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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 11, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PST

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special edition of hannity. unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. we thank you for being with us. set your dvr. laura will teach you how so you never miss another edition of hannity. laura ingraham is up next. have great night. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is -- a special edition of "the ingraham angle." the lies that bind. that's the fy. it's only january 10 and the web of lies woven by american agents is beginning to untravel. from the government's response, and critical points in between we see an elaborate effort to
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create an america fueled with fear ignoring basic truths and g accountability. it should be obvious now that democrat elites used this covid crisis as a way to increase government dependence and government control. now, unfortunately for the biden white house and the regime media the facts are catching up with them too fast to deflect. and so their old covid lies and scare mongering, it's all falling apart fast. now, first on the vaccine mandates, it's now a proven fact that being vaccinated and boosted neither protects you from contracting the virus nor spreading it. and more shocking is the new data that the vaccinated are more likely to contract omicron than the unvaccinated. now, a fantastic piece today in the "wall street journal" correctly notes one pre-print study found that after 30 days the moderna and pfizer vaccines no longer had any statistically
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significant positive effect against omicron infection, and after 90 days, their effect went negative. i.e., vaccinated people were more susceptible to omicron infection. so, this makes comments from teachers unions, reps, attempting to justify the ongoing school closures all the more infuriating. >> we don't know what new variant of this virus will come upon us, but this is what we do know. if we put in place mitigation strategies, testing, vaccinations, ventilations, cleaning services, washing hands, making sure that we wear masks, all of those together we know we can stem the tide of those infection rates. >> laura: wash your hands and ventilation, fine, but the rest is wrong, wrong, wrong. she's either lying or ignorant. they are just following the lead of the supreme court justices.
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>> we all know what the best policy is. at this point two years later we know the best way to prevent spread is for people to get vaccinated. >> laura: has the former dean op the law school not following any of the developments. let's not forget one of the most pernicious and damaging things that fauci and the pharma crowd did was to downplay the effectiveness and durability of natural immunity from previous covid exposure. this is the t and b cell immunity that endures long after antibodies have waned. >> what do you say to people who say i had covid. therefore i'm immune from covid. >> the issue of whether you've been infected, how long your protection lasts, we don't have enough information to give a great deal of confidence. >> laura: when are they going to have that information? of course, "the angle" was derided for standing up for basic immunology. he said in a later interview he
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knew of no scientific evidence that the common cold derived t cells provide infection from covid. doctor, that's t-cell immunity. apparently he doesn't read any of the medical lecture that you and i have been talking about on-air for months. >> there is significant literature that shows there is t-cell immunity, not just covid but cross immunity with other common coronaviruses. >> laura: and the doctor was right again. we're finally beginning to see the truth e emerge. a new imperial college analysis shows that past infection with common colcoronaviruses offers t-cell protection against covid-19. covid, a particularly nasty version of the coronavirus with the massive number of asymptomatic cases in the you did, we've already had an enormous amount of natural immunity rolling around. now, forcing vaccines on people, then denying them employment or
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access to public spaces, it's simply abusive. frankly it's a crime against humanity. i've said it before and i'll say it again, especially as it's directed among our young people who have suffered the most from lockdowns and restrictions. but here we go again, with schools and universities closing to in-person learning. from the beginning we tried to warn them. our kids need to be back in school. period. widespread closures will have terrible long term consequences for our children and will do little if anything to stop covid-19. but these patently evil policies of school lockdowns are still being given cover by a medical establishment that's pushing the lie that schools aren't safe unless everyone, teachers, staff, and students, are fully vaxed and wear masks. this insanity has even affected the brains of the supreme court justices. >> we have over a hundred thousand children which we've
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never had before in serious condition, and many on ventilators. >> laura: now, when biden's cdc director was asked to push back on that blatant lie, she waffled, and then went back to the same old talking points and fear mongering. >> -- suggests there are fewer than 3,500 current pediatric hospitalizations from covid-19. is that true? >> yes, the most important thing we can do for those children to keep them out of the hospital ih to vaccinate them and to vaccinate their family members around them. >> right, but i'm talking from your data, ages 15-24, for example, risk of death is at .001%. >> here's what i'll tell you. if you're unvaccinated you're 17 times nor likely to be in the hospital and 20 types more likely to die than if you're boosted.
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>> laura: she refused to correct a blatant falsehood. but these are the experts. this is appalling but it's become par for the course for the biden team. they are constantly providing fodder, joined at the hip with the teacher's union. there was some good news. walensky was forced to make two confessions. >> the overwhelming number of deaths, over 75% occurred in people who had at least four co-morbidities, so these are people who were unwell to begin with. >> laura: again, "the angle" was talking about this nearly two years ago. dr. smith, you have new fascinating data tonight on your covid-19 >> we haven't had anyone under
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70 who70 didn't have a very hig bmi or was pre-diabetic get seriously ill. this is amazing stuff. it's unprecedented. >> laura: next, she fessed up about what's really happening in our hospitals. >> it seems to make a big difference if a person in the hospital is in the hospital for covid-19 or with covid-19. it's been almost a year since you've been running the agency. do we have that split on w numbers? >> you know ewhat? i'll say it differs by eve variant. in some hospitals that we've talked to, up to 40% of the patients who are coming in with covid are coming in not because they are sick with covid. >> laura: again, we said so. this is obvious stuff. their covid house of cards is falling in on itself. but courageous medical experts featured erhere, as far back as may 2020 warned that obsessing over these things, obsessing over case counts and mandating
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vaccines would crush our hospitals, our businesses, and our schools. and lo and behold, even california now seesn it can't g on this way forever. it's now allowing asymptomatic hospital staff to return to work calling it temporary flexibility. once again, unions do not want their people back in the workplace. period. you can always count on the unions. so it was two weeks to flatten the curve. it was a hundred days of masking. it was back to normal by the fourth of july. it was if you're vaccinated you won't get covid and you'll get your life back and it would all be normal again. all lies. but, as with lies, they are eventually overtaken by truth and experience. and the double barreled impact of both are now hitting the covid control squads who have exploited the tragedy for their own political and economic gain.
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and that's "the angle." joining me now is dr. peter mccullah. we've gotten to know each other where these lies were used to hurt people's careers. to silence them, to demonize them, to take away perhaps hospital privileges, and you and others like you were right all along. i know we're not here to just pat you on the back, but you knew it. all of these other guys knew it. why didn't the others know it, or did they and they just pretended that they didn't? >> laura, you've put together a team of medical experts that i think have really been true to the data. we've cited the data. followed this very carefully over time and on many occasions we've said what's wrong with those who are following a false narrative? are they simply behind on it or is it intentional? did they know or should they have known? you know, we still can't answer
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these questions today, but at the level of the supreme court, to be giving out grossly wrong information in spoken statements by the justices really takes us to a level that i think historians will record as atrocious. >> laura: now, walensky at the cdc was asked, dr. mccullough was asked about deaths from covid versus with covid, now watch this response. >> do you know how many of the 836,000 deaths in the u.s. linked to covid are from covid or how many are with covid but they had other co-morbidities, do you have that breakdown? >> yes, of course, with omicron, we're following that very carefully. our death registry, of course, takes a few weeks -- takes a few weeks to collect. of course, omicron has just been with us for a few weeks but those data will be forthcoming. >> laura: she completely avoids the question
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he wasn't talking about omicron, which is relatively new. we have almost two years of data, and they still can't tell us what deaths are really covid caused deaths versus three or four co-morbidity caused deaths? >> these true. i had a chance to go over this with scott atlas, another one of your contributors on the medical scientific side and scott believes that our officials, the cdc officials and nih officials, they are simply not competent in managing this rapid flow of data. what we know from sources actually on the cdc web side but also the italies have recoded their death, 10% or fewer of all the deaths is purely driven by covid-19. italians think it's 3%. the rest is largely contributed by other co-morbidities. the best example would be colin
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powell. he had the early myeloma. that is, what happened to colin powell is common to many, many of the deaths we've seen in the united states. >> laura: you're right. we knew this data out of lombardi, italy, in march-april of 2020. hypertensive diabetic. high bmi. very old individuals generally. that data was there in the first two months of covid. it's very curious as to why this is all ignored. i have to ask you, though, about this push, dr. mccullough, to boost americans as fully vaccinate #. university students are told you have to get boosted by x date or you're not welcomed on campus. what about that given omicron? >> at this point in time, mandates should be completely dropped across the board. omicron has been, several
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things, one, it's a huge change. very similar to getting a head cold. for those who are previously immune and those who are vaccinated, it sometimes is almost an imperceptible mild syndrome that can last a few hours or a day or so. it's immaterial to vaccination. there are now several studies, as was pointed out, that there really is no observed vaccine efficacy that we can see in community studies and we wouldn't expect any protection against hospitalization and death. the virus is simply outmutated the ability for the vaccines to have anyra control. >> laura: doctor, the cdc is already pushing for the fourth booster shop the "new york times" is reporting some people with a weakened immune system can get a fourth dose as early as coming week and other recommendations are expected to come regarding fourth booster shot. what's going on here?pf is this a pfizer deal? what is this because it makes zero sense. >> it tips the scale far more
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towards harm than benefit because if there is no anticipated benefit we though with each injection there is what's called rapid-genicity, the body actually reat more severely to the vaccines and sadly there have been far too many deaths that have occurred shortly after vaccination. far too many hospitalizations, injuries in children, with hearts being injured, myocarditis and now the cdc is reporting in the vars system permanent disability. >> laura: doctor, thank you for being a voice of courage throughout this entire pandemic. unlike schools in chicago new york state is open but there is a catch. the governor has forced students to wear masks statewide regardless of vaccination status but in nassau county my next guest just signed an order trying to block the power grab. joining me is bruce g blakeman. good to see you.
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parents my be happy. but the governor, she's not happy. >> nassau county over the last six months, i have heard from thousands of parents, that they want their kids to go to school without having tong wear masks. they feel that it's in the best interest of the children, that they learn better, they are happier, and quite frankly, the parents are happier. so what i said merely is this. let the local school boards decide for themselves, school by school, whether or not in their particular school district, people should force their kids to wear masks. i think the result would be that most school districts would not make their kids wear masks because as we've seen, masks really do nothing with respect to combating the covid-19 spread. basically, it's more about other sciences than it is about masks. i haven't seen any study yet that says that masks --
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>> laura: they don't work. >>nt prevent covid-19 an transmission. >> laura: they don't work. the only ones that work are the m-95 if they are fitted to your face. wear them about 15 minutes at a time. the entire conversation should just endau because masks in thi case, in this setting, this type, they are just pretty ineffective against omicron. now, bruce, the governor took a shot at you last week. it was a fairly -- vindictive one. >> there is also the issue of state education department which has direct control over funding of schools. i hope i don't need to say any more on that topic. >> laura: what a petty vindictive woman she is, bruce. that was a threat, take away your money. >> yes, i mean, she's threatening local school board members by threatening to remove them from office, threatening
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not to fund schools. i mean, how does that help our children when the state says we're going to take your money away? all the parents i talked to, they say they don't want masks for their kids, they don't want the christmas pageant canceled, they don't want football and been games canceled, they want to get t back to normal. we can't run a country by fear and hysteria. the fact is, in nassau county, hospitalizations are at a very, very reasonable level. they are manageable. we've got fine healthcare institutions. they have a lot of capacity. icu units are not filling up the death rate is very stable. it's low. and the fact of the matter is we need to get back to normal and it's almost as if some people are cheering that covid-19 is still around. we've got to try and learn to live with it and get back to normal and that's what i want to do in nassau county.e we're bigger than nine states. we have a gdp larger than -- i
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think we can major decisions for ourselves. >> laura: bruce, i think you're putting together a wide coalition of voters across multiple ethnicities, races, background, it will be fun to watch. states are rationing covid care not based on science but kind of a critical race theory thing. what's word the biden fda is encouraging more states to implement what's obviously racist policies. we have the shocking details when we return. shocking details will be returned. ♪ ♪ >> laura: all right.
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we have another entry for you in the deranged and evil covid response department. rationing treatments based on racial guidelines. in new york racial minorities are automatically eligible for scarce covid-19 therapeutics regardless of age or underlying conditions. in utah, ethnicity counts for more points that congestive heart failure. in minnesota, health officials have devised their own ethical framework.
12:25 am
prioritizing 18-year-olds who are black. these guidelines actually come straight from the f.d.a. joining me now is victor davis hanson, senior fellow, and miller, former senior adviser to president trump. is this part of the democrat's new equity agenda and is it just the start of this type of, you know, racial spoil system in medicine? >> well, it marks a departure, laura, from the last 55 years of racial preferences that we saw, since the civil rights movement, and admissions to universities in hiring because no one in their right mind thought this would enter life and death decision-making on the basis of race, and we're hearing about pilot training now, and key industry training, so it's a new level where we're going to use
12:26 am
race on the very elementals and basis of life. we're looking at the one drop rule. we're fighting to see everybody's dna what particular race gives them some type of edge. we have the sanctuary cities and the neo-confederate idea of cancelling federal law. and we have safe spaces, segregated dorms, so we're going full confederate in the democratic party, apparently. >> laura: stephen -- actually this is from the new york department of health anti-clonal treatment guidelines. a patient may have been impacted by social inequities that put them at increased risk. is this legal? >> no, it's not. we're pursuing legal action against the state of new york and other examining the policies
12:27 am
you've gone through to consider what legal action is necessary there as well too. if you're concerned about how these policies might affect you and your family go to and get in touch with us. this is part of president biden's plan. when he took office on his first day in office, he issued an executive order putting equity at the center of his government. his build back better plan includes mandatory equity training for, you guessed it, healthcare workers. equity is the term they used to describe their system of overracial discrimination. this is the future the left wants and now they are deciding life and death questions based on race. >> laura: so are minorities at an elevated risk for covid? the data tells a different story. if you look at the numbers it's clear that when you break down covid death rates by race, they kind of closely mass each group's share of the overall population, so for african-americans, they are just
12:28 am
under 13% of the population, and 13.5% of covid deaths. so victor, does the data justify any of this? >> no, it doesn't. you can see where we're leading, laura. could you have a very wealthy investment banker from india grairts to the united states and apparently under this paradigm of color, even though he might only be 35 with game preference and life saving treatments over 65 so-called white person that's laid off factory worker. it's no situation of class or circumstance. it's crazy racial preferences. you look at the 1964 civil rights about, it says specifically no public agency should use race to discriminate in the use of its services. so this is entirely illegal, but we know from the whole nullification movement on the
12:29 am
left that they don't care about legality. they think federal law is an optional construct. >> laura: stephen this goes in hand with their entire agenda about america as a country being awful rotten racist, we have to atone for all the past sins and the only way to do that is to take money and power from one group based with on race and give it to another group based on race. but this is where it's going, if people keep electing democrats. >> correct. this is where it's going and it's just the beginning. the left's goal is power, and they have figured out that the way they can accumulate power, power over your healthcare decisions, finances, power over life and death, is to use race as their sword and they are saying because you're a racist country, because you're systemically bigoted we need to take all the power and decide as a government who gets medicine, who gets to live in safety, who
12:30 am
gets rights and who doesn't. it is fascist, and if we don't push back and reclaim our heritage as a nation of legal equality, equal justice we're going to lose everything we love about america. >> laura: gentlemen, great to see both of you tonight. still ahead, it's another edition of -- hollywood's biggest night has been reduced to a twitter thread. seen and unseen, raymond arroyo next. ♪ ♪
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you -- welcome to fox news life. safety doors failed to shut during yesterday's deadly high rise fire in the bronx. the failures allowed stairwells to be turned into death traps.
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17 people died including eight children. an electric space heater started the fire which is new york city's deadliest in more than three decades. real estate tycoon and convicted killer robert durst has died months after being sentenced to life in prison. he was found guilty in september in the shooting death of his friend susan. he had also been long suspected of killing his wife who went missing in 1982. it's believed he killed her to prevent her from telling police she helped to cover up the murder of his wife. he was 78. now back to "the ingraham angle". >> laura: it's time for the "seen and unseen segment" where we reveal the cultural stories of the day. raymond arroyo, biden is dealing not only with covid, wildfires
12:37 am
in colorado, he flew out and offered a very compassionate message. it's tonight's biden by the numbers. >> what am i doing here? i'm going to lose track here. >> you're going to see -- you have a hundred yard wing span. each propeller on that windmill. a hundred yards long. so there is so much that is going to be able to be done, and, you know -- >> laura, he's utterly lost. how does this help the thousand homeowners who lost their home in the colorado wildfires. he said they can build their homes back better. how will windmills help? i'm not following this at all. >> laura: the best is, when jared, the governor, is nodding to the hundred yard windmills. that's like a horror movie, the attack of the hundred-yard blade
12:38 am
windmill. just crazy. >> wait until the pigeons run into that and wipe out whole towns of pigeons. covid and the reported lack of diversity at the hollywood foreign press association totally destroyed the golden gloves last night. yes. but there was a golden globes at the beverly hilton, even though there were no stars, no press, no coverage, this went from hollywood's biggest night to literally a twitter thread, okay? i'm not kidding. they announced the winners on to wit they are way. it takes 43 muscles to smile. thanks for the workout, andrew garfield, and congratulations for taking to him golden globe for best actor motion picture, musical and comedy, even though they don't tell you what he actually won for. or this, cheers to the ladies who make a flap and congratulations to jean smart for the golden globe for best television actress musical comedy. again, they lack the professionalism to include what
12:39 am
these people are winning these imaginary golden globes for. this is the official end of hollywood, laura, as we knew it. i think that's safe to say. >> laura: i tweeted out in response to this, perhaps they should be rethinking their embrace of lockdowns and all these draconian covid measures because they have locked themselves into a closet of irrelevance. they tweeted out what they were doing instead. >> some were pushing their brands, others like lady gaga, she was bragging about getting a booster shot. but still urged people, laura, to wear that mask because it's so infectious out there. which brings us to an update of positively boost it.
12:40 am
♪♪ cortez, you remember, was correspond voting in miami last week. now she says she's experiencing symptoms and recovering at home. she's encouraging everyone to get those boosters. >> laura: people are making a big deal of the fact she wasn't masked. i say that's the smartest thing i have ever seen her do. i'm glad shen joyed florida, and it had nothing to do with whether she wore a mask or didn't wear a mask. we hope she's okay but other than that the numbers are piling up. >> then there is this update. positively boosted today. >> i'm working from home. you're back in the studio. you have a negative connectivity for covid. i just tested positive for covid so here we go. >> -- has tested positive but with many of these people they
12:41 am
test positive but they are feeling or experiencing very slight symptoms which we help is the case for everybody. >> laura: i think, yes, they are all ambassadors, raymond, for let's just, this is it. i mean, honestly, they just can't hold on to this thread of power and fear mongering any longer. they look great. they are doing their job. stay home, but they are fine and i'm glad they are fine. >> one person not letting omicron slow her down is nancy pelosi, laura. she jetted out to vegas for the harry reid memorial service, though covid seems to be the least of her worries. >> god truly blessed america with the life and legacy of harry reid. may he rest in peace. >> oh, boy. are balance issues of covid symptoms, laura, we need to check the cdc website?
12:42 am
>> laura: someone clearly greets that step. remember when trump said that, they ridiculed him. someone greased that. you can't get on her for that. get on her for, you know, harry reid rest in piece. he was one of the most vicious senators in the u.s. senate. he started the whole politics of personal destruction if you ask me. but that was a hell of a step she had to take there. >> she better watch, it may be time for walker. forget the mask. she needs other assistance but poor nancy, she had a very active week. she had that big town hall last week, you know, demonizing the people who came into the capitol, and laying it on thick about the pain and suffering they were still enduring. this is traumatic for nancy so that may have contributed to her lack of balance. the lack of balance may be telling us more than we expected. >> laura: raymond, at least san
12:43 am
fan brought the ratings to cnn. it was shocking the ratings they got for that special. >> you destroyed them, by the way, congratulations. >> the statues even got up and left. it's great to see you. by the way, we have an important announcement about raymond on wednesday but i'm going to make the announcement about raymond and an accolade. that's all i'm going to say, raymond. we'll see you on wednesday. >> okay. >> laura: as we continue to level threats toward russia and the ukraine it's worth asking why not leave this to europe? congressman jim banks here on that next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: biden has made three huge mistakes that have made vladimir putin aggressive>> lau >> laura: biden made three huge mistakes in relationship to russia. number one, he runs down his own country that half the citizens don't respect democracy. causing putin to think that they may not be a country at all. biden is lying about this threat to u.s. democracy but putin may not realize that. in any event, biden's
12:49 am
disparaging of america is very dangerous. number two, biden's top military officials are manifestly incompetent as they proved in afghanistan, and what's worse is putin knows this as well and he cares that they care more about being woke than about winning battles. so of course, he doesn't take us seriously as a military power. and finally, biden has repeatedly signaled that he's desperate to please folks in the western europe arena, especially germany. and since germany is relying on russia to stay warm in the winter, he knows he can get away with pretty much anything. now, we know that biden and his team are lying. they don't think democracy is really in peril. they aren't planning to move or sell their stock portfolios. they still vacation in places like florida every chance they get and they don't believe america is on the verge of a civil war or fascism. they just say these things for
12:50 am
political purposes. for the rest of the world, though, and folks like putin and china's xi, they take them very seriously and that's the real threat. joining me now is indiana congressman jim banks, republican committee chair. congressman, if the europeans are just going to bow down to putin, and it seems they are, i mean, it's a logical question, is it not, why are we more vested in troops and money in the situation than they are? >> it's a great question, laura. at this point europe is as confused about joe biden's strategy toward russia and the situation in the ukraine as most of us are because at this point, the biden administration hasn't articulated what they plan to do. you've already heard secretary blinken come out today, in the midst of negotiations and talks about this subject and say nothing is going to come out of it because they know that america has no leverage over
12:51 am
putin and russia, who doesn't see america as a threat. so they have already said that the negotiations aren't going to lead anywhere. it forecasts not just to russia but to the rest of the world what a joke this administration is. >> laura: he spoke about russia today and he said this. >> i want to thank -- stalinburg for bringing us together. as he said in his own press conference a short while ago russia's aggressive actions are a threat to peace and security in europe. we're prepared to respond forcefully to further russian aggression. >> laura: congressman, again what is a forceful response look like when it's not clear at all that our so-called european partners are on the same page as us? i just don't understand what any of this means. >> i don't either. i don't think joe biden knows what it means. remember, joe biden has been in one year the friendliest u.s. president that we've had toward russia in my lifetime. he lifted the sanctions on nord
12:52 am
stream pipeline. that in and of itself is what putin and russia were begging america to do. and joe biden did it. he gave it to them, and all of our european allies, our former allies, whatever we want to call them, at this point, they see that message loud and clear as america -- american weakness, america backing off of our own interests. remember, when america pursues america's interest around the globe the world is a much safer place. donald trump taught us that. look at north korea, the middle east, afghanistan, china, russia, all of it, the world is a much more tumultuous place under biden's watch than when donald trump was in the white house. >> laura: there was a report in the "washington post" overnight weekend that there is going to be a revamp of our boot camp in the u.s. navy, and it's a major overhaul, they say, aimed at improving recruits war readiness
12:53 am
fighting and emergency skills, also focusing on suicide prevention, cast issues such as sexual assault, hazing, and extremism in its ranks. well, i focus on the last part of that, the extremism. is there or is there not a purge under way in the u.s. military against perhaps trump supporters, conservatives, people politically interested, i'm very concerned about that latter reference. >> i am, too. this makes me sick. we should be training -- we should be training warriors, combat warriors in the military. not cultural warriors, and that's what they are doing, by adding two more weeks and delaying sailors from going out into the fleet and doing their job. last year, laura, i conducted along with tom cotton a report on studying the war fighting culture of the united states navy. and we interviewed dozens of current active duty united
12:54 am
states sailors and officers, and 94% of the sailors that we interviewed told us that they believe that there is a culture and leadership crisis in the united states navy. now we're seeing -- we're seeing the outcome of that. two weeks added to boot camp to teach crt doesn't make the united states navy stronger and more equipped to fight against our biggest adversaries, especially china. >> laura: i get the sense it will be climate change, extremism, meaning, don't support people like trump. they won't say it that way but that's kind of what it's all going to be. two weeks for that and we're paying for it. congressman, you guys have the purse strings. i hope you exercise them. it's great to see you. when we return, final thoughts.
12:55 am
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i go. the nice, warm winter hats will be up later this week, they are awesome. i get great comments when i fly, run or walk with my freedom matters gear. who could be against freedom? better not answer that. remember it is america now and forever. greg gutfeld takes it from here. >> fox news ark letter following two breaking stories this morning. president biden hitting the road to sell his radical plan to overhaul our election system. that comes as cdc director rochelle walensky and dr. fauci are preparing for contentious hearing. it is tuesday, january 11, you are watching "fox and friends first." i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: great to have you


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