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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  January 17, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PST

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strong-willed as your dad. happy birthday, isabel. congratulations on raising such a great girl. >> absolutely. to his wife and to his wife, paula was a wonderful mother and a great cook i might add as well, brian. >> joined me on radio. see you tomorrow. >> bill: culminating in a heart stopping escape. i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino. "america's newsroom." in fact, there were fewer hostages than there might have been because they were doing a lot of this on the livestream. >> bill: as we watched this, too, dana, we also saw an initial reaction to this as being rather what would you say stand offish when you look at
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the history of this person and the reason why he was there and how it's unfolded overseas in london. all that developing today again. >> dana: let's look at this video. you can see the hostages making a break for it. racing out of the synagogue as the f.b.i. looks on. the agency breached the building shortly after. the gunman is confirmed dead. >> bill: 44-year-old british citizen demanding the release of lady al qaeda serving time in a prison miles from that synagogue. >> dana: u.k. police are questioning two teenagers in con he can with the case. president biden is commending law enforcement for getting the hostages out safely. >> president biden: it was an act of terror. it was an act of terror. not only was it related to someone who had been arrested, i might add, 15 years ago and in jail for 10 years. i want to make sure we got a word out to synagogues and
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places of worship we aren't going to tolerate this. the attorney general is focused making sure we deal with these kinds of acts. >> bill: james freeman, "wall street journal" with reaction. lucas tomlinson in delaware today. dan springer live in colleyville, texas, where it all went down on saturday night. good morning, dan. >> good morning, bill. f.b.i. said they believe the hostage taken acted alone and he very well may have here in the u.s. but late last night word came out of the u.k. that they arrested in manchester two teenagers connected to the case. arrested them and questioning them right now. we don't know exactly where it will go but part of this investigation. the ordeal lasted 11 years, gunman took over the congregation beth israel synagogue during the saturday service and held four people hostage including the rabbi. halfway through he let one
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hostage go. hours later the other three ran out unhurt. the f.b.i. hostage rescue team went in. gunfire and suspect was killed. he was 44-year-old malik faisal akram a citizen of britain. he spent his first night in a homeless shelter. bought a gun on the street according to president biden. during his anti-u.s. rant synag release of aafia siddiqui serving an 86 year sentence in fort worth. siddiqui known as lady al qaeda was convicted by a new york jury in 2010 for trying to kill u.s. officials in afghanistan. the f.b.i. has called it a terrorism-related matter in which the jewish community was targeted. no one said why he picked this synagogue but could be its proximity to siddiqui's prison cell. the rabbi posted that he was
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happy to be alive and thanked law enforcement for the incredible job they did. he also thanked the secure community network which provides active shooter training to his and other synagogues around the country. he wrote yesterday in the lessons -- belligerent and threatening. without the instruction we received we would not have been prepared to act and flee when the position presented itself. akram's brother took to facebook condemning his actions and said he has been suffering from mental health issues. >> bill: thank you, dan springer. back to you later today. dana. >> dana: the f.b.i. with a major reversal after initially saying the attack on the texas synagogue did not specifically target the jewish community. team coverage continues with lucas tomlinson live in wilmington, delaware where president biden is spending the holiday. >> good morning.
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you are right. critics were quick to pounce a hostage taker took hostages at a synagogue outside dallas. the f.b.i. explanation on saturday. >> we do believe he was singularly focused on one issue, not specifically related to the jewish community but we're continuing to work to find motive. >> this man did not target a 7/11. he went to a synagogue to make a point that jews are vulnerable and part of the problem and why this vicious anti-semitism needs to be confronted. >> senator graham pounced on twitter quote it is very disturbing to hear from the f.b.i. they don't believe the hostage takers demands had anything to do with the jewish faith and i hope the f.b.i. will reconsider the statement because it is well-known that at her trial siddiqui, known as lady al qaeda was a raging anti-semite who demanded that
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jurors be genetically tested for jewish blood. the f.b.i. revised their assessment and released the following statement before midnight late last night. this is a terror-related matter in which the jewish community was targeted and is being investigated by the joint terrorism task force. yesterday president biden praised the efforts of the f.b.i. and local law enforcement including the elite swat rows cue team who rescued the hostages. not the first time the f.b.i. has had to do an about-face. in 2009 after the forthood shooting the f.b.i. called it workplace violence and not terrorism. >> dana: it shouldn't be a mystery. >> bill: james freeman assistant editor of the "wall street journal" editorial page. good morning. what did you make of the initial reaction to these events in texas? good morning. >> well first of all i think
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given how disappointing the politicized leadership of the justice department and f.b.i. has been in recent years, it is so reassuring and great to see the actions of this f.b.i. rescue team. hats off to them. if there is a problem in these institutions, it seems to be at the top. they did a fan ts particular job and thank goodness the rabbi and con gre grants were ready to seize the opportunity for them to free themselves. but more generally i think this is a reminder of what a real enemy is. we have heard some really outrageous dishonest rhetoric from the president suggesting that his political adversaries or the majority of americans who think that you ought to have an i.d. to vote are the real enemies. this is a reminder and maybe it took the administration over the weekend to focus again on what a real threat to the
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united states is and to the health of our citizens. >> dana: it is interesting how they started off the day with the f.b.i. with their public statements and revising it later in the day. we have to take it for what it is. i'm sure we'll learn more about how the u.k. questioning two teenagers in the u.k. we have to be sharing intelligence on how it all went down. you mentioned president biden and the week that he had. the quinnipiac thursday add 33% approval. an outlier but it proved as the shock to the system. 54% believe the economy is getting worse and you wrote in your column friday did the president finally admit his claims about states preventing people from voting are false? explain it to us what you are talking about there. >> yeah. so we've seen this really
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outrageous rhetoric from the president attacking just again most americans think a valid i.d. to vote is a reasonable measure. you would have a large number of americans who think that you shouldn't be able to mail in a ballot with no post mark after election day and have it count. the procedures that states have decided on are imminently reasonable and casting them as some kind of threat to the republic but what he did in his thursday remarks is after all this rhetoric attacking states, claiming they aren't letting people vote. he said that's really not the issue. the issue is who counts the votes and why we need this new federal law which would essentially expand federal oversight of what has been a state matter in terms of running elections. i think that those were among his most disturbing comments yet, this idea that what he is actually trying to do, despite
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all his recent rhetoric, is change who counts the votes. i think should be disturbing to every american even those democrats who the end to agree with him on policy. >> bill: i want you to listen to trey gowdy's point reflecting on georgia. good run for democrats. they went 3 for 3. watch. >> it's not hard to vote in georgia. it's actually pretty easy. it is so easy biden won in georgia along with two democratic candidates for senate. which is why it is so very hard to understand why he would want to denigrate one of the few southern states he actually has a chance to win. but he did. and he used deliberate misinformation to do it. >> bill: trey lined it up and shot it down there. thank you for your time today. we'll continue on this later today. james freeman "wall street journal" thank you. highest turnout in 120 years which is good in terms of people who felt it was easy to
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vote in the last election 2020. james carville was asked about this. you will see a lot of attention in the new year turn to the mid-terms and whether or not democrats hold on to what they have or can sustain or stop the bleeding. here is carville on sunday. >> what you do, chuck, is you run on what you've got. you don't run on what you didn't get. the stuff you got is pretty good. democrats whine too much, chuck. quit being a whiny party and get out there and fight and tell people what you did and tell people the exact truth. >> bill: on that point running what you got to borrow carville's words there. what's better than a year ago i think america can ask. covid is a mess, economy is teetering right now. what's better than a year ago? major questions for the president when he has that press conference two days from now on wednesday. >> dana: also today in the "new york times" and "washington post" saying supply chain
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issues could continue well into this year because china is suffering from omicron that we'll talk about later as well. >> bill: that continues. so does this now. shocking murder of an off-duty cop prompting a sheriff to bypass a liberal d.a. to pursue justice. >> dana: what's next for djokovic, the world's number one tennis player deported from australia just before the australia open after a drawn-out fight over his vaccination status. where he is now. >> bill: an outbreak of dangerous weather ripping across the u.s. and how it is affecting travel on this holiday weekend. more as we continue on that martin luther king national holiday next. ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent.
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>> bill: after about a week-long manhunt in georgia the manhunt is now over.
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sheriff's office in thomas county say that officers have caught a convicted felon wanted for shooting two deputies last week. tyler henderson was on the run for five days accused of firing at three deputies around midnight and in stable condition. >> dana: three gang members face federal charges in the death of an off duty police officer killed during a gun fight in l.a. last week. he went to the feds bypassing the far left district attorney saying he wouldn't charge them appropriately. let's bring in president of the los angeles police protective league. this is what the district attorney gascon's office said. it was indicated to us the case was referred to federal authorities who filed charges as such we did not have an opportunity to review the case. there is back an forth on that. basically the police officer who want justice in this case
6:19 am
decided to go straight to the u.s. attorney's office. what do you make of that? >> well, in los angeles we're experiencing a 15-year high in homicides and 54% increase in shootings since 2019 and george gascon should be prosecuting these murders to the fullest extent of the law. he simply doesn't have the courage or conviction to hold soulless murdering thugs accountable. we applaud the sheriff from the los angeles county sheriff's department for seeking federal indictments against these violent gang members for the senseless murder of los angeles police officer arroyos. >> he died and was killed and one of many law enforcement officers who lost their lives. put this on the screen. the most number of officers died in 2021 in the line of
6:20 am
duty since 19 -- by firearms up 36%, ambush style attacks 19 officers up 317%. one issues for gascon is that he has refused to apply the enhancements that address the depravity of the crime if you are involved with a gang, etc. he has stripped off -- [inaudible] saying i'm straight to the u.s. attorney. do you think this will help change things, maybe become a trend in california since you are dealing with this increase in crime there? >> well, i hope it becomes a trend. he is strictly under any circumstances has done enhancements or gang enhancements when criminals are out there creating robberies. criminal gang members driving around neighborhoods right now making money through armed
6:21 am
robberies. they have zero care for human life. we have to hold these people in charge of our criminal justice system accountable by voting them out of office. most of the time these people that commit the violent acts of robbery and murder are someone on their second, third, fourth chance. this has to end. >> dana: california crime is up across the board, not just los angeles. one of the things that i'm curious about is because of who you represent, police and police protection, what are you hearing from them as they watch their state go through this? >> well, the officers are the ones that are really taking -- we try to solve crimes to the best of our ability. the problem in los angeles county right now even if we have suspects and are able to solve crimes, these people are getting out of jail either by
6:22 am
no bail. it's like a revolving door in the city of los angeles and the county and very frustrating. through gascon's policies he has created a morale destroyer on the lapd and l.a. county sheriff's department. >> dana: maybe the fact he was bypassed by this case in the killing of the officer, he will pay attention. we'll see all about that. craig, let's stay in touch. we appreciate you. >> pleasure to be on your show. thank you very much. >> bill: 22 past the hour now. sharp rise in covid hospitalizations and deaths across the country. the omicron variant to blame for most of it. is the government hoarding test kids. remembering dr. martin luther king, junior, the annual service at ebenezer baptist in
6:23 am
atlanta. live coverage continues on this monday morning. martin
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>> bill: 9:30 in new york. border agents in texas discovering more than 20 illegal immigrants hiding out at a motel in laredo. rooms being used at stash houses and police were called because of suspicious activity. >> dana: virginia's first republican governor in more than a decade hitting the ground running. sworn in saturday and immediately signed a bunch of executive orders, some targeting public schools and that is as you can imagine already getting pushback. mike emanuel is live in virginia's capital of richmond. >> he is trying to set a tone trying to show virginia voters he is taking action right away on central issues in his campaign. youngkin signing executive orders and two executive directives on day one. some related to public education in virginia. that includes ending the use of
6:29 am
divisive concepts including critical race theory. reversing mask requirements for school children, investigate wrongdoing in loudon county. mask mandate northern virginia school districts like fairfax, alexandria and arlington saying back they'll maintain the mask requirements. masks required inside our facilities and on school buses. the new governor's response. >> so i just hope that arlington county schools and the rest of the school systems around the commonwealth of virginia use this week to listen to parents and get prepared because we granted parents the option of deciding whether they want their child to wear a mask or not and we'll protect that right. >> after satin august ration youngkin's first interview was on "fox news sunday" where he talked about removing principles of critical race theory from schools.
6:30 am
>> we have instructed our board of education and instructed our secretary of education, state superintendent of public schools to review the curriculum and get racially divisive and other divisive teaching concepts out of the school system. >> as youngkin moves forward with his agenda it is clear he is going to have a fight on his hands with a lot of folks here in the commonwealth of virginia. dana. >> dana: looks like he is looking forward to that fight as well. mike emanuel in richmond. >> bill: covid death rate, la county hitting a 10 month high. average of 40 people dying each day last week and that new data suggests the highly contagious omicron strain may be more deadly than initially thought. dr. marc siegel on monday. good morning and thank you for your time. vaccination rate in l.a. county 72% of those age 5 and older have the vaccine. how do you explain those numbers from last week, 40 a day, doc? good morning.
6:31 am
>> i know you love numbers crunching. let me do this for you. one year ago today 45,000 cases in the state of california. today 45,000 new cases of covid in the state of california, the same. l.a. county 250 deaths a year ago. 51 deaths this year. it shows actually that the omicron variant isn't as deadly provided that you are vaccinated, boosted, and you have prior immunity, you are not immunocompromised. it shows that it remains on the radar as a variant that can get you very sick and can hospitalize you and kill you. there is a direct correlation there with how much immune protection you have. that's what is key. i spoke to a top emergency room physician at ucla yesterday who confirms that. people that have immunity, whether they got it from prior infection or boosters, they are more protected than those that aren't. >> bill: that's from california on one end. in the state of maryland the
6:32 am
republican governor there larry hogan very popular republican governor in a state that primarily votes democrat, he is accusing the white house of stealing these covid tests, hoarding them for their use and their claim. here is cbs on sunday. >> now it appears as if rather than producing more rapid tests the federal government is purchasing the ones we had already contracted for so now it's hijacking the tests we had plans for. >> bill: is that going on? have you seen that? can you verify that, doctor? >> here is how i would talk about that. governor hogan has a great deal of credibility. dr. robert redfield is adviseing him. the three most common home tests right now, 380 million of biden's purchases are those three. problem is roche is brand-new
6:33 am
on the market. what is happening here is that the feds are taking tests that the states then can't get. they could put in a purchase order but the feds are getting priority. so it is trying up the stream to the states is drying up because of this huge mandate now to get a billion tests out on that website which again is -- >> bill: which seems to be the headline that the white house wants to sell this week especially on wednesday when the president goes and takes questions from reporters. but that would verify a lot of our own experience when we try to access the tests. for example, small town long island, new york, small pharmacy, they've been trying to buy 2,000 test kits for week and can't get them. they believe also that the government is hoarding the tests for their own bragging rights. do you think that is valid? >> yes, i do, bill. i think what is happening and you put it exactly right. i think that that's one of the reasons we're seeing this great
6:34 am
scarcity. for a big federal headline. on top of that you have the bureaucratic delay you will have trying to order this from a federal website. we saw that with obamacare. then they're even talking about a 7 to 12 day delay before you order it and get it. by then you are already back to work. i'm concerned whether we will have the tests and second -- this is even more important, bill. even if you have a home test and call me up and say doctor, what do i do now? i would say i love to get you the antibodies and get you the drugs but there is a tremendous shortage of the treatments i can't couple the home test with treatments. that's even more of a problem. >> bill: wow. there is a doctor you know well from brown university. used to be at harvard. we talked to him a lot during the pandemic. he is talking about the message coming from the government and how poor it has been. give this a listen. >> the white house needs to get
6:35 am
its messaging discipline together and needs to make sure people are speaking from the same page. my sense is that hasn't been happening consistently and it would be helpful to the american people if the messaging was more consistent. >> bill: would would make that message more consistent if you agree with that? >> i completely agree with that. here is the problem. biden administration is focusing on stopping it with the vaccine when it isn't working well. they need to stay two things for clear messages. one, the vaccine stops severe disease. it will keep you out of the hospital. two, the most important thing, long covid. your risk of getting symptoms from covid-19 if you are unvaccinated is not insignificant. we're seeing issues with cognition, thinking, long-term lung problems, of course smell and taste which everybody knows about but heart and lung problems. all of that is a reason to get
6:36 am
vaccinated. they should be staying on the long covid message and on decreasing severity and stop all of this about stopping spread because the vaccine is obviously not doing that. the american public sees almost a million cases a day. they know the vaccine is not stopping spread. >> bill: doctor, thanks for coming in today. marc siegel here in new york. thank you. >> dana: on this martin luther king, junior day a live look at the memorial in washington, d.c. and a beautiful scene this morning. the king center in atlanta or holding a service at the church where the civil rights icon was pastor at ebenezer church. a beautiful memorial if you have a chance to visit washington, d.c., it is quite majestic and a great location for today's activities. >> bill: there and also in atlanta, georgia. make sure next time are you in atlanta to check out where martin luther king preached and where he went to church. >> dana: something to see and
6:37 am
experience zbl. the u.s. and russia not able to reach a deal on ukraine. a top republican says we're already in a new cold war with moscow. general keane reacts to that. plus the world's number one tennis player. no one better, is now out of australia deported because of his vaccination status. we'll have the fallout on that coming up. >> you can leave that as an icon for the anti-vac movement on you can make it an icon for freedom of choice. australians don't want people to have freedom of choice. this is purely political. not a problem, josh. hey, you two. check out all these camera views in my silverado i can see in front of me, behind me, on either side of me. and it has this cam, so i can see if there's any funny business going on. you see any funny business going on? no, sir. let's have a great day!
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>> bill: so it is happening yet again out of north korea firing more project ills toward the sea of japan. fourth time this month.
6:43 am
word from south korea overnight. two short range missiles this time. the test launches seem to be retaliation the biden administration imposed last week on several north korean individuals and entities. >> dana: top republican on the house foreign affairs committee is raising concerns we're in a new cold war with russia. texas congressman mccaul says the biden administration weakness is not helping. >> rather than threatening after an invasion takes place we ought to be providing deterrents before an invasion takes place. that's my biggest criticism of the administration. >> do you think we're in a new cold war with russia? >> i do. i do because i think putin again smells weakness here. >> dana: general jack keane is a fox news strategic analyst and former vice chief of staff of the army. want to play for you to set the
6:44 am
scene, here is what the white house jake sullivan said this weekend. >> what we have laid out is a very clear message to the russians. if they do further invade ukraine there will be severe economic consequences and a price to pay. yes, of course, if it turns out that russia is pummeling ukraine with cyberattacks and if that continues over the period ahead, we'll work with our allies for the appropriate response. >> dana: the kremlin said this. >> there are no russian troops in ukraine. there are russian troops on russian soil. >> dana: these two sides talking past each other it seems that russia is determined to try to do something here. what do you know and see? >> well, i certainly agree with chairman mccaul. it has the resemblance of the cold war when we have hundreds of thousands of troops facing
6:45 am
each other. soviet union and nato we don't have that. but the mission of the united states and nato during the cold war was to deter russian aggression and expansion. if that fails we're in a war against the soviet union. the mission now of nato is deter russian aggression and expansion. the same mission. we're not doing it quite as well as we should be. look, russia put 90,000 troops on the ukraine border in the spring and we did what? nothing. we should have put troops into nato particularly in poland and the baltics to make certain that putin gets the message we're not going to take any further expansion. i would have given putin a laundry list of significant military capacity that i intend to put into ukraine unless he de-escalates and gets the troops off the border. i'm talking about anti-aircraft missiles, anti-ship missiles
6:46 am
and a bunch of the other things on their critical significant list which we have avoided to date. also agree with mccaul that we're showing weakness here in the united states because yes, we didn't do that and doesn't it appear that why is putin back in the fall and winter was the accelerant also afghanistan and the fiasco that showed the united states weakness that we walked away from a 20-year ally because we didn't want to take any more american casualties after all of that time? what is putin drawing from that? i think he is looking at the -- at our deterrents here, listen to what sullivan and blinken are saying. largely economic sanctions. do you think the chinese, russia's number one trading partner is going to reinforce the united states and shut down all the exports and imports that are going back and forth
6:47 am
between those two countries? i doubt it. i think the deterrents of economic sanctions has a hollowness to it. >> dana: general, i wonder what you think in terms of military strategy. last week we had a guest that said they did not believe putin would do anything right now in the next several weeks because the ground is frozen because of winter. from a military strategy standpoint or tactically do you agree with that? >> no. when the ground is frozen he can move his armored forces. there is a political hold-up. that's one thing. there likely was weeks ago the military condition of the kind of surface mobility that they want to have had not been established. it is being established now. i totally disagree with that premise. >> dana: i've been wondering about that for several days. we'll talk to you all week. thanks. >> great talking to you.
6:48 am
>> bill: 12 before the hour now. australian open is underway without the number one men's player in the world. djokovic is back in serbia after being kicked out of australia because he is unvaccinated. jonathan hunt live in l.a. with more how this is developing. jonathan, hello. >> it is, good morning. the first full day of the australian open is done. like the rest of us novak djokovic can now only watch the first major on tv from his home in belgrade, serbia. the world's number one tennis player arrived in belgrade following a long night and day of travel from australia having been kicked out by the government there because he is unvaccinated and according to australian officials had no valid medical exemption to enter a country which has put in place some of the strict covid-related travel worlds in the world. a judge upheld the decision at a court hearing over the weekend and within hours
6:49 am
djokovic was on his way out leaving the tennis world shaken but relieved to move on after what has been a major distraction for the 256 other players competing in melbourne. in a statement after his court loss djokovic supported that saying in part quote i'm uncomfortable that the focus of the past week has been on me and i hope that we can all now focus on the game and tournament i love. the big question now for djokovic as he seeks to become the greatest of all time and break a tie for majors won between him and nadal and federer where he might be allowed the play in the coming months. the french open is in may and france has just introduced tough restrictions on who isn't vaccinated. prior to that one of the biggest spring tournaments djokovic often plays is at indian wells in southern california in mid-march. might be the first major test of whether tennis authorities want to welcome back the
6:50 am
current world number one or whether he may spend many more months on the sidelines. nadal said djokovic could avoid the questions just by getting vaccinated. >> bill: thank you in los angeles, jonathan hunt. >> dana: president biden wraps up his first year in office. his grades are in and not good. from gas prices to inflation, crime and covid he is getting some failing grades across the board. from the offensive line to the school cafeteria line. retired nfl player tells us about his journey from gridiron to grill. ♪♪♪
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6:56 am
florida sunday morning demolishing over 60 homes. the storm brought freezing rain and snow to georgia and the carolinas. officials say at least two died as slick roads caused more than 400 car crashes. >> bill: now meet a retired nfl lineman embarking as a second career as a school cafeteria cook at the local elementary school. spent 11 years in the league and in charge of feeding hundreds of kids at st. paul the apostle school in grand rapids, michigan where he grew up. jared is with us now. it is a cool little story. you retired at the age of 34. were you looking for something to do? how did this come up, jared? >> i was. if anyone is familiar with my story i actually retired a couple times and came back out of retirement to help the teams when it came late season playoff time so i've been that holiday helper the last two
6:57 am
years. during that time i knew i needed to find something to do after football and find fulfillment. the kitchen has been awesome and a blessing being in there. it is great. the little day-to-day goals and believe it or not you get some of that adrenaline going that you had on the field. >> dana: one of the things i think that must be rewarding, you know about body conditioning and nutrition. for young people it is an important thing for them to learn. when you are there and you see the little ones and they need nourishment to think well and play well and grow, what is your interaction like with the kids? >> absolutely. number one, i want to make things that will nourish these kids. i need to make it so they want to eat it. if it is too out of the box or too unapproachable good luck even -- if you make it as healthy as possible.
6:58 am
so it's basically figuring out what these kids eat that is healthy and going at it from that perspective. it has been well received. the kids are honest with their feedback and able to mould the menu. >> the pizza, chicken nuggets and got rid of the desserts. you are telling us they're happy with that? . how can we believe that? >> we still do a pizza day but it is with english muffins and a pretty good homemade recipe that i have. we put them together by hand and get them their pizza fix that way about once a month. a little bit better than what i grew up having in school after the era where it was the rectangular pieces of pizza that flop over and you aren't sure what color the cheese was. >> bill: did you have to sell them on your ideas? how long did that take? >> there was a trust-building process. it took a month and a half.
6:59 am
a month before i think kids were willing to look me in the eye and say hi. i think it was maybe a little bit intimidating at first why this big guy is serving up this food that, you know, they aren't used to on their trays. but since then i think they are pretty excited about it and it has been very well received and a lot of smiles going through the line. >> dana: we have a minute left and i wondered if you could talk about the importance or feeling you have of returning home and focusing on a community and becoming a part of that community and establishing those roots or reestablishing them and how that might give you some optimism about the state of america. >> that's a great question and i see that firsthand every day. especially with the community aspect. st. paul's is a small school and small community. the community helps out tremendously. i couldn't do without the community. we have prep and serving volunteers in there every day. i have another guy in the kitchen working with me back
7:00 am
there and he is tremendous. so we have this team. it is centered around not just the staff but the community as a whole. bringing together a community and people in a school over food is a great thing because i think food can unite everybody. my opinion. >> dana: it can. >> bill: you are a good man, jared. >> dana: thank you so much. >> bill: your two kids go to school there. their dad is their chef. thank you for being here today. >> dana: thanks for all you do. >> thank you, guys. >> dana: president biden's legislative agenda going nowhere now as a series of policy failures mark his first year in office. there is no clear path forward. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: good morning, i'm bill hemmer nice to see you all at home as well. runaway inflation surging crime, covid and supply chain crisis are not relented. all part of a trend leading to
7:01 am
widespread frustration. president biden delivers the worst inflation in 40 years. senator mitt romney describing the first year as a rattling chain of painful failures. >> he has had 52 weeks of bad weeks. people are 7% poorer now because of biden inflation. gasoline prices are what, 50% higher than when he took office. things aren't going well. the president needs to stop and reset and say what is it he is trying to accomplish? >> bill: peter doocy picks it up from there. stunning comments from romney. stinging, i would add. >> good morning. you mentioned inflation. costs are higher on things today than they were a year ago. that is normal. what's not normal is that the prices have been rising faster than any time in the last 40 years. and as the prices have been rising during president biden's first year in office, he has been talking less about the cost of things and more about politics. >> president biden: they are.
7:02 am
or that i'm not focused on inflation. malarkey. they want to talk down the recovery because they voted against the legislation that made it happen. >> the other big issue the pandemic. more covid-19 cases popping up every day a year into biden's term as there were when he took over. at this point his administration continues to fight it with the same remedies as a year ago. vaccines and masks. and he is starting to acknowledge fatigue. >> president biden: we're tired. i really mean this. i know you are frustrated. we all want it to be over. we're still in it. >> missing was a promise that was huge on day one. that you could argue one, biden won the white house in the first place. this has been softened now to beat back the virus. >> are you no longer going to
7:03 am
shut it down. >> president biden: we have to beat it back before we shut it down. >> more often than not in the second half of the president's first year in office he spent the weekends away and he is away right now home in delaware. we do expect him back here at the white house this evening. bill. >> bill: peter doocy from the north lawn beginning this hour. >> dana: president biden is set to hold his first formal news conference in months on wednesday. the final day of his first year in office. with the president keeping his distance from reporters most of the year often ignoring their attempts to get answers for the american people they will have plenty of questions they want to ask. jason chaffetz is a fox news contributor. he won't just walk into the room and say i'll take questions. he will make a statement or speech and i imagine he will try to talk about some accomplishments from their point of view that they have. given the realities of the polls that we see, the fact that to a democrat they've all been saying over the weekend you can see them quoted from bernie sanders to maureen doud
7:04 am
and others that something needs to change. there needs to be a pivot or something different. do you anticipate that by wednesday president biden will be able to announce something like that? >> yeah, i think they have to announce something different. i think what they will do is try to set the stage to culminate around the first of march when the president goes and does the state of the union. i think they will take a version of build back better and pare it down that they come up with something palatable. they have to rally around that for five to six weeks to try to get something passed to try to salvage and do something policy-wise. but usually these types of things don't go well for the president. he is not the best orator or quick on his feet and a lot of his style of just going to pre-selected questioners will take an awful lot of criticism, as it
7:05 am
>> bill: the comment from mitt romney. 52 weeks of bad weeks. what can they say that is better now than it was a year ago? >> they are short on policy victories. it is the policies that have been harming americans. these are self-inflicted policies. they did it on day one by harming us in the energy sector. i would love to see the president asked about immigration. that is as bad as it's ever been and not getting better. the president has not taken hard or direct question on immigration. the vice president has been absolutely no help. the president last week talked about how he is going to do infrastructure and build bridges. he hasn't been able to build bridges with the united states congress. what makes us think that will be better? it was the whole promise of joe biden. >> dana: the poll from last thursday had biden at a job approval of only 33%.
7:06 am
certainly could be an outlier but it was also a real wake-up call for the democrats. also in the quinnipiac poll handling of the economy approve 34% shown to be true across several polls. and then this question divided country, 49% of respondents say he is doing more to divide the country and 42% see him as unifying it. he ran on almost every single time he gave a speech during the campaign he said he would try to unify the country. do you think in his mind he has tried to do that? >> he probably thinks so in his mind. the only thing he has done is lurched to the left. more concerned about bernie sanders and aoc than anybody else. the only way the numbers get so low is when you lose independents, lose centrists and lose the base within your own party. you go out and blame republicans for that. there is nothing he can really
7:07 am
point to albeit the infrastructure bill that he can point to where he has worked with republicans in a sincere and honest way to try to get some stuff passed. he is losing his base and i think those independents are running to the republican party. that's why i think republicans feel such a surge going into 2022. >> bill: i want to turn to covid quickly trying to get a sense different parts of the country how people are looking for. there is an op-ed in the salt lake city tribune that is cutting. utah leaders surrendered to the covid pandemic. were utah a truly civilized place the governor's next move would be have to mandate a max vaccination campaign to insure people without proof of vaccination wouldn't be allowed anywhere, end quote. is there support for that in your state? >> no. that is a crazy outliers, far
7:08 am
leftists at a newspaper that nobody reads anymore. it is a shame the decline of the salt lake tribune. that's a radical position that should be summarily dismissed immediately. it will never happen in utah and thank goodness. it is a terrible idea. advocate for the vaccine and the booster. i have taken the vaccine and the booster. tell us the positive things. don't essentially incarcerate people or quarantine them by force in their own homes. that is ridiculous. >> bill: we'll put you down as a no. thanks. >> dana: good to talk to you. thank you. >> bill: we were talking about this earlier today. salt lake city was tough on folks in the early days. case numbers were very low. when we were there for the vice presidential debate mike pence and kamala harris they were riding a hard line. >> dana: don't let your masks slip there. they were on top of you.
7:09 am
>> bill: democrats joining the effort to rein in big tech. now they're both demanding transparency. will they get it? what do they want? >> no secret the companies have a tremendous amount of power and influence. a growing number of congressional democrats want to see the government rein in the powers. last week the committee investigating the capitol attack issued sites that rioters were using to plan january 6 events. he wants the know what steps if any social media companies took for their plat toerms radicalizing people. and privacy protections and whether the companies are too big. "wall street journal" summed it up over the weekend writing new laws under consideration in europe, asia and u.s. could put
7:10 am
sharp limits on how big tech companies and smaller competitors and restrict their use of artificial intelligence like facial recognition. for months republicans have been accusing companies becoming monopolies of commerce and communications. now it is no surprise democrats are also urging reform. >> these are global companies and they are controlling content and access to information and we now see that they are manipulating information that users receive. >> bill: president biden has urged social media country to rein in content about the pandemic. it could be a slippery slope and a debate that's ongoing. >> bill: mark meredith in washington >> dana: beijing olympics start in a couple of weeks.
7:11 am
with security concerns and omicron cases growing there, should we even go? >> bill: another person shoved if front of a subway train and killed in new york city over the weekend. the suspect said to be in and out of mental hospitals. he has a long rap sheet. new manhattan d.a. says he is on it. but is he really? >> i want to be clear and unequivocal that public safety is paramount. ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent. one of the most important is giving them ways to fulfill them. for over 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life. because life insurance can help protect and provide for the financial futures of the ones we love.
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>> dana: d.c. police appear to have having a tough time solving murders. look at this. metro police recorded 226 murders last year but only closed 42% of cases and crimenologists warn it could get worse as rising anti-police
7:17 am
sentiment may keep witnesses from engaging with police. some of those did happen towards the end of the year, bill. so might need more time. not a very good trajectory at 42%. >> bill: we have to do better. if you pay attention to some stories out of the big cities in america it doesn't look good. here is the d.a. alvin bragg in new york. roll this. >> we can and will do that, address violent crime at the same time that we make our system fairer. they're not in opposition. they go hand in hand. we can't have one without the other. >> bill: he is a progressive d.a. educated at harvard, a new d.a. here in new york city. getting lot of flak what critics call soft on crime. a homeless man shoved and asian woman in front of a subway in
7:18 am
times square and she died. the spike in violent crime. want to bring in a former bronx county assistant district attorney. bragg is saying we can make our system fairer and also crack down on violent crime. how do we do that? >> well, didn't help the victim on the subway and didn't help the victim who was robbed last week by knife point who the d.a. let go and didn't charge him appropriately. this is a d.a. who issued a 10-page memorandum, a blueprint for crime. he says he is for crime and law and order. what he is doing is letting the city go. we cannot be another philadelphia, st. louis, l.a., san francisco. this is the greatest city in the world and new yorkers are paying attention. >> bill: he is making faces at reporters.
7:19 am
he has a rap sheet, he is possibly mentally disturbed. he was looking to make someone a victim on that subway platform. the video clearly shows him moving toward one woman. she steps away and he goes after another and now she is no longer here. what he is arguing is we can be tough on crime and we can also be fair on the punishment. i don't know how we marry that in a city of 8 million. >> he is not putting it into practice. the guy who robbed the store with knife point. he put a knife to woman's face and said i'm taking everything and you are going to do nothing. that woman is a victim. bragg ignores her and ignores the victims of the city and panders to the criminals. the judge said this is a clear case of robbery in the first degree. new yorkers are paying
7:20 am
attention. joe marino is doing excellent reporting in the "new york post." we know what's going on. i urge everybody to read this memo. it is only 10 pages and it is a memo that clearly sends a message to the streets that manhattan is open for crime. >> bill: here is what the judge said. based on your record, you would have faced a long period of time in jail if convicted. the newly elected d.a. has new policies. you aren't charged with robbery but a miss demeanor here. i don't know if anyone would feel lucky standing in front of me in a courtroom but you might feel lucky today. the reference you were making. the former nypd commissioner. >> the same only song. we're seeing a little mental illness, disregard for common decency, but when you have mass amounts of people put back on the streets that have
7:21 am
traditionally been held in jail, you are seeing some of that permeate here as well. >> bill: he is spot on with that comment. >> he is dead on. we need to hold people accountable for their criminal activity. in that case if you read the actual complaint, the facts make out robbery in the first degree. this person should have been held on bail and sentencing should have been much more than what he faces now. the d.a. just charged him with a misdemeanor. >> bill: an unnamed prosecutor quoted by the "new york post." he wants to get rid of all the senior people who in his own office and replace them in young inexperienced people who don't want to uphold the law and think like him. there is a claim that a dozen prosecutors have left the office. is that true? >> of course it is. if you have ever tried a case
7:22 am
in manhattan and stood toe-to-toe with a manhattan d.a. they are highly intelligent people there to do a job at low pay considering what they can make in the private sector. committed public servants. superb trial lawyers and they don't want to be in this type of office. mr. bragg is setting us on a path that is going to harm every citizen in manhattan. >> bill: last question here, though. how do we reverse this? or does it have to get really bad before that happens? >> hopefully shows like yours can help mr. bragg see his job is to protect victims, not give a pass to actual violent criminals in the street. >> bill: thank you, michael. he is here in new york city. thank you for coming on and we'll speak to you again. 22 past now. >> dana: charles mcgehee, one
7:23 am
of the last surviving members of the tuskegee airmen has died at 102. he flew combat missions in three wars and tweets on sunday vice president harris and secretary of defense called him an american hero among the 00 men that trained in alabama from 1940 to 1946 after a army air corp was forced to admit black pilots. >> bill: amazing life. the best to him and his family. the f.b.i. going back and forth whether the an attack on a synagogue was anti-semitism. >> it makes you wonder what in god's name is going on with the f.b.i. what were they looking at? i mean, the whole world saw this clearly, a synagogue. >> bill: fair question. why critics say the messaging flub is a bigger problem.
7:24 am
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>> dana: stunning reversal from the f.b.i. after the agency suggested saturday's attack on a synagogue was not motivated by anti-semitism. the f.b.i. later back tracked on that and said it is a terrorism-related matter in which the jewish community was targeted and is being investigated by the joint terrorism task force. let's bring in a former deputy assistant director for the f.b.i.'s counter terrorism division and a gentleman from the organization americans against anti-semitism. when you initially heard the statement from the f.b.i. what went through your mind and when they revised it, it made you feel better. >> initially i was flabbergasted. i couldn't comprehend the f.b.i. would take that kind of
7:30 am
position. it was almost as if they were blind and deaf and were not seeing what the rest of the world was seeing and listening to. when they changed their position, yeah, okay, that was the right position but now i want to know and i think everybody else, why did they take that position initially? why would they do that? was this about being politically correct? it sounds to me like there is a lot of politics these days within the f.b.i. they need to explain to us why they took that position. >> dana: terry, you've had a lot of experience at the f.b.i., counter terrorism. we have had -- this recent f.b.i. controversy, there have been many of them. some of them have to do with warrantless surveillance, encryption cracking and that type of thing but also during the trump years there was all of that. and then you also have this
7:31 am
question about remember workplace violence by the white house back in the obama administration. so from your perspective what happened yesterday and can you answer, doug, the question about what the f.b.i. was thinking when they initially put out that statement saying it had nothing to do with the jewish faith? >> i can certainly try. i think we saw yesterday the old and new f.b.i. the old f.b.i. is what we always think of when we think of the bureau. the ability to respond immediately to a situation like this, to put in hostage negotiators and swat teams and to work through the night with what was obviously both an ideological and emotional train wreck. and ultimately the hostages left safely. that's the old f.b.i. sadly, this is one of a long line of examples and there are a number of former agents speaking out about these things that does show and indicate the f.b.i. has taken a political
7:32 am
turn and does things for political correctness. yesterday when they had the press conference and made that initial statement i was as flabbergasted as anyone else but i will tell you this, that doesn't square with what an f.b.i. special agent in charge would say. i've been involved in those situations and i have a terrible feeling that either some d.o.j. attorney on the scene or a press person from d.o.j. or probably more realistically at f.b.i. headquarters with liaison with d.o.j. added something like that and said you won't talk much about this. you will add this statement to what you say and make sure you say it clearly and we will move on. and we've seen this before. you pointed out the fort hood shooting and the whole idea this was workplace violence. the other thing that bothers me about yesterday is the delay. i think they had overnight to figure out how they were going to deal with this. why is that?
7:33 am
because this is the more dangerous thing. i think they have been gung-ho to prove what we've heard since president biden was inaugurated. that is the real threat, the immediate threat to all of us is white supremacists and domestic terrorism and white hate. that may always be there but we have other things to worry about and ought to follow the trail and saying things that are factual based on what we have to deal with. >> dana: doug, one last question. when you think about all the synagogues across america, one of the things i thought was so interesting was how the rabbi yesterday said he had been trained. they had gone through drills. they knew what to do. how important is that, because this problem unfortunately is not eradicated. >> it is extremely important. but what is a sad reality in our great country that we have to train every single synagogue has to protect itself against
7:34 am
individuals who are filled with jew hatred and would murder jews and not think for a second. so yeah, all the training and all the money that's being spent very important. but what a sad commentary. what the f.b.i. did was diminish from the war against anti-semitism by confusing the situation. and i only can hope that we will hear an explanation. the senate, the house, they cannot permit the f.b.i. to get away with what they did. the person who made these remarks, you need to explain to the american people and the jewish community why you took that position. >> dana: i hear you there. and also we need to find out about the perpetrator's travel from the u.k. here and also i understand the u.k. authorities are talking to two teens possibly involved. thank you both for your time. >> thank you so much. >> dana: thank you.
7:35 am
>> bill: newly reviewed allegations accusing google and facebook of working together to rig ad sales. the texas attorney general ken paxton leading a dozen other state attorneys general in a lawsuit against the tech giants. see whether or not they get anywhere. jackie deangelis is live in new york city with more on this. >> good morning. these two tech giants are back in the headlines again and this new complaint alleges that alphabet and facebook worked together to rig the advertising market. remember, ad revenue is the butter to these company's bread if you will. the new complaint says the facebook ceo and google signed an agreement that allegedly guaranteed facebook would get in and win a certain amount of ad auctions. the suit is led by ken paxton joined by more than a dozen
7:36 am
other state attorneys general as well. in response to this a google spokesperson said this, quote. despite attorney general paxton's three attempts to rewrite his complaint it is still full of inaccuracies and lacks legal merit. our advertising technologies helped apps fund content and enable small businesses the reach customers around the world. we'll continue to fight this meritless lawsuit in court end quote. let me put it in context and underscore why it is important. the tech giants have been under fire for several years now, accusations that they dominate and control their markets using their size as an unfair advantage. washington hasn't done anything concrete but these inquiries and investigations are ongoing and it has these companies on the radar for sure. there are some questions, though, how competitive online advertising actually is. and if these companies are, in fact, having a level playing field.
7:37 am
stay tuned for more on this. >> bill: i know you'll stay on it as well. >> dana: huge winter storm making its way up the east coast bringing everything from freezing rain and snow to tornadoes. one twister in fort myers, florida, displaced hundreds of people from their homes. ice and snow bringing things to a stand still. roads in atlanta covered in black ice. motorists told to stay home if possible. things are not much better in the northeast with high winds and freezing temperatures in massachusetts where they expect serious snowfall. let's check with in max gordon in rochester, new york. not so sunny today. >> not so sunny. it is coming down here in the flower city between 12 to 18 inches of snow expected to fall. rochester is in a snow draught before this. 18 inches below average. road crews are busy all morning
7:38 am
trying to clear things out. things are looking okay. this is a city well accustomed to large amounts of snow. officials in new york are saying if you can stay home, you should. road conditions are pretty rough out there. we're contending with some strong winds gusts up to 45 miles per hour reducing visibility on the roads and seeing some significant drifts. flights are also being canceled especially here in rochester. we're seeing dozens of flights being canceled. this as this winter storm wallops the northeast once again between 12 to 18 inches of snow expected to fall here in rochester, new york. >> dana: max, you wear the snow well. take care and enjoy it. >> thank you. >> bill: it's pretty coming down, right? team usa taking steps to protect american athletes at beijing at the games in 2 1/2 weeks. why the athletes are worried about more than just covid and
7:39 am
what they are doing about it. talk to kennedy about the concerns over safety and security and surveillance in beijing. stay tuned, kennedy is next. ♪♪♪ no one deserves the american dream of homeownership more than veterans. at newday, you can buy a home with no down payment. and they're holding the line on purchase loans with rates in the twos. already own a home and need cash? with the newday100 loan, you can get up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments $615 a month. no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newdayusa.
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>> dana: team usa is warning olympic athletes not to bring personal cell phones with them to the beijing games and get burner phones instead because of concerns about potential phone surveillance by the chinese government. beijing announced found its first case of omicron is beijing despite sweeping lockdowns. benjamin hall is with us. >> we've been talking about the potential threat to u.s. athletes in china. now it appears that team usa shares some of those fears writing in the memo that all athletes should use burner phones, leave their own technology and communications at home to try to avoid chinese spying. writing in the memo sent to all athletes they said they could be subject to malicious intrusion, infection and data compromise. at a minimum they should wipe all personal date why from
7:45 am
desizes upon arrival and departure. echoed by many other countries state despite any and all safeguards put in place to protect the systems and data brought to china it should be assumed that all data and communications in china can be monitored, compromised for blocked. the state department has for a while warned visitors to china that security personnel carefully watch foreign visitors and hotel rooms, telephones, internet and personal possessions could be searched without your consent or knowledge. although the administration announced diplomatic boycott in light of the genocide against the uighurs it has said 15 officials are there to provide security support. they've been dubbed the genocide game. not the diplomatic boycott we were led to expect. 2 1/2 weeks before the olympics start the first cases of omicron are found in beijing. other cities where omicron has
7:46 am
been found there have been lockdowns. millions of people forbidden to leave their homes and people locked in quarantine camps. the great fear for athletes if that were to happen in beijing. >> bill: kennedy, host on kennedy on fox business. nice to see you. thank you for being here. here is the team usa advisory to the athletes. like computers the data and applications on cell phones is subject to malicious intrusion, infection and data compromise. bag the vaccines. this is what communist systems do and require, kennedy. >> this is what communist systems get when they allegedly unleash a virus on the world even accidentally. they get the olympic games. i will say this every time i talk about it, shame on the ioc for granting china the games again. they had them in 2008 and the summer games.
7:47 am
you know, you talk about -- benjamin talked about the uighur genocide. you have slave labor making solar panels and this administration is fine with it. john kerry saying it's not my lane. and now they are using their entire apparatus of technology that they have stolen from u.s. companies to spy on athletes. that's what they will do. unfortunately. i don't think we should have a boycott of our athletes. they should compete as individuals and show the communists show what america is. be careful team usa. let's show them how we do it. >> dana: they say they have one case of omicron in beijing. let me tell you something, there are a gazillion cases given our experience here in america. it is so highly contagious even
7:48 am
if you're vaccinated you can get it. many of us have. ask about this. djokovic is back in serbia. he lost his battle the try to stay in australia to play in the open. we have him there i guess he was landing in serbia there. the serbian president is mad saying we're disappointed with the court ruling in australian. i think the australian authorities humiliated themselves pressing against djokovic. he will not play. >> he will not play and the thing is because of his deportation order he may not be allowed to enter australia for three years. the french open also saying they are not going to allow any unvaccinated players, vendors, visitors or participants. so he may not be able to compete at the french open. but in australia he was given covid medical exemption.
7:49 am
he applied for that and then he was targeted by border security when he arrived, which obviously created this international incident. serbia is capitalizing on this saying we love novak and we believe in freedom. come here to serbia if you want to have a good time because of the fuss budgets in australia make sure the fun police destroy the fun. >> bill: it makes a aussies look intolerant. >> omicron is going to sweep the island continue net. it sucks. it is no match for vaccines and lockdowns. they have had cases surging since last month. >> bill: you know with beijing. you're an athlete. this is your future. you are trying to lay down a marker, you get all the way to china and test positive and you are asymptomatic and you are sent off to a private hotel for three weeks and the games come and go. there is a lot on the line for
7:50 am
these athletes coming up here in china. quite remarkable. kennedy, great to see you. >> dana: see you on "the five" tonight. take care, kennedy. politics hard to avoid this year. how the battle over voting rights is playing out in martin luther king's home state of georgia.
7:51 am
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with rates in the twos. already own a home and need cash? with the newday100 loan, you can get up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments $615 a month. no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newdayusa. >> the f.b.i. caught up in a battle over anti-semitism after
7:56 am
that hostage terror situation at a synagogue in texas over the weekend. will fixing their words stop the problems now for the f.b.i.? plus the filibuster fight is getting ugly among democrats. one dem even saying two senators in her own party don't care about black people. wow. buckle up. we could be in for a hillary/trump rematch in 2024. "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> thank you, we'll see you then. as we mark the first day of reverend martin luther king, junior today hard to separate it from politics. in the annual commemoration service in atlanta president biden's speech last week making georgia ground zero in the fight over voting rights. steve harrigan is on location live in atlanta now. good morning, steve. >> good morning, bill.
7:57 am
to mark what would have been the 93rd birthday of reverend king. the family saying there will be no celebration until there is action on voting rights. president biden posted a speech a short time ago. here is what he said about the matter. >> president biden: and on this federal holiday that honors him, it is not just enough to praise him. we must commit to his unfinished work, to deliver jobs and justice to protect the sacred right to vote, the right from which all other rights flow. >> among the speakers here will be republican governor of georgia brian kemp. georgia has been a focus of voting rights ever since 2020 when president biden flipped georgia into the democratic column winning the state by 11,000 votes. bill, back to you. >> bill: watching it from here, steve harrigan in atlanta. thank you.
7:58 am
♪♪♪ >> dana: tonight the arizona cardinals take on the los angeles rams in the last of the wild card match-ups. the bills/bengals, 49ers and bucs advancing over the weekend. tom brady giving a gift to an incredible fan who made headlines earlier this year. listen here. >> earlier you held up the sign and said i helped you beat cancer. your fight affected so many people. as a thank you -- >> thank you so much. >> let's go bucs. >> bill: awesome. >> dana: he has been incredible reaching out to fans that way. i have to ask you, bill, what was it like to have this before we go experience? >> bill: shall we? i get a chance to brag today, dana. i get a chance to boast because
7:59 am
my bengals have actually won a playoff game. they haven't done that since you were in the third grade, dana. here we are in cincinnati. my lucky hat and my buddy d.j. sat at the 50-yard line. what else have we got here? we have -- there you go. me post-game, a pompom because they gave it out to every seat throughout the stadium. it's great. what else have you got here? tailgate was amazing. a couple of sisters and nieces and nephews and brother-in-law and sister if law. it was a great thing. here is what i want to tell you. there you go. the lucky hat. it is so cool to see 66,000 people happy. and to the raiders they had a great season but we finally dit and broke the curse, the monkey is off the back. we go to nashville next saturday and see what we get then. i'm going to nashville. come hell or high water i shall go. the hat you saw right there.
8:00 am
six years people gave you bengals gear, i never wear it. it is in the plastic. it goes into a drawer. i never look at the stuff. i went through the door thursday night and said i have to find something. this hat is pretty good. i put it in the bottom of the suitcase. only wear it if they win and they won. >> dana: it was cold out there. congratulations to you. "the faulkner focus" is next. >> fox news alert now. the f.b.i. is forced to eat its own words and now finally acknowledging that this weekend's terrifying hostage situation at a texas synagogue was, in fact, an attack on people of the jewish faith. so why was that even ever a question? i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". late last night the f.b.i. put out the new statement calling the hostage situation, quote, a terrorism-related matter in


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