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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 6, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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flights because there is weaker demand right now. >> neil: hopefully everything works out, and spirit airlines, the ceo, so some media advice if you want to take it in the middle of all of this. ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone, i am dana perino along with greg gutfeld, jesse watters, dagen mcdowell, and harold ford jr., it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ president biden and vice president kamala harris starting the day at statuary hall marking the january 6th attack on the u.s. capital. >> first time in our history president and not just lost an election, he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power.
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as a violent mob reach the capital. the former president who lies about this election and the mob that attacked this capital could not be further away from the core american values. >> dana: after he spoke he took questions from the press where he was asked about the divisive tone of his speech. >> does that he'll? >> the way you heel you have to understand the stem of the wound, you have to say something. that's what great nations do. they face the truth. deal with it. and move on. >> dana: and the vice president comparing what happened a year ago to some of the worst tragedies in american history. >> certain echo throughout history, including dates that instantly remind all who have lived through them where they were and what they were doing. when our democracy came under,
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dates that occupy, not many on our calendar, but a place in our collective memory. december 7th, 1941, september 11th 2001, and januar. >> dana: jesse watters, let me give you first crack at some reactions today on "the five." >> jesse: that was amateur hour with kamala. what a goofball. but january 6th sucked, dana. it sucked. everybody knows it sucked. we watched it, i hated seeing what i saw. it hurt the brand and gave the left and excuse to crack down on trump supporter's, but here is an objective analysis on what had culminated. the populist wing erupted that day. at the trump wing, the populist wing felt disrespected for many,
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many years. and immediately every powerful interest in this country launched a scorched earth campaign against that guy. they went to war with him. the legal leaking of the tax returns, racial hoaxes, illegal targeting, spying, fabricating evidence. vicious stuff, they tried everything. then covid hit and they sued to change the election laws and blasted out millions of ballots like no one has ever seen. then all of a sudden mark zuckerberg drops half a billion with a b to pay for these private election activists to layer on top of the state election officials unprecedented. then big tech spikes the last shot from the surprise, and then it takes nearly a week to count the votes, so republicans genuinely felt cheated and robbed. they cannot prove it in court,
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but they felt after four years of the shenanigans that something was off. who is a culmination of a lot of just nasty skulduggery. here are the facts, dana. fbi has found no evidence that the january 6th attack was the result of an organized plot to overturn the presidential election. no evidence that they were involved in organizing the violence, and no seditious conspiracy or grand scheme, and they are charged with trespassing, which by the way is not even a crime in manhattan good "new york times" with an fbi informant. and still don't have an answer, and so unprotected that day, the fed was fighting us with holding the video evidence of that day. now professor history major would like to share a few things with you guys, because the
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democrats are acting like oh, they have never had a soft spot for a political violence. in 1954, puerto rican nationals, they shot up the house chamber. they injured five members of congress, jimmy carter commuted their ascent. in 1983, american communists bombed the senate. they were targeting republicans, blew up the senate wing on the second floor. who? oh, wait, that was president bill clinton. and the underground on the pentagon. barack obama, guess what, and if i -- it has not been that long, but i think we all remember that it was the harris/biden ticket that bailed out the writers who set the whole country on fire, so i just want make sure everybody knows a little history before they start pointing fingers. >> dana: there was another
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piece, i want to play some sound that the president's team released an early excerpt of the speech, this was the excerpt here is the president saying it out loud. >> at this moment, we must decide what kind of nation are we going to be, are we going to be a nation that accepts political violence as a norm, or are we going to be a nation where we allow partisan election officials to overturn the legally expressed role of the people, or a nation that lives not by the life of the truth, but in the shadow of lies, we cannot allow ourselves to be this kind of nation. the way forward is to recognize the truth and to live by it. >> dana: greg, your thoughts on that question marks before he was supposed to unite the country and we have seen when he turns out to be. he scolded millions of americans
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for what he believed something very bad that they did. he is presuming their guilt. he is assuming they are guilty. that's not what a president should do. he just reversed the presumption of innocence concluding that all of those people were guilty, and he is doing it from the highest office in the land, this is exactly what he did with the border patrol agent. this is exactly what he did with kyle rittenhouse, there is not a citizen in america that he would not bash if it suited him politically without the actual facts or truth. he keeps talking about the truth, but in every one of those instances, they are our allies. what america needs right now is a triple vaccine dose of fair and balanced, because we are being force-fed brainwash from the media in a orgie of self
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deliberation. to targeted the political enemies as jesse pointed out. and as usual, the democrats are working in tandem with the media the same way they did with the hunter biden laptop cover up, the same way they did with russian collusion, the same way they did with the shadow campaign, "time" magazine boasting about that save in the 2020 election, they brag about that, how can you not see this coordinated efforts when you see everybody involved including the cast of "hamilton" for god sake. the question is, why are we, probably the majority of americans letting anyone dictate a phony narrative under the guise of an anniversary unless it is about the anniversary of ashley babbitt's murderer, because that is more valuable than anything people listen to today. and it's easy to commemorate one day, good luck commemorating the riots after george floyd or the riots after jacob lake, or the
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riots after trump was elected in 2016. you have to commemorate every single day. he would run out of candles if you commemorated! but this is easy. it's one day. they are trying to turn it into pearl harbor. they are trying to turn it into 9/11, but you can't commemorate their crimes, because he will realize how little the media and the democrats care about your actual suffering during those riots. so they do this to place the targets of the backs of their political enemies. and they are doing it as a coordinated effort and they want this thing to be permanent. every year we are going to have to do that. i say no, f you. i do not say the actual word. it's dance for forgot, dana pittard >> dana: #neverforget. >> greg: congratulations on the reboot. >> dana: that was a deep
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tease, but stay tuned for that, you will love it. one of the things, harold, because vice president harris is in charge of the legislation they are trying to get through congress, e made a pinch for why that legislation should be passed. this is her here. >> let's be clear, we must pass the voting rights bills that are now for the senate. >> right now in state after state, new laws are being written. not to protect the vote, but to deny it, not only to suppress the vote, but to subvert it. not to protect our democracy. >> dana: harold, in a similar position with build back better, they have two senators, at least two that we know of that are not interested in busting the filibuster to get this done. are they going to set themselves up for failure once again? >> i don't know, i hope that the
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john lewis hack is what is brought to the floor of the house in the senate. let me say just a few words. i watched last year and serve in that capital. at some the people on that floor are still my friends. i don't distinguish them democrat or republican. i watched as i saw those people walking through the capital, those americans who i think were in every which way, i don't know who they might be. greg, you are right that we should not cast blame or guilt until they have a chance to defend themselves. but i had never seen a scene like that. i know the capital. i've taken children and older people in younger people on tours. so it touched me in a different kind of way. i read the things in the paper by karl rove saying, who i don't agree with on a lot of political issues, but one thing is that i love my country. you talk about, jesse, rightly some of the things that you disagree with that some presidents have done, but i remind all of us that the adams
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jefferson race, they won. imagine an effort to do on january 6, or even the race where jackson lost to adams, and george w. bush when you beat -- i would never forget watching on that floor and watching al gore say i lost the race and asking congresswoman waters not to challenge it. we should not wash it over. and i think we separate some of the things that you guys have raised. but there was an effort to subvert the two most important things which is to declare war and confer an election on the new president, which is the way that we peacefully transfer power. i hope one day we can forget this day, but i don't think we have gotten there. >> dana: there were a lot of people that were injured, you can watch the coverage with your own eyes, we have seen it, and i will give you the last word today on the a block.
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>> dagen: i don't know if biden and company are the smart, but it seems to be the speeches by kamala harris and biden seem to be strategic. the only chance that they have a pertaining the white house is if donald trump runs again. biden did not win in 2020, it was trump that lost for him. so it seems like an effort to goad him into running again and to poke the bear so to speak, because that's their best shot at winning. this is the only issue that the democrats have that they can run on, and that is january 6th. so if donald trump tries to run again, this is the one thing we will talk about over and over again. that if you have a ron desantis running as a nominee with tim scott as his running mate, that pair will win 40 states. and who did joe biden commence today?
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anybody who saw this as a horrible riots and not an insurrection and no threat to democracy is not going to listen to him, and they are not going to believe him. but i would love to see joe biden be this forceful and give at least some small damn for the people who are truly suffering under this man's presidency. because of the leadership or rather lack thereof whether it is giving a damn about the 13 service members who were killed because of his shoddy withdrawal from afghanistan, or all the victims and their families at the democrat run states from coast-to-coast, because criminal justice is about the criminals and not the victims. fentanyl, tens of thousands dead because it is pouring over the wide open border. because of joe biden. so how about showing a little bit of empathy and outrage for all those people hurt because of you, president. >> dana: we have more straight
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♪ ♪ >> dagen: president biden and kamala harris claiming democracy is under attack, a full year after january 6. and music to the ears of liberal news anchors who lapped up every word. speak of the president of the united states delivering an extremely powerful very significant speech. >> it was a rhetorically very
2:20 pm
forceful speech. it's because this may be the strongest speech he has ever given. it was from the heart. >> this was the clearest deception of the big lie we heard from president biden. >> this speech by president biden was really a remarkable one. >> extraordinary remarks at the capital, the most powerful and consequential speech of his presidency today. >> if you think that speech was partisan, then you believe the former president slide. >> dagen: and i wonder what the media will think of this cringeworthy moment. >> we are privileged to have a contribution from one of the great creative talents of our time. lin-manuel miranda. may his beautiful work be an inspiration to us. call your attention to. >> bringing hope for the future, new energy to pace the tasks ahead of us, and a renewed promise of our democracy. ♪♪ do you feel adored by what i
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say to you ♪ ♪ you have my love ♪ ♪ you have your mother's name ♪♪ >> not a parody, very real. greg. >> this is basically christmas at cnn, you know? it's like all their show producers just got subscriptions to barely legal. and you have to remember, they were bragging about their ratings to the after the riots. they weren't expressing outrage, they were expressing excitement to that it was the biggest ratings day ever, because they realize their success is predicated on americans being at each other's throats could we have talked about this, division is what pays for their so-called news division and it helps pay for the form and hoagies, so they have to go all in, because they are in a huge mess. they have multiple anchors accused of sexual harassment. they are two producers accused
2:22 pm
of tv crap that would make john wayne gacy blush, so they have to look at the insurrection or not, but we have not called it an insurrection because no one has been found guilty of it. but i understand why you would be chasing that idea. i go back to the coordination factor with the new republic of "usa today," and the hollywood reporter, they are all doing stories in which the media is interviewing the media, and it tells you that thing that i always say before, if nothing happens in this world unless it happens to the media. they have to be the center of the story, the fearless media with ptsd to look at the trauma, that's why they did not care about the riots are portland, because it was not about them. this is about them and their political heroes. >> dagen: and dana, this is the only story that isn't bad for democrats, so the media has a circle, they just keep pedaling, and it's like who came
2:23 pm
up with the big lie? was it the democrats or the media? they just keep repeating it. >> i agree with the strong speech. obviously put some time into it, and they rehearsed it, and the teleprompter, they added disorganized -- he was not even late to give the speech. we got the two-minute warning just as 9:00 started this morning. when you know that they are ready, basically orchestrating the whole day including lin-manuel miranda for example, i want to say one thing about the suggestion that if you think that that speech was partisan, and then he must believe the lie, that's ridiculous. never believe that, never believe that the election was stolen, never said that. and i can still listen to that speech, but don't just take it from me, when joe biden left statutory hall, he walks out, two reporters are there and they have two questions for him, the first two are about why he gave such a divisive speech.
2:24 pm
so maybe you think those reporters believe the big lie again, i don't know, it's kind of ridiculous. but i want to mention one other thing, something that the reporters are missing and that the answer to making sure this never happens again is right there for the democrats taking, because they have come for it and said, we want to clarify the electoral count act, how it is done. it's called the electoral count reform act, to clarify the language so it is not ambiguous at all so that this can never happen again. mitch mcconnell said we are ready to do it today. president biden could have taken him up on it. we can work out the details and have it done by monday, instead they want to do full sale federalization of voting rights which is obviously not going to pass and is going to hurt them in the long run. >> dagen: instead, harold, they had to shoehorn what looked like lip-synching from part of the cast of hamilton.
2:25 pm
>> yeah, that was a lot. but i do think it's hard for any news organization to legitimately make claims about bias, i think at some point we all practice a little freely. perhaps on today there is probably more resentment around, because it is such a serious one. probably would've been better if the president had not given such -- there were elements of the speech that were a little bit more divisive than need be, but i thought the speech overall was a powerful one and i think that dana is right, you can disagree and i believe that the election was fairly and rightly won by joe biden. but i do hope that one of the things we take away from all of this is one of those lessons we learn just earlier, late last year, rather, when we see the election in new jersey and voters went out and cast their
2:26 pm
ballots for the person they want to represent them as governor. and democrats in farewell, and that's how a democracy and a republic shows politicians the way that you want them to perform, so hopefully we take that lesson from today is much as anything. >> and jesse wrap us up. >> jesse: january 6th is the left july 4th. they can have it and i will celebrate america in the summer with the rest of the normal people. joe biden said rudy giuliani, now, verb, and 9/11. now he is guilty of the same, now, verb, january 6, because what else are they going to talk about? they can't report the real news about inflation and covid closing down schools and opening borders, real news hurts democrats, only fake news helps the party, they have to take the bad guy, because they hero joe is not getting the base fired up. i saw a transcript from a show
2:27 pm
on msnbc for the whole year, they mention donald trump's name over 11,000 times. the only mention joe biden's time a little over 4,000 times. he is not a genie, you can't keep saying trump is going to come out of a lamp, here's the thing, he actually might be to joe biden if the election is held, emerson said he would beat it if it was held today, so keep saying his name, it might hurt you. >> dagen: boom, straight ahead, the media following the lead and blaming the unvaccinated. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: greg hates coldplay, welcome back, everybody, despite the surge and covid cases proving that everybody can get and spread the virus, the media taking their cues from president biden, ramping up the demonization of the unvaccinated even demanding they be punished. >> when you are fighting a war, you need all hands on deck. i don't want to reject those who still have not done the right thing, i will condemn them, i will shame them, i will blame them, so we can't write them off, we can penalize them more and say you have to pay more on a hospital if you are not vaccinated, you can't get life insurance or disability insurance at affordable rates if you are not vaccinated. >> jesse: hurt them, hurt them really badly. >> dagen: does this apply to lung cancer patients who smoke, do they get treatment? do you push them to the back of the line? do you charge them more for their insurance through their
2:33 pm
employer? somebody who is obese, are they going to be at the end of the line for say by bypass surgery, that guy does not look like he is the healthiest. he might want to pump the brakes on the vilifying people and saying that people who did not die need the most life and taking care of themselves might not -- paying more for treatment come paying more for insurance. i will say is someone and unvaccinated, a personal threat to a vaccinated person, said no, i'm vaccinated, i caught covid again and was probably spreading it. >> jesse: harold ford jr. >> harold: i will say three quick things, when you are looking for health insurance and you are re-upping at your company, they sometimes ask if you are a smoker or use drugs, so, these kinds of things, or if you drink heavily, they want to know these things, and that certainly not out of the realm,
2:34 pm
to novak joke of it which probably won't be able to play the australian open in a few weeks, because he is not vaccinated, one of the penalties he will face and i often talk about how this is a challenge in a political threat is with china, i remind every american that mainline china, 86 percent is fully vaccinated versus 62% of america. i don't have all of the answers, but i do wish that people would give vaccinated and i hope we don't have to talk about penalizing people, but it looks like that's where we are. >> jesse: don't you hate it when they ask you on average, how many drinks do you have a week? >> greg: yes, it's so ridiculous, i can't count that high, harold, harold, did you just suggest we should be more like china? it's so unharold. i don't know what to think, we need a special day to commemorate the evil nature of the unvaccinated. every year we talk about how the
2:35 pm
unvaccinated, they are the worst more than the terrace at 9/11, and worse than the japanese at pearl harbor, they are awful sick people, we just need to do it once a year until we finally heal as a nation. what do you guys think? >> jesse: do you like that idea? >> dana: i would point out, the chinese vaccine does not work. so yes, that would also be kind of a problem. one last thing, miriam webster's dictionary, i wish we could have done the story on "the five" before, did you know it changed the definition of what it means to be anti-vax'd to say anyone who is against vaccine mandates. that's not the same thing. the unvaccinated and those who might be against mandates are vilified plenty. >> jesse: i will have to talk to miriam or webster, whoever they are. >> greg: webster's mom. >> jesse: i will give them a stern talking to. ahead, not just chicago, teachers unions are trying to
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: the school shutdown crippling chicago could be spreading to other cities. classes in the windy city, that chicago are closed again today. and unions are trying to go remote in places like san francisco where teachers are planning sick apps as opposed to a poop out, and looking at pressure of not working, which is in the face of the science, look at this. it's because we have seen over and over again is that with the appropriate protocols in place, schools are not major sources of transmission of covid. how many children in a typical year are hospitalized with the
2:41 pm
flu in chicago? it's comparable to what we are seeing with how many eric hospitalized with covid, schools first to open, lasted close, in a city where bars are open, why would schools be closed? >> greg: so true, couldn't we respect the unions more if they told the truth, they just don't want to work in the wintertime, it's cold in car won't start. >> dagen: they don't get respect even for telling the truth, because they are trampling on the children develop mentally, educationally, and i do think we need to stop calling at the unions. it's the teachers. in chicago 73% of the union members voted to go back to remote learning. that's a landslide. and i think that parents across the country are thinking, the people who had not been educating my kids and will be actually hate children, and they don't know science, so maybe i
2:42 pm
want to know who voted to go back to remote, because i'm going to to individually fire that teacher. i don't want that teacher teaching my kids, maybe that's the future. >> greg: harold, i learned remotely from you, what are your thoughts on what are going on with the unions? >> harold: once again children are being penalized for the mistakes and carelessness of adults, i said a few nights ago, they should have been avoided, chicago politicians and the teachers union should've been able to reach an agreement. i'm for full medication. i think that the classrooms need to be safe, but school should not close. it is science and every doctor, doctors that we like, doctors that we don't like, doctors that we agree and disagree with, they agree that kids need to be back in school. chicago leaders, get your kids back in school. >> greg: dana, you and i both the despised children. >> dana: yeah. >> greg: does this make them worse or better in our view?
2:43 pm
>> dana: i think it makes not the kids themselves worse, but their circumstances worths, because some of these, in chicago the parents do not learn until the night before that they had to take care of their kids the next morning, so it's a ripple effect for businesses and the economy, and i really wish that president biden would get on his plane, had to chicago, be there with lori lightfoot, and take some sort of leadership position on it. >> greg: jesse, do we need a special day to commemorate? >> greg: this is never going to end. >> greg: i will suggest a special day for everything. >> jesse: as long as i get the day off i am all for it. you have liberal teachers unions denying children hundreds of thousands of them, mostly minority and education and a democrat spend the whole day talking about donald trump. amazing. amazing. and follow the money, greg. the taxpayers pay the teachers salary, the teachers take some
2:44 pm
of the salary and pay dues to the union. the union take them and donate it to the democrats. and then the democrats take that and give a lot of money into the teachers and covid relief. than the teachers steer the contracts to democrats, but the teachers still aren't teaching. they are getting paid not to teach. greg, this relief bill looks like a money laundering operation for the democratic party, and it will leave you with this. a couple of months ago the former head of the chicago schools was just released after serving a 5-year sentence for taking illegal kickbacks and embezzlement. told you they would take the money and run. >> greg: all right, up next, the white house claims that joe biden is too busy even though he has plenty of time for the beach. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite?
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earn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. ♪ ♪ >> harold: president biden taking some heat from critics, accusing him of spending too much time in his delaware home. press secretary jen psaki getting mocked for what she said about the president's schedule. >> and how the president is not
2:49 pm
a public events today, he has a number of meetings with policy teams and what he is doing behind the scenes. if you are standing here today, which he has always invited is what you guys will say, he would say that we never give them any free time or any time to think. >> harold: dana, you are the one with the most experience to answer a question like this, is this something you would advise mr. jen psaki to say? >> dana: i think that all presidents, from what i can understand, every president with their schedule every day and things i don't have any time to even think as far as doing what they need to do. their days are very scheduled. i do think the president has had many, many days where you think what is he doing? they decide not to do this, so they don't hold the reins when it comes to -- i am thinking though whipping, they don't hold the reins when it comes into driving the new
2:50 pm
cycle, and that's when you get questions like this, well, where is he question mike i'm sure that he is busy. she could've said, don't worry about him, he is busy. >> harold: jesse, as someone who works his tail off, is it right for the president to complain? >> jesse: no coming you never complain when you are president. but i would, probably. [laughs] he has the latest schedule since reagan, but here is the difference, reagan was shot in his first year. the bullet came this close to his heart. and then for the next seven years he went out and delivered some of the most eloquent and inspiring speeches of all time. perfect execution, gave the whole country the chills, and not only that, he was at the ranch horseback riding. he was out chopping wood, i don't see joe biden chopping wood and delaware. he barely plays golf, harold. it's the worst-kept secret in
2:51 pm
washington that biden's firepower? not there. >> harold: greg, your thoughts? >> greg: he does not have time to think, but you need a brain to think. i kid! this is a nonstory. i think all presidents should vacation as much as possible. i think it should be a constant vacation. i think they should be out of the office when you email them and come back, sorry, i am out of the office, whatever. i think we don't need a president, we don't need a government. i have decided to become an anarchist. officially today. >> harold: let me take notes and write that down. what are your thoughts? >> dagen: i think of the president is thinking, it's about what kind of cookies he is going to have with his hot cocoa when he talks and at night. >> harold: on that note, "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪
2:52 pm
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for rich returns. ♪ ♪ >> dana: time now for one more thing. jesse, what do you have in store today? >> jesse: we have a tasting feeding frenzy. begin with the outdated nexium. so, turkey hill has a brand new mystery flavor so here's the deal. you have to taste the ice cream and you scan the qr code here on the top. you submit your answer to whatever it tastes like and if you get it right, whatever the flavor may be, you get free ice cream for life. what do you guys think this taste like? >> >> dagen: blue berry, raspberry swirl. >> harold: i don't have it.
2:57 pm
>> dagen: raspberry. >> jesse: poison berry. >> dana: white chocolate? >> jesse: turkey hill, scan it. >> greg: i'm going to say girls and berry as opposed to boys and berry. >> dana: better than i thought. >> jesse: i'm also on hannity tonight at 9:00. check that out. >> dana: we will see you there. i have a fascinating story to tell you about. there is a man from china when he was young, 4 years old, he was abducted from his village, he was trafficked all across china and at the time he was too young to recall his birth name but he began drawing what he could remember of his home village every day as a kid. and 33 years later, after being inspired by other stories of chinese children being reunited with their families, he drew the map once again and shared the photo on social media. it gained traction and authorities got involved and through a d.n.a. match they
2:58 pm
found his birth mother and there's is the reunion there. when they first talked on the phone she said you have a little scar on your chin and that's how he knew that he had found her. pretty incredible story at 4 years old he could remember that map in his mind and draw it. happy ending there. greg? >> greg: incredible story given it was such an awful drawing. >> greg: anyway, tonight, dagen is joining me. also i have got rob o'neill, matt whitaker and kat timpf is going to be great. let's do this. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great. >> greg: they certainly are. nothing i like better than animals, except when they are playing in the snow. check out this panda disgusting panda rolling around in the snow. ice cold, delicious. then you have a bear tussling in the snow as well. we might even have. fighting the snow. snow makes them aggressive,
2:59 pm
apparently, according to scientists. that's a bison, big snow elephant has that big trunk. >> dana: i like the panda, that's pretty cute. >> greg: should have stuck with the panda. >> dana: all right, harold? >> harold: animals are the down under are more dangerous. check out this giant coconut crab destroying a golf club. look at that he snaps it. >> dana: wow. >> harold: lets them have it these massive creatures are known as robert crabs and you can see why, coconut crabs can weigh more than 8 pounds and measure up to 3.3 feet in length. >> jesse: it depends how they taste. >> dana: who he they don't serve that to dzhokhar very much while he is waiting to get deported.
3:00 pm
dagen? >> dagen: one up your crabs, harold. check out this little the man in oklahoma named simon cures at cs salad atle foods found that guy. $100 gift card terrain yum. >> dana: he didn't freak out about it that is it for us. thanks, everyone. "special report" is up next. >> bret: crabs and frogs, all right. it's thursday. thanks, dana. good evening. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, reflections on a dark day in this country's history. president biden and vice president harris marking one year of the capitol riot on january 6th. president biden blaming predecessor stoking insurrection in his words and stoking a quote web of lies alleging the will of the people prevailed on that day. vice president harris using the moment to urge the passage of the democrats' voting legislation and comparing january 6th, 2021 to 9/11 and


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