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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 13, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> we should tell you that all these clips are from just one episode that aired last week. and we know why all these peopl are leaving npr, it's not racis they're just embarrassed right at us, we're not going to criticize him, we are fans, we're going to keep listening. nothing like this has appeared on the airwaves anywhere. its hilarious prey to treat yourself. that's it for us tonight. we'll be back tomorrow night at eight. here is sean. >>sean: get rid of the wheat mandate thing. you cannot make this up. play it again and again. thank you, tucker. welcome to hannity, tonight we are nearing the end of what was one of the single worst days of the biden presidency so far. after 357 other terrible days, that is saying a lot. breaking this afternoon is six district three decision as we predicted, the u.s. supreme court blocked the vaccine mandate on private businesses, just three days after it went
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into effect. while the court did uphold an hhs requirement for hospital workers, of course that's medicare in medicaid federal money, the federal mandate on private businesses is no more. it is a massive win for freedom for private businesses, for a medical privacy and so much more . we will have a lot more coming up on it tonight. the bad they did not stop there. at 1:00 p.m., job meandered, wandered over to the capital in a desperate attempt to persuade his former colleagues in the senate to end the filibuster once and for all, something tha he has been opposed to his entire career up until now. now he wants the power grab jus before he arrived however, democratic senator from arizona bravely delivered a speech of o the senate floor completely rejecting the demands short tim later democratic senator joe manchin echoed her remark stating as i've said many times before, i will not vote to
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eliminate or again the filibuster. in other words, that field trip was pointless even before he stepped foot on capitol hill. this is a level of public humiliation that is hard to watch. needless to say, joey, joey was not happy. he needed some ice cream perhap great take a look. >> one thing for certain, if an other civil rights came along, if we missed the first time, we should come back and try the second time. we missed this time. we missed this time. this state legislative bodies continue to change the law, not as to who can vote, but who get to count the vote. count the vote. count the vote. it's about election subversion. not just whether or not people get to vote. who comes the vote.
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>>sean: his state of delaware, where he served 575,000 years, he never once tried to make voting more accessible, and the have some of the most restricte voting laws in delaware. you never lifted a finger. by the way, we are at the point where we do need to seriously ask frankly is he okay. he doesn't look okay. he doesn't act okay. he looks like a shell of his former self. he looks like he is deteriorating before our very eyes. both mentally and physically. and frankly, the people around him are not doing him any favor covering all of this up and hiding him. he's confused, he has memory loss, weird outbursts of anger. quite a lot of difficulty finding words. the thing. the thing. you know the thing. he has trouble walking. those are symptoms of someone not doing well. where are the people in his lif that care about him and love him
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? as for the filibuster, the senate ruled that joe reverted to as a racist relic of the jim crow, the democrats use the sam filibuster to kill a bill from ted cruz that would put sanctions on russia. if there was ever a moment in time that perfectly encapsulate the democrats bewildering level of hypocrisy, that's it. by the way, as a side note, tha they used of filibuster over 30 times last year. now a few hours earlier, back a the white house, it joey was in his happy place, a weird fake oval office that. this is bizarre. he has a real oval office, but he goes to the oval office that where he loves to give speeches from a miniature oval office desk and today's speech was supposed to be about his big plan to battle omicron, the ver end who has been ripping throug this country for weeks. record numbers of covid positiv
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cases unlike anything we have seen great unfortunately joe ha a lot of trouble communicating that plan to use the american people. we will let you decide. take a look. >> i don't like that outlined the next steps that we are taking against. i would like to outline the nex steps were taken against the omicron variants. to help lead our federal testin program, i tapped dr.-is that right, jeff? >> 's sorry. just acting like joe. needless to say, still a little question about the covid 19 disaster, but today like almost every day, joe could not be bothered to answer any of these questions. take a look. >> thank you for taking the time .
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>> mister president? what about vaccinated americans they continue to get covid. >> we will talk about that later . >>sean: he usually says, but they won't let me, i'm not allowed, i get in trouble every time i take a question. for a full year, 2020, he was bragging that he which had done the virus. he didn't. he said not having enough test was a travesty of a t said president trump should not remain as president because if 220,000 covid desk, almost twic that amount hasn't died since biden took over with more american deaths it from covid i 21 under then in 2020 when we first got this thing. joe thinks it's 2020. pathetic, but it's true. now a very frail looking president biden is unable to answer a single question about
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covid 19 is the virus continues to rage throughout the entire country. we are now living what is it ultimate sad predictable preventable nightmare. according to a new poll from news nation, a large majority o americans disapprove of the handling of covid 19. keep in mind even before this horrendous day, for president joe biden, he was already pulling ended all-time low. yesterday's quinnipiac bullhead him at a 33 percent approval rating with inflation at 7 percent, that is a four decade high. of 40 are high. now its plan to eliminate the filibuster, that is dead. build back broke is dead. the so-called voting rights legislation is dead. his vaccine mandate is all, but dead as well as the supreme court now is put their ruling forward. things are going so poorly at the white house, that reporters in their media mob are now openly wondering if biden and harris will bother running for
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another term. today kamala harris herself had a disastrous interview where sh couldn't even answer that simpl question. you decide. take a look. >> are we going to see the same democratic ticket in 2024? >> i'm sorry, we are thinking about today. honestly. i know why you are asking the question, because this is part of the punditry and the gossip around places like washington, dc. let me tell you something, we are focused on the things in front of us. >>sean: that would be in front of you. is that a no? why are you unable to answer that question, kamala harris? is there some reason to believe that joe biden will not be able to run for reelection? you think he is not capable of being president? you think you are not capable o serving in the white house? we will have so much more from that train wreck interview coming up later in the program. what going on here? of course i think we all know the answer. joe biden is a cognitive right
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it's more prominent than ever and he will probably not be running for reelection. many people wondering if he can finish the next three years of this term. kamala harris is out of her league and incompetent. members of her own staff refer to her as a soul destroying bully, they have been leaving i droves, she's to lady to read briefing materials and veggies lashing out at others when she is painfully unprepared for it don't know who's going to be on the democratic ticket in 2024, but if they want any chance of winning the dnc would be wise t kick dumb and dumber here to th curb. i don't think hillary is the answer either. herewith reaction is what the trump organization donald trump jr. is with us. 33 percent approval road in great we saw the supreme court ruling today. a 40 or high with inflation. that is costing the average american family poor, middle class in particular an extra
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$5,000. oil now is that 85 bucks of oil a barrel. it was at 20 something when you dad was president. we were energy independent. build back better is dead. the borders are wide open. the filibuster scheme failed. i guess the question is, do you miss me yet, meaning your dad, and the answer is overwhelmingl yes. >> it should be. it's almost hard to believe kamala harris is as bad as she is and joe biden for being ther for so long, it's like they are trying to destroy america at this point. they're is not a single metric by which they're succeeding. everything they do is to change the goalpost and with that kind of popularity, imagine trump ha the same boosting from the media ? he would have been the most president popular president ever . they're doing whatever they can to save this flailing presidency
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. they move the goalpost at every chance. we're not going to do it this way because joe biden said he would have it under control and he's got nothing under control. he said he'd be a moderate, he' a radical. he said he's not going to describe the american energy sector and he is destroyed eyes were bright boosting russia. its case after case, the democrats now they want to eliminate the filibuster. they used it 327 times in 2020. republicans used it once, now they want to eliminate it so they can make it easier to chea in elections. something they want to do. it is frankly voter id, which i popular with the overwhelming majority of americans. they want to eliminate it. that's not because of all of th soundbites and on all of the nonsense, it's because they've done such a disastrous job. america is on to their nonsense. they are not going to let them get away with it again. now they've got to change the rules to make it possible for them to win. >>sean: every day that joe is in office, and today i think wa
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the worst day, but i don't thin he's had a good day, and i can' name a single thing he's done that successful. i would argue if your father runs again in 2024, that every day they are handing him the keys back to his house. that he could go back home if you want to call the temporary home the white house. every single day, i don't even think your father needs to say word. you know why? you can't mess it up anymore than these people are messing this thing up. >> the reality is this. all joe biden had to do was nothing for it he could have sa back, rode the coattails of my father, economy on his international policies, of middle east peace, of jobs, of american prosperity and energy independence, and everything that was achieved. instead, they spend five years trying to destroy him. ally about him. leak nonsense, run with that as though it's the gospel. give him zero benefit of the doubt, meanwhile they do the
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opposite for biden and you have an all-time low disapproval rating per eight it's absolutel sick what's gone on. what's the shame is that americans have to suffer. you have a supply chain crisis caused by democrat policies. this isn't just joe biden. these are democrats ideas. no one thanks that joe biden is coming up with this stuff and implementing it and turning it into a disaster. this is the democrats parties ideas. this is what they're bringing t the table. joe biden just happens to be sitting there signing stuff the stick in front of him. these are democrat policies tha have destroyed our country, our energy, our jobs, our livelihoods, our families. you saw the divisive speeches that he's giving. if trump was doing that, they would be talking about how divisive it is great how he's doing nothing to unify the country, yada, yada, yada. when joe biden does it, it is wonderful he's going to show
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them in midterms. it's going to be a disaster for the democrats in rightfully so. even with a trillion dollars of mainstream media boosting a trillion dollars of social medi boosting, a trillion dollars of every big tech company trying t make the democrats seem competent and well and not disastrous for our country, it' not going to work, sean because the american people see through it at this point, they are not going to be fooled by this stupidity and idiocy anymore. >>sean: you are close to your father, is he running in 2024 i your opinion? >> i am still of the mindset that donald trump as the only guy that can take all of the hate, no matter where it is, it just wears on people. i wish we had a bench of 50 guy they could handle it and take i right everyone thinks they can take it until it's all focused on them. i know he can do it. i know he can turn around this disaster. i know he can do that, and frankly set up the republicans to run the country for decades to come because now we see wher
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democrats are. we got to make this point. they're are still moderate democrats and america. they're are no moderate democra politicians anymore. they don't exist. they can't get elected. the radicals that are running the democratic party are not representing, the people that are moderates. that's why the media had to go so far out of their way to lie to the american populace and sa that joe was going to be a moderate. it was never going to happen. they are representatives aren't and that's a problem. >>sean: was great to have you with us. now we turn our attention back to the u.s. supreme court which has just delivered a mixed ruling on the vaccine mandates, the good news, the more important news, the most sweeping mandate imposed on private employers is now officially dead here now with more is the author of the case for vaccine mandates, along wit fox news legal analyst.
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i read your column and it was interesting. it was an easy called by the supreme court to reject biden's war on business, and i agree with you for all the reasons yo stated, but i want you to lay out the case. >> i think it's the easiest cal of their term for the justices. when biden announced his business federal vaccine mandat on september 9th, i was on your program, they show. i said this is an obvious constitutional abuse of power b joe biden. why? because under the tenth amendment, police power is reserved to the states. it means the states can dictate and govern public health concerns. it's been that way for more tha 100 years. case after case in which states have imposed vaccine mandates upheld by the u.s. supreme court . first and 1905, than in 1922,
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these we're smallpox vaccinations. the supreme court today is quit easy for them. all they had to do was follow not just the constitution, the tenth amendment, but also supreme court precedent. i think that what is so confounding to is that biden knew what he was doing was wallace. he spent months promising americans he wouldn't impose a vaccine mandate. he said he didn't have the authority, he didn't have the power. his press secretary said it. members of his administration repeated. and then all of a sudden one da he said i'm going to do it and he thought he was being terribl clever. all get osha to do it. but osha governs agents and substances that are toxic in th workplace. vaccines never have been. the supreme court said somethin pretty important today. they said covid 19 virus is not an occupational hazard, it's a hazard everywhere.
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it is universal. it is not unique to the workplace. so, they concluded inexorably, that both biden and osha were abusing their powers. >> i think you're right, legally . osha was a workaround in their backdoor way of doing it. we now though that fully vaccinated people, they get booked covid. vaccinated with coastal boosters , they get covid. vaccinated, blistered and with natural immunity and they get covid. why won't they go to the next scientific answer which our therapeutics our therapeutics, and how is it in gods name possible at this late date they ran out of tests and they ran out of therapeutics. they're is no excuse for that professor.
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>> this is a legislative manner what the supreme court basicall said. it's up to the legislature, the should be mandating all these things under our tribe by targeted system of government, the legislature makes the law. the issue in this case is who decides. i have a chapter in my book the case for vaccine mandates in which i asked that question, wh decides. i predicted that the supreme court would strike down a presidential mandate that was not authorized expressly by congress. all the questions you raised ar questions that should be put to congress. congress has hearings, they should have the best experts in the world. they should consider the issue of whether or not people who ge covid have the kind of immunity that gets exemptions from vaccination. these are the kinds of issues that must be decided by the legislature. that is why they struck down th osha mandate, but they upheld the other mandate because they basically said congress has allocated money to pay for medicine in the united states. virtually every hospital receives medicaid and medicare,
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so you can issue the receipt of medicaid and medicare in making the health workers be safe and be sure the patients are dealt with appropriately. this decision was not to say. >>sean: i'm happy with it. i'm happy with the decision. >> are you happy with the part that says you can have have a mandate for health workers? >>sean: no, but i understand it from a met legal standpoint. that's federal dollars, but i agree with you on that it shoul be predicated. legislatively and i also believ the state should be the ones responsible. joe said there is no federal answer. the question i have now at this particular point is where is th belief in freedom in america anymore or medical privacy or doctor-patient calf confidentiality. we have a washington post columnist saying it's time to make life a living hell for the unvaccinated.
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excuse me? everything they told us about vaccines isn't true anymore, is it, professor? >> we have to balance the right of privacy, the right of confidentiality against the right of people who don't want to be exposed unvaccinated people. that's a reasonable view as well . as far as the states are concerned, this supreme court can't really comment on that. what if now, they say we, legislatively are going to mandate every firm that has. and then do what they always do. >> they're going to go our core left with no consideration or free of the freedom of law. >> but then what happens, what if the state of texas passes th opposite statute saying it's illegal. >> then you're better off to live in texas. it's a better place to live. there you go. >> different roles in different states, maybe that's what federalism is all about. >> they did not come a true.
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last 30 seconds? >> this is a pattern by joe biden to engage in lawlessness and abuse of power. he did it with the eviction moratorium. he admitted he didn't and did i anyway. of course i got quickly struck down by the u.s. supreme court. the farm aid program, racially discriminatory against white farmers and ranchers, that too was struck down by the court, s this is a pattern with joe biden . he doesn't care about the constitution and the law and th right of american people. >>sean: thank you both. right ahead, kamala harris, a disastrous interview. we've got the tape. she couldn't even answer simple questions. that's next as we continue. slu. miralax is different. it works naturally with the water in your body
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to unblock your gut. free your gut, and your mood will follow.
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it's been nearly two years since the pandemic started. our students and teachers tried their best, but as a parent, i can tell you that nearly 18 months of remote learning was really hard. i'm so angry that instead of helping our kids get back in the classroom, the school board focused on renaming schools schools that weren't even open . please recall all three school board members now. for the sake of our kids, we can't wait one more day, never mind a whole year
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for a fresh start.
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>> another day, and absolutely dismal disaster they for joe biden and kamala harris as the vice president had a painstakin interview where she was unable to answer basic questions including about the administration's disastrous covid response. listen to this rambling word salad. >> at what point does the ministration say you know what, this strategy isn't working. we're going to change strategies . six former and ministration officials wrote that open lette urging the administration take change course, to change strategy. is it time? >> it is time for us to do what we have been doing, and that time is every day. every day it is time for us to agree that there are things and
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tools that are available to us to slow this thing down. >>sean: how did you run out of tests? how did they run out of monochrome all antibodies we've had for 18 months? how come they are not mass-producing antivirals. a got worse from there. when asked to explain the testing debacle that biden and harris created, her response wa i can't believe it, they didn't get enough backlash the last time? just check google. you can't make this upgrade tak a look. >> why are we at a point now where folks still can't get tests? >> but we just ordered i don't have the number in front of me, but millions of test. we have 20,000 sites where people can go, and i urge people , you can google it or gone out onto any search engine and find out where free testing and the is available. >> the fact that we are still telling people to google where you can get a test. >> come on, now. if you want to figure out how t
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get across town to some restaurant you heard is great, you usually do google to figure out where it is. >> seriously? come on, man? ask yourself, have you ever see someone less prepared for an interview other than may be joe biden himself? where is operation warp speed t create as many tests as we need on demand. where is operation warp speed for life-saving therapeutics like monochrome all antibodies and these antiviral medicines that nobody can get? what was biden and harris secre plan to shut down the virus anyway bright hope or a prayer? apparently. and then to correct the harris claim, the test will be sent ou next week, apparently not. pretty much everything they hav been saying has been wronged. biden promised that if you got the vaccine, you would never ge covid. that was alive. he would never have vaccine
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mandates, he lied there too. he would never support $450,000 payments to illegal immigrants for family separation, intel he did. i will never abandon americans in afghanistan. that was a big lie. here with reaction leo too .0, cohost of the five, and his own new weekday show, at 7:00 p.m., the host of jesse watters primetime. everybody now needs to face reality, leo, it is watters world and we just live in it. >> i want a commitment from jesse right now great i need a commitment from jesse right now that sean and i will be your first to guests. >>sean: i'm already booked for wednesday of the first week. i'm going to be on the show. we are very happy for you. >> the first to guests. to keep me and leo together. all agreed to that. will do it on wednesday.
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>> whatever you guys want, all right? >>sean: congratulations. you worked really hard. we couldn't be happier for you, honestly. jesse, we will start with you. how did we run out of tests? we are in year three of the pandemic great how did we run out of the therapeutics we've had for 18 months? how are we not mass-producing these antivirals that every doctor i talked to raves about? >> my sources and the secret service are telling me they are changing kamala harris codename now to hoops. i have seen deer in the headlights give better interviews than that sprites i've interviewed people on the beach during watters world that has sounded smoother than that prate and here's why the white house is so freaked out about this interview. this wasn't sean hannity throwing fastballs up by the chin, this is a friendly nbc news democrat interview, they are asking basic questions, whe are the test coming, are you going to be on the ticket, are
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you going to change strategy pe t wasn't asking how to expand how gravity works. who preps her? at this point she sang google i for everything. if you are at snl, you guys hav to do is get where people just ask questions to kamala and she says google it. what is your covid strategy? >> google it. >> are you going to be on the ticket? and google it. may be she's not going to be on the ticket, so just say it's an honor to serve i hope i'm on th ticket. >>sean: there's always plan b. that film she made with the child actors, that really worke out very well for her, leo. >> let me tell you right now. she gave poor answers because she's not in the loop. jesse is right, she went too liberal msnbc and she couldn't answer the questions.
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she does not have a team workin for her. seven of her staffers quit. they're is no love between her and joe biden. they're is no doubt about it in my mind, the only reason why sh is vice president's because of her ethnicity and gender. it's not because of qualifications. you cannot name me one accomplishment from kamala harris great let me be clear, it's a hard choice who is the best between the worst. joe biden and kamala harris, that's a horrible choice to choose. all tell you right now, joe biden, if i was joe biden, i would sleep with one eye open because i don't trust kamala harris and joe biden should not trust kamala harris. >> last word, jesse?
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>> joe went to capital hill to twist arms on voting rights. i thought kamala was running point on voting rights very did kamala know that was a failed mission so she didn't want any piece of it? she didn't want any of the negative blowback on her? or did joe bigfoot her because he doesn't trust her to close the deal? i'm just asking questions. >>sean: we are proud of you and congratulations. the wednesday, you invited me o wednesday. i'm not going to force you on your first show. and show needs a better start the new and may. jesse, he can do better than that fred could get i have the lawsuit right here. first sean and leo or lawsuit o monday. >>sean: i will give more airtime if you ask leo about hi friendship back in the day with o.j. simpson. i will get a lot more airtime. trust me. >> i can't hear you. my mike is working for it i can't hear you. >>sean: that brings back a lot of memories. >> lawsuit. >>sean: congratulations, it jesse. they shamed anyway six committe
6:35 pm
plays politics in kevin mc carthy doubled down big time today about why he won't talk t them. we'll tell you what he said straight ahead.
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house minority leader king carthy's standings from tonight 's refusing to participate in the january 6 political theater with the one with the predetermined outcome, the one that won't investigate why nancy pelosi didn't use the troops that donald trump authorized for her. it won't allow her e-mails, the sergeant of arms e-mails, communications, phone records t be turned over. they won't bring in the mirror and ask why didn't you utilize the 20,000 troops that donald trump authorized. kevin mccarthy told the committee he will not cooperate
6:40 pm
with this investigation with th predetermined outcome. and it was only another excuse to smear donald trump and has nothing to do with protecting the capital from future attacks. he couldn't be more right. take a look. >> you babbled the creation of an outside commission from the start. he also told the select committee. >> that's not true. >> why should the public not conclude that, you are trying t hide something here. with the facts were getting now. >> great question, i hope everything gets corrected at cnn . >> can you answer the question. >> after january 6, who was the first person to offer a bipartisan commission? was it me? i will help you. the answer is yes. >> i called for it to, but it had to be bipartisan not by
6:41 pm
committee full of trump impeachment haters and never trumper's grade we also need a committee to look into the riot and the summer of 2020. we can't have this kind of violence in this country. we are better than that. as we reported two days before january 6, donald trump as required by law authorized up t 20,000 national guard troops to protect the capital worried why? we came off the summer of why rioting. why, hundreds of thousands of people who we're coming to town. because tensions we're running high postelection, why because all of these backed actors in the crowd. dc mayor bowser and nancy pelos needed to sign off on the president's order and they rejected that request great nancy pelosi oversees the capitol police, why did they decline the guards aboard? pelosi, bowser, the sergeant at arms, the capitol police chief also requested the guard be the left the place totally vulnerable per there wouldn't have been january 6 if the guar
6:42 pm
was there like donald trump had called them up. so one is pelosi and mayor bowser and the sergeant and arm and the capital police chief, when are they going to be subpoenaed to testify before th sham committee? probably never because they had some predetermined outcome. they don't want the answer. if the true purpose of this committee is to understand trul what happened for the purpose that it will never ever happen again, because we've got to protect our institutions and elected officials, how can you possibly ignore this big issue of why didn't they call up the guard authorized by the president? the only reason i can think of is this corrupt committee, by the way, it has the single biggest purveyor of election lies and the history of the country, adam schiff, they have a predetermined outcome in thei goal is to forever banned donal trump and purge him from the american political scene.
6:43 pm
here with reaction jason j fits along with former white house chief of staff. you tell me, any good reason wh they would turn down the legall authorized calling of the troop by the president? >> that's because political committees are not put together to bring justice, there are put together to highlight and punis your enemies. i think it's a good thing to revisit what the limitations of this committee really is so tha everyone can understand. this is not a committee that ha at least carte blanche subpoena power over everything. the supreme court is litigating that case right now. they don't have the power to indict. they don't have the power to conduct a criminal investigation . this is a political research committee. let me remind everyone, the u.s attorney in washington, dc was
6:44 pm
guy remained named mike sure when. he already conducted all of thi work. he already did the criminal investigation on january 6 and people were brought to justice. kevin mccarthy, he was in favor of doing a commission, bu the first thing that happened t him was all of his committee members we're rejected. as far as the information after seeking from kevin mccarthy, if you look at the letter there they list out about 20 public statements that kevin mccarthy said, and said we want to bring you in and talk to you about this statement made to politico this statement you made to the wall street journal. they already have all the evidence, it's sitting in their letter, they can use it right a to adam schiff in what he's doing, it's a little rich for u to start taking advice from the quarterback of the fake russian hoax for the past four years. this is political theater. >> it is bad theater. jason coming here take?
6:45 pm
>>sean: jackson, and want to axes when thing first. why commit when the committee chairman, bennie thompson was asked if nancy pelosi is off limits, he acknowledged she is off limits. okay. and nancy tipped off jim jordan and jim banks and put on the tw biggest trump haters and the political republican party. >> the person in charge of security for a separate but equal branch of government, the legislative branch, the person in charge of security at the house of representatives is nancy pelosi, she is in charge and to appoint the sergeant of arms, the chief of police, the capitol hill police, how can yo not talk to her about the lapse in security there at the capital ? that is all you need to know about this. it's an absolute she him it's not a legitimate committee. it's a caucus meeting that is meant to distract so that were not talking about all the other
6:46 pm
problems that are going over with the biden administration and the harris administration. it's just a total distraction. it is a farce and it looks like a banana republic on what they're doing. it is fundamentally totally wrong. they could have had a legitimat way to do that and look forward to it, look into it, i agree with that, you agreed with that jean. kevin mccarthy is the one that suggested it very was nothing that nancy pelosi was intereste in because she knew she would b subject to questioning and that is not something she is willing to do. >> i think the american people see through this rate i have 30 seconds for each of you. does this go anywhere or people do now see how corrupt this is? >> no, it's not going to go anywhere. i think it republicans need to go on offense, these people are making $500 a day and gasp prices are up by 40 percent, we have better use of our time tha political research projects. >> well said, last 30 seconds,
6:47 pm
jason? >> i think we need to kick cheney and kinsinger off of the republicans. i don't think they should caucu with the republicans for the idea that they would vote to allow this committee to move forward without republican representation is wrong. i think america sees through that. i think america is smarter than that and they know something is wrong and it was a bad day on january 6. the way they are handling this is just a scam. it's just as she him. >> here's a prediction. out of nowhere, it could be wrong, my guess is liz cheney know she doesn't win her seat and she probably plans a third-party run to siphon although it's from donald trump and will probably have the opposite effect. let's see if i'm right. straight ahead come at the left continues to demonize the unvaccinated over at msdn see you get taxed or find and of course the washington post
6:48 pm
saying it's time to make life a living hell for the unvaccinated . travis apparently tested positive for covid joins us next . stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol.
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>> now even has vaccine mandate are failing miserably in places like new york city, the mob and media are doubling down with their relentless attacks on any american that might have a different point of view than them. that might be uneasy about the vaccines, earlier this week la "l.a. times" column encouraging americans to mock dead people, people unvaccinated, headline says mocking auntie baxter's death is ghoulish, but it might be necessary. now even floating some kind of tax or find.
6:53 pm
what if they have a religious exemption. >> i feel that people willfully unvaccinated, fine, don't get vaccinated, they need to pay more of the cost of what this i doing to our system. >> here with reaction cohost of the clay travis both text and show where the washington post also said let's make life a living hell. you said publicly that you now have covid, how are you feeling? >> thank you for having me on. i feel pretty good. minor cold, and i tested positive yesterday. wanted to make sure whether i had it or not so i could talk t my audience this is home for me because i've made the choice no to get vaccinated. i had the original alpha strain of covid back in november.
6:54 pm
of 2020, i'm relatively young, i'm relatively healthy. i've told my parents who are over 75 years old, i think you look at the overall data, you listen to your doctors and you make rational health decisions. to me, when you actually analyz this entire basis, i've agreed with the declaration that we need to protect the people most vulnerable come, but we need to get as many people back to work we should have never locked dow or shut down schools. so i have a home studio, i can work from home with my radio show and talk to you with the television studio here in the house so it doesn't change my ability to do my work. i feel fine, i feel great. here is what i think it's for significant. he said that he believe ultimately everyone was going t and some way get a version of omicron or covid. that's what he said. if that is true the argument we need it vaccine mandate, god
6:55 pm
bless our supreme court for standing up against the overreach of the biden administration, at least in terms of the larger employer mandates, but if that is the case, if everybody vaccinated and unvaccinated is going to ge covid in someway, then the unvaccinated are primarily a risk to themselves. again, if you're over 65, i think your doctor will probably tell you to get the covid vaccine. if the risk is primarily upon the unvaccinated, there are a lot of people out there that made bad health decisions. we don't refuse treatment to people who are obese, we don't refuse treatment to people who use drugs. we have to treat all americans the same way. >>sean: we wish you well and anybody that gets this, we pray for them. >> exactly true. >>sean: the hunters ex-wife na writing a tell-all. we'll tell you about it next.
6:56 pm
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>> you've hur about the
7:00 pm
outrageous life of zero experience hunter biden but another side to the story is about to be reveal vealed. hunter's ex-wife kathleen writing a tell-all book title if we break a mem wr war memoir of marriage, addiction, and healing. it's going to be released this summer. good news laura ingraham takes it away. >> laura: i was thinking about poor, rich, hunter biden you want to know what my thoughts are right now what he's doing right now? >> hundred percent, i'm dying simple what he's doing right now, seeing his father's political fortunes begin to dwindle pretty quickly he's painting with his mouth, with his toes, with his hands. he's painting as fast as he can there's not enough elves he can find to paint for him because once this doc drops you're not going to be able to give that stuff away on canal street. that stuff's not going to be


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