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tv   Watters World  FOX News  January 15, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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[♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. the end of an era. monday fox announced i will be hosting the 7:00 p.m. hour called "jesse watters primetime." i am extremely grateful to get this shot. i will still be hosting -- hosting the 50s, but tonight
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this show will be the last "watters' world." if you watched "watters' world" from the beginning you know how much the show has grown and how much i have grown as a host and as a person. i'm not saying i put on weight which i did for a while. but i lost it and you will notice that in some of the footage i am about to show you. what i'm saying is my world has gotten a whole lot bigger. i spoke about this in my book "how i saved the world." but i really saved myself and by doing so made the world a better place. everyone is the master of your own world. you are responsible for your own thoughts, happiness and success. everything starts here and here. the power of positive thinking, big dreams, hard work and good
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habits will take you anywhere you want. that of course and a lot of love. what made this show possible in the beginning was "the factor" sent me far and wide throughout the country to interview people and investigate what needed attention. during my travels i formed an unbreakability connection with the people of this country and you the audience. this connection with the people is the most important element in my professional career. that's why when i did my book signings, i promised people they could touch me. just not the hair. you and i will always know and love each other. we are patriots and we protect each other. this right here is special and everybody knows it. before i start to cry. let's memorialize our weekend run.
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no news tonight except way just announced. we'll be looking back at our biggest interviews, most confrontational moments, wildest features and our biggest characters from the street. as you are about to see, we have come a long way. from presidents and politicians to singers and actors. we interviewed a lot of people. we gave trump a "watters' world" quiz and he aceed it. we chat with everyone from billionaires to big kids and movie directors. >> it turns out half our supporters only want you in the white house because they want to see melania as first lady. >> they have good taste. >> i have a 9-year-old son
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baron. he loves your "watters' world." they have very good taste. jesse: first state dinner who are you going to invite. >> probably not the chinese. we won't invite countries rips us off which are many. jesse: hillary clinton does yoga. >> if it makes her happy let her do it. jesse: what -- what is president obama's greatest accomplishment? >> there are none. jesse: this is a "watters' world" quiz. chuck schumer, the president of cnn and alec baldwin. if you had to fire one person who would you fire? >> i think the alex baldwin
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situation is not good. chuck it's not good. he should make deals to the people. jeff zucker, i got him the job and cnn is just fake news. if i don't want to say, but i will say i'm disappointed in all three. jesse: i will name a name then you describe that person, kellyanne conway. >> a very nice woman. jesse: hillary clinton. >> disappointed. jesse: elizabeth warren. >> she would lose so badly. >> here in america we'll not tolerate burning churches, rioting and looting or taking advantage of what would otherwise be peaceful protests to pursue criminal aims. jesse: joining me now is
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dr. anthony fauci. are there things you think 2 could have done to spare the country from a full economic shutdown? >> we felt at the time and still do that that was the right thing to do. are there other approaches. there could be. but that was the choice me made based on the information we had. jesse: you have been hating on trump. i think you are jealous. you are like wait a second i was the first big mouth billionaire. what about me? >> people i admire i try to emulate and copy as much as i can. jesse: much better. >> so i try to wherever i have the opportunity. >> i thought were supposed to specific together? >> it is a club. but he forgot handshake. jesse: if there is an uprising they are coming after you
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billionaires first. jesse: i was at the houston rodeo and got myself a cowboy hat. do you think i can pull off the cow boy look? >> i guess. jesse: all hat, no cattle. >> i record a song on one of my albums a few years ago ahead called no cattle. jesse: any advice to get to the baratone you have? >> whiskey and cigarettes. jesse: she became disillusioned before it left after she felt harassed. >> we keep voting democrat, and expecting different results. the second they get into the white house they do nothing for african-americans but make sure we remember we are black so they can play the same identity card the next election cycle. jesse: joining me, italian born
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model and actor who recently became a u.s. citizen. fabio. >> this is the best country in the world. >> one of the most beautiful places in the world is being ruined. when you have a governor like jerry brown who turned himself on his own people and take the side of the criminal. you live in a fairytale. america never give up your guns. remember what happened to europe. >> today's media is a tattered steaming mess. don't fauci my florida. >> this country faces extraordinary threats from russia, iran, china. >> they are out of face with what americans say are the issues. >> only in the is bidenerible,
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he obviously has issues. >> he has nothing upon what kamala and joe are presenting to this country. >> we have to fight back. >> people in america need to remember who fought for our freedoms and who is continuing to flight. >> the attorney general should show some integrity. >> artificial intelligence is better than no intelligence at all. >> this fist freaky. jesse: oliver stone is one of the hollywood greats. is the intelligence operation so good at selling bogeymans to us that we are at their mercy? >> the intelligence agencies have misled us going back in wars, especially. it's years of misinformation. i would say hollywood tends to economically censor subjects that are critical of the america's foreign policy and krirt cal of the -- critical of
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the military adventures abroad. i had a hell of a hard time getting "platoon" made as well as other films. jesse: what would you like to see happen to these leaks. >> go directly to jail. and people who are accessory to the leakers. jesse: a 10-year-old wrote a letter to president trump offering to mow the lawn at the white house. when you wrote the letter to the president than was a reply, you probably became fame is in your neighborhood. >> i showed it to a few friends of mine. they thought it was pretty epic. it started growing. these people think they want me to mow their lawn.
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jesse: so it helped your business. that's excellent. what in expired you to create this mini aoc character. >> it started by my dad and my uncle. they said i looked like her and talked like her so i should make videos. jesse: what do you think of aoc? do you like her? >> i think she is funny. jesse: i think all of us think she is funny. remember, i'm watters and this is my world. jesse: sometimes things would get testy. >> students shouldn't open their hearts to white trump supporters? what kinds of thing is that to
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jon: a fox news alert. a tense situation continues in colleyville, texas where a man
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is holding several people including a rabbi hostage inside a synagogue. one of four hostages, a man, was released a short while ago. he's said to be uninjured. and he's talking to hostage negotiators about what the demands are. the standsoff at beth israel synagogue began shortly before noon * central time. the synagogue was live streaming the services on facebook when a man began screaming. and the hostage taker is demanding the relieves a pakistani be who was convicted of attempting to murder u.s. soldiers. she is in a prison in texas. the hostage taker claims he's
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armed. but there are no reports of injuries. >> we have been talking about what it is this person is demanding. he has three hostages including the rabbi at congregation beth israel. there was a question about whether this person was blood related to aafia siddiqui, known as lady al qaeda. the actual brother of the dr. siddiqui. they are saying the person who is the hostage taker is not aafia siddiqui's brother. they want the hostage taker to know that dr. siddiqui and her
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family condemn this act and do not stand by you. that is a statement from the actual brother of dr. aafia siddiqui. we know quote-unquote lady al qaeda who was convicted of attempting to kill american soldiers is in prison at a fort worth facility. we know through the live stream that this was a hostage taker who came in talking about his sister and islam. and he had children, and he believed he would die today. but other than that, this what we are trying to glean what it is he may be asking for in those ongoing negotiations. we know that obviously one person was released shortly after 5:00 local time in texas. unharmed. brought directly to their
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family. didn't need any medical attention. that could be good news for the three people still in the building, including the rabbi who has been there six 2006. he's the husband and father of two daughters, we have been getting updates here and there, you know, you can understand that they are incredibly busy with the s.w.a.t. team outside of the actual synagogue. but this began at about 10:41 when the first call came in local time, and kdfw, our affiliate reports that a 911 call was placed by a rabbi in new york city who received a phone call from a rabbi in texas. they believe that rabbi to be
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charlie cintron walker. we have no idea what's happening inside. we don't know if he's armed. the s.w.a.t. team and men and women who are heavily armed outside, members of the police waiting to see what's going to happen next. but now we are going into hour 8 of this. so we'll see. jon: bryan llenas reporting. we believe local authorities are in contact with the hostage taker who is armed. he also says he expects to die. joining us is walid phares.
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there was word in the beginning that this hostage taker is the blood brother of dr. aafia siddiqui known as lady al qaeda. when he referred to her as his sister, he's referring to global idea of brother and sister in islam. but it goes to show the my onous ideology, i guess, of al qaeda and how it has taken root among so many people. >> actually, the term sister could apply to something close to comrade in the struggle. so that is probably the origin
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of the confusion about being or not being her actual brother. but beyond that, there are so many questions. question number one and the most important are the reasons behind this operation. either because it's him or he has been validated or pushed by others. another type of question. what is the outcome they expect? they know she is not going to be released. they know this is one individual so far who is involved. they almost know what the ends of the shore story is going to be. is it to raise the issue in the media? are we going to see more of this? i always put it in the larger context. we have seen a resurgence of jihadi activity. not just in america but other
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places. jon: dr. siddiqui was educated at some of the finest universities in the united states. at m.i.t. and i lost the other one for just a moment. she has a doctorate in newer -- inneuroscience but was quite radicalized by the events of 9/11. divorced her husband who was a physician and ended up marrying the nephew of khalid sheikh mohammed. she is very capable, and very smart. but now convicted and sentenced to 8 years for having tried to -- sentenced to 86 years for trying to murder american troops. apparently she is the motivation
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for this kidnapping. >> we know after 30 years of the war with the jihadists, education is not the barrier. we know how many doctors, engineers, and physicists have chosen the path of the jihadist. the ideology works on complicated minds and simple ones, and educated soldiers. why now? why the operation now and what is the expectation? should it be one person or those behind that one person. jon: we are learning just barest details about what's going on. we are told that the fbi brought pizza and water to those who are being held inside the congregation beth israel in
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colleyville. presumably the hostage taker was also allowed to partake. officer nelson says one hostage was released uninjured around 2 and a half hours ago. obviously this guide wants to make a point. has released a hostage. says he's armed and says he's ready to die. is this something who is mentally unstable in what does this say to you? >> at this point it has become a hybrid operation. they are the jihadi operations that start with killing every hostage they have. or as we saw in mumbai there
5:26 pm
will be no hostages taken. on the other side, a type of action where there is a message out there. the message is to gain as much time with the international media and it's happening right now. authorities are giving all that time and not taking any action because of the safety of the individuals inside and the security perimeter. but if at the end of the day if you had the intention of causing death from the beginning, we have seen operations where this has happened. that does not preclude that there could be violence later. but so far the authorities are doing a good job. one hostage has been released. released.on. jon: whali dirks, thank you very
5:27 pm
much. one whose stage released 2 1/2 hours ago. that hostage unharmed. but one hostage remains, we believe he's the rabbi of the congregation, beth israel. since we were not told that, one suspects the rabbi is still being held. foreigning us now, melanie burkeholder, a former cia agent who knows a lot about psychology. this one hostage has been released. it suggests the hostage taker is willing to make some concessions rather than take this thing to the ultimate terrible
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conclusion. we have lost our -- we lost our connection to melanie burkeholder. we'll try to restore that. let me recap the situation as we know it. it's been almost nine hours since a man who claims to be armed stormed into the shabbat services at congress grow natioh israel. the services were being live streamed and 8,000 people were watching the live streaming. we don't know how many people were inside the synagogue. once this man jumped up and started screaming. he said he was willing to die,
5:29 pm
expected to die. and he wound up taking four hostages. one of those has been released about 2 1/2 hours ago. fbi and other negotiators are there trying to get others released. trying to communicate with this man. he says he's upset about the situation involving dr. aafia siddiqui, the woman known as lady al qaeda for her association with and belief in the mission of al qaeda. she is a very well trained neuroscientist, got degrees in the united states, but after 9/11 became radicalized. ended up divorce her husband and marrying the necessityture of khalid sheikh knee ham ed. she is the motivation for this
5:30 pm
kidnapping apparently. the hostage taker was screaming about her. she is serving an 86-year sentence from where this hostage situation has taken place. >> aafia siddiqui is viewed as a martyr in pakistan and yong. there was a protest in october, people wanting her to be released. calling her a victim of the war and terror. she is 49 years old and apparently a mother as well. she is being held in fort worth. apparently there was an altercation with another inmate that injured her. she is in a medical center right now. we keep mentioning the fact that
5:31 pm
this hostage taker kept referring to dr. aafia siddiqui as his center. it appears it isn't a blood relation. we are going back to the statement released by the actual lawyer for the actual brother of dr. aafia siddiqui who said we want to make it known the whose take taker is not the brother of aafia siddiqui. and dr. aafia siddiqui and her family strongly condemn this act. the american jewish community tweeting they are deeply concerned about the hostage situation, and their thoughts and prayers are with the jewish community at this time. we read the statements from cair and muslim organizations coming out and condemning this act. we have no idea about the
5:32 pm
identity of this person other than presumably based on these statements that he is of no blood relation to the terrorist known as lady al qaeda. not only did this call come in at 10:40. when the s.w.a.t. team came in and evacuated the local area. there were reports that the hostage taker was threatening there were bombs that had been placed. you are seeing heavy police presence and fire department presence from the beginning. they evacuated that general area. but from our understanding we have no sense there is a device they may be looking at. we see no reports of that. we have seen no reports of any injuries. the hostage who was released was uninjured. we know pizza and water was
5:33 pm
taken in by the fbi agents inside the congregation. as we continue to think about the people held hostage inside, we know at least once the rabbi is there -- we don't presume that rabbi was released. we presumef the police would have told us fit was the rabbi who was released. he has been the full-time rabbi there since 2006. this synagogue opened? 2005. this is somebody who in his bio says he remains completely in love with his -- his wife and has two daughters. he wants to help people understand judaism. even with lgbt individuals.
5:34 pm
and helping them find a spiritual home in judaism. we don't know the identity of the hostages, but from what we can understand, this is a rabbi beloved by his community. obviously the two others to still be inside the synagogue, as these hostage negotiations continue. it's a good sign the negotiations are continuing. we talked about the fact that this person did not come into the synagogue with guns blazing. we don't even if know if this person is arm. but this is a conversation that's ongoing and we hope it comes to an end peacefully and everybody comes out of there unharmed. the colleyville police have been sending out updates very
5:35 pm
sporadically. greg abbott tweeted recently, but nothing in terms of a specific update other than he talked to the colleyville mayor and offered the full assistance of texas. and they have the full assistance of the united states government. jon: merrick garland, the nation's chief law enforcement officer as the attorney general has been briefed on this, as well as the president as we understand from his press secretary jen psaki. he is monitoring the situation from his home in delaware where he's spending the weekend. you talk about how beloved this rabbi was. there were 8,000 people watching the facebook stream of the services. that with tell you this
5:36 pm
congregation and this rabbi developed quite a following. the live stream can go anywhere around the world, so perhaps even nationally and worldwide. >> i think part of that -- i major does have a following -- but i believe the 8,000 number reported, i think that was the number of everybody -- when news started coming out there was a situation, i think hundreds and thousands of people began to follow that stream to see what was happening. that live stream happening this morning at 10:00 a.m., believed to be 10:00 a.m. eastern when it started. it was up for a few hours before it was interrupted at 2:00 p.m. they couldn't see much. it was just the camera was still -- you couldn't see anything, but you could hear muffling and angry words coming from this man, some ranting
5:37 pm
about religion and is atlanta and his sister, and the fact that he has children and he doesn't think he will come out alive. but i think the viral nature of it, at one floint were 8,000 -- at one point there were 8,000 people. there were people that know the rabbi who were watching in confusion as well as in fear trying to figure out what the heck was going on. we know now that it is a serious hostage situation. onrequire was one of those -- jon: i was one of those 8,000 people watching. so thank you for the explanation and helping us clear that up. once again the standoff continues in colleyville, texas just outside of fort worth.
5:38 pm
three hostages remain being held by a man said to be armed. he said there were bombs but we have seen no evidence of that. we are not in the room. the authorities did manage to successfully get one hostage released. and they have debriefed that hostage and they are using that information to try to get more, the rest of the hostages released. so it's still a very tense situation as night has fall be on colleyville, texas. the fbi and the alcohol, tobacco and firearms office is involved trying to negotiate a peaceful end to what has been a terrifying criminal incident at a jewish synagogue in this country. we remember what happened at the tree of life in pits during not
5:39 pm
that -- in pittsburgh not too many years ago. everybody is trying to avoid a tragic event like that one. ted will with yams has seen a number of situations like this during his long career. we know the one hostage has been released. that bodes well we hope for the release of the other three. >> i have been listening to the program, and there have been several things that have come up that i'm deeply concerned about. we just learned from one of our reporters that there is a possibility that when this guy spoke of sister toward lady al qaeda that this is not his blood sister.
5:40 pm
one of the things i'm concerned about is law enforcement all over this country need to be on alert. we don't know if this is some kind of a trial run by al qaeda to see how we would react to this one situation. we do know that these individuals have individuals who are willing to die for their cause. and so i'm deeply concerned. i hope our intelligence agencies are on alert because this may very well be something bigger than just this one town and this one synagogue at this immediate time. jon: obviously it raises all kinds of concerns, specially directed at a synagogue like that. aafia siddiqui, a brilliant woman by some accounts, but somebody who was apparently
5:41 pm
radicalized and motivated to support al qaeda, and tried to encourage and demand obedience to al qaeda and its radical interpretation of islam. she apparently divorced one husband who she felt was not sufficiently devoted to the cause of jihad and wound up marrying the nephew of khalid sheikh mohammed, the architect of 9/11. that would lead us to believe her beliefs are extremely radical. whether this guy personally knew her or just read being her case or whether he's mentally unstable. he referred to her as his sister, we believe in the broad
5:42 pm
sort of comrade sense. but she is apparently the motivation for this hostage taking. and it's still under way. not much police can do right now except continue to keep the lines open. they sent in pizza and water. and something like that. the guy is -- we just entered the tenth hour. this all started about 9 hours ago. we just wrapped up the 9th hour, we are going into 10. he's been, you know -- he's going to feel the pressure of sleep coming on. the need to sleep. and i manage that might be an opportunity, ted. >> it could be an opportunity. and i do agree with you that sleep deprivation could be in
5:43 pm
the future. but i think right now what is happening in the dead of night here because it is night there in texas. the various s.w.a.t. units are getting in place in the event they have to take some immediate action. again, we don't know what this guy's motivations are. he may have used lady al qaeda as a camouflage for other things that he wants to do. he could very well be someone who is mentally ill as you already said. we don't know what is going on in this mind. i have a feeling the negotiators feel the fact that they have been able to negotiate with him, they know more about him. as we said earlier, they have some kind of a psychological
5:44 pm
profile of this individual. and i would assume that the investigators on the scene know quite a bit more about this guy in the tenth or 11th hour and scenario that's taken place there in texas. >> he did say something about his children. that was a comment captured on the live stream of the services under way in the synagogue. he expressed concerns for his children. that tells you authorities ought to be able to lean on him a little bit and push some buttons regarding those concerns about his kids. >> absolutely. i'm sure that that is one of the weaknesses in this if in fact he's been legitimate about his children. al qaeda plays games.
5:45 pm
but they play deadly games. part of the game plan is to throw the authorities off as best they can in one direction, having the authorities look in one direction while they are doing something in another direction. again, even if this is an isolated incident there in texas tonight, i can seizure you -- i can assure you that al qaeda is playing close attention to this. this is something that will be in their playbook i would have to believe in the future, and they may very well be able to try to use this in the future for some attacks right here in america. jon: we understand the suspect reportedly chose the congregation beth israel synagogue because it was close to the dallas-fort worth
5:46 pm
airport. does that suggest he flew in, arrived at the airport, then went to the synagogue? otherwise why would you need a synagogue close to the airport? that's my thinking. there is so much we don't know. you have got lives on the line here. three people being held hostage by a guy who says he is armed and says he expects to die. so the hostage negotiators will be trying to talk him back off the ledge and build that rapport with him and make promises to him that are helpful, but they won't be saying okay we'll get dr. siddiqui out of prison. >> they won't make that kind of a deal with him. there is no way dr. siddiqui is
5:47 pm
going to leave that prison under any circumstance. but i can tell you because we don't know, that may not be his motive, getting her out of prison. again this may be something of a camouflage. so this is what the authorities -- they have to look in both directions. they cannot look through a unilateral lens. they have to be able to try to walk and chew gum. they have to be able to try to determine what is his actual motive. i would have to believe after talking to him for a long lengthy period of time that negotiators know where much what his motives are or what they believe his motives are. >> we know that more than 50% of the religious attacks in this country are directed at jews and
5:48 pm
jewish institutions. this would appear to be yet another one of those. the statement from the houston area council on american-islamic relations condemn the attack and flat out stated that this hostage taker has absolutely nothing to do with dr. siddiqui. he's not a blood relative. this assailant has nothing to do with dr. siddiqui and her family. the board chair for the houston council on american-islamic relations. the speculation that this was the blood brother of
5:49 pm
dr. siddiqui has gone by the boards. he's a i am a thiers. a supporter of the jailed neuroscientist who was sentenced to 86 years in prison for attempting to shot and kill american military personnel when she was being interrogated in afghanistan. her cause has become significant among the pakistani population. they believe she has been railroaded by american justice. but american justice says this is a woman who is very dangerous and tried to kill american service members. she in fact was shot in the abdomen as a response when she grabbed an m-4 carbine one of her interrogators placed on the
5:50 pm
floor. she picked it up and tried to shoot but she was shot by another military member. david katz is with us, a former federal agent. david, i wanted to get your take on the situation here. the fact that a hostage has been released. everyone is hoping we can bring this to a successful conclusion without lives lost. >> that's clearly a positive sign. any steps taken towards a peaceful resolution will be good news for everyone. we'll try to be very, very patient. the primary concern is protecting the lives of the hostages. no one wants to take the life of the hostage taker. they are being
5:51 pm
patient and hopefully it will resolve. jon: with nightfall i imagine he has to be rethinking what it is he did. he can't stay awake all night. at some point he would have to sleep. one would think it would be an opportunity for the hostages to escape or for the agents to come in and make their move. >> the's right. a lot of this dynamic is keeping positive dialogue and wearing the person down. if it goes longer, we have a positive sign. the more they keep him talking, as you mentioned, he will become fatigued and nod off and hopefully just surrender. >> the fact that one hostage was released. he didn't have to do that. the fact that he did it bodes
5:52 pm
well for the preservation of life here. >> if reports are accurate that his demand is the release of this woman. clearly that's not going to happen. i think at some point that's going to sink in and he will realize the predicament he found himself in. if the hostages are released unarmed he will be in a far better position than if someone gets hurt. >> authorities have sent in pizza and water. we don't know what else he might be demanding. the release of dr. siddiqui is a non-starter. but they will try to continue the dialogue and give him things to keep him happy and stable, if you will, without promising things they cannot deliver. namely, the release of this
5:53 pm
woman. she is 10 years into an 86-year prison sentence. >> there is nothing to be lost. i will send you food. creature comfort. because you are establishing a positive rapport. are you hungry? yes. we'll send in food. there won't be an argument there. that what they are trying to do. no one wants to breach that synagogue and risk the lives of the whose tannings. jon: i suppose it's possible we could be talking about this 12 hours from now. i suppose it's possible it could go on all night long. as long as he's not threatening them, authorities will be content to wait him out.
5:54 pm
>> if harm is not imminent in is no percentage in trying to force the issue to an earlier conclusion. i don't think along with the pizza they are sending in extra strong coffee. they are not going to give him anything that will work against the natural body process. he will get fatigued and nod off at some point. under stress you fatigue more quickly. i would presume that what he's experiencing now. jon: when i said 12 hours, i'm being a little bit facetious. but they will take their time. there is no indication that he's got a gun to somebody's head and
5:55 pm
they will have to rush the place. they seem to be content to talk with him and hopefully talk him out, as you say, until he gets tired and nods off. maybe then the hostages can make their escape. >> i would be very surprised if they don't have -- law enforcement, that is, have information or maybe evennize on him. i don't know what technology they are employing. they may be able to say, we don't see any weapons. some reports say he has explosive device. he may or may not. but if they can satisfy themselves that he is not harmed, you can harm somebody physically. but there is no immediate danger. and they will do what you said, wait him out. jon: david katz, former federal agent. the standoff continues in
5:56 pm
colleyville, texas. you are looking at live pictures outside beth israel synagogue where negotiations continue with a man who claims to be ready to die and wants dr. aafia siddiqui released from federal prison. i'm jon scott in new york. all day pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. and also try alevex topical pain relief. have you checked singlecare? i think you can get a cheaper price on this. cheaper meds with singlecare. stop! i should spread the word. but how? i wanna be remembered for the savings, with singlecare. you walk into the pharmacy, with great insurance. but then, (screams) singlecare beats the price of your copay. singlecare the musical. are people ready? (sings dramatically)
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with olay body, i feel fearless in my skin. >> judge, what we know is there are three hostages inside the congregation


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