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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  January 10, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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they believe this will transform the city when the rain starts to fall. would you -- would you rent an umbrella? >> dana: i think i had this idea and didn't go forward with it. i think it's brilliant. sometimes you can spend $50 for an umbrella if you are caught without one. >> bill: i have a ton of umbrellas in my office. you can have one for free. >> harris: fox news alert. the white house wants people to believe that president biden has nothing to hide if that is the case, then we ask why are they keeping the press at arm's length? there are receipts to go with that. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the numbers don't lie. analysis by the white house transition project shows president biden has conducted far fewer news conferences and interviews during his first year in office compared with the five presidents before him. so they went back.
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instead, biden has opted for informal questions and answers that don't leave much room for follow-up and allow him to pick and choose a lot more as you can imagine. republicans are taking notice of this. the official gop twitter account posted joe biden has not held a press conference in 68 days. the american people deserve a president who doesn't hide from the crises he has created. also this. "politico" has a nickname hiding biden. we've been hearing it for a while but it is a thing. white house deputy press secretary defended the president but also promised change. >> the president is always eager to take questions. i hear you, this is the first year and this has been an unprecedented year. if we will look at this in a full lens, this has not been a normal year and so there will be more to come.
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>> harris: from the deputy to the head white house press secretary jen psaki. >> he takes questions multiple times a week. his schedules is quite packed. he would like to do it. hopefully we can add local interviews in the next couple of weeks. this president has done 140, maybe 150 by now short q and as where he picks questions from the press. typically a couple times a week. it is not accurate to suggest he isn't accessible or doesn't answer questions. >> harris: pete hegseth. all i can remember very clearly is when jen psaki said he takes the question if you ask the right questions. pete. >> that's exactly right. the expectation is that the press will not be adversarial because the press is on their side. why wouldn't they think that way when they ran an entire presidential campaign with the strategy of hiding biden from the basement counting on the press to go after donald trump?
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they believe they have -- you said the receipt is due. they believe the receipt is due ultimately for the press to do their job for them. you put those numbers up on the wall, harris. those are staggering. it is not that they are less, it is that they are a fraction of what predecessors have done. >> harris: there it is for you, pete. >> look at them. compare them over the years. 9, 22 to 92 not even close. you have the informal q and a where they try to exploit a loophole. he will end an event. take one or two questions, give a yes or no answer from a preferred reporter and walk off as the press try to yell questions at them. they are counting on zero accountability from the press. they'll get light push back from "politico", a friendly push but they ultimately know while their policies fail, they know the press is not going to come at them as hard as they would a republican. >> harris: we have a nuanced
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argument from you, pete. it isn't that the media are changing gears, it is that in some line of complicity they are giving him a nudge? >> you know journalists in washington, d.c., they peddle in little bits of information and how they're relevant. they get frustrated amongst themselves and they start talking about a lack of access. it is not about getting the truth from the biden administration it's having their seat at the table. it is about having their space shown in the white house briefing room. they are professional journalists and want to be recognized and respected as such. not necessarily answer tough questions, why is the border wide open and why haven't you
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crushed the virus? that's not what they are frustrated about. >> harris: there is so much performance and enhanced behavior you called out. fascinating. a "washington post" columnist argued president biden can't do much about the crises he is facing. watch. >> if the economy is not better and covid is still raging, the democrats are in deep trouble but frankly i'm not sure the president is going to be setting the tone for the election can do a whole lot about either one of those. >> harris: wow. that's a friend supposedly. but during the 2020 election, that same columnist we should point out repeatedly criticized president trump for his response to the pandemic. you could say she is even handed but what she is doing now is deadly for democrats. that means the man in the office doesn't have any answers. >> he hasn't had answers. he hasn't had the ability to answer them in realtime or
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deliver solutions that were ever going to be effective in the first place. when you run on i'll crush an airborne virus that you can't crush and hopefully can move into a new phase where you manage it you know you'll ultimately failed when you try federal responses instead of empowering governors and local decision makers to make the best decisions. now he has stumbled upon that. an energy project to deal with climate change, an impossible standard. you will raise the price of oil and reduce the options for average working class people. policies are unpopular and hoping to shovel more money like build back better and other policies and make it look like we're doing good things for you. it is probably -- the thing is jennifer is rubin wrong a lot but right in this instance. she is trying to be an
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apologist for him. he baked in the first year of his presidency going into 2022 it is not a good one. >> harris: airborne and crushing twitter. alexandria ocasio-cortez, who says she is fully vaccinated and got the booster tested positive for covid-19 days after getting caught partying maskless in sunny miami, florida. her district in new york city has really strict covid restrictions for public places. so she got the heck out of dodge and went and partied like it was 1999. the vaccines don't keep you from getting covid but mitigate the circumstances. she is awfully close to him. anyhow, pete. >> we used to think that the
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experts used to tell us that the virus may prevent you from getting infected with covid. we know that's not true, fine, good, we know that. the words of an alexandria ocasio-cortez will tell us the pandemic will never end. you must mask up while vaxxed and limit your interaction with other people. that's the spoken cortez. the actions of comrade cortez tell us covid-19, the pandemic is over. she goes down to florida maskless, parties it up, is vaccinated and boosted. then gets covid. hopefully she recovers quickly and everything is find and goes about her life. that's how we get through this. and that is the reality of our future. people are going 20 get it. they will be protected from it from a vaccine or natural immunity or they are -- therapeutics and they recover and they go on with their life. kids go back to school and life moves on. you see, maybe it is comrade
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cortez that helped pave the new way. i can't help calling her that. >> harris: what you are suggesting maybe comes in the form of a statement from the congresswoman. she is just not some person who went down there who, you know, social media loves in some corners. she is a sitting member of congress and maybe she comes out with a statement that i want to look at some of the things they're doing in florida for my own district and by the way, this has been my own personal experience. that's coupling transparency with responsibility. let's see if she can make a sandwich out of that. >> it would be unbelievable. i wish. >> harris: we want to come in with this. this jarred the world. america's funniest videos was on as some announcement were being made. bob saget, one of the networks broke in with the news he had
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passed. authorities found him unresponsive in a hotel room in florida late yesterday. we're waiting for the cause of death to be released or announced. he also starred famously in the "full house" and remains unknown right now the search for answers but we'll keep you posted as they pop. meanwhile phil keating is in miami for us, phil. >> he hosted the show america's funniest home videos for 10 years. the entertainment world right now is grieving at the shocking sudden loss of bob saget. millions of americans grew up watching him on tv. a comedian at heart but best known for appearing as one of the dads "full house." he was found dead on sunday in his hotel rooms. the orange county sheriffs office received a call about an unresponsive man and found him dead inside his hotel room.
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there were no signs of foul play or drug use. he was in florida for part of his tour. he said i loved tonight's show in jacksonville. very appreciative and fun audiences. i'm back in comedy like when i was 26. i guess i'm finding my new voice and loving every moment of it. saget leaves behind a wife and three daughters from a previous marriage. the family members are understandably devastated and inviting everyone to remember the love and laughter that bob brought to the world. in los angeles comedy houses paid tribute to saget as well. first and foremost he was a comedian although american knew him as a tv star. aside from full house he hosted the popular america's funniest home videos and also the narrator on the show how i met
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your mother. saget was only 65 years old. as expected the shock at his death has been pretty much universal. all of his former co-stars expressing condolences and absolute loss. >> harris: i don't think a lot of people remember his narration how i met your mother and how the stuff playing out on the screen. he was very funny. phil keating, thank you. the fda has issued new guidance that healthcare providers should prioritize race and ethnicity when administering covid medications. there is backlash to this. choosing some over others for treatment. >> this has hurt kids academically, socially, mentally, physically. families shouldn't put up with this anymore. >> harris: i caught a tweet from unicef saying the same thing is happening all over the world. look to america to get it right? that's a question mark.
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>> harris: you'll have to determine exactly what this is. the biden administration is appearing to go woke when it comes to administering potentially life-saving covid treatments. according to new guidance to states, certain individuals may be considered high-risk and more quickly qualify for monoclonal antibodies and oral antivirals based on their race or ethnicity. mark meredith is live at the white house to report on this
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to set us up. >> consider when determining who should be eligible to get the monoclonal antibodies you were talking about. a long list of factors. let's look at this treatment where you talk about people 56 or older, people who may be obese or pregnant, those with diabetes should be eligible for the treatment. fda says race and ethnicity may also be a factor. the long memo posted online. critics say the focus on race creates further disparities in healthcare and other factors should be playing a more prominent role. a "wall street journal" op-ed that came out late last week that wrote ways to insure a level playing field. class disparities can be relevant to deciding where to spend money to increase vaccination and testing. class disparities as opposed to race and ethnicity. the biden administration is considering equity when it comes to testing especially about a new program it is about
8:20 am
to roll out. waiting for them to unveil how they plan to distribute 500 million covid tests directly to americans. the government is in the process of launching a website where people can request the tests be sent to them through the mail. we wait for the breakdown how the tests will get there. who is prioritized, by zip code or past areas we've seen increased infections. waiting for details. we may get an update on thursday and where things stand with the pandemic. >> harris: and why he waited so long to get the contracts signed so he could get the tests out and give us a demonstration of the different home tests so we know what we're doing. i'll hold my breath. i took notes on what you you you said to set me up now. dr. jerome adams u.s. surgeon general. it's good to see you. i will start off with some of the facts that mark meredith just gave us.
8:21 am
with this question. because you heard class disparity maybe as a suggestion. if you are economically disadvantaged, start there. if they are making this a race and ethnicity thing, how do we then two people walk into an e.r. one is white, one black, both obese, both have diabetes, both economically disadvantaged. is it still the person of color or are we american enough to admit that medicine should hit all? >> that's a great question you ask. there is why the biden administration did this and how they did it. i want people to understand why they did it. clear data shows that race is an independent risk factor for dying from covid. now to the how. i don't approve of how they did it. what we need to do is tell people look, if you are african-american, native american, hispanic you are at higher risk and you need to a, make sure you are vaccinated.
8:22 am
b, make sure if you have symptoms get tested, another problem with the administration, not enough testing. the administration could have raised this and said we'll make more testing available in certain areas for people and then finally dr. seuss an moore, a colleague of man passed away in indiana because she couldn't get access to care. appropriate to tell doctors look, if people come in in these groups you need to listen to them and believe them. we shouldn't be using race as an independent factor to decide who gets treatment. >> harris: i will break it very real here. we know numbers bear this out. blacks and hispanics have been resistant in higher numbers than any other segment of the population to get the vaccine. i know we like to make everything about politics but let's get real on that. at this point for this president to try to convince blacks and hispanics to get the vaccine is fantasy. when he had a woman of color who now is the vice president say that she wouldn't get it based on the previous president having come up with it with his
8:23 am
administration. we were already in a hole but what i don't understand is everybody shows up at the e.r. and this administration says well, you have to be vaxxed. it is the unvaxxed pandemic but now you'll pick and choose among people based on race and ethnicity. which is it? it seems cruel. >> you can't blame and shame people based on who they voted for or the color of their skin. what we need to do is really demand this administration getting more testing available, that they get more treatments available so that we don't have to make these horrible choices. that's what people aren't talking about right now. they are having to make these horrible distinctions because there hasn't been a good enough job done to make the resources available so everyone can get the resources, the education, and the access that they need. >> harris: and one of the points that i'm just kind of raising here is that if you make it about race and
8:24 am
ethnicity and those people chose not to get vaccinated now you are prioritizing their need over others who decided not to get vaccinated and end up at the hospital based on the color of their skin and their ethnic backgrounds and they all made the decision that it was oppositional to the white house. it is a dog chasing its tail. it does not appear fair. >> i agree with you. it should not be an independent factor. it should be about educating people and physicians and healthcare systems. at the end of the day if you show up and meet the clinical criteria you should get treatment. if you can't you should ask the biden administration why isn't that treatment available? >> harris: i have biracial children and dare anybody to make one side more important than the other. three medical associations have declared children's mental health a national emergency due to the covid crisis that has forced students to stay home for nearly two years.
8:25 am
and we're seeing some shocking statistics which show the devastating toll it is taking on students. the cdc reports an increase in e.r. visits among young kids and teenagers as well as a staggering increase in suicides. the largest spike seen in girls ages 12-17. suicides in that group increased by 51% in a one month period. boys have not immune to this. one mom on her son's struggles. >> i don't want to go outside or talk to anyone, just isolates himself. we're still working on his combative behavior. he has daily meltdowns and breakdowns, screaming, crying. >> harris: dr. adams. >> we know that suicideality has gone up as you mentioned. we know substance issues have
8:26 am
gone up. there is tremendous harm done to our young people. i say this as a father of 17, 16 and 12-year-old who are in school right now. i'm fighting to do everything we can to keep them in school. here is the key. we need to make sure we're holding our public officials accountable for doing the things that will allow our kids to safely stay in school and go back to school. what we need to do as individuals. we need to make sure we are getting educated and are willing to listen to our doctors about vaccinations. the number one predictor of whether or not you can safely keep schools open is the vaccination rate of the local community and spread of the community. what we can do, what our officials need to do. it is not a by naer trade-off. >> you are saying is when the teachers union says it's about the kids being vaccinated and that school environment being safe you are saying the teachers are likely to get it out in the community anyway if the community vaccinations
8:27 am
numbers are down. >> all of us working together. not binary. we shouldn't be saying schools open or closed. let's all do the things we know will work so we can safely open schools giving them the resources, making sure vaccination rates are high and spread is low. if we do these things we can safely stay in school. i feel safe with my kids going to school. they are vaccinated. two boys boosted and it puts them in the best possible position to make it through the school year in person. >> harris: the states got over $100 billion. illinois is one of them, $5 billion. they did all the things, they say. i would like to see the trail of the money. but they did all these things for ventilation and vaccination and did that and teachers sit out for a fourth day no classes. dr. jerome adams i want to brag on you a little bit. you are doing something with the pro-football hall of fame and you want to expand access
8:28 am
to mental healthcare not only for current and former players but their families and general public. there you can see the phone number and the website where you can get information right there on your screen on getting mental health help that's right for you or someone you know in need. your last quick thought. >> my quick thought is it's okay not to be okay. we need to understand mental health is just as important as physical health particularly in the pandemic. if you need help ask for it. we're working with the hall of fame and former nfl athletes to make the resources available. top notch care for people who want to get substance abuse treatment and want to deal with their mental health, anxiety and depression. >> harris: some need help with the head injuries and some of them do. i know it gets chippy at times since we look at race and ethnicity.
8:29 am
worth getting into it. >> it was. >> harris: i talked to a lot of black doctors about this. blacks and hispanics will sit on the sidelines and not get higher numbers of vaccinations it will make it harder for them in general. is that everybody's problem. >> demand accountability of your officials and get a booster. >> harris: critics going after new york city's new mayor for backing a law that gives non-citizens the right to vote in nyc. 800,000 of them. what it means for future elections. and this. >> coming up this month will be the one-year anniversary of one-party rule. what do we have? we have covid spiking, closed schools, and a crippled economy. >> harris: republicans tearing into last year's democratic majorities. with more house democrats jumping ship they're counting on a red wave complete with a red hat, buttons, whatever.
8:30 am
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sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. >> that number 25 is a big number for democrat retire. . i expect it to be over 30 democrat retirements. they see what the future holds and the numbers. this administration with one-party rule in one year has no accountability. we'll be able to hold them accountable and get america on the right track. i'm optimistic about the opportunity in the future. >> harris: kevin mccarthy sounding confident in his political party's chances in the november mid-term elections predicting a red wave. max exodus of house democrats retiring or seeking other office leaving republican senator lindsey graham with a similar message. >> these are the most dangerous time since the late 30s. i think the public is going to be voting in november of 2022
8:36 am
not based on what happened on january 6th but based on this failed democratic radical agenda. >> harris: democrats are not waving the white flag of defeat yet. the democratic congressional campaign committee with this statement. house democrats are heading into the mid-terms with record breaking fundraising numbers earlier than ever investments in organizing and a agenda wildly popular among voters. we're confident in our ability to win the house yet again. mike pompeo former secretary of state and fox news contributor. great to see you today. thank you for being in "focus." >> great to be with you this morning. >> harris: i always question when people predict things what they are seeing, what they are forecasting this far out. is there a sickness politically than democrats are showing us that you see yeah, maybe they will have problems in november?
8:37 am
>> i remember when i first ran for congress back in 2010. it feels the same way today. americans can see the country is headed in the wrong direction. i can feel it when i'm out talking to folks across the country. they can see we're letting folks come across our border in ways we haven't done in a long time. open southern border they can see this administration hasn't delivered on its promises on covid and see there are store shelves empty across america. it reminds me of the soviet union in some ways. no celery, lettuce? american people can see this. i feel optimistic that the american people will make good choices in november. i heard senator graham and congressman mccarthy. i'll let them do the political predictions. people who understand the rule of law. want crime to go down and they had four years in the trump administration and republicans when they were leading the
8:38 am
country. it is likely to be the mood come september and october of this year when people start voting. >> harris: what's interesting about what you are saying you don't see a lot can change in the short term. it is hard to turn around inflation by spending more money and that's what president biden is talking about doing. >> it's why you see the progressives dominating on their side. the progressives have now come to understand that people don't accept their premises so they have to talk about things that don't really matter to the american people. my experience campaigning was that if you talked about things that mattered to americans all across the country. i was talking mostly to folks in south central kansas. when you talk to them about prices for their food. how to make sure their kids could get a good education and talked about those things in a serious way they voted with the republicans because we had the ideas that mattered and would work for them. >> harris: quickly, you made some determinations back in
8:39 am
2010 that you wanted to run and now you are seeing some republicans like senator ron johnson look at the landscape and say wow, it will change so much he will jump back in. he just made that determination as well. here it is, i would like to retire but i think the country is in too much peril. your reaction to that and we'll move on. >> i had a wonderful life in south central kansas and running a small manufacturing company. i saw taxes increases and risk to the folks who worked with me at my manufacturing company in kansas because of obamacare and i wanted to enter public service to try to take this country in the right direction. people stand up in school boefrd races and sheriffs races across the country doing that same thing. >> harris: barely a week into his tenure an eric adams is facing plenty of criticism. he just yesterday stood by his support of a law which you a
8:40 am
laos 800,000 citizens to vote. he says he will defend that law. let's watch together. >> doesn't the bill make a mockery of american citizenship? what do you say to the people who went through the process becoming an american citizen. >> a great opportunity to be a member of this country. don't let anything daunt you or take you away from this mission. this legislation won't do that. keep becoming a citizen of this country. >> harris: first elections in which non-american citizens would be allowed to vote slated for 2023. your take. >> harris, this is bad for new york city, it is bad for new york, it is bad for america. and not only do i think it's inconsistent with our history and the law, i think that it denigrates those of us who are citizens. some of us blessed to be born here.
8:41 am
privileged to have the blue american passport i as secretary of state helped deliver to people is a big deal. we ought not give folks who don't have that citizenship, who haven't earned it in the ways that the american people know they need to earn it. we shouldn't let them participate in electing leaders. it should be reserved for the incredible group of people of citizens of the united states and people all across the world want to come here and reminder if you aren't an american citizens it means you are a citizen of some other country. to think we would allow foreigners to vote in american elections without them having u.s. citizenship is really quite something. >> harris: getting this from you especially as a former secretary of state is really eye opening, too, the way you phrase that. certainly you have had so much experience at this and so glad you were in "focus" today. secretary pompeo, thank you. >> thank you, have a great day. >> harris: a teenager fatally shot after a gunman opened fire
8:42 am
at a manhattan burger king. this as the new york district attorney there says he doesn't get why critics are ripping him on soft on crime policies. really? you don't get it? imagine being on the other side of that. jason rantz in "focus" next. ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th
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>> gun crime is on the rise, domestic violence on the rise. sexual assaults. we've seen the story of the person on their eighth arrest and people say how did this happen? how did that assault happen? seven prior times with that person struggling with addiction or mental health. we need to connect that person to services. it will make them safer. it's common sense. i don't understand the pushback. >> harris: manhattan's new district attorney alvin bragg defending his push to seek little or zero punishment for some violent criminals. but even he cannot deny the explosion of violent crime taking over new york city. in harlem police are searching for this man in a mask who shot and killed a 19-year-old cashier who was working late at a burger king. the victim had only been on the job for three weeks.
8:48 am
jennifer hearson says d.a. bragg needs to face reality. >> i urge alvin bragg to meet with this teenager's family and let them know why this person who stole all of their hopes and all of their dreams does not even deserve to do 20 years in prison. i want him to explain to these parents who have to bury their young daughter why -- how his leniency announcement might have enticed this thug to grab a gun and rob a burger king. >> harris: "new york post" op-ed called out the new district attorney. what he has done in invite all sorts of criminals from the outer borrows to join the mayhem. why face the maximum penalty in
8:49 am
staten island when you can do it in manhattan and face a lot less. seattle radio talk show host jason rantz. great to have you in "focus" today. tackle this issue from all sides. you've been through it on the west coast with policies changing and making it easier for people to get away with stuff. where are we headed? >> low-level crimes which he is saying would get a pass almost always lead to more serious crimes. the guy who shot and killed crystal. i'm sure it wasn't his first crime. i read it in seattle. alvin bragg isn't talking about second chances but endless chances. he and so many others have the ideological position that argues against all incarceration at all times and favors these restorative justice programs that aren't new and aren't producing the results you would expect them to produce. his approach doesn't take into account the context of the person who is committing these
8:50 am
low-level crimes. for restorative justice programs to work, they can work in certain circumstances you have to understand who the person is, what is their background? how many times have they committed these crimes? can you get them on the right path? for many of them the answer is clearly no. look at what has been done in the past and look at their trajectory. that's the problem here. >> harris: there are so many of them now. do we have time in our justice department? most of it in our justice systems across the country is still virtual. do we have time to figure out who everybody is? >> no, you don't. but there are some cases that do pop out and you can say this is someone who can be saved. when you talk about restorative justice you weigh the risks to the community. you look at a case and an individual and say is this person worth the risk of putting back out on the streets if the program doesn't work? for a lot of these folks the answer is no. we shouldn't be concerned about
8:51 am
the feelings and future of a criminal over the feelings and future of someone who lives in the neighborhood that is constantly the victim of crime. these quality of life crimes matter. it degrades a community and makes people feel unsafe and you are right. it attracts folks into the community who know they can get away with pretty much anything. >> harris: you see advocates like jennifer harrison, with is the accountability for d.a. bragg? he should be the first to talk to that family. former nypd commissioner bill bratton went after d.a. bragg's policies and pointed to one person as the reason he got elected. watch. >> when you look at every city in america with violent crime increases and disorder increases what is the one
8:52 am
common denominator? changes in state laws that decriminalize so much and district attorneys almost all of them are funded by george soros. he has opened society foundation and effectively destroyed the criminal justice system in america. >> harris: talk to me about george soros's input in all of this. we know about the cash. he has a lot of that. >> absolutely. democrats hate big money except when it is going to their causes. you have an ideologue absolutely set on dismantling the criminal justice system and rebuilding it in an ideological position. we approach it in two ways. on the one hand the folks who know who george soros is and mostly folks on the right you make that point. but folks on the left i do think that the second that you say george soros there is this belief you are pushing a conspiracy even though the facts clearly show what he does and who he is, what he is about.
8:53 am
i think the focus needs to be on the ideology behind this. >> harris: we'll move to this. classes have been canceled for a fourth day in chicago. it is not a matter of people being on remote learning. this looks like a strike now. we'll get into it. teachers still refusing to teach in person during the omicron surge. mayor lori lightfoot going on a tear against the teachers union. remember how liberal she is. take a look at this. >> they are writing letters, emails, protesting, holding press conferences. this is an unprecedented level of parent activism and all the support of returning to in-person learning. we live in a district where 70% or more of our kids qualify or free or reduced lunch and live in households poor and working class. it is an untenable situation and utterly avoidable. i will be on the side of the parents fighting every single day to get our kids back in
8:54 am
school. >> harris: it took a disaster to get that democratic mayor and others on the side of the parents, right? this is a disaster now. even though the cdc is saying it is safe for kids to be back in the classroom. >> science has said that for a long time. we knew early on kids when dealing with delta were not as susceptible to covid. when you put kids in school you look at the risks of keeping them out. the risk of omicron toward children no matter what justice sotomayor might tell you is very low when you consider the fact that these kids are getting depressed, suicidal, not exactly knowing what to do when they are stuck at home in front of a screen for six or seven hours a day being kept away from their friends. what are we doing to these kids? i'm so glad again finally that parents are waking up to this. i don't know if lori light foot is going after the unions because she wants to go after the union. i think the democrats are looking at the public and the
8:55 am
public opinion is turning against teachers who are choosing to put their own lifestyles above what is best for these kids. >> harris: a great way of putting it. their lifestyles above what is best for the kids. science says school is a safe place to be with all we've done to make it so. "outnumbered" after the break. 100% of your home's value. up to $60,000 or more. veterans are saving an average of $615 every month. with more ways to help more veteran families, no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newday usa. >> are you ready to start a great career? >> safelite is now hiring. >> you will love your job. >> there's room to grow... >> ...and lots of opportunities. >> so, what are you waiting for? >> apply now...
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>> harris: there is no controversy now over the president's handling of the pandemic. up now that fox news has confirmed the biden administration is prioritizing race and ethnicity when it comes to giving out potentially life-saving covid treatments. i'm harris faulkner and that you are watching "outnumbered." joining me now as emily compagno, kayleigh mcenany, fox nation host tomi lahren, former utah congressman and fox news contributor jason chaffetz. it's going to be a great hour, good to see everybody.


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