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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 18, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>> martha: on that note, marc. thanks very much. he will be back with us today for our special two-hour edition of "the story." bret baier will be here, karl rove. a big story tomorrow. two hours. we'll see you then. >> charles: we're live on capitol hill. senate democrats are trying to save the white house agenda. still trying to bust a football. we'll talk to chuck grassley. that's coming up. first -- the los angeles police department speaking now. let's watch. >> today you're going to hear from honorable councilmember paul carretz and michael moore.
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you'll also hear from lieutenant john radke from the homicide division and captain sonya monaco. so at this point, i'm going to introduce honorable councilmember paul carretz. >> the tragic murder of brianna kupfer in hancock back is shaken and shocked our community to its core. i want to first address brianna's family. my own daughter is not that much owner than brianna. i can only imagine the heart break and the anguish that her family is feeling. the pain.
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i want you to know that you have my heartfelt support and my full commitment that i will help with whatever lapd may need until every option to find this vile killer is exhausted. we will find this vicious criminal. we will arrest them and we will get him prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. but we must fight justice for her, fight for justice for her even though nothing will bring her back. our mission and my objective is that the perpetrator who took away brianna from her beloved parents, colleagues, friends and our community will be permanently locked away, constantly reminded of his horrible, ugly and senseless murder of an innocent young woman who had endless potential. on the day this tragedy happened, i was briefed in real time. lapd has and will continue to have my full and unconditional support to bring the perpetrator
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to justice. as such, this morning i introduced the motion in city council calling for a $50,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of the suspect. we must never allow this type of lawlessness to become common place. this horrible murder is an attack on our way of life, civil society and our neighborhood. i want to thank chief moore, the assistant chief, the deputy chief, lieutenant john radke, captain sonya monaco and the entire team from operations west bureau and willshire division. now i'd like to read a statement from the family. it is with great sadness that our tube kupfer family mourns the passing of brianna as a result of this horrific attack.
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brianna, who was born educated and building her career here in los angeles was a rising star in this community whose ascent was cut short. she embodies everything great about los angeles and the entire city should grieve over this senseless act. she was a smart, funny and kind soul that only wanted to better herself and her community on a daily basis. while she could be shy at times, she lit up any room she was in and strove to elevate everyone she met so they could be better versions of themselves. she deeply loved her family and friends and made every day better by her presence. we will miss her greatly and there won't be a day that goes by that we will not think of her. we would like to thank the city council, the lapd and the west side community for the
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outpouring of love and support that we have received since this tragedy and hope it collectively that yes can find the person that murdered brianna. this is not only about bringing that person that committed this crime to justice, but at its core, making the community safer and ensuring that it never happens again. we have liked to especially acknowledge and thank our friends from the west side community who have selflessly donated over 200,000 towards the apprehension and conviction of the man that murdered our daughter, this is exactly the type of community support that brianna sought to provide in everything she did. in addition we would lake to thank the anonymous donors that have added $25,000 and $10,000 respectively to this amount. police take the time to hug and cherish your family today as brianna would have wanted it and in her everlasting memory work at the grass roots level to make
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our communities better every day. with all of the public and privately donated rewards added together including $50,000 motion i put forward on council this morning, we are topping over $250,000 for the capture and conviction of the suspects. this is important to bring more intention to this crime and to get more public response. we know that the suspect entered other businesses as well. if you saw him, let us know. i want to thank again chief moore for his immediate response as always. not only is he a man of his word, he's a principled family man that shares my deepest sympathies for the family. i'm grateful to have him at the helm of this investigation and now i'd like to hear from chief moore.
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>> councilmember, thanks for the introduction. this has been a tough week in los angeles. we look across the last seven days with the loss of our officer, fernando arroyo followed by brianna's murder, a senseless murder. unfortunately it's during a time in which we saw the murder of a 70-year-old woman as she stood at a bus bench getting ready to go to usc and be a part of the first responder group, those helping to safeguard all of us. again, we also have a 16-year-old whose body was cruelly dumped on the side of a road last week of the 110 freeway. i'll be attending her vigil tonight. we're here today because of brianna. we're here today to pull out to -- call out to this community
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the cries for your help. this individual responsible for this vicious, senseless and brutal crime that walks amongst us, i'm convinced of that. i'm convinced of that because of the reports of his activities prior to and in the after mast of this brutal homicide. where he visited businesses up and town la brea and the beverly corridor. businesses large and small. as he walked about the area, countless thousands of people drove by, walked by. on thursday our officers from west homicide responded and began their investigation. the investigation that has not stopped over the weekend, continues every day and will continue until this man is identified and brought to the criminal justice system. in that course of that investigation, they identified closed circuit television
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footage that identifies some of the clues and tips that i talked about here. they also have imagery that we put a community bulletin together that i draw the public's attention to if they have not seen it. it's available at latd online. it showcases an individual with a distinctive backpack, a male african american, 6 foot, to 6'5" with short dreadlockses wearing a painter-style face covering. it's been described as an n-95 but closer to a cone that you'd find as a dust filter at a home depot or lowe's. these are distinctive attributes and a distinctive identification. and i'm convinced that in a community that began its outpouring to me and members of my senior staff and in willshire, the willshire station about their care and concern for this senseless tragedy, i'm
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looking to that community today to help us solve the crime. i'm grateful for the councilman's motion for $50,000 as a reward, as an incentive. i'm grateful for the outpouring of the love and support of this community. i also extend to the kupfer family, as a father a police professional, just a human being, the unimaginable pain that they must be going through losing a 24-year-old daughter who has a bright and optimistic future and every promise of those brighter theys, moments of success and pride that every parents want to have in their son our daughter. to have that taken away by this brutal homicide. i can't imagine the pain. but let that family and let every family and every member of the community feeling this pain know that lapd stands with you.
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our work not only here and the hancock community and melrose community when we saw this increase in violence, an increase in smash and grabs and robberies, we brought added patrol resources. we marshalled resources from those that brought us the ability to get more police officers a greater visibility and we saw success and a reduction in crime. yet we couldn't save this one. that -- with that consequence, that we feel that pain and let me commit to you that investigatively we're pulling out every stop and i'm confident in the men and women of the homicide, the willshire command, of this department, to not just stand with this family but to serve this family. by identifying this killer and bringing him before the criminal justice system. that is our sworn duty to protect and serve and that we will do. at this point i'd like to
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introduce lieutenant radke. he oversees some of the finest detectives in or cadry, if you will. lieutenant radke. >> thank you, chief. what we can say is five days ago at 1:36 p.m., brianna was working in this store all by herself. she sent a text to a friend letting her know there was someone inside the location that was giving her a bad vibe. regrettably that personal did not see the text immediately. at 1:50 p.m., a citizen who was coming in to the store, a customer, found brianna lying on the ground lifeless, covered in blood. that person called 911. our officers and paramedics arrived out here quickly. they determined that she was dead. suspect took off on foot.
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he was last seen walking through the neighborhood. he walked for miles north, south, east and west throughout this neighborhood. someone out there knows this man. someone out there know what's he did. there's a lot of money on the table. you need to come forward, call the lapd west bureau homicide. 213-382-9470. let's give brianna's family justice. thank you. the number again is 213-382-9470. are there any questions about the investigation at this time in. >> [question inaudible] >> we do believe the suspect is homeless. that's in part by the fact that he came on foot, left on foot. he's carrying a backpack, which is consistent with homeless people carrying extra clothing with them and sleeping in the
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streets. there's some additional information that i cannot share with you at this point. we believe he's homeless. >> [question inaudible] >> we have been in contact with lasa. we have not been able to identify what camp or where this guy stays on a regular basis. >> [question inaudible] >> as you can imagine, we did a careful crime scene investigation. there is evidence that we're awaiting, processing at this moment. at this point i don't have any answer on that. >> [question inaudible] >> this appears to be a random act. there was nothing taken. no other suggestion of any other crime. >> [question inaudible]
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>> i don't want to speculate. but you know, i will point out the obvious. she was working by herself. some of the other locations, there were additional people. that probably played into this. >> [question inaudible] >> no, this is the largest i've ever seen. >> [question inaudible] >> yes, very impressive. the los angeles community needs to come together and come together for the right reason. it's not just the money. we need to hold this person accountable for what they did. >> [question inaudible] >> this suspect was inside the store for several minutes. and i'm not going to comment on the video right now.
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>> [question inaudible] >> well, i don't know just yet. i can tell you that we did our best to preserve any evidence that might have been present. >> [question inaudible] >> murder weapon appears to be a knife. >> that will conclude the question and answer portion. we'll have captain sonya monaco from willshire area. she will speak to the crime stats. >> good afternoon. so first of all, i'd like to say to brianna's family, our hearts are broken. we're praying for you. it's a very difficult time. i have a daughter myself. >> charles: so the search goes on for the suspect. this ucla grad student was stabbed to death while working in a los angeles furniture store. now her father is speaking out to fox. i want to go first to jonathan
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hunt who is live with the latest in los angeles. jonathan? >> charles, the murder of brianna kupfer was horrific and apparently, as you just her, the police chief saying there, entirely random. the 24-year-old had gone to work at a part-time job at a high-end furniture store last thursday. witness hour of arriving there, she was stabbed to death by a man the police say that they believe is homeless. he had walked in to the front of the store, there was for a couple of minutes according to the police chief, attacked kupfer and calmly walked away through a back alley. here's brianna's father talking to fox earlier today. >> i'm not blaming anybody by name. i blame what is endemic in our society right now. everybody is oriented on giving back rights and bestowing favor
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on people that rob others of their rights. >> on the same day as kupfer's murder a 70-year-old, a nurse that was close to retirement, was waiting for a bus at l.a.'s union station when she was randomly attacked and punched by another homeless man. she died three days later in the hospital. the l.a. county sheriff meantime has accused the district attorney here, george gascon. of being soft on crime, of emboldening those that are soft on crime. the two top law enforcement officials continue their battle here over crime and punishment. listen here. >> if you cannot be counted on to hold people accountable for breaking the rule of law in such a depreyed manner what good is
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your local district attorney? >> the reality is a punishment base approach to the work does not serve us well. an eye for an eye is not the way that government should behave. >> the murders of kupfer will be added to the ten homicides that the lapd says happened in the city in just the first eight days of this year. that is one less than there were at the start of 2021. but double the number of murders that there were at the start of 2020. overalthough, charles, we should point out that violent crime is at the moment trending down in los angeles. that, of course, is very little comfort to the families of brianna kupfer and sandra shells. >> charles: so what does it take
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to prevent more tragedies like this from happening? ted williams joins us. ted, i like your assessment. you've had some time to get your thoughts on what happened here and what might have prevented it. >> charles, first, if i could, let me offer my deepest condolences to the kupfer family, this young lady, brianna kupfer, was a wonderful, radiant person who had gone to the university of miami, got an undergraduate degree and now she was at ucla getting an undergraduate degree and now working at this high end furniture store. from all that we're able to see and have been told, an individual that was homeless came in and killed her. now, what they're looking at, charles, is his clothes that he was wearing. as you can see, he had all black
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on and was pretty well-camouflaged. there's other videos of him being in other stores in that area that they're also looking at. they're looking at the manner in which he walked. they do believe and i have to believe also that with an award of over $200,000 that somebody at some stage will turn him in. this is only the beginning of what is going on there in l.a. crime is out of control, charles. >> charles: it is. i want to get back to that video. looks like he's dressed like a ninja and pacing and a lurking, stalking movement. all covered up. could a police officer on patrol, could they have pulled over to question him, someone
1:22 pm
that looks out of place, someone that is dressed all in black, could he have been pulled over? >> i can tell you as a lawyer, it's highly unlikely that a police officer could do that without violating unfortunately the constitutional rights of the person that just pulled him over. if there's some justification, you can pull a person over. but he's dressed that way, but that's not so uncommon in los angeles out there. a lot of unfortunately homeless people dress in that manner, charles. >> charles: the homeless situation that is playing such a difficult role, not just in los angeles but a lot of crimes in new york city recently that people appear to be the homeless and/or mentally unstable. a recent poll in los angeles overwhelmingly people were complaining about the
1:23 pm
homelessness. what can be done about that particular situation? because that does seem to be the source of some more outrageous crimes that we've been seeing committed. >> yeah, you're right. let's just take what took place there in new york. an asian woman on a subway and all of a sudden she's pushed in to the subway by a homeless man who was alleged to have had some mental problems. we've had the smash and grabs, thiefry, i should say, out there in california. that is taking place. what we're finding is that crime is up all over the country. you have these individuals that have mental problems and they need to be dealt with and a lot of them are homeless. there are individuals, charles, that unfortunately that are just
1:24 pm
below the radar screen that have not being dealt with. there's various units in various police departments and various governments that can help out in that instance. >> charles: ted, we heard part hoff this in jonathan hunt's report. i want you to hear the victim's father. i'd like your reaction. >> what is endemic in our society right now, everybody seems to be oriented on giving back rights and bestowing favor on people that rob others of their rights, people that are falling out the bottom that really don't care about the other human beings. they just think that they can do whatever they like in our society. they're doing it more and more in every community. >> charles: ted, your thoughts. >> charles, you know, i got to
1:25 pm
tell you, todd kupfer, the father of brianna kupfer, is right on target. law abiding citizens are pushed to the side. you have gascon, the d.a. out there in l.a. and it seems as though his concern is about criminals. there in manhattan, new york, you have alvin bragg, the d.a. there. he's concerned more about criminals, so much to the -- that many individuals in his office have left. as a result of that, you're losing experience in lawyers that prosecute these various crimes. we've got to start being more concerned about law-abiding citizens that are trying to walk around and live a daily life. we're concerned about that criminal. that criminal element out there and that criminal element is
1:26 pm
killing people, harming people. now as we can see here in l.a., that criminal element, a homeless person walks in to a store and stabs a young girl to death, a young girl what had everything to live for, this is what we're dealing with in society. we need prosecutors, judges and police officers to go after these low lives. we're not having that in our various community, charles. >> charles: ted, when the press conference started, the councilman said we should never allow this kind of lawlessness to become common place. some would say it might be too late. did, thanks for your passion and expertise. talk to you again soon hopefully when we get better news. thanks, ted. i want to switch gears here. democrats set to face off as they meet in person about one
1:27 pm
hour from now. senate majority leader chuck schumer calling the meeting as he tries to bust the filibuster and ram through voting rights legislation. there's one problem, maybe two. senates joe manchin and kristen sinema have yet to budge and may not be too receptive to this latest pressure campaign. i want to go to chad pergram on capitol hill where this is all about to go down. chad? >> good afternoon. democrats can't overcome a gop filibuster so chuck schumer is trying to tee it up and change it. it may feel because ney don't all agree. >> we have to look at the rule changes that are appropriate and necessary to restore the senate and make voting legislation possible. >> martha: schumer likely forces a vote to change the filibuster tomorrow. the vote is doomed to fail. schumer is putting kristen sinema and joe manchin on the
1:28 pm
record oppose ago filibuster change. there's a squeeze play in baseball. there's also one in politics. >> the president's view is the american people deserve to see where their leaders stand on protecting their fundamental rights. that's why we move forward with this debate. >> mitch mcconnell says democrats are focusing on the wrong things. >> we have inflation. a pandemic. rampant violent crime. a border crisis. rather than work on any of that, senate democrats want to marr their own legacies with a reckless, reckless procedural vote that they know will fail. >> democrats are playing the long game. it's an effort to gin up support to change the filibuster in the future. voting rights as soon by liberals as a proxy for other issues. charles? >> thanks, chad. so money over morals.
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>> charles: it's another china controversy for the nba.
1:34 pm
this time it's over a billionaire minority owner of the golden stated warriors that dismissed china's treatment of the uighur population. to jackie deangelis with more. jackie? >> good afternoon. he's from silicon valley. it's a billionaire and his a minority owner in the golden state warriors. he raised more than some eyebrows when he says nobody cares about the ccp's genocide of the uighurs. chamath palihapitiya is making these comments on his podcast. >> nobody cares what is happening to the uighurs. you bring it up -- >> what? what do you mean nobody cares? >> the rest of us don't care. >> you're saying you don't care? >> i'm telling you a hard ugly truth. of all the things i care about, it's below my line. >> the billionaire tried to walk back the comments. he's been criticized for lacking
1:35 pm
empathy. this is not the first time this has happened. the league has tip toed around comments made by players and executives supporting chinese dissidents like the uighurs and hong kong protesters. the nba has a huge foot hold in china. china is extremely popular there and the league has a large monetary incentive to keep the ccp happy. think of this. the cctv there has banned nba games from air costing the nba roughly $400 million. now, there's a statement from the golden warriors distancing itself from their minority owner that owns about a 10% stake. but choosing not to acknowledge the root of the controversy saying "as a limited investor who has no day-to-day operating functions with the warriors, mr. palihapitiya does not speak on behalf of our franchise". someone that did take it on is ennis cantor freedom. he offered this tweet.
1:36 pm
he said when genocide happens, is it people like this that let it happen? so of course, there is a debate here. right? you have some that will call china and xi jinping out and some that put profits of morality. this is timely. we have the winter olympics set to begin in early february. >> charles: thanks, jackie. get the read on this from gordon chang, author of the coming collapse of china. we did reach out to chamath palihapitiya to come on the show today. we are yet to hear from him. gordon, you know, it's not just the nba. i always say we're missing something big when we don't bring nike into this conversation as well. china is the fastest growing market. they spend millions and millions on nba promotions. so it is sort of that trifecta.
1:37 pm
the owners and the large corporations. that was one of the most callous statements have i have ever heard. >> yes. palihapitiya walking it back on twitter saying this may have shown a lack of empathy. what it really showed is a lack of humanity. it's incomprehensible, chance. he comes from a family that left a country, sri lanka that was ethnic chancing. for him to say this is just unspeakable. >> charles: do you expect -- listen, we've seen this before. you know a lot of folks have pressured lebron james, for instance, about these things. do you expect any more, anything else to come out of this? a lot of people are saying he's a billionaire, the nba is teflon. they're able to have the double standards, they can speak out in this country. you have steph curry, who is very outspoken, very much a democrat.
1:38 pm
wears it proudly, does promotions for the civil rights act. will they come out on behalf of these people, this minority religious group that are being thrown in reeducation camps and treating horribly? >> i don't think there will be a change of heart until the nba starts to lose money in china. remember, china has a debt crisis. it has an communicate that is probably not growing at 1.8% that they say. i think we're going to see a change in attitudes on china when the economy fails to give people what they want. >> charles: it's so unfortunate. nice seeing you, but so sad that someone can let those comments roll off their tongue like that and the apology just added more pain to the statement. we'll see you soon. meanwhile, folks, read'em and weep. stocks selling off again today. worries have intensified over
1:39 pm
rate hikes and in fact, a more aggressive federal reserve. >> sandra: i'm going to susan li who is keeping track of it. >> the nasdaq now down roughly 10% from recent peaks, which is what we call a correction in investing. the reason? concerns that the federal reserve and the central bank might be behind when it comes to reigning in sky high inflation. so wall street now expects the fed to rate interest rates 4 times this year, which speaked treasury yields. the yields are indicative where they expect interest rates to go, which is up. when treasury yields go higher, that means that wall street has to sell out of stocks in order to chase more guaranteed money on government bonds. that is selling more pronounced when it comes to expensive technology names that have run up so much over the past two years. apple, amazon, google parents,
1:40 pm
alphabets were down sharply. for banks, which usually do go up when interest rates are forecast to go higher since banks make more money off of their loans, but goldman sakes had their worst day in two years. oil stocks, oil prices hit their highest in several years. u.s. gas prices are on track to hit $4 a gallon by memorial day according to gas buddy. the department of energy releasing another 400,000 barrels from the strategic petroleum reserve. doesn't have much impact on oil prices. finally a big shock to wall street. a big bet on the virtual reality future. the metaverse with microsoft this morning bidding $68 billion to buy call of duty and candy crush maker activism blizzard. activism spiked 40% at its peak
1:41 pm
on the back of this news. a virtual world like in the movie avatar, already player 1, seems to be a future bet for a lot of companies. hope you're excited, charles. >> charles: i talk about it every day on my show. i'm not going there but my wallet is. thanks, susan. so no third jab. can you wave aloha as in good-bye to your hawaiian vacation? we'll explain. some of my best memories growing up were cooking with mom. so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at
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>> charles: no boost? no lau. you have to have a booster to stay on the island. jonathan serrie is in a less
1:46 pm
than tropical spot. jonathan? >> hi, charles. yes, a little cold here in atlanta. but if you're travelling to hawaii, be advised that the state is considering adding a booster requirement to its already stringent travel guidelines. the state safe traveling program already requires incoming travelers to be fully vaccinated or to quarantine for five days. in an interview with the honolulu star advertiser, the governor announced a booster requirement will come with a grace period of at least two weeks to allow visitors and returning residents time to get their vaccinations up to date. while existing vaccines are still reducing hospitalizations and deaths, researchers are looking for ways to stop transmission altogether. a preliminary study found a fourth vehicle dose does not
1:47 pm
appear to produce enough anti-bodies to stop omicron infections, however. the ceo of moderna says he expects to begin clinical trials in the coming weeks of a vaccine specifically targeting omicron and have data to share with regulators as early as march. separately he says in late 2023 a vaccine could become available that would combine in a single shot a covid booster protection against seasonal flu and protection against another common respiratory virus called rsv. >> our goal needs to have a single booster. >> in order, simplifying it so people are getting fewer shots and not growing weary of having getting all the new vaccinations. ahead of the launch, the federal website for ordering free covid test kits is already online.
1:48 pm
the white house says it's being beta tested. you can get up to four free test kits per household. back to you. >> charles: good news. the white house rolling out the free at-home covid-19 testing program as they try to keep up the fight against covid. i want to bring in jacqui heinrich who is at the white house to talk about this and the action at today's briefing. what did we learn? >> yeah, charles, i tried that beta tested website as jonathan mentioned. it went live today. the white house saying it will go fully live tomorrow directing people to use it tomorrow, which is the expected launch date where you can get four tests per household. there is one drawback to this. i tested it out, put in my order and you get this message that says the first orders will go
1:49 pm
out in late january. then you have the long shipping timeline, expected to take between seven to 12 days. critics are saying yes, it's a great effort. but this effort might come, you know, after the peak of omicron and have sort of a blunted effect. we also are hearing more about the white house plan to make masks available, n-95 masks available. we're awaiting an announcement on that. we're three years in and the president has talked about the need to expand access for testing, the need to have people masking up for his entire administration. so these efforts to critics are coming too little too late. >> charles: thanks, jacqui, i appreciate it. at&t and verizon putting a pause on lighting up some of their 5g
1:50 pm
signals. to grady trimble at o'hare international airport with more on this back and forth. grady? >> charles, air india, emirates and a few other international airlines have cancelled flights over concerns with the 5g roll-out. here in the united states, the major airlines have put pressure on the telecom industry and government officials saying that the roll-out of 5g could create chaos for flyers. it seems that pressure worked. at&t and verizon say they will delay turning on some towers around airport runways. at&t says we're frustrated by the faa's inability to do what many countries have done, to safely deploy 5g. so instead, verizon and at&t
1:51 pm
will launch towers everywhere else as planned with the exception of the limited number of towers around airports. the airlines say 5g signal could interfere with instruments on planes. president biden says that this agreement from the cell providers will avoid devastating disruptions to passenger travel, cargo operations and our economic infrastructure. more than 90% of the wireless towers will be implemented as scheduled. so it seems like the worst has been avoided but we'll see when the roll-out officially commenced tomorrow. >> charles: so as president biden prepares a press conference, what if i told you about he and his party are worried about one month?
1:52 pm
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♪ ♪ >> charles: president biden and his party trying to regain momentum ahead of the november midterms, but time is running out, the peace and "wall street journal" arguing democrats only have one month to score the head of the state of the union. after that, time is up. so let's tee up this segment
1:56 pm
without an real clear politics tom bevan. tom, if that is the case, it seems clumsy to handle, for instance, trying to push the civil rights act, still trying to push through the filibuster. what else is on the agenda? >> well, that is the problem for democrats, they don't have a fallback plan. the original plan is to get build back better done and that died appear they shifted gears on voting rights legislation, which, again is an issue a lot f americans not top of mind. it is inflation and covid but not inflation. but on top of that, doomed to fail from the beginning. they know they don't have the votes to get it done so with his dead end politically and there is no plan and nothing to shift to that they can get done. there is some talk about breaking up build back better into small pieces and trying to pass those. that seems to be the only option left for democrats at this point in time.
1:57 pm
>> charles: i don't get senator manchin let everyone know in the democratic party where he stood. and they could have worked around what he did say was acceptable. obviously, this would turn into joe manchin build. but to add up the numbers $900 billion package. so this sort of tug-of-war and attempt humiliate him and senator sinema has been huge in my mind. >> i agree. look, part of the strategy here for democrats is to try to reinvigorate the base of the party because it's an election year and because they have dispirited. so, watching democrats fumble about in this unity and talk with inability to get anything done the past few months. this is intended to sort of energize them, galvanize them for the coming midterms. the problem with that as mentioned, it is not in line with the priorities of the
1:58 pm
american people, number one and potential risk to backfire and alienate moderates and independents who look at this and not only don't believe it is the priority, but also, a tough sell to convince people in 2022 that we are facing a civil rights crisis equivalent to 1965. >> charles: or even before because tom, i want you to take a listen to what president biden said inaugural address january 2020 of last year. >> today on this january day, my whole soul is in this, bringing america together, uniting our people, uniting our nation. >> charles: all right, that was then and this is now purity 49% of americans say the president is doing more to divide the country. tom, what does he say tomorrow to try to turn that around? >> i don't know if he can turn it around, charles. you are right.
1:59 pm
he was elected on two promises one to unite the country and one to take care of covid appeared covid is a problem for the administration. some of that stuff is out of the control of the administration, but in terms of uniting the country, every opportunity the president has chosen the confrontational path, the one that causes division as opposed to the one that unites the country, whether it is covid and faxing mandates or other pieces of legislation like build back better. he never sought to sit down with building those bridges that he vowed he would do. the american people and the polling reflects the fact they have lost faith in him and his ability to bring the country together. he simply has not done it and he simply has not tried. >> charles: to your point covid-19, now he's got all three of those he is dealing with, afghanistan, lower sentiment, rising skyrocketing crime, skyrocketing inflation, and just overall people are frustrated and it is reflected.
2:00 pm
we will see what happens tomorrow, tom, we appreciate to tap into your expertise. remember, fox will bring you the president's press conference tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. meanwhile, you can catch me every week day 2:00 p.m. eastern on "fox business: making money" a terrible day for the stock market and a lot of anxiety over where the interest rates are going. if you are concerned about your portfolio check neo on the business channel and "the five" starts now. >> jesse: hello, everybody jesse watters with greg gutfeld, kennedy, geraldo rivera oh and emily compagno. 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." soft on crime policies leaving a trail of avoidable death and destruction and democrats lead cities all across the country. dangerous criminals should be behind bars are still loose with plenty of victims to choose from. and liberal di


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