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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  January 18, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> dana: you've known porter for a long time. >> bill: good man, works hard. makes a lot of things around her happen. i will see you tomorrow. maybe someday soon we'll be back in the same room. >> dana: i look forward to being reunited to write notes to you during the commercial breaks. "the faulkner focus" is next. here is harris. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert from coast to coast crime is exploding in democrat-run cities. american citizens are under siege. in the spotlight the glaring problems with homelessness and mental illness. we reported on the liberal district attorneys in some of our nation's biggest cities who have gone soft on crime. there is a real human cost to this crime crisis.
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in california, a 20-year-old ucla student was randomly stabbed to death during her shift at an upscale furniture store. her dad was overwhelmed with emotion when he spoke this morning on "fox & friends." >> i don't know why she was there alone but she was and i don't think anybody would have anticipated that this could possibly happen there. we want her to be remembered as a person, a human being, a caring, loving and devoted family member and great friend and just a rising star. she embodied so much we all should be proud of in a young woman and she had dreams and aspirations that unfortunately are going to be ended by this. she will live on in many ways but this kind of tragedy can't befall more people, it is so painful. >> harris: brianna kupfer, say her name today.
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on the east coast voters may already be sourg on their brand-new mayor, new york city mayor eric adams after he dismissed the rash of subway crimes as simply new yorkers having the perception of fear about what is happening to them on their critical commuting source. adams spoke after a homeless man shoved a woman onto the subway tracks and doubled down yesterday after facing a load of criticism. michelle go's death is fueling command for action. say her name today. the "new york post" editorial board out with this. heed the pleas of the subway shoveer's system. stop letting the severely mental ill roam loose and untreated. dr. marc siegel and raymond arroyo standing by. jonathan hunt. >> the crimes are horrific and apparently random. the victims innocent people
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going about their daily lives. here in los angeles 70-year-old sandra shells was sitting at a bus outside l.a.'s union station when a homeless man approached her and punched her. she died three days later. in new york the subway shoving death at michelle go has renewed the focus on the homeless and mentally ill roaming the streets and subway systems. >> we have up to three security guards now because even the security guards need backup we have so many homeless, ill people walking around the neighborhood that it's not safe for anyone, even the security guard. there have been several arrests in our building because some of the homeless pulled out a knife on the security guard and police department is called. >> homeless man is believed to be responsible for the stabbing death here in l.a. of 24-year-old brianna kupfer. >> i'm not blaming anybody by
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name. i blame what is endemic in our society now is everybody seems to be oriented on giving back rights and bestowing favor on people that rob others of their rights. >> others are willing to name and blame. the l.a. county sheriff has accused district attorney george gascon of being soft on crime. introducing what the sheriff has called stupid policies. as the two top law enforcement officials continue their battle over crime and punishment. >> you cannot be counted on to hold people accountable for breaking the rule of law in such a depraved manner, what good is your local district attorney? >> the reality is that the punishment-based approach to the world does not serve us well. an eye for an eye is not the
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way the government should behave. >> the murds of kupfer and shells will be added to the 10 homicides the lapd said los angeles saw in the first eight days of this year. that is one less than there were at the start of 2021 but double the number at the start of 2020. overall, though, harris violent crime has actually trended down in l.a. over the last months after a spike during the run-up to the holiday season. but statistics, of course, mean nothing to the families of brianna kupfer, sandra shells, michelle go or any of the other victims of these senseless crimes. >> harris: jonathan, thank you very much. in "focus" now dr. marc siegel fox news contributor and professor of medicine at nyu langone and raymond arroyo fox news contributor. thank you for being with me. this feels like a medical crisis now. we have so many people harmed
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and dying at this point. doctor, i want to start with you on that. >> i think this is a medical crisis. let's look at the two cities. in new york city and new york state the department of health said last year 40% last spring depression in new york state. 40% during the pandemic. the homeless crisis has increased. in l.a. county, 63,000 people are living on the streets right now. that's incredibly much worse since the beginning of the pandemic. it was already an enormous problem. so what are the politicians talking about? they are talking about things like masks and vaccines but they are ignoring this growing angering and depression. what a tragedy in l.a. county. the perpetrator in the furniture store of this wonderful young woman was wearing an n95 mask. that he knew to do.
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here in new york, the perpetrator was a chronic schizophrenic and followed under kendra's law since 1999 has said mayor eric adams and all other law enforcement can compel schizophrenics to get regular treatment. he wasn't getting the treatment. i have to end by saying i'm not saying that all chronic schizophrenics are violent because the vast majority aren't but this person had a history of crime and something that definitely should have had the eyes of the law enforcement authorities and the mental health authorities. >> harris: raymond you heard from the grieving dad talking about all of us being robbed of our rights to safety and security. >> yeah. you know, harris, i agree with dr. siegel. this is a health crisis and a
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mental health crisis but compounded by a criminal justice crisis and this is happening not only in l.a. we see it in manhattan and new orleans and chicago. d.a.s unwilling to enforce the law and prosecute to the full extent of the law. they have a certain philosophy and their philosophy is like our d.a. here in new orleans said i want to put the criminal justice system on a diet. he has done that by giving criminals a feast. in l.a., i've been there many times covering homeless crisis, embedding in the homeless communities, the sheriff in l.a. county has decried george gascon the d.a. for years for not backing up his cops. they bring people in and they are not prosecuted but released. we see it again and again. i hate to say it but that creates ground work for this random criminality and murder that we are seeing everywhere. this should not be happening, harris. we have to insist that these
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d.a.s, most of them soros-backed. george soros financed and backed the campaigns of most of the people i mentioned in new orleans, manhattan, l.a. chicago. the pattern is the same. crime increases and prosecutions drop because they won't prosecute people for drug possession or gun possession and you see the sheriff in l.a. he took his officer shot by gang members just last week. he took that to the federal authorities because he couldn't trust the local d.a. to prosecute it fairly. >> harris: wow, look at that. in searching for justice you can't go across the street, you have to go to washington, d.c. that's where we are in this? that liberal d.a. we showed you said an eye for an eye is not the way that government should behave. what is he talking about, raymond? >> well look, my feeling is this. criminal justice should serve
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the victim and public safety, not the criminal. and we've lost somehow the optics here. the focus and the reason for law enforcement. it isn't to protect people who are wayward and not following the law and the dictates of society. we can't have this lawlessness, harris. we're seeing it. unless we as citizens demand a change in those d.a. offices we'll lose more cops and we'll have more criminality and sadly more broken hearts and victims like these four people we're covering now. >> harris: dr. siegel before you speak up and we want to hear again from you i'm just curious. this president hasn't gotten that much done. it has been the bain of his existence to go up against those in his own party. but one of the few things that he has gotten done is money for covid-19. that huge monstrosity.
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how much was spent on mental illness that was in part not created but certainly exacerbated during the lockdowns and restrictions? >> very little of it, harris. that's a very important point. not only that, the mental health professionals that we have are limited. they are not working or not where they were. not in clinics. they are working by telemedicine. we need much more because of the growing mental health crisis. the mayor here is a disappointment in new york city because he ran on law enforcement and a big background in law enforcement but he came out weak in this situation. you know something? another thing that raymond said i want to echo. we have to look at the victims and who they are. michelle go here in new york was an nyu graduate student at the staern school of business. i know that school under our auspices here, one of the top
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two or three business schools in the country. she had an amazing career ahead of her. life snuffed out and could have been prevented by mental healthcare of this perpetrator. enormous problem in new york. not just new york but across the country. has to be done by the federal level on down. that money hasn't been used even. we are talking about tests not going out. masks not going out. treatments that are stifled but also mental healthcare is invisible right now. we need it more than ever. >> harris: wow, invisible. i want to dig deeper and make i'm clear of the fact what was supposed to go to mental health and what the states were expected to do about the problems of homelessness. maybe that benchmark wasn't existing and we're hopeful about it but need to know what really happened. we need the truth now because it is getting worse very quickly and somebody needs to
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be held accountable for that. >> i agree. >> harris: thank you. >> absolutely, i agree, thank you. >> harris: act situations of racism are ramping up. >> this guy buys a hot gun off the street two weeks after he gets here. where he did buy the gun from? a lot of unanswered questions. >> harris: jesse is asking some of all the new questions popping up about the british man who took hostages at a texas synagogue over the weekend. how exactly was he allowed into america given his criminal record? and reports he was already on the radar of u.k. intelligence. former c.i.a. analyst and radio talk show host buck sexton is in "focus" next. r what you need. isn't that right limu? limu?
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>> harris: after receiving harsh criticism for saying that people of the jewish faith were not a specific target in the hostage attack at a texas synagogue on saturday, the f.b.i. now says it is investigating the situation as an act of terrorism. but now a huge question about how the biden administration allowed the perpetrator into america in the first place. the cover of the "new york post" asks that very question. the hostage taker's brother told sky news he is known to police and has a criminal record. that's a quote. he says his brother was suffering from mental health illness and reports say he was on the radar of u.k. intelligence services and they checked him out and cleared him to fly. but still big red flags over
8:20 am
why the feds allowed him to enter the country at jfk airport around new year's. he then made his way to dallas, texas. here is the president on that. >> president biden: apparently he spent the first night in a homeless shelter. i don't have all the detail yet but reluctant to go into much more detail but allegedly he purchased it on the street. >> harris: he was talking about the weapon there. our own jesse watters wants to know who in the administration dropped the ball. >> this guy wasn't on your radar, mr. president? you gave him a visa two weeks ago to come into this country. what kind of visa was it? did you vet him? was he on a watch list? usually the feds are all over these people. this guy buys a hot gun off the street two weeks after he gets here? there are a lot of unanswered
8:21 am
questions and hopefully joe has at least one of the answers in the next 48 hours. he should be asked about this. >> harris: buck sexton former c.i.a. analyst and co-host. buck sexton and clay travis show in "focus" now. buck, what first of all goes to the very top of the heap of things that you want to know? jesse watters asked a lot of great questions. number one for you. >> i just have to say you have to ask if this is someone that doesn't get stopped from getting into the country who does? we have a tremendous amount of what feels like security theater and covid theater on to have of that when it comes to what's going on in airports and the situation of security when it comes to international and domestic flights. if they aren't going to stop someone like individuals what exactly are the procedures able to do other than harass a lot of folks? clearly this is somebody who slipped through the cracks. a known criminal.
8:22 am
somebody on the radar of law enforcement. i would want to know from the mi5 u.k. side of things was he on the security radar over there and known as somebody who not only had a mental health issue and criminal history but possibly a desire to do exactly what he did, engage in a terrorist attack in this case an anti-semitic terrorist attack. those are all things we'll find in the days ahead and what we'll know for sure the ball was dropped. mistakes were made and bureaucracy needs to be held accountable but i doubt it will happen. >> harris: talk about what gets a person cleared? is that enough on our end not to know about what was going on with that person? >> certainly you have to go through some kind of visa process. it is different depending on the country you are in and what the specific regulations are. when it comes to the u.s. and
8:23 am
u.k., we have excellent intelligence and information sharing so you would think this would be a situation where we would be more likely to prevent this kind of entering into -- >> harris: he was cleared by them? >> i'm saying he got a visa so someone somehow along the lines here either didn't do the checking in the databases that they had or beyond that this guy was able to perhaps convince if it required -- i would have to look at the specific visa procedures he went through. if there was any kind of in-person interview for this. there are in some cases in the u.k. i would have to look and see, you have to wonder what exactly this guy said he would do in the u.s. on the u.s. side he entered here and went through customs. he only did what exactly to get through customs? the dragnet didn't catch him clearly. >> harris: that's an excellent point what you said about the personal interview because he ended up in a homeless shelter. i kind of would like to know what he told authorities, too.
8:24 am
he would be hungry and without any place to stay, wow. that's a lot and we are supposed to be in a pandemic checking people for covid and everything else. did that come up in the conversation? boy, you just opened a pandora's box there. >> that's what happens when you start to look at failures of the security apparatus, right? the moment you find an incident like this thankfully did not result in any innocent casualties but easily could have. you have to wonder. we have the massive security apparatus. we spend billions of dollars a year on it. we all go through a tremendous amount of irritation and frustration with customs, with visas, with all these different aspects, all these supposed levels of security enhancement and if they don't stop this guy, you wonder who exactly are they stopping or is this just theatrics? are they just harassing people and not getting to the security component? >> harris: i'll move to this.
8:25 am
senate democrats today are set to forge ahead with their doomed election overhaul legislation. democrats continue to rage against senators sinema and manchin. more moderates in the party during events honoring mlk junior yesterday democrats called out the pair to change what civil rights leaders call the jim crow filibuster. the senator's commitment to preserving the filibuster. vice president kamala harris here. >> bill: 100 members of the united states senate. i won't absolve nor should any of us absolve any member of the united states senate from taking on the responsibility to follow through on the oaths they all took to support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> harris: also letting it rip you might say senator raphael warnock who made history last year when he was elected georgia's first black senator. >> i submit that members of the senate regardless of their party no longer have to ask
8:26 am
what we would have done then, we're doing whatever we would have done then right now. this is a moral moment. this is a 1965 moment because what they've done is they've removed the protections we secured in 1965 and we have seen the mush rooming of all these terrible voter suppression laws across the country. >> harris: political consultant tom watson tweeted this. to be blunt, senator sinema chose her side and that side is white supremacy. that's who she is and what defines her now. buck sexton. >> this is absurd. it is emotions in place of an argument here when it comes to actual voting protections and procedures. the reality is they know this is not going anywhere, sinema and manchin aren't going to change their minds on this one. they've made it clear because it is about the filibuster in the senate and the institution. democrats as you remember for four years under trump
8:27 am
pretended to care so much about the sacred institution of our democracy and now all of a sudden they want to tear down the institutions in order to save them. i say this. the ultimate goal here isn't voting rights, it isn't actually making sure that there is no discrimination to voting procedures. it is to give the democrat base an excuse to feel morally superior to republicans on this phantom issue of voter suppression. they never show you who can't vote over this because they just want to point at republicans and say if you don't allow us to change the election laws like we did in 2020 which we said was an emergency for a pandemic, you are racist. that's really what this comes down to. it's all they have to offer the american voter going to the mid-terms. we say the republicans are racist and you don't want to be part of that, do you? it's a pathetic push and i hope it doesn't work. >> harris: thank you for being in "focus" today. >> thank you for having me. >> harris: democrats are hoping to put the toothpaste back in
8:28 am
the tube after a facebook post that outraged parents across the state in michigan. >> parents know what's best for their children and a lot of what it is about. the mask is destroying their academic potential and career. you make that decision but not some of these far-left school boards. >> harris: all eyes back on virginia. virginia's new attorney general standing by governor glenn youngkin's ban on mask mandates in school. remember, this just flipped from blue to red. a lot of these issues voters have already weighed in on and how will this go? white house press secretary jen psaki is cheering on blue districts defying the executive order and catching heat over there. virginia and joe concha in "focus" next. ♪♪♪
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>> harris: critics are going after white house press secretary jen psaki speaking against youngkin's executive order banning mask mandates in schools. two school districts are defying the governor's order. she tweeted thank you to arlington public schools for standing up for our teachers, kids and administrators. then pure fire. federalist co-founder molly hemingway responded with this. this isn't a ban on masks but on forced masking of children against other parents's wishes. a concerned parent who does press briefings daily without a mask on. weird. joe concha fox news contributor
8:35 am
and media and politics columnist for the hill. your top line thoughts. >> i believe it was barack obama that said elections sl consequences. a majority of virginia voters voted for glenn youngkin largely on the education issue. and molly hemingway makes a great point. there is this misconception that youngkin is banning masks. no, he provides parents the option to mask their children or not. for jen psaki to inject herself into this is the best unintentional comedy out there. the same person pointed out in the tweet who conducted press briefings without ever wearing a mask in a very small room. you've been there in the form of the briefing room while -- it is even smaller in person than it is on tv. it used to be an indoor pool at one point. she is fought wearing a mask and everybody else in the room is wearing one. that's something in terms of how the rules don't apply to her. here you have psaki siding with
8:36 am
teachers unions and school boards. it makes democrats look like a anti-parent party on education and that has consequences in elections, too. >> harris: it is an unevenness in the expectation for the rest of us, the pleebs while the rulers in d.c. decide what the room will look like. we don't get a vote in that. youngkin's order means if the schools and districts want to do this he won't mandate it. parents do get more involved. school boards will hear from parents on the issue and what got him elected in the first place. i don't know who doesn't see this. "the washington examiner" op-ed reading it is youngkin, not psaki, the cdc or arlington in the right here. children should not be forced to wear masks. it makes negligentible difference to their safety and the safety of teachers.
8:37 am
the disgrace of mandatory masking for children will continue throughout much of the country because the biden administration continues to support it. liberal media chiming in now. "washington post" with the headline this way. youngkin's inauguration day after it came out. youngkin takes office with immediate focus on education thrilling some and terrifying others, yes, terrifying. >> remarkable. i guess glenn youngkin will play the role of ron desantis. what governor can we attack for letting people choose what they want to do during this particular pandemic? i read david with an op-ed no way to grow up. for the past two years the key line. americans have accepted more harm to children in exchange for less harm to adults. i'm pretty sure it's not the way it works. democrats bear hugging teachers unions over the will of parents
8:38 am
backed by many in the media is a recipe for disaster as it will be in november this time around. thankfully education and crime and inflation will probably be your big three issues when that red tsunami hits in the mid-terms. >> harris: you bring up a good point what the targets are and add to that children's sports. that's what the cdc wants to recommend kids doing, we stop the programs. i know that they have children in washington, d.c. among that ecosystem of leadership because psaki's kids are enrolled in the district. one trying to sue the governor. it's ridiculous. michigan democrat party is going after the idea that parents should have a voice in what schools teach. posted a facebook quote here not sure where this parents should control what is taught in schools because they are our kids. that is supposed to be like one
8:39 am
long word. parents do have the option to send their kids to a hand-selected private school at their own expense if that is what they desire. the client of the public school is not the parent but the entire community, the public. after major backlash the post was removed and replaced with a semi apology and some political cya. we have deleted a post that ignored the important role parents play and should play in michigan public schools. parents need to have a say in their children's education, end of story. okay, who wants to teach them that you never delete anything from the internet? go. >> pain is temporary. film is forever. it applies to social media as well. i'll leave it here. we're 25th in the world in writing and reading and math and science. china is number one. parents -- i'm a parent. my kids are 6 and 8. i see the studies, too.
8:40 am
i want us to get back to blocking, tackling and my kids being able to learn in a normal environment. if we want to make them competitive in the world 15, 20 years from now and that's what this is really all about. get back to teaching and enough of all this other noise we're hearing about and i guess i'll have to leave it there. >> harris: a great place to leave it. you get the last word. joe concha. thank you for being in "focus." republicans looking forward to 2022 with a new poll showing a major uptick for the republican support. biggest in some two decades. and this. >> almost never see the leader of the free world working at the white house on a weekend. he is almost always in delaware presumably taking lots of naps. in fact, during his first year biden spent more than a quarter of his time in delaware. >> harris: sean the right about that. sean hannitying after president biden for spending a little too much time in delaware these
8:41 am
days. critics point out the president's continued lack of news conferences as we enter the second year in office. his ice cream cone looked delicious, though, didn't it?
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since the pandemic started. our students and teachers tried their best, but as a parent, i can tell you that nearly 18 months of remote learning was really hard.
8:45 am
i'm so angry that instead of helping our kids get back in the classroom, the school board focused on renaming schools schools that weren't even open . please recall all three school board members now. for the sake of our kids, we can't wait one more day, never mind a whole year for a fresh start. >> harris: a major political shift is underway according to
8:46 am
a new gallup poll. this is big, important news if the country is shifting. 47% of americans now say they see themselves as republicans compared to 42% who identify themselves as democrats. a huge swing from the start of 2021 when democrats held a nine-point lead in that margin. that's the biggest advantage for republicans in terms of how voters see themselves and say they would vote since 1995. >> we are excited to have so many more americans registering at republicans. ronald reagan didn't leave the democratic party, it left him. that's what you've seen in the far leftward lurch of the democratic party under joe biden. the americans are joining the republican party because they know we'll protect them. more americans are expecting us to do that job. >> harris: mark meredith from
8:47 am
washington >> republicans have momentum here. a lot can happen between now and november. the latest report is providing us all key insight. gallup says over the last year it conducted 13 telephone polls asking americans which political party they were leaning closer to. at the start democrats led by 9 points. 49% leaned democrat. as 2021 progressed the numbers flip-flopped with more americans identifying with republicans. however, gallup says republicans shouldn't be popping champagne corks yet writing the gop advantage may be starting to ease, however, as gallup's latest monthly estimate from december showed the two parties even. 46% support for republicans and democrats with 44% democratic leaning. polling appears to be tied to president biden's approval rating. his support has flipped significantly but the white
8:48 am
house says its work continues. >> an agenda doesn't wrap up in one year. we're continuing to fight for every component of his agenda and his plans for his presidency that he outlined when he was running for president. >> the white house mulls strategy changes republicans will keep candidates focused on the economy and frustrations with pandemic restrictions which is still backed by many democrats. >> harris: i want to get to the power panel. matt gorman and laura fink. great to see you both. matt, let's set this up with the expectation this administration promised the american people coming in last january and that would be that they were going to be the most transparent we had ever seen. >> you are right. they are certainly not. the one thing they're transparent about is the fact
8:49 am
they're focusing on the wrong things. you look at what they are trying to do. what the polls show the public doesn't really care about. you have jen psaki picking twitter fights with youngkin and trying to pass a bill to nationalize elections and can't get past their own party and psaki talks about an agenda. in 2022 what part of the agenda do they have momentum on? build back better is dead, inflation is out of control. they haven't shut down the virus that they promised they would. all these restrictions remain if place. no rationale to keep down this road. >> harris: "washington post" op-ed says what happens when legislation fails? your supporters grow disenchanted just as democratic voters are becoming now. they feel unmotivated to organize and turn out to vote. if democrats could come up with a really good reason for voters to fear republicans and pound
8:50 am
it it might motivate enough democrats to get to the polls to avert disaster but they haven't done that yet. laura. >> well, i think there is so much to respond to here. if you look at the overall picture you look at the jobs recovery which my colleague neglected to mention and probably for a reason because it was close to miraculous the way the economy has recovered with respect to jobs. there is absolutely still work to do with respect to inflation and to make sure that to handling the pandemic and omicron virus. you know, the hits keep coming for the biden administration and they do handle them. press transparency you may not like he doesn't do press conferences but takes more questions than his predecessor and more transparent than his predecessors from national and international press organizations. we're tired of the twitter fighting and i know americans don't miss that. they don't miss journalists phone records being subpoenaed
8:51 am
and intimidation and negative talk about journalists all the time. you see that with press conferences virtually every day at the white house there is transparency there. now on the turn around i will say this. a lot can happen in a year and expect democrats to come back championing their bipartisan accomplishments like infrastructure as the economy recovers looking at that as a democratic a i come mrishment as well. >> a lot to get to there. i would interject with this one point when you talk about who has had access to a president and how many questions have been asked. i have never seen president biden take as many questions as president trump did in his sit-down interviews having conducted many of them myself. it is interesting to hear you say that. how genuine when you know jen psaki told us recently from her perch inside the white house the president would take more of your questions depending on what you ask, ha ha ha as she scoops up her big binder. matt, get in and i'll go to the
8:52 am
next. >> job recovery, not job growth. their only gaining in jobs we lost from the pandemic. i would also remind the rise in actual -- it's further down than what inflation is. a net pay cut people are seeing when they go back to these jobs. the way you will get things done isn't by calling republicans bull connor or fighting with sinema and manchin. >> harris: the "new york post" reporting president biden has spent 101 days of his presidency at his home in delaware. 28% of his first year in office either at his private home in delaware or the nice beach house. it's raising big red flags with transparency advocates who point out he is not required to
8:53 am
disclose who is stopping by to spend time at his private residence. hunter anyone? transparency should be one of the big questions to come out of tomorrow's white house press conference. only his second solo press conference since taking office. matt in reverse order i'll start with you. >> look, i don't care whether his grandkids are stopping by. i don't need to know but whether hunter is stopping by with any of his special interest friends. it goes back to a broader point also why he is failing in the polls. he seems disengaged. if you remember he was going to go to delaware to the beach house during the heart of the afghanistan crisis until he was shamed to stay at the white house. they wonder why you have jen psaki picking fights on twitter, joe biden spending a quarter of his presidency in delaware and wonder why the polls are where they are. they are disengaged. >> harris: it was under merrick garland we got the rule of they don't have to disclose.
8:54 am
we saw obama and biden back in that presidency and vice president partially releasing notes about their travels in private and whatever. trump didn't do it. so biden isn't the first person to hold back some of that information. but he is spending a inordinate amount of time out of public view and knowledge and that then brings in the issue here. laura. >> i just don't think -- you can look at the stat in delaware and let's compare it to the stat at maier lag owe the number of hours on a golf course. president biden is in office and taking questions and out there. he has accomplished more in his first year with the american recovery act and the american jobs plan, than his predecessor could in four. when we talk about transparency. >> harris: why are his poll numbers so low? >> i will say this politically when president trump comes back onto the national stage you will watch the poll numbers
8:55 am
turn right back around because the alternative of the previous four years is -- for independents and democrats. >> harris: solo white house press conference the first one 4:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. laura, i'll bring you back, matt, you too and see you on "outnumbered" after the break. with carbsteady to help you manage your blood sugar. and more protein to keep you moving with diabetes. glucerna live every moment
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also try align dualbiotics gummies to help support digestive health. >> harris: a president biden seems to be taking his entire party south in the polling with him. a new poll finds that support for democrats is not plunging, just like his numbers. while the g.o.p.'s popularity is surging to its highest levels in three decades. i am harris faulkner and it you are watching "outnumbered." i'm joined by my cohost emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany, democratic strategist jim arnold and in the center seat, fox & friends weekend cohost and host of miseducation of america, pete hegseth. we will get into


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