
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at least one city in america, that says i don't care what anybody says, you can't on my sidewalk, get out of here and move on. >> nobody does that now because there's been such federal overreach. in america, the one guard we have against this is state rights. thank god for governor standing up insane absolutely not matter how hard the bed new ministration tries to overreach and say we're going to have thi so we can fund more money and more money. the government is creating problems. black america was the extent with this, they offered trillions of dollars in welfare and they are seeking more today than before welfare began helping them with their family sprayed the making that system for everybody. they want every single american dependent on the government. or viewed, for family, for drug where they want a system of
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slavery, people need to look it up. they want global technocracy. you're not global conspiracy theorist. it's not just america it's all across the world. >> that is totally true. candace owens, always great to see you. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: so much going on that it's really easy to lose, but you don't want to lose sigh of the big stories that will define the future. here is one that might. market appears to be moving closer to a war with russia ove eastern ukraine. what is not really about? we will get a straightforward answer to that question after the break.
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the pandemic made teaching and learning really hard. but instead of working to help students safely return to the classroom, the san francisco school board focused on renaming schools and playing politics. and they've even saddled our district with a $125 million deficit. our children can't wait for new leadership. here's our chance for a fresh start. on february 15th, please recall school board members collins, lópez and moliga before our kids fall even further behind.
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♪ >> tucker: >> while the rest of us have been distracted by omicron, the word that's going to be the punchline of an incredibly bitter jokes by the end of the year, that has been taking up all of our disk space, the country has been moving closer to what could be an incredibly destructive war with russia. our media is encouraging that war on msnbc that limited's are demanding to know why joe biden isn't doing more to defend the
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territory and integrity of ukraine. >> we have to be aggressive in our defense of our allies. ukraine, despite what you hear from hooton propagandists acros the world, and yes, even here i america, despite what you hear, we have to defend our democrati allies. it is time for the biden white house to start speaking more clearly and more aggressively, and telling us how they are going to stop this invasion fro happening. >> peoples that stupid should not have tv shows and they certainly shouldn't be weighing in on adult topics, but they are . see have to ask yourself why is this happening? why are the russians so upset why are we moving towards conflicts. over a number of different administrations, the unites states government has pushed ukraine to join nato the nato. imagine if mexico fell under th
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direct military control of china . we would see that as a threat o course. that is how russia views nato control of ukraine. you don't get anything out of pushing ukraine into nato, so why are we doing this? russia policy researcher we are happy to have join us this evening. thank you so much for coming on. is it too simplistic to say the core dispute here is over ukraine joining nato? >> i would say that's russia's perspective, but here we have people arguing even if the russians don't invade ukraine, that we need to invade and keep the russians out of crimea. that was an op-ed from a senior obama officials this week. i would say were dealing with warmongers, people with policy restrictions and deadly serious consequence to an spirit. >> they are peaceful people wit both long track record of failure of conflicts that have diminished the united states
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materially, over the last 20 years, so why do they get a say in this, the failures? >> they like to portray themselves of cold warriors the architect of america's strategy warned that nato expansion coul lead us to a war with russia an he has been vindicated were now on the precipice of that kind o conflict. it's a great question, why should we listen to these people . >> i couldn't agree more. this is a sincere question, is there something i am missing, i there some compelling american interest that would be served b having ukraine and nato? >> the deeper irony is that nat doesn't even want ukraine. it's a corrupt country, it's more of a liability than it would be a military asset. people are pushing that it need to happen because russia shouldn't have a veto over who is a nato. even when it's in our mutual interest to not have a stake in nato, we have to insist they will be added just despite the russians. >> tucker: i want to take
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people seriously. especially people i disagree with, but this seems nuts. is that your assessment? >> it's not just nuts, it's dangerous. we are sleepwalking towards conflict with the country more than 4,000 nuclear weapons, the russians are talking about potentially deploying strategic forces to cuba and venezuela in a repeat of the cuban missile crisis. it's shocking that people are not more upset about this because the lives of americans are being threatened over a situation where we have no reteach it national interest. >> since 1945 we only fought wars against people who disorganize third world countries. do you think that that haskin since a lot of our policymakers that it's easy to fight wars? >> i think it has convinced the of that. also we haven't had were inside our country, the russians have. the understand the reality of war and what it's like demille lose millions of people and a conflict. our policy makers just imagine that working overreach is. the reality is you and i are in
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danger from this conflict. the people we love are in danger . it's incredibly disturbing that this is happening. >> i really appreciate your perspective tonight and your clarity. thank you very much. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: major airlines our castling plates to the u.s. not over covid, but over 5g cell signals. they say that new service can cause chaos and ground thousand of lights what is going on here? we will tell you straight ahead.
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a number of major international airlines, not carriers. they have canceled flights into the u.s. they're concerned about 5g cell phone technology was they believe it interfere with systems on aircraft right now airlines based here in the united states won that this is risking safety of passengers
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break the faa has warned that 5 antennas near airports disrupt altitude sensors onboard flights . u.s. editor-in-chief of tech radar joins us to assess. thank you so much for coming on this is one of the topics it's hard for her mom expert's to figure out. you think there is fauci threat to commercial aviation? >> i honestly don't know. it's been a concern since almos the moment that at&t and verizo signed the dotted line. the first thing consumers want to know as it's not their 5g phones, a lot of us have those phones right now, that is not the problem, it's the antenna s if you're on a plane and you turn into airplane mode, that won't make a difference. the towers are there providing the signal, and this is what th airlines, the aaa are concerned about and have been talking to at&t and verizon for months
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about an at&t and verizon have said we've given you all the time you need to upgrade your equipment, we delayed multiple times, we want to go so back in november, during this whole thing, they actually agreed to lower the power of the antennas near airports so that if there was any potential interfering with altimeters, they wouldn't do it. that wasn't enough, and they were asked again, in the beginning of january, this mont to please delay, at first they said no both of them. then they said okay and delayed for another two weeks. tomorrow was the big day, the day they were going to light it up and then today, the airlines the big boys, delta and america airlines and some of the supply chain people, fedex and u.s. airways sent a letter saying this is going to cause chaos, don't turn it on, don't do it. didn't hear anything for a little while until today, they basically said okay, what we
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will do is we will delay powering up the antennas around the airports and you guys can get your stuff together and mak it all work. >> tucker: for commercial carriers, freight carriers, international carriers, they make a lot of money between jfk and dulles and dubai is a big problem, to cancel flights they have to feel like there is a real risk. >> certainly, i feel like this is in the dark because what is happening now is at&t verizon have been testing this and working on the 5g beyond for a long time. they have it working in europe, they say there are no problems there. we have no reported issues direct reported issues of this actually happening, but it is a concern and it seems to have to do with some of the bigger airplanes like some that you ar talking about that may be don't have the latest equipment, that may be don't have the latest altimeter. it should be noted the reason o
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concern, especially this week that it was the highest was because we had the storms that rolled through the northeast an we're about having nora more storms. apparently altimeters become super important when you can't see the ground below. they were really worried about them turning it on this week. >> justin altimeter, no big deal . thank you. we appreciate your perspective. thank you. >> it's my pleasure. >> tucker: we try to bring you stories you're not going to see anywhere else because there are a lot of sees that you won't se anywhere else. and just the past two weeks, massive protest against vaccinated are going on all ove the world and a lot of differen places, huge demonstrations. years of sampling.
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>> as big as any be a limb protest, but no coverage whatsoever. eva is a dutch legal philosophe who joins us. your art inking that everybody wants vax mandates, but you see something like this and realize there's a global against it. is that right? >> absolutely. they're is a massive movement going on in europe right now ar tons of people, nguyen's of people, actually were very much
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aware of what is at stake here. these people are aware of the fact that our constitutional rights are being set aside without an end date and we're headed towards a new system of taranto coal machine of mass surveillance and control. what is important for the american audience to know is that we have had this digital covid in place in europe which is basically like a qr code on your phone that grants you access to everyday life like tw bars, restaurants, et cetera. it is linked to your ex-nation status and this is part of european project issued by european commission that has basically surrounded around the idea of the european digital identity. this will not stay just linked to your vaccination status, thi will encompass taxes, this will encompass your medical records apart from your vaccination
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status, your banking information , so basically, we already have a system in place right now that is very close or at least from in the beginning phases of social cynicism. we are literally turning into china. >> if this we're linked to digital currency and presumably could paper currency is on the way out, then the average perso would be absolutely controlled by the government. the government could turn up your ability to buy anything or go anywhere. at that point you really are a slave to a supposedly democrati government, are you not? >> that is exactly right grade that's exacted what they're planning to do and this is what is supposed to be laid out by 2030, so that is what we are heading for. you see the people going out in the streets because they know this is what is going on.
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i think it's all going to be dependent on whether they will be able to roll this agenda out whether austria is going to enforce mandatory vaccinations on a nationwide level. so in austria, another country in europe is voting on thursday which will mean that from february onward, the vaccinatio for covid will be mandatory for every citizen over the age of 1 if you don't get vaccinated, yo will be having to pay massive fines up to 50,000 a year, whic basically, your existence as an undocumented person will become illegal so everybody will have this digital covid pass, and i've got to say, tucker, it would not be the first time in european history that tierney i born in austria, so what will happen on thursday in austria i going to be a landmark case tha will determine basically whethe europe is going to be part of the free west for much longer. it looks like this will all go fast. it looks like we are basically headed towards that is absolute
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here in the. we need to put pressure on our government and that we walked together for the sight of our freedom in our future. you in america might need next freight. >> i don't think there's any question. and are most of us have no idea what's going on in the rest of the world and we should know, i appreciate you bringing that to us. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> tucker: an elected official in the says they caravans to th united states are increasing fivefold. one thing you don't hear about is the how the caravans affect the people in central america where they come from.
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♪ >> tucker: the mayor of tomato piano on the border with panama. his tongue is the first place reach for migrant heading by a
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caravan of three central america . navarre producer spoke to the mayor last month and he said migrants are coming from all over the world. >> [speaking spanish] cuba, venezuela. >> so you are hear of this little town in panama just rang to keep the peace and all of a sudden somalia starts to show up ? maybe things are out of control. may be the biden administration is destabilizing not just our country but the entire hemisphere. the mayor told us the number of migrants entering his town has increased dramatically.
5:50 pm
[foreign language] >> 100,000 people, imagine bein that guy, it being the mayor of any town or imagine being an american. the congresswoman of mexico has been on this topic she recently met with the mayor and joins us thank you so much for coming on. i am amazed and impressed that you took the time to meet with this mayor. what did you learn? >> thank you for having me. what i learned was what he was just saying, migrants are comin from all over the world, and they're actually taking over neighborhoods they are keeping people out of their houses so that these illegals, these migrants can live in these home
5:51 pm
until they move through them because they have this controlled flow in panama, they are unable to keep people from moving north into america and other countries. it is killing their economy, it is hurtful and we talk about th drug overdoses, the drug uses, it's doing the same thing it does to america only on a much different scale because they only have about 4 million people , they cannot absorb the exorbitant amount of migrants coming through. it is killing their economy, their country, their way of lif just as it's doing to the american people. >> so much damage in human suffering being caused by these policies, i don't see who is fo them other than george soros, the coyotes in susan rice. >> that is just it, we have bee beating the drum on, if this is really a health safety order, than shut the border down because we know that we have seen upticks of up to 700
5:52 pm
percent coming across the border of covid cases in july alone but they're not doing that , they turn a blind eye and they go back to what you said i the opening monologue. they're rewarding bad behavior and who's paying the price, the farmers, ranchers, business owners in communities that want to see this stopped and it can all be avoided if the president will put back into place title 40 to and remain in mexico policies. >> we constantly beat up on the republican congress for good reason, but when somebody cares we are so grateful to see that very thank you so much. good to see a great. >> thank you, tucker. >> you always think we've got t have reached the corona peak insanity. we have integrated one country now slaughtering thousands of pet hamsters because one of the may have transmitted the virus, omicron.
5:53 pm
we're putting this all on tape for future generations to see it
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>> tucker: if we kept paper files, we would have a bulging one that read peak covid insanity and we would add to it day after day expecting each da to be the last day but unfortunately the next day is crazier than the last. hong kong has announced it's going to kill thousands of
5:59 pm
hamsters because they suspect that one unnamed hamster may have given covid to a 25 -year-old worker at the pet chop . >> the hamsters are testing wit positive results and with their shopkeepers the shopkeepers, which is a more frequent exposure to the hamster in the air environment, we would shopkeepers was in fact was a factor from the hamsters. >> so to be clear is the scientific matter, there is no evidence of hamsters transmitting covid to human beings, nevertheless, to be on the side of safety, the chinese controlled government of hong kong has announced all hamsters must die and anybody who visits this particular hamster store this month must be quarantined. you know it is true?
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they think covid does reside in animals. all covid does. we could not ever be eliminated. you can't get to covid zero matter how many vaccination shots you take. tonight we are out of time, tomorrow we will be back at 8:0. >> sean: no hamsters for me. all right, tucker. they're like baby mice. i never particularly liked them. thank you. welcome to hannity. tonight the democratic party their allies and the mop and th media our in an understated chaos. whole numbers imploding by the struggling in every single way, many our in a state of despair, some are predictably swearing the political opponents as racist, others in congress are throwing and the towel and retiring en masse.


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