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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  January 17, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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service and you deserve the "special report" salute tonight. tomorrow on "special report," we continue our look at the president's first year in office focusing on education and the law. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, and every night. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted this week by pete hegseth starts right now. hey, pete. >> pete: good evening, bret. great show. thank you very much. ♪ >> pete: all right, good evening, america, it's 7:00 p.m. on the east coast and 6:00 p.m. in god's country which means it's time for "fox news primetime." i'm your host this week pete hegseth. this weekend america was reminded what a real terrorist looks like. all year biden's doj his department of justice told us that the real terrorist are the parents protesting against mask mandates and critical race theory and their children's school. the fbi, you'll recall, spent
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countless resources identifying them, intimidating them. and targeting them. now, the only group of people more dangerous than those pesky parents in the eyes of joe biden, the fbi, and the media, well, are these people. the mostly peaceful protesters of january 6th. >> january 6th was an act of domestic terrorism incited by donald trump. these supporters who attacked the capitol are terrorists. >> violent, deadly insurrection on the capitol nine months ago was about white supremacy in my view. >> i think it's really important that we not white wash what stirred and perpetuated this big lie ultimately resulting in this insurrection. that is white supremacy. >> pete: got it terrorism, white supremacy, when our federal agency's media and joe biden are solely focused on fake threats, it opens a door for terrorists
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to attack our country. special when, and we are not even going to talk about this part of it wide open southern border on our country. pretty darn close to this location in texas. on saturday, an armed pakistani muslim extremist took several hostages, you know this, at a texas synagogue. some were held for as long as 11 hours asthma leak fiesel akram demanded for the release of known as lady al-qaeda. what a title serving 86 year sentence for attempting to murder u.s. soldiers and other terrorist he is not from america he is from muslim population. the u.k. he reportedly flew in to new york's jfk international airport a few weeks ago before making his way to texas. the terrorist's brother, gul
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bash. that's his name was confused how his sibling could have even made it into the u.s. in the first place. he said, quote: he is known to police. got a criminal record, how was he allowed to get a visa and acquire a gun? it seems like a lot of people had to drop the ball in order for this terrorist to make it all the way to the united states. now, will the people who exist to protect us, their job is to protect the american homeland learn from this mistake? and series of mistakes? will they once again focus on, i don't know, real terrible? can they call it real terrorism? instead of focusing on parents and trump supporters? none of that, unfortunately, seems likely. initially, the fbi wouldn't even acknowledge that this was clearly an anti semitic attack.
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watch. >> we do believe from our engagement with this subject that he was singularly focused on one issue and it was not specifically related to the jewish community but we are continuing to work to find motive. >> pete: how willfully blind you must be to have that reaction and, of course, having getting serious pushback, they eventually changed their tune. if not for the pushback they wouldn't have changed it institutionally it didn't fit the narrative they want. as for joe biden he wasn't yesterday to jump to any conclusions too quickly. >> do you know why he targeted that specific synagogue? >> well, no, i don't. we don't have -- i don't think that there is sufficient information to know about why he tarktedded that synagogue, why he insisted on release of someone who has been in prison for over 10 years, why he was -- why he was using anti-semitic
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and anti-israeli comments. i -- we don't have enough facts. >> pete: let me close my eyes, think a little bit, say a few words, then make every obvious point about why this person, this terrorist would have done it and then we say can't rush to judgment. you could never rush to judgment according to joe biden. unless, of course, it supports his narrative as we mentioned. don't forget when he called innocent kyle rittenhouse a white supremacist. right out the gate. you don't even have to look that far back. in the same press conference where he said he didn't have enough facts to figure out why akram targeted a synagogue on a holiday? it was perfectly comfortable speculating as to how the terrorist might have gotten a gun and predictably, as they always do. they can't afoid void it. use it to push for more gun control. >> and allegedly he purchased it on the street. now, what that means, i don't know. whether he purchased it from an
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individual in a homeless shelter or a homeless community or whether -- because that's where he said he was. the idea of background checks are critical but you can't stop something like this if someone is on the street buying something from somebody else on the street. >> pete: always the gun. joining me now dana loesch, thank you for being with us tonight. from what i was told you live only a mile and a half from the synagogue. so you know this area really well. >> oh, yes, i do. and we -- >> pete: how lost do you have to be to find your way into a synagogue as the fbi insinuated at first? >> i am full of fiery comments on, on the fbi's response. pete, to your point we live like an hour and a half away. everybody knows that senegal going to. it's part of our community. everybody knows everybody. we have been praying for everybody who has been affected by this. i mean, they are going to --
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it's like you have ptsd. i'm sure they do after they have gone through something like this. i hope that they are able to get proper security. if not, i volunteer to stand outside of their doors to make sure people should worship peacefully. in america you should be able to worship without fear of threat especially in columbus. you don't come here to harass people. fly into texas and start harassing people in our jewish community and our republic of texas not going to fly. to your point what the president just said there, i will give him credit because i'm consistent and honest. i will give him credit for that last little bit that he just said and that was accidental truth on his part. you can't stop someone from going out on the street and brching a firearm from someone else on the street. that's why it's called the black market. that's why criminals are called criminals. but, furthermore, why did this guy -- why was he able to come through the country? assuming he didn't come through joe biden's open and southern porous border. he was known onto british authorities. able to come here flew in on january 2nd what i read and the
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fbi wasn't aware because they were too busy watching parents in school districts including the school district in my town all across the country because that's the new apparent terrorist? that's unacceptable. and the fbi's refusal and fear to call it what it was an anti-semitic terror attack out of the gate is heinous. >> pete: dana, you are exactly right. what sense do you have that our fbi, that our doj, that our leadership are willing to do what is necessary to stare down what could be a growing islam threat? we hope it's not, but look what has happened in afghanistan and look at these kind of bold actions. look at what iran wants to do as revenge for soleimani. they so focused on patience and january 6th. >> are they orienting properly to defend what's is necessary to defend our citizens? >> that's the million-dollar question. we have seen a rise in anti-semitic attacks from 2020 to 2021. thousands have taken place. this is an ongoing problem that's increasing. and you would think, pete, that the fbi would be watching this
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and addressing this but, and that's -- i don't have faith in the institution to do it. i don't. i think i speak for a lot of americans out there who feel similarly and it seems that the fbi is too busy focused on politics and too busy asking like an attack dog for this administration instead of doing its job. where is the investment on my tax dollars? we pay taxes to these departments, to these sniewlts, for them to do what they say they are going to do. they say they are going to make sure that we're protected. they are watcher watching any and all threats but they are not doing it simultaneously this is coming from the party who also wants to talk about disarming everyone while they don't do anything about the increased threats to different communities here in the united states. it's unacceptable. and at this time, look, we all back the blue, but i don't back that kind of blue. i don't back the kind of blue that calls parents terrorists, pete. i don't black the kind of blue that arrests people for trying to go to olive garden in new york city. so, yeah, we need to have a come to decision discussion here with this, with our fbi.
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pete, yeah, that's the washington, d.c. d.c. political blue. dana loesch, thank you for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you, pete. >> pete: great insight. also here tonight buck sexton former crifer analyst and host of the clay travis and buck sexton show. buck, thanks so much for being here. do you understand how agencies like the fbi and others are supposed to operate. yes, mistakes are made. things get missed. but you also, if you have different priorities, it leads to a different allocation of resources, right? >> oh, absolutely. and everyone has to understand that a lot of the crt and a lot of, rather, the wokeness and diversity and inclusion training that you have had from the federal government side is from the top all the way down, right? they have actually been trained essentially in these different ways, these different approaches for analyzing terrible as well. i mean, there is a political correctness that goes into all of this. there is a decision made from the top down that they will actually look at this and say to
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themselves, do you know what? we don't want to be often, so that's going to our analysis situation like this. that's actually going to affect the way that we analyze threats and look at the perception of how we develop and how we deploy resources to meet those counter-terrorism threats. wokeness is not just something that you are seeing as i said in schools and obviously people talk about it on the military side. across the intelligence community. fbi, and cia. you name it and that very much eenks the way that they're wig to talk about things like motive in a case like this. you can play games with never really knowing the motive. that's what the media often does. when the federal government does it, pete, that's when people need to be concerned. >> pete: great point. you know, you look at this attack and it happened. the initial denial or at least unwillingness to recognize that it happened on a holliday at synagogue and trying to blame someone anti-semite and called lady al-qaeda. there is an unwillingness to do it. a lot of the jewish guests we
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had on "fox & friends" with initial reaction initially said when you are looking at the rise of anti-semitism in america which is on the rise, a lot of it is -- not that it's encouraged but it's not helpful when leaders and members of congress are willing to use the same type of anti-semitic language as some others do. what kind of problem does the democrat party have right now with the way that they talk about threats like this? >> well, it's interesting, because as much as there is a rise in anti-semitism in this country and this is something that the numbers bear out, you also see that it doesn't really fit into the left wing narrative. overwhelmingly the american left believes that to be oppressed on a religious basis you essentially have to be muslim or some other religion. christians and jews aren't oppressed. this is the way they think around the world very well when there is religious theory. and judaism. not by any means entirely but
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predominantly people who are not people of clear or people who would not buy into the by pock community. same urgency doesn't fall in the same narrative. that's which is also why, pete, you will have members of congress sit around and say things if it was just a different group, not the jewish community being defamed the islamic community and others there would be a entirely different response from the democrat on rat tuesday about how to handle it. >> pete: you are exactly right. buck sexton as always. >> good to see you from quarantine, peter. appreciate it. >> pete: really? hang in. >> there thank you. >> pete: coming up, democrats exploit the legacy of martin luther king. put their radical push to federalize election. alveda king, she is next. ♪
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and learning really hard. but instead of working to help students safely return to the classroom, the san francisco school board focused on renaming schools and playing politics. and they've even saddled our district with a $125 million deficit. our children can't wait for new leadership. here's our chance for a fresh start. on february 15th, please recall school board members collins, lópez and moliga before our kids fall even further behind.
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>> pete: prominent democrats celebrated martin luther king day by preaching messages of unity and tolerance. just kidding. they lied about the state of democracy and slandered republicans in order to attempt to unconstitutionally federalize elections. >> nothing less is at stake than our democracy. this is about suppressing the vote. it's about nullifying the election which dr. king talked about that day. nullifying the elections. >> the attack on our democracy is real from the january 6th insurrection to the onslaught of republicans andy voting laws in a number of states. it's no longer just about who gets to vote. it's about who gets to count the vote. and whether your vote counts at all. >> pete: got it but it seems like, you know, sleepy joe and
4:20 pm
crazy nancy, they're on the wrong side of hills industry and they like to say all the time. it's one of their favorite phrases yet again. after all, those racist villains that joe biden keeps talking about, you know, people like bull conner, george wallace, and jefferson davis, all three of those men were democrats. but, facts don't matter to the left. and neither does the legacy of martin luther king. mlk. it's all for show. take, for instance, kamala harris who famously plagiarized this story from dr. king during the 2020 election. >> my mother used to have a very funny story about how i was fussing and she said kamala what do you want? and i said and this is how she would say it, and she would say kamala what do you want? and i say fweedom. >> pete: here now the niece of
4:21 pm
dr. martin luther king. thank you for being with us this day of an amazing man who did so much for this country. when you look at what dr. martin luther king did, his actions, his words, his deeds, the movement, and what democrats are saying it's about now, which is federalizing elections, saying that certain people can't vote, what do you make of their attempt to tie the two together? >> as we see the democrats in desperation grasping at straws to stir the emotions of the american people yet once again, to get everyone fearful, upset and fry frightened then this is just another layer of that tactic. for example, we, i would like to see every american vote count over at american -- america first policy institute where i amount chair of the center for the american dream, i am working very closely with the center
4:22 pm
that is dealing with voter integrity. every vote must count. make it easy to vote. and hard to cheat. now, we agree that that has to happen across the aisle. now, what they are doing as well is to scare people using fear tactics, whether it's crt or, you know, the vaccines, asking everybody did you get the vaccine, no, why didn't you get the vaccine or did you get the vaccine? yes, why did you get the vaccine and people are now fearful, tearful and arguing. all of this is called stirring the emotions. even race-baiting with crt. you know, i think they should teach crt in schools and teach that it is racist and why it's racist and the ohr jifns of it being racist. they don't want to do it. they just want to scare everybody. defund the police. have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous? and then you have a city that is unprotected.
4:23 pm
so, the american family is under siege, the womb of america's women is under siege, oh, yeah. we are under siege, but who is doing it? >> pete: does the democrat party today, alveda, recognize that when they talk about equity, which is the new word, it was dr. martin luther king who talked about equality. when they pushed the 1619 narrative, it was dr. martin luther king that said we need to make the principles of 1776 accessible to everybody, fulfill that promise. when they push humanism and godlessness, it was martin luther king who appealed to faith, to god and to the bible. do d. they recognize that the left has effectively legacy. the legacy of martin luther king prophet and the preacher says we must learn to live together as brothers. i will add as sisters, or perish together as fools. he also said that he was praying and longing for the day that
4:24 pm
there would be no white power. no black power. only god power and human power. he asked us to be kind to pray, to learn to speak with each other and regard human dignity. i will add from the womb to the tomb, the left does not want to talk about martin luther king jr. the prophet and the preacher who said that he heard the voice of jesus say stand up for truth and justice. they need to introduce america to the prophet and the preacher and they will not, will not do it. >> pete: absolutely not. dr. alveda king, powerful and wise words on this day. we really appreciate jug. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> pete: thank you. god bless. all right. coming up, the media has a serious debate whether it's okay -- this is a serious one, on another news network is it oak to openly mock the deaths of unvaccinated americans?
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voya provides guidance for the right investments. they make me feel like i've got it all under control. voya. be confident to and through retirement. >> pete: joe biden so unpopular he is not just taking his own -- wow, also burning down the democratic party democrats had a 9. advantage over republicans. but, it shifted significantly. with 47% of americans leaning republican and just 42% leaning democrat. things have gotten so bad for joe biden that even rhinos that certainly didn't vote for donald trump, and probably voted for biden, are sick and tired of it.
4:31 pm
>> he has got to recognize that when he was elected, people are not looking for him to transform america. they were looking to get back to normal, to stop the crazy. and it seems like we're continuing to see the kinds of policy and promotion that are not accepted by the american people. look, james carville just said, you know, he has had a bad week but not a bad year. as a matter of fact, he has had a bad year. he has had 52 weeks of bad weeks. >> pete: oh, mitt. joining me now to react arkansas senator tom cotton. senator, thanks for being here. let's first get to you talk about the overwhelming anti-gun rhetoric, in this case joe biden made such a bad case what it means to be a democrat. folks are fleeing to the republican party. what does this opportunity mean? >> it's welcome news for us and the republican party.
4:32 pm
we are excited to have so many more americans registering as republicans it reminds me what ronald reagan said though. he didn't leave the democratic party, it left him. that's what you have seen this last year and far, far left ward lunch lurch. they know we will protect them, protect they're families and protect their country. we will protect their rights. we will protect their job and their right to earn a living and to keep that money. we will protect them from the kind of threats that we face on our streets from a crime wave that's watching all across america or foreign threats like predatory threats of the chinese communist party and terrorists or any other threat that they faces a well. that's what americans elect republicans to do. that's what they expect us to do. and more and more americans are turning to us to do just that job. >> pete: you know, senator, if only the senate was made of tom cottons and we have mitt romneys and the history of other republicans who made promises and effectively caved and went for half measures.
4:33 pm
speak to the challenge republicans face to actually fulfill that. you know, mitt romney is part of the reason to believe we have joe biden is folks like mitt romney this whole donald trump thing i can't do it. let's give the establishment the normal people a shot. now he is groveling 52 weeks too late about that. what has changed if anything about the republican party that gives you annual assurance that should you get power in 22 or 24. those people shifting in that direction will see a fulfillment of those promises. >> well, i agree that joe biden has not just had a bad week he has had a bad 52 weeks a lot of what you see now are the chickens coming home to roost of joe biden's bad decisions going back a year. look at inflation for instance this didn't just start in july or august or september it started on the first day of joe biden's presidency when he began to impose more red tape on businesses trying to produce the goods that our economy needs or when the democrats spent $2 trillion wastefully last march or look at vladimir putin massing hundreds of thousands of
4:34 pm
troops on the border of ukraine. that didn't just happen in a vacuum it happened in the context of joe biden's historic incompetence and weakness last august in the withdrawal from afghanistan. so republicans have our differences to be sure. and we may have more differences if we have more than 50 senators after this election. i would like to see us have 55 or 56 senators and we will work through those differences, one thing we are united and you saw on that wasteful spending bill in march with $5 trillion blow out bill they tried to pass in december. you see now in their federal election takeover is stopping the radical democratic agenda. >> good point. you know you have got problems in the white house when members of your own party are coming after you like democrats like mitt romney. sorry, couldn't resist. senator cotton, thank you so much. appreciate your time. great stuff. all right. meanwhile, the judges of morality in the so-called mainstream media, there is nothing mainstream about them. they are holding a very serious debate. is it okay to mock the deaths of
4:35 pm
the unvaccinated? we're being serious. a column by the "l.a. times" reads and i quote: it may be not a little ghoulish to celebrate or exalt in the death of vaccine opponent. mockery are s. not necessarily the wrong reaction to those who publicly mocked anti-covid measures and encouraged others to follow suit before they perished of the disease the dangers of which they belittled, end quote. so, is this guy serious? well, since when is it okay under any circumstance to celebrate the death of a fellow american? this type of messaging is, of course, utterly insane. guess what in the columnist not backing down. he went on cnn to have a very serious debate and doubled down. >> you know, we have sort of a cultural habit of not speaking ill of the dead, of treating the
4:36 pm
deceased -- looking at the good they've done during their lives. i'm not sure that in this case that's entirely appropriate because so many of them actually have promoted reckless, dangerous policies and as i wrote there, they took innocent people along with them. >> pete: look at the banner right there. how should we react to anti-vaxers' covid deaths? i have a simple answer, a simple one. you should be sad. end of story. joining me to react is host of the clay travis and buck sexton show. the other half clay travis and fox news medical contributor dr. marty makary. first, on the public debate side, clay, this idea that let's all discuss just like floating the idea that we should have the debate of course it creates the perception that there's a debate to be had. maybe these people had it
4:37 pm
coming, clay. >> thanks for having me, pete. and i wanted to, again, by apologizing to the "l.a. times" and to cnn for not dying as an unvaccinated american and making them so sad that they can't mock and ridded kuehl my death and the resulting i would like to think disappointment from my wife and certainly from my three kids. i know that they would be disappointed. look, i have had covid twice. i had covid the alpha version back in november of 2020, and i just recovered last week from what i presume was the omicron version that everyone is testing positive for right now. i had natural immunity for a long time. i have another form of natural immunity. i was not very sick. i looked at the data. i did not believe that i needed to get the covid vaccine. i still don't believe that i need to get the covid vaccine. that's a reasonable risk analysis, i believe, by me, dr. marty makary can tell me whether or not he thinks i'm making an imbecile denies ic
4:38 pm
decision. >> if you are trying to decide who is on the right side here, it's the people who are gloating over others dying of a disease, right? i mean, this is crazy that he woodland even have to have this conversation. no one celebrates when a fat person dies because they ate too much during the course of their life. no one celebrates when someone is not wearing a seat belt as they likely should be and they happen to get into an accident. no one celebrates when someone decides -- makes the poor choice to use an illegal drug and overdoses on it. that's not any way a celebratory moment and i just think it's crazy that this is where we are that the "l.a. times" and cnn and some concert as well are trying to celebrate covid deaths. >> pete: clay, very well said.
4:39 pm
doctor, he lays out the contrast of what you see. but this feels like something in other reporting i have heard, doctor, inside the medical community and inside hospitals the debate is how do you deal with patients that run vaccinated versus patients that are vaccinated. this is a little more pervasive than we might think. >> that's right. we treat everybody equally. i am hearing stories people treated poorly show up and say they have not been vaccinated a lot have natural gas immunity. many of whom. clay has strong natural immunity. i spent many hours with people as they lose their loved one. a characteristic of a civil society is that when someone dies, everybody mourns. you feel sad. you think of the best in somebody. for this writer to dance on the grave of a human being because they ha different policy opinion which happened by the way to match the opinion of six justices of the supreme court this represents the ultimate degradation of civility in
4:40 pm
america and to be honest with you, the "l.a. times" and cnn didn't have to amplify his message. it's barbaric. >> pete: it's true, it's the do you humanization of political opponents which is always the beginning of a clash of views that never ends well at all. clay travis, by the way, i think we have had covid twice at the same time. i don't know what that's about. but you and i got it on the same natural immunity schedule at this point. dr. makary, thank you for being a truth teller as you always have been on this. appreciate your time. both. clay clay congratulations to dr. makary on the new appointment. >> pete: yes. as well. congratulations, doctor. coming up, critical race theory in america's schools is miseducating our children. thankfully, some people are fighting to unite us instead. carol swain, she's next.
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♪ >> pete: newly sworn in governor glenn youngkin wasted no time this weekend banning critical race theory in the classroom and
4:46 pm
mask mandates in schools on day one of his administration. that's what he ran on and is he delivering it the left has worked tirelessly to incorporate the radical tenets of critical race theory in our schools. youngkin is right to realize it does nothing but divide us. virginia's new lieutenant governor winsome sears is urging america to keep a positive outlook. seriously was sworn in as first black woman and attorney general to hold this position. >> i annual the embodiment of what we are trying to achieve in america. we want everyone to have equal opportunity. i am so tired of those who he look at life as being the glass is half empty. what a negative way to continue to view life. >> pete: joining me now is carol swain. how critical race theory is burning down the house it will be a must-read for sure.
4:47 pm
carol, so great to see you on this martin luther king holiday. sometimes you just want to talk to smart people on big days like this. there is a new opportunity in virginia, exposing critical race theory you are a part of a series we are going to talk about in the next segment about miseducation of america and what is happening in our classrooms. when you look at critical race theory. you look at the opportunities in virginia. you consider the legacy of martin luther king are we doing supervisors by educating. >> virginia is starting a revolution. that is my home state, and it has been an embarrassment over the past few years i think going back to the basic skills and teaching children critical thinking as opposed to incongress doctrine nation, action civics, you know, where they teach kids to go out and protest, social, eye emotional learning where they focus on their feelings. all of that stuff does not
4:48 pm
prepare our children to compete in the world. they can't compete with children educated in other nations. and they are falling further and further behind. and the nonsense is not just in public schools. it's in elite private schools. it's in christian schools. and the narrative from the left is we're not teaching crt in public schools. that's graduate, education. that's in law schools. nonsense. they are teaching crt in public schools. k through 12. they have diluted it, and put it down at that most basic level. it's all about indoctrination. it's unacceptable and that's why the democrats are losing support. people are tired of their children not being educated and being bullied and shamed because of the color of their skin. >> pete: doctor, we only have about 45 seconds left. i wish had you more time. and that's why i hope people watch the summit we are doing
4:49 pm
together on thursday. you are the embodiment of the american dream just like win some series. you came from be a second poverty to success. how did you do that in america? >> i american dream. people who offered me a helping hand. they were people that didn't look like me. they believed in america. i still believe in america. and we are going to restore the american dream for all people. we will stop lying to our children. >> pete: amen. dr. carol swain i will see you on richmond, virginia on fox nation thursday for the miseducation of america summit. i hope folks tune in. your wisdom will be there. thank you, doctor so much. >> thank you. >> pete: coming up, the miseducation of america continues. i will explain how the left has infiltrated our schools to advance their radical agenda. that's coming up next. ♪
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>> tonight and all week i want to share with you a passion project i've been working on for the better part of the year. it is a five-part series called "the miseducation of america" and debuts on fox nation tomorrow, tuesday morning. i approach this series not just as a patriotic american who is beyond disturbed by what so-called education has become in america. but i approached it as a learning parent of seven young kids. what are they learning? what kind of classrooms did they walk into? what kind of country will their young souls inherit? what we discovered in the miseducation of america is not just a shocking, it's downright sobering but i thought i understood education, i didn't. i thought i understood the left, i didn't. i thought i understood things like "critical race theory" and the role of unions. i didn't. underneath the craziness we see in the classrooms today lies a
4:56 pm
much deeper story. the story of a tragically successful progressive plot. as they say, the first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem. and we do, we all do. this is not just about poor schools, rich schools, city schools, suburban schools, private schools, public schools. it is all schools. it is my school, the one i went to. it is your school, the one you went to with. you can deny it all you want, but the evidence is right there in front of us. k-12 education in america has been completely taken over by the radical left. if they started that take over 100 years ago by targeting the most important ingredient that was in our classrooms that is no longer there. our five-part series will both uncover the loves educational agenda and outline how we fight back. and we will give you a sneak preview.
4:57 pm
each year the average american student spends 180 days in school for seven hours a day. there classrooms are very in shape and size, but there was one something familiar about all of them. the teachers were dedicated to showing their students in varying degrees the beauty of the american way. that was until the progressives changed all of it. ♪ ♪ >> a disease born from the hateful hill delmar calls "critical race theory" undermines the core beliefs of america. >> new york city to funding itself after say no to use words like "mom."
4:58 pm
our children are at risk. they were, but not from that virus. the deadliest virus infecting our kids is the agenda of the radical left. >> black lives matter. >> america has a long history of systemic racism. >> and because of you, your generation, i'm more optimistic about the future than i am today. >> is a patriotic conservative who attended progressive universities, i've always known how left-leaning higher education is. but like keith, i had never seen the progressives ideology spread this rapidly and our youngest children's classrooms. i had always assumed this new movement could be traced back to the 60s where hippies, free love, and rock 'n' roll transformed america's youth culture forever. instead what we discovered was a far more disturbing truth. that the hearts and minds of america's children were being targeted over 100 years ago by
4:59 pm
the original progressives. to achieve their ambitious plan, these radicals removed the one ingredient that has enabled us to stay free. to guide me on this journey, i will be joined by brilliant minds, all of who share my concerns about our children and our nations future. >> he said life is a race between education and catastrophe. what we have done is we have traded in education for indoctrination. if we can find the language and the willingness to stand up and push back got my thick the next generation is totally doomed. >> we are about to uncover the miseducation of america. >> it continues bread each episode is about 25 minutes but
5:00 pm
you can watch the full five-part series in the "miseducation of america." later this week i am hosting a live summit this thursday at 9:00 a.m. on fox nation. if you don't have a subscription, go to fox nation right now and use the promo code "classroom and go. 90 day free trial. i will be back here tomorrow night. up next, tucker carlson. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy monday. for joe biden, the past few months amounted to the greatest political disaster of his life. in this case, not a small place to be. this is a man with three failed presidential campaigns on his resume. but this year has been different. we don't need to overstated, but you can pick your humiliating ashes and world historic defeat,


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