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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  January 18, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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first year continues. covid legacy, the problems we have been talking about with democrats plus recap of afternoon news conference that will be a big one and i will be on martha's show as well. that's it for this "special report" fair balanced and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by pete hegseth starts right now. you will be tuned in to that news conference, won't you, pete? >> pete: for sure. it's one of your signature moves, toss to clip look down. i will try that tonight and see if i can steal it from you. >> bret: that's good. all right, my friend. >> pete: i love it thank you, bret. be well. >> pete: good evening, america, it's 7:00 p.m. on the east coast and 6:00 p.m. in god's country which means it's time for prime. "foxnews primetime." i'm your honor host pete hegseth. congratulations, america, we almost made it through one year of the biden administration. and if we have learned anything by now, it's two fold. one, we know this: they have a radical far left agenda that they will stop at nothing to
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implement. there is ideology there all the way. but also number two, these people have absolutely no clue what they are doing. they are incompetent. but it's not just sleepy joe and vice president giggles who are the problem, first, let's start tonight with a name you probably don't know. eleanor holmes norton. if you are not familiar with the name, she is a congresswoman from washington, d.c. and nancy pelosi's topic to chair the transportation committee. but this potential appointment has hit a bit of a speed bump, you might say. as it turns out holmes norton can't even drive a car. no, i'm being entirely serious. this is actual footage of holmes norton repeatedly crashing her car into a parked vehicle two of them and walking away. see how there is diagonal. other cars diagonal in one direction. she is diagonal in the other.
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keeps hitting the brakes hitting the gas and the brake and hitting the car next to her. watch the whole video it's amusing and depressing. now, did she learn how to use a car from austin powers? >> pete: i mean, it's an oldy, but it's a goody, all joking aside, this is actually kind of serious stuff. the potential chairwoman of the transportation committee can't drive. and she is not the only democrat who needs a trip to the dmv. you remember when transportation secretary pete buttigieg pretended to bike to a white house cabinet meeting but really just rode in an suv most of the
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way and then got out and pedaled really hard over to the event? yeah, these are the people in charge of our nation's transportation, of our nation's still and more stalled supply chain. so basically, stay off the road. we're all doomed. but, like everything, the incompetence starts at the top, with sleepy joe biden himself and our 79-year-old president can't even remember the name of his own staff. >> i want to thank the -- the um, the former general i keep calling him general, my, my -- the guy who runs that outfit over there. >> hey, man. >> pete: not to defend joe biden but there was a reason he didn't know that guy's name. it wasn't written in the teleprompter. you see, joe reads everything if
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it's in the teleprompter. >> all the way through the supply chain there has been a lot of innovation end of quote. >> dammit who typed the question on the teleprompter. for the last time anything you put on that prompter burgundy will read. >> pete: end of quote. on the teleprompter on the screen. that means my face is on the screen. i should that every single time. pretty obvious public speaking isn't a strong suit for the biden administration. i mean they did build a fake white house set so they could have a gigantic teleprompter for him to read. it's not just sleepy joe and certainly not for kamala. >> at what point does the administration say, you know what? this strategy isn't working? we are going to strange strategies, is it time? >> it is time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is every day. every day it is time for us to
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agree that there are things and tools that are available to us to slow this thing down. >> pete: i have heard that clip so many times. so many times, and i still cannot attempt to figure out what she is trying to say. is she trying to help run the country or is she trying to help run a regional paper supply company? >> sometimes i will start a sentence, and i don't even know where it's going. i just hope i find it along the way impoferrization. >> impoferization. we have now reached peak incompetence. michael scott from the office makes more sense than our vice president. are these the people we really want running our country? i don't think so. and neither do you. joining me now we have kayleigh mcenany, former white house press secretary and co-host of
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outnumbered. mollie hemingway senior editor of the federalist and fox news contributor and joe concha also a fox news contributor. bret has his power panel and we have ours tonight and it's a great one. sometimes you just want to take a beat and take a moment we're a year into this administration, kayleigh, you know, the trump white house got accused of chaos and all the time. that's all they talked about which is what they did to distract away from actual accomplishment. is it ideology driving them or utter incompetence, kayleigh? >> it's both. it's laughable because, pete, i remember, you know, we are exiting the white house, they are coming in the brax we are being told the adults are back. the adults are in the room. joe biden has it covered. this administration knows what they are doing. they are veterans. they have been here with president barack obama they are back. they are back. look what that got us the six months in the most disastrous withdrawal i have ever seen out of afghanistan, a moral stain on our country.
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inflation out the wazoo and supply chain shortage, empty shelves. we left them the greatest most sophisticated testing system in the world outpacing all of western europe combined and they couldn't even imagine to keep that up. it is a train wreck on every single level. there are still 3 million jobs short by the way of where we were pre-pandemic. a mix of all of it hit the nail on the head. total incompetence but ideology as well choosing to go the way of the squad than the way of reasonable americans. >> pete: mollie, you are incompetent. they know who joe biden is and kamala harris is. they are trying to surround them with staff and trying to reboot. but they are also totally dug in on an ideology that they know is going to hurt people in the short-term and i guess they are just going to have to deal with it? >> first off i want to defend eleanor holmes norton. she is 84 years old. that is not a beautiful parking
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job. she did damage both side on either side. she was driving a prius so in the end it kind of balances out. good for her to get out there and try to drive. but it's aptly true that this is stunning incompetence on both domestic and foreign policy level. and it's all been done in just a year that we have seen so much decline in so many different ways. but, i think that people are trying to blame just joe biden. as you point out in showing some of these other examples. there is really incompetence across the whole level here and really just failed democratic policy approaches. people are souring on democratic policy because they don't like what it's doing to the country to the me, to our national sovereignty to our borders. to our standing in the world. this is a much bigger problem than just one or two people being a bit up there in age or goofballs. >> pete: that's true. but the adults were going to be in the room. it's a fair point. she is 84.
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it's not easy to drive at that age. i don't mean to disparage or invoke ageism. that's not here with talking about here. joe, it kind of reminds me of the folks supposed to be overseeing regulation of the internet talked about a series of tubes connecting. it's like how are you going to fix the transportation system with supply chain in america when you are trying to figure out whether it's, you know, whether you are in reverse or in park? maybe don't hire the guy mayor of south bend indiana. run a department that has $100 billion budget and 60,000 employees and the only thing in south bend were basically a bus station, small airport, small train station, right? so maybe you don't do that. maybe your messaging on spending trillions of dollars in build back better shouldn't be it will cost zero dollars. and also, will reduce the deficit. right? so there is a messaging incompetence as well, right?
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but i mean, as far as eleanor holmes norton being on the transportation committee, what's next? you going to name eric swalwell to the house intelligence committee? right, that already happened. why not name aoc to the house financial services committee. oh yeah, that happened, too. i'm not going to call it ageism. but i think we have to have some common sense here. perhaps a few folks in the audience are not going to like it. why can't we pass a law that says if you were born before world war ii began you need to retake your driver's test after the age of x. not the written part that's a special kind of hell. actual driving part. all yell at me on twitter. in all seriousness, here you have an 81-year-old house speaker nancy pelosi, currently 33% approval still making decisions. like cancun on spring break at 3:00 a.m. >> there are no good decisions. trust me. by the way parking fiasco from a few years ago least of anyone's worries. eleanor holmes norton went on colbert and bought an american flag with 51 stars on it hell
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bent to make washington, d.c. a state so she can become a u.s. senator. fortunately, there it is. democrats can't pass anything without blowing up the filibuster. that ain't going to happen. if it does hopefully we can get a daily 2 x otherwise mothers of meter made maids hide your daughters. >> pete: that was something. you brought it all the way from incompetence to ideology. ultimately solidify political power by adding another state so they can add another senator so they are ram the filibuster down our throat frankly which is the ideological part of this entire equation. unfortunately we have to leave it all right there kayleigh, mollie, joe, you guys are all awesome have a great rest of your tuesday night. now you are free. go have a cocktail. >> thanks, pete. >> thank you, pete. >> pete: thank you. coming up joe 2.0? i'm being serious. how the president's top advisers are planning to reboot his image after his first year in office?
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♪ >> pete: welcome back to "fox news primetime." i learned in the break it turns out ots in the teleprompter over the shoulder even when the graphic comes up. even i need to learn about the teleprompter. i digress. one year to the day since joe biden's inauguration and thus far his time wandering around the white house has been a disaster on all fronts. he failed to crush the virus, which he was never going to do but he promised it but he is crushing in person learning for kids. the economy is tanking and inflation is soaring. the supply chain is worse than ever, bare shelves biden is a real thing. go to your local grocery store
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right after the show. our southern border, wide open. and crime, as you know, is out of control. so far the only thing joe biden has built back better is the taliban. so it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that team biden would like a chance to forget this whole last year and just start over fresh. here's their solution only d.c. could cook up this solution. joe 2.0. according to nbc, consider the source, senior administration officials are looking to launch a public reset and rebrand of joe biden saying, quote: there is a recognition to change the dynamic. what a quote. ya think? let's be honest can you really teach an old dog new tricks especially when that dog has been in politics for 47 years. and can he learn those tricks before the red wave wipes out his majority after the midterms? here now fox news senior
4:19 pm
political analyst and smart dude brit hume. brit, thanks so much for being here. joe 2.0. your reaction to that attempt? >> well, i'm not expecting full reset any time soon, pete. i think what we are going to hear tomorrow in the president's news conference is an effort on his part to cite the things the administration has indeed achieved. they had 1. trillion dollars covid relief bill. he got that passed. he had the infrastructure bill, which was another sizeable wad of spending, that was done on a bipartisan basis. he can certainly point to that. those two things are real and not insignificant. his problem, i think is all these matters that relate to covid have not ended up ending covid which he promised to do as you pointed out. and on the economic side, you know, the fact that the economy is growing and it certainly has been and continues to, stock market up and the rest of it, much of that obscured by the fact that every single american is feeling the effects of
4:20 pm
inflation which has spurred forward which we haven't seen in many, many years indeed. he has a problem. he does have things he can point to. we will hear more about what he has done than promises to do better on what he hasn't done it will be interesting to see if he wants to make any kind of turn away from his allegiance to his party's left that so dominated the first year in office. >> pete: interesting point. my assessment, brit, and help me out. let me know if you think this could work or is conceivable. he probably can't move away from his marriage with the far left. that's happened. he is in on that. but, what -- is there any chance that a joe 2.0 would say you know what? we are turning the corner on covid. we are going to move into an environment where we recognize natural immunity. don't do mandates. don't do lockdown. get kids back in school. recognize we are going to have to live with it you wouldn't even have to admit he is wrong. he would just have to say we are entering a new phase at which point people can breathe again a
4:21 pm
little bit. business goes back to normal. life goes back to normal. people might like that heading into a midterm. >> brit: i think people might indeed like that. for him to say the things that you just outlined would be for him to contradict. policies that he has adopted and many of which are still in place. it seems to me what he would need to do is announce a whole set of policy changes in which he would be overruling people like dr. fauci and his cdc director and so on. and, you know, i think that would be a hard move for him to make at this time. this kind of thing though, pete, has been done. i mean, bill clinton had a very rough start and lost control of congress, lost control of the house of representatives for the first time in decades. and the election in 1992. i mean, 1994. that was a huge deal. and he made -- he did a real shift at that time. and he became the more moderate bill clinton who had been the governor of arkansas rather than the left one we had seen for his first year in office.
4:22 pm
that was only after a big wash-out at the polls whose message was unmistakable. i suspect that many in the biden administration are still clinging to the hope that they can turn things around in his second year and avoid that kind of calamity that clinton faced in 1994. >> pete: very interesting point. i wonder if maybe we will hear joe biden enter those words the era of big government is over. i don't feel like we will. that would be an interesting joe 2.0 echoing bill clinton. brit hume, thank you for your time. appreciate it wise words. coming up a father's pain, could the senseless murder of a young woman in los angeles have been prevented? we will talk to lawrence jones about that coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> pete: a manhunt is underway for the murder of 24-year-old brianna kupfer, stabbed to death
4:28 pm
while working at high end los angeles furniture store. the assailant is believed to be homeless. her father spoke to "fox & friends" this morning and had a powerful message for the city's leaders. >> i blame what's endemic in our society right now is that everybody seems to be oriented on giving back rights and bestowing favor on people that rob others of their rights. i don't know -- themselves we don't elect them because we think they are great. we elect them because we think they can do great things. all they do is try to divide people and get angry at everything around us. and it's just -- it's got to end. >> pete: such a great point. we don't elect you because you are awesome. we elect you because you are supposed to do the job that you signed up to do, that you ran to do. meanwhile, in new york, a
4:29 pm
community is mourning after 19-year-old crystal was murdered in a cold blooded burger king robbery. the suspect, a teenager with seven prior arrests is finally, once again, behind bars. crystal's mother called for an end to this madness. >> maybe my daughter is not the first one who die in this way but i want my daughter to be the last. >> days later, in times square, the heart of manhattan in new york city, a homeless ex-con convict allegedly killed an innocent woman by shoving her front in a moving train. new york's mayor eric adams, the mayor says he doesn't feel safe in the city's subway system. >> we are going to make sure new york is feel safe in subway system. they don't feel that way now. i don't feel that way when i take the train every day.
4:30 pm
>> pete: that was actually an about face from what he said originally which was everything is okay. lawrence jones is "fox & friends" enterprise reporter and a good friend he joins me now. lawrence, thanks for being here. every time. >> you got it, brother. >> pete: go ahead, please. >> i'm so sorry, brother. what the mayor says he doesn't feel safe with a full security detail that's just a light. that's like projecting to the citizens, pretending to feel their pain. look, i try to be optimistic when it comes to this mayor it's it's really going to stop the bleeding within new york city and across the country, it's going to take more than rhetoric to stop it. he needs a strong statement going after the d.a. to say enough is enough. you know, we got to stop pretending that we don't know the solution to this problem. you get the bad guys, you cuff them. you put them behind bars. and then you make sure that they don't harm other people.
4:31 pm
for some reason to believe the criminal justice system has flipped around and the victims, i'm sorry, the criminals get more rights than the actual victims of crime. you know, when you look at that dad talking about his baby girl briana and the shear strength that he showed in the middle of that interview. i don't know if i could do it, especially when you have elected leaders that do nothing. do you know what's going to happen, pete? and i hate to say this but it's just the truth. it's going to hit them in their family. there is no shield no matter if you are elected or not. for the madness that is happening across america. i was in chicago yesterday doing a live shot talking about the most violent community in america, the most violent block in america. i was there yesterday in the middle of the shoot, a guy goes and commits a strong robbery, steals a car. the guy he was stealing the car from he was a robber as well. two people shooting at each other, both stealing cars. that is america today, pete.
4:32 pm
>> pete: wow, yeah, lawrence, you know, i don't want to say every time but the vast majority of times it feels like heinous crime like this happens, and then it takes a day or two for us to learn about the rap sheet of the perpetrator. we learn that violent crimes are almost always preceded by other violent crimes or other crimes that are indicative of the character of that individual. what is it about these d.a.s where they can't understand or are they willfully intentionally want to block the background of people and say well we will give you a fifth chance or a sixth chance. that's not criminal justice reform. that's just pro-criminal. >> bought and paid for. you have george soros that went in and decided to team up with eric holder, the former attorney general to make this happen. i have been covering this about three and a half years. they are married to their ideology. you know, i have heard all day people say well, you know, it was the homeless population. there is a money problem in many of these cities that they can't
4:33 pm
make sure that the homeless get into mental health facilities and get some housing. that is a blatant lie. l.a., filly, any other major city if you look at the documents. they have the money to solve it what we saw and i have been covering this for three and a half years is when you go into those encampments, the homeless population has been offered resources but they don't want to follow the rules that comes with those resources. if you check them into treatment facility they have a curfew. these are people getting full meals, getting clothes. bought by the taxpayer, of course, but when there is rules in place. you tell them they have a curfew and they got stop doing the drugs, they don't want to do it. they go back to the street and they continue to do what he want this to do. again, you got to cut it the head off the snake and make sure that it is real justice for these victims out here. >> pete: lawrence, nobody knows it better than you. you speak the truth. we really appreciate your time tonight. thank you so much. by the way, quick note in what i just red the suspect in that was
4:34 pm
not a teenager, my mistake and we always want to get it right. all right. thank you, lawrence. meanwhile, the second largest railroad company in the u.s., union pacific is begging l.a.'s radical district attorney george gascon the guy that lawrence was just talking about, that type of viewpoint. to rethink his no bail policy. stats from the union pacific show train container thefts have skyrocketed 160% from 2020 to 2021 in los angeles county. resulting in -- this is almost unbelievable stat. more than 90 containers being broken into daily. 90 train cars broken into daily. in a letter to gascon's office. union pacific writes and i quote: these individuals are generally caught and released back onto the streets in less than 24 hours. in fact, criminals boast to our officers that charges will be pled down to simple trespassing. which bears no serious consequence.
4:35 pm
here now victor davis hanson, senior fellow at the hoover institute. victor, always love talking to you. these things happen for a reason. why are we seeing what we are seeing in this particular instance with train cars but it tells a larger story? going back to 80s train robberies and 1970s crime we saw in new york or 1980s inflation or foreign policy in the mid 70s when we left vietnam. i think academics, i don't want to quote them but they call it systems collapse. where all of the sudden a successful society suddenly doesn't follow its tradition and rule. and things happen that people cannot believe. such as empty shelves or you are not able to buy meat or you go to fill up your car and it's $100 for just 18 gallons. or people getting shot in the street or people outright racist ideology being taught in
4:36 pm
schools. and all of these things start to unwind as a society the thing is it can't continue. look at train tracks and trash you say this is not a third world country but it is just like market street in san francisco. just like the subway in new york. just like the school system in virginia it's all unwinding. we have to redefine woke ideology. kind of cute or incompetent or left wing or marxist. it's cruel, it's mean. it tells you, me, every citizen if you get hurt, you get shot, we are not going to worry about you. and the person who did that to you is probably going to be out without on bail or not prosecuted for an earlier crime. it tells a young child you in the present are going to learn good racism because there were bad racism in the past. it tells the old guy 68 like me, if you need treatment, you may be the wrong color. you wait in line.
4:37 pm
this was a regression. it's a very evil ideology because it's cruel. it's mean-spirited and we haven't talked about that. but that's what it is. it won't end if people start identifying it like that. it's stupid, mean spirited ideology antihumanistic. and speak out against it because it has a history throughout the centuries and it doesn't end well. >> pete: you study this and you understand how systems collapse. what is the crucial moment? what is the crucial point? what leads to the beginning of something like what we are seeing? i think it's when the law is a symmetrically applied or not applied at all. see somebody walk out of the store with a bag of goods and doesn't pay doesn't say anything. or go to a car and steal it and you know nothing is going to happen. or you see something like waukesha or the hostage-taking in texas and the media won't
4:38 pm
cover it. or you see crimes that won't be reported for political reasons, and when the system can't react and then the person in the middle, the citizen says i don't believe anymore. when you look at the cia, the fbi, the irs, the doj, the pentagon, these were once esteemed maybe not the irs buff they were once esteemed agencies. people no confidence in them anymore. that's what starts to unwind. when you look at what the career of a fauci, a millie, a clapper, a comey, a mccabe, people said these aren't the people that we trust. we're nor -- we used to love the government. now we fear the government. and so the government has lost credibility, morality, and we have got to restore it by all of these d.a.s have to prosecute crimes. you have to be arrested. you have to be indicted. if you are guilty, you have to serve your time to regain confidence and make it safe to be a human again. we are not humans anymore. we are just, i don't know, we are just tinker toys in some
4:39 pm
grand woke game of utopia. and all these people who craft these ideas are never subject to the consequences of their ideology. they are nancy pelosi behind walls up in napa or they are people up in the upper west side or people like mark zuckerberg and his hawaiian estate. they are never subject. if were subject, they've stop very quickly, i hope. we got to restore tradition, custom. yeah. >> pete: you are right. victor davis hanson, you are talking about the politicization of justin. -- justice.>> absolutely. >> pete: if you like what he has to say here he is prominently featured in my new fox nation series miseducation of america. we flew all the way out to his almond farm to pick his brain about how americans were educated back when we educated and liberated citizens. thanks for taking part that project. our folks can watch it on fox nation.
4:40 pm
thanks for being with us tonight. really, really appreciate it? >> thank you for having pee, me, pete. >> pete: is your kid going to social studies or a socialist boot camp? why parents in my former home state of minnesota can't be so sure. ♪ ♪ i'm gonna earn 3% on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. that's a lot of cash back. are you gonna stop me? uh-oh... i'm almost there... too late! boom! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved.
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>> pete: remember when going to school meant learning thousand think not what to think? those days are long gone. the minnesota department of education announced what is basically an extremist boot camp disguised as social studies, well even social studies is an invention of the progressives. you will have to watch "miseducation of america" to learn more about that. elementary aged students, kids, will be taught about the consequences of minnesota's justice system, police reform and the roots of systems of oppression. catherine kirsten writes in a column in the minneapolis star tribune and i quote: minnesota's new ethnic studies standards will draw three tenets
4:46 pm
into kids' head that their skin color determines their identity life is a zero sum power struggle oppressor and is victims group and american history is a shameful story of domination, marginalization and injustice. catherine, the author of that piece and senior fellow at the american experiment joins us now. catherine, thank you so much for being here. you are featured in miseducation the america. you be at our summit on thursday. i can't wait for folks to hear nor from you. this column hit me. minnesota is changing its standards into what? >> well, this is a new set of standards that will inject the toxic ideology of ethnic studies. and what that means is that ideology will replace basic factual knowledge that kids need to be informed citizens and enlist them as foot soldiers in
4:47 pm
an extremist political crusade. >> pete: it's activism. it's activism. what types of things will they be pushing for? these are not high schoolers or college kids. these are third, fourth and fifth graders? >> right. one of the new ideas that kids will be forced to ingest is the anti-policing benchmarks in these standards. so this is taught under the new ethnic study standard titled resistance. resist america's fundamental social and political institutions. so fifth graders will study the alleged roots of contemporary policing in early america. what does that mean? well, the idea is that kids will be taught that policing grew directly out of the slave patrols of the old south. sixth graders will study the juvenile justice system and the way that it has allegedly unfairly targeted
4:48 pm
disenfranchised groups. high schoolers are going to study the social construction of criminality, which means that the idea of criminality was made up tool of racial oppression against kids. of course result is that a lot of kids are going to think that policing and the justice system are racist and, therefore, must be resisted it's a toxic ideology, very destructive. >> pete: wow, minnesota statewide standards. kathy, i have to say you have been ahead of this for years. you have been talking about what's happening in our schools. grateful you are in our special. i will see you in richmond 9:00 a.m. thursday morning for the miseducation of america summit. thank you so much. up next, we continue our five-part investigation into the "miseducation of america" why no channel or streaming service will ever cover this incredit i incrediblyimportant topic but wl
4:49 pm
after the break. ♪ ♪♪ right llimu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows several different whistles. doug blows several different whistles. [a vulture squawks.] there he is. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪
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>>sean: as i mentioned last night, my new fox nations erase the miseducation america is available now, all five episodes . it's exactly the type of series that only fox nation would put on the air. just like my previous series battle and the homeland. no other streaming service will air an evenhanded pro-israel view of tensions in the region just like for the upcoming series on george soros, no one other question the predetermine narrative or dare uncover the extent of the left-wing influence or brett bears an authorize history of socialism no other streaming service woul ever air that netflix never would, appletv never would, and cnn plus, whatever that is, it
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never will. fox news shouldn't stains alone willing to take on the big topics from a pro america prospective trade fox nation gives you content nobody else will. i know this because the miseducation of america was a personal project for me as a patriot, as a parent. nobody interfered with our research, nobody told us what w couldn't cover or uncover, this tells the real hidden and insidious truth of the progressive takeover of america's classrooms. you probably think as i did whe i started this project over a year ago, dozens of interviews that the problem is in our schools is what is being taught. it's not. the problem is not what is taught, it is what has been systematically and violently removed. and less you understand the hidden back story of this heist you will almost certainly underestimate what once happene
4:56 pm
in america's schools. the progressives and now cultural marxists are counting on the fact that we never remember. tonight's sneak peek of espress do is during great it will infuriate you, shock you, and raise more questions than it answers. i hope it will convince you to keep watching. take a look. picky i pledge allegiance to my flag and the republic for which it stands, one nation individua with liberty and justice for all . >> what you're witnessing is no a classroom in germany. it was a pledge strategically created by a different group of utopians. the progressives of the united states of america.
4:57 pm
for nearly 50 years, the salute was in newly created progressiv public schools across america. the founder of the secular had clear objective. remove god from the classroom and replace him with an allegiance to our country. we will reveal the insidious intentions of the original progressives and how their movement transformed the fabric of our nation forever. we continue to uncover the miseducation of america. it's disturbing to know our pledge, something we have all deeply admired can be associate with something so obscene. are pledges creator was socialist, finances was inspire
4:58 pm
by the roman salute. pledging trust, loyalty to a cause higher than oneself. it was one of the several tactics left by the left. in this pledge, there was no mention of god why would there be, when the progressives have always wanted to be our divine kings. for one social justice reformer she desperately wanted to dismantle the public's infatuation with alcohol. >> frances willard had been trying for years to invoke prohibition. how does that relate to education, and about 1870 she decided she had a plan and said i'm going to put a curriculum together that makes drinking ou to be evil.
4:59 pm
and i'll put it in the third grade curriculum help us by the country. by 1918 they didn't just have laws against drinking, they had a constitutional amendment. how do you get a constitutional amendment act of americans full of lutherans and germans, and people, you get it by changing the paideia of the children. and that was cute tipped off th progressive starting in 1900 that this was a very powerful instrument. it unlocked possibilities they had not imagined. if you think about it, it was about one generation. they knew it was a one generation turning radius. >> that is the abraham linking lincoln quote i say often which is the philosophy of one generation comes the philosophy of the government in the next. >> you will learn more about that word and how we educate ou
5:00 pm
youngest kids. you can watch the fall five par series the miseducation of america available now only on fox nation plus tomorrow i will be hosting tomorrow meeting on thursday i'm hosting a live summit at 9:00 a.m. only on fox nation great if you don't have subscription go to fox nation right now go to the promotion classroom and you get a 90 day free trial great thanks for watching. tucker is up next grade ♪ >>sean: welcome to tucker carson paid we want to note somebody obvious because this i the obvious show. you may have noticed the permanent homeless encampments pretend ratting out what was once tidy park spread vagrants drooling unconscious on the steps of train stations on the way to work brady watch as junkie smoke meth without


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