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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 12, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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evening. as always, we thank you for being with us. you make this show possible. we never forget it. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." if you don't know how, laura ingraham will teach you. he promised me that. let not your hearts be troubled, laura ingraham takes it away. laura, big show tonight. >> laura: we do have a big show. paul manafort looks pretty trim. was it of prison diet? what is that? he looked great. >> sean: i wouldn't want to year in a jail. would you? so boring, i would bore myself. we do know. it was interesting to see him. hannity, awesome show. >> sean: great stuff. have a great show. >> laura: i am laura ingraham from an unintentionally hilarious washington tonight. clinton-cheney 2024. that is the focus of tonight's angle.
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as omicron was spreading in the u.s. last month, biden warned of a winter of severe illness and death. a year earlier, he warned of a very dark winter, again about covid. but he might as well have been forecasting his own political trend line. the data from a new quinnipiac poll is devastating. biden's approval rating is approaching kamala harris territory, at just 33% among adults. it gets even worse when you dig into the cross paths. 25% with independence, 26 approval with men. 24% with 18 to 34-year-olds. that's the future. and he has just 28% approval with hispanic voters. things are only going to get worse for biden this year because inflation is already at 7%. teachers still don't want to return to the classroom and states and thank to the fauci freak out, biden scribbling
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mandate, they can't get people to return to work. even the irs people. it's a complete nightmare of their own making. at this point, they have no other option. they have to jettison the old man. don't mind the crepe paper skin but the swiss cheese brain is a problem. who do they have two run in his place? and biden's benches filled with splinters. >> is it wrong to consider inflation transitory? >> we have to address the fact that we have got to deal with the fact that paying for gas, paying for groceries, needs solutions to it. >> laura: wow. if you own booty g shares in your portfolio, you would've already fired your financial advisor. he'd be better off trying to launch his own baby food or baby
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ppe. all kidding aside, it leaves the democrats in a 2024 bind. they need to think outside the box. that's exactly what democrat consultant doug schoen and andy stein thought they were doing they began their push for return of candidate hillary clinton. they write "several circumstances have created leadership vacuum of the party which mrs. clinton could fill. she is an experienced national figure who is younger than mr. biden and can offer a different approach." are they really doing the age thing? think about this for a moment. imagine this woman sitting behind the resolute desk. >> why aren't i 50 points ahead you might ask. well, the choice for working families has never been clearer. i need your help to get donald trump check it out to everybody. nobody should be fooled. >> laura: i am sure that she
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would have putin and xi shaking in their boots now. from tom friedman, he suggests a left-right coalition ticket. it would kind of be a kin to what the anti-netanyahu folk didn't israel in the last election. as delusion as hillary's part three might sound, friedmans 2024 dream duos perhaps more absurd. is that what america needs in 2024? before you leap into the comments section, hear me out. that's cute. why not go for the best of both worlds? i give you clinton-cheney 2024. >> the fact is we are four dead americans because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they would go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make?
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>> laura: well, hillary and liz cheney. they do have a lot in common. both gals are committed globalists. they favor open borders and our pro-china. both hillary's hubby and liz's dad paved the way to go to american and jobs. they're both pretty pro-war. they are pro-big tech and both benefited hugely from nepotism. most importantly, they both have dim views of a grassroots republican. >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamaphobic, you name it. >> laura: cheney thinks because she is going to lose her house eat, the g.o.p., pretty much deplorable. >> i will not sit back and watch in silence while others lead our party down a path that abandons the rule of law and joins the former president's crusade to
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our democracy. >> laura: deplorables. let's not forget a common bond between these possible running mates, their sunny dispositions. just kidding. hillary has been miserable, let's face it, for decades. >> when you are a woman in public life, you're kind of damned if you do and damned if you don't. if you show emotion that may connect with some people, but for a lot of people it's like, told you. a woman shouldn't have these jobs. they are too emotional. >> laura: she is a ball of fire. liz cheney always looks and sounds like, i don't know, she's passing a kidney stone may be. >> the president of the united states has got a fundamental constitutional responsibility to ensure the laws are faithfully executed and that's what donald trump failed to do. he has gone to war with the rule of law. >> laura: time is wasting.
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those two should make it official as soon as possible. they should try to get it done before the '22 election. not because it's good for them necessarily but because it would be a huge gift to republicans. we would pick up all the anti-hrc vote and the anti-liz cheney vote. it would be huge. come on now, of course the democrats have no intention of sharing power with the never trumpers. they never did. the whole point of their lives was to create a dynamic where they could discredit everything that's normal and shift the country radically to the left. that's why they want to undermine our constitution, elections, culture and history so they can replace it with hard left control. but we can dream, can't we? that's the angle. joining me now is former clinton advisor doug schoen, one of the coauthors of that op-ed pushing for hillary 2024. doug, april fools' day is not for a couple months now. what was going on with that op-ed?
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>> look, laura. you talked about a democratic party moving too far to the left. you know from our prior conversations i absolutely agree. but now hillary is agreeing. she is talking about doing what we did for bill clinton back in the mid-'90s which is moving him back to the center and look, people reinvent themselves. i think hillary, in the land of the blind, you need the one eyed man. she is clearly better than anything the democrats have. biden is a failed president, as you had said. kamala harris arguably worse. mayor pete, i really think is a nonstarter. so secretary clinton, the same way richard nixon repositioned himself in 1968 after his defeat in '60 an '62 with my party's best hope. >> laura: what does that say about the democrat party? if you have to go back to the
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'90s to go get a candidate, what does that say about all the governors? we have pritzker, whitmer, jared polis in colorado. you had cuomo. but what about all of the democratic bench at the gubernatorial level. they did such a great job of handling covid. >> it doesn't look to me and i think you'd agree that we have that deep a bench. while some of those governors have done some things right and had other challenges, i think it's fair to say none of them are ready for national leadership in the way bill clinton was in 1992. so if we have to go back to the '90s or the 2000s and have secretary clinton repositioned and reinvigorated for the 2024 election, so be it. >> laura: doug, last month hillary hit biden and said this. >> it means nothing if we don't
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have a congress that will get things done and we don't have a white house that we can count on to be sane and sober and stable and productive. >> laura: doug, maybe she is gearing up to take biden out. do you think she's going to do it? trump maybe wants to run again to show everyone what he can do and that he has the answers. hillary never thought she really lost, so maybe they both thought they lost when they ran. >> well, i think president trump is ahead in the polls. i think his policies certainly look better now than the biden policies, even though i was not and am not a supporter of president trump. policy is policy. i think a rematch between the two is more likely today and then we would have ever imagined, even a couple months ago. secretary clinton is really i think the only viable national candidate that we democrats have
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as we face historic midterm defeat. >> laura: does she have the energy for it? i mean, if, if, if. does she have the stamina and the energy? pretty much everyone is younger than biden. i don't see that's a qualification. it's more about stamina and energy. >> i would tell you this. i know secretary clinton. i have worked with her. she is an energetic person who has one overarching ambition, laura. that ambition is to be president. she will do everything in her power to get through a campaign, get through it vigorously. this era of virtual campaigns, if she is out on the stump even half the time, that's 100% more than joe biden was in 2020. >> laura: are they going to try to do the clinton foundation, the donation thing all over again or is that all over? >> i think that's over. the one thing that we know is that anyone running against
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donald trump can raise whatever amount of money they need. >> laura: doug, it's fascinating. i still think she should team up with liz cheney. that will be really fun. >> i don't think that's going to happen. >> laura: that's not going to happen. last night we showed you a hot t mic moment. >> you are totally incorrect. >> senator marshall, dr. fauci has answered you and is public information and he's happy to give it to you. senator moran. >> christ. >> laura: did fauci apologize for insulting a sitting member of congress? of course not. he doubled down. >> he was implying that maybe i was making investments, sort of like ahead of the game here. and he made the statement that we can't get the financial statement. it was stunning to me that the
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united states senator doesn't realize that my financial statement is public knowledge. it was like, where have you been? >> laura: joining me now is roger marshall. senator, you are onto something. is that why you believe he reacted the way he did? are fauci's financial disclosures complete? in your mind? >> laura, good evening. dr. fauci does protest too much. why is he so defensive about all this? he has lied to the american public again. he has lied to congress again. we cannot access his records. my office still cannot get them. you cannot get them. nobody can get them yet. the nih somehow was hiding them from us so we lied to the american public. i have to appreciate you talking about hillary clinton and deplorables. don't you feel like a deplorable one when dr. fauci talks down to
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you? if you don't wear a mask, you're deplorable. if you don't want to back senior deplorable. if you don't agree with me you're deplorable. that's dr. fauci. we caught him in another ally yesterday. >> laura: the science dictates this and then months or maybe a year later we find of the science, the supposedly science is collapsing on itself, as it is with cough masks and vaccines and transmission. when he appears on capitol hill as he did this week again, do you sense an arrogant man? do you sense a humble man? what's your reaction to his overall appearance? >> yeah, i think overbearing, very narcissistic, very full of himself. truly he believes that he is the science and that nobody can disagree with him. i felt so bad for dr. walensky making her rule saying that you can go back to work after five days and then dr. fauci hops on tv and says oh, but you need a
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test first. when i suggested yesterday that 9% of americans don't trust you, dr. fauci, every time you go on television, a person that's declined the vaccine so far just dig their heels in even more. he is hurting the team. he was having no part of that. instead what's the first thing he does? he goes back and jumps on tv. he is still in love with the tv camera that he can't do what's best for the health of this nation. >> laura: yesterday was supposed to be biden's big push for voting rights on yet fauci stepped all over it. he stepped on biden and kind of messed up biden's whole mojo, if you can call it mojo in what he said yesterday. he always has to be the center of attention. unsurprisingly the media circled the wagon, senator, around fauci and again went on to attack you. watch. >> dr. marshall knows better. >> they all know better. >> chooses to demonize and
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stigmatize the country's top public health official. >> it's designed to deceive and it does push us to a more dangerous place where hard partisans stop trusting our public officials. >> laura: senator, it's your fault but the american people increasingly do not trust the public health apparatus with what we have learned about the vaccines and omicron. >> of course, it has to be anybody's fault but dr. fauci. several times we had the folks on the panel, whose responsibility is this that 800,000 americans have died? more people died in america in 2021 then 2020 despite having the vaccine, vaccine mandates, mask mandates, lots of testing. it's not working. limited therapeutics. whose responsibility is this? i will say thank you to all the press who did come to our rescue and point out the liza dr. fauci told again yesterday. he lied about being able to get his record. he lied again about viral gain of function.
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thanks to project veritas we were able to point out one more time in the department of defense had declined a research study on viral gain of function. but dr. fauci approved it. we got him on the run again. >> laura: it would be nice if he was vigorous in his criticism toward the communist party of china as he is toward you but he always seems to leap to china's defense. senator, good to see you tonight. thank you. there is a great american sellout underway. china is reaping all the benefits. in moments, i explain how wall street, congress, and the media are all turning their backs on it.
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it's been nearly two years since the pandemic started. our students and teachers tried their best, but as a parent, i can tell you that nearly 18 months of remote learning was really hard. i'm so angry
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that instead of helping our kids get back in the classroom, the school board focused on renaming schools schools that weren't even open . please recall all three school board members now. for the sake of our kids, we can't wait one more day, never mind a whole year for a fresh start.
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>> laura: now on to new "the ingraham angle" series, the great american sellout. >> i look at the united states may say well, what's going on in the united states? should i not invest in the united states because other things, human rights issues. but they have is an autocratic system. one of the leaders described it, he said that the united states is a country of individuals and individualism. china is an extension of the family.
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they behave. >> laura: china is the extension of the family. meet ray, the founder of ahead hedge fund. plenty of american billionaires chase their fortunes to china. they do business there and manufacture products there. it's not businesses job to set u.s. trade and investment policy. it's the responsibility of our elected officials. but it's not just about the money. he's also endorsing the ideology. he seems to be a true believer in the chinese way of doing things. most -- almost sounds like a ccc p sycophant. his comments had a conference. prosperity is a good thing, another way of saying sharing prosperity for most people. with its own net worth of
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$20 billion, he extolled the widespread opportunity supposedly provided by the communist system and admitted that his views on the topic were pretty much aligned with those of the communist leadership. well, while communally not dwelling on the atrocities committed by the ccp against its political and cultural opponents, he proceeded to lecture those in attendance on chinese history. a man afraid of what? offending his honeypot. he praised china for following what he called an evolutionary process toward greater prosperity. as if china didn't get to its dominant position without crushing dissenting voices, cheating on trade obligations, and bribing foreign journalists and academics. please. xi jinping and others understand it's a cycle, mr. dalio said, you get rich and then you make a point of distributing those opportunities in a more equal
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way. yet dalio's comments, as shocking as they are, only the tip of the iceberg. our own government is filled with chinese sympathizers. remember anthony fauci himself took great pains to avoid criticizing china at the start of the pandemic. >> the chinese authorities have really been very explicit that they were not going to tolerate any misinformation. >> laura: i'm surprised that you would say that, given what we know about china's pattern of lying. >> i have faith that they are not distorting things. >> laura: of course our own nih had clapboard with the chinese over the years and even funneled taxpayer cash to the wuhan lab. either internationally acclaimed researchers procedures academic institutions are also afraid of the ccp. let's face it, one tweet that even tepidly questions beijing
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can mean devastating economic retaliation. of course the real blame lies with congress and frankly both parties have a lot to answer for. we should have begun decoupling from this evil and despotic regime years ago but money talks and you know what else walks through the chamber of commerce in the business roundtable would have none of it. members of congress have been too busy protecting their own stock windfall. stocks of companies their legislation directly affects. most americans probably have no idea that the most successful stock investors in the history of u.s. and probably the world is none other than nancy pelosi. late last month we learned that she and her hubby made upwards of $30 million off tech stocks. overall her portfolio beat the market by a whopping 14% in 2020. warren buffett could learn a
7:27 pm
thing or two from old nam. when pelosi was confronted with this obvious conflict, she clapped back with this. >> trading individual stocks. >> no. no to the second one. should be able to participate in that. >> laura: meanwhile the big tech companies she should be raining and are helping to beef up china's mass surveillance apparatus. the even lobbied against a bill to ban products made with chinese slave labor but at least pelosi got her payout. if we had a real press corps, pelosi's actions will be front page and lead the news every night but instead the regime media is always promoting the upcoming beijing games. speak with the beijing winter limpet games are than four weeks away. winter olympics. >> wow. >> mark your calendars.
7:28 pm
you can catch all the action on the networks and services of nbc. >> welcome back. the winter olympics beginning in 23 short days. can't believe it. >> laura: huge propaganda victory for president xi. it's shameful. in november, voters of both parties have a chance to hold all these grifters accountable. it's time to elect people into key positions of leadership who are true public servants. we need to know that those serving in our executive branch and congress are doing so for a noble purpose. big banks, manufacturers could have made huge money in the former soviet union, don't forget. but we knew that that would only enrich our enemy, so our laws didn't permit it. we should return to that same approach toward the ccp. no, it's not going to be easy. but the more manufacturing we bring home, the more secure and less vulnerable america will be in the long run.
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joining me now is missouri senator josh hawley. senator, good to see you tonight. wall street, congress, the media, universities, they are all lining their pockets with a lot of money. upsetting china with criticisms or concerns could upset the apple cart of these investments. so what now for congress? >> well, i think when it comes to congress, one of the most basic things we should be able to expect, voters, citizens ought to be able to expect is that people who go to congress will be focused on doing with the people want and not on lining their own pockets and patting their own wallets which is why i think it's time to ban stock trading by members of congress. it's not too much to say that if you go to congress, you should either do what most americans do which is to put their savings into broad-based mutual funds or put them in a blind trust. but either way, people in congress should be focused on doing with people sent them there to do and not what
7:30 pm
nancy pelosi has been doing apparently, which is selling stocks and trades and enhancing her own personal wealth over all these years. >> laura: that's an enormous amount of money that she has made. her husband paul is a big investor, hugely successful. and i mentioned ray dalio before you came on. it's important to know, he's a multibillionaire. but chinese propaganda outlets, state run media, are praising him because he touted what he calls their common prosperity plan. and he said china's common prosperity refers to affluence shared by everyone in both material and cultural terms. to be 23 is a rare visionary in the u.s. he knows that the u.s. problems are not rooted in china but in the u.s. itself. senator, i have heard a lot from u.s. ceos over the years.
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but this takes the cake. he is getting praised by the chinese communist party. >> you know, i tell you what. i considered a badge of honor that i am banned from china by the chinese communist party. i am officially sanctioned by them. to be fawned over by the communists in those terms shows you what some people in corporate america are willing to do in order to make a buck, laura. i don't think we should be saying to these investors and the seals that it's too much to ask them to actually be for america. why can't they be for the united states and america that after all as a country that has made them rich. they've made their money because of the free system, the free economy, free enterprise we have in this country. i think to turn around and badmouth that and say that the chinese system is better, i don't see them living in china, basing their business in china, it's outrageous. i think people are tired of it and they are tired of these woke corporations and woke ceos
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lecturing this country and americans on how we ought to live while they praise authoritarians like the dictatorship of china. >> laura: is speaking of giving a big propaganda coup to the chinese communist party, senator, we are about to have nc broadcast the olympics in beijing, a huge moment for the communist party of china after the virus of course devastated the globe. we are launching a campaign tonight on "the ingraham angle" called "not one minute." that means we are getting people across country to say they will not watch one minute of the olympics because of what it does to prop up the communist party regime and their subjugation and oppression of minorities and dissenters of the regime. do you agree with this? do you think we should be in beijing? >> i absolutely agree with what you're saying and what you're doing. the olympics should absolutely not be in beijing. there is no way we should be rewarding the olympic committee,
7:33 pm
should be rewarding this authoritarian dictatorship whose entire economy is based on slave labor. we know that they imprison their own people. they enslave their own people. not to mention all of the theft they have committed with regard to this country and the jobs and technology they have stolen from us. they are the world's leading practitioners of slavery. i mean, there's just no way that we should be applying that, propping it up. i want to say i wish our athletes well but i'm not going to be watching nbc's coverage because i just can't stand to see another big corporation fought over the chinese government in an effort to make more money. i just think it's wrong. >> laura: senator, thank you. great to see you tonight. biden is spinning the malarkey, no joke. i have a special announcement about raymond arroyo. what's next for him? "seen and unseen" is next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: it's time for our "seen and unseen" segment will re-expose the cultural stories of the day and return to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. i have a story about you. first tell us what you have uncovered about joe biden. >> we have heard a lot about the divisiveness of the president's speech, the one he gave in atlanta, to push the federal takeover of elections. most missed the audacity of his pitch and what he intends. it is tonight marquis malarkey. >> a bunch of malarkey. malarkey. a threat to our democracy, so grave. we must find a way to pass these. debate them, vote, let the majority prevail. and if the bare minimum, we have -- if it's blocked we have no
7:40 pm
option but to change the senate rules including getting rid of the filibuster. >> the incoherence he of that statement is amazing. we need to let the majority prevail but if the majority doesn't make the changes we want, we have to change the rules and trashed the filibuster. who exactly is threatening democracy, i ask you. >> laura: it depends on what the meaning of the where democracy is. it means whatever it takes for them to win, that's what it means. >> laura, this voting rights bill is a series of bills, it would mean online automatic day of registration, mailing ballots with no excuse at all. they're also having nonphotographic ids accepted. that's undermining the integrity of everybody's vote. that's not voting rights. bear in mind biden claims the other party is trying to destroy voting rights. none of it coheres. tell me if you can follow us.
7:41 pm
>> i showed up at the g7 with seven other world leaders. there was a total of nine presidents. vice president i have spent our careers doing this work. >> the work of creating new g7 nations? what is he talking about. if he showed up to the g7 with seven other leaders, mr. president, you are at the g8. none of it makes sense. >> laura: no, it was truly, it was one for the ages. biden dropped this old story, raymond. >> i did not walk in the shoes of generations of students who walked these grounds but i walked other grounds because i am so damn old, i was there as well. seems like yesterday, the first time i got arrested. anyway. >> there's only one problem, laura. if you're going to try to position yourself as the savior of the republic, don't lie when
7:42 pm
you're doing it. biden was never arrested during civil rights marches or for anything else. he claims twice in 2018 that he had been arrested. watch this from last year. >> when i set arrested, i meant i was not able to move. cops, afrikaners would not let me go with them. made me stay where i was. it wasn't arrested. i was stopped. i was unable to move i wanted to go. >> but two years later he's arrested again. i've never heard anything like it. he lies about basic facts, biographical facts, how can you trust him on these wild racial theories? >> laura: i am still back at the g7 plus one. before we go, before we go now, i have a special announcement about you. we are not doing the "who's on first" thing again. it's actually something and i have video share. >> we would like to introduce
7:43 pm
you to our grand marshal for this year's parade. he is a native of the city of new orleans. he's a "new york times" best-selling author. he's a fox news analyst. please welcome raymond arroyo. >> thank you, mark. >> laura: wait, what was this? is it a little academy awards? what was it? over the weekend when you renamed grand marshal of indimian. it's the biggest mardi gras crew in new orleans. that's a big deal. >> for a kid from new orleans who grew up attending this parade, i would wait for it. it's a huge honor. to ignore lenny and, being name grand marshal of endymion is like being named pope. we attended a ball of about 4,000 of our closest friends. then in the middle of it they
7:44 pm
called me up on stage. it was a surreal experience. you rode with me a few years ago. i've written several times with my dear friends, but this is going to be an incredible night. louis armstrong used to say he had one big dream as a kid and it was toledo mardi gras parade. we all kind of have that. it was huge and unexpected honor. they've been so good and so kind. >> laura: if i am in the street during the parade, will you throw me some mardi gras beads? >> bring you to the extravaganza. february 26, come cs in new orleans. >> laura: i'm glad that it's called endymion and not omicronian. congratulations. a ronald mcdonald house in
7:45 pm
canada is threatening to evict a family, including a 4-year-old with leukemia because they refuse to get the covid vaccine. the father is here exclusively in moments with a warning for the united states. stay there.
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>> laura: my next guest, austen furgason, was supposed to be staying in the ronald mcdonald house in vancouver, canada, while his 4-year-old underwent treatment for leukemia but according to austin, he and his family were suddenly notified that any unfaxed person over the age of five would be evicted by the end of the month. equally disturbing was a video that austin post on social media of the charities response to his question. >> getting evicted because we don't have the vaccine. >> we are protecting the safety of everybody. >> knowing or not. a vaccine person can still get it and transmit it. >> that's right. what we are trying to do -- >> it doesn't make any sense. >> laura: austin furgason joins me now. austin. the hospital your son is getting treated at said that they provide accommodations for children's families, coverage
7:51 pm
and housing won't be halted. your response. >> right, yeah. the letter was pretty shocking and everything. i was in disbelief when i got it. confronted the person about it. just blew my mind that it was actually real life, that that was a real letter that they are actually evicting kids with cancer. for whatever reasons. they say they are doing it to keep people safe. i just honestly believe they are obsessed with vaccinating people. we have a great social worker, and she has already gotten us another place. it's through the hospital, though. so she's been really great. but we didn't know what was going on right off the bat.
7:52 pm
we have been talking to a lot of people here and i feel like this story kind of strikes a lot of people. we have had people coming up to a saying we saw your video. we are vaccinated. arcade is halfway through his cancer treatment. we don't want to mess it up. any kid in the future coming in, the people getting evicted right now. those kids will have to be vaccinated to come here. in our particular case, it's us not wanting to get vaccinated. he's under five. so it doesn't apply him. it's a story that needs to come out. people can see in the video. pointing out the logical fallacy, hypocrisy. >> laura: you can't believe this is actually happening when you hear about examples like this are students getting kicked out of colleges or our people losing their jobs. also, we reached out to the ronald mcdonald house. they haven't gotten back to us, at least not yet. they did tell the city news in
7:53 pm
vancouver that it's family services team and social workers worked to find alternate housing for families who refuse to get everyone over the age of five vaccinated. so that could mean anything from a hotel to other facilities, like rm h, so they say they're going to help finding someone else to go. you have a friend who's helping you. who is going to -- who will have to pay for these other facilities question regarding you paying? is someone else paying at this point? >> it worked out pretty good. we have a social worker. i don't know if she is through ronald mcdonald house. i think you get assigned when your kids come to the hospital. there's two places. the ronald mcdonald house here and then there's easter seal house that's been around before ronald mcdonald house even was. we found a spot there. they are not forcing us to get vaccinated or anything. >> laura: austin, it's like a
7:54 pm
-- it's mindless medical bureaucracy. i'm glad you have somewhere to stay. i'm glad your treatment is going to continue for your child. this should never have happened. he shouldn't even have to worry about these issues at all. thank you for sharing your story with us. up next, how to college basketball games proved the point of last nights angle. stay there.
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>> laura: yesterday stanford hosted usc, the number five team in the country in men's basketball. because the folks in california are insane, though, they had to play in an empty gymnasium. meanwhile the same day, alabama hosted auburn, the number four team in the country, and these guys got to play in front of a packed crowd.
8:00 pm
>> oh! j.d. davison. wow. >> laura: if you were a young basketball player, where would you rather compete? these two teams prove the point we made in our angle last night. americans want to be free in the left is doing everything possible to make us miserable, so don't let them. that's it for us tonight. remember, it's america now and forever. ♪ ♪ >> greg: it's not good enough, it's just not good enough for the audience, is it, is it? happy wednesday, america. what a glorious wednesday it is. judge jeanine is back with us. a smattering of apprause. i don't know what's happening to my mouth.


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