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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  January 16, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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the fa identify the set of texas synagogue 44-year-old british citizen was killed by law enforcement last night when fbi rescue team stormed the synagogue and let the hostages to freedom. hello everyone welcome to fox news live. hi erica. >> hello everyone thank you for joining us i am eric shawn. investigators say that suspect told the rabbi and three others for hours yesterday at the congregation beth israel
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that's in fort worth suburb of colleyville it called for a convict a convicted radical islamic terrorist who is vowed to kill americans she's known as lady al qaeda to be released from a nearby prison. president biden called that stand off an act of terror investigators now trying to figure out if the suspect was inspired by the global campaign from some to try to free here among some americans who support that and whether he had any help. arthel: we have fox team coverage mike tobin is with more on the convict known as lady al qaeda who may have inspired this. first spring is outside the synagogue in colleyville, texas, dan. brooks arthel we are learning more about the suspect we are learning the key information from the fbi with it now appears he acted alone the threat is over. he may have been inspired by others for the person in jail
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at 20 miles and react alone yesterday but we arty just travel to the u.s. from england initially stayed in a homeless shelter about the gun he is yesterday on the street. interrupted the service yesterday at what the rants in which he demanded the release of a female terrorist who was being held in a federal prison about 20 miles in the congregation beth israel synagogue. he claimed he had bombs and said he thought he was going to die. there is a massive police response as you might suspect over 200 officers later on a hostage rescue team from quantico virginia. one of the four hostage they were near constant contact of the 11th hour mark the remaining three hostages ran out of the synagogue. the fbi breached the building there was a loud bang some gunshots and the suspect was dead. no injuries to the hostages. >> like many hostage situations, the relationship
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between the negotiator and the hostage taker grab and float a little bit and sometimes got intense but these negotiators i am telling you i am so proud of them, unbelievable work. >> the fbi's been at the synagogue all day today processing evidence, malik faisal akram brother posted on facebook the family was also speaking last night they are devastated by his death but they also condemned his actions and added he was suffering from mental health issues. rabbi charlie cytron-walker was also the hostages he posted on social made his appreciation for the police and all those who helped. he also said he was grateful to be alive. rabbi walker also got a call from israel prime minister that said all of israel is standing with him and the jewish community here in colleyville. back to you bro. >> absolutely. dan springer reporting live from colleyville, texas thank you dan, erica.
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eric: the hostage change or demand the release of dr. aafia siddiqui her she was convicted trying to kill american soldiers and fbi agents when she was arrested. authorities say she had 2 pounds of materials to make bombs on when she was caught she is called america the enemy according to court papers in her sentencing member said she called for death to the infidels. despite her being innocent islamic convicted terrorist of some groups like cair and the council on american islamic relations and others have long supported the efforts to try and free her from her 86 year long sentence in federal prison. senior correspondent mike tobin has more on the lady being called lady al qaeda. >> dr. aafia siddiqui also and as lady al qaeda was once dubbed the most dangerous woman in the world. she is quite the egg enigma as far as someone who would be celebrated by islamic radicals. she is divorced and educated,
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in the u.s. well educated at that procedure undergrad at mit then earned a phd in neuroscience from brandeis university. after the attacks of 911 she took her kids back to pakistan with the belief that her kids would have been forced into christianity if they had stayed in the u.s. she and her husband divorced when she became active for the taliban on the afghan border. she later she was picked up in afghanistan in 2008. authorities say she had a zip drive containing plans for making things like dirty bombs, weaponize in the a boli of virus. one of the plans was called a mass casualty attack with u.s. targets. remarkably while being question she got hold of an m4 rifle that opened fire on her interrogators. she was convicted for that in 2010 and sentenced to 86 years in prison. but islamic radicals, even more moderate politicians back in pakistan say she is latter collateral damage in the war on terror. imprisoned by a corrupt u.s.
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system. she is often the subject of protests in pakistan with demonstrators claiming she was tortured in the u.s. system. pakistani prime minister pledge to bring dr. aafia siddiqui and others he says are political prisoners back to afghanistan. she is currently in the current medical facility essentially a prison hospital in fort worth, very near the congregation beth synagogue were the people were taken hostage by the fbi said the hostage taker was singularly focused on freeing dr. aafia siddiqui, eric back to you. eric: thank you so much, arthel? arthel: all right bringing out national security foreign affairs analysts. the hostage taker said he believed he was going to die but he figured he would not walk out alive. what was the purpose of taking hostages? >> it is still a big question. but now we know more. he came all the way from britain that he was convinced this was a goal he wanted to
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attain he wants to see her freed after she had committed to haughty action against united states military. now obviously himself having acted alone which is now the fbi is confirming, may not be in full knowledge of what those who inspired him wanted to achieve it. so technically speaking he was not able to achieve the goal. but this is an indicator to me at least there's much more to the story, the much wider net focus on freeing lyrical prisoners in the united states because i want to get back to that but why now though? if his motive was to get lady al qaeda free from the federal medical center there in fort worth, she has been in federal prison for almost 15 years for attempting why now? when you think drove him now? she is located there in prison
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there in the synagogue precut she is part of the group of individuals at this point. why they chose her first is their highly symbolical. we can see the bigger picture. around the world since about september. that is linked in my view they feel emboldened they feel stronger why? because of the jihad it take over the taliban take over. what's happening in afghanistan now let's all these organizations are coming back they are gathering for if we follow what they're saying on social media, they are saying they're going to come back against our interests united states interest but also freeing the presenters. it is very possibly do not have the confirmation they have been influenced by individuals who encouraged him to take that action knowing very well the action could
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fail that is an incitement to others. that would lead to a situation where we may find ourselves i'm not saying for sure, but we have seen it before the iranians at least of an exchange of prisoners. hostages in general lead to an exchange of prisoners will release them if you release her. the fourth and educated there you have their but how do you see this snowballing from here now? because lady al qaeda is here in the u.s. you've got others that perhaps want to free worldwide. so where do we see this in going if your theory is correct? >> if the theory is correct, i cannot prove it but time will prove it. if we see other similar or comparable activity taking place in the future. if we see that now the jihad he organizations overseas are saying we will stop this if you release them or we will exchange god knows we still have hostages and afghanistan.
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within the theory will be filed its only time this going to confirm this or not. arthel: said this guy i do not need to say his name we know his name. if he acted alone but is acting in concert with this theory were talking about. so how can authorities, the federal government, u.s. intel, military, how can communities also protect from these types of potential acts of violence? on the ground of reality, all of these religious centers or similar cultural centers should be educated and should be informed, should train themselves that's not just against this kind of threats against everything every violence against these institutions we cannot deploy across united states or our police force for that matter parade that is on the ground. but on the intel community to start looking inside the jihad networks overseas to see what they are cooking are they really trying at this point time to use the concept of exchange of prisoners, and this is on the tip of the
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iceberg or not? that is really their work. arthel: national secures florida affairs analysts turn to always good to have you on with this, thank you very much. take care. >> thank you. eric: extreme weather's been a much more countries we can start the winter storm that's been traveling from the midwest through the southeast bringing dangerously icy conditions to tennessee, mississippi, alabama, georgia and the carolinas. and snow for the northeast. in addition to that storm this been some severe damage in florida a suspected tornado tore through lee county there on the southern gulf coast. officials say the trinity see their displaced more than 200 people. meteorologists. [inaudible] 's turning out to being a turbulent weekend and maybe a day ahead hey adam by going say you're right eric. the system you're just talking about severe weather because portions of florida and is the
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same system that dumped all the snow across the dakota scouts not on the move across the southeast. as a center of circulation i can write it down further to the south there is a band that's been in time very heavy thunderstorms that swept across the state where the backside of it. it is this exact same system you are into the north it's mixing with that cold air. everything here in the pink is ice the bluest snow. a whole lot of very heavy rain also continuing to fall particularly long coastal areas. to get the low pressure system the warmer air coming together some of that colder air we are getting really strong winds, we are getting snow and dangerously icy conditions. peace of the current wind gusts were talking 20 -- 25-mile an hour wind gusts the temperatures on the 30 degrees a good mix there of ice, snow, making roads really dangerous and ice also taken on power lines. several hundred thousand people in these couple of states the carolina stretching back over too georgia without power. and eric, all that shifts its way to the northeast here throughout the night tonight.
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it's not quite hit the coast of the areas at the foot of snow or more requests lots of snow for tomorrow, may be difficult to drive and be careful of the ice kids are going to love it if they don't have school, right adam thank you. so far we have developing news now the death toll on the pacific island of tonga remains unclear after a nearby underwater volcano erupted yesterday. what scientists are calling a one and a thousand years explosion. triggered a magnitude 7.4 earthquake that cut the islands internet and triggered a tsunami that crashed into the island with tsunami advisories were issued for the entire u.s. west coast, hawaii in several countries yesterday. however peru did not issue a tsunami warning but two women there drowned when a 6-foot wave, 6-foot waves dragged truck into the ocean. >> backcourt home president
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♪ before prison biden condemning yesterday's hostage standoff in texas as a quote acted to her. meanwhile the president hitting several major roadblocks last week will trying to move his legislative agenda forward. all of this as he gets ready to mark one year since taking office. as live in delaware or president biden is spending most of the weekend, lucas. >> good afternoon arthel the president praising the efforts of the fbi local law enforcement including the assault force that stormed the synagogue to rescue the hostages pretty spoke in philadelphia earlier today. >> in regard to texas in the synagogue i spoke this morning with the attorney general to get a run down he said there is overwhelming cooperation to local authorities and the fbi. they did one hell of a job but this was an act of terror.
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>> virginia's new governor spoke on fox news sunday earlier. his first interview since being sworn in yesterday. next we have seen animosity and hatred for the jewish community on the rise. we are just not going to stanford in virginia or in this country. >> the white house happy to put last week behind them was summer climbed the week from hell. talks with russia failed the supreme court but the vaccine mandate for large companies was illegal, biden structured failing to voting rights passed and no changes to the filibuster despite the president's best efforts. biden's poll numbers on the low since he took office, just 33% going underwater for the first time from disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan paving the way for the turn to tell them for the first time in 20 years on the economy is pulling just 34% foreign policy 35%, and is handling the coronavirus pandemic just 39% following record-setting number of cases and hospitalizations nationwide. our doctor from brown
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university says the white house covid messaging is confusing. >> they are certainly making it harder for people to know what to do. in a public health crisis like the will may have, getting the public to understand the moment we are in, or the keeping city to be doing to keep themselves and their family safe, is enormously important. >> as you mention, arthel this week marks the end of prison by its first year in office would have a press conference on wednesday at 4:00 p.m. a rare press conference but also marks the first day's new website about getting those covid chest goes online. arthel per. >> lucas thomason reporting from delaware, thanks lucas. >> another challenged by the administration talks with russia over ukraine ending with no movement. about 100,000 russian troops are still along the border in the pentagon says moscow is planning a false flag operation should try to cook up an excuse to invade the country. so, or the stakes for the white house the kremlin and
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nato? joins us fox news can former senior advisor to the state department faster politics at carnegie mellon. good to see you, what do you think putin is planning? >> i think he is probing. he has been probing the biden administration and its resolve and credibility since the moment joseph biden became president. we are seeing the year end the year the administration is not clear about its commitment to ukraine. it is not explained to the american people whether and how ukraine is in our national interest. it has been having extensive conversations with the europeans and three european capitals last week administration officials had meetings. russia was involved in these meetings. and they came to no conclusion. just a discussion among themselves.
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no commitment to having further dialogue. the europeans a biden administration says are firmly in line with u.s. statements and positions. and that they have interest in defending ukraine. but it does not go deeper than that. this allows. eric: they have talked about taking measures and sorry to interrupt they have talked about taking measure strict financial measures of the financial global system if he does invade and try to use these measures to deter him. do you think what they've been discussing and nato expanding out into other eastern european countries, do you think any of that will be enough to deter pollutant? >> and no. when they talk about financial economic sanctions, they talk about making them much more decisive than the ones that
1:23 pm
were put imposed in 2014 after russia invaded crimea. these will be unprecedented sanctions. the russians are probably waiting to see what they really mean by that. the ukrainian position is if you want sanctions to be effective, why not use them now? why wait for an invasion? in fact the question has not been answered whether sanctions of any sort have deterred a great power that is on the march. there is a deeper conversation that needs to be had. they are not presenting the biden white house and even some of our european allies but actually they mean by the use of sanctions. all of this buys time for putin because it is his desire, it appears, to weaken the resolve of the ukrainian people. to weaken if not toppled the pro-western government in kiev. to weaken the economy of ukraine thereby making it
1:24 pm
unnecessary to have an invasion. to win by the fact the west is not moving decisively and very specifically about what it wants to do. eric: and finally, quickly, how can and nato and the u.s. defend ukraine in terms of antitank missiles, more of those anti- air missiles those kind of things you seat satellites, sharing this kind of counterintelligence information perhaps even encouraging a insurgency against the russians of the cost of putin b too much for him to do this or continue it at home? >> the west, including washington is talked about all those things you mentioned. it is doing some version of all of those things at various times. and the commitment to increase more than four to 50 million that the u.s. gave for defensive aid to ukraine last year has already been committed to.
1:25 pm
but even with all of that, we hear the term massive consequences weird secretary of state blink and say it. he said it's just not my terminology is the eu, it's the g7, it is nato. but massive consequences probably have to go beyond supporting an insurgency in ukraine and defensive aid. are we there? where are we in that conversation? if we did not have the will and the >> and this administration to stay the course in afghanistan, do we have the will and the >> to go in to central and eastern europe with greater force? and in fact, who is talking to the central and eastern europeans? the discussion at last weeks were really about the western capitals in europe. but the central and eastern europeans are ground zero not just for western security but our own security. they need to be principally in this conversation about economic political and
1:26 pm
military measures. >> the future of nato and their relations with russia could be on the line here if putin does what some people predict. we are waiting and watching. good to see you as always, thank you for your insight too. >> good to see you. before coming up public health expert worried that without aid general vaccine mandate vaccine rates might play tobit what is next to the battle against covid? we'll talk about coming up after this. compression zone. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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early starting to go down this fantastic news. that's what peaked early we have several weeks of this spike and surge that roll out across the country we are providing this virus to ramp across the country is more opportunity to mutate has more opportunity to mutate is more opportunity to potentially create a mutation or a variant like omicron that could have more contagious it could be more virulent, it could create more severe disease. so the likelihood is will seat many more variants coming down the pike whether or not they are more serious or more difficult to manage is to be
1:36 pm
determined. arthel: meanwhile starting wednesday you can order up to four at home tests online at covid they do not ship out until seven -- 12 days after you've ordered them not time but these tests, is it true some tests do not detect omicron until after you've already been contagious and possibly spreading the virus? >> is a variety of different kind of testers a pcr test which is most sensitive going to likely detected very, very early on but it takes a while to get those results i can take several days that's not very helpful to people when it's going to be available through this program is wimpy rapid antigen test these are great they are available to people in the homes they can be as quickly they provide resulted in 15 minutes. there's a caveat they are there not as sensitive you need to have more virus in your system for it to be able
1:37 pm
to detect omicron. in the early days when you are just starting to become infectious, you might not have enough virus in your system yet to produce a positive result. you can be contagious if you get a positive result that the given negative result you need build a retest especially you should presume you have it isolated so you can be sure you should just be careful. >> really quickly how you keep yourself and your family safe, you? >> that is a good question. i try to put all of these pieces together. we are vaccinated up we boosted we were really high quality masks we work can 95 masks wherever we go. we limit our exposure to people in other houses were outside in outdoor settings we
1:38 pm
can go to outdoor settings but indoor settings we try to limit our exposure to others. we try to do as much as we can in particular in these moments we have really high rates of transmission will be of low rates of transmission we can dial back a bit. right now are being extremely cautious. so for very good dr. and always a pleasure thank you very much take care. stay safe. >> my pleasure. eric: good advice. playing for city crime rates and now the new one in manhattan is defending his changes for the critics say it a lot of criminals off the hook. what he is saying next. once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein.
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elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles or confusion which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements which may be permanent. high cholesterol and weight gain, and high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, may occur. side effects may not appear for several weeks. common side effects include sleepiness and stomach issues. movement dysfunction and restlessness are also common. you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. arthel: in new york city, the new manhattan district attorney alvin braggs is defending his controversial policies which critics llama soft on crime. this on the heels of a deadly random attack on an asian woman and a subway station. brian is live in new york city newsroom with the very
1:43 pm
latest. >> arthel, new year same crime issue for nancy. the first nine days of 2022 can produce same time last or overall crime is up 30%. murders are up 33%, grand larceny up 72% per on friday a 30-year-old man was arrested for shooting a 19-year-old burger king cashier in cold blood over $100 in the register. for prior arrests including criminal possession of a weapon. yesterday morning an asian woman was murdered she was pushed onto an oncoming train in times square by a deranged man. the city mayor eric adams. >> our recovery is depending on the public safety in the city. and in the subway system. we can do that with the right balance, the balance of safety , and a balance of proactively giving people the assistance they need when they are in mental health crisis.
1:44 pm
>> the balance will depend whether manhattan's new progressive district attorney will be willing to prosecute crimes] come under heavy criticism already for policies they say are far too lenient by limiting prosecutions for certain crimes. this morning he spoke in a black church in harlem in which she insisted his policies will keep people safe while investing in the community to end the cycle of incarceration. >> and the part i want to scream about, and that the research shows in my life shows i'm going to go out on the limb and say your life shows is this will make us safer. we make these investments, we will reap the fruit of safety. >> it seems some prosecutors the das office do not agree a dozen have resigned for. >> 4:00 o'clock on the sunday can you tell? our new city newsroom, thanks
1:45 pm
brian. garrett eric. >> we have a very excited guest coming up the american hostages held for 444 days in iran on the anniversary of their releases coming up this week. this is the uss south theron of the nuclear talks. what does mr. rosen have to say about that? and the american citizen still held and ironic. that is next.
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eric: the u.s. is closer is in the nuclear i'd deal with a rod inside the country there's opposition to any agreement. protesters have been targeting symbols of iran's repressive regime the protests have been growing. >> he was an iranian hero but terrorists to the rest of the world. iranian revolutionary guard had general qaseem soul bonnie killed by the air strike two years ago, the government statue in his honor was torched by iranian activists as part of an increasing wave of defiant protest against the regime. many led by the largest iranian opposition group the national council of resistance of iran. >> have been other similar incidents and other cities and of course on a daily basis are
1:50 pm
now and virtually every city targeting the regime assemble. every sector of the iranian society venting its anger at the policies of the regime. >> the protests come as a nuclear talks are dragged on in vienna. regime opponents and president biden should not give concessions at the talks but help the iranian people instead. >> the iranian people are ready and willing to pay the price to bring down this regime. i think both the united states and the international community should recognize the desire of the iranian people for eight democratic secular non- nuclear republic. and instead of trying to engage they should engage the iranian people and the organized resistance. and of course deny the regime the lifeline that it needs to
1:51 pm
keep its grip and power. >> one person who knows the regime all too well as barry rosen one of the 52 american hostages held captive and i run back in 1979. this thursday march the 71st anniversary of their releases. mr. rosen always good to see you. all remember what you and your colleagues went through. first the nuclear deal. what is your sense of this of the regime's thinking? what advice you have for the biden administration what should we do? >> i believe clear negotiations and nuclear deal are political agreements that rely on trust between the two parties. at this point i don't believe anyone can trust the iranian government because of its hostage diplomacy. is been taking hostages for more than 41 years.
1:52 pm
i was, as you know, a hostage in iran from 1979 until 81 and released on generally 20th almost 41 years ago. but iran has not changed his hostage diplomacy they're taking hostages was 41 years. there taking hostages right now there vote gross violation of human rights that transcend any political convention at all. eric: when they hear about hostages and think about you guys they don't know their three americans being held now that are dual citizens who are being held in iran. through the years to run keep taking more. >> there are more than four american held hostage. in nearly a dozen europeans on members of the uk. i believe sincerely the international community has to
1:53 pm
make certain if there's any relief of sanctions first it needs to be a release of all of the hostages. so to make that point i'm going to vienna next week stews staged a hunger strike on behalf of these hostages were they should not be forgotten they should not be an afterthought in anybody's mind. they have suffered woefully and their families have suffered two. by the administration i think should have preconditioned a meeting of the jcp zero eight on freeing the hostages administration has an opportunity now to show the world secretary of state blank and biden ministration will bring back human rights at the center of american foreign-policy. that can be true for free the
1:54 pm
hostages. eric: that's amazing you're going to have a hunger strike you're going to vienna and hope to meet with the american negotiators or the iranian's want to get that message out the hostages really do not deal with them as a recognize human rights. >> absolute them tempting to me the iranian delegation in vienna next week. and i am tending to meet i am hopeful this will happen. but for me, the importance is this. the human beings over and above politics. it's very simple my message is straightforward, no deals with iran unless the hostages are free. i do not trust iran until the hostages are free and that is it. eric: very strong statement no doubt must the hostages are
1:55 pm
for coming from a former hostage. mr. rosen thank you for what you do. we think of you and we are thinking of you and your colleagues and what you all went through. it has not changed. >> thank you erie thank you for being with us on fox news who will be right back. my name is austin james. as a musician living with diabetes, fingersticks can be a real challenge. that's why i use the freestyle libre 2 system. with a painless, one-second scan i know my glucose numbers without fingersticks. now i'm managing my diabetes better and i've lowered my a1c from 8.2 to 6.7. take the mystery out of managing your diabetes and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free at
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every year we try to exercise more, to be more social,
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to just relax. and eating healthy every single meal? if only it was this easy for us. >> lori loughlin and her husband are the latest victims of the crime crisis in los angeles.
1:59 pm
as sgt nla tells fox digital that their home was burglarized on january 3 at least $1 million worth of jewelry was taken, the couple was not home at the time and never rest have been made. >> in texas honoring the late actress betty white naming one of the newest additions after her take a look at betty white, remember her husband, her little baby donkey was born on christmas day at the rescue. a sanctuary his wife donated to the organization for many years, a lot of people know she was a devoted animal-rights activists she passed away on december 31 which happened to be two weeks before her 100th birthday, her 100th birthday is tomorrow fans around the world tuning in to celebrate the icon by organizing animal shelters in her honor. that was a nice idea to do that to remember her legacy in life
2:00 pm
by helping the animals she so loved. >> betty white makes us all smile and so do animals we have to support betty's legacy. >> two little doggies georgie and lucy. >> that does it for us, will be back next week. thank you for watching everybody. ♪ >> hello everybody along with jackie deangelis, joey jones and leota rall, welcome to "the big sunday show". here is what's on tap tonight. >> virginia's new governor hits the ground running when executive action aimed at protecting kids in school. >> joey. >> in your crimefighter's prosecutors are fleeing the das


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