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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 12, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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stay connected and never forget to show what is at stake, wear your usa freedom matters gear on laura ingraham.comand winter pom-pom hats. remember, it is america, now and forever. greg gutfeld is next. >> president biden: jefferson davis, we have no option but to change the senate rules. i'm tired of being quiet. >> todd: it is wednesday, january 12, president biden delivering a speech, attacking anyone out there who disagree with senate rules to force his radical agenda. >> and did you see this? >> more people died under president biden than under president trump. lead architect for response of the government and 800,000
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people have died. >> dr. fauci taking a beating by republicans, hot mic catches him calling one senator a moron. >> it was something. uncovered e-mails signature joe biden's education secretary asked for the controversial letter comparing parents to terrorists. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. we begin with our top story, president biden urging democrats to pass the filibust sxer pass their election overhaul. >> todd: mitch mcconnell doubling down. griff jenkins joins us live from washington with the latest. good mornin >> the president called for unity yesterday and decide to fully abandon by partisanship to
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voting right legislation and endorsing the end of the filibuster rule. >> president biden: i believe the threat to our democrats is so grave that we must find a way to pass these voting rights bills. we have no option but to change the rule including getting rid of the filibuster for this. >> todd: vice president harris joined him, coaalition of civil rights groups boycotted biden's visit, most prominent activist in the country, stacy abrams. >> are you insulted she's missing the speech. >> i'm insulted you are asking the question. everything is fine. >> abrams gave no reason for her absence, took to twitter to thank the president for his visit. back in washington, mitch
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mcconnell threatening to shut the senate down if democrats nuke the 60-vote rule. >> what would post-nuclear senate look like? it would not be more efficient. do we understand how many things would need a recall vote. >> todd: are we about to see the end of a filibuster. one democratic senator says not so fast. >> we need good rule changes, getting rid of the filibuster doesn't make it work better. >> todd: manchin talks about resistance, there is deadline to pass voting religion or vote to change the filibuster rule. we'll see what happens. todd and carley. >> todd: griff, thank you. tucker carlson going off on president biden's personal attack on on americans who disagree with him. >> jefferson davis, really?
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if you oppose corrupt politicians? you are the leader of a confederacy, a foreign combatant? that is what he said. that is how important it is to keep the party in the majority. stand in the way, biden explained, and you may be a terrorist. it is amazing to hear joe biden call other people extremism. give me power over your life or i will know you are a -- >> todd: you will not want to miss that. four minutes after the hour. dr. fauci raging against republican senators day one of hearings on the biden administration's covid response. >> carley: gop lawmakers want answers and e-mails squashing the wuhan -- are uncovered.
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ashley, good morning. >> ashley: senator rand paul and dr. fauci butting heads over response to covid-19. rand paul accusing dr. fauci of squashing the wuhan lab issue. >> to create a quick and devastating published takedown of three prominent epidemiologists and you keep coming back to personal attacks on me that have absolutely no relevance to reality. >> ashley: fauci accused senator paul of distorting everything about him and paul's quote, usual fashion, and went head-to-head with senator marshall and caught calling him names on a hot mic. >> my financial disclosures are public knowledge. >> office cannot find them, where will they be if it is
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public knowledge. >> he is happy to give it to you, if you ask. >> what a moron. >> having a bombshell report showing he did award u.s. tax clz to the wuhan lab and being called out about personal financial disclosure not being publicly available must be frustrating, calling me a moron during a senate hearing may have alleviated the stress of the least bureaucratic in america, the white house could find himself in more hot water. demanding another hearing on 2020 e-mails pushing the theory covid could not be man-made and the senator reacting on "the ingraham angle" last night. >> he represents all of science and anybody that criticizes him prepare for the takedown, prepare for fauci and others to conspire to ruin your
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reputation. >> the april 2020 e-mails, fauci called possibility of lab leak a shiny object that will go away in time. back to you guys. >> thank you. todd, i think the hearings went as well as anybody would have thought, republicans criticized and yelled, democrats praised and a lot of people are left with questions. we did learn something important yesterday that ashley was talking about. james comer and jim jordan released e-mail exchange between dr. frances collins and dr. fauci that took place in august of 20 20, the start of the pandemic. a lot of people are believing this covid lab leak theory, can you do something to squash this reporting and fauci responded saying, i would not do anything about this right now, it is a
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shiny object that will go away in time. of course it didn't go away even though social media companies tried to that area, now it is prevailing theory. why squash that theory as opposed to asking about it being true. >> todd: and why are republicans attacked for asking the questions? you want answers. i want answers. everybody in america should want answers. on exchanging throughout the day, the american people are not looking to anthony fauci to be right all the time, what we are looking for is some sense of humility that science is an ongoing and evolving process and just because dr. fauci says something it is not the be all, end all bible. dr. fauci does not seem to have that humility. to rand paul's question, why
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can't anyone question dr. fauci? why is dr. fauci considering himself to be science, when science is ultimate exchange of ideas to arrive at conclusion or series of conclusionss that ultimately helps mankind? what does fauci do? pivot to accusing republicans of encouraging threats against him, sort of an odd strategy by fauci to call out rand paul when it comes to political threats. rand paul knows something about being questioned. he was attacked physically. odd way to approach it. it shows this administration under the guise of trying to help america is trying to control americans. they don't listen to anybody, they don't opt to listen to anybody. we are in the situation combating a virus biden said he was going to defeat. again, january 12th, not defeated yet. with that, as americans grapple
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with testing shortages, senator collins wants to know why massive amounts of covid funding were averted to another biden crisis. take a listen. >> staff investigation found 850 million dollars out of the testing budget and another $850 million out of the allocation for the stockpile were instead used to deal with the crisis at the southern border. >> todd: gop house committee reporting diverted funding was used for emergency housing for illegal immigrant says. >> carley: 50,000 illegal immigrants were told to report to ice this year, have disappeared according to new homeland security data. dhs reporting half the migrants released in the country in 2021
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failed to report to the department. began giving out notices to report in march after reinstating catch and release. recently the administration has been forced to establish the trump era remain in mexico strategy after supreme court order. white house giving out $308 million in aid to afghanistan after the chaotic afghan withdrawal in august. >> todd: americans are wondering where is that money going. amy. >> on one hand, you don't want money going into pockets of a repressive regime. when you hear warnings one in two children are likely to end up malnourished if the world doesn't act. the u.s. acted and doubled money it pledged to afghanistan since august with anothering $300 million for
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grant, healthcare, winterization, water, sanitation and hygiene services. u.s. has been warning of suffering on an unprecedented scale there. with fighting over, aid may flow more freely. >> the conflict between the taliban and the previous government is over and that has opened up some space of security, which i think we need to take advantage of. >> the u.s. is insisting the money will be distributed through independent aid organizations, but skeptics worry about where it will end up. >> todd: i don't care how much they promise it will go to independent organizations, when the organizations have a gun to their head and are told, give up 30%, they will do it. >> this as the taliban has blocked evacuation flights of americans from leaving for the last month. the state
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department spokesman yesterday couldn't answer a question about when flights might resume. he did say he knows there are dozens of americans ready and actually dying to leave the country. he did say the u.s. remains committed to getting them out. carley and todd. >> todd: amy kellogg, thank you very much. joe biden's education secretary cardonas requests letter from the national school board association calling parents domestic terrorists according to newly released e-mails from the usda. lobbying the administration to use patriot act, the biden administration itself. florida senator rick scott saying, "the truth came out, woke secretary asked the nsba to mobilize and
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began treating parents like domestic terrorists. cardona should resign. if you had any question how high this letter rose, here is your answer. the education secretary handpicked by joe biden. this is so offshorive to me as a parent because as a parent, i am in charge, nobody else is in charge. school boards, schools, teachers, y'all work for me, i am in charge as a parent. the fact this gentleman and this administration equate me potentially going to a school board meeting and talking aggressively to the leaders who are supposed to be in charge of helping my kid grow, equating that to the oklahoma city bomber is so offensive and amazing more people are not on outraged at this. we saw what happened in virginia, if you think the democrats will have an easy way
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in any way, shape or form in the next 10 months, you are sorely mistaken. parents are ticked, they do not want to see this happen to them. what happened in virginia with youngkin is going to be something you see not just in virginia, but in all 50 states, especially in light of a revelation like this. >> carley: back story here, last september, the national school board association wrote a letter to president biden comparing parents who protest at school board meetings to domestic terrorists and merrick garland, attorney general, stepped in and said the national school board association is having issue with parents, we'll have the fbi investigate some of those parents. now there is an e-mail that indicates the education secretary, miguel cardona requested that letter from the
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national school board association and the e-mail was received by a group of parents. a spokesperson says cardona was not behind this, they are denying it and saying the secretary did not solicit a letter to understand the views and concerns of stake holders, the department engages with students, teachers, parents, district leaders and education associations, despite that, republicans are ticked off and this situation has completely spiralled out of control. the nsba has since apologized for this letter and it could have shaped the virginia gubernatorial race, as you said. a lot of regret on the part of democrats over this letter, although they are denying the education secretary had anything to do with that. we have to turn to this. today former senate majority
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leader harry reid will lie in state in the capitol rotunda. the democrat served 30 years in the u.s. senate. the ceremony is closed to the public because of covid. reid has been remembered by spirit and dedication on capitol hill, president biden calling him a "great american." reid died last month after a battle with pancreatic cancer, he was 82 years old. democrats in one state are pushing a bill that some claim will restrict parent choice and provide fewer public school options for kids. we'll tell you what is going on there. >> todd: coming up on wednesday morning, tennessee congressman, joe concha and heg step p. keep it here.
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and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> carley: chicago studentss will return to school today. the teachers union was in
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negotiation with the city over covid safety protocols. terms to end the strike include returning to remote learning on a school-by-school basis, depending on attendance in each community. measure expected to be voted on this week by all union members. todd. >> todd: carley, new york state may be taking a major hit, proposed law block opening of many new elementary and secondary charter schools. joining me now president and ceo of the national association of charter school authorizers. why would state lawmaker john lou go out of his way to block charter schools? >> good morning, todd. thank you for having me on, i appreciate it. it's too bad we're even having this conversation at a time when it is clear we need to have an
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all-hands-on-deck approach to making sure our kids and families are getting what they need emerging from the global pandemic. i have no idea why we would be seeking to reduce quality education opportunities, particularly for a charter school authorizer with such a record of strong performance over time. >> todd: yeah, it seems like so many on the left are afraid of charter schools. karega, what are they scared of? i used to go to charter schools and they were absolutely amazing, kids of all races, backgrounds coming under one roof and learning, the learning environment was beautiful to watch, kids were engaged, teachers were excited. it was awesome. why do people not want that? >> a lot of instances, many folks don't understand what charter schools are, first. and second, the good news, like
1:24 am
there is on the right, on the left, there is wide diversity of perspectiveness of charter schools. charter school critics unfortunately have the evidence wrong. we know particularly in urban areas, when done well, charter schools provide the best opportunity for students to get high quality education right now. todd, that is particularly critical as we recover and more information comes out on the challengess that students and families continue to face and have faced over the last couple years related to the global pandemic we're working through and now is the time we need more, not fewer educational opportunities for student success and that is why the work that we at nacsa and others are doing to advance high quality opportunities for kids is so important right now. >> todd: that is such a great point. now is the time when teachers
1:25 am
and schools are under such stress, if you have opportunity to have a charter school that will take some burden off, it seems like a perfect opportunity. i don't understand why anyone would stop it. karega rausc h. carley, over to you. >> carley: 24 after the hour, president biden promised to be the great unifier, is he bringing the country together by comparing republicans to racists? >> president biden: the battle for the soul of america is not over. do you want to be the side of dr. king or george wallace? >> carley: congresswoman dana harshbarger responds to the attack on the gop and senator ted cruz is set up with a covid double standard. >> just once, i'd like to see a reporter say to joe biden when he stands at the podium at the white house without a mask, mr.
1:26 am
president, why aren't you wearing a mask? >> carley: stick around to hear his fiery rebuke of the media. ♪ ♪
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600. maybe if you're trying to pay thousands extra in interest rates. cut the confusion, get started with a free credit evaluation at >> todd: welcome back. 90, 9-0, people charged with murder are free to walk the streets of chicago thanks to progressive bail reform. this is murder, folks. cook county revealing electronic monitoring system has 90 murder suspects and 20 murder suspects under tracking, not behind bars. police and lori lightfoot want to end the program. the judge says all are innocent until proven guilty. carley. >> carley: from the windy city to the west coast, violent crime is plaguing america's streets.
1:31 am
five people detained for killing and shooting l.a. pd officer arroya. thieves armed with sledge hammers swiping $100,000 in jewelry from san jose mall. this video is unbelievable. you see people stealing $100,000 worth of your jewelry. you were not there when this took place, but your dad was. how is he doing and what is this situation like for your family? >> so, i mean, you're watching eight to 10 guys rush in with hammers. they terrified my family, terrified all of our employees. they were not sure if they were
1:32 am
going to die. they were not sure how escalated the moments were. it was the worst moments of some of their lives. >> carley: wow. i understand a couple of weeks before this robbery we're seeing unfold on the screen right now, you started noticing a group of people checking out your jewelry store and because there have been other robberies in your area, you thought, this could happen to me. you talked to police and said, i'm worried that i'm being targeted, what did police tell you in response? >> the police, they let us know that there is nothing that they could do at that moment, they almost had to let the crooks do more crime, they had to let more theft happen in order to put these guys away for a long enough time. they let us know, if they didn't do enough of the crimes and they
1:33 am
were caught, they would be put away for a short amount of time. >> carley: my gosh. eric, how did that make you feel? you basically said, i know i'm going to get robbed, you told police and they looked at you and said, our hands are tied. >> that is right. that is what happened. we closed for a week, trying to avoid any robbery. that is my store on the camera, that is the day we reopened after trying to prevent the robbery for one week. >> carley: eric, it feels so lawless and so unfair and your district attorney, jeff rosen, first line of his bio, on his website says he is leader in criminal justice reform, including reducing jail populations. how is that working for you? what is your message for him and other elected leaders in your
1:34 am
area? >> well, i feel for the topic of trying to reduce the jail population, but these are not guys that care about people's lives, they don't care about our livelihoods. they are not worried about the decent men and women going to work and they are coming and threatening us with violence and threatening to take away from things we've been earning for years and take it within a matter of seconds. it feels like they really need to figure out how to improve the laws in order to prevent this from happening. my dad was injured. that really broke my heart to see. had the pressure been harder on his head, he could have died. these guys came in and threatened lives. >> carley: eric, we're so sorry this happened to you, thank you for speaking out on this important issue and hopefully because of this story, things will change. eric, thank you so much. >> thanks, carley.
1:35 am
>> carley: todd, over to you. >> todd: it just doesn't make sense and sticking with the theme, 34 minutes after the hour, angry business owners in the big apple will meet with the new manhattan d.a. and potentially begin recall effort on his soft on crime agenda and tell us what they want to hear from the woke prosecutors.
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>> president biden: jim crow 2.0
1:39 am
is about two insidious things, voter suppression and election subversion. get rid of the filibuster for this. do you want to be the side of aberaham lincoln or jefferson, this is time to defend democrats. >> todd: president biden taking aim at republicans in the name of voting rights pushing to change the rules overhauling u.s. elections. >> carley: joining us is dana harshbarger. congresswoman, good morning. what did you make of the president's big speech yesterday? >> dana: well, it was a big speech, but he didn't have a lot of people listening to it. one of the primary people absent was stacey abrams and she's all about voter equity, that is your sign right there. >> todd: i thought biden was going to unify us, why does
1:40 am
every speech conclude, you are in lock step with joe biden or you are seemingly a terrorist? >> dana: well, if you do not agree, i've come to the conclusion anybody, if you do not agree with this administration, they will mock you and tell you that you are wrong and media magnifys that message. the american people are not stupid people, we see through this and they can portray it any way you want, all you have to do is look at poll 99s and you know why stacey abrams didn't show up. >> carley: you know, ultimately democrats want to pass the freedom to vote act and john lewis voting rights act, even though stacey abrams was not there, possibly because of poll numbers, she supports that, too. convicted felons could vote and it would require all 50 statess to allow people to vote on
1:41 am
election day, among a ton of other things. if the two bills pass, big if, what happens to the country and our elections? >> dana: you will never have another fair election. their goal is to federalize national elections, the states would have no say in voter rights and americans, why would they go to the poll if they know we'll never get another republican elected, they are not trying to disguise their plan, it is out in the open. the three voter bills are being floated on the senate side. chuck schumer is in the middle trying to discard the filibuster and have joe manchin with the plan. they went from hr1 to hr4, i don't know which they will portray to us so we can say no. it will take your individual right for free and fair election away if any of this passes. >> todd: that point about why would we head to the polls if
1:42 am
this passes, sounds like russia, how vladamir putin runs. every time he seems to win and nobody seems to vote against him. another big talker from yesterday, dr. fauci and senator paul clashing over accusation of cheap politics regarding takedown of other scientists. here is the exchange. >> the idea that a government official like yourself would claim unilaterally to represent science, any criticism of you you is considered criticism of science itself is quite dangerous. >> you are distorting everything about me. you keep coming back to personal attacks on me that have absolutely no relevance to reality. >> more people have died now under president biden than under president trump, you are the one responsible, you are the architect. >> i would like to make something clear to the committee, he's doing this for political reasons. >> todd: congresswoman, you were
1:43 am
a pharmacist for decades, as a woman of science, how disheartening is fauci's inability to listen to scientific theories that don't fit his narrative? >> dana: you are only presented one side in this and thank goodness, rand paul, he is a physician, he had a disagreement with robert marshall yesterday. these are colleagues of mine in the doctorss caucus. to say he is the science and discard any disagreement with him, that is wrong for this country, that is wrong for the world basically. when they say follow the science, follow the true science. he subverts personal attacks or whatever and doesn't want to answer the real question, that is a huge problem. if there is anything we can do to push forward the studies that are tried and true, they won't even discuss natural immunity
1:44 am
when it comes to this virus. how can the american public know who to trust? it is either you are a truth seeker or you are seeking political power. i think the american people would fall on the side of we want a truth seeker, not a power seeker. >> todd: we want answers. congresswoman dana harshbarger thanks for your answers here on a wednesday, we appreciate it. >> dana: my pleasure. >> todd: senator cruz firing back at reporters after he was asked why he and fellow republicans are not wearing masks during a gop press conference. watch. >> on the question of hypocrisy, you just asked, you people at the podium are speaking without masks. i would like to hear a reporter say to joe biden when he stands at the podium without a mask, mr. president, why aren't you wearing a mask? i would like for you to say to jen psaki when he stands at the
1:45 am
podium, why don't you have masks. it is directed at one side and the american people see the hypocrisy. >> todd: you heard it, calling it "mask hypocrisy," and the press should be asking about the mandate pipock rase from the hypocrisy from the biden administration. >> carley: novak djokovic discussing the timeline of his covid. he did interview and photo shoot after testing positive, saying "this was an error of judgment, i should have rescheduled this commitment."and apologizing for errors on travel agents, said his agent made a mistake when saying djokovic had not traveled before coming to australia. it is unclear if he will be able to play in the australian open,
1:46 am
which starts on monday. >> todd: now that is settled, did buttigieg save christmas? you won't believe what one big city mayor had to say in the middle of the supply chain crisis. ♪ ♪ [laughter] ♪ ♪ hi. i'm shannon storms bador. when we started selling my health products online our shipping process was painfully slow. then we found shipstation. now we're shipping out orders 5 times faster and thanks to shipstation's discounted rates we're saving a ton. honestly, we couldn't do it without shipstation join over 100,000 online sellers who get ship done with shipstation go to /tv and get 2 months free.
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talks about his dangerous childhood, but daily mail reports bragg grew up in one of the safest neighborhoods in harlem, was raised in a $2 million brownstone and attended an elite school. there is a lot of privilege left out of his story. todd. >> todd: that is interesting. new york city business owners calling out bragg over his soft-on-crime policy, but the liberal prosecutor is sticking to his guns. >> we will not incarcerate our way out of this and a number of
1:51 am
matters shouldn't be criminalized. reserve our criminal justice system for shootings, for example. >> todd: here to react three business owners, owner of american brass, robert misken, co-owner of zazi's pizza, richie romera and owner of carnegie, staplas. robert, first question to you, as someone running a business how devastating is it to hear a d.a. basically incentivize crime? >> it is extremely uncomforting for sure. i have a u-haul packed up ready to go to the sunshine state. this guy seems like he wants california to not have a monopoly of bad ideas.
1:52 am
i haven't been that upset since march of 2020. >> todd: you are not the only one thinking of getting a u-haul and heading to florida. criminals are paying attention. look at numbers, robbery up 29%. murder up 33.3%, grand larceny, up 63%. how worried are you this big apple turnaround under the new mayor will not happen and potentially this city could somehow get worse? >> todd, i'm really nervous about it, most of us voted for mayor adams because he was going to be tough on crime. right now, his hands are tied and it is scary. -- constitution getting a get-out-of-jail free card like monopoly. it is petrifying. reduced sentences, having --
1:53 am
somebody could come into my establishment, walk out with my cash register at gunpoint and i don't know if they will be tried. it is scary. we are policing our stores and everything the mandates with the vax cards and everything, now we have security guards so people don't come steal our stuff. it is frightening. his story is he had guns pointed to him, i don't have a gun pointing to one of my workers and they can have this american dream of being. i don't understand the common sense of anything, i don't. it doesn't make sense. >> todd: it doesn't make sense. >> we're in fear of covid and crime. people not taking subways, more people not taking the subways because of the crime factor. >> todd: it is a disaster. >> yeah, no common sense. >> todd: yeah. i want to get in here quickly.
1:54 am
we pop on the screen. he doesn't want people in jail period, what do your fellow business owners need to tell this d.a. when they meet with him? >> he is disconnected from reality. i want him to take a walk with us in new york city and feel what is going on in 2022. everybody has a sense of safety that is gone out of the window and after this pandemic, we should be focusing on the new day and focusing on being positive. he is disconnected period. he doesn't understand what it takes to be a citizen of manhattan, what it takes to run a business in manhattan and what it takes to give safety sense to tourists that come visit. when somebody can come with a point gun in a place of business and next day walk free, this is
1:55 am
disturbing for me and my family and disturbing as a business owner. it is crazy, absolutely crazy, to be the first on the agenda. we believe in the new mayor and his first days and we believe we should sit down, this is extremely disturbing. >> todd: gentlemen, we appreciate your time. we pray it gets better. fingers crossed. guys we got to let it go there. thank you. carley over to. >> carley: transportation secretary pete buttigieg praising the biden administration while touring california's port amid the ongoing supply chain crisis. >> reasons why christmas was not in fact cancelled is that ports like l.a. and long beach moved record levels of goods. >> carley: and l.a. mayor eric
1:56 am
arcetti praising buttigieg, who has been missing on the supply chain crisis. >> our president and administration deserve credit for saving christmas, this is the man who saved christmas. >> carley: he saved christmas. buttigieg says supply chain issues will continue "as long as the pandemic persists." >> todd: infamous letter likening protesting parents to terrorists stem from highest levels of the administration, we will tell you who was in charge of it. don't go anywhere. ♪
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>> president biden: do you want to be the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson, i'm tired of being quiet. >> carley: wednesday, january 12. president biden delivering a speech attacking any american who


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