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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  January 16, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> i spoke this morning with the attorney general and we had a rundown, overwhelming cooperation with the local authorities and fbi and they did one hell of a job. that was an act of terror. mike: president biden moments ago addressing the texas synagogue standoff saturday that ended with hostage taker dead and all the hostages rescued alive. a 44-year-old british citizen
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malik faisal akram identified as the hostage taker. mike tobin in chicago and dan springer on the ground in colleyville, texas. dan, let's start with you, good afternoon. >> the fbi released the name of the man who terrorized this synagogue behind me for 11 hours during this ordeal yesterday. he was as you said malik faisal akram, 44, citizen of england who according to president biden just arrived in the u.s. within the last couple of weeks and he bought a gun on the streets, he may have actually spent his first night in the u.s. in a homeless shelter. he used the gun that he bought on the street to disrupt the shabbat service yesterday at the congregation that israel synagogue here in colleyville, texas a suburb of dallas, fort worth, he took four people hostage saying that he had bombs and was demanding the release of convicted terrorist being held in a federal prison just about 20 miles away.
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that led to a massive police response, some 200 officers, multiple swat team and hostage negotiators at 5:00 p.m. he released one of the hostages and four hours later the other hostages running from the sin going and the gunman went back inside. the fbi hostage rescue team breached a wall and you could hear flash bang devices and brief bit of gunfire, amazingly all of the hostages were unhurt, credit to law enforcement, especially the hostage negotiators who were in almost constant contact. >> it's very likely this situation would have ended very badly early on in the day had we not had professional consistent negotiation with the subject. >> the rabbi charlie walker just put out a heart felt message on facebook saying he was grateful to be alive and thank youing everyone for love and support and he thanked police for their outstanding work, the fbi in putting out the name of akram,
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they say he was working alone. they have checked out leads both in england and in the u.s. but at this point they believe that he may have been working alone. mike: dan springer live in colleyville, texas, dan, thank you very much. for more on the suspect's potential motivations, mike tobin live from chicago, good afternoon, mike. mike: good afternoon, mike, aafia siddiqui was the woman whose release from prison for hostage taker demanded, she has been dubbed lady al-qaeda and, in fact, dubbed the most dangerous woman in the world and she's quite the aanythingma as far as someone who would be celebrated by islamic radicals. she's divorced, she's educated in the u.s., well educated at that and earned undergrad and after the attacks of 9/11 she took kids back to pakistan with the believe fa if she stayed her kids would have been forced to
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converse to christiania and married khalid sheikh mohamed and she had a zip drive and one of the plans was called a mass casualty attack with u.s. targets. remarkably while being questioned she got a hold of an m4 rifle and opened fire on her interrogators and convicted and sentenced to 86 years in prison but islamic radicals even more moderate politicians back in pakistan say siddiqui is collateral damage in the war on terror imprisoned by a corrupt u.s. system and often subject of protest in pakistan with demonstrators claiming she was tortured in u.s. system. khan pledge today bring siddiqui and others political prisoners back home. siddiqui is currently in the federal medical facility, essentially a prison hospital in
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fort worth, very near the congregation in the synagogue. the hostage taker was a singular purpose, that he wanted to get siddiqui freed from u.s. prison. mike, back to you. mike: mike tobin., thank you very much. president biden thanking law enforcement for rescuing all of the hostages safely from the synagogue. lucas tomlinson live in wilmington, delaware with more. hello, lucas. lucas: good afternoon, mike, that's right. president biden praising the efforts of the fbi and local law enforcement in the assault force that stormed the synagogue to rescue the hostage. the president spoke short time ago in philadelphia. >> with regard to texas, the synagogue, i spoke this morning with the attorney general and we had a rundown. he said that it was overwhelming cooperation with the local authorities and fbi and they did one hell of a job. that was an act of terror.
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lucas: virginia's new governor spoke, his first interview since being sworn yesterday. >> we have seen animosity and hatred toward the jewish community. we will not stand for it in virginia or in this country. lucas: looking back at last week, week from hell, talks failed from russia, vaccine mandate for large companies was illegal. the president's trips to georgia and capitol hill failed to get voting rights act and no changes to the filibuster despite the president's best efforts. biden poll numbers the lowest since taking office, 33% going under water for the first time following the disaster withdrawal from afghanistan, paving the way for the taliban to take over once again for the first time in 20 years: on the economy the president polling 34%, foreign policy, 35% and handling of the coronavirus pandemic just 39% following a record setting number of cases and hospitalizations nationwide.
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a doctor from brown university says the covid messages are very confusing. >> well, it's certainly making it harder for people to know what to do. in a public health crisis like the one we have. getting the public to understand the moment that we are in, what are the key things they need to be doing to keep themselves and their families safe, it's enormously important. lucas: this week marks the end of president biden's first year in office in addition to a press conference wednesday at 4:00 p.m. eastern, this also marks it first day that the new website goes online so americans get their covid tests. they should ship out in 7 to 12 days, mike. lucas: lucas tomlinson, thanks very much. for more on president biden's agenda i'm joined by texas democratic al green, member of the congressional black caucus. congressman, welcome. congressman: my honor to be with you, thank you. mike: as a texan, what is your reaction to the hostage crisis at the synagogue that thankfully ended with a successful rescue
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operation and now president biden calling it an act of terror? congressman: well, i'm grateful that the hostages are all alive and as a christian, i want the jewish community, my jewish brothers and sisters to know that i support them in our fight against anti-semitism. it's in the belief that if you attack one house of worship you attack all houses of worship. we all have to stand together against these phobias. anti-semitism is on the rise and we have to fight it. mike: i want to play a clip from president biden in georgia this past week. >> the man who led and sided with all southern bulls in the united states senate to perpetuate segregation in the nation, even thurman came to support voting rights, republicans today can't and won't not a single republican has displayed the courage to
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stand up to a defeated president to protect america's right to vote. mike: did the president highly partisan speech hurt the chances of getting the voting rights bill passed in the senate? congressman: i don't think so. i think the voting rights bill still has an opportunity to pass. it's my belief that the president himself is proof positive of how people can rethink their positions and i'm asking my two colleagues in the senate two rethink their positions, that would be senator manchin and senator sinema. my hope is that they will because this is not about just the black people in this country, the right to vote is something that everybody should cherish and we want to make sure that we protect it for all people in the country. mike: the president is clearly frustrated with republicans and a couple of democrats. let's play senator mitt romney from earlier today. >> his comments in georgia does not suggest he's trying to pull
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us back together again. he has to recognize that when he was elected, people were not looking for him to transform america. they were looking to get back to normal, to stop the crazy and it seems like we are -- we are continuing to see the kinds of policy and promotions that are not accepted by the american people. mike: congressman, is the president making a mistake by acting like he has super majorities in the house and senate when he barely has majorities? congressman: i don't think he is and here is why. the president campaigned on the very issues that he's calling to the attention of the public now. and he's only doing what he said he would do as i indicated in the past. i have faith in this president. i think that he can get this done and i believe that with little bit more understanding our two colleagues who are holding this up will come over to our side. remember now the president himself was a supporter of the filibuster. he has rethought his position so there's always room to rethink. president ronald reagan when he
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was governor of california and there was a desire to have a payroll tax as an income tax, he said my feet are in concrete on this issue. and then in 1970 when there was a crisis in terms of a shortage of cash flow, he said, that sound that you hear is the concrete cracking up around my feet. he changed his position whereas as we grow, we rethink and change our positions. mike: republicans aren't on board with the voting rights bills as currently crafted. the president said he would be able to reach across the aisle and work with republicans s. there any evidence that president biden has called senator romney or other moderate republicans to see what they could support? congressman: my hope is that he has. i don't -- i'm not privy to his agenda, to his calendar. but my belief is that he has if i had to place a bet without knowing. my belief is that this president believes that he can communicate with republicans across the aisle and he has demonstrated
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that to a certain extent by talking to republicans publicly that we are aware of as we were trying to deal with the build back better and some of the other bills. so i think that he probably has talked to them about voting rights as well. it's that important to him and i think he wanted to know -- the senators to know this. mike: this is the weekend, of course, we honor the memory and legacy of martin luther king, jr., howdies appointing is to you that the voting bills could not get done by this deadline? >> great disappointment to me because dr. king was one of the champions for voting rights as was john lewis who was the protege of king. they had a setback. they were beaten back to the church where they left. this was john lewis and those persons who were marching. as a result of that setback there was a comeback because when people saw what happened,
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the president at the time, lyndon johnson decided that we had to have the 65 voting rights bill passed and he pushed and it did pass but it was because of bloody sunday. sometimes your setback can a setup for your comeback and i think that this may be happening now with the voting rights bill in congress. this is a minor setback but it doesn't mean that we can't come back. mike: congressman al green of the great state of texas. love your tie, sir, thanks for your time. congressman: love my country. mike: for the other side of the aisle, missouri congresswoman, victory, congresswoman, welcome. congresswoman: thanks, mike, good to be here. mike: how do you respond to congressman green on the issue of voting rights? congresswoman: there's no widespread voter suppression in the country and this bill isn't about voter rights. it's about take other and power of the democrats to have a federal takeover of our election systems and it sets up a political publicly funded
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campaign for members of congress and president. 6 to 1 match. so if someone gives a $200 to a candidate, the federal government would follow up with a 1,200-dollar additional donation and also sets up a pilot program where they are going to give out 25-dollar vouchers to 3 citizens and 3 states to give to campaigns of their choice. i mean, this is not what americans want. over 65% of americans have said they want more election safeguards not less. they certainly don't want to codify what has been happening in california and a lot of the other state where is they can't even accept voter id and that's what this bill does. so the democrats have cloaked this bill that provides for publicly funded campaigns, a federal take other of elections and they are just cloaking it with the term for voter rights and it's sad that they are using the legacy of martin luther king
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to pass something that is far from his vision. mike: to the id point that you made. i took my son to the basketball yesterday. i had to show id and vaccination card. so why is an id in relation to voting so controversial? congresswoman: i don't know. it just doesn't make any sense at all. you can't get on an airplane either without showing voter id and certainly the right to cast a vote in this country is almost sacred and we want to make sure that you are who you say you are and there's no voter fraud. people need to have confidence in the election process and voter id is just common sense. mike: i mentioned when i introduced you that you're on the agriculture committee, i'm sure that you have seen shortages at the store. how do you assess the problem at this point? congresswoman: well, it's a very real crisis brought on by president biden and the democrat policies and farmers are hurting.
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all americans are hurting with a 7% inflation increase. the highest in 40 years which is making it difficult for families to buy gas at the gas station and groceries. but our farmers are struggling too. i am a farmer and i'm on ag committee as you mentioned and they are seeing 200 to 300% increases in many input costs for next year. there's a real concern about their ability to be able to grow our produce and our crops to feed america in an affordable manner. everything has gone up especially fuel and that has been brought on by the poor policies from president biden that shut down the keystone pipeline and put a halt on all federal leasing of -- drilling on our federal lands and so now we are seeing prices of fertilizer go up 300% and with the supply chain crisis farmers are having trouble getting parts and getting some of the crop
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protection products that they are going to need. here is another example of this biden presidency causing real pain on real americans. >> congressman, victory from the great state of missouri, thank you so much for your time, have a wonderful day. congresswoman: thank you. mike: another shocking example of new york city's crime wave as a woman was pushed in front of a subway train. we will bring you the latest after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: more brutal crime in new york city. a woman pronounced dead on the scene after being pushed into oncoming subway at the time square station for the latest on the rising crime in new york city, bryan llenas joins me live, hello, bryan. reporter: new year same crime issue for new york city in the first days in 2022 compared to same time last year. overall crime is up 30%, murders are up 33%, robberies up 25%, shooting incidents up 15%. auto grand larsenig up 32% and on thursday man arrested for shooting burger king cashier, crystal bayron nieves, $100 in
10:22 am
the register. he had criminal arrests including for possession. yesterday a woman murdered at random when pushed into an upcoming train. second such incident. >> our recovery is depending on the public safety in the city and in the subway system. we can do that. we can do that with safety and balance of proactively giving people the assistance they need when they are in mental health crisis. reporter: the right balance will depend whether manhattan new progressive district attorney alvin bragg is willing to prosecute crime. bragg under heavy criticism for policies are too lenient and want to lower incarcerations for certain crimes. this morning he spoke at a black
10:23 am
church in harlem it rating that he knows what he is doing. >> we can and will address violent crime at the same time we make our system fair. they're not in opposition. that's the fiction that we have been pedaled. they go hand in hand. we can't have one without the other. >> new york post reports, mike, that a disease dozen prosecutors have quit. mike: bryan llenas, thank you very much. the biden administration pressing on with vaccine push after facing defeat from the supreme court on the president's big business mandate. charles watson live in atlanta. charles: you mentioned the biden administration will move forward with its provaccine messaging but messaging alone may not be enough to move the needle with unvaccinated americans. with the vaccine, in fact, with the vaccine mandate off the
10:24 am
table, the belief amongst some medical experts now is the u.s. population may not get much higher than the current 63% of the population who have fully vaccinated and the 38% who are boosted. now all hope is not lost businesses can still put their own vaccine mandates in place but without the backing of the federal government. experts believe it is highly unlikely that we will see private businesses requiring shots for workers especially in some republican-led states where vaccine mandates are illegal despite what could be an uphill battle, the white house says it'll continue to push businesses to encourage vaccinations in an effort to keep american workers safe. something business owners say they've done all along. >> we have been doing that from the beginning of the pandemic. they don't want to get covid, they don't want their customers to get covid and they don't want their employees to get covid. >> yeah, this all comes as the
10:25 am
white house really struggles to manage a raging pandemic. the u.s. is currently reporting nearly 800,000 infections a day, numbers that are driving up a sharp demand for testing in georgia, for example, officials are turning to mass testing once again using atlanta's mercedes benz stadium, one of three mega testing sites capable of testing thousands of people a day, public health officials say they hope to find early cases where there's still time to prevent community transmission and to keep people out of hospitals which are already overwhelmed with covid-19 patients across the country, public health experts say they expect things to get much worse. >> right now we have about 150,000 people in the hospital with covid. that's more than we've ever had. i expect those numbers to get substantially higher. the problem running out of healthcare workforce. we just don't have the staffing.
10:26 am
charles: dr. ja sea the amicron may have reached peak in places like new york and florida but bad news for the rest of the country. the peak may not be coming its way until few weeks from now, mike. mike: charles watson live in snowy atlanta, charles, stay warm. for more on this i would like to welcome fox news medical contributor medicine physician janet, dr., welcome. doctor: mike. mike: let's go over some of the latest numbers. from november 2.5 million cases with 30,398 dying and this 24,069 dead. obviously the january figures will change by the end of the month. how do you assess the fight against omicron at this stage? >> so we are still seeing probably millions of cases daily. it's only reported 800,000 but there's so many other cases that are unreported, mike, because so many americans may have covid and not have any symptoms, so
10:27 am
although we are seeing such a high number of cases, you noted in your numbers just now the numbers of deaths are going down. what does that mean, omicron is less pathogenic and less deadly primary for those who are vaccinated or have previous recent natural immunity. so cases are up because omicron is so infectious but deaths are actually going down even though 1700 a day is still a lot and so while we are waiting for more tests and medicines we need to focus on getting those who are most vulnerable vaccinated. >> states with the highest covid case numbers midwest, parts of the northeast, across the south and west in arizona, california and the state of washington. how stressed are medical facilities in those states? doctor: yeah, there's a struggle. it's challenging. we see more patients less doctors,less beds, because it's
10:28 am
contagious again that hospital workers are picking up the virus and so it makes it difficult for the rest of the staff and makes it difficult for the patients, they are not able to get the care that they need in a timely manner. fortunately, mike, we have the army national guard, they have been deployed throughout the nation, ohio, california, new hampshire, rhode island and they are incredible and they are helping to alleviate the burden on hospitals and to help alleviate the need for healthcare workers by helping to get patients the care that they need in a quicker fashion. >> on a personal level, how are you and your colleagues who have been engaged on the war against covid for nearly two full years doing, what's the level of exhaustion? doctor: we are tired, we are exhausted. some of my colleagues have been ill and have had to be out of work for several days because of their symptoms even though they are mild because they are vaccinated. but, you know, we are still pushing through and fighting. we keep encouraging our patients to get vaccinated.
10:29 am
we keep prescribing medication that is we have available to others to help them if they qualify to help them get through their symptoms and keep them out of the hospital. it's been a challenge. it's tough and we are fighting through it and doing the best we can with the resources we have but everyone needs to work together so we can get through the current surge which will probably last another 4 to 6 weeks. mike: to be clear you don't look exhausted but stay hospital dr. janet, thank you so much for your time. have a wonderful day. >> thank you, you too. mike: flurry of executive orders from the new virginia governor glenn youngkin and what changes he made on day one next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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10:34 am
was a vow that governor youngkin made repeatedly on the campaign trail but a lot of politicians do that. the phrasing, though, became so well known that the crowd chanted along with him when he said this yesterday. >> i come to this office ready to lead and serve starting on day one. alex: less than two hours later governor youngkin delivered signing 11 executive actions, include ending the use of device of concepts like critical race theory in schools, removing a mask mandate for school children and investigating wrongdoing by officials in low done county, governor youngkin appeared excusively on fox news sunday and said this about masks. >> we are providing them the ability to make the right decision for their child with regards to their child's well-being. alex: empowering parents drove enthusiasm during youngkin's drive in office. the political outsider became the first republican in 12 years to win a statewide election, on
10:35 am
crt the governor said while there are no courses with that title, it's tenants are being taught. >> we, in fact, are going to increase transparency so that parents can actually see what's being taught in schools. alex: jason mijares will look into the investigation and as for winter storm today, governor youngkin has deployed the national guard to help make sure that something that we saw in 95 happens again. mike: alex, thanks very much. jon roberts anchoring fox news sunday. coming up in the next hour, stay with us. for more on glenn youngkin's day one agenda, democratic strategist laura fink and go pac
10:36 am
david davela, welcome to both of you. >> hello. mike: glenn youngkin delivers on some of his promises, laura, how do you assess actions? >> i give him an a for symbolism and tbd on what he will actually do. they may make some of his base that elected him happy but things like the mask mandate have gotten mixed reviews for governors like ron desantis as he defunded schools for those districts who chose to impose mask mandate that. can have impact for voters in the long term. he started out with red meat for his base. mike: what message does this send to the governor's race? >> two things, mike, he's ready to take action on those things that he campaigned onto get elected, whether it'd be allowing parents to have more say in their children's education, whether it'd be taking care of that parole board
10:37 am
and making sure that criminals are actually being prosecuted for their crimes or whether be making virginia a place where employers want to create jobs, all things he took action on yesterday. the second thing he guarantied is that the new attorney general jason mijares will be busy because progressives will sue on all 11 of the executive orders guarantying that the attorney general is going to be pretty busy in defending these. mike: i figured there would be a few lawsuits. to national politics from the quinnipiac poll in may the president's job approval was 49%, this month it is down to 33% approval. laura, is it time for a shake-up at the white house to try turning things around? >> well, i think what you're seeing is there being experienced in a bipartisan way with a lot of governors across the country with governor desantis chief among them with his approval rating -- approval in terms of handling of the pandemic under water.
10:38 am
so i think this is something that's going to be corrected with time. i think that joe biden ran as a slow and steady hand in the face of crisis. i think we are at a challenging point in that crisis with omicron variant spreading, with some of the other challenges of the pandemic but i think you're going to see that turn around in the months to come. never forget that unemployment rate is low. the stock market is doing well. americans are doing well. i think there are some improvements that need to be made. the wholesale firing of staff isn't certainly one of them. mike: there was also inflation hitting them in the wallet at the grocery store and at the gas station, david, how do you assess the approval drop for the president? >> very coalition that got the president elected has cradled on him whether that be independent voters which view them unfavorably and whether it'd be suburban moms that he is under water with, the very coalition he used to get elected have now seen his policies and said, wow, we don't even want this guy to be in charge of a one-car
10:39 am
parade. he's messing things up so poorly and the white house and that's why you see alarming quite frankly long-time democratic members of congress saying they would rather retire than face voters in 2022 with being in the shadow of president biden and before long you will have democrats will ask bide on the campaign against them in order to get favor with voters. mike: did the white house set expectations way too house considering 50-50 senate and single majority in the house? >> that remains to be seen. i think optimism was something that the electorate wanted to see. i also think -- and the points are not lost on me, certainly inflation is an issue but reminds me of 1981 and i'm a student of history and we saw that ronald reagan was getting similar reviews, getting similar challenges facing heightened unemployment and significant
10:40 am
inflation and we saw by the time that he was reelected with a resounding number of americans voting for him that economy was in hand, so to this i would say to any republican with their pom-poms cheering on inflation and there is time and biden's monetary policy may serve him well as we look at the long-term just since reagan monetary's policy did in '81. be careful who you count out. mike: a couple of ronald reagan references, how do you respond, david? >> this is far closer to 1978 as president carter went into the midterm elections and it was after that that you had ted kennedy who decided it was time for him to take a challenge in the primary in the 1980 primary to jimmy carter and so if you're looking at historical analogy, we are far closer to 1978 than we were to 1981. >> all right, little history lesson in here today.
10:41 am
david, laura, have a wonderful day. >> thanks, mike. mike: millions under winter weather alerts as large storm rages in the east coast bringing ice and freezing rain. the latest forecast coming up. ♪ ♪ to♪ ert liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪making your way in the world today♪ ♪takes everything you've got♪ ♪ ♪taking a break from all your worries ♪ ♪sure would help a lot ♪ ♪wouldn't you like to get away? ♪
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mike: live images of snow falling at the white house makes for a beautiful picture. looks like a postcard and probably means schools in washington, d.c. area will close for the week. we will see. major winter storm has east coast braising for large amounts of snow, meteorologist adam klotz has the fox forecast. hello, adam. >> we have been tracking the system for the last day and a half and or so and swept through portions of the plains and midwest and iowa and north dakota area getting a foot of snowfall. the whole low pressure system has drifted into the southeast and moved its way it's warmer. you see more rain. all of that pink is ice but there's still snow at higher
10:46 am
elevations as we are going to track it, run its way up the coast. track does show making the move notice right along the coastline what you're mostly seeing heavy rain. you have to go further inland to see some of the blues, that's where the snow is falling and at times it's going to really come down, some of these areas here at higher elevations in pennsylvania running to upstate new york would see foot of total snowfall as you see the path right along the coastline looking like mostly just a very heavy rain at times. now where this system currently sits it has been dropping a whole lot of freezing rain and that's turned ice from atlanta along 85 toward charlotte and continuing to north and to your east. that has been ice on the ground, heavy enough ice that it's going to take down power lines. power outages could be a problem here tonight running you into tomorrow where there's some really cold air down there. otherwise in your snowfall forecast, further north and you start to see some of the pink colors, that's going getting to a foot of snow particularly right along the great lakes and
10:47 am
you see purple and higher elevations in west virginia. that's getting up to 18 inches to 24 inches of snow. this is going to be a really big snow maker as it makes that move. again, right along the coastline because it's warmer, we are not looking at any wintery type precipitation just heavy rain. winter advisories taking you through monday to this entire area. it's going to cover tens of millions of folks and in the dc area kind of in the maryland area, maybe some coastal floodings, heavy rain. it's a big system, mike, of course, we will be watching it over the next day. >> power positive thinking could be huge news for ski resorts, right? adam: you got it. i like that outlook. mike: thank you so much. a massive volcanic eruption in tonga triggering tsunami advisory yesterday. highways, damaged boats off of the coast of new zealand and far away california flooding the
10:48 am
santa cruz harbor and half submerging cars in the parking lot. 4-foot waves reportedly hit its capital yesterday. final ruling for tennis star nova djokovic as the australian open is to begin tomorrow. after the basic. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: tennis superstar djokovic has left australia after a federal court dismissed to overturn visa for a second time. trey yingst with the latest. trey: tennis star djokovic was deported this morning after visa canceled by australian authorities. federal judge dismissed appeal case brought forth by the number 1 ranked player to overturn decision to revoke visa. case received international attention after djokovic was detained upon arrival to melbourne earlier this month. he spent 4 nights in an immigration detention hotel. djokovic had been granted medical exemption to enter the country to play in australian open despite not being vaccinated against covid-19. the 34-year-old had coronavirus last month but australian border officials ruled he doesn't meet the criteria for an exemption. the argument was echoed by
10:53 am
australia's immigration minister who pulled the visa noting that djokovic did not put on forms that he had trouble to multiple countries in the last two weeks. djokovic said he was extremely disappointed in the ruling adding he respects the court's decision. the tennis player hope today wind 21st grand slam title. serbia prime minister reacted this morning saying this. >> i think the decision is scandalous. >> australian open begins tomorrow in melbourne and the world will be watching. djokovic will be watching from dubai where he flew this morning, mike. mike: djokovic is one of the 3 last australian opens going for all-time record in terms of championships. that's got to be a huge drag for the tournament losing all that star power, right? trey: absolutely. and there is a possibility that djokovic doesn't return to australia for the next 3 years.
10:54 am
under the law there, he's actually not allowed to return to the country since he's been deported unless he receives a special exemption over the next 3 years. mike: fascinating, we will follow it. thank you very much. so tomorrow would have been betty white's 100th birthday. how people across the country are celebrating her life and legacy coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪as okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ that's a nice truck. yeah, it's the chevy silverado. check out this multi-flex tailgate.
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♪♪ token integration is more than token democracy and we must hold again this as much as we did massive resistance. we met luther king junior speaking to a reporter when he and other civil rights icons were working to terror apart segregation across the south. the sacrifice tomorrow with a federal holiday. many americans use a day off to offer public service to those in need. president biden and the first lady helped out today by packing carrot and apples at a hunger relief organization in the city of motherly love, philadelphia. tomorrow would have been the 100th birthday of tbi condon beloved american betty white. everyone stuck at home tomorrow with winter weather you can watch a golden girls marathon on the hallmark channel.
10:59 am
1500 movie theaters across the country will run betty white a celebration. originally made to celebrate her 100th birthday, allie final tribute. anchoring fox news sunday today. an exclusive interview with the governor of virginia coming up in the next hour. stay tuned. so, that is all for this hour of fox news live. i am mikey manuel. thank you so much for watching. so those here in the east, stay warm. we have a snowstorm making its way up the east coast. hopefully good news for you those of you that have an opportunity to go skiing in the northeast in good new for those ski resorts as well. thank you very, very much for watching. have an awesome day and a great week. ♪♪
11:00 am
♪♪ hostages in a synagogue in texas. we have the breaking details. resident biden prepared to face reporters after bruising week after the newest star in the republican party takes office. ♪♪ >> i do solemnly swear. >> glenn young again sworn in as virginia governor, state president biden one a year ago. >> i pledge to be your advocate. >> asking for his plans for


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