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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 5, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> todd: we begin with a fox news alert and it is sad state of affairs. chicago public schools cancel class today, teachers refuse to show up for work in person. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro. i'm kevin corke. whopping 73% of the teachers union voting to switch to remote learning late last night. this is happening despite countless pleas from parents and push from city leaders to keep educators in the classroom. >> we will not stand by and
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accept unilateral decision of work stoppage. i'm urging teachers, come to school, teach your kids, your students need you. >> mark mered ith with the latest details. >> good morning, kevin. chicago public schools said it had no choice but to cancel itself after the vote you mentioned from the union not to allow in-person learning. the union says it is choosing to favor virtual learning so teachers can feel safe given the sharp rise in covid-19 cases. the teachers union says as the pandemic continues, we will do everything to ensure our classrooms are healthiest and safest for your children to learn, thrive and grow. lightfoot is furious and says the decision made within the last few hours forces parents to scramble, figure out child care
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and she says remote learning will hurt students in the long run. >> we can't ignore the reality of what we experienced in 2020 and 2021. when remote, our children suffer, there is no disputing that reality. >> kennedy: teachers union is expected to hold a news conference. school districts are charting their own path for deciding how students and staff will return given the rise in omicron in many different places. >> kennedy: parents are suffering tremendously to say nothing of what is happening to kidss, learning is not the same. mark, president biden says he is committed to keeping schools open, this boils down to testing, which is lagging, right? >> absolutely, kevin. the president admits testing needs to increase quickly, he says efforts are underway to do
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that. later this month, the website will be launching. in the meantime, there are options. >> google covid test near me, go there, google -- excuse me, covid test near me on google to find the nearest site where you can get a test most often and free. >> kennedy: white house says next week insurance companies will be required to reimburse citizens for tests. finding the tests can be tougher, especially dc. kevin and todd. >> todd: no question. calvert and connecticut to get mine the other day. todd. >> todd: doesn't make you feel good when advice from the white house is google. morgan ortega say democrats
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weaponize the pandemic and it is coming back to haunt them. >> they made a decision to make covid political and they would run against president trump based on covid. half the country feels this administration doesn't have -- downplay the fear when mike pompeo and i told everybody there was a ton of cred iblt and gave evidence and you had the mask mandate, paper flimsy cloths aren't effective. "new york times" this morning is writing about mental health of children and society. these are things we've been talking about and suddenly the elite woken up to harmful and dangerous effects on our children or society at large. >> kennedy: a new arizona government program will pay $7000 to families to ensure in-person learning. open for learning recovery benefit program will cover cost
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of switching schools, child care or transportation and give access to in-person education if local schools close for even one day due to covid. doug doocy writing, everyone agrees schools should stay hope and kids need to be in the classroom. not backing down on policy advising vaccinated americans to return to normal life if they isolate for five dayss and wear a mask for another five. public health officials and scientists criticizing the agency's decision to not recommend a negative test before emerging from isolation and quarantine. cdc says data shows individuals are less likely to transmit the virus after five days. todd. >> todd: former trump advisor steven miller suing the state of new york for prioritizing nonwhite individuals for specific covid treatments. >> equity means using raw
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societal power to punish people based on skin color, that is what equity is. in conparticular of new york, we are seeing decisions about life and death medical care being made according to race and skin color. >> kennedy: new york department of health instructed healthcare provider to consider race when giving monoclonal antibodies and treatment. that practice represents left's desire for unlimited government power. juror in the maxwell case is speaking out. scotty david using only first and middle name telling the independent "this verdict is for all the victims, those who testified, for those who came forward and those who haven't come forward. i'm glad mackwell has been held accountable."
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maxwell facing 65 year necessary prison, sentencing date has not been set. six after the hour, marine discharged for publicizing about holding leaders accountable. >> kennedy: alex hogan with more from stewart sheller, tell us about it. >> alex: this ex-marine says he wishes he would have toned down his language so people would focus at his message at the time. during his evacuation he slammed his bosses and white house. next day, former marine stewart sheller jr. was relieved of command, but continued posting critical clips and pleaded guilty to six misdemeanor violation, military log, fined $5000 and discharged under honorable condition, lower tier
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than honorable discharge. >> i feel like what i did was the right thing and i will stand by that. nie my life will be dedicated to making sure changes take place. if enough of us believe in one thing, we can change anything. >> alex: republicans are criticizing mayorkis on the delay of report detailing vetting of the 78,000 afghan refugees evacuated by the u.s. iowa senator tweeting, it is more than a month delayed, we need answers and need d.h.s. too cooperate. u.s. evacuated 124,000 people from afghanistan, but still tens of thousands are there as growing crisis as we see the winter temperatures only continual to worsen and food short an continues to increase. >> kennedy: devastating
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situation. alex, thank you. vice president of the united states, kamala harris, on thin ice after declaring america is moving while virginia drivers were stranded for dozens of hours in the middle of a winter storm, todd. >> todd: yeah, that was quite the misstep there. another day, another democrat announcing retirement from the house, the house upon representatives. how much worse could this get? we woke up sean duffy before he go-goes, he joins us next. ♪
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for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> kennedy: 13 after the hour. texas senator ted cruz saying the biden administration a stark warning. if republicans win back the house this year. listen. >> i think there are potentially multiple grounds to consider for impeachment. president biden refusal to enforce the border, his decision to defy federal immigration laws and allow peep toll come unimped in direct -- of the
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constitution. >> kennedy: the republican says he is optimistic about mid-term putting odds of gop winning the house at 90-10. democrat majority of the house hanging in the balance as two more democrats announce they will not seek re-election, bringing the number to 25, number of house democratss not seeking re-election, a huge number. i promised yesterday, todd, it would grow by half dozen, grown by one since then. >> todd: it is growing. sean duffy to kevin's point, how much retirements could you see from house democrats before all is said and done? >> sean: good morning. probably around 15, 18 retirements come our way and important to note what is happening with the retirements. one, you have people running for higher office that will leave no seats. other two categories are
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interesting, whole slew that are leaving because they are ark frayed they will lose their seatss. wisconsin and illinois, they know this ask a tough cycle and they will probably not win. they will leave rather than lose. another interesting point, long-term democrats have saved seats who are leaving and the question is why. minority is not fun, right? minority after republicans take power and treat minority like democrats have treated republicans will not be fun either. the problem, nancy pelosi has run like dictatorship not a majority. it will be a horrible situation for democrats to be the minority. a lot of long-standing democrats are like, i've had enough, i'm out, i will go spend time with my family. >> kennedy: let me pivot, sean, great stuff by the way. you are right, if you mistreat
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people and the power swings back, it is happen to you, as well. get your take on what is happening up in one of the great citiess in america, chicago. public school classes cancelled in chicago after a union vote. your thoughts on what is happening there? >> sean: who is running the ship here? is it teachers union, the mayor, who is in charge? you think the wake up and the union says they will not show up for work. this throws a wrench into the plans of families across chicago. can i go to work today? do i stay home with kids and do zoom? how will my kids continue to learn on zoom and not be in person and social consequences from not socializing with other kids. this is devastating for families in chicago, the bottom line issue the mayor has to step up and start pushing back on unions, teacher unions have too much power, pull it back and
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say, if you don't want to teach, that issin foo, find someone else to educate young people as opposed to letting you you sit home in your pajamas and teach and you get full salary. >> kennedy: you are a parent of nine, what do you do when something like this happens and what are we doing to the kids of america? >> sean: again, this is hard for parents and the parents, some parents don't have choices. both parents work, they are not in high-skilled jobs, they don't have employers who go, take the day off. they could lose their job. if they don't get income, it is hard to pay bills, especially with inflation, pay your rent. you make a good point, what is happening to kids? we've seen depression and isolation. we've tested kids and see they are not advancing like prior
2:18 am
years in school because they have been stuck at home. i think the long-term consequences of at-home learning, we have not seen it yet. we will look back with the pandemic, leaders haven't looked at science, kids are relatively safe from the coronavirus, we put politics ahead of lives and futures of this generation of students. >> todd: china is getting what they want and that is horrible thing on so may be levels. sean duffy, thank you, sir. did you hear about this? this thing is getting me most fired up today. manhattan new da ordering prosecutors not to request jail time for criminals who break the law? what in the world is going on? soft on crime policies aren't just impacting new york, by the
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way, a texas count sepaying the ultimate price as violent suspects are able to walk the streetss free. our next guest's mother was actually killed by a man out on bond for capital murder. that story is more coming right up. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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>> kennedy: we are back with america's crime crisis. listen to this. manhattan's new woke d a will stop prosecuting offensives including resisting arrest. texas' largest county is also reeling, with 150 people killed by suspects out on bond. mary ann, good morning. >> manhattan's new da kicking off his tenure by telling his staff to stop prosecuting certain crimes and downgrade certain felonies.
2:24 am
some say policy changes will not only in and of themselves make us safer, they will free up resources to focus onnent crime. crimes that will not be prosecuted is marijuana, aggravated unlicensed operation, routine traffic offensives nlgs a felony was committed at the same time and resisting arrest and prostitution will no longer be prosecuted. critics being implemented in new york say the policy will do the opposite of stopping crime. >> seems to me that giving a green light is embolding the element to obstruct governmental administration and interfere with arrest. some people just don't belong in society and history has shown us that. >> some other large metropolitan
2:25 am
areas that have ened similar policy have seen crime spiral out of control with smash and grab robberies and many are doing away with strict bail policy n. houston, 113 defendants have beenwith capita out on bond. we were seeing violent habitual offenders being released on no bond or low bond. it is bail reform run amuck. back to you. >> kennedy: thank you. mayorkis with crimestoppers of houston and adrian medinna is joining us, mother was killed in a robbery last year. our thoughts and condolences, adrian. >> ink that you. >> know ro, begin with you, i'm
2:26 am
stunned, i like most americans feel if someone has been arrested or committed a heinous crime, you would think it is difficult to get out on bond. that is not the case in many parts of the great state of texas. >> it is not, it is something we're looking at in 2019. we're talking about violent habitual repeat defendants as matter of practice by local judges and leaders were being released on pr bond, get out of jail free card or low bonds released back into the community and we started sounding the alarm saying this is going to reek havoc on our city. we have innocent people being killed at the hands of 140 defendants released on bonds or
2:27 am
bond forfeiture. we have to sound the alarm. this system is split. their experience is disregarding the crimes that has occurred, their criminal history, what this will mean for victims. it's got to stop. >> kennedy: adrian, welcome to this conversation. this hits close to home. describe for us in brief what happened in your family's circumstance. >> you know, it is unfortunate it happened to grandmother of four. my mother was out to grab breakfast on the morning of september 28th and it was only 10:40 o'clock in the morning and already since early that morning, this person had been targeting people. it just so happened my mother drove past him. went to the bank and she became the target
2:28 am
just by going to the bank. she walked out of mcdonald's with breakfast, didn't get a chance to start her meal and it ended up on the floor. few days later, he ended up in jail, but this wasn't his first offense. he had a capital murder charge against him previously and somebody decided it was a good idea to let him out on bail. for what, to go on and do this to my mother and to my family. >> kennedy: i can feel and hear the pain in your voice and obviously i can tell your family is close knit. again, we are terribly sorry you have suffered this devastating loss for no good reason. i understand the idea of trying to make sure that there is equal treatment under the law. i have to say, ron, there has to be a limit to what we're doing
2:29 am
because innocent victims are suffering, in the last 30 seconds we have left. gl we are seeing negligent social experiment. we have to bring balance back, bring risk assessment back, have judging that care. the role of government first and foremost is protection of citizens and we can strike balance and do what is right. it is incumbent on us to do that. too many innocent people have died and the number will continue to escalate if we don't get ahold what is going on. >> thank you for spending time with us on "fox and friends first," our best to you both in 2022. we did reach out to harris county district attorney kim oge, and judge hillary ushg nger, but did not receive a response. thank you. todd. >> todd: what a shame, kevin. great segment, disgraced
2:30 am
governor andrew cuomo getting off easy in multiple misconduct investigation as big city prosecutors decline to press charges. we had a whole segment on that. janice dean says she is not giving up until justice is served. plus biden white house playing on the issue that got joe biden elected could come back to haunt his own party. >> we've taken steps to prepare for any contingency and will build on that from here. >> todd: joe concha is on deck, he's in the on-deck circle, in fact. it's my woke-up-like-this migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. don't take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness.
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2:35 am
justice. why do you think the probes were closed? >> i think there were deals made. i thought about this last night, why was it so easy for governor cuomo to resign in august? m tough guy, i'm never going to resign, i didn't do anything wrong. i thought to myself, it is because he cut some deals. he was going to be impeached, no question about that. i think lawmakers said, if you resign, in the new year, we will start dropping these cases so eventually you can run again. >> kennedy: long-term care residence dant covid deaths through january 19th of 2021, actual deathss 12,000. cuomo reported around 8500. here is the real situation. cuomo's lawyer is saying, listen, as we've said, there is no evidence to suggest laws were broken. have you to wonder, janice, if
2:36 am
not laws broken, you lied about the circumstance and this is a public health emergency. i feel for your loss and think unlike a lot of people, i'm frustrated it doesn't seem like anything ever happens. >> there are still investigations into the nursing home massacre, the attorney general here in new york, there is an investigation with that. the f.b.i. is investigating the nursing homes and 5.2 million dollar book deal, i believe is the crime. he covered up the numbers, at least 50% of deaths to sell his $5.2 million book. that is to profit for himself and that is against the law. i do think that there will be charges against him, it just won't be by the new york da's offices, which i will start phone calling today. i believe they made a deal with the devil before he left office and they need to hear from us.
2:37 am
our voices should be heard. >> todd: what was your reaction when you heard this news? >> disappointment, obviously on behalf of the 15,000 loved ones that don't have a voice anymore. disappointment for the brave women that came forward to talk about his disgusting abusive behavior. this is abuse of power, whether talking about nursing homes, his hands on his aides, whether you talk about him using state resources to give out friends and families a covid test and write a book to benefit himself. it is ark bus of power. i believe he is the most corrupt governor in new york state history and we can't let him forget that. >> todd: read janice's new op eshg d out this morning, dropped at 5 a.m. on
2:38 am
the fight continues. we thought it was over, it continues and we appreciate what you are doing. >> thank you, guys. >> kennedy: thank you. 37 after the hour. reporters trying to hold joe biden administration accountable as americans lose faith in the white house response to covid-19. >> there is a sense that the country lost control of the virus, would the white house agree with that? >> we would not. we're in a different place than we were a year ago. we have taken steps to prepare and are working to implement and build on that from here. >> kennedy: joe concha joins us. what does it tell you that the mainstream media used to prop up this president asked a question like that? >> it is 42-0 rule f. your team is down 42-0, if you are reporting on that game and
2:39 am
rooting for the team with the zero part, you can't spin that. the reporter challenges jen psaki on preparedness of this administration, it is impossible to spin it any other way when you see lines stretching for miles when you hear story after story of people, they can't get tests or if they have been tested, it is days later and they don't have a result and don't know whether to quarantine, isolate, whether to send kids to school. there are questions from many, many americans to point press has to do its job in this point. either way, the president broke one rule you can as politician underpromise, overdeliver, he underpromised and overdelivered. new poll finds solid majority of americans disark prove of this president's handling of the virus. he came into office with 70%
2:40 am
approval on this issue. that is where we are at this point. we're seeing records being shattered as far as most cases in the world, 1 million per dame and that is probably undercounted because people can't get tests. his credibility is shot. cnn 66% of americans doubted whether biden was "a leader you could trust," including 3-4 americans. once you lose the trusts of the american people, particularly in isz kroo, hard to get that back, todd? >> todd: common refrain, i don't know what to believe when it comes to covid, that is mixed messaging from white house, administration that promised to end covid and be better than the last guy, that ain't working out. joe, speaking of messages, favorite vp sending tone deaf tweet about american infrastructure with hundreds stranded on i-95.
2:41 am
here is the tweet. have you seen the images of the trucks stuck in snow. america is moving again. literally nobody in virginia was moving. that is what infrastructure is about, getting people moving. got a minute left. we talk about the dc bubble kamala harris is in. is she in a bubble without access to information about what real americans are going through? >> joe: she doesn't have access to her own twitter account. president biden and vice president kamala harris don't write their own tweets, but they are in charge. whatever intern or low-level person is writing these things needs to be removed, no one gets fired or reprimanded it appears. it goes back to comical tone deaf messaging we are seeing from this white house. amazing what we saw unfold in virginia in this case.
2:42 am
2016, senator tim cain was in his car for nearly 27 hours. motoristss saying they didn't see officers for 16 hours while they were stranded. fortunately, no deaths in virginia, this storm killed five, including three in neighboring maryland and most advanced country in the world in 2022, you think we would be better prepared for snow. the governor, ralph northam, he was caught flat-fooded here and we should not see images like that in places where it does snow from time to time, you saw "die hard 2," bruce willis, that is virginia. >> todd: it happens, i would love to hear tim cain's reaction, i don't think we'll be able to get him on the show. joe concha is here everyday. kevin, over to you. >> kennedy: thank you.
2:43 am
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>> kennedy: it's busy wednesday on "fox and friends." senator rand paul is here and he will react to the decision to keep kids out of class. and migrants being flown into pennsylvania in the middle of the night. and running for u.s. senate in the state and will react. and president biden's beef with the meat industry. she might be the best wing woman. she wanted to make sure her daughter had a nice man in her life. she put up a billboard in time square. back to you guys. kevin, you been killing it,
2:48 am
er. cheryl casone from our sister network with the latest on rand paul saying i'm out of here, cheryl casone. >> cheryl: senator rand paul is fed up with one big tech company. listen to this. >> everybody is complaining about big tech. i decided to do something about it. i said, who is the worst in big tech? it's got to be youtube. >> cheryl: officially off youtube now. paul referenced fact youtube took down a video of a speech he made on the senate floor. youtube is owned by google, which president biden said we should check for covid tests, by the way. interesting. >> kennedy: use the google machine. cheryl casone, travel nightmare not over. >> cheryl: flight-mare continues.
2:49 am
southwest had most cancellations, citing bad weather. and jet blue had a high number on tuesday and airlines are dealing with sick calls due to omicron. 20,000 flights in the u.s. cancelled since christmas eve. looking at 1200 flights in this country cancelled so far and it is 5:48 eastern time. total flights globally 3200 and change. >> kennedy: before we let you go, let me ask about tests you can buy for covid-19. apparently a couple big retailers are saying, jack up the price despite the fact people can barely find them. >> cheryl: they were selling them at cost. walmart and kroger are raising the cost. about $14 for two tests. they had that deal with the biden administration, that deal
2:50 am
expired in mid-december. the test sells for $23.99 at kroger and walmart sells it for $19.98. retailers said we've done our duty, we're going back to business, if you will. can't blame them at this point. >> kennedy: got to get paid. >> todd: cufind the information you need on the internet, no further help needed from the if the government. cheryl casone, we appreciate your time. >> cheryl: back to the man show. >> kennedy: back to the man show. >> todd: president biden approval rating is embarrassing and getting worse, if you can believe it. congressman michael waltz weighs in telling us how republicans plan to capitalize on that. he is next. do you struggle with occasional nerve aches
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>> todd: the majority of the country fed up with president biden with his disapproval hitting a record high of 56%. >> kevin: on the issues 60%. that's right 60% criticize the handling of the economy. more than half of americans 55% say they disprove of the administration's covid response. joining us congressman representative michael waltz. listen, this is one of those circumstances where you just have to say this has been about as bad as i think most people could have imagined, in particular, as far as the economy is concerned because you are talking about the price of gasoline is way up. the cost to heat your home is way up. the cost for food is up. it just seems like this cascade of negative news for this administration and i think that could play a huge role come the midterms. congressman? >> well, i certainly agree with you and just looking back over this last year where you really
2:56 am
saw the inflection point in biden's poll numbers was the withdrawal in afghanistan. betrayal of american values. we never leave fellow americans behind. we don't abandon our allies. we don't let floundering democracies just get run over by terrorists and we don't let terrorists dictate the terms. that completely undercut i'm more competent than trump and the adults are in the room argument. and then, as you said, piling on to that the very basics of governing, the economy and keeping people healthy. with covid and inflation. is why you seeing this free fall in numbers. >> yeah. how much of the dip in numbers do you think is because joe biden campaigned on and promised to end the pandemic, literally his words, not mine. but he has done the exact opposite of that whether it's the disaster in messaging or the shear fact of the matter that we
2:57 am
have a record number of cases right now senilingly every day. >> well, i think that's part of it. but i think, you know, a big part of it in s. in the flip flop and kind of all over the place confusing messaging that is coming out of the administration then just coupled with kind of a lack of common sense. i know i'm a little biased if you look at florida, for example, putting power and decisions in the hands of families, their physicians, their providers and local government officials that think the pandemic is affecting certain areas different than the others. and, you know, people are voting with their feet. and they are moving here in droves because we are using a common sense balanced approach. that's why our economy is on fire. and, yet, our per capita in terms of covid is very reasonable, given where the
2:58 am
pandemic has been. washington, d.c. keeps managing under biden to get in the way, get in the way and get in the way and people have had it. >> kevin: congressman michael waltz joining us as always i appreciate you mentioning the afghanistan and the withdrawal debacle unlike anything the american people have seen. it's been incredible. afghan war veteran mike berry talking about that. incredible with the navy seals being forced out. i would love to get to. that will do we have time to share that before we wrap it up. listen to this. >> why are they kicking out navy seals who should be fighting for our freedoms and fighting to defend this nation i understand stead of fighting for their jobs. it's trampling all over the constitutional rights of our service members. all right. so you hear that trampling on the rights of the servicemen. we have about 30 seconds to go. i wanted to get to you weigh in on that. >> you know, it's a tough one.
2:59 am
we can't have seals piling in to submarines or people into nuclear missile silos. you do have to get all kinds of shots when you go into the military. but, in this case, i think this vaccine is somewhat different. as the judge said, their religious exemption process by the defense department has been theater. has been a rubber stamp. they haven't approved a single one out of thousands, and in this case this is 345 out of several thousand seals who are making legitimate claims. and for and making a legitimate claim for an exemption. i'm glad that the judge is going to let their case be heard. >> kevin: the case should be heard. as always, congressman, we appreciate it. have a great day. >> thanks, guys. >> kevin: we appreciate you. and todd, a tremendous few days together, brother. i really enjoyed it. >> todd: you know, with all due respect to the great adam carolla and that other guy, i think we are the new man show.
3:00 am
>> kevin: the new man show. >> todd: i think we are the new man show. >> kevin: it's within a lot of fun, brother. carley, i'm sure you will have more fun when you get back here. thank you, i appreciate it have great week, todd. >> todd: a pleasurable having you with us. "fox & friends" takes it from here. from mr. corc and mr. piro, have a great day, everybody. >> breaking news, chicago public school classes are officially canceled. >> 73% of the members voting to switch to remote learning. >> critics are saying made overnight cruel for both parents and students. >> manhattan's d.n.a. kicking off tenure telling staff to stop prosecuting certain crimes and downgrade certain felonies the ideas updating testing guidance. >> cdc says should use a rapid test after


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