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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  January 18, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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will blow your mind. and "miseducation of america" on fox nation, and 90 days free with the code classroom as well. >> bonus, nation about affordable from pete. thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll check it out. "america reports" is now. >> john: harris, thank you so much. fox news alert, senate democrats moving forward with their plans to alter the filibuster as the party looks to overhaul elections by federalizing them. >> sandra: a vote could come as early as tomorrow, democratic leadership working around g.o.p. opposition to pass the voting rights legislation but also running into a roadblock with some of its own members. we will have much or on this filibuster fight coming up. >> john: begin "america reports" with the new poll showing a huge political shift underway across
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the country. as more americans identify themselves as republican over democrat for the first time in more than two decades. hello, i'm john roberts in washington. and sandra, happy anniversary, who thought a year could go by so quickly. >> sandra: it flew by, great to be with you throughout and we kick off another year here. sandra smith in new york. nine-point advantage for democratics in 2021, to a five-point advantage for republicans by the end of last year. >> dramatic swing, the republican's largest lead in the category since 1995, and tracks with the sinking approval of president biden's job approval amid crisis. >> sandra: mark, gallop is saying, it's too soon to pop the champagne, what are you saying? >> that's what they are saying,
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the surge in support for republicans may have slowed down in december, a look to see what the final numbers look like. either way, the latest report is providing some fascinating insight into how americans feel politically speaking. gallop took 13 polls during 2021, asking 12,000 people how they lean, either democrat or republican. as of the fourth quarter, republicans had a five-point lead, 47% of people right, 42 leaning left. a huge shift from the beginning of the year. democrats losing most support in the third quarter of last year as chaos is breaking out in afghanistan and the delta wave led to a surge of covid infections. the republicans tell fox news they believe it's not a single news event, instead policies coming from d.c. impacting voters most. >> it just is not working, and american people are responding to it. that's why they are more willing to identify publicly as republicans because they see that under president trump and working with republicans things
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were better. their lives were better. their communities were safer. >> gallop says it is still a close race, political wins are more favorable for republicans in the fourth quarter, g.o.p. advantage larger than 25 years. and the white house is dismissing reports all is lost, despite recent setbacks, the administration is focussed on moving forward. i would bet the president will have a lot of questions tomorrow afternoon. >> sandra: john. >> john: dan henninger, wall street journal wonderland columnist, dan, good to see you this tuesday. put the numbers back up on the screen where we were the early part of 2021. democrats, 49%, republicans 41, in terms of who americans are with, and look at the shift by the end of 2021. it became republican 47,
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democrat 42. there we are, there is the thing up on the screen. that's a 14-point swing. down seven for the democrats, up seven for the republicans. kayleigh said it amounts to a five alarm fire for the democrats. >> she's right about that. those are simply remarkable numbers, john, a huge shift, and again, that gallop poll, it's not based on 1200 people, that's 12,000 people in the poll. so, that's pretty meaningful. and i think it has to do with public events. you know, if the only thing going on in washington had been build back better and the spending bill, kind of be inside baseball. americans don't pay that close attention to it. but the past year has seen some really significant public events and because of the pandemic people are paying attention. there was covid, joe biden said he was going to end the virus, he did not. running alongside, inflation, two other big public events, and
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that was the afghan pull-out, that fiasco ran for weeks and one people noticed, virginia governor's race between glenn youngkin and terry mccaulife, they were not close, youngkin offered a real choice, americans watched the events and pretty clear the president has suffered and the democratic party since april has simply run downhill with the american people. >> john: that race a real classic example of who do you want running things, the government or do you want to have a say in your own governance. do you -- the big question here, dan, do you expect it to hold to november 8th, as mark meredith was pointing out, the numbers started to slow down a little bit for republicans in december. >> you know, we have something
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in politics called the big mo, about momentum, and that looks like big momentum for republicans right now. i doubt they are going to blow it, because they are the party in opposition, they simply have to react to this presidency and its policies. and i don't think that's going to change. the inflation is not going to go away, that's a huge problem for the democrats. and joe biden and the congressional democrats do seem to be in significant disarray. i mean, presumably in the next couple of days they are going to go ahead with this vote on the voting rules bill and on the filibuster, they are going to lose two big votes. and mr. biden has got to decide whether he is going to continue to throw in with the progressive wing of his party, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, or try to do something smaller and more achievable through people like joe manchin and kristen sinema.
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>> john: the vote on the filibuster would seem to be more an exercise in getting people on the record as to what they support so they can try to fight that battle in november. i'm not sure how good that strategy is. tomorrow president biden will hold a news conference, and right the ship or change it, if you will, quinnipiac poll, 34% on the economy, 45% on foreign policy, 39% on the coronavirus pandemic and dan, not a whole lot of accomplishments to point to. >> no, there aren't. and the press conference is going to be fascinating because i think joe biden's problems are both personal and substantive. on the personal side, he tends to present himself as he did in that big speech on the voting rights bill last week in sort of a very intense, earnest and often angry way. i think people will be watching
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tomorrow to see whether he is goaded into cracking back at the press. i think that personality that biden shows, the anger, that intensity, which is so opposite of, say, the coolness of a barack obama or a bill clinton, really rubs a lot of americans the wrong way and then there is the substance of whether he's going to step away from some of the progressive policies like the full build back better bill or try to come up with something more modest, something more achievable. that i think is what we are going to be looking for tomorrow. >> john: might challenge you on the coolness of bill clinton. i saw him like turn purple more than once. dan, great to talk to you. >> in private. john. >> john: a couple times in public, i saw. dan, thank you so much and of course we have the big press conference tomorrow, a big day. >> sandra: it will indeed, the president sinks in the polls and faces a lot of challenges, a lot on his plate as he starts year
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two for the biden administration. john as we just mentioned, senators could take a procedural vote on changing the filibuster, numbers may not be there even from his own party. chad pergram has the latest details on this. always about the math, something you are so good at. so, where are we on this today? >> sandra, the math equation is not adding up to the democrats. the standoff over voting rights in the filibuster continues but nothing has moved on the issue in weeks. even president biden failed to close the deal with reluctant democrats during a meeting on capitol hill. chuck schumer wants to get everyone on the record about voting rights even if it embarrasses some members of his own party, and that could be the point. house speaker nancy pelosi is imploring senate democrats to alter the filibuster to pass voting rights. >> but we have to get this done, and the truth is, that our colleagues in the house and senate, democrats and
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republicans must weigh the equities here. so i ask our colleagues in the senate, respectfully for what they think the filibuster means, to compare that to weigh the equities against our democracy. because nothing less is at stake than our democracy. >> manchin and sinema are in the way but are opposed to changing the filibuster. great deal of skepticism. >> no, i don't. may be on life support, but you know, john lewis and others did not give up after the 1964 civil rights act. that's why we got the 1965 voting rights act. >> it's possible schumer could hold a vote to change the filibuster even if the vote is doomed to fail. democrats need all of their members on board to change the filibuster.
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sandra. >> sandra: chad, thank you for taking us through it, and good to see you. john. >> john: terrible tragedy, the father of a ucla graduate student stabbed and killed in what police called a random act of violence is speaking out about his grief over the death of his daughter. todd kupfer says the blame lies at the feet of politicians and other community leaders who led violent offenders out of jail to walk the streets. >> this kind of tragedy just can't befall more people. it's just so painful. every parent feels this so deeply. it's just something we can't see happen. i'm not blaming anybody by name, i blame what is in our society, everybody seems to be oriented on giving back rights and bestowing favor on people that
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rob others of their rights. we should be celebrating the good in people and trying to recognize the bad. the job they have is to try to elevate that to make communities better. >> john: an awful thing that happened. 24-year-old brianna kupfer was studying design and working part-time at an upscale furniture store. the man they believe is homeless walked into the shop and stabbed her with a knife. the suspect escaped with a back door and is still at large. you have to just feel so much for that family, sandra. steve doocy, when he did the interview with the father, became visibly emotional. >> sandra: horrific, and the father obviously wants people to know this happened and rafael mangual will join us next hour and he talks a lot about there's been long this connection that is very known out there between
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homelessness, serious mental illness, and violent crime. but a large scale push to destigmatize serious mental illness. but the reality he says, with the mental health diagnoses, seriously and likely to commit more serious crimes. a lot of money thrown at a problem with relatively little success. we'll ask him about that. >> john: and not a lot of treatment available for those folks. >> sandra: indeed. pressure on the ncaa over a biological male dominating women's swimming in the ivy league. will the organization change the transgender policy. a big story, we are going to cover it. plus this. >> what is the grand home plan to increase oil production in america? [laughter] >> sandra: hilarious. >> john: remember the reassuring answer a few months ago, americans are not laughing as they are facing more pain at the
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10:19 am
start. u.s. national average up nearly a dollar from a year ago. 3.31 the national average, steve moore, former trump economic adviser and robert wolf, former obama economic adviser. thank you are being here. so, roll sound bite, gas buddy making this prediction about $4 starting to roll. >> most of the pain in march, april and may, we are already going up. >> sandra: more energy prices, already feeling the pain when it comes to heating our homes this winter. americans are not going to be happy if they are staring $4 as a national average again at the gas pumps. >> part of the problem, down about 2 million barrels a day of the oil that we have produced here at home, in texas and oklahoma, and west virginia,
10:20 am
north dakota and states like that, so now we have to import it from places like saudi arabia. and so i don't get the logic, frankly of the biden energy plan. why is it that we are not producing more natural gas and oil here at home? i want to mention one other quick point. my wife and i went out shopping thursday to the grocery store and not only is the problem these higher prices that you are talking about, sandra, but now in the grocery stores you can't find milk, they are out of eggs. it's a problem for people, shortages and empty shelves and that, i have not seen in a long time in america. >> sandra: there was some relief when it came to gas prices ance now appears as we enter the new year, biden's second year in office, robert, it appears that we are all going to be starting to pay a lot more at the gas pump again. jennifer, i'll spare you the sound bite of her throwing her head back in laughter when she was asked how we are going to
10:21 am
increase production to lower costs, but asked about this at the national petroleum council and said consumers are hurting and again places blame on the energy companies. watch. >> consumers as you know are hurting at the pump. you clearly have some important tools to alleviate that pain. so i hope you'll hear me say that please take advantage of the leases that you have. hire workers, get your rig count up. i do not want to fight with any of you. >> sandra: isn't she asking for help from the same companies that they have demonnized, overregulated, added so much red tape they have a hard time doing business and now pleading for their help, robert. >> i thought i was going to get the same softball you gave steve. since i know he's struggling
10:22 am
with milk and eggs today. so, you mentioned a year ago during covid, a year ago we were averaging 2.8 trillion vehicle miles traveled. today we are averaging 3.2 trillion. so, we are averaging 400 billion more a year, 400 billion more a year of nationwide travel. so of course gas is going to go up. i, let me finish. i went to march 2020, we would be down by 50%. so, one, you have a lot more people travelling. it's a fact. number two. >> sandra: that means you should up production and that's what she was asked about, and threw her head back in laughter. so, what is the plan? >> i will reply to that as well. make clear we are sure on the supply and demand part you did not mention nor did steve. with respect to what jennifer
10:23 am
granholm has said, we have given out more permits for leases for oil than the trump administration in the first three years on average. so the thing is because of the post-pandemic environment, a lot of building in energy that people are nervous about because of the volatility in supply and demand side. it's not as -- >> sandra: let steve respond here. ultimate cure to high prices is high prices, right, an old trading adage and always true, and the target c.e.o. >> i think i'm the only one that has traded my whole life. >> sandra: this is true, i'm in tv now. ok. we'll talk about that later, robert. but steve, target just came out, c.e.o. said inflation will limit driving and shopping trips. perhaps high prices curing high prices, perhaps people will cut back and a significant impact on the economy. robert, this is not just fox news talking about it, this is
10:24 am
cnn business headline this morning. joe bidene biden -- joe biden 2 off to a dreadful start, prices at the pump could make it even worse. we are simply asking, when you put up the oil prices going up exponentially under this administration, what's the plan to increase production and bring prices down for the consumer? steve, final thought. >> let me respond to what robert was saying. look, robert, if the administration wants more oil and gas, why didn't they just take a million acres in alaska off line. i talk to the oil producers all the time and feel this administration highly hostile to american production. and a lot of your friends in the democratic party want the united states to go to 0 to oil production, part of the plan, sandra. look at what biden has said. by 2030, he wants the united states to be using no oil, no gas, no coal, the way you do that is you raise the price so people can't afford to use it. so i don't think there is any truth to the idea the biden
10:25 am
administration is pro american oil production. >> sandra: we'll have to continue this, it's not just gas, it's home heating costs, brain room says the average american household spends $573 on gas to heat their homes in 2021. $733 this winter, increase of 28%. that's real pain, especially on a family with fixed income. i have to leave it there. robert, five seconds. five seconds. >> listen, no quick fix. i've been saying since inception. inflation is here we know that, and not dissipating soon. >> sandra: we'll have you back soon. >> john: fear along with crime as new york city business owners hire extra security to keep customers safe while far left political leaders let criminals go free. plus this. >> i believe that we all should feel comfortable with who we are in our own skin, but i think
10:26 am
sports should all be played at an even playing field. >> sandra: olympic swimming champion michael phelps weighing in on transgender athletes competing in college sports. does the ncaa need to make a big change. olympic gold medallist joining us on that. a big story just ahead. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. one gram of sugar, ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ i earn 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. i earn 5% on our cabin. hello cashback! hello, kevin hart! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee.
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>> sandra: new york city new democratic mayor eric adams was elected as a law and order candidate and promised to clean up the city but he is getting slammed from down playing the horrific murder at a subway train stop this weekend. alvin bragg is refusing to prosecute many low level crimes forcing some small businesses to take matters into their own hands. a huge challenge for many. madison alworth is live in new
10:31 am
york city with more on that for us. >> the mall in chinatown in manhattan, they have hired 2 to 3 private security guards to people businesses and customers safe because they did not feel safe without them. worried about the current policies able to protect those that are running business here and also coming inside. this all happening like you said after the mayor who promised to be the law and order candidate has really failed to turn the tide on crime in this first part of his time as the mayor. so you take a look at the numbers from the last week when it comes to crime. you know, when it comes to complaints of crime, up over 40% compared to last year, arrests, they were up only 14%. we are seeing more crime and only a slight increase when it comes to arrests. of course it is very early in the mayor's term but his reaction to the brutal killing on saturday is not instilling confidence things will get better. the 40-year-old was a business woman at one of the busiest
10:32 am
situations in manhattan and she was pushed to her death by a homeless individual with a history of mental health issue us. adams argues subways are safer than ever and dealing with a perception of fear problem. business owners are not perceiving crime, they are experiencing it every day. in chinatown, the homeless population has exploded over the course of the pandemic. business leaders worry if something does not change, customers will never come back to pre-pandemic levels. >> one of the biggest problems, the homeless people think it's a public building and they come in and use the bathroom and shower, and do all sorts of drugs in there, i believe that if you are not going to prosecute low level crime, all the business is going to close because they are going to be afraid that people are going to steal their inventory and police will not show up and they might as well just shut down. >> sandra, like i said, this location, they have a couple of private security officers that they have hired, and i've been here throughout the morning.
10:33 am
i was outside working on my laptop from 10 to 11 and i saw what they were talking about firsthand. in the one hour, i saw one attempted drug deal, and one successful robbery, a woman had her bag stolen in just one hour, and this is what businesses are dealing with in the community every day. so puts in perspective what i've been hearing from business leaders and they are desperate for something to change. >> sandra: and some of them throw up their hands and they leave the city, they don't feel they can safely operate. madison, thank you for the story. and john, rafael mangual coming up, mike solan and others, and new numbers out of new york. madison hit on them, out of new york city, in just a one-week period to madison's point what she has seen in the last hour and just today even, rape complaints up 22%. robbery up 24%. felony assaults up 9%, grand larceny, up 62%. crime complaints in one week are
10:34 am
up 41%. that is huge. and speaks to what we are seeing. >> i lived in new york 14 years in total and i don't remember it being like that. my car got broken into, but that was about it. >> sandra: and the number of actual arrests is up 14%. obviously not keeping pace with the number of crime complaints. >> john: not at all. hey, here is a really interesting story coming up here. ncaa board of governors expected to debate transgender athlete policy this thursday in response to the controversy over a bye -- biological male swimmer, and let's bring in donna de varona, great to talk to you about this with the ncaa coming up with some sort of statement, maybe policy guidance, we are not sure. ncaa rules dictate transgender
10:35 am
athlete must be on testosterone suppression therapy for a year, but they say it does not remove the athletic advantage under puberty, and some suggest the one-year time frame is not enough and that no amount of testosterone suppression therapy will level the playing field. always be an advantage gained during puberty. what do you say? >> it's a pleasure to be on your show today and to have had this discussion. i've been working with other elite women athletes and researchers and even the international olympic committee to get them to reevaluate the quick judgment on promoting a policy unfair for the safety and promotion of women sports in that category. i mean, trying to equate biology with gender identity does not
10:36 am
work in the sports place. it may work everywhere else, maybe before puberty and there are some sports there are no barrier, but lia thomas is a lightning rod, and time for the ncaa, controls sport, especially olympic sport, and international federations readdress the policy. we want fairness and safety in sports. that's what it's all about. >> john: you talk about lia thomas from the university of pennsylvania, dominating the field in the pool, some of her statistics from a december meet and the 200 freestyle, she won by seven seconds. 500 freestyle, by 14 seconds. 16, won by 38 seconds. also qualified for the ncaa championships in march. she's been receiving testosterone suppression since 2019, but she's, she was competing as a man until 2020. the last meet, though, she also lost a couple of races to a woman who is transitioning to a
10:37 am
man, transgender as well. this is all very, very complicated. >> well, it doesn't have to be. i mean, izzy is the woman who is transitioning to a man. she removed her breasts, she decides she wants to compete in the women's category because she can win. lia thomas has decided after three years of competing as a man and transitioning, according to the policy, ncaa policy competing as a woman, and i don't think it's been a pleasant experience for everyone. some educators say we have to understand the transgender journey and i think we all do. but again, biology in sport, women's sport does not equate gender identity. >> john: michael phelps, most decorated in history, says there needs to be a level playing
10:38 am
field. what does that look like. i assume the transgender athletes, lia thomas could no longer compete with the men, she was falling behind anyway. it's unfair according to people, that she competes with women. not enough transgender athletes to have a division under their own. what do we do here? >> you know, sports adapts. if you look at the paralympic model or the special olympic model there are categories. and sports discriminates. i wish i could have been an ice skater or gymnast. i don't have the body to do that. i found swimming and i swam in a women's category head to head but i also swam in the area before title ix. so when the men went off to college and you learn about fair play and networking and project in great jobs in the future, me in my generation had to quit. for 50 years we have been
10:39 am
protecting title ix and the danger if we equate biological sex with gender identification in our laws, we could eradicate the laws that protect the separate sex category in sport. there are ways to handicap, we do it in golf. we have to dig deeper and look at science-based research and not promote policies that wind up demonizing somebody like lia or traumatizing the women on her team. >> john: in terms of times, too, we have to go, but boston university did a study that found to a large degree testosterone suppression therapy alone does not level the playing field. so we look forward to what the ncaa says later this week. >> we do, i'm glad we are having the debate. glad they are finally stepping up. thank you. >> donna de varona, thank you for joining us. >> sandra: meanwhile, president biden will speak to the american public tomorrow as the administration faces yet another
10:40 am
possible defeat to rewrite voting laws. a new poll shows republicans gaining momentum among american voters. >> nobody cares about what is happening -- you bring it up, you care. >> what do you mean nobody cares? >> the rest of us don't care. >> john: part owner of the golden state warriors is ripped for a plight of the weaker people in china. a live report on the growing outrage straight ahead. you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®.
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>> john: minority owner of the golden state warriors slammed for comments he made about the alleged abuse of muslims in china. live in new york city with more. this was insensitive, to say the least.
10:45 am
>> to say the least, good afternoon to you, john. silicon valley billionaire and golden state warriors minority owner raising some eyebrows, that's putting it mildly, too, when he said no one cares about the ccp genocide of the uyghurs. >> you bring it up. >> what do you mean nobody cares? >> the rest of us don't care. >> you really don't care? wait, you are saying you personally don't care? >> very hard ugly truth. of all the things i care about, it is below my line. >> he tried to walk the comments back, but to no avoil. he was criticized for lacking empathy, and not the first time the nba was wrapped in controversy. the league has tip toed around comments made by players and executives supporting chinese dissidents like the uyghurs and the hong kong protestors.
10:46 am
nba is very popular there and a large monetary incentive to keep them happy. costing the nba roughly $400 million, take the statement you mentioned before from the golden warriors distancing themselves from the minority owner, owns about 10% of the team but choosing not to acknowledge saying as a limited, no day-to-day operating functions with the warriors, he does not speak on behalf of our franchise. someone who did take it head on, someone from the boston celtics, outspoken critic of the ccp offered this scathing tweet, said when genocides happen it's people like this that let it happen. and he will be called out and others will put profits before their morals, this is also particularly timely, john, as
10:47 am
the winter olympics are set to begin in china in early february. >> john: he might be right in saying certain entities don't care much about the uyghurs because they do business with the chinese communist party, but to say it's below the line given his background is kind of stunning. >> the way it came out was off-putting. >> john: truth is often spoken the first time out of your mouth. >> sandra: think of what you are going to say before you say it. next up, the fight of what's caught in the nation's schools. even one school board tried to prevent radical changes from happening in the classroom, how the far left wing activists were willing to go to make sure they got what they wanted. carol could not get out of new york fast enough, she fled to florida for good. she's got plenty to say about the ways of woke culture and our children, next.
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10:51 am
>> sandra: an investigation from the daily wire revealing shocking details on how teachers' unions and far left activists are targeting oregon school board members for declaring schools should be politically neutral. it reportedly started last year after several members voted to
10:52 am
ban items, including black lives matter flags and pride imagery from flying in the classrooms. administrators declined to enforce the policy and now school board members are fighting back. carol, new york post columnist, she joins us now and i know it's a very big deal to you because you fled new york for various reasons, one of which you did not like what was happening for your own child in the classrooms here. i want to just start out with the reason why the board members moved in this direction. they wanted to ban the ideology they said from the classrooms because hope to get back to neutral learning environment. obviously with the backdrop of covid and lost learning. the schools have chosen to ignore it, carol, and take that a step further where they are removing the board members from office and they have created hell for some of them, even have been docked. what is going on here? >> you know, a lot of the time i'll talk about woke or leftist
10:53 am
influence in our schools and people will assume i mean only blue urban centers or big cities, and this story shows it can happen anywhere, even in a town where they are actively fighting against it. and this story by gabe caminski, the school board members ran and run on wanting apolitical school environment. school administration, teachers' union and rich people from outside the district, including hollywood celebrities poured money into the town to make sure the leftist values are pushed on the kids. it's a really big deal and people need to take seriously it's not just happening in new york city or california. it's a red town, and it's that they don't mind the values pushed on the kids, they do. but lose anyway. >> sandra: some of the students in the schools were even
10:54 am
allegedly forced to pledge allegiance to the gay pride flag. teachers are not facing any repercussions for ignoring the school board, they have continued to prioritize propaganda over learning. one parent is quoted in here, robin wheatly, saying i have filed complaints, she has two kids in the school system there. i have emailed so many different teachers and literally ignore me every time. what choice do these parents have? >> yeah, they don't, they really don't have that much choices. and look, i'm known for being pretty even keeled, a calm voice about schools and kids but it's not an exaggeration to say it's a fight over who our kids belong to. parents need to understand this is going to be a long fight. it doesn't end with electing normal people to the school board because you have all the other forces, unions, outside money, that will continue to fight you for your control of your child and the sooner parents understand how big of a fight this is, the better, because it's here, it's not going away, and it's only going to get bigger.
10:55 am
the story of this town i think is so, so powerful and important. because it really shows it can be anywhere and it's coming for your kid and it's not an exaggeration to say you are going to have to fight back and have to start now. >> sandra: and the schools there reportedly are suffering quite a decline. the district has lost students each year since 2018, carol, shrinking from nearly 5,000 students in 2018 to 4,300 last year. and one fed up mother said it's because they have embraced indoctrination over academics. >> we need to fight this wokeness because it really is a problem for all of us. i think we are going to continue to see people fleeing the woke schools. million dollar idea, multi-million dollar idea, nonwoke schools, make it happen, private industry. >> sandra: carol, hope to have you back soon. >> thank you so much, thank you. >> john: a father in mourning after the murder of his
10:56 am
24-year-old daughter by a homeless man and blaming woke policies for her death. just the latest example of innocent lives being lost to violence in liberal d.a. george gascon's los angeles. and rafael mangual and mike solan and their thoughts on the out of control crime on the west coast and what needs to be done to do it. senator tom cotton, and more ahead. we discover exciting new technologies. redefine who we are and how we want to lead our lives. basically, choose what we want our future to look like. so what's yours going to be?
10:57 am
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call 1-800-miracle right now and experience a better life. you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit kept a bucket list on her phone. a list cut short by a deranged stranger with a knife. >> live on in many ways but this kind of tragedy cannot befall more people. it's just so painful. >> john: she was a volunteer who worked for a decade helping the homeless until a homeless ex-con she had never met brutally ended her life. >> homeless people think this is a public building and do all sorts of drugs in there and they
11:01 am
stay in there. >> sandra: homelessness is a common thread, both homeless and mentally ill. both victims attacked at random, it could have been any of us going about our daily lives. >> john: it's not just a danger, it's also the decay. once great cities unrecognizable, and cities keep pushing policies, going soft on crime. >> if you cannot be counted on to hold people accountable for breaking the rule of law in such a depraved manor, what good is your local school district. >> the criminals are getting the priorities and the victims are an afterthought. >> sandra: more and more americans are fed up and fired up. welcome back for a second hour of "america reports." sandra smith in new york. great to be with you, john. >> john: good to be with you as well, on this, the first year
11:02 am
anniversary of "america reports." and take a look at these images, filth covering the ground as far as you can see, and these trains are being robbed, like the wild west. kelly o'grady live with that growing crime trend. >> sandra: begin with the story of brianna kupfer, and the father suffering the loss you could never imagine. jonathan hunt. >> the murder of brianna kupfer was horrific and apparently entirely random. the 24-year-old had gone to work at her part-time job at a high end furniture store last thursday. >> she was a dedicated person, she was at work that day, i don't know why she was there alone, but she was, and i don't think anybody would have anticipated this could possibly happen there. >> within hours of arriving at
11:03 am
work, kupfer was stabbed to death by a homeless man, walked into the front of the door, attacked kupfer and calmly walked out the back alley. >> i'm not blaming anybody by name, i blame what's endemic in the society is that everybody seems to be oriented on giving back rights and bestowing favor on people that rob others of their rights. >> on the same day as kupfer's murder, 70-year-old sondra shells, a nurse close to retirement, she was punched by a homeless man, she died three days later in the hospital. the sheriff has accused george gascon being soft on crime, and what the sheriff has called
11:04 am
stupid policies as the two top law enforcement officials continue their battle over crime and punishment. >> you cannot be counted on to hold people accountable for breaking the rule of law in such a depraved manner, what good is your local district attorney? >> the reality is the punishment base approach to the word does not serve us well. eye for an eye is not the way the government should behave. >> the murders of kupfer and shells will be added to the ten homicides the l.a.p.d. says los angeles saw in just the first eight days of this year. that is one less than there were the start of 2021, but double the number at the start of 2020. we should point out, though, sandra, that overall, violent crime is actually trending down in los angeles after a preholiday spike. not that that offers much
11:05 am
comfort to the families of brianna kupfer and sondra shells. sandra. >> sandra: horrific story. thank you. >> john: staying in los angeles, sandra, train tracks blanketed by empty boxes. what is that all about? kelly o'grady. >> last week we had yet another train robbery at the location behind me, and i want to highlight, union pacific has seen an increase in 160% in train robberies this year. take a look at the carnage, you have packages littered everywhere, designer purses, unused covid tests, and these containers i want to emphasize are coming from the ports so it does not impact california, this impacts retailers and consumers across the country. a blame at the progressive crime policies, why the biden administration is not involved and calling on the l.a. district attorney to change a rule that
11:06 am
shows 13 types of misdemeanors will be dismissed instead of prosecuted. we need our justice system to support our partnership efforts with local law enforcement, hold criminals accountable and help protect our employees and the critical local and national rail network. leaders are calling for changes to the progressive crime policies, with the no cash bail policy, a lot of the folks are repeat offenders. >> it comes down to the fact that we need prosecutors to prosecute the crimes and when people feel they can get away with this without have having any consequence for their behavior they are going to continue that type of behavior. >> and tells me the homeless crisis is a big part of this, too. organized crime rings prey on the vulnerable people to do their dirty work, and beyond the impact to consumers and
11:07 am
retailers is the supply chain crisis. u.p.s. is looking to avoid los angeles because they are not getting help and touting rail as the potential solution to the truck driver shortage, it could cause an impact. >> john: like the wild west there. thank you so much. sandra. >> sandra: bring in rafael mangual, senior fellow at the manhattan institute, it's hard to go to the stories and how brutal we were, the u.c.l.a. grad student in broad daylight stabbed, and the sister of a man who shoved a woman to her death off the subway platform, she is pleading for help here. she is saying that i remember begging one of the hospitals, let him stay about her brother, the shover, once he's out he did not want to take medication and the medication kept him going and not only my brother, she
11:08 am
says, i don't think enough people look at mental illness like a disease, like cancer, aids or anything else. it's an illness. we want to be compassionate to the homeless and the mental illness but also an obligation to keep citizens walking the streets shopping during their daily lives safe. how do we tackle this almost impossible crisis? >> yeah, so i mean, that's obviously a very big question. one of the things i think we need to do is take a step back and realize despite progressive efforts to "destigmatize mental illness," the reality is there is some subpopulation that cannot manage their conditions on their own and the case in times square seems to be an example of that. the mental health system in new york city is very well funded. what it has failed to do is incapacitate people who pose a danger to themselves and others and i understand the
11:09 am
deinstitutionalization movement stemmed from sincere calls to be more compassionate to a population not helped in the right way, but the question i have for these people, what is compassionate about letting somebody roam the subways and live on the street and the situation they hurt somebody and ruin the rest of their lives. there's no shot at coming back from a murder charge. so whether it's through the criminal justice system or through the mental health system, one of the things we need to do is focus on incapacitating people who are a danger and everything needs to be on the table, that includes incarceration and also involuntary institutionalization. >> sandra: yeah, and we know how some feel about this in the city, but the "new york times" is writing this is a best test for the new mayor, adams, after months of warring, writes, and many business executives that crime and fears of crime were hurting new york's economic recovery. the fatal shoving in the heart of the midtown business and entertainment district injected
11:10 am
fresh uncertainty in efforts for tourism and empty offices. you think about the repercussions of the crime and what it's doing to bring the very necessary people back to the city who fled during the pandemic, who now can't come back, not just because of the virus, but because they fear crime on the streets here. >> that's exactly right. i really cannot overstate exactly how important it is that new yorkers feel safe. whether or not midtown returns to its kind of pre-pandemic glory is going to depend extremely heavily on people's willingness to come back into the subway system and come back into the city center to go o their offices on a daily basis. the retailers will depend on that kind of foot traffic and pb you safety is a big part of the calculus. and we bought a car last year because we were afraid for my wife commuting into the city on the subway at early morning hours. a couple weeks ago i witnessed a
11:11 am
woman light a crack pipe inside my train car. that is not the kind of thing that new yorkers need to be seeing. a lot of the really horrific stories about subway shovings and murders underground get a lot of attention and they should, but one of the other things that really contributes to the level of safety that people feel they have is the visible disorder, and that's an uptick in the last coupon years and the city is sending the exact wrong message, that low level disorder is not going to be treated seriously and that's the kind of thing that sends a message to new yorkers they are not safe. if that stands underground, we ask ourselves, if that can happen, no one is in charge. and if no one is in charge -- >> sandra: thanks for sharing that with us, thank you. and john, he shared a personal story about switching cars, he and his wife did not feel safe, stories like that, so many of us have witnessed attacks in broad daylight, and jesse waters said it well on "the five," how
11:12 am
beautiful the subway once was for many of us, like the beautiful meeting of so many different types of people in the once great city, a hedge fund executive, broadway actress, a mom with kids, and dyslexic group of people that made new york great and now so many fear them for multiple reasons, crime is a big one, and they are rather empty. >> john: i ran into the cast of "sex and the city" when i jumped on it, i don't know if beautiful is a word i would associate with the subway. intriguing, interesting, multi-cultural, vast melting pot. >> sandra: i guess you have to be. i lived my entire adult life in new york city and all of us have had the moments you said this is new york, what makes new york so great, and different, and unique. and i guess that's -- >> john: i don't know if you would use the word beautiful, particularly in july. five more stories all new at
11:13 am
2:00, a law and disorder in seattle problem. we'll tell you what laws you can now break without police pulling you over. >> sandra: also, john, warnings of catastrophic consequences from airline executives over something that is set to happen just hours from now. >> john: a billionaire nba co-owner insisting nobody cares about religious minorities being abused in china. senator tom cotton calling him a communist totey. >> sandra: and the nfl player naked and under arrest in south florida. that's coming up. “this is who ”. oh my goodness... wow, look at all those! you get hungry for more and then you're just like, “wow, i'm learning about my family.” yeah, yep. which one, what'd you find? lorraine banks, look, county of macomb, michigan? look at grandma... hey grandma! unbelievable. everybody deserves to know who they are and where they came from.
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11:18 am
>> sandra: a billionaire co-owner of one of the nba top
11:19 am
team says nobody cares about the genocide of religious minorities in china. someone who does, senator tom cotton will join us in a moment. but this developing story. chief executives for several major airlines warning a planned rollout of 5g service could have catastrophic consequences for travelers. now the white house says it's on it. live at chicago o'hare international. something could be happening soon here. >> hey, sandra. the airlines have been putting pressure on government officials as well as the cellular providers saying the 5g rollout could create chaos for fliers and seems the pressure is working. verizon and at&t in the last couple of hours have said they'll delay turning on some towers around certain airport runways. at&t says we are frustrated by the f.a.a. inability to do what nearly 40 countries have done, so safely deploy 5g technology
11:20 am
without disrupting aviation services and we urge it to do so in a timely manner. now, both companies say they are launching towers everywhere else as planned tomorrow with the exception of the limited number of towers near airports. they say it would interfere with critical safety instruments on planes and could result in mass flight cancellations and the suspension of cargo flights. >> that means goods are not moving around as quickly and effectively as they need to in order to not have supply chain disruptions. so this is something that we are very focussed on, we have been closely engaged on and we want to avoid that and prevent it. >> talks continue between the f.a.a., the f.t.c., cell providers and the airlines, but sandra, it does seem the worst of those concerns from the airline c.e.o.s have been avoided with the move from verizon and at&t who operate the 5g towers.
11:21 am
>> it is really a fascinating story and developing right now. we are trying to keep track of some news coming in that operations from india to the u.s., india airlines, are to be curtailed or revised from january 19th on, that's obviously starting tomorrow. so, thank you grady with the story. john, many other airlines are talking about following suit, we'll see what comes. >> john: i would not be surprised if they decided they are not going to go ahead with the changes now that at&t and verizon will not turn on towers near some airports. now the nba co-owner accused of turning a blind eye to genocide. co-owner of the golden state warriors taking heat for saying "nobody cares about the uyghurs."
11:22 am
chamath palihapitiya is a billionaire and 10% owner in the golden state warriors, let's rerack the tape and play it here. >> nobody cares about what's happening to the uyghurs, ok. >> you bring it up. you care. >> what? what do you mean nobody cares? >> the rest of us don't care. >> you really don't care? you are saying you personally don't care? of all the things i care about,s yes, it's below my line. senator, what did you think about that statement? >> it's shocking, moral indifference to communist genocide, but not so surprising from the woke billionaire. he likes to saddle up the high horse and ride on climate change and green energy because he knows the democrats to whom he has given millions of dollars in campaign contributions will reward him with billions in tax breaks and subsidies. so, it's all about profit. all about profit in china as well. he's not going to say anything that risks his access to chinese
11:23 am
markets or access to chinese funds, he's putting profits over principle. john, point out the golden state warriors and the nba have been conspicuously silent here. they say they disagreed with his opinion, but did not mention what it was. the nba has said nothing, nba is a league that took away the all-star game from the state of north carolina a few years back because the democratically elected representatives thought boys and girls should go to different bathrooms. and unless the commissioner of the nba and the league want to be exposed as hypocrites, they need to make the woke billionaire sell his wealth. >> john: basically disowned him in a way, saying chamath palihapitiya does not speak on behalf of our franchise and views do not reflect those of
11:24 am
our organization but as you were suggesting, he said the quiet part out loud. it's clear the nba does not care much about the uyghurs. pretty clear all the american companies pouring billions into the beijing olympics don't care much about them either. >> yeah, all of these companies are focussing on access to the chinese market, and getting chinese money as opposed to focussing on principle. a genocide against china's own people, and saying nobody what they have done to tibet, hong kong, taiwan, what they do to oppressed christians and harvest organs, it's a to -- profit over principle. >> john: china has stopped selling tickets to chinese people for the olympics, and not selling to overseas, because
11:25 am
omicron is running rampant there in beijing. are you concerned, you have voiced concerns now that omicron is beginning to spread rapidly, about what u.s. athletes will endure the next two and a half weeks and when should the u.s.o.c. do about it? >> john, i'm very concerned. i called for a total boycott of the olympics a couple months ago, because the biden administration did not have a plan to keep the athletes safe from chinese harassment or surveillance, and it's time to reschedule the games. we did it to the tokyo summer games two years ago, the summer games are much larger and much more complex logistically than the winter games. very easy to reschedule for the coming winter and to move it to a civilized democratic nation, somewhere around the world. that's what should happen now. >> john: senator tom cotton of the great state of arkansas, great to be with you today. thanks for joining us. >> sandra: president biden
11:26 am
hammered by g.o.p. critics but new polling shows he's getting hit by his own democratic voters as well. what about his friends? his democratic friends in the senate. what you hear senator elizabeth warren just had to say, or did not have to say about joe biden running for re-election.
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
11:31 am
>> john: senate democrats likely setting themselves up for failure with an upcoming vote to change age-old senate rules to pass legislation to rewrite election laws as we have always known. democrats digging in despite growing disapproval of the president and opposition in their own party. byron york is chief political correspondent for "washington examiner" and contributor, sinema and manchin have said ain't going to happen, schumer
11:32 am
seems to be doubling down on failure. what's the game here? >> i think at this stage of the game the point is to show his progressive base that he tried, that he didn't just take sinema and manchin's word for it and go home, that he actually tried, and made them vote what democrats called voting rights. i think we are at the show stage. >> john: if you are trying to prove sinema and manchin did not vote for voting rights you are damaging them, however they are not up for election until 2014, but there are others up in the senate. i assume he's trying to get them on record. the other side of the coin, if sinema and manchin hang tough as they are expected to, the move is going to go down into defeat, reinforcing the notion that schumer and biden can't get anything done. is that -- is that a recipe for failure that can dog them for
11:33 am
years? >> well, it already has. as a matter of fact, you are going to see the president in his one-year press conference talk about what he has accomplished and we should remember that in 2021 democrats did pass that $1.9 trillion covid relief bill, did not have a lot to do with covid relief, and the 1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. so, those are not nothing. democrats should be happy with those. but what they viewed as the key parts of the agenda, the build back better act, and the voting rights act have just totally gone down, and the biggest problem here, we need to keep reminding everyone over and over is that the democrats' ambitions outstripped the number of votes in the senate. only have 50, it's not a majority. >> john: we have seen the polling numbers for president biden in recent days and they are not pretty. elizabeth warren was on c.b.s. and asked if president biden was up to the job to run again. listen here. >> let me ask you about 2024.
11:34 am
double president biden is up for the job. >> president biden is running for re-election, i expect to support him. >> dodged the question there. maureen dowd said biden was elected to be not trump, to be a comfortable old shoe, overpromised and under delivered. people want competence and stability, and instead incompetence and unstability. ouch, both of those things taken together. >> the two problems for the president as far as a second term re-election campaign, he's too old, end the first term at age 82, asking to serve to age 86, never ever happen before, but the other thing is under promising -- overpromising and underdelivering. the last year has shown joe biden is not the candidate that he said he was in the campaign. he called himself an old hand, competent to handle the problems
11:35 am
and has not been able to. >> john: well, you know, i've always lived by the adage underpromise and overdeliver. so that's -- >> better advice, better advice. >> john: and learn something new every day and go to bed smarter than you woke up. byron york, appreciate it. >> sandra: great words to live by. prices at the pump making matters worse for this president and his fellow democrats. bring in former reagan economist, art, feels like we were talking about this several months ago, gas prices, high energy prices a huge problem. sort of took a little bit of a breather there but they seem to be back and forecasted for over $4 the national average, and predictions it could go higher. here is the national average, 3.31, a year ago, almost up a dollar from a year ago. a big impact on the american family, not only that, they are facing higher home heating
11:36 am
prices and the average american household will spend a lot more this winter to heat their homes, last winter, 573, this winter, $733, 28% increase. biden administration will have to deal with this, and his fellow democrats will have to answer for it. >> you are right, i just checked with the price of oil before i came on the show here, sandra, and the price is almost $85, the high of the highs in the last year and a half or two years. it's very high, it's come back, remember when they released the oil from the petroleum reserves and dropped down, we had the covid scare and dropped down, now it's back up to higher than it was before and that's the harbinger of bad things to come. here in nashville we are having a bad winter, snow and freezing, i think he's got a big problem and it is all of his problem and
11:37 am
to be very serious, the keystone pipeline, when the keystone pipeline was blocked and then when he banned all sorts of oil production on parks and public lands, all of that has built into the problem of creating a huge rise in the price of oil over the next year or two, and it's a problem. it's a real problem. >> i'm getting an update from our team that seven-year high, so that is something very tangible for the american people when we talk about inflation, here is some folks talking about battling the higher energy prices, listen. >> they are just crazy expensive. >> i think they need to get their act together and work together. >> i remember one time we just had winter coats on in the house. but this is the way it is. >> the way it is. love her. and now the c.e.o. of target has a prediction. he is suggesting that consumers
11:38 am
will change their ways as a result of inflation. drive 300 miles, consolidate the times and locations you shop, spending more time eating a the home versus your favorite restaurant and tradeoff between a national brand and your own brand, the one you typically use. consumers will change their behavior and that will have a big impact on the overall health of the economy, art. >> yeah, it's not good for that. when higher prices drive you t not use the product, that's the problem. that's not a solution, that's the problem of it. and the head of target is saying that's what they are going to do, they will do that, and if we made gasoline $500 a gallon, people would stop driving probably all together, made heating oil $50,000 a pint, probably no one would heat their houses and all shiver to death and that's not a solution. that's a problem, that's the manifestation of the problem. that's what's wrong with this country and by the way, pleased
11:39 am
to find i beat you to the price of oil. i feel i have a job opening for the record, sandra. >> sandra: we love having you here, art. that is notable, though, $85 a barrel, i mean, that -- >> it's huge. >> sandra: it is, expensive. >> and under reagan, go back to you under reagan, from $32 a barrel down to $8 a barrel because we decontrolled oil, got the government out of the area there. that's the exact opposite. >> sandra: and we were trying to give it away. art, have to go. thank you. have you back soon. as the backlash builds for president biden, set to hold his first solo news conference in months, 4:00 p.m. eastern, complete coverage here on the fox news channel. >> john: looking forward to that. and friendly art, take the win, don't gloat.
11:40 am
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11:44 am
>> sandra: fox news alert, nfl player arrested in south florida accused of being naked in public. police say it only went downhill
11:45 am
from there. details on this from miami for us, what happened? >> well, after failing to make the playoff the off season has gotten off to a problem for malik mcdowell, walking naked near a school and punching a deputy over and over again. charged with exposing himself in public, resisting himself with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer, all allegedly happening yesterday around 1:25 p.m. in deerfield beach. he is 6'6", 295 pounds, a defensive tackle in the nfl and according to the arrest report, he charged the deputy fully nude at full speed with a closed fist, punch him in the eye and left him dazed. the second round pick for michigan state has had a troubled history since being drafted in 2017.
11:46 am
he was arrested for d.u.i., 12 months probation, three months later, disorderly conduct in an atlanta nightclub incident. 2019, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, resisting arrest and assault, he spent 153 days in jail, after he got out of jail, he was charged yet again with another crime, supposed to be his big second stint with the browns, instead he's behind bars, bond set at $31,000. >> sandra: quite a story. phil keating, thank you. >> you had two huge scandals that hit virginia. a parole board that was literally letting out cop killers, murderers and rapist and not notifying the family or the victim. step number two, the tragedy in loudon county with the sexual assault that happened in the school system. it's about accountability and transparency in government, something we desperately need. >> john: a pair of major investigations in hours after
11:47 am
taking office, one, into the state's parole board over the early release of violent criminals, including killers and rapists, without even notifying the victims or getting statements. the other investigation into the loudon county public schools and handling the sexual assault cases. they initially denied even happening. pete hegseth, i got a chance to talk with the newly installed governor glenn youngkin about this, the loudon county rape. here is what he told me. >> i think people should have, i think people should have already resigned and my clear sense is once the full scope of what happened here is well understood, there will be resignations and i do believe there has been dereliction of duty and so all actions in order to hold this school board accountable should be taken. >> john: when you look at it pete, so much was done wrong in these cases. >> pete: you are right, and
11:48 am
accountability for anyone. classic example, debacle in afghanistan but across our government with the ways in which people's lives are being affected by policy and no one seems to be held accountable for it, this feels like a breath of fresh air, like elections have consequences. glenn youngkin's inauguration was covered so significantly. usually governors don't get that kind of attention. for a lot of conservative republican voters, hopefully a preview of what may combination wide in 2022. and the accountability that is possible, and it's early in virginia, but from the governor, the lieutenant governor and the attorney general, you have them committed to doing what you said they would do on the trail, going after the school board, going after the soft on crime policies and trying to rein them in, gives hope things can changes especially at a moment who the governor is, and the way they view the world from covid
11:49 am
to crime has a massive impact on your life and your kids' lives on what they learn in school or whether they are masked in school, or whether they are safe in their neighborhood. virginia provides a preview of hope, let's see if they follow through on that accountability and so far the signs show they might. >> john: it's also showing as a preview i think of some pretty strident debate with the school boards saying no way, no how, the opt-out situation on masks. the other investigation he is launching is the virginia parole board, substantially revised since youngkin took over as governor. one of the things, parole to vincent lamont martin, killed a police officer and they let him out of jail without even consulting the victim's family or getting statements from them. >> pete: yeah, this type of parole board, just like d.a. positions and the positions underneath them, just like
11:50 am
school boards, often positions you don't hear that much about. millions are spent on jobs like the mayor, jobs like your senator or your representative, but you don't know who you are voting for or who is appointed to the parole boards or the district attorney is. because it was a given that the law would be applied, that justice would be applied equally and in a blind manner, as best as imperfect human beings can do. you see politics in the mix or philosophy that benefits criminals, pretty soon the parole boards or the d.a. positions become very, very important, because they become ideological, infiltrated with one point of view. >> john: i wanted to ask you about the series "the miseducation of america," what did you learn? >> we learned the problem is much deeper and deep seeded in the classrooms than even i thought. not just a product of the 1960s,
11:51 am
this is a 100-year progressive takeover of the minds of american kinds. it's a five-part series, very digestable, about 25 minutes, and part of recovery is admitting you have a problem and the depth of the problem and then gives parents, grandparents solutions at the end how they can answer it. get it at fox nation right now, use the code classroom for a 90-day free trial, and summit on thursday we are going to cover the topic as well. it's in virginia. >> john: looking forward to that. 9:00 thursday morning. pete hegseth, great to see you. >> pete: thanks, john. >> sandra: john, got a lot easier to break the law in seattle. that's next.
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>> sandra: seattle police announcing a new measure that makes it easier to get away with breaking the law in that city.
11:57 am
officers will stop pulling people over for minor violations like expired registration or missing license plates. let's bring in the president of the seattle police guild. it's our understanding that these are minimal offenses, but they are still the law in that city. so why is the intention then to now not have these laws addressed by the police that are on the streets there? >> sandra, thanks for having me on and highlighting what i see as a further degradation of public safety issues. police officers are still being used as the body that sets the table for that social justice experiment. the problem is that police will be targeted because number 1, we were blamed for doing disproportional traffic stops. i think a naive policy change.
11:58 am
in may, the same office wanted to cease all traffic stops. now we pushed back, they brought to your point the minor violations. the reason why this is being done is the naive approach about equity. the problem is the police will be blamed, disciplined if we conduct traffic stops and it appears the police are the only ones standing up for law and order. if the politicians want change, don't do it at the police officer's hands. change the law. police officers will follow the rule of law. >> martha: to your point, a judge sent the police chief a letter about, you know, equity of concern addressing the bicycle helmet law. even more interestingly is the central seattle green ways, which advocates for safe streets
11:59 am
in the central district and on capitol hill sent this message. we believe unnecessary contact between police and people that bike should be minimized and black, indigenous and homeless riders shouldn't bear the burden of helmet citations in seattle. react to that. is it more dangerous than the laws on the books to protect drivers and cyclists? >> your break down is spot on. days before george floyd's tragic death, the same politicians said we're the modeled reform police agency. the biggest purveyor of constitutional policing is the department of justice. the department of justice says we meet all benchmarks of reform for a bias policing. so is this policy not saying we're in violation of the department of justice, what they
12:00 pm
deem as us being reformed? shows you the same is eating itself right now and it's not fair to the police officers our the community. >> sandra: thanks, mike. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, sandra. >> sandra: that does it for us. thanks for joining us on "america reports." i'm sandra smith. >> john: i can't believe how we're in to year number 2. the story with martha starts right now. >> martha: thanks, john and sandra. i'm martha maccallum at fox news head quarters in new york. as the white house signals a need to change gears after two terrible weeks, the president gets ready for a big moment for him tomorrow. live coverage here on his first formal white house press conference in ten months. he will have a lot to confront. one of those big issues is known all too well by the families of these two women. today they are staring every leader in this


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