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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 13, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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basketball player, where would you rather compete? these two teams made a point on "the ankle" last week. the left is doing everything possible to make us miserable so don't let them. that is it for us tonight. remember, it is american now and forever. greg gutfeld takes it all from here. ♪ ♪ >> todd: it is thursday, january 13th and following two big stories for you, president biden heading to capitol hill with partisan election power grab even after staving reaction from members of his own party yesterday. >> ainsley: things getting worse from there for the president. a new poll shows the ratings continue to tank especially on really important issues like the economy, foreign policy and the pandemic. the dose of reality has some democrats with an alternative
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candidate for the house in 2024. i will never be out of the game of politics. i'm never going going to get out of being involved, worried, hopefully trying to help in some way. >> ainsley: you are watching "fox & friends," i am carley shimkus. >> todd: it started out as a joke but the republicans, they find this hysterical, i am todd piro and ashley actually, we turn to our man, griff jenkins in washington and the president's stake meeting today. >> high-stakes indeed, good morning, carly, fireworks on the floor when mitch mcconnell torched his former colleague accusing the president of delivering a divisive speech to pull the country further apart. >> how profoundly, profoundly on presidential. i did not recognize the man at
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the podium. yesterday. >> todd: the president's big georgia speech failed to move the needle among democrats. >> perhaps the president went a little too far in his rhetoric but the fundamental principles at stake are very, very similar. >> if he was trying to get votes, it was not the vote giving speech. i think he gave you are going to speech. >> todd: at the white house press briefing, it was cleanup on aisle 5 time. >> i know there's been a lot of offensive nature of the speech yesterday, which is hilarious on many levels given how many people sat violently over the last four years for the former president. >> todd: now, the president heads to the hill to launch senate democrats was support for the filibuster rules on voting rights with at least two senators, very much against it.
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senator pelosi announced that house will move forward today voting on a bill to clear the way for the senate to act saying in a letter, "president biden made it clear that the senate must find a path forward to ensuring critical voting rights into law. house democrats will take a step to vote, for urgent consideration." so what happens next in the senate? majority leader schumer with the democrats in the middle of yesterday, he will use a loophole from the senate procedure to at least start debate on voting rights legislation. we will see how that take shape, martin luther king jane doe mike day has the deadline for action. >> todd: all symbolism and election so far. griff jenkins, thank you senator tom cotton on the democrats vice of message, listen. >> they are election takeover bill would prohibit a lot of election integrity measures that
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americans have already said, taking voter identification. yet large majorities of african american voters and latino voters believe that you should have to show a photo i.d. when you go to vote. of course that is one small example the way the democrats are reintroducing racially discriminatory policies across the government. >> todd: let's turn to this some democrats now encouraging hillary clinton to run for the white house as joe biden's approval rating plunges yet again. >> carley: the president taking heat for handling the covid-19 pandemic. the tanking economy well he calls his 40 year high inflation crisis progress. ashley strohmier joins us more on the democratic divide. ashley, good morning. >> good morning, guys according to two prominent democrats, a perfect storm for the former first lady. >> she is clearly better than anything the democrats and iran
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a failed president as you have said. kamala harris arguably worse, the mayor and i really think is a nonstarter so secretary clinton, my party's best hope. >> this new quinnipiac poll says that biden has plummeted to 33% from a 70% drop in february. the top issue is economy foreign policy and covid-19 pandemic with a top issue for americans being inflation. not only is gas high but items like beef, pork, chicken up from 10% on this 19%. president biden attempted to downplay the inflation to 7% the worst in 40 years stating "a new report shows meaningful reduction in headline inflation with gas prices falling demonstrates we are making progress in slowing the rate of the price increases and a global
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challenge with every developed nation as it emerges from the pandemic slump here at the white house economic advisor also responding to the numbers. >> so i think if we look at the situation earlier in the year, a number of projections and forecasts have come differently than we anticipated. and to the pandemic >> mitch mcconnell responding and president biden strategy is to spend more now six months later, we know they were either misleading or incompetent in their assessment, back to you guys. >> carley: ashley strohmier live for us thank you. kellyanne conway let the trump campaign to a win over delivery clinton in 2016 and this is what she thinks about the idea of 2020 return. watch this. >> these smart democrats are referring to hillary clinton in an op-ed as a changed candidate. think about that,
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hillary clinton a change candidate. that is how bad kamala harris and joe r. eight years ago hillary's campaign came up with 13 words you were not allowed to say about hillary clinton, inevitable, secretive, manipulative, out of touch represents the past. this is eight years ago. so, of course, she represents the past. let me ask you a couple of things about hillary clinton. what exactly qualifies her to be a three-time loser? this country is ready for a female president but just not that one and certainly not kamala harris. >> carley: taught on the changed candidates, this article by andrew stein, congress in 2024, this is the parties loss of basis to run for president in a point to claim the title of change candidate. on what planet would hillary clinton beat considered the fresh face of the democratic party? she is the leader of the d.c. slump.
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i don't think this article is really about hillary clinton as much as it is about how poor things are going for president biden. the quinnipiac poll shows the approval rating is 33%. for president trump, he didn't have great poll numbers either, but the difference there is president trump have strong support like 90% support from republicans. but this quinnipiac poll shows joe biden's approval among democrats is 75% and polling among his party, the democratic party has dropped 12 points in a one month period. >> todd: you are 100% right. this is an indictment of the biden white house 110%. if you think about it, he has been in office less than a year. the honeymoon period is supposed to last at least a year. this honeymoon is going really, really bad if you know what i mean, carly, democratic people are jumping off the ship left and right but just how bad is the democrats bench?
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that hillary clinton, yes hillary clinton, the 74-year-old failed twice now, presidential candidate is the standard bearer at this point. it is absolutely shocking. but i guess my question is, yeah, did she really represent the current version of the democratic party? will she complete that full move left that joe biden has? her recent words indicates no so begs the question how she would win a primary. what are her big, bold plans to save our country? it is such an indictment of the democrats that they left themselves be overtaken by socialist, progressives as a candidate as unlikable. as much as a presidential loser as hillary clinton could be their nominee and two years, carely. >> carley: i know, todd, you are right. it is well to think out of 330 million americans, the bench is so, so small for democrats that there really is only hillary clinton that i can think
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of. may be buttigieg, but i think going on maternity leave during the supply chain is the nail in his coffin. but will hillary clinton want to run for a third, possibly failed presidential run? she already ran twice and lost twice. i know she seems eager to get back into politics and always made those excuses and said she wants to be in politics the rest of her career. but does she really want a possible third loss on her record? i don't know. i don't know. but i'm sure she loves that her name is back in the midcycle today. >> todd: you mention pete buttigieg, you mean santa, pete buttigieg the man who saved christmas. i'm looking forward to reading that book to my child. and you know one name we haven't? kamala harris. i thought she would be guaranteed to be the person who
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would take over in 2024. she is actually lower than joe biden. and that shows you out of desperation the democrats are facing right now, carely. >> carley: pete buttigieg the man who saved christmas could be a very good christmas story for future christmases to come. all right, we have to turn to this, kevin mccarthy a man to speak with a january 6th committee sagging in a statement, "it is with neither regret or satisfaction that i have recruited to not participate with the committee abuse of power that sustains this institution today and going forward to. he goes on to accuse nancy pelosi of damaging political opponents rather than finding the truth. later mccarthy is joining "fox & friends" this morning. you will not want to miss that interview. >> todd: turning out to the border prices, border patrol agents apprehending five dangerous criminals and 30 hours and arresting two murders, a sex offender and to
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ms-13's gang members and the real valley alone. keeping the border agents real busy and 40 illegal crosses, syria, and the del rio sector in just six days, wow. mike rounds at the border, an initiative called climate change professionals program. secretary alejandro mayorkas quoting "a next generation of climate experts improve climate literacy throughout the department and to execute the claimant plan." his critics calling out the administration for focusing on climate change instead of historic number of illegal border crossings. border agents detaining 1.7 million migrants in the 2021 fiscal year alone. you may want to look at securing the border if you're department of homeland security. nato with an impasse with russia
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as they begin a third day of security talks today. >> carley: it comes as senate to vote on whether to sanction the russian north pipeline. amy kellogg is live with the details, amy. >> hi, carely and todd appear at the talks moved to vienna and te negotiators main rhetorical question remains unanswered, why is nuclear armed russia feeling threatened by a much smaller neighbor? and why our live fire exercises going on now by the russians on a border with ukraine? many say it seems to be more about russia not wanting to lose its old fear of influence altogether. 14 of former satellite states and the republic have joined the alliance since the end of the cold war. nato began to rush the demand that enough is enough. it will never change its open-door policy. and dado will station its forces where it sees fit. >> our differences will not be
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easy to bridge. and i will make clear they will not announce to protect each other. including with the presence of troops in the eastern part of the alliance. >> russia insists positions need to budge because it feels threatened. the deputy foreign minister said, "it is absolutely imperative to end the policy and offer russia legally binding guarantees of further nato expansion eastward. nato members should and military assistance to ukraine, stop providing weapons, and recall their military instructors and serviceman." now nato has offered russia a wide range of transparency and arms control, but while it awaits a response, u.s. congress, anyway preparing is proverbial stick of sanctions including senator ted cruz's
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bill to be voted on today to slap sanctions on norton stream 2 right away and hold fire unless and until russian tanks rolled westward, carely a. >> carley: amy kellogg life for us, thank you, amy. and doubling down on his demand for dr. anthony fauci's financial disk disclosure form, fauci and marshall sparred on capitol hill on the financial interest and fauci the highest federal paid employee. he was on a hot michael lee marshall a. the senator is not letting fauci, listen here. >> why is he defensive about this? we cannot access his records in my office cannot get them, you cannot get them and nobody can get them yet. and somehow hiding them from us. so he lied to the american public.
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>> senator marshall sent a letter to alvin bragg in another attempt to obtain his financial disclosure. >> todd: novak djokovic number 1 seed for australian open and will play fellow serbian and delayed 75 minutes with uncertainty and the status. his immigration will revoke his visa over his medical exemption with the vaccination requirement. and the australian open start on monday. time now 60 minutes after the hour and nearly 100 people charged with murder free to walk the streets of chicago because the judge says it is unfair to hold them. democratic raymond lopez to tell us about the woke crime policies that allowed this to happen. >> carley: up brian bremmer, joe concha and mike huckabee all coming up on this very busy thursday morning. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> you absolutely have to listen to the story. a baltimore man pleaded guilty
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to torching his ex-girlfriend's home is shocked by his own lenient plea deal. listen. >> i was just charged with 18 different counts. it was dropped to ten and then it was dropped to one. i shouldn't be out right now. i can tell any but i can go shoot somebody or attack somebody and it would empower me. >> todd: did you hear that? luther, the deal, "most deftly sent the wrong message to criminals like himself and baltimore." he was released from jail after serving less than six months despite pleading guilty to first-degree or some for setting his ex-girlfriend's house on fire while she and her two roommates inside. carely, to review an event of criminals think this woke policy is ridiculous. >> carley: todd, that is not all woke bail reform is taking over the windy city.
1:22 am
violent crime suspects behind bars, when judges giving them an ankle monitor and letting them back on the streets. and now, 75% of offenders with electronic ankle monitors in cook county are accused of violent crimes. chicago alderman raymond lopez joins me to react of the spirit alderman raymond lopez, these numbers are stunning. 90 people accused of murder, 40 attempted murder and 852 people charged with aggravated gun possession are not in jail. they are at home wearing an ankle monitor. what is your reaction to this? >> it is absolutely disheartening, carely to hear our chief judge tim evans and the entire cook county court system say it is not their responsibility to keep people in jail, behind bars, because the failure by the prosecution this county by kim fox to provide proof there is clear, convincing
1:23 am
evidence that repeat offenders are dangerous to the community. what do these people think they are? those individuals committed to terrorizing the neighborhood appear they have rap sheets seven pages long and all the while, the cycle of finger-pointing from mayor lightfoot and superintendent to the prosecutor to the courts and back to the police again. no one wants to take responsibility. no one is stepping up to take ownership, and no one is trying to put an end to this. what we see is that the mayor and her political cronies have ushered in an unprecedented crime wave on the city of chicago and we have themselves to blame for it. >> carley: you know what you bring up chicago mayor lori lightfoot and on this front, she has expressed some outrage. take a listen what she had to say about this ankle monitor policy. watch this. >> nobody believes our communities are safer if murders come attempted murders,, carjackers are placed on electronic monitoring. and essentially free to go about
1:24 am
their business after they are charged. it is a slap in the face. the victims and survivors. >> carley: you know, older men she right about that but is there anything she can do or anybody in chicago can do to change this? >> well, for starters, mayor lightfoot is deflecting from the fact she endorsed for reelection kim foxx, the person responsible for not prosecuting criminals in cook county in the city of chicago. mayor lightfoot helped her get reelected and refuses to call her candidate out for the failures and the impact it is having on our streets. the mayor can say outrage all she wants, but she has done nothing to hold criminals accountable. as we saw earlier the reports in chicago, she actually tried to re-victimized business owners who had felt frustrated by her lack of action. she sent city inspectors to them to try to find them for speaking up. the city needs a better plan,
1:25 am
and we need to make sure if we have people in positions to prosecute, that they prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, not bring charges lower to get people out. if we have to, maybe in the city, maybe we should start prosecuting our own crimes so that we can get some justice for victims. because no one in the city is talking about the victims in a way that is meaningful or helpful to them. >> carley: you know what, i'm so glad you said that because this just breaks my heart pure last april, a 7-year-old girl, her name adams, she was shot ang members and one of them was on bail and wearing an ankle monitor. so, this does present real, clear danger to people in chicago. and a little girl lost her life because of this. she could be alive today if this policy was not in place. you have been on the forefront talking about the gang issue, the drug issue, the violence issue in chicago. what are people in the community
1:26 am
saying about this? >> every day chicagoans, not the politicians, but everyday chicagoans are fed up. they want someone to stand up and answer the call to take ownership of what is going on in the city of chicago. stop blaming, stop passing the buck but take ownership and deal with it. it doesn't matter what their background is or racial demographic is, none of that matters in the city. everyone is concerned about their safety and the safety of their neighbors and the neighborhood appear they cannot wait, they cannot wait for the next 14 months to come by so the upcoming election, a change can be made in the city of chicago. >> carley: wow a strong statement there and we can only hope that is true because something absolutely needs to change. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> carley: todd to come over to you. spilling carely, time n joe biden secretary to resign after he filled he solicited
1:27 am
letter with parents to domestic terrorist. we are talking to a mother who was targeted for her beliefs. and apparently someone on on the left think this is the appropriate way to treat unvaccinated americans. >> they need to start to pay a little bit more of the cost because they are collapsing our health system. ♪ ♪
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20 ♪ ♪ >> carley: big update here, clouding county virginia team accused of sexual assault at two different high schools. those of us holds drawing national attention last year with the school board accused of covering them up. that teen has been sentenced to probation and residential treatment facility. the father of one victim was arrested in june after speaking out about the attack on his daughter. he joins tucker carlson to discuss ongoing legal headaches. >> i was found guilty on two
1:32 am
misdemeanor charges, one resisting arrest, one disorderly conduct. she asked for ten days in jail per charge, $2500 fine per charge. my attorney was able to tell the judge that that was ridiculous. >> carley: smith says he is glad his daughters assaulter was found guilty. the education in the u.s. homeschooling jumped in the commonwealth by nearly 40% since 2019. the home educator association of america saying schools shut them because of covid drove parents to seek alternatives like homeschooling. progressive policies like critical race theory have shown parents that public school values are very different from what is taught in many homes, todd. >> todd: carely, president biden's education secretary miguel cardona with faces to resign after email shows he pushed a minimal labeling protesting parents as
1:33 am
domestic terrorists. joining me now is scott who is talking to school board member speaking out. it seems like the actions of miguel cardona and the biden administration have weapon school boards an end bolded them to go after people like you. do you agree? >> i do and unfortunately we saw what happened in scottsdale. the biden administration with problems in the school system in america. >> todd: from covid lockdowns to crt, you name it, doesn't it feel like sometimes as a parent you are under attack from all sides? and it really starts at the top with the biden administration? >> absolutely. we thought it was a local problem, but the newest events have shown us this is happening at the top level of our government. like i said, they have weaponized these school boards
1:34 am
to come after us as domestic terrorist. we have exposing the failing academic mobile curriculum and misuse of tax dollars, surveilled, harassed and tracked by investigators. >> todd: people on capitol hill on the republican side think miguel cardona should resign, senator rick scott representing jim banks, "the truth comes out, cardona should resign" jim banks writing "it appears joe biden's secretary may initiate and the fda retract of literal purity of truth needs to resign. do you agree with those sentiments, amanda? >> i do come i think it is an embarrassment that this has happened at the top level of our government. it needs to stop. >> todd: are there enough parents like you fed up enough to sway the november elections across the country much like last november in virginia? >> absolutely. you know, arizona's very
1:35 am
different than virginia. virginia with a ten-point blue state in arizona was really, barely purple. so i think that people involved in the race now are paying attention and we will see this play out at the ballot box. >> todd: finally, amanda, fundamentally at your core, what do parents want? >> parents want to have a voice. we want to restore parental rights in education. these are our children and our tax dollars that go towards these public school systems. we are actually a customer. there is no other industry that can silence the customer and survive. so the public school system needs to wake up and start paying attention to who they serve. and it's not the biden administration. >> todd: parents are the customer. what a great point. we will leave it there. amanda ray thank you for your
1:36 am
insight, carely over to you. >> carley: thanks, todd. 35 minutes after the hour and g.o.p. gearing up for a fight in november but one top republicans has back the house and senate is not enough. his key to the red wave coming up. now, now that pete buttigieg back from fraternity leave, the crisis, but what do port officials think? we will ask some of them coming up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> todd: chicago's teachers union narrowly voting with covid measures for the city after the battle of students lift students out of class for five days. remember this happen just this week. shutting down schools on a case-by-case basis with 25% of staff affect appear the union president says the agreement was not able home run but as much ae can get right now. in the meantime cincinnati public schools going remote until monday january 24th. the staffing shortages as covid spikes. msnbc joy reid with backlash for demanding unvaccinated be taxed for not getting that shot. listen. >> at some point, i feel like people who are willfully unvaccinated, fine, don't get
1:41 am
vaccinated. but they need to start to pay a little bit more of the cost of what this is doing to our system because they are collapsing our health system here they are the ones in the e.r. they are taking it up. >> todd: roy joy reid citing german and for no longer paying for the test and other european examples for the idea because cy if there is one thing americans love, it is being told we should follow europe when it comes to health system. >> carley: not happening. all right, todd, listen to this the supply chain problems expected to last for months but democrats are already giving the biden administration and transportation secretary pete buttigieg a whole lot of credit. >> and i've got to say, well, are present president and his entire administration deserves credit for the man who saved christmas. >> carley: joining me now cofounder of greater houston trucking association tony pella and florida ports counsel
1:42 am
michael rubin. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> carley: good morning, michael. the biden administration doing a big, old victory lap but the headlines from "wall street journal" yesterday says the southern california ports are struggling to the cargo backlog of the omicron surges and the article says before pete buttigieg in california, so few dockworkers that operations were effectively halted. what is going on here? >> it is way too early to declare victory and it is getting much worse. over 100 vessels waiting to get in. it is actually faster to get to the east coast of the united states instead of california. we are open in florida and hopefully the administration will take some of those potentially available dollars and invest in supply chain routes in florida. we didn't get any money in the
1:43 am
last round. i'm sure a bipartisan delegation in florida is expecting some dollars to come to florida. you need to invest in other supply-chain areas, not just california and the problem has not gone away. the prices are going up and people are still seeing if you just go grocery shopping and try to find products you expect to be on shelves. >> carley: it without a doubt, taken listen to pete buttigieg. >> one of the raisins christmas was not canceled ports like l.a. and long b bch mode record levels of goods, considering the pressures that this country in the community, these communities have been under, that is an extraordinary achievement. >> carley: tony, you have a different explanation as to why most people got their christmas gifts on time. what is that? >> sure, it is a stretch to say at any one person can save christmas. the reason christmas was saved due to the hardworking trucking
1:44 am
men and women appeared over 600,000 total drivers and the united states with over 200,000 female drivers in the u.s. these are women with families with children putting their livelihood on the link to have goods and services we consume every day. credit should be given to these hardworking men and women. >> carley: yeah my think that is a great point and you know, michael i know in florida as you said things are moving smoothly but off the coast of california and you mention currently a backlog of over 100 ships off the coast of california. to put that in perspective before the pandemic, there was usually unusual for they are to be one ship waiting to unload their goods so how did we get here? >> it has been a problem for a while. that is just a congested area in california. look, they will move record numbers of cargo just because, you know, population continues to grow.
1:45 am
but congress and administration needs to invest in supply chain routes outside of california. we cannot expect california to serve the east coast and too expensive and the cost will be borne by the consumers out there. you need to help us build that supply chain route around the country. >> carley: yeah, one of the ideas and it's already happening is that ships would be traveling to florida and unload where you are because things are running so much smoother. tony, one of the reasons the supply chain issue right now is because i lack of truck drivers. you just got the inflation numbers yesterday, overall inflation up 7%. and from your perspective how long do you think this is going to last? explain why you think there is a shortage of truck drivers that could be adding to this issue? >> sure, we still face a serious shortage and here at the trucking association, we are working hard to ease the threat
1:46 am
the economy and our way of life. we certainly believe this is not a time to give credit to one specific person. this is a time to be working. texas has the largest concentration of drivers because of the port of houston. and so, we believe really it depends on giving back the honor and the pride of the industry and we need to educate our children, it is okay to be a truck driver. college is not for everyone. >> carley: yeah, tony salas, michael rubin, trying to keep things moving as best as you can can, thank you for joining us this morning. >> carely, thank you for having me on. i appreciate the opportunity. >> carley: todd, over to you. >> todd: currently, democrats think failed presidential candidate hillary may be the only hope in 2024 now that joe biden and kamala harris approval ratings are in falling. jimmy we will get that answer
1:47 am
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♪ ♪ 's fee when we are now just months away from midterm elections and even though approval ratings for biden administration underwater, chip roy says republicans need to focus on more than just takik the house and senate.
1:51 am
listen. >> it is not enough for republicans to take back the house or take back the senate but we should take back america. america, 250th birthday july come a radical empowerment of the people. let's talk about the funding. why are we funding the department of homeland security that refuses to secure the border? why are we funding anthony fauci? why are we funding to the tune of $8 million the cd seed with ridiculous guidelines on masks? >> todd: and while republicans lay out midterm message, some democrats are thinking about 2020 for expressing grave concerns over biden reelection bid with a few of them saying, yes, the woman you see on the screen, failed presidential candidate hillary clinton could creep back in the spotlight. >> would it be insane to run for
1:52 am
office again? why aren't i a 50 points ahead, you might ask? everything from sexism to misogyny, voters and depression. i will never be out of the game of politics. >> i mean, really, it is deserving of a lot of laughter. >> carley: the host of fox fox news radio joins us, a little bit now from "the wall street journal" article, hillary clinton's 2024 election come back "we can anticipate mrs. clinton will begin shortly after the midterm to position herself as an experienced candidate capable of leading democrats on a new and more successful path." what do you think about all of this? >> gosh, haven't the american people been through enough lately without having to sit through another hillary go around? come on, man! you know what, carely, we have been saying she is absolutely going to run again. don't forget this. a few weeks back, she publicly read the speech she would have given if she won.
1:53 am
that is fatal attraction stop. imagine going on a game with a person and they reviewed the files they would read you if you'd didn't get married. you would run from the table. we all ought to run from the bathroom and get away from it. but here is the thing quick. one of the things this conversation is viable and not just because she probably paid those two writers to get her name in the mix. the reason it is viable is because joe biden sucks. look where he is right now, the guy 35% the latest the latest quinnipiac poll. no one has faith in his judgment. number one he's not running again in 2,024th. the guy in his late 100s but number two, bad instincts. he has bad instincts and georgia just won the national championship monday night, tuesday he goes down to interrupt the biggest party in the history of the world to tell everybody there they are racist. who the hell thought that was a good idea? probably the same that thinks
1:54 am
that hillary clinton has a shot in 2024. >> todd: it is actually worse, jimmy then 35%. it is actually 3% approval for joe biden. at these numbers, 53% disapproval. jimmy, this is during the honeymoon stage. let's not forget that. what happens when they return from hawaii and settled down in the cul-de-sac? >> well, this is how, this is how we got to trump/hillary match up this early in the presidency. todd, you know this is a football fan. every couple of years, the nfc championship gets played, one team goes up 31-3 in the first quarter and the end answers are like "well, what are we going to talk about now? there is no game." that is where we are in the biden presidency, down 31% down to 3% of this is psychotic and bad for the country and bad for biden. it is relevant because she is a political stray cat that we fed once. she is never going away.
1:55 am
[laughter] so yes, yes, yes, meow, meow, meow. >> carley: jimmy, quickly, do you think hillary clinton would want to run again? >> yes! >> carley: but listen, here is the counterpoint. nobody gets republicans to the polls quite like hillary clinton. do you think that she would risk losing again a third time? >> yes would you want to know why? because along the way to that loss, they will revise the global initiative and take $1 billion. every revolution dried up in politics. the consolation prizes the $1 billion they made last time and by the way, bill asked for all his money and singles. [laughter] >> carley: watch fox across america exclusively on fox nation for more jimmy failla, her friend. thank you for joining us this morning. >> the best, you guys, see you.
1:56 am
>> carley: all right, president biden facing backlash for his atlantic speech and members of his own party are calling senseless. >> perhaps the president went a little too far in this rhetoric. >> it was not the vote getting speech. it was a going to hell speech. >> todd: mike huckabee and joe concha, all live in the next hour. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ that's a pretty tight spot. watch this. of course your buick parks itself. that's so you. it's just up here on the right. of course you know where we're going. that's so you. i kinda got a sixth sense. and a head up display. [whistle blows] [horn honks]
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and print out shipping labels it's my secret ingredient shipstation the number 1 choice of online sellers and wolfgang puck go to and get 2 months free >> carley: it is thursday, january 13th. we're following two big stories this morning. president biden is headed to capitol hill to push his partisan election power grab, even after the scathing reaction he received from members of his own party yesterday. >> todd: yeah, things get worse from there for the president. a new poll showing his approval rating continuing to tank, especially on key


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