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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  January 13, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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what would he be doing now? when a society can't use the mirror of comedy then we're in a lot of trouble. any good comic should be doubling down right now. >> dana: it might be a good show. people imagining what previous comedians would have said. that's a great idea. turn it over to you to make it happen. "the faulkner focus" is next. here is harris. >> harris: we'll start with the fox news alert. president biden giving an update moments ago on what his administration is going to do as the spread of the covid variant omicron has hit critical mass. we'll stack the facts against the spin. i'm harris faulkner and are you in "the faulkner focus". one thing is for certain, it's a fact you can't change right now. voters are not happy with this president. a new quinnipiac poll shows only 39% approve of the president's handling of the
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pandemic. and that is a stunning reversal from just last spring when 65% approved. in the face of those plummeting numbers, the president is still touting progress and once again pointing the finger at people who chose to be unvaccinated. some democrats are no longer looking to the white house for leadership on this. they are taking it into their own hands. senator bernie sanders introducing a bill to send high-quality n95 masks to every single american household. on the house side, representatives slotkin and ryan are urging the president and his administration to purchase and distribute kn95 masks to any household that wants one. the president says the white house will be providing high-quality masks to the public as well as getting those
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half billion free tests. the president has promised many times that he would shut down virus, remember that. but even dr. fauci says that's not going to happen. >> we are going to look ahead at what happens when this peaks and it ultimately goes down. we'll not eradicate this or eliminate it. that only happenings with massive vaccination programs like we did with measles and the vaccines but we ultimately will control it. >> harris: dr. marc siegel professor of medicine at nyu langone. let's start with the fact checking that this administration's politicians against this add min istation are doing and dr. fauci against the white house. how is that going to help america? >> well, harris, it is not. the disagreements and the back and forth messaging doesn't
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help america at all. there is not a clear message. when the president comes out again against the unvaccinated, he is not being clear about what exactly he is saying. the facts are that in countries with a very high vaccination rate the severity of the disease is lower and spread is going on anyway. israel is a huge surge and portugal surge but high levels of vaccinations and hospitalizations and deaths are very low. three deaths yesterday in israel. in the united states we're seeing more severity and more hospitalizations. the fact they keep coming back to is you are 17 times less likely to be hospitalized if you have been vaccinated but they don't say that omicron itself is less likely to get you in the hospital. so there is not a clarity of vision here. also the elephant in the room here, harris, is the things we actually need to fight this we don't have. if you got omicron, if you've
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got covid and are you in a high-risk group where are the monoclonal antibodies. they bought 600,000 courses yesterday of this. 600,000 is not what we need. we need a lot more than that. even that 600,000 is not coming any time soon. >> harris: doctor, i clearly understand you. you cannot stop the spread of omicron but you can save a whole lot of lives. and so if the goal is to save lives and we know we don't have enough testing yet. the contracts weren't signed with the warehouses that were housing them. it was a nuance in the story. we thought we were doing deals with more to be made. they were doing deals with warehouses. who made the decision not to pass it out? i have so many questions. the bottom line is the therapeutics right now. who can't count inside the white house and the administration? >> you see, it's hhs that's doing that. you made a really important
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point here that i was going to mention, too. even if we got the 62% of americans have been fully vaccinated. even if we got people to turn around that were against it to get vaccinated now it wouldn't help fast enough. the monoclonal antibodies would. i use them right away vaccinated or not. the decision to buy 600,000 doses makes no sense at all. and also how about buying things in advance of need the way the prior administration did? we saw omicron coming. we saw what it did to south africa. we saw what it did to the united kingdom. they should have bought millions and millions of doses of the monoclonal antibody we need. that's the elephant in the room. >> harris: let's get to this. vice president kamala harris -- we'll get into this. i want to go deeper when we can. i want to stop for this. vice president kamala harris
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asked about americans' covid frustrations is how she responded. >> people are rightly frustrated with where we are. we're all frustrated. i think it is a mistake and would be a mistake to suggest we have not seen great progress. if you think back to march of 2020, we were all wiping down the boxes that we got if we ordered things online. there was no vaccine. now we have a vaccine. now we have our children back in schools. we are not where we were a year ago. >> harris: wow. doctor. >> first of all, the vaccine kamala harris was criticizing a year ago. secondly, she is right that's an amazing tool that we have, amazing that that happened. >> harris: she didn't want to take it. >> right. she didn't want to take it. she didn't trust it coming out of the trump administration. other tools we have are also amazing but we don't have them, right? we finished saying we don't have them. on a day when we saw 900,000
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new cases is not the right time, 2600 deaths, 150,000 hospitalizations, our healthcare workers overwhelmed and distraught and depressed. that's not the time to talk about great progress i'm afraid. i think that message is part of the problem here. you have to hit the problem square on and figure out what your solution is. >> harris: all right. i'm baffled by the point now that when you say we don't have these therapeutics we have them but the government isn't play ball so everybody can get them. they're in woke conversations who gets them based on the color of their skin and i mean it is really interesting. dr. siegel, thank you for breaking down what we just saw from the president. now we'll move to this. >> seeing a president overwhelmed and ineffective. you saw that today with the inflation numbers. you see the record numbers of
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inflation, joe biden is the president of high prices. he is unable to cope with any of the issues facing our country today. >> harris: maybe the only thing spreading faster than a variant of coronavirus is inflation. that was john barrasso as the white house scrambles to spin yesterday's inflation nightmare. consumer prices jumping by 7% over last year. highest inflation rate in 40 years. the president's top economic advisor has an interesting strategy. bury your head in the sand and hope it goes away? >> most independent forecasters expect the prices 20 moderate over the course of 2022 consistent with our view and you have a president and administration waking up every day thinking about the practical actions we can take to try to help accelerate that, protecting -- unsticking supply chains. >> harris: the white house
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tweeted out this handy chart despite fed chair jerome powell testifying the day before that inflation would persist well into 2022. the cover of the "new york post" with one word about our journey right now, crushed. steve moore former economic advisor to president trump and freedom works economist steve, good to have you in focus today. americans are feeling crushed. tell us what that means economically. >> so i was just listening to your fascinating conversation with marc siegel and how the biden administration can't get its message straight on covid and exactly the same thing is happening with their economic messaging. remember on friday the president gave a speech at the oval office taking a victory lap saying how wonderful the biden economy is. i have the best first year as
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president of any president in modern times and so on. then two or three days later, harris, the numbers come out on inflation which are frighteningly bad. these are extremely damaging numbers. you are talking about not only did we get the 7% inflation number, the worst in 35 to 40 years but this morning we got a number for the wholesale producer prices, those were up almost 10% over the last year. that was the worst number ever, ever that they've recorded. so this is a what i call a huge tax on lower income people. it really makes -- calls out the lie when biden says i'll only tax people who make more than 400,000 dollars. every time you go to the grocery store and gas pump and airline purchase you are paying this tax. it is hurting the bottom people the most. >> harris: we'll put the facts
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against the spin. when it spins this hard let's call it what it is. it is fiction. here is some more. only 34% of americans approve of the president's handling of the economy. again, that's a fact that we're seeing time and time again in the polling. maybe it will change but not right this second. that means 57% disapprove of the way this president is handling the economy. steve, i have heard you say time and time again you can look at the numbers but you have to listen to the people. >> well great point. americans have really turned against biden on the economy. look, this is something that doesn't need spin. it doesn't matter what you say or what i say. every time people go to the store they see it. i went to the grocery store yesterday to grab some milk and first of all there wasn't much milk left. that's another problem. but people were complaining in
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the line. people were talking about how much food costs right now. i just don't see a -- here is the thing. all biden does is blame someone else or deflect the criticism. he is now saying things like well gee, you know, that is a natural consequence of the economy getting out of the virus situation. we're still in it. if you look at what the inflation number in january of 2021 exactly a year ago, harris, when the economy was in a recovery under trump you know what the inflation rate was? 1.5%. in one year we went 1.5% to 7%. a crummy record. >> harris: you started to say something and i wrote it down. you said i don't see a solution. does that mean there is no solution or you don't see one coming from this white house? what can be done? >> that's a great point. yes, of course there is a solution to the inflation
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problem. you have to do two things, harris. number one, we have to stop the massive spending and borrowing, the multi-trillions of dollars. that's the reason we have the inflation is we keep spending and spending and spending amount we've never seen before in the history of this country. thank god for joe manchin killing that build back better bill. it would have been another $5 trillion of spending we can't afford. that's the most important thing. cut spending not raise spending. two, the fed also has to take a big part of the blame here. they have been behind the curve for the last year. first they said there was no inflation, then they said it's transitory. now they have finally admitted that inflation may be entrenched in the economy. it is time to start raising interest rates, cutting government spending. if that happens we can get the inflation under control. but i'm old enough to remember the last time we had inflation like this. jimmy carter was president and don't forget what happened.
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ronald reagan, one of the biggest landslide elections in history because people were so frustrated with rising prices. >> harris: and you kind of take me to this final point on all of this, steve. that is if he can't raise -- he being the president can't raise all of those trillions of cash to pump into the economy and keep his promise about build back better and all these other big spending programs then he loses the far left side of his base. he is politically in more trouble than he is right now. and the only thing facing him is less than 300 days away november 8th. steve, i have to let you go but i'll bring you back. the president's overall approval numbers crashing to a new low. we took a look at covid and the economy. but the total picture now. what it could all mean for his agenda that i just alluded to and whether democrats can even hope to hold on to congress
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this year. the debate you don't want to miss. is hillary 2024 about to happen to the party on the left? have they run out of people to run? >> the democrats have the house, senate and presidency and they are talking about bringing hillary clinton back? how bad joe biden is serving as president that they would go clear back to somebody that the country has rejected?
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visit for more info. >> harris: new national poll shows president biden's job approval rating has crashed to 33%. that's a new low for this president down three points just since november. the president also deeply under water on a host of key issues and we took a look at now we'll add it to the list the economy,
8:21 am
foreign policy and the pandemic. fox news contributor joe concha with this. >> one in three americans supporting you after year one is bad enough. when you peel back the onion it gets worse. he and by extension democrats own 40 year high inflation, supply chain, worker shortage, border crisis, embracing teachers over parents. afghanistan debacle and civil war will only get worse os this party stares at what is coming at them in november. >> harris: november 8th specifically. 299 days away. americans are currently evenly split on which party they want to see in control of the house. 43% say republicans. 42% say democrats. on the senate side, 45% say they want republicans in control, 41% say democrats. the power panel now.
8:22 am
richard fowler fox news contributor. jason meister, former trump advisory board member. jason, i will start with you. what is ailing the democrats right now? >> it's everything, harris. truly remarkable. biden's 33% is the lowest approval rating of any modern day president. to put that into perspective trump's final approval rating january 15th of 2021 was 34%. that came on the heels of the manufactured hysteria over january 6th and four years of hoaxes and non-stop media lies. for biden to drop below this level this early on in just a year into his administration is historic. and it is not surprising when you look at inflation rates being the highest since 1982 and other things like covid cases exploding when this president ran on shutting down the virus. so it is not surprising to me. >> harris: richard, first i'm
8:23 am
certain you have a rebuttal to that. >> well, one i think we are believers of facts here. this is not the lowest rating in american history. richard nixon, harry truman, jimmy carter and the bushes had ratings below 30%. where i agree with jason i think the president has real challenges in front of him and the american people are telling him clearly if you look at the cross tabs what you find is his base is telling him. what got joe biden to this white house was african-american voters coupled with latin voters and mr. president there are problems happening and you need you to address them. >> harris: he wasn't going to listen to the bulk of the country just compartment loo*ized in groups to help him win again. black and brown people he will listen to but everybody else he is not.
8:24 am
that's sounds like what you just said. >> the crux of it is -- >> harris: i will come back to you. go ahead richard. >> jason is right this president ran as a moderate and a president that made commitments to his base of voters, right? what donald trump always got praise if me he always talks to and acknowledges the concerns of his base. this is where i think joe biden is not doing as well. he is not talking to his base and acknowledging the concerns and dealing with them. >> harris: i will get to this. a whopping 76% of americans said political instability in the united states is our biggest threat and they feel our democracy is in danger. 37% don't believe so. jason. >> harris, look, president biden ran on as a moderate and ran on unifying this country. and you just saw him speaking at the white house. he is still calling it a
8:25 am
pandemic of the unvaccinated and dividing this country between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated when everyone i know right now that has the virus has been vaccinated and boosted. so it's not a pandemic of the unvaccinated. we know that. everyone in the country knows that because we have family members and friends and we have work colleagues that have the virus and the vaccine was redefined. it was supposed to stop infection. that's what pfizer and moderna said and now we moved the needle saying it is making the virus milder. that's fine and i believe that could be the case but he has to stop dividing the country. that's why his approval rating is circling the drain. >> harris: all of this under the previous president gave us our biggest fighting weapon yet. biden hasn't done that. he stood in the way of some of the therapeutics. speculation over a possible third white house bid by hillary clinton. i can't even believe we're saying this. it is gaining steam.
8:26 am
a new "new york post" op-ed digging into it and given president biden's age and terrible polling now and vice president kamala harris's awful numbers as well. tucker carlson says you cannot dismiss the possibility. >> you say hillary can't win. she is yesterday's candidate. this country has a short attention span. we want the new thing. hillary clinton isn't new. we're bored of her. if you believe that you don't remember hillary clinton very well. call her what you will she is not boring. hillary is like a box of cracker jacks or emotional volatile niece who goes to art school. full of surprises. you never know what you are going to get. >> harris: meanwhile the vice president is refusing to address any speculation about her future on the ticket. watch. >> there has been talk about a biden/cheney ticket in 2024. did you read that article? >> i did not. no, i did not and i could care less about the high class
8:27 am
gossip on these issues. >> harris: jason, can you educate me and my friends? what is high class gossip? >> i have no idea what high class gossip is. i can tell you one thing there is no way the democrats will run hillary clinton. not for the reasons that i think tucker said actually. i think she is radioactive for a very specific reason. everyone now knows because she has been indicted in the court of public opinion that she concocted the dirty steele dossier and paid for it and she concocted it and that's what got us to a constitutional crisis for five years that tore this country apart. it undermined a sitting u.s. president, framed a three-star general and unmasked private u.s. citizens and it allowed an administration and party to spy on the incoming transition team and president. so i think that's the reason why democrats will never touch hillary clinton and put her in the race for 2024. they know she is radioactive
8:28 am
and she put us through a constitutional crisis. >> harris: richard. has your party run out of people in politics to run for the white house? >> no, we haven't. i read the op-ed that got this all started in the "wall street journal" and i thought it was ridiculous and made no sense. i did this argument little to know credence not to mention that hillary clinton is having a great time writing fiction november else an doesn't want to be on the campaign trail. i'm in the democratic party with credentials. >> harris: would you like to see her run. if your choice was biden doesn't run and its kamala harris? >> i think that one, i think the vice president is very capable to launch a campaign. beyond that i think we have a ton -- we have a number of governors that could run a very great campaign, a number of large city mayors and worth pointing out that many of our mayors that we have have bigger
8:29 am
budgets than a lot of the republican governors that think that they want to run. >> harris: i don't know. kevin mccarthy sure did bring in a big haul just this week. good to see you both. we'll bring you back. the backlash after the president's over the top rhetoric during his speech on voting still going strong. even one of his top democratic allies in the senate says he went a little too far there and republicans' opinions just a bit stronger. >> it's just offensive to me as a southerner but more importantly it's offensive to me as an american. we fought too hard too long for the progress that he is denying. >> harris: it lists up from there. wait until you see how senator cotton absolutely dunked on senator schumer. we'll serve it up "focus" style. will cain is ready to rock-n-roll with us in "focus." ♪♪♪
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>> the president's rant -- rant yesterday was incoherent, incorrect, and beneath his office. he compared -- listen to this -- a bipartisan majority of senators to literal traitors. how profoundly, profoundly unpresidential. i did not recognize the man at the podium yesterday. >> harris: president biden did, in fact, unleash the power of his voice from the bully pulpit he holds on americans who disagree with him on voting rights. republicans and even some
8:36 am
democrats were in disbelief. in fact a close biden ally said this. >> perhaps the president went a little too far in his rhetoric. some of us do. the fundamental principles and values at stake are very, very similar. >> harris: apparently the white house doesn't care what dick durbin says. press secretary jen psaki didn't back down. watch. >> i know there has been a lot of claim of the offensive nature of the speech yesterday which is hilarious on many levels given how many people sat silently over the last four years for the former president. >> harris: will this dismissive tone further doom the president's agenda? will cain is the co-host of "fox & friends" weekend. great to have you in focus. your top line thoughts on this. >> my top line thoughts. the president ran on a message he promised to be a unifier for the american people. from day one in office he has
8:37 am
done nothing but attempt to divide americans in service of his own power. he has divided us on almost every single possible line you can imagine, race, vaccination status. you know, you and i, harris, at times in the past over the last couple of months have talked about the power of projection. i believe that people who yell racist the loudest are the ones who practice racism. those who wear science as a fashion item, you know, violate every scientific principle and process that you would ever have been taught. here again though i think is another example of projection. the president sits there and calls his political opponents george wallace or bull connor while pushing for literal segregation in terms of vaccination status and hoping to have americans use their race as their primary identifying factor and embrace concepts that would segregate our classrooms. we are watching the president project his own sins onto the american people. and do anything -- do anything
8:38 am
but live up to his promises of unifying this country. >> harris: you know, often when i hear the president talk about race and even as a candidate when he said if you don't vote for him you are not black, it makes me wonder whether or not he really does want to have an honest conversation about race or whether or not he would come to the table for something like that. and if it's more necessary now than ever. >> most of the people that would i would suggest segregate us based upon race and ask us to fight racism with anti-racism, most of those that are proponents of critical race theory, harris, do not think they should indulge any type of debate or conversation or do not think they entertain the thoughts of someone who might disagree with them. the proprietor general he would dire not talk to someone who had a differing thought from him and say no, you can't listen to anyone who disagrees
8:39 am
with my thoughts. how about asking a simple question. the president was talking about voting rights. anyone who disagrees name me the law across the country that disenfranchises minority voters or roll us back to the wallace days. >> harris: they thought they had found it in georgia. it backfired when the mlb pulled its game from there and put it in colorado and the restrictions in colorado are tougher than in georgia for early voting. look at the state of delaware where the president spends 20% of his time these days. look at what they do with early voting there. we won't get into it there but save it for another day but it is there to see. senator tom cotton called out senator chuck schumer for -- he used schumer's own words against him. >> right now we are on the
8:40 am
precipice of a constitutional crisis. >> we are on the precipice of a constitutional crisis. >> the nuclear option is being pushed largely by the radioactive rhetoric of a small band of radicals. >> the nuclear option is being pushed largely by the radioactive rhetoric of a small band of radicals. >> those are powerful words. but they aren't mine. senator schumer spoke so eloquently in defense of the senate's rules, customs and traditions when the fortunes of his party looked a little different. my, how times have changed. >> harris: that got a lot of coverage and attention and then senator cotton followed up with this. >> it was the easiest speech i've ever given the in my time in politics. i didn't have to write a word of it. if you are looking at integrity chuck schumer is not the politician you want to look to.
8:41 am
what republicans will do this week is defend our constitution, defend our customs, to protect the voices of all americans in our government. >> harris: it's interesting you could almost do that with biden back in the days when he was a senator. he was against all of this. what is wrong with the flip-flop? why is that so dangerous politically for democrats? >> because it is simply about power. they believe they have the majority of power today but they don't understand or don't look forward enough to understand they might be in the minority power tomorrow. you know, there is a lot of talk destroying democracy. it is not a pure democracy we're a constitutional republic designed to protect the interests of the minority. minority in political power and minority in terms of race. minority in terms of anyone overrun by democratic majority. the democrats believe they are that strong willed democratic majority to do away with the constitution and pack the
8:42 am
supreme court and do away with the filibuster and change the voting laws. maybe they'll find they aren't in the minority again. if they are and will be in a matter of 18 months, then they will regret the day that they flip-flopped on the filibuster or the constitution or the supreme court. trying to solidify democratic majority power into eternity. >> harris: not happy with them. they got a former president now obama to come out with an op-ed trying to move the needle. i don't know if manchin and sinema and now a growing list of democrats will be swayed by a former president over this issue for the very thing you are talking about. it is more than just the presidents of the future. vice president kamala harris was asked about dem's voting rights legislation as the president heads to the hill today to push for it. watch. >> i don't think anyone should be absolved from the responsibility of preserving and protecting our democracy. >> are you working --
8:43 am
>> especially when they took an oath to protect and defend our constitution. >> why has the administration not been able to get senate democrats on board? >> we are not giving up. >> the question is why has -- >> you are acting as though it's over. >> i mean -- >> it is not over. >> it will happen by monday? >> i'm saying it is not over and we don't give up. >> harris: okay. i don't know what kind of answer that is because hope is not a strategy and craig melvin was pushing her on that. >> you know, harris, that wasn't the only embarrassing moment in that interview. it reminds me i saw someone else tweet this of harris sounds like someone trying to give a book report on a book she didn't read. i don't know if you've seen the clip of lebron james talking about the biography of malcolm x. he was asked what did you like most about the book? he pretends he read the book.
8:44 am
harris has no answers. she has never been pushed. she polled at 1% and dropped out of the democratic primary. never pushed any significant degree and wildly unpopular. she has no ability to answer questions. >> harris: she was a senator and her job right now is to be the president of the senate to break a tie. how can she not know how this works? >> she hasn't read the book. she has simply gotten by on her identity and her place within the democratic party. she hasn't got by on trying to persuade people including democrats that her position is the righteous one. >> harris: or she is following orders. i don't know what would be worse. >> she is failing then on every order that has been passed on to her power. >> harris: will cain. we'll bring you back in focus. thank you. critics digging in after emails show the education secretary may have solicited the infamous letter which compared parents
8:45 am
who had some qualms about what their kids were being taught, compared those parents to domestic terrorists. you know the letter. >> this is devastating to this administration and democrats as a whole. more and more democrats are seen as the anti-parent party. >> republicans demanding answers now calling for the white house to hand over all of the correspondents between the biden administration officials and teachers unions. congresswoman stefanik in "focus" next. dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those drops will probably pass right by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what's that? xiidra? no!
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8:51 am
day. doesn't the american public have a right to know what the president of the united states was thinking and doing while the u.s. capitol was under attack? >> that's a great question. the great thing about that i didn't wait a year later. on january 6th i spoke to the american public. not by one network but by many networks. my conversation was very short advising the president of what was happening here. there is nothing that i can provide the january 6th committee for legislation of their moving forward. there is nothing in that real *m. it is pure politics what they are playing. >> will you defy a subpoena. >> if you are in the majority the only oversight you will conduct is oversight you intend to right bills off of. congress has a long history of
8:52 am
legislating -- oversight. doesn't necessarily result in legislation. you did it, boehner did it, pelosi did it. a long history of that. >> and how often have we gone after people's phone records? >> i'm asking what you will do if you're the speaker of the house will you only conduct oversight that is -- >> you know what we'll do if we're entrusted with the majority? the first thing we'll do is talk about how do we lower the prices for the american public? how do we make gasoline price affordable again? how do we put food back on the shelves? how do we stop this rise of inflation and prices of everything you deal with? how do we secure our border? how do we stop government mandating and controlling our lives? how do we make cities safe again? and yes, we will hold this administration accountable. we just found this week i sent
8:53 am
a letter with virginia foxx the secretary of education, asked the national school board to send them a letter so he can go to the attorney general to now investigate the parents who go to school board meetings of terrorism. afghanistan, we have 13 new gold star families. that never had to happen. how many americans are still stuck there? have any of you asked that question? the president said just weeks before he would not leave until every american was gone. the taxpayers who lost all that weaponry. the taliban now has it. have you got any reporting and recording of where that is? where is it being sold to now on the black-market?
8:54 am
i.r.s. releasing americans' tax returns. yes, we can do both and we will. i hope you all have a great weekend. take care. >> harris: congressman kevin mccarthy talking about what could happen if there is in fact a red wave in november on the heels of a very heated back and forth with reporters over his documents in the january 6th commission and his wanting documents for the january 6th commission. he has his own list of stuff he wants. i want to bring in new york congresswoman elise stefanik in "focus" now. we'll hit the breaking news. do we have her? >> i'm here. >> harris: great to have you in "focus." i want to get your reaction to all of that. >> my reaction harris is number one, this is an illegitimate sham of a committee. this is about punishing pelosi
8:55 am
and house democrats' political opponents and not about keeping the capitol safer. why do we know it's so political? because there is not a single republican appointed person on that committee. the only office offlimits from this investigation is the speaker's office. there was communication between the house sergeant-at-arms and the speaker of the house. those documents haven't been released. we know that speaker pelosi makes decisions about when the fencing goes up and down at the capitol complex. scan members before they go on the floor. she is responsible for heeding the advice and taking the advice from capitol police and sergeant-at-arms. i want to see those documents and the american people deserve to see them. it is a sham investigation whether the only office off limits is the speakers's office and targeting republicans for a reason. >> harris: to piggyback on what you said and go back to what kevin mccarthy just said.
8:56 am
he said those documents are important because we need to know what her choices were and what things were done. i'm paraphrasing him. why is that so critical on this day? >> what's so critical is transparency is important. we want to make sure the capitol is secure so it never happens again. democrats talk about transparency, the most important documents are from the speaker of the house communicating with the sergeant-at-arms. the american people deserve those. earlier this morning republicans met with the new sergeant-at-arms and the chief of the capitol police. request for the documents hasn't been made by the january 6 select committee that shows they aren't following the facts wherever they may lead. the sergeant-at-arms said no subpoena and no request for those documents in a closed-door meeting with house republicans. the american people deserve to have access to those documents. nancy pelosi is covering up the communications between the sergeant and arms and her office and the american people see right through this and leader mccarthy talked about
8:57 am
issues that matter to people's everyday lives. >> harris: he did touch on this as well. republicans now demanding answers over bombshell new information on that controversial letter from the national school board association. everybody knows the one i'm talking about compared concerned parents to domestic terrorists. they were going to sick the f.b.i. on people and go to those school board meetings. that email chain strongly suggests that education secretary miguel cardona solicited that letter. leader mccarthy asking for all communications between secretary cardona and the school board association. where is this going? >> well, secretary cardona should resign. we knew there was coordination between the biden administration and the national school board association. now we know specifically it wasn't just coordination but solicitation of the letter which merrick garland said under oath was the only justification for setting up the new office within the department of justice to
8:58 am
specifically target parents under the guise of domestic terrorists. it is a war on parents. it is outrageous and should outrage every parents in this nation. parents have a right to speak up and a say if their kids education and access curriculum and the fix was in on this, harris. this is the biden administration through the senior level cabinet official soliciting the letter this they used as a justification to target parents. >> harris: i can hear a question coming the first time the secretary is asked in point about this and we hope that day comes very soon. we're asking for access. so what happens if we learn more about this tying to the white house? was it only secretary cardona? is there more that you would press to know? >> we need all documentation turned over with teacher
8:59 am
unions, national school board association. remember they walked back that letter. they apologized for that letter after the fact when it came out there was coordination. and we need to make sure that all that communication, all of that solicitation is out there for the american public to make the assessment themselves. we have an election this coming november and education is one of the key issues that is on the ballot. republicans believe in a parents' bill of rights when it comes to education. meanwhile you have a democratic president who is targeting parents. a war on parents who want to be involved rightfully so in their kids' education. >> harris: last one, few seconds. congresswoman stefanik, mccarthy mentioned this, we get the numbers this week. inflation has the president's popularity approval so far under water we could see quite some time pass before the economy comes back. >> inflation is a tax on every american and devastating hard working families in my district
9:00 am
and i'm 37 years old. inflation hasn't been this bad since before i was born. talk about a once in a lifetime economic crisis. what republicans are going to do is stop the trillions and trillions of dollars of spending that is ruining our economy. >> harris: more than a generation as you put it. we haven't seen numbers like this. congresswoman, thank you very much for handling the breaking news and being in "focus" today. "outnumbered" starts right after this. >> harris: it's let's start with the president's approval rating crashing to a new low, putting not only has attended serious peril but also the future of the democratic party as the all important midterm elections right around the corner, 299 days. i'm harris faulkner and you are watching "outnumbered." join now by my cohost emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany, tomi lahren and in the center seat, douglas murray. a quinnipia


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