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tv   Watters World  FOX News  January 15, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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i'm watters and this is my world. >> the democrats are setting records, low in the polls and high in hypocrisy after the supreme court strikes down one of biden's vac even mandates. they keep changing the narrative. and if you are not a citizen in new york city, no worries. go ahead and cast a vote. i go unfiltered on what it means to be a citizen.
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the business owner who captivated the country about a story ofs becoming american. why is crime surging in blue city. a democrat takes their best shot to explain. and no one knows the libs like jesse watters. when he was promoted to primetimehe they got triggered. folks, the democrats are losing. their power grip is slowly loaning on their multi-year covid fare campaign. next to the supreme court, joe biden is not now allowed to enforce his ridiculous vaccine mandateyo nationwide. body sovereignty.
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if you don't have that you have nothing, the rest is for naught. for the people who helped us get through the pandemic, healthcare workers? but only in the did the left lose their argument in the supreme court. they are also losing it in the court of public opinion. things that were once banned from being uttered are now being shouted from the rooftops in a celebratory tone. the cdc adjusting its quarantine requirements from 10 days to 5 days. even lord fauci giving his stamp of approval. >> asking him about the decision to shorten the isolation time from 10 to 5 days and why now. >> we want to get people back to the job, particularly those with essential jobsoc to keep our society running smoothly. dan: they pushed to shut down
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our massive economy when trump was president with no evidence it with help. now joe biden as president will changeni the science to keep the society running. it makes perfect sense if you understand the politics. not only did democrats suddenly want to keep k the economy open. they have at brand-new desire to keep schools open, too. >> the schools are safe because of the hundreds of millions of dollars cps invested in our schools. >> the goal remain to the stay focused on in-person learning. >> your children are safer in school than any other place based on the facts. dan: since they are acknowledging they can't stop t the virus, they have to find another way to bring down the numbers. this has nothing to do with public health. it's about public politics.
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>> the overwhelming number of deaths occurred in people who had at least four co-morbidities. these are people who were unwell to begin with. dan: now they acknowledge what we said a year and a half ago. people dying with covid and not because of covid. they pointed out miss walensky was only talking about the vaccinated. the pandemic will become an endemic and we'll have to learn to live with it. >> we think over the course of 202 d over the course of 2022 we'll get to the endemic change. dan: they never had a plan to fight covid. they just wanted to take your
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liberty one piecece at a time fr as long as they can. it's biden's approval rating in the can. 33%. but after being in office for a your old joe finally got something right. i would say i'm going to shut down the virus, not the country. >> we have to beat it back before we shut it down. >> therere is no federal soluti. this gets solved at the state level. >> now they are claiming everything we have been talking about for the past year and a half. shouldn't they be banned from sociale media? we were. things we said, we were called her particulars. remember when conservative writer alex berensen got kicked off twitter because of this.
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he was band for that. so why not the experts on the left who now completely changed their tune? >> you are not going to get covid if you had these vaccinations. >> don't you think we can be fairly confident you won't be a person that transmits the virus to someone else? what do you think the probability is? >> i think it's 100%. >> we'll see some fully vaccinated people get covid, potentially in large numbers. but they are protected from severe illness and death. >> our vaccines are working exception cally well but what they can't do is prevent transmission. dan: the social media companies, why aren't they banned? who can forget kentucky senator rand paul suspended from
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youtube for dierg say cloth makes don't work. >> if we are having a conversation about whether masks work or not, i believe the rest of this is futile. we know the science shows that makes work. >> many americans are in denial or don't want to accept the truth or buying the lies they are hearing from their leaders. republican senator rand paul. doctor, what is he not getting? >> he's not getting everything. >> don't wear a cloot mask, cloth masks are little more than facial decorations. >> look at these headlines questioning cloth masks now like senator rand paul did. it has taken the left two years to catch up. welcome, fellas, with what conservatives have known all doalong.
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don, thanks for taking the time. between the vaccine mandate, build back worse.. is this guy a lame duck? and second, your thoughts on hillary potentially stealing this guy's thunder. those rumors surfaces as well. >> if there is something like a troll like myself wants, it's hillary. the ministry of propaganda is out in full effect and display. the science until the science until it's helping the democrats. once it changes so does the science. we have seen this time and time again. everything people like me were saying that we were threatened to be band. we were called her particulars. it turns out we were all right. donald trump was right about all
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of these things. rand paul is running circles around the guy in -- in charge of our response. i want to know who the 31% of idiots are that still trust fauci. they may trust what's in his private emails. when he's on tv in the public it seems everything he ever said is a lie. it's amazing we have any trust in him. now that joe biden is clear, he's clueless, so is the entire democratic agenda. it'sth failing. they can't get ahold of gas prices. they c can't get ahold of jobs. they can't control our border. they can't control russia. china is flying bombers around taiwan. now they are going to change the metrics to make it look like it's not a total disaster for
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this failure of an administration. it's disgusting. dan: don, tell us how you really feel. >> how much time have you got in we could go on for hours. dan: we mentioned in the monologue the urge for big tech companies to continue to censor us. i imagine you guys have big plans. he's got a huge platform in the social media place. >> you saw what they did. big tech got together and spent probably trillions of dollars worth of free advertising for the democrats. suppressing people like yourself, myself who have a voice, no have a soap box. making sure that is crushed. he took it upon himself to get out there and do his own social
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media platform. troop social will be launching as an actual place where americans can amazingly enough experience free speech. it will be an american owned and operated business where people can trustse what they are seeing and we can have free speech. it will be great. dan: donald trump, jr., thanks for taking the time, we appreciate it. dan: i have been saying that the coronavirus is not going anywhere. we have to learn to live with it. >> i'm so tired of being tired and afraid of this. we have to figure out how to live our lives and navigate it. that's where i am. >> we have to figure out how we live with covid. >> 40% of the people who have covid don't necessarily have
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problematic covid. they are being included with the numbers in the hospital with covid. it seems like that number is misleading. dan: joining me now is barstool sports president, dave portnoy. you put your own money on the line and you started to help some of these businesses out. especially the restaurants that were locked down. we probably should have thought of that before we hurt all these businesses you were helping out. > yeah. you know. it's continually moving. but it's better late than never, i suppose. it's tough to go back if somebody lost their business. there is nobody who escaped totally. i have been preaching for a while. at some point people are on for their own decisions.
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that's on you. that place should be open for business and let people in if they want to come. i think we are finally moving that way which is refreshing to say the least. dan: i watched a lot of your videos on social media when you were presenting checks to these people. on a lighter note, dave. while i have you. we lost bob saget this week. you did a pizza review with bob saget a short time ago. we did a pizza review. >> i will give it a 4. >> it's a round number. >> tell me what you are given. >> 3.2. >> this is terrible. dan: i love the pizza reviews. what do you remember about bob
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in that one? >> that was the first time i ever met him. we riffed back and forth like we had always known each other. i have done thousands of these pizza reviews, and he was one of the few people who wrote me a handwritten thank you afterwards. no matter where you were in american society. everybody seemed to have a good story about bob saget. i was lucky enough to meet him. i won't say i'm a friend, but an acquaintance. but an acquaintance he made feel like ank friend. dan: i think america appreciates what you did. thanks for coming on. >>t. thanks for having me. dan: coming up on "unfiltered."
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no one knows liberals like jesse watters. >> why are you posing your questions with such a right-wing agenda. jesse: you seem angry. >> i am. dan: jesse is here
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dan: it's time for hot takes. stories you might have missed this week that you need to know about. and nobody knows more about liberals than our own jesse watters. >> who are you with? jesse: fox news channel. >> i don't do fox. >> why do you like hillary? >> she has the most integrity of anybody i have ever seen. jesse: i'm watters and you guys are in my world right now. dan: joining me now is jesse watters, the host of and a big congratulations. "jesse watters primetime" every
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night 7:00 p.m. we even joked about it in your book that nobody knew more about liberals than you. jesse: true. dan: your thoughts on it and this new poll. democrats are perfectly okay with social media censorship. they are supposed to be the party of tolerance. coexist, bumper stickers. your thoughts. jesse: tell me you are a communist without telling me you are a communist. we have been overcivilized in this country where we created a life that is so comfortable and the lazy, there is no friction. so you can sit inside your apartment, order products and food. and you don't have to interact with any people. only people you have to interact with is people on the interact. the liberals don't want to interact with everybody, they only want to interract with other liberals.
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they want social media to be the bouncers. you can't tap the bouncer in a club and say get the guy out of here unless you own the club. the liberals think they own everything so they are trying to get the bouncer social media company to kick out anybody who might offend you. dan: that seg ways into topic number two. politifact want to fact check information on youtube. disinformation and misinformation. liberals as you well know have been just a well of misinformation themselves on coronavirus. from faulty statistics to an he lee jones to failed mandates to having to dial back lockdowns. we were the ones telling the
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truth the whole time, now they want to call us the disinformation specialists. >> it just takes them a little longer to get there. this -- politifact wanting more business. if you go on there and say anything controversial, they get politifact and they are rated false. and facebook says you are posting misinformation and you are out of there. dan: the liberals know you, too. and they don't like a lot of what they are seeing.
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here are some of those liberals. i will have some of you read some of the finest mean tweets from our liberal friends about the excellent choice to put you in the 7:00 shot. jesse: jesse watters is a logical choice for fox's 7:00 p.m. prime slot. the schedule is now filled with flame flowers from jesse watters to gutfeld. this from the lincoln project. why they only show jesse watters from the waste up. but my -- from the waist up. my mom said the announcement is everywhere, all over the country. it's absolutely fabulous and so exciting and so fun to read about everything you accomplished. take a bow. that is one nice thing my mom
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said. there have been other things that haven't been so nice. but we did find that one. dan: you are on one highly rated show, "the five." i am sure there will be a book about it, jesse's mom's mean tweets. on a sincere note, you are a good man, i will be a guest one of those days in the opening week. god speed. jesse: you better be. we'll need you bongino. thank you so much. dan: coming up. crime is surging, especially in blue cities. but the left always has some excuse to explain it away. what will happen when i take on a democrat? a
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ashley: this is a fox news alert. all hostages are safe after a man held four people hostage inside a synagogue in colleyville, texas for more than 11 hours. the hostage taker is dead.
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more details on hot hostage taker was is expected. tennis star, the australian government canceled his visa twice because of his covid-19 vaccination status. i'm ashley strohmier. i'm ashley strohmier. dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." both sides agree violent crime is on the rise nationwide. particularly in blue cities. joining me for rebuttal. -- robert petillo.
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>> a couple things. if you look at the data from the fbi, it's not so much a spike as a steady increase since 2013. we have seen the levels increase for many reasons. the reason they are most pronounced in blue cities is because that's where we see the density. most of this crime is being pushed by drug gangs throughout the country. we need to use some of our counter terrorism laws, use it to prosecute the drug gangs. let's do something about the importation of drugs and guns across the southern border. let's reform how we get police
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out of a car and walking a feet so they can have the understanding necessary so you have a community that works with the police and police that work with the community. so you can fight against people trying to destroy the quality of life in america. dan: you make some good points. but there is a variable there. the top 10 cities people are dying, they are citing run by far left liberals in the d.a.'s offices and the mayor's offices. >> these are the big cities, and these are the places where people congregate. that's where you have homelessness. the smash and grab phenomenon we have seen is a lot much young
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teenagers crashing into stores and stealing the nikes on iphones. why don't we get them into stem coding class and educational support that is needed so they don't have to turn to a life of crime. i have been in the civil rights movement my entire adult life. we have a church body that seems more interested in building giant stadium-sized churches than being in the cities? in the community and be involved. that's why i say we need a multi-faceted approach. dan: i want to get to one more question. even when you control it per capita, you eliminate the
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population density as a variable. the liberal cities are still at the top. when you control for that variable, it's still liberal cities at the top. what do you think is behind this massive man power shortage in police departments in big cities. a lot of officers are leaving and they don't want to work there anymore. >> it's part of the disconnect between community and the police. no community wants to have their police leave. they need to put money into recruitment and training. we need to cut down on the duty of police. they shouldn't have to do security in a nightclub.
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police shouldn't have to respond to every mental health issue. we should have a department that deals with that. we need to have our officers concentrating on stopping crimes and quality of life crimes. we turned the police department into a toilet where also sight ills go to. that's why we have so many officers leaving the job. dan: i don't agree with that characterization necessarily. but lack of respect is at the top. robert we appreciate you coming on. dan: coming up. we can debate all day about why our cities are broken. we have to step up and fix this. up next, i'm joined by a panel on how we can get american cities back.
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dan: the dems have had control over our blue cities for decades. joining me now are jason rantz, and christian hall. jason, i'll go to you first. broken windows policing. the idea tried in new york city and around the country. when you arrest people for the little stuff you take care of the big stuff. in the chop zone in seattle they said we'll forget about all the stuff. >> laws no longer apply anywhere. it is not that conservatives are saying every single crime committed by every person
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deserves life in prison. you have got laws on the books and you can use context as to who is committing the crimes. if you have somebody young who is stealing a candy bar you are not going to throw them in jail. however, if they are committing violent crime and they are doing it over and over again. maybe we should adopt the liberal policy of saying they are the victims and we need to help. chris, chris, you are on the air in philly. you have a da fund by soros. they figured out politics matters. >> it's true. the criminals in philadelphia, they are largely democrats, too. they know him as let him loose larry.
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wawa is something we know on the east coast. wawa moved into center stiff, philadelphia a few years ago. they are pulling out as is many other restaurants. the crime infestation has been huge. the schools have been closed because of covid for over a year. you had businesses burned and looted during the summer after george floyd. the party that supposed to be the party of minority. philadelphia is a mostly black and brown city and it's being destroyed. dan: quick response from both of you. jason, you being in seattle, chris, you are in philly. people are voting for this. the like thehe attorney ran on reducing the caseload for resisting arrest and fare
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evasion. >> the first thing people have to realize is there are a lot of code words that get used. when they talk about reform, they are talk about dismantling systems of oppression. people need to start pushing back. we have seen some course correction. let's talk about the new mayor who at least on policing should be a lot better. in seattle we put in place a republican, the first time a republican put into office citywide in over three decades. people are starting to wake up. we just have to continue it. >> i hate to be the one to bring this up. but we are talking about philadelphia, and the 2020 election. while i know the democrats are still popular by vote in philadelphia, i question the way we count votes around here. i can't believe someone as criminal as larry krasner.
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i will always question the way we count votes the around here, dan. dan: a lot of people are asking the same questions. coming up on "unfiltered." if you are not a citizen in new york feel free to cast your vote apparently. a business owner who captivated the rnc with this story will join me. >> i am so gaitful to america i gave away everything that i have today. it's the great one rich
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." i grew up in new york city. they are thinking about doing something totally ridiculous. giving the right to vote to people who aren't citizens of the united states. if citizenship doesn't mean anything, then what is the point of having a country. you don't have a country, you
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have a land mass with suggestions for rules and stuff. what is this, a club? it's not a tree house. it's the united states of america. one of the proudest days of my life is when my wife paula became a citizen of the united states. raising her right hand with 100 or so others from around the world. it didn't matter skin color or race, creed, sex. you know what they all did? i watched it. i cried a little bit. they all raised their right hand and pledged allegiance to if the united states of america. they agreed to go through the process because citizenship and the value of being a citizen of the united states mattered to them. it's all being thrown out the window now. people literally gave everything they had.
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their souls, every single thing. our fighting men and women with the idea embodied in the flag. the flag is not a tablecloth. it represents an idea. joining me is someone who understands the value of citizenship after immigrating to america. you spoke at the rnc about what this country meant to you. there wasn't a dry eye i think for anyone watching it. what does this country and citizenship mean to you? >> i remember back in 1961 as a young kid, 1 years old, coming -- 13 years old coming to this country by chance because my parents had the courage to send me out to prevent communism
11:50 pm
from taking over my education. they wanted to make sure i was not indoctrinated. they wanted to make sure i was free. let me tell you, i came here, we lived in a welfare home. one of the most generous countries in the world. the biggest price after being here as immigrants we earned the right to be citizens. that's a day you will never forget. it's the price for being the greatest country in the world. four years later i was able to claim my parents who came to this country. and let me tell you, we talk about the american dream. and people don't understand what that is. 13-year-old kid who comes to
11:51 pm
this country with the clothes on his back. it's a job, opens a business. one day later sits next to the president of the country with his arm on his shoulder. only in america. the greatest country in the world. dan: it was an honor to have you on this show and get your perspective on this. i appreciate it. >> we love you. thank you for the job that you do. still to come on unfiltered. it's our lightning round. this time we have a special guest. guest. pete
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that's a pretty tight spot. watch this. of course your buick parks itself. that's so you. it's just up here on the right. of course you know where we're going. that's so you. i kinda got a sixth sense. and a head up display. [whistle blows] [horn honks] they're here. hit the field. warm up. you brought all these players in your buick. -yup. -that's so you. it is. there's a buick that fits your life. because at the heart of every buick suv is you. pete: on the 7:00 show we do something called "on the clock." >> i'm going to throw a man skia
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monkey wrench. we have to do something on my show like around the horn. i'm going to take it from both niece guys. he's scandal. all of a sudden they turned the volume up. who thought segment on the clock? i will say i did. pete says he did. will says he did. as a gesture of goodwill we are going to put it all aside and do the lightning round object my show. my version of it together with my good friend because it's not about the credit. my friend pete hegseth joins me now. you are numero uno.
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aclu says license plate cameras are an invasion of privacy. peter, it's people that we linked shields with this leftist organizations. i hate these damn cameras. i don't even drive in washington, d.c. any more because i hate getting tickets. >> they will find a way to somehow make it about racism. they will always mess up their argument somehow. but on the top of it it's the american civil liberties union actually watchdogging civil liberties. it's one community pushing back on this. good for them. freedom lovers when you find a good chance to work with the aclu and top ought growth of
11:58 pm
government encroachment, do it. you may have to take a shower afterwards, but do it. dan: this is my favorite story of the week. i can't get enough of it. this is an mp from western australia who apparently need an object original australian to translate english into english. check this out. >> you can die from the corona or get really sick. >> you are going to pass away from this corona or get really sick one. dan: that's not a joke. that's not the babylon bee. that really happened. translating english into english. pete: i urge your viewers to find the two-minute clip where this man stares into the camera
11:59 pm
stone faced as this poor woman reads off a sheet exactly what he said. in his mind, what was he thinking? is he saying this is great the whole time it's happening? and what's the equivalent. someone in the united states who lives in new orleans, translating for someone who lives in boston? how does this pass somebody's muster? when actual racism mugs you, with it's amazing. dan: i swear i thought it was a joke. by the way, before we let you go. we have a new:segment on foxnation. pete: i'm excited about this series it's a five-part series. miseducation of america. it's about the 100-year takeover of our classrooms. dan: thank you for taking the
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time. before we go, remember you can real the dan bongino show weekdays. and follow unfiltered. we'll see you back here saturday night at 10:00 set your dvr if you can't watch it live. jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. the end of an era. monday fox announced i am going to be hosting the 7:00 p.m. hour called jesse watters primetime. i will til be co-hosting the five, greg couldn't live without me. but "watters' world" is leaving saturday night. the new show will be


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