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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 18, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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state of the classroom including the shift to more progressive content. it is out now on fox nation. you can stream it any time at fox >> jesse: kennedy, 17 seconds. >> kennedy: all right. here suspects a giant trying pan. it's going to the trying pan museum in tennessee. amazing. >> jesse: you know what? you pulled it off. that's it for us. "special report" is up next with bret. >> bret: i want to see ricco the poor could you pine eating the philly chips at geraldo's house. >> jesse: in a room he hasn't seen. >> bret: thanks, jesse. good evening. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight we begin with american voters changing their preferences dramatically as many democrats and independents shift toward the g.o.p. expressing disappointment with president biden as he completes his first year in office. this disappointment manifests in several key areas, concerned about the economy and inflation. the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. america's crime crisis. and a stalled legislativive
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agenda on capitol hill. we have fox team coverage tonight. mark meredith in washington look looks at the results of new gallup poll indicating a major voter shift to the right. chad pergram at the capitol with the senate struggle to pass voter reform legislation. jacqui heinrich at the white house with the latest on president biden's covid policy. we begin in los angeles with chief correspondent jonathan hunt with increased lawlessness and a series of heinous crimes there. good evening, jonathan. >> good evening, bret. the crimes are horrific and apparently random. the victims, innocent people going about their daily lives, traveling on the subway, waiting for a bus, working in a store. >> i'm i'm not claiming anybody by name, what's is going on in our society right now everybody seems to be oriented on giving back rights and bestowing favor on people that rob others of
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their rights. >> todd kupfer's 24-year-old daughter brianna went to her part-time job at furniture store in los angeles last thursday. hours later she was stabbed to death by a man police believe is homeless and who was seen in an alley moments after the killing. on the same day, 7-year-old sandra shells was sitting at a bus stop outside of l.a.'s union station when a homeless man approached her and for no apparent reason punched her. she died three days later in the hospital. before these two killings, there had been 10 homicides in the first 8 days of 2022. one less than the same time period last year but double the number at the start of 2020. the l.a. county sheriff accuses liberal district attorney george gascon of emboldening criminals by introducing what the sheriff has called, quote: stupid policies. >> if you cannot be counted on to hold people accountable for
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breaking rule of law in such a debraved manner, what good is your local district attorney. >> an eye for an eye is not the way the government should behave. >> there is a similar debate underway across the country in new york where the murder of michelle goh shoved in front of a moving train at a times square subway stop has renewed the focus on the homeless and mentally ill roaming the streets and subway system. democratic mayor eric adams today toughened his language after previously talking about new yorker's perception of fear. >> we are going to drive down crime and we are going to make sure new york is still safe in our subway system. >> that is your cue to take. >> in virginia, meantime, the new republican attorney general has announced an investigation into the parole board there saying that the board broke the law in approving the early release of violent criminals, all part of the growing debate nationally over the causes of
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crime and the effects of punishment. bret? >> bret: jonathan hunt live in los angeles. jonathan, thank you. president biden will talk about the past 12 months and what comes next during his first news conference of the new year tomorrow. it comes amid falling pull numbers and increasing criticism over several matters including his pandemic policies. here is white house correspondent jacqui heinrich. >> so help me god. >> on the eve of president biden's first full year in office americans will be able to finally order four free tests per household with today going live. >> we can't guarantee there won't be a bug or two but the best tech teams across the administration and postal service working hard to make this a success. >> the long shipping timeline 7 to 12 days first orders going out in late january may outrun the omicron peek. no way to collect data on at home positivity rates.
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forcing some states and towns to launch their own forums for results. it's a drag on momentum the administration is trying to build as members of the president's own party ratchets up criticism that biden has fulfilled key promises. five democratic senators asking why the white house didn't expand testing sooner telling the covid response team this administration either knew or should have known testing shortages were occurring across the country. steps to increase testing access should have hit before the current wave hit not several weeks into the surge. others say it's time for a re-set in ahead of the midterms. ro khanna calling for replacing rochelle walensky. >> i think we need better clearer communication. >> close out first year in office rare press conference tomorrow angst polls, escalating foreign policy challenges and surging covid cases only some of what is haunting the administration. buff the white house is trying to spotlight accomplishments.
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>> it was the biggest year of job growth in american history. >> we look to a year ago, only 1% of adults were fully vaccinated. 74% of adults are fully vaccinated now. 46% of schools were open a year ago, now 95%. >> of the president also recently announced plans coming soon to make high quality masks available to americans for free. it reignited the debate over what confuse a high quality mask after the cdc recommended use of n-95s but said any mask is better than no mask. and, of course, critics wonder how much it will pay off given that those masks will only be good for a couple of uses. bret? >> bret: jacqui heinrich live on the north lawn, thanks. senate democrats are trying to ram through voting reform legislation but the presence of the filibuster and the refusal of some moderates to change it has cast doubt on that effort. it's really all about the math on capitol hill. as congressional correspondent chad pergram always tells us. he is live on capitol hill this
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evening. good evening, chad. >> good evening, bret. it's a game of democratic double dog dare on the senate floor. senate majority leader chuck schumer knows he lacks the votes to change the filibuster for voting rights but he plans to force a vote tomorrow on the filibuster even if it's doomed to fail. >> indeed, that may be the only way to make progress on this issue now. for the public to see where each of us in this chamber stands. the public deserves to see it and that's exactly, precisely what the senate is going to do this week. >> there is a squeeze play in baseball but there is also one in politics. and democrats are putting the squeeze on two of their own. joe manchin and kyrsten sinema. >> the president's view is that the american people deserve to see where their leaders stand on protecting their fundamental rights. that is a treason move forward with this debate. >> it's common for congress to
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engineer a vote to make members of the opposing party look bad but it's rare to do that to members of your own party. manchin is not moving. >> i just don't know how you break a rule to make a rule and thinking you are doing something -- we have never done this. >> capitol police today arrested 30 people for protesting the filibuster. they refused to move from the senate steps. republicans say democrats aren't focusing on problems facing the country. >> we have inflation, a pandemic, rampant violent crime. the border crisis. rather than work on any of that, senate democrats want to march their own legacies with a regularless, reckless procedural vote they know will fail. >> expect a vote to break the voting rights tomorrow. that needs 60 yeas. democrats could then try to change the filibuster just for voting rights. if all of their members stick together, but that vote will fail, too.
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bret? >> bret: chad, very quickly, that what is schumer's end game here putting a vote on the floor which he knows will fail? what do they say when you ask them hey, listener, if senate republicans take over in november, are you suddenly going to like the filibuster? >> politics is often about ripening an issue. the 1964 civil rights act faced a filibuster before passing and the struggle over that bill spurred the voting rights act a year later. you can't play the long game unless you first play the short game and lose. liberals are frustrated at the failure to pass build back better, pack the supreme court, and make puerto rico a state. so the voting rights bill serves as a proxy for other issues. bret? >> bret: all right, chad, as always, thanks. house democrats jim langevin of rhode island and jerry mcnerney of california say they will not seek re-election this year. that makes 28 democrats in the house chamber who are retiring after the current term or
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seeking another elective office. the bottom line here politically, democrats currently are in a precarious position nine months plus to the midterm elections. a lot can happen in that time. the correspondent mark meredith shows us how right now many voters are moving toward the republican party. >> as president biden faces falling approval ratings, new numbers from gallup show democrats over all are losing support. when the president entered office a year ago, democrats had a 9 point advantage over republicans. fast forward to the end of 2021. democrats saw a 7 point drop in support. 47% of people now identify with the republican party. 42% lean democratic. gallup's researchers summing it up writing republicans have, quote: an advantage over democrats larger than any they had achieved in 25 years. rnc officials tell fox they are not surprised given the current
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political climate. >> it just is not working. and american people are responding to it. that's why they are more willing to identify publicly as republicans because they see that under president trump working with republican things were better. their lives were better. their communities were safer. >> the white house rejects the suggestion all is lost and believes any drop in support is temporary. >> the truth is an agenda doesn't wrap up in one year. we are going to continue to fight for every component of his -- of his agenda and his, um, and his plans for his presidency when he was running for president. >> democrat congressman ro khanna says he know what is the administration can work on to win back moderates. >> the key is for the president to recover his poll numbers and he will do that in my view by taking bold action on the supply chain and also taking action to try to reduce prices. >> and while republicans are spending a lot of time and energy criticizing the president on his economic record, that message may be losing steam.
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gallup reports the gap between parties appear to tighten in december. >> there is another x factor in all of this and that's independence which gallup says makes up the largest political group out there. those voters certainly made a difference in the last election and, bret, we are still looking to see where they are going to land as we get closer to the midterms. both parties going after that vote. bret? >> bret: we will be watching it. mark, thank you. the house committee investigating the capitol riot of january 6th is issuing subpoenas to four additional individuals. the panel is demanding records from former trump adviser and attorney new york former mayor rudy giuliani, along with attorneys jenna ellis, sidney powell, and boris epstein. at&t have agreed to postpone 5g wireless service near airports. major airlines are warning 5g could cause catastrophic disruptions in air travel. they say it could interfere with instruments used to navigate in low visibility. 5g wireless is supposed to offer
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faster, nor reliable service. the president says he will work with airlines and wireless carriers to reach a permanent workable solution. stocks plunged today fueled largely by a tech led sell off. the dow lost 5 43. the s&p 500 fell 86, the nasdaq was down 387. up next, the u.s. supreme court makes a decision on a challenge to the federal mask mandate for passengers on commercial airplanes. we will bring you that first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 4 in dallas authorities search for the person who drove the texas synagogue gunman to homeless shelter earlier this month. investigators believe the two men may have known each other malik faisal akram died when the rescue teamed it stormed the building. hostages escaped unharm. former mayor bill de blasio says he will not run for governor. de blasio left office at the end of 2021 after 8 years of mayor of the largest city of the country. he had been hinting for months about a 2022 run for governor.
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and this is a live look at orlando from fox 35, our affiliate there. one of the big stories there tonight, manatees gather together at blue springs state park to find warm water during a chilly stretch in the weather. yesterday, there were more than 500 manatees at that park coming together where the water is always around 72 degrees. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ coca-cola ♪ say i know you ♪ you know me ♪ one thing i can tell you is you got to be free ♪ come together ♪ right now ♪ over me ♪ real cowboys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record.
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♪ >> bret: you will still have to wear a mask while on a commercial airline flight. today the u.s. supreme court rejected a request to block the mandate letting a lower court ruling stand. fox news chief legal correspondent anchor of fox news at night shannon bream is here with details. good evening, shannon. >> shannon: good evening, bret. a couple of plaintiffs in that case including a father who travels on a regular basis in
3:19 pm
order to take his young talk son for medical treatment all argues they cannot medically wear masks and they asked the court to block tsa's enforcement of the nationwide transportation federal mask mandate. the plaintiffs filed their emergency request with justice gorsuch who referred it to a full vote. without comment and break down the court issued an order saying that emergency stay request had been denied. so, if you are flying, no change in current policy out there for now. bret, masks are still required. >> bret: you know, shannon, there is another mask story at the supreme court grabbing headlines about a dispute apparently over the justices wearing or not wearing masks. what have you been able to find out? >> shannon: so npr published this story, bret, saying that justice sotomayor who has diabetes and regularly been wearing a mask on the bench during arguments expressed that she, quote: did not feel safe in close proximity to people who were unmasked. the story goes on to say chief justice john roberts understanding that in some form
3:20 pm
asked the other justices to mask up. it then says that justice gorsuch who normally sits right next to sotomayor on the bench has repeatedly refused to do so and that forced justice sotomayor to operate remotely from her office for conferences. i am told that ♪ accurate. a source at the supreme court says there has been no blanket admonition or request from chief justice roberts that the other justices begin wearing masks to argument. the source further stated justice sotomayor did not make any such request to justice gorsuch. i'm told, given that fact. there was also no refusal by justice gorsuch. the justices are all vaccinated and boosted and they do test before taking the bench for argument. bret? >> bret: there you go. straight analysis for us. we will see you tonight, shannon. thanks. tonight we look at one of the tragic consequences of the pandemic the loss by children of adults who were crucial in their lives. it's causing major problems, obviously for many kids who are
3:21 pm
experiencing significant developmental issues. here is correspondent gillian turner. >> the nih reports over 140,000 children in america have lost a parent or primary caregiver to covid. that's roughly one in every 450 children and other groups say the number is even higher. 70% of children who lost parents during the pandemic are just 13 or younger. that parental death toll is now prompting experts to warn america's kids suffering ongoing secondary tragedy caused by covid. doctors say the resulting trauma in kids is unlike anything they have dealt with before. >> you can't focus on geometry or multiplication tables when you are worried that mom or dad might not be alive when you get home after school. >> impact of losing parents can include anxiety, depression, ptsd, substance abuse, academic decline in school dropout and worse. >> even cases of suicidal
3:22 pm
ideation where the child doesn't want to live anymore. they want to be in heaven with mommy or daddy. we are trying our best to be here for families. particularly those where the children are just, you know, in shock or devastated. >> a large share of the border is falling to schools where teachers and counselors are helping students recover academically and psychologically. but the president of the children r. children's hospital association says it takes a village. >> i think it's important to watch kids as they go back, when they return to school, when they return to normal activities. >> experts insist the effects of all of this trauma will be with us for a long time. >> i is going to take all of us together to make sure our kids come out on the other end of this in really good shape. that's not just going to be next year five years or 10 years. >> while kids are far less likely to die from covid, infections still carry significant risks for them. cdc recently reported american kids and teens under 18 who had covid are two and a half times
3:23 pm
likelier to develop diabetes later on. bret? >> bret: gillian, thank you. the president's next year in office and the growth of america's crime crisis. first, beyond our borders tonight. antony blinken will meet ukraine's president and foreign minister tomorrow in kiev. the visit comes amid increasing concerns russia may invade the former soviet republic. jen psaki said today russia could move on ukraine at any time. blinken will meet with russia's foreign minister on friday. a look at london. bun of the big stories there tonight. british prime minister boris johnson denies misleading government about lock down. johnson would have to resign if he is proven to have lied. a former aid to johnson says he is willing to swear under oath the prime minister was warned in advance that a may 2020 garden party for downing street staff would violate coronavirus restrictions. we'll follow that. just some of the other stories
3:24 pm
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president's attorney general who is taking considerable criticism. correspondent david spunt reports tonight from the justice department. >> we are a government of laws. >> president-elect joe biden surprised many by choosings a respected federal judge as his pick for the nation's top law enforcement officer. >> the rule of law is not just some lawyer's turn a phrase. >> so help me god. >> weeks into the job merrick garland made clear civil rights investigations tied to demands from the left for sweeping police reform would be a priority. the doj announced probes into multiple local police departments, including minneapolis, following the death of george floyd. last fall t grants to hire more than 1,000 local begging washington for more help. >> we cannot continue to endure the level of violence that we
3:29 pm
are now experiencing. >> the move came after a summer of violence, including in major cities with progressive prosecutors at the helm. in los angeles, district attorney george gascon has opposed seeking the death penalty and backs charging fewer juveniles as adults. crime victims are outraged. >> enough is enough. >> garland himself spent weeks depending off criticism for his memo responding to the national school boards association's call for federal help dealing with angry parents at public meetings. >> arguments against school boards are protected by the first amendment. threats are not. >> to kick off 2022, garland highlighted the work of the department responding to the attacks on the capital one year before. his credits often democrats, argue he needs to up the ante. >> we have, again, an attorney general who is, you know, feckless and has not been help envelope preserving our democracy. >> but one week later, garland's doj charged the head of the
3:30 pm
antigovernment far right oath keepers and 10 others with seditious conspiracy. it's the first time the charge has been used in the january 6th investigation. bret? >> bret: david spunt at the justice department. david, thanks. the part owner and director of the nba's golden state warriors is walking back his comments. we brought you those yesterday that no one cares about the human rights abuses against the uyghurs in china. venture capitalist chamath pat pill his comments lacked empathy. he did not apologize. the team. we are hearing alarming stories tonight about afghan refugees here in the u.s. national security correspondent jennifer griffin takes a look at the story tonight from the pentagon. >> abdullah worked as a driver
3:31 pm
at the u.s. embassy in kabul. he took this photo the day he was evacuated in august. he and his pregnant wife made it on to one of the last military flights and eventually to charlotte, north carolina where he has been living with about 50 afghan families in a motel. >> supermarket [inaudible] >> unlike most of the 124,000 afghans airlifted out of kabul, abdullah has received a social security number. he is one of the lucky ones. >> they have been sitting in hotel rooms for months on end waiting for that card to come in that says they are allowed to work. >> sean, save our allies a group formed by u.s. veterans last august says unless congress acts, these afghans will fail. >> agencies that handle the programs are overwhelmed and unable to support those needs and so, many afghans unfortunately are falling
3:32 pm
through the cracks. >> on december 6th abdullah's wife. his baby was born with a club foot. and the government refunded settlement agency could not help. save our allies got him an appointment at children's hospital in greenville, south carolina. the u.s. government only commits to providing support for the evacuees for 90 days. it provides $1,225 per evacuee. they also loaned them the money to fly to their final destination. that money needs to be paid back. nic, another veteran, described the case of an afghan combat translator named johnny who fox news has followed on his journey to north carolina. he was evacuated with his wife and three children. >> he has had his work visa lost in the mail twice. if we did not provide financial support, if we weren't looking out for him, he literally would be on the street with no means of feeding his family. do we want them to become successful, productive members of american society?
3:33 pm
>> the defense department has announced that it wants all of the evacuees off u.s. military bases and resettled by february 15th. veterans groups are urging congress to act to give these afghans a temporary status and permission to work. bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. up next the panel on democrats losing political ground at the end of president biden's first year in office and what the president may say at his news conference tomorrow. >> we have a plan to address the challenges we are facing and we are going to stay at it. >> it's not just one issue. it's a whole host of issues because the american people are just overwhelmed. ♪ ♪
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or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. ♪ it wasn't me by shaggy ♪ you're never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your discover card. >> the partisan election takeover bills that the democrat want to take over this week are not, not in any way successors of the civil rights legislation from the mid 20th century. >> members of this chamber were
3:38 pm
elected to debate and to vote especially on an issue as vital to the beating heart of our democracy as voting rights. >> in 2024 should manchin and sinema be primaried? >> we will address that when we get past this week. >> bret: well, they still don't have the votes on this voting rights reform on capitol hill. but chuck schumer, senate majority leader is pressing forward and want to get everybody on the record just a few moments before this show senator joe manchin democrat from west virginia spoke about where he is again. >> we have done everything along the lines of with the rules. and i don't know why we can't come together and find a pathway forward. but breaking the rules, there is no checks and balances in this process only for -- the only thing we have is the filibuster. >> bret: also said democrats should focus on the right priorities, inflation and covid being them. according to manchin, let's
3:39 pm
bring in our panel. guy benson, political editor at town host of the guy benson show on fox news radio. mara liasson national political correspondent of "national public radio." and syndicated radio host hugh hewitt. mara, they are making a point to get everybody on this vote but there is not movement here. so, politically, is that to run on it later? what is the play? >> i think politically it's to get everyone on record so they have to vote on how they feel about these underlying issues. right now, the only possible and i think it's a very slim possibility legislative vehicle is a bipartisan effort to reform the electoral counteract, that's a very old law that left pretty vague and fuzzy what the actual role of the vice president was in terms of certifying electors and what congress can do when they get the slates from the state. maybe something can come of that there is a bipartisan group
3:40 pm
talking. but there are not the votes to either pass the two voting rights bills the democrats want, one of which is sponsored by joe manchin because they don't have the votes to carve out an exception to the filibuster. the way they have for many other issues. but on this one they don't have the 50 votes they need. >> bret: here is the senate majority leader saying they are going to fight. >> we are going to fight the fight, fight the fight. we are under no allusion. we know this is an uphill fight, especially when virtually every senate republican to their shame is staunchly against any legislation to protect the right to vote. guy, it's quite something to listen to the rhetoric over the past few days from the president down in atlanta with those comparisons to what's happening
3:41 pm
on capitol hill. >> ludicrous what we just heard from schumer. he is not right by the way there are plenty of republicans who are very much interested in doing what mara just described on the electoral counteract. schumer said that's offensive. so, this is a power play by him and the democrats. they don't have the votes. let's take a step back though to your point, bret, last week we had the president pounding the table about bull conner. yesterday, mlk day the speaker of the house was saying that jefferson and washington and lincoln are weeping at the death of democracy. average americans look at this and say these people are crazy. there was a gallup poll taken at the end of last year asking voters to rank their priorities. voting reform, electoral changes came in less than half of 1% of respondents saying that was their priority. but that's what democrats are all in right now in washington which maybe you could justify from a power dynamic perspective if they had the votes but they don't. so they are going to put everyone on record and the
3:42 pm
happiest people on earth are republican strategists right now. they can't believe that some of these recalcitrant democrats who have been in the shadows not committing one way or the other, strategic ambiguity they will be forced out of the shadows by chuck schumer, their own party for no reason. it's amazing. >> bret: yeah. you can't tell me that mark kelly from arizona or maggie hassan really wants to do this vote. i'm not sure that they do. meantime we have talked about that gallup poll and the shift of democrats and republicans and self-identifying in that poll, hugh. we can always count on senator kennedy from louisiana to put things in perspective. >> the biden administration has mismanaged covid. it has mismanaged inflation. it has mismanaged the border. and it has mismanaged foreign policy. all in one year. if aliens landed tomorrow and said take me to your leader, it
3:43 pm
would be embarrassing. >> bret: all right, hugh. >> you know, bret, the man who needs no introduction is the voice that needs no introduction senator kennedy and he always comes through. you mentioned two anybody's in the earlier in the broadcast 28 and 14. 28 democrats have announced their retirement and 14 is the percentage point swing in favor of the republicans in the gallup poll over the course of one year. you also asked what's the play? i think it's lord of the rings meets survivor. they are voting themselves off of the island because of the house of pelosi is coming up and lord of the rings because emily's list tonight said they are withdrawing support and seek someone to run against senator sinema when she is up again. the democrats are dining on each other. meanwhile i did deep research on the way to the show tonight. i stopped and filled up the gas tank, $85 in california for three quarters of a tank. i think americans are talking about that, not this crazy
3:44 pm
filibuster back door flip jack that they have got going. >> bret: mara, the president is going to have this news conference. it's first in a while. i think second formal news conference. first this year. and he will tout what they sees a the successes, right? we heard a little bit from jen psaki today. what do you think? >> oh, i thought you were going to play jen psaki. [laughter] >> bret: that's all right. >> look, he is going to get tons of questions about all the things that are going wrong, the two biggest things that are out of his control, covid and inflation, which i would argue are the two things that democrats fortunes will most depend on. and then there is going to be all these things that he wanted to pass but couldn't pass. voting rights, which we just talked about, build back better, which is something he wanted to, so they are going to focus on the covid relief bill and infrastructure, yes, he got some things done. he set expectations so high and the democrats raised expectations so high, so out of
3:45 pm
proportion with their minuscule majorities that the contrast is pretty big. >> bret: all right, panel, stand by if you would. up next the cdc director says maybe she does need to talk about things differently. plus tomorrow's covid testing strategy rollout. keep it here. ♪ ♪ feel incredible! i love the new program because the app does all the work for you. it's never too late to start. join today for 50% off at hurry! offer ends january 24th! tony here from taking to the streets to talk about credit. can you repair your credit yourself? yes. -great. how? uhhh... how long does credit repair take? i don't know, like 10 years. what? are you insane? what's a good credit score? go. 600. maybe if you're trying to pay thousands extra in interest rates. cut the confusion, get started with a free credit evaluation
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♪ ♪ >> i think a lot of confusion emanates from the cdc and the mixed guidance that they have issued. >> the lack of clarity is contributing to the level of frustration. >> i think we need someone who is compassionate, who is consistent and where the messaging is clear. >> this is hard. we have ever evolving science with an ever-evolving variant. i'm here to explain that to the american people and i -- i'm committed to continuing to do so and to continuing to improve. >> bret: cdc director coming under fire and telling the "wall street journal" that she aims to improve the messaging and it has been a problem. rochelle walensky acknowledging she hasn't been clear enough. the pandemic threw curve balls that she should have anticipated. she thinks she should have made it clearer to the public that new rules and guidelines were subject to change if the nature of the fight against covid-19 shifted again i think what i have not conveyed is the uncertainty in a lot of these
3:50 pm
situations dr. walensky said. this comes, obviously, as the administration gets ready to roll out this website, mara, for covid tests and that's always a little hairy because we saw the last administration rollout of the website not go too well. >> right. are you talking about the obamacare website? >> bret: obamacare, yeah, sure. >> yeah. because, i anecdotally i have heard people that tried that website today and it worked. they ordered some tests. we will see if it continues to work really well. but this is the thing that the white house has been kind of inexplicably tardy on. why they couldn't have gotten tests to people sooner is unclear and the irony is that testing is the one thing in this entire pandemic that has not been politicized at least not yet. nobody is against testing if people want to do it. so, they are trying to get this
3:51 pm
out now. the president is also going to talk tomorrow how he is going to get high quality masks for free to anyone who wants them. the question is will people get them? will there be enough and will they get there in time? >> bret: hugh? >> i don't think they have focused on the right thing, bret. the good news is today that pfizer has tested its antiviral pill and it works against omicron. we expect merck and astrazeneca have antiviral pills that will work against omicron. 99% of the cases. dr. walensky hides in safe spaces with the "new york times" and big media. she doesn't go out and talk to pee. posting up antivirals and getting anticipation high people will get signature and should get better. they ought to be using the defense production act or any tool they can to rapidly get those pills distributed those are therapeutics that will be widely available and easy to take and metric as opposed to tests that will actually show that something good is
3:52 pm
happening. >> bret: guy, this is going to be something to watch this news conference tomorrow and covid obviously is a big topic in how this administration has dealt with it from what he said as a candidate. >> sure, shut down the virus which has not happened and i am sure is he going to come out there and tout the fact that they rolled out the website and mara is hearing of the same things that i have. my siblings put in their order for their free tests from the government. the problem is one of those siblings had covid over christmas and we couldn't find tests because they were selling out everywhere. this feels like extremely late to the party here when they were warned months in advance to the holidays let's do some testing reported in vanity fair and elsewhere and they rejected that plan. some point americans will get these four free tests they say 7 to 12 days from now. people symptomatic now and get the test it will be over by the time they get these -- the tests actually come in and actually test themselves. the infection will be over. and it looks like the omicron
3:53 pm
wave has crested already. so, this might have felt more like a triumphant achievement of the government if it had been announced and rolled out six weeks ago as opposed to now where the clock starts for 10 days. that's a little silly. and i think people are going to be posting on social media i got my tests. too late, but i got them. thanks, government. >> bret: then the other not so clear thing is that the cdc came out and said even if you get a negative that doesn't mean that you don't have it or you are not contagious. so you have that to deal with as well. mara, the question here is will there be any changes, do you think, in administration staff, leading up the chain to white house chief of staff or somebody in the cdc or dr. fauci? does it seem like this president has any changes in the making? >> well, you know, when presidents get in trouble, the kind of standard response is to throw someone over the side.
3:54 pm
but i'm not hearing that that's going to happen. this is not a white house that's in disarray. a white house that's just failing to achieve its goals and dealing with a bunch of problems some within their control and made mistakes. some are out of their control. so, no, i don't expect any big headline firing. but, i do hear from a lot of democrats that they want a clearer message. they want a vision from the white house going forward into this election year and that's what they are going to be listening for tomorrow. >> bret: we will all be listening. you will see it live here on fox news channel. panel, thank you very much. when we come back, it's tuesday. do you know what that means? "tuesday tweets:" "tuesday tweets:" ♪ gning chores, they can practice earning every day. with a debit card just for them, they'll learn smart spending firsthand,
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♪ ♪making your way in the world today♪ ♪takes everything you've got♪ ♪ ♪taking a break from all your worries ♪ ♪sure would help a lot ♪ ♪wouldn't you like to get away? ♪ ♪ ♪ sometimes you want to go ♪ ♪where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪ ♪and they're always glad you came ♪ age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. ♪ >> bret: all right, it's time for tuesday tweets. first from eric, bret: do you see any scenario where the republicans don't win back both the house and the senate in
3:59 pm
2022? listen if you talk to republicans they are very confident about the house. they picked up seats in redistricting, in the legislative drawings of districts. they feel confident. on the senate side, not as much but right now it's going their way. a lot can happen in nine plus months though. next tracy i know it can be hard with all the current news i like to see what happened to i would like to see one hawaiian volcano eruption. me may do that we liked that segment too. jared asks i always know you look down laptop on phone in bump shots why is it on purpose. >> yes. it's on purpose. i'm communicating with staff or reading your tweets just to think what viewers think mid show commercial break catching up. thanks a lot, guys. keep on tweeting. we pick out tweets every tuesday. tomorrow on "special report," our coverage of the president's first anniversary in office
4:00 pm
first year continues. covid legacy, the problems we have been talking about with democrats plus recap of afternoon news conference that will be a big one and i will be on martha's show as well. that's it for this "special report" fair balanced and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by pete hegseth starts right now. you will be tuned in to that news conference, won't you, pete? >> pete: for sure. it's one of your signature moves, toss to clip look down. i will try that tonight and see if i can steal it from you. >> bret: that's good. all right, my friend. >> pete: i love it thank you, bret. be well. >> pete: good evening, america, it's 7:00 p.m. on the east coast and 6:00 p.m. in god's country which means it's time for prime. "foxnews primetime." i'm your honor host pete hegseth. congratulations, america, we almost made it through one year of the biden administration. and if we have learned anything by now, it's two fold. one, we know this: they have a radical far left agenda that they will


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