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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 12, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PST

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>> todd: another example of people not knowing what they're talking about, talking out of school. somebody like you who was there who understands the importance of guatemala trying to give us the truth. hopefully people listen to it otherwise the ilhan omars of the world, that "new york times" guy are going to be leading the charge. pete hegseth, we appreciate your insight and your service. thank you, sir. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> president biden delivering another combative speech. >> do you want to be on the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis. >> what he has done is call anyone who opposes him racist. that's of the playbook. >> dr. fauci taking a beating from republicans. >> do you really think it's appropriate to use your $120,000 salary to attack scientists who disagree with you? >> you are making a catastrophic epidemic for your political gain. >> miguel cardona facing calls to resign. >> newly obtained email shows
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cardona behind this letter comparing 49ers domestic terrorists. >> trying to shut down critical race theory. >> big apple meet with the new manhattan d.a. recall effort. >> many crazy ♪ have a nice day ♪ have a nice day ♪ have a look around you >> steve: as we listen to new jersey's own jon bon jovi sing about "have a nice day," you are looking at downtown dallas it's partly cloudy and 42. the metroplex is going to be sunny all day and it looks like 4:00 this afternoon they should have a high about 63. welcome to "fox & friends," ladies and gentlemen, it is wednesday, january 12th, 2022.
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and thanks for joining us on this middle of the week show. >> ainsley: you spent a lot of time there in dallas. your daughter lives there. she went to school there it's such a cool city. we love it in dallas. great shopping great fun and nice people and good food. bribe, how do you feel about bon jovi screaming at you to have a nice day bribe brian we used to have a bon jovi. we don't know what happened since. good football coach for his son's team. his son played college notre dame. almost every song sounds exactly the same. he does yell at you a lot almost like joe biden. >> ainsley: you know a lot about him. >> brian: i remember he used to come on a lot. he is in the rock and roll hall of fame so that's good. >> ainsley: yeah, he is talented. >> steve: if you remember what jon bon jovi said about "fox & friends" he said it's like "the today show" except they have been up all night drinking which is quite -- >> brian: we actually thought that was a compliment.
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i still think it is. >> ainsley: it's not true. i slept really well last night. went to bed at 8:30 and i have not been drinking. >> brian: i called you around 11:00 from the bar and i got a voice mail so i know for a fact that you were asleep. >> ainsley: that's right. >> steve: anyway, we are middle of the week. we are delighted you are joining us. we have got three hours of news that starts with this: president joe biden loudly attacking anybody who disagrees with his efforts to end the filibuster in the senate in order to pass his radical voting rights agenda. griff jenkins is live in washington where, once again, senator joe manchin is throwing a wrench into joe biden's plan, and, griff, joe biden sounded really mad yesterday. >> griff: oh no, joe, messing up the president's plans. brian, ainsley, and steve good morning. he said is he tired of being quiet. remember about the inauguration day speech about unity. the president went down to atlanta to fully abandon bipartisan and for the first
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time endorse the end of the filibuster rule. watch. >> i will defend the right to vote. our democracy against all enemies, foreign and, yes, domestic. we have no option but to change the senate rules, including getting rid of the filibuster for this. [cheers] >> griff: the president also blasting republican opposition to his voting rights legislation, likening them to racists. >> the battle for the soul of america is not over. get reelected [inaudible] how do you want to be remembered? do you want to be the sign -- the side of dr. king or george wallace, do you want to be on the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis? >> griff: vice president harris and georgia's two democratic senators warnock and ossoff joined biden a coalition of civil rights groups boycotted his visit including the most prominent liberal voting rights activist in the country, stacey
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abrams who gave no reason for her absence, simply saying she had a scheduling conflict. meanwhile, back in washington, senate majority leader schumer said monday, martin luther king day as a deadline to pass something in a move to it filibuster joe manchin said not so fast. >> we need rules to make the place work better but getting rid of the fbi won't make it fit better. >> shut down a post nuclear option senate that would be far less productive. brian, ainsley, steve? >> ainsley: thank you so much, griff. these democrats they just lie. remember he says i will not end the filibuster. remember he says there won't be any vaccine mandates. remember he said take the vaccine and you won't get covid. that's not true even people with boosters are getting covid. if you don't believe me a flashback of the democrats who promised they would not do this. >> we should make no mistake,
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this nuclear option is ultimately an example of the arrogance of power. it is a fundamental power grab by the majority party propelled by its extreme right and designed to change the reading of the constitution. >> ending the filibuster is a very dangerous thing to do. >> it's amazing. almost a temper tantrum by those on the hard, hard right. they. the judge -- they want their way every single time. and they will change the rules, break the rules. misread the constitution, so that they will get their way. >> that, madame president is, what we call the abuse of power. >> i'm not crazy about getting rid of the filibuster. >> everybody i talked to believes the legislative filibuster will be there. i will personally resist efforts to get rid of it. >> ainsley: you know, he wants same day voting. he wants illegals to be able to
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vote. people who are not citizens of this country. he wants to get rid of any ids so anyone can go and vote and they don't have to prove anywhere name matches who they are. why go after georgia. so political. he wants to flip georgia. why not go after delaware. i hear you talk about this, brian, i hear sean talk about this. georgia has 17 days early vote. excuse it absentee ballots. why if he was a senator when this was such a big issue for him. >> brian: so inappropriate and divisive i can't imagine for a campaign speech, when you were aspiring to be president, i thought this was divisive and over the top designed just to lead the news and create havoc. but, instead, he is president of the united states. he is a year plus in and making this statement. jefferson davis, or lincoln, make your choice? really a bull conner, george wallace? are you kidding me? do you know a 1977 joe biden was part of a senate judiciary
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committee that unanimously voted to reinstate jefferson davis' citizenship? you just saw him there with different hair implanted coming out saying of course you can't get rid of the filibuster. and let's talk about the facts. he is up with georgia and got a problem with texas. texas two weeks extended in person voting. extended voting hours in 60 different counties. they also can still cast ballots. if you are online, even if the polls close and it's after hours, they will still count your ballots. what they did, too. they still have drop boxes for every 100,000 people. i think it's important, too they extended early voting. when it comes to absentee voting, they are not going to give unsolicited ballots because that's pandemic-related when we didn't have a vaccine and couldn't figure out where it was coming from, steve. do you know what they did? they said you could still do if you request a ballot, extend the time to request it. instead of doing signature match which are a joke and controversial by definition. he is saying just put the last four digits of your social
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security number, i think that is something that is debatable in the minutia but it doesn't say i think black people and minorities should not vote, therefore i am jefferson davis. come on. are you kidding? why so angry and cranky? >> steve: why is he so angry and cranky? well, it's pretty clear. is he angry at joe manchin and kyrsten sinema because they won't pass his build back better. this -- keep in mind, build back better is dead for all intents and purposes. so thought administration has got to move on to something. it's got to look like they are trying to do something. he's trying to energize his base, brian and ainsley. clearly his base is frustrated with the way the government has responded to covid. his base is paying the higher prices with inflation and everything else. his base is going to the grocery store and not finding any paper towels in the paper towel aisle. he has got to do something.
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this is exactly what they are trying to do. and the only way, the only way they can do it is if they get rid of the filibuster. and, brian, you are absolutely right. for 36 years, when he was a u.s. senator from delaware, he used filibuster for nakedly political purposes. so ultimate live what he was saying yesterday walls when the fbi is used to blocked republican stuff, that's good. but when the republicans use it to block the democrats, that's bad. we're going to be talking to the governor of the great state of georgia, where the president was yesterday, coming up in one hour in this a block. and senator ron johnson as well, republican from wisconsin. so, obviously, the speech yesterday was to invigorate his base because right now, you know, people are talking about joe just doesn't have it anymore. will it be kamala? no, the lead story right now on
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drudge is that hillary clinton is posed and opioidsed to pick up the mantle for the democratic party in 2024. buckle your seat belts, folks, it's getting crazy. >> brian: you know who i'm sure is high fiving donald trump and his family. he would love another shot of this. i think of the big picture of this: when hillary clinton, of course shoos she gave the concession speech and she never accepted the election loss we heard that four years. when stacey abrams said i didn't lose. it hurt the country. when president trump comes out and said it's a fraud, it's a fake. it hurts the country. this speech today continues that. whoever wins and whoever loses it's not legitimate. i think it hurts the country. >> ainsley: i don't think she can run. we already heard her acceptance speech. >> brian: good point. let's change the headline in drudge. >> ainsley: steve, what's coming
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up? >> a war of words on capitol hill as a furious dr. fauci lashes out at senator rand paul. oh, watch this. >> do you really think it's appropriate to use your $420,000 salary to attack scientists that disagree with you? >> i think in usual fashion, senator, you are distorting everything about me. >> steve: we have got more explosive moments from the hearing coming up after a break. and it's a sign of the time. empty grocery store shelves, i took that picture last week. >> ainsley: you took that picture? >> steve: i know it. >> ainsley: did you buy the paper towels? >> steve: that's bounty towels. i'm not alone. a lot of the people are seeing stuff like this. we're going to talk more about bare shelves biden as "fox & friends" rolls on on this
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>> carley: five people detained after off duty los angeles police officer is shot and killed during an apparent armed robbery. three men and two women are detained in connection with to the death of 27-year-old fernando aroy row. he exchanged gunfire with his suspect. he later died in the hospital. no charges have been filed. newly released court documents frool stimulus checks. among them the convicted boston
3:18 am
marathon bombinger and dr. larry nassar, both serving life in prison for their crimes. nearly 50,000 illegal immigrants who were told to report to ice this year have disappeared according to new homeland security data. the biden administration began giving out notices to report in march in response to the overwhelming influence in migrants after reinstating a catch and release policy. recently the administration has been forced to reestablish the trump era remain in mexico policy after a supreme court order. and shoppers in washington, d.c. are astounded by the lack of products available at grocery stores. one shopper says, quote: it's just empty shelves while others compare the scenes at grocery stores to march 2020 and even the soviet union in the early 1980s. grocery stores are, of course, falling victim to shortages of nearly all products, including
3:19 am
milk, beverages and meat due to the ongoing supply chain crisis. even though, guys, i was told that president biden and pete buttigieg saved christmas so now i'm confused. >> brian: yeah, you should, carley. they told us that specifically. those pictures can't be right. >> carley: fake news. one of them is fake news. >> steve: thank you, carley. indeed. listen, i didn't see any bounty towels in the line at the grocery store. joe biden did not. >> brian: steve, i got some good news, we did find, and i don't know if you can see we did find babo. chris chulo babo bounty. we do have the cleanser should i spill anything it's open. >> steve: brian, if you have a spill at your house, your wife says hey, i spilled something you are going to run up with babo, rather than a bounty towel? that's grade a kitchen confusion. >> brian: i will get the towels
3:20 am
or and the babo or shout it out on one big commercial as jerry seinfeld it amazes us they are still working on tithe. every time you walk by that detergent it says improved. >> ainsley: i don't know what that was it looks like comet that you would clean your toilet with. >> brian: competing product. >> steve: that's what it was. the world uses comet for the worst part brian uses babo. [talking at the same time] >> steve: speaking of shout it out there was a lot of shouting at that senate hearing yesterday. in particular, and we knew this was the main attraction. it was dr. fauci vs. senator paul. dr. fauci repeatedly lashed out at all of the republican senators for the most part. at one point dr. fauci said rand paul was criticizing him, the good doctor for political gain and was trying to fund raise money off of fauci, which is kind of how d.c. works anyway. he also accused rand paul of
3:21 am
fueling threats against his family. watch some of this face-off with fauci and dr. paul. >> what happens when he gets out and accuses me of things that are completely untrue is that all of the sudden that kindles the crazies out there. as some you may know, just about three or four weeks ago on december 21st, a person was arrested who was on their way from sacramento to washington, d.c. the police asked him where he was going, and he was going to washington, d.c. to kill dr. fauci. and they found in his car an ar-15 and multiple magazines of ammunition. because he thinks that maybe i'm killing people. so i ask myself why would senator want to do this? so go to rand paul website and you see fire dr. fauci with a
3:22 am
little box that says contribute here. so you are making a catastrophic epidemic for your political gain. >> ainsley: he brought props with him you can see. rand paul said i want him fired. i don't want him murdered. and there are crazy people in this world that travel across the country apparently to, you know, to try to take dr. fauci's life. rand paul doesn't want that rand paul has experienced many people like that, too. he has gone through a lot. he and his wife were attacked, you saw, in d.c. and you know what happened with his neighbor and he touched on that. listen. >> my wife and i have been assaulted and monday in the streets of d.c. i had a hater of president trump break six of my ribs. i have had part of my lung removed. i know what is about. i don't want any violence on fauci. i wish he would be fired. i think trusting the chinese is wrong. i think funding that lab in china is wrong. ignoring natural immunity is wrong. i don't wish him any harm.
3:23 am
i have been attacked. he is going to blame attacks by me. it was a cheap shot, not by a politician. >> no threats are accept being. we don't condone that he did make the example on one of our shows last night he said, you know, steve scalise was shot at the baseball field and he didn't blame bernie sanders for that he said you can't blame the person who wants you fired or that you disagree with because of some some crazy people out there and we don't condone the violence. dr. fauci, no one can be this wrong for so long and still keep their job. let's just look at the facts. he said that the vaccine would work to prevent covid. that ended up not being true. he said we didn't need to wear masks, that's not true. he said that his organization did not fund gain of function research in wuhan. the nih said that's not true. it looks like fauci was trying to cover it up, brian. >> brian: on top of that he never answered the question, ainsley. he does not like to be
3:24 am
challenged. he wants george stephanopoulos and margaret brennan and chuck todd just to give him softballs, dr. fauci, what's next and make sense of this. >> he doesn't like to be challenged. he has obviously gotten into dr. fauci's head for him to go out and print this out and have staffers go out there to get ready for a fight when he really is part of a process that's attacking a pandemic that is over 800,000 dead. you do not put blood on his hands, not one death is his fault. but you can't say i'm leading the fight against the pandemic and then when you say what about these are carnage numbers says has nothing to do with me. asked about an email about francis collins and him talk about attacking people that disagree with him come from horrible institutions john hopkins, stanford how dare you bring that up to me. that's not an answer. dr. fauci was not only challenged by rand paul he was challenged by senator marshall.
3:25 am
listen afterwards. senator marshall says how's come we don't know where your money is and what you are invested in? went back and for the like this. listen to what happens at the end. >> my financial disclosures are public knowledge and have been so -- you are getting amazingly wrong information. >> i cannot find them. our office cannot find them. where would they be if they're public knowledge? where? >> it is totally accessible to you if you want it. >> for the public, is it accessible to the public. >> to the public. to the public. you are totally incorrect. >> reviewing it. >> senator marshall, dr. fauci has answered you public information and he is happy to give it to you if you would ask. senator mollohan. >> what a moron. >> brian: you know what he just said not for your bible study and not he wonders why when he
3:26 am
gets tough questions he gets under his skin. when you are a public figure and demand you be on from seth curry's podcast to this week with george stephanopoulos when you don't turn down a single appearance that's what happens. on the actual virus itself, guess who is having problems with it the creator, china. third city announcing a total lockdown. they have locked down 5.5 million people in china. even the oppressive societies can't control it, steve. >> steve: just one -- going back to my senator from kansas, senator marshall, who asked about his disclosure form. the "new york post" yesterday contacted fauci spokesperson and said hey, where is this public disclosure he is talking about. they couldn't find it for the post. however the center for public integrity a reporter tweeted out a copy of his disclosure form from about two years ago and it showed his investments and they
3:27 am
were heavily redacted. so isn't that interesting. i'm sure somebody is going to be digging into that. >> ainsley: why did they redact that? i thought it was all public. >> steve: quickly redacted. exactly. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about something else we are all worried about and that is crime. and in particular, we're worried about these prosecutors who are going soft on crime. in cook county, which is the county that chicago is, in tom darth the sheriff there said this: regarding people who were being held at home. home monitoring is not a program for people charged with violent offenses but get, this folks. 75 to 80% of my people on home monitoring are charged with a violent offense. he says i have 100 people on home monitoring who are charged with murder. think about that. people who have been charged with murder and these soft on
3:28 am
crime prosecutors say, you know what? yeah, it's murder, but will you just go home and wear this ankle monitor? you know, if i lost a loved one to somebody accused of murder, i would want them in the cook county jail not out in the suburbs some place, ainsley. >> ainsley: it's crazy. nearly 100 of them are charged with murder and they just have an ankle bracelet and they are at home with their family. another 40 charged with attempted murder. 852 facing a vacated gun charges. the mayor lightfoot says she is stunned by all this data. and the two of them, sheriff dart and mayor lightfoot are blaming the judges. and we are seeing it too, brian. here in new york with our new d.a. >> brian: i mean, this guy is unbelievable. he is already at it. this guy you have him -- this is alvin. >> ainsley: bragg. >> brian: the d.a. and already seeing it take a look at this cover right now. the cover of the "new york post" knife to the heart of justice. this robber threatens workers
3:29 am
with blade but progressive d.a. charges him with a misdemeanor. among his critics is the former assistant d.a. saying violent criminals now have cart blanch to reoffend knowing full well they will never again sniff the inside of a jail cell. that's who we are stuck with. the law enforcement source inch petty larceny. that's robbery. this is police academy 101. we also know resisting arrest, if you have no priors, no big deal. when asked about it he goes we don't want people if they stiffen their arm to go jail. stiffen their arm to go jail? you are resisting arrest. if you help someone to resist arrest, there is no problem with that steve. >> steve: right. here's the thing. this was the guy on the cover the post, it was saturday morning, he goes in to a duane reed on the lower east side and what he does is he takes a plastic trash bag, he feels it with cold medicine and other stuff worth, i think, 2,000
3:30 am
bucks, and then as he is leaving, the female manager said hey, you didn't pay for that stuff. he pulls out a pocket knife on her and says f.u., i'm taking everything. this genius came back at 5:30 in the afternoon and with another bag started stealing cold medicine and stuff like that, a manager there called the cops. the cops came. he was initially charged with first degree robbery and criminal possession of a weapon. but with the new d.a.'s policy, the new d.a.'s office dropped that charge and downgraded it to petite larceny. there is nothing petite. we got this new cop. we are going to be safe, right? he is when they go into the criminal justice system. it's this d.a. in manhattan who is going to decide do you know
3:31 am
what? that guy pulled that knife. i know he is a criminal criminal. i know he pulled a knife on that female manager, but, you know, let's just make it a misdemeanor, let's just downgrade the charges because everybody needs a break these days, ainsley. >> ainsley: we need a do-over with this d.a. i was talking to an officer yesterday direct boss was our new police commissioner. he said she is fantastic. she has spoken out publicly against this d.a. his policies. his new policies and says she is going to sit down sand talk to him about it. >> brian: good luck. >> ainsley: people are scared about what the future of new york is going to look like. every monday morning we talk about this. we look at all the murders in chicago over the weekend, right? and the numbers are staggering. we don't want the same thing to happen in new york again. we don't that anywhere, actually. it is 31 minutes after the top of the hour. biden's education secretary facing calls to resign after uncovered emails reveal that he asked for that controversial letter comparing protesting
3:32 am
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>> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ better skin from your body wash? try olay body wash with skincare super ingredient collagen! olay body wash hydrates to improve skin 3x better, from dry and dull to firm and radiant. with olay body, i feel fearless in my skin. ♪ will. >> brian: the national school board association sparked controversy this fall when they asked the president administration -- biden administration to investigate concerned parents and compare them to domestic terrorists. they were worried about school board meetings. new letters obtained by the
3:36 am
parents defending education revealed this the letter was sent after the request was made by education secretary miguel cardonena. so secretary of education who asked the school board association to write the letter requesting this investigation. this is stunning. here with her reaction to the biden administration's newly revealed involvement fairfax county virginia patient and parents defending education v.p. asra newspapery, your reaction to this investigation? >> >> some somehow the biden administration has not get the memo we are moms not terrorists there was a time when moms were as sacred as apple pie it they have decided they want to put a target on our backs. completely unacceptable we have the evidence now.
3:37 am
>> brian: they accuse moms like you to go at school boards like virginia. and that was 100 percent a lark. now instead of the school board saying we are concerned for school board people and that's why we are asking help from the department of justice. now it turns out of the administration is pulling the strings to have the board do their dirty work. it's stunning, it's duplicitous, deceptive and evil. >> it's completely diabolical. this is the evidence. this email that we have not only the justice department involved in this diabolical plan but also the education department. it's real miscarriage of governance and we, the parents are not going to shut up. you know, this brian. i mean, we are ceos, cfos, the janitor in our homes. we are everything. we will not shut up because these are our babies that we are protecting. and so the biden administration is just waging a war with the
3:38 am
wrong constituents here in america. we are moms, we are dads, and we are not going away. >> brian: true. here is what the state department and the department of education told us at fox. while the secretary did not solicit a letter from the -- did not solicit a letter from the nsba to understand the views and concern the stakeholders the department routinely engages with students, parents, district leaders and leaders and education associations. that insults our intelligence. the fbi can make your life miserable just by the investigation, by the process. so you could say but also be ruined. all of a sudden insurance salesperson, car salesperson, next things you know you are vilified and being hounded your kids are being affected in school. that's what i'm worried about not the steel in your spine but when the government comes down on you, that's what i worry, about real quick, asra. >> oh, we have to continue to stand up to government. we have to be the government. tomorrow night i'm going to be going to my school board meeting. >> brian: good. >> i signed up and i'm going to
3:39 am
get my two minutes. that's what i urge every parent. that's what we urge every parent to do because we are the citizenry. and it is we the people. we the parents who will decide the future of our country and our children. >> brian: exactly. keep your tempers down. keep the accusations direct. and don't make it personal and you are going to make progress. thank you, as remarks appreciate it? >> exactly. thank you. >> brian: you got it we reached out to the nsba but did not receive a response. meanwhile straight ahead, president biden railing against republicans push for voting reform. next guest call the comments insulting. hear why he is further dividing the country. no kidding ♪ don't get me wrong ♪ i think you're all right ♪ but that won't keep me warm in the middle of the night ♪ ♪
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3:44 am
subversion. it's no longer about who gets to vote. it's about making it harder to vote. so i ask every elected official in america how do you want to be remembered? do you want to be the sign the side of dr. king or george wallace, do you want to be the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis? this is the moment to decide. >> steve: there you have got president biden in atlanta yesterday railing against republican voting laws he says talking about the state's voting laws and urging the senate to set aside the filibuster to pass sweeping overhaul during that speech. the next guest calling the commander-in-chief's rhetoric insulting to the voters he wants to unite. georgia co-founder janel king and ceo of the conscious conservative movement killings join us from the state of atlanta. ladies, good morning to you. >> good morning, thank you for having me. >> good morning.
3:45 am
>> steve: janel, start with you. essentially he was saying if you are a republican you are a racist if you don't pats it. >> yes. the same old, same old rhetoric. i found it interesting that i'm pretty sure dr. king was an independent, and i know abraham lincoln was a republican. george wallace and bull conner weren't they both democrats. i thought it was interesting that he listed that off. we knew that president biden was coming to atlanta early. and that's why my husband kelvin king running for u.s. senate wrote a op-ed called what shall we do with the negro and referenced a question that was asked to frederick douglass at the end of slavery and the question was shall we what shall we do with the negro. and frederick douglass says do nothing with us. your doing with us has already caused enough issues and mischief. that's where we are right now. i don't know what biden is doing and why he is doing this, but we are definitely here to fight back. >> steve: felicia, joe biden yesterday was essentially saying that republicans are trying to suppress the vote. particularly in your state of
3:46 am
georgia. he went down there because he says essentially georgia led the effort for voter election suppression. but, your group is actually doing the opposite. you are not trying to suppress. you are having voter registration drives. you are trying to get more people involved. >> exactly. as part of the conscious conservative movement, one of the things that we're doing is showing up in these black communities. we are setting up shop, particularly in albany, georgia, which is predominantly black. and what we want to do is address these particular issues. now, let me preface this to say we are always going to be concerned about issues black voters. is if this is a top particular that bothers them we will show one a conservative solution. not only do we want to register new voters but we want to teach them about the power of conservative politics as it relates to their growing economics. there is a vast amount of poverty happening in albany, georgia. and so there is a prime opportunity for us to talk about the economics and how
3:47 am
conservatism can really help to protect. so that's how we are showing up. when conservatives show up in these areas, it makes it very difficult for democrats to call them racist. >> steve: janel, we will have the governor of your state on in about 15 minutes. regarding the new voting laws that your state passed, he said despite what the democrats say, they have actually, with this new law, made it easier to vote and harder to cheat. >> absolutely. you know, i was thinking about this the other day and i said i don't know one person who doesn't have an i.d. i don't know one person who will go to vote and is standing in line and doesn't think to bring their own food and water. and when you think about it, in a time of covid, when you are telling us that we shouldn't be in 6 feet of each other, we are arguing for being able to walk up to individuals and hand them food and water. it's all bizarre to me. i think we have to face the facts. and the fact if you really want to help the black community, you need to do something with this
3:48 am
inflation. we need to talk about these gas prices. let's not forget evil mandates that's causing particularly people in the black community though lose their jobs. >> steve: threw go, if he issue will sharks i will give you the last 15 seconds. >> again, this is an opportunity for conservatives to show up. black voters are very disgun tell with the democrat party, with the biden-harris administration. if you go on twitter you can see some of their comments. they don't want any motivational ininspirational speech in their area. they want tang eligibles, if democrats are not going to present it the conservatives have the ability to do just that i always want to encourage the base to do it. >> steve: gentleman nell king and felicia killings thank you for joining us live from atlanta. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> you know, meanwhile, you go into your kitchen and the thing on the top of her fridge rarity is the deep freeze which also describes what is going on right now in parts of america.
3:49 am
right, j.d.? >> janice: absolutely. it feels, you know, well below freezing in a lot of these spots, especially the northeast. we will moderate these temperatures a little bit. but i will say we are going to have a reinforcing shot of cold air as we go through the next couple of days and potentially a nor'easter next week. here is the wind chill what it feels like with the winds. it's down right freezing outside. >> we have dangerous in a lot of these areas and going to be cold for the next couple of days here in the northeast. we are going to see a warm-up, a brief one over the plain states and midwest. and then our next cold air plunge comes in over the next 24 to 48 hours. along with our next big winter storm. so future track shows this midwest storm developing tomorrow through friday. and then we are going to have to watch an area of low pressure that will potentially affect the southern states, the deep south, bringing snow and ice and then eventually, perhaps, a coastal storm sunday into monday. so steve, bottom line is, watch your local forecast, especially
3:50 am
in areas that don't typically see the heavy snow and ice like the deep south across the mississippi river valley. fox download the app. today for america's best weather. back to you. >> steve: i have got it right here. i got the bad news at my finger tips. all right, j.d., thank you very much. meanwhile, the state of california now forcing covid positive healthcare workers to show up and work just months after firing a bunch of them who refused to get the jab. a once hailed healthcare hero who lost her job coming up next on "fox & friends." ♪ real cowboys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. onlyyou get advice like:ed. try hypnosis... or...
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>> carley: we are back with quick headlines. it might be more expensive to get married than to buy a house in some cities, oh my goodness. an analysis from smart asset finds the cost of a down payment for a home is less than the cost of a wedding in several cities and towns. the list includes syracuse, new york, youngstown, ohio, and erie, pennsylvania. and an article in the new yorker is mocking the nuclear family. the peace and courage of women who have decided against having kids saying, quote: do not, i repeat, do not drink the kool-aid.
3:55 am
it also ridicules others telling women to prepare for people constantly asking when you are going to appropriate united states like eager customers at a golden corral and you are the chef cooking up the next round of hot buns. oh, boy. ainsley, over to you. >> ainsley: all right. thank you so much, carley. just months after firing healthcare workers who refused the covid-19 vaccine, the state of california's staffing shortages by forcing those shortages who do have cody now to work. new guidance from the department of health. saying employees who are positive but asymptomatic i can can, quote: return immediately without isolation and testing. our next guest was fired when she refused to get the vaccine, jen peters joins us now. good morning to you, jen. >> good morning. >> ainsley: first of all, why did you decide not to get vaccinated? >> two reasons, actually. first of all, i had covid. i had covid while i was pregnant and at the time that the vaccine mandate ruled out i had a newborn who was having some
3:56 am
health issues. and i'm breastfeeding. so, all of that made me pretty uncomfortable with moving forward with getting vaccinated at the time. >> ainsley: i understand that. you are perfectly healthy right now. and you were fired. now the hospital system in california is saying but if you tested positive for covid after you got the vaccine and still kept your job, we need to you come back to work. how do you feel about that? is that putting the patients at risk? >> it is so incredibly hypothetical, first and foremost that makes no sense to me. and i think that it's unfair. it's unfair to the healthcare worker who is working right now and unfair to the patient. it pushes both people against the wall. it forces the healthcare worker to put them in a pretty unfair situation where they could be incredibly nervous to come to work and have to work with immunocompromised population. the choice is either i work with this population or they don't get care because of the staffing crisis. and then on the flip side. you have government the patients who are sitting there saying
3:57 am
okay, well, my choice is i don't get care or i work with a covid positive nurse. so, it's a horrible situation to be in. >> ainsley: it doesn't even make sense. >> no. >> ainsley: a president who said i promise you no vaccine mandates and that was a lie. how do you feel about that, knowing that you might have voted for him. i don't know what your politics are. knowing that he promises no vaxes and then reneged on that? >> that part, i think, is what is not surprising at all. i think many people saw that one coming. did i like it? no. but it definitely didn't shock me. >> ainsley: the california health department gave us this statement. they say hospitals have to exhaust all other options before resorting to this temporary tool. facilities and providers using this tool should have asymptomatic covid-19 positive workers interacting with covid-19 positive patients to the extent possible. to the extent possible. and ensure the workers are always wearing n-95 respirators.
3:58 am
what do you think about that? what's your reaction? >> they are trying to make it make sense and trying to make it sound like it's more okay but at the end of the day, it's not. it's simply not. it's a -- it's almost self-imposed staffing crisis that they are dealing with and now they are really scrambling to make something work. and it doesn't make sense at all. >> ainsley: why didn't they think this through? they had to know when they are firing all these people in the times of covid when the people who were vaxxed we know can still get covid. it doesn't make sense at all. how do you feel though when you were the hero a year ago, two years ago. you were working during covid, and now you are out of a job? >> that part was probably the most shocking. i remember having a conversation with my husband about a year ago last spring saying, i'm really,
3:59 am
really thankful, there are so many people whose jobs have been lost, who are working from home, don't really know what their situation is going to be, and a lot of people uncomfortable situations and, yet, my job stayed incredibly stable. i still had a job. and i got to continue doing the same things that i enjoyed doing. and i expressed to him my gratitude saying wow, like this is pretty incredible i get to keep going to work and not have the concerns some other people have and then fast forward to the summertime and i was eating my words at that time. so, that parted was incredibly surprising and, honestly, very disheartening. >> ainsley: jen, what are you going to do? if i didn't have my paycheck i would be so scared. move in with my parents? what are you going to do. >> it's a good question. i, actually, before all of this
4:00 am
had written a breastfeeding survival guide. an ebook. i have now had some time finishing that up. i got to be a mom through the holidays which is actually incredible. i have never gotten to do that before. i have been a working mom this whole time. so i got to be home with my three kiddos. now i decided my focus. i love nursing and i love helping people. but i have never truly enjoyed the part of things. to me it always seemed like wanting to keep people well. i'm going to switch my focus to the wellness side of nursing and help people learn how to stay well. >> ainsley: you are still a hero in our eyes and we appreciate you coming on with us. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> ainsley: you are welcome. the next hour of "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ >> president joe biden attacking anybody who disagrees with his radical voting rights agenda. >> do you want to be on the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson
4:01 am
davis. >> lead architect and now 800,000 people died. >> you have personally attacked me with absolutely not a shred of evidence. >> makes $420,000 a year and yet he thinks that somehow gives him the immunity. >> ainsley: emails review that biden's education secretary asked for that letter comparing parents to domestic terrorists. >> i do diabolical. miscarriage of justice. >> carley: send $8 million in assistance to the taliban. >> it will go to the taliban. no doubt. it's fool hearted. ♪ beautiful like diamonds in the sky ♪ you're beautiful like diamonds in the sky. >> that's rihanna she is beautiful and tall. play golf there i hear there is one really good course.
4:02 am
city of 197121 as of 201. according to reports it's 7:01. want to call begin with the numbers 306 or 762. it's exciting time to start our second hour. >> steve: it is indeed. augusta, georgia. i have been there several times. it's a beautiful town. the masters you were alluding to kicks off in earnest on april 4th of 2022, ainsley. >> ainsley: i try for the lottery every single year every one in my family does. i have never won a ticket. have you all -- i have been before, thankfully a friend gave me a ticket one time. >> steve: me too. >> ainsley: it's so. >> steve: aside from the golf, which is exrorksd ainsley, you know that the second best thing about the masters. >> ainsley: i know what you are going to say. >> steve: $1.25 pay men at the cheese sandwich. >> ainsley: yes. azaleas are in bloom.
4:03 am
pin men toe cheese sandwiches are so good they have been serving it since the beginning of the tournament go to the one tent sell merchandise and everyone wants to bring something back home that says the masters. >> steve: you brought us stuff. >> ainsley: i brit brought you stuff last time there there really quick line you go through grab things off the shelf and put it in your cart and buy it and take it home. >> brian: i did not know that i would be focusing had i ever attended. i wouldn't be surprised if i get invited after this. focus more on golf. you focused more on the souvenirs and steve on the food. somebody who is familiar with the masters, he runs that state. also familiar with the world series champions, atlanta braves, georgia. the champions those who play football in college the georgia bulldogs. let's welcome in the governor of georgia, brian kemp. governor, welcome. >> good morning, go dogs. >> right. you had a big celebration yesterday. you also had a visit from the
4:04 am
president, who called you and the georgia legislation out for, i guess jefferson davis laws get your response. >> the party the legislature given itself the power to make it easier for partisan actors. tores, their cronies to remove local election officials. think about that. today we call on congress to do what hills industry will judge pass the freedom to vote act. [applause] pass it now. to prevent voter suppression. here in georgia there is full access to voting by mail. >> i have met with voters in georgia, i have heard your outrage about the anti-voter law here how many voters will likely
4:05 am
be kept from voting and georgia is not alone. >> brian: do you think, governor, they are characterizing the changes in election law in georgia accurately and, if not, what is wrong? >> oh, man, i feel like i need to be in the studio with big white boards putting up the facts versus the lies that they are saying. you know, president biden is talking about us ache suppressive state for voting. his own state of delaware, you got to have an excuse to vote absentee by mail. when we passed this legislation, they didn't even have early voting in delaware. we had 15 days now we can have up to 17. i'm sure he didn't mention yesterday that we added the opportunity for one additional mandatory saturday during early voting in georgia with senate bill 202. two sundays that counties can elect to have voting on or not. i'm sure he forgot that part when he was saying that we were restrictive. listen, president biden and the vice president, they have lost
4:06 am
the middle of the country, they have lost build back better, and now they are trying to do something to shore up the liberal base to the party. because that's really all they got left. georgians know better what we did with this law. i was laughing watching during the speech yesterday when he said voters can't have food or water in line. well, our point of this legislation was to make sure people aren't in line long enough to need food or water. we have got a provision where if you have long lines that's caused by the county, the counties will have to take action. and a voter can order a pizza or a drink while they are in line as long as they are within the 150 feet radius we have to keep people from being election neared. if you are outside that any political party can serve all of the food and barbecue they want. >> steve: which sounds great. although, i don't know how much you can actually trust joe biden. i know it was in april of this past year when the "the washington post" gave him four pinocchios for saying that the
4:07 am
new georgia law impacted voting hours. it did not. meanwhile, you also mentioned long lines, governor. >> i found out. >> steve: go ahead. >> let me throw one thing. this is why stacey abrams was not with him yesterday. she wrote the speech, i'm sure. these are all their talking points. the problem is the president and the vice president have never taken time to read what's actually in the bill. they just believe if they tell these lies and mistruths so much that people will believe them. and i'm going to continue to push back against that. >> steve: and i know you have said in the past that the new laws make it easier to vote and harder to cheat. >> that's right. >> steve: meanwhile, speaking of long lines, long lines, we saw in the run-up to christmas as people were experiencing firsthand the supply chain crisis, i know the president of the united states said he saved christmas. but thanks to, for instance, the port of savanna, in georgia, a
4:08 am
lot of stuff was able to be offloaded. finally, our secretary of transportation pete buttigieg made it to the west coast. got see the ports of los angeles. and long beach with his own two eyes and he says things are going great. watch this, governor. >> one of the reasons why christmas was not, in fact, canceled is that ports like l.a. in long beach moved record levels of goods allowing an all-time record high in terms of retail sales this holiday season. considering the pressures that this country and this community, these communities have been under, that's is an extraordinary achievement. >> steve: governor, i don't know what he is talking about, the supply chain problems are still real. i was at -- we got a picture of my grocery store last week. i was in the paper towel aisle. there was one roll of bounty paper towels. and that was it and that's one of the biggest grocery stores in my county, which is crazy.
4:09 am
thankfully, you know, savanna, your port was able to step up and help out because the west coast was screwing up. >> well, look, we started of working on this issue long before people really realized what the problem was or before it got so bad. because of the president's policies quiets honestly wanting to keep the country shut down for so long. i read an article this morning about hotels can't get soap and toothpaste and bed covers and other things that they need. you look at savannah, i was there over new year's for a wedding. zero ships anchor out there. they had moved every single boat through and gotten it done. in still in l.a. and long beach still 75 to 80 ships still at anchor. we flew back when we did our border trip troops helping the border patrol. we saw chips all over the coast around the country on the southern border that are still at sea. and it's because we have a
4:10 am
private sector authority where we have real business people running the operations of the port. we government a great executive director. and i remember them making a big deal about l.a. and long beach going 24/7. which i don't think they everywhere did. we have been doing it for months because our folks saw iting and we aren't waiting on the government to solve it. >> ainsley: where is all the merchandise? why is it taking so long? i talked to someone yesterday who texted me after we had this conversation on air. she said she has -- she ordered chairs for her dining room table 18 months ago. will they have plenty of time to bring these barges into texas or into savanna, into your port. why isn't that happening? >> well, think p i think a big part of the reason from my understanding talking to the folks on the authority and business people is the retailers are ordering so much stuff because they spent their inventory down during the worst parts of the pandemic. then when the economy started
4:11 am
heating up, especially in the republican states that opened up and continued to stay open, the demand was so great on top of that with christmas season, you know, great companies that are in georgia like home depot, ordering spring furniture and other things all of that was hitting around the christmas season. the retailers simply didn't have enough place to put the containers. even if they got a truck to the port to move the container, they had no warehouse where to put it. so, really, the retailers were using the port as a distribution center and a warehouse and that's why early on, the savanna port and the georgia port authority started expanding real estate so we had more room to stock containers to help our clients. >> brian: i want to bring you to what you are doing now. you want to get another four years as governor. stacey abrams never admitted you won. no one talks about that maybe that's the reason she didn't show up yesterday. we will see. she had a conflict. your fundraising totals are definitely eyebrow raising.
4:12 am
you have 12 million to date. 7 million since july. one thing that happened recently is senator perdue says i want to be govern. i want to get the nomination. is he also reasonably popular in georgia. how has that affected your fundraising and the way you are approaching this? >> i haven't double-checked these numbers but it's my understanding we have raised about 1.5, $1.2 million since senator purdue got in the race. that's not anything that i can control. i care about the things georgians care about. election integrity. making sure our supply chain is met. number one in the state in business. lowest unemployment rate we have ever had in the history of this state. least amount of people on the unrolls after 9/11 we had a record year for economic development. we have the lowest unemployment rate of the 10 most pop plus states. we are fighting against joe biden and 39 year high inflation you disaster policies at the
4:13 am
border. troops on the ground helping there we did that for the trump administration. we are continuing to help the poor border patrol down there now that doesn't have support. i said yesterday i thought vice president harris should have stayed on the plane and taken her to mcallen, texas, where she can see what i have seen three or four times now. >> steve: something you have not seen, governor, in 41 years is what happened on sunday night and your georgia bulldogs beat alabama to win the college national football championship. as the number one georgian it had to feel great because alabama is an amazing team. >> oh, man, marty and i both are georgia graduates. our three daughters, one of them graduated as well, two of them have been at school there, we are just so excited like of the bulldog nation. if you remember when we talked about stacey abrams and president biden's pressure to if get the major league all star game back last summer it walls
4:14 am
poetic justice when the braves won the world series. nobody talked about the voting law by the way here or in houston texas. that's the way we ended the year and started it great with a bulldog national championship. >> brian: kind of overshadowed him who gave his speech yesterday because everyone was talking about your college football. >> ainsley: congratulations. >> that was a scheduling conflict, too i'm sure. he obviously didn't realize what was going on in georgia yesterday. >> ainsley: well, congratulations, so happy for your team. thank you for coming on with us. >> thanks, guys. have great day. >> ainsley: you too. hand it over to carley for headlines for us. >> carley: a horrifying helicopter crash with a miraculous ending. a medical chopper rushing a 2-month-old baby to the hospital suddenly went down in front of a church in philadelphia. officials say all four passengers on board, including that infant survived. with only minor injuries.
4:15 am
the cause of the crash is currently under investigation. and today former senate majority leader harry reid will lie in state in the capitol rotunda. colleagues, family and friends will pay respected to the nevada democrat who served 30 years in the u.s. senate. the ceremony will be closed for the public because of covid. reidhas been remembered for spit on capitol hill. president biden is calling him a great american. reid died last month after a four year battle with pancreatic cancer he was 82 years old. promising to distribute 5 million covid tests to school each month to help them stay open. many reverting to remote learning due to teacher shortages. finally returning to in person learning today after they were kept out of the classroom for nearly a week. and, girl scout cookie season is in full swing.
4:16 am
but be prepared to pay for a little more for a box of thin mints, rising inflation. affecting the price of all cookies this year. thin mints, samoas and tagalongs up to $5 a box. special cooks were like s'mores and coffee tastic will cost 6 bucks a box. a cookie girl scout person says the price also differ throughout the country. those are your headlines, guys. i'm a big samoa fan. >> ainsley: did you buy any? >> ainsley: buy them from rusty, our daughter of our "fox & friends first." >> carley: i was waiting for someone. >> ainsley: i'm going to text me left me up. i bought a bunch of them. >> carley: good for you, i will, too. >> ainsley: brian, can you wait until they sell sell them in front of the grocery store. >> >> brian: i would love to see a kid sell their own kookies that would be good for the country.
4:17 am
>> brian: thank you, carley, you seem really nice hope to meet you in person. pressure on the new district attorney combat his soft on crime approach. plus this story, covid mandate madness hitting college students particularly hard. we talked about this yesterday. now we will do it again as schools clamp down on the campus experience. a panel of parents share what schools should do to make it right. ♪
4:18 am
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security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. ♪ >> steve: a professional group representing the largest employers in new york city is planning to meet with the new manhattan district attorney alvin bragg to discuss his soft
4:22 am
on crime policy as some city leaders are reportedly also discussing efforts to remove him from office via recall. our next guest, a life-long new yorker and business owner echos concerns fearing that the decriminalization trend will make new york less safe. right there you see amsterdam bill yards owner greg hunt, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> a lot of people are looking at what he is doing and the fact that he is no longer purchase have to kill somebody in new york city to gets incarcerated. what would you say to him. >> i'm scared for my family and employees. we are in the hospitality industry. restaurants, bars, bill yard clubs, bowling alleys our
4:23 am
employees go home late at night that's the nature of our industry, i'm worried they will get accosted or worse. i would tell mr. bragg that he needs to prosecute he needs to protect his citizens. >> steve: absolutely. do you think he is going to be listening to the business leaders? i know the business leaders, your group, has been very encouraged by the fact that now a law enforcement officer, former cop, eric adams is the new mayor. love that. but now you know, as a cop, you can arrest people but it's the d.a. who prosecutes people and this guy when you look at the list, he is not going to prosecute marijuana misdemeanors, resisting arrest or interfering with arrest, prostitution, trespassing, turnstile jumping, which means we are going to see more trespassing, turnstile jumping and lawlessness. >> the resisting arrest i find as a citizen is extremely
4:24 am
disturbing because i mean, if a kid is arrested by a cop and fights back, that escalates the situation, becomes a dangerous situation and the fact that that's being swept under the rug at this point is really scary. look, as far as my employees go. any business owner in new york or in california or anywhere in the country at this point we are facing what's known as the massive resignation. everyone is quitting. as we have all been hearing about. i'm having trouble finding edge employees. if you add to that scenario the fact that my employees are worried about leaving and going home at night, right now amsterdam billiards we have had more mentally ill people coming in than we have ever experienced before. our employees and they are dealing with it as well as they can. so far -- nothing. making my employees more stressed even coming to work even before they have to deal going home late at night. it's a really damaging thing to our society. it's a damaging thing to my
4:25 am
family. i'm scared for my family and to my employees. >> steve: take off your business cap and put on the dad cap for a moment. you have got a 19-year-old daughter. you have a 21-year-old daughter. you are worried about their safety. >> i am. and, you know, as you mentioned, i have been in new york city all my entire life. i remember in the bad old days in the 1970s and 80's when crime was rampant and you would wake up in the morning and all the car doors would be broken from the previous night. i remember being nervous walking around the streets of new york. well, we had 20 years of great leadership. and things turned around and got much better and now they are going way back to where they were in the 1970s and 80's. i told my daughter now for the first time. my daughters are young adults. and they haven't experienced it. i'm telling them every time they go out late at night i'm telling them be careful. watch around you. and that kind of fear that our citizens have -- are facing right now. we should not have to face that and this is a continuation,
4:26 am
frankly, of the de blasio administration. and i hate to say this. i'm on fox. i'm a democrat. i'm a lifelong democrat. as the a democrat i don't recognize my party anymore. it seems like the far left is dragging my party all the way to the fringe and as a lifelong democrat, i don't recognize my own party anymore. >> steve: well, you tell your daughters to be careful when they go out late at night. i tell my kids to be careful when they go out first thing in the morning because it's scary all across the country the random nature of crime. greg, thank you very much for joining us today and good luck to you and your business and your family. >> my pleasure. appreciate it. >> steve: you bet. all right. 6:24 here in the east coast. coming up, college students are forced to jump through hoops just to get an education. as campuses across the country crack down with covid restrictions. we have got a panel of parents joining us what schools should be doing to make the campus crackdown better. ♪
4:27 am
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4:31 am
booster mandates restricting what students can do off campus or even going to remote learning, a growing number of universities forcing students to jump through hoops. by the way you are paying huge tuition. are they learning anything? let's bring in our panel of experts. dwayne dexter the dad of a sophomore university of. luttrell. let's start with you, duane, your son is at the university of delaware. what is he dealing with now? >> so, he just started the winter session there. and every student had to get covid tested whether they are vaccinated or not. and the university is also mandating that all students have a wooster shot before the start of a spring semester. and, you know, really, he is under tremendous amount of stress, trying to understand what the booster shot means. is the school going to go we
4:32 am
remote. he is trying to deal with the continued restrictions that have been in place for the last year and a half. >> brian: it's not real experience. i have two kids in college same thing. have to get a booster before they go back. they have already had to be double vaccinated. they are wearing masks everywhere. let's go to greg. greg, your daughter is a junior at the university of memphis. she transferred. why? >> well, she transferred to memphis because the covid happened during her freshman year. so when it was time to go back to the university of tennessee, everything was going to be online. and so for her to pay for housing on campus, to have to go to cafeterias and take -- and get takeout food and to have to wear a mask outside of her room, she just didn't feel like that was the college experience she was -- they weren't even sure whether there would be football games or whether they could have any type of, you know, social --
4:33 am
they could spend any time together, so she just felt like she would be better off spending less money for college and coming back to memphis. >> brian: here is what you are dealing with, vaccinations strongly encouraged but not required. that's interesting. mask-wearing required. daily system monitoring so that can be inhibiting, does she find that better? >> she definitely is finding it better at the university of memphis than with we have heard for many other colleges, yes. so she -- there is some freedom there. >> steve: all right. so let's go out to florida, christina, you have a child at uc irvine. they have a covid shot mandatory. weekly tests for unvaccinated students. how is your son doing? >> well, is he doing okay. he is doing fine, i think, from the get-go. is he a freshman as you mentioned. and the experience of having been at a university has been
4:34 am
less than normal. he has been subjected to what can only be described as discriminatory protocols of having to be tested weekly. and being subjected to different isolation protocols from those who are vaccinated. so, in addition to that i think that strict masking protocols in their dorms is kind of reaching these absurd levels where they have to cite each other if the mask is slightly under the nose and get these citations you know, it's a living situation that is far less than what a parent would hope to have their child experience in their college years. >> brian: duane, you have your son at delaware. does he feel he has a say in any of this? subjected to do it. good school, hard to get into. he is there. he doesn't want to get out. paying the big money but not having any type of experience.
4:35 am
do you think that he feels as though he has a voice in this? >> absolutely not. and, brian, first, you know, thank you for fox for allowing us parents to be on because i think many of us feel we are standing in the woods shouting at nobody that, you know, these kind of shut up and comply mandates are really starting to impact the social and emotional well-being of our kids. you know, and they really aren't having that college experience. if you look at the data that's just out there today, i mean, are any of these mandates really impacting the infection and transmission rated of covid? and they are not. and our kids are in an age group where the impact of covid on their health is very, very minimal. and i don't think anybody is measuring or evaluating what's the psychological toll that is
4:36 am
being taken on these kids versus what the mandates are doing to impact their health against covid? >> brian: greg, i have this thing called television. i watch the university of georgia beat alabama. and i saw tens of thousands of students without masks on, cheering like crazy, i watched all these games throughout the year. there was no surge. and what does that tell you? >> well, i think that tells you that the universities are falling into the hype and, either allowing fear of a illness that is not that severe. and so very few college-aged kids are being hospitalized with this. i mean, it's ridiculous that you are putting these mandates and you're controlling what they are able to do and the way they enjoy college, and, to me, it's not just the social, it's also the in person classes. i mean, our daughter loves the
4:37 am
professor, classmate relationship. and she is -- she just misses that tremendously. that's the best -- one of the best parts of college to her. >> brian: christina, your son is in a great school but a terrible state who just wants to clamp down and restrict. now you have got a booster you have got get. they are talking about omicron shot specifically that's going to be yesterday in a month. and in israel and other countries going for a fourth shot. at what point is your kid going to say mom, i don't want to do this? >> exactly. i mean, look, from the very beginning, i think what's so compelling we have known, everybody has known that the data already had shown that the students are at the lowest risk population on the planet so, it's a stratified risk all around. virtually zero risk of students between the ages of 16 to 25 of
4:38 am
covid. but you have massive risk from the adverse effects from the vaccination, from the vaccine where they are showing that they are having myocarditis. and all these pretty serious adverse effects from the vaccine. on top of that, they are showing that the highest vaccinated countries in the world, such as israel, iceland. >> brian: netherlands. .>> this is alarming as data is showing global data show what is happening as a result of vaccination. they are going on with this agenda. i'm very puzzled because these institutions of higher learning are supposed to be holding science in high esteem i don't see that playing out on the ground. >> brian: a lot of the stuff you don't get in the classroom. >> interaction. organize your time. interact with other people. get a job off campus.
4:39 am
all this stuff is infringed. sometimes you are writing checks for $70,000 a year. for what? to sit on a laptop to deal with the shell of a classroom to be reported by your dorm mate that your mask is below your nose? guys, can't thank you enough for sharing your story. i want to continue to highlight the college kid. because they have no say in their experience but, yet, they need that degree. it's a real tough spot. duane, craig, and kristina, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> thank you, brian. >> thank you. >> brian: you got it meanwhile coming up straight ahead. california governor gavin newsom talk about restrictions wants to expand healthcare to all in his state including illegal immigrants. how much the proposal will cost those tax paying citizens. we'll discuss it. ♪ ♪ i can't go for that ♪ no can do i ♪ i can't go for that ♪
4:40 am
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>> here in the largest state in our union in the state of california, we are positioned with this budget to be able to deliver on what we have been promoting. universal healthcare for all. regardless of pre-existing condition. regardless of the ability to pay and regardless of your immigration status. >> ainsley: that's california's governor gavin newsom proposing universal healthcare for all californians, including those here in the country illegally. and he plans to use taxpayer dollars to pay for it all. here to react republican candidate for california stated controller good morning to you. >> hey, ainsley, good morning. >> ainsley: good morning. what is your reaction to this. pay for healthcare for illegals and that includes abortion. >> yeah. i mean, look, you have to understand that what gavin newsom is proposing is billions more in taxpayer money for a state healthcare program here that we have discovered over the last several years has paid out
4:45 am
billions of dollars already in payments to people who aren't even eligible for the program. in fact, a recent state audit found that you had half a million questionable eligibility applications to the medical program. it's a program desperate need of reform and program desperate need of change to ensure it's doing what folks in sacramento say it should be doing. enough to the governor is proposing to add billions more in spending. so we have got to stop and take a look what's going on here and figure out what is best for the people of the state of california. what is best for the people already on this program and how do we really change things for the better? and i don't think the answer is frankly a huge increase in eligibility to make this program even bigger. >> ainsley: it's going to be expensive the total cost $286 billion, almost 300 billion. and 2.2 billion each year. how can california afford this? >> well, you know, the big challenge going forward here really is this.
4:46 am
not only is there this proposal that we have talked about here that gavin newsom has, but democrats in sacramento are actually proposing an additional single payer government takeover of the healthcare program here in california. and the challenge with that is they want to double the taxes that californians already pay, increasing our top marginal tax rate to over 18%, putting a tax on businesses on creating a payroll tax that is going to hit californians making $50,000 or year more. the problem is not just this proposal, ainsley. it's what they want to do to healthcare here in california, creating a big government socialist takeover healthcare system. this is not the right approach for california, unfortunately. all we see from sacramento is more spending and no real effort to figure out what are we spending our money on and is that money being spent efficiently? >> ainsley: you are a republican, you are running for controller. why do you want this position? >> well, quite simply, ainsley, we need to make sure that in california, taxpayer money is
4:47 am
being spent as we are told it will be. there is no accountability, no transparency right now for anything that sacramento does. all they do is spend money without figuring out do we get any results for our spending? are we actually doing what we say we are going to do as a government? we need some accountability we need someone to go there and be a check on one party monopoly. all these plans we have talked about in sacramento to increase spending. we need to anything out how we can, again, have fiscal responsibility and a real voice up there standing up for taxpayers. that's why i want the job. i encourage people to check out my website chen for to figure out how they can help bring transparency and accountability back to california. >> ainsley: lanhee chen thanks for coming on with us. >> thank you, ainsley. >> ainsley: check in with janice dean for our fox weather forecast. good morning, janice. >> janice: hi, ainsley, the plains in the midwest warm-up under way today and tomorrow and next winter storm is going to move on through.
4:48 am
enjoy the temperatures 15 to 25 degrees above average. so we are out of the deep freeze for the time being for chicago and kansas city and atlanta. even in the northeast we are going to feel, you know, some milder temperatures move in but we have got our next storm that's going to develop in the next 24 to 48 hours, bringing snow and freezing rain and ice to parts of the midwest and plain states. several inches of snow. in some cases we could see plowable snow in these areas. and then we are going to watch the potential for this area of low pressure to develop across the deep south. areas that don't typically see several inches of snow, maybe some ice. so, the bottom line is we still don't have, you know, a defining storm system. who is going to get the most snow or the ice across the deep south. i will tell you that, you know, the model consensus is coming together for a storm system that's going to affect the southeast and the south over the next couple of days and then even a nor'easter for holiday monday, ainsley.
4:49 am
so we will have to watch the weather forecast. fox, download the app. we will have the latest details for you there. back to you. >> ainsley: that's right. a longer weekend. thank you so much, janice. >> janice: you got it. >> ainsley: still ahead, some college students taking extreme measures to ram joe biden's voting bill through congress and they say that rather suffer from a hungry strike than a stalled bill. and pete hegseth is going to react to that next. ♪ ♪ jump on it ♪ jump on it ♪
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> some arizona college students are threatening to go on a second hunger strike if congress does not pass the voting bill by monday. >> i have seen the consequences of broken democracy entire life. we should not have to put our bodies on the line for you to listen to us. >> okay. "fox & friends" joins us right now. pete, these college students are hoping they can do what joe manchin are keeping this in
4:54 am
it doing and that is passing -- they would have to get rid of the filibuster. is anybody going to listen to these kids out in arizona? >> no. it did not work the first time, it's not going to work this time. their first hunger strike was a sham. this one is a sham. it might help with our bare shelves problem. less food. some people will be eating. some of them look a little like they are not all that hungry. that might help a few of them as well. this is the foolishness of young kids searching for any purpose in their life at all. their life is so empty that if they fake voting rights bill based on a big problem that is entirely unconstitutional that they decide to cling onto e.j. ane because they know it's hopeless. thankfully, others are not going to move to change that filibuster and overturn the entire united states senate.
4:55 am
this would destroy the federalism of our voting system, blow open the ballot box, and these kids think it not eating is going to get it done. not going to work. >> a year ago, joe biden said novak's mandates. there was a lie. he said he won't bow to the filibuster. he doesn't have the support. it is probably not going to happen. he needs 60 votes. this is what he is for. this is what i guess these college students are for. same day voting, illegals can vote and getting rid of voter i.d., pete. what is your reaction to that? >> yep. what they want to do is recreate the conditions that lead lead to 2020. you don't have to prove who you are in order to vote. we should have an endless amount of days of voting. no overseeing chain of custody of where these ballots go and ultimately, no excuse. it they want an election day to be a holiday. i am all for election day being a holiday if we all just vote on election day.
4:56 am
but they want is for election day to be a holiday, three weeks of voting before that and count every ballot that arrives ten days after election day. it is wide open for fraud. it's based on a huge, huge fake problem which is that racial minorities in this country don't have access to the ballot box like everybody else. how offensive to every black and brown person in america who has every right as everyone else does to vote and they are making it up. >> i wonder how those college kids' parents feel spending thousands of dollars of those kids are not in a classroom but instead they are in a tent out in front of the building complaining what they are doing 2,000 miles away. watch fox nation specialness education america available january 18th. thank you very much. not only do centrum multigummies taste great. they help support your immune defenses, too. because a healthy life. starts with a healthy immune system. with vitamins c and d, and zinc.
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thanks for bringing me with you guys today, mr. and mrs. lopez. not a problem, josh. hey, you two.
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check out all these camera views in my silverado i can see in front of me, behind me, on either side of me. and it has this cam, so i can see if there's any funny business going on. you see any funny business going on? no, sir. let's have a great day! the chevy silverado offers eight cameras with up to 15 different views. find new views. find new roads. chevrolet. >> delivering another combative speech. >> jefferson davis. >> joe biden from 20 years ago would not have framed it quite that way. >> they tell these lies and mistruths so much that people will believe them. >> asked for that controversial letter comparing protesting parents to domestic terrorists. >> the biden administration is waging a war with the wrong constituents. we are moms and dads and we are not going away. >> do you think it is appropriate to use your $420,000
5:01 am
salary to attack scientists? >> you are making a catastrophic epidemic with you our political gain. >> business owners putting pressure on the new district attorney to combat is soft approach. >> damaging things to our society. as a democrat, i don't recognize my party anymore. >> be prepared to pay up. rising inflation affecting the prize this year up to about $6 per month. ♪ ♪ >> that is a beautiful shot and marilyn. we hope everyone is having a great morning. it is wednesday. let's make it a wonderful day together. thanks for waking up with us. >> if we do have money this year i would like andy graham are to our house band.
5:02 am
he is adrenaline. his music just lifts you up. he has been on this show before. he would no directions to get here. i don't know how much money do we have in the budget, do you know? >> we have had hundreds of performers on our program. we have never paid them. keep in mind, andy grammer got started. he was out on the boardwalk in santa monica, california. he was in mainstreet santa monica in front of i want to say forever 21 singing for free for years and somebody discovered him. the next thing you know, you are talking about paying him. >> it would come out of hensley's money. that is something we would talk about at the break. if we had a house band, which state would we put them in while we are doing the show? >> data, i'm going out to california. i'm going to sing on the street. then he made it. >> i'm gonna flip it over on my guitar case. i can't tell you in the third
5:03 am
street promenade when i was out there. i can tell you how many great established artist would say, i'm going to go out there and make some extra money. i remember there was this one artist and he was more of a blue sky. blues brings me down. he nailed a block on his foot and he had a block on the ground. so he would actually be his own wood-block or bass drum during it. i thought it was so interesting. you could literally see the nails on the board on the sole of his foot. >> i think we need a picture of that, brian. that is hard to understand. >> i will sketch it. >> i think we know what you are talking about. let's start with our news this morning. president biden attacking anyone who disagrees with his efforts to end the filibuster in order to pass as radical voting rights agenda. live in washington once again, senator joe manchin is throwing a wrench in joe biden's plans. >> joe biden campaigned on
5:04 am
uniting the country but then he got tired of being quiet. the president headed to atlanta where he fully abandoned bipartisanship. for the first time endorsed killing the filibuster. >> i will defend the right to vote. our democracy against all enemies, foreign and, yes, domestic good we have no option but to change the senate rules including getting rid of the filibuster for this. >> the president also blasted republican opposition to his voting rights legislation saying it is time to pick a side. >> the battle for the soul of america is not over. it get officials in america. how do you want to be remembered? do you want to be on the side of dr. king or george wallace? do you want to be on the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis? >> joined biden about a coalition of civil rights groups
5:05 am
boycotted the visit including the most prominent liberal voting rights activist in the country, stacey abrams who gave no reason for her absence saying she had a scheduling conflict. meanwhile, back here in washington, chuck schumer says he will move forward to try and nuke the filibuster if they can't pass their voting rights legislation. joe manchin says not so fast. >> we need some good rule changes to make the place work better. if we get rid of the filibuster, it doesn't work better. >> minority leader mitch mcconnell is threatening to effectively shut it down and what he says would be a senate that would be far less productive. >> i have so much to say. thanks so much to build on what you said. mitch, in particular was getting a lot of pressure from president trump. i've got to get my stuff done. he was filibustered over 300 times. by the senate. you can get 60 votes in
5:06 am
anything. blow up the filibuster. lindsey graham said no. the democrats with less of a decisively 50/50 in the senate, they are going to look to do something like that would change america forever. keep in mind when he talks historically, this guy was best friends with a former grand wizard of the kkk. he eulogized him at his funeral. in 1977, and 1876, everson davis said i would like to be a citizen again. they said no. 1977 joe biden was part of the senate judiciary committee that voted to restore jefferson davis' citizenship. he expects us to forget that when he goes down and compares people that don't go along with this envelope the filibuster to jefferson davis. are you not abraham lincoln? what is even saying? if you look at this bill, these are changes for example of unsolicited ballots. we have a vaccine and the pandemic hopefully will be in
5:07 am
our rearview mirror. >> you can sit online for election. you have 17 days to vote early. you can vote on four separate sundays. this is not the poll tax. this is not racist. did you know who brought that up? yesterday harold ford. i believe he was on the five. special report, my bad. here is what he said about that speech. >> joe biden that i know from 20 years ago would not have framed it quite that way. i don't think if you are opposed to some of the things that are being proposed around voting rights that you are -- >> it is interesting because yesterday, the house republicans put out a tweet that showed where joe biden once bragged about being praised by george wallace. it all comes down to getting rid of the filibuster which
5:08 am
joe biden and his 36 years as a senator use relentlessly against the republicans. in this case, if the democrats are using it to counteract the republicans, that is good. when the republicans use it, it is bad. joe biden is essentially asking the senate to blow themselves up, which they are not going to do. joe manchin and kyrsten sinema will not allow that. that is why he is so angry. not only will they not allow him to blow up the senate filibuster, but they have effectively blown up his entire agenda. they would not pass build back better. here we are at the end in the middle of the second week of january of 2022. what is he got going for him? the administration is handling the pandemic so badly, inflation is on the rise. we could get a historical number in 20 minutes from now. we have been talking about a crime.
5:09 am
joe biden is changing the narrative. he doesn't want people to talk about all that stuff. he wants people to talk about, you know what? he is really trying to do something with voting rights. because those republicans are racist. ultimately, this is a move on behalf of the administration to motivate the base that is lethargic right now because they are thinking joe biden just doesn't have it. >> he's using race to try to change the rules and he wants to blow up the filibuster. a year ago he was saying he would not do that. a year ago he was saying he would not do vax mandates. he said get the vaccine and you won't get covid. we know all three of these things are alive. he was an american politician in alabama for 20 years. he strongly opposed the civil rights movement in the '60s and he was the one who fixed the dogs and fire hoses on individuals who are out there protesting. he was a democrat but is comparing anyone who says oh, no, you should have an i.d.
5:10 am
which is most of our viewers. you should have an i.d. when you go vote. you should be a legal citizen if you want to go vote. if you don't accept illegals voting, if you don't accept people walking into vote without showing i.d. without proving they are who they are, then you are compared to racist individuals in our country. it is just wrong and he's using it as a political move. he wants to flip georgia. his own state of delaware when he was a senator, he didn't care about voting rights there. there are rules there are worse than they are in georgia. georgia like you said brian, 17 days of early voting. no excuse absentee ballots. they don't have any of that in delaware. where was joe biden in delaware when he was a senator? it is so political. we interviewed the governor of georgia who was running again any wants four more years as governor early on that show. listen to this. >> president biden and the vice president, they have lost the middle of the country.
5:11 am
they have lost build back better, and now they are trying to do something to shore up the liberal base of the party. that is really all they got left. georgians know better what we did with this law. the problem is the president and the vice president have never taken the time to read what is actually in the bill. they believe that if they tell these lies that people will believe him. i'm going to continue to push back against that. >> wide praise from democrats as the secretary of state. he is part of some of these changes running for reelection. you can't vilify arizona. you can't praise arizona. you can't praise georgia for everything they did to push back on president trump and said these are the big problems. in texas, they vilified texas. it makes no sense. they have two weeks of early voting. they extended voting hours in 60 different counties. you can get in line in texas. if you are online, you still get to vote. they did not limit.
5:12 am
they controlled. now that we are out of the pandemic. i don't know why republicans have a hard time pushing back on this. the other big story is crime. we are seeing it first and foremost in chicago. if you see some of these stats, it is stunning. early on, you get this. not only is crime growing rampant, it's not in view of these criminals who are not being forced to pay and do the time. nearly 100 murder suspects are free on home confinement in the chicago area. you can go knife somebody and get an ankle bracelet and wait for your dating court. as sheriff there, he is more than a little upset about this. listen. >> all of a sudden, i started seeing more and more people in my program. even murders as well. my office -- i explained that a judiciary, this is not what the
5:13 am
program is for. we shouldn't be doing this. they are still sending to me. i stopped putting people out. i said this is not what the program is for. i then was sued in federal court to force me to put people out. and i lost that suit and i was forced to put people out. >> forced to put people out. what do they attribute this to? back in 2017 in cook county, essentially, they have the reforms that limited cash bail. ultimately, and he said, he got 2600 defendants who were under home detention. but 100 of them have been charged with murder. and that judges go, you know what? or of the district attorneys, you know what? we are just going to send them home. and for sure, they are going to be fine until they get their day in court. meanwhile, when you look at the
5:14 am
cover of "the new york post" in new york? new york has spiraled out of control when it comes to con. the headline is not to the heart of justice. that picture is a career criminal by the name of william worland. a couple of days ago, he filled out plastic bag with cold medicine and other things. duane reade on saturday morning when he left the store, a female manager confronted him. he had a pocket knife. he pulled it on her and he said "f you, i'm taking everything." 5:30 in the afternoon, he showed up and he started filling up another bag and a manager saw him, realized who he was and called the cops. that cops came. the police called. he was charged initially with first-degree robbery and criminal possession of a weapon. he had a knife, right? that makes perfect sense. with the new d.a., you know,
5:15 am
essentially he was then charged with a lower downgraded charge of petit larceny. there is nothing petite about having a knife in your hand, threatening somebody. you take this stuff, i will stab you, ainsley. >> career criminal you said, steve, ex-con. look what happened in wisconsin. that guy had a long rap sheet. he tried to according to police rollover the mother of the child on the car pretty use the same car to mow down people at a christmas parade. these are people with long rap sheets that should be behind bars. every normal american knows that if you commit a crime that is that egregious, you need to be behind bars to keep the rest of the people who are doing the right thing safe. what about the victims? how do we know he is not going to come back and do it again? she probably doesn't want to work there anymore. to do they think about the victims in these situations? the people who are doing the right thing you are just working hard to put food on the table
5:16 am
for their family. the career criminals, the ex-cons have more rights than the people who are doing the right thing. greg hunt is a business owner in new york. he's a democrat. he says he doesn't even recognize his own party, listen. >> restaurants, bars, billiard clubs, bowling alleys. our employees go home late at night. it is just the nature of our industry. and i am worried that they are going to be accosted, mugged, or worse. and i would tell him that he needs to prosecute criminals. and that they need to be put away in jail. he needs to protect his citizens. as a democrat, i don't recognize my party anymore. the far left is dragging my party all the way to their friends. as a lifelong democrat, i don't recognize my own party anymore. they got a lot of democrats in new york feel the same way. i live in new york city. a lot of my friends are democrats.
5:17 am
they are worried about the safety of their children or for themselves when they go to an atm. i was talking yesterday to a police officer in new york. he used to work with our new commissioner. it was appointed by our new mayor. she is tough on crime and furious about this. she is going to sit down with the d.a. and talk to the d.a. as well as business owners. the largest organization that represents business owners in new york. they are going to sit down with this new d.a. hopefully he will listen because people in new york are scared. >> i won't tell you exactly where. she doesn't want me to. she does have the other breaking news that matters. >> thank you for not revealing my address. i appreciate it. i also have an incredible story here. listen to this. horrifying helicopter crash. a medical chopper rushing a 2-month-old baby to the hospital suddenly went down in front of a church in philadelphia. officials say all four passengers on board including
5:18 am
that infant survived with only minor injuries. the cause of the crash is currently under investigation. the reward for information leading to the discovery of a missing new hampshire 7-year-old has increased to $100,000. harmony montgomery was last seen over two years ago, but was only reported missing in december. her father claims he gave harmony to her mother in 2019, but her mom denies it. her father has been arrested. facing child endangerment charges. her stepmother is also facing charges. prosecuted alleging she accepted food stamps when the girl was not living with her. the grand old opry under fire from musicians on social media after country star morgan gave a surprise. ♪ ♪
5:19 am
>> he was invited to perform after he was caught using a racial slur, he was temporarily banned from some venues and radio stations but resumed his store and finished up 2021 with a top-selling album among all genres. those are your headlines, guys. >> he apologized. he has been selling out arenas across the country. i think they did the right thing. thanks so much, i appreciate it. it was a war of words in washington as a furious dr. fauci lashes out at senator rand paul. >> do you really think it is appropriate to use your $420,000 salary to attack scientists that disagree with you? >> i think in usual fashion, senator, you are distorting everything about me. >> tammy bruce react to this explosive hearing where anthony found she pretends to answer questions and instead flashes anger.
5:20 am
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and see how the switch squad can help you switch and save. get $200 off a new eligible 5g phone when you switch to xfinity mobile. talk with our helpful switch squad at your local xfinity store today. >> what happens when he gets out and accuses me of things that are completely untrue is that all of a sudden, that kindles the crazies out there. a person was arrested he was on their way from sacramento, and he was going to washington, d.c., to kill dr. fauci. go to rand paul website, and you see "fire dr. fauci" with a little box that says "contribute here." you are making a catastrophic epidemic for your political gain. >> that is dr. fauci lashing out
5:25 am
at senator paul. here to react to the fiery claims, fox news contributor tammy bruce. they went back and forth. we knew that was going to happen. what did you think about yesterday? >> it was an embarrassment for dr. fauci. this is a man who in all of his display, all of his responses really confirmed the attitude that we have all watched develop out of him. it is smog and arrogant and disconnect. it was a remarkable display and rand paul, what he did as izzy looked at actual emails of dr. fauci conspiring with dr. collins to take down scientists from major universities in this nation and in england of who disagreed with the nature of the approach with covid. and it was a discussion not about how to counter the disagreements, but about how to smear them publicly. it is a remarkable display.
5:26 am
i have to tell you, it reflects the rot that comes from an entrenched bureaucracy. they feel that they are superior. there is to be no contradiction. there is to be no criticism. they feel completely unaccountable to anyone, and they feel that that is appropriate. it is groupthink. this is why we have this debacle. this is the man who is leading this charge against covid. it has been a disaster. he has been on every side of every major issue. where the covid originated from, herd immunity, masks, the nature of when this would end. everything appeared in the white house itself and said that they were unprepared. they just weren't ready for the delta or the omicron variant. if ouchi is in charge of that. it is an embarrassment for if ouchi. it's an embarrassment for this country and is dangerous for us
5:27 am
as well. >> you are not going to get covid if you get backs and if you get boosted, that's false. you can give money to the gain of function research. according to the nih, that is false. when you heard pouncey blaming rand paul for the obscene phone calls that he's getting at home and for this guy who came from california across and was pulled over by the cops and said he was going to kill fauci. senator rand paul responded to that. listen to this. >> my wife and i have been assaulted involved in the streets of d.c. i had a hater of president trump break six of my ribs. i know what political violence is about. i don't wish any violence on fauci. i do wish she would be fired because i think trusting that chinese is wrong. i think finding that lab in china is wrong. i think ignoring natural immunity is wrong. he's gonna blame his attacks on me. it wasn't fair. it was a cheap shot. it was a cheap shot by a
5:28 am
politician, not a scientist. >> was it a cheap shot, tammy? >> well, it was. even in that response, rand paul responded with the details of the issues of what is problems where with what is unfolded. if ouchi of course did none of that. and then at one point in question with senator marchal who was asking him about finances and his own money and serious questions he was also a doctor. fauci referred to him as a. this tells you, it reinforces what everyone is thinking. this is a man who is obsessed only with himself and not with solutions where the country. >> steve was saying earlier that he did release his financials but everything that he gave over the course of the year or years of financials redacted. he has not been transparent. >> thank you very much, tammy. coming up next, the u.s. is sending an additional $300 million in aid to
5:29 am
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>> all right, here we go.
5:33 am
five months after the tragic fall of kabul. the biden administration announced plans to send an additional $308 million of humanitarian assistance to afghanistan as the country nears economic collapse after the taliban takes over. people are starving. medal of honor recipient with us now. where do you stand on this? >> we have send $470 million to this country since october. i think america is at their heart to go out and help. it's a part -- it's our dna to go out and help those that we can. that is what makes us who we are. but the question is, is like, where is this money going? are we going to trust the taliban? this is a war-torn region appeared how are we going to ensure that this money is going to get to the people that need it, right? i don't think anybody is questioning that we don't want to help out the people that need
5:34 am
it. there is that aspect of an end and there is the aspect of how long do we keep doing this? if we go to every country that is on the globe and needs humanitarian aid, we are going to be helping everybody, right? i kind of look at this like the family member that you keep trying to help but at some point, they are going to have to start being so measurables and some accountability so that they don't have to continue to rely on a spirit >> it would go through independent humanitarian organization to provide protection and essential health care, winterizing assistance, emergency food, water, sanitation, and hygiene services. independent organizations who will take their lives and their own hand obviously with that lawless nation run by a brutal dictatorship. >> but again, this is not going to fix the problem. this is going to be a band-aid to the problem. what is going to be the solution to fix the taliban?
5:35 am
but again, we know that taliban is expecting this to get to them some way because the taliban, they are not working with us right now. they are not complying with anything. and it is, like, at one point -- this is not going to fix the problem. this is just a sinkhole that is endless. >> i think you are right. 80% of afghanistan's economy over the last 20 years was from us and other humanitarian organizations. they never really learned to live without us. now they are living without us and their government doesn't seem to care about their people. big shock. >> well, their government is the taliban. obviously, big shock, right? for me, i mean, look, we just focus over 20 years with everything trying to go over there and fix this country. i think at this point, we should cut our losses. i think if it has to do with intent, if the war could have been -- if this country could have been fixed by intent and a good intent and with great
5:36 am
intentions of wanting to go over there and heart and money, i think that we would have been able to do it over the last 20 years. i don't think there's anybody wanted to fix this country or help these people more than the men and women who put on the cloth and are willing to give their lives not for the security of this nation, but ultimately, to make their nation no better place. and so, i think that this is a lost cause in my opinion. as hard as that is to say. it is not a easy thing to say. it is not. it is a hard thing to recognize. at some point, you know, it is like the airplane oxygen mask. at some point, the united states of america is going to get to a point to where, you know, we have waited too long and our deficit is going to be so large that, i mean, at what point do we start focusing on the people in the united states of america and helping them? >> i appreciated. thank you so much for your insight. >> thank you. >> breaking news just coming in
5:37 am
right now. of the consumer price index. something we have not seen since 1982. we will discuss it. the rising inflation rate. it's at 7% now. that story after the break. before treating your chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more, you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start, with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you, and if a sample is available. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache.
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buy a home, get cash, or lower their mortgage payments. we start by asking one simple question: how can we help that veteran? with more ways to help more veterans, no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newday usa. >> we are back with a fox news alert. and the numbers not good. inflation in the united states has jumped 7% over the last 12 months. from our sister network, fox business breaks it down. cheryl, that number is sky high. >> it's a 40-year high, steve, that we got this morning. the numbers breaking a few moments ago. i jump oh 7% beard we haven't seen inflation run that hot in
5:42 am
this country since 1982. if you look at the core number which is where they strip out mood and energy. that was still hotter than expected year-over-year, and a jump of 5.5%. what are people paying the most for? according to the government, for shelter and for used vehicles. used cars and truck prices year-over-year, 37% jump, steve. as far as shelter, that was a huge jump. also if you look at apparel, a jump of almost 6% for clothing. this is what everybody needs and this is inflation that goes against the story of higher wages we we got that data last friday morning that tells us wages are up over the last year. what they are paying especially these low income families are paying for everything they need whether it is food or gasoline or their rent, those numbers are jumping. really quick, gasoline prices year-over-year. you see that your gas pump, a jump of 50% year-over-year for
5:43 am
gasoline prices, steve. even medicare jumps 2.5% if you can believe it. this does justify what the federal reserve's signaling. they will raise interest rates three or four times this year, steve. this gives them the ammo that they need to make that jump in march. >> and you are right. everyone feels that at the grocery store, at the pump. if you are trying to buy a used car, everywhere. thank you very much. let's bring in senator ron johnson, member of the senate budget committee. he joined us right now. senator, this is a jaw-dropping number. but joe biden is blaming everybody but himself. --
5:44 am
speak out this just didn't just happen. this is caused by democrat policies. when they passed $1.5 trillion covid relief package on a partisan basis, we had a trillion dollars left unspent from the previous 4 trillion peered i warned back then this could lead to stagflation. so much of the spending was paying people not to work. factories can't hire people. we have fewer goods. we have too many dollars chasing those fewer goods. this doesn't surprise me at all. it's going to be very difficult to break these inflationary expectations. the inflationary attacks of the democrats. >> you couple that with the supply chain issues. clearly the administration misjudged the recovery from the pandemic. because as we started to open back up, senator, people wanted
5:45 am
stuff, but it wasn't there. that is why it is supply and demand. you have to play more when there is a limited supply. >> listen, the economy was destined to take off. they were so many dollars already sloshing around. pent up demand for the economy is going to take off on its own. it did not need stimulus. a stimulus is the last thing you should do combined with the other things and do is pay people to stay on the sidelines and not take the jobs that were available. again, this inflation is caused by democrat policies. it didn't just happen. this is a democrat tax on the middle class. >> and actually, everybody feels it. senator, i will ask you about joe biden had a big speech down in atlanta yesterday and essentially said republicans are racist unless you in the senate get rid of the filibuster so that they can pass this voting rights act. what do you make of what the
5:46 am
president was saying as you square that with whether or not to blow up the filibuster? >> he is denying reality. people have the right to vote and he can vote. we are at near record levels of voter turnout. what is the problem? this is a solution looking for a problem and blowing up the filibuster, 32 democrats at the beginning of the trump administration signed a letter that said employee republicans, the unlimited debate, don't destroy our institution here. 27 of those senate democrats are still in the senate. what are they asking to do? they are asking to destroy the senate, to end unlimited debate due to total hypocrites that republicans by the way, there was no chance we were going to eliminate the filibuster because we realize how important it is to our democracy and allow the senate to be that's also beneath the cup of tea to cool the passage of the time peered we
5:47 am
realize how important is to have the senate as it is. we are going to resist it. hopefully joe manchin and kyrsten sinema will stand by their pledge not to blow up the filibuster. >> meanwhile, i understand your office got a letter from the department of homeland security. in it, they detail the fact that senator, 104,000 migrants were issued notices to appear, notices to report between the end of march and the end of august. but 47,000 of them didn't even show up. they failed to report. and these are the people who were given a notice to report. there were thousands of people who weren't even given that. who knows where they are? >> it was a new innovation and the democrats open border policy. we warned of this. we didn't think people are going to show up actually just report on their own volition. but you also noticed that i didn't get the full information.
5:48 am
i was hoping for annual information. they have given me this information for partial year. it's hard to cobble it altogether. even that is revealing. have didn't show up. the people got notices to appear by the way which is the more traditional way. they detailed 50,000 people they can't account for 40 of the 15,000. i appreciate what little information i got. it is somewhat revealing. the secretary of homeland security has to provide the american public a full accounting of the disaster that is their open border policies in this unprecedented flow of illegal immigration. >> one final thing before you go. i know you made an announcement over the weekend. you said you were going to run for reelection. it would be your third term. you know what i think? i think 2 are going to be enough for me. why did you change your mind?
5:49 am
speak up because of democratic governance. it was my preference to serve two terms and go home. democrats are in total control. of this nation is on a very dangerous path. we take a look at open borders, increasing crime because of the catch and release policies at the border appear to the embarrassing and humiliated defeat and dangerous defeat or surrender in afghanistan. we are on a very dangerous path. i've never walked away from trying to solve a problem. i don't think i can walk away now. i'm going to need a lot of help. i'm going to be talking about issues. democrats are engaged in the politics of personal destruction. i'm going to need help. it is ron johnson for senate. i will need the help for anybody who loves this country. and chooses truth over -- >> all right, senator ron johnson joining us from capitol hill. thank you very much. >> have a good day. stay well. >> you as well. about 10 minutes before the time of the hour on this wednesday. still i had, colleges and universities bring back strict
5:50 am
covid mandates. are they ruining the experience for students? clay travis is traveling campuses across the country and he's going to join us with a reaction coming up next. but first actually next, look, it is dana perino cannot tell us what is going to start at 9:00 eastern. >> as you were just talking about with senator ron johnson, the new inflation numbers are out and they are as bad as expected. that is that biden administration have a handle on what to do to care about and why can you do to your family manage prices on everyday goods? we will have dave ramsey to talk about that. i checked that he can cover on federal voting rights legislation. just what was stacey abrams doing yesterday? they kept her away from the president's speech. but inside and senator rand paul on yesterday's covid hearing could want to be learned from the testimony? looking forward to be with you all at 9:00 a.m. so you only pay for what you need.
5:51 am
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5:55 am
wind chills in the northeast still quite cold. we will start some moderate today a little bit but we are going to have to watch over the weekend as the storm system creeps up the coastline. temperatures departures in some cases 10 degrees to 20 degrees above average for the plane states in the midwest but our next system moves in thursday friday for parts of the midwest and the plane states. there you can see it. it starts on thursday night heading into friday morning. you can see there is no potential there for some of these regions. and then we watched the potential for a southern storm that could bring measurable snow and ice to areas that don't typically see measurable snow and ice this time of year. we are going have to watch that and then this area of low pressure could come to us across the northeast on holiday monday. the bottom line is stay tuned. listen to your local weather forecast and download the app. fox where the latest on this developing storm system. back to you.
5:56 am
>> thank you, janice. parents of college students venting their frustration as covid restrictions, vaccine mandates and remote schooling put a damper on their kids education in their college experience as a whole. >> it is ridiculous that you are putting these mandates and you are controlling what they are able to do and the way they enjoy college. >> it is a living situation that is far less than what a parent would hope to have their child experience in their college years. >> i don't think anybody is measuring or evaluating, what is the psychological told that is being taken on these kids? >> the founder clay travis here to react. you have seen from the sports angle. talking to a lot of kids when you travel to the country and these campuses. they are frustrated, aren't they? >> beyond a shadow of a doubt. we are now into year 2, brian, of all of this college kids not able in many places to have a
5:57 am
normal life. princeton right now is not allowing students to leave the county. yale is requiring quarantine. they are not allowing kids to eat outside off-campus. these are just small measures that are being put in place that make zero sense. they kids are already double vaccinated. many of them are required to be boosted. they are not in any way under danger from covid in any kind of statistically significant manner in the first place. one of the big things we teach at college, how do you assess risk? how do you become an adult? but we are seeing is colleges are failing kids at what should be their primary goal and their primary directive which is how do you become an adult? they are teaching and treating these kids like they are young children and they are also training them like they are under a great deal of danger when they are not. all of these college kids are under more danger driving to and from campus then they are from covid once they get there.
5:58 am
>> because every college has got different rules, it seems like for the most part, kids have to be triple vaccinated. just trying to be a -- they are doing what they are doing and they can do it so much of this information has come from the cdc word i'm looking at out you've got a column where you say i give props to senator rand paul. he went up to capitol hill yesterday to try to answer questions. there are a lot of questions reasonable people have that he simply has not answered. >> no doubt. think about all of the things that you have been told that i have been proven now to be 100% not true. for instance, we were told you could not -- that getting the covid vaccine prevented you from getting or spreading the virus.
5:59 am
that is not true at all now. we now know that. and so people are revolting i think in many ways against of the science. >> brian knows firsthand beer they have college kids. what is clicking? >> a ton of attention right now still on the end on college football. who are the top team is going to be? congratulations to georgia who got the big win there. and we will have to see what's going to happen. we've got exciting going on the super wild card weekend, guys. football games on saturday, on sunday and on monday. it should be fantastic. people are ready for some good football this weekend. >> all right, quiet, thanks thanks so much. we will stay up with it. no one will be watching more, who will be more insightful than you. i'm going to be running to radio right after this and stephen ainslie, would you like to say goodbye in that order? >> we look forward to being back
6:00 am
tomorrow morning. >> that's right. i'm looking forward to your conversation talking about how you confused the county towels. luckily, if there are some spills, let's just hope she has got some cloth nearby. >> i'm telling her to bring your camera with her next time. you can see the difference. to see you later, guys. thank you so much for >> bill: new inflation numbers in the labor department showing the fastest price hike we've seen in four decades. tough to beat that. i'm bill hemmer. we'll bring you good news as well. good morning, dana. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." let's look at the number. the prices are up 7% from a year ago. the fastest increase, bill, since 1982 which is really incredible. this is a very potent political issue for the administration and i don't think the biden team


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