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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  January 5, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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thinking about making sure your house is safe in these winter months, please contact your local fire officials and they will always be there to help to make sure they can help prevent something like this from happening. we'll keep an update on all of this and all the news throughout the day. trace, great to be with you today. thank you so much. we have much more to come and i'll see you on "the five" tonight. here is harris in "the faulkner focus". >> harris: how did teachers unions get so much power in our lives? one of america's largest school districts has canceled classes right after the union took a vote to kill in-person learning again. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". nearly 300,000 chicago public school students won't have class today. here is why. 73% of the chicago teachers union voted last night in favor of switching to remote-only learning. they couldn't even get that going in time. the kids are going to school
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for free lunch today. the teachers are at home. teachers refusing to return to the classroom until the omicron surge ends or new safety measures are put in place. but wait, they told us they have a 90% vaccination rate. they told us that remote learning has a negative impact on children's mental health. the science has told us that part. in fact, in this first week of the year, we're seeing more school districts across the nation going backwards to remote learning. the american federal teachers union president tweeted this. we know kids do better in person but the spike is real. we need adequate staff and the safety measures in place including testing, masking, ventilation. there is a lot of stress. now, that's odd because in illinois, for example, schools got billions of federal dollars for all of that. what did they do with the money?
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and president biden is also making that point. >> president biden: i believe schools should remain open. you know, they have what they need because of the american rescue plan we provided the states with $130 billion with a b, billion dollars to specifically keep our students safe and schools open. >> harris: dr. marty makary is in "focus." i want to see the science. let's go to garrett tenney in chicago first. >> as to that federal emergency funding, last year chicago public schools received just over a billion dollars and already it has put $100 million of that towards safety measures. this morning, though, the head of the chicago teachers union said with the current surge of omicron the city is facing, those safety measures don't go far enough. >> right now going into schools
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puts us at risk, put our students and families at risk of contracting the coronavirus. we've been failed by the public health office and teachers the only thing is whether we go into the building. >> the city and health officials say that is fought true and that all of the available data continues to show schools are among the safest places for students. they are not a source of community spread and for teachers fully vaccinated and boosted no risk of being hospitalized due to covid. last night chicago's public health commissioner said right now any decision to close schools is clearly not about trying to do what's best for children. >> in what world would we think to close something essential like in-person education when we have seen the negative effects of that? when our bars remain open.
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no public health leaders in the world at this point think that that makes sense. >> the union has a long list of safety demands which the city is working with them on or trying to work with them on. school and health officials say schools are already safe and they are only doing these negotiations to try to help ease the anxieties that a lot of teachers are having. >> harris: the school is safe enough for our children for free lunch. they're all our children together, but the teachers don't want to go to work today. that makes no sense. garrett, thank you. chicago's teachers making the move despite the cdc guidance that says children actually have less risk in school than they do out in the community. the shutdowns come as the u.s. surgeon general and several children's medical association have declared a national
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emergency or crisis in child and adolescent mental health. the surgeon general actually issued this advisory. the pandemic era's number of deaths, pervasive sense of fear, economic instability and forced physical distancing from loved ones, friend and communities are exacerbated the unprecedented stresses young people already face. dr. marty makary fox news contributor and professor at johns hopkins school of medicine. great to have you in focus today. what is the science behind forcing 300,000 kids back into home learning rather than in the classroom keeping those teachers at home to protect them in chicago? >> i'll tell you not having schools open is basically ignoring a giant problem. that is mental health. mental health is again a forgotten part of general health. also this is affecting poor and
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lower income communities more. the jep down fashion said 31% of parents say the mental health of their child is worse. we've seen a 51% surge in young women coming in with suicide attempts. and i have to credit dr. murphy always interested in this topic in his career. his report that we're in a mental health crisis cites the pandemic at the cause and 25% of kids are depressed and 20% have anxiety. we don't know what the long-term consequences are. this is like the debate we had in public health around smoking. people at the time said it is not bad for your health. decades later we learned about the profound injury to the human body. >> harris: that's part of the science. do they have any to apply when they say the teachers are not safe in the classrooms with our children? >> look, arguing that something is not safe is a perpetual
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argument. it will always be there and when we have rhino virus and flu virus. 10 to 25% of the population will contract a respiratory virus. you can use the excuse you don't want to leave the home because of the pathogens but we have to move on. >> harris: president biden put the omicron surge on the shoulders of americans who are unvaccinated. the president has repeatedly done this despite a rash of breakthrough cases. let's watch. >> president biden: there is no excuse. no excuse for anyone being unvaccinated. this continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. we have to make more progress. for patients who still haven't gotten your kids vaccinated, please get them vaccinated. >> harris: let's pause there. why does he keep saying that? he says the vaccine as i understand it is one of our weapons in all of this. i don't understand why he says
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that an entire pandemic at this point a surge rests on the shoulders of people. >> i think politicians look for groups to blame for problems and this is a group that has been heavily blamed despite a new danish study that shows the transmission among unvaccinated was lower. i wouldn't encourage people to avoid vaccination but in europe people who are unvaccinated largely because they have natural immunity and public health officials recognize that. so to put this all on the unvaccinated is basically part of a blame game and we really should recognize that's not the right lexicon. the more medically precise one is we have the immune and non-immune and high risk and low risk. kids are ultralow risk. >> harris: i want to get back to the white house, too. the press secretary jen psaki was defending some of the choices and policies that we know are failing. particularly the huge delay in getting 500 million home tests sent out to americans.
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>> cases are rising across the country. tests are hard to come by in many places. long lines for them. schools are closing again. we're having to go virtual. a sense among money the country has lost control of the virus. would the white house agree with that? >> we would not. here is why. we're in a very different place than we were a year ago. 200 million people are vaccinated. those are people who are protected. seriously protected from illness and death from the virus. we have also just purchased the largest over the counter purchase of tests in history, 500 million tests. >> harris: quick fact check, doctor. they hadn't signed the contract for that purchase in time to get them out quickly at the early part of january. it will be weeks. the other part of that that doesn't make sense we lead the world now with more than a million cases in one day average and i have the former hhs assistant secretary tell me
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it's probably more like a million half because we can't do the testing we need to. your thoughts. >> look, so the testing thing has been a huge frustration. many of us have been telling the government to prepare for a long time. at this point it is water under the bridge. the omicron wave is going to sweep so quickly across the country. we have strong data that omicron has cross immunity to delta and big data that shows it is replacing delta. those are two very favor a*shl characteristics. it is so frustrating beating on the door order more tests. they missed the boat. they need to change the guidance to stop telling everybody to get tested and shunting so many tests to students, young, healthy students when they are at the ultralowest risk in the entire country. they need to go to nursing homeworkers and those who change the behavior around
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vulnerable populations. >> harris: they haven't learned from the two years we suffered. those are the lessons you taught us. the cdc has updated guidance on isolation. this plays into the testing. it says that people who have recovered from covid and have isolated for at least five days can take a rapid test if they want to but don't have to. when asked why the agency didn't require a negative test for release after a short period the cdc said this. >> what we do know is that the pcr test after infection can be positive for up to 12 weeks. it won't be helpful. the question is why not do an antigen test at five days? we do know some people at five days will be negative and still be able to transmit. the antigen test was not authorized for this purpose and it is not -- information would not be useful regardless of
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what a antigen said said we'll still have to wear your mask. >> harris: you need a secret decoder ring for that. does a pcr test not work? >> don't fall for it. we shouldn't be deliberating which test to use at the end of a quarantine. one test is very insensitive, the other two hyper sensitive. this is a distraction. why are people being quarantined if they're immune and other immune people. it should be limited to those around vulnerable populations. obesity and therapeutics and the issues we need to be talking about. not deliberating which test to use at the end of a quarantine period. >> harris: they don't want to talk about obesity. they were saying get your vaccine some places and you get a free donut. it doesn't go together. dr. makary always grateful to have you in "focus" with the
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facts. political blame game in full effect after hundreds of drivers were stranded along interstate 95. some for more than 24 hours. the cleanup and the search for answers to why this happened and this. >> we saw the inflection point in biden's poll numbers was the debacle in afghanistan. i think that was such a betrayal of basic american values. >> harris: the calendar may have flipped to the new year but the president's poll numbers are staying put. that's dismal for him to say the least as we inch closer to the mid-term elections. joe concha in "focus" next. people with moderate to severe psoriasis, are rethinking the choices they make like the splash they create the entrance they make, the surprises they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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>> you get onto 95 and within 15 minutes we were deadlocked. we were jammed in. cars behind us and around us. >> it is really hard. you are trying to stay warm but you are running out of gas. i have a tractor trailer and i'm running out of gas. >> president >> harris: the horrific day after the winter storm caused a traffic jam in virginia. now the political blame game is beginning. some on social media mocked the wrong man for this. one exclaimed glenn youngkin failed his first test in virginia. another collateral damage between glenn youngkin and the wrath of god. fact, glenn youngkin is not the governor yet. not for another 10 days. on a saturday, january 15th he
8:20 am
becomes governor. right now democrat governor ralph northam tweeted about disaster on tuesday hours after the storm hit and a nightmare already underway. fox weather is in virginia for us along that stretch of road. katie. >> some people who were trapped here yesterday told me they didn't see an official until seven hours into being stuck. we know everyone who was stuck on i-95 yesterday was able to get out and off the highway by 5:00 last night. no one was hurt. it started with the snow on monday leading to six tractor trailer crashes bringing traffic on 95 to a stand still here and leading officials to close down a 50-mile stretch of road. some people trapped overnight in their cars. temperatures dropped to the 20s. i talked to a man stuck there for eight hours.
8:21 am
he told me about people giving food and water to each other. someone gave him a jump and he decided to pay it forward but walking to the next exit where him and a group of people actually had shovels and were digging out the tractor trailers themselves. >> it was a relief. we got this. he was like the main one blocking the other one and then the other one was blocking all the other cars. we knew we had to get them out first before we even had a chance. >> officials here in virginia and the department of transportation facing criticism now over the roads. if they were pre-treated. they said they weren't able to pre-treat a lot of roads before the storm because we had rain before the snow and the rain would have washed the salt away. we expect v-dot to do a review of the incident and we see traffic is moving on 95. crews able to fully reopen the road around 8:30 last night. more problems for drivers.
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route 1 where a lot of drivers were diverted yesterday a lot of gas stations out of gas because they had to help a bunch of people refuel after spending the night in their cars. >> harris: gas is not cheap right now. a little better, not much. thank you. 2022 coming if like an angry beast for president biden. a new survey shows 54% of people disapprove of the president. only 40% approve. the president's continuing plummeting popularity could spell trouble for democrats in the mid-term elections now just months away. more house democrats are jumping ship even before then. 25 of them have announced they are retiring or plan to run for a different office. michigan's brenda lawrence being the latest. the democrats are looking to hold onto to a razor thin majority and republicans are
8:23 am
predicting a red wave. joe concha with us now. talk about the ground game for both of the parties headed into the mid-terms. >> hard to describe the ground game for democrats at this point. i'm not sure they have a bumper sticker to run on. joe biden had a good slogan in 2012. bin laden is dead and gm is alive. i'm not sure that exists now. at this point the president's coattails are non-existent and why you are seeing retirements for people running for other offices on the democratic side. two things, perception and performance. the perception is that president biden can no longer be trusted. a cnn poll. 66% of americans said they doubted whether biden was a leader you could trust. that includes 75% of independents. we look at performance. work ethic. the president's public schedule today. started at 10:10.
8:24 am
the president invites and vice president receive the daily brief. the only item on the schedule that mentions the president directly. i know there are two press briefings going on. that is jen psaki. that's it for the president unless he is doing a lot of private things on the phone. overall the optics are bad. as for overall performance. 72% disapprove of his handling of inflation. polling in the low 30s on handling of the crime and the border. they're on the wrong side of the education argument. unless there are changes in the administration, heads roll and a change of course towards the middle like bill clinton did in 1994 and 1995 they are toast in november. ask any sober democrat. they know it. >> harris: it's interesting because what you are saying is the voters may be going toward the middle but that party is tipping over so far to the left it will fall to the floor. >> it appears that way.
8:25 am
they are steadfast on getting build back better or voting rights legislation which involves blowing up the filibuster. things that are not moderate positions in any way. they seem to stick to their guns at that point. perhaps it takes a spanking in november and afterwards the president because he will have to work with republicans in the house and the senate will go towards the center. get anything done you can before that happens is what it seems now. >> harris: they are making senator joe manchin and senator kyrsten sinema pushing back on build back better, they are making them into -- they shouldn't be the odd people out. it doesn't represent the majority of democrats who vote. what is the endgame? republicans reportedly plan to release their own capitol riot report saying it shows a failure to act on intelligence and how the capitol police were unprepared. it is aimed at discrediting the
8:26 am
forthcoming report from the january 6 committee. congressman jim banks reportedly leading the g.o.p. effort and told fox he wants to expose the democrat's efforts. >> we'll expose the truth along the way that shows that nancy pelosi and democrats were involved in the negligence that led to the disaster that happened a year ago january 6. if we're serious about making sure another january 6 never happens again we need to answer these important questions about the systemic breakdown of security at the top ranks of the capitol police which report to speaker nancy pelosi. >> harris: the capitol police board yesterday released a report highlighting progress and improvements including upgraded equipment for officers. the chief told congress this today. >> in short, a blueprint for
8:27 am
operational planning has been created and put into place for all future significant events. january 6 taught us anything, it is that preparation matters. i'm confident that the u.s. capitol police department has made significant progress addressing the deaf i shall en see's that impacted their response on january 6. while more work remains to be done, the men and women of the capitol police stand ready to fulfill their mission each and every day. >> harris: one year later tomorrow what are americans supposed the take away from what's happening right now? >> oh boy, if we learned anything from the past few years when it comes to public hearings, a lot of hype into the january 6 hearing tomorrow is that the result never quite lives up to the hype going in, right? i'm old enough to remember when james comey testified in 2017 after being fired as f.b.i. director. 20 million people tuned in. or when michael cohen testified. huge hype, 14 million people tune in.
8:28 am
in the end no tangible result. no ball moved forward. here the perception of the january 6 commission is split by party lines. conservatives believe the process is politicized because republicans on the committee are anti-trump and when republican house members jordan and blanks were blocked from the committee. one more point the left is ticked off at merrick garland for being what they described as extremely weak and not charging enough people involved in this riot. throughout tomorrow you will hear a lot of sound bites and twitter will be on fire. by monday i don't know if you'll hear much about it more. sound and fury. i'm not sure what we've learned at this point. one side believes this was an attack on democracy and insurrection and the other side most people condemn the riots, say it was wrong but not an
8:29 am
insurrection or attack on democracy and dug into those positions. >> harris: concha in "focus" today. thank you. right now the president's covid response team is providing an update. they are addressing the omicron surge. cdc director says the variant now accounts for 95% of cases and stressed booster shots significantly decrease severe illness and death and she gave four tips for americans to follow right now. get vaccinated, get boosted as soon as possible if you are not already, wear a mask, stay home when you are sick. take a covid test if you are sick or plan to gather with others. it's five. we'll bring you more as we get it from this briefing that is happening live. gun attacks on police officers have reached what one organization calls historic levels in 2021. fraternal order of police vice
8:30 am
president is in "focus" with grim numbers and what is driving them. plus this. >> google -- excuse me covid testing on google to find the nearest site where you can get a test most often and free. >> harris: critics taking on president biden after his quip to americans desperate to find covid testing included google. omicron surges. ♪♪♪
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and disheartened we all are that we continue to have those in our community who are intent on committing violent acts especially against law enforcement officers. it is unacceptable and we will not tolerate it. >> harris: that's baltimore state's attorney after the ambush shooting of police officer last month. officer holly spent a week on life support before passing away. 346 officers were shot in the line of duty last year. 63 of them died. we have the names of those officers who perished as we always show you on the "focus." that's up by more than a third from last year. there were 103 of those ambush-style attacks last year. that is an increase of 115% over 2020. the national vice president of
8:37 am
the fraternal order of police is here. good to have you in focus. first of all, what do you tell officers who are facing an increasingly dangerous situation if these ambush-style attacks? >> as you know i'm work night shift and i tell my guys every week my guys and gals that you have to watch each other's backs. criminals right now don't care about shooting a police officer. it is not like it used to be that he feared the consequences. they think less and less of shooting at us and less and less of killing us. we have 346 police officers shot in this country last year. that is the highest number recorded since we started tracking this. we had 63 officers die from that gunfire. ambush attacks up 115%. just to put this in perspective that's an officer shot once every 25 hours in this country. i think it is very easy for people to get lost in the
8:38 am
statistics and numbers. these are officers who are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters who swore an oath to protect their community. like sergeant march legal of the bradley police department in illinois murdered in cold blood a few days ago and these monsters stood over her while she begged for her life and they shot her twice in the neck and face. it is disgusting. it needs to stop. >> harris: i just want to step in and add this forgive me. we have that part of the story. remind everybody look at your screen because we have those 63 who perished again. we run it in a ribbon in our big studio here for "the faulkner focus". we do this when we talk about these stories. prosecutors in illinois just as joe was telling us about revealed the tragic last moments of police sergeant who was killed in the line of duty last week. here is actually what she said. pleading with them to just leave. you don't have to do this.
8:39 am
please just go. please don't. please don't. desperately pleading for her life. how do you then convince officers to want to do this job, joe? >> you know, that's the reality of what we're dealing with every single day. this could be the last time that we leave our homes, the last time we say goodbye to our families and what we try to convince people who are even remotely interested in this job. they are extremely hard to find at this point. you have an opportunity to make a difference in your community. you can make your community safer and watch the back of your fellow officers. i think we need to acknowledge something right now. there are a lot of politicians out there and people in the media and citizens who don't think we deserve any kind of respect. you know what? we damn sure earn that respect when we put that uniform on through our blood, sweat and tears and well passed time for the violence against law enforcement to stop and the demonization of it to stop. no one will want to take this
8:40 am
job and we'll continue to see officer murdered at historic rates. >> harris: manhattan's new district attorney is going softer on crime amid all that joe is talking about. alvin bragg has ordered prosecutors to stop seeking prison sentencing and downgrade felony charges in cases including armed robberies and drug dealing. things we know can go south and get violent. "new york post" op-ed warns that people should brace for a lot more crime. i can barely fathom that for some areas of our country, joe. >> you know, harris, what is the definition of insanity? doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. i can't wrap my mind around the stupidity of this individual to put this forward right now. we're seeing historic murder rates in the country the likes we haven't seen since the mid 90s. we're seeing many cities murder
8:41 am
rates highest in recorded history. san francisco is a complete disaster. we have businesses pulling out of there left and right all because we have rogue prosecutors who embraced the resolving door criminal justice system. murds are up 45% in new york and shootings are up 102% and you'll go easy on crime? by the way, one of those crimes he wants to go easy on resisting arrest. we just went over the numbers of how violent criminals have become towards police officers and now you want to let them off with a slap on the wrist for resisting arrest? people, we need to wake up and vote these people out. >> harris: speaking of some of the money that is blown through george soros helped fund that d.a.'s campaign. also in los angeles and san francisco. you mentioned the mess, the dangerous mess that san francisco is right now. that's the kind of money you
8:42 am
have flowing in. that tilts the landscape. i'm curious too, joe, are there a lot of hardened criminals that vote? who do they think the constituents are? >> they continue to embrace this rogue agenda to move further and further to the left. i don't know what it will take for the public to wake up and start voting these folks out. what bothers me the most. the communities most impacted, our black and brown communities are rob evening them of students. they are robbing them of the american dream. it doesn't matter how much money you want the try to pump into a community if people don't feel safe going to school or grocery shopping, there is no progress that will be made. it is about time we start dealing with the real issues in our communities which is crime and stop focusing on all this other nonsense. >> harris: you get the last word in the mic drop. joe, thank you for being in focus. >> thank you for having me. >> harris: as americans are
8:43 am
scrambling to find a covid test with the spread of omicron president biden offers a simple solution. it is getting a big reception. social media users having a field day over what must be the most tone deaf tweet of the young new year. the author vice president kamala harris. jimmy failla on all of it in "focus" next. veteran homeowners, newday wants to help you use your va home loan benefit to get more. more cash, more savings, more peace of mind. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. up to $60,000 or more. veterans are saving an average of $615 every month. with more ways to help more veteran families,
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8:49 am
many were left with blocked toilets. no food and little to no answers and sometimes with no heat on the train. while they were stranded our vice president tweeted this. because of the bipartisan infrastructure law america is moving again. that's what infrastructure is all about, getting people moving. twitter users lit her up. one quote how absolutely tone deaf is the person writing your tweets? another well, since it didn't impact her directly it wasn't important. jimmy failla host of fox across america on fox news radio. sometimes when we talk about the issues with high officials is the criticism fair? jimmie. >> well, there is no adage in comedy you have the read the room. you need to read the road. people stuck on trains and 10,000 people trapped in
8:50 am
airports because of canceled flights around the country and the virginia drivers. this looks terrible. if the day after titanic sunk camera tweeted america is floating again. it is embarrassing. it is, though. i'm convinced at this point that half of the covid deaths are actually kamala voters who died of embarrassment. she is just so incompetent. >> harris: the vice president is losing another aide amid a wave of departures. vincent evans is now leaving. four other aides have left already and another is talked about in terms of its imnens. it is coming, we don't know when. this all coming amid reports that the vice president is a quote unquote soul destroying boss. jimmie. >> this is, i think, what she meant by america is moving is they're moving from her administration to better jobs where there is a better atmosphere. from all the reports we've read
8:51 am
in washington, when it comes an abusive workplace kamala harris is a 9 on a scale of 1 to the ellen degeneres show. apparently she is a monster backstage. if you've ever seen an exodus on this level this soon in a v.p.'s tenure you haven't, it is not common. what they are starting to realize the v.p. gig working in that administration it normally a door opener. i don't know anybody saying kamala harris. nobody wants to be associated with this. it's bad. >> harris: she has lost some high profile people. evans is joining the black caucus. symone sanders was huge for bernie sanders as a senator and she left. so it is interesting what you say. i also question can you catch gaffe-ness? has she caught it from
8:52 am
president biden? >> yes. but the thing is, she kind of had it her whole life and the democrats warned us during their primary she had a problem with authenticity. that's the bigger issue here. she thought writing this tweet about america moving again was going to be a moment of encouragement and she was so wildly out of touch with how americans authentically felt in that moment. highway is frozen, airports are grounded, everybody stuck on a train. we aren't moving, you know? and i just can't emphasize this enough, okay? there is a crisis of competency in this administration. i don't say that because i hate her or her race or her gender. i feel the same way about her that democrats felt about her running for president. she dropped out before the primaries, which is the new year's equivalent of passing out in the tub before the ball
8:53 am
drops. >> harris: a walking bumper sticker you are. biden catching heat for advising people who can't find a covid test to do this. >> president biden: we've stood up federal testing sites all over the country. we're adding more each and every day. google covid test near me, go there, google -- excuse me covid test near me to find out where you can get a test most often and free. >> harris: it looks like he is reading that. jimmie? >> he probably is reading, to be fair. but again in a world where donald trump would have tweeted google testing sites near me. google it would have trended it for six months. jesse waters said that on "the five" yesterday. a double standard here. i don't want to get jesse a
8:54 am
bigger ego, he is right. if donald trump googled -- wrote google it and went on vacation, understand this is a guy who said in 2020 if you remember, he said anybody who present sides over as many deaths as donald trump did doesn't deserve to be president. here he is presiding over more deaths than donald trump has despite three vaccines. he vowed to unite the country. he united it on one fact, joe biden sucks. >> harris: president biden getting called out for mistakenly forgetting the year just four days into it. >> president biden: there are a lot of reasons to be hopeful in 2020. for god sake, please take advantage of what's available. please. >> harris: jimmie quick. >> if you were flying on a plane and you told the flight attendant the year was 2020 they would duct tape you to a chair. instead we let this guy fly the plane. it is horrible. >> harris: you know what?
8:55 am
you don't -- he talks a lot, he is in public. you don't want to come down too hard but these are the people that we entrust our safety to. they have one job to protect the nation. wow. >> in the year 2022. >> harris: what year is it? good to see you. "outnumbered" is next.
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