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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 14, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> used me to, you know. >> harold: children are thankfully all fine. parents praising those who rescued their kids. god bless them. >> jesse: great one. thank you guys so much. that is it for us. have a great weekend, everybody. see you back here monday. ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, u.s. officials accuse russia of trying to provoke a war by using russian agents inside ukraine. the latest warning is an incorporated occasion that the intelligence community in this country is more convinced russia is going in to ukraine with troops and it comes on a day that ukraine fell victim to a major cyberattack. the former soviet republic remains at the center of rising tensions between russia and the u.s. president biden has threatened major economic sanctions against russia if it invades. more experts tonight are are
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increasingly convinced vladimir putin may be ignoring those warnings. state department correspondent benjamin hall has the latest tonight. good evening, benjamin. >> good evening, bret. yes, the state department and the rest of the administration say they are ready for any eventuality whether that is for diplomacy or russian military escalation. everything we have seen and heard today suggest the latter is increasingly likely. russian troops ready, and the stage is set. all putin needs now is the excuse. he could have that very soon. >> russia is already working actively to create a pretext for potential invasion. >> u.s. officials say intelligence indicate russian operatives feigned urban war ferrari and using explosives are already in eastern ukraine ready to carry out acts of sabotage and may be planning operations against russia's own forces. >> we have information that they prepositioned a group of operatives to conduct what we call a false flag operation. >> russia is also preparing its
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own people for a invasion. russian media reports online rhetoric 200 percent since november accusing ukrainian leaders of increased militancy and human rights vitals. >> russian actors are starting to fabricate provocations in state and media to justify intervention. today ukraine was hit with massive cyberattack took down websites and contained a message that said in part be afraid and expect the worse. this is for your past, present, and future. talks earlier in the week calming the situation led to nowhere. sergey lavrov doubled down on demands that nato should expand running out of the patients. patience.>> we will continue tho be ready for any course of events. >> u.s. officials say invasion could begin in the coming weeks. analysts say the threat is very real. >> i don't think we are taking it very seriously. and what i mean by that is president biden, it seems like is he always a step behind when it comes to national security.
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the white house said today preparing for invasion should diplomacy fail to achieve their objectives. based on how wendy sherman the deputy secretary of state got on and negotiations with russian counterpart earlier this week in europe. it does not bode well, bret for this style of diplomacy. >> bret: benjamin hall at the state department. also president biden is marking the final days of his first year in office with a very discouraging week from the administration's point of view. the president, once again is, trying to change the subject today going back to one of his few real political victories last year infrastructure. and promising action on another. police reform. white house correspondent peter doocy has specifics tonight live from the north lawn. good evening, peter. >> good evening, bret. any minute president biden will chopper home to wilmington, delaware for the weekend leaving behind this town where he has been struggling to back up a big campaign promise that he knows how to get things done.
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>> there is a lot of talk about disappointments and things we haven't gotten done. we will get a lot of them done, i might add. >> the president is having a problem, getting anything passed. >> it's been a very bad week for joe biden. that means it has been a very good week for the american people. >> could get a quick win on voting rights legislation and lost. >> i think we are seeing the collapse of the biden presidency. >> to try to please biden backers, the white house is reportedly going to use executive order to address police reform. and threw attention today to the infrastructure law. >> this is something we did get done. >> officials can't hide from inflation. >> there is no question that price increases are high right now. >> and consumer spending dropped in december, nearly 9% online, 7% at department stores and 0.8% at restaurants. still, officials remain optimistic.
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>> we are getting out of a pandemic and the economic downturn tied to it at a rate that was faster than anyone thought would have happened. >> a big announcement about covid today quote starting january 19th, americans will be able to order their tests online. at covid and tests will typically ship within 7 to 12 days of ordering. but 7 to 12 days means people with symptoms won't get tests in time as new cdc guidance says people with covid-19 should isolate for five days. add it to the list. >> president biden promised to bring decades of d.c. experience to the oval office. but build back better has not passed. voting rights apparently not going to pass. and vaccine requirements are apparently illegal. what happened? >> well, first, peter, i would say if you look back at last year and what we were able to accomplish, that includes getting the american rescue plan passed, the work of an administration continues after one year.
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>> and in year one, this is a president whose staffers have largely kept him away from situations where he can be challenged on policy proposals and then asked follow-up questions. but that is going to change on wednesday where there will be a rare formal news conference. bret? >> bret: peter doocy live on the north lawn, thanks. new predictions about a possible falloutoff vaccination rates following u.s. supreme court ruling striking down president biden's large businessman date. this comes as the administration continues to push hard for people to get the shot and to take the test. if you can get them. correspondent jonathan serrie has details tonight from atlanta. >> as the omicron surge drives demand for covid tests, atlanta's mercedes-benz stadium is hosting a mega site capable of testing 2,000 people per day. local health officials hope to identify early cases where there is still time to provide guidance to prevent
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transmission. >> when you start getting 1500 cases reported overnight, it really overwhelms our ability to case investigate each one of us. >> what has t. has forced us to do to prioritize. as testing efforts ramp up, vaccinations could stall biden administration mandates for large employers. the u.s.s. will population may not get much higher than the 58 and 3. dr. saline gounder tweets, it is highly unlikely that the u.s. will hit the 80 to 90% vaccinated to get to the other side of the pandemic. >> a new york city health department report found 2 % of covid patients required hospitalization omicron has seen
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more hospitalizations high infection nist has driven more high ersz case numbers. the national guard is assisting hospital facing staff shortages in several states with 100 members being deployed in washington state. more 4e7 hospitals handle the volume of patients and we think can help in a variety of staskses more information on the different types of masks that americans can use to reduce the spread of covid-19, the cdc did not endorse a specific mask but evan stead urging people to wear the most protective mask you can that fit well and that you will wear consistently, bret? >> bret: jonathan zeroy in atlanta. thanks. the america's top teachers union saying that the centers for disease control cdc control and prevention is not communicating well enough with educators, the
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head of the american federation of teachers and the leader of the national educational association say they need better information. the cdc is saying it has included both groups in outreach and meeting invitations. let's bring in fox news medical analyst dr. marc siegel. caught you mid drink there. good evening, doc, thanks for joining us. your thoughts where we are right now and the efforts to get the tests out the door by the administration. >> bret, the real issue is uncoupling. what's been clear a country like portugal which has 40,000 new cases today note they only had 20 deaths. and israel, which 25,000 new cases only has three deaths so, we have 150,000 hospitalizations here in the united states and the death rate is still up around 1600, and most many of the people in the hospital in
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the iicu unvaccinated. they don't have the booster or don't have the recovery from previous covid is also really important. if you don't have immunity, your chances of being hospitalized from omicron is much, much greater. that's the key thing. in terms of the testing that peter doocy just talked about. let me tell you something. you go to a government website trying to order the test. hopefully it will come to your house. as he said you are waiting 12 days, that's not going to work. if you have go out to a place like mercedes benelz stadium in atlanta which is used to football, you will be the in the cold or if you are in the warmth there you can be spreading covid if you are coughing or sneezing. we have got to get the tests to the home and they have to be country peld with potential treatments, am i going to do if you have a positive test, i have a scarcity of monoclonal antibodies and scarcity of the pill to fight covid. i need those treatments as well. >> coinciding with that testing i want to play a soundbite
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gathered steam, the ceo of pfizer talking about the pfizer vaccine, take a listen. >> we know that the two doses of vaccine offered very limited. the three doses with a booster. they offer reasonable protection against hospitalization and deaths. and -- very good. and protection against the infection. we are working on a new version of the vaccine 1.1. will cover omicron as well. >> bret: covering omicron as well new vaccine. the people who listen to that wait a second, i got the two vaccines, i'm getting the booster and now i'm hearing that that's not great and there's going to be another vaccine, you know, it doesn't sound the best. it sounds like pfizer is pushing vaccines. >> yeah, exactly. let me cut through this for you. first of all, by the time pfizer
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has that booster out for omicron, we are expecting the omicron surge to be diminished greatly. i think the real problem here is that people were told initially that the vaccine was going to prevent spread they are getting infected anyway. getting infected if they had covid and getting infected even if they had the booster. the key that should have been messaged is that vaccine decreases severity. period. it will keep you out of the hospital. now, there is other vaccines in development like i spoke to the doctor of yale prevents nasal infection meaning you won't get it at all. if that comes to fruition, that will be the vaccine that prevents spread. right now we have a vaccine that's excellence but prevents severity and hospitalization after the booster. >> bret: thank you, very much. stocks were mixed today. the dow lost 202. the s&p 500 gained 4. the nasdaq was up 87.
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for the week the dow was off 1 percentage point. nasdaq were down about three tenths. up next, will the top tennis player in the world be allowed to defend his title in the year's first big tournament? some new developments on the novak djokovic saga. first here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 32 in chicago where a group of high school students stages walkout commanding remote learning for two weeks and coronavirus relief stipends, the students posted a list of 39 demands saying chicago public schools neglect to address subpar conditions. fox 46 in charlotte where north carolina's governor signs a state of emergency, in advance of this weekend's winter storm. forecasters expect snow to begin saturday night and continue throughout sunday, storm could also bring freezing rain and power outages. even up here in d.c. and this is a live look at dallas from our affiliate fox 4. one of the big stories there tonight, opening day for the fort worth stock show and rodeo.
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23 day event features livestock, music, 25 rodeo performances. some coronavirus precautions are in place but there will be no mandates there. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ [ coughing and sneezing ] cold season is back. bounce back fast with alka seltzer plus. with 25% more concentrated power. alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh, what a relief it is ♪ so fast! also try for cough, mucus & congestion. [struggling vehicle] think premium can't be capable?
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♪ >> bret: u.s. olympic athletes are being urged to leave their cell phones at home before traveling to china that was because concern over possible surveillance by the beijing government. the guidance advises athletes to use disposable phones instead. a handful of other western nations have issued similar advisories. north korea has fired at least two additional ballistic missiles cap ago very busy week. it sparked both condemnation and an appeal for dialogue from the biden administration which has imposed new sanctions over previous launches and is pushing for more sanctions. south korea is urging its northern neighbors to respond to calls for dialogue. north korea says the tests are part of its legitimate right to self-defense.
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♪ breaking tonight, we could soon learn whether the world's number one tennis player will get a chance to defend his title in the australian open. the first grand slam tournament of the year. a hearing on the visa issue for novak djokovic is scheduled for this hour. chief correspondent jonathan hunt has details tonight, good evening, jonathan. >> good evening, bret. novak djokovic's controversial stay in australia could be just hours from ending. but he is not leaving without a fight, this is a live look at his lawyer's office in melbourne, australia, where a federal court hearing is about to get underway as djokovic seeks to overturn for a second time australian government decision to pull his visa. the australian immigration minister announced last night he was again revokes the visa for the world's number one tennis player just three days before the australian open, one of tennis four majors gets underway. the minister alex hall says he
3:20 pm
was acting, quote, on health and good order grounds on the basis that it was in the public interest to do so. now, djokovic is unvaccinated and therefore, not eligible under australian federal government rules to enter the country as a nonresident. the tennis star has been led to believe by tournament organizers that he would have an exemption because he told them that he had contracted covid and recovered from it in december but he also admitted a mistake on his immigration forms. saying he hasn't travels anywhere 14 days prior to his arrival in australia when, in fact, he h he said his asian agents filled in the form and it's a simple mistake. his critics counted the providing false information to immigration officers would have anyone who wasn't a multimillionaire celebrity kicked out of the country immediately. now, that court hearing we were just looking at, bret, is due to get underway any minute. there is likely to be another
3:21 pm
one tomorrow that would be some day in melbourne. that, we are told, will be the final one and then it will be either back to the practice court for djokovic or police escort to the airport and the world psdz number one tennis player kingdom out of australia. bret? >> bret: we will follow it john thanks thanks. up next, president biden's political problems from within his own party, first, beyond our borders tonight. british prime minister boris johnson grassroots conservative supporters. they want him to resign after a series of revelations about parties held at his official downing street residents during national coronavirus lockdowns. johnson was not present at some of the events. he has apologized to parliament for joining a gathering at the residence garden in may. the russian government is delaying unpopular legislation restricting access to public places for the unvaccinated. this comes despite an infection surge and warnings from top officials there about the spread of the omicron variant.
3:22 pm
russia reported a 12% increase from the previous day in infections. 739 deaths. and this is a live look at rome from earth tv. the big story there tonight, pope francis congratulates the reporter who called in visiting old friends who run a rome record shop this week. the pope says it was his bad luck that the news got out. tuesday night's visit was supposed to remain secret but a reporter from the rome reports television news agency was in the area in central rome by chance. he filmed it with his cell phone, posted on twitter and, you guessed it, it went viral. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. the pope likes records. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ praps is paparazzi♪
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♪ >> president biden is again dealing with a major political defeat at the hands of his own party. it comes as democrats, again, find themselves overpromising to increasingly irritated progressive base entering a crucial midterm election year. chad pergram. voting rights stymied. build back better on ice. liberals accuse senators kyrsten sinema of joe manchin having it
3:27 pm
both ways favoring voting bills but not unwind the filibuster. >> i don't know how you can favor the i will bill and not create a pathway for that to happen. no one seems to be answering that question. >> left dialing up the heat on president biden and congressional democrats. especially since build back better is dormant. the white house scrambling to cool the embers. >> an agenda doesn't wrap up in one year. we are going to continue to fight for every component of his agenda and his um, his, um, his plans for his presidency that he outlined when he was running for president. >> for symbolism, democrats plan to pass voting rights by martin luther king day to avert a political storm. but citing a surge of congressional covid cases and a fierce winter storm barreling towards washington, democrats relented. >> make no mistake, the united states senate will, for the first time this congress, debate voting rights legislation beginning on tuesday. >> the left, growing exasperated
3:28 pm
as their party consistently overpromising and under delivering. >> these people are coward. they are soulless coward to hold up a doggone rule. >> this is why democrats aim to try again on voting rights and the filibuster. >> i don't think it's a question of overpromising, this is a basic question and the democrats are going to have to demonstrate to their voters that they have made every effort possible. >> republicans say democrats reluctant to stand up to left wing demands. >> they seem afraid of some of the fringe elements of their own party, too afraid to keep the federal government tethered to reality. >> democrats are now searching for a new issue, one possibility more spending to tackle the pandemic. bret? >> bret: chad pergram on the hill, chad, thanks. new york congressman john katko says he will not seek re-election. that makes him the third of the
3:29 pm
10 house republicans who voted to impeach president trump last january to say they will leave congress. katko was in line to become chairman of the house homeland security committee if republicans win control of the chamber in november's elections. he says he is leaving to enjoy time with his family. ♪ >> bret: in los angeles, local authorities are turning to the feds to prosecute the accused killers of one of their own. they say they didn't trust their own left leaning district attorney. news correspondent william la jeunesse has the story. >> rocky, it's only -- i say my son is [inaudible] >> an immigrant son, 27-year-old fernando worked his way from crenshaw high to attend cal berkeley. he returned to los angeles to care for his mother and live his dream of becoming a cop.
3:30 pm
>> when you work side by side with someone and then all of a sudden he is not there, it hits home. unfortunately, i have attended many funerals of officers before but this one is a little different. >> on monday he was off duty house hunting with his girlfriend when police say members of the 13 gang grabbed two silver chains from around his neck and stole his wallet. they exchanged gunfire when two of the gang members took his girlfriend's walking stick. she called 911, but it was too late. >> we heard his girlfriend screaming for help. >> normally george gascon the liberal democrat d.a. would prosecute the case. but after a discussion, the sheriff chose to file it elsewhere. >> i believe their plan was to just prosecute a simple murder with no gun enhancements, no gang enhancements nothing. >> instead the u.s. attorney will handle the case if convicted the four suspects face life without parole and possibly a death penalty. >> i am grateful for the federal involvement in this case. >> violent crime is up in los angeles. the innocent victim here one of
3:31 pm
the department's own. >> the level of civility at this time right now is at such record low that a simple robbery would escalate into a murder for two chains and a wallet is unfathomable. >> two of the suspects appear into court today. one already admitted to the murder telling detectives the gang was just looking for someone to rob. bret? >> bret: william la jeunesse in los angeles. william, thank you. up next, the pentagon orders a big clean up for a big mess in hawaii. >> i have my children who are in the united states of america, not in a foreign country who should have access to human rights water. on the navy's watch, they have been stripped of that.
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3:36 pm
about the situation there. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports tonight from the pentagon. >> the navy caused this problem. we own it. and we're going to fix it. >> under pressure for weeks, navy brass are now promising to fix a fuel leak at the u.s. military's red hill fuel facility in hawaii. built in the 1940s, the massive below ground storage tanks sit just 100 feet above the island's aquifer which provides water to three quarters of oahu residents. at first they told residents the drinking water was safe after an about face the navy now complying with the ohio department of health emergency order to empty the tanks and install a water treatment system. service members have distributed bottled water and helped link families up with medical care. >> our medical teams have screened over 5,900 patients. >> army major amanda who list near joint base pearl harbor
3:37 pm
hick says her family became sick. >> our symptoms were vomiting, diarrhea, headache, vertigo, light headed. my husband was having occular migraines, seeing prisms in his eyes. >> some of the navy divers who pumped out contaminated water last december live with their families in the area. >> we have guys working on this job right now that are being affected by it. it's effecting. >> anger the military town halls pressured the navy living in costly hawaiian hotels. >> i'm asking for thousands of military families and also civilian families when can those civilian and military families expect to go back to their homes. >> this week lawmakers raised a bigger question about the strategy behind storing so much strategic reserve in old facilities in one place as the
3:38 pm
u.s. military shifts its focus to china. >> i'm coming away with this with more questions than answers. >> as of this week the u.s. military says the costs so far for clean-up, rebuilding, and housing families is more than $250 million. bret? >> bret: jennifer, thank you. the u.s. supreme court will hear an appeal by a christian former high school football coach who was suspended from his job for refusing to halt his practice of leading student prayers at midfield after games. joseph kennedy was an assistant coach at pressroomerton washington high school. a lower court rejected his claims that the school district's actions violated his speech and religious rights under the first amendment. the ninth circuit of appeals ruled the school was violating the first amendment's ban on government establishment of religion. meantime, elementary school children in moline, illinois have been invited to what is being called an after school satan club: fires school's
3:39 pm
lobby and dyed on social media five different meeting dates planned for early this year starting yesterday. some parents there angry about their children's exposure to information about the satan's club. the superintendent of schools says a parent reached out to the satanic temple in the area after learning of a child evangelism club. the founder of american heritage girls, a christian alternative to the girl scouts calls the situation outrageous. up next, byron york, mollie hemingway and jeff mason on the powder keg on the border of ukraine and a very bad week for president biden. xiidra is the only fda-approved non-steroid eye
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3:44 pm
hands of the russians. tonight they feel more confident that russia is going into ukraine here is "new york times" writes it extraordinary new demands and threats following his military build up on the borders of ukraine, nato back to basics, continuing russian power and more discussion cold war with its firm dividing lines for europe and russian some and spheres of influence. american allies of nato's purpose. we'll start there with our panel. byron york chief political correspondent washington examiner. mollie hemingway senior editor at "the federalist" and jeff mason white house correspondent for reuters. jeff, let me start with you. i think we heard from the national security adviser we heard from the pentagon and there are more and more words suggesting that russia is increasingly aggressive. >> absolutely. and the evidence of that is beyond rhetorical. it's also the amount of troops
3:45 pm
that are along the russia-ukraine border. and the president of russia appears not to have made up his mind, at least that's what the united states is saying but he certainly seems to be leaning that direction. this country is ready, the administration is ready. i think it is one of the biggest foreign policy challenges that president biden will face. perhaps in the same scale as the drawdown from afghanistan in terms of foreign policy challenges. but they have laid out and made very clear both the public and directly to the russians what they will do in terms of economic sanctions if that is in fact what putin decides to do. >> bret: here is keith kellogg on what he calls the russian stress test. >> we are just doing a lot of talks. and the talks have gone nowhere and the ha happens not engaged vladimir putin the way he should. they are not -- they the russians are not positioned to take august of ukraine to take eastern -- he has to make that
3:46 pm
decision let putin know how seriously. i think he is preparing to go and i think he will go within the next month. >> mollie, your thoughts? >> well, the question is very complex, and the situation is one where you need to be honest. the question isn't really whether we are going to use our military to defend ukraine, or whether nato will use his its military to defend urk or whether we will be honest with them how we are not going to be doing that. that does not mean that there aren't things we can do. really interesting to note that we provocative, every time that putin putin has made an inwhether that was george w. bush got embroiled in the middle east or obama was doing his apology tour. this is where we saw incursions of georgia and crimea and now once again we are dealing with this again, and it's very interesting that the one president of the last four presidents who didn't have this
3:47 pm
with putin was the one who was not doing the foreign policy that much of the establishment supports. ukrainians honest with them make really good decisions how they are going to handle what does appear to be a very serious threat and likely incursion. >> byron, i talked yesterday on the panel giving a list of what had happened in the previous four days for the biden administration. and president biden in what has been a very bad week. take a listen to a come pay place here. >> i think maybe it's the democrat party that's in crisis. they are staring at decades' high inflation. >> you want to on the sign -- the side of dr. king or george wallace? >> how profoundly, profoundly unpresidential. >> perhaps the president went a little door far in his rhetoric. >> >> it was such a divisive speech. stacey abrams couldn't even be with him. >> disappointing the rout ruled
3:48 pm
against workers to keep him protected in america. >> omicron variant is causing millions of cases and record hospitalizations. >> need changes to make the senate work better. not getting rid of the filibuster. >> >> anyway, i hope we can get this done, but i'm not sure. >> this is all about fixing the problem. i ran for president to unite the country. >> >> bret: uniting the country, really came back to that speech in atlanta, from even within his own party, and that comparison of opponents to the legislation segregation greg segregationists and jen psaki addressing that. >> i think everybody listening to that speech who is speaking on the level as my mother would say would note that he was not comparing them as humans, he was comparing the choice to those figures in history and where they are going to position themselves as they determine whether they are going to support the fundamental right to vote or not. >> bret: and john mccormick tweeting, our friend, hate it
3:49 pm
when i accidently compare my dear friends to george wallace, bull conor and jeff davis and my friends immediately express outrage and takes me three days to explain i didn't really mean what i obviously said. byron? >> well, it was an outrageous speech. it was a self-inflicted wound, but i think it may show the degree to which biden is trying to appeal to a small part of his base. that would listen to that and say yeah, let's hear some more of that. these are the people who are very angry at joe biden for not getting a voting bill done. they are very angry at joe biden for not going off and spending 5, 6, $7 trillion on a new social spending bill. now biden is talking about maybe pivoting to some sort of police reform order next week in which he would introduce new restrictions on police. which amidst a crime wave in some of our cities seems kind of crazy, but, again, it's an appeal to this base that is so
3:50 pm
angry at him. what you are see on thursday, which marks the first anniversary of biden's presidency you will see him trying to do that and trying to remind people hey we really did pass a couple of huge spending billings. more than $3 trillion in spending. and that's not nothing. >> bret: he talked the infrastructure bill today touting that and what's coming as far as the projects to come. we should notice if is he turning to police reform as we believe he is, jeff. the big police reform bill that was proposed by senator tim scott, republican from south carolina was filibustered by democrats. that nasty filibuster last time around. >> it was, indeed. that is sort of the narrative of the week for this white house as much as they don't want to accept that, it's been rough, they obviously looking back over the last year which we are all beginning to do as the president
3:51 pm
gets close to his one year anniversary they have had some successes and they are proud of the fact that they have gotten a big chunk of the united states vaccinated but the pandemic rages continues to rage, they had a couple legislative wins with the american rescue plan and with the infrastructure bill. and but many of the other things including the police reform act that you are referring, to bret, did not make it over the threshold and with the midterm elections coming up in about months time get more legislative wins for democrats and for this. >> national review mollie writes it this way, looking back at biden's first year in office, his two biggest legislative accomplishments were a sweeping 1.9 trillion social welfare and covid relief plan and 550 byrne infrastructure law in both cases the outcomes were within reach; however, his failures pursued the exact opposite approach. instead of setting achievable goals he set unrealistic
3:52 pm
expectations and number of cases picked battles he knew in advance he would lose. thoughts? >> you know, i'm not sure. it seems that president biden is taking much of the blame for what is pretty standard democratic policy positions. i mean, all of these things that he has been pushing are supported by basically every single democrat in the house and nearly every single democrat in the senate. and so, i think that media are always demonizing republicans but they don't deal with the chaos and confusion that's happening in the democratic party where the policies that work really well to get you elected in san francisco and new york and in these gerrymandering districts that they have. the rest of the performance ratings because the policies are not appealing to the american people. they are not moderate or unifying as he promised. >> bret: let's do a quick winners and losers, byron to you. >> all senate edition loser
3:53 pm
schumer, and majority leader 0 for 2 in implementing his party's top priorities. the two winners are kyrsten sinema and joe manchin, the two democrat democratic senators who showed who is really in charge in the last few days. sinema getting extra points for dunking on the president when he is on the way to the capitol. >> bret: jeff, winner or loser? >> the filibuster wins, lives to survive another day. prince andrew of britain loses. he has been stripped of his royal and military titles as he faces sexual misconduct charges. >> bret: mollie, winner and loser? >> winner is glenn youngkin, the incoming governor of virginia who announced that he will rescind the mask mandate for children, which has no scientific basis. and my loser is ron klain, white house chief of staff, who publicly admitted on twitter many months ago that they did this authoritarian vaccine mandate as work around and when the supreme court overturned it this week, they cited one of the justices cited that tweet as one reason why.
3:54 pm
>> bret: when you get quoted in the ruling against your side, that's not a great thing. panel, thanks so much. have a great weekend. when we come back, "notable quotables." ♪ ♪ with home instead, you too can become a caregiver to older adults. apply today. i like that my plan is built just for me. with the new ww personalpoints program, you take an assessment, enter your goals, the foods you love and what fits into your lifestyle. you don't have to eat diet food. i can enjoy the things that i really love like wine... cheese. you can add points for eating vegetables or being active. i lost 26 pounds and i feel incredible. the all new ww personalpoints program. don't pay until spring! join today at hurry! offer ends january 17th! ♪ got my hair ♪ join today ♪ got my head ♪ ♪ got my brains ♪ ♪ got my ears ♪
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>> bret: it's friday you know what that means "notable quotables." >> the president's rant. >> will you stabbed against voter's suppression. >> was incoherent. >> dr. king or george wallace. >> incorrect. >> abraham lincoln or jefferson davis. >> how profoundly unpresidential. >> would you be willing to submit to congress and the public a financial disclosure. >> what a moron, jesus christ. >> the most important thing we can do for those students. >> bret: understood 35,000. it's roughly 3500 in hospitals now. >> yes. >> there are significant differences between -- >> stop treating children like
3:59 pm
yo-yos. >> more people died under president biden than president trump. you are the one responsible you are the architects. >> he is doing this for political reasons. >> at the bottom of the list was election reform. >> harry reid made the world a better place. >> i will not support separate actions that worsen the underlying disease of division. >> we need some good rules changes and we can do that together. >> stacey abrams has a scheduling event. her car is getting a tune-up. you can understand. >> when he stands at the damn podium at the white house without a mask. >> does this look stupid? >> the king of rock and roll. [cheers] >> bret: go dogs. georgia bulldogs 41 years in the making. monday on "special report" after a year in office is president biden delivering on his promises? we will take a look at his foreign policy and domestic agendas and please tune in to "fox news sunday" john roberts will have glenn youngkin in his
4:00 pm
first interview to after being sworn in saturday as virginia governor. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that's it for "special report" fair balanced and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted this week by rachel campos-duffy starts right now. hey, rachel. >> rachel: hi, bret. thanks so much. >> good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm rachel campos-duffy and we start tonight with joe biden's week from hell the president hadn't had a week like this since disgraceful and deadly retreat from kabul. he saw his entire agenda fall apart in realtime these past seven days and even someone as out of it as sleepy joe has to realize things are getting bad. on monday the u.s. shattered records with over 1.3 million covid cases in a single day. but the guy who promised america he would shut down the virus, it seems like he is


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