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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 10, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> todd: we begin with a fox news alert, the nation mourning the death of bob saget. tough way to wake up on a monday. i'm todd piro. >> and i'm ashley. saget is known for his role as danny tanner on "full house." >> joey, it is incredible. i want to touch it, feel it, smell this puppy. >> let me smell the puppy. >> i want to smell the puppy first. >> i'm second. >> ashley: an icon in comedy,
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film and tv. here are details on his death. >> good morning. news of bob saget's death left fans and celebrities stunned. he was found dead at the ritz carlton. just yesterday he performed a stand-upset in jacksonville as part of his tour. he said he was "back in comedy like i was when i was 26," before promoting two of his upcoming shows set to take place in palm beach. co-stars shared reaction to the tragic news. bob was the most loving, compassionate and generous man. we are deeply saddened he is no longer with us. he will continue to be by our side to guide us gracefully as he always has and john stamos
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saying i will never have another friend like him, i love you so much, bobby. and candid sheing ace cam ron, bob was one of the best human beings i've known in my life. i loved him so much. comedy clubs in los angeles paying tribute by updating signs and displays. orange count police say no foul place or drug use was suspected in his death. saget was set to perform across the u.s. and canada through june 25th. bob saget was 65 years old. >> todd: mary ann, thank you. i'm a child of the '80s, full house was definitely a part of my youth growing up. for a generation, he was america's dad. he played this lovable dad trying to raise girls on his own
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with the help of uncle jesse and dave. he was america's dad for so many people. the juxtaposition of that, this wholesome, down to earth dad versus in real life, his very raunchy at times comedy really showed he was a versatile entertainment player. one thing i like to point out, on the show, danny tanner, the character bob saget played loved to be organized and plan family events. my best friend refers to me as danny tanner when i try to plan something. i will think about that as i think about bob saget and his influence of so many in my generation. >> ashley: you were an '80s baby. i was a late '80s baby. i think of mary kate and --
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olson. i look to him as fatherly figure when i watch the show. this is sad for a lot of people who are a fan of the show, fan of his comedy. think of his family, i said this earlier, i just to to reiterate it, you look at these people on tv, they are in shows, but you don't know them as they are in real life, like his wife and his three daughters. you have to feel for them having this be such a public situation and i almost feel like the wound will be reopened several times as far as having to talk about when the autopsy comes back because we don't know his cause of death. obviously they said no sign of foul play or drug use and he was found in the ritz hotel in orlando, but those are obviously things that will come to light in the coming days,
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todd. >> todd: obviously the suddenness of it all. the family has to be in shock and in mourning right now. what really stood out to me, in mariann rafferty's piece, reaction from his co-stars and people in the entertainment industry liked bob saget and such a competitive and cut-throat business to have those reactions everybody saying he was a genuinely nice guy, comedians loved him because he was a comedian's comedian, to an extent, despite the fact he had this beautiful little "full house" show he was on and he was the nice guy on the show. it speaks to the influence of so many in his community and why he translated so well on tv. bob saget dead at the age of 65,
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he will be missed. ash. >> ashley: right. you mentioned his friends and co-stars, the tweet from john stamos, i felt that, i don't know either of them, you feel that stuff when you read it. he said, obviously taking this news hard, you can tell they were close friends on set and off, he said he was gutted and in complete shock. that showss how good of a friend he was to these people when you have all the celebritys and co-stars and co-workers coming out with heart-felt messages. sad day for a lot of people and obviously we'll be waiting for answers to find out how he died. we are now going to go to another fox news alert. members of new york city fire department being hailed heroes after fighting a massive fire in the bronx on sunday that killed 19 people, including nine children.
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>> todd: this was an absolute tragedy on the heels of horrible tragedy in philadelphia with similar horrific numbers. fire officials believe a malfunctioning space heater is to blame in this situation in the bronx. we find madelyn live with the latest. >> and good morning, ashley and todd, the bronx is reeling from this fire being called the deadliest new york city has seen in three decades. dramatic cell phone video shows firefighters rushing to save people trapped inside the burning building. the smoke spread quickly. some residents broke glass windows for air. some recounting desperate attempts to escape. listen. >> on the stairs, we saw a body, they were dragging to the stairs, i don't know if the person was dead. >> for a few minutes, where it was just black. my sister's baby was in the
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house, we were trying to keep his face covered. >> this is like a family, we lost a lot of life. it hurts very badly. >> as of last night, more than 60 people were hurt with 13 in nearby hospitals clinging to their lives. fire officials say the fire didn't spread too far from the second and third floor, but the apartment door was left open, letting the smoke spread. firefighters pushed through the smoke, even when their oxygen tanks were empty. >> members found victims on every floor and stairwells, taking them out in cardiac arrest. that is unprecedented in our city. >> and new york governor says when she prepares her state budget this week, she will create a fund for the victims and red cross is helping those left homeless find help, as well.
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ashley and todd. >> todd: thank you. new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez testing positive for covid despite being double va x'ed. >> ashley: misinformation circulates on child cases and chicago schools do not have class for fourth straight day. good morning, alexandria. >> the chicago teacher's union is providing no instruction for students, shutdown of school entering second week. many seeing this as union using covid-19 and kids as bargaining chips, including democratic mayor lightfoot. >> it was illegal walk-out, they abandoned their post and kids and families. >> the union responded, do you know the way teachers see that, we see this as bullying, attempt
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to dictate the terms and not listening to people trying to make education work. head of the national federation of teachers added this. >> teachers are trying the best they can, they need to be respected, not vilified. chicago is the exception that proves the rule. >> when it comes to rules, we saw images of congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez escaping strict regulation on a get-away to miami a week ago. she dineed with her boyfriend and gave hugs at a festive brunch and now she's tested positive for covid-19. her office says she's experiencing symptoms and recovering at home. she received a booster shot this fall and encourages everyone to get their booster and follow cdc guidance. bret baier pressed rochelle walensky on the public's faith in such guidance. take a listen. >> bret: is it fair to say the
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trust and confidence of the public has gone down? >> my job is to provide updated guidance in the context of rapidly rising cases and that is what we've done. i am committed to continuing to do so and continuing to improve. >> rochelle walensky was forced to fix a statement said by justice sotomayor. the number is close to 3000 and it is unclear according to cdc how many of the children were brought into the hospital for something and he wills simply tested positive for covid-19 upon arrival. todd and ashley. >> ashley: a lot of corrections being made with this. thanks so much. 5:11 on the east coast. turns out border crisis is a national health crisis. officials in texas seizing 1000% more fentanyl. lieutenant allen west tells us what needs to be done now that
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so much damage has already been done. >> todd: it is a tragedy. chicago parents suing the teachers union as classes are cancelled today because teachers won't show up for work. a chicago mom whose kids are suffering at the hands of the union, tell her story next. i've always been running. to meetings. errands. now i'm running for me. i've always dreamed of seeing the world. but i'm not chasing my dream anymore. i made a financial plan to live it every day. ♪ at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. find a northwestern mutual advisor at
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>> this walkout by the teachers union, which is illegal, has had cascading, negative ripple effects. not only on students and social and emotional welfare, also on families themselves. >> ashley: mayor lightfoot taking aim at teachers union as classes are cancelled for a fourth straight day. >> todd: chicago parents suing the teachers union while their kids suffer the consequences. joining us is mom of three, sarah station. what are cancellations doing to your kids? >> there is not even remote learning option, which i would not take. they are not giving anything, we are just at home, extended winter break. the teachers are going in and makes copies and not accepting students.
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buildings are safe to do that, why not accept children? >> ashley: what do have you to say to the percentage of teachers who want to be back in the classroom and are perhaps being bullied by the teachers union to stay at home? >> we stand behind you and we fight for you and we are pushing for schools to be open. everyone needs to get a stronger backbone and realize they don't answer to sharkey everyday, they answer to the people. >> todd: sharkey is the spokesperson you see for the chicago teachers union. are you hopeful this lawsuit will force teachers back into the classroom? >> yes, i think it is unprecedented and i'm proud of the parents for suing the union, it needed to be done. >> ashley: we heard in the ip tro soundbyte, lori lightfoot says this is illegal.
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piggybacking off what todd was saying, lawsuits take time. has there been any indication something could happen in the coming days or is this the parent's way of standing firm against the teachers union? what do you hope to come from the lawsuit and how soon? >> that is not the only thing we are doing, we are doing grassroots organization amongst ourselves, large facebook groupss. i'm hosting a rally at my own school. we have hundreds of parents that want our children to go back to school, we are ready to stand outside with signs and our children saying, let us in. >> todd: there are so many good teachers in chicago and thought the world, the question i keep coming back to, why do these other people that seem to not want to be in the classroom and look for any excuse to not be in the classroom, why do they get into education in the first place? >> that is what i want to know. they are not following the science, they are politically
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posturing. they get the position to help the children or serve their own political interest? is there such a thing as all teachers are good, if they are not standing up against the ones hurting the children. >> ashley: it makes you feel for the teachers who are getting lumped into this whole debacle of not wanting to get back into the classroom. we have spoken to teachers who really care about students and want back in the classroom. hopefully somebody can come to an agreement with this, this is not only affecting the parents, but having obviously detrimental effects on the students, as well. >> yes, learning is hard for -- my two children with special needs, almost impossible to remote teach them. >> todd: sarah sachie n i hope your kids are able to get some limited partershiping over the course of however long this
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takes. sad state of affairs. 19 after the hour. crime runs rampant in the big apple, the new woke manhattan d.a. is doubling down on his plan to keep criminals out of jail. >> this is going to make them -- i don't understand the pushback. >> todd: he doesn't understand the pushback. and officers facing criminals are telling a different story. joe explains that next. [upbeat acoustic music throughout]
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>> ashley: new york city mayor eric adams giving his party advice for the mid-term. listen. >> we have to be radiccally practical. radiccally practical. deal with the kitchen table issues that are important to everyday americans and new yorker. >> ashley: the democrat is allowing noncitizens to vote in the municipal election, the law
2:25 am
would give 800,000 people the ability to vote for mayor and city council. opponents vowing to challenge the law in court. and this chilling surveillance video shows a robbery suspect pointing his gun at employees inside of a manhattan burger king. the masked suspect allegedly shot and killed crystal, despite the young girl handing over money from the cash register which only totaled $100. crimestoppers is offering $3500 reward for the suspect's capture. >> todd: despite crime like that happening everyday in the big apple, new manhattan district attorney alvin bragg continue to reduce jail time and lower bail for criminals. take a listen. >> we've all seen the story of the person on their eighth arrest and people say how did this happen? how did that assault happen? seven prior times that person was struggling with addiction or
2:26 am
mental health. we need to get that person services. this will make them safer. i don't understand the pushback. >> todd: joseph imperatrice spent 15 years in law enforcement and is founder of blue lives matter nyc. joe, what world is it common sense to have criminals stalking the streets terrorizing everyone? >> joe: this guy is a clown and number one priority of any district attorney is to be impartial enforcing the law, not going on live tv and national stage telling criminals we won't enforce them. how are you telling the public we're not enforcing illegal guns, which the new mayor is saying we have to enforce it. it is going against everything the new mayor is saying. it has to stop and this is why individuals need to get off their butt and go vote for office. being >> todd: looking for some semblance of hope. it seems to be coming from "i
2:27 am
have studied policies and i'm very concerned about the implications to your safety as police officers issue the safety of the public and justice for the victims." joe, you get how the dynamic works with the d.a. and the police commissioner. how will the pending battle between the two play out? >> joe: she seems like a very smart individual and i think with her 25 yearss of experience, she will get some headway. we need to have police officers have a great relationship with our district attorneys. unfortunately, over the years, that hasn't happened. the purpose of officers to go out and keep individuals safe on the street and prevent future crime. to go out and tell the public, we will not enforce resisting arrest that is slap in the face to officers that go out every single day trying to protect their communities. >> todd: it is also enticement to do those very things and manhattan d.a. will no longer prosecute the following,
2:28 am
misdemeanors, and this is just mind-boggling, resisting arrest and interfering with arrest, basically saying you can do those things in new york city. prostitution, trespassing and turnstyle jumping. put us in the mind of a police officer, you were a cop and get this. what does a police officer do when they see one of those things i just listed going down? >> joe: you get a pit in your stomach, you don't want to be the next officer that lost his life going to work. what people don't understand and this common-sense d.a., when you stop somebody for jumping the turnstyle, some might think is not a big time, you know how many you get somebody for warrant with robbery, illegal firearm, somebody that might push somebody on a train track, you prevent crime from happening. we have to go back to broken windows, stop small stuff that will lead to larger stuff in the future and hurt the city that you live in.
2:29 am
>> todd: it is amazing people don't see that. talk about common sense, that is common sense. how a d.a., job not to be public defender, it is to put people in jail. could new york city actually get worse than it is now, joe? >> joe: it can get so much worse, what we have to understand, bragg went on the campaign trail saying he was going to do this and individuals voted for him. we have to stap, we are causing our own demise, use common sense and forget the name, get a person that loves the city and will make a change and make your tomorrow better than today. >> todd: joseph imperatrice, great insight. we certainly hope that something turns around in the big apple, it's a rough place to be right now. we appreciate your time. thank you, sir. time now is 29 after the hour. senior meteorologist janice dean with the fox weather forecast.
2:30 am
happy monday, j.d. >> janice: happy monday issue the story is cold air across the northern plains issue the great lakes and northeast. cold air as far south in texas and the deep south. look at temperatures, 29 and 13 in chicago. 35 in new york. we have reinforcing shot of cold air coming today. wind chill advisories, watches and warnings in effect for northern plains and temperatures are below freezeing and dangerous to be outside. look at wind chill, what it feels like, feels like minus 21 in minneapolis, zero and minus 5 in saginaw, and cold air in the northeast today. temperatures 50 to 25 degrees below average, especially this evening overnight tonight and into tuesday. in terms of precipitation and snow, the great lakes is where we're seeing most of it today.
2:31 am
we've got the cold air sinking as far south as great lakes and waters are still not frozen, that is bringing the lake effect snow, especially downwind of erie and ontario. still cold in kansas city. 38 in new york. 48 in atlanta. leftover precipitation across northwest. cold is the big story for much of the work week n. terms of storm systems, it is quiet, quiet for much of the country, that we will take. back to you. >> ashley: let's hope it stays quiet on the storm front. okay, janice, thank you so much. republicans making a full-court press to get voters to the polls and take back majority in november. >> we need people to join with us to be able to fire nancy pelosi. help us turn this country
2:32 am
around. >> their plan to hold the white house accountable once they're in charge. >> todd: and turns out nearly all the money employees of google and twitter contributed to elections went to -- wait for it, democrats. knock me over with a feather. what numbers say about claims of bias in big tech. ♪ it's my woke-up-like-this migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. don't take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. shhh... you think she's still awake? don't worry. the lexus rx, built for a modern families. get $1,500 lease cash toward a 2022 rx 350. ♪♪
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>> todd: welcome back, house minority leader kevin mccarthy says he's anticipating congressional retirements ahead of the midterm as republicans look to retake the house. >> in 2010, when we won the majority, 17 democrats retired. already 25. i expect that number to be up to over 30 democrat retirements because they see what the future holds and see the numbers. we want to earn enough to have a governing majority, in the relatem of 20 or higher, we are fortunate enough to win 25 republican seat, that would be largest republican majority in more than 100 years. >> todd: mccarthy adding once republicans fire nancy pelosi by taking her house majority, they open probe into the afghanistan withdrawal and lawlessness at the border and hold the biden administration responsible. fed up with democratic policies when they head to the polls this
2:37 am
november. >> the problem is for a while with media, manipulation does work. americans are busy. we've trusted the government. we've trusted the expertss. we trust we will not be lied to. when we do find out that has been misplaced, we get angry. americans get angry quietly. we are going to have another riot that has never been seen before in this country at the ballot box in november. that is when they will see from us, what we think and when they will hear from us. >> ashley: republicans aren't just frustrated with the media, conservatives are being censored by big tech companies and employees political donations go to democrats, joining me now from independent women's forum, district media group is beverly hallberg. thanks for being with us. when you hear this, this teetering on the line of people getting salty that their right to free speech cannot be talked
2:38 am
about, but also businesses do have the right to conduct business as they see fit issue but on the flip side, people have a right to know where they are giving their dollars. >> people have the right to know, as customers we want to know who is pulling the levers in today's woke world that loves to sensor conservatives. what this report shows is that from the top position to the lowest position and many big tech companies you find things being run from progressive mind set. latest report shows twitter, 99% of donationss went to democrats. that is shocking. you see the number, 99%, puts in perspective, employees are making decisions what is allowed on twitter and is not allowed on twitter. even if they think they are not
2:39 am
being biassed, when you are surrounded by one, hard to be able to determine what other people think. >> ashley: right, 94% of donations for google, once again a high number. i want to get to this, i feel conservatives feel this on a personal level. youtube reinstated a music video from singer john andrasic criticizing the botched afghanistan withdrawal after initially removing it. i want to toss to the clip of the video and talk about it on the other side. ♪ ♪ left the taliban. ♪ how is that happening? >> ashley: okay, so that was the video that was removed. youtube's response after putting it back up, this is our mistake, we reinstated your video, sorry
2:40 am
this happened and thanks for being patient while we work this out. it was put back up, you never hear of people on the left and their stuff being pulled. what gives here? >> this is interesting comparison about this specific video. what youtube claimed was content was too graphic and they put a child content notification on it, which the singer said that was fine to do. john ondrasik pointed out other videos show graphic images, it pointed to the reason it was pulled is because the singer was talking about afghanistan, the botched withdrawal and that is a negative attack in youtube's mind on president biden. >> ashley: 35 seconds, i want to ask, these platforms can do what they want essentially, but have you people like joe rogan going
2:41 am
to getr. people on the right said, yeah, it is great they are going over there and conservatives will have a voice, when will that be yanked from the internet, as well? >> here is what we have to keep in mind, when people go to alternative sites, you just mentioned getr, this shows there is competition in the market. the question, when we see big tech acting badly, do we think more government regulation, inserting government is the answer? i argue no, i argue there are plenty of alternative sites popping up and it is up to us americans, the customer, to go use those. >> ashley: okay, beverly hallberg on a hot topic this morning. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> todd. >> todd: ashley, comedian bob sage found dead in a hotel room in orlando, we have details of
2:42 am
his shocking death and look back at his career. and breaking news on novak djokovic and the vaccine policy. will he or won't he take the court at the u.s. open? cheryl casone live on that next. i want my daughter riley to know about her ancestors and how important it is to know who you are and to know where you came from. we're discovering together... it's been an amazing gift. - oh...oh. - what's going on? - oh, darn! - let me help. we're discovering together... lift and push and push! there... it's up there. hey joshie... wrinkles send the wrong message. help prevent them with downy wrinkleguard. feel the difference with downy.
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>> ashley: back with this fox news alert. actor and comedian bob sage found dead in his hotel room. this selfie was shared for part of his tour scheduled to make several stops in the u.s. and canada through june 25. he said he was "back in comedy like i was when i was 26." 26."bob sage bob sage was best known for playing danny tanner on "full house." >> i was smelling the puppy first. >> i want to smell the puppy second. >> todd: family releasing a statement writing, "we are devastated to say he loved his fans and bringing people from all walks of life together with laughter.
2:47 am
we ask for privacy at this time, we invite you to enjoy the laughter bob brought to the world." bob sage just 65 years old. concept of america's dad has been coming to my mind as i try to think about bob sage and his legacy. he was that generation, late '80s, early '90s generation version of ward cleaver, of a mike brady, that dad you turn to on tv to see how dads should be, if you know what i mean. yet, he had that raunchy side to his comedy. if you look at the roast, the roast in 2008 of bob sage, norm mcdonald roasting him. you look at that and sort of see this complete juxtaposition, showing what a versatile force he was in entertainment. he will be missed. 47 after the hour.
2:48 am
breaking news overnight. novak djokovic's visa has been reinstated. the tennis star could still face deportation from australia. >> ashley: cheryl casone joins us live as his spot in the australian open remains uncertain. good morning. >> cheryl: good morning both of you. a lot of back and forth about the tennis star's future right now, long after reports surfaced, his father believed he was arrested in australia and an australian paper is saying that report was untrue. back and forth after australian federal judge ruled the government's decision to cancel the visa was "unreasonable," the world's number one tennis player tested positive for covid last month. one caveat, the immigration minister could use personal power to cancel that second visa. it is coming up on 10 p.m. right now in australia and reports are saying that decision has been delayed until tomorrow. he is not out of the woods yet
2:49 am
to play. >> todd: boy, you blink and you miss half this story, it changes every two seconds. back at home, if you're having trouble getting meat and eggs, you are not alone. >> cheryl: true fears about food shortages. omicron continues to spread and many stores report empty shelves. workers at meat, poultry and egg facilities are coming down with covid. supermarkets are struggling with employees that called. the dealta variant didn't have a lot of problem on the work force, omicron is nailing us. then there is us. >> warehouses, selectors, loaders, they call in sick, there is interruptions in the system. what we're seeing in the northeast is price increases. they are supplying the product, increasing prices to try to
2:50 am
control demand. >> cheryl: john catsimatidis told you, the entire supply chain seems to be affected by this. >> ashley: i walked in trader joes a couple days ago, having -- flashbacks to meat and eggs, wait, what is going on here? my question is answered. to this. democratic senator is looking to ban lawmakers and families from trading stocks. this is a push at nancy pelosi. >> cheryl: this is at his democratic party, banning members from trading stocks while they are in office. issue coming to light after nancy pelosi's husband bought millions in tech investments last month. when asked about this, she said this. watch. >> members of congress be banned from trading individual stocks while serving in congress?
2:51 am
>> no, to the second one. we are free market economy, they should be able to participate in that. >> during the height of the pandemic, multiple lawmakers faced in the spring of 2020. it is in the spotlight and other lawmakers found themselves under scrutiny for stock sales. nancy pelosi says, no, allow it. >> todd: to her point, free market, it is not free market if they are privy to information the rest of us aren't, that is opposite of free market. we will see. interesting that office has democrat fight here. cheryl casone, thank you. we appreciate it. still to come "fox and friends first," talking to allen west, lieutenant colonel live. >> brian: ashley and todd, he's running to become next governor of texas see how colonel allen
2:52 am
west will do. and soft on crime plan, the d.a. from staten island joins us with his message on why policy are welcome mat for criminals. no kidding and "washington post" forced to issue correction after they fact check senator tom cotton. plus, newt gingrich and dan bongino and remembering america's favorite tv dad, bob sage. i'm proud to be an american because of bob sage. >> it is my barmitzvah. good comedy comes from truth, this is why this is the most hilarious segment. >> so great when he came on our couch especiallily. dave reuben plays tribute to the legendary comedian and his good friend. don't move. with ww, i lost 30 pounds
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and i feel incredible. i love the new program because the app does all the work for you. it's never too late to start. download the ww app today for a 14-day free trial. .
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♪ >> todd: exploding as south texas agents are seeing over 1,000 percent increase in just the past year alone. lieutenant allen west republican chair of the republican party in texas and current texas gubernatorial candidate joins me now. lieutenant colonel west thank you for being on the program. why is is the biden white house showing no emergency when it documents to fentanyl and other drugs literally killing thousands of americans? >> it's good to be with you, todd. you have to understand that last year we saw the highest amount of drug overdoses in the united states in our history. it's do that that fentanyl. what's happening on our borders is intentional from the biden administration. when you read the constitution article 4, section 4, one of the things that the federal government is supposed to guarantee to every state in the union is to protect every state from invasion. but that's not happening. but the other thing that we have to dom understand is that january is national slavery and human trafficking month.
2:58 am
and unfortunately, the number one state in the united states of america for human sex trafficking is the state of texas. the top two cities in the united states of america for sex slavery, sex trafficking, i mean, is dallas and houston. so we see a drug trafficking crisis. we also see a human and sex trafficking crisis and the biden administration is aiding and abetting that. >> todd: what do you understand -- look, i don't agree with necessarily an open borders policy i understand from the democratic perspective they want voters. i don't understand why you want drugs pouring into the country. that seems like a lose, lose for everybody. but, this is what they are doing. and you explained it pretty well. let's get to this. aoc revealing she has covid despite being double vaccinated, obviously, a big proponent of masks when she is in public. maybe not necessarily wearing them herself when she is in public. is this going to change her position on mandates do you think lieutenant colonel west. >> of course not it's not going
2:59 am
to change her position. what's right for thee and not for me. i do find it very interesting we just saw the secretary of defense former jeb lloyd austin came down with covid. and we saw that picture with him with a double mask and also the face shield. i think that is a lot of americans are starting to ask the question why is it that we are seeing these issues with people vaccinated and boosted up and what have you. of course, you have these unwarranted attacks of the left against those people that have not been vaccinated while they still constrain the supply of the monoclonal antibody therapies which i took back in october, my wife and i, and that helped us to overcome covid. >> todd: 20 seconds on this final answer. are you hopeful the lock down left going to understand it's going to be endemic and we will have to live our lives or not? 20 seconds, sir? >> no way this is about power and control and the continued fear-mongering and using that as rahm emanuel said never let a good crisis go to waste.
3:00 am
>> todd: lieutenant colonel allen west with a dose of truth on your monday morning. sir, we appreciate appreciate you getting up and thank you for being on our show. we appreciate it. thanks againfor joining me and n here on a monday morning. obviously the news there about bob saget is sad. we will have a lot more on that coming up on "fox & friends." with that, "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> the nation mourning comedian and full house star bob saget found dead in orlando homeroom. >> john stamos tweeting i'm broken and gutted. i will never ever have another friend like him. >> chicago public schools canceling school on monday as negotiations with the a teacher union his impasse. >> what they did walk out. >> i feel bad they had to resuscitate. >> horrific fire strikes a bronx apartment in new york. killed 19 people. >>


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