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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 10, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PST

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>> todd: lieutenant colonel allen west with a dose of truth on your monday morning. sir, we appreciate appreciate you getting up and thank you for being on our show. we appreciate it. thanks againfor joining me and n here on a monday morning. obviously the news there about bob saget is sad. we will have a lot more on that coming up on "fox & friends." with that, "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> the nation mourning comedian and full house star bob saget found dead in orlando homeroom. >> john stamos tweeting i'm broken and gutted. i will never ever have another friend like him. >> chicago public schools canceling school on monday as negotiations with the a teacher union his impasse. >> what they did walk out. >> i feel bad they had to resuscitate. >> horrific fire strikes a bronx apartment in new york. killed 19 people. >> this fire started in a
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bedroom with a electric heater. >> society so he mayor we had over 100,000 children in serious condition. >> it's not 100,000. it's roughly 3500 in hospitals now? >> it -- yeah. and raiders in, chargers out, steelers. in ♪ everywhere you look ♪ >> ainsley: america's dad on full house. he was on the show from 1987 to 195. we all grew cup watching him, dead at 65 years old. we got news last night that he was found dead in his hotel room in orlando at the ritz carlton grand lakes. police received call unresponsive man in a hotel
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room. heavy heart this morning and wish his family all the best. rest in peace, bob saget. >> brian: he had tweeted the night before in detail about the stand-up he did at a theater. i was just at two weeks ago in verde. feel like i'm 29 years old. i'm addicted to this to paraphrase it 2 hours and 15 minutes down the road to orlando at the ritz carlton in orlando at the grand lakes and he was unresponsive to a call in his hotel room. passed away at the age of 65. steve, they say that right now there is no suspicion of anything foul. it just looks like he just passed away. >> steve: yeah. it's troubling because a young guy, 65 years old. we have had him on this show. he is one of the most hilarious guys in the whole wide world. and my daughter mary sent me a note after tmz had the world
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exclusive on this last night. she said at one minute later and it's like wait, is this some kind of a sick joke? he is only 65. you are absolutely right, brian. the local police there say no sign of drugs or foul play. so they are going to be looking into it. but, nonetheless, what a shocker on this monday morning. comedian bob saget. danny taylor the guy who hosted the funniest home videos for a very long time dead at 65. start this mopped morning with tributes to him. he was a great guy. beloved actor found dead that hotel room in florida late sunday. ashley vor confidential informant an with his life and legacy. watch this. >> he's here. >> bob saget the actor and comedian who brought laughs and fatherly advice as tv's danny taylor dad at full house dead at 65. orange county said in a statement called to the grand
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lakes about call about an unresponsive man in a hotel room. the man was identified as robert saget and pronounced deceased on scene. detectives found no signs of foul play or drug use in this case. saget starred on full house from 1987 through 1995 and reprised his role in the rebeautifuller house. early work clouded hosting america's funsiest home videos. in recent years he focused primarily on his standup. >> bob saget. >> he made an appearance on the masked singer in 2020. and hosted a podcast called bob saget is here for you. he was on a comedy touring at the time of his death. last post on social media was about his love for his job. thanked the audience saying he had no idea he did a two hour set. adding he felt like he was back in comedy like he was when he was 26. celebrities sharing thoughts including long time co-star and friend john stamos who wrote i am broken. i am gutted. i am in complete utter shock.
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i will never ever have another friend like him. i love you so much: >> he happened to be one of the funniest on the planet. tv writer norman lehrer says he was hilarious. we were close friends and i could not have loved him more. raising dad co-star detonation posted he was generous, protective caring and wu6r89. adding he talked about his kids constantly. bob saget is survived by three daughters from first marriage to sherri kramer and second wife kelli rizzo. in hollywood, ashley devore can, fox news. >> ainsley: he was born in philadelphia, the some of a supermarket equitiesive father and mother hospital administrator. he does have three beautiful daughters that he leaves behind aubrey, laura and jennifer. i thought what was really sweet when you hear all the comments from his friends and co-workers. you never really know how they are in person or what they're
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really likes a an individual. to hear john stamos and david who was uncle joey on full house he said my heart is broken. i love you, bob, your forever brother dave. if you read more about their relationship, he solid saget and first wife back in the 1980s slept on the sofia so if a while trying to get his career started. i have no words. bob was one of the best human beings i have ever known in my life. i loved him so much. jason alexander says the loss hit deep. he was kind, dear and cared about people deeply. >> brian: he had this way of doing comedy where he would have his stuff and react to what was in the room and have a stream of consciousness and contradict himself. that's why i imagine he made his comment and tweeted out what he said i didn't know i was on stage for an hour and 45 minutes. but bob saget was kind enough to come on our show a lot. in fact, four separate times. here is a look at bob saget on our various couches. >> we all know him as the lovable father of three, danny
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tanner on the classic sitcom full house. >> brian: bob saget joins us now. bob, where did you come up with this brilliant idea. you are a genius. >> they say every three years a new audience for that show is born. which is amazing. >> steve: what happened to you and the tv character? >> okay. >> steve: my daughter drove a car through the house. >> my television daughter. in the show played music. i said honey, don't drive a car through the house. >> steve: do you do much political stuff? i don't know there is a lot of political stuff happen. >> you guys do the work in the morning when you watch all the stuff. you do all of the work. >> brian: glad to be an american because of bob saget. >> you guys literally are the best volume of adjusting. this show does not need a volume knob. i like it, i'm here. >> all good comedy comes from truth which is why this is the most hilarious segment. [laughter] >> steve: he is a very funny guy, bob saget, folks.
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>> brian: as sad as it is, i would love to know anyone who passes away at any age to know that the outpouring of support i am hard pressed to find anything that is so positive from a wider swath of people than the people who knew him and watched him whether he was hosting america's funniest videos or on the sitcom or on the stage, everybody, no matter who you are, seems to have worshipped the guy and said what a great person he was. >> steve: he was a great guy. i knew him for about 30 years. he and i, when i would see him, we would talk a little bit about how we had both done time at cbs in the mornings. and he was on is show a number of times. in the commercial break before we would start a segment on "fox & friends," he would lean over to me and he would say okay, steve, i'm going to talk about this. and what people don't understand is, you know, he has got this
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all-american dad persona on television. but back then, he was also a very raunchy comic. so he would say okay, during this segment on "fox & friends," this is what i'm going to do. i'm going to start and then he would tell me these crazy, crazy inappropriate things and i would say, you know, bob, i don't know that that's appropriate for morning television. and he would say, you know what? let's just see where this goes. and ultimate live he knew exactly how he was going to perform. because he knew the audience. and he was just trying to get a reaction not out of the audience but out of me. because he would always find the fun in life. and, you know, one of the things about him is, even though he is gone, because of his shows, he is going to be on television for a very, very long time. because he was america's dad. he was a great dad as danny tanner. and those video shows, fantastic. he has quite a legacy in
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american television. >> ainsley: and i love that he ended his life doing what he really loved and that was stand-up on stage and like you said, brian, if you listen to his last interview with a local television station, i think it's in jacksonville, he talked about how he will loved doing stand up. he plans on doing it for a long time i think his tour was the summer in canada and america. i don't talk about politics and religion. i just want to make people laugh. i was a child of the 80's born in the 70s and watched the show constantly all my friends did. we felt like he was our tv dad danny tanner. we loved watching his reaction with the girls on the show and loved watching mary, kate, and ashley grow up. we were all amazed that they were twins and they would switch different shows and play the same person. we just loved him. it's really sad news. he is so young, 65 years old. hopefully they will have an autopsy report and we will find
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out the reason of his death. all right. well, coming up, fox news, pressing the cdc director after a supreme court justice wrongly claims hundreds of thousands of children are hospitalized with covid. plus, vice president biden shying away from news conferences. the call for transparency from the white house ♪ go, go ♪ go big or go home ♪ go, go ♪ go big or go home ♪ go, go ♪ go big or go home ♪ ♪ this is the sound of nature breathing. and this is the sound of better breathing. fasenra is a different kind of asthma medication. it's not a steroid or inhaler. fasenra is an add-on treatment for asthma driven by eosinophils. it's one maintenance dose every 8 weeks. it helps prevent asthma attacks, improve breathing, and lower use of oral steroids.
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brian so glad you are back. hope you are dressed. the vaccine mandate is supposed to take effect.
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this while the cdc confidence crisis hits a fevered pitch. we are far from down. alexandria hoff joins us with details are we going to get a decision from the supreme court. >> good morning, you know, there was a bobility that the supreme court might issue order of enforcement prior to the vaccine requirements going into effect today. so far that has not happened. without the justices determining if the man date is constitutional with a ruling companies with 100 or more workers are now technically liable for employees that are not vaccinated. if those employees don't submit weekly tests they it face fines. not to comply until the court issues the ruling. the major point of concern in the decision-making process was revealed when justice sotomayor grocery exsalg gear rated the number of children in the hospital for covid-19. she said 100,000 currently are. that number is currently closer
3:17 am
to 3,000. cdc director rochelle walensky was force to the correct the justice and did so yesterday on "fox news sunday." she added this. >> i want to remind people that in the fall of this year, we had a delta surge and we were able to safely keep our children in school before we had pediatric vaccination. fast forward to now, we have peed am trick vaccination. >> according to the cdc, of the 3,000 children hospitalized, it's unclear how many have been taken for another issue and simply tested positive for covid-19 upon arrival. if that is the case, covid positive healthcare providers in california could issue direct care. to deal with the omicron surge and staffing shortages the california department of public health issued new guidance this weekend. under it medical professionals should continue to report to work if they test positive but are asymptomatic. now, the department says that hospitals should have to exhaust all other options before
3:18 am
resorting to this temporary. something controversial out of california and another byproduct of the staffing shortages. guys, send it back to you. >> steve: it's happening everywhere. all right. alexandra, thank you very much. i was talking to my covid doctor, dr. ken yesterday. he touched on what she was just mentioning. most of the kids walensky mentioned 3500 kids in the hospital with covid. most of the kids did not go in for covid. they went in for something else and they said okay, before we treat you, we are going to take a test and that's when they tested positive. nonetheless, speaking of positive. this is -- this aren't many positives in this story when it comes to joe biden. now that we are approaching his first anniversary of president of the united states. you would like to hear from the president as much as you can to get his point of view to figure out of why exactly he is doing different things. according to the associated press, which ran this headline
3:19 am
yesterday. biden shied away from news conferences interviews in year one. and then they break down to show exactly how many times he had press conferences. he had nine in all. he had 22 press interviews. he had 216 informal q and as. when you compare him to donald trump. just look at donald trump had 22 press conferences, 92 interviews. in fact, his very first interview was on "fox & friends" back in the day. then you have got barack obama 27 press conferences. 156 interviews. and george w. bush even had more and so did bill clinton. but, you know, ainsley, here's the thing about joe biden. we have heard from jen psaki and she said, you know, i would prefer he not take any questions because sometimes when he takes questions he gets knocked off message and then the white house spends a day or two or the rest of the week trying to get back on message. so, they are just -- right, they are just trying to minimize the damage caused by the president
3:20 am
who often, at the end of an event, will go, listen, i would love to take questions but i don't want to get in trouble. get in trouble with who? he is the president. >> ainsley: who is running the country? >> steve: yeah. >> ainsley: at the last press conference he said i'm not supposed to be having this press conference right now. reporters started asking questions. he avoids the press. they shield him, they try to protect him because you are right, they don't want to have to clean up the mess if he messes up while he is trying to answer the questions. if you are not familiar what happens at his press conferences like we are. here are highlights of him turning his back on reporters. watch this. >> may god protect our troops. thank you all very much. [shouting questions] >> thank you very much. [reporters shouting questions]
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>> thank you very much. >> press conference tomorrow, sir. the press conference. [laughter] >> brian: if you saw him friday, it was painful. he gives a speech about job numbers. the job numbers are supposed to be 400,000, they were 200,000. obviously, not a high five moment. but he comes out and talks about it anyway and talks about 3.9% unemployment. and then he just sits there after he is done because there is no natural transition to i have stopped talking. and then the shouts became so great he actually answered one question. do we have to live with this? and his answer was no, not pretty much not look like it is now, not eventually. and that caused a huge story. but one of the main reasons and i'm not one of these people think someone sells running the country. i think he is, sadly. he doesn't have a positive story line to emphasize. i just mentioned the job
3:22 am
numbers. going to mention afghanistan? how well did that go? anyone mention russia in anyone thinks that's going to go out well. mexico virus you promised to bring to a heel. he didn't do it. what are you going to do? you are going to turn on your heel and you are not going to answer questions. what he should be coming out in and i can't believe they can't figure this out. you come out economic adviser, you come out with your covid expert. you come out with your vice president if you have to and do very similar to a what president trump did. even though president trump had trouble relinquishing the microphone. put the experts. what about testing? let me bring up my covid expert right here. where is the testing? it doesn't no longer look like it's on the 78-year-old president. then you see the experts. if they begin to fail and they obviously are precipitously, they are gone. and there is going to be pressure on the press not on the president. steve, i can't figure out how he can't figure that out. >> steve: here's the thing,
3:23 am
brian. i think there is a direct relationship between the president's very low poll numbers and the fact that he is not taking enough questions. you know, i think the american people. >> brian: straight answers. >> steve: we are doing this, we are doing that why are we doing it you might not agree with it at least you would hear an explanation rather than just getting okay. here's the new rule. you know, on the campaign trail, he took a lot of questions from fox news. every time the correspondent could get a question in, and the president-elect would eventually take them. the white house correspondents association has essentially lodged a complaint with the white house press secretary and the communications department. and said, you know, we would really like to see him more often because it's good for america to know more about what's going on. in the meantime, the republicans are making hay. they tweeted this out: joe biden has not held a press
3:24 am
conference in 68 days. the american people deserve a president who doesn't hide from the crisis cease he created. ainsley. >> ainsley: yeah. i mean, i agree with you, brian, i think a lot of -- i was listening to "fox & friends first" this morning and they were interviewing the supermarket chain executive and he was talking about the empty shelves. people are really concerned about that. they are worried about the supply chain crisis. they are worried about filling up their cars. paying their electric bills. i wish he would have experts to your point the economy. >> brian: yeah. >> ainsley: wouldn't it be great? this is going to end, we are fixing this. this is what we are doing at the ports and make sure your grocery pills are going down. maybe we will reopen the pipeline because we realize this is destroying america and we are relying on osha and opec for our oil when we used to be able to rely on ourselves. people are concerned about those items because it's expensive to heat your house. it's expensive to put food on the table and the prices are going up and people are tired of
3:25 am
it that's on the forefront of everyone's mind along with covid. >> brian: he does not know details of this stuff. it's clear. reagan didn't know the details of a lot of that stuff, too. jim baker and other people around him that would handle a lot of this stuff. >> it's really -- it's not feasible or tangible or practical to think that he knows the detail of the supply chain stuff. that he knows why these tests have not been ordered. that he doesn't know the details on this variant. so you bring it out. plus, if jen psaki him in she seals him off. you might not like it, but it looks so awkward at the end where he stairs blankley. >> ainsley: go ahead, steve. >> steve: we did here from our correspondent pete doocy on our show a couple of months ago you
3:26 am
asked if joe biden was going to take any questions at the end of his press statement and peter said and i think is quite accurate, he said it all depends on if the president likes the question. and that ultimately, if the question he likes he has got an answer for, he might actually stop and answer. ainsley? >> ainsley: okay. well, i will say that i do like watching the press conferences when peter is in the room and jen psaki takes his questions. hats off to her for that because i think she is doing a good job. but she does take his questions. and she does -- peter asks some tough questions. i'm glad she does call on him and answer his questions. all right. let's hand it over to ashley astronomer she has headlines for us. >> ashley: good morning. we are going to start with this fox news alert. 19 people, including nine children killed in horrific apartment fire in the bronx. one witness recalled trying to escape the smoke. listen. >> dead.
3:27 am
a body dragging through the stairs. i don't know if that person was dead as well. >> ashley: at least 200 firefighters responded to the scene. the fire was allegedly caused by malfunctioning space heater. >> the bronx building reportedly had two dozen violations and complaints despite getting 25 million in state loans for repairs. chicago public schools are closed for a fourth straight day. the teachers union in the city failing to reach an agreement. >> to be clear, what the chicago teachers union did was illegal walkout. they abandoned their posts and abandoned kids and their families. >> the teachers union refusing to return to in-person and instead are striking in an attempt to teach virtually citing omicron surge. and this is a fox news alert. the father of co-star novak djokovic is telling the telegraph that his son has been arrested. it comes just hours after a judge overturned the decision to revoke his visa. the ruling ordering djokovic his release from an immigration
3:28 am
hotel where he was being detained. it appeared to clear the way for him to compete in the australia open next week but the australian government lawyer noted the immigration minister could still intervene which would mean djokovic could, again, face deportation and could miss the australian open. and the las vegas raiders honoring john madden before sunday's big game against the chargers. the madden family lighting a torch in his memory. >> here tonight, to light the torch in honor of and in tribute to john madden and al davis, who declared that the fire that burns the brightest in the raiders organization is the will to win. ladies and gentlemen, the madden family. >> we are here today to light the torch for al davis and john madden. [cheers and applause]
3:29 am
and all of those great raider players who played for john, alive and dead, that he loved so much. [cheers and applause] >> ashley: the ceremony held before the raiders beat the l.a. chargers to secure their first playoff game since 2016 and public memorial service will be held on madden february 15th in oakland and those are your headlines, guys, back to you. flu. >> steve: brian. >> brian: okay. thanks, ashley. appreciate it. a couple things. again, way too many people are dying. cherished in country and that's an example. dangerous soft on crime policies a woman allegedly stabbed by a criminal with nearly 70 arrests on his record. the victim's sonins us live with his call for accountability.
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only pay for what you need. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. ♪ >> ainsley: tributes are pouring in this morning for bob saget, the actor and comedian found dead in his orlando hotel room last night. he was touring the united states and canada with his stand up comedy act. even performing in jacksonville on saturday. known for playing danny tanner on full house. >> incredible. i want to touch it and feel it and smell this puppy. >> let me smell the puppy. >> hey, i was smelling the puppy
3:34 am
first. >> i want to smell the puppy second. >> celebrity reaction pouring in after the news broke after russell crowe writing on twitter, quote: bob secretary, a good hang, a good chat, kind, funny, generous, rest in peace. actor josh gadd adding there wasn't a kinder person in hollywood than bob saget. i'm having trouble wrapping my head around this i do not want to believe this. it's all too much to handle. bob saget was only 65 years old. brian? >> brian: not happy in this woman lost her life. more than 150 people have been killed in harris county, texas beings by a suspect out on multiple felonies, bonds the last few years. the latest victim 80-year-old grandma rosalie cook who was stabbed to death in walgreen's parking lot 10:00 a.m. by a man arrested 67 times but out free he inexplicably. her son chuck is calling for
3:35 am
accountability on soft on crime judges. chuck joins us live now. so sorry for your loss. your outrage must be unquantifiable. >> absolutely. i can't -- i can't clearly say just how angry i am about what's going on in this world. you know, to understand the tragedy of this, you have to understand who my mom was. my mom was 80 years old as you said. she was 5-foot tall. she walked with a cane. she was a little plump. stereotypical grand another. find her sitting in a rocking chair any of thing. any of thing knittingsomething r grandchildren. she loved to entertain her grandchildren. she always had candy and cookies and ice cream in the freezer for everybody. that's the kind of lady she was. she was very humble and unpretentious. i don't know that she ever got
3:36 am
her fingernails done, a manicure or pedicure. she might get the occasional hair do. she was a widow and lived alone. fiercely independent. and that made her the the vulnerable of the vulnerable. >> brian: this guy is just walking around. he is a crime with to happen. a violent crime about to happen. and a judge recommended a million dollars bail. i mean, this is unbelievable that he is out there. since 2018 there is over 100 separate incidents like this. when do you think we're going to hit the outrage point where democrats and republicans realize this isn't a political issue? >> that's an excellent question. you know, to be sure, the soft on crime isn't the only issue. especially with my mother. this man was -- he was released to a medical facility, which he escaped immediately. and he was out for two weeks.
3:37 am
the medical facility never notified the police that he was gone. and so they didn't know that they needed to be looking for him. there was no security at the walgreen's. so the system failed her all the way across the board. but for the broader question in regard to accountability, there is no accountability for judges. there is nothing that you can do for them or to them. they enjoy immunity. and so the only thing that we can do is to understand that we voted these people into power and enabled them to enact a policy that they want to do. and so what i'm looking for is for the silent majority to rise up and forget about the d. and the r. next to the name and start looking at the policy that these people make. are they putting criminals first
3:38 am
or community safety first? that is our only avenue. >> brian: hey, chuck, i have to tell you, george soros' group helped get this guy, this attorney elected just like he did in new york. just like he did in philadelphia. just like he did in los angeles. just like he did in san francisco because it's all about the criminal. and you put a million dollars up in these small elections, and that's a guaranteed victory. and there has got to be pushback against this. final thought? >> my final thought is that the accountability has to start but it has to start at the level of policy. if we can get laws passed like we did here in texas where no more p.r. bonds for violent felons. and they need to take -- they have to take the history into account. which was not the case for the man who killed my mother. >> brian: who should be alive today and i know you realize
3:39 am
that chuck, thanks for speaking out on her behalf to stop maybe the next victim from being victimized by these killers. and criminals. chuck cooke, thank you. >> thank you. >> brian: still ahead on our show from learning loss to declining mental health the toll it takes is obvious. next guest warns it's impacting you too. the fallout for families stillam ahead. we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gottenall been [click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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♪ >> so this walkout by the teachers union, which is illegal, has had cascading negative ripple effects not only on the students and learning and social welfare but also on the family themselves. it's making them have tenuous financial status because they have to work but they also have to take care of their kids. >> steve: she is absolutely right. chicago mayor lori lightfoot laying out the ripple effects of
3:44 am
school closures in her town as the fight with the teachers union forces students to stay at home again today to start another week. meanwhile, in a new op-ed, our next guest explains why remote learning isn't just bad for our kids. it takes a toll on the parents mental health as well. the director of children corey an his joins us now. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me, steve. >> steve: obviously it takes an impact on the kids because the kids aren't learning. so essentially the union is holding the children's education hostage. but what impact does it have on parents? >> you are right. they are holding children's education hostage once again. it's worse than that at this point. they already secured the ransom payments. they have gotten $190 billion from the federal government since march of 2020. at this point the hostage takers have taken ransom payments and they are keeping the hostages. this has hurt kids academically, physically, socially. teen suicides increased by 31%
3:45 am
childhood obesity on the rise. some negative effects for the children. this is hurting parents obviously as well. there is so much uncertainty. there is this tug-of-war that they are stug between the districts and teachers unions and families shouldn't have to put up with this anymore. my latest study found nationwide using census bureau data that pandemic induced or teacher union induced school closures were associated with about 33% increase in anxiety and depression all for parents. parents shouldn't have to put up with this. the only way to free the families from the clutches of the teachers unions once and for all is to fund the student directly as opposed to closed buildings. >> steve: absolutely. you touched on what i wanted to talk about next, corey. that is school choice. our friday story is how governor ducey in arizona said if your school closes one day i will write you, the parents, a $7,000
3:46 am
check that you can put your kid in a private school or something like that. you know, the expression goes never let a crisis go to waste. why is this pandemic not the perfect time to open people's eyes and say hey, i either don't like the policies regarding the unions and them being open or don't like what they are teaching. i want to take the money and in chicago it's 27,000 per kid per year. i want to take that money and i want to go to a private school. >> yeah, look. covid didn't break the public school system. in a lot of ways it was already broken. people are finally figuring out that there isn't any good reason to fund failing, closed government institutions when you can fund the student directly instead. as you pointed out, arizona governor doug ducey has figured this out and said look if the schools close, you should be able to take your money elsewhere. any other businesses close. say your walmart closes you can take your money elsewhere. trard joey's or safeway. if your child's school closes
3:47 am
you should take your kid's education dollars elsewhere. regardless of whether your school opens or not, parents should be able to take their children's education dollars to the education provider of their choosing. education funding is meant for educating children. not for propping up and protecting a particular institution. we should fund students, not systems. think about it real quick in chicago. they spend over $27,000 per kid now per year and the average private school tuition is only about 11 or $12,000 per year. less than half of what they spend in the government schools per student. give that money to the parents. let them figure it out because the unions and the district can't get it done. >> steve: not only would it be more efficient but, you know, they would probably wind up getting a better education when you are in the class that actually happens. all right. corey deangelis, thank you very much for getting up so early on this monday morning in d.c. >> thank you so much, steve. >> steve: good luck to you. a dozen minutes before the top
3:48 am
of the hour. janice dean the weather machine. boy, it's blue behind you. >> janice: it is. the cold is there. the steven has arrived in places like the northeast and we have got cold air in place across even the south. look at some of these temperatures. these are current temperatures, not wind chills, 28 in memphis. 20 in kansas city. 14 in chicago. 33 in new york. but with the wind chill in some of these areas below freezing. below zero in a lot of these spots, so it's dangerous to head outside. in terms of storm systems, we don't have a lot on the map. but, because we have got that cold air pouring across the great lakes, the relatively warmer lakes that haven't frozen over yet. we will see lake-effect snow some cases over a foot and all of the great lakes experiencing lake-effect snow. deep freeze. temperatures 10, 25 degrees below what they normally are this time of year but it's january and there is the wind chill forecast as we go through the next 48 hours. i mean, you know, 2 degrees in
3:49 am
new york is what it is going to feel like minus below zero. so this is going to be in place for the next couple of days by wednesday, thursday, temperatures will start to rebound. make sure if the kids are headed out you are bundling them up. you can't be outside for a great length of time. steve, back to you. >> steve: that's right. dress the children in layers. and as it turns out of it's not the blue that's scary. it's purple. who knew. j.d., thank you very much. >> janice: yep. >> steve: coming up on this monday labor shortage leaving shelves empty. how a lack of workers across the country is causing deficit of meat and eggs and whatever was on that shelf. ♪ ♪ throughout history i've observed markets shaped by the intentional
3:50 am
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>> ainsley: unfortunately, get ready to see more empty shelves at the grocery store as the omicron surge prompt warnings of meat and egg shortage. next guest third generation farmer say they have the product but the challenge finding the workers to distribute the eggs. egg innovation president joins
3:54 am
us now. good morning, dr. lebron quell. >> good morning, thank you for having me on. you are welcome. first person in the u.s. less cholesterol eggs. those of us trying to get healthier older. >> thank you. i spent a year doing premium eggs. >> ainsley: we appreciate that tell us how the supply chain crisis is affecting your industry. >> look at the retail side of shell eggs commodity eggs cage-free and caged and premium eggs free range pasture organic. in our case our brand blue sky family farm blue hens. supply chain challenges because the hen doesn't know that it is
3:55 am
a slow day or busy day on the demand side. we receive a egg a day from our hens. but, on the supply chain side. what we are seeing is uptick in demand but challenges in the labor market and then also our freight distribution and all of our vendors are also experiencing various challenges in their supply chain exacerbating the issue. ains ains you have the eggs, you just don't have the workers or the manpower to distribute them? >> so, at this point we are still filling at 100% of capacity and very blessed with a strong community workforce. however, we are asking them to work either overtime or longer hours to meat that demand. if that trend inits, it's going to put us into a challenging situation with meeting the demand. right now like i said our team can meet the demand today. but if we see that further
3:56 am
uptick, that challenge system is under strain and could suffer some cracks. >> ainsley: do you worry that when american families hear this news that there could be a shortage instead of buying a dozen eggs, you might buy two dozen eggs at the grocery store next time and then what happened? >> that is a concern. we experience that as an individual. 18 months ago when the first round of covid when we had a hoarding incident and it really became a self-fulfilling prophecy as demand significantly increased. we exceeded the capacity of our machinery, of our supply chain and even paneling people that sold us egg cartons couldn't keep up with the demand. >> ainsley: well, gosh, we wish all the best dr. brun quell, thank you much. >> thank you. >> we are remembering a comedy legend this morning. you are welcome. we pay tribute to legend bob saget.
3:57 am
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increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to the possibility of lower a1c with rybelsus®. you may pay as little as $10 for up to a 3-month prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. ♪ >> tributes pouring in this morning for bob saget. the actor and comedian found dead in hotel room last night. >> john stamos tweeting, quote, i am broken, i am gutted. i will never ever have a friend like him. >> i am not going to compromise the safety of this city. >> we already have a mayor who is already fighting with the new manhattan district attorney. it's crazy. i will tell you somebody who goes into new york city frequently, it is now once again a dangerous place. >> chicago public schools are closed for a fourth straight day. >> there is not even a remote learning option. they are not giving the kids
4:01 am
anything. we are just at home. >> what the chicago teachers union did was illegal walkout. they abandoned their post and students and their families. >> russian military buildup around ukraine. >> hard to see making actual progress as opposed to talking in an atmosphere of escalation. >> watch stafford go deep and picked off. intercepted by thomas, the 49ers have won and they are in the playoffs. >> brian: grand rapids michigan gospel employee supposed to lose that job give up number one pick for the san francisco 49ers. looked good. ligaments strained in his thumb. down 17-0 in the playoffs. they are now 10-7. what great job john lynch has
4:02 am
done. grand rapids, michigan looking call over there go with the number 616. they have a population just over a million. get, this guys, grand rapids michigan city on the grand river and it's east of lake michigan. that's where got the grand name was. when i think of grand rapids i think of the ford museum which is right around there. >> steve: absolutely. and not ford motor company the jerry ford museum which is there and is fantastic. >> brian: it is. >> steve: good morning, everyone. welcome to the 10th day of january, 20222. i wherever you are we saw janice with the "foxcast" today champions chilly across much of the country and rainy down south. >> ainsley: it is cold. i want one morning that you call someone with that area code. make up seven other numbers and we are. >> steve: we should do it now. >> brian: we could. >> ainsley: do you want to try it? >> brian: just 609?
4:03 am
>> steve: put it on speaker. >> ainsley: they are going to have your cell phone number though,. >> brian: that's all right. >> ainsley: star 67. >> brian: i don't have to tell who i am. >> steve: you do have to identify. 60. just pick out a number. >> steve: 432621 brian glin you go. >> the number you dialed is not a working number. >> ainsley: we will try it again later. a wild scramble where we call people like it's 1973. and we give them prank calls. and maybe we will start an ancillary series of hours. we will see where it goes. but do you know what? ainsley, you are trying to lighten up the mood. last night we got some really disturbing news. >> ainsley: i know. we learned that bob saget dead at the age of 65 years old. new tributes are now coming in for bob saget.
4:04 am
he was beloved comedian delivering laughs and audiences of multiple generations. todd piro is live with what we are learning now about his sudden death. todd? >> todd: steve, ainsley and brian a tough way to begin a week. learning about his death left people stunned. saget found dead at the ritz carlton in orlando last night. early sunday morning saget posting this selfie on instagram after performing a stand up set in jacksonville as part of his ongoing tour. he said he was quote back in comedy like i was in 26 before promoting two of his upcoming shows which were set to take place in west palm beach. many of saget's full house co-stars sharing reaction to the tragic news. mary-kate and ashley olson releasing a statement that reads, quote: bob was the most loving, compassionate and generous man. we are deeply saddened that he is no longer with us but know that he will continue to be by our side to guide us as gracefully as he always has. john stamos tweeting, quote: i
4:05 am
am broken, i am gutted. i am in complete and utter shock. i will never ever have another friend like him. i love you so much. bobby. the saget family releasing a statement on bob's death writing, quote: we are devastated to confirm that our beloved bob passed away today. he was everything to us and we want you to know how much he loved his fans performing live and bringing people from all walks of life together with laughter. though we ask for privacy at this time. we invite you to join us in remembering the love and laughter that bob brought to the world. meantime comedy clubs in los angeles contribute displays. orange county police saying no foul play or drug use is suspected in his death. now as part of his standup tour saget set to perform different venues u.s. and canada june 25th. bob saget just 65 years old. back to you. >> steve: unbelievable. todd, thank you very much. and apparently the orange
4:06 am
county, florida medical examiner will announce and determine the cause of death. although it was so sudden perhaps he had an underlying medical problem, an aneurysm, a stroke, a heart attack. but, you know, when you think about it, he was just 65 years old. and pretty much every day when my kids were young, on the kitchen television, there would be full house around supper time. and while kathy was making dinner, they would be watching full house. they regarded him as part of the family. so did we on "fox & friends." he was with us a couple of times great guy. not only a funny guy. but somebody who actually listens to what you have to say in response to that here is bob saget on. >> steve: we all know him as the lovable father of three danny tanner on the sitcom "full
4:07 am
house." >> brian: bob saghts joins us now where did you come up with this brilliant idea. you are a genius. >> they say every three years an anew audience is born which is amazing. >> steve: which happened to you and tv danger. my daughter drove a car through the house. >> that was my television daughter who did that in the show played music i said honey, don't drive a car through the house. steve: do you do much political stuff because i don't know if you notice there is a lot of political stuff happening. >> i don't. it upsets me so much. you do the work in the morning. >> brian: i do most of the work. glad to be an american because of bob saget. >> you guys have the best volume adjusting of all of television. your show does not need a volume knob. >> i apop guise. >> know like it i'm here. >> all comedy comes from truth. this is why this is the most hilarious segment. >> steve: he is a very funny guy. bob saghtd saget, folks.
4:08 am
only 65 years old. as he said in that montage there is a new audience for full house every couple of years. thanks to the miracle of television, there he is john stamos. bob saget and the full house crew will be young forever on television. >> ainsley: i know. we watched this. she would always have it on in our dorm room. i feel like he has been a part of our lives for decades. and we followed the twins right there mary-kate and ashley. we followed their lives. watched them as babies and turn into these beautiful supermodels and entrepreneurs. but, when you listen to what all of these people are saying about him, he seems like just an amazing person. candice cammeronberg said he was one of the best human beings that i have ever known in my life she says. that says a lot.
4:09 am
john stamos says i'm gutted. in complete shock. i will never have another friend like him. that's a continuous theme that you hear from all of his friends and people writing about him. jason alexander the comedian says the loss hits deep. he was kind and dear and cared about people deeply. and, brian, i know you dabbled in comedy before. you were just at the concert hall where his last performance was on saturday. but what's interesting, too. i remember when i was a child watching him and thinking oh my gosh, this is america's dad. this is our sweetheart dad. and how he tweeted the little girls and then i learned when he was in comedy some of the shows were raunchy. i remember being shocked by that but he could play any different part. you know, we also watched him on america's funniest videos. >> brian: yeah. a couple things. it's amazing how many established comedians go into sitcoms or movies and go back. i mean i'm thinking about jay leno. goes back constantly. jerry seinfeld, goes back. bill maher, goes back. and bob saget, 65. you read his instagram posts and
4:10 am
he says i cannot believe how much i loved it i went for almost two hours and did not realize it a lot of the stuff he does is extemp rain yus he has a premise and goes and responds when it doesn't get laughs he goes 10 minutes about the lack of laughs for that i will add a couple of things. one thing about that show, full house because it was on at my house, too, was that it was kind of cool. as much as it was fun and family but it was kind of cool and inside jokes and it was sharp. it was -- this is this generation's brady bunch. the brady bunch still resonates but not for the people that grew up with it live watching it on prime time they appreciate it. i think future generations will appreciate it but this is the background music to their youth. and that's why when they put it on when it's syndicated people go yeah, i have a good feeling about it because it was a positive show. but, it was not so child like where you would expect to see it saturday afternoon. it was still an evening show.
4:11 am
so bob saget, you know, it's -- i have never seen somebody at 65 garner more goodwill from a wider swath of people from all over the political spectrum than that man. so, if there is anything good about it, if you want to live a life and have a legacy like that, do what bob saget did, be nice to everyone, whether it's local tv or the person at your local deli because that seems to be the guy, i know that we saw and that you knew very well, steve, that seemed to getting all these praise today. >> steve: he is gone too soon. bob saget was 65 years old, god rest his soul. all right. let's move on. god rest the soul of 19-year-old crystal barron november vets, she just two months ago started a job at burger king in harlem, new york and sunday night at
4:12 am
1:00 a.m. a robber came in waving a gun around. as it turns out he was waiving it at people around the counter this 19-year-old crystal gave the guy all the money in the cash drawer. and then you can see the guy waving the gun. we blurred out her image. she is obviously in the red hat right there. she gave him all the money, and he took it, and he walked out and then he came back and he shot her in the torso. and she died. and her mother feels absolutely so guilty because she said, you know, i wanted her to have a better life. i wanted her to have a job. and that night i said, get up, honey, you got to go work. you have to be responsible. you have to get a better life. and the mother is heart broken because her daughter, unfortunately, is a tragic statistic to new york's crime wave, ainsley.
4:13 am
>> ainsley: it is just so sad. and when you hear the mother's reaction and she is blaming herself for this. she is being a great mom. she is telling her daughter she needs to have a better life. we all want a better life for our kids than what we have. she is pushing her to go work and make a living that precious child was gunned down at 19 years old out of 100 bucks he got out of register. pistol whipped a male customer. we are are all worried about crime in this city and seeing crime go up. not too far away from where all of us live in the city. all of my friends, this happened very close to where we live. so this really hits home for us. this could be any of our children that is going to work and working at burg early king. the guy didn't have to do this. first of all, wrong to rob but to shoot her. her life is now over. her mother will always be affected for the rest of her life and never get over this. but the mayor is in a position now where he is -- he is trying to crack down on crime. he has a law enforcement background. but then there is the d.a. that
4:14 am
is soft on crime. and a lot of people are criticizing him for that. because he is letting people out of jail or not putting them behind bars. where many people think they deserve that. and he is saying you are not a criminal if do you minor crime. people are concerned is new york going to go back to the way it was. here is mayor eric adams on working with the manhattan d.a. >> i believe that the d.a. braggs is going to be a partner to keep our city safe. we are going to go through any disagreement or lack of understanding of any policy in that office to come to solution together. and i don't want it to play out in the media. it must play out when we all sit down together and make this a safe city. i ran on that. i believe it and i'm not going to compromise the safety of the people of this city. >> brian: mr. mayor, everything that you talked about will not happen, everything you promised will not take place if you don't
4:15 am
rein in this d.a. public pressure to walk back some of the things he was saying about downgrading serious crimes. think about this at 116th street and lexington not a bad area this guy not only felt empowered to go in there, probably knows he is on camera. couldn't care less. fully masked up and then says i only got 100 bucks. let me go kill somebody and goes back to the same place. it is insane. and chris christie, i have talked to him on radio. talked to william bratton last week on radio. doesn't matter who the mayor is if the d.a. is not going to crack down on crime. it disempowers the judges and prosecutors, governor christie was a prosecutor. weighed in. >> one of the big changes that we made in our state when i was governor was giving judges the permission to detain violent criminals with a history of violence pre-trial. you know, i think it will be very interesting fight here in new york city. because we now have a mayor in eric adams who is saying that what he wants is a former police officer is to bring back plain
4:16 am
clothes gun units to take guns off the streets and to arrest criminals, violent criminals, and he is already fighting with the new manhattan district attorney. who said he is not interested in prosecuting any of those crimes. it's crazy i will tell you somebody who goes into new york city frequently. it is now once again a dangerous place and not a place that people would want to go or bring their families. >> brian: couple of things, took the subway on friday, cops on the two cars, i had to switch subways. both cars. and there were two cops going together. which shows a captain shouldn't be alone. number two, there is another problem. the police chief just appointed by the mayor said i have got a huge problem with the d.a. what's it going to take? this d.a., once he got the nomination is a one-party system. got 85% of the votes. as soon as you get the nomination you become that person. so, unless there is major pushback from average every day workers who don't want to get
4:17 am
punched in the face and assaulted because they go to work. don't expect people to run into burger king, and mcdonald's and dunkin' donuts if they are not going to be protected. not making enough money 1:00 shift to get pistol whipped and shot in the abdomen and killed, steve. >> steve: it goes to show you the random nature of this crime wave. and that's the problem with it, because you just don't know where it's going to happen next. more about this throughout the morning in the meantime 7:17 here in the east. ashley has got the very latest on that mandate. >> ashley: yeah, guys. today osha's vax or test mandate companies with 100 or more workers is supposed to take effect. the supreme court is still split over the constitutionality of the requirement. companies with 100 or more workers are now technically liable for employees that are not vaccinated this while the cdc's confidence crisis hits a fevered pitch. cdc director rochelle walensky forced to correct justice sonia
4:18 am
sotomayor correct her estimate. 100,000 currently are well that number is closer to 3,000. pretty big difference there incredible video of a train barreling into a plane. this is frightening after it crash lands on a set of tracks in los angeles. watch. go, go, go, go,. >> absolutely horrific to watch that the pilot crash landed on the metro lane antelope valley line train track shortly after takeoff. the pilot was rushed to a regional trauma center for treatment. he was the only person on board. whole foods is lashing out and national labor board council after employees over the employees black lives matter mask, the biden official has spoken in favor of employees
4:19 am
being allowed to wear the face mask, the grocery giant argues rights being violated. whole foods support blm and had company wide ban on any logos or slogans at work. the case will be heard in march. in the nfl, the las vegas raiders clinch spot in playoffs over the los angeles chargers, daniel carlton securing the raiders playoff bid with a last-second feel goal in overtime. also the west coast. the san francisco 49ers securing their spot in the post season with overtime victory against the l.a. rams. the tennessee titans will be the afc's number one seed after taking care of business against the houston texans. while the buffalo bistles have won the afc east for the second straight season after beating the new york jets and after a heck at this time slate of games sunday, the league's wild card schedule is confirmed. the playoffs begin with the
4:20 am
raiders 4:30 p.m. saturday and those are some of your headlines, guys, back to you. >> ainsley: thank you, ashley. ains ains quest, democrats leaving office newt gingrich on what this signals to the american people. with voltaren arthritis pain gel. my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pills, voltaren is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel for powerful arthritis pain relief. voltaren, the joy of movement.
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4:24 am
♪ >> there is only five seat majority for the democrats. the lowest it's been in 100 years. that number 225 is a big number for democrat retirements. in 2010 when we won the
4:25 am
majority, 17 democrats retired. already 25. i expect that number to be up to over 30 democrat retirements because they see what the future holds and they see the numbers. we need people to join with us to be able to fire nancy pelosi. >> steve: well, as you heard right there more than two dozen house democrats pictured right there will not seek re-election this year. rocking that party's hope of retaining control of the house next year. >> ainsley: here to react fox news contributor and former house speaker newt gingrich who is the author of the new book, you see it there, beyond biden. good morning to you, mr. speaker. >> good morning. >> ainsley: that seems like a lot -- go ahead. >> i was going to say i think you just heard from the next speaker of the house and that's what that retirement number tells you. first of all, the house under nancy pelosi is not a very happy place. with all the covid restrictions,
4:26 am
all the voting by absentee, all the different things they are doing, the masking, the police requirements. members actually get corrected walking on the floor. i walked on the floor recently i was astonish that to get on the floor of the house. did you go through sort of a tsa system with a policeman watching you, as though you are some subservient person who is a danger to your colleagues. and i think these democrats are looking forward thinking what is this going to be like if i'm in the minority and it's just not any fun. so, i think kevin is almost certainly right, you could easily be above 30 retirements before this is over. >> brian: i remember paul ryan when he said -- republicans were going to lose which was a bad message and probably made a bad decision for his party. but here is kevin mccarthy a man you think will be speaker next, talking about his agenda. listen. >> so are you planning to have
4:27 am
new investigations, new probes into some of this wrongdoing? some of the corruption that is on full display. >> we are already looking into the investigation. we have done this when it comes to the decision in afghanistan. along the border. we were fortunate to be able to learn the trust of the american people and earn the majority, we will secure this border to stop the human trafficking and the drugs flowing across. >> brian: investigation the right way to go? should that be your message. >> i'm glad he transferred immediately to real issues, to real substance. controlling the border is a big, big deal. we don't know where the 1,500,000 immigrants from last year. we don't know what the biden administration. we know they weren't checked for covid or criminal records. they could be in your neighborhood and you have no idea that the biden administration is shipping people around the country. but it's deeper than that we had 100,000 people die last year
4:28 am
from drug overdoses. we have an amazing number. tragic number of suicides we have a mental health problem which exhibits itself in homeless towns the size of one in los angeles. so i hope and i believe with kevin's leadership the republicans are going to have serious hearings looking at the big issues that affect our lives. as well as going through the stuff you have to do just to uncover all the bad stuff the democrats did. i think you have got to have both things. >> not one or the other. >> steve: buckle up, it's going to be crazy year. newt, in the meantime if folks go to, have you written a look back at 2021 and a look ahead. and it's entitled this year in america, let's listen, learn, help, and lead. it's a fascinating read. i love the part where you talk about help. because all across america, what we learned in 2021, is our communities need help.
4:29 am
and we're the ones to do it. >> look, i think we have to face a reality here. this isn't 2016. this isn't a country which is basically comfortable but angry this is a country this which is battered, frightened, for the first time americans have a really deep sense that our best days are behind us, well, we are very intimidated by the scale of the chinese challenge. as i said, we have mental health problems on a scale we have never seen, largely compounded by the first public health decisions i think in modern history. all of which deserves to be explored. people want political leadership which is going to be serious, have an honest conversation and find a way to bring us together to actually fix these things. not just have more of this totally partisan bickering. i think kevin mccarthy with his whole notion of a commitment to america, and the kind of people he has been recruiting, i think he understands, this is a
4:30 am
time for taking very seriously the challenges that the united states faces and that we faces a individuals. >> ainsley: mr. gingrich, thank you so much for coming on with us. >> thank you. >> ainsley: you are welcome. coming up novak djokovic wins court battle to stay in australia. but, the fight to play is still not over for the tennis star. fox and friends weekend co-host will cain is going to join us live to react. as a professional bull-rider i'm used to taking chances. but when it comes to my insurance i don't. i use liberty mutual, they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wooo, yeaa, woooooo and, by switching you could even save 665 dollars. hey tex, can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. yeah. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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4:34 am
♪ ♪ >> ashley: we are back with your headlines, tributes are pouring in for the late bob saget found dead in his orlando hotel room late sunday night. >> okay, jess, pick up the supplies. i also put together this spiffy construction outfit. how do i look? [laughter] >> like one of the village people. >> ashley: his full house family reacting to the news john stamos tweeting quote i am broken and gutted i am in complete and utter shock. i will never ever have another friend like him. i love you so much president obama. cammeron adding in part bob wases one of the most humans i have ever known in my life. i loved him so much. bob saghtd was 65 years old.
4:35 am
back to you. >> brian: still trying to digest that story. another ongoing story. there are conflicting reports at this hour about tennis super star his son has been rearrested. are reported to a government official in australia they said it's not true. he wants to defend his title in australia and play tennis. it comes just hours after a judge overturned the decision to revoke his visa. i know this is head snapping. meanwhile, a new "new york times" op-ed taking aim at the tennis pro-over his vax status, quote: what's worst worse than anti-vaxner a pandemic an all star athlete. i don't want to slow the story down. but he just had it, antibodies are probably just like a vaccinated individual. what about you? you have been all over the major sports stories over the last 20 plus years. have you ever seen anything like this? >>
4:36 am
>> it's fascinating think about what it reveals government authorities around the world think about djokovic the predicament put vawl in. grant the extent based on he had covid in mid december. the judge releases him into australia according to their concept of due process the immigration minister can still revoke his visa. we will find out if that's already happened as you pointed out there. are reports he may have been rearrested. so, what has to happen here? one of two things, australia either boots him out, revocation his visa, right, kicking out a why who is tied for the most majors of all time with roger federer and raffaele nadal and possibly threatening the future of the australian open. no small thing in australia. that's apartment. b is recognize natural immunity. commit that unvaccinated person is not a public health threat to australians and let him play. that's a no-win situation for the authoritarians.
4:37 am
either australia turns out to be reveals itself to be a fraud, brian, or they reinforce that they're, in fact, tyrants. i don't know what they pick a or b but it's a no win option for australia. >> brian: how about they evolve as a country and doing their china impersonation and start letting their people live. what i have been seeing out of australia is absolutely nuts. now, the "new york times" is all pro-australia and clamp down crack down quote: the australian body force are doing what sports bodies fail to do say no. if they don't like the unvaccinated get a shot like many. a privilege millions more are still waiting for. also could get a bad reaction to that shot. they could also say wait a second this vaccine is about a year old. i look at my body as a temple, most like most americans, and i'm not comfortable with it. now we're judging everyone on this. so, welcome. the tennis world has now come to our dining room and kitchenette.
4:38 am
these are the arguments and conversations we are all having, will. >> will: so the "new york times" "new york times," i don't know that they're pro-australian but pro-authoritarianism. the used to be speak truth to power. now the concept of journalism is to take power and speak it back through a mega phone to the people. journalism and the "new york times" are completely lost and to your point. so too has been australia. novak djokovic is probably according to a colleague of mine -- not a colleague but a guy that's been on the will cain podcast. australian of the year. he should be australian of the year. i didn't have on my bingo card as a cowboy or roger federer fan that aaron rodgers and djokovic become some of my favorite athletes because they're willing to sacrifice almost everything, brian to stand up for personal dig any think. dzhokhar very much is doing what australians didn't do stand up for himself. >> brian: set aaron rodgers of tennis taking on all comers' not a conservative or republican. is he a person thants to make his own decision about his
4:39 am
health. thanks so much, will wayne, appreciate it and catch will cain's podcast especially when i'm on it he asked me to promo myself. actually he didn't but i did. crime runs ramp pant in new york city, counterpart from staten island joins us live with what needs to be done to clean up this city that we are in. try centrum multigummies. some of my best memories growing up were cooking with mom. so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at
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♪ steve well, the pandemic driven ammunition shortage did not end in the new year as gun store owners say prices have far outpaced inflation. grady trimble with our sister network fox business joins us from new lennox, illinois with more on the ammo shortage, grady. >> hey, steve, it's just about like every other industry demand is through the roof for gun and
4:44 am
ammo. supply can't keep up. the owner here at firearms. in some places prices are two, three, even 10 times higher for ammo right now. >> that's correct. the common ammo 223 pretty available. stuff for hunting and other calibers, you know, it's challenging to get with the supply chain. they are telling us that it's going to get a little tougher due to new variant and breaking in the supply chain. >> bad timing because it is hunting season in illinois and else where. if you look at the numbers for gun background checks in 2021, 35% higher than pre-pandemic. people are buying guns in large numbers. you said that's in part because of surging in crime in cities like chicago. >> that's correct. in chicago, they said the crime is as high as it has been in 25 years. people continue to come in and buy. we are still seeing a lot of first time buyers a lot of women. doing training for free here. we see a lot of people come in to get trained, too. >> sales are high and we hope
4:45 am
that the supply chain sorts out. as you heard from jeff with omicron, looking unlikely at least for the short-term. >> steve: you are right. grady, thank you very much with the live report from illinois. meanwhile, let's go to the east coast. the new manhattan district attorney is facing backlash over his plan to not seek jail dime for a bunch of different crimes. >> we have all seen the story of the person who is on their eighth arrest and people say well how did this happen? how did that assault happen? there was seven prior time where that person stwrulgd addiction and mental health. this is going to make them safer. it's common sense. i don't understand the pushback. >> steve: i don't understand the pushback. really? well, let's ask somebody who does. our next guest is the district attorney for neighboring borough of staten island and says bragg's policies lay out a welcome mat for criminals. staten island d.a. michael
4:46 am
mcmahon joins us live right now. he is the first one in the office. michael, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: it's pretty simple. i mean, he says he doesn't understand the pushback. the pushback is people want criminals prosecuted. and the police arrest people but unless you have got a prosecutor who is going to prosecute them, they walk. >> no. that's right. and this sort of, as why say this welcome mat to criminals or polyanish approach to criminal justice where someone thinks you can wave a magic wand and make believe that crimes don't exist has really been tried in other places and been tried in philadelphia. it's been tried in san francisco. and what we see there in those cities is that philadelphia murder rates are out of control. and in san francisco the mayor has declared a state of emergency to try to get back to good, common sense policing and prosecution. and we know what works. what works is that common sense approach which brings an
4:47 am
individualized approach to each case. precision policing and prosecution and the case of the criminal few. those who commit serious violent crimes must be arrested and prosecuted. and on the other hand, what d.a. is referring to that many crimes are driven by mental health and addiction. and in those low level crime cases like here in staten island, we are for what we call diversion or alternatives to incarceration, chance to get help for addiction. a chance to get help for mental health but do it within the confines of the criminal justice system and not just say the crime doesn't exist and therefore it's going to go away. >> steve: right. i should explain to people, new york city is composed of five boroughs. manhattan, where he is the d.a., is one borough. staten island where you are the d.a. is another borough. it's kind of confusing for people who live in the new york city area so that guy is no longer going to prosecute marijuana misdemeanors. resisting arrest.
4:48 am
and interfering with arrest. he is not going to go after prostitution or trespassing or turnstile jumping, which just means you are going to wind up with more trespassing and turnstile jumping. so, across the river from manhattan in staten island where you are, you are not going to do what he is doing where you just outright dismiss things as you just detailed. you are going to look at what somebody did. their criminal history and then think, okay, this guy has got to be charged. >> correct. and charged according to the facts and law of the case. and if appropriate, low level crime, it's driven by addiction, we will try to get that person the help that they need as well. we have a long standing program in loipg long island hope program copied nationwide to help those people. you can't just issue a memo and think that crime will stop. it continues to go on. we have seen through the pandemic that rates go up. especially with gun violence there are people throughout the
4:49 am
city of new york who live in fear of gun violence who are victims of gun violence and they need our help. and that's why we are here and that is our primary role as the prosecutor is to keep the people of our jurisdiction safe. and, to your point, don't forget that we only have one police department throughout the city of new york. so what type of signals do they get? what type of cases should they go after, investigate? work on and so we have to clear that up. and that's why the police commissioner, the new police commissioner had to issue a -- a department wide memorandum explaining, you know, sort of a rebuttal to what came out of manhattan the police still make arrests and do their jobs. that's what we are going to do here in staten island. we will continue to do our job. >> we are the safest borough in the city and the safest community our size in the country because we understand that this job takes work, it takes an individualized approach. fight for the victims. protect the constitutional
4:50 am
rights of the accused and keep the community safe and that's what we do. >> all right. well, you have got a busy day ahead. actually prosecuting people had appropriate. michael mcmahon the d.a. for staten island, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thanks, steve. our hearts go out to our fellow citizens in the bronx who were the victims of that terrible fire. >> steve: absolutely. and the 19-year-old who was gunned down at the burger king over the weekend as well. just three weeks on the job. a terrible story. >> every victim of crime. that's who i fight for. >> steve: absolutely. all right. sir, thank you very much. all right. coming up on this monday, a terrifying warning about an apple product. how women claim they are being stalked with apple's air tag. kurt the cyberguy is live next with what you need to know if you have got air tags.
4:51 am
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4:54 am
>> a terrifying warning about apple air attacks after a "sports illustrated" model reveals a stranger used a small tracker to stalker. >> i was at the bar unknown and
4:55 am
had my coat on that chair behind me, whatever. it was crowded. once it was on my walk home, someone tracking u.n. has been for a while. it turns out it was an error tag. a tiny little white circular thing that apple makes. i had no idea that they existed. >> the cyber guy joins us now with what you need to know. tell us what an air tag is and how this works and how to check if someone is spying on you. >> i will tell you right now. we started tell you about this over a month ago. potential of a stalker using this $29 amazing technology to keep track of your stuff. i use it in my luggage all the time. it has been weaponized. what is happening as it does warn you at the end of the day or when you are arriving home if one of these things is on you and it doesn't belong to you. that is what she did. what you do when you see that is
4:56 am
you take the tracker if you can find it. it will beep. but you take the little tracker and you take your phone whether you have an iphone or an android and you tap this part to the tracker. it beeps and then it takes you to this screen that enables you to disable that device. but she did, 26-year-old brooks called the police and that was a very smart thing to do. we will show you the app that you can download that is free. you will find it at cyber guy later. >> okay, if we want more information, what is the websites we can learn more about -- >> we have a whole article there on how to detect this air tag spying on you. >> thank you. coming up, we are remembering a comedy legend. we pay tribute to america's dad. e with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn?
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5:00 am
>> pouring in this morning first before. the actor and comedian found dead in his orlando hotel room last night. "i am broke down. i am gutted. i will never have another friend like him." >> four pinocchio's. he said we have over 100,000 children in serious condition. probably not a hundred thousand. it's roughly 3500 and hospitals. district attorney soft on crime as crime run rapids on
5:01 am
new york city. >> is not like you can wave a magic want. >> republicans look to retake the house. >> that would be the largest republican majority in more than a hundred years. >> this is a country which is battered. people want political leadership which is going to be serious. >> it is good and raters in, chargers out, steen is in. ♪ ♪ >> how many times have you heard that song and look at that guy, danny tanner, the father on "full house"? today, everywhere you look, their attributes pouring into bob saget who was revealed late yesterday died of unknown causes
5:02 am
at this point in orlando, florida. he had on friday night been at the universal city walk in orlando and on saturday in jacksonville. the next stop on his tour was going to be west palm beach. but he had tweeted out yesterday that he had had the time of his life and he gave no indication after his last show, gave no indication that he was troubled in any way but nonetheless, 4:00 in the afternoon somebody knocked on the door and he didn't open the door and there was bob saget dead at the age of 65. >> yeah, they said no foul lady. no drug use was cited. he graduated from temple university back in 1978. he did when he loved to do pretty loud stand-up comedy. he wanted a big role. he got that big role in "full house" from 1987. then the reboot.
5:03 am
we all grew up watching him as america's dad and loved him. and then we would hear he was on stage and he had this raunchy comedy routine. he was able to do everything that he loved. when you hear the news, it's awful. it is sad. he 65 years old and he leaves behind a wife and three daughters. he did do everything that he loved doing. brian, you said that you listen to some interviews, his latest interviews and some of his tweets have said i am back on stage. i feel like i'm 26 years old again doing exactly what i love. >> in order to sell's shows, he goes on local tv. a big star like that on local tv and radio to get the word out. i know the last time the day before on july 70 was in florida. july 8th, he goes back and stays at the ritz-carlton in orlando which is interesting. in about two weeks he was going
5:04 am
to west palm beach then over to oklahoma city. he was gonna work straight through june. he was booked up. he sold out and killed off a one a of this great little theater and then just talk about how much she loves doing stand-up. a lot of people do stand up and say it's a way to get what i want. it is a passage through. there are people like bob saget, and now jon stewart who never stop. no matter what they do, big sitcom star, they just love it and he was one of them. i knew tribute coming in for bob saget because he did so many things. he was alive with what we are now learning about his sudden death. >> good morning. news of bob saget's death. across the country absolutely stunned. bob saget as you said found dead at the ritz-carlton in orlando last night. early sunday morning, before posting this lb on instagram after performing a stand-up set in jacksonville as part of his on going to her.
5:05 am
before promoting to his upcoming shows which were set to take place in west palm beach. bob saget best known as his role as danny tanner on "full house." >> i picked up the supplies. i will put together this spiffy construction outfit. how do i look? >> like one of the village people. >> many of bob saget's "full house" costars, extreme reaction to the tragic news. "i am broken, i am gutted, i am in complete and utter shock. i love you so much, bobby." "bob was the most loving compassionate and generous man. we are deeply saddened that he is no longer with us but know that he will continue to be by her side to guide us as gracefully as he always has. the family releasing a statement, "we are devastated to confirm that our beloved bob passed away today. he was everything to us and we
5:06 am
want you to know how much he loved his fans performing live and bringing people from all forms of life together. we invite you to join us in remembering the love and laughter that bob brought to the world. in the meantime, comedy clubs in los angeles paying tribute by updating their signs and displays. the orange county sheriff's office in florida says no foul play or drug use is suspected in his death. he was said to perform at different venues across the u.s. and canada through june 25th. bob saget, it's a 65 years old. back to you. >> gone too soon. thank you very much. one of the things about bob saget and brian as you detailed, he started out in comedy and wound up on television and now, you know, he's in the midst of this new 2a. i have known true friends and have interviewed him for over 30 years and one of the things about bob saget is he just like on tv is hilarious.
5:07 am
and as he has appeared on "fox & friends" over the last 15 years or so ago, and there he goes walking in the studio b right there. i think that is in 2014. he would sit down on the couch next to me and he would say, okay, what are we gonna talk about? i would give them the topic. he would say i would rather talk about -- and to your point, he would say some things that were really there and on the rotc side. i said i don't know if that is appropriate for morning television. he said that see where it goes. ultimately, he was just trying to scare me. it was working for laughs on the couch and he got them. ultimately when he was on "fox & friends," he was a true professional and he would listen to what we would talk about and he would respond. watch this. >> we all know him as a lovable father of three on the classic sitcom "full house." >> bob saget joins us now. where did you come with this
5:08 am
brilliant idea? >> they say every three years and knew fan of that show is born. >> my daughter drove a car through the house. >> that was my television daughter that i did that. and if so, i said, honey, don't drive a car through the house. >> do you do much political stuff? >> i don't because it kind of upsets me so much. when you watch all the stuff, you do all of the work. >> i'm glad to be an american because of bob saget. >> i'm glad to be an american myself. >> your show does not need a volume knob. i like it. all good comedy comes from truth. which is why this is the most hilarious segment. >> he is a very funny guy. >> yeah.
5:09 am
>> just 65 years old. he seemed like such a great guy. when you listen to the reaction from his friends and i cast members, they loved them. they said he was a great brand that he was so deep and just a really good person. you mentioned in the last hour, just a good reminder. this is inevitable for all of us. eventually we will run out of time as well. it is important for you to always be a good person and be nice to the bus boy be nice to the waiter and be nice to the boss. everyone across the board. so that when your last day is here on earth, your friends will say the same thing. he's a great friend. "i don't know what to say. i have no words. bob was one of the best human beings i've ever known in my life. i loved him so much. and she was his daughter on the show. her brother is kirk cameron. those two were very famous for my age group. we love the show. it was a fun house. he was that dad. he was wholesome, he was good, he was good to his girls raising them in a single home.
5:10 am
he had the uncle that lived in the house and they were so fun and cool. remember the girl next door that would come into the kitchen and she would always say goofy things and was always funny? we just love that show and i watch that all the way up until 1995 when it was over. when i went to college, my college roommate loved so much that they were played on a loop in our college dorm room. it really takes us back. >> i think the analogy works. at the was the brady bunch for this generation and beyond. we think of the brady bunch, and flashing back to my youth. you have brought back to that age whether it is whoever you are related to. my three sons or father knows best which pretty amazing is as i'm researching bob saget and when he's done, evidently, he gave a huge tribute to betty white. "she was always the love of her life, if things work out they are reunited. i don't know what happens when
5:11 am
we die. if betty says you get to be with the love of your life, and i happily defer to betty on this. how eerie is that? that betty white died last week? >> it is indeed. god rest his soul. bob saget was 65. three kids. it is 8:10 right now on the east coast. today, osha's test and date with countries with 100 or more workers as a bus to take effect. this while the cdc's confidence crisis is hitting a fever pitch. joining us live from the white house with details and mark, this edc was out in damage control over the weekend. >> this cdc still facing a lot of questions about what his plans are moving forward. good morning to all three of you guys. we are watching as the supreme court is debating whether the president's vaccine mandate can stand. later today, osha's mandate, the occupational safety and health administration moves forward which will require companies with more than 100 employees to
5:12 am
require people to be vaccinated or undergo testing on a regular basis. companies they don't comply could face financial penalties. osha is giving companies and leeway when it comes a testing given them one more month to get there i can order. on friday, the supreme court heard oral arguments challenging the legality of the mandate. appearing to question whether or not osha was overstepping its bounds here. also do a lot of criticism over the weekend after she claimed 100,000 kids of this country were in serious condition due to covid. our colleague brad baer asked to set the record straight. >> comparatively, the risk of death is small, but of course, you know, you're not supposed to die. if we have a child who is sick with covid-19, we want to make sure that they -- we want to protect them. >> we have also been talking about staffing shortages all over the country due to covid.
5:13 am
california drawing some criticism for some rules that were rolled out recently that will allow health care workers to test positive are asymptomatic to go back to work without isolating without having to test negative. california saying this is a temporary tool because there is a health care workers are needed in a profession where you can imagine a lot of the people are raising eyebrows wondering why california would allow these positive people to go back to work. we will see if the president has anything to say about that when he gets back of the white house with the next hour. by back to you on a busy monday morning. >> yes, it is. thank you so much, mark. it is a monday morning beginning of january. what a lot of researchers and writers like to do and look over the past year and review the president. joe biden it turns out has had fewer press conferences than his five predecessors and the five presidents before him at this time in office. they look at the number of given and press conferences that is given over the last year. he has given fewer interviews and a six predecessors.
5:14 am
he's avoiding the press. people are calling him hiding biden. he is shielded by his staffers and maybe that is because of things like this. >> i want to thank the former general. i keep calling him general. my -- the guy that runs that outfit over here. >> the best way to get something done. if it holds near and dear to you that you like to be able -- anyway. visit their website. or text to -- take your zip code to 4338829. this job, this jobs, no jobs. they're going to be crazier. >> i will be better shape to talk to you about it. i will tell you what they sent
5:15 am
me. >> and they just leave him out there on his own always. not a vice president around. not a secretary of defense. not a national security advisor. on the head of the pandemic response unit. you can easily be deferring this. nobody has to tell him he has lost his fastball. he's got to know it and they don't seem to care. it is unbelievable. look at the numbers. these numbers are staggering. you compare him to others. president biden had nine press conferences, 22 interviews. nonwidth box. informal q&a 216. you bear the child about 322 press conferences, 92 interviews, most of them with also media and 122 informal per the only thing that biden has done effectively is in formal interviews i guess. he does not have a good story to tell. he's afraid they are going to bring up afghanistan or the lack of containment when it comes to
5:16 am
russia. does anyone think that china is concerned about him with the breaking of their trade rules or the way they have been sparring with each other when they talk about the response, you still love talking about it. you watch these lines wrapped around city streets. you see the numbers just quadrupling every single day. and you see what he told us in july that this whole thing was done and put everything behind us. it's not right. then vilifying is pretty much 45 single that he releases and keeps playing over and over again, steve. >> when you look at historically as it turns out, ronald reagan gave fewer press conferences than joe biden in the first year. ronald reagan was shot by john hinckley two months after he took office. that slowed them down. obviously, the reason the white house communications team doesn't want him out there is because the message -- every
5:17 am
day, they've got really good message control at the white house. they say today we're just going to talk about this. they just want to talk about that. so when there is a press availability and he's in a room, what happens? when he's done reading a statement, a bunch of reporters will shock questions at him. he is not going to answer the question about the border or is not going to answer the question about inflation. he's not going to answer the question about afghanistan. he's going to answer the 19th question that he did like. ultimately, he does answer some questions about the white house correspondents association is asked the white house, can you do the american public in favor and put him out there more so we can get more answers to other things? all of us would like to know what's going on. he doesn't seem to know a lot. remember "the wall street journal" story that he had know about that talk about paying those families that was separated under the
5:18 am
administration? lot of times he's totally clueless about what is actually -- and the stuff that is actually in the news or on channels. i don't want to interrupt you. >> he didn't know what "let's go brandon" was. he said i'm not supposed to be having this press conference right now. we've heard him say, "my people don't want me to take questions right now." i think the american public deserves transparency. he ran on that and we are in so many different crises right now, we need some answers and the list goes on and on. these high gas prices. infuriating. now let's handed over to ashley. she has more headlines for us. >> we are going to start -- people including nine children are killed in a horrific apartment fire in the bronx. one witness recalls trying to escape the smoke. >> on the stairs, we saw that it was dead. it was a body that was dragging to the stairs. i don't think that person was
5:19 am
dead. >> at least 200 firefighters responded to the scene. the fire was allegedly caused by a malfunctioning space heater. two dozen violations and completes despite getting 25 million in-state loans for repairs. the public schools are closed for a fourth straight day. the teachers union in the city failing to reach an agreement to reopen. teachers union refusing to return in person. and stan are striking an attempt to keep -- teachers who refused to work are on paid leave. mayor lori lightfoot contacts that the illegal strike is hurting children and families. the las vegas raters honoring legendary coach john madden before sunday's game against the chargers. the family lighting a torch in his memory. >> here tonight to light the torch in tribute to john madden and al davis, who declared that the fire that burns the
5:20 am
brightest and the raiders organization is the will to win. ladies and gentlemen, the family. >> we argued today to light the torch for al davis and john madden. [cheers and applause] and all of those great raiders players who played were john, alive and dead that he loved so much. [cheers and applause] >> a public memorial service will be held on february 15th in oakland. the raters honoring him before beating the l.a. chargers to secure their first playoff since 2016. las vegas will open the nfl playoff saturday afternoon. those are your headlines, guys. back to you. >> if it ended with a tie, they both would've got in. they kicked a field goal. raters are in with the steelers.
5:21 am
meanwhile, the founder of reopen california schools is taking his fight for education to the state's in sacramento. he has decided to run for office. that story next.
5:22 am
5:23 am
this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist,
5:24 am
and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
5:25 am
>> 2022 will be the year of the parents. that is the message from reopen california schools founder who was launching his bid for california state legislature to represent the beth assembly district. he joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. you played a major role in reopening the schools in california. why do you want to run for status family now? speak up prior to the pandemic,
5:26 am
i was focused on my family, my career, coaching my daughter's softball team. i didn't pay too much attention to politics. with the pandemic response, i had to get involved to reopen schools. fast forward to today, i want to make this election a referendum on these failed pandemic policies around school closures. the various mandates. like we saw in virginia, powerful parents and grandparents, we are the largest building block. after republican party nationally here in california wants to show that they are serious about being the part of a parent which i think they are, what better way than to support? >> we have heard this a lot from parents especially in virginia where interviewing parents with all these parent panels they would say we didn't know who was on our school board until all of our schools started shutting down. we got involved. many of them are running for office now. before they were and is involved. they had similar stories to you.
5:27 am
talk about the absenteeism. when i look at some of these numbers that you send our producers that is pretty staggering. california has seen a huge spike inc. is not going back to school just being absent. these are students absent 10% or more of the school day. back in 2019 it was .5%. last year into any 21, it was almost 30%, 27.4. why is that? >> a lot of it has to do with the quarantine protocols. part of our advocacy from that school year were to help change the law so it's not harder for schools to close. they are still quarantining kids at high levels and a lot of flexibility of her school district to do that. that's why we sue the governor in the state over the quarantine policies. obviously we still have more to do. that is really the reason behind it. that is part of the reason why i'm running is to improve that and be part of that conversation. >> we live over here on the
5:28 am
east coast. we do a lot of stories on california and the homelessness and a lot of people are moving. why have you decided to stay? >> i think we can turn out stayed around. democrats do have a simple majority in the legislature. there are ways that we can grow the republican party here. if we have leaders to take a stand and use unconventional tactics and fight instead of standing on the sidelines and voting a certain way, i think we can make a difference. >> how many kids you have? >> i have three kids. one foster child that i just got guardianship over. >> that's great. >> thank you. i've been in private sector for the last 20 years working as a director at a market research firm, cta. now finance manager. again, a parent who has been fighting for my kids and kids across the state to get normalcy back in school.
5:29 am
>> you have a beautiful family. we are looking at pictures of them holding your dogs. we wish you all the best. thank you for taking some time this morning to talk with us. >> thank you for having me. >> you're welcome. a 19-year-old shot dead by working at a burger king in new york city. we will see crime crackdown. will we see a new crackdown on crime like the mayor has promised? what can be done to save america's biggest cities. once-weekly ozempic® can help. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. in adults also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. ozempic® helped me get back in my type 2 diabetes zone. ozempic® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes.
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5:33 am
>> pouring in for the late sleep or who is found dead in his orlando hotel room sunday night. >> joey, joey, it's incredible. >> i want to smell this puppy. >> let me spell the puppy. >> his "full house" family reacting to the tragic news. "i am broke in. i am gutted. i am in complete and utter shock. i will never ever have another friend like him. i love you so much, bobby." "bob is one of the best humans i have ever known in my life. i loved him so much." bob saget was 65 years old.
5:34 am
>> she is one of the nicest people you will meet. the nypd is nypd is alejandra right now for this gunman accused of fatally shooting a night working burger king employee. faces backlash over his plans to go easy on all criminals. nypd officer is here. this in particular on 116th street in lexington. they go in, they take that money. and then he goes back and shoots are dead. think about the impunity in which this criminal feels he can function. >> brian, this case and some of the things that happened this weekend. speak to the power, something i've addressed on the network often. the police change in tactics where they said listen, if you let the little stuff go and you foster an environment of
5:35 am
permissiveness on criminality, the bigger stuff happens later, the murders, the violent assaults. think about it this weekend. we've got this eric adams gives the interview and he says i'm going to announce support. illegal immigrants voting in new york city. i am not necessarily making a direct correlation between illegal immigrants and a jump in crime although it is illegal. do you see how this starts? little things when you allow turnstile jumping to happen which turns into a robbery on the train, these things are all connected. you're telling people, it's okay to break the law. you can actually vote in new york city and he will be for that. and do the liberals out there saying that as a job, that is not a jump. when new york city started enforcing quality-of-life crimes, the men on the corner, they realize that a lot of these people, not all, but a lot of
5:36 am
these people committing low-level crimes went on to commit the high-level crimes later. >> here is the mayor yesterday talking about the d.a. that he's trying to be diplomatic. watch. >> i believe that the d.a. is going to be a partner to keep our city safe. we are going to go through any disagreement or lack of understanding of any policy in that office to come to a solution together. and i don't wanted to play out in the media. it mostly out when we all sit down together. make this a safe city. i ran on that. i believe it. i'm not going to compromise the safety of the people of the city. >> we are the victims of this. he has been having press conference after press conference. >> i am optimistic. if you are an illegal immigrant you can vote, he change his mind.
5:37 am
he needed his brother to do security because of the rise of white supremacy. >> don't be optimistic. a lot of people who know eric adams no. let me make a prediction right here. january 10th and 8:36 in the morning here. mark this on the tape locks. you watch what happens. that minute there is a police use of force incident that gets some media attention that eric adam's doesn't like, he's going to change all his positions on anticrime, plainclothes policing, broken windows. i hope i'm wrong. god, please let me be wrong on this, a lot of people know eric adams. this guy is no ally in public safety at all. not a chance. >> we are going to watch your show at noon called "fox nation" and listen to it on the radio. he will not wear a tie.
5:38 am
we are lucky to get in with a blazer. i appreciated. i hope you're wrong. the u.s. will hold talks in russia. it's happening right now as the military grows around the ukrainian border. whether the biden administration can hold his feet to the fire. you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. vanguard. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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how can we help that veteran? with more ways to help more veterans, no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newday usa.
5:42 am
>> i don't know if the decision has been made and it's clear that we've offered and paths forward. one is through diplomacy and dialogue. the other is through deterrence and massive consequences for russia if it renews its regression against ukraine. whether president will take the path through diplomacy or seeks confrontation. >> you got secretary of state anthony lincoln giving russia to choices as talks between the u.s. russia began today. following a weeklong standoff along the ukrainian border. more on where we stand and what
5:43 am
is at stake. arkansas senator arm service committee member tom cotton. >> good to be on with you. >> is great to have you as well sanitary. tony blinken says i made it very clear. you can have a dialogue or confrontation. how terrified is russia of the biden administration? >> i suspect that vladimir putin is not to terrified of joe biden. this crisis is in part of joe biden's own making by in part projecting incompetence with the withdrawal from afghanistan and continuing to appease russia and china. he is projected our enemies that he won't stand up to defend american interest. tony blinken's tough words are no substitute for joe biden's weak actions. that is why vladimir putin thinks he has the opportunity to go for the jugular in ukraine. i hope we can determine him. vital technologies for russia.
5:44 am
it's not clear at this point whether anything will deter vladimir putin having seen what joe biden is made up. >> something else. your ears probably have been burning because once again "the washington post" has issued another correction regarding things that there fact-checker said was true and they had to back up. let's go back to march of last year. you tweeted out on march 6th at 10:00 in the morning, the senate voted on an amendment to exclude prisoners like the boston bomber from getting stimulus checks. as it turns out, and you continue every democrat voted to send prisoners. as it turns out, glenn cussler tweeted this on thursday. "tom cotton predicted correctly. of the boston bomber i did get stimulus check. we have adjusted the pinocchio rating on the 2021 back check.
5:45 am
they are taking exception with what you've said. they said that's not true but then they've had to come back twice now and said, okay. we probably shouldn't have said it wasn't true. we were wrong. >> there wasn't much of a mystery on this when i propose an amendment that would prevent checks to going to people like the boston marathon bombing. the democrats out on the senate that they wanted checks to go to prisoners. murderers and and across america got your tax dollars last year yet "the washington post" called this alive. the reason they keep fact-checking me is not because i'm not telling the truth. it is because i'm telling the truth. i am exposing the crazy ideas of the democratic party. their guard and the media doesn't want to let me speak out to those truths. this happened as well with my assertions in early 2020 at the very beginning of the pandemic that it was at least a real possibility that the virus came
5:46 am
out of that lab in wuhan. not from some food market. yet again "the washington post" had to backpedal on those claims. it happened with "the new york times" as well. if the media wants to keep starting those fights with me, i'm happy to finish these fights because the american people deserve the truth. >> last year, the reason they took exception with a lab like there is because people like you and donald trump said we've got to look at this. connect the dots and it kind of makes sense and now people have been connecting the dots. they have been going, even joe biden order the intel community to take a look at it, and conclusive. nonetheless, that is different than tom cotton is wrong. >> yeah, exactly. it's not because i'm telling lies, it is because i'm telling the truth and exposing truth that the liberal in the media and the democratic party don't what the american people to know. >> well, thanks for joining us on this monday morning. doing is your point of view and when americans need to know. thank you very much.
5:47 am
>> thank you, steve. all right. 14 minutes before about top your time to check in. a cold-weather machine today. >> i know. that's not necessarily a good thing because the pinks and purples are indicators of very cold air. the coldest air of the season is some cases especially across the northeast. in chicago it is 14. minus 17 in fargo. that is not windchill we have windchill of their it's for millions of folks across the northeast in new england where over the next 12 to 24 hours, they windchill is going to be below zero in a lot of these areas. there is tuesday at around 10:00 a.m., it will file like minus three in new york. minus 22. more of that cold air to come. because some of these great lakes have frozen over, the lake affects snow machine is up and running. we will continue to see several
5:48 am
inches of snow. maybe even a foot or more across the plateau of new york. back to you. >> good to know. thank you very much. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. up next, our friend pays tribute to his late friend, america's dad, bob saget. but first, let's check in with dana perino of what happens in 12 minutes. >> open crown is the new fast and furious affecting nearly everything we do. dr. mike siegel has the latest on what you need to know today. nearly a month off for senator schumer and nancy pelosi blow up the filibuster and try to pass biden's bill back better bill. that same old topics, sizing up their chances for passage and youtube banned a music video about america's withdrawal from afghanistan. the taliban's videos are still up. why? we will talk about the bias. kick off the week with us and we will make the most of our time with you and see you at 9:00.
5:49 am
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>> a lot of times right when we sit down, the four of us will sit down for dinner, you will say to me no politics tonight. and without question, you are the one who brings up politics.
5:53 am
but i always say to you this same thing and i mean it, which is, if we never talk politics, there is a million other things for us to talk about which we find them anyway. >> amphibians, cereal. what is your favorite cereal? >> hollywood celebrities, colleagues really from bob saget's shocking death at 65 years old. close friend and his guest on the podcast pretty with more on the devastating loss, dave rubin. good morning to you, dave. >> hey, good morning, guys. >> i am so sorry for the loss of your friend. tell us about how you all met. >> bob really was a great guide. that clip kind of summed up our relationship. everybody knows danny tanner from "full house" and everybody remembers bob from "america's funniest home videos." the speed through that i knew,
5:54 am
it wasn't that he just wanted to make people laugh, he wanted everybody to be happy. we would argue about politics, because basically, i was trying to get him to maybe, little more to my side and he was trying to get me to come along to his side. he just wanted everybody to be happy. i was doing stand up a couple of years ago and his wife, kelly was in the audience. bob is in the other room at the comedy store. he said you might know my boyfriend, bob saget. we should all get dinner and we fastly became friends. i was actually on tour in europe for their wedding. i flew all the way across the world just for one day to go to their wedding. he was just a great guy. we lost betty white a couple of weeks ago who is sort of like america's grandmother and bob was sort of like america's dad. we don't have too many people in hollywood these days you kind of bring everybody together. i hope that is what bob's legacy will be. that is what i will try to do that.
5:55 am
>> you know, it would seem like he had an effect on a lot of people in and out of comedy. one is pete davidson, an up-and-coming star at "snl." i was shocked to see this. the depth of his involvement helping them out. he had some well publicized. he talks about it. he had borderline personality. he said this. when i was younger it several times throughout our friendship, heal me get through some rough mental health stuff. he stayed on the phone with my mom for hours trying to help in any way he can. connected us with doctors and new things we can try. he would check in on me and make sure i was okay. that is a guy 20 years younger than him. >> and it does not surprise me. i did not know they had a relationship or that bob was helping him specifically. i know bob helped an awful lot of people. his sister had passed away a few years ago from a skin disease. and he raised tons and tons of money for that. he was always helping people.
5:56 am
it is sort of cliche would anyone that we all know from television passes away especially so quickly, we say these good things about him or her. i know he was such a great guy. it is a sad day. we live in these polarized times. how many people kind of bring us all together these days? we need more of that for sure. he did not love all the politics of fox news but he would be very happy that you guys are doing this tribute to him and that you brought me on to talk about him. he wanted us all to figure out a way through this. >> and he was on "fox & friends" a number of times as you have seen the sound bite. that thing out about bob saget is and you know this, there is the tv version of america's dad which is so wholesome and just write down the middle of the road. but then there is bob saget who
5:57 am
he's got a mouth on him. because he is just playing for laughs. he knows exactly how to do it. it is hysterical. >> i know outs ton of comics. comics love to make people laugh. i don't know in a comic that loves to make people laugh more than bob. the clean cut '80s, '90s guy who couldn't say something mean and he was over the top and that cheesiness and all that. with the stand-up bob saget who loves to wear blue and dirty. his book of dirty daddy, he love the aristocrats joked he was famous. those two things were both a piece of him. it wasn't just the guy who is hosting "america's funniest home videos" to watch people that we get hit with a golf ball in the. he was a full guy who could do danny tanner. he could do the dirty stuff.
5:58 am
as we talk about on my show a year or so ago, he wanted to work to the end purities that i will be 90 something and they will put me on stage and they can read me the lines. he loved what he did. >> dave, he was in our meeting rooms and our dens and on tv growing up throughout all of our lives. we felt like he was america's dad. when you found out about the news, you are in a mexican restaurant. tell us what happened. >> i was sitting at a mexican restaurant. i am the miami area. bob was in orlando. bob loves tequila. we had a lot of nights with a lot of tequila. i was sitting at this tequila joint. everybody was a big bar. probably about 30 people. everybody in the bar in the restaurant. everyone's phones were letting up. i heard all these people talking about bob. i went up to this group next to us about six people and i said, you know, i heard bob.
5:59 am
i heard the aristocrats joke and we all did some shots and everybody told stories and talking about "full house" and talking about america's funniest home videos. that is the tribute that bob would've loved. i saw it all over online. i just wanted to send some extra love to bob's wife kelly who is just so wonderful. there she is in that picture. she is a great gal. i will get back to l.a. hopefully to see you soon. >> did he complain about not feeling well or anything like that? >> no, i texted with him. i'm sure you saw that last instagram post. he looks like a million bucks and he just didn't stand up show in orlando and now is ready to be back. i'm shocked, guys. >> dave rubin showing us from boca raton. thank you very much for remembering your friend. >> i appreciated, guys. >> don't you know, and this morning on this monday morning,
6:00 am
everybody's talking about what they remember and love about bob saget. everyone's got a memory and everybody loved him. >> life is short. >> i hear you. >> god rest his soul, 65 years old. >> let's do it again tomorrow. thanks for watching, everybody. see you on the radio. >> bill: good morning on a mon, good to be back. i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom." >> dana: i'm dana perino. glad to have you back. you were about a week behind me but can we report to america you are feeling a little better today? >> bill: i tell you, dana, when we said goodbye at christmas, no one predicted or expected us to go through the last couple weeks we have. america is going through it as well. we come to you from two different floors and s


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