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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 11, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> good evening and welcome to tucker carlson, tonight it's time for civics class, abbreviated version. here's how democracies work.he they strike a deal with the government that rules them. here's what it is. politicians do their best to improve your life. in exchange for that you vote for them. that's a voluntary arrangement. it works pretty well, for 250 years that's how it's worked here in the united states but
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suddenly not anymore. during his entire first year in office joe biden did virtually nothing to improve the actual lives of actual american citizens and he didn't because he didn't really try. it's not a feature of the equity agenda. punishment is the point of the equity agenda, inflicting pain on the right people, giving referendums by other names. you can see how he feels about america. he's deeplyin disappointed in t country and he's annoyed with the people who live here. he doesn't con joules voters. you caused the corona pandemic. you're stupid and selfish. for an american president it's an entirely new way of governing and you've got to wonder how long it can continue. how are democrats going to headlined on to power in the upcoming elections. if you think about this there is only one way they can do it.
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they have got to create a new form of government, one that keeps incumbents in power forever no matter what they do or how incompetent or destructive they may be. one is by diluting the political power of citizens and that's why democrats in new york are allowing nearly a million foreign nationals here illegally to vote in a local election. it's like newsom has announced that california is going to offer healthcare to aliens so more will come. that's the points and it's why democrats are pushing for what they describe as a transformative voting rights bill. it's their top legislative priority. the main thing they care about so biden had a speech in afternoon in georgia. the event didn't start well. he referred to his running mate as the president of the united states, if only. then, as he almost always does during public appearances these days joe biden got angry. watch. >> it's also time to pass the john lewis voting rights advancement act. i've been having these quiet conversations with members of congress for the last twonvnv
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months. i'm tired of being quiet. >> tucker: what does this john lewis civil rights act that grouchy joe biden is tired of being quiet about? well, at its heart the bill would give the federal government the power to control how elections are conducted across the country. it would require them to have clears from the federal government to set rules for their own elections. it means that states would no longer have the authority to require voter identification, or registration at the polls. states would also lose the power to pick the locations for polling sites as well as the ability to draw the boundaries of their own congressional districts. oh, that's what it's about. before doing virtually anything related to democracy, states would have to follow a formula written by democrats that needless to say focuses mainly on race. why? the idea is simple. the idea is this country is too racist to allow states to run their own affairs. pelosi has to run them. only she is nonracist enough to
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conduct elections. everything about the claim is absurd. if america is so racist then why have tens of thousands of hecheians snuck across the border? could answer someone answer that question or even ask it but the idea is it totally unconstitutional. notice the supreme court was pretty clear about it almost 10 years ago back in 2013. this is not allowed. it's never been allowed and no sane population would ever allow it. not voluntarily, anyway. why would you let incumbent politicians rig the game in their own favor? you would not allow that. would you have to be bullied into it. how would you be bullied? you know the answer. the fastest way to bully americans other than by scaring them with viruses is to call . them racist. so that's precisely what the democratic party is doing. they are telling us the civil rights movement never happened. it's still 1951 in birmingham and you, my friend are bull connor. shot up andd obey racists. he's never been subtle so joe
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biden today came out and set it. watch. >> do you want to be on the side of john lewis or conner? do you want to be on the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis? this is the moment to decide, to defend our elections, to defend our democracy. >> tucker: bull connor, everyone is thinking, football player, who is that? but jefferson davis, really? so if you oppose an unconstitutional power grab by corrupt politicians in their 80's, you are the leader of a confederacy you're a foreign combatant. that's what he says. that's how important it is to keep the democratic party in power forever. here's joe biden today. >> we must find a way to pass these voting rights bill. let the majority prevail. and if that bear minimum is blocked we have no option but to
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change the senate rules including getting rid of the filibuster for this. >> tucker: yes. getting rid of the filibuster. we've heard it and you probably know but it's worth remembering, the democratic party, joe biden's party invoked the filibuster 300 times recently, not during the civil rights movement. that was in 2020. apparently they side with bull connor every time so what's different? the threat of white terror, of course, getting rid of voter i.d. laws is a matter of national security biden explained. stand in the way and you may be a terrorist. once again, the president. >> i will not yield. i will not fledge, i will defend the right to vote. our democracy against all enemies, foreign and, yes, do domestic. >> tucker: enemies within our own country. we'll kill them. it's kind of amusing to see joe biden call other people extremists.. the message, give me total power
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over your life or you're a dangerous radical. it's funny but not funny. just hours before he spoke to the department of justice, to announce a new domestic terrorism unit. what is it for? you can read about it on the website. it's designed to hunt down and punish anyone who opposes the federal government or is otherwise "anti-authority." anti-authority? who is that? pretty much at this point all thinking people who aren't directly on the federal payroll. that means you. it means all of us. got the message? if you think voters should vo i.d. at the polls you should be hearing from the f.b.i. because you're a threat. on the other hand, speaking of papers you should know your covid papers are still mandatory and becoming more so because vax cards are not like driver's licenses. they are not racist. vax cards are holy and they are essential. in fact, in washington, d.c. the mayor just announced you're no longer allowed outside without your papers. here's the quote. stating saturday, you'll need these three things before heading out. proof of vaccination.
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12 years and over. proof of vaccination and photo i.d., and a mask. otherwise you must stay in your house because we own your body. that's -- who, by the way is not a dangerous she can't be because she's loyal to the regime. candace owens is the host of candace. she joys us tonight. candace owens, thanks for coming on. speaking of dangerous extremists, i have to say biden was elected on the promise that he would calm things down, he had been around, a deal maker, every time he gives a message, he's spitting mad, he's attacking american citizens in terms that are really without precedent, and he's threatening some sort of law enforcement or military response internally. that's not extremism? >> it is extremism. by the way, we got no promises for joe biden when he ran because they hit him. he showed up at a couple of car honking rallies. i think we saw about 12 cars and the camera was always panned in so we had no idea who joe biden
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was. you did ushered into the white house and don't ask questions o because of the pandemic. you look at what's going on in the country and trying to pass the extreme measures, voting rights act and you have to finally understand what january 6 was. we looked back a couple of weeks ago and we saw flamboyantly saying things that were insane. january 6 was just like 9/11. september 11. thousands of americans died. it was just like pearl harbor. all this in the same rhetoric and now we can put it into perspective. january 6 was a dress rehearsal. it was meant to be a warning shot. for patriots or any individual in america who thinks they are allowed to redress their grievances. look, we're in control now. there will be no questions asked about what's fair and what's not fair? we'll name you, we're caricature you and lock you up in federal prison. ready for the g big event. the democrats had no intention of doing anything that's constitutional. they have proven that throughout covid. you can't m move outside withoua papers. the idea is, if you stand up to them and you say this is wrong
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that's what's going to happen to you. they are not playing by any rules right now and this is serious. they want to talk about a threat to democracy, everything they are doing is a threat to our democracy. >> tucker: they are pushing people to the point of craziness. i will say, it's almost like, does style matter? i can't get over that the people they are maddest at are americans with all the threats around the world, every time they talk their real rage is reserved for people who are born here and pay taxes here, who are citizens here. what is that? >> it's them trying to change fundamentally what america is. right? this is no longer a country where your vote is meant to mean anything. they are trying to basically turn this into an old garricky. we're in power, you're not, boo hugh. they havee to make it seem as though these people are the enemy and that's why i say january 6 was a dress rehearsal, people locked up for simple trespassing charges. today we had stuff coming out
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about how the parents who were labored as domestic terrorists are standing up for their own children saying i don't want my children learning thisrn stuff. we know the doj was colluding with the biden administration to get that out. we're facing unprecedented sometimes in this country and i think the majority of americans understand that and know that and the democrats know fully well they cannot win elections by playing by the rules.on so they have to do this sort of stuff because they have lost te american people. nobody likes the radicalism that's going on in the country. nobody likes the democratic party so they are going to cheat openly by trying to pass rules and to completely ignore the constitution of the united states. >> tucker: yes, i think most people maybe are unaware. it's so upsetting, i know my instinct is to turn away. i don't want to watch this stuff because it's too much. but i appreciate that you do. candace owens, it's great to see you tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: brit hume is fox's senior political analyst. no, it's not a chronological thing, he often says it's a measure of wisdom, so we're
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happy to have him join us. this is the democratic party's topat legislative goal. i don't think anything is even close y. are they focused on this so-called voting rights? >> it pleases the base and biden has been a slave to the left wing base of his party since he became president and it's also something, if enacted would enshrine into law the much loosened voter regulation that is prevailed during the pandemic election year of 2020. and it would make it easier for people to vote, easier for people who don't particularly want to vote or easier to get them to vote. it would also interfere with security measures such as voter i.d., and other such measures which are widely supported by the american public. so this, i think, you know, you look at it piece by piece, it's not really a set of very popular measures but it plays well with the base. biden wants to do it. tucker, i think, to see this we need to drill down a little bit. how did this happen? how did joe biden get himself
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into this predicament. >>. >> tucker: i think that all the time. he was prettyha moderate, i alws thought. >> after election day in 2020 he was on his way to being president of the united states with the house, only narrowly in his party's control and the senate in republican control. there were two races in georgia that were republicans to lose, and thanks to a considerable extent to his administration the republicans did lose them, and suddenly, the democrats had by the narrowest of possible margins control of the senate and that's what got visions of historic sugar plums dancing in joe biden's head so this guy that was on his way to having to deal with the republican senate and the kind of moderate center of left politics that he practiced for most of his career went out the window in favor of this agenda that he's embarked on ever since. it hasn't worked well. he's widely unpopular. his party is unpopular. they are looking like they are going to have potentially staggering losses in the midterms and he's out doing this. he doesn't seem to know how to
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sort of change course. it may be too late for him. >> tucker: i think it's such a smart observation. he was getting that much power, or the appearance of that much power that wrecked him. >> that little power that he thought could be converted into some kind of historic sweep. i think he always felt that you know, he was under the shadow of the great barack obama. >> tucker: yes. >> i think there is reason to believe barack obama didn't take him seriously. obama famously quoted as saying, you should never underestimate the ability of joe to f things up. well, afghanistan and you go down the list. things are pretty f'd up in this particular administration, and inflation is running out of control and so on. he seems at sea in what he continues to do, he continues to try to bres forward with this hi agenda and most of his party seem willing to go along with it although there are a few hold-outs, and in this tightly divided congress it only takes a few to block his agenda. >> tucker: fascinating. really smart. thank you.
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>> you bet. >> tucker: tony fauci testified on capitol hill today and he would not answer the most basic questions posed to him about where the coronavirus came from in the first place. he described them as personal attacks which tells you a lot. a new set of animal environments, horrifying, cruel animal experiences that happend under fauci's watch. that's next. the watch
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comcast business. powering possibilities. >>tucker: >> tucker: turns out tony fauci is even more loathe some and complicit even than his toughest critics ever alleged. today two republican congressmen released emails that showed fauci was warned by scientists at the very beginning of the corona pandemic that this virus leaked from the wuhan institute of virology. that's the same lab where a fauci agency was funding gain of function research. according to a letter from a house oversight committee of republicans, "on february 1, 2020, dr. fauci, dr. collins and at least 11 other scientists convened a conference call to discuss covid-19. it was on this call that fauci and collins were first warned that covid-19 may have leaked from the wuhan institute of virology and further it may have
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been intentionally genetically manipulated." that's news. bit way, that was a year before that became the common view of the origin of covid. and during that year anyone who raised the question was denounced as a racist, anti-asian or something but it turned out to be very likely true. today rand paul of kentucky asked faultscy about all of this. watch how fauci responds. >> became to you privately, do they come to you privately and say no way did this come from a lab or was the initial impression, dr. gary and others that were involved, was there an initial impression actually that it looked very suspicious for a virus that came from a lab? >> senator, we're here at a committee to look at a virus now that's killed almost 900,000 people and the purpose of the committee was to try and get things out, how we can help to get the american public, and you keep coming back to personal attacks on me that have
10:22 pm
absolutely no relevance to reality. >> tucker: he's such a filthy little demogogue. doesn't answer the question and makes it about him and rips around and excuses paul of endangering his life. he held up a pace that said fire tony fauci. fauci is the highest federal employee and one of the longest serving. we have a right to not to want him to work for us anymore. but fauci says that illegitimate. he blamed paul's webpage for alleged threats of violence. nerd, if you criticize me you're trying to get me killed. this is how they are, liberals. passive aggression. feline, not canine. meanwhile, fauci refused to take any responsibility for the lockdowns that he supported that wrecked the country if a lot of ways. watch. >> for our kids, you think we
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slowed down the death rate? more people have died now under president biden that under president trump. you're the one responsible. you're the architect. you are the lead architect for the response from the government and now 800,000 people have died. >> right. >> do you think waiting success what you've advocated for government? >> senator, first of all, if you look at everything that i said, you accuse me of a monolithic way telling people what they need to do. everything that i have said has been in support of the cdc guidelines, wear a mask, get boosted, and -- >> make it coercive? >> to be done by mandate. >> are you following the reasoning here? so the first time rand paul asked him a question fauci said almost a million people have died you can't answer that question. rand paul said yes, almost a million people have died and you made the rules. are you not taking responsibility? >> rather than manning up he said i wasn't in charge i was
10:24 pm
just giving suggestions on tv. filthy demagogue. fauci is also been caught, by the way because it couldn't get uglier, spending manufacture of taxpayer dollars on horrifying experiments on animals. no one benefits from this. the animals don't deserve it. this time he's been caught trying to create transgender monkeys. again, if you could explain what that is, this whole moment about fauci, fact to beating corona might be vee agra. would you be laughed out of the movie studio. peta has discovered the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases spent more than $200,000 on a proposed experiment that would subject male re-ses monkeys to feminizing hormone therapy to see if that makes them more us is seamable to h.i.v. to help transgender women. we wouldn't know about any of this if it weren't for peta.
10:25 pm
she joins us from them tonight. thanks for coming on. did you make this up? . >> it sounds like it, doesn't it? it's an experiment that an eighth grade science student could figure out is totally meaningless, but no, unfortunately, we did not. it's right on the website of what nih funds. they take male monkeys, they put them in metal boxes, that's where they are forced to live. they subject them to hormones, so-called hormone treatment, and from that they are supposed to learn something about h.i.v. transmission. now, never mind that monkeys don't actually contract h.i.v. they don't actually develop aids. this is a study that could be done with human volunteers and we might actually find something out that would help human beings. >> tucker: so there is a lot of money, i mean, i think most, i know peta does not support this but people might say, if you can prove that it would save human lives and get a mass advance in scientific knowledge maybe but some of these animal experiments
10:26 pm
seem completely pointless inflicting cruelty on animals and they seem driven by research dollars. is that awn fair suspicion? >> that's just absolutely correct. $20 billion research dollars. in fact, we wrote to fauci last month and we pointed out that h.i.v. experiments on monkeys have killed tens of thousands of monkeys. they have cost us billions of dollars. and we have no vaccine to prevent h.i.v. now, would you think that four decades of utter failure would inspire nih to try something different but they haven't so far and that's why i think it's really important that people get in touch with their member of congress and let them know we need leadership there that's going to make a change, that's going to embrace what we're talking about, our research modernization deal and stop funding cruel experiments that don't work. >> tucker: if you treat animals, particularly evolved animals like monkeys, like they can experience pain, or their suffering has no meaning, that's
10:27 pm
really your attitude and clearly it is the attitude of a lot of people in the scientific committee and tony fauci included what does that say about you, honestly? >> i think it says you're not a very good human being, first of all. >> tucker: i think it's true. >> and you're not paying attention to science. we can't even keep these mondaytis disease-free, we've uncovered evidence they have tb, valley fever, even cholera. it turns the animals into psychological messes. they circle their cables, they bite their own arms, pull out their own fur, it's a real tragedy. >> tucker: it's so awful i almost don't want to know any more about it. appreciate it, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: so a fascinating moment on capitol hill today as the committee tries to understand, or tries to hide actually what happened on january 6. a high f.b.i. official was asked point blank about whether or not government agents committed violence on january 6.
10:28 pm
the answer is unbelievable. we've got the take next. we hav tapes next. >> today there are a lot of newsmakers and topics that we don't have time to cover in any depth on the nighttime show. >> many people are upset with me, hollywood group. your plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. vazalore... is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. try new vazalore. aspirin made amazing!
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>> tucker: if you ignore off the huffing and puffing on tv and just look at the video evidence it's been clear for a while that the department of justice probably had some role in the events of january 6. it's obvious, at the hearings on capitol hill today it became even clearer. watch senator ted cruz of texas ask an f.b.i. official point
10:34 pm
blank whether the f.b.i. was involved. >> how many fbi agents or confidential informants actually participated in the events of january 6? >> sir, i'm sure you can appreciate that i can't go into the specifics of sources and methods. >> did any f.b.i. at or confidential informants actively participate in the events of january 6, yes or no? >> sir, i can't answer that. >> did any fbi agents or confidential informants commit crimes of violence on january 6? >> i can't answer that, sir. >> did any fbi agents or f.b.i. informants actively encourage and incite crimes of violence on january 6? >> i can't answer that. >> tucker: did you hear that? did any confidential informants commit crimes of violence on
10:35 pm
january 6? that's what he asked and the obvious answer is, are you kidding, come on, now, of course, f.b.i. isn't secretly committing crimes of violence. that's insane. or a federal law enforcement agency, next question, please. that's what jill should have said. but that's not what she said. she replied, "i can't answer that." of course jill can answer that and she should be forced to answer that immediately. no sources or methods, just answer the question. did they participate in violence or not? why is that hard? tells you a lot. at another point senator tom cotton of arkansas asked the assistant attorney general aboutens, man you've seen in multiple videos encouraging the vowed to storm the capitol but somehow has never been charged himself. here's the exchange. >> it gets back to what i meant earlier, asking if you prepared for this hearing. >> you're the assistant attorney general for national security. you run the national security
10:36 pm
division. the department has said that the january 6 prosecutions are one of their highest priorities. this is a man who was on the most wanted page for six months. do you really, do you really expect us to believe that you've never heard of the name ray epps and you don't know anything about him? >> i simply don't have any information at all, senator, about that individual. >> tucker: in other words, they really expect you to believe that. i simply don't have any information at all on that individual so the doj knows nothing about ray epps, the guy on most wanted list. that's absurdly false, and to underscore how false, the democrats on the 1/36 committee released a statement that they actually already interviewed ray epps and anyone who had questions about his behavior is a dangerous conspiracy theorist. mr. epps informed us that he was not working with, employed by or acting at the direction of any
10:37 pm
law enforcement agency on january 5 or january 6 or at any other time and he's never been an informant for the f.b.i. or any other law enforcement agency, end quote. wow! bombshell. it looks like case closed. we can forget about ray epps and move on. sorry we asked. but wait a second. when exactly and under what circumstances did the committee talk to ray epps? supposedly this interview was conducted in secret last november. if that's true, we don't know if it is but let's say it is then why did the committee wait months to tell us today in a tweet? when committee got its hands on mark meadows' text messages i seem to remember they leaked those to the media within hours and was this ray eps interview conducted under oath. will the information that he revealed be available to the many january 6 defendants who are now awaiting trial? can their lawyers see a transcript of this interview?
10:38 pm
can we see a transcript of this interview? if not, why not? and while we're at it here's something else that's confusing. epps is a long time right wing activists. he urged protestors to ryatt. video on january of shows him right at the capitol appearing to ushers others inside. he want just someone who was there. he was the central figure there. and yet democrats, for reasons that aren't at all clear, suddenly seem highly protective of ray epps. they don't want you to criticize him. adam described ray eppsed as nothing but "a january 6 protest attendee." really? nothing but an attendee. he's the opposite of that. of everyone there, ray epps is the one you should be maddest at if you're the democratic party. and yet they are telling us he was an attendee, not an insurrectionist, not a terrorist, just an attendee. another engaged american
10:39 pm
exerciing his constitutional rights. it's a huge change. it doesn't make sense at all. what's going on? something, that's for sure, and one last question, committee has assured us that ray epps wasn't employed by working with or acting at the direction of any law enforcement agency. but why did the committee stop there. would the committee be willing to broad than state and affirm in writing that ray epps wasn't working with any government agency, law enforcement or otherwise? that would be a very simple change to make. let's see if they will make it. let's see if republicans will force them to make it. maggie is a white house correspondent for the "new york times." she's not the dumbest person practicing journalism at the moment. those would be the writers at the atlantic magazine. on the other hand, not being the worse isn't necessarily an endorsement. you could be the findest -- finest catorer in uzbekistan.
10:40 pm
she's sick in bed right now with covid and we wishe her well apparently she's got a bad case. on twitter, she posted this update. covid is tab salute pits. at its worst it was like a bad flu and it dragged on and lingered. i'm vaxedened boostered, and got a breakthrough case. corona can definitely hurt. anyone who has had it can attest to that but if you're simply describing what happened, that isn't enough. you can't admit that the vaccines you took to prevent you from getting sick didn't work. somebody might draw the wrong conclusions, maybe these vaccines aren't doing what we were told they would do. she woe this. it also would have been so much worse without a vaccine and the booster. she included two explanation points to suggest total sincerity, but wait. how can maggie haberma know
10:41 pm
that line is true. many people no longer care. what they care about is saying the correct thing. you can just imagine the obituaries. he spent a life working at the daily beast tragically cut short by covid but thank god he was fully vaccinated. it could have been worse. >> well, a lot of this country has changed over the last few years the lockdowns, mandates, inflation, what does it all add up to? our friend glenn beck has thought it through. he's written a book about it, it's all part of the great reset. glenn beck joins us next. the gr.
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earn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. ♪ >>tucker: the country has >> tucker: so the country has changed dramatically. we can go through the litany but we go through it every night. what does it add up to? it's not just a bunch of scary stories, there is an art to journalism but what is it?
10:47 pm
it takes somebody like glenn beck to figure it out. the book is outtoid and we're going to have glenn beck join us. congrats on the book. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> tucker: which i'll admit i have not read but give us a sense of the theme. >> everything that i've talked about, i've been watching your whole show tonight, absolutely everything that you've talked about tonight is in this book and it's explained. it explains why the schools are tracking with the doj, why fauci with the vaccine mandates, why fauci is hiding his relationship with big pharmaceutical, our first amendment rights, the january 6 people being set up by the fbi, all of this, tucker, this is the most important book i have read. this is the most important -- that i have written. this is the most important topic of my career, and i think this is the most important topic in
10:48 pm
the world today. the great reset is not a conspiracy theory. it is something that the davos people have put together along with the world economic forum and it's running rampant through every western capital and western country. i just read this. tomorrow morning at 9:30, the washington state covid detainment emergency, they are going to have a state board of health discussing from 9:30 to 3:30 tomorrow allowing health, local health officers to use law enforcement to force an emergency order in involuntarily detaining a person or group of persons' families to be isolated in a quarantine facility following the refusal to voluntarily comply with requested medical examinations, testing, treatment, counseling and vaccination. this is an internment camp.
10:49 pm
washington state has done it before. they haven't obviously learn their lesson from world war ii. this, again, is all about total and complete control. this is, i was wrong, for a long time, i thought this was about socialism. it is not. it's a brand of fascism. socialism and communism, the state and the people own everything. that's not what's coming. if you want to understand why our corporations are saying that they have to have these, teach white people how bad they are, why they are condemning the united states, but not china, because china is the new global model. and all of it is in here with 50 pages of fine print footnotes. do not go online and just search unless it's an original source, because there is a lot of bad information out, and this must get out to every person, i believe, in the western world. this is not an american problem. this is the entire west going
10:50 pm
away. by 2030, and i think the next, you know, they just war gamed, world economic forum just war gamed the next economic collapse. i think that's coming in the next couple of years. i could be wrong. i usually am on timing, but when that happens, it is lights out. it is over. they will control your food, your water, your work, your education, your banking, your money, gasoline, you know, france is just now paying a rate increase for their electricity of 45% because of the great reset. they are shutting down their nuclear power plants, and it's going to cause a 45% increase in energy. they are going to bankrupt the entire west, and only the elites are going to be able to have money, the food they want, the jobs they want, et cetera, et
10:51 pm
cetera, we'll be left in the dust. we must educate ourselves right now. >> tucker: glenn beck, thanks so much for that congrats on the book. amazing. horrifying. >> thank you very much, tucker, god bless. >> tucker: we've got and let of consumption about the law that glenn mentioned in washington state. we've not been able to track that do you know. obviously things have happened that we never would imagine is true. so our minds remain open. i'm continuing to look. we do mo that another law in washington state would allow minors to have gender reassignment surgery without parental consent. we'll tell you exactly what that means straight ahead. tell you exactly what that mean straight ahead.
10:52 pm
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>> tucker: a new law in washington state allows castration of teenagers without parental consent. something unimaginable even 18 months ago is now the law. jason -- a seattle radio host, broke the story. joins us tonight. thanks a lot in telling us about it. give us the outline of this law. >> yes, so it's actually a combination of three laws. right now, if you're as young as 13 years old you can start the process of gender reassignment and not have to tell your parents. the first law gives 13-year-old to 17-year-olds the right to health treatment without parental consent. the second law forces insurance
10:58 pm
companies to cover gender dismore yeah or affirming care for that age group. also to exclusively commune kuwait the patient. not the policy holder, who would be the parent but they still have to pay for it. now this new law went into effect that mandates all new health plans have to coverender affirming care including cosmetic surgery that previously were denied, so now in totality the treatment for these kids can include everything from puberty blockers to -- potentially, a tracheal saves, top surgery where the breast tissue is removed and various genital surgeries and none of this has to be approved by the parent. >> tucker: these are very serious medical operations with lifelong consequences that we can't understand because this is all so new. to cut parents out of the equation is really a profound
10:59 pm
statement, that the state is more powerful than the parents. >> absolutely. this is nothing new. i mean, in the state of washington, if a kid has h.i.v., they can get treatment without actually getting parental consent either. and the argument that's usually give isn't that there is the potential for someone who is transgender, 13, 14, 15 years old, who doesn't have the support of their parents and if they were to be open and honest it could do them seriously damage and certainly that can be the case in some instances but in a lot of these cases, i remember being 13, 14, 15 years old sometimes you just feel awkward having conversations with parents and maybe you just don't want to have that conversation but rather than taking away an incredibly important part of a child, the support and love of a parent to have the conversation about what they are going through, which i'm very sympathetic towards, they are raising the families up and not giving them a chance. >> tucker: it's pretty easy to destroy families. they are doing it and have done it for decades but you don't
11:00 pm
want to live be the consequences of that but we are. appreciate the report, thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: that's it for us tonight. we'll be back every week night at 8:00 p.m. totally sincere. group think, we hope you have a great night with the ones you love. we want to introduce you to our friend sean hannity who takes over >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we are tracking multiple stories, dr. fauci's pathetic meltdown on capitol hill today. senator ted cruz will join us with a more chilling story about the fbi on january 6th. earlier today, he brutalized an fbi spokesperson. we'll play you that tape. first, we begin with democratic activist stacey abrams, as you all know stacey abrams still believes that she is t


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