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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 11, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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majorities go. midterm election historically for the party in power is not a good one. that they will lose the house and i would hope and expect they would lose the senate, too. that would divide the government and that something perhaps the american people would like. divide the government. >> i just think we should have faith in the government. thank you so much. "the five" is next. >> dana: hello, everyone, i am at dana perino along with greg gutfeld, jesse watters, dagen mcdowell and geraldo rivera. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ covid confusion rocking the white house as their state handling of the pandemic is colliding with reality. cases continue to surge heading near the 1.5 million infections that we know of in the country still does not have enough tests despite the president pledges that help is on the way. women members of biden's transition team are giving the
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administration a wake-up call, calling for an urgent strategy reset or risk losing credibility with the public. the president biden claims the white house is doing just fine. speak to what we've been able to do is we have been able to generate significant federal help in terms of both coming into the hospital and administering all the help that the states need. that's what we are doing now but i'm confident we are on the right track. >> dana: dr. anthony fauci and other top health officials getting grilled about president biden's handing out comic handling of the pandemic. >> frankly, you've lost your reputation in the american people don't trust the words coming out of your mouth. >> i believe that's a real distortion of the reality. >> but perception is a reality and you are hurting the team right now. >> has any of this funding, this
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close to $83 billion that was supposed to be used for testing been diverted for other purposes? >> some of the funds have been used for mitigation efforts. for example, when children are crossing the border. >> dana: dr. fauci at one point caught on a hot mike calling a senator a after a heated exchange about the public availability of a financial disclosure form so that was a slight distraction today. i was going to start with jesse about it, geraldo, i'm so distracted by your amazing haircut that i feel we have to go to you first and find out what you think about this, especially with people that are allies of the administration saying there is reset needed. >> geraldo: let me return the compliment. i think your hair is sensational, also. listen. i think, i got a dose of humility in the last couple of
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weeks when i came down as positive for covid despite the fact that i was a vaccinated twice and then boosted it. i had a great faith in dr. fauci and in science and that has been in some regard undermined. i will say however, i really, really dislike when people like senator marshall of kansas speak to foxy in such disrespectful tones, it really is so very distracting. but i think that everyone now recognizes the fact that covid has outsmarted us. still, i have to stress that i want everyone to get vaccinated and it's very clear that in this case if you are vaccinated, this violent disease that, dana, as you pointed out that hit 1.5 many people yesterday alone in this country. it can be managed, if not defeated, and at least we can keep it at bay and stay out of the icu. >> dana: that's one thing i
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mentioned, there is a 1.5 million cases yesterday but that doesn't count for people who, number one, had a home test and didn't report it, or, are feeling poorly. we know anecdotally especially if you look at factories and the economy of businesses taking a hit because so many workers are out sick. >> dagen: indeed, it's a five day quarantine but you can't really go back to work unless you are able to get a test. and maybe this is best left unsaid but if donald trump was still the president or any republican was still in the white house and we had merely wanted a half million people, two years into this, it would be armageddon. cnn would just go full numbers scrolling across the screen and they would break in for jim acosta to like a sob and squeal and moan about how awful it was. this in fact was a big blue
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state story in terms of the number of cases per 100,000 people. the biggest outbreaks are in rhode island, new york and new jersey and they are 77% fully vaccinated. rhode island, and then 73% and 71% in new jersey. if it was the red states, the left would be vilifying those governors and those officials in those states. but how she deserves every harsh words that he gets because this has been two years of pure hackery and more honoree and misinformation. and i think at this point, it's by design. the risk are not the same and we should be able to assess our own risks and move on. but that means having access to information. and, a lot of it. and in fact, the cdc is restricting information at this point rather than releasing it.
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they told the advisory committee on immunizations that they were going to cut back on the meetings this year's and the decisions would be made internally, not open to public discussion. there are 20,000 employees at the cdc was still can't tell people of basic statistics about things like natural immunity. my father would do a better job in front of congress than tony fauci does. >> jesse: i'm just glad that our president is devoting time today to this and not leading a deliberate political stunt that will end in defeat. you know, it's interesting every time something happens with covid that is serious the democrats are always doing something politically symbolic that has nothing to do with it, whether it was impeachment oneness, impeachment two, or this.
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there is a lot of disrespect going around and i don't mind the experts being wrong, because stuff keeps changing, but they should show some respect to the people who turned out to be right. there were a lot of predictions about people who didn't die from covid but died with covid and we should be looking at the death rates, not case rates. we've been saying that forever because we know that omicron is a mild -- it's just a mild strain and the lockdowns are almost useless. we've been talking about this forever. get a sense, and i was watching the fauci standoff part 700, and i get a sense that we are close to the end of this movie because the actors and the actresses appear exhausted, to the point where their pronouncements are fundamentally meaningless. fauci, rand paul, get a divorce. because we have had it. we are the kids here and like i said before, we are in charge. experts and the leaders are no longer in charge. they thought they were in charge
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but it's just because the american public let them be in charge until we had enough. the perfect example i think is in chicago right now, the teachers unions are coming to some kind of "agreement" when in fact, they read the handwriting on the blackboard of that, the public is sick of you. we are sick of you, got to stop this because we are coming after you. we are suing you. now all of a sudden they are back at the table negotiating. the public's right on target for the february 1st a pandemic deadline, you can feel it in the air. people want to get back to work, they want to get back to their lives. >> dana: in fact, to that point -- oh gosh, i just said to that point. i think it was on the gallup poll that 60% of people said they were against any sort of remote school, let alone school closures. the other thing that's about to happen is, you will see a lot of mask shaming because now all of a sudden you can see it in the media, all the headlines about the types of masks that you
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should have. we've all known that the n95 masks protect you the best but they are needed in hospitals on high-risk situations. >> jesse: if we need and 95, set a bunch of free ones. we've been wearing masks that don't work for two years, and no one trusts you. and in geraldo's worlds, words, i guess we know what the pandemic silver lining was. is a story about every pandemic political article that's been written. joe biden was supposed to stop this pandemic dead in its tracks. he was supposed to shoot lasers out of his aviators and destroy every single way visit popped up. now. why did we believe that? because democrats and media told us that joe cared of more than trump. he was going to follow the science so he was competent. now was any of that true? it was a political narrative that they sold us to win the
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election. it was fake news. joe biden has fallen victim to his own fake news hype machine. take it from joe. he told abc news that nothing was good enough. he told abc news that he didn't see the last two waves coming. he's been slow on therapeutics, expense will slow on testing and now we are reaching at most 2,000 deaths per day. we haven't had that since the peak of delta in september. at this point, you have no more major legislation that will come out of the biden administration. at this point, they only had covid of relief and infrastructure, not enough to turn out anybody. build back better is dead, the covid relief thing is dead, republicans will make gargantuan gains in the midterms and control of the committees. they will drive fauci crazy. i found she will retire the second republicans take over the house. i guarantee you, he won't be
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able to take the heat. that's how the story ends. >> dana: okay. well i think everyone's hair looks good also. >> jesse: i got a haircut yesterday, too. >> geraldo: i said i was more humble, not humble. >> dana: mutual admiration society here on the five. also coming up, president biden's in georgia pushing what republicans call a federal takeover of elections. ♪ ♪
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and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. ♪ ♪ >> greg: president biden in georgia pushing democrats to blow up long-standing filibuster rules of his party can flow through voting rights. republicans are blasting it in the democrats with the midterms.
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>> president biden: jim crow 2.0 is about two insidious things. voter suppression and election subversion. i've been having these quiet conversations and members of congress for the last two months and i'm tired of being quiet. today, making it clear. to protect our democracy, i support changing the senate rules, whichever way they need to be changed to prevent a minority of centers from blocking actions on voting rights. the consequential moments in history, they present the choice do you want to be on the side of dr. king or george wallace? >> jesse: what a puppet. but guess who couldn't be bothered to show up? stacey abrams, another activist who decided to snub the event. the activist said they'd had enough of speeches and photo ops but biden doesn't seem to think there is any bad blood between
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him and abrams. >> are you insulted he's giving the speech? >> president biden: i'm insulted he asked the question. we have a great relationship, we have gotten our scheduling mixed up, we are all on the same page and everything is fine. >> jesse: dana, do you get your scheduling mixed up with the president of the united states? >> dana: when the president of the united states says i'll be there tomorrow at at ten, you drop everything so you could be there especially if it's your signature issue. remember, she never conceded she had lost on the georgia election and she's been traveling the country on a speaking tour to try to drive this message home. in fact, arguably she has done a lot more to try to advance this issue than biden and harris have done. now at the last minute because build back better didn't work out, you have the administration without ever having given the
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american people a speech about why this needs to happen. today when the president says i'm tired of being quiet, he yelled the entire time. while he is doing that, the naacp puts out a statement saying, you haven't done enough. they are going to under deliver and make your elections are about turning out the base. the fact that the democrats can't even work together on this and a stacey abrams in georgia had a scheduling conflict, i can't even imagine what that phone call was like. i'm sure that biden and stacey abrams had a chat today but she didn't change her schedule. what was so pressing that she couldn't be there with the president today? there are some students in arizona and some of the colleges saying they are going to go on hunger strike until this law is passed and of the changed.
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so keep her eye on that. >> jesse: i hope they had a big dinner before they announced that. maybe stacey abrams was writing another one of her erotic novels. >> greg: i have all of them at home. original copies i might add. >> jesse: you mention at the top of the show how this seems ridiculous in light of everything going on in the country. >> greg: it's great when he mentions george wallace because, whose side was joe george wallace on? he bragged about the fact he liked joe biden. moderate joe is dead. he's buried. what you thought there was, he splitting the country in half with divisive earsplitting rhetoric like it dementia a riddled transient shouting at clouds. i mean, it's all for something that, i don't think he's going to be able to pass with 48
2:21 pm
votes. speaking of which, how can he keep redefining majority as minority? which side has more votes than you become a minority, i don't get that. and what voting rights are we talking about denying? as far as i know it you're an american citizen you are a certain age, you can vote. is he talking about a murderer who doesn't have an i.d.? because i want to know who we are denying. to me it sounds all about it and people to vote and getting it and making it easier. we have to look at our republican patsies. you got played by the dems with a january 6th anniversary. i'm wondering next year how they are going to use january 6th again, what catastrophe will the next anniversary feet into? will they be able to force more crt in the schools because of january 6th? every year we get to look forward to the use of january 6th as a ploy to
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create a scared population, to scare them stupid so they are actually on the same wavelength as joe biden. >> dagen: i like greg's point. this is like, joe biden and company are not reading what happened today. this is when you invite a lot of folks to a party ended scheduled at a very convenient time, it's right after work. you just have to come by right on your way home. it's on the bypass, you know, i live in an apartment. it's next door to her office building. you can come in, i got punched, i got white cloth, whatever you need to. nobody showed up to biden's party and i'm sure that they anticipated what he was going to say. bringing up george wallace? they would be standing on stage with a steaming, flaming sack of joe. in talking about george wallace? and as greg pointed out, he was a democrat but biden once
2:23 pm
bragged about wallace paying him a compliment. and he always bring this up the edmund pettus bridge named after grand dragon and the clan. joe biden gave a eulogy a little more than a decade ago for a former exalted cyclops of the clan, robert burda. so he constantly reinforces the fact that he is old and used to be friends with racist and segregationist. >> jesse: in the liar role from biden, the state's cracked down on biden. but they just made it easier to cheat. >> geraldo: i think what happened today was a pretty good speech that got wasted. the volume was nailed unfortunately but the language,
2:24 pm
a dagger at the throat of democracy and a turning point in the course of the nation, you would think this is an important thing. but what is voting rights really about? i bet most of us have most of the peter mike people watching right now you know exactly what's the legislation. >> jesse: i do. let me read it to you. here i go, and eliminates voter i.d., election day starts to week before the election and then you get an extra week to count the votes. so election day is actually three weeks. a mass mail out absentee ballot application makes it harder to clean up the voter rolls and you don't even need a signature on your absentee ballot. and geraldo, it is my favorite. this is my personal favorite. you are allowed to serve food at a polling station. can you smell the barbecue? i would vote democrat if i was hungry. but i will vote for whatever you
2:25 pm
want to. >> geraldo: just because you have a prime time show doesn't mean you get to glom my time. the fact of the matter is, what is this about? this is about mail in ballots, the regulations were loose because of covid. so you had a huge flow of mail-in ballots. i assume they were legitimate most of them, because of the various reviews that took place. so it's about that and it's about voter i.d. as a member of a racial minority and also 10% native american, i resent the notion that people like me are two incapable of getting a voter identification. getting an i.d. card. why doesn't everyone in this country, if we are talking about nationalizing election, if nationalizing elections mean that everybody gets a voter i.d., maybe with the social security number written on it, everyone should have an i.d.
2:26 pm
everybody in this country should have an i.d. and if you have an i.d., you should be able, and if you're a citizen of the country and you have the residency requirements established, you should be able to vote. now, mail-in ballots, the problem is harvesting ballots. they sent them everybody and you have some slick start going door to door, i will help you throw fill it in, then that's the danger. >> jesse: is a pro harvesting bill and it's not going to pass. up next, joe biden getting busted after claiming there was never a at supply chain. ♪ ♪ timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone.
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>> greg: president biden looking pretty foolish after boasting right before christmas that he had endured at the supply chain crisis. >> president biden: of the much protected crisis didn't occur. packages are moving. gifts are being delivered. shelves are not empty. >> greg: try telling that to americans posting photos of empty stores and the hashtag bear selves. local media outlets also reporting that people can find certain products when they go shopping. i know jesse has had a heck of a time finding most, but we are working on it. jessie, i'm going to sound like a red meat deliveryman but only a democrat could create scarcity and the most abundant country we've ever seen in the history of the world. why does this only happen when there are democrats? >> jesse: i love red meat and am glad you asked that question. what happened is everyone caught the chronicle over christmas,
2:32 pm
they got back to work, tested positive in their boss made him quarantine for five to ten days. thousands of these people were confused supply and distribution and that's why you are seeing a lot of empty shelves on the store and its creating scarcity. it creates a fear factor because prices are going up and that there is economic anxiety because people can't afford it and joe just isn't tethered to that economic anxiety, the rise and the cost of living. that's why he's getting hammered right now and i myself have suffered from empty store shelves. we shop where we get the groceries delivered and to maximize efficiency. the woman from the grocery store called me at said mr. water is, we don't have the bone-in ribeye, we only have the boneless ribeye and i said fine. it's not the same. and then she said, mr. waters, we don't have the hickory smoked bacon, we only have the applewood. and i'm like, now i'm getting nervous. she said finally, mr. waters, we have just run out of that
2:33 pm
chicken liver pate. are we living in venezuela? i mean what are we doing here, people? >> greg: jesse, you truly are a first responder when it comes to gourmet food because you are there when we learn about the shortages. you are doing god's work. you know, degen, the problem -- jesse brought up the point that biden is untethered to this but he was sold to ss political xanax. we did four years of meth trump and it we are supposed to relax now that we got joe biden. and he said he's not call him, he is untethered to the anxiety. he's oblivious to what we are going through and he thought that would be calming but it's actually the opposite. >> dagen: and he doesn't even try to hide the fact that he's completely disconnected from reality. who told him about the high price of meat? somebody told me that you
2:34 pm
couldn't get the bacon at the store. it is a hardship, not an inconvenience or most americans, and tomorrow morning we look at the consumer price index for december. it's going to be 7% year-over-year, the highest in 40 years. my store cells are bare because of thievery on shoplifting, not because of supply shortages. but i will tell you that jay powell, head of the federal reserve has come out and said it in a sense, i paraphrase, i'm not playing your reindeer games anymore. they are going to start typing monetary policy. they won't be buying any more treasury debt, they've been sopping up more than half the treasury debt issued by these spendthrift democrats and they will start raising interest rates because inflation is a concern. it's that $9 trillion balance sheet.
2:35 pm
he's fighting inflation, jay powell. but it's going to get ugly foror joey and company. >> greg: you know geraldo, there's nothing wrong with saying, this, too, shall pass. but that's not a strategy, it's a comfort. it seems like that's biden's only thing, like this will happen and everything will be fine but, the only thing is passing his gas. >> geraldo: [laughs] aside from the flatulence, i think that this, too, shall pass. biden is unlucky. he didn't expect the country to be the successful economically speaking. he didn't expect people recovering from being cooped up for a couple of years to want to spend money, even as prices were going up. people still wanted to buy and demand is still intense. and i think that is ultimately a good thing, unemployment just 3.9%. he should really be singing the virtue of an economy that's coming and i think that powell and the fat guys will control
2:36 pm
inflation in the next quarter or so. i'm not frightened by it, i think that by ourselves now will mean abundant shells in a couple of weeks. >> greg: what do you say to that, dana? >> dana: we should all be so lucky. i will tell you, i was a victim of the bear cells. not so much. but when i didn't feel well over christmas, my mom said it you need to get clore septic spray. so peter goes out and goes to all the stories, there's no cold medicine. the only thing they had for a sore throat was like a spray for children, so i got that. and i ended up passing it on to the fritz family because, it wasn't very good. >> greg: it always comes back to the fritz. >> dana: while i only have ten seconds so i bring it up. >> greg: i went to the furniture store and you know what i noticed? the shelves were full of shelves.
2:37 pm
[laughter] so there you go. it seemed more interesting in my head then when it came out of my mouth. straight up, bill marr calling out liberals who despise red america. ♪ ♪
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for investors who can navigate this landscape, you're in good hands with allstate. leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns. >> geraldo: kemeny and bill marr torching sanctimonious liberals for their tolerance and tendency to demonize and denigrate those on the right. he explains in the new interview why he it loves the red states while pushing back on those in the political left who consider themselves to be superior. he said "i constantly say it, you can hate trump, you can't
2:42 pm
hate all the people who like trump, it's half the country. you can't set yourself as some sort of superior moral paragraph because this is your political belief in somebody else has another one. i feel like that's the achilles left of the heel right now and they identify issues mostly by what they can feel superior to another person for. i heard that, and it was very interesting to me because it reminded me of a book that i read almost ten years ago. he is the language of outrage to score points against people they don't like that make themselves feel important. i hate the outrage so much, you could say i'm outraged by their outrage. they are really only tolerant when you agree with them and said a greg gutfeld in "the joy of hate." so there is the superiority of one faction of the other. >> greg: geraldo, i think i love you because i have been wanting to quote from that book forever because that's like ten
2:43 pm
years ago, when i was writing about this new kind of intolerance. it's kind of sad that belmar has to defend himself for not despising 70 million people, but because of this modern localism which is, he's a liberal, but his party isn't. his party has been infected by a virus that tells you, you cannot mix with other people. so you are not supposed to talk to trump supporter's, you's idea is segregation. if you dare mix with these people, then you will get infected it, too. and you will be just as evil as they are. what he's trying to say is, the only way you get out of your bubble is by talking to people who are different than you. when you stay in that bubble you will, boring and wrong. and they know when you are in the center of all action in d.c., he dealt with the moral superiority of the liberals. >> dana: everyone thought that president bush was stupid, it was a ridiculous motion.
2:44 pm
and the other thing about belmar, you can trace it back to one tickler moment i think on the campaign trail that led to the trump supporter is feeling very much like they could all band together and that was one hillary clinton called them a basket of deplorable's. and many, you can imagine what's happening and progressive cloak rooms all across the country and in the bars, they were saying exactly, she nailed it. then they realized their mistake and they were trying to make it up ever since. it will be interesting to see if belmar runs for the presidency. the last thing i would say is, if you grow up, you learn about the importance of forgiveness and grace and there's also the great american tradition at this melting pot that we have, lots of ideas. we need to return to that in some way, in a big way, right away. >> geraldo: i agree. sometimes i hear your voice
2:45 pm
dripped with contempt when you hear a leftist or hypocrite. i always blamed ims for poisoning your will. >> dagen: i've lived in new york almost 30 years in the liberal humorist hottie skulls are not much fun to be around. from bill marr's perspective, they are not much fun to perform in front of. can you imagine, you take the panel on the view and multiply it by a hundred or thousand and eight you to perform in front of that, those's sneering gas bags. i think shouting into the belly of a porta john for free would be more palatable. >> jesse: i've done that. >> geraldo: and it just congratulations to you. jesse, liberals are hateful and their institutions and they can really give you the business, but when they praise you, when
2:46 pm
the enemy praises you like "the new york times" did it, is not especially pleasant? >> jesse: i don't think the times praised me, but hearing that the times praised me doesn't sound true. >> and my mother is a liberal and if i hit at the liberals i would have take my whole family because of my whole family is liberal. but i was struck by the achilles' heel analogy, and i investigated it. it turns out that this acutely as kid in greek mythology, the doctor said he was going to die young, so his mom took him to the river styx and dipped him in this enchanted water and made him invincible. when she dipped it in and she grabbed him by the ankles. so the achilles' heel didn't actually get dipped in the magical current. so he grew up very big, strong and powerful but he ended up dying by a poisonous arrow that punctured his achilles' heel.
2:47 pm
>> geraldo: i and so impressed with your greek mythology. [laughs] it was irrelevant to this discussion but very interesting. >> jesse: no it wasn't. >> geraldo: the worst husband ever, the entire internet is curious about one man said about his wife on social media. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu and doug.♪ and it's easy to customize your insurance at so you only pay for what you need. isn't that right limu? limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows several different whistles. doug blows several different whistles. [a vulture squawks.] there he is. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: a politician and candid i getting mocked as the worst husband ever after posting this photo to twitter of his wife shoveling snow saying, "even after a 12-hour shift at the hospital last night, my wife still has the energy to shovel the dart down the driveway, god bless her and all of our front liners. time to make her some breakfast." now, his wife does say she wanted to shovel and it was enjoyable. greg, if a woman posted this, about her husband, no one would say boo. so this is sexist. >> greg: i think he should be immortalized as a statue of the modern male feminist.
2:52 pm
he looked at his exhausted wife and said, you go girl. i hope she had the energy after that to do his laundry and make him a sandwich. >> dana: twitter, you don't always have to tweet. and did i just fade to black? twitter is stupid. how about that. a >> dagen: geraldo? [laughs] >> geraldo: i think he should have shoveled the driveway before his white got home but, i'm crazy. >> jesse: this is canada, this is the new modern man in canada. there are no generals anymore in canada we are told so he should be encouraging her and making her a nice sausage and egg breakfast. this is what the left wants. remember? let them have it. >> dagen: if someone took a photo of me like that shoveling snow, while that shovel wouldn't be used for picking up snow. [laughter] that does it for us everybody.
2:53 pm
"one more thing," up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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lose the weight you want. the all new ww personalpoints program. don't pay until spring! join today at hurry! offer ends january 17th! ♪ ♪ >> dana: it is time now for one more thing. greg, kick us off. >> greg: let's do this. greg's neighborly news. now with more neighbors. you know, it's hard when your neighbors don't get along. you don't know how to have an effective argument if things don't go well. this is what these two guys do. they sit there and spend all the time, spitting sand at each other. this is how they protect their turf. [laughter] >> greg: look at that they have been doing this for hours. he is going to go back down. come back out get some sand, you just wait. [laughter] i can literally watch this for hours and i just mind.
2:58 pm
and invite all the viewers just to sit here forget "special report" with bret baier. [laughter] >> dana: this is like a fish twitter fight. >> greg: yeah yes, it is. >> jesse: between geraldo and bongino. >> dana: jesse, what have you got? >> geraldo: tomorrow night. >> jesse: bret baier charity event in naples, florida february 19th. the all-star panel event children's national hospital. i'm going to be there with brian kilmeade, dana, harris faulkner and shannon bream there will be a silent and live auction. you get all kinds of goodies. one of the things you can bid on, bid on my one more thing. i will give you a minute, a minute 30 and i will sell or say whatever you want on national television. >> dana: wow. >> jesse: you can bid on having dinner with me and my wife in naples, florida. it's for charity. all right. it all goes to the children, so you take me and my wife out to
2:59 pm
dinner for the children. >> greg: what a suggestion. >> jesse: all star panel >> dana: did you run this by the ethics office? >> jesse: no. >> dana: i like it, though. i like it. i'm going to be there and that's a great event. dagen? >> dagen: lead your georgia bulldogs to the national championship and mv bhamplet do you do party? except you have to get up and do the early morning talk shows here is set son bennett on good morning america. >> have you had a chance to get any sleep. >> you know, a few hours. um, notmany. been wondering -- no, not many. >> dagen: pedialyte. that's my only. congratulations you bulldogs. >> dana: geraldo? >> geraldo: time for geraldo news about geraldo about the hair. one thing the same over the years, i have always been stuck
3:00 pm
in the 1970s with the shag. but over the past few weeks it just got my main untamed. elmer bliek if you are in the cleveland area. >> dana: did a nice job. i thought maybe it was because you ended up with covid i'm giving it up my hair. we are glad you are healthy and look great. that's it for everyone. "special report" is up next. >> bret: thanks for the all star i did not ethics that's all jesse. i do like the spitting fish. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, president biden changes his policy on filibuster reform saying he now favors changing senate rules even if it means eliminating the filibuster in order to pass voting rights legislation. a filibuster for the minority, that biden fought to protect as a senator. the president went to atlanta today to push voting rights legislation as fruon


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