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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  January 16, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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♪ ♪ howard: the mainstream media are suddenly going negative on president biden. maureen dowd says we should feel pity, anger and embarrassment. the turning point? biden's mishandling of the democratic voting rights bills. he made an emotional appeal for the legislation in atlanta, yet every journalist knew his pitch to change the filibuster would hit a political brick wall which kind of undermined the media chatter about the overriding importance of saving democracy. kamala harris, who is doing more tv interviews as part of a
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rebranding effort, insisted to nbc that the white house could get it done, but anchor craig melvin wasn't buying it. >> why has the administration not been able to get democrats onboard? >> we are not giving up. >> yeah, but the question is wh- >> but you're acting as though it's over. >> well, i mean, it's -- >> it's not over. howard: except it was over a few hours later. rather than waiting for biden to meet with senate democrats on the hill, kyrsten sinema slapped the president of her own party saying, yeah, voting rights is important, but i'm not dropping hi support for the filibuster, same position as joe manchin. when you hear commentators say it's the evil republicans who are stopping voting reform, remember, it's joe biden's party or who's not getting it done. i'm howard kurtz, and this is "mediabuzz." ♪ ♪ howard: ahead, glenn greenwald
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joins us on coverage of the latest charges in the january 6th probe. joe biden and kamala harris drew a whole lot of coverage for their visit to georgia's civil rights shrines and their pivot to voting rights. the pundits are predictably divided. >> do you want to be on the side of dr. king or george wallace i? do you want to be on the side of john lewis or bull connor? this is the moment to decide to defend our elections. >> this is an incredible speech by the president showing the fire on the issue where a lot of the fire is in his coalition. >> make no mistake, biden's so-called voting rights legislation is also incredibly toxic and unconstitutional. >> he was virtue signaling to, to activists who think it took him too long to get there. i think he may have overshot the mark. >> the idea is this country is too racist to allow states to
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run their own affairs. nancy pelosi has to run them, only she is non-racist enough to conduct elections. howard: joins us now to analyze the coverage, susan ferrechio with the washington examinerrer, and in los angeles, leslie marshall, radio talk show host and fox news contributor. susan, the media coverage of joe biden's speech portrayed it as stirring and historic, but when the comparisons to bull connor and george wallace didn't play well, there was a second wave of coverage that was much more negative. >> i actually think the media did a fair job and, of course, you're right, those headlines i kind of laughed at because so much of that speech was over the top that even a neutral reporter couldn't help but take notice of it. and i don't feel it was respected in the initial coverage, for sure. but then everybody did get onboard, even democrats, saying that the president may have overstepped after a day or two went by and people had a chance
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to really digest what he said and the reality of what was happening in congress with the prospects for his election bill. so i feel like the media at first didn't quite do the job on getting that done the correct way, but then within the next 24 hours or so i felt -- i thought the coverage evened out pretty well. howard: leslie, the coverage initially seemed like, wow, joe biden is passionate, he came out swinging, he attacked donald trump -- and, by the way, the bill's probably not going to pass. [laughter] >> yeah. i would agree with susan. i thought the media a was pretty fair in the coverage of this. and i think the media actually was reflecting not just democrats as we heard from senator dick durbin, but the american people who was at first, wow, joe biden, not sleepily by joe there -- sleep sleepy joe. and people on the left had been waiting to hear. but i do think, to susan's point i agree with, after they
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digested it, it was like some of those comments -- senator durbin again, george wallace as an example,s you know, didn't sit too well. everyone knew that we had two holdouts in the democratic party, senators sinema and manchin. so i don't think the press was negligent in not putting that out there. it's almost like, hey, you know, the earth is round. we know that. [laughter] howard: well, i would disagree with both of you to this extent which is when using that kind of language about george wallace and i don't know how many people remember bull connor, the guy who turned fire hoses on demonstrators, it seemed to imply that anybody who opposed the voting rights legislation is not only kind of indicting all republicans, but some moderate democrats was, in fact, a racist. and that, i think, became more clear as the dust settled. let me move on to this, susan. even some of the president's liberal allies in the media, first of all, they were saying, well, the speech is too little too late, why do it now and, of course, the fact that he didn't have the votes and didn't look
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like that was going to change. and that, i think, has morphed into a more general negative assessment of where joe biden's presidency is after one year. on msnbc saying he's not inspiring, he's not in command. it seems like it might be kind of a turning point one year in in the way the media assess the biden presidency. >> well, finally. [laughter] i mean, it's just so obvious now. he hasn't been able to accomplish anything. he keeps going up to congress, kind of sets himself up for these stories because he goes to congress, and it's as though he's going to try to rally democrats, his own party, to go along with his agenda. and we all know ahead of time it's not going to work, and so he sets himself up leaving 0-3 now. and, you know, you can't ignore a story like that. that's, i think the media's finally catching on here and reporting what's going on rather than trying to lift up joe biden
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the way they never, never would have done if it was donald trump and now finally facing reality that more than a year in and looking at the wholeness of the democratic agenda and seeing they're just not really getting anywhere. howard: well, i wouldn't say he hasn't accomplished anything, because he did get the initial pandemic relief bill and, of course, the bipartisan infrastructure bill which, if he had stopped then and declared victory, i think be looking at joe biden in a different light. i think he has been on a spectacular losing streak since afghanistan, more problems with covid, more problems with inflation. and then the reason he went to voting rights, leslie, is because the $2 trillion build back better spending bill wasn't going anywhere for pretty much the same reason, kyrsten sinema, joe manchin not wanting to provide those votes to get him to 50. so now the pundits are going after those two senators. tiffany cross said senator sinema is upholding white supremacy because she happens to have a different view on the
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filibuster. >> there's so much here. thank you for clarifying infrastructure, so he's certainly not 0-3. only president able to get that done, and that is a big deal. and there are other wins. but because that's not the question that you posed, met me get to that. sinema has been under fire by the media long before this. and more so now because we all know in our party that she plans to run in 2024. so her position on the filibuster is for political, personal political gain. she's trying to really position herself as a moderate, as a centrist, so much so that she could get some republicans to vote for her. good luck with that. in addition, build back better, it's not completely over, and i don't believe voting rights are completely over. the president -- and if you look at the -- howard: well, they're both stalled, to be sure. >> oh, correct. but we had the vote stalled with infrastructure as well. howard: true. >> i mean, a lot of -- and we saw that with health care reform. with the affordable care act
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during the obama administration. we've seen this with democrats and republicans, you have holdouts. republicans used to have a guy named john mccain that would hold out all the time. does it mean that it's dead in the water for now? certainly. but it didn't mean the president shouldn't talk about the importance of it because sometimes it can change some voters' minds that makes phones ring in house and senate offices, and that can sometimes change a vote, and sometimes it just takes that one vote to make a difference. howard: or it becomes a campaign issue for the midterms which may be what was on the president's mind. i don't want to read his mind. susan, you've covered the hill for a long time, so you've seen the cycles of this on the filibuster. joe biden always, always as a senate institutionalist, supported keeping the filibuster intact until now when he wanted to create this carveout for voting rights. and the media hates the filibuster for blocking the biden agenda, but that's not exactly the stance that they took when the democrats were using the filibuster in the trump years, right? >> well, that's absolutely true
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because democrats just, i think, in the last term used it more than 300 times to block legislation they didn't like. the other thing i would say too, just the way we talk about this voting rights legislation. i never call it that in my reporting, and i think we in the media need to be very careful about that because it's a voter and election overhaul bill. it's entirely partisan. there's not a single republican, a single republican that supports it. whenever you have one party writing an election bill, guess which party's going to benefit from that? and you can say, make all the arguments in favor of it, the other thing the media is ignoring in addition to the flip-flop on the filibuster and the hypocrisy of the democrats which is, you know, impossible to ignore at this point, is that the voting legislation they're talking about is some of the things the democrats are saying are wholly untrue, saying that no one can get water while standing in line. that's so easy to fact check. the text is right there to look at. and i just feel like it's a
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critical moment for the media to just try to look at this voting legislation without emotion and look at it, look at the facts so that the public can really understand what's going on here. one party writing an election bill, it deserves our scrutiny. howard: right. >> it doesn't deserve being cheer leaders for the bill or just, you know, lowering antennas at some of the lies that the democrats are telling to try to -- howard: let me jump in here. democrats would say that some of the voting bills being passed by republican governors in red state are designed to help the republican party. leslie, the hypocrisy by the press, by the party, it just drives me crazy, the stories portrayed as undemocratic except when it's being used by the party you favor, and then it's okay. >> oh, please. if i had a dollar for every time a politician flip-flopped on filibuster or anything else, i'd be a billionaire. mitch mcconnell in 2017 changed the vote count to get three supreme court justices seated during the trump
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administration, the last one eight days before an election. >> [inaudible] >> they say they hate it, but when they're -- excuse me, susan. you had a lot of time, i'd like my time. when republicans are in power, they do it. when democrats are in power, they do it. that's why elections have consequences. the party in power has the power, and they change their minds and they use the power to benefit them -- [inaudible conversations] howard: susan, i. >> just heym -- have time for a one-sentence response. >> republicans could have changed the filibuster for legislation, not just for appointees and for the bench. they could have changed it themselves and they didn't. and i think that's important to point out. they could have done it two weeks -- two years ago. howard: all right. you two take this outside. ahead, glenn greenwald. when we come back, a look at covid coverage and the slug fest between rand paul and anthony fauci. ♪
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♪ howard: the media debate over the omicron surge took a personal and fairly nasty turn when senator rand paul got into it on live television with the top white house medical official, anthony fauci. >> do you think we slowed down the death rate? more people have died now under president biden than did under president trump. you are the one responsible. >> what happens when he gets out and accuses me of things that are completely untrue is that all of a sudden that cupping -- kindles the crazies out there, and i have life -- threats upon my life, harassment of my famil- >> so go to rand paul web site, and you see fire dr. fauci with a little box that says contribute here. >> tony fauci's appearance
8:17 am
before the senate today was, frankly, one of the most disgraceful performances by a public official i've witnessed in the 25 years i've been covering politics in washington. >> i mean, this is sick. i don't think dr. fauci thought it was funny. i think what rand paul is doing is downright sick. howard: susan, the press largely portrayed anthony fauci as winning that exchange because he talked about an arrested man who told police he was coming to d.c. to kill fauci and others and accused the senator of fundraising off of it. your thoughts on the coverage. >> frankly, you know what's really interesting about this story, howie? we heard the opinion merricks talking about it and criticizing ran paul, or on the other hand supporting rand paul and criticizing dr. fauci. but a lot of the coverage involved just putting, if you're looking online, seeing the video for yourself. it would say watch this video. you could watch the exchange. and so the public really had an
8:18 am
opportunity here, in instances like this in congress where you have these fiery exchanges, in particular this fauci/rand paul thing that's been going on for a long time now, listen for yourself. make a decision. there are so many people who are cheering on rand paul because he cuts through a lot of the mainstream coverage of covid and what it's all about. you know, he cuts through a lot of that because a lot of the public is frustrated with the government's handling of that. we know that that's true -- howard: yeah. >> here you get that picture for yourself, and you can watch them duke it out. howard: you don't need the media filter. at the same time, leslie, at that hearing republican senator roger marshall was accusing fauci of not fully disclosing his finances, and that led to this hot mic moment. >> all you have to do is ask for it. [laughter] you're so misinformed, it's extraordinary. >> what a moron. howard: even fauci's media with supporters had to admit he did
8:19 am
not -- he looked awful in that little muttered insult. >> we all look awful when we have a hot mic moment, right? but far worse hand said with anthony fauci when the mic everyone knows is on, you know, to his point. so i think, you know, he said what he felt, didn't know the mic was on, and they admitted it. you know, he didn't grandstand or try and jund raise off of it. and to the point about rand paul, being married to a physician what makes me sick is this man took a hippocratic oath to do no harm, and if somebody harms dr. fauci and his family because people have judged for themselves that they would see that the dots lead to the rhetoric that could result many something like that. and i think it's irresponsible not only for a physician, but certainly for an elected official, a member of the united states senate, to do that. there's been another video that's come out where rand paul is talking to an audience, a college student audience, and what we're seeing is him saying he likes to put out
8:20 am
misinformation. he does it all the time. it stirs the positive. -- the pot. howard: i have to say i think we have to be awfully cautious as drawing that link. the whole at-home testing debacle for the biden administration, susan, has been a mess. vice president harris in that nbc interview being asked about the belatedded order of the 500 million covid tests. >> should we have done that sooner? >> we are doing it. >> but should we have done it sooner? >> we are doing it. howard: and then the white house put out a statement saying, well, it may not be this coming week. now that's not clear. in other words, having to correct the vice president's remarks. >> the media has done, i think, a fair job at asking about these the tests. they did it quite a bit under the trump administration, and i'm happy to see that it's carried forward into the biden administration. you can't ignore it. everybody's looking for a test. a lot of people can't get -- i
8:21 am
talked to someone who can't bring their infant in with a cough to a pediatrician because they can't find a covid test to clear the way first. this is scary stuff. it's not just why i cancel all my trips. the public is upset about this. the media is covering it, but i think they need to dig a little further. why don't we talk about the $80 billion congress passed, signed into law for covid tests. where are they? if there's been people talking about it on capitol hill about this money beingty eventerred elsewhere with. where's "the washington post" and new york times teams going after that money and finding out? that's real -- howard: i've got to get one more question to leslie which is the ap telling its staff not to run stories about a state or a county setting a record level for daily new covid cases saying the numbers are unreliable. that's kind of a gift to the biden white house if we all stop focusing on these numbers which have gotten so high during this omicron surge. quickly. >> it's not just people on the left that don't want numbers to be looked at. look at governor ron desanities
8:22 am
in florida. he says -- desantis in florida. ing he doesn't think we should have all those tests. it's a cold day in hell when i'm going to agree with desantis on something. the problem, howie, is we have people out there with symptom that test negative, people out there with no symptom that test positive. people out there that once they get the results of the test still go to work, people who get the results of the test and are treating themselves the same way if they weren't tested which is what doctors are saying, if you have a cough, just assume it's omicron and treat it as such which is very similar treatment to a cold or flu. howard: i think a lot of people are just desperate for a test to have some indication of whether they are sick. >> i agree. howard: heated and illuminating discussion. susan ferrechio, leslie marshall, thanks. ahead, clay travis on the joke vim -- djokovic debacle in australia. ♪ ♪ re on our hotel with kayak.
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♪ howard: donald trump did a rare interview with npr, and after the host kept pressing him on his claims of election fraud and recount efforts, the former president abruptly ended it. >> why did republican officials in arizona accept the results thensome is. >> because they're rinos and, frankly, a lot of people are questioning them. the only way it's not going to happen again is you have to solve the problem of the presidential rigged election of 2020. >> mr. president -- >> so thank you very much. >> one more question -- howard: didn't get that one more question. joining us now, kevin corke, who covers the white house for fox news. kevin, why do you think donald trump talked to npr in the first place? can't be his favorite news organization. and why did he cut it short? >> two things. first of all, if you're donald trump, you want to get out there. you like to mix it up. he would go into so-called enemy territory all the time, and so that didn't surprise me as much, howie. but this was really a missed opportunity, i think, on the other hand, because anytime you
8:27 am
interview someone with let's just say a mercurial disposition, you can handle him a couple way. you can put on your pupil list hat and mace it up and just a -- mix it up and joust, or you can put on the joe friday, just the facts investor hat and try to really drill down on what he's saying because, ultimately, that respects the audience's ability to get information. they can forget out what passes the smell test and what momentum. i felt like this could have gone longer, but i can obviously respect the fact anytime you interview president trump, you never know what might happen. howard: right. i think certainly without berating the former president, he tried to bring up questions that channeled the election fraud -- challenged the election fraud claims. i don't think he was doing it to get press, but if you have an aggressive interview with president trump, you do get that, as you point out. >> and i think the other thing he tried to do was, again, twist it back into, well, let's move forward, but when you say things
8:28 am
like it was rig ared or i have evidence, what i would have recommended he do is drill down and say, okay, was this an investigation that your team conducted? was this an investigation from a particular source? tell me more about that because what that does, in my opinion, howie, it elicits more information information p rather than getting bogged down to the -- in the back and forth and the guy walks out. howard: always a challenge. his favorite network, one american news, is being drop by at&t's directv, that's a big blow in terms of its reach and revenue. let me ask you about president biden. you cover the white house. holding his tenth news conference this week to mark the one-year anniversary of his tenure. is this in response to media complaints he's not accessible enough, or is he trying to change the emerging narrative that his presidency is faltering? >> more the latter. i think ron klain doesn't care what the press thinks, but they do believe they know they need to get him out there.
8:29 am
they saw them reach back a couple months to point back to infrastructure to say, hey, we have a victory. i think getting out there with the press at least from the white house's perspective, howie, is to, again, trumpet what's good, what's yet to come, that we're working on, we're making advances. the danger, of course, is joe biden can be loose-lip ared. we'll see if he can make it through. howard: i always think it's worth taking those risks, and president biden should have done a lot more of this a lot more often. and it also happens to be good for the press and the public. kevin, thanks so much. >> anytime. howard: next on "mediabuzz," glenn greenwald on the coverage of kevin mccarthy's battle against house democrats and a media eruption over an fbi arrest. ♪ ♪ >> vo: my car is more than four wheels. it's my after-work decompression zone. so when my windshield broke... >> woman: what?! >> vo: ...i searched for someone who really knew my car. i found the experts at safelite autoglass. with their exclusive technology, they fixed my windshield...
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our veterans fought for us. let's fight for them. call or donate online at today. our veterans need you. ♪ howard: there was massive media coverage when the fbi arrested the head of the oath keepers on allegations of seditious conspiracy in the capitolly yooe
8:33 am
pundits openly celebrating. >> these people took, you know, real detailed planning to try to overturn an election that they said could not be accepted. >> it's a relief to see the doj acting in a big way. >> after a yearlong pressure campaign from the left, the biden doj has finally charged a group of january 6th defendants with something to justify their insurrectionaritive. >> -- narrative. >> all i was doing was there for security operations. nor did i incite or encourage anyone to do anything illegal. howard: that follows a refusal byhouse miernt leader kevin mccarr think to voluntarily cooperate with the january 6th committee, and he was slammed by liberal pundits. >> in many ways, ken mccarthy has been at the center of donald trump's coup plot, working behind scenes to carry out his westerns. >> what do you think mccarthy's going to do? >> i think he's going to stonewall. we're witnessing a cover-up by the leadership of the republican party.
8:34 am
howard: mccarthy deannounced the committee at a press conference and on fox news. >> this is a distraction because they don't want people looking at what's happening. this is clearly an arm of the dccc going after their political opponents. howard: i spoke with glenn greenwald, pulitzer prize-winning journalist. glenn greenwald, welcome. >> great to be with you, howie. howard: media outlets went ballistic when the leader of the oath keepers was charged with seditious conspiracy even though he hadn't been inside the capitol and told "the washington post" that he was in touch with his members, and some went off mission. what do you make of this rather rare sedition charge? >> anytime the government charges american citizens with sedition, it's a major event and it, actually, can be quite dangerous. traditionally, sedition has been a weapon of authoritarianism used to punish dissent in the united states. it's very rarely been prosecuted successfully. the last time was 2012 when a
8:35 am
federal court threw out all of the charges brought by the obama justice department. and i think the key context is that we've now had a year of an investigation where many people who were saying too much is being made of january 6th was pointing to the fact that the justice department hadn't brought any charges after a year, merrick garland was getting very pressured politically by democrats, attacked by democrats. and then suddenly he holds a conference promising more charges and brings them. i think the question is, was it the response to the political pressure, and there's been very little discussion of that let alone skepticism. howard: yeah. and the media were always saying the doj had to be apolitical during the trump years. that's way it should be. it is a tough case to win. now, they have rhodes saying things like it will be a bloody and desperate fight, but you've got to prove actual actions. we'll see how that turns out. look, that media bombshell replaces an earlier media ya
8:36 am
bomb shell a day earlier when kevin mccarthy refused to voluntarily cooperate with the democratically-controlled house january 6th committee and dismissed it as partisan. now, i've seen the press go haywire over subpoenas, no subpoena here yet, but it does seem pretty news or worthy when you have this committee taking on the house republican leader. >> for sure. and remember, this committee itself has a pretty treacherous history in that it was the first time the speaker of the house rejected the selection of the house minority leader to sit on that committee which is why there's only two republicans, very kind of the democrats' favorite republicans and then five democrats. so it clearly has a partisan bent. there's constitutional questions about whether they have the right to be investigating when there's a parallel doj investigation going on. and when you start targeting house members with subpoenas and the like, you're really into a territory that i wouldn't say is
8:37 am
unprecedented, but it is very rare for a congressional committee and a lot of risk and dangers can be presented by that. howard: yeah. and a lot of ideologically driven coverage. "the washington post" editorial page says he's citing with the enemies of democracy. that's pretty strong rhetoric. >> this is the thing that has disturbed me from the beginning, is when they're talking about the enemies of democracy. they're not just talking about the people who used violence at the capitol, which we can all agree was wrong. they're talking about the entire trump movement, really the entire republican party is how the media has begun to apply that terminology. and this attempt to almost criminalize half the country, to criminalize the trump movement at least if not the entire republican party, to me, has been the most dangerous and concerning aspect of this entire insurrectionaritive from the start. howard: fox hasn't covered either of these developments very much especially compared to the constant coverage on the cable networks. and caylee mcenaney, trump's
8:38 am
former press secretary, voluntarily appeared before the committee this week. there's polling showing that the number of people, according to a quinnipiac survey, who say it's time to move on from january 6th has increased from, let's see, back in august it was 38%, now it's 44%. that's kind of at odds with the media's view of whether or not january 6th -- we should move on. and, of course, it's a very dark and tragic day in our history, but it seems to be front and center for a lot of news organizations. >> when you start to talk about polling research that is almost 50-50, not quite, but close to it on whether it's most important thing ever or whether it's time to move on, what it really means is polarization, that democrats want it to continue. republicans and even independents are starting to say, look, it was a bad thing, but we have a lot of other problems, and we can't talk about january 6th for the rest of our lives. we have spiraling inflation,
8:39 am
labor issues and problems with covid. and i think the media is not reflecting that. they think january 6th is the most important x it's coming at the expense of what a lot of people care about which is why the media continues to suffer in terms of ratings and credibility because they so often talk about what's in their interest and not what is on people's minds. howard: yeah. we could point fingers about who's politicizing it, but certainly this is no senate watergate committee which had bipartisan support and respectful coverage by the media. columnist tom friedman floating this idea that nobody's taking seriously that joe biden should drop kamala harris in 2024 and run with liz cheney. the current vp was asked about this on nbc. >> there's been some talk about a biden-cheney ticket perhaps in 2024. did you read that article? >> i did not. no, i did not, and i really could care less about the high class gossip on these issues. howard: what does this tell us about the media's world view?
8:40 am
>> you know, i mean, i don't defend kamala harris very often, but in this case i have to. i don't understand why tom friedman writing a column warrants asking the vice president of the united states about what she rightly calls gossip. i do though think it's interesting about how the political landscape has shifted, the fact that a liberal columnist for "the new york times" can, in good faith with a straight face, suggest liz cheney be on the ticket. she is beloved by democrats, and it shows how these political priorities have moved so traumatically and tells the story of the trump era. howard: yeah. of course, she and her cad were -- her dad were pilaried by the press for so many years. glenn greenwald, great to see you. >> howie, thanks. howard: novak djokovic is taking a media pounding for lying about his covid conduct. clay travis will be here in a moment.
8:41 am
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♪ howard: it's game, set, match for australia as novak djokovic was deported today. the government kicked him off the court and out of the country. he went to the airport hours ago and boarded a flight before tomorrow's australian open. this followed a global media frenzy in which the top-ranked men's tennis player finally apologized for his atrocious mistakes in attempting to play in the grand slam tournament despite being unvaccinated. and that promised this hot mic moment on a melbourne news show.
8:45 am
>> [inaudible] howard: oops. djokovic hasn't deigned to talk to the press, so it took days to find out he'd had so covid last month. he claimed he hadn't traveled and exposed other people after testing positive for the virus. joining us now from nashville, clay travis, a contributor at outkick and cohost with buck sexton of a nationally syndicated radio show. clay, djokovic doesn't talk to the press. it takes a week for him to own up to what really happened in terms of his having covid and traveled between his native serbia and other places. talk about unforced errors. >> well, ultimately, djokovic, when he made the decision not to be vaccinatedded, found himself in a really difficult position because of larger, i believe, australian political devices here. namely, covid is skyrocketing in
8:46 am
australia, in this country that initially adopted a covid-zero policy. and the politicians there need to find someone who is a convenient scapegoat to take away from the attention from from the skyrocketing cases. and i believe that djokovic ended up being that scapegoat because as long as everybody was focused on the national drama of whether he was going to be able to play in australia or not, they didn't have to the acknowledge that every single day australia has been setting all-time highs in new can covid cases, and they didn't have to acknowledge here locally in our country the fact that anthony fauci has pointed out that everyone, including me right now, by the way, is going to get the omicron version of covid that is sweeping across the nation whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated. geffen the fact that joke vim recently -- djokovic recently had covid, he poses no danger whatsoever to the larger australian populace. and so this, to me, was about
8:47 am
sending a political message of how untenable being unvaccinated is more so than it was any actual threat that he brought to bear by being in australia. after all, he was already there practicing on the counts. of course, what he wanted to do was get that 21st overall grand slam title to move past nadal and federer in this great battle between the triumvirate of tennis heros we have right now. howard: by the way, thanks for being here despite testing positive the other day. there's no question he got caught up in politics. politicians wanted to beat up on him. look, i felt initial sympathy because he didn't tell us initially that he had covid, so it became a vaccination battle. and hen to be find out that he lied on the travel documents, it just seems like every bit of information dribbled out. does he have the worst pr adviser of all time? [laughter] why not go public, talk to the press, seek some sympathy. instead, people who don't follow
8:48 am
tennis, he became this international bad guy. >> well, i think the difficulty was for him, remember, he was in the air flying to australia when news that he had gotten that exemption went public. is so he became a target before he even had any ability to tell his side of the story in the first place. he lands, they put him inside of one of these hotel rooms with armed guards. he immediately has to appeal to even be able to get out there, wins that first appeal, then all these details start to come out. i think what he was assume ising is staying quiet because he has a legal proceeding going on is probably the best advice. it generally is because i'd say as a lawyer as well anytime you speak, they will use whatever you have said as part of the evidence against you. and certainly, as the media kind of begin this feeding frenzy, howard, one of the fascinating things about this in a larger context is how is going to impact -- we'll see where we are in the summer with the other three grand slams for novak joke
8:49 am
vim. as we said, he intends to get that 21st grand slam title. but i think the metaphor, the larger context between australia and the united states is so utterly fascinating in terms of the way that these different countries that share quite a lot of similarities have behaved to covid and, ultimately, i look at it and say thank god for federalism. without that, we wouldn't have had governors in red states being able to make decisions that would have allowed for a more open government. i think, honestly, we would look in the united states a rot more like australia and a lot less than we do. howard: half a minute left. djokovic's parents are accusing australia of mistreating him. excuse me, this guy makes many millions of dollars from global publicity. whether it was a good legal central or not, should he now talk to the press and explain himself, because a lot of people see him as an overentitled, overpaid athlete. >> yeah, i think it probably
8:50 am
does make sense, but i would make a decision to talk to someone who i feel like is not going to be out for blood for me, and that's somewhat difficult to find right now. as you mentioned, he's an international bad boy for many people. but i do think there are a lot of sports fans out there that have looked at this. i think a lot of american sports fans believe and wish that he'd been able to play in the australian open. howard: yeah, there is that. >> for sure. per persona nongreat9 that. howard: maybe he'll talk to you. clay travis, thanks so much. [laughter] >> open invite for him, for sure is. howard: still to come, why the media chatter about hillary in 2024 is pure hype. our brian kilmeade interview makes some news, and a top kamala harris aide lands at msnbc. the buzz meter is next. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. free your gut, and your mood will follow.
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♪ howard: time to race the clock
8:54 am
on this week's buzz meter, let's go. it's a total non-story that went viral, the notion that hillary clinton might if run for president again in 2024. banner headline in the drudge report, a sober analysis at cnn, multiple segments on fox news. >> democrats need a serious hail mary to keep the white house? 2024, and that's why some are thinking the unthinkable, hillary clinton. howard: i don't think so. this all stems from a "wall street journal" op-ed that's sheer speculation. longtime democrat doug schoen saying there's a perfect storm for a hillary comeback and suggesting she's considering it without any evidence she's considering it. but schoen not backing down. >> people reinvent themselves. i think hillary can. and in the land of the blind, she needs the one-eyed man, and she is clearly better than anything the democrats have. howard: schoen, a one-time adviser who hasn't talked to the clintons in years, wrote in 2016
8:55 am
it was impossible to support hillary, so this chatter mainly fun for pundits, especially those who enjoy kicking hillary around. my interview last sunday with brian kilmeade generated plenty of headlines as the "fox & friends" cohost said donald trump's continued claims of election fraud aren't helping the country. joy reid led her msnbc show with a clip of our conversation. >> a fox news host and a republican senator went on the record this weekend to state the obvious, trump bought the election. >> i think that in life you have to learn to lose. >> the only reason that this is news is because we are talking about a political party ruled by a man who cannot emotionally handle having lost an election. howard: but doesn't this undercut joy's constant refrain that fox news is some kind of captive of the trumpian gop? if lots of journalists and anchors here routinely report the lack of evidence of widespread election fraud in 2020. so joy reid plays our interview
8:56 am
when it supports our stance and the rest of the time pretends all of fox news is pushing some party line. kamala harris' communications director is an msnbc cricketer who's getting her own -- contributor who's getting her own show. notice how no one even raises a peep when it's msnbc. sanders says she's willing to deal with criticism of her former bosses. we'll see about that. ruth shelley barrett whose argue was retracted by the atlantic is suing the magazine for smearing her for $1 million. and yet barrett, who is accused of serial plagiarism back in the '90s, admits that she lied about one thing, invent ising a nonexistent son for the mother in the piece to protect her source. the atlantic rejects her ales saying -- allegations saying why would she go to court over a story that's been such a disgrace? that's it for this edition of
8:57 am
"mediabuzz." i'm howard kurtz. we hope you'll check us out on facebook and twitter and take a look at my podcast -- a listen, i guess you should say -- media buzz meter. you can get it at apple eye itunes and on -- itunes and on your amazon advice. we'll see you next sunday with the latest buzz. ♪ cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done. people with moderate to severe psoriasis, or psoriatic arthritis, are rethinking the choices they make like the splash they create the way they exaggerate the surprises they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not an injection or a cream it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques.
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make sure you have downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters. eric: president biden speaking on the synagogue situation in texas. >> i wanted to make sure that we got the word out to synagogues and places of worship that we are not going to tolerate this. we have this capacity to deal with assaults on particularly the anti-semitism that's grown up and so -- and i will be talking with -- put a call into the rabbi, we missed each other on the way up here. rest assured that we are focused, the attorney general is focused on making sure that we deal with these kinds of acts and thank god, thank god we have


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