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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  January 15, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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to 6 p.m. and before that i'll be right back here next saturday at 9:00 for my final show. thanks 15067 for watching, i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth, justice, and the american way. see you next saturday night. ♪ ♪ dan: so the democrats are setting records low in polls and high in hypocrisy after supreme court strikes down vaccine mandate they keep changing covid narrative and donald trump jr. and dave portnoy here with their fiery take on what's happening in america and if you're in the a citizen of new york city no worries go ahead cast the vote. i go unfiltered on what it means to be a citizen and business owner who cap captivated story t
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becoming american has a message about what true patriotism is really about. no one argues crime surge especially many blue cities but why is it surging, in fact? the democrat takes their best shot to explain a way in this week's rebuttal don't miss that and no one and i mean no one knows lens like jesse waters promoted to prime time they got triggered and read some of their favorite tweets jesse is here to fire back. folks democrats they're losing their power grip is slowly loosening on multiyear covid campaign you've been exposed to it thanks to the supreme court. joe biden is not allowed to enforce ridiculous vaccine mandate on large businesses nationwide i've said it before body sovereignty is everything. you don't have the freedom to mac your own health care decision what goes in your own body, you have nothing. the rest is all for not. sadly, the mandates are allowed
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to be enforced for health care workers osha went down and supreme court for those who help us actually get through the pandemic health care workers, but not only did the left lose their argument in the supreme court. least on the osha side also in the court of public opinion things that were once banned, even from being uttered are now shouted from the rooftops and celebratory tone ignores we said this whole thing and start with cdc adjusting quarantine requirements from ten days to five days. even their body lloyd fauci with stamp of approval. >> and began by asking him about the cdc decision to shorten isolation time from ten to 5 dation days and why now. >> asymptomatic and you want to get people back to job especially those with jobs to keep our society runs smoothly. >> so let me get this straight
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they push to shut down massive economy trump was the and now joe biden president they change the science to allow them to keep society running got it. makes perfect sense. if you understand the politics. and strangely not only did democrats suddenly want to keep economy open and want to keep schools open too. >> i believe schools should remain open. schools are safe we know it because of a hundred of million of dollars that cps invested in our school. goal, however, remains to stay focus on in person learning. >> your children are sea sea sen school than any other place based on facts. now acknowledging they can't stop this virus even though they promise they kopght they have to bring down numbers folk this has nothing, nothing to do with public health. it is all about public politics. >> overwhelming number of deaths over 75% occur in people who
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have at least four comorbidities people who were unwell to begin with. dan: so now again, they acknowledge what we said a year and a half ago that a lot of people dying with covid are not just dying because of covid. got it, got it get it got it, good fact checkers are now in full attack mode pointing out they're talking about the vaccinated. even though case numbers are going up experts are predictings pandemic will become an end and we have to live with it. >> we think that over the course of 2022 we will get to a stage and the plan is -- or the proposal is we need a strategic plan for that. dan: which we warn about again for the last year and a half. they never had a plan to fight covid. they wanted to take your liberty chunk by chunk, bit by bit one piece at a time for as long as they can it is really incredible
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how fast low poll numbers change swines dread air quote. here biden approval ratings in the can. just hit 3-3% even though it is possible in the first year. but after being in office for a year, you know, old joe here finally got something right. >> what i would say shut down virus not the country. >> i'm going to shut down the virus. got to beat it back before you shut it down. look there's no federal solution. this gets solved state level. so now -- claiming everything we've been talking about for the past year and a half. shouldn't they be banned from social media? i mean, we were but let's attack trip down memory lane because they thinks we said we were -- called hair heretics remember kicked off twitter for saying this about the vaccine and i quote it doesn't stop infection on transmission think of it at best therapeutic with limited window of efficacy he was banned
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for that. so why not be experts on the left who have now completely changed their tune? >> you're not going to get covid if you have these vaccinationings. >> with vaccines don't you think we can be fairly confident that you will not be a person that transmits the virus to someone else. what do you think the probability is? 80.? personally i think it is 100.. >> we'll see some fully vaccinated people get covid potentially in large numbers vaccinated people get covid they get ill. but they're protected from severe illness and death. >> vaccines are working exceptionally well but they can't prevent transmission. >> social media companies looking at you here why aren't they banned why are they allowed on there and forget kentucky rand paul suspend for daring to say cloth masks don't work here
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again insisting mask work and doing a flip rue check this out. prchg we're having a conversation about whether masks work or not, i really believe that rest of this is -- futile. because we know that the science shows that masks work. >> many americans are in denial or just don't want to accept truth or buy into laws they're hearing from rand paul what is he not getting? >> he's not getting everything. cloth masks are a little more than facial decorations. dan: hypocrisy tough to bear hug folks look at headlines questioning cloth masks now -- just like senator rand paul did. it is taken the left nearly twoer yews to catch up welcome fellas. with what conservatives have known all along -- joining me now to discuss is donald trump jr. executive vice president at the trump organization. don thanks so much for taking the time we really appreciate
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it. listen the loss are piling up for the biden administration. i mean, tweenl the vaccine mandate build back worse, the immigrationings failure to control immigration coronavirus, is this guy a lame duck number one and sending, your thoughts on hillary potentially stealing this guy's thumb those rumors surface again on as well. >> please, please -- if there's something that a troll like myself wants is hillary you're 100% hillary ministry of propaganda is out in full effect and display right science never the science until it is helping the democrats. then they can lock it in and they do that once it changes cho does science we've seen this time and time again. everything people like me were saying that we were threatened to be banned we were called heretic and propaganda, turns out we were all right. donald trump was right about all of these things.
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rand paul is running circles around guy that's in charge of our response i just saw fauci himself now has 31% trust in the people i want to know who 31% of idiots are that still trust fauci may trust what's in his private e-mail that's where he's telling truth when he's getting on tv and doing his propaganda and out there in the public. it seems everything he's ever said is a lie. it is amazing we have any trust in this. now that joe biden is clear he's clueless, so it the entire democrat agenda. it is failing. they can't get ahold of anything. thatthey get can't gi ahold of s prices, jobs they can't control our border, they can't control russia. china is flying bombers all over around taiwan. it is a total disaster. now they're going to change this metric to make it look like it is not a total disaster. for this failure of a
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administration it is disgusting dan. dan: tell us how you really feel you're holding back a little bit. a questions -- >> how much time you got dan because of hours -- that's the reality. dan: you're on -- we mention earlier in that monologue you heard about urge for big tech companies to continue the tyranny and sensor your father -- to have a big role here, and i imliewdges guys got some big plans he's got a huge microphone in social media space. your thoughts on what he can do to fight back against the tyranny. >> that's the reality you saw what they did big tech got together, spent, you know, probably trillions of dollars worth of free advertising for the democrats. lying about what they were going to do suppressing people like yourself -- myself, who have a voice who have a soap box making sure that is crushed and that the left and voice is heard so he took it upon himself to get out there and do his own social media platform. you know, troop social will be
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launching soon, they're going to be next 45 days launching publicly after that, and it is going to be an actual place where americans can amazingly enough, where they can amazingly enough experience free speech. true social will be an american own and operated business where people can trust what they're seeing and we can have free speech it is going to be great. dan: don trump jr. thanks so much for taking the time we really appreciate it. >> thanks, dan. dan: i've been saying all along coronavirus isn't going anywhere. i wish it were. we have to learn to live with it. media is starting to catch on now. >> i'm so tired of being tired and afraid of this. i am. i think we all have got to figure out how we can live our lives and navigate it and that's where i am. >> we have to figure out how do we live with covid. >> 40% of the people who have covid don't necessarily have problem problematic covid they're being included as in the hospital with covid, that number seems kind of
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misleading. dan: looks like american people agree. 81% say listen, it is new normal. joining me now is bar stool sports president dave portnoy thanks for trying the time you know you put your own money on the lean, and you started to fund to help businesses out that really got hurt especially restaurants that were locked down. got to bother you lab thought the whiplash from lock everything to now learn to live with and we should have thought about that before businesses you were helping out. >> yeah. you know, it continually is moving. but it is better late than never i suppose. it is tough to go back and somebody lost their business but a lot of people suffered there's nobody who escape totally. i have been preaching for a while, and i think a lot of people have that at some point people are responsible for their own decisions. you know it is out there. you decided we're going to go out crowd a bar, restaurant
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that's on you. place should be able to be open for business, and let people in if they want to come i think we're finally moving that way which is, you know, refreshing to say the least. dan: yeah dave i watch a lot of your videos on social media when you were prepghting checks and money to some of these people. and you know, tiers these people were hurting we should never forget what we did but on a lighter note dave while i have you we lost well sadly not a lie we lost bob saget but you did a pizza review with bob saget a year ago. i want you to listen we found this gem. check this out. >> give it a four -- if that's -- that is being honest. a rookie score round number. one more sending. you tell me what you're giving. >> three -- this is terrible. dan: you know, dave i love the pizza review that told you that before kind enough to come on the show. what diewmple about bob and that one? >> so that was a first time i
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ever met him back in fourth like we've known each other for ten to is a 15 minutes and i've done thousands of pizza reviews he was one of two who wrote me a handwritten thank you after and i stayed in touch with him. you can tell people it didn't matter where you were in american society everybody seem to have a good story about bob saget it is very rare that in this day and age everybody likes you. you is uniformlily liked from "full house" to raunchy comedy and everywhere in between i once had a friend aaway answer. >> thanks for that fun for businesses america appreciate qhas you did thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. dan: you got it. coming up on unfiltered no one knows liberals quite like jesse watters.
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>> your favorite guy. don't do fox. >> why are you balancing your questions with a right wing aghtd? >> agenda. you seem a little angry. dan: but lost their marbles when he got promoted to prime time and jesse is here next. >> this is a fox news alert i'm ashley strohmier live in new york it is a tense situation in colleyville texas a man is holding three people including rabbi hostage inside of a synagogue one of the four hostages man has been released. he said to have been uninjured in his been reunited with his family a s.w.a.t. team on the site and all have been e vangted fbi crisis negotiators and state troopers are also on the scene. this standoff at congregation synagogue before noon central time 1 p.m. eastern and live streaming this service on
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facebook earlier this afternoon when a man started screaming hostage taker demandinged release of a pakistani neurorow scientist with ties to pakistan near one in federal prison in texas convicted of killing u.s. military offices in -- in custody in afghanistan. the hostage taker claims he's armed but at this pongt there are no reports of any injuries. joining us now is david katz a former federal agent. david to make sure you can hear me okay toipght ask really quickly -- about the hostage taker fatigue and then i want to get to something else. so if you could and 30 to 45 seconds or so explain to audience you know when that hostage fatigue starts to take -- effect because we're in the tenth or 11th hour here. >> think about any situation, you have ever been personally where you've been under incredible stress. stress fatigues at a bigger rate so well into the fatigue stage
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for many hours now. so you know, just in length of time add with stress, that's sapping his energy. he's really getting to the bottom of reserves now. >> how important was it for those who were investigating this to hear those first moments of that live stream when he took over that synagogue? >> that's -- immediately allows you to start the response before -- before things could get exponentially worse so from that standpoint having fact that people were aware of this, could get help, to the location immediately that was just huge. >> right, and then earlier we were talking about the way that synagogues can respond this type of situation you said, there are some that have been take a traiw to take care of this themselves walk us through what that looks like -- there's a variety of, you know -- it depends on the size of the congregation if we've done work in my company for the small
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little synagogues in new york city, to the largest mega churches in the country and, obviously, budgets are an issue. but for every house of worship, budget notwithstanding, you look -- you want to create a culture of security warner awareness in your congregates you don't want them to worry about that concern every time they walk in to pray but they need to be aware these things happen. world is unfoundly place and they have to be prepared to deal with it. there are people in every congregation that might be former law enforcement, might be former military. might be squared away people who can get involved get involved in the security plan, there are arm congregates we've trained congregations to shoot and plans together and we've done areas and drills that's what needs to be done and it cost nothing. >> and then eyewitnesses on the scene said may have heard a flash grenade and back to regular programs right now.
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♪ ♪ dan: welcome back town filtered time for stories you may have missed that you need to hear about and trust me when i tell you nobody knows more about liberals than our own jesse watters. >> who are you with? >> fox news channel. >> favorite guy -- >> i don't go fox. what impresses you about hit -- hillary so much in >> most integrity i've ever seen. >> why balance your questions with right wing agenda. i'm waters and you're in my world right now. joining me right now is jesse watters. don't laugh everybody got to this segment joining me now is jesse watters and a big congratulations prime time 7 p.m., every night. jesse you've been talking to liberals your entire career we
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even jokessed about it in your book that nobody knew more about liberallings than you. jesse -- so listen, your thoughts on this and this new poll here. right? so i saw this poll, democrats who you know very well live there is. perfectly okay with social media censorship jesse you know they're supposed to be the party of toll tolerance coexist bumper stickers your thoughts mr. anthropologist. >> tell me you're a communist without telling me you're a communist. overcivil rised where we have created a life that is so comfortable and lazy there's no friction to sit inside your apartment and order product and food and not interact with people only people you have to interact with are people on the internet. lirls that want to act with everybody they only want to intrangt interact with other
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liberals. you don't like a guy's cologne you can't tap bounce owners the shoulder say get this guy out of here unless you own club. liberals think they own covering trying to get bouncer at the socially media company to kick out everybody that might offend me. dan: that's a good take like patrick they want dalton that segues into topic number two politifact which is farce they want to fact check disinformation and misinformation and interesting lirls as you know and exposed over course of the last few years have been just a well of misinformation themselves on coronavirus. from faulty statistic it is to allegiance to fail mandate to having to dial back lockdown we were telling truth whole time and now they want to call us disinformation specialist
7:22 pm
iconic, no? >> it is, everything they say is false whether it is hunter biden laptop or lab leak is true and takes them longer to get there. this was politifact looking for more business as they go into business with yiewg youtube they get paid like politifact is with facebook. facebook hires them to be independent third party fact checkers they're basic lie outsource their censorship so if you go on there as a conservative say anything, anything -- controversial then they get politifact to rate it false and facebook says i'm sorry third party independent fact checkers ruled this false disinformation and boot you out of there. that's how it works. dan: that's a great point that's how they wipe their handle of it. so like we said before, you know nobody knows who lives better than you. but jesse liberal it is know you too apparently and they don't like a lot of what they're seeing here.
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here's some of the lirls i'll have you read some of the finest retweets from our liberal friends about your -- excellent joyce to pet put you in the 7:00 spot if you would kind sir. >> so this is your good friend brian jesse watters is a logical choice for fox's 7 p.m. time slot evening schedule is now full of flame throwers from waters through to greg gutfeld and this is good one lincoln project -- there's a reason they only show jesse waters from the waist up. you know lincoln project only goes from the waist down we don't need to get into that but my mom, my mom said something nice. can i read this, dan? dan: please -- of course. announcement is everywhere all over the country. absolutely fabulous so exciting fun to read about everything you've accomplished take a bow. and you know, that was the one nice thing my mom said there's been other thing haven't been so nice but we did find that one,
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dan. dan: now that you're on two soon to be highly rated shows you're on one now, the 5 mom will have many opportunities to sending a new mean tweets i'm sure a book coming up about it jesse's mom retweets happily have you on radio show to talk about and jesse you're a good man always been a good frepgd you deserve a congratulations on show. i will be a guest in the opening week an -- god speed. >> you better be we need you dan bongino. dan: i promise you bore congratulations. >> you got it. crime is surging especially in blue cities but left always has some excuse to explain it away. so what will happen again today when i take on democrat a fiery rebuttal just minutes away. >> fox news aletter i'm ashley strohmier live in new york a tense situation, in colleyville
7:25 pm
texas a man is holding three people including rabbi who hoste ins a synagogue joining us a national security foreign affair analyst, i believe they are serving with us 15 minutes or so ago. i was speaking to david katz over the phone. we were talking about how important it was for the investigators to hear those first moments that have live stream to kind of move its investigation forward. and really have the insight know of what was happening. but also right as we were coming off the air we had unconfirmed reports that there were flash bangs or loud boom that was heard on the scene and then i do want to say that -- a local reporter was told to hit the ground. what could this signify that's going on there, and does that signify -- possibly something is happening or -- you know perhaps this is getting close to winding down? >> well, of course, law enforcement and i think not in a long time from now will explain
7:26 pm
what has happened because they have the command of the situation. they have the resources on the ground in general by comparing to previous cases without having to make any statement -- you know, based on information and input. flashes basically it is an attempt to subdue the person inside and secure the release of the hostages but too early to say it and we have to wait for them but certainly if this was heard is if this order was given in general, by comparing with the past it is that there's an ongoing action taking place. >> do you think the situation that happened today like we were we were entering the 11th hour so here in this hostage takeover. do you think that more synagogues are going to become more proactive in trying to handle these situations themselves? >> we have that almost a decade ago after a couple of attacks on synagogues and yes.
7:27 pm
synagogues across the nation and maybe worldwide took measures until the threat was reduced but my concern is not just about this event and we will see how this event will end hopefully it is ending now. it is why it took place. why this individual who apparently was not the brother we'll know more about it later. undertook this action he's different from the usual suicide bombers of the jihadist. but he also said that he's ready to die. a lot of information is having to be processed but indeed yes to answer your question, obviously, because of this incident synagogues will have to take some measures. ashley: okay, i want to go back to that. you said he is different from suicide bombers but he said he was ready to die. what due mean by that? can you go into a little more detail? >> yes. we have seen over the past five, six years maybe, eight years --
7:28 pm
especially since the rise of isis but before that even al qaeda, we've seen cases both in the united states, in europe, paris, in india mumbai, where jihadist or terrorist if you want were taken action in the geng. they were killing machine gunning or exploding and then killing a lot of people. in this case, it is a hostage taking situation, and jihadist have not done that for a long time at this poangt and time that's one individual. we will learn more if plrp more people involved. but this is a hybrid, different situation than what we have seen and we have to wait law enforcement really to hopefully they will be tiebl catch him, arrest him and get information about the reason for why he undertook this action. ashley: well we have a little less than main here about 45 sendings so in 30 seconds or so i want to give you final word on anything you want to add to that situation. >> the most important is the
7:29 pm
fact that no hostage was harmed that's really number one. and we're counting seconds now to confirm that this is the case. but second we have to be on alert as society. remember we had a role from al qaeda taliban are encouraging jihad worldwide so i hope this is not parted of this reaction to what is happened last summer. ashley: thank you so much for joining us national security and foreign affair analyst and sending you back to regular programming right now. we'll keep you updated throughout the night. ♪ ♪ dan: welcome back to unfiltered listen both sides agree, violent crime is on the rise nationwide. but particularly in blue city, so what's the reason behind it? that matters joining me now for rebuttal is civil right attorney and talk radio show host robert, robert thanks a lot for taking time it is a serious top egg i appreciate it. so i'll just open the floor to you. what is your best explanation for this spike in violent crime
7:30 pm
which is happening specifically in liberal run cities? >> well couple of thing. if you look at the data from fbi it is not really so much a spike as a study increase and it is about since 2013. we've seen the levels increase in last several years for a multifacet set of reasons reason they're most pronounce in blue -- blue cities is because that's where you see the population density. that results in the high levels of crimes we're going to have to take a multifacet approach on local, state, federal level that will address these things for example most of this is pushed by drug gangs throughout the country so we need to use counterterrorism laws some ones used to prosecute people for other crime around country. use that to drug gangs terrorizing communities and across southern border. i think republicans and democrats agree on that. let's reform way we get police officers out of the car back walking a beat knowings enemy their community to inspire type
7:31 pm
of trust and understanding necessary so you can have a community that works with the police and police that work with the community so that we can actually fight against people or trying to destroy the quality of life for people in america. dan: well, you know, you make some valid points there rocket not altogether disagree with but i question to address is a variable there top ten homicides people are diagnose these are legitimate spikes i wish they weren't are cityings run primarily not just by liberals but far left in mayorships we kangts just ignore that. that's a variable present where the homicide rats are spiking. there's got to be something there. >> well i think these are parts of urban life as you said these are big cities and where you have highest level of homelessness i think you start dealing with those issues like that, that you start breaking down crime issue. smash-and-grab phenomenon over last couple of years primaries a lot of young teenagers running
7:32 pm
stealing nike or stealing iphone out of them and why not putting money into programs to get them off streets and get them into stem koagd classes and certification in type of educational support that is needed so they don't turn to life of crime and we have to turn to church leadsers and clergy with a leadership role in the community look i've been in civil rights movement my entire adult life. we have got a church who, body now that seems more interested in building giant stadium size churches and being on television than getting into the community and actually doing type of what we've seen for father in chicago, rerchgd jesse jackson other pastors around country who are trying to be in the community and be involved so it is a multifacet approach it is a nature of the way the society is. dan: i want to get to one more question but i want to note even when you control per capita liberal cities so you eliminate population density variable, the liberal cities are still at top.
7:33 pm
so you know, that i get it. what's where people are but when you control for that variable so it is liberal cities so i don't disagree but you should note that one more quick question here and a minute left what do you think is behind this shortage in police departments in big cities now. a lot of officers are just leaving they don't topght work there anymore and this is a relatively new phenomenon to this degree. >> well, you know i think it is part of the disconnect between communities and police. no community wants police to be their enemy they want people want to get rid of bad cops not get rid of cops i think what has to happen is invest in recruitment of training an officers and also we have to cut down on duty was police so they can focus on actually just policing. police should not have to have a night job doing security at nightclub to make ends meet. if you go to school and graduate academy there's no reason tore patrolling a high school hallway instead of a -- social workers or someone more
7:34 pm
equip to deal with young people. police shouldn't with a mental and reimagine polices we need officers concentrating on stopping violent crimes and quality of life crime and have other departments handle other issues. we have turned plpgd basically into toilet where all society ills go to and that's why we have police leave the job. dan: i don't agree necessarily with that characterize but as you can see from that poll up lack of respect is one of the reasons so i think we need to turn around that mentality from politician that's topic. robert thank you for taking time we appreciate you coming on. hope to have you back. thanks a lot. >> any time, dan. dan: got it coming up on unfiltered folks we can debate all day why our cities are broken. so when conservatives we have to step up and we have to fix this someone las to take charge. up next, joined by a panel and how we can get american cities back. ♪ ♪
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welcome back town filtered so that control over our blue cities for decades, and you know where that's gotten them so when do we step up and fix things joining me jason ranch host of the show and host of the chris two friends thanks guys for joining me jason i'll go to you first broken window policing idea tried new york city and around country that when you arrest people for little stuff you get rid of the big stuff too right didn't they do opposite in seattle chop zone wreb they situation where they were like forget about all of the stuff we're just giving sovereignty over you guys and you do you. >> yeah, law is no longer apply anywhere and you know, it sounds like conservatives are say every single crime that is committed by every single person deserves life in prison. no one is taig that position. but the left wants you to think that that's what we're saying what we're simply saying context
7:40 pm
to who is committing crimes these are people who were young stealing like a candy bar from a 7-eleven yeah you won't throw them in a jail and focus on getting them help they need could help. however, if they're committing violent crime, and they're doing it over and over and over again, maybe we should adopt liberal promise of constantly saying no jail time for them they're victims we need to help it has been a total disaster. >> it has been chris you're on the air in philly listen nobody knows pifflely better than you. you have got d.a. over there and they figure out long time ago that you know local mr. speakers matters. you know we have to kind of wake up and fight back a little bit here, right? >> it is true. i mean democrats criminals in philadelphia who i suppose are largely democrats too. they know larry led them loose and that's his nickname in prison systems here and with wan
7:41 pm
east coast moved into center city philadelphia few years ago it was a big deal primarily a suburb presence, they are polling out as are many other restaurants. crime infestation has been huge, the school the have been closed because of covid for over a year. you've had businesses burn and looted during summer of george floyd and racial justice, i mean, why in the -- and majority minority city, by the way, dan this is what infuriates me most party that is supposed to be party of the minority, philadelphia is a mostly black and brown city and it has being destroyed. >> yeah. quick response from both of you. guy as you well know jason you being in seattle chris you in philly people are voting for this and not hiding alvin. ashley: a fox news alert we're breaking in with information new information over the synagogue hostage situation and standoff in texas.
7:42 pm
right now govan abbott is tweeting saying all hostage is safe and it is over and once again is joining us former federal agent david what do you have to say about this? >> well done. well done to all of the law enforcement personnel that were on the scene that were patient. they stayed the course. they did this exactly according to -- and it was just a marvelous marvelous day for law enforcement thank god everyone is safe. ashley: okay what's the next steps look like, and more -- specifically the next couple of days? what can we expect? >> well, now they've build a case against the individual that took the hostages and find out how did he act alone is he, in fact, related to this woman he identified. the i guess the -- primarily focus will be did he act alone or was he part of a organization, and then just categorizing documenting all of
7:43 pm
the evidence and they have -- clearly they have a case. but bringing it beyond just one person is probably on the mind of the law enforcement investigators who were there right now. ashley: and then you and i spoke about 30 minutes ago oar so and right there at the end i didn't have a chance to ask you about this. we briefly mention it that local reporters we hearing loud boom and flash bang and told to hit the ground is that something that signifying a hostage situation like this is over? >> well no, if you -- close distraction devices they are loud and produce a tremendous amount of sound. of a bright light and it is a visceral feeling necks to them when they go off you really feel them. so the way they're used is they're deployed because -- once they go off, whoever is in the vicinity is so stunned by the senses beth hearing and visual of the flash. they're really paralyzed for a
7:44 pm
couple of seconds so flash bang is distraction technique that indicates they went in and why, i guess they'll tell us at the next briefing. but you know i have a -- either they figured at the point the shooter or hostage taker was nogd off looked like he was fatigue and probably they have eyes on the guy and probably had photo op toik see what was going on inside and saw the advantage or maybe they thought you know what maybe he's going try to hurt somebody and they had to go in but probably one of those two options. but you know we don't know yet. ashley: as you said that will be things and informs that comes out and the coming hourses, hopefully or days as you said that you know that hot, fatigue hostage taker fatigue because of the stressful situation we were all hoping that it was coming to an end. also talk to us about how synagogues can better prepare for situations like this.
7:45 pm
and what they can do in a situation like this if it is an active hostage taker situation. >> the most important thing that we always tell you know because we've worked in houses of worship for many, many years now. limiting access and how do you do that? larger houses of worship have the budget to actually get professional security but even so, host of security is in place for a period of time when you start to recognize the usual congregates get a feel for type of people who were coming in and out you really don't have ability to pick out somebody who is, you know, not exactly typical of people coming to worship so we usually get, you know, some lay people to come out and assist us. but the smaller so that's the idea -- to try to identify individuals before they get in. and that could be just, you know, a interaction you're looking for body language cue and talking to somebody make a
7:46 pm
determination this person is not here to -- not there to worship all mighty for nefarious purpose so that's one thing, i'm sorry -- >> no, finish. >> so then in addition, you know, everyone needs to understand that you know if there was a variety of responses to a variety of emergencies. if you consider your own house of worship i don't know where you pray. but it is like movie theater so when you're in a pew that make it is very difficult so you're planning, planning for emergency exit not only for this kind of distinct but fire and other mrmings to create emergency plan and then you get a -- volunteer from the congregation to become what's basically -- lack of a better term security group or committee or team, and those people are your eyes and ears inside congregation, you may be lucky enough to have
7:47 pm
formally law enforcement officers train and could be armed and, you know, provide a higher level of security with no cost because they're congregates there anyway. so there's so many ways to look at this. but most important thing is to create that culture of security awareness. that every person goes to the synagogue or church or mosque understands there's a dangerous world to pay attention to little things and never keep things to yourself. you see something wrong, make sure you tell somebody. >> and then david toipght ask a little bit about the live streaming 1eu67s because when we did speak you said that it was imperative for the investigators to try to figure out what was happening inside, and possibly what was going on in the mind of this hostage taker. whether it be live stream or covid and watch from comfort of their own home and something hay did before, do you think we can stat to see more of these congregations meeting together
7:48 pm
and just having a live stream going regardless so just incase of a situation like this, people like investigators will kind of have the upper hand on this situation? >> that is an excellent questions and the answer is, it is a mix bag. from just a perspective of jewish houses of worship, this particular synagogue was reformed they're not strictly to have observant if you have an orthodox or a synagogue or more commonly known as a shewel there's no electricity use on side that you can leaves something on so maybe a stream could be ongoing. but there are limitations of the use of technology that might be tiebl be trick use but from a security stand point to at least have a ability live stream or just have security cameras that are excessable you know from law enforcement and you know we do that all of the time you know,
7:49 pm
give outside agency ability to log right in, see what we can see so you're exactly right. that -- that ability for someone watching to immediately say oh, my god let's call the police. within seconds of it going on, that was critically important. ashley: and let's talk about the hostage that was released around 5 p.m. this afternoon was it any indication to investigators or even really anyone who was worked in this field yourself included. there wouldn't be anyone hurt if he let that hostage go, and he was unharmed? >> that, you know, i was never trained as negotiator but being generally knowledgeable, you know about this particular field of law enforcement, that's a huge sign. number one, legislate hostage go is a very positive development no matter how you look at it. number two, there's no injury.
7:50 pm
not roughed up or anything but when that person exited now you have a wealth of information because law enforcement is grab that person and say listen, thank god you're safe, however, we need to talk to you because you have three other people inside. we want to get them out too. so very, very positive sign, and again, it shows willingness to intrangt with law enforcement. and you know, i think that's as i said earlier a very positive development whoever did negotiation, well done. >> and, obviously, you don't want to see anyone rush this investigation they want to make sure that they're getting ducks in a row and they have all of the information that they need to know about. but how soon do you think we can get answers as far as who this guy was, what his motive was, and -- maybe a little more detail into why this standoff took so long. >> well, as one of the standoff took so long, my guess is that, you know, when there's no
7:51 pm
immediate reason to force entry and then there shall, risk safety of the hostages well there's no -- talk to the guy if no one has any medical emergency no one is at risk of being harled he talked to -- talk to the person that's why it extended it's to advantage of the law enforcement officers, you know, develop that repore and wait for an opportunity to go to end it. so that was fantastic so from that standpoint that's why it took so long and it really -- wasn't that long but properly done. as far as getting answers, that's going to be -- going to take time and they have to get search warrants and go through his phone. the -- any computers he had an look at his calling record, website that he goes on e-mail text messages, that's going take few days at the very least and i would -- i would assume that by tomorrow you know late morning early afternoon they're going to come up with something.
7:52 pm
especially if we have any -- that could be cooperating that could be forthcoming who knows. >> david i'll give you final word on this before we go to next guest and anything to add to this that we didn't talk about. >> yeah, you know, once again -- if every person who goes to worship on a saturday or sunday or for this matter -- have a conversation with the person who is leader of your particular house of worship and discuss the security. many people are going to do that any way they do, and don't let someone else be the one to wait to bring it up bring it up because this can happen anywhere. ashley: really really good advice thank you for being with us we may or may not talk to you throughout the night. but if i don't thank you for being with us tonight. we really appreciate it. >> my pleasure, of course. ashley: joining us now is national security and foreign affairs analyst, willy can you hear me? >> yes, i can. ashley: okay, i'm going to give
7:53 pm
you the first word on this. what's your reaction to governor abbott saying standoff was over and no hostages were hurt? >> that's the great news we're all waiting for because that's the most important thing. the safety of the individuals in that situation. but, obviously, everything after that is going to be questioned. and the biggest questions are going to be why he did it? who inspired him, and then how can we draw lessons for the future and i heard your excellent conversation just before now and the answer is, we need information about his alibi, his reason because now we are living in a very -- dangerous time especially after that. you're not going to believe it as far as afghanistan with the taliban came back, many of the extremist of the jihadist of people who are not connected to them but at the same time are inspired by them started to
7:54 pm
move. this is one distinct we saw tonight in texas but there are a lot of these incidents in europe and middle east and elsewhere. so we have to be on our guards and very attentive to what's happening around. ashley: you say we have to be on our guard i want toed touch on this this is all speculative but do you think that there's you know any chance this is tied to what happened in afghanistan few months back? and where we go from there? >> well, look what we don't see, in fact, is what these individuals are radicalized or who have been indoctrinated meaning yes taliban came and took over now and what they're saying to supporters and support are telling colleagues around the world that's missing link that we heed to pay attention to. because why 70 after 6 of or 7 years of not hearing much about these terror attacks and terror
7:55 pm
acts we said we see one at least here in the united states and some abroad so that is one aspect that and foreign policy have to look at, obviously, previous conversation very important in terms of readiness what is it that we can do and what kind of scenario wee will have to be ready for. this scenario hopefully ended, you know, ended as -- as it was announced and that luck let's hope that there won't be any other similar operation and let's hope that this will be the last of many we fear could happen. ashley: whether it be a synagogue really any hogs of house of worship is a target these days what should houses of worship saying to each other to try to prevent and if you can't prevent but deal with it when it does happen? >> here's the problem. there are so many scenarios what
7:56 pm
we do usually to prepare for the future is look at the task. we've seen many similar attacks by one individual. so whole philosophy and strategy and dealing with one individual coming to attack a sin going or religious center or you know, we've seen it with schools, we've seen it with clubs is one thing. but if you're dealing with three or four persons in moscow theater attack and seen it in paris nightclub attack. we've seen even here few years ago, so all depends on various scenarios but as you mention with previous guest people need to have a new culture. culture of being ready. switzerland israel have it other countries have it. we have all of the reasons to have it because of the various type of violence we've seen before, and now really we have to project because this happen we have to be an alert for the
7:57 pm
future not panic but on alert for near future and choose method with which to prepare our communities for that. >> i asked david katz this question my guest right before you. talk about that live stream situation, to where people at home were watching and they were tiebl notify authorities of what was happening. do you foresee people in the future congregations especially having some sort of live streaming device in their whether it be households or synagogues at church whatever it be. just for an extra really padded protection? >> it is actually happening even without this terrible incident. i mean, because of corona alone we are on zoom culture now. so people and communities are preparing to be more electronic in the sense of media salve ji so on and so forth let's turn these instruments into our favor so yes this is going to increase.
7:58 pm
we need to teach more by using this technology the communities around these, you know, these places. that you need to cooperate among each other not that one individual or law enforcement is the only one who can arrive on time. the most crucial seconds and minutes of such incidents are the first ten minutes. first 15 minutes, so way congregation will work and move is fight when attack by one or more than individuals will determine everything for the following agency hours or ten hours as we've seen how many people will stay inside the congregation when this happens. i'm giving you just one example is going to determine how easy or hard law enforcement communities are going to be having to face when they try to free these who is hostages. ashley: i'll take you to next minute or 15 or so and response in 45 seconds, obviously, there's no reason to force entry if there was not eminent danger
7:59 pm
for anyone. but how far do you think investigators dug into this guy 's life before they were able to get ahold of this situation? >> a lot of information they must have gathered, everything available online, everything available in a document. they must have had access to with what they don't have access to is basically what's inside his head that is what is present with them and what they're going to now try to get that information from him to use it for unfortunately but not hopefully be reduce number bus in the future we use that information. >> and then, 20 seconds or so what are your final thoughts on hostage free and no one being hurt? >> this is excellent. we are at luck and half also the fact that the law enforcement use excellent methods to secure their safety and we were simply lucky because it was one individual and not decided to blow up himself in beginning of
8:00 pm
the operation but to use hostage that's to the advantage of the results that we've seen. ashley: all right thank you once again for being with us i don't know if i'll talk to you the rest the night but if i don't thank you for being with us and we really appreciate this is willy ferris national security and foreign affair analyst. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> this is a fox news alert i'm ashley strohmier live in new york we are just getting information new information in the past 20 minutes or so governor greg abbott of texas said that the hostage situation in texas at that synagogue is now over and hostages were not hurt. it was a tense situation this happened in colleyville, texas where a man was holding four people hostage that included a rabbi inside of a synagogue one person was released. one released around 5 p.m. today and he was not hurt he was able to be -- put back with his family, s.w.a.t. team was on thee


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