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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 13, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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democrats in a poll. i'm not sure what to expect but it does not look good for the democrats. >> always appreciated. we have some breaking news on the house investigation into the january 6th riots. and to see what role perhaps their platforms played in fueling the riots. ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone. >> dana: and geraldo rivera, this is the five. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: the pandemic problems are piling up for president biden. a huge blow in striking down the key component of the president vaccine mandates by blocking the vax rule for life private companies with a hundred or more employees. the high court is allowing the
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vaccine mandate for most health care workers to stand. that counts is the administration can seem to find its way out of covid testing fiasco. joe biden announcing that he is ordering 500 million more covid tests all americans are still waiting for the first batch he promised to arrive. >> this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. i mean by this right now, the most vaccinated, and unvaccinated people are testing positive. as i've said in the last two years, please wear a mask. his party are patriotic duty, it's not comfortable, next week we will announce how we are making high-quality mask available to american people for free. we have to work together. not against each other. we are americans. we can do this. >> dana: meanwhile vice president is being criticized for not inspiring too much confidence over an interview about the pandemic where she gave this was being
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called a word salad response. >> at what point does the administration say you know what, this strategy doesn't work and work in a change is it time? >> it is time for us to do what we have been doing in a times every day. every day, it is time for us to agree that there are things and tools that are available for us to slow this thing down. >> dana: greg, that is a lot of words and maybe not the right order? >> greg: i love that response, it reminds me of me when i'm not prepared. [laughs] i know that we all do this we just assume that if we let all the world words out of the page it will somehow find an order. if they will find a point, but they don't they let the words out and they ran in all different directions. they were like looters at bloomingdale's and she couldn't, they wouldn't bail her out. as for the ruling, a kind of sits where i think americans are the supreme court did.
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where pro vaccinated, but were not pro-backs mandate. that seems like we are. it just feels like it and i think that we understand the difference, i don't think joe does. joe biden, if he is not calling you a racist for not supporting, for not supporting his voting rights theatrics any kind it is stupid unpatriotic. unpatriotic group if you don't course, if you don't agree enforcing medicine into people. i believe that medicine is good. i also believe it's unconstitutional, it is wrong to question people's patriotism over this. joe biden is very disturbing right now. i watched a lot of that. i never thought this would happen, i bought into this life that if joe biden wins there is a bright side to it, at least maybe there is a calm are less frenetic, perhaps maybe we will get along better. a period of calm. we were lied to.
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there is no bright side, it is all become very dark, and dank. as i joe biden turned america into his basement. that is why we have this fake voting rights year. this incendiary rhetoric to divert from these dual problems of crime and covid. the president is a mess. so he is expressing his palpable anger at americans when americans right now are incredibly tired, frustrated, they are exhausted. psychologically battered and you've a president that is basically condemning you two days in a row. >> dana: not only mad that the fact that his ruling got shot down has made its got shut down, but listen to this jesse this is when reporters asked him about covid and how he reacted. >> highfield unvaccinated americans during why you refuse to restrict their activities most americans will get covid at
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some point. >> we will talk about that later. [laughs] >> jesse: if you just pretend that they are not there they are not there. i've tried that before joey does not work. not only that dana, she is walking back from capitol hill. the supreme court just blown away, your corporate vaccination mandate, jiminy cricket's. he is not on the court anymore. i predicted this, geraldo did not. he said this was on firm constitutional grounds i see the rest of my time to geraldo so he can grovel, i'm kidding i'll keep going. [laughs] he had a gut instinct last year. just tell me when. >> greg: it tap me on the shoulder when you want me to go. >> jesse: he said we were can
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i do vaccination mandates, he listen to. it always blows up in your face. and now he wants us and every american mask and test. it is a debatable idea with her if that would've been effective, it would've been a lot more effective maybe a year ago? why didn't he do that in his first hundred days. this post be the covid killer. he was going to vanquish the virus remember? the first 100 days. he never sees anything coming. he is always reacting to everything whether it's afghanistan, the border, inflation, if he can't perceive things he should people. i people around me that say jesse look look out for this. how come he doesn't have people. and then there's pamela who sounds like someone who's trying to reach the word count and a term paper. [laughs] i forgot who said that but it sounds like that's what happens with her. i cannot believe we haven't talked more about this.
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masks don't work. only the expensive m95's work. two years into this you're saying that masks don't work, the back some needed mandates are unconstitutional and you can get covid while vaccinated and transmitted. the experts have been wrong about everything. they need to put their salary back into the treasury. just send their paycheck back, because we are paying them to be wrong. we can keep paying experts to be wrong. >> dana: care to grovel geraldo? >> he mistakes my position. i was at a lawyers dinner a few weeks ago including an attorney, the seminal 1905 case, the government have the absolute right to mandate vaccines. the supreme court's it said today yes.
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when medicare, health care workers state legislature can do it in the jacobson, the state can do it. the federal government can do it, a city can do it, the people who can't do it are agencies of the federal government. it can't be a regulation. what ron klain, the ron "ingraham's inbox" of the biden administration was trying to use osha to get a vaccine mandate. supreme court saw through it and said no you can't work around the supreme court, the law of the land. what you must do pass a law if you want to mandate. they didn't pass a law the supreme court rejected them but there is no doubt that the government of the united states has the absolute ability, the mandates of the military, health care workers, the various
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that require agencies to mandate vaccines. the only thing you can't do is pass a regulation. regulation is different than a law. it doesn't have debate, two sides to the story, so i believe the supreme court was absolutely appropriate and in line with this president from 1905. >> that didn't sound like groveling. i feel about the whole situation with covid the and today, january 13th. >> the biden administration is losing. it is oozing with the highest court in the land. which is specifically said osha, congress has never put forth such a mandate. they knew it was a runaround, they knew they were trying to get around the fact that they couldn't get congress to vote on this law.
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or make it a law. i know what we got we've got is that we have a testy joe biden and we have a testy kamala harris. both of them, what 33%? this woman is so inept, she is so incompetent that she'll never tell us when were going to get the test. she was clearly not prepared, so what she says is that we are going to get them shortly. they have been ordered. we are going to get them out. we have to look at the current information, and then they keep pressing her she says i think it's gonna be next week. but soon. absolutely soon. we are on it. and then the white house comes out like a minute later and they said, you are knocking to get them till the end of january. this woman is nowhere near in the game. this president is speaking like a sixth grader. you are frustrated, i'm frustrated, will do something about it mr. president. nobody likes you, no one likes what you're doing.
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your numbers -- the supreme court thinks that your mandate is illegal. >> dana: that was the opposite of groveling right there. coming up, why the white house may want to pay attention to a record low poll for the president. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu and doug.♪ and it's easy to customize your insurance at so you only pay for what you need. isn't that right limu? limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows several different whistles. doug blows several different whistles.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: the only thing that joe biden is sitting down is his own presidency. his approval rating is been going down. he is underwater on the economy and the pandemic. making matters worse is the vice president who is not sounding very confident about. >> i'm sorry we are thing about today, honestly i know why you are asking the question because this is the part of the pungent tree in the gossip around places like washington, d.c. let me just tell you something. we are focused on the things in front of us. >> there is been some talk about a biden, cheney ticket in 2,024. >> no i did not. and i really could care less
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about the high class gossip on these issues. >> greg: oh, man, she is so sick of this job you could just feel it pouring our out of her. it is sad but entertaining. they're lower than cnn's ratings. they are nowhere near, it is amazing to me. it is lower than trumps, but he nowhere near at the kind of mob rule media that trump did. imagine if the press cap class were actually equal. joe biden wouldn't even be in the office right now. he is lower than trump and he has the media on his side. it is insane. >> kiley jewel list of things that are more popular than joe biden. bugs are more popular than joe biden. the confederate flag is more popular than the president. broccoli, is more popular than the president.
2:18 pm
donald trump, and nancy pelosi by a hair is more popular than joe biden. >> greg: by an eyebrow. [laughs] >> jesse: the only thing that joe biden i think is more popular than is your taste in music. they put that in at the end. it's clear is about the fundamentals. if you make americans lives more expensive, or dangerous, and more inconvenient and you don't inspire them you can have terrible poll numbers. this guy needs a big moment. he needs a breakthrough in cancer. he needs a harrowing hostage rescue. something big that is going to kind of trigger a natural pride that propels them a little bit. he needs a hail mary. >> greg: maybe he will realize that mash was canceled. can you dominic the
2:19 pm
president expect his numbers to be good when america is seeking unity but he keeps doubling down on demonization. you already rode off half of america and then the next day he writes off i don't know, and dependence. no one likes to be insulted every day. in cleaving even geraldo. >> i think you're confusing the cause and the effect. i think the cause is the fact that the effect that this unpopularity and the fact that people don't like him as much as they did. the fact that he is being blamed for his big issues, foreign policy, the economy, the tepid and confused response to covid-19. i heard lindsey graham earlier today saying that donald trump is the leader of this party like it or not. behind trumper get out. really targeting mitch mcconnell when he said that. what about trump, his biden
2:20 pm
losing trumps game. this interesting because you point out that joe biden is at 33% approval, 33% of the people .i think we're going to see interestingly enough is that no one can project forecast but i think that maybe it will be hillary clinton versus mike pence. it will be a fascinating run because right now he is as you pointed out correctly greg in the gutter. >> greg: nice. geraldo brings up trump and it is an interesting problem and that joe biden keeps bringing up trump is a comparison in the speeches but then it just makes trump look better in that rearview mirror. when you bring up the comparison it should make you look better. it is actually making trump look
2:21 pm
better. >> what they have been trying to do for a while is make everything about donald trump. an election in georgia, or an election in colorado, or whatever it is about donald trump. we need to reject donald trump. these hearings for january 6 is rejecting donald trump. and what they don't realize is that the more that they say it the more people are thinking about donald trump and saying, g the economy was better in my 401(k). at least he was fighting for americans, at least he was getting hostages out of countries. it is just a dumb thing but i want to say summing about kamala harris. every time she is ask a question she says i don't want to get into the high class gossip. she says that i want, i'm focused on affordable child care. so she turns herself this wonderful person who cares about child care. from the same administration for the head of the department of education contacted the department of justice and the
2:22 pm
fbi, and the white house so that they could turn parents and to domestic terrorists and then go after parents. but then they stand up in front of the american public and say, we are out there trying to protect children and affordable child care. when basically they are trying to turn our children into little little. i just think that everything that they do is smoke and mirrors and it is backwards and the americans get it. >> greg: if it was only smoke and mirrors then it would be fun. dana would you like to hear an interesting theory that i came up with in this morning? regarding joe biden's falling polls number if you look at this comparison between donald trump and joe biden. donald trump pushed twitter or twitter is using joe biden. joe biden is being pushed by the loudest and most extreme voices on twitter were donald trump actually did the reverse.
2:23 pm
so we have a president who kind of lost control of his own narrative and is indulging to louder voices. he is not leading the conversation, he is chasing it. what you think that they that theory? >> dana: i will add to it which is that the best thing that can happen a joe biden right now is for twitter to allow donald tmp back on it. >> greg: that is a very good point. >> dana: they could say see i told you. i came up with a list as well greg. five points below where most of the other polls have him, still it is really bad i don't think it's that much of an outlier and i think we will see that in the weeks ahead. in the four days of this week, this is what happened. he went down in georgia, got set up by stacey abrams and by the voting rights group. his own party sent majority said that you might want a little r that speech. give a 33% approval rating, he tried to twist arms on the filibuster.
2:24 pm
no not so fast that is not going to happen. then while he is there as jesse pointed out that they sent him a note that the supreme court just ruled and you got kicked in the teeth when it comes to the supreme court. and then they want to put out an extensive statement that he's not for bill back better. that's a pretty bad for days and there is no mercy rule in politics or in polling. they might wish for one. >> greg: excellent point. all right, i had even convicted criminals are shocked by how soft on crime the democrats are. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health.
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♪ ♪
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>> dana: criminals are now opening mocking crime policies. after setting his girlfriends house on fire while people were inside. now saying that he was surprised to be set free after less than six months in jail. thanks to a sweet plea deal. >> i was just charged with 18 different counts that was dropped to ten, and then was dropped to one. when i shouldn't be out right now. that's how anybody who i can go shoot somebody or i could go get somebody and i will be completely fine. it would empower me because i would be like okay. this man just saw somebody. just blew his head off. and he is out walking free. so i could do anything i want. >> spokesman defending it out
2:30 pm
when speaking of mosby by the way she was just indicted by a federal grand jury on two counts of perjury and two counts making false loan applications. so maybe she is one of those people who literally lies to criminals moore's then convict them. i will go to you geraldo, this is a defendant, 18 counts. >> it is horrifying and it is so stupid judge and i just have to read this. just the last two hours a rising star thrust into the national spotlight after the 2015 police custody death. i cover that in baltimore, indicted by a federal grand jury. two counts of perjury making false loan applications sea of crooks on both sides of the aisle in the baltimore county prosecutor's office. as these plea deals are stupid, why are they so stupid?
2:31 pm
when someone goes to ponder whether or not someone to get early release. they look at what they played two or were convicted of. which is generally speaking where it ends up not where the process begins. as a says he was indicted on 18 counts, 18 counts, and fled down ten, pled down to one sentence. it is ridiculous. the fact that an attempted murder down to six months is so reflective of the situation in these big democratic run cities with the district attorney's are running amok now, their priority is to let the jails open. take another look at that guy, he is wearing a mask of the shoulder pads, what is that? if he saw the person on the street would you stay in the same side of the sidewalk as a person? >> first of all the problem, jesse, the problem is that marilyn mosley is one of those
2:32 pm
das he is right. she comes out with the autopsy report and within 24 hours indicts everybody who are ultimately acquitted because she is incompetent. she is not only incompetent now but she is charged with federal offenses. what should happen to her? >> she took a loan for 50 grand, and then 40 grand. covid relief, fake loans. you know what you did? she bought two vacation homes? where? florida. fill up the best florida, now they're going on spring spending sprees. in miami. what a bunch of hypocrites. i don't know, here is my theory, don't jump down my throat but it's just a theory. i think the d.a. may be thought that this was a crime of passion. the guy said that this was a romeo and juliet situation, he was high. his buddies put them up to it,
2:33 pm
if i can have her nobody can and he wandered over therewith of gasoline in the match. maybe, that's the only reason i can think of that they gave the sky a wrist slap for three attempted murder charges. maybe they just thought it was crazy. >> crazy ex-boyfriend stuff is criminal. it is evil and there is a big difference between a suicide. you want to kill yourself whatever. you don't kill someone else. you wanted to say something before but i want to read you what the judge said who is just as bad. the judge said there is another charge pending somewhere else against the sky. the judge said that be careful, and stay safe. it too is defendant. where's the people in his camp and need to be careful and safe. >> the other day the new d.a. here in manhattan said that he was shocked to hear that his policies were controversial and that he was offended that people like us what question it. then don't listen to us. wasn't of them. >> at the criminals or simply
2:34 pm
stop helping us, that is totally bizarre. under marilyn mosley, baltimore has been a ball to last. it is a terrible situation there. one more thing about new york, last night there were two carjackings one right by my apartment, one way downtown. the one by my apartment the guy who did the car jack singh, then use the car to go after another car. random of the car and then try to go after a police officer and nobody was hurt. as i read the memo that would be a misdemeanor right? >> yes. >> absolutely. wrap it up and tell us how safe we are in new york. >> greg: obviously there is more to the story. this guy is mad because he has no place to live. he burned down his ex's house and they released him from prison and he's like, what you doing? i had -- i don't even have a girlfriend anymore. everybody hates me.
2:35 pm
criminals are smart enough to realize that if you destroy society with enough progressive reform there is no society left for the criminal to prey upon. every parasite needs to keep the host alive. so here you have a criminal that's going, whoa slow down democrats. i still need to steal, i still need to loot. i need to still have some businesses there. that is the real story. >> thank you for that. up next, a sick new low for the liberal media who are now trying to downplay and normalize. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it card debt? ♪ move your high-interest debt to a sofi personal loan.
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♪ ♪ >> i want to start with an apology because i feel badly about that joke about walking on the other side of the street as jesse pointed out that thing that he was wearing was kind of a workout outfit i really am sorry. but now from that to [bleep]. a media is facing an enormous backlash after deleting a bunch of horrifying tweets that seem to normalize [bleep]. yes [bleep]. promoting an article with the public keeps getting wrong. arguing that the attraction to minors is quote, misunderstood. it is one of the tweets. when most of the public thinks of they think it is some anonymous with child sex abuse.
2:41 pm
not all act out and abuse kids. and some people who sexually abuse kids are not. "usa today," today decided to pull the entire suite thread saying that the tweet lacked contacts because the full article was unavailable because it was hiding behind a pay wall. so greg i hear you. it was a thing in ancient greece, should we be kinder to misunderstood? [laughs] >> greg: no. how is that for an answer? "usa today," "usa today," america's morning menu is now like a house organ for. i understand trying to get the youth demo but this is a little disgusting. by the way, judge made a good
2:42 pm
comment on my show about this last night. this is all based on a lie. that they seek understanding and treatment. they don't. they are perfectly happy exploiting your desire to help and they are in no rush to reverse their deviant instincts. they actually go to great lengths to plan, and to deceive their perversions. it they put a lot of work into it just read about that cnn producer. he flew people in, if they do some serious planning to traffic teenage girls. >> is about them are the dangers of reckless tweeting? >> where is the editor? right? who thinks that in this time, covid, our economy hanging in the balance, inflation, crime, that the most compelling issue for a limited space in a
2:43 pm
national newspaper is to run an article about defending people. another twitter is stupid and they shouldn't have their team doing to her about that. also when you are about to tweet something about defending [bleep] think twice. it's okay not to tweet. one more thing. when you're trying to make a point near china put an opinion editorial out there, "usa today"'s, like the easy place to get it. it's harder to get into "the new york times," "the washington post." but the most effective place you could put it somewhere like with that kind of traffic that we get. rock in a run any articles like that. it don't even try it. >> i'm glad you added that. assuming that i'm sure that not all of them are child abusers. it is an attempt to normalize dangerous behavior? >> under the table, if you are
2:44 pm
physically attracted to something, eventually you will do something in terms of action to act on those urges. right? am i wrong? >> i don't know i've never felt that way. >> jesse: which is a crime, which is loitering. >> i think you are probably right. if you are lusting after a child or something wrong with that. >> do you think that they deserve sympathy for this is perilous? >> what you think? [laughs] okay let me tell you this. i am not a right wing punk and i'm someone who has gone after these people, animals as i'd like to call them who want to have with her children. they are deviance they are
2:45 pm
cunning, they know who to target, they know what kind of kid to target. it may be from a poor area where there is no father figure, and then they target them. if they buy them things, they groom them. they get their allegiance, their friendships. and they [bleep] them. and then what they tell them is that no one will believe them. i've convicted people of heads of corporations, teachers, priests, and garbage collectors, as well as all kinds of factors. it doesn't matter. you can't tell me that they don't act out, you are wrong. they act out every time we catch them. i've gotten them to go out and look for a child the night before they are going to be sentenced. they are animals, they destroy the lives of their victims, this is all an attempt to normalize those people and it is a sick place where we are. >> after we all showered we will come back.
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♪ ♪ >> what kind of secrets do we keep from our loved ones when we are away. they found that two-thirds of people bidden to watch shows or movies that partners dislike and the other half eat food that the significant others hate. they are out of town what is geraldo up to? >> i starve i think. i go and eat the processed american cheese in the refrigerator so that is gone. then there is the peanut butter and on the bread, the bread often is old so it is stale. it is really a rough, boring road when left alone.
2:51 pm
>> jesse: geraldo is eating himself to death. greg i can have a feeling what you're up to. >> greg: this poll is so bogus. what's it called? doorbell, ring. she is designed to sell security cameras, how creepy is that. it talked about your private behavior and they looked out of behaviors. yeah, your binge watching unlike shows, nothing about anything else you might be binge watching when your partners away? my wife travels a lot, all i do is i keep the house looking great, i water the plants, i watch the linens, i wash vegetables, this doesn't do with the fact that she is coming back tonight from moscow. >> what are you up to your husband is out of town? >> dana: on the food thing, if he is out for a week i can go the entire week only using one spoon, and one cup basically.
2:52 pm
because i just eat stuff out of the container it's whatever. i so love to watch emily in paris, season two is out in great and younger. greg's face is exactly what peter things about those shows. >> judge are you doing anything naughty? >> there is no husband, there is nobody so i'm happy all the time. [laughs] >> greg: that you go. >> one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ and it's easy to customize your insurance at so you only pay for what you need. isn't that right limu? limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows several different whistles. doug blows several different whistles. [a vulture squawks.]
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your kindness outshines your highs and lows. your strength can outlast any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs, once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive, acute manic, and mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles or confusion which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements which may be permanent. high cholesterol and weight gain, and high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, may occur. side effects may not appear for several weeks. common side effects include sleepiness and stomach issues. movement dysfunction and restlessness
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are also common. you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. >> dana: time now for one more thing. greg, kick us off. >> greg: tonight tammy bruce, lee zeldin and cat timpf. it's going to be a fun show. let's do this. gregens what's hide under that blanket. i will play it and ask you what
2:57 pm
you think is hiding under this blanket. show the frame, please. dana, what's hiding that under blanket? >> dana: two doses. >> greg: judge? >> judge jeanine: a box. >> greg: geraldo, keep it clean >> geraldo: pool balls. >> jesse: how i saved the world. >> greg: what a plug. show it. >> all right. one cat. >> greg: dead cat. no, i'm kidding. it's alive. it likes to do that he finds that very -- i don't know, kind of soothing to lie on his back under covers. >> dana: like a weighted blanket so comfy, jesse? >> jesse: my daughter ellie had a big basketball game last night.
2:58 pm
let's go to the highlight, please. there she is bringing up the ball, running the point there. takes it around the right wing, nice for the through defense. shots up. send the game into overtime and then in o.t. we get a fast break. teammate passes the ball back. sinks the game winner in overtime. congratulations ellie ona, we are very, very proud. >> greg: is that your favorite daughter, jesse? >> jesse: yes. she is my real daughter. all i could do is shoot, also. i couldn't do anything else. jump, dribble, defend. you know she is mine. hannity tonight, i'm on that, check it out at 9:00 eastern. >> dana: a friend has a band called skillet brand new album coming out tomorrow called dominion. two big songs on there surviving the game and standing the storm. be sure to listen to it. they are a great band full of nice people. also, i wanted to show you this, also about a cat. kind of looks like the cat from
2:59 pm
greg. the band from colorado, they donated this recliner to a thrift shop but they didn't realize that their cat was inside, thankfully, the employees of the store found the cat, rescued him and reunited him with his owners. [meow] >> dana: geraldo? >> geraldo: today's geraldo news with geraldo because jesse is always busting my chops about 200 mile-per-hour turbo charged bentley. i'm thinking about down sizing to this baby. the futuristic flying car created by bellwether industries which successfully tested this half scale model in dubai. they plan on rolling out a full scale model for owners 2030. i will probably miss that. traffic would be priceless. >> dana: half scale model would work for me and greg. judge? >> judge jeanine: in this town in china there were 80 ostriches that got loose and running away
3:00 pm
from their owner. they weigh 200 pounds and they are about 9 feet tall. so can you imagine them running rampant all over the place a pack of ostriches and come out for a cigarette and get mowed down by the ostriches. >> dana: they have a zero covid policy. that's outrageous. >> judge jeanine: it is. 20 still on the loose in china. xi jinping is looking for them. >> dana: that is it for us. bret baier. >> bret: i'm taking the 20/30 on geraldo. welcome to washington. breaking tonight, two big stories. the u.s. supreme court deals a major blow to president biden's pandemic strategy ruling vaccine mandate for large private businesses cannot stand. the court did, however, uphold his requirement for most healthcare workers. we will bring you that also tonight, the president admits he is not sure his elections and voting rights legislation can pass congress this year. just before that


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