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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 16, 2022 3:00am-7:00am PST

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i'm watters and this is my world. ♪. [playing of "the star-spangled banner"]
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♪. >> we start with our nation's anthem. start with the fox news alert. breaking overnight, a man who held a handful of people hostage at a texas synagogue is dead.
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thes who tanks thankfully are safe and free. mike tobin following the developments. good morning. reporter: good morning. of a tense 11 hours standoff at the congregation beth israel in sin gone in texas the only casualty the apparent hostage-taker. 9:15 p.m. a hostage rescue team breached the building. officials are holding back some of the details saying the hostage-taker was killed by gunfire, not making public if he was killed by himself or the tactical team. the threat of having weapons is not known if it was real. four hostages freed early in the evening. the others freed by the tactical team. >> the four people rescued are not in need of medical attention. with fbi agents with their family unharmed. he did not harm them in any way.
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reporter: still unidentified, the man claimed to be a brother of aafia siddiqui serving a 87 year sentence for killing personnel in afghanistan. the police dubbed her the most dangerous lady in the world, lady al qaeda. siddiqui according to a press release was in possession of documents, creating explosions at u.s. landmarks. council for islamic relations said the was not the brother of siddiqui and condemned the hostage taking. at this stage of the investigation they believe he was singularly focused. throughout the next he was singularly focused on issue of getting siddiqui released. they do not believe at this stage in the investigation that the hostage taking is connected to a broader plot but the
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investigation is on going. back to you guys in new york. rachel: mike, thank you for that report. we want to bring in a muslim scholar. visiting fellow at the independent women's forum. thank you for joining us this morning. we want to speak to you not so much about the interfaith relationships between the jewish commune and muslim community but specifically about this terrorist that people say is, you know, the female al qaeda terrorist. tell us more about her, what we know, what you believe her relationship to this hostage situation is? >> well, i mean first thing is she is an icon by many who are sympathetic with islamist radical jihadist ideology. so the hostage calling to do this in her name or asking for her release is showing he is an islamist and jihadist by ideology. there is no question about that.
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aafia siddiqui, branded scholar of neuroscience, privileged family in pakistan convicted for material assistance to al qaeda. she was caught by federal agents with details of chemical and biological warfare. she is a documented antisemite. not only is she a terrorist, she wanted her lawyers removed because of their jewish origin. wanted jurors tested to make sure they are not jewish. she belongs in federal prison. i'm operateful for the hostage nothtores securing this congregation, it is an outrage, american. >> swish congregants threatened with escution when they worship. american jews have to go do synagogue through metal detectors. we cannot have this. anti-semitism is at 45-year high. this is happening at our consent
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because non-jews are not speaking up for this kind of atrocity. if i can say one more thing, we have antisemite speaking without sanction in congress. ilhan omar, anti-semitic sentiments statements. rashida tlaib, anti-semitic statements and there is no punishment. when we have an semitic ideology within jihadism, these synagogues are the most vulnerable places. rachel: great point. will: we'll talk about that throughout the morning, dr. ahmed. our attention has been focused on the pandemic and domestic politics, the threat maintains. back to lady al qaeda today, why is she be project of such fame. >> good question. will: they focused on lady
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al qaeda, notably the bowe bergdahl situation, all groups have tried to trade their hostages for this lady. why? >> she is iconic being a female. number two, i'm sorry to say as a woman of pakistani heritage myself, pakistan has lionized this woman given her a label of daughter of pakistan. even pakistani leader, imran khan appealed her release, sanctioned the release. there is a strain of fundamentalism in pakistan which is extremely worrying. as a muslim icon female imprisoned in american federal prison, she is lightning rod for jihadists all over the world. two things to say the pandemic rightly consumed our attention, but a vehicle for conspiracy theories that end in anti-semitism which is very dangerous. these violent acts begin with speech. the second, look what we did, we just collapsed our presence in
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afghanistan, handed it over to the taliban and pakistan taliban elements are truly empowered. we see more events on u.s. soil. pete: thanks for being here, doctor, that sort of leads to my question. with the fall of what happened in afghanistan, the reality of an open southern border we don't know who this terrorist was by name yet but we know the indications of anti-semitism. we know the incations of pro-islamist feelings. i'm willing to die he said. he said he had explosives. he wanted lady al qaeda released. what is the state of islammism, terrorism, something we've taken our eye off of a little bit? >> so you know two very important things, the collapse of afghanistan indication to the world american weakness, american humiliation. our total inability to handle somewhere where we were heavily invested for 20 years.
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it embowl dens jihadist everywhere. open southern border, illegal immigration is a absolute calamity and risk. we're not controlling the flow of people entering our country. remember 9/11 was preceded by the hijackers coming in, going to flying school, traveling up to boston and florida without any limitation. so these are two separate issues, international humiliation and open borders but most of the terrorism happening on u.s. soil there has been domestic radicalization. something i testified to congress about 10 years ago about domestic radicalization, interestingly a lot of it coming in ghetto communities in minnesota was one area. so those, but we mus'nt equate the two. however there has been at least one terrorism a yemeni citizen, terrorist came through the open southern border. of course texas is trying to manage the border, though that is a federal responsibility. it puts us at risk.
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if people think that international terrorist cartels don't know this route of entry they are, you know, telling themselves a fairytale. it is worrying you about two separate but very dangerous, very dangerous situations. rachel: dr. ahmed, very wise words on your part. boy do we need your voice in the public square. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> rachel, will, thank you so much. thank you, if i can just say, my first appearance on fox was seven years ago during the hostage-taking of charlie abdo. here we are. this problem has not diminished, has not gone away but our number one vulnerable citizens are american jews. everybody must stand up to protect them. unacceptable to see this happening here. pete: absolutely. on shabbat.
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thank you, turning to the headlines, starting with this fox news alert, moments ago novak djokovic boarding a plane bound for dubai after losing his appeal to stay in australia. the 10 miss superstar fighting to play in the australian open, a court ruling overnight against djokovic staying in the country to compete in the attorneyment. he told reporters that he is is did appointed but respect the court's decision. this all stems from djokovic's stance against taking the covid-19 vaccine. he says he has, quote, immunity. to fox weather alert, a powerful winter storm spreads to the south overnight after blanketing the midwest today. over 2300 flights already canceled across the country. the heavy snow, strong winds, lingering low temperatures creating treshruss road conditions. local officials are bracing for mass power outages. track all of your severe weather coverage downloading the fox weather app.
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those are the headlines. wer we go again, more cancellations. will: all right. we have more for you this morning, starting with this, "snl"'s president biden has a solution to stop the spread of covid-19. >> america, i'm here to tell you, there is one simple thing, can do to make this whole virus go away, stop seeing "spider-man." will: we'll roll the full take when we come back. ♪. we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. onlyyou get advice like:ed. try hypnosis... or...
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designed to help you unleash your potential - whether that's burning fat, boosting testosterone, getting better sleep, or whatever else you're trying to do. count on huge value in every force factor product: the latest science, premium ingredients, and real results - trusted by millions of americans. the game has officially changed. rush to walmart or amazon for force factor. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." virginia's new governor vowing to investigate the controversial loudoun county school district moments after taking the oath of office. alexandria hoff has been covering the moves and she, moves already being made by this glenn youngkin. people are excited. reporter: people are excited. here's the thing, glenn youngkin all throughout the campaign promised to get to work on day one. just hours after signed into office he did just that. the former private equity executive and political outsider really was seen as a long shot
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in the beginning of all of this but november youngkin did something no republican in virginia had done in 12 years, won a statewide election. in his inauguration speech he spoke with optimism once again vowing to increase police funding and tax cuts. governor youngkin promised to restore power to the people and he addressed parents directly. >> we will remove politics from the classroom and we will focus on essential math and science and reading and we will teach all of our history, the good and bad. reporter: immediately following the inauguration ceremony and parade, governor youngkin signed 11 executive actions, ending critical race theory, mask requirement for schoolchildren and ordering an investigation into the wrongdoing in loud done county. new attorney general jason ramirez will look into the
3:18 am
controversy on loud done count where they accused the school board of covering up the alleged sexual assault of a student. likely governor youngkin's executive actions will face some legal challenges in the weeks to come. rachel, will, pete. rachel: thank you so much for that report. pete, will, i have a lot of friends including a sister who lives in virginia and there is a palpable level of excitement there, particularly among parents. we're sick and tired of the mask mandates for their kids. that was probably the thing i heard the most from my friends as this inauguration took place but so much more. i mean that he is promising to keep kids in school. he is problem policing to re-fund the police and make sure they have the resources they need. people have seen crime go up. not just business owners. every citizen there, even in the nicer parts of you know, alexandria have been seeing
3:19 am
crime go up. there is a lot of excitement about this. by the way we'll have winsome sears, the lieutenant governor coming up at 9:20 a.m. eastern here on "fox & friends." pete: absolutely, rachel, you're right. the excitement people felt on the election. the possibility of a change. how immediate changes can be when you go from mask mandates just giving parents and option and i will be very focused what he does on the education side. the rhetoric there is good to start. the reality of how you change that, i'm, i'm actually, brings to mind scott walker in wisconsin, rachel and when you actually go at the unions, when you actually go at the core of an issue, they come after you. so the question is, he talked about things like starting today, we will raise standards, we will raise teacher pay, we will invest in facilities. and they did sign an executive
3:20 am
order against critical race theory but a lot of that is the same language. the question, do you take it to the next level to confront these unions that are front and center and poisoning the minds of our kids. that will require a backbone that let's hope glenn youngkin has in the state of virginia. that may not be the issue he ran on but the issue people are looking at when it comes to loudoun county, will. will: sure. not just hope but we're seeing action. 11 executive orders, the way to start your administration. that is a way to get things done. that is a way to go on office. that can inspire hope for rest of us across the nation looking for leadership from our own governors and from the presidency. donald trump last night, took to the stage at a rally in florence, arizona. before he talked about what might happen at the presidential level he talked about what will happen in 2022 in the midterms.
3:21 am
he predicted you should have some hope, watch. >> this november, we have a chance to do something really spectacular, to bring these marxists monstrosities to a screeching halt, a great red wave is going to begin right here in arizona and it is going to sweep across this country and it is going to wash hundreds and hundreds and thousands and thousands of democrat socialists out of office with an unstoppable surge of republican patriots. this is the year we are going to take back the house. we're going to take back the senate. and we are going to take back america. this is so important. [cheering] rachel: very interesting to see this rally, you know, the enthusiasm for donald trump, most importantly for the message. i have don't think has been dissipated with time. i know again, i'm from arizona.
3:22 am
new people who were at that rally they were excited as well, someone call out all the things they have been seeing wrong with this country. one of the things, one of the signs, things might be changing, it isn't just the inauguration of glenn youngkin and donald trump back on the trail you "snl" actually sounding a little bit like pete and will and rachel in this sketch. we're going to show you a sketch we talked about "spider-man." later on i hope we pull up a sketch where they actually make fun of the weird process we make where we wear a mask as we walk to our chair at the restaurant but then we can take it off but then we have to put it back on in the bathroom. when you're hearing manhattannite elite liberals in these hollywood, entainment circles making fun of that, you know that the tide is turning but take a look, first, at this
3:23 am
clip. this is a clip of joe biden you know as played by the "snl" actor there saying, you know, we got to blame covid on "spider-man." >> america, i'm here to tell you there is one simple thing you can do to make this whole virus go away, stop seeing "spider-man." [laughter]. just stop seeing speighter man. think about it. when does "spider-man" came out? december 17th. when did every single person get omicron? , the week after december 17th. >> did you really just blame the entire spread of omicron seeing "spider-man"? >> i did, next question. >> do you think all covid will end as people stop going into the movies? >> i didn't say don't stop going to the movies. i said stop seeing "spider-man"? >> is this theory on any kind of
3:24 am
data. >> yes everyone in america has seen "spider-man" eight times. everyone in america has covid, stop seeing "spider-man." >> what about experts say the problem is lack of testing? >> they tested "spider-man.." has 97% on awe graduate tin potatoes. >> what about other problems like inflation? >> "spider-man." pete: that segment makes about as much sense as joe biden when he takes to the podium and attempts to explain hiss policies in light of the realities of today. the will, i guess it takes a 33% approval rating for "saturday night live" to say, hey, we like ratings and viewers too. maybe this guy who is asleep at the wheel is somebody we could use for part of our comedy sketches. still very much a light touch,
3:25 am
the "spider-man" touch you might say. will: also because you've been playing into fear for two years. a little too little, a little too late. last night i went to dinner with my wife. early dinner because the three of us get up at an ungodly early hour. i went into this restaurant in dallas by the way. we were walking out of the restaurant. we were done. people are waiting to be seated outdoors, by the way, very cold, very cold, windchill into the teens which is cold anywhere across the country in my estimation, there was a dude wearing a k n95 wearing outside, but about to go inside too eat. he is filled with fear and nonsense in two years he might as well blame the pandemic on "spider-man.." it is no more ridiculous than wearing a n95 outside while you sit inside eating with hundreds of other people. that is where we are. rachel: that is very true. will, do you think, but do you think this "snl" sketch, i mean to me it's the most i have ever
3:26 am
seen of them admitting that all of this covid kabuki theater, all of this is ridiculous? will: yeah. i mean because i think to pete's point on the 33% approval rating, it is one-half popularity, the other half obvious undeniable truth. it has always been obvious with anyone with a sled of common sense but it is becoming undeniable, the truth. the safe way i guess to swim downstream, even for "snl,." pete: pete i wouldn't know "snl" is on if we didn't have a show. i have no interest. i wish it was great. i see the clips in the morning. sometimes they're a little bit funny. it is an easy one now. maybe they're trying to nudge the white house, hey, guys, guys, this whole lockdown mandate thing will not really work. sometimes it works the other way around. maybe they're watching, i hope.
3:27 am
joe biden will take to the podium wednesday and say words. hopefully different words than he said before. 26 minutes before the top of the hour, east coast, whatever coast you're on, minutes after the top of the hour, doesn't matter what time zone you are, we're staying on top of the breaking news. a hostage standoff at a texas synagogue ends overnight with the hostages safe around the suspect dead. our next guest is a rabbi in texas. his message after the break. >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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3:32 am
taking four people including the rabbi hostage. our next guest calls this a threat for anyone in the house of worship. rabbi brian straus joins us from houston. great to see you this morning. scary day not just for texans, for the jewish community in not just in dfw but throughout the united states. your thoughts on what turns out to be the best of all scenarios, everyone comes out safely. what are your thoughts this morning? >> will, thank you, for having me on. i'm honored to be part of your show. it is frightening the jewish day of w disturbed for this particular synagogue of course and really jews all over the world. this is a day of rest, a day to thank god for all the good of our life. to be with our friends and family, then for this day ofries disturbed in such a horrifying way, thank god everything worked out for the best.
3:33 am
but it is, it is frightening for all of us that attend places of worship in this country. will: rabbi i should say, i would like to say, you are the brother-in-law of one of my lifelong friends, very good friends, you and i spoke yesterday. you're from the dfw area originally. you now lead a congregation in houston. what did you hear from either your friends and family in the dallas-ft. worth area or your own congregation down in houston was taking place? >> since the pittsburgh shooting three years ago, tree of life synagogue, this is unfortunately something part of our life now. we're thankful for the relationships so many have with our law enforcement officials, thank you god for our first-responders, fbi officials, agents on the scene. we all work with them. we have all our own security now. we know our security guards. they're part of what we do. you know, it is really, it is hard, will, any good place of
3:34 am
worship, a synagogue, church, mosque, we want to welcome people, welcome them with open arms. this attacker was welcomed at the synagogue yesterday. at the same time we don't know someone we have to be a little bit suspicious, you're a little bit concerned. you just never know. it's a shame because it goes against what we do in our synagogue and other places of worship try to to. you want to welcome people. you want to make them feel at home. if you don't know them, you have to be concerned god forbid something like yesterday could happen at your own place of worship. will: really quickly, rabbi, how did that play out for you? many within the jewish community across the country were activated, their security measures were activated. you lead a large congregation but many of these synagogues do not. what were you capable of putting in place? >> first we'll reevaluate everything we do. any place of worship is going to
3:35 am
do that. we will learn from what happened. we will increase our security, try to be even safer what we do. but here's the good news, will, here is one thing i do know that is going to happen, i know this act of darkness will be, the response will be even more light will come into the world. i know this synagogue was doing great things. as many synagogues are doing, and churches and mosques all good places worship. our best response, what we do in our congregation, increase goodness into the world. bring more light into the world to erase this act of darkness. that is what i know rabbi charlie will do with his congregation and congregations all over the jewish world. that is how we responded as the jewish people. a lot of good will come out of this really horrific day. will: those are inspiring words. we've heard wonderful things about rabbi charlie. we'll have one of his
3:36 am
congregants on the show a little bit later this morning. we appreciate, rabbi strauss, joining us this morning. all the best with you. >> thanks, will. be safe. will: take care. breaking overnight, tennis star novak djokovic will soon be deported from australia after losing a last-ditch effort to play in the australian open. former nfl player jack brewer joins us next on the impact of vaccine mandates on professional sports. why does walgreens offer prescription copays as low as zero dollars? ♪ ♪ so you won't have a medicare in the world. ♪ ♪ plus, 90-day refills and same day delivery. larry? that's even less to medicare about. fill your medicare prescriptions with walgreens and save. ♪ ♪
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♪. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." we're back with a fox news alert. novak djokovic will be deported from australia after losing a last-ditch court bid to stay. the tennis star who is not vaccinated against covid had his visa revoked on public health grounds. here to react, former professional athlete and brewer group ceo, jack brewer. always great to have you, jack. welcome to "fox & friends." three federal judges upheld this decision. he is going to be deported. it appears he is really accepted this, you know, hearing, this decision and he said you know, i want the fans to move on. i want the tournament to continue on. is that the right spirit or should fans and even sports stars be fighting back on these mandates more? >> you know what? i believe it is the right spirit. if i was an athlete i would have
3:41 am
the same but at the same time all of the spectators, those of us are looking know this is absolutely ridiculous, it is disgusting to have a man not be able to participate. someone who has given so much to the game, arguably the greatest tennis player, male tennis player ever. this is just, it makes no sense especially when you're trying to force a vaccine on just this week, ceo of pfizer gets on national television and says that if you take the first two doses, that it offers little if any protection against the virus. they're trying to force this on athletes. athletes that have worked their entire lives to get their body in tiptop, to perfect everything they do, the way they take care of their families. they poured their whole careers into their bodies. force them to put something in it they don't want to. this is is did gusting. it should outrage every fan of every sport but just, every
3:42 am
leader, you know, every president, every person with power that god-given authority to this should be a call to action because we've gone too far. >> is truly unjust. one of the interesting things, i'm not a big sports guy, like you,. >> being, i don't know very much, i've been looking at australia in general, going, wow, i am shocked how compliant and submissive the population has been to all the crazy mandates. i look how our own country the democrat instincts on covid, lockdowns, and mandates are far closer to australia and their leaders than say senator rand paul, i wonder would we look more like australia had donald trump not won in 2016 we would be under a hillary clinton presidency as we started out this entire pandemic? >> i don't think so. we have our second amendment in the united states of america. so a lot of people draw a line in the dirt here.
3:43 am
there are certain things you're not going to force americans to do. there are certain things that you're not going to do that will violate someone's religious liberties. i strongly feel that any type of vaccine that is created, that has origins of aborted fetuses, other things, there are a lot of religious issues that go into the reasoning behind people not wanting to put this into their body. so i say americans stand strong, if you do. i'm not antivaccine by the way. i think a lot of people need it but i also think that folks should keep their freedoms and their choices and i will stand by that and hopefully we'll never get to the point where we become so submissive as the australians. rachel: yeah. i agree but i've been surprised how submissive we have been on many things. jack, i want to ask you about mlk. the great martin luther king holiday is tomorrow. tell me about you know, what you
3:44 am
think the message should be about this holiday, especially in the midst of everything our country is going through right now? >> let's remember who mlk is, right? we're celebrating his day but his it about day as well. mlk was a man who, he marched for jobs and freedom, don't forget that. don't let anyone tell you any different. he preached the gospel. he preached the boss pell of jesus christ. he knew through jesus christ you could find salvation. he was living in a time in america where segregation existed. where kids were not allowed to go to school because of the color of their skin with white people. my parents both went to segregated schools but i'll tell you what, today we have our own civil rights movement, we have our own civil rights issue, that is called fatherlessness. we have a population, over 18 million kids in the united states of "america live" without a father. 71% of all those live drop out of high school don't have a
3:45 am
father. let's serve our fatherless. that is the civil rights issue in america today and god bless you all. rachel: jack, you have really pinpoint i think the source of so many of our nation's problems. you are the best. you speak the truth. thanks for joining us today. god bless you. >> god bless you, rachel. rachel: all right. to a fox weather alert as a powerful winter storm spreads to the south overnight after blanketing the midwest. duke energy estimates 750,000 customers could lose power. the heavy snow, the strong winds and lingering low temperatures are also creating dangerous road conditions. over 2300 flights have already been canceled across the country. today we're going to turn to none other than chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for our fox weather forecast. rick, tell us what is going on. >> good morning, rachel. this storm is pretty crazy. there are three pieces of it, the midwest piece of it, that's
3:46 am
done. now we have the southeast portion of it. later on today we move into the mid-atlantic portion. temperatures behind it are cool. 14 in chicago. 10 in new york. really cold across the northeast now. it will warm up into the 40s tomorrow. because of that i think we'll look at more rain instead of snow. sorry about this. get my maps ready, going here. there you go. we have the storm across parts of the southeast. winter storm warnings are in effect that includes nashville. i keep bringing that up. it is incredible how much snow they have had in winter in places really like the northeast haven't had much at all. ice warning across parts of the south. we're seeing the ice portion of the storm begin right now. you get an idea. a lot of rain with this. we've got snow falling across parts of mississippi in towards alabama. we'll see that later on today as the cold moves in. watch what happens with the icing going on across parts of south carolina, north carolina.
3:47 am
snow to the north of it but that ice will cause big problems for us and potentially that will be what causes a lot of power outages. a lot of snow across the southern appalachians. later in the show we'll talk about what is coming for the northeast. will, send it over to you. will: thank you, rick. we turn to some headlines a large migrant caravan bound by the u.s. is caught by guatamala police and military. 300 migrants leaving saturday, they were caught shortly after the crossing the border. guatemalan migration institute is working to return the migrants. caravan made up of honduran and nicaraguan migrants. rand paul is condemning youtube leadership acknowledging that cloth masks do not work. masks they currently push as the n95 mask. senator paul was suspended from youtube for saying the same exact thing. paul tweeting quote, does this mean the snot nosed censors at
3:48 am
youtube come to my office to admit i was right. there was parts of that tweet we might have left out. you can fill in the blanks on your own there, while it remains on your screen. now a heartwarming story out of the nhl. an any greco, son much late 9/11 first responder, made his debut for his father's beloved new york rangers. greco's father paul was an fdny firefighter who passed away in may of 2020 from complications caused by toxic air at ground zero. anthony help the first place rangers win 3-0 in san jose. that is really cool. it can make you feel really old all in one story. those are your headlines. so now if you're thinking about moving, northwest arkansas has an offer for you. how you can make $10,000 by relocating to the region next.
3:49 am
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3:53 am
a non-profit is offering $10,000 in bitcoin to lure newcomers to move to northwest arkansas. here to tell us more, the president and ceo of the northwest arkansas council, nelson peacock. nelson, thank you very much for being on "fox & friends." i'm a big fan of bitcoin. i love seeing this. tell our viewers why bitcoin as something you're trying to draw people in with? why should they choose northwest arkansas? >> absolutely. thank you so much for having me. northwest arkansas is really a hidden gem. not a lot of people know about it. we have one of the strongest economies in the country, one of the highest quality of lives in the country, based on fortune 500, j.b. hunt, walmart, university of arkansas is here. really a strong growth trajectory in jobs but we are trying to attack as much talent as possible, especially talent in the stem fields. in particular the blockchain
3:54 am
underlying technology, the cryptocurrency. by offering bitcoin and incentives in bitcoin we hope we attract those types of individuals to come here, basically basically use blockchains, cryptocurrency, all the ways it will change business, entrepreneurs, business leaders and others. really want them to see what northwest arkansas has to offer. then by adding the bike, we're mountain biking capital of the world. we're not only opportunity to have exciting career, do it with ease of access to nature a little bit different lifestyle, lower cost of living than you have in some of the more densely sure ban areas across the country. pete: folks that couldn't put their finger on a map, northwest arkansas missouri just west, bentonville, rogers, huge fortune 500 companies there. where are you seeing people moving from?
3:55 am
where do you hope they come from to join the tech industry? northwest arkansas? >> we've seen people moving from everywhere. obviously the pandemic caused a lot of shifts this, has been happening here for a while. about 60% of the people that live in this two-county area from somewhere else. they have been migrating here because of big companies, the university here for a long time. since we started an incentive program. california, texas, a lot of people from austin, florida. we've had applications from 115 countries and every state, to come here. and so it is really, really all over the place, but a lot of people have some familiarity with the region. they're from adjoining states. a lot from dallas, texas and austin, texas. pete: i see the billboard there. it is like austin but affordable. i see the case you're making there. >> that's right. pete: folks want to take ad vanning of this you, the
3:56 am
nonprofit. once you're vetted you get bitcoin and there are companies from there, am i right? >> they would go to finding, to apply. we'll work with the university of arkansas that has a blockchain center of excellence to help us vet the applicants. we'll make the award in bitcoin when we reach an agreement. reporter: i love it. we have to leave it there, nelson. thanks for your time. i love it. at prices you're really feelin. shop the lowe's bath style & save event now in-store and online. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we're carvana, the company who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand-new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old.
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or uncontrollable muscle movements which may be permanent. high cholesterol and weight gain, and high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, may occur. side effects may not appear for several weeks. common side effects include sleepiness and stomach issues. movement dysfunction and restlessness are also common. you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. ♪. rachel: straight to a fox news alert. breaking overnight a gun man is dead and four hostages are safe. this after a man walked into a texas synagogue during saturday worship and held it captive for hours. mike tobin is live following the new developments. mike? reporter: good morning, rachel. it was a long, tense day, 11 hour standoff that ended with the only casualty being the apparent hostage-taker. just before 9:15 p.m. central time the hostage rescue team from the fbi breached the israel
4:01 am
beth synagogue where a live stream of saturday's shabbat services were interrupted by the hostage taking. authorities are still heading back details. they said the hostage-taker was killed by a gunshot. they have not said if the tack tall team killed him or killed himself. even if he had the weapons he claimed to possess. all of the hostages got out unharmed. none of them needed medical care. that relieving bit of good news was personal for the colleyville, texas police chief. >> the rabbi is a personal friend of mine. he is a close friend of mine and, so obviously it is very personal. reporter: still unidentified the hostage-taker claimed to be a brother of aafia siddiqui, although appears he is not her brother. demanded her release from prison. siddiqui bears the nickname, lady al qaeda. u.s. personal dubbed her the most dangerous person in the world. she is serving a 86 year
4:02 am
sentence for attempted murder of u.s. personnel in afghanistan. she was picked up in 2008. siddiqui was in potential at the time of documents to produce explosions and descriptions of u.s. landmarks. the fbi special agent in charge of the fort worth office says throughout the negotiations the hostage-taker was singularly focused on the release of siddiqui. it does not appear to be connected to a broader plot of jewish synagogues or targets at this stage of the investigation. guys, back to you in new york. pete: mike tobin, thanks for the latest. appreciate the update. a couple things on this guy. the suspect has been identified. they know who the suspect is. yet to be released at this point. what we do know he called "lady al qaeda" his brother, probably not literally his brother but that is a common figure of speech throughout the muslim world, my brother. there is affiliation and connection there.
4:03 am
the terrorist said i will die and did die and chose to do it in the place for a specific reason. i'm a little taken aback what the special agent in charge at the fbi field office said. we do not believe from our engagement, this subject was singularly focused on one issue. it was not specifically related to the jewish community? i'm sorry, he went to a synagogue on shabbat. there is symbolism in of itself whether that is what he talked about inside or not. you talked, i've been talking to multiple of my jewish friends this morning are saying you have no idea how much we spend on private security, every synagogue, every jewish holiday. they know they are a target. will, a great guest on that earlier talked about it also. there is a lot of anti-semitism posing as antipsionism. reality of islammism in our country today, whether homegrown or international.
4:04 am
the questions of afghan refugees, we don't know who this person is. we will learn later about move visions. we don't know. open borders add to it. watch, pay very close, attention, will to the reporting. what gets reported, how they're characterized, who this person is, motivations are important. thankfully he's dead and all the worshipers at the synagogue made it out alive. kudos to the fbi hostage teams for being proactive. will: no doubt. what a victory for the hostage rescue team but i share your concern with the statements by the special agent in charge. this guy didn't take hostages at a mall in texas. he just didn't pick any random target. he picked a synagogue. i find that to be not coincident al but specific and targeted. as you mentioned i as well spoke to many of my jewish friends in the dallas-ft. worth community across texas yesterday. in fact i had a chance to speak to one of the congregants in
4:05 am
this particular synagogue and one thing she told me how important this rabbi was, charlie, rabbi charlie in her life and in this community. it should be pointed out, pete, while a lot of money is spent on security, as you mentioned this in particular was a small synagogue. these smaller synagogues don't have budget larger synagogues do to hire private security. they become more vulnerable. i spoke to rabbi brian straus, he has a large congregation in houston. here is what he said about turning yesterday into a brighter tomorrow. >> it is really frightening and scary that the jewish day of rest, the sabbath, was disturbed for this particular synagogue of course and really for jews all over the world. this is a day of rest, a day to thank god for all the good in our life, to be with our friends and family. i know this act of darkness will
4:06 am
be the response will be, even more light will run into the world. i know that this synagogue, was doing great things, as many synagogues are doing and churches and mosques, all good places to worship. the best response, what we'll do at our congregation is increase the goodness we're trying to do in the world. rachel: i certainly hope the reaction in america increase the goodness. certainly rabbi charlie he is actually known for being a leader in interfaith dialogue between the muslim community and the jewish community right there in his town. ironic that is one of the people that they took hostage, that this man took hostage. i have to say, will, pete, i share your concern with the statements from the spokesperson from the fbi. it doesn't make sense to be, and certainly if you speak to jewish people around the country, they have been feeling this 40% increase in anti-semitism in our
4:07 am
country right now and as we had a guest on earlier, dr. ahmed, from the independent women's forum, she says this has been exacerbated by the fact this kind of anti-semitism, this kind of language has been normalized by people from your state of minnesota. representative ilhan omar, pete, and others this, is something we should watch for. i am very curious about who this man will end up being. i'm looking forward to seeing who he is, what his motivations were. at this point, a lot of things just don't make sense to me, from the fbi and from the reports that we're hearing. but we'll see. we'll wait, we'll withhold judgment until we get that information. we'll move on to another story. this is something i touched on with both of you yesterday. all of sudden this "new york post" article came out, confirming my thoughts which you know, this rise in crime, these liberal, woke
4:08 am
d.a.s have been funded by people like george soros, the one we're keeping an eye on right now is alvin bragg out of new york city who has really made some really incredible waves in new york. the city that is under siege with crime and letting people out, well what i predicted would happen because, i am married to a former prosecutor, is that when you have a prosecutor like this in charge the good guys, the people who actually want to put the bad guys in jail don't want to work for this guy. when they leave, then, this prosecutor and prosecutors like him will put in activists who agree like him this, is going to have long-term effects. here is a quote from that "new york post" article about people leaving this district attorney's office. he said i know onesies assistant district attorney who was with the office over 20 years, who left without a job. they didn't want to work in this kind of office. they wanted to continue
4:09 am
prosecuting the law. another quote from this piece, anonymous law enforcement source, he wants to get rid of all the senior people who prosecuted high-profile cases and replace them with young inexperienced people who think like him and who don't want to uphold the law. pete, you're going to see this in law enforcement as well. when cops don't see prosecutors prosecute the crimes that they have arrested criminals for, they get demoralized. they dope want to work in this field anymore. also i think we're seeing law schools, just as every other kind of school getting politicized. we're seeing people coming out of law schools, wanting to go into law enforcement, not because they want to put bad guys in jail, because they have a social justice, activist mentality. i think we'll see a break down in rule of law and in our confidence in our law enforcement system, in our
4:10 am
criminal justice system. pete: we certainly already are, rachel. you're known as nostradamus campos duffy. when i saw this segment, when i saw the segment, i saw that quote, i underlined it on my paper, i wrote rachel next to it. you said that part of the quote, young inexperienced people who think like him don't want to uphold the law. you push out the crime fighters. you bring in the social justice folks. it is just like in the military. we pushed out a lot of warfighters in the pentagon bring in a lot of younger officers, many didn't see combat, are happy to buy into the latest social justice, diversity, equity incompletion priority because that gets them promoted by the people in charge. same thing here. law and order starts to break down. let's go a few hundred miles over to philadelphia where chris stiegel, a philadelphia radio show host was on unfiltered last
4:11 am
night. he said this crime surge in philly like new york is affecting businesses. >> wawa moved into center city philadelphia a few years ago t was a big deal because they were primary suburb presence. they're pulling out. as are many other restaurants. the crime infestation has been huge. schools are closed because of covid over a year. you have had businesses burned and looted during the summer of george played. racial justice. why, majority, minority city, by the way, dan, this is what infuriates me most, the party supposed to be the part of the minority, philadelphia is mostly black and brown city and it is being destroyed. will: it is, to circle back to new york, you begin to see videos out of large cities, there was a video circulated a person trying to help, i believe we played it in headline, trying to help homeless man, homeless man gets up and tries to attack and rob the do-gooder, good
4:12 am
samaritan. a story late last night, in new york, a asian woman pushed on to the subway tracks by a homeless man. she was murdered in the subway. pete: times square. will: criminal behavior, in times square, pete, exactly right. in times square. so we're seeing reaction by the way. chris stegall brought up with dan bongino, those that benefit and suffer the most from these types of policies, people promised the most, those of black and brown background and minority status. asian community in new york is saying wait a minute. this is too much. we are the victims of these horrible policies. well they should because, this is, this is falling apart in every major urban city. rachel: don't think it is not going to come to your town. this effort to replace d.a.s, happening in little towns as well. guess what? it is cheaper to run a d.a. race, these funders like
4:13 am
george soros, cheaper to do that in a little town than in a big city. they are, they started with these cities but they're moving to mid-sized cities and little towns. that is why we're telling the story. not because we are new york centric, are big blue city centric this, is a pattern this, is deliberate effort to change the criminal justice system. one last note because you brought up philadelphia. we had jack brewer on. there is the criminal justice part of this problem. i will give nostradamus credit on that topic that we brought up pete, to my husband sean. i'm just repeating what he had been talking to me about for so long but the other part of this story was by a guest we had on a little earlier which was jack brewer. if you look at that article that we had about the the crime in philadelphia, one of the people said, the problem is festering in homes where these children are not being cared for. they are not looked out for. jack brewer was on our show saying the real social justice
4:14 am
program, problem in america is fatherlessness. it is fatherlessness. until we address fatherlessness, which absolutely ravaged the african-american community just as responsible for some crimes, so many bad things happening in these cities as criminal justice, as bad prosecutors and cops, we need to address this problem. it is the third rail. it is what no one wants to talk about and we need to. so anyway, enough of my rant here. we're going to turn now to your headlines and a fox weather alert. underwater volcano eruption in the pacific yesterday causing localized flooding on the west coast. the tsunami waves rocking ships at docks in new zealand, japan, even peru. impact from the eruption was reportedly felt in hawaii. the tsunami threat was diminished. new zealand said there was specific damage to the island of
4:15 am
tonga. there are no official reports of deaths. democrat running to unseat florida governor ron desantis compares desantis to get this, hitler. listen. >> instead of listening, trying to govern with the people he is trying to govern over the people. you know, i'm sorry, i am a student of history too. i saw the rise of hitler. i learned of those stories -- >> are you comparing desantis to hitler? >> in a lot of ways, yes. rachel: getting power back to the people, hitler. candidate nikki fried if some might consider her comments offensive? not at all. walmart ceo says supply chain crisis has stores looking like soviet union. listen to this. >> shocking unmitt greated disaster, our shelves in our stores look like the soviet union in 1972. it is honestly a shock to americans. it has never happened in our lifetime. right now the administration and the congress is focused on
4:16 am
things that don't matter to the american people. the american people are hurting. they want them to focus on inflation, gas prices, a solution for covid. pete: wow. that is, former ceo can always speak out more than the current ceo. he -- freedom of the former. but it's true. remember bernie sanders said brad lines are a good thing. we should be grateful the our shelves are sew bare. joe biden goes to georgia screams people are not allowed to vote when they are allowed to vote. real issues are feeling every single day but can't address them, talk about them. i have don't know what it is like in texas. i walk in, this section should have the cereal i want but no.
4:17 am
will: it's crazy. it's a big deal former ceo of walmart is saying it out loud. it is absolutely crazy. i guess the only thing more crazy would be comparing ron desantis to hitler, that flies i guess in america in 2022. that shouldn't fly by the way i. i don't think it will. america can see through this. people are done with this type of nonsense. rachel: yeah. i'll tell you something crazier we should never forget that was bernie sanders when venezuela socialist revolution was underway or, already done he said, we're more likely to find the american dream in caracas than the united states of america. guess what, we're turning into caracus, or soviet union. name the place you don't want to live right now, former soviet union. there you go. all right. pete: more news for you this morning as well. still ahead, a utah editorial
4:18 am
board calls on their governor to deploy the national guard on the unvaccinated. dr. marc siegel joins us on the attempts to use covid to block our freedom. speaking of looking like australia. plus schools out for wokeness. our panel of college students is fed up. how they're taking a stand against cancel culture ture on their campus. that is coming up. ♪. how bout sushi? i just had sushi for lunch yesterday. indian? ehh, maybe... how bout seafood? you know i don't like seafood. [collision beeping warning] [silence] how bout tacos? tacos. automatic emergency braking — one of six advanced safety features standard on every 2022 chevy equinox.
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why is everyone talking about beets? they're nature's superfood secret. total beets from force factor help boost heart-healthy energy, support blood pressure, improve circulation, and increase nitric oxide. rush to walmart for great-tasting total beets from force factor, the #1 beets brand in america! ♪. will: major utah newspaper facing backlash, i should hope so, over its troubling recommendation to state leaders who refuse to mandate the covid vaccine. in an op-ed "the salt lake tribune" suggest the governor's next move would be to find a way to mandate the mass vaccination campaign we should have launched a year ago, going as far as national guard to people without vaccination would not be allowed anywhere. stay in pure house or face the national guard. here to react fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel.
4:23 am
dr. segal good morning. what is your reaction to the op-ed from the salt lake tribune? >> look, if there is one thing we learned over the last 24 hours with rabbi charlie in colleyville, texas, we need kindness as he says rather than fear and intimidation. if the national guard of utah be deployed, how about find monoclonal antibodies antibodies with need to treat people with pending or severe cases of covid, not to intimidate people when the real way to approach the vaccine as dr. an did i pavilla at university of utah who i interviewed, talk to people, talk to parents, talk to children. head of pediatrics at university of utah. he handles adults. complete misuse of the national guard. we're hearing the president the other day saying he would call out fema and the national guard, fine. use it to help people who don't have the supplies they need. don't have the vaccines or don't
4:24 am
have the treatments which none of us have. and the testing. not to intimidate people and potentially harm them. will: major american newspaper asking the united states military be used to keep unvaccinated people in their homes. no small moment. speaking of op-eds, dr. siegel, you have one where you address patients who had the vaccine, had booster, had three shots, yet still they got omicron. what are you telling those patients? >> well it is what they're telling me, will. they're angry. they say i don't believe you. i don't believe the president of the united states. you oversold this vaccine. here's where you start with that. you admit it. you say look, the vaccine clearly is a tool to decrease severity. it works to help you stay out of the hospital. it works to help you have a less severe case, as does immunity from prior covid. let's admit that. and the virus itself, omicron, in a lot of cases appears to be
4:25 am
less severe. let's talk truth here. that is how you get people to comply with what you're suggesting. you eat some humble pie. it is not what we said. we thought it would prevent spread. it does that a little bit but the main thing it does, it decreases severity. that's the key here. by the way, that is another reason the mandate idea is completely out of date. even if it had some purpose early, it is not the kind of vaccine you can mandate if it doesn't prevent spread. so it is spreading, people are saying why am i getting it will, why am i getting it? i got vaccine. boosterred but got covid. i'm still getting it. the variant spreads that way. let's admit it. will: dr. siegel, quickly as we go out for anyone who has questions about the vaccine, the questions are fed by they feel like they're prop began diesed. that conversation you described has not been taken place. there is hectoring. there is calls for the national guard to lock down the
4:26 am
unvaccinated there are truth every step of the way to your point. that does not breed confidence. people see through and see propaganda. that doesn't believe any type of belief or faith in the vaccine. >> people are doubling down on the same mistakes they were making before. they were hitting you over the head with the vaccine and calling it a vaccine a pandemic of the unvaccinated before. now they're doubling down. listen to my grandmother who used to say you catch more bees with kindness and honey than vinegar. i imagine pete in the background cringing of the use of the national guard to try to force people to take vaccines or separate them if they don't. imagine that, a hero like pete, what he thinks about that, will. will: ask him in just a moment. how about not just kindness as your honey, how about honesty and truth as well. that is what you called for this morning. i heard you. have a honest and truthful conversation. >> let's be honest. will: people can see you lying to them and prop --
4:27 am
propagandizing them i know you do. >> how does the vaccine work and how doesn't it work, absolutely. will: we've had the honest conversation with each other here and will cain podcast. i'm using proverbial you. he does not prop began propagandized with it but giving the truth. good to you, dr. siegel. hostage standoff in a texas synagogue ends overnight with the hostages safe, thank god, and the suspect dead. congresswoman beth van duyne serves people in that community and she joins us next. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at it's time for our lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to relieve pressure points. ♪ ♪
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4:31 am
♪. rachel: fox news alert this morning. four hostages are safe at home after an armed man entered their synagogue during prayer services yesterday, holding them hostage for more than 11 hours, ranting about a jailed terrorist.
4:32 am
the gunman now dead after the fbi stormed the synagogue. that synagogue is located in our next guest's district, congresswoman beth van duyne joins us now. with the latest, congresswoman, so great to have you this morning. i'm sure you and everyone in coley very, texas -- colleyville, texas, are relieved after what happened and everyone is safe. what is the latest your hearing right now. >> this interview could have been a lot rougher this morning. we're thankful our prayers were answered. a lot of miracles happened yesterday. first of all only had four people in the synagogue. the night before they had 40 and 50. temperatures yesterday, windchill was 22. that might have had something to do with it. the fact it was also live streamed gave the police a little head's up what was going on. which had fast acting members of our community that called the police when they were watching it on their live stream. so a lot of things happened but we, you know, i reached out to
4:33 am
the mayor. we were at city hall last night getting an update from the fbi moments before this happened, before the hostages were saved. we're looking at lots of question this morning. did this man act alone? who, where does he come from? is this a group effort? we understand his motivation was to get a criminal released from a a prison 23 miles away from that synagogue but is that his only motivation? that there are a lot of questions to ask today, i want to thank the colleyville police department, texas dpf, fbi team from juan tick coy. they were fast acting. it took 11 hours. i can't imagine the stress and family of that, four hostages that were there but the end result was peaceful for those four hostages getting returned
4:34 am
safe and sound to their family. rachel: yeah. absolutely. great police work involved on the local level, on the fbi level. i love how the local police in texas said we also activated prayer channels and networks we know. just loved texas. the fbi by the way -- the fbi seemed to -- >> [inaudible]. rachel: yeah, the fbi seemed to dismiss anti-semitism as a motive and that seems a little early to me, a little interesting since we know that anti-semitism is up about 40% right now, attacks are up 40% in this country right now. so i know a lot of people in the jewish community were confused about that? >> i don't think anything has been cut-out just yet. i still think they're looking at all of those, all of those motivations but you're right, absolutely right. the fact that anti-semitism, violence and attacks are
4:35 am
absolutely up, mate crimes are up across the country, but considering jews make up 2% of the population, yet nearly 60% of all hate crimes are anti-semitic there is something going on. they spiked last year in may after the israel-palestine conflict. quite honestly the rhetoric from the far left, the progressive squad is not helping. we're making sure that the investigations are happening, finding out motivation, how far this is ranging and addressing that but your concern, the jewish community's concern is definitely my concern. rachel: yeah. also after afghanistan we know that terror experts said we should be looking out for more terror, terrorism in our country as they were very emboldened when the taliban took over, when we basically handed over all of our weapons to them as well. so anyway, congresswoman, so great hearing from you. we're praying for the community and so grateful that it ended
4:36 am
peacefully. thanks for joining us this morning. okay. up next, the fight for free speech on college campuses. we'll talk to a group of students about why they're fed up with wokeness in their curriculum. ♪. >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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4:40 am
alert. a major winter storm batters the carolinas with heavy snow, wind and ice, created hazardous road conditions. 2000 flights are canceled and hundreds of thousands face potential power outages. let's turn to fox meteorologist rick reichmuth with the weather forecast. hey, rick. >> will, a lot going on of the midwest portion of that storm is done. now we got the southern portion we're dealing with now. winter storm warnings across much of kentucky, much of tennessee. all the southern appalachians, the bull's-eye, places like asheville, a foot 1/2 of snow. the southern side is bringing severe weather. we have tornado warnings around the port charlotte and fort myers area. this line ever storms as is it moves onshore it will really severe. we haven't been talking about florida at all, but we're talking about the winner side of this storm. we're seeing icing begin across
4:41 am
areas of carolinas. we'llsee half an inch of ice accumulate. it will cause widespread power outages with fear across north carolina and south carolina and western areas of virginia snow fall totals to come. five to eight inches in tennessee. appalachians we see the heaviest part of the snowfall. late this afternoon it moves into the mid-atlantic states and parts of the northeast. that begins late this afternoon. winter storm warnings in effect. most part interior sections. if you look at this, we have just rain. maybe we'll see a little bit of snow to start. it will transition into rain. places like philadelphia and towards new york, up towards boston. snowfall totals will not be anything significant there. just go into interior areas. we'll see some spots, maybe a foot 1/2 of snow. you will notice a really fine line between rain and snow. go, 10, 20 miles north of new york city. it will be all snow in the city
4:42 am
itself. it is all rain. pete, send it over to you. pete: rick, thank you very much, appreciate it. well, in 2020, get this number, 62% of college students said they thought the climate on their campus prevented them from saying things they believe. they can't speak freely but some thankfully giving us hope will not be intimidated. our next guests come from different backgrounds but are united being fed up with college wokeness. abigail anthony is a junior at princeton university in new jersey. ariyn is a junior at holman college in michigan. jamari at friends in kansas. christopher ray at allegheny college in pennsylvania. dub it the juniors. junior the best year of college. the pressure of senior year not yet. although under covid tell me how
4:43 am
that works. hat to our friends at "new york post." you were featured in an article on this topic. we thought we would bring it to television. thank you for the stances you take on college campuses. abigail, let me start with you, as a princeton, junior, major, does that 62% surprise you? do you feel a lot of kids on campus can't speak freely? >> i'm surprised it is not higher. a number of students contacted me after class, durr lecture but they felt uncomfortable pressing their support. students are not feeling emboldened to share opinions inside of class or outside of class. pete: abigail, real quick, let me stay with you, where does that come from? why don't they feel like they can speak openly? >> we've seen students lose job
4:44 am
opportunities, club leadership positions due to things think said either in person or online. it is scary to see political views weaponized and used to exclude people. pete: absolutely, absolutely. you grew up actually in india. you've been in the united states for 2 1/2 years. you said in india you would be seep as a liberal yet you come to college campuses in america and see something quite different. explain. >> good morning, pete. so if there was an thanksgiving dinner in india i would be the liberal kid annoying all the relatives. so i am viewed in some circles as a liberal but i come to you as hoping for an education where people talk about everything openly and that is definitely not the case. so here i've been labeled a republican, a conservative, right-wing, transphobic. i'm none of that. i'm standing up for free speech. just want an environment on campus where people can talk
4:45 am
about everything and get to the truth. pete: so it is not, it is not what you expected in short? you expected a free exchange of ideas. you've been met with something much different? >> most certainly. freedom of speech is one side of it. i'm sure we get to it, but this aspect of mental health that is overlooked when these ideologies are administered by the, you know the -- college campuses in general. there is mental health aspect even more surprising than the political clamp down. pete: interesting, interesting. we will. jamari, thank you for being here. junior at friends university. college, policy sigh major. you grew up as california kid. you're founder of young americans for freedom chapter. what have you met in college? >> unfortunately i met some pushback and especially from the administration. we tried to put on two events at our university and 9/11 never
4:46 am
forget, freedom wink, both turned down by administration. especially saddening, 9/11, never forget, remembering the lives lost during 9/11. i didn't think that would be a political stance. pete: you're saying you wanted to hold a 9/11 never forget event. i was a college kid. i was your age when 9/11 happened. that makes me feel old. you want to simply remember what happened. what was the rationale. why did they say you can't do that? >> it was during the 2020 election season. they didn't want to be seen as taking a political stance. i didn't really see remembering lives lost during 9/11 was such a political thing. pete: wow. christopher, maybe you can give us hope, i'm not sure. you're allegheny college, an economics major. you say people point out how can you be a republican because you're hispanic? do you get that often is.
4:47 am
>> good morning, pete. i don't really get that as often anymore. i have spent 2 1/2 years at allegheny college and most of that rhetoric happened during my freshman year of college. i don't really let it get to me anymore because i know where i come from and i know that my parents work hard to put me through college and i don't want to let other people's rhetoric pull me down trying to get an education. so i don't really let it affect me that much anymore. it is a rather small campus. if anything is said, that might hurt my feelings, i just don't let it get to me because i'm at college to receive an education. pete: at the end of the day, an education, although most get indoctrination. christopher, do you feel like that 62% number is representative, most people can't speak freely if they have a difference of opinion? >> on a large-scale, large college campuses across the america. that is probably the 62 sounds
4:48 am
right to me. some of my colleagues at allegheny college are free to speak their mind freely. they don't want backlash from professors, some of their friends. they feel like if they speak the opinion in class they wouldn't do as well, went with the flow and wrote whatever the professors wanted to hear. at the end of the day they're issuing grades. we can't make the grades up on our own. pete: yes the marxists are the gatekeepers. we must comply. it is amazing. you're fantastic. if you would, we have to take a quick commercial break, come back with more questions as well. more on the panel of college students after a brief commercial break. we're a different kind of dentistry. one who believes in doing anything it takes to make dentistry work for your life.
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new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ♪. pete: we're back with our panel of excellent college students who still have their head on straits. abigail is junior at princeton. jamari junior at friends university. christopher reyes, a junior at allegheny college.
4:53 am
juniors all. abigail, we'll go around the horn one more time. we look at a lot of kids can't speak freely. i was the publisher of princeton tory i know what it is like to speak openly your conservative views. you say it even goes to the ballet club. what is it about ballet that is targeted at princeton? >> i don't know. apparently pirouets are white supremacist. i don't find it particularly concerning because the woke students think everything is white supremacist and racist. clearly no space is safe on campus for wokeness. pete: wow, ballet racist, got it. go to another form of lunacy. you're teaching biology teaching assistant. you said there is a 15 page list of things you can't say? >> that was one of the most surprising things i got in my
4:54 am
email a 15-page document how to talk, what to say and not to say. the most surprising thing i was a biology ta and biology tutor. i was told i cannot say sex or opposite sex which is integral biology, essential to science. i had to say sex assigned at birth or biological gender. dogmatic lingo being pushed down. that really surprised me. pete: wow. tough to teach biology when you can't acknowledge biology. puts you in a bit of a box. you had professors marking downgrades disagreeing politically. >> it happens quite often. use unfavorable route, less trigger words in the paper to maintain my good grades in class. pete: amazing. they know you stand, you have to parrot it in to get through, to
4:55 am
survive. real quick, christopher. identity politics seems to consume everything. do you see that? >> i definitely see that, specifically on my campus. when i walked into the college republicans club my freshman year which was in 2019 i was one of the only people of color so to speak. mainly came from me being politically open to anything. as my time went on i met more people from you know, different walks of life that shared the same beliefs as me. they didn't feel comfortable going to the club meetings, being associated with our club. pete: so interesting. what you think is more important than what you look like, may that be the future, abigail, jamari, christopher, i will say you're all good-looking. thank you for being with us this morning. your stance on college campuses. i appreciate it. if this segment scares you, what you're about to watch on "fox nation" will mortify you.
4:56 am
it is called the miseducation of america. it drops on "fox nation" on tuesday. promo code classroom for a 90-day free try. we dug into the 100 year progressive takeover of the classroom. not just lunacy of universities. it is k-12 also. what they have done for 100 years. but then i found clearchoice. [ forde ] replacing marcia's teeth with dental implants at clearchoice was going to afford her that permanent solution. [ marcia ] clearchoice dental implants gave me the ability to take on the world. i feel so much better, and i think that that is the key.
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trucks fox news letter breaking over night gunman is dead after taking four people hostage at texas synagogue. the man releasing them all effort hours long standoff. mike tobin is following the development and joins us now, good morning mike rick works good morning rachel, well, and pizza for the sin offense of the only casualty is hostage taker himself. they hostage rescue team entered the congregation beth
5:01 am
israel synagogue where earlier in the day the saturday service it had been interrupted by the hostage taking. this is in colleyville, texas just northeast of fort worth. authorities are still holding back the details. we note the hostage taker was killed by gunfire. we did not know if he was killed by the tactical team or killed himself or do no one hostage was released early in the evening, the others were freed when the team's storm the building. they were unarmed. while the fbi said investigators do not have indications of a broader plot against jewish targets, one texas congressman said anti-semitic hate crimes cannot be ignored. cracks hate crimes are across the country. but considering jews make up 2% of the american population yet nearly 60% of all hate crimes are anti-semitic for their definition going on. the hostage taker was demanding release of u.s. prison of dr. aafia siddiqui lady who bore the name lady al
5:02 am
qaeda pages dubbed the most dangerous woman in the world but she is serving in 86 years sentence for the attempted murder of u.s. personnel in afghanistan. but her arrest and imprisonment sparked outrage among political leaders and activists in pakistan where she is from. the police have yet to release the identity of the hostage taker but he claimed to be a brother of dr. aafia siddiqui that could be a figure of speech. the council for american islamic array relations had the blood brother of dr. aafia siddiqui is not involved in the hostagetaking at all. denounce the attack is anti- somatic and an unspeakable act of ego evil. back to you guys in new york. looks thank you so much for that report. appreciate it. rachel: were going to bring in terry his former fbi deputy assistant director of counterterrorism division for the fbi. thank you for joining us. i have a couple questions for you. it seems we have not
5:03 am
identified yet the hostage taker. i don't how many hours it has been since we have taken into custody. but do you think that is the right amount of time? should we know by now? is there a reason why we don't know yet? >> it's hard to say, rachel, i'm a little surprised of not release his identity yet. once you release the person's identity a lot of people start calling. one of the things you want to know is what did he do before he went into the synagogue? people might see on television his face and call from a local restaurant or whatever and have things to offer. i'm a little surprise on the other hand is still relatively early in the investigation. maybe they decided for a number of reasons i like to wait until later today or later this morning or something like that. but the sooner people know who he is and see his face and know his name, the more people will start calling and it will save a lot of time. cracks a great point. help us inside the mindset
5:04 am
also of how the fbi makes the decisions. because in math he was a special agent in charge of the fbi dallas field office did put out a statement not about who the terrorist was but it sounded a little definitive for something so early. he said we do believe from our engagement with the subject he was singularly focused on one issue. it was not specifically related to the jewish community. yet, it was shabbat, a holy day at a synagogue with juice inside. he said i will die, he talked about getting lady al qaeda out. if it was about islam, choosing a synagogue seems pretty specific why would they make a statement like that? >> that's a good question and keep in mind, pete, i left the fbi a number of years ago was a lot of things have changed. one of the debates today is who runs the show? it's the fbi or other places. the decisions made today are very different than what we
5:05 am
might've made earlier. so again we are at a disadvantage we do not know all that they know. i would never want to step in. i remember in my own days how annoying it could be for some guy who just retired or retired years ago to start second-guessing you. but i really think if we learned anything is the more you ask the public for help, the better off you will be. you can look back at any investigation. you can choose any of the meds it's mcveigh out on the highway, or eric robert rudolph and the college student university of north carolina. the more people know about what you are trying to do, and the know more what happen is they'll help you fill into the blanks as to what happened. in times like this, timing and seconds really counts. i would want to know a lot more as fast as i could get it
5:06 am
about this person. and what he was doing in the hours and days before he ended up doing what he did. i think the fbi get the feeling they're pretty confident there's nothing else out there. but they were saying they're pretty confident about that in the airbase incident in florida couple years back. and we learned later that was part of much more. it is very difficult to know who's making all the final decisions here. i know d.o.j. would have no interest. going to be very blunt with you. something like this is against the political narrative. we are supposed to be on the lookout for white supremacist practice agreed that as well. we don't have time to get into all of that. this is a significant thing. i think these decisions are coming more from the department than from what would help the fbi in trying to do the investigation. cracks very interesting. rachel campos duffy that's a
5:07 am
great points. cracks that was going to my follow-up is what motivates the fbi you said it change what motivates those decisions? when i hear clearly there is a new political imperative. >> i think you're going to see more and more fbi's at least i hope come out and start talking and making comments on things like this. there is a lot of people getting very, very upset but nobody is listening. i think the public needs to hear more from retired agents and current agents. cracks really quickly terry before we say goodbye to you, is anything you can tell's behind the scenes? this hostage rescue team clearly pulled up something miraculous here. what can we know about that? do you have any experience can shine some light on? actually ask you a trip husky rescue team is kind of in the front of the line of the fbi's special weapons and tactics. they train it constantly. throughout the fbi this 56 field divisions.
5:08 am
everyone of them have a swat team or multiple teams. there are nine enhanced teams. the fbi structured and has what it calls a critical incident response group. from every facet from logistics, mobile command post, the kinds of people you need at a scene they can help the police and deal with federal violations by having those people assembled and on the scene just about anywhere in the world and a very, very short period of time. those are the kind of things we think of we think of the fbi but that's when the real strength of the fbi has always been. >> look forward hearing the details of how that mission was accomplished. terry thank you for your insight this morning. unique and very important, thank you. >> you are very welcome. cracks are right now this comes as the big story. this is breaking this morning fox news alert. novak djokovic out of the australian open. his fight with the state of australia, the government of australia has gone to round spread first he was held in detention facility in a hotel
5:09 am
for several days as he tried to enter that country to play in the asteroid (under the belief he had an exemption a medical exemption from tournament authorities pay but the government, the border patrol said no you do not. he won an appeal with the judge. but that then it was appealed again by the immigration authorities asteroid to take away his visa. here is what novak djokovic is saying this morning as he is being deported pretty sick i will now be taking some time to rest and to recuperate before making any further comments beyond this. i'm extremely disappointed with the court ruling to dismiss my application for judicial review and the minister's decision to cancel my visa which means i cannot say in australia and participate in asteroid (our respect the court's ruling i will cooperate with the relevant authorities in relation to my departure from the country. he is the reigning australian open champion and he cannot play because he is unvaccinated. our next guest is been covering the story from the
5:10 am
beginning. he has great insight into the entire lockdown going on two years and insanity in australia. he is the chief historian correspondent for rebel news and he joins us now from melbourne. great tag on the show this morning prior to going to turn it over too what initial reaction is you're seeing what's happening australia this morning? cracks thank you for having me. it's been a insane week. the couple corrections is not the government won the appeal that is not true. he first when he came in, they tried to ban him saying his vaccine exemption was invalid. when he appealed that he won in the federal circuit court. what then transpired is the government claims he lied on his -- his papers to get into the country and its documentation but that's not even what they came after him at the end. at the end of the minister of
5:11 am
him exercise the discretionary power to remove novak djokovic for the reason his mere presence in the country with essentially insight dissents. saying he was a risk to civil order. so him being here not that he was unvaccinated. but people perceived his way of thinking, his belief to be anti- vax and that could inspire people not to get vaccinated and the country in the state 93% vaccinated. it is crazy what happened here today. rachel campos duffy everything and australia seems crazy to me these days. i guess my question to you is, i get how the government feels about this it's a little surprising in the post of a crime error or we now know the vaccinated are spreading it,
5:12 am
it may be even more than the unvaccinated. how did the australian people feel about it? where did they stand? this is such an international story that put a spotlight on what they think is going on as well? >> i think a lot of historians are really angry in the beginning when novak djokovic got an exemption as we said over 90% at least in victoria are double vaccinated. that is not because people chose to because pretty much to live life here you need to be fully vaccinated. people fail at their force to get vaccinated than the superstar came here and he was given an exemption. i think the federal government here road that waved and felt like they had an opportunity to win some political points. and they essentially went to take him out on the most bizarre reason. it's not again that he is unvaccinated.
5:13 am
today the immigration minister conceded his vaccination exemption was absolutely kosher, it was fine. it was over the fact he was potentially inciting dissent. one of the things they cited as evidence which i found quite interesting is before the vaccines were even available, that he questioned the idea of a vaccine. he said he was no expert but he said at the time he was not really interested in vaccines. that was the only real evidence the state had he was ever anti- vax. the interesting thing is that was at a period of time when joe biden and every democrat in america and was having a go of the vaccine it was during the period trump was talking about the vaccine. and back at that time being anti- vax was actually the right position to have.
5:14 am
[laughter] it is a really, really bizarre situation happening here. a lot of people were angry about novak djokovic being here. think austrians will look back at this with a lot of shame. cracks you raise so many great points. this idea he would insight dissents. dissent is something americans are quite proud of even though it's being squelched here as well actually buy big tech. the fact that the government would say dissent not allowed, what does that tell you about the current state of politics? of power and australia? a lot of people look over at australia and don't realize it's not what use. >> i lived here my whole life and i don't recognize it. the last two years have actually changed australia and day by day it gets worse. coming out of this pandemic or learning to live with that it seems like we are being stripped more and more of
5:15 am
basic fundamental human rights. it is really, really sad. and i hope like probably many of these that we come out of this okay and we are able to get back to the astoria we once had. it is looking harder and harder as we go forward. comic great perspective this morning thanks for jumping on so quickly. >> thanks for having me. all right there you have it. it's absolutely stunning was happening australia produce absolute stunning the world number one the the defending champion of the asteroid open is being forced out of that country this morning. you both asked the question for what it's worth i have had on the will cane podcast. how did austrians let this happen? how did office joins themselves the mindset? always been honest twitter feed and i've been following him. austrians were mad at novak djokovic for entering the
5:16 am
country. austrians have been lost. there are a lot of cultural differences. there's a lot of cultural differences down to our belief in our second amendment. but many others as well for this a lot of cultural differences. look at australia, look at it as a warning, take some lessons here. rachel campos duffy it is a warning i think the only reason it hasn't happened here is we obsessed some constitutional protection, just in terms of talking about the mindset. it is people from our generation on up who know what america always was. and i think those of the people on the rights, sensitive bull people in the middle holding ground and fighting back and saying no. there's a glenda young and in virginia and are putting in religious exemptions for
5:17 am
themselves and trying to resist. but if our country was run by everyone 28 -- 30 think we would be australia. and by the way if we included kids going all the way down to 15 we are even more normalized to this. it is over. this is what concerns me about the american, we have normalize closing churches, closing businesses, telling people what businesses can open and what can't. liquor stores es, abortion clinics yes, churches know. telling people they can wear masks, telling people i have to put medicine and their body when the doctor said you already have natural immunity this is actually going to be bad for you but you still have to do it. all of this stuff is so nuts. and then the >> rules we put up with as we talked about earlier with the snl sketch parade wearing a mask and a restaurant when you are going to the bathroom but not when
5:18 am
you're eating. and on a plane you're having a stafford all the stupidity we've put up with and we have known, it is shocking to me we've all put up with it. but i tell you it is the young people who are going to ruin us in the days and years forward. i am really worried about the fact that we have created a generation of kids who probably think more like chinese kids than american kids. >> rachel i'm going to hire you as a chief promoter for my fox nation series miseducation of america you are exactly right. abraham lincoln quote get your finger on the philosophy of the school in one generation becomes a philosophy of government in the next. if you want compliance then you don't teach the kids to think freely by stripping out the basic ingredients you watch miseducation america coming tuesday you will read about why progressives intentionally targeted to get away from that freethinking and how they've done over 100 years but that is why the
5:19 am
understanding what makes america special is very much gone but also lasting real quick, i circulated to you guys a statement donald trump and not pushed out a tweet from townhall scott moorefield the tweet says i don't think it is far-fetched to say if donald trump had not won in 2016 and appointed three supreme court justices the u.s. would literally be australia right now. if it had been hillary clinton and had a different supreme court, what makes us think the incidence of those autocrats on the left would not do the same thing they did in australia and that is a spirit of reality right now. rachel campos duffy can i just had one thing? talk to any parents, talk to any parent. it is their teenage and college kids who are the naysayers on the map and telling their parents what to do. they are the ones doing it to their parents. the parents are like a mask, what dhec. it is the young people the
5:20 am
little enforcers. >> really quickly pete we doubt that there is a result mayors in los angeles in argosy salt lake city tribune asked for the national guard to force people back into their homes but we were this close he might still be from australia. >> is true it's a constitution standing in the way we are out of time and got more big topics coming up, two hours left to stay with us on fox news. so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ with voltaren arthritis pain gel. my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pills, voltaren is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel for powerful arthritis pain relief. voltaren, the joy of movement.
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5:24 am
>> america i am here to tell her there's one simple thing you can do to make this whole virus go away, stop seeing spider-man. [laughter] think about it. when did spider-man come out? december 17. [laughter] went it every single person get all micron, the week after december 17. >> did you just play the entire spread of omicron people seeing spider-man? yes, i did next question. [laughter] is that theory based on any kind of data? >> yes everyone in americus being seen spider-man eight times per. >> web expert to say the real problem is a lack of testing? >> test spider-man 98% au
5:25 am
gratin potatoes. >> saturday night live taking aim at joe biden and his incoherent cove 19 response. that is hardly the only crises facing the commander-in-chief as he marks one year in office this week. here to react former arkansas governor mike huckabee front of the show. governor great to have you as always. so saturday night live taking a jab, a light one an odd way to do it but even they recognize incoherence is at the helm right now. >> was they did, pete's, but i will give them credit that joe biden on saturday night live is actually more coherent than the real joe biden. the one on saturday did not slur through his entire speech but he did not mispronounce the names of spider-man or anybody else that he talked about. and he actually took questions from the press, something joe biden the real joe biden just simply won't do anymore. so in a way they're spoofed, the fact they portrayed him that way was in fact the greatest indictment on his
5:26 am
first year in the presidency. >> so interesting so true. you know governor we are in the weekends. we are told when sage abide will give a press conference. maybe he will take questions from a very tightly held scripted list of reporters will be very easy on him. but is there any chance, i hate to ask this question, is there any chance there's a recalibration going on? they recognize the 33% approval rating. they recognize cove is not going anywhere where they recognize inflation is serious and substantial that they make an adjustment are they to beholding, do they have to keep digging with the left? >> when our computers crash what we do? we turn them off, let them cinnamon and turn them back on hoping they will reboot. i am not sure the biden administration understands that they really do need to reboot. because their first year in office has been like a crash, a major crash of the latest version of windows. therefore i don't know.
5:27 am
they don't seem to have any sense of self awareness. the go to georgia, stacy abrams will not even show up for him to tout his signature bill that they called voting rights which has nothing to do with voting rights. that is putting a title on something. it had to do with it making it easier for people to cheat when they vote. ignoring the fact georgia has a more substantial ways for people to vote than delaware does. he did not go to delaware. it is yet to be seen whether the biden administration has enough awareness to recognize they are in real trouble. when they are losing their own party and they cannot get something through a senate that they control, they are in trouble. >> such a great points. are we living with the blue screen of death right now or even the reset button cannot take the blue screen down? [laughter] it is joe biden blue screen trying to get on off that's
5:28 am
not working. like the analogy. governor thank you so much appreciate your time have a great sunday. >> you too thanks pete. >> you've got it. treadmill resting on top of the breaking news this morning as well. standoff at a texas synagogue ending overnight at the hostages safe and they suspect dead. but officials say they do not believe the jewish community was targeted? that is what the fbi is saying but even that it was in the synagogue on the sabbath we react to that after the break. y and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ it's time for our lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to relieve pressure points. and its temperature balancing so you both sleep just right. save $200 on the sleep number 360 c2 smart bed queen, now only $899. plus free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday your shipping manager left to “find themself.”
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5:32 am
>> hubley from our engagement with the subject to singly focus on one issue and it was not specifically related to the jewish community. we will continue to work to find it motive and continue on that path. >> the fbi wasting no time insisting the jewish community was not a target in it yesterday standoff despite a gunman entering a synagogue
5:33 am
during sabbath day prayers taking for people hostage including the rabbi. this morning we are also learning that rabbi reportedly found a fellow rabbi in new york city who in turn called police while all of this was going down for an orthodox rabbi joins us now to react. rabbi, thank you for being with us this morning. i'm sure you've followed along yesterday very closely, what are your overall thoughts as you saw yesterday play out? >> first of all so thankful to american law enforcement and the fbi for this miracle in texas the rabbi and all of the congregants survived. but equally shocked special agent in charge actually said this is not an issue related to the jewish community. are you kidding me question what the hostage taker did not go to a mcdonald's. he did not go to a shopping mall he went to a synagogue we are only 2% of the population. there is a bull's-eye being drawn on the backs of jews in the united states.
5:34 am
and then in california the same year, new york five people stabbed including one stabbed to death, jersey city. now we have this in the fbi is saying jews are not being targeted? especially by the islamic radical who said he is trying to free his sister dr. aafia siddiqui who would not even have a jewish lawyer at her trial for a against the united states army this is a travesty we cannot politicize that includes president biden's comment that we are not going to tolerate extremism. this is not asked to reason this is terrorism. >> rabbi have to take security measures into your own hands we know that. many synagogues do breed this particular synagogue beth israel is a smaller one in colleyville, texas not everyone has a budget for private security. what is it like in new york city? what is it like in your synagogue? >> look, i spent 11 years as a
5:35 am
rabbi at oxford university. the european jews recent big giant armored tank looking things outside synagogues. that was the jewish european experience for this was never true the united states. the idea of having police cars outside, the idea of having people having them over not supposed to is terrifying. it is not to be believed. and so much of it is connected to the scapegoating of jews in particular, i'm sorry jews in general israel in particular where the idea is jews are allowed to be demonized until it trickles down, let's not forget you asked about new york city, during israel here in new york city and times square we saw jews getting beaten up in times square. we saw jews getting beaten up on the streets of los angeles and in st. louis, here in the united states the sense of never happened before.
5:36 am
but the more the biden administration legitimizes radical islam for example there may be another ironic nuclear agreement before the united states and any regime that kill all the jews the united states will not have no contact with them you would never legitimize the radical islam suspension with the virulent anti-semitism that says it's going to kill all of the jews. but we begin to legitimize these regimes it trickles down to islamic radicals think in the juice are the problem, they deserve to be targeted and because the jews control america you go into a synagogue to have someone who themselves as a terrorist american hater insight semite. wow, strong words there's more of those by the way in rabbi's book kosher hate how to fight jew hatred, racism and bigotry something you can pick up and hear more from the rabbi. thank you for joining us on the show this morning. >> thank you god bless you.
5:37 am
>> god bless you. so more badness for president biden's polls reveal only 28% of latinos approve of how he is handling the job at florida's lieutenant governor predicts that those voters make their voice heard at the ballot box. and she joins us next nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: just stop. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette. if you think you have dupuytren's contracture, there's a simple test you can take—from anywhere. try to lay your hand flat against a surface. if you can't, you may have dupuytren's contracture. talk to a hand specialist about your options, including nonsurgical treatments.
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>> such a fox weather alert millions across the south are waking up to a winter storm. fox weather meteorologist is a
5:41 am
lie from charlotte, north carolina with the latest ian good morning. >> good morning, this entry mess with the carolina's is every bit as advertised 27 degrees right now in uptown charlotte. but what is falling from the sky is not snow, it is ice. sleet more specifically for the time being. did start off his big snowflakes this morning. but ice is the issue as we head onto the next several hours. ice coupled with the wind we see wind gusts up over 40 miles per hour. that is going to be the issue moving forward here. a quarter up to a third of an inch of ice a good bet. you've got warmer air aloft some of the snowflakes are melting as they fall towards the ground. then they refreeze into these ice pellets. you can see what that is doing to the ground. you can see it on my notebook here which is becoming an icicle. the wind gust two are going to start to cause problems this is uptown charlotte you've got south boulevard and 277,
5:42 am
travels becoming treacherous very quickly. video to show you this was a dodge charger rear wheel drive try to make it up this exit ramp from 277 to south boulevard. it took them about 15 minutes. took a couple guys, some elbow grease, a whole lot of salt to get that car up the hill and it is just showing you how slick things are getting very quickly. and duke energy here in the carolinas, they have said that as many as seven or 50000 people could lose power. they've got 10,000 utility workers ready to go once things are safe which they are not for the time being. icing still expected for the next several hours. we got these big wind gust of got ice in excess of half an inch in spots is going to bring down branches, power lines leading to power outages and make travel very dangerous the next several hours back to you. >> alright great stuff, not the weather but the report good stuff. chief meteorologist rick is now with our fox weather forecast spreads a writ, there
5:43 am
it is. the entire northern portion of the south covered in snow and ice. brexit yes this is the third snowstorm across parts of the south over the last few weeks. it does not happen that often ended up in the bull's-eye this winter for snow over the last couple of weeks paid winter storm warnings in effect still across places like nashville up towards charleston, west virginia part look at that even winter storm warning down toward jackson, mississippi. way across parts of the south there's one part of the storm bringing severe weather coupled tornado warnings were watching on the fort myers area. that will be a concern over the next number of hours. but as ian mr. showing what we see the peak is what is now turning into ice. the ice will probably be the most crippling piece of this, at least causing the most power outages and this is going to go on for a number of hours still. now the storm pulls off to the north throughout the day today. we have winter storm warnings in effect across much of the central appalachian and shoot much of the northeast written
5:44 am
notice where it is not, that is along the coastal areas. not looking at much in the way of winter weather for cities from portland maine all the way down towards philadelphia for the most part it's going to be rain. we'll see a little bit of soap first crossing over into rain behind it. all the snow is going to be across interior sections in some spots up to about a foot and a half. alright rachel i will send it over to you. >> all right thank you rick. well, badness is finally what is the biden administration comes to the end of year one with the university pulp finding only 28% of hispanics approve of how biden is handling the job. our next guest says he will be held accountable in november, lieutenant governor joins us now. lieutenant governor, i have to tell you, i have been looking at these numbers. but if you have been looking at hispanic numbers as long as i have, and i've been in this field for a while, these are seismic numbers and they really show they are
5:45 am
persuadable. what is your take on these numbers? what is going to be the impact on the politics in texas in particular? >> will good morning rachel. and i will tell you, when you look at these numbers it should be not a shock to anyone. we have seen that disastrous policies across the board from biden since he took office. you have seen hispanic voters are flocking to the republican party. part of that is because they agree that we want to be the party, we are the party that will provide them freedom, that will provide them opportunities for their family. when you see children being indoctrinated in the schools and that biden and his cronies are calling the parents domestic terrorists, those are things that really have an impact on the voters. that is why i believe strongly that the midterm election and beyond is going to be an incredible turn of events for the president and for the party truly. >> i think it is sending shivers and nightmares up the
5:46 am
democrat consultants and administration, it is really astounding numbers. i want to move to another topic. desantis has a challenger, the governor of florida and his challenger's name she said desantis is like hitler, take a look at this. >> instead of listing and try to govern with the people, he is trying to govern over the people. i am sorry, i am a student of history to, i saw the rise of hitler, i learned of the story's records are you comparing desantis to hitler? >> in a lot of ways yes. >> so nikki says he is like hitler, it's kind of weird they are the ones trying to put in mandates and restrict everybody's movements and yet he is the authoritarian the lieutenant governor? >> you are right. if it was not so sad it would be laughable. what we have seen in terms of her reverence she is no
5:47 am
student of history because it governor desantis has drawn on the side of freedom he has protected people's liberty throughout this entire pandemic. and as it relates to our stance the governor is the most pro- israel governor and america. he has dedicated historic funding to protect jewish, he has fought the movement and major companies like ben & jerry's are held accountable. he has prioritized holocaust survivors throughout this entire pandemic. i do not know what reference she is referring too as it relates to hitler but it is a despicable reference and again it is bad, nikki shame on you. >> thank you for pointing out his record on jewish issues it's a very strong one which makes those comments all the more laughable. lieutenant governor great talking to you this morning per. >> always thank you. take care. the terrible twos taking tiktok by storm. cap next a former reporter
5:48 am
going viral for how literacy dishing out the details on her toddler's temper tantrum, you have to listen to that. >> not even cook a melon could stop this meltdown. after several demanding quotes. i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done.
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5:52 am
>> all night tiktok is going viral for dishing out parenthood. in a news reporting fashion watch this. boarding life from outside my son's bedroom or he's currently being detained until naptime is over. the story does involve a minor this is not specific i can confirm my says a 2-year-old terraced who held me hostage at the olive garden earlier today. [laughter] asked the hilarious videos going viral with more than 31 million views. and the stars are join us now former reporter kayla sullivan and her 2-year-old son, alan. wonderful to see it wonderful to see alan is on its way to another detention, where did you come up with this idea? >> i feel like is a former journalist and mom, it's
5:53 am
really nice because i love the industry to spend more time with my son this is a way i have been able to still do news reports. but instead i am reporting on being a parent and figuring out this whole mom thing. [laughter] >> kayla is there anything you can do to take us behind the scenes of what occurred at the olive garden? attacked the camera, tack the camera that is right. >> the storm slowly coming to fact here. no, honestly, loosely based on a lot of different tantrums he has had. [laughter] before naptime you're really risking it. but i think really i wanted it to sound like -- i used all new terms with things he has done before. and so you bring all the reinforcements would bring the ipad, he bring the favorite snack, do all the things you
5:54 am
think you need to do to maintain his sanity and then one thing like catch up actually, catch up he calls it, he was wanting that. that was the source of the problem. how is that going to have catch up, they do have catch up there and they sent us the bottle. [laughter] >> kayla you are doing the most important job of all and your son is so lucky to have a mom like you who has a good sense of humor about it. you have 31 million hits or views. that means a lot of people can relate. i had a child i nicknamed terrorist myself. i was laughing hysterically when i saw this. you left your job as a reporter and now you are in pr. are you thinking about going into acting? or maybe pizza secret career of stand-up comedy question request i'm not going to say never. i actually do really enjoy
5:55 am
this type of comedy. i wanted to be a news reporter ever since i was in fourth grade. i have practice during news reporter voices and all of this for really long time but i don't want to give it up. think it's really fun to incorporate comedy with the news voices. people really get a kick out of oh yes i hear you, that beginning and nod that everyone does in some of the antics that reporters do i've been really trying to hone in on that and make people laugh with it. because what i did in the industry was a little silly now looking back on it. [laughter] >> we get that, we get that. [laughter] >> we get it for sure. kayla, the faces alan has been making, you can tell he is an absolute ham because he made about six different faces while you're reporting and did not agree with the reporting. [laughter] he is quite the actor here is all the facial expressions
5:56 am
he's been like that since he was born. [laughter] >> that is so great, so great precooked that was sour. >> it's an amazing twist on parenting it brings a lot of people a little bit of joy, well done he's a good kid don't worry they get worse when they are three look forward to that reporting as well per. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for being with us. more fox news back in a moment. ] oh boy. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪ >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. only pay for what you need. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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you may pay zero dollars for botox®. ask your doctor about botox® today. >> we begin this final hour fox and friends on a sunday with fox's alert. the gog now secure and hostage is thankfully safe after eight terrorists held the temple captive for hours. michael tobin is live as authorities launch a global investigation into the incident and attempt to uncover the assailants motive, mike. >> in that 11 hour standoff ended at the synagogue northeast of fort worth with the only casualty being the hostage taker.
6:01 am
9:15 a.m. central time the hostage released he went inside of the congregation beth israel synagogue. police are still holding back a lot of information but we know the hostage taker was killed by gunfire. we do not know if he killed himself off the tactical team killed him. most important been aware of the hostages was released early in the evening. the other three were freed by the husky rescue team but they are not physically harmed. >> the four people who were rescued are not in need of medical attention are with fbi agents right now will be reunited with their families unharmed. he did not harm them in anyway. >> the hostage taker demand the release of dr. aafia siddiqui from u.s. prison she had been dubbed lady al qaeda and once mom called the most dangerous woman in the world but she is serving in 86 year sentence for the attempted murder of u.s. personnel in iraq but she is from pakistan were politicians and activists have said she is a victim of a corrupt u.s. justice system.
6:02 am
the hostage taker claimed to be dr. aafia siddiqui's brother but that could be a figure of speech. her brother had nothing to the attack in fact denounce the attack is anti-semitic and unspeakable act of evil. the fbi said they do not have any information at this stage of the investigation of there being a broader plot. pete, rachel, well back to you for. >> are right thank you mike. a couple of quick notes here. so when it comes to dr. aafia siddiqui she has been dubbed lady al qaeda she's been a person of interest in so many different hostage situations over the last decade. every group from isis to al qaeda it seems to have wanted lady alcott's release that was the motivation separately from this terrorist attack yesterday that moves us into this, what a miraculous ending, the best of all scenarios, bad guy dead, good guys alive yesterday in texas. and then finally as a vault touched on throughout the
6:03 am
morning that fbi clip that we played showing the special agent in charging this was not related in any way to the jewish community they can surmise no broader attack against the jewish community. that is eight fairly shocking statement to hear. because this guy did not take hostages at a mall nor a mcdonald's as we had described earlier. he chose a synagogue a small synagogue in colleyville, texas and targeted and held hostage a rabbi. has been pointed out by former fbi agent with this this morning, the fbi has different priorities talks a lot about domestic terrorism and today will not call out what seems not coincidental but obvious. >> well, it is so interesting matt is the fbi agent speaking on behalf of the department saying yes, we don't think this has anything to do with anti-semitism and we have no idea if he is saying this is
6:04 am
related to is it a terrorist attack? are they saying they don't think there is any other international connections that this is an isolated case. seems odd to me but in any case, has to be a little embarrassing to this administration, it might be why they are holding back the information a little bit right now because this is the same time the d.o.j. is establishing a specialized unit focused on domestic terrorism on white supremacy which they say is the real number one threat in america. this is a very interesting development that we have right here we will see where it goes. i am on pins and needles waiting to hear who this man is and what his true motivations are. the fbi seems to say it anti-semitism although it was a synagogue and a rabbi and others worshiping there who were held hostage. and even though this guy says
6:05 am
he was wanting the release of an islamic terrorist, page. trent went rachel, they know. we know right now the fbi knows who the suspect is. deceased but they know than if they have not released it yet for no conceivable reason. they are safe and as we all pointed out, the terrorists in this instance which focus on one issue, what might that issue be? we notes radical islam based on the demands of fort lady al qaeda to be released not specifically targeted related to the jewish community what a sham. anyone looking at this as a synagogue was chosen on a holy day because they knew -- mckee new worshipers to be inside where they caught audio of the terrace saying i will die for this. he said he was a brother that's on a literal term that's a religious term tied to lady al qaeda. by the one thing we do know about so-called lady al qaeda,
6:06 am
dr. aafia siddiqui. she dismissed her lawyers for being jews when a dna test for any juror in case they were juice she is and site semites. so why wouldn't someone attempting to release her as fool hearted as it was, use a synagogue as a tool to do that? our fbi knows that. the spokesman knows that. they jumped to the cameras at the name and a picture when it fits their narrative. in this case, as you both pointed out it does not. so they are withholding it to figure out how do we release this in a way that sensitive and politically correct? maybe wait a little time but the news cycle move on. all the way which jews are treated this is treated differently than other cases. it's a great guest you had him on earlier talked about slamming the notion this is not an anti- somatic attack, listen to this.
6:07 am
>> equally shocked special agent in charge matt said this is not an issue related to the jewish community. are you kidding me? the hostage taker did not go to a mcdonald's he did not go to a shopping mall he went to a synagogue we are only 2% of the population there's a bull's-eye being drawn on the backs of jews in the united states for this is a travesty you cannot politicize and site semitism and that includes present biden's comments were not going to tolerate extremism this is not extremism this is terrorism. >> in islamic goes into a synagogue on a holy day saying he has bombs and looking to die for the release of a terrorist. the only thing left to be determined guys is who exactly this person was? how they got here? what was their status here? who are they affiliated with? we do not know the answer to those questions right now those are not political questions those are policy questions as are facts of the american people deserve to know based on the priorities our leaders have it. as we get more of that
6:08 am
information to route the morning and on this channel we will bring it to you. i cannot believe the fbi can withhold that forever, we will see. art got of the news this morning is when closing this fox news alert. novak djokovic the tennis superstar leaving australia just hours ago after a judge rejects his appeal to say for the australian open. trey is live overseas with reporting. >> guys good morning tennis star novak djokovic was deported this morning after his visa was canceled this weekend by australian authority. a federal judge dismissed an appeal brought forward by the number one ranked a player to overturn a decision to revoke his visa. his case received international attention after novak djokovic was detained after arrival to melbourne earlier this month he spent four months and it immigration hotel. he'd been granted a medical exemption to enter the country to plan this trillion open despite not being vaccinated against covid-19.
6:09 am
the 34-year-old had coronavirus last month but assume border officials move he does not need the criteria for an exemption that arguments echoed by streit immigration minister who pulled the visa noting novak djokovic did not include as entry forms had traveled to multiple other countries over the past two weeks. in a statement released after the court case novak djokovic seems extreme we disappointed in the ruling and he respects the court's decision. the serbian tennis player hope to win his 21st grand slam title. serbia's prime minister reacted to the news this morning saying this. >> i think the decision is scandalous but i'm disappointed i think it shows the rule of law functions and some other countries. >> this joint open begins tomorrow and the world will be watching. novak djokovic will be watching from dubai where he flew this morning, pete, will, rachel. >> all right thank you trey. it cannot be highlighted enough the reigning champion the world number one of the australian open is being
6:10 am
deported as we speak from the australian open. it is the peak of insanity. though i don't think it's a peak we could take for granted could never happen here beats me it's notable this happened the same time the salt lake city tribune in an op ed calls for the united states and national guard to force the unvaccinated back into their house. make sure they do not leave it. so it never think or never take for granted that somehow this lunacy cannot come to our shores but was spoke to who's been all over this story about novak djokovic pretty talks about what this is really about it's not about medicine it's not about science added about something else. watch for it. >> not again is unvaccinated. today the immigration minister conceded his vaccination exemption was absolutely kosher. it was over the fact they said he was potentially inciting
6:11 am
dissent. i've lived here my whole life i do not recognize the last two years has absently changed australia and day by day it gets worse. as we are coming out of the pandemic as were learning to live with that, it seems like we are being stripped more and more basic fundamental human rights. avi there is no question australia is out of control that many of us go what happened there? i have to say as an american i do not recognize america either. i never thought any of the things we've experienced over the last two years would happen. and more importantly, i never imagined this many americans would be okay with it would submit to it. we are starting to see some cracks bread were starting to see people grow weary of it. we've seen some examples whether it's the election of a glen young been in virginia who now put in some executive
6:12 am
orders to lift mandates, people are growing weary of it but pete, you, and i, and will have toxic for the last year about this. i am surprised how submissive americans are in all of this. especially young people. trend what it true, it is true. you have aesthetic, this guys the number one tennis player in the world. it's going to the australian open. he went up side is i guess, because he's a superstar he did not get special treatment. elise s trillion government is consistent. the downside is the austrian government is consistent. and their policy is absolute lockdown you heard avi talk about dissent you cannot have another opinion especially not the estimate we remember from the movies but a reminder that over time, the more freedom you see you get a very, very different reality that we may not be very far behind it,
6:13 am
rachel as you pointed out that it is worth pointing out also we are one year into joe biden. and after one year of joe biden, virus he promised to cross which was never questionable is still not crushed. he's got a number of other serious crises on his watch he has created and his policies have created but we can list them, we won't we want some time left for the rest of the show. but saturday night live last night highlighted, he's got a press coverage on wednesdays to mark the one-year mark what might he say? saturday night live at a take last night on maybe this is how joe biden will talk about coal would when he goes the podium on wednesday. >> america i'm here to tell you there's one simple thing you can do to make this whole virus go away, stop seeing spider-man. [laughter] just stopped seeing spider-man. [laughter] think about it, when did
6:14 am
spider-man come out? december 17. [laughter] when it every single person get omicron? the week after december 17 requested you really just plain the entire spread of a macrina people seeing spider-man? >> i did yes next question. [laughter] >> do you think all covid and will end as people stopped going to the movie? >> i didn't say don't go to the movies. i said stop seeing spider-man. [laughter] >> is this theory based on any kind of data? >> yes everyone in america has seen spider-man like eight times. [laughter] everyone in america also has coated. stop seeing spider-man. [laughter] >> what about expert to say the real problem is lack of testing? >> so they tested spider-man. he's got 98% on au gratin potatoes. >> all right what about the other proms facing america like inflation? click spider-man. [laughter] funny but no more ridiculous than what happened over the past year.
6:15 am
you can supplant spider-man with any other hammer, meat, nail explanation for why the american people are to blame for this pandemic whether or not it's the unvaccinated or whether or not it's the appropriate mask you have on the six months later the cdc can correct it and tell you it wasn't spider-man actually it was i don't know some other movie that everyone should stop seeing. i was trying to think that one that had recently come out, pete, i had not been in the movies in a while but the only movie i've seen a spider-man so maybe it is spider-man. [laughter] >> is right about spider-man. [laughter] avi that may be pop-culture catching up with the ridiculous of the moment. thirty-six my kids also saw spider-man so that is some truth to the spider-man thing. but look, june with this is? snl the ladies of the view, everybody cnn and all the
6:16 am
schools telling you this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated. we are scolding you for not wearing a mask while they were off at hair salons are going into restaurants without masks themselves. this is finally feeling a little embarrassed or trying to back away from it. remember this week joe biden said he is still saying this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated for the trying tobacco and say see it's just him we weren't really there. i think there's a little bit of that in all of this. that is my prediction about that. but yes i think they are embarrassed. i think this is a sign there cracks in the program. and maybe some sanity will company that is the hope. but remember this is a same crowd that is completely uninterested in finding out where this virus came from. many of them are still defending fauci. and so should we put our confidence in these cracks we
6:17 am
are seeing? don't we have still got to keep fighting because this is not the america you and i grew up in. we should not normalize anything that's happened over the last two years. >> yes as our kids still go to school wrapped in cloth masks or the windows open 4 inches and lunacy. the implications of everything we are talking about israel. i have not seen spider-man but clearly i should, everybody's doing it. maybe that is on my to do list for later on today, spider-man with joe biden not the white house is in delaware. >> to begin with a few other headlines as well including fox weather alert. you are looking live at a snowy greer, south carolina. winter storm slamming much of the region with snow, ice and powerful winds. at this hour 2400 flights already have been canceled. and right of the fox weather
6:18 am
team is tracking the winter storm. just download the app it is a good one trust me. stream live coverage of the latest weather trends. and, the buffalo bills bounce the brainless patriots out of the playoffs in a bitter cold blow out. buffalo jumping out to a 20 -- zero lead 47 -- 17 win. they look good but meanwhile cincinnati, the bengals or the bungles intern bangles to get their first playoff win since 1991. [cheering] >> the season comes down said this intercepted. >> the interception sealing the bengals 26 -- 19 win. joe leading the way with two touch as a quarterback also going viral for his postgame swag, i had not seen this. many online comparing the look to robert downey junior and
6:19 am
iron man. the things we latch onto. we can continues with a handful of games including bucks, eagles game at 1:00 p.m. right fox. do not forget about wil's cowboys at 4:00 p.m. versus the niners were the only team i like less and the cowboys is the niners so will i will be cheering for the cowboys today and that's your headline. will: thank you i'm super nervous to be honest. i don't know if anyone fully appreciates how the sin dictates my next couple of months. when you get happy will or super sad will? you're going to find out about 3:30 p.m. central today and it will last a long time. rachel: should i pray for the cowboys? will: you should you should send them up. pete: it would be general joy
6:20 am
of the show rotates around will cane today. rachel: i'm going to mass after the show i will do it. will: thank you. the first woman of color told statewide office, her plans for the commonwealth, next to support a strong immune system your body needs a routine. centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc* season after season. ace your immune support with centrum. now with a new look!
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former president term giving a strong rebuke of president bioneers first rally of the new year. rich is live from gilbert, arizona with 45's message. >> good morning will. this is the former president's first rally that he has held since october in iowa. were just a few months ahead of midterm elections here. the president has not declared himself as a candidate yet for 2024. weathers were to try to run for the oval office again. the former president has, in his office in the pack supporting them sent dozens of fundraising e-mails already this year. spent much of the rally hitting the biden administration on inflation, southern border apprehensions, supply chain problems and covid mandates all while his supporters push them to run
6:25 am
again in 2024. it's also promising to get more involved in the midterms. >> this november we have a chance to do something really spectacular. to bring these marxist monstrosities to a screeching halt. a great red wave is going to begin right here in arizona and it is going to wash hundreds and hundreds and thousands and thousands of democrats socialists out of office. >> republicans have said they will hold hearings in the biden administration block more increases in spending if they assume control of congress after the midterm elections. there is also the question of who the former president might endorse here. he ripped to get into senate minority leader mitch mcconnell after he and mcconnell got into it mcconnell said it's time to move past 2020 election, trump is continued with mc stand shaded claims about election fraud in 2020 that has
6:26 am
provided a rift. many republicans say within got to folk cassatt's unpopular president and the number of democrats who are retiring couple dozen of them from the house to try to push themselves to retake control congress, will back to you. will: okay thank you. virginia governor went to no time signing off on new executive orders that gave parents a say in their kids education during his first hours in office. virginia lieutenant governor making history with her swearing in as she becomes the first woman of color to hold statewide office, lieutenant governor is here joins us now. lieutenant governor congratulations on being sworn in yesterday. so the governor came out of the gates hot. a set of orders to put virginia back on the right track in a direction they hope empowers virginians, when we hope to see accomplished here in the first couple of months?
6:27 am
cracks outside what is really exciting and good morning will and good morning to your viewers, is that he has it designated a chief transformation officer looking for inefficiencies and rooting them out in governments, can you believe that? imagine commonsense ideas to ensure that the people's money is being spent properly. and so he is also put in executive orders it against masked mandates, vaccine mandates that is exactly what we campaigned on and he is fulfilling campaign promises. and then, did you see he had in executive order about anti-semitism bread wheat and virginia have suffered greatly from that. he is ensuring it does not happen anymore. we are going to protect all people buried there is so much that he is doing and it has only been one. >> lieutenant governor but were focusing on is action but symbolism is the other side of it your very existence of
6:28 am
personal rejection of the arguments made against many voters in virginia. also against the estate of the country somehow because of the color of your skin your born an oppressor, your office today as a rejection on that. as we head into martin luther king jr. day, i am curious about your reflection. >> i am just going to repeat what our current president biden and our current vice president harris has said about racism when they were asked is racism is systemic in america? their answer was absolute no. and so i am the embodiment of what we are trying to achieve in america. we want everyone to have equal opportunity. and here i sit today to say it can happen. i am so tired of those who look at life as being the glass as half empty. what a negative way to continue to view life. because life is going to hit
6:29 am
you hard. you have to be prepared for it. you come out of the womb screaming, that ought to be an indication of how things are going to be. the riches suffer, the poor suffer and everybody in between. we can make it. we can make it. you come out of the womb screaming as an indication of how life can be have never heard that. [laughter] that is certainly interesting. then as you point life is about overcoming it takes us full circle back to action producing the attorney general said he's going to be looking for accountability for example and allowed in. we've seen the governor now issuing executive orders. from your position as lieutenant governor, what will be the major focus for action? >> well for me certainly my very first duty is to preside over the senate and i am hoping i get as many tie-breaking votes as our outgoing lieutenant governor he had 52 and i am raring to go. we are going to be be repealing some of the really
6:30 am
bad laws that made no sense and turned us against each other. martin luther king jr., we are going to celebrate his day on monday. the day that i take the gavel and it is historic yes. but after the history, because it is done, i am in, what are we going to do? we're going to repeal as i said bad laws i'm going to be the example to show the children if you understand that you stay in school and study, i did not do anything special that's what i did, you can do it too were going to push for school choice because of the schools are deciding that they are going to stay closed then we are going to say no, i give the money to the parents to make the decision on where they can send their children to school part were not going to worship a brick building any longer parade they are going to have choices. our former president on the democratic side they have sent their children to private schools in virginia as well the past governor's children go to private schools. let's let everybody have that
6:31 am
opportunity thank you very much. we are going to help the rest of the country to understand you can do it, we will do it together. we could live together in unity. we are going to disagree on the laws that we make. but we do not have to be disagreeable. and by the way, martin luther king jr. said look to the future and so my saying is that we are going to move ever forward. >> that is a message this morning of inspiration but we may come into this world screaming but there's plenty of reasons along the way to smile for think you've given us one here in the past couple of days. so winsome sears we wish you the best of luck now in your new job, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> all right by the what you can catch winsome sears part of a special, pizza special miseducation of america. in fact i want to get this right let's make sure we get that up on screen. there is a live summit
6:32 am
streaming on thursday that's 9:00 a.m. eastern that is on oxidation. you can hear from winsome sears that's leading into pizza misinformation of america also up on fox nation right now go check those out. cap next, jonas life. >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol. your plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. vazalore...
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>> manhattan student district attorney facing more backlash over his plan to go easy on criminals as a prosecutor's in his own office are reportedly leaving their jobs in droves. one law enforcement source on the "new york post" quote i know one assistant district attorney who is with the office for over 20 years who
6:37 am
left without a job they did not want to work in this kind of office they wanted to continue prosecuting the law, sounds pretty basic to here discuss fox news contributors lara trump and leo terrell along with corresponded jackie deangelis. leo i'm going to start with you as the attorney here. the details are staggering issues this memo to go soft on crime ellison doesn't lawyers have quit and none of them have been fired. does he want this to happen is you want to bring his own people in? >> yes, he wants a term, thanks for having it, he was to turn the district attorney's office into the public defenders office. the fundamental job of every civilized society is to protect the citizens. hugh's optional victim after victim and new york, los angeles, chicago all democratic cities where the criminals are running the town. in los angeles, pete, the u.s. attorney's office had to step in because we have a week soft district attorney to prosecute
6:38 am
a cop killer. that is what needs to happen. and one final point, eric adams has a honeymoon. he has to openly criticize this d.a. he has to attack this d.a. and push past the to come to a head brain needs to challenge this nda because if he's going to clean up new york, he has got to start with cleaning up the district attorney's office. >> great points. lara would eric adams and any other be capable of doing that if you have a district attorney atop prosecutors unwilling to prosecute crimes and letting current terminals go? >> he could certainly speak out against it and say he does not agree with that. look, as a district attorney at your job is to prosecute crimes and prosecute criminals and make sure that a community is safe. when you have a district attorney saying he is not even willing to enforce the laws, make no mistake about it.
6:39 am
people are going to continue to leave new york. there'll be more crime, knowing more smash and grabs, they will be more muggings. like me so many people are saying enough is enough. we cannot live in a lawless city like new york. it's one of the biggest cities in the world. so look, as a mayor, i agree with leo on this. eric adams should come out and speak out against this. you have to prosecute criminals. but look this is not just in new york city. look at the attorney general of new york state this is a woman who ran on the campaign idea and not of keeping new york safe, he let crime a ramp impaired she wanted to run to take down donald trump. she does not care how she could do it she's looking for a, out of place, pete. if she can find it is despicable their people fleeing the state because crime is through the roof and these people are worried about politics. this is going to come back to haunt every single democrat in the midterm election this year
6:40 am
in november, make no mistake. approximate you are right they traded your father-in-law and keeps going had a big route last night in arizona thousands of people vaccination covered by the folks can check it out there. jackie we talk about new york but as new york so often goes to country just yesterday we reported on it but it's a huge story. a woman was pushed off the tracks into an oncoming train at times square subway station and was killed. the conditions are not getting better. >> it was 9:30 a.m. in the morning i'm really because you brought that up. who wants to live in a city like that? and by the way, bragg says we do not want to prosecute people who jumps and turned south at the subway. i wonder did this guy actually pay the fare when he did this yesterday? when you take these crimes and essentially say they are just misdemeanors are going to turn the other way, you make this city really unsafe. it is a big problem, is not just on eric adams is also on
6:41 am
governor kathy, he writes in the post today that her big business donors are saying you need to speak up about this. because we want to get our people back to work pretty want to keep doing business in new york. we cannot do that if people are afraid they're going to push on the subway and died. >> so true. i like you through which i think the big sunday shows going to be great today at 5:00 p.m. really appreciate your insight this morning. leo, i cannot speak to will but i know i am treating rachel very kindly just wanted you to know that, leo. [laughter] i want you to treat racial kindly like i am happy to be with jackie and lara. i want you to treat them the same way i treat these two wonderful ladies. >> treat them as leo treats others i like that a lot. lara, leo, jackie thank you so much i appreciated good stuff. >> thank you. >> alright i can hear rachel laughing she appreciates it. america's empty store shelves
6:42 am
prompting the former ceo of walmart to make this comparison. >> our shelves in our stores look like the soviet union in 1972. >> the soviet union right here in the united states. racks that coming up in minutes. m greg, i'm 68 years ol. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching.
6:43 am
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>> back with a fox news alert possible tornado touched down in southwest florida this morning. this is new video of the final approaching fort myers for there are reports of serious damage to homes and businesses. we are not hearing of any injuries or deaths of the sign for chief meteorologist rick is tracking the severe weather, rick. >> es, starting to get some images in of some of the damage across parts and areas around the fort myers area where that tornado came on sure perdue will continue to see a severe threat throughout the day today as mr. china watch this to the east of naples. be watching very carefully throughout on any roads if you can get into an interior section of your if you have h nato morning. snow across mississippi, alabama, tennessee we have ice
6:47 am
and going on across parts of the carolinas that will certainly cause a lot of power outages already reporting power outages across parts of the southeast spread throughout the day today the storm pulls up in towards the mid atlantic across parts of the northeast see all of virginia under a winter storm warning much of the interior section what you don't see is any kind of winter weather alert across the big cities of i-95 core door. expecting to see a little bit of snow transitioning into rain is much warmer rate will filter in throughout the overnight hours provide tomorrow going to see temperatures in the mid 40s along the coast. the track of the storm goes a little bit interior. so into your sections pose colder air down and you'll see very heavy snowfall, especially parts of west virginia and upstate new york parts of new england some spots a foot and a half before this is all done and out of here by the time i get towards late afternoon tomorrow. >> all right will send it over to you. rachel: one large former
6:48 am
president ceo making an alarming comparison about what he is reminded of when looking at america's inver shelves. >> this is shocking and an mitigated disaster right now but our shelves in our stores look like the soviet union in 1972. this pressure on prices usually means that demand is reduced and supply increases for there should be more product on the shelves. we have got this double whammy happening. >> sunday morning futures anchor maria bartiromo is here to react. maria, welcome. empty shelves have always been a sign of a dysfunctional economy i don't care if it's the former soviet union, cuba, venezuela, but the biden administration and many people on the liberal media are saying it is not true for even the bare shelf of biden is trending on social media. what is happening here? >> well rachel you are spot on good morning to you and the team this morning.
6:49 am
all you have to do is go to your grocery store to get an understanding of how dysfunctional this economy has become. it goes back one 100% to bad policy because you've got all of this money and expectations of more money coming at american people. as a result many people do not want to go back to work. you have a major labor shortage. and i can tell you that most people i have spoken with expected to get worse. so we just came off of the most expensive christmas and holiday season that we have all seen in decades. now we are up against a new contract that is about to be negotiated for the dockworkers that is when to add to it. right now we have a record number of ships held up in the pacific because of all of this tight workforce in all of the money chasing too few goods and of cause inflation. i spoke with chairman and ceo of j.p. morgan chase last week, jamie dimond. he said he has never seen in
6:50 am
his lifetime the amount of pressure he's seeing right now on wages and competition for people. he also this week and said he is expecting the federal reserve to raise interest rates six times in 2022. i also spoke to a major investor who said he is expecting the fed to raise rates for five or six times this year in 2022. so what does that mean? an addition to all the inflation we have seen oil prices up 60% year-over-year, food prices up 20% year-over-year, everything across the board in terms of what we buy every day it's going to get worse and more expensive because interest rates are about too go up. the federal reserve told us they are changing their policy from free money, a lot of money easing policy to a tightening policy. now you got some big hitters like jamie dimon and dan niles telling people to expect six interest rate hikes by the federal reserve this year. not only are food items and gasoline going to be more
6:51 am
expensive but we are also going to see the cost of credit go up. your credit cards, your mortgage, et cetera all are going to see increases in rates because the federal reserve is going to raise interest rates. this is a major move right now for the economy. unfortunately have to deliver the news that things will get worse in 2022 before they get better. unfortunately the white house keep saying the worst is behind us, there is absolutely no evidence to say the worst is behind us. with got a lineup of ships in the pacific we got inflation a major problem. so that is where we are rachel we are seeing inflation worsen as we speak. >> i thought pete booted judges save the supply chain crisis it is so crazy you report this and tell us what you have on your lineup for this morning because it's an amazing lineup. >> thank you so much. we are marking one year of joe biden as president. he will marches one year on thursday one year from that
6:52 am
inauguration he made so many promises. we are going to deep dive and take a look of the year that was and what we should expect for the next three years. how much more damage can they do? also earning a deep dive on anthony found she we've got breaking news from james o'keefe at representative jim jordan this morning because they have news on fauci. how does one amass a 10 million-dollar investment portfolio if you are working and government for 50 years? that is what anthony found she has done has a 10 million-dollar investment portfolio and get this in includes chinese companies. so we are going to do a deep dive on doctor anthony fauci and why he is not having any accountability for misleading under oath as well as his investment portfolio we now understand is $10 million despite the fact is been in government employed for 50 years. it's all coming up breaking news from james o'keefe and jim jordan he is going to get into it on without you.
6:53 am
we'll see where it lands the republicans are expected to investigate found she should they take the majority in the midterm. rachel: is like a great show that's why when loves you maria, thank you very much. >> see you in ten minutes. >> thank you rates of you think of skipping the gym today this really no excuse. this is jim enthusiastic goes six and sometimes seven days a week to stay in shape. and he just turned 102. joining us now is doctor james a child and his son greg. good morning to you both. 102, i think the numbers speaks for itself. what do we need to learn from you? i think there is a lot. [laughter] what do we need to learn from you? [inaudible]
6:54 am
>> he's just saying he's an ordinary person. i guess that is the secret. that's the secret. [laughter] greg there is nothing ordinary about being 102 and hitting the gym at seven days a week, how does he do it? >> how do you do it? >> i don't know. [laughter] is just where i come from. >> after he retired he start going to the gym. >> even before i retired rick sexy was overweight and he just started working out because he had diabetes when he retired. [laughter] >> james, do you go to the gym? >> i go to the gym. >> oh yes. [laughter] i'm sorry greg?
6:55 am
>> yes i go too. you go together? >> yes he used to drive himself every day. now somebody has to drive them. once in a while he does drive but we try not to let him. [laughter] he gave up his license. [laughter] >> it is amazing. you have motivated main james item if you can see and got my headband on i'm feeling pretty good. i hope it will motivate our viewers as they get into the new year's is pretty darn cool out there in hawaii right? >> yes. quite greg, send over james' workout routine to pete we need to get that routine. love you guys. thank you guys so much. what an inspiration. >> keep it up.
6:56 am
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will: that that's going to do it for us today. have a good sunday. go, cowboys. [laughter] rachel: bye, everybody. pete: go to the gym and go to church. i was doing this in the break. [laughter] ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone, welcome to "sunday morning futures." smackdown. a brutal week right before joe biden's one-year anniversary as president. poll numbers at record lows, 33%, covid test shortages everywhere, nearly 900,000 americans dead from covid, and the supreme court rules biden vaccine mandates for large companies unconstitutional. coming up, the a.g. who led the charge against biden's totalitarianism, missouri a.g. eric schmitt is


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