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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 7, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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this administration already. they've botched vaccines and testings and the whole mask policy. talked about we open schools. they caved to the unions. the schools should have been open a year ago but they caved to the unions. >> harris: steve forbes, thank you very much for handling the breaking news with me hot and fast. appreciate it. thank you. "outnumbered" starts right >> right now the supreme court is hearing emergency oral arguments on challenges to president biden's sweeping covid vaccine mandate. while the mandates are the heart of the cases, the core issue here, is the federal government's power, to create policy. i am emily compagno, and this is outnumbered. i'm joined by my cohost, harris faulkner, and kayleigh mcenany. as well as kennedy house of kennedy and fox and friends and, lawrence jones. the high court is he an argument
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on two carbines policy sedate for the the first, is the government's vaccine or testing requirement for private business. with more than 100 employees. the second, is the vaccine mandate that would affect most health care workers. most american businesses are holding back on the mandate. now, the u.s. supreme court will decide whether the biden administration biden administration county force their hand. now kennedy? >> hello. >> hello hello. the biden administration has been reminded time and time again that executive power is limited. including the prior decision to strike down the conviction when the supreme court wrote, quote we expect congress to speak clearly, when authorizing an agency to exercise power with such vast economic and political significance. here, what is clear is that there is not even a hint that congress authorized any agency to issue vaccine mandates for the entire country. kennedy. >> kennedy: yeah, the osha
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mandate was a giant workaround. one that came with a loophole that is just as big. opponents will jump through in order to force this legal challenge that they are hoping will upend the mandate that affects 100 million workers. this is not a resolution. this is a suggestion. these are not guidelines, this is the federal government forcing businesses, with 100 or more employees, to the facts or test, which can be very expensive. it can lead to people leaving the workforce, and the cases of the health care industry, like the mayo clinic, they fired 700 health care workers. so, this becomes a forced practice. we have seen this in successive administrations, that when you go with the executive order route, there is a really good chance you're going to get shut down in court. because, the courts are obviously, one-third of the federal government, in terms of the balance of power.
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congress has seeded much of its power and every time a new president signs an executive order that is this sweeping, they can take more and more power for the executive branch. it exacerbates this imbalance. along with the immigration that was shut down under trump and obama, you, i believe are going to see this one reverse as well. with the supreme court. >> emily: that would definitely be the right ruling. kaylee, i find it ironic that, just as he can might back the mandate, given her strong comments this morning. take a listen. >> i don't mean to be dramatic here, i am just stating facts. this is the policy. that is most geared, to stop all this. there is nothing else that will perform that function better than incentivizing people strongly to vaccinate
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themselves. >> emily: but kaylee, in a 2001 harvard law review article, then professor kagan, called the practice of a president just making his own laws and then finding a statute that he distorts to authorize it, she called it then presidential administration. your thoughts? >> kayleigh: exactly. her comment there, people are getting sick. okay. well of course we do not want people to get sick. there are measures we can take that people do not get sick. vaccination. however, people are getting sick in not a rationale for running over and tramping over the separation of powers. which is indeed what president biden did. president biden pointed to osha and said i'm going to use this provision. i'm going to issue an emergency temporary standard for osha. while in july, the congressional research service noted that osha has rarely been used, this authority in the past or not since the court has dropped down an emergency temporary standard
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since 1983. so the last time the government tried to do this, it was struck down in 1983. it should be struck down again. it is no difference paired likewise, they point into this case jacobson versus massachusetts. 1905 case that they say green lights mandates. while those mandates happened at the state level, which is entirely different from the federal government issuing a mandate. also entirely different is that we are changing the definition of what it means to be vaccinated. the cdc just over christmas break lumped in those who have had to go doses with those who are on vaccinate a pair they recently said, fully vaccinated instead of using that language, they are using the language, up-to-date. meaning you've had boosters. all of this as israel pursues potentially having a fourth shot in all of this. you can't have an evolving definition, on a legal mandate, the two are toxic culmination. i predict this gets struck down. i agree with you emily. >> emily: absolutely. great points. lawrence, and other issues that
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democrats blame the court when they come to these correct decisions rather than the president for trying to legislate from the oval office. >> lawrence: yeah it's interesting that they continue to shift the blame. the courses been very clear when it comes to the federal level. they said essentially that the feds have no power to do this now there has been as much as kaylee alluded to, just a while ago. it has been different on the state level. they have sided with the state and local government. i think when we talk about this, it is bigger than the court. the president has made it very clear that the federal government can do nothing right now. so why continue to make these appeals, why continue to go to the supreme court? but just from a logical standing, let's just take the mandates at play right now. it's not working. nothing that the federal government has done thus far, is working for it so why continue to issue the mandate? i mean, the president just did a press conference. he said we are in a different
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place today. yes we are. there are more cases. more therapeutics. we have vaccines out there. nothing that is thrown at this virus has worked. maybe we have to live with it. i know we are going to be talking about that later in the show. but the whole notion of anyone saying that they could defeat the virus, none of you guys are god. you have no authority in your hands to stop this. so yes we have to live with the spirit so yes, stop the appeals. stop the federal mandates. stop any mandate, because this is the new normal. >> you know how we know all what lauren sustained a three? because moments ago the president was debating should he put a mask on. you could see it. or should i take a question for the question is, is this virus here with us. he struggled. as i pointed out to steve forbes, the markets don't like it when he struggled. you have to land on something. so he landed on, he landed the plane on, no. no the virus is not with us.
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well, the virus is with us in europe and around the world but it is not with us the way that it is right now. we have therapeutics and other things that he mentioned that we need to be doing that he's not really doing. it is fascinating. now, they are not god. but my goodness, a little prayer might do us some good right now. emily, sorry. >> emily: yeah harris, it was your turn, please. >> harris: i thought it might be interesting to hear from eric schmidt peered eyes watching him on fox and friends this morning i thought, these are the people that are going to be heard for what was set up to happen today the u.s. supreme court. here's a little bit from him. >> i think we're going to have an epic and historic constitutional showdown at the supreme court. with the essential question of, can an agency like this, unelected bureaucrats without statutory authority, require and force the vaccination of tens of millions of americans. the answer to that of course, is a resounding no. what is at stake here is not
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just faxing mandates, this individual liberties. the power of the administered state. the mass firings of health care workers. it is all on the line today. the impact would be incredibly significant. >> harris: so emily, what they said to me, as i was watching fox and friends this morning, is that this is an explosive political issue now. it is going to the u.s. supreme court, for this white house. potentially for other white houses to come. that's because individual liberty is on the line. not just the liberty of some of the power grab of the executive. we've seen how voters react to that. look at virginia. don't touch a parent when they are trying to get ready to send their kid back to school they want some things in place for their kids. certain things taught in the classroom and certain things not. individual liberty counts. that's part of what is in the mix today with the u.s. supreme court taking a look at this. it's a wider collateral damage for the white house. i think we keep our eye on that.
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>> i really appreciate how you phrase that, harris. you are right. the real issue at heart here, is the administrative state and the power of the presidency. but the results of that, when you bloat that out, when the result of that is the infringement upon individual liberties, that's why every american feels, when the executive branch of the power of the presidency is absolutely unconstitutional and unauthorized. just a quick reminder before we go, that all three of the trifecta, president biden, dr. fauci, and jen psaki assured us that in the past, that oh, no, they would not federal mandates. okay. stay with fox for continued supreme court coverage. brandon sinclair is challenging the biden vaccine mandate, joins america reports next hour. coming up, after promising over and over again to shut down the virus, president biden is reportedly looking at a whole new messaging strategy on covid. it may not be what she would call inspiring. who was surprised? that's next.
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>> vice president, harris is throwing comparisons to former president jimmy carter. after she said "there is a level of malaise among americans about the covid pandemic." this comes as the nation faces a new surge in covert cases fueled the omicron variant. former president carter, is of course known first 1979 malaise speech, which he delivered while the country was facing a high inflation and lake and economy. addressing the modern-day frustration, harris spoke to pbs about president biden's low approval rating. as well as the administration's pandemic response. >> the biden-harris agenda, in the beginning, a year ago got
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off to a strong start. but it is obviously stalled. right now, the president's approval rating has taken a dramatic hit. >> did you try to do too much? >> there many metrics by which we can measure where we are today. there has been great progress, no doubt. covid, for example. we are all, everybody is frustrated with that. i understand and i fully appreciate, there is a level of malay. >> will harris, there has not been a lot of great progress on covid peered unfortunately, more people have died this year, in the second year, then in the first year. you would think, as vice president, you would know malaise is a word you probably do not want to use given its historical context. jimmy carter, being a one-term president. >> harris: communication. harris. i talk about it everyday. they are like the two flavors in
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the starburst packet that to not go together. they don't. she has at so many problems, look. she is getting ready to hire jamaal simmons. her nuke communications director. kaylee, not even focused on that. i want to look at the seniority of the people that have left her team. that can lead to things like what you're talking about. i will not pull out all the names, just their titles. one of them is the director of advance. another is the deputy director of advance. another is the director of digital strategy. another is the communications chief. another is senior advisor and chief spokesperson. another is a deputy director of public engagement. another is director of press operations. that is a lot of seniority off of your team. i am not surprised that there was a giggle in this latest round. it's unfortunate. i don't know if jamaal simmons can turn it around and do a good job. >> it is a big job. jamaal simmons, as we learned,
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he called president biden dazed and confused. i am honestly less concerned about that tweet and that it was during a crime era, it is pretty regular foreign aid in the democrat or republican party to criticize other candidates. i am less concerned about that even though we all know it to be true. more concerned that he revert to the vaccine as i think it was quote, a janky science vaccine when president trump was creating it. because that's what his boss did, because it was the trauma vaccine. that is throwing doubt about what we all hear this panel. >> lawrence: this is par for the course with the democrats. when it was trumps vaccine, instead of the peoples vaccine, they all discouraged people from taking the vaccine. now they wonder why they have a crisis of people not wanting to take the vaccine. but again, i know jamaal. he is a smart brother. but even jamaal cannot fix kamala harris. it gets to the point, where you have all of these pros that are
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trying to help the candidate. you've got to accept responsibility. maybe not the communication strategy, it's the principle. it's just calmly. in that same interview that harris was just talking about with pbs, they asked, is there anything you would do differently because you are losing a lot of your staff members? her response was, get out of washington more. so let me get this straight, you got your staff leaving and your solution is to distance yourself from your staff and go out there into the country. >> she laughed before she said it. >> lawrence: bingo. it was a canned line she used last week. because she did not know what to say. this is kamala harris. sometimes you just have to accept people for who they are. a lot of people blame the president. a lot of people blame the people that are surrounding her. but if she wanted to solve all of these crises that are happening in the country, she
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could lean on these, take the board appeared she could say i'm for comprehensive immigration reform and congress cannot get that job done so i will shut down the border right now because that is the law. i'm a prosecutor, i respect the law of this land. she could lead on the issue and still get the things that she wants, through congressional approval. but she just does not have it. she has no governing experience, by the way peered she has only been a prosecutor peered by the way, that's why democrats rejected her during the primaries. because she was so harsh on criminals. she changed on the campaign trail. so again, they can keep hiring more people for common law, but this has been a problem ever since she decided to be a local d.a. to her being an attorney general, to her being a senator appeared she has had the same issues. even when she ran for president. they still decided to name her the vice president, so they will have to deal with this for this term. >> yeah. you're exactly right. he mentioned the border and
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jamaal simmons is the nuke communications director peered kennedy, maybe she could use some advice from jamaal simmons. he had some tweets from earlier in his life, i believe they were from around 2010. he said he just sought to one document it folks talk on msnbc. one law student, another protester. can some explain my ice is not picking them up? another tweet, he says we should harden borders and visas and find ways to bring undocumented into legal status and punish employers. my question was a common sense one. well. this is our new communications director. >> kennedy: it's really funny, because what her team needed to do, was take a deep dive before they signed on the dotted line. i appreciate that he is honest. i think she actually needs someone in her orbit who is honest and calls it like he sees it. i actually think that that would benefit her, because she is probably hiring career sticker
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fans were telling her she's doing a great job even though she's running into the same problems over and over and over again. meaning she is saying the same wrong things when she's asked the same questions. that leads to the frustration that she is not leading with. we talk about that earlier this week. again, she continues to blame people. so what she's essentially doing, is the fact that we've got cases skyrocketing because of this engineered virus keeps mutating. she is now blaming people for their malaise. she blames the cdc and her medical advisor to service, the ministrations medical advisors, for not seen omicron coming, when they were very vocal about the fact that the virus was still mutating and we could see something that was incredibly more contagious within the coming months. so, she has blamed pretty much everyone. and now, she is quadrupling down on that and she is blaming american people. because, they are so frustrated entering year three of a virus
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that no one seems to understand. >> yeah. you are exactly right. when she was asked about this interview in her office, her answer is what lauren said. or maybe i should get out of d.c. more. now, i have an answer for you, maybe you should be nicer to your staff because you have a career history of being ready cruelty or staff. i don't think getting out of d.c. will change your problems. emily, your thoughts. >> emily: that's right. i think what we have seen as well as a pattern by her of absolute defensiveness, when pressed on any topic. when you compare that, when you look historically at her reputation throughout california and san francisco, to sacramento and agn senator then followed her to d.c. then on the campaign trail, she was plagued with arguments that her office was a toxic one here that she led a sort of whiplash inducing inability to commit to things that she cared about because frankly, i don't think she knows who she is politically. the issue was that people
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propped her up anyways. people identified her as the next democratic superstar, because she checked some boxes they wanted her to. she made a lot of promises throughout her 10-year and her political career that sort of encumbered her. in silicon valley, when she would play lip service to victims of cyber crimes, et cetera. that is one example of a contradiction and hypocrisy that people see in her. all of a sudden, she is in the vp office and she has had no true experience of leadership, where she received those criticisms. receive those policy push backs in a way that made her stronger. her answer, when pressed, for example by the reporter who said to be taken on too much. we know that these jobs are not one person jobs. if you would demonstrate to us that every day she was moving the ball an inch further, 1 yard at a time and articulate it to what it is, exactly how and why. we were all a lot more respect for her. >> harris: yeah we need her to play a lot more like patrick mahomes or tom brady. let me say one more thing, because you talked about
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checking boxes. >> or derek carr. >> harris: oh, yeah. garrotte below. a lot of good quarterbacks in the nfl right now. so, when he said checking boxes, she did a check to go boxes for biden. i just question whether or not he thought it might have been a better idea to make them about merit. he said he wanted a woman, it would be a woman that he chose, and it would be a person of color. i mean, they did check off some boxes. it is unfortunate that that was the benchmark only. >> exactly. >> harris, you said she needs to become like the goat, tom brady, the greatest of all time. unfortunately for the vice president, i don't think that is going to happen. you might disagree with me on who it is. >> harris: yeah let's talk about it. >> commercial break, we'll talk about it. all right. we will have more outnumbered in just a moment. ♪ ♪
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>> do you think obit is here to stay? >> no, i do not think covert is here to stay, but haven't covid here in the environment and in the world, is probably here to stay. covert, it's we are dealing with it now, is not here to stay. the new normal does not have to be. we have so many more tools that we are developing and continue to develop that will contain covid and other strains of covid. so, i do not believe this. if you take a look, we are very different today than we were a year ago. even though we still have a problem. >> harris: because we had president trump's operation warp speed given us vaccines. lawrence, i do not exaggerate, i am so glad our team found that, when i said it was back and forth in all of the world. and yes and no. that was just a short time ago. the president now softening his view, i guess, on coronavirus peered saying that while he does not think it is here to stay,
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there are plenty of tools now to deal with it. and it comes at the white house is reportedly getting ready to roll out a new covid strategy. the wall street journey, reading this way with the headline "biden in shift asking americans to see covid-19 as a part of life." so he already does not member what he said. but we remember biden repeatedly promised to defeat the pandemic, the virus itself, and in no uncertain terms. watch. >> i'm going to shut down the virus. i'm going to shut down the virus. i'm not going to shut down the country, but i'm going to shutdown the virus. i'm going to shut down the virus. i'm going to shut down the virus. i'm going to shut down the virus. i will never ever ever quit. that's how i will shut down this virus. >> harris: lawrence, maybe people forgot about that and it would be hard videotaped to find, but he was always shouting it. >> lawrence: yeah. i have a certain general from florida on on prime time early this week, and he said that
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anyone said they could shut down the virus like lights, was a myth to begin with. it's a respiratory virus, you do not have the authority to do that. as i said earlier, you are not god. i've been watching the white house and the change in tone and messaging and all of that. it is lacking something. it is lacking an apology to the american people. you know that one person that always wants to move on but they don't want to apologize. it really ticks me off. because they make fun of people. they encourage people to get the vaccination and if people decide not to get the vaccine and get posted, and guess what, everybody has it now. we are seen studios being shut down. we are seen employees. everybody's experience, after doing everything that the government said to do, so you don't get to just say, let's just move on. we have to live with it. we've been trying to live with it for two years. the government would not allow us to. they shut down businesses, they shut down companies.
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and now, they want to say just live with it. the schools are still not open. go to chicago and talk to the young ones there. >> harris: did you catch the present a few minutes ago though, because he said 98% of us. we'll actually now it's 90. because kennedy, some of the schools are starting to close again and put kids on remote learning. look at chicago today, where for a third day they decided technically they are striking, because they are not working. >> kennedy: they don't even have remote learning there. >> but the kids can go for a lunch. >> to what one of them called a death trap at the school. >> kennedy: i'm sure that's what parents are doing, but here in new york city, none of the teachers are in class. a lot of the kids are doing all of their work remotely, trust me i've got to new york city public school students. they are reporting back what is happening there. but atlanta, milwaukee, cleveland, newark, there are schools across the country and
9:34 am
cities where these learners need it most, that are shut down. their doors are shuttered. it also, the president, i'm going to shut on the virus, then use every tool you possibly happier not just vaccines. antibodies, some of the new emergency use authorized pills. these have been insert collation for a long, long time and have had good success at the testing stuff. they are not doing enough. >> harris: you know kaylee, you have been inside the white house and you have seen this virus from the beginning. it's a different perspective than when we did not have vaccines and all the therapeutic that are coming online now. i am still reading, that there are governors who are petitioning to get monoclonal antibodies available from this white house. what is the president talking about right now? when he says that we have all of these things. is he helping? >> kayleigh: no. he is not helping. i saw firsthand with the trump administration when they mobilize the private sector,
9:35 am
president trump put pressure in a way that was appropriate on the fda peered saying hey, go through your process and let's get these therapeutics out there. let's get this vaccine out there. indeed, we did in record time. they produce those therapeutics. they ordered those vaccines in advance peered look, i totally agree with the new messaging needs to be we've got to live with this virus. but, that does not mean, that this administration should not be held accountable for the false promises that they made to the american people. the fall so that they gave us, the incompetence of saying let's do a vaccine mandate or testing requirement, but not produce the test. we got to hold them accountable for their incompetence peered so if you want to transition from winter of death and severe illness messaging in december 2 we are going to live with us, by all means we figure that out in florida a long time ago. we are not letting you move on from your incompetence, president biden. >> harris: emily, i guess my problem is that my bar for apologies is really high. i will not accept an apology from someone when they do not accept to change their behavior. because they do not mean it. >> we make a good team here.
9:36 am
because i rarely apologize for anything. i'm kidding. i have to point out, the prior advisors to president biden who wrote that op-ed in a medical journal, advocating for essentially normalizing life with covid. they make two really good points. one was that in daily alienating a national strategy, humility is essential. the second point they made, was that another part of it is that recognizing that productions are necessary but they are educated guesses. they are not mathematical certainties. i think that if the president would take it upon himself to appreciate both of those points, that he needs a little bit of humility and a little bit of flexibility, then this pivot could be better received by the american people. but to your point, it certainly will not be received well without either an apology or a con current acknowledgment that things are going to change. i predict they are going to pivot in this direction and then try to deflect and put it behind them. >> harris: all we have a fax to go by so far in terms of the actions that they show us peered
9:37 am
we will see. all right, just ahead, rampant crime and terrified people in one of the nation's wealthiest cities. two house sitters, zip tied as armed burglars went after a california mansion. they wanted everything in it. and the crime crisis in the democratic led city shows no sign of slowing down.
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>> harris: this is john. an example of a crime crisis in democratic led california. armed burglars zip tied two women home sitting for a los angeles businessman. holding them at gunpoint before robbing the place. that property is a home worth an estimated $5 million in an affluent suburb of sherman oaks. just the latest in a string of home invasions and smash and grabs in the area, spurred by soft on crime policies and liberal bail reforms.
9:42 am
i want to point out the money that is coming in for some of these das, like in san francisco and l.a. and new york. there is one guy behind that, george soros. i don't notice a legal background is, but he is tinkering with the legal fabric of our lives right now. >> lawrence: yeah, you are right could i have been covering the crime crisis for three years, even before defund the police and before the pandemic. that's when it really started. he may not have a legal background, but eric holder does, and he is partnering with him to get these progressive das. one of the arguments that i consistently make, when we are talking about this. there was once appeared of time to more people thought, listen these are the inter-cities. don't worry about the suburbs because we still have those and we don't believe in us. i warned people that it would spread. it's spreading. crime is opportunity. what's happening right now, is these people realize that they can get away with it. although you may stay in the
9:43 am
suburbs, the people that prosecute them are the county. those are liberals. >> harris: emily. as someone who has lived in california, who knows the law so well as you do. you know, we have to be thankful today that those house sitters are okay. when you talk about an armed robbery, that is the problem with softening your view on crime. you cannot predict where it's going, when people have weapons and they are willing to be brazen. >> emily: that is exactly right, harris. there is a very fine line between brandishing a weapon and using it. there is a fine line between someone being zip tied in a home and a homicide. i think, what i've seen throughout my almost 16 years now of practicing law and being a criminal and federal attorney, is an evolution that is welcome at time with people being committed to the type of reform that acknowledges the respect for victims and acknowledging the pain and trauma. acknowledging deterrence and
9:44 am
consequences needed for crimes. acknowledging the legislation that passes as a result of tragedies. and also, advocating for those same prosecutors, advocating for sentences that are commensurate with crimes. all of this terrible rapid decline that we've seen in these last couple of years, a erodes all the good work that americans have done in serving other americans. this is a tragedy. >> harris: i'm thinking now of megan georgia, kaylee leads the nation. fastest rate for homicides in this country. i've heard the argument, no, no, no. that's a red state. yeah, but that has democratic led ties to it as well. the candidate who ran said that he is not going to say what kind of candidate he was. he was not going to pick a side. it is red territory. i look at jackson, mississippi. they have a democrat mayor. in a red zone. people are fleeing jackson.
9:45 am
speak out yet. when you have blue local leadership, when you have democratic leadership at the local level, the mayor level, you will see these kinds of things. you're also going to see an increase in crime, when he starts saying, defund the police peered look, we had a record number of homicides in 2020. that was during president trump's tenure, but what does it coincide with? the start to see this uptick in homicides and uptick in violence. it coincided with the loud roasted first, progressive left saying, defund the police. he started to see after that, retirements of police officers, and sometimes defunding of police departments. with that, an increase in crime. we can talk about federal leadership, we can even talk about, as you know, republican governors. but a lot of times, we look at the cities, look who's at the local level. it is someone with a d behind their name, that stands for democrat. >> harris: i always do the drill down. i really want to know who's doing what. kennedy, we will hit you twice
9:46 am
on the other side, my friend. coming up, an angry florida person leaving a less than welcome message to local new yorkers. telling them to get out of the sunshine state, and go back north. ♪ ♪
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>> it's the supreme court hears arguments the biden vaccine mandate can we talk to a louisiana business owner who says he can lose nearly a third of its workforce of the mandate goes into effect. also, grover norquist on how the mandate and covid our plane into the dismal jobs numbers out today. is the biden administration preparing to admit covid won, after presidential medical advisors say that we have to learn to live with a virus. dr. janette nesheiwat on that. we will talk to a chicago parent about the third day of school closures there. all of that, plus mike pompeo, shannon bream, tomi lahren, will cain and more. john roberts joined sandra smith at me at the top of the hour, for america reports. >> it seems that the woke are not welcome and parts of the sunshine state. drivers in palm beach who have new york license plates, have returned to the parked cars only to be greeted with this message. if you are one of those woke
9:51 am
people, leave florida. you will be happier elsewhere, as will we. kennedy. >> kennedy: is not the new yorkers, it is the wokeness that is bring any socials qualities down south. west palm beach is filling with new yorkers. you hear more new york accents in palm beach, than anything peered but yes, it is the people. they have the same frustration in texas. they do not want aoc moving to their state and stinking up the joint. kaylee, you're a floridian, what you think about this? >> kayleigh: yes. i hear this more than i hear anything. from my fellow floridians peered they always say, i see so many new york and new jersey license plates. it's not that we don't love you and the northeast. we do. however, people are terrified that the northerners are going to bring their politics. luckily, republicans made history in outpacing democrats for voter registration in the
9:52 am
state of florida. it does not look like it's happening. thank you new yorkers. come, just don't bring your politics. >> is a californian, i know it's like to be unwanted. i emphasize with new yorkers. once the policy, not them. >> they are now complaining that they are stranded in mexico. the airline canceled their flight back to canada, after a video went viral of the influencers boozing it up. now the party planner says that he cannot convince any airline to fly the group home. harris. >> harris: this is not about covid. this is about partying like it's 1999. i was waiting for one of them to try to open a window. seriously. because i don't think they get the concept of flying with a bunch of people when you are trapped inside of a very small area. those poor flight attendants, as i've been saying from the beginning, since we talked about the story, were hunkered down in another part of the plane hoping it would all end. so again, i do not think this is a covid restriction that has airlines say no thank you. this is, we don't want our plane
9:53 am
crashed. also, who thinks that there is no consequences for their actions? if they could just adult when they are sober, that would be impressive. maybe at least one of them could find a ride home. >> that is exactly right. it is a long drive home from mexico to canada. and then lawrence, we have another story here for you. apparently, the majority of men, they found that the average guy rates himself a 5. 9 out of 10. i think that is kind of low self-esteem, apparently, lawrence. a >> lawrence: that low self-esteem or they just want to get sympathy from people. why are you ready yourself to begin with? that's just my opinion peered let the ladies write you. let them write you, and it is all good. >> i don't know about you guys, but i feel like a smile and a sense of humor are a good part. >> harris: what are we looking at right now? [laughs] what video did they pay her for the segment?
9:54 am
i love fashion. he gave himself a five-point on? did we just pick these pictures? i don't understand. >> i don't mind looking at fashion week. >> harris: you know he does not think he's a 5.9. >> but kennedy, out there it is based on generosity and hard, a sense of humor, personality peered so hopefully all of these guys do have good hearts. they see themselves as the tens we see them as. >> kennedy: yeah. [laughter] >> back to the new yorkers and photo. i will backtrack for a second here. i don't think i got your thoughts on it, lawrence. if you want to weigh in. on the people that are moving from red states to blue states. >> lawrence: i'm from texas. it annoys me when people come back to my state and they say, look, we enjoy at the local taxes. we enjoy the food. all this other great stuff.
9:55 am
but can y'all put away your guns? you don't love us. you don't like us. which is cool. just stay where you're at. i really loathe to that. you see it in a lot of the inner cities, starting to change. people really don't like texas. they just like the benefits of texas. >> right here like a lot of those democratic elected officials that we have seen vacationing in florida. availing themselves of the environment peered the freedom in that environment. then having to go back to their place. all right. we have to go. more outnumbered, in just a minute.
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♪ working day is done, oh, girls just want to have fun ♪ >> oh, take me back to my m.t.v. days, i'll let kennedy have the last word of today's show. >> it has been an absolute pleasure being with all of you, the first week of the new year, excited with the level of
10:00 am
intelligence and optimism, thank you all. >> you can have the last word any time. i know you are not one of the girls, but your thoughts. >> thanks for having me ladies, catch me tonight on primetime at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> you've been bringing it. >> absolutely we'll be there. >> we'll bring the popcorn. "america reports" now. >> john: winter storms leaving millions across the united states under severe weather alerts. a low pressure system dumping several inches of snow from the mid south to the northeast. forecasters say the system will likely go on to become the year's first "bomb cyclone" for north america as it moves through coastal canada. >> sandra: a traffic nightmare in kentucky, heavy snow causing drivers to slide into each other, or some cases off the road. we'll have much more on this with a live report coming up.


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