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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  January 8, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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thank you all, we are very proud. that's it for tonight. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. here we are. january 2022. year three of the covid. i don't know about you, but i'm weary trying to figure this out. all of us just want our lives back. tonight we bring you three
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medical doctors with clear and concise answers to the questions you are all asking. we want to separate fact from fiction and help you enough gait this. at issue, what are the rules, what are the risks. what is the science? are politics usurping the science and when will this pandemic end? is the mixed messages andness information from the white house aren't enough, joe biden held a press conference that served to further confuse the issues and complicate that with what appears to be a recrete on his own mandates after the supreme court oral arguments and the writing is on the wall. >> are you saying covid is here to stay? >> i don't think covid is here to stay. but having covid in the environment and the world is
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probably here to stay. but covid as we are dealing with it now isn't here to stay. judge jeanine: you may recall joe's promises when he ran for president. isle shutdown the vie -- i'll shut down the virus, not the economy. we can walk and chew gum at the same time. judge jeanine: with all due respect you displayed clearly that you are barely able to walk. you don't even have a plan to shut down the virus. the tragic irony of joe biden's failure to make good on his campaign promise is more people died of covid during his first year than president trump's entire time in office.
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under joe biden we don't even have enough tests to find out. we have covid or one of its variants. they don't put the order in on time for tests because reportedly they didn't see it coming. according to kamala harris, we didn't see omicron coming. as it turns out it has mutations and variants, and that echos her clueless boss' comments as well. >> the vice president said in recent days that you didn't see delta coming and you didn't see omicron coming. how did you get it wrong? >> how did i get it wrong? nobody saw it coming? nobody saw sit coming. nobody in the world. who saw it coming. judge jeanine: their confusion is tomorrow exacerbating the crisis. take a look. >> we definitely saw variants
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coming. i think what was not anticipated was the extent of the mutations and the amino acid substitutions? omicron that is unpress differented. that's -- the unprecedented variation in omicron. judge jeanine: joe now claims there simply is no federal solution. well, joe, if there is no federal solution why are there federal vaccine mandates requiring employees be fired they don't comply? this in spite a medical or ridge exemption and in spite of the fact healthcare workers put their own lives on the line working with patients when they had no vaccine in this will all be resolved soon as the united
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states supreme court heard oral arguments on the legal city of biden's vaccine mandate for large employers and healthcare workers. a decision likely to affect 80 million americans. but make no mistake. this virus is affecting each and every one of us. our children and moms and dads, brothers and sisters, co-workers and friends. the american people want the truth. we want solutions, we want answers, and tonight that's exactly what we'll provide. and that's my open. let me know what you think on my facebook and twitter #judgejeanine. joining me now, a panel of experts to make sense of where we are and where we go from here. author of "covid, the power of science. " dr. marc siegel along with johns hopkins professor
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dr. marty makary and dr. robert hariri. dr. siegel, i'm going start with you. apparently we no longer need a test to leave isolation. and the cdc says now that a negative rapid test doesn't necessarily mean that someone stopped spreading the virus. aren't they saying the rapid test isn't as accurate as we thought it was? >> i think the truth is that five days is pretty short because at the ends of five days, assuming you had no symptoms for three, at the ends of 5 days, 10 to 20% can still be contagious. the rapid test would be useful if it was positive before and then turned negative. and we don't have them.
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if i told you i want to do the rapid test two or three times, we don't have enough for even once. they don't have them. judge jeanine but what we do know it's not accurate. the pcr test is supposed to be so accurate. but we are told that you can test positive for 3 months or 1- or 12 weeks. >> that detects dead virus. you are bert and you can go back to work or back to school. it will stay the positive as long as you have particles of the virus. we cannot use the pcr as a test-out strategy. judge jeanine: if we can't use
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the pcr as a test-out, and the rapid test is not 100%. then why did they reduce the isolation period from 10 to 5 days. wouldn't a shorter isolation require a test before you are able to go out into the public? and would you allow a patient to sit next to someone who had just gotten the five-day isolation and is out without a test? would you tell the patient no problem, sit next to them. >> 10 days was too long. have you seen the streets lately? nobody on the streets with 10 days. 5 days is too short without a rapid test. absolutely right. they create a tremendous confusion with this. 5 days too short, 10 days too long. no testing. i'm not going to let a patient -- absolutely right.
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judge jeanine: dr. hariri you have been at forefront of cell therapy to treat covid. do you think dr. fauci was too short-sighted and too dismissive anything to treat covid other than a vaccine. >> vaccines are a public health tool, they are not therapeutic tools. we need to concentrate on ways to treat patients because of their previous health history are susceptible to the bad symptoms and outcomes from this virus and finds better trat strategies to treat them. considering the amount of money brought to bear to develop vaccines and effective therapies, to keep people who required ventilators capable of getting oven *s. and ways to augment and enhance the immune systems of these patients, we would have probably
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reduced the lethality of this and isolate sit to those where we could calculate who are at greatest risk and protect them at a much great effectiveness than protecting the entire population. judge jeanine: let's talk about this idea that flash flood chicago is interested in vaccines and not the their if is, the monoclonal antibodies. hydroxychloroquine *, you get taken to twitter,. >> i. dewitt squirt. >> aiming bullets at tony fauci. there is a person there so it's easy to criticize. but they are really criticizing science because i represent science. judge jeanine: does he represent science? >> dr. fauci has a remarkable resume and is at forefront.
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science is receptive to criticism. science is receptive to a collegial approach. dismissing the opinions and insight and perspectives of other scientists is not science. judge jeanine: senator rand paul is very critical of fauci in his preference for vaccine versus therapeutic. to the simple lay person, what else the difference between a vaccine and their piekd. >> a vaccine is a tool that used stowed kate your immune system against the pathogen, a virus like covid. you need a healthy immune system for a vaccine to work and you must deploy it before the patient gets exposed or becomes sick. otherwise it's nothing but a public health tool, it's not a therapy, it's not a treatment.
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judge jeanine: why did i take a vaccine when i already thanked covid. is an antibody strong than a vaccine? >> there is nothing better than your immune system learning how to defend itself against a virus, being exposed to it and surviving it. when that happens your immune system creates a multi-phase approach to deal with the pathogen. a vaccine creates immunity against just one part of pathogen. that's not ideal. judge jeanine: if someone has the covid and they have the antibody, how long does that antibody last? >> well, it's amazing the government has not done a study of that. my team that johns hopkins has done a study and the results will be out in about two weeks. you have ching pox antibodies,
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you don't need the vaccine. at the time we studies it, it appears to be durable. judge jeanine: pfizer is talking about a fourth vaccine. they can't keep up or if they can't compete with an antibody. is that correct? >> there is no data to support getting a booster in somebody with natural immunity. people have circulating antibodies that the government does not recognize. that failure has ruined lot of careers. judge jeanine: are the vaccines still considered experimental? >> i don't think so. we have solid data they downgrade the infection. but we created a false impression that they prevent you from getting the infection. it's bad cold season.
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judge jeanine: 70% of those with omicron have been vaccinated. i have one minute left. this is not a civilization ending virus. when will this be over, dr. siegel? >> i spoke to one of our top immunologists about this. this will be over if omicron pave as path of immunity and creating antibodies against delta. unless another variant comes along that outcompetes it, and i don't think it's likely. i think we are heading towards an endemic stage. someone or fro two more months. typically the flu season ramps down in february. >> we have to begin to learn to live with this, because in many cases these variants, the newer
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>> run of my kid's schools said we appreciate if teach for would wear makes, including? between bites which is one of the dumbest things i have heard. maybe we should ask them to stop tbleeght building as well. judge jeanine: i will start with you, dr. siegel. the idea of putting your mask on? between bites, i couldn't figure it out myself. why is it the catholic schools, private schools, charter schools, in the same area where public schools are located have been able to teach all through the pandemic. >> this is about following the
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science and teachers unions following the politics. we have to have the schools over. mental health damage was published in a big study in lancet. if kids don't move they get depressed. they need nutrition. you know how you spread virus? by putting kids out of school. a school is a place where you can contain the virus. i think we need to put in mitigating strategies just so we can put them? school. judge jeanine: to protect the seniors and not having the collateral damage we are seeing to children to have all the issues dr. siegel talked about? >> i agree with mark completely. no science is i unit in infection of politics and the
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corruption of power. we allowed opinions to drive policy that affect tour children and have eroded the quality of their lives. we don't talk about the fact that childhood suicide and depression are at historically high levels. there is no justification for it. judge jeanine: dr. makary, you wrote a wonderful article called university's covid policies defy science and reason. it's brilliant. talk to us about how absurd the policy is in relation to the possible damage to young people in college. >> there is no scientific basis for a lot of these policies. it's dogma. since i wrote that tart cal a lot of students and parents are rising up demanding the signs.
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alumnae and donors are calling to see why they are throwing people into solitary confinement. princeton you can't leave the county. cornell, you wear masks outdoors. why are we waging martian law in the lowest risk population on planet earth. judge jeanine: when you talk about the lowest risk population on the planet, they are requiring these young people who are low risk and vaccinated to even get into school wear masks on top of that. >> they have gone overboard. you go to a lot of these places and you realize there is no end in sight. we have to stop having the cdc and public health officers ajude kaight on every aspect of
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american life. if you have been exposed, stay your distance. if you are around someone vulnerable, be careful. if you are sick, stay at home. judge jeanine: we are depriving young people of the enjoyment of their lives when they are in university, and depriving young children to things that are even more important to their growth and maturity. how do we end this. >> i have two kids at princeton and they are suffering because of the isolation and these policies which makes them do the most ridiculous things like to stay inside their rooms and tomorrow leave their room to collect food. the truth of the matter is, this will end not tomorrow when we have the vaccination and herd immunity we need. but when we psychologically stop treating this like it's a gross
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infection that affects everybody. judge jeanine: i will end this with you, dro dr. siegel. we are running scared. it's time to stop being afraid of this. we are almost at herd immunity. >> you better stop being afraid of this. what both doctors just said is absolutely correct. one of the ways you should cut through the fear is the vaccine. if a university wants everybody to be vaccinated fine. but stop with the fear. keep the university open. it may not decrease speed spread. but it will decrease the variant. okay. keep your school open. judge jeanine: if you have had covid you have an antibody for a long time. drop siegel, dr. makary and
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dr. hariri, thank you very much. an alleged serial killer in virginia who preyed on victims using dating apps.
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ashley: welcome to fox news live. i'm ashley strohmier. covid cases have hit record levels. president biden is starting to change his tune. after repeat promises to end the pandemic. now he says the new normal caused by the virus, he says covid is in our environment to stay. the supreme court is determining whether the federal mandates will stands. the teachers piewnons to reach some sort of deal only covid safety protocols. i'm ashley strohmier. back to "justice with judge jeanine."
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judge jeanine: shock new updates about an alleged serial killer in an affluent area minutes from our nation's capital. joining me to talk about this case and so many others. national vice president of the fraternal order of police, joe gamaldi. we'll start with you, andy. >> let me tell you, first it's great to be here. the dark side of online dating apps are luring millions of women to perhaps what we are seeing mortal danger. there are no background checks.
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you are essentially playing russian roulette with your life when you divulge personal information and go out and meet people you do not know. it's like a toy store for wanna be serial killers with an unlimited supply. joan * joe gamaldi? >> we tied two murders to this monster, anthony robinson. it shows this is a stark reminder to the american. you of how dangerous our country is right now. it's not like it was a few years ago. if you are living in an urban community, we saw 15 cities with record homicide rates we haven't seen since the mid-90s. if you are meeting up with folks to sell goods and services, you
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need to make sure you are safe. for those folks living in the d.c. area it's possible he was targeting dozens of victims. judge jeanine: the bottom line is our country is not as safe as it once because. i believe a lot of this is a result of the no bail. and you have got some interesting statistics that you have 156 homicides you can identify as being a result of defendants being out with no bail? >> crime stoppers took on a project. we started noticing a trends, particularly with penal charged with murder and released with multiple felony bond or they were out on bond and forfeited a bond. we identified 156 people murdered by defendants in these categories. 119 since 2020. we have failed our communities.
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we have failed our victims. and this is enough is enough. the revolving door at the courthouse combined with discretionary bond reform has wreaked havoc. and record-high homicides across the country. there is very little any outrage by our elected officials regarding this crime wave. >> what was on the screen was the victims of felony bond reform. they are victims of homicide and felony bond reform. >> they were out on multiple felony bonds. we had an off-duty new orleans police officer sitting outside in an upper-scale restaurant that was gunned down by a guy
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out on three felony bonds. three law enforcement officers were hurded on this list as well. judge jeanine: i want to talk about what's happening in this country. joe, we know about san francisco, we know what's happening in chicago and philadelphia. the d.a. in manhattan indicated way as a prosecutor prosecuted as armed robbery. you go in with an ar-15 and you point it at people in the jewelry store or department store. if nobody was shot you get a petty larceny like stealing a dvd. it's the beginning of a crime wave that will continue to break murder records we have been seeing. i used to think about because i was a d.a., how to punish the the --so-called d.a.s.
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they are not d.a.s. they are defense attorneys. they are not going to prosecute crime anyway. how are we going to stop these crazy prosecutors, all soros funded. >> what is the definition of insanity. it's doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. you have crime and disorder everywhere. people are defecating in the streets. you have stores that look like military installations because they are getting robbed so often. and you can't find a truck in the tri-state area because everybody is leaving. have we learned nothing over the last two years from the crime and disorder we have seen in our
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urban communities? it's time we start limiting prosecutorial discretion. we have got soros-funded d.a.s. they are demonizing law enforcement. and what they are really doing is placing criminals over law-biding good citizens. what this d.a. is showing the community, he doesn't give a damn about the community, he only cares about his ideology. judge jeanine: andy, what do you do with today.line s like this? >> crime is issue number of one and issue number 199. get involved and understand who you are voting for. this district attorney was elected by the people of new york. jason: when we return, joyless reid is at it again.
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judge jeanine: joyless reid from msnbc is back to declare republicans dislike joe biden base was the vice president to a black president. wow. watch this. bliefnably, he has become for republicans as much of a sort of figure of hatred, a hate object as president obama was. he was the vice president. maybe that's part of it. i don't know what it is. judge jeanine: joining us, leo terrell and tomi lahren. 2022 is already crazier than ever. you ready?
6:42 pm
leo, hit it. >> is she still on the air, joy reid? joy reid plays the race card in every situation. there is not a single sma red of evidence to say that gop dislikes biden because of his association with obama. americans are dissatisfied with biden. look wave did in afghanistan where 13 american soldiers were killed. if you don't agree with joy reid or the extreme left you are a racist. she'll call anyone a racist if they disagree with her. if you have going to be a fair, honest journalist, let's be a mayor and honest journalist. joy reid is not a fair journalist. she plays the the race card and it's old. judge jeanine: is she just
6:43 pm
joyless or is it something else? >> i think this is the definition of gas lighting. president joe biden is an old white man. i am not sure she made that connection yet. but that's because she is obsessed with race. she deals in the currency of race and race baiting. if the country wasn't obsessed with race she wouldn't have a job. if she wasn't able to throw that red meat out to her viewers who are also obsessed with race. she knows joe biden is a horrible president. it doesn't matter that he served understood barack obama or mickey mouse. fix the country and nobody would care what color he is or what color obama is. judge jeanine: you are right. we don't see color. nobody cares.
6:44 pm
now, i want to talk about joe biden and how busy he is. take a listen to this. >> if he were standing here today he would say we never give him any free time or any time to think. judge jeanine: leo, joe doesn't have any time to think. it's not fair. >> yes, because joe is too tired to think. he's too tired to work in the white house. that's why he spends a third of this time at home in delaware. it's silly. it insults our intelligence. joe biden is not physically mentally strong enough to handle the rigors of the white house other presidency. the world is laughing at him. if you give more joe biden time it would cut into her time. i can't wait until this term of office is over so we get rid of
6:45 pm
joe biden, kamala harris and circle back jen psaki. judge jeanine: we have another three years to go with this group. >> i'm sure our enemies are thrilled to their the leader of the free world be wants more r & r time so he has more time to think. at this point his new dog commander is more fit to run our country. jen psaki says he just needs more time to think. i'm so glad the man we elected in 2020 is not up to the job. he thinks he needs more time at his beach house to run our nation into the grounds. whatever he needs, more sleep. that should be his new year's resolution. judge jeanine: what was your new year's resolution?
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>> no. i haven't because i took my first yoga class thursday. every thursday. i stloift, judge. i love it. judge jeanine: oh, my gosh. i paid for 10 and i told the woman not to come back. >> one-on-one lesson is per next effect at home. jean require's too slow for you. how about you, tomi? >> i think joe biden should be taking yoga classes alongside leo. leo, i think you can make that happen. may be joy can keep throang with you. judge jeanine: tomi and leo. my favorite segment always. the most shocking story of the night. we reveal millions of americans are quitting their jobs at record levels and we expose the
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>> i have never seen anything like this. i heard from the energy industry. flooring industry sphup go down the list one after the next.
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the restaurant industry. the cable and broadband industry. they are all struggling with the same basic problem. judge jeanine: that mike rowe sounding the alarm on what many are calling the great resignation. shocking numbers show millions of americans are quitting their jobs. this one leaves us with a lot of here to react, turning pointed usa founder charlie kirk. 4.9 million americans quit their jobs in november. and we now have 12 million jobs that are open and available. my question to you, and nobody has an answer to why. why do you think this is happening? >> i think there is many variables. first and foremoist's a mis -- first and foremost, it's a mismatch of expectations. the jobs that need the most
6:52 pm
workers is the muscular segment of our population. when in reality they could have had a good career in a blue collar construction and work their hands. that's one of the reasons. the other reason is we pay people not to work the last year and a half. a lot of the state-based welfare programs have been expands, unemployment in particular. and i think the quality of work has changed dramatically. whether you work at a coffee shop or fulfillment industry. wearing a mask all day long. vaccine mandate. being bossed around by people on a zoom store skype screen is getting old. their wages may not be correlating alongside of it. i'm glad you are doing a story on this because this one of the
6:53 pm
don't know important economic stories of a generation that the media seems to be ignoring. judge jeanine: they say the split is between those understood the age of 30 and over the age of 55. those two segments are the segments not work. young ones because they are getting money and don't want to work. the older ones think they can retire. doesn't it reflect a cultural shift? this is america where you work and compete. this is a capitalist society. we get throughout and fight to do the best we can and to win. there is a spiritual moral, cultural component to all of this. >> i totally agree. 10 years ago it would have been unthinkable people would just walk away from a job after a couple months because they don't
6:54 pm
feel they have can move up as quickly as they want to. it's like we have become more accepting of people not work. people of on the dole of government. i'm afraid we are starting to see massive profits with a small amount of companies. they say why don't i sit at home and you pay me $4,000 to do nothing. it's more expensive trying to buy a home or build a home. good luck finding people to fix something in your home. they have been demonized and attacked. but if they know about 13th century poetry in europe and went into department for that. before you what makes the economy run, we don't have enough workers for that.
6:55 pm
judge jeanine: charlie kirk, i want to thank you so much for joining us. and justice returns next. [ marcia ] my dental health was not good. i had periodontal disease, and i just didn't feel well. but then i found clearchoice. [ forde ] replacing marcia's teeth with dental implants at clearchoice was going to afford her that permanent solution. [ marcia ] clearchoice dental implants gave me the ability to take on the world. i feel so much better, and i think that that is the key.
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♪ ♪ judge jeanine: before we go, this year as you know, i got two standard poodles ted and red to join over mourning of the los and now ted and red are rescues from north carolina, and they have never seen snow. it was an awesome day this week when they saw snow for the first time and they could not have been happier. ted red and stella are hopping like all of us hopping, hoping -- that 2022 is a better year than 2021, and they were hopping in the snow that's what i was reading.
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anyway, don't forget to set your dvr so you never misthe show and you can catch more of the jeanine thanks so much for watching. i appreciate it. i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth, justice and the american way. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ dan: democracy is crumbling or whatever -- the left start with a hail mary pass midterm elections. a look at worse by the day and depending on big tech to silence you. senator rand paul and dave rube and people flocking and why exactly. democrat joins me to try to explain this whole thing away in a fiery rebuttal don't miss that and silicon valley billionaire facing years in prison for


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