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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  January 17, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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bengals gear, i never wear it. it is in the plastic. it goes into a drawer. i never look at the stuff. i went through the door thursday night and said i have to find something. this hat is pretty good. i put it in the bottom of the suitcase. only wear it if they win and they won. >> dana: it was cold out there. congratulations to you. "the faulkner focus" is next. >> fox news alert now. the f.b.i. is forced to eat its own words and now finally acknowledging that this weekend's terrifying hostage situation at a texas synagogue was, in fact, an attack on people of the jewish faith. so why was that even ever a question? i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". late last night the f.b.i. put out the new statement calling the hostage situation, quote, a terrorism-related matter in
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which the jewish community was targeted. less than 24 hours before that the agency had said the suspect's motivations weren't con eblgted to the jewish community. maybe the f.b.i. saw some of this on social media. the f.b.i. is corrupt and a broken agency. another, the agency is not salvageable and the f.b.i. is a joke. a dangerous joke. the founder of americans against anti-semitism says the f.b.i.'s initial assessment was a big mistake. >> the whole world saw this clearly, a synagogue. it wasn't a mosque. it wasn't the local mcdonalds where this guy wanted the take hostages. he could have found hostages anywhere. that was his goal. but he went to a synagogue on the sabbath while services were going on. so the f.b.i.'s position, which by the way contradicted the president's position, almost at
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the same moment is bizarre and crazy. >> but all the same administration drpd the word about the president the white house where jackie heinrich picks up our reporting. >> the f.b.i. suggested that they learned more about the suspect's motives during the hostage negotiations after first saying on saturday that he seemed singularly focused on one issue not specifically related to the jewish community. the agency later reversed that position saying late on sunday, quote, during the negotiations with law enforcement the hostage taker akram spoke repeatedly about a convicted terrorist serving at 86 year prison sentence in the united states on terrorism charges. this is a terrorism-related matter in which the jewish community was targeted and it is being investigated by the joint terrorism task force. that about face came hours after president biden said that this was an act of terror. >> president biden: this was an act of terror. we wanted to make sure we got
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the word out to synagogues and places of worship we won't tolerate this. >> do you know why -- >> president biden: no, i don't. i don't think there is sufficient information to know about why he targeted that synagogue. we just don't have enough facts. >> criticism of the initial f.b.i. statement has poured in in light of statements the suspect made demanding release of the al qaeda operative. graham tweeted i hope the f.b.i. will reconsider the statement. at her trial siddiqui, known as lady al qaeda, was a raging anti-semite who demanded jurors be genetically tested for jewish blood. this statement seems ill conceived and ill timed by the f.b.i. i look forward to an explanation. jewish groups are outraged the f.b.i. would dismiss anti-semitism as a motive so quickly. >> this man did not target a
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7/11 or a grocery store. he went to a synagogue for a reason to make a point that jews are vulnerable. that jews are part of the problem. this is why this vicious anti-semitism needs to be confronted. >> so far there haven't been any statements about this from the d.o.j. despite attorney general merrick garland making anti-semitism one of his top issues when he was put in that post, harris. >> maybe he is waiting for the dust to cool around the f.b.i. who knows. thank you. "new york post" op-ed writer miranda devine with this. president biden tasked the f.b.i. to chase down conservatives. a quote reads it is not unreasonable to act if the organization has taken its eye off the infill ration of the country when the feds are busy rounding up capitol parade owes and magna grandmothers. are they paying attention to
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the southern border? we know the d.o.j. is keeping tabs on parents protesting at school board meetings. jason rantz, seattle radio talk show host with his fresh take on it. jason. >> i am not shocked by any of this. we have seen over and over and over again more in this country and around the globe that anti-semitic terrorist attacks and anti-semitic crimes don't get the coverage that i think it deserves. i don't know how you can be any more clear that when you have someone who is fighting on behalf of the release of an anti-semite going into a synagogue holding them hostage, i don't understand how anyone could say it might not have a connection to the jewish faith. that is absurd on its face. let's be clear. if this guy were white it would be a white nationalist attack regardless of any of the facts who would have this month-long conversation in this country about the scourge of white supremacy and the biggest terrorist threat we face.
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as the administration is making that up and pretending that white supremacy is the biggest threat in this country and we have things like this. miranda devine is right to ask the question did they drop the ball? look at the southern border. we stopped pretending to care about who comes into this country a long time ago. >> i saw something from rachel campos-duffy that was on this topic. she said it is not so much where the democrats are now on the border that is shocking to her. the fact they've migrated to get there. they used to be on a different page and wouldn't have wanted to see such a porous situation. they called obama the border in chief. but they've migrated from there. i thought it was interesting take from her and from you, jason. we'll move to this. a crime on a subway so heartless it is rocking new york city, which we know has seen so much violence in recent months. a woman was pushed onto the tracks at times square and police say a homeless man with
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a long rap sheet shoved her to her death. now the city's new mayor, eric adams, is getting a lot of heat for suggesting there is nothing to worry about inside the subway. here is a quote from him. cases like this aggravate the perception of fear. new yorkers are safe on the subway system. what we must do is remove the perception of fear. the "new york post" cover sums up how riders really feel today. the fear is rail. jason. >> again, it is ludicrous. it is a problem that you have to face. you have to tackle that issue because perception is all that matters. in this case the perception is the reality. when you are having these kinds of high-profile crimes happening all the time. not just happening on subways in new york city. very clearly you have a problem. this is the guy elected mayor because he promised the take
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crime seriously and give police officers the ability to go after the criminals. there used to be a time where crimes like this actually mattered. crimes like this would get a lot of coverage outside of fox news. now the reason why they the end not to and down played or ignored is because they don't like the root causes of this violence, homelessness crisis in this case that has gone unaddressed. it is out of control. we're told over and over and over again there is no place for the folks to go and they leave them on the streets and ultimately kill someone. it is -- we're at peak absurd tee here. >> you put a fine point on this and i took a note here. eric adams was hired as mayor because he would take it from a perspective of a former police officer from new york city for 22 years. and any cop on the street can tell you right now that crime is out of control particularly in that violent category. i want to get to this because
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this also is aggravating the situation. manhattan's liberal d.a. alvin bragg, which is country is learning his name now, defended his highly-criticized memo that called for shorter jail times and reduced charges for crimes including violent felonies and he vowed to continue to push s in the face of all the criticism. watch. >> maybe i had out of place and didn't use the exact words. the urgency to start this conversation. we started it. and with your help we are going to continue it. we are going to continue this message and to explain it and build it. conversation by conversation, brick by brick. >> what conversation does this d.a. from manhattan think we've started when the reality is so much crime? >> here is a conversation he should be having. explaining to us how quickly he
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will dismantle his own systems of oppression. oppressing the people of new york city and manhattan who are now dealing with the aftermath of policies that aren't even new. i know a lot of folks across the country who are in these positions say we'll try something new and they will lean into lighter sentences in lieu of prison time we'll give you restorative justice programs. none of that is new. it has been tried over and over and over again for the last several years. i think the data speaks for itself. we know exactly the direction that we are continuously heading in until we have the conversation about getting rid of these policies. unfortunately it's one conversation he doesn't want to have. >> he won't jump to that one. we've talked the migration of these types of policies. i want to go to los angeles. george soros is the nexus of this and his cash and his organization. here is another one.
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l.a.'s far left district attorney is getting scolded for codling dangerous criminals. 26-year-old hannah tubbs pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl. now tubbs, who is transgender will at most be sentenced to serve time in a juvenile detention center or get probation. the l.a. county supervisor says it is useless to catch criminals like tubbs if we don't follow through and seek justice for victims such as the 10-year-old girl she sexually assaulted. bears the burden of a lifetime of trauma, that child. she will have interventions and possibly granted only probation or parole. where is the justice for her young victim and her family? jason. >> the democratic party right
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now believes that the criminals are the actual victim and they have held that position over and over and over again for several years. this poor girl, this 10-year-old had to suffer through that and now has to suffer through the knowledge that the criminal, the degenerate is going to basically be let go because we're told well, you know, at that age she is not -- her brain isn't fully formed as a criminal. let's give her a pass. i'm sorry, no, we can't do that anymore. >> just one last word from you because i'm curious. this is not about transgender or any of those categories that we look at in terms of just demographics of people. this has to do with crime. >> absolutely. let's be clear. it doesn't have to do with transgender one cent. if this were someone that was a biological male doing this exact same thing at 17 years old that person would spend a lot of time behind bars
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rightfully so. >> good to have you in "focus" today. thank you. critics worried that liberals are erasing what it means to be an american citizen. the policies and positions that are whipping up the outrage. we'll get into it. plus this. >> he has had a bad year. he has had 52 weeks of bad weeks. >> wow. mitt romney not happy with president biden's leadership in the first year in office. romney says biden was elected to be a uniter not someone who pushes the agenda of his party's left flank. pete hegseth in "focus" next. this is the sound of nature breathing. and this is the sound of better breathing. fasenra is a different kind of asthma medication. it's not a steroid or inhaler. fasenra is an add-on treatment for asthma driven by eosinophils.
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and reset and say what is it he is trying to accomplish? if it's to try to transform america he won't unite us. he has had a bad year. he has had 52 bad weeks. >> harris: blistering words from a moderate voice inside the republican party. mitt romney says people did not elect president biden to transform american society and they don't like the progressive policies the man who ran as a centrist is now pushing. the senator hit the president on a laundry list of issues including border crisis, disastrous exit from afghanistan and raising inflation and his response to the pandemic. that's what we could fit on the screen. in "focus" pete hegseth co-host of "fox & friends" weekend. how does the president turn this around? should he be worried that even moderate voices are speaking against him? >> you should be worried when members of your own party are
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criticizing you. i say that tongue in cheek because if you remember, mitt romney did not support donald trump in 2020. his de facto support behind joe biden like the mccain crowd and folks like that who said he will be this uniter, new normal. we know joe biden. he is going to bring us back to a steady hand. thanks to mitt romney and mccain, to views like that, we got 52 bad weeks of exactly what we thought we would get, gross incompetence which joe biden displayed on the campaign trail and he picked someone like kamala harris. the democratic party has been captured by the left for quite some time. knowing joe biden espoused rhetoric that sounded mod ral covered up the reality. just like barack obama. covered up the reality of
8:21 am
radicalism underneath. tear down the border wall, sanctuary cities, defund the police, inflation, get rid of our energy independence. the debacle in afghanistan, weakness abroad. i want the hear from mitt romney. he will face reelection in 2024 and do what lot of moderate republicans. start sounding more conservative as his reelection comes. republican voters will remember exactly who mitt romney is. he can save it. the rest of us saw what was coming with joe biden and knew it would be a train wreak and it has been 52 weeks of that. >> harris: you took down everybody in there. something for everybody in that. what needs to happen next? we're in a hole. we know that. look at the cost of everything, bare shelves. what needs to happen next? >> you know what i would earnestly like to see is the white house start to realize the reality of covid, that we will have to live with it.
8:22 am
it was never real they could crush an airborne virus. he can't say it. he says sit a pandemic of the unvaccinated which is not true. wear a mask all the time. now we know more about the efficacy of certain type of masks. they won't recognize natural immunity. they totally ignore therapeutics. a subtle pivot even in that getting away from mandates and letting people live their lives would unleash an economy which would benefit everybody and by default benefit the biden administration. i want a good economy. i want people to be able to -- kids to go back to school without windows open in boston and teachers not in the classroom like in chicago. those are good things. i would like to see them change course on that. they won't change course on their view or border on green new deal or federalizing our election cycle. there are sane democrats. that won't change.
8:23 am
if they change their view on covid-19 i think they could win back a lot of people and for the betterment of america. >> harris: boston. i believe they started with 3 degrees on sunday morning. it has been cold. kids sitting next to open windows in schools is painful. "the washington examiner" editorial board detailing assaults on american citizenship by democrat leaders. the piece argues liberals in deep blue states are trying to erase the meaning of citizenship. they cite examples california's push to give all illegal immigrants free healthcare and new york city recently giving 800,000 non-citizens the right to vote in elections here. the examiner also noted that five deep blue states already give free healthcare to illegal immigrant children including illinois, massachusetts, new york, oregon and washington pete. >> you know, sometimes slogans
8:24 am
become policy and i remember hearing the slogan from the left say no person can be illegal. and that becomes the view from -- under the banner of humanism there are no standards which means citizenship doesn't mean anything. it is not exclusive to merely people who play by the rules or were born here. you need to open it up to everyone. borders don't matter. law and order doesn't matter as far as sanctuary cities. who votes doesn't matter and you erode the idea of the nation state, of a country, of borders. without borders you don't have a country it's true. the left is tearing it down. they want votes and they believe by allowing people in and opening up the ballot box they get those votes. >> harris: i don't want to tie too many things together that don't go together. i hear a common refrain that no person is illegal.
8:25 am
we face a situation in this country where crime is so bad and adjudicating cases as if the victims were worse off than the criminals. no person is a criminal is part of their umbrella. >> it's a great point. what it comes back to the classroom and what we're teaching kids. do we believe america is a good country worth preserving? that same op-ed only 30% of democrats are proud to be an american. if you don't believe america is good why would you defend it? that's the core of it. they don't think america is good. why wouldn't we let anyone come and let the rule of law erode. >> harris: you are service, being the child of a former colonel. that's where you get that perspective that it is a great
8:26 am
place, right, worth fighting for and defending. >> absolutely. you see how other people live and you see how special it is here. >> harris: you have a special project. we get on the topic allot right here on the "focus." educators have had a progressive agenda undetected until recently. pete hegseth is hosting a fox nation series called the miseducation of america. he rediscovers the beauty how our children can be taught to be great citizens. stream it on fox beginning tomorrow. a former clinton press secretary says the media treats president biden unfairly and the administration does not deserve the same so-called snarky attitude the media gave president trump. plus this. >> what they want to do is
8:27 am
basically have the federal government take over all elections in the united states. so if you think that's the democrat agenda and supposed to be good for all americans, i completely disagree with you. >> harris: it's not just some republicans going after democrats' efforts to pass the election overhaul bill. democrats are turning one against the other as their agenda is going nowhere. power panel, the debate you don't want to miss. ♪♪♪
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no one deserves the american dream of homeownership more than veterans. at newday, you can buy a home with no down payment. and they're holding the line on purchase loans with rates in the twos. already own a home and need cash? with the newday100 loan, you can get up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments $615 a month. no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newdayusa. >> harris: the divide among democrats is growing as their efforts to change the filibuster rule and overhaul elections are falling flat. house majority whip james clyburn third most powerful member among democrats in the house and congresswoman maxine
8:33 am
waters are really going after those moderate senators joe manchin and krysten sinema. take a look. >> senator dick durbin said he took it a little too far by comparing current voting restrictions to jim crow. >> if no one has discriminated against you because of your skin color or having your vote counted you can say that. a different history in this country and exactly what these laws are. jim crow 2.0. >> we have two democrats manchin and sinema and they are holding up the democratic agenda. they don't care about minorities, they don't care about blacks. they don't care about people in their own districts who they are going to deny their voting rights. >> harris: power panel david
8:34 am
avella and crystal knight from priorities usa. great to see you both. i'll set up the debate this way. crystal, start with you based on what we just heard. how are these laws, since james clyburn says it, how are they exactly jim crow? what is the argument there? >> great question, harris. many of the laws particularly in states like georgia they are limiting voters access to the ballot. what it means is voters black and brown voters are standing in lines for three hours. they don't have access to water or food. >> harris: where is this happening? >> in black counties within the state of georgia. >> harris: what you are saying is -- go ahead. >> what i'm saying is there are already laws on the books in 19 states across this country that are limiting access to black and brown voters from gaining greater access to the ballot.
8:35 am
that's via long lines, voting lines, ballot boxes, it is also limiting the drop-off locations for mail-in ball yons. people have to drive across a county to drop off a ballot. >> harris: when you say that i think of the record amount of americans who voted just in the most recent presidential election and the role that people of color played in putting this particular president into the white house. james clyburn should know that more than anybody. he was there helping out with the black vote. i'm wondering how they were actually suppressed. by they i mean we are talking we here. i'm as brown as they are. why are some people having such a different experience than what you are saying? i want to get to david now. >> harris, the democrats would do well to step back and mimic your kansas city chiefs. they started slow yesterday and
8:36 am
figured out what was going to work and they ended up scoring 42 points. if the democrats would take a step back and go for those ideas that 80% of americans are for. voter i.d., signature verification on a mail-in ballot. only allowing americans to cast their vote they could pass a bill tomorrow with bipartisan support. but instead we continue to get these outlandish claims. the georgia law gives more access than the state of new york will give. >> harris: and delaware early voting. delaware the president's home state, colorado. how is this jim crow? >> it is not. it's a false information to pass -- push a narrative and keep progressives fired up. if they would focus on what could actually pass you would
8:37 am
have a lot of support amongst americans. >> harris: the washington examner with an op-ed entitled the moment joe biden lost his credibility. a quote reading biden called those who disagree with his political views on legislation domestic enemies and compared them to confederate president jefferson davis. in american politics that is about a divisive as one can get. biden bears no resemblance to the man who ran for president promising to unify the country and bring calm to politics. crystal, your take on this. we are not unified a year later under president biden. it doesn't look like a same person at the lectern when we see him as we saw on the stump in terms of that issue. why not? >> well i think we have to ask ourselves it is 2022 and we are still talking about voting rights and talking about this country being so unified and we
8:38 am
are seeing people react to black and brown voters recrating. if we can't agree on voting rights. >> harris: do you think president biden is doing enough for your cause on the left, progressive enough for ?u >> i think the president is pushing hard for voting rights and we need to keep this issue in the forefront. this is a bipartisan issue. it is not inherently partisan. we've already seen republican senators vote in favor of this. >> harris: what about david's idea. a place where you could meet in the middle politically. the lawmakers on the hill. >> what was his idea again? >> voter i.d. only allowing americans to vote in elections. >> disagree. >> signatures for absentee ballots. harris, this reminds me of the great quote. he never blamed himself he
8:39 am
wasn't hitting. he blamed the bat. that way he could never be mad at himself. that's how joe biden and the democrats are right now. let's not blame ourselves, let's blame everybody else for our inability to unite around ideas that americans support. >> we're not united on voter i.d. david. if i'm a student attending a state university and i'm issued a student i.d., i cannot go and vote. there are states in this country that will not accept my voter i.d. -- student i.d. >> harris: can you get an i.d. they do accept? the answer to that question is yes. let's move on quickly. >> 80% -- >> harris: i know you both want to talk about this, too. long time democrat carville said democrats are doing it all the wrong way when it comes to messaging. >> democrats whine too much,
8:40 am
chuck. quit being a whiney party and get out there and fight and tell people what you did and tell people the exact truth. what you do, chuck, is you run on what you got. you don't run on what you didn't get. the stuff you got is pretty good. you've got to gloat and promote. >> harris: it sounds like what you were saying david avella to get something done. >> 25 house democrats are retiring. we swept every statewide executive office in virginia and we're being told that ideas that 80% of americans voter i.d. support are not majority ideas. that's why the democrats are in big trouble in 2022. >> harris: crystal. >> look, i think what carville stated is that this administration has to run on the successes of what they've done. 6.4 million jobs created. getting covid under control. >> harris: 4.1 million people
8:41 am
quit their jobs in recent time. >> job creation as well. we also have to run on that. >> harris: we'll move on. great to have you both. thank you. media on the left shamelessly mocking people who choose to be unvaccinated and some even saying they should be under house arrest. in prison at home. and is the third time a charm for hillary clinton? a potential run in 2024 is becoming a reality in some circles. jimmy failla in "focus." that's our reality. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> harris: remembering the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, junior, the king family and center in atlanta. georgia has become the epicenter for voting rights laws that we just debated with our two guests on the power panel some democrats are using today to play politics. steve harrigan live in atlanta. steve. >> we're here at ebenezer baptist church listening to speeches. right now vice president harris is speaking and hit the point you were mentioning. she said the right to vote in the u.s. is right now under
8:47 am
assault. members of the king family today saying no celebration on what would have been dr. martin luther king's 93rd birthday. no celebration until there is action on voting rights. a short time ago president biden posted this on that issue. >> on this federal holiday that honors him it's not just enough to praise him, we must commit to his unfinished work, to deliver jobs and justice to protect the sacred right to vote, the right from which all other rights flow. >> among the speakers today will include two republican governor brian kemp, georgia has been a focus of the struggle over voting rights laws all the way back since 2020 when president biden managed to flip georgia into the democratic column winning the state by just over 11,000 votes. harris, back to you. >> harris: thank you very much. how about the third round of
8:48 am
hillary clinton? anyone? multiple reports that the twice-failed presidential candidate has her eyes set on another run. here is former advisor to president bill clinton dick morris on why we could see hillary in 2024. >> a big chance of it. hillary has set up a brilliant, brilliant strategy that nobody else is able to do and knowing people around her i believe there is only one person capable of that level of thinking and that's her husband. she has set up -- [inaudible] she has positioned herself as the democratic alternative to biden. not just to biden, but to the extreme left in the democratic party. >> harris: he is lumping progressives now with biden. that is fascinating. hillary clinton, jimmy failla host of fox across america on
8:49 am
fox news radio in focus now. does dick morris have that right? >> i feel so bad for the american people. first we had to worry about covid variants, now worry about clinton variants. it is a rough time to be, it really is. to dick morris's point she is viable. she has a viable lane for two reasons. one is that biden is polling historically low and the country has drifted way too far to the left, okay, for whatever people think of the clintons they aren't stupid. when it comes to strategy there is a huge lane for her to run in. brings me to number two, she is obsessed with the presidency. think about this, harris, a couple of weeks ago you know this is true, a couple of weeks ago she went on tv and read the acceptance speech she would have given had she won the presidency. harris, imagine you ran into
8:50 am
your ex on the street and read the wedding vows they would have recited in the church if you had married them. in this instance the crazy ex might be the best option in town. >> harris: it is really scary. politically, though, what does it do for or with or you know in spite of republicans? it could be donald trump. could we see it again? >> well, i do think one of the reasons they are so noisy right now they are trying to bait trump into the race earlier rather than later. i mean exactly. hillary is trying to bait trump into this race. she wants to run against donald trump. he is the only one with unfavorable numbers to mobilize the democratic enough they might hold their nose and vote for her. they won't support her over anybody else. one thing no one is saying. what is giving her the upper hand not that biden is in his
8:51 am
late hundreds of polling behind anything you can think of. they say she is younger than biden. so is moses. the policies are unpopular and she can fundraise. no one else who can succeed biden can fundraise like the clintons. this is very much alive. >> harris: we'll move to this. critics tearing into a "los angeles times" columnist for mocking covid deaths among the unvaccinated. he said mocking anti-vaxxers covid deaths is necessary. he doubled down in an interview. >> we have a cultural habit of not speaking ill of the dead. i'm not sure in this case it's entirely appropriate because so many of them actually have promoted reckless, dangerous policies. every one of these deaths is a teachable moment and unfortunately we haven't been learning from the lessons that
8:52 am
we should be hearing from them. >> harris: he is not the only one piling on the people who have chosen to be unvaccinated. the salt lake tribune editorial board with this. were utah a truly civilized place the governor's next move would be to mandate the vaccination campaign going as far as to deploy the national guard to make sure people without vaccination would be allowed anywhere. prison in your home is what they are talking about there. >> we have gotten to the point where it is so prevalent to mock the unvax nateed scientists have a term for people who do it called losers. this is really disgusting. to think of where we are now with people lecturing us about hysteria and misinformation. could there be any greater bit of hysteria and misinformation than what they are proposing in response to covid? we're both vaccinated against it but that being said the
8:53 am
democrats are fostering a worldview where covid equals a death sentence. anybody who is not compliant with the mandates and vaccines should be scorned. here is my question really quick. if we devote this much time to attacking people who bash the vaccine shouldn't we revisit biden and kamala harris on the campaign trail? the highest vote getting tandem in history who spent a year bashing this thing might have fostered reluctance of their own along the way? >> harris: it is a compelling question and has a definite answer when you look at people of color and the numbers of people who decided not to get vaccinated and who died early in this whole process. before and after the vaccine, of course, hispanics and blacks. when you look at the numbers it is undeniable that it is possible that they would have had some sort of influence. i'm not saying it is -- i'm saying they have big voices. >> this is my frustration.
8:54 am
in this moment, harris, our politics have gotten so reductive that people are out there now just automatically assuming if you are against the mandate you must be some type of maga nothing know nothing. we've seen the reluctance in the black and hispanic communities. we've seen it in front line healthcare workers. yes, we did see it in biden and kamala. the idea we should be fighting each other harder than the pandemic is why we should at this point be doing a full nra. to be clear i don't know anything about the medical profession beyond the fact that people who want to shut down everything are creating another subset of health complications. when you destroy the economy we see higher incidents of depression. >> harris: the mental health we've ushered in is crippling for young people in particular. you make the point beautifully. reductive. politics have become reductive. that's the line of the day.
8:55 am
i don't hear anybody mentioning a president who actually didn't know how long it would take to deliver these tests. still signing contracts a week ago with warehouses where covid tests were being kept. a vice president didn't know how many we had ordered, 500 million. seems like a sticky number we might remember. jimmy failla. good to see you in "focus." "outnumbered" is next.
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before an about-face from the fbi as acknowledgments of the jewish community was in fact targeted in the texas synagogue standoff over the weekend, but the euros initial reaction is leading some to question its entire mission. as one conservative radio host wonders if the fbi is not solely focused on destroying the domestic enemies of the democratic party. i'm emily compagno and this is a "outnumbered." i'm joined by my cohosts kayleigh mcenany and harris faulkner


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