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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 12, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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voting is right, that's what president biden is in the white house today. this is big government, talk about big government. "the five" is next. >> greg: hi, i'm greg gutfeld along with jesse watters, judge jeanine pirro, and it dana perino. "the five." >> most of the price increases that we seen were expected and expected to be temporary. these bottlenecks and price spikes will reduce other economy continues to heal. i really hear republicans say today that, talking about the strong record of, shows that
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they don't understand, or are not focused on inflation. malarkey. >> malarkey? promises about inflation didn't age well. promises rocketing to the highest level in 48 years increasing to a whopping 7%. but joe claims it's a process and a food and gas prices and the cost of living is a global problem. it's not just that it's costing a lot more, it's whether or not you can find what you're looking for. they are self's problem is not going way a shoppers compare with going onto the soviet union. spike that, transportation secretary pete buttigieg is doing supply chain crisis victory lap. >> one of the reasons why christmas was not in fact cancel is that ports like l.a. and long beach moved record levels of goods allowing an all-time record high in terms of retail
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sales at this holiday season. considering the pressures that this country in this community, these community to have been under complacent extremity achievement. >> greg: he saved christmas. congratulations to judge jeanine who is now it permanent panelist on "the five." you can afford a complete dress, not just have a dress. very, judge. >> it's not racy at all, it has patches in it. >> greg: i know what you're up to. you try to distract me and it worked. so judge, inflation is at a 40 year high but it's a meet amazing that the media and the dems are not that concerned. >> jeanine: i'm convinced they should be teaching a class and to how to turn a negative into a positive. i've never seen anything like it. this is a nightmare for ordinary americans but to them, it's a dream. this guy pete buttigieg has been home on parental leave and is now coming out and saying, i saved christmas for you.
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you should be bowing at my feet. the mayor called him the man who saved christmas. joe biden is waning it on the global problem and joe biden said thank goodness for my american rescue plan. stop worrying about it, it's only transitory. we know it's not transitory. and here's the bottom line. the more they talk, the more americans are going to buy less with the money that they make and they can talk all they want about increase in wages and all of that. you can't afford to buy what you bought a year ago, you want to buy 77% higher. you want to buy meat and gas at 50%. they are doing terrible, and you know who predicted this? >> greg: who? >> jeanine: donald trump. >> greg: i didn't see that coming. congratulations to geraldo who has also been made a host, and
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it came, no wonder you think the economy is going great geraldo, because you got your mini cooper. >> i think the economy is doing okay, if you look at the stock market, the stock market doesn't lie. on employment at 3.9%, the lowest in a very long time. i think the concern over inflation might be inflated so to speak. wages have been suppressed for many, many years. remember the $15 an hour crusade it was going nowhere? now you can't get a dishwasher around these parts for less than 16, 17 or $18 an hour. i think that some of this inflation was overdue. the most egregious price increases will level off and 7% is distressing. the fact of the matter is, too
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many americans were working too little money. >> greg: you have to do something to make it pass, you can't just say that is your strategy. they not, congratulations on apsley nothing. you did get promoted and you didn't get a job, but that's okay. people are accusing the president of being out of touch which is ironic because he's so touchy-feely. wouldn't it be great if he was apposite where you could feel our pain and not our teenager shoulders? >> dana: that is some very good thinking there, greg. i have to say i'm blushing a little bit. here's the thing, if it was transitory or no big deal, then maybe they wouldn't have the political product. they look at some of these are polls, do you think the economy is going to be better or worse are saying about the same.
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that becomes applicable issue. now, if all this was because of the pandemic, you would expect europe, for example, to be experiencing the same rate of inflation, but they are not. and joe manchin has already said it's going to happen. but when you have all this money sitting in the space, it hasn't even been spent yet. >> greg: jesse, we were sold that joe biden was going to be a comfortable sweater. turns out he's like a hair shirt. things have not gotten better, they got worse and i need a little bit more time.
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this inflation would be a bump in the road. but when you are a 80 and powerful and wealthy, everything looks like a bump in the road. but like geraldo said, this too shall pass. a bump for biden is like a crater for most americans and he needs to be more like bill clinton. i feel your pain. don't feel everything clinton felt, but he needs to acknowledge that there is a lot of economic anxiety out there. just cherry picking facts to look like the hottest economy of all time. now they will have to raise them, but biden box in the covert release package, academic release package 2 trillion, they set up a grease fire in the economy and that's a dollar that has been destroyed. mayor pete needs to get back to work. did he hear what happened to me?
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ribeye gate? if they don't have bone-in ribeye's, secretary. i had to get the boneless ribeye. americans are suffering. look at. not used to scarcity. if a person outside this country went to an american supermarket, they would believe what they saw. you put on a fitbit and he walked to every aisle in a supermarket, you're doing a half a mile, it's a palace of produce. a mecca of meat. they have tables of cheese, all through the eye can see. the only time you see an empty shelf is when a hurricane or idiots like me to buy toilet paper in the first week of the pandemic. we are not used to it. >> greg: now if only a democrat could bring us back to the days of scarcity. judge, who predicted this? >> jeanine: i think i said that, that was my last sentence i'm glad you came around to me. jesse, you are so right.
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and people, standing in line, and that's a situation where we had empty shelves. it is. that's it. >> greg: well, thanks, obama. coming up the media's sudden epiphany on the pandemic. they are just waking up to what we have been telling you for years. ♪ ♪
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with special offers just for movers at ♪ ♪ >> jeanine: the media is doing a sudden about-face on the pandemic and embracing things that we've been telling for a long time. gayle king and jay tapper are getting slammed for being late to the game after making these observations on covid. >> i'm so tired of being tired and afraid of this. i am. i think we all have to figure
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out how we can live our lives to navigate it and that's where i am. i don't want to go back home, i don't want to go back home. i would much rather run down times square buck naked then go back home. buck naked, that's what i would rather do. >> 40% in some hospitals, 40% of the people who have covid don't necessarily have problematic covid. they are there because i got in a car accident. they are there because they bumped their head and they are being included as in the hospital with covid and that number seems kind of misleading. this >> jeanine: all go to you first greg, since you started with me. what happened, did they get a lobotomy? did they finally figure this out? it gayle king is saying, i don't want to go home anymore, i'm tired of this? >> greg: it's great that this opinion is acceptable as long as none of us say it. but if we say anything like this and, by the way, all of us have, then we want people to die,
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right, what we are antiscience. but if we are a media approved voice, then you can just. everything we say and everybody says that's really sensible. we knew the answer to years ago would come down to an adult assessment or an adult notion of risk assessment, understanding that there is no such thing as zero risk and you could lock down and get close to zero but that's a different sort of death. the second point is the telegraph has reported that the u.k. and u.s. scientists thought it was likely that covid escaped from a lab but feared further debate would harm science. so that was another thing that was shut down by the experts and it raises a big question. this pandemic was human caused. it was created in a lab under idiotic circumstances. it may have been a mistake but if they understood the risk of this mistake then it must be held accountable. what is the punishment for manslaughter when it's in the millions?
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like, somebody has to go to something more severe than just the jail. and we have to hold somebody or something accountable. >> jeanine: they are crimes against humanity but to say is antiscience is really to say is anthony fauci. it's about the truth? i mean now that we know what file she has been selling has even been contradicted by the liberal left, that tells us that may be faulty's time is limited. >> jesse: fauci's punishment to greg's point is to have to watch stephen colbert for every night the rest of his life. you can book that right there. i have a question for gayle king. gail, what is stopping you from streaking buck naked right now through times square? is oprah keeping you from doing that? the lockdown has been over for a year and a half, what is this,
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you are a 550th day to stop the spread? unbelievable. we stopped quarantining after what come like a month maybe. maybe if you live in a $10 million connecticut estate, media takes two years to leave that $10 million connecticut estate. greg, if she streaks through times square that's the official end of the pandemic. not february 1st, then it's officially over. she says this, i'm sick and tired -- i'm about to break free. i'm sick and tired of being scared. well, we are sick and tired of you being scared of, too. everyone is scared to come up half the country is scared and half the country is living through it and here's why. the media sells fear for profit. conservative media sold facts. we on the show talked about comorbidities and therapeutics on the social cost of lockdowns, we went through that but now because the media is a mob, they
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finally like all at the same time caught up to the facts and they are glancing around the lake, i think it's okay if we say this now. >> jeanine: while they all agree, they had a big meeting. dana, i want you to listen to the sound. then i will come back to you. >> so you just asked, you people of the podium are speaking without masks. just once i'd like to see a reporter say to joe biden when he stands at the podium at the white house without a mask, mr. president, white wearing a mask? just once i'd like to hear you say jen psaki, why don't you have a mask? the questions are only directed at one side, and i've got to say, the american people have seen hypocrisy. >> dana: even if you look at the hearing yesterday with the cdc director's and anthony fauci were testifying, rochelle walensky was double masked. fauci took off his mask, the fda commissioner had one mask on and so did the other lady.
2:20 pm
so not even consistency there president biden, remember yesterday when he and kamala harris got off the plane to give the speech? they are both wearing n and 95 masks as they got off the plane outside. none of this make sense. but i'm thinking, we have been that through this before where people in the media eventually come around with something we have said for a long time. that happens to us a lot. i think they should just be so glad that it's turning to this position because it all means, and if you help them, that is a -- you get the method where people come to your way of thinking with that type of persuasion, let's take them up on it. if everybody is ready to go back to figuring out a way to live with it and protecting the vulnerable, let's do it. >> jeanine: you know you are
2:21 pm
such a class act, not so nice. i don't know that i be so nice in the end. go ahead geraldo. >> geraldo: i think for all things there is a season. it's clear that omicron is no delta and you see the pendulum swinging or even jake tapper and cnn are saying the results, it was over exaggerated. but let's say half of the deaths are not covid as the prime cause, let's still an enormous number of dead people, historic really. so i think we have to be careful now about the minimizing this profoundly devastating experience at the nation is gone through. yes there is hype and new media is in the doom and gloom business but this is something that historians look back on and say, my god, this is awful.
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>> jeanine: that could be debated. straight-ahead the presidents and democrats falsely reporting and biden forgot to check his own record. ♪ ♪
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>> jesse: democrats and the media taking their cues from president biden and allotting more smears and moderate democrats standing in the way of progressives. listen. >> i still feel like suddenly, black people still are where we were under the emancipation proclamation.
2:27 pm
>> if they want to go down in history on standing on the side of segregation and those individuals who are people who look like me and have access to the ballot, we will remember them as such. 16 of them, and it 2006 passed unanimously. and now you can't find a single one that will do the same thing. >> it took because the republican party has transformed to the party of both fear and fascism. >> jesse: if a chill and the others conveniently forgot to mention the truth on who has really been palling around with segregationists. then senator biden once bragged about being praised by george wallace who once called biden a "outstanding young politician. biden also once voted to restore confederate leader jefferson davises u.s. citizenship. so someone sent me an article and cnn called me a
2:28 pm
flamethrower. i saw a lot of people throwing some flames at the top of that. i mean the cnn the guy, that's up nasty. >> greg: we are announcing a new phenomenon and i've coined it, it's called on the sidism. you don't agree with me, you are on the side of hitler. if you don't agree with -- the side of stalin. this is i guess the structure of the insult now and i love how whatever joe was demonizing was always his side. it kind of proves that if you are in politics long enough, you will be on the side of every issue including now the evil side because apparently he's condemning the side he was on his evil. >> jesse: yes, you used to be on my side, that's exactly what he's saying.
2:29 pm
but does the country know that joe biden and the democratic party were the party of segregation? >> i don't know if the country knows that and that's what i worry about. i think there are no information voters and the democrats are counting on them. people just hear a phrase or some celebrity that they like mouthing off about something that, all of a sudden if you don't want illegals to vote then you are on the side of hitler or, if you don't show an i.d. proving who you really are then you are on the side of marxism or communism. they already admit they are on the side of marxism but communism, if that's considered worse. in the end, this is really about the low information voter. you have smart people on the right and smart people on the left and people on the left to our smart know this is a bunch of hogwash. and then, they rely on on the people in the middle to get them into office.
2:30 pm
in the end i don't know that people are remember joe biden and say, this is great, george wallace thinks i'm terrific. or sean thurman, i gave the eulogy of him at his funeral. this is crazy and you know what's worse, i don't think joe biden remembers doing that because i don't think he remembers yesterday. >> jesse: is as the cable news situation geraldo where the president goes and because of republican segregation at the in the next day all the people on the left on cable called the republican? >> you know i've known whoopi goldberg for decades but i have to say or position on this is absolutely baloney. it's an insult to the memory of the crusaders and it has nothing to do with the emancipation proclamation of 1863 when they were still slavery in the country. what this is about his unregulated unregulated mail-in voting which was a function of
2:31 pm
the covert crisis and the voter i.d. what is the big deal about having a voter i.d.? as i said yesterday, everyone in this country should have a voter i.d. why is that such a big deal? are puerto ricans inherently incapable of getting a voter i.d.? i think the federal government should issue ids to every american. i know a lot of conservatives don't like that, too bad. everyone should have the same i.d. at the very least it's nothing -- everybody has a social security card and there should be some easy way to prove who you are so it's not just, as if there was a car wash coupon and you receive ballots in the mail, you get three it also think it's bogus, i really do and it is an insult, the democrats are insulting me. this has nothing to do with bull connor or strom thurmond,
2:32 pm
nothing to do with george wallace, jefferson davis, the confederacy or the civil war. this has to do with common sense and each political party vying for the position that helps them acutely more votes. >> jesse: he's not only insulting geraldo which is very offensive, he's insulting senator joe manchin, democrats who don't want to know the filibuster to pass this federal takeover of elections. what kind of strategy is that? >> dana: he said he wants to unite the country and now he's talking about dividing his own party. and geraldo is right on the voter i.d. if you look at the percentages that's on one of the only truly bipartisan agreements in this country, voter i.d. so there's one thing against him. another thing that people don't realize is they don't allow states to take this option of spending taxpayer dollars especially for anybody who is
2:33 pm
able to raise a lot of small dollar donations. guess who that would be. aoc for example, very good at fund-raising with small dollars. and that's incredibly unpopular all across the country. federal must democratize elections because and that's municipal elections and they will say, that's just a mobile issue. we are not going to pay attention to that. so in that sort of went by me and in vermont they pass the same thing. in the constitution he said you must be a citizen to vote.
2:34 pm
>> greg: something up by you, dana? shocking. i don't want to happen again, we can't afford it. up next, grab your popcorn, speculation running wild. the two-time loser hillary clinton could be making a comeback. ♪ ♪
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2:39 pm
in 2024. that's what some are thinking the once unthinkable, hillary clinton. yes, that hillary clinton. the former first lady and secretary of state and of course failed presidential candidate. so hillary is the mother of all comebacks saying" if they want a fighting chance of the presidency in 2024 then mrs. clinton is likely the best option. if you've noticed hillary herself growing lavender in the media, taking some shots of the progressive left. >> i think that it is a time for some careful thinking about what wins elections and not just in deep blue districts. nothing is going to get done if you don't have a democratic majority in the house and of the senate and the majority comes from people who win and much more difficult districts. >> geraldo: dana, nixon lost a
2:40 pm
close one at jfk in 1960 in the media hated him and got elected twice. could history repeat? is she such an impossible candidate? >> dana: well i want you all to remember about eight weeks ago, this was going to happen. she was going to try to make a comeback. i'm worried there were enough people around that whole universe that makes a lot of money on consulting, and you write this. i will get this campaign going, and they all got the contract and it just goes around and around, i highly doubt this will happen. imagine if you are one of the 26 democrats it meant less time and you look at this and say, mayor pete is walking around like he's going to be the nominee in 2024 even though he's like, oh, no. i love kamala harris and she's really great. >> geraldo: and get people have buyers remorse for picking trump over hillary. >> greg: , >> jeanine: i don't that they have regret now
2:41 pm
because avenue biden, and they have buyers remorse with biden. but when you look at the options out there, biden is a disaster. and who else? pete buttigieg? she can come across to a lot of people as a serious person, and domestic issues and people have a short memory. they forget she's the most untrustworthy candidate to ever run for president. she forgets that she lied to the fbi over and over again. and run again. and i love it, because what a good time might have. >> geraldo: i wonder if she could beat mike pence.
2:42 pm
jeffrey epstein, and anger from black voters that shoving, here is the side? >> greg: there's a lot to choose from and that's why this kind of delicious. i do think dean is onto something, i think this is all about doug schon. he's a sneaky little devil. talk about finding kamala harris, they are not passing her over someone new. and it's like she was supposed to be the new face of the party and they are saying no thanks. the clintons are the political equivalent of new variance of ad election. like 2016 was delta, will this be omicron or worse? >> geraldo: would your mom but for her? what do you think? >> jesse: she would go twice.
2:43 pm
imagine being joe biden though and you are in a rocking chair in delaware and you turn on the tv and every single democrat in the country is running for president in 2024. and stacy is probably going to run, bernie is running, people in jo's own cabinet are running against and how degrading is that? but i don't think cricket could clear the field. and there is no clinton mystique, and there is a lot of bad blood between biden and hillary. she disrespected joe biden. she had a lot of influence over barack obama and joe did and when joe was done he basically anointed hillary. and then joe ended up beating the guy she lost to, and to see hillary kind of circling you like a vulture must make joe's blood boil.
2:44 pm
>> geraldo: i think dean is right on this one, don't count hillary out. stay right there, huge, really huge, how huge? very huge announcement about "the five" is coming up next. ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high ♪
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musical medical >> dana: is a very big news today about "the five," your favorite show. judge jeanine pirro is going to be a full-time cohost on the show, and geraldo rivera, harold ford jr. and jessica tarlov will be our permanent rotating panel, starting january 24. there is jessica along with baby cleo. >> i want to see that baby. >> she's big! >> she's so cute. >> we are big, she's big, everyone is vague. >> dana: congratulations to all of you.
2:49 pm
let me start with harold, what have you gotten yourself into? >> i hope a good thing. i've been watching this show tonight and taking notes with geraldo's performance and i hope we now can collaborate a little bit more because those guys are tough. >> geraldo: they are, tough crowd. >> dana: geraldo, you watch the show from the beginning, are you excited to become officially a part of it? >> geraldo: a huge fan of jessica and harold and you all have been so kind to me despite the fact that we disagree on some issues, but we agree that we respect each other and have great affection and that's why the show was so successful and i'm proud to be on it. >> dana: jessica, first of all, it's great to see you with this lovely baby. are you ready to get back in the arena here and have arguments with jesse? >> i was listening to the show as well, i'm going to use my last eight weeks for sure before
2:50 pm
coming back into the arena, and i was thrilled to see that jesse's new year's resolution was to be nicer to me. i have a child, i deserve that. [laughs] but i'm thrilled to be joining the show, i watched for years and i've been thrilled to be colleagues with all of you and where with harold, who joined just last year. it's great to be part of the show, it really shows off that both people on both sides of the alcan get along and have fun. i'm overwhelmed by this. >> dana: and judge jeanine, let's give you a chance to say a few words to the audience here that adores you. >> jeanine: principal, and thrilled to be part of this. i love all of you. it is for me an opportunity to do things five days a week. i've been on the weekends for 11 years now.
2:51 pm
and that's every day five days a week. i'm thrilled to be part of this and i have great respect for everyone here and very upset about it. >> dana: and they are worried, they will be well taken care of though. greg, do you have anything you want to say to these folks? >> greg: i am a little worried about their choice of music. well i have fewer punk rock and fewer metal songs and it will be more country music. >> dana: i noticed that judge jeanine chose toby keith today. jesse, last word? >> jesse: i'm just going to -- i'm so excited, and i want to get back to the table because the best part about this crew here is the conversations during the hump commercial break. geraldo's new bentley or talking golf with harold ford jr., or my giving jessica nursing tips and talking to the judge about new york city, and our dogs. i can't wait to get back to the table.
2:52 pm
>> dana: it's thrilling. it's a wonderful and amazing show in and of the three of us are honored to be on it and now we have all of you with us as well. we love you. judge harold and jessica, congratulations one more time. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns.
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(burke) this is why you want farmers claim forgiveness... [echoing]about ubrelvy. claim forgiveness-ness, your home premium won't go up just because of this. (woman) wow, that's something. (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. [echoing] get a quote today. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: time now for one more thing, dana? >> dana: it's time for this dana's sorry for ruining your name news. so the other day "the washington post" published this article about all of these people who are named covid they spell it with a k. and they are very upset about what's happened as you can imagine. they are changing their name. made me think of all the other names that have been ruined, corona beer. delta airlines, covid, alexa, karen, that's our producer there
2:57 pm
karen f goes to star bucks and says her name is lauren. then you have got brandon. we all know what that's all about. nascar driver there. and just be careful so that they don't make exclamation point in prime time one of those names. >> greg: yes. i felt so bad for my grandfather adolf. i'm next. tonight, what a great show. i have judge jeanine, fresh from this show. we are going to tape it right after this. >> judge jeanine: great. >> greg: kat timpf is going to be a wild one. >> dana: that's going to be this. >> greg: do this quickly greg's wow that's really gross. this is a discussing piece of video. if you have any children or elderly in the room you should get up and leave. roll the tape. this is hideous. this is a large sea of pompoms, pomeranian dogs. there must be about 70 of them together. a mob of pompoms.
2:58 pm
is it discussing, hideous seeing these dogs have so much nun. judge, you are up. >> judge: i don't know about you. but i have three dogs and they go crazy whenever they see a squirrel. so, i heard about this dog by the name of rockie, a golden retriever, and he lives in south carolina. and every time guests come over, because rockie gets crazy, she puts squirrels on television or on an iphone. the dog will not bother the guests. he does not get crazy. he is totally focused on the screen. now, haven't you always wondered whether or not a dog can see what's on television? look at that an iphone. go home tonight and try it on ted. who is ted? >> judge jeanine: a four legged dog. a four legged dog. gutted gut where are we.
2:59 pm
jesse? >> jesse: do you know how i like to check on the goings on in russia? let's look at germany. what the heck is going none germany? this is what is going on. some german woman picks up this massive bird what does she do with it? drop it into the river. pick it up and drop it over that little thing and drop it right in the river. the swan was disoriented. i don't know the german word for disoriented. but it was disoriented now in that lovely body of water. that's what they do in germany. find a disoriented bird and throw them in bodies of water. >> greg: you are a fearless culture critic, jesse. >> judge jeanine: wow. >> greg: geraldo, 30 seconds. >> geraldo: time for geraldo news with geraldo. morning coffee served with a
3:00 pm
side of love all started one morning i decided to leave a love note for erika on her coffee which i make in the morning it's a regular thing on days when i don't have regular tv i sleep in she makes the coffee. try to send her a little note. it's been 21 years together, wonderful. >> judge jeanine: wonderful. >> greg: when i'm in d.c. i do that to bret baier. [laughter] you should see the smile on his face. >> bret: i have nothing. i have nothing. i have nothing. congratulations to the expanded "the five" by the way. best lead-n tv. thanks, greg. >> greg: thank you. >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. two major stories breaking tonight as president biden closes out his first year in offers. the american economy is experiencing its highest inflation rate in 40 years, since 1982. consumer prices jumped 7% in december from a year earlier. increasing the pressure on the


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