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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 7, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PST

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the line every single time, this was no different yesterday. >> todd: as ron desantis said this was their super bowl. this was probably their hail mary, we will see if it lands, my guess is it doesn't. lara trump, we appreciate your time. ashley, thank you so much for joining me these past two days. appreciated it, loved it "fox & friends" starts right now. >> several former members of the president's health advisory board to new normal of living with covid. >> frankly, glad to see them join our side. it's a political decision. >> supreme court set to hear argue manies over the president's vax mandate. >> if the president is these orders and expect them to be obeyed the constitution means nothing. >> certain dates stay with us throughout history. >> ridiculous to compare januare days where america was attacked and we went to war.
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>> teachers forcing chicago public schools to cancel class a third straight day. >> devastating to see my children have to suffer. >> dumping snow on the mid south. when the sun comes up, you will be able to see at least 4 or 5 inches of snow. we have the worst of the storm really happening right now. winter storm warnings posted jersey up towards maine. ♪ speak life ♪, ♪ >> ainsley: speak life by toby mac. we love him. he has participated in our concert series. always a big crowd when he is there. out there on the fox plaza. the tree is still there unfortunately we have to take it down this weekend. if you are in the new york area, come by, take pictures, come say hi to us.
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the snow is here. my daughter woke up this morning with me she is back in bed. she went to the window it's snowing. so exciting steve and brian. >> brian: the answer is it is snowing. new york did pretty good so far. on the rildz. the plows are out and so far we are handling it. but nothing seems further away than a summer concert series with toby mac from. that christmas tree the second one we have had and counting to the snow on the ground. >> ainsley: this year. >> brian: empty streets. almost seems like 2020 the amount of people in new york city. but as we are about to see, we're going to move forward. we are finally past january 6th. on to january 7th. and hopefully the beginning of the end of omicron, steve. >> steve: that's right, brian. and, congratulations to all the kids who wanted a snow day today and they got it you know, i remember when our kids were little, what they would do is if there was a forecast of a possibility of snow, the kids
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and everybody knows, this wear their pajamas backwards and flush ice cubes down the toilet. that was obviously the recipe for a snow day unless you live in chicago which thanks to the union pretty much every day is a snow day now. >> brian: right. yes. life on laptops. >> ainsley: i have never heard of that steve. is that a thing up north. >> brian: i have never heard of it either actually. >> steve: brian, i have been talking about it 25 years on this show. >> brian: i never heard it i never remember you talking about it. >> steve: that's how you do it. >> brian: get us started, ainsley. >> ainsley: all right. former biden health officials are speaking out about the president's covid policies. they are saying it is time to live with it you canter radiculopathy indicate it or shut down the economy either. lauren blanchard is live as covid restrictions are tightening across the country. >> mask on, mask off.
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five days to quarantine or 10. constantly changing recommendations has americans confused. the american medical association wrote, quote: nearly two years into this pandemic with omicron cases surging across the country, the american people should be able to count on the centers for disease control. instead, the new recommendations on quarantine and isolation are not only confusing but are risking further spread of the virus. plus, a panel of doctors who served on the administration's transition team say the president's strategy needs to be updated, quote: the goal for the new normal with covid-19 does not include eradication or elimination. infectious diseases cannot be eradicated when there is long term infection. or nonhuman reservoirs of infection. toted supreme court will hear arguments on the president wants mandates that require large corporations to force vaccination or testing and the mandate that specifically forces vaccines for healthcare workers.
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>> our objective here is to not punish but to protect people, to save more lives. to say make people feel more safe and comfortable in the workplace. >> if the conservative leaning court decides to do away with the mandates, it could be the latest blow for the administration's strategy to beat the pandemic and, steve, i can confirm the backward pajamas does work worked in southern michigan. >> brian: that's your second source. >> steve: i was just was reminded by my wife the three things are you would put a spoon under your pillow, sleep with that. pajamas inside out and for snow, you would flush one ice cube for every inch of snow you wanted. so. >> snow dances also work. >> steve: exactly. >> brian: for people watching in california and florida, you have no idea what we are talking about. thanks so much. kind of amazing.
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>> steve: snow day. >> brian: talking about this virus and a new approach. obviously this current approach is not working and i love with his former advisers, medical advisers helped on transition team and advisers during his campaign said you have got to approach this different. number one, yours the term humility, humble. you didn't see delta or omicron coming. easier said than done but got it at least make that objective. i was not encouraged by some of the recommendations, get a voucher program to assessing n-95 and kn 95 masks. improve the air and waste water, surveillance and genomic sequences. they call for low cost of accessible testing. that we know is an epic fail by the administration. clearly they point out in july when you said we have the upper hand on the virus. that was obviously the wrong message,
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intentional or not. in comes delta, currently we have omicron and you can't tell the american people it's not effecting own personal economy. brings us to the other pig story. the president today will trumpet, he thinks, great job numbers. he is going to say if the expectations come true and sometimes they don't, but my indications are they must believe with they are, 400,000 jobs added. unemployment very respectable 4.1%. but, steve, i think the thing that people aren't going to be looking at right now, they are not going to be looking at numbers and say i feel better. they will be looking at the quit rate and why can't i hire anybody. wondering why starbucks doesn't open until 10:00 and closes at 3 :00. wondering why there is help wanted signs everywhere. we will make our own judgment more than ever on how the economy is going regardless of what any president says. >> steve: well, you got to keep in mind, the jobs number, which comes out at 8:30 eastern time will not really reflect the omicron really hitting america for the most part. and what's interesting about
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what is going on with these formser advisers now saying we have got to learn how to live with it. it all comes down to people are frustrated because, you know, we're moving onto the third year of this thing and we are all tired of it we would like to be over with it but what we have learned, through the vaccines, and infection rates as well, is neither the vaccines or infections have a lasting imcommunity. >> brian: yep. >> steve: that's why the ceo of moderna said yesterday there is a possibility that by the time that fall rolls around, we may need a second booster. or a fourth shot. a lot of people don't like that, but what they're doing is suggesting that frontline workers and those over 50, in particular, they know that the antibody levels fall and so to protect yourself and to protect your family going forward, it's just like the flu. you are going to have to get it, you know, the flu is once a
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year, might be every nine months for covid, who knows. >> brian: use the term flu shot. not vaccine. you have to redefine ainsley what this is. >> steve: it's a flu vaccine. >> brian: it's not a vaccine. the durability is done. they have to change the variant -- they have to change the flu every year to anticipate the variant. >> ainsley: i think these folks that advised president biden during the transition. i think to hear them say we are going to have to learn to live with this is actually relief for a lot of people because we are going to have to figure out how to live with this without shutting down schools. when it comes to the economy, we are expecting better job numbers, more than double, probably, in december than or about double than november. but, when you talk to people who work in the service industry, they say it's because of seasonal jobs or maybe because of the leisure and travel industry, more people traveling over christmas. when you talk to people affected by omicron, cities are shutting down like you said, brian.
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if you drive through new york city not a lot of people out. most people are working from home in the northeastern area or at least in new york city. >> brian: if they're lucky. >> ainsley: i have a friend who works in the hospitality industry. she is worried she is like a party planner and does all of these things at a hotel, and she said if omicron effects us, if the hotel shuts down or not allowed to have parties, it affects her injury and she will be out of a job and concerned about that. people are concerned in the state of pennsylvania, which is where joe biden is from, from scranton, pennsylvania. and you see all these republicans jumping in to run for senate, to run for congress. to run for governor there. you have 12 candidates running for governor there because they say if you talk to folks that have jobs there, the guy who owns a big supermarket chain says supply chain short tang is out of control. leads to higher prices for my commerce. he says when will this inflation end? and i cannot find workers. and the republicans in that state are taking advantage of this and they are saying we need to see change in pennsylvania. lou barletta is a former
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congressman and one of the 12 running for governor in that state. listen to what he says. >> i think people are seeing the direction that pennsylvania was going, you know, between joe biden and washington and tom wolf as the governor that many feel this is the right time to get in to change the direction of pennsylvania. it doesn't matter what part of pennsylvania i go to, businesses tell me the same thing, we can't find workers. it's causing inflation. usually there is a backlash to the people who are in office as to the cause of that, and that's what i think is hang right now. >> ainsley: you know, guys, this is 2022, this is an election year. midterm elections are coming up. this could be the key for republicans. the tipping point inflation. they need one more to see the gain control of the senate we will see. >> brian: lou barletta supplied the video showed midnight flights with illegal immigrant kids. probably great kids, coming here and being dumped into school
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systems because florida pushed back and looking at them and pushing to pennsylvania. democratic governor, more than likely won't object. our kids end up the big losers. more on that later. still ahead on this show, the terrifying moment two women, house sitting, a multimillion dollars mansion in los angeles are zip tied by armed burglars. yes, in los angeles. rumors of defection plaguing the vice president's office. as more staffers finish they quit they are done. leaving critics questioning her priorities. we will discuss it, next; ♪ go ahead and let your hair down ♪ you're going to find yourself somewhere, somehow ♪ blue are the skies ♪
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♪ ash ash we are back for headlines for you. are parents are seething as the chicago city schools close school third straight day with though end in sight. >> coming out of nowhere. are see my kids suffer remote learning again because they don't learn anything. >> mayor lori lightfoot is going head to head with the union saying classrooms are safe. she is accusing teachers of politicizing covid. social media influencers are zip tied during a armed robbery. three men armed with handgun target the $5 million home. after the suspects fled, the victims used the home's ring doorbell camera to alert the homeowner who called the police. no arrests have been made. and now, this dzhokhar very much
3:18 am
still in australia reportedly anymore congratulation detention hotel as he battled to stay in the country to play in the australian open. his entry refused for failing to provide proper documentation after claiming he had a medical exemption from the covid vaccine. his father rallying fans around him in his home country as his mother labels him a prisoner. australian officials say he is free leave but the star's legal team is appealing the order to leave. and those are your headlines, guys, back to you. >> steve: that's right. thank you, ashley. i think there are actually guards outside of his doors. >> brian: nuts. what is wrong with australia. >> ainsley: crazy. >> steve: speaking of going places, kamala harris, the door dash continues with her staff because we have heard reports over the last couple of months she is really hard to work for. and yesterday we told you about another communications staff member who left and now a new
3:19 am
one. they have a new communications director, a fellow by the name of jamal simmons is going to be joining the team as the door dash continues. but, here's the thing. you know, we have heard these stories about how, obviously, the poll ratings are way down for the biden harris administration. but hers are actually lower than joe biden's at this point. and one of the problems is she has lashed out at his staff because they have prepared briefing materials for her but apparently, according to reports at cnn and elsewhere, she doesn't read them and then she is interviewed and then she is unprepared and looks bad. and lashes out at the staff. and ainsley, you know, as people are talking about, you know, maybe vond shouldn't be running for re-election in 2024. people say well, she is the shoo-in but, unfortunately, she has made so many mistakes nobody is saying that. >> ainsley: yeah, you are right. and she is being criticized for what she said yesterday
3:20 am
comparing january 6th to 9/11 and to pearl harbor. so many soldiers are upset about that because some lost their lives and war with other countries. she was asked about bullying. accusing her of dysfunction and so many people have left lately. she skirted the issue and talked about her biggest regret. listen to this. >> there have been a rash of stories about dissension inside your office, inside the white house, about questions about your role. what would you say you have learned over this year? >> well, one of the things i have learned is to get out of d.c. [laughter] i think it's important to definitely be out and be -- i can't tell you when i have been able to get out of d.c. and be with the folks who are actually informing our policies and will be impacted by our policies. i do hope that this year i will be able to get out there more. i know the president feels the
3:21 am
same way. >> brian: couple of things come to mind. she doesn't prepare. obviously she is bright, but she doesn't want to put the effort in. that was first saw on the campaign trail. private insurance? yeah. should we take the wall down at the border? yeah. we should. not having walk all this stuff back. gets all the money, great opening speech and falls apart. whoever loaded the teleprompter who to say it was equal to pearl harbor and 9/11. such a farcical statement i think it was you would think the republicans did this. because it further marginalizes her as a political figure. the other thing she can't answer questions like, for example, the biggest threat to america. she said democracy. that wasn't even a question. so many times she talks in circles because she doesn't seem to prepare and doesn't seem conversant in things going on in the country for her answer to be
3:22 am
to get out more. part of the reason is you had a couple of things. you had to do election integrity and the border. both things you showed no interest or strategy plot or plan in order to help the president achieve his goals. she also was supposed to have influence with fellow senators to push helper wave through with joe manchin and company. she has shown none of that or at least after do none of that mike pence the valuable role he had all the experience and relationship he had especially on the right. when things had to get done in the trump way. he would do it in the washington way. and they were a perfect match in that way. i don't see how she is an asset to president biden. and i think that that's really what's going on at the white house. we are not going to know for sure until they write the inside story. buff every time she comes forward, she has done about five interviews now over the last month. she just really underlines the doubter's worries. >> steve: obviously they put her on with judith wood worth pbs as
3:23 am
part of rehabilitation tour. she did more damage than she did good. when you look at all of the misstatements she has made and things they have had to walk back, clearly there has been a messaging problem. and when you look at the gigantic turnover with her staff, it's the communications team. so, obviously, she is blaming the team, not what she has actually done herself. and, ainsley, you know, she says she needs to get out of d.c. more. but then again we heard not long ago she has never been to europe. maybe this is just a play. hey, joe, send me to europe. >> brian: she went to france. that went well. >> ainsley: if she leaves d.c. do you think she goal to the border? >> brian: i don't think so. no, too crazy. too much traffic there too many illegals. >> ainsley: moving on to a fox news alert. riots in kazakhstan turning deadly taking dozens of lives. thousands have been as the
3:24 am
situation pushes oil prices up and triggers a fall in bitcoin. alex hogan joins us live in london. good morning, alex. >> good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. these protests in kazakhstan turning even more violent today. the president ordering troops to fire without warning. this is the worst unrest the country has seen in decades. now, again today, we know that the president has ordered these shootings without warning and said that as many as 20,000 bandits attacked the main city almandi. setting fire to buildings including the presidential palace and white house press secretary jen psaki made a comment about this. >> what the world will of course be watching any violation of human rights and actions that melee the predicate for institutions. >> the protest also caused bitcoin to plummet by more than 8%. that's because the government ordered internet shut down
3:25 am
second crypto mining hub. the move has not curbed violence. according to the interior ministry, more than 3,000 people have been arrested, dozens are dead. and 18 police officers were killed. bun of them beheaded. russian troops are now on the ground to secure order and security forces seem to be in control of all money, at least right now. the president however has made even more comments today telling any protester that if they do not surrender, they will be eliminated. brian, steve, ainsley, back to you. >> brian: wow, when you call the russians for help, you actually want a stronger hand. thanks so much, alex. we will keep an eye on that. more fallout from the chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan that we are never going to forget. retired army ranger and brian mast 20,000 afghan commandos who we trained and left behind. they are asking for help.
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ash ash back with headlines, the stepmother of harmony montgomery behind bars. collected more than $500 in food stamps for harmony who has not been seen in two years. this comes one day after the missing girl's father was arrested and charged in connection with her disappearance. and qvc is set to lay off 2,000 workers in north carolina distribution center. after it suffered a fire last month the media conglomerate writing in a letter cease all operations at the company. the termination would begin february 1st all expected to be done by 2022 intense winter weather shuts down multiple kentucky highway near record snowfall causing 50 to 70 car pileup one highway hundreds of
3:31 am
collisions across the state. police had to stop responding to noninjury car crashes, at least 20 people were hurt it seems kentucky cannot catch a break here. ainsley? some people stuck on these highways, check in with janice dean for fox weather forecast live in queens, new york, you used to live in that area. you are so cute. hey, janice. >> janice: ainsley, i'm sure this storm is over achieving. people have been told to stay off the roads and a lot of schools closed today treacherous to drive here in queens. we have it definitely suburb passed 5 or 6 inches. some places along coastal connecticut and massachusetts over a foot of snow. it's the light, fluffy type of snow. so it's easy to accumulate and that's why we are getting an overachieving storm. the good news is it will be out
3:32 am
of here by this afternoon if you are kid and love snow you have plenty to play. in once the sun comes up here, you will see a lot of snow in the background at the park. this is one of my favorite parks in queens. take a look at the radar and show you where the storm is right now. it brought several inches of snow to areas that received over a foot. tennessee, you good got over four or five inches of snow in the nashville area from this overachieving storm. and as you can see, it is moving up towards the northeast. it's going to continue to do so for the duration of the rush hour. here in new york city, the worst of it should be over around 9:00 a.m. and then as we go up towards new england it, will be in the afternoon hours. we could see the potential for blizzard conditions in coastal maine and there is what we are dealing with in terms of snowfall forecast. we are almost done with this in the tri-state area but then this afternoon it will soon be pretty gusty winds and heavy blowing snow for new england. again, brian, this is a real
3:33 am
snow day for long island and. >> no that's the exciting news because i get to do a snow angel later. >> brian: good job; kids don't get a snow day. they know how to do remote learning. >> janice: no, snow day. >> brian: vice president kamala harris comparing the january 6th attacks on the u.s. capitol to some of the worst tragedies in american history. >> certain dates echo throughout history, december 7th, 1941. september 11th, 2001. and january 6th, 2021. being. >> brian: they all ended in one is that how they are similar. congressman brian mast joins us now. do you think the analogy works? >> not at all. i think she is just strictly historically ignorant. tactically i will i literate.
3:34 am
she has no reference point to any of this. when you look at making a comparison like that. there were bad actors on januar. nobody is going to deny that the tens of thousands of americans that were there at the capitol to exercise one of their five basic freedoms that america is all about, to assemble and to petition their government to compare them to jarpz kamikaze pilots. suicide pilots to make that comparison about patriotic americans and think, what, they were staging, you know, that was their launching point to stage what they call an insurrection with, what, trump flags and the red, white, and blue? to illiterate and ignorant to make this comparison it's disgusting. >> brian: hear the president give a partisan address in the capitol calling out donald trump and re-litigating the election. i thought that was 100 percent inappropriate. especially suppose to be the great union fire.
3:35 am
did you feel a sense of yunts are a those remarks. >> zero unity. i felt what i have felt this entire year from the biden administration, harris, all of their propaganda enablers in the media and everybody else, i think you can sum them up in one word, that would be hypocrisy. that's what this administration is all about. call january 6th, all of those things with instruction. the white house was literally surrounded blm hundreds of members of congress on the white house grounds and many of them attacked like rand paul as think were leaving the white house. that wasn't an insurrection or forget about the four months, five months, six months of anarchy and burning cities and you can't go in certain parts of portland. none of those things happened. it's all summed up with the word hypocrisy. >> brian: i remember you being
3:36 am
surrounded leaving the white house after the president, the rnc, they were all over you. i thought you were going to get attacked but you were unflappable. >> they kept their distance i think they realized i had dispatched. >> brian: you would kick their head. in we trained 20,000 afghan commandos at least. waiting for them to fight. when it was clear they were outmatched, outgunned they went into hiding. they are now asking for help. they are asking lawmakers and others to help them get out of afghanistan. what do you think we should do after that utter embarrassment, the biggest embarrassment in the history of american military operations? what do we do with the commandos? >> what we owe them, i don't even have words to do the calculation of what we owe them, standing alongside of us. putting in their hearts what a real country can be like with those things like those five basic freedoms that we enjoy here in america, to understand that they could have freedom of religion and press and speech
3:37 am
and to petition their government and all of these things, to teach them about those things and then snatch them away from them. to say teach them how to fight for those things in real tactical ways and say we are going it turn our back and make new friends with your sworn enemy that we have been fighting for the last 20 years. we need to get them out. this administration is doing nothing to do so. and it's literally heart breaking. and when i say heart breaking, it is heart breaking to so many much my fellow veterans the way they carry this on their shoulders is like nothing i have ever seen. >> brian: please call a press conference. maybe today ♪ good because of the snow. call a press conference because we will cover it. these people are dying. they are being hanged, they are being murdered, their families, if they can't find them they are killing their families. and this administration, you are not allowed to bring up the word afghanistan in the white house. real quick guess what? we lost another two dozen navy personnel because they didn't get vaccinated. we lost about 30 marines. we are about to lose hundreds
3:38 am
more. navy seals are suing to stay in and so far they have stayed -- they are allowed to stay for now about the vaccine mandate, what can you do to get secretary of defense austin to pay attention? >> one of the things that we do in my office is we take all these individuals that reach out to us, we write a letter to the pentagon or special warfare, you take your pick of who. we say listen, we want you to sign this letter acknowledging that you take full liability for any and all adverse effects related to this vaccine, right? and of course the answer is they never get back and acknowledge that they -- they refuse to acknowledge immunity people have already been sick. they refuse to talk about anything that doesn't fit their narrative. what can you do with people like that that won't listen? >> brian: brian mast, thanks so much. we will listen. appreciate it. straight ahead the new woke manhattan d.a. is defending his plan to reduce or even eliminate prison sentences for a slew of crimes. critics say the plan could send
3:39 am
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♪ >> steve: new york city business owners are warning the new district attorney's plan to not seek jail time for a variety of offenses is, quote, very bad for their neighborhood. do you think? district attorney alvin bragg is pushing back against claims his agenda put wokeness over public safety. >> what we're doing now is not working, plain and simple. and so this is our path forward. this is how we reduce violent crime. >> would these policies give criminals a green light. >> no -- i mean, it depends upon your definition of criminal. >> steve: yeah, it does. all right. here to discuss our law
3:44 am
enforcement panel sergeants at arms for the suffolk county new york police benevolent michael, former city police department officer and hempstead village trustee johnson and retired new york city police department lieutenant joe carnell, thank you very much for joining us live. michael, let start with you. >> thank you for having me. >> steve: what's your definition of a criminal? >> it's pretty simple. definition of a criminal is somebody who commits a crime. just like the definition of a district attorney should be somebody who prosecutes crime. these soros backed d.a. da stands for defense attorney. >> steve: in this case a lot of people are saying that lamont, when you basically if unless you murder somebody you are not going to go jail. >> prostitution, you are going
3:45 am
to-to-prostitution. retailers, mom and mop stores will suffer greatly from these policies. >> steve: yeah. hey, joe, this guy ran on this when he was running for district attorney. who thought this was a good idea and voted for him? because, obviously, enough people did. >> that's the problem when people just vote across the board and they have no idea who they are voting for. this man went on -- i'm sure he didn't put this out there when he was campaigning but now that he is in office he knows he has immunity from civil liability, is he going to go out and there pick and choose the crimes he wants to prosecute. but, the problem here, steve, is it has to go back to bail reform. we have to take these decisions out of his hands. give to the judges, give them some discretion and say no this one stays on the street. when you pick and choose what
3:46 am
crimes you are going it prosecute that's bad. store owners are complaining about that and violent crime afterwards. so i agree with what do you call it the suffolk guy there it's pick and choose and definition criminal somebody who commits a crime. and that's the problem. they are letting them escape from every situation and dumping it on the police department. that's going to be the bigger problem when the police department keeps making these arrests and he keeps declining prosecution. >> if i can jump in. >> steve: go ahead. >> i was going to say is he a continuation of de blasio. he is de blasio 2.0. different political position different name. he will continue the same failed policies. what he is saying is an absolute lie what we are doing is not working. what they're doing intentionally did work. when de blasio came in 2014, new york had the lowest recorded of murders 333, down substantially from the 1990s when it was 2292. there was 11,000 prisoners locked up in new york city jails
3:47 am
when de blasio come in. they emptied the jail. under 4,000 for the first time since 1946 in 2020. so you have more criminals out on the street and as the officer said, quality of life increasing, murders increasing 485 in 2021. daily stories of homeless mostly disturbed people attacking people on the subways, pushing them off of platforms and stabbing them. >> steve: yeah, you know, lamont, it's no secret that crime in new york city is through the roof. out in los angeles, and in san francisco, we see all these smash and grab stuff. one of our lead stories today on "fox & friends" is apparently a couple of house sitters were zip tied in the house, i think, out in los angeles, beverly hills, an entrepreneur and people are afraid. ultimately, though, who is going to want to move to new york city where if there is no consequence for crime, people simply don't
3:48 am
feel safe. >> well, these policies estimate the job of a police commissioner, the mayor, and the police officers, the men and men that served their communities, made their job much more difficult. actually, what has been done, the cops will have the handcuffs on that. the cops will be handcuffing them doing their job. no one is going to feel safe in new york city. >> steve: joe, fast forward one year. what does new york city look like on january 7th, 20203. >> it's going to look, if it continues on the path that it's continuing on it's going to be -- the that cities particulars going to go through the roof again shame of it we have a mayor. a democratic mayor a lot of people agree with because he took a stance and went against the norm in new york city and said i'm going to fight crime. and you would think this d.a. would get on board with him and do something about it. but he is not. so if it continues on this path,
3:49 am
and they let these criminals stay out on the street and they don't prosecute, crimes are going to go through the roof and going to drive the businesses further out of new york. already leaving new york as it is. now you want to get them back and there is nothing to entice them back into new york. >> steve: you are right. michael lamont and joe, thank you very much for joining us on this friday. >> any time receive, thank you very much. >> take care. >> steve: up next, college campuses are closing down again despite expert warnings that remote learning hurts kids. we're going to talk to one ivy league professor who says colleges are making a big mistake. right back. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ kim is now demonstrating her congestion. save it slimeball. i've upgraded to mucinex. we still have 12 hours to australia. mucinex lasts 12 hours, so i'm good. now move!
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3:53 am
ainsley: as many universities close their campuses over covid concerns once again, an ivy league professor argues in op-ed they need to catch up to the post vaccine reality. she writes, quote: moving to remote schooling, when conditions on the ground have changed so dramatically, is an abdication of their responsibility to educate students and protect all aspects of their health. brown university economist joins us now to explain. good morning emily or professor. good morning.
3:54 am
>> good morning. >> ainsley: you talk about moving to remote learning. you say it is the wrong choice now. why do you say that? >> the universities have been very safe throughout the pandemic. they have undertaken many mitigation strategies, testing, quarantine, so on. at this point vaccines are widely available. the students are up pickly entirely vaccinated. the risks with opening universities limited. the risk of keeping them closed are very large. our students are having mental health crises. we know that learning in the zoom world isn't as important as the real world. allow our students to be students, to be in person. >> ainsley: you mentioned the mental health aspect. seeing a rise in anxiety, depression, sue silgd thoughts, isolation. what are you hearing? what are some of the stories? what are you hearing and seeing from your students. >> this data where we have
3:55 am
numbers like 95% of college students reporting some kind of mental health issues. but we see it very much on the ground with our students saying, you know, am lonely, the only time i leave my apartment is for, you know, to go get covid testing. i think we really need to give them the opportunity to have the typical interactions when you are with your friends eating make sure you put your mask up between bites, that's not realistic and that isn't the way that students should be living, given the fact that vaccines are widely available and they are all vaccinated and these are safe environments. >> ainsley: yeah, i know. think about the freshman and sophomore at brown. many of them missed their proms. they were in lock down for the last year and a half or maybe two years. there is remote learning this month at ucla, columbia, duke, yale, stanford and michigan state. what is happening at brown? what are they doing? >> we are opening as expected.
3:56 am
i think all of our students will be back. we have students starting to come back in the next couple of weeks. we plan on being open and open normally for our students. >> ainsley: okay. health officials that were helping president biden on the campaign trail or doing the transition, they are saying this is the new normal and you agree. you say it's a different world now, we are in a different place now that we have vaxes. it's a new normal and we need live with it thank you so much emily for being on with us. >> thank you. >> ainsley: you are welcome. and thanks for teaching our children. coming up, general jack keane, we have geraldo, pete hegseth, rachel campos-duffy and will cain they are going to join us live ♪ i got my mind set on you ♪ i got my mind set on you ♪ (coughing) ♪ breeze driftin' on by ♪
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4:00 am
>> todd: teachers force schools close in chicago third straight day. >> we will not let them play chicago like games in arizona. >> critics manhattan district attorney. >> he is de blasio 2.0. >> see people robbing stores, mom and pop stores, they are going to suffer greatly. >> certain dates echo throughout history, september 11th,
4:01 am
december 7th, january 6th. >> the country reportedly telling leaders to fire without warning. >> the united states has very little leverage over kazakhstan and have to rely on countries like russia. >> winter storm barreling north. >> we have the worst of the storm happening right now. some places along coastal connecticut and massachusetts over a foot of snow. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> brian: got close to winning "american idol," he looked like he was 11 but sang like he was 60. really good. lived up to his potential. new jersey a bunch of reasons why it's empty. number one it's snowing. number two it's winter. number three it's early and i like it bring something up wildwood, new jersey, it is really seasonal by definition. if you want to write a letter there, the zip code that you
4:02 am
would need we knowed exchange of the zip code the population is 5042. call 699, 522, or 523. the area is 1.6 miles long and it's zero elevation. and that's what i know about wildwood, new jersey. also, we went there in the off season because soccer players in the off season play foot sole and they have a huge convention center. that's all i have got. >> steve: you buried the lead which is wildwood is the jersey shore. that's how had america knows that place. >> brian: really? i'm sorry. >> steve: and we were looking at the boardwalk. it's a lovely spot. by the way, brian, and there you have got it a snowy day. it's a snow day in new jersey. i got 4568 a foot in my backyard right now. by the way, scotty mccreery won "american idol," brian. >> brian: i'm glad. he deserved it.
4:03 am
>> steve: just correcting the record. absolutely. >> ainsley: looking at that shot wildwood and you see those stairs. be careful if there is snow on your stairs, hold onto the railing, do not go down cold stairs that are frozen with ice. and, you know, fall. and be careful on your commute to work. we saw what happened there in virginia. hopefully all of that has been remedied and a lot of kids are not going to school because of, you know, safety concerns. but just be careful out there. it's so beautiful and for the kids it's wonderful. they love the sledding and making the snow angels. >> brian: i love the warning, ainsley, i think it's effective. i don't think it's going to be used people go down the stairs when they want to go to the beach. they are not going got beach because there are no lifeguards and very cold unless it's going to be a polar vortex. let me tell you what is happening. a lot of kids in chicago third straight day goont to school. what's unique right now as in past standoffs, the teachers
4:04 am
unions are standing alone. if you look at the president of the united states, you look at the spokesperson jen psaki. you look at anthony fauci, the secretary of education. you have everybody on the same page and republicans have been saying this two years. president trump said it from day one. kids got to be back in school. after two weeks to stop the spread, they got to be back in school. so detrimental to keep them out for reasons we have outlined many times. the problem is, if the president actually wanted to get this done, he would actually have the same disdain for teachers and unions for not going back to school that he has for people who are unvaccinated or any republican. who owe doesn't have -- doesn't miss an opportunity to vilify, especially the former president. if he took that tone, knowing that teachers unions always vote for democrats, and they all voted for him, steve, i believe he would make more progress. >> steve: well, obviously, brian, the teachers union in chicago learned over the last year or two they can get away with this. and that's why they are doing it that's why they had a vote.
4:05 am
73% of the teachers union members said let's not go to work. let's work from our living room. it's the third dave in a row. no school. 653 chicago schools are closed. and bare barrons did a survey and impact how schools closed impact the economy. when you look at all over the country right now, since nationwide there have been about 5,000 schools closed this week alone. for more than one day. that also includes, in addition to chicago, includes new jersey, and maryland and pennsylvania. and barrons has estimated that that has done $700 billion worth of damage or 3.5% in lost g.d.p. and that is a terrible thing. meanwhile, somebody who is on the sidelines in chicago is a
4:06 am
parent who has been a writer for "the washington post," and she did an op-ed talking about how chicago and its fight with its teachers exhausted parents like me. jack question writes she is a professor in chicago and has three kids. i'm a teacher myself and i have endured the challenges of remote instruction. like so many parents i held onto the hope that all our kids would be okay. but my kids are not okay. the district did not have to cancel classes this week. buff the city and mayor, lori lightfoot whose child attends a private school decided to play hard ball with the union, canceling school is not sustainable or responsible. it's exhausting. i realize i have no reserves left for another deployment in the covid wars. and, ainsley, that's what it really comes down to. it's the parents vs. the teacher. >> ainsley: we all feel that way. we don't have any reserves left.
4:07 am
it's been two years. think about if you are a parent in chicago. you thought your kids were going back to school this week and they shut them down on day one and shut them down on day two. and here we are a third day shut down. parents have to stay home with their kids. they can't go to work. you feel guilty when you call out at the last minute. for three state days in a row, how long is this going to go on? parents can't not go to work for days and days and days. some people work by the hour. and they are not salary employees. and then you worry are you going to lose your job because you can't come to work and eventually your boss gets frustrated because they dependent on you, this is a trickle down effect, talk about the children when she says my kids are not okay. think about their self-esteem. the little ones owho aren't learning and not up to speed and the pressure they feel. teachers at school saying you are not up to speed. you have to learn this, and this, and this that adds so much pressure to a little child. and it hurts their self-esteem because they don't feel like they are as smart as another kid might have had an education in
4:08 am
preschool. we just intrid that professor at brown university and she said kids are having suicidal thoughts and feeling gretion. kids didn't go to their proms. they didn't walk on the stage when they graduated. and then they go to college and there they are zooming. they are working remotely. some of them went back home from christmas and still at home for christmas. remember going back to college after you had been with your parents two weeks at christmas. you couldn't wait to get back. you love your family but you are on your own now and they want to go back. they can't do that it's affecting everyone across the board. >> brian: one of my daughter's first week at school in college is in her room. she is supposed to go back on sunday. i hope she does. this is day one home. plethora of homework. so it looks like the professors are trying to make things normal. what happens is when a kid needs a routine. they might complain about the routine and might complain about getting on the bus and homework. they need a routine. you can't count on anything. that screws a kid up. it screws up adults. what i love is ininnovation.
4:09 am
i look at it totally different, i think i speak for everyone here. when if you decide i'm not going to work as opposed to we just don't have the bus drivers or there is too many teachers sick and principals and superintendents that don't let you open to the degree you can, that's different. if you get the virus, and can't work, that's different. we are not talking about that. five days back in action i think is extremely important. i love what new jersey did, announced yesterday if you are retired, we will keep your retirement, we will pay you have. if you can come back to work and help out. i love what arizona is doing. they are saying if you school district is going to trump me and ignore me and close down, then i'm going to give you $7,000 to go to another school that's open. here is arizona governor doug ducey. >> arizona kids are going to stay in their classroom. and we're not going to let the union thugs play chicago-like games in arizona. we want to empower our students, not these systems that have been
4:10 am
hurting our kids. too much focus on masks. not enough focus on math. let's stop talking about the restrictions and start focusing on reading and writing and american civics. let's get the kids together, back in the classroom. the socialization that happens. the spores and athletics along with the academic learning. >> steve: absolutely. governor ducey is right. how many in chicago would love to put their kids in private schools with an extra $7,000 from the governments in their pockets so they can do that? you know, during the pandemic, how many parents have thought, you know what? my school is closed but the catholic school, the parochial school in my town is open. i would love to have school choice. and this pandemic, here we are in 2022 now,en it's opening a lot of eyes. so governor ducey, i don't know exactly how, you know, he wasn't specific about where the money is coming from. but the program is called open
4:11 am
for learning, recovery benefit. and it would fund not only tuition for a private school, but it would also fund child care, school coordinated transportation. and online tutors. it is a brilliant idea, let's see what happens and if it catches across the country. $7,000 the chicago parents would love to have that. in new york each child in public school here that the state spends $40,000 or it might be the city. the number was $40,000 per child. imagine if every parent got that $40,000, they could take their kids away from remote learning, but the put them in one of the private schools, the catholic school or even just teach them at home and use that money as their resources, but $40,000 per child, if parents had the choice to send their kids to different schools, then that would be -- it would just be remarkable if
4:12 am
parents got their hands on that money. $40,000 a child could go to private school here in new york for that amount of money. here in new york people are also concerned about crime. we have this new d.a. here in new york and he is very woke. is he very progressive. he says he is downgrading violent felonies now to misdemeanors. he wants to shorten prison sentences unless it's a serious major crime. he doesn't want to incarcerate individuals. and people are worried. business owners, we ran a bunch of soundbites yesterday from business owners say they have been held up at gunpoint. at knife point, and they have been robbed over and over and over. we talk to people in harlem. we talk to people in chelsey and they're all very concerned about this. jacqui heinrich one of our reporters in washington along with your son peter doocy both have been good about challenging jen psaki in the white house on some of these progressive ideas. she is asking jen psaki about that. watch jen psaki dodge. >> this manhattan district attorney has ordered prosecutors to stop seeking prison sentences
4:13 am
for certain crimes, including resisting arrest. does that give the wrong message to criminals or to police who are having to enforce these laws, the district attorney is not going to prosecute and does this n way undermine the biden administration's efforts doj and federal law enforcement officers to crack down on crime like retail theft. >> you know where we stand on supporting local police officers, local cops. and not defunding the police. and also our concerns. we have about the retail thefts we have seen and the need for leaders in communities to crack down on that. i have not spoken, obviously, with our legal team or, of course, the department of justice about this particular issue. i can see if there is more we can add. i don't have all the details. >> brian: it would be great to gate message from the top saying what i just heard with this d.a. in new york is not going to stand that would put all types of pressure. keep in mind, the reason why he is in this position is because he won an election. and the election he made it clear what he was going to be
4:14 am
like, and he still won. part of the reason he won is because he got a million dollars. a million dollars from george soros' fund. and that's who is doing this that is who is up ending american society in the urban -- by urban environments. that's who is doing this. resisting arrest is now okay. basically armed robbery has been downgraded. this is, to me, we step up and show leadership, not partisan s&p from the white house but it doesn't happen. violence against police officers reach historic highs. one arrested day. steve was joined by new york police officers retired and active. and they weighed in on what this d.a. outlined on monday and what it is going to mean for the city. >> is he a continuation of de blasio. is he de blasio 2.0. different political position and different name, continue the same failed policies. >> it's pick and choose and definition of criminal is
4:15 am
somebody who commits a crime. that's the problem. they are letting them escape from every situation and dumping it on the police department. >> these policies estimate the job of the police commissioner, the mayor and the police officers, the men and women have served their communities, it's made their job much more difficult. actually, what has been done, the cops will have the handcuffs on now. the cops will be handcuffed doing their job. no one is going to feel safe in new york city. >> steve: that's absolutely right. and now, so the d.a. has 500 prosecutors who are looking at his memo that came out monday. they are trying to figure out, okay, who do we prosecute and how does this apply to people who are already in the system. active cases? you know, with the police panel they said new york city is going to be headed back to the terrible record that we had in the 90's with murders and
4:16 am
everything else. so, buckle up, folks, it's going to get rough. speaking of rough. a year ago yesterday you remember what happened at the u.s. capitol. and it was a terrible day for america. yesterday, in the 9:00 hour, the vice president and the president both spoke. they went up to statuary hall where they made a statement which was quite political but nonetheless it did mark the day. interestingly enough though, kamala harris is getting a lot of criticism for some of the things she said. one of the things was apparently they don't have anybody with a history degree on the staff. because she described america as the oldest democracy in the world. apparently she didn't know that greece actually did that in the sixth century when we were not in business. but then when she was talking a little bit about the magnitude
4:17 am
of what happened a year ago yesterday, she likened it to some events where thousands of people lost their lives. here is the vice president, statuary hall yesterday. >> certain dates echo throughout history, december 7th, 1941, september 11th, 2001. and and january 6th, 2021. >> ainsley: people were upset about this. you have 9/11 victims, their family members were upset. people who have gone to war and fought for our country upset including representative or congressman brian mast. he was upset about this. listen to what he said about kamala. >> i think she is just strictly historically ignorant, tactically illiterate. she has no reference point of any of this. when you look at making a comparison like that. there were bad actors on januar.
4:18 am
nobody is going to deny that but the tens of thousands of americans that were there at the capitol to exercise one of their five basic freedoms that america is all about. to assemble, and to petition their government, to compare them to japanese come my causey pilots or saudi arabia suicide pilots, it's so illiterate will and ignorant to make that comparison it's disgusting. brian brian they call it a carve out but it will be blown up forever. one thing i think is pretty clear. we can put together a great montage of 2016 with all the hillary clinton and democratic supporters calling donald trump illegitimate and put together a great montage of saying that joe biden's election is illegitimate. we have to get past questioning election results. check it out. you want to lawyer up. you want to analyze before, but we have to, as a country, accept
4:19 am
election results. because to continue to cause -- tell men and women in office that they are illegitimate does no one any good from john lewis saying the president was illegitimate. now they want to name election reform after him on down to had to be convinced by barack obama to call up donald trump and then donald trump saying to this day he didn't lose the election. that doesn't help the country. and i think we got to get on the same page before 2022. >> ainsley: 2300 people died in pearl harbor. >> brian: go ahead, ainsley. >> ainsley: thank you. 3,000 died on 9/11. 2300 died in pearl harbor. i'm sorry for that one person that was killed at the capitol. it's awful. we don't condone that we don't condone violence or the rioting that happened there it was terrible. >> brian: i know, it's a joke. >> ainsley: two things in history that led us into war. i just don't think there is a
4:20 am
comparison there. >> brian: you are right. >> steve: right. and i was starting to say that nancy pelosi is getting criticized because she invited on that very somber day of marking what had happened one year earlier she invited the cast of hamilton to perform during the ceremony, which was extraordinary. >> brian: the cast wasn't >> steve: having a hard time with the day being commemorated by aaron burp sings to his daughter. lots of news going on on this friday. meanwhile, following breaking news out of kazakhstan. riots turn deadly as dozens, including police are killed. general jack keane coming up next. and one border cop is sounding the alarm on the threat of cartels at the border. why he says this is a fight the united states cannot win. ♪
4:21 am
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brian brian a fox news alert. keep an eye on this. unrest in kazakhstan turning deadly. erupted into antigovernment flying in troops to help put violence down as dozens including police are killed and thousands are arrested. the mass protests are impacted oil production and bitcoin is taking a hit. here to discuss this fox news strategic analyst general jack keane. general, why should we care about this? what concerns do you have about this? >> well, we are always have concerns about instability in the world because it can spread to other areas. clearly, we don't really have an alignment with kazakhstan. they have an alignment with russia. this is a former soviet union
4:26 am
client state that supposedly has now has independence but the truth is, they are running that country, brian, on the old soviet model with an iron fist. while the issue that brought people out on the streets this time has to do with fuel prices, the basic issue they don't have any trust or confidence in this government. i mean, it's the same issue that the people in ukraine were facing when they threw out the russian stooge because of the way he was running the country. and they wanted to move towards the west. it's the same issue that took place in belarus where luke zheng co- >> very unpopular, lost an election. and then the people were driving him out. what did putin do in all of these cases he has brought troops to bear to make certain that he maintains his level of influence and control. that is what has taken place here. >> brian: look, he is not going
4:27 am
to be able to do it for long. everywhere he goes he is putting his hand over holes it's leaking precipitously. i want to talk about iran because i know you do. they have had a couple of attacks, would be attempted attacks on our troops in syria and iraq. they were not successful. what do you take from this? >> well, the iranians here certainly are up to no good whatsoever. they clearly have garnished a great victory in their minds with the united states having pulled out of afghanistan, which is on their eastern border. and we have closed down seven military bases and multiple cia bases, big issue for them. they clearly want us out of iraq. they want us out of syria. they want us generally speaking out of the middle east. they believe the biden administration is of a similar mind. so that is what this pressure is all about. they are going to continue to do this. i think they are eventually going to accelerate the pressure on israel in 2022 here. and i think if there is a place in the world where we are likely
4:28 am
to have some conflict, it's going to be right here with this hardliner iranian group and the perception and this is what is dangerous, is that the united states is weak and it's allies are not going to respond to their aggression. to coincidence that china, russia and iran in 2021 have all increased their aggression in their region. it's just a fact. and i believe it's because of that general perception they are dealing with an administration that is more about appeasement and accommodation than their willingness to confront them. >> brian: you know better than me if we decide not to act it doesn't mean others won't. israel and saudi arabia don't want to see iranians get a nuclear weapon. saudis will get their own, israel has some contingency plans to blow it up before it happens. we have been seeing it over and over again. nato is going to act if we don't do anything in the ukraine, i would think. how does that -- can you game plan that out?
4:29 am
>> well, certainly, this comes down to how we are dealing with the iranians when it comes to the middle east. we have started out in 21 literally with a very weak hand. we did not enforce the trump's maximum pressure campaign on sanctions, the iranians certainly knew that we were easing up on enforcing those sanctions. we clearly didn't take advantage of the fact that iran was rocked after qasem soleimani was killed and we really did have an upper hand want to immediately return to the nuclear deal. we walked away from the abraham accords in the middle east which is the most significant geopolitical shift that's taken place in multiple decades in the middle east. the trump administration deserves some credit for facilitating that plus the arab and israeli leaders obviously deserve a lion share of the credit for it but this administration is not pushing it and what's essential to the abraham accords and that alignment between the arabs and israelis, is that they're
4:30 am
countering iran. they are come together to do it. that is why the united states was backing it so significantly. so we are playing a weak hand in the middle east. in my judgment the iranians will take advantage of that with their proxies, that becomes more dangerous because it leads to conflict. >> brian: general jack keen, thanks so much. we chose to play that weak end. unbelievable. keep an eye on it have a great weekend. a live look in boston as a snow storm strikes in the northeast. janice dean is tracking the system. today, the supreme court will hear oral arguments on president biden's vaccine mandate for large businesses and some healthcare workers. joining us next is missouri's attorney general eric schmidt who will be in front of the high court today to argue that the mandates are unconstitutional, and more.
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
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4:35 am
he joined "fox & friends first" earlier today to defend his position. listen. >> i have taken care of children since the beginning of this pandemic. we have been able to prevent transmission between an infected patient and a healthcare worker or vice versa so i'm actually following the science. >> the supreme court is hearing the argument to determine the constitutionality of the vaccine mandates on healthcare workers. and it was a very close call, dash cam video capturing a wyoming state trooper narrowly missing, actually getting out of the way of an out-of-control suv, the incident happening on icy highway where the trooper was assisting the driver of a separate crash. fortunately he walked away without any injuries. highway patrol is urging all drivers to slow down and use caution as snow and ice hits communities across the country and just fair warning from everyone out in new york and new jersey be careful. back to you, steve. >> absolutely, ashley, thank you
4:36 am
very much. all right, you got to be careful because as we check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast live from alli pond park in queens, new york, j.d., this is the first measurable snowfall of winter of 2022. >> janice: it is and i cannot wait to do my first official snow angel of the season, which will come in the 8:00 hour. i can promise you that. i'm never going to be too old to do snow angels. that's for sure. you know, this storm has overperformed in the new york tri-state area. over 6 inches of snow already on the ground. parts of connecticut over a foot of snow. so, in some cases the snow came 1 to two inches an hour overnight. a lot of this schools are closed in new york, in queens, actually, no, new york city the schools are open. so, of course, different school districts have different rules. my kids are off today. my husband is coming out to alli pond park to take them sledding.
4:37 am
this is one of our favorite parks in the neighborhood. but i will tell you that the snow will end here in new york city in the next hour or so after dumping over 6 inches in some of these areas, a wide swath of 4 to 8. nashville, tennessee 4 inches of snow for you yesterday. and by this afternoon, the system will be offshore. but in some cases we could get over a foot and poke blizzard conditions as the storm bombs out off the coast of maine. i heap people enjoy it stay on the roads. you don't want to get on them right now. the crews have to get tout clear them. hopefully go outside. drink some hot chocolate and we will be doing some sledding in my neighborhood in the next couple of hours. ainsley, over to you. >> ainsley: how exciting, thank you so much, janice. well, today the biden administration's push for vaccine mandates will face the critical test in the supreme court. the state of missouri will present oral arguments to the
4:38 am
high the court will claiming the mandate isn't just unconstitutional but will devastate the healthcare workers and the businesses in his state. missouri's attorney general erec smith joins us now with more. good morning to you. louisiana is as well. we will have effort and imisk constitutional show down with the supreme court. the central question of can an agency like this, that's voters, unelected bureaucrats without statutory authority require enforce of the vaccination of tens of millions of americans? the answer to that, of course, is a resounding no. what's really at stake here is not vaccine mandates the individual liberty. the mass firings of healthcare works, it's all on the line today. the impact would be incredibly
4:39 am
significant. rural hospitals in missouri that would close, hospitals close. healthcare worker side on the osha side you have supply chain crisis right now. the trucking industry alone would be devastated by this and only exacerbate those issues. not only no constitutional authority for this. statutory authority for this. it also would have a devastating impact on our labor market and have the mass firings of our healthcare workers. >> ainsley: and they were all heroes in the beginning and some of these facilities might have to close if they have staffing shortages. in the end the patient is the one who is affected. is this osha's job? when i worked in the doctor's office, we were worried osha might come in and overlook things. so we made sure we keep everything sterilized. i remember putting the sharks in the sharks like that. is osha's job to make sure everyone is vaxxed? >> no make sure forklifts beep when they back up not force
4:40 am
evacuation of 100 million americans. if you step back, this is a machine broader question than just the vaccine mandates. what kind of country we are going to be. we have been the freest country infantry in the world. we believe in individual rights and liberties that people can make these decisions. and if this case actually were to move forward, if osha can do, if cms can do this, there is really no limiting principle. do we really want a country where an unelected bureaucrat can dictate what people put in their bodies, where people can go, what they put on their face? because it's not just these two agencies at stake. you know, you already see the biden administration signaling climate change being an emergency, and it can k. charge e.p.a. and transportation take da krohnian measures there. this stands for an important proposition making sure administrative agencies can only do what he they're authorized to do. they are clearly not authorized to force the vaccination, again, of tens of millions of americans. >> ainsley: yes or no, based on these justice justin us in the
4:41 am
supreme court, will you prevail. >> we feel confident, we feel like the facts are on our side and the law is on our side. and i still think this is a country where the rule of law will prevail so we're very hopeful. >> ainsley: i know opening arguments or oral arguments are today when we rule out. >> move pretty quickly. january 10th is a looming deadline on the osha side. this is a big case of cops sequence. one of the most killing isn't a significant cases the supreme court has herd administrative public certainly on administrative law. with all the attention, the impact had will have on 100 plus million million americans they will reel rule quickly. >> ainsley: thank you very much mr. attorney general. >> thank you. >> ainsley: you are welcome. chaos at our southern border and one official sounds the alarm about the threat of cartels, "fox & friends weekend" co-host, will, rachel and pete are going to join us next.
4:42 am
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4:46 am
♪ >> this isn't a war. this is isn't something we are going to win. honestly, if we were looking at winning this, we would have to be taking the fight to where the enemy is, which is across the border. there is such an appetite for illicit drugs here in the united states as well as for cheap labor or sex trafficking. and it's something that we know that it gets through. >> steve: that was an arizona public safety official sounding the alarm on our cross border battle with mexican drug cartels. drug seizures on our southern border skyrocketing with arizona state troopers seizing more than 600 pounds as you can see of meth and nearly 40 pounds of fentanyl in one week. i think that's enough to kill everybody in the united states. here with reaction "fox & friends weekend" crew pete, rachel and will. good morning to all of you, good
4:47 am
morning. >> steve: rachel, we heard from that guy not going to win the war. again, is this administration even trying? >> rachel: no. our border patrol is fighting the cartels and the biden administration to try and do something and they are just being told they can't do anything. i think the question of destabilization is really important. we have been talking for a while on this show about how strong the cartels are getting and how bad it's see stabilizing mexico. last weekend when pete and i were hosting with brian. brian had one of the most fascinating interviews i have ever seen on our show with former dea agent who said the chinese government is working with the cartels because they are deliberately trying to destabilize america by sending drugs over and getting our population hooked on drugs. we have record number of drug overdose, we have never seen anything like it. and we have this toxic increase in demand because of two things,
4:48 am
one, we have legalized and normalized marijuana, which is a gateway drug, i don't care what anybody tells you that it's not. and, two, we have locked down our population and our population is depressed. incentivized and not to work. and so we have this skyrocketing demand, this is a very, very dangerous situation. i wish our government would give it as much attention as they gave the so-called insurrection yesterday and all the theater around that i wish they would care about our southern border the same way. >> steve: will, i get what they're doing the situation with migrants. but, when it comes to drugs, and like all that fentanyl and all the meth. i don't get why they don't try to, you know, stop that up. >> will: let -- i wanted to put that problem into context just for a moment, steve, the line that stood out to me in that clip that you played was if we wanted to win that war we would have to take the fight to them. mexico is a narcostate.
4:49 am
mexico trillion dollars economy 10th largest oil producer in the world. huge manufacturing sector. we know that our cars, medlow splice, aerospace manufactured in mexico. the illegal drug trade, cartels some estimates are up to $50 billion a year. 1/20th of mexico's economy. of course, it's the source of all the corruption in that economy. put in context is to look at the size of the problem. if we want to win, this and i think we should try to win this war on drugs and i think we should try to keep this fentanyl and these other poisons from pouring across our border. we will have to think big about a very big problem, steve. it has to start but it doesn't end with securing our southern border. >> steve: absolutely. peter? >> >> peter: that's why building a wall is more than a campaign slogan. actual idea no, i do not stem the tide. instead the biden administration sent a clear signal that we're wide open and these cartels are
4:50 am
like a military i mean they have heavy weapons. they operate with a great deal of sophistication and intimidation. once they know it's open they take advantage of it. we have effectively open air drug dens in america where this has been legalized. so the demand is wide open. it is something this administration is fundamentally not serious about. i think when i was in afghanistan, pakistan, wars, this is not the same thing but when you allow someone a haven to sit there and operate, of course the problem is going to come to you and that's exactly what has happened. >> steve: look as a number of the big cities with woke das. they are not going after drug crimes. they are going after trafficking, possession and stuff like that. you can pretty much have whatever you want. pete, what's happening this weekend? >> pete: well, steve, i mentioned it afghanistan. we have got lieutenant colonel stuart scheller who is speaking out about why he spoke out and going to talk to us on "fox & friends weekend." and then we have got dan
4:51 am
bongino, karol markowicz, the great bill bennett and many more. stick with us this weekend. >> steve: all right. will and rachel and pete, we will be watching. thank you very much. >> we will see you. >> rachel: bi, everybody. >> steve: all right. >> more "fox & friends" coming up in a minute. how you can win 5,000 bucks. stay with us. ♪ oh, it's snowing. ♪ ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th. not only do centrum multigummies taste great. they help support your immune li defenses, too. ♪ because a healthy life. starts with a healthy immune system. with vitamins c and d, and zinc. getting out there has never tasted so good. try centrum multigummies. it's my 4:05 the-show-must-go-on migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes, without worrying if it's too late, or where i am.
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♪ >> ashley: here is quick headlines for you, the ncaa is now recognizing previous covid infection as natural immunity from the virus. the designation coming in protocols released thursday for winter sports saying any player with documented proof of covid infection within the past 90 days will be considered equal to being fully vaccinated. and antonio brown is officially released from the buccaneers. the news follows sunday's outburst in which the pro bowl wide receiver stormed off the field midway through the game. he says he was protesting are to play with an injury. the team says he was cleared to play. back to you guys. >> steve: thanks, ashley. it may be a new year but the fox bet super six app. still giving people an opportunity to win 5,000 bucks in our quiz show game. >> ainsley: all you have to do is to answer conviction questions correctly. >> brian: really?
4:56 am
tom shillue knows that already. why are we reading that to him. fox nation happy hour host he looks exactly like that. look at what tom is wearing today. hi, tom. >> hi, brian. guys i have great questions for you. i put the app. pell put on my phone i'm ready to make predictions i want some competition. i want to tell people to download it and start playing today. question number 1, how many nfl teams will finish the season with at least 12 wins? 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8? >> steve: b what most people have done. >> ainsley: i'm going with c 5. >> brian: i'm going with b, 4. >> tom: way to go. let's see, question number two. which market will finish with the best close today at 4:00. dow, nasdaq, or s&p? >> steve: nasdaq, b. >> ainsley: nasdaq. >> brian: i'm going to go s&p because of my rich business
4:57 am
background. [laughter] >> way to go, brian. okay. which of the following airlines will have the most delayed flights on friday? southwest, united, delta, american airlines, jetblue or spirit? steve i think i'm going to go with delta. >> ainsley: no. that's all i fly. that's all you fly, steve. we can't go with delta. we are going to go with united. >> brian: i'm going with spirit because no one else is. and it doesn't get enough attention. so spirit airlines promise me you will not do a bad job and report to work and make me a winner. >> that's the spirit, brian. >> brian: thank you. >> what will be the outcome of the college football championship. georgia by 5, 10, 11 or more or alabama by 5, 10, 11 or more? >> steve: i'm going to go with b. >> ainsley: i know alabama is a great team. i'm going with georgia 6 to 10 which is what steve did. because my best friend's family
4:58 am
all the kids go there and her husband went there. and i love georgia. >> brian: right. rather than break down the film, it's who does ainsley know, a lot of people do it differently. [laughter] georgia by 5. i think they are due. quarterback is fantastic last weekend. >> everybody said georgia. which of these cities will record the coldest high temperature on saturday? detroit? buffalo, chicago, boston, cleveland, or tie? >> steve: i'm going with detroit. >> ainsley: i'm going with buffalo right up there canadian border. it gets really cold. >> brian: how come tom shillue's segment is longer than jack keane? i'm going with cleveland, e. >> i went with buffalo. last question which of the nfl teams will score the most points on sunday, san francisco, seattle, new england or tie? >> steve: i'm going with tampa bay. they have had quite a week.
4:59 am
>> ainsley: yeah. they really have and they have tom brady. i will go with tampa bay, too. >> brian: i'm going arizona with d. i don't see anybody scoring a lot of points there and tampa needs wide receivers. they already lost one. he also lost his uniform. hey, tom, i really enjoyed our time together, on behalf steve and ainsley, we have to tell you to do this. download the fox bet super 6 app. and enter for your chance to win, tom shillue, it's my turn to thank you so i'm going to thank you. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: all right. tom, stay well. meanwhile, i'm checkings my watch. the final hour of "fox & friends," unless dana perino calls in sick, starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> teachers forcing chicago public schools to cancel class for a third straits day. >> we're not going to let the union thugs play chicago-like games in arizona. >> critics tearing into the new manhattan district attorney. >> continuation of de blasio. de blasio 2.0. >> see people robbing stores,
5:00 am
mom and pop stores. they are going to suffer greatly. >> certain dates echo throughout history, december 7th, septembe. >> so illiterate to make this comparison it's disgusting. >> new arrests in kazakhstan, the country's leader telling forces to fire without warning. >> the united states has very limited leverage over kazakhstan and will have to rely on countries like russia. >> major winter storm is barreling north. >> we have the worst of the storm really happening right now. some places along coastal connecticut and massachusetts over a foot of snow. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> steve: yep, the snow is coming down, and we saw the tops of those picnic tables there at
5:01 am
alley pond park. it looks like 8 or 9 inches of snow already on the ground ainsley and brian. coming up this hour, do you see how much is on top of not only that grill to the right but the picnic tables is three quarters of a foot. coming up this hour are, in some of that nice, fresh, deep snow, janice dean will make the first snow angel of winter 2022. >> ainsley: and we cannot wait for that she is famous for that she does it every year. sometimes out on the fox square but she is so cute. and i know her kids are going to be enjoying the snow today. my daughter is excited about it we are still in school. out there on long island they are not. brian, coming in this morning from long island, how were the roads? >> brian: they weren't nearly as bad as they thought. were able to get through all-wheel drive. it was pretty much you could deal with it the slow down they were doing such a good job with sand trucks that was actually slowing down more traffic.
5:02 am
i have got problems this weekend already because i have the ring doorbell and dawn is already up shoveling. i'm watching her on video shoveling the driveway. i swore this is going to be the year. [sighs] >> brian: i'm home to shovel and once again, she is -- i'm in trouble. i should have called in sick today and shoveled. i would have had a better saturday and sunday. >> steve: why don't you just hire somebody. hire a neighbor kid. >> brian: who is going to get up at 6:00 in the morning and shovel. i don't know. >> steve: make it worth their while. >> brian: actually with the ring doorbell i could get of the video bring back the video and show dawn shoveling. >> ainsley: yes, yes. >> steve: brian, come to think of it, you could have done the shoveling before you went to work. >> brian: really? 2:00 in the morning? i only had 2 inches on the ground. >> steve: so what, it's your wife. >> brian: i know. most of the footage -- ains ains. >> brian: brian came in later.
5:03 am
>> ainsley: brian has been asked to do some shows in the afternoon and fills in all the time no, i'm going to stay on the morning show for my entire career because i don't want to shovel snow. my wife, making her do it. >> brian: ainsley, i told that you will in confidence. how dare you tell the whole country. >> ainsley: i have a solution. give her your entire paycheck. >> brian: it's already direct deposited. as far as i know i'm not getting paid. i never see any money. i never have any money anymore. it just comes in and comes out. steve, kick us off. >> steve: well, good luck dawn kilmeade. today will probably about be about a two advil day given how much snow? massapequa. >> brian: heavy. >> steve: 8:03 here in the east. former biden officials are speaking out about the president's covid policies saying it's time to live with it and not shut down the economy. lauren blanchard is live as covid restrictions are tightening across the nation. and, lauren, this is new.
5:04 am
it's not we're going to beat it it's, you know what? it ain't going away. >> that's exactly right, steve, ainsley, and brian. a group of doctors who helped the administration transition into the white house say the surge in omicron shows there is no getting rid of covid. with that the doctors say the president's strategy needs to change and focus on living with the virus. quote, without a strategic plan for the new normal with enitem nic covid-19, -- trillions wille lost from the economy. and if you are confused with the constantly changing covid rules, mask on, mask off, five days of quarantine or 10, you are not alone. the american medical association says the cdc's guidance is counter productive. quote: the american people should be able to count on the centers for disease control. instead, the new recommendations on quarantine and isolation are not only confusing, but are risking further spread of the virus. today the supreme court will
5:05 am
hear two arguments, one on the president's mandate set to go into effect on monday that requires companies with more than 100 employees to enforce vaccination or testing. and the mandate that requires vaccines for most healthcare workers. >> our objective here is to not punish but to protect people. to save more lives. to make people feel more safe and comfortable in the workplace. >> a decision could come soon if the conservative leaning court rules against the mandates, it could be the latest blow to the administration's strategy, to beat the pandemic. steve, ainsley, brian. >> ainsley: thanks so much, lauren. earlier we were interviewing erec smith, he is the attorney general from missouri, missouri and louisiana are going to the supreme court. they are going to make oral arguments today representing both of those states because they are against these vaccine mandates for healthcare workers and the vaccine mandates for large businesses that have employees 100 or more. they are taking this to the supreme court. they are in the lower court.
5:06 am
they will issued a stay. so they are hoping that the supreme court overturns that and that they prevail and we will know more in the coming days, he said. he thinks it will be a quick decision because so much rides on this and so many people are affected by this. but his main concern are the healthcare facilities, because they were our heroes. all the people that work there were our heroes during the pandemic. now the facilities if they have to let all these people go because they were not vaccinated they are worried they will have so much of a shortage they have to shut down. result mastly the patient is the one that will be harmed. he says osha should not be in charge of making these decisions. he says osha should make sure that fork lifts beep when they back up, not make sure everyone who works for the federal government and healthcare industry is vaccinated. listen to eric schmidt. >> we're going to have epic and historic constitutional show down with the supreme court with the central question of can an agency like this that is not accountable to voters. unelected bureaucrats without
5:07 am
statutory authority require and force the vaccination of tens of millions of americans the answer is resounding no. it's individual liberty. the power of the administrative state and the mass firings of healthcare workers. >> brian: a couple of things. they have to win. and, by the way, anthony fauci, we can't in this countryman date the vaccine -- president biden, i want everyone to get vaccinated we can't mandate things in this country. now this power mad administration thinks they can tell us what to do. just watch, here combings the booster. then here comes another booster. big story today in the "new york times" about how we got to pull back from booster mania, because now johnson & johnson joins moderna saying the durability might not last a year. might not last a year? two vaccination we're supposed to be done? now after a year, a booster in between. and we are boosting things that are not designed to stop a
5:08 am
variant there might be an approach where we identify the variant before it hits or shores, design something and then give it to us. if you accept these mandates, and these mandates on these vaccines, you talk about a potential slippery slope, we are slipping down the slope now. we are going to be getting a booster a week if this continues and it's unacceptable. i'm off the booster bandwagon. what i think is so important. we have been talking about this. learned three years later, learning to live with the virus. and then when you have six healthcare experts who advise president biden who have to go public because evidently they can't get into the administration and get those knuckle heads to listen to their own people to come out and say you need a new approach to living with the virus. and they talk about a six step plan. everybody has a different thing in this write-up in this column of things we can do. to tell you the truth, i'm not thrilled with the plan. there is nothing really earth
5:09 am
shattering here. but it shows that we need a new approach to though. and the one word that sticks out, steve, humility. you told us in july we were done. and that was something that is clearly a mistake. and that was -- that was their moment on the battle ship when they said the war was won already when the iraq war after the invasion. so now have humility in approaching the fact that what we are doing now is not working. it's not working anywhere in the world. so we have to get ahead of this. and learn, also give the message from the highest office, living with it, not running from it. >> steve: right, exactly. part of living with it is just a realization that they have realized over the last, coming up on three years, that neither the vaccines or when you get it, and you get immunity for a while, it just doesn't last. and that's why they are suggesting that we are going to have to wind up getting shots perhaps the moderna guy said
5:10 am
yesterday we might have to get a shot in the fall. >> brian: for get it we are out. >> steve: it's just one of those things. >> brian: they need emergency session. they need people not invested in the pharmaceutical companies on the side. i want to know if we are now getting these shots and actually making ourselves susceptible to the next variant? are we in a fight with this virus? we are actually the guinea pigs while people are shooting us up and the virus is hitting us this way. we have to take a deep breath and stop with the boosters. >> steve: well, that's your opinion. there are a lot of people in the doctor community though, however, who are saying. >> brian: what community? >> steve: because your community wanes -- the doctor community scientific community. >> brian: they disagree with each other. >> steve: that's why people wind up getting a flu vaccine every year because there is a variant and people want to be protected. what they're talking about now is it looks as if they are
5:11 am
suggesting people over 50 going forward get the booster shot. >> brian: why? what is in the booster? what is can is in the booster? is the booster designed to stop a variant or is the booster designed to fight it off. >> steve: brian, google it. here's the thing. some people are frustrated with the administration because there have been such -- there has been such a lack of tests available. and so joe biden made a speech, you know, give me time, we have got tests coming. over a month ago. >> brian: terrible. >> steve: coming up a month ago. last night they finally signed a contract, the federal government did, and looks as if they are going to start mailing them out in the middle of this month. they still haven't announced a website. we know how great the government does with web sites in the past with obamacare. let's see how this one works. but right now, one of the sticking points is how are they going to get these to people. apparently they are going to use
5:12 am
the postal service. and so right now the white house is negotiating with the four unions that do the postal delivery to see if they will continue their holiday hours, essentially, with a gigantic workload so that they can get half a 'billion tests to the people who need it. >> brian: the ones who aren't fired because they didn't want to get the vaccine. >> ainsley: the postal service has said that they don't want to make everyone get a vaccine. they are saying please give us an exemption because we can't get all the mail out. >> brian: work outdoors. >> ainsley: joe biden has promised to shut down the virus on the campaign trail. now he is saying that americans need to accept the virus as a part of life. they are changing the narrative here, and you do have those six health advisers that were from his transition team now saying we need to call this a new normal. because you cannot eradicate this virus. i don't know why joe biden thought that he could in the very beginning, but you can't. this virus, it keeps changing, there are new variants. but what they are saying is make this a way of life.
5:13 am
let's learn to live with it let's not shut down schools like they are doing in chicago. i woke up this morning to the news this morning that chicago is shutting down again for a third day. you talk to parents in the chicago area. they are so upset about this. not only are their kids not getting the education that they need. also, they are having to stay home with their children. some of them have to go to work. think about calling in sick three days in a row and doing it over and over over the course of a few years. eventually your boss is probably going to be frustrated understanding that you have to stay home with your child but also knowing the job is not being done there as well. so this is a ripple effect. and these parents are really upset. one in particular. she is a professor at the -- at the columbia college in chicago. she has three children and she wrote -- she writes for "the washington post." she wrote an op-ed and it says chicago and its fight with teachers, have exhausted parents like me. and then she says in part: i am a teacher myself and have endured the challenges of remote instruction. like so many parents, i held on
5:14 am
to hope that all of our kids would be okay. but my kids are not okay. the district didn't have to cancel classes this week. but the city and mayor lori lightfoot whose child attends private school decided to play hard ball with the union, canceling school is not sustainable or responsible. it's exhausting. i have realize i have no reserve left for another deployment in the covid war. that's how so many parents feel across the country. >> brian: i would love a leader. >> he would take on his own parties allies and that is teachers unions. he told them gently through jen psaki and others we need you back in school. that's not going to work. i like what marc thiessen wrote about today. he said take a make from ronald reagan. school administration, local officials take a page from reagan and fire anyone who refuses to return. i love what doug ducey is doing, too. he said, listen, if you guys want to defy me and have your -- and not go to school, i'm going to give $7,000 checks to families with kids to go use
5:15 am
that money to get into a private school. here he is. >> arizona kids are going to stay in their classroom and we're not going to let the union thugs play chicago-like games in arizona. we want to empower our students not these systems that have been hurting our kids. too much focus on masks. not enough focus on math. let's stop talking about restrictions. get the kids back together in the classroom. the socialization that happens. the sports and athletics. along with the academic learning. >> steve: great idea, governor doocy. newt gingrich said this is the most creative response yet to the teachers union putting children last. chicago should follow his lead. and so what they're doing is, you know, if the school unions in the state of arizona say, you know what? we are not coming in today, then
5:16 am
every parent who wants $7,000 is going to get it don't know where the money is coming from. could be part of the leftover covid money. it not only applies to private tuition at private school which is fantastic. but child care, school coordinated transportation, and online tutor willing. and ultimately, ainsley, what this does is this is giving for the first time, the parents of arizona school choice. so it's like okay, we're going to give you public money so you can put your child in the school where you feel that they will best be treated. and educated. >> ainsley: i think it's great in new york they spend $40,000 on each child to go to a public school. what if you gave money to patients and they got to use that to go to a private school or catholic school staying home. we are hoping that schooled don't close. i know some here are pushing for that we will have to see.
5:17 am
so far the schools are open here in new york. let's hand it over to ashley strohmier, she has headlines for us. do you want to say something brian, first? >> brian: no. i'm going to keep it to myself and explode in the break. [laughter] >> ainsley: ashley, take it away. >> ashley: good morning. a judge sets bond for convicted sex offender at only $50,000. police say they caught ronald martin assaulting a 14-year-old with autism. a previous judge recommended bond at $1 million but was overruled. austin police officer is calling it unconscionable. >> to get out of jail right now for $5,000 and this person has a long history of sexually assaulting children, on a high risk sex offender. database. >> ashley: austin police no longer have the staff to monitor sex offenders after the city defunded police by a third and cut 150 officer positions.
5:18 am
california police on a manhunt for a couple who dined and dashed and then hit and run. the unidentified pair accused of leaving a restaurant without pay. when the manager came out to confront them ran them over before fleeing the parking lot. fortunately the manager is not suffering any major injuries. the january 6th events slammed as irresponsible push to election narrative. harris taking heat for comparing the riot to the attack at pearl harbor and 9/11. and house speaker nancy pelosi playing actual political theater at a ceremony she played a prerecorded of performance from the cast of hamilton. many on social media calling it cringe and bizarre. have to agree on that. that's your headlines. >> brian: remember john kerry brought over to france after a terror aattack. even is he giggling at this one. james taylor a wonderful singing
5:19 am
voice. coming up straight ahead. covid relief for criminals. new questions over why the convicted boston bomber received a check. multiple, even though he owes victims more than $100 million. geraldo rivera reacts like only he can. and, from invisible head phones to color changing cars, we will show you the top tech gadgets from 2022 live from las vegas where it's not snowing. ♪ mr. roboto ♪ to help block out food particles. so he can enjoy the game. super poligrip.
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5:24 am
and other funds in an inmate trust account. court filings reveal that dzhokhar tsarnaev has only paid $2,000 in restitution. he owes millions. despite owing the victims the 2013 bombing more than 100 million. so why was he given relief funds in the very first place? that's everyone's question this morning. let's bring in fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera to discuss this. >> hi, ainsley. >> ainsley: hi, good morning. we all work hard. these are our tax dollars that are being paid in relief funds that the democrats allow happen under president biden. tom cotton warned us about this in tweets back last march saying if you pass this democratic relief fund, then they are going to give money to convicts. what do you think about it? >> well, they have and it is outrageous. if you have been wondering where your hard earned tax dollars funding covid relief have gone, some of it have gone -- has gone to fund mass murdering terrorists. you know, so they can buy
5:25 am
christmas gifts or a holiday gifts for their relatives. it is really outrageous, ainsley. it is so tone deaf on behalf of the federal government to allow this but a judge has said that inmates who qualify can get covid relief. in this case, tsarnaev, he has been living kind of high on the hog despite the fact that he was for a time facing a triple death penalty. but he has received well over $20,000. he has paid restitution only in the amount of 2,000, 2,000 out of 101 million. and, remember what he did. he and his brother killed three at the boston marathon. they also killed an mit officer in the manhunt later on. but, the larger story, the context is 17 people at the marathon lost limbs in this horrific explosion. this is a really really bad, bad
5:26 am
person. you know, and for the notion that he is spending covid relief dollars and that it is probably legal is infuriating. as is the notion that he is getting these donations from the federal defenders society. from private individuals donating him money. plus the covid relief which really, i think, is the sorest point of all, ainsley. >> ainsley: you know, i'm all for prison reform and making sure people don't spend a life sentence if they have done small little crimes. these progressives have gone so far, geraldo, they want to pay people in prison? they want to pay the boston marathon bomber money? they think he deserves that? and then who are these kooks giving him money. i am reading in articles he got money from dozens of sources not just the public defender's office but people in america indiana, new jersey, maryland. regular payments. isn't that scary? >> it infewer united states is
5:27 am
it what it is, ainsley. one of the phenomenon, most bizarre phenomenon in my long career is how some of these really vicious criminals get their own groupies. they get their own fan clubs. it is a perversion and i think it is a function of a popular culture run amok. but tsarnaev, this is a very, very bad person. he wanted to kill and maim even more than they did. he was sentenced to death. that sentence was overturned because of trial judge errors. but merrick garland to his credit, the attorney general, is seeking to reimpose the death penalty, even if he does not. tsarnaev will face the rest of his life in a super maximum federal penitentiary. but the fact that he can do so with a plush bank account is something that is infuriating and an insult to the victims, ainsley. >> ainsley: i agree. especially when he owes so much money. thank you, geraldo. >> you are welcome.
5:28 am
>> ainsley: we did reach out about a comment covid release payment. we have not yet heard back. it is 27 minutes after the top of the hour. december jobs numbers are due out any moment and some economists are predicting that it could be a late christmas gift for the economy. stuart varney is on deck to crunch the nuns. numbers. ♪ there is nothing wrong with a hard hat and a hammer ♪ the kind of glue that sticks this world together ♪ steel and cradle of the promised land ♪ god bless the working man ♪
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5:33 am
adding just under 200,000 jobs last month. economists were expecting 422,000. but, in the good news department, the unemployment rate has fallen to 3.9%. and we're under 4. that's good. for analysis, let's bring in stuart varney, host of varney and company on fox business, gets started in 28 minutes, stuart, this number is terrible. it's less than half what they were expecting. >> it's a big miss, that's a fact. 199,000 new jobs in december, not a good number at all. and, remember this please, the numbers were accumulated in mid december. and if you think about it, that was before the omicron roared and surged through the economy. this does not reflect the weakness in the community after the omicron surge. it reflects weakness before the surge. in other words, by the time we get the next set of numbers, we will probably see even -- an even worse jobs picture.
5:34 am
because omicron will be factor in the jobs report. the thing to remember about the job market at the moment is it's extremely tight. it's great to be a worker in america today. there are lots of jobs available and wages are rising. but the other side of the coin is simple. inflation. you have got 6% inflation, which is wiping out the wage gains of the average worker in america today. not a great employment situation at this moment, steve. >> steve: no kidding. and, of course, stuart, as you know, before the christmas holiday, the biden administration was quite defensive and essentially said hey, don't worry. joe biden has saved christmas. saying that there were no supply chain issues. i think the white house said 90% of the shelves were filled. well, 10% of the shelves then were not filled and that you know, the supply chain disruption one of the reasons why bed, bath and beyond, which is a great store, is going to wind up closing 37 stores in 19
5:35 am
states because they simply have been unable to get stuff on a lot of shelves. they were reorganizing their company but the supply chain issues made it much worse. >> well, the store closures were announced some time ago. they are part of an overall plan. but the supply chain crisis really hit them hard because right before christmas, they could not restock their shelves. they were one of those companies where you walk in and you see some empty spaces on the shelves there. they are supply chain victims, actually. and, you know, the supply chain isn't improving. we have still got, what, 100 ships floating around off the ports of los angeles. we have still got a chronic worker shortage. we can't deliver good to the stores. we have got a supply chain crisis still in progress. it has not been fixed. >> steve: yeah. meanwhile, you know, as a lot of people -- and we look at the jobs number and it's terrible
5:36 am
and now for people who are thinking about refinancing or buying a new home, the mortgage rate has gone up. as of yesterday it was 3.22. this is the highest it's been in two years, right? >> yes, it is. and this really hits hard at first time home buyers. the proportion of first time home buyers, the overall market is really way down there. only about a quarter of the buyers of homes today are first-time buyers. that's very unusual. simply put, they have been priced out of the market. the median price of a sold home at the end of last year was $404,000. that's about 20% higher than it was at the beginning of last year. that prices first time buyers out of the market. and with mortgage rates rising to 3.25% roughly speaking, that raises your monthly costs, that
5:37 am
puts more and more people out of the market. rising interest rates are the big problem today in america. and that's because of rising inbeflation, which is perhaps the biggest problem facing all of us. >> steve: you know, and these numbers are facing joe biden and the administration because this is a midterm election year and he would not like to lose the house and the senate, buff they are on track to, it looks like, because, when you look at the number of jobs, the inflation, whether it's store closures or what we were just talking about right here, with home mortgages, the rates going up, that impacts people in their wallet and they don't like that. >> you can see it every day. inflation is something which you can actually see. i don't want to go off on a tangent, steve, but you remember those rotisserie chickens that you could buy in a supermarket. >> steve: yes. >> about six months, nine months ago i could buy it for 5.99.
5:38 am
what a bargain. do you know what it is today? 8.99. that's inflation you can see, you can feel and you know it's not doing you any good. a small example but can you stretch that across the whole raft of things that we have to buy whether it's eggs or cheese or pay the rent or electricity bill it's all going up. we feel it, we see it. and it's not going to do the president much good. >> steve: listen, i'm sorry you have to eat so many rotisserie chickens, i will send you another copy of my wife kathy's cookbook, all right, stuart? >> thank you. >> steve: watch stuart, he is coming up in 22 minutes over on fox business. thank you, sir. meanwhile, moving on. china is less than a month away from hosting the olympics and calls are growing for a boycott of the games. w.h.o. world health organization adviser jamie mess zelle is demanding accountability over that country's human rights abuses he joins us next.
5:39 am
and janice dean out in the cold where it's snowing about to make a snow angel. ♪ t it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? introducing the all-new gillettelabs with exfoliating bar. it combines shaving and gentle exfoliation into one efficient stroke, for a shave as quick and easy as washing your face. ♪ ♪
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♪ brian brian glad you're back. hope you are dressed. with less than a month until the olympics kick off in beijing, calls for a boycott of the 2022 games are growing louder than ever. the w.h.o. adviser you know him well jamie metzl address the human rights abuses in the broadcast. nbc sports what are you requesting to do to be sure that beijing 2022 olympics don't become the equivalent of berlin 1936. if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. this isn't a new message jamie metzl as we get closer to the olympics it becomes more of the focus. what do you expect, jamie, will beijing pretend democracy where everybody has the freedom they
5:44 am
deserve. >> i certainly hope that's not the case. look, brian, we all love the olympics and seeing our amazing athletes competing. but we can't allow this to be a 1936 berlin equivalent. we need to be honest about the terrible human rights situation in china. if nbc is going to cover the games, i believe they have an obligation not just to us but to tibet and hong kong to be honest about the terrible things that are happening and not just be a pawn in china's national and international propaganda. >> brian: the oppression never stops in tibet in hong kong steam rolled all freedom of speech. what's happening in jing jiang millions in concentration camps having organs harvested put in concentration camps putting together goods, many american goods. you expect at least some journalism to go on there? >> well, it's obviously very difficult. the chinese government is
5:45 am
continuing to do everything possible to suppress free journalism inside of china. but even outside of china. >> brian: it wouldn't stop nbc but if nbc wanted to do a story from the concentration camp with a from the barbwire nothing would stop them, right? >> the chinese government would do everything possible to stop them. they would try to prevent the nbc journalists from going there. and they could even pull the plug on nbc's olympic coverage. what i'm saying is nbc must take those risks. >> brian: true. >> nbc can't just play along. nbc has a news organization has what i believe is a sacred responsibility to tell the real story of china. and that's not just a negative story there are great things happening in china. but if we only tell the positives, if we only have the lead-in to the olympic games, a nice pictures of beijing, and we don't talk about gin jiang,
5:46 am
about tibet and hong kong and many other things that's really wrong. >> brian: they are in the middle of a lockdown. there is only 4,000 dead, really? the people that gave us this world global pandemic only 4,000 dead? thousand there is a major variant spreading through that country. they have literally locked down 1 million people and are not feeding them. they are starving to death in their own apartments. how surprised are you that this is happening? and the desperation these people feel feel being overly locked down in a interpretive country? >> i'm not at all surprised. china has been very aggressive with zero covid strategy. again, we need to be honest. there may be some benefits of being aggressive in reducing the spread of this pandemic, but exactly as you said, brian, in xi'an a young woman lost her baby 8 months pregnant because she wasn't admitted to the hospital. that became a big issue. i don't know how many people are
5:47 am
starving to death. the bigger issue, exactly as you said, we don't even know these numbers that china has said under 5,000 dead total from covid are reliable. as a matter of fact, i'm almost certain, i tweeted about this yesterday, that these are lies. and the reason it's important is if the world is looking around at different models, like china and new zealand and elsewhere how do we best address this crisis? if china is fly grantedly lying about mortality rates from this pandemic, men that's harming everybody. and that's something we really need to be concerned about. >> brian: military, the military games were taking place in 2019 in wuhan. the whole place was vacated. they wonder what's going on here. they allowed our athletes and our military people to compete in a virus ridden city. what else are they going to allow to happen so they can get their propaganda games out? this is a real tough one. jamie metzl thanks so much for taking it on. >> my pleasure, brian, any time.
5:48 am
>> brian: other big story snow storm strikes the northeast. let's check in with meteorologist janice dean for the fox weather forecast where she promises to do something usually children thrive. in she does it better. >> janice: thank you, brian. i always said if i live to be 100 years old i'm still going to do a snow angel if there is a snow fall where i live. we're going to do it. first of all, talk about the forecast. this system over performed. i mean, we are talking about areas of snow 6 to 12 inches along the coast. it started overnight last night. the d.c. area got several inches. and then here in queens, i would say we have gotten 4 to 6 inches of snow. i have seen snow total in excess of 10 inches. we have the big, fluffy snowflakes so it accumulates quickly. it's not the real good snow packing snow but it is good for snow angels. the storm itself is going to be offshore by this afternoon. we are really starting to taper off in new york and then parts of coastal connecticut, massachusetts, rhode island, maine, you will certainly see the potential for a blizzard as
5:49 am
this storm winds up off the shore. we call it bomb bow genesis, it drops many millibars in a very short period of time so it will be a very strong storm. but the good news is it's going to be offshore. it's going to be cold, too. so the snow is going to stay. we are going to do some sledding today. a lot of kids here in the area have the day off. my kids are coming out after this. so let's do our first official snow angel of 2022. are you ready? i have been doing this for almost 52 years now so here we go. woo. and the problem is trying to get up after this. >> brian: right. that's the problem. that's why you have children. that's what they are there for, to help mom make an angel. there you go. [cheers] >> brian: when she walks to work she has the halo on. we hope she survives. still ahead on our show.
5:50 am
bye, janice. gadgets on display in las vegas. the tech event in the world. i want to check in with a woman who single-handedly will shovel all of new york city if she must, dana perino. >> dana: janice dean is perhaps the most adorable weather person of the day. we have to hand it that to her. thanks, brian. a big day at the supreme court for president biden's vaccine mandates. what do we know about how the court is likely to rule? andy mccarthy is ready to go at the top of the show. newt gingrich will analyze the federal voting rights team law. the democracy hangs in the balance if that doesn't pass. did a juror potentially sabotage the guilty verdict in the case against ghislaine maxwell. team will be here to talk about the job numbers you need to know. that news out at 9:30. we will see you at 9:00. mucinex lasts 12 hours, so i'm good. now move! kim, no! mucinex lasts 3x longer for 12 hours.
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5:55 am
name. it's about showcasing the smaller companies hungry to share their latest innovations. doors open in a couple of hours but i want to show you some cool products that i saw this week. you've heard of nascar racing. now we have drone racing. it's high speed, lots of crashes and unlike other sports the 75 million fan base shows up primarily for their love of technology. another big thing is autonomous tech. i took a ride in a driverless vehicle. it's ready to hit the road right now. bobcat latched onto the theme and showcase and all electric tractor controlled right from your phone, which is kind of crazy. think about the applications, what that person can be doing instead of being in the tractor. even a robotic drum set. imagine that playing at your next party, right? finally they shared a virtual tech that surgeons use to model different scenarios and shows how tech is saving lives.
5:56 am
beyond late stage inventions they show how important ces is critical to the community. >> all of our customers are working on the next generation innovative technologies and important we come together and focus on what is important in 2022 and the future. >> we've got one final day. safe to say the future of tech is bright, steve. >> thank you so much, kelly. more "fox & friends" coming up.
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>> we have to start our weekend. it's a beautiful sunset or sunrise. thanks, steve and ainsley for appearing with me. >> dana: fox news alert on the economy. december jobs report coming in far below expectations. president biden will speak about it in our next hour. good morning. i'm dana perino. bill is off. good morning, trace. >> trace: good morning, i'm trace gallagher. this is "america's newsroom." let's look at the numbers. the u.s. added 199,000 jobs last month. about half of what analysts were projecting. unemployment falls to 3.9%. >> dana: inflation continues to outpace wage growth as employers struggle to fill a record number of job openings. let's go to the white house where jackie heinrich


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