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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 5, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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day-by-day, week by week, month by month, people from diverse backgrounds are starting to see what the real truth is, maybe about the party they have after the accident allegiance to. don't miss an episode of the laura ingraham angle. freedom matters. >> chicago public schools being forced to cancel class today as teachers refuse to show up for work in person. what are we doing to our kids? you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. i'm todd piro. >> i'm kevin corke in for carley shimkus. teachers voting for remote learning last night. >> we will not stand by and
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accept unilateral decision and stoppage. come to school and teach your kids, your students need you. >> kennedy: mark mered ith is joining us you with the latest. >> good morning. chicago teachers union says their teachers decided not to return to in person teaching. the union says the return to virtual learning is necessary so that teachers can feel safe in their own classrooms given sharp rise in covid cases. chicago teachers union says as the pandemic continues, we will do everything to ensure our classrooms are the safest and healthiest places for children to learn, thrive and grow. this comes down to a fight between the union and city on number of issues, include how to
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make sure students and staff are safe. health screenings, temperature checks that students and teachers have to go through and when remote learning has to kick into effect. the mayor is upset, here is what she had to say late yesterday. >> nobody signs up for being a home schooler at the last minute. we can't forget how disruptive that remote process is to individual parents who have to work and can't afford the luxury of staying home and being with their kids. >> it is unclear if virtual learning will extend beyond today. we are expecting a news conference at 7 a.m. central time. there are a number of districts scrambling to ensure classes can resume, including here in the nation's capital. todd and kevin. >> todd: covid dominating political discussion in dc with
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critics questioning the biden administration response to omicron, what are they doing? >> president is insisting federal government is working to increase testing. he says they are sending tests directly to americans who need them via online portal. he says it is easy to find a test. >> president biden: google covid test near me. covid test near me on google to find the nearest site where you can get a test, most often and free. >> the president doubling down on his calls for people to get vaccinated. he says those vaccinated and boosted remain in better shape against the omicron variant. there are questions about testing going forward and whether or not this will be helpful as businesses and schools try to get back to normal. back to you. >> kennedy: mark, thank you. dr. marty mccarrie says no
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medical reason why teachers would need to stay home. >> at this point, anything at risk of covid is at risk because of their own independent personal decision not to get vaccinated and they haven't had natural immunity. if somebody has immunity, there is nothing to worry about, for people vaccinated, had the infection or people over 65 who are boosted, they are concerned, they should be concerned about a common cold-like illness. we can't close down over common covid concern. >> todd: new program paying $7000 to people to ensure in-person learning, covering cost of switching schools, child care or transportation, will give access to in-person learning. governor doocy says kids need to
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be in the classroom. >> kennedy: cdc advising vaccinated americans to return to normal life if they isolate five days and wear a mask for another five. public health officials and scientists criticizing the decision to not recommend a negative test before emerging from isolation and quarantine. cdc says data shows you are less likely to transmit the virus after five days. todd. >> todd: steven miller suing the state of new york for allegedly prioritizing nonwhite individuals for specific covid treatment. listen. >> equity means using raw societal power to punish people based on skin color, that is what equity is. in the context of new york, we are seeing decisions about life and death medical care being made due to race and skin color.
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>> todd: in december new york department of health instructed providers to consider race when giving monoclonal antibodies. this is unlimited government power. five after the hour. turning to crime crisis. manhattan new woke da will stop prosecuting number of offensives, including resisting arrest. >> kennedy: texas' largest county is reeling with 1 dltd 50 people killed by suspects out on bond. here is the latest on that story, good morning, mary ann. >> the new da kicking off his tenure by telling his staff to stop prosecuting certain crimes and downgrade certain felonies. they say policy changes will not only in and of themselves make us safer, they will free up resources to focus on violent
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crime. some crimes that will no longer be prosecuted include marijuana misdemeanors, unlicensed operation, routine traffic operations and resisting arrest and prostitution no longer will be prosecuted. critics said the soft on crime approach in new york and other major cities say the policy will do the opposite of stopping crime. >> seems to me that giving green light and enbolding the criminal element is to obstruct governmental administration and interfere with arrest. some people don't belong in society and these three have shown us that. >> large metropolitan areas enacted similar policy like chicago, l.a. and san francisco have seen crime spiral out of
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control with smash and grab robbery and car jackings on the rise and doing away with strict bail policy. 113 defendants have been charged with capital murder after being released on bond. statement from houston crimestoppers reveals we were seeing habitual offenders being released on no bond or low bond. it is the epicenter for bail reform run amuck. one victim's son asked if one capital murder case is not enough to keep somebody behind bars, what is? todd, kevin, back to you. >> kennedy: we appreciate you spending time with us this bright and early morning. i'm like most people, i want everybody to be safe and those out there wilding out and making things difficult terror the rest of us to pay the price. if they are not being -- well, for lack of a better description, not being punished,
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i'm not sure what that says about where we are in this city in new york and in particular in this country. what do you say? >> todd: kevin, the primary role of government is to keep people safe. it is also to make people feel safe. and none of this is making the citizens of new york, people who come from new jersey and connecticut, people who travel there as tourists, not making them feel safe. the new da is doing everything to make the criminal feel comfortable. go through these. armed robbery, no, petty larceny now. it is okay. armed robber to your heart's content. convicting criminals with weapons, not a big deal approximate people don't live in that part of the house. you kidding me? new da is focused on making sure we think about the impact of being in jail. let's make sure the criminal is
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okay and i can't believe we're saying this in 2021. who is going to want to go to new york city anymore? i have to go to for work. i will get in and get out. i will not take my family there. i don't want to subject them to any potential harm that could befall them f. i'm doing that, other people will do that and that will hurt the city and tax base and ultimately hurt the people who need that tax base to live. the people who survive in new york city barely on a wing and a prayer, it is a sad state of affairs, kevin. >> kennedy: i live in murray hill, i love new york, it is a dynamic city, everything good and bad, a lot of great things about new york city. i have to admit, what you are describing, is what is driving people to leave the city and go elsewhere. who thinks this is good policy? from a voter perspective, ask yourself, how does this help me if i live in the bronx or
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harlem, if i live in midtown, it doesn't matter where you live if you are not taking care of the safety and security of the people you are charged with doing that for, how do you have a job? it doesn't make sense. i would love to see what the statss say a year from now. predictions don't look safe for new york city. >> todd: and we were promised by this new mayor, eric adams, things would be different compared to the mayor de blasio administration. how will you work with the da and police officers, you can't do it still under me, they will figure this out. will eric adam put his money where his mouth is going forward? i fear your prediction from a year out will not be good, kevin. that is sad. you mentioned people fleeing new york for other places, woke new
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yorkers in palm beach florida warned to stay out of the state in series of fliers. take a look. police tell fox news fliers were stuck to new york licensed cars, the flyer reading, if you are one of those woke people, leave florida, you will be happier elsewhere, as will we. police say the notices are noncriminal matter, but it is unclear who left them. marine discharged for criticizing chaotic exit from afghanistan speaking out about holding leaders accountable. >> alex hogan live in london with more on the latest from stewart sheller. good morning, alex. >> alex: good morning todd and kevin, this ex-marine who spoke out during the afghanistan withdrawal says he still believes in his message issue but he wished he would have toned down his language. he posted videos slamming his bosses and the white house while the very next day former marine
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stewart schiller jr. was relieved of his command, he still continued posting critical clips and ultimately pleaded guilty to six misdemeanor violation of military law, fined $5000 and discharged under honorable conditions, which is lower tier than honorable discharge. >> i feel like what i did was the right thing and i will stand by that. my life will be dedicated to making sure there are changes that take place. if enough of us believe in one thing, we can change anything. >> republicans are criticizing department of homeland security mayorkis on vetting of 78,000 afghan refugees evacuated by the u.s. idaho senator, jim rich tweeting, "it is more than month delay and we need answers and more than anything need dhs to
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cooperate," the usz says it evacuated 124,000 people from afghanistan, still thousands of people who were applying to leave have yet to be be taken out of the country. this is as the dangerous winter approaches and the hunger crisis continues to worsen. todd, kevin. >> kennedy: crazy stuff, so sad what is happening to the people, they deserve better than that. alex hogan, thank you. 14 after the hour now. republicans are hitting back after joe biden passes the buck on the inflation crisis and blames meat packers instead. listen. >> what is alarming to me, you saw joe biden attack capitalism and attack free market. he is attacking america. >> kennedy: attacking america, so says an important pol tigsz. we will talk to a cattle ranch
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sxer we have a big show ahead, sean duffy and congressman joe concha joining us on "fox and friends first." 14 after, don't go away, we're coming right back.
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saying our governor northam is a fool. many wondering why the national guard was not called out. northam remained silent for much of the day tuesday and people remained stuck sending occasional tweets, with vague status updates. at the white house, the vice president kamala harris is under fire for "being tone deaf," she sent out a quote during the virginia crisis saying because of the by partisan infrastructure law, america is moving again, that is what infrastructure is all about, getting people moving. clearly people were not moving on i-95. few things get people angry, that is if you don't get trains to run on time or roads clear. i grew up in colorado, i know how important it is to react to snow react quickly.
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governorss and mayors lose their jobs for things like this, in particular, when there was virtually a blackout for hour upon hour upon hour from the state house, checking twitter and saying where is the governor on this? where is the national guard on this? not just people being stuck on i-95. it is about women and children and pets and individuals of all shapes, sizes, colors, stripes out there freezeing and no one was saying what was happening. devastating circumstance yesterday, todd. >> todd: how does this happen, kevin? this is unconsciousable, i said that multiple times in the first 20 minutes of the show. government is losing sight of its primary focus, keep citizens safe. that is what it is supposed to do and it is losing sight of this everyday. you are in the area and know the roads better than i and how snow
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cripples the dc area, specifically in the virginia area, is this the first time in history of weather we've had rain followed by snow? they complain, we couldn't put a treatment on road because of rain, they seem to solve that problem up in connecticut before. we've had rain followed by snow. i don't understand that explanation combined with the fact the images you are see og your screen, people could have died, kevin. >> kennedy: that is the point. the other thing i don't understand, the lack of communication. we have a problem on i-95, we need tow vehicles or whatever to get this jackknifed truck out of the way and give people an opportunity to get home safely. it was hour upon hour, i watched many feeds and tweets from people stranded.
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unconscionable is the word i would use and it is inexspicable the governor was not out there and that has people in the commonwealth saying good riddance to governor northam. texas senator ted cruz sending the biden administration a stark warning. he says if republicans win back the house this year, here is what might happen. >> i think there are potentially multiple grounds to consider for impeachment. president biden refusal to enforce the border, he is defying immigration laws and allowing people to come unimpeded in direct contro vention under article two of the constitution. >> kennedy: the republican says he is optimistic about the midterm and puts odds of the republicans winning back the house at 90-10. we'll see if that happens, todd.
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take those odds. >> todd: 23 after the hour, the president is beefing with the meat industry. food associations tell joe biden to stop playing chicken with the food system. the administration continues to play the blame game. >> when dominant middle men control so much of the supply chain, they are able to increase proveits at expense of farmers and ranchers who make less for their product and consumers at the grocery store pay more. >> todd: rancher bill bullard joins me live to discuss. thanks for getting up withs us. here is the biden plan, $1 million plan to help the meat industry. $100 million increase and 800 million to grants and loans for smaller facilities. i understand this is complicated industry, a lot of players with competing interest. focus on people like you on the ground doing the work. as someone who knows this
1:25 am
industry as well as use is that the best use of $1 billion in your estimation? >> no, the best use would be to restore competition to the marketplace that has been eliminated because the u.s. regulators did not enforce antitrust laws and allowed four meat packers to control 85% of the market place, giving them tremendous market power to exercise and they are able to exercise that power through globalization. for example, meat packers can source beef from 20 different countrys and pass off as if it were produced by the american rancher. that can happen because consumers are deprived of the opportunity to know the origin of the beef they purchase for their families. without labelss and without consumers initiating demand, no competition in the live cattle industry. to top that off, you have meat packers that have engaged in
1:26 am
buying conduct that eliminates competition in the cattle market. they substituted dynamic price discovery market with forward contracts. >> todd: and i've heard that the infiltration of foreign product is not just something the meat industry is experiencing, it is something people in the fish market have talked about, a situation we need to focus on. help america, buy american. i want your thoughtss, many people that watch us are ranchers and farmers, the ones doing the work, getting up early, hitting farms and fields. what do you fundamentally need from government? >> we need them to enforce the laws that are on the books. sherman act, clayton act, commodity exchange act, acts designed to ensure we have a robustly competitive industry. it has been ignored for decades and as result, the competition
1:27 am
is purged from the system and cattle producers, america's cattle ranchers are suffering as a result. we have complete disconnect between the valley of beef consumers buy in the grocery store and value of cattle that cattle producers receive. price points are moving in opposite direction. beef prices skyrocketing and cattle producers, americans, ranchers are receiving depressed prices in the marketplace. and meat packers destroy profit as result. they are fighting hard to make sure no changes are made. we filed a class action anti-trust lawsuit alleging four largest packers conspired to artificially inflate beef prices consumers pay. this is a serious problem. our industry is in crisis for seven years, at which time we realized disconnect between value of beef and cattle.
1:28 am
government needs to step in and enforce laws on the books and they refused for decades and the system has become so broke that during the pandemic, our grocery store beef shelves ran out of beef. consumers objection not buy, would not buy the protein needed for their families. >> todd: it doesn't help when you have a president who is just realizing cost of meat and how high it is right now. it doesn't bode well, combine with what you said going forward, doesn't bode well for this year and the meat price industry. bill, we appreciate your time. so many viewers like you are putting in the work shame you are not seeing the profit. kevin, over to you. >> kennedy: great conversation, we appreciate that. 28 now after the hour. new sobering stats showing just how much democrats efforts to vilify police have impacted safety of the men and women who wear the badge and keep us safe. we have numbers coming up. and drug overdoses surge nothing
1:29 am
america as illegal substances pour over president biden open southern border. talking to an addiction specialist about the dramatic step one state is taking to try to save lives. don't go away. why do nearly one million businesses choose to mail and ship? no more trips to the post office no more paying full price for postage and great rates from usps and ups mail letters ship packages anytime anywhere for less a lot less get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again
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>> kennedy: welcome back. 346 police officers were shot in the line of duty in 2021, 63 of those were killed. this according to the national fraternal order of police. all this while violent crime reaches historic highs across the country, the number of officers shot up from 312 in 2020 and ambush ark tacks up from 2020 frachlt ternal order of police are pushing congress to pass the protect and serve act.
1:34 am
kevin. >> kennedy: todd, drug overdoses hitting record high in 2021. in louisiana, for example, it has really been awful, the numbers nearly doubled over the past two years. there is a life-saving medication that can reverse overdoses and down in new orleans, health officials are working to get this drug into communities free of charge in an effort to save lives. ceo of addiction and recovery center, dr. joyce bracy joining us to discuss. doctor, before we begin our conversation, i want to share condition text and numbers which frankly tell a devastating story and not simply the ninth ward, not just talking about different parts of the city. we're talking about whether you are in eastover, kenner, i don't care if you are in gonzales, this has been tough for the state. louisiana overdose deaths, you
1:35 am
sigh over a 12-month period more than 2000. i'm just curious, when you see numbers like that, what does it say to you and what are the good folks in new orleans trying to do about it? >> well, those are very horrifying numbers. we're all in this fields, very, very concerned and we've seen a lot happening lately. we are working very hard to get people into treatment and addiction is a relapsing disease that often needs many episodes of treatment. this is not new, addiction is not new, it has always been a problem, it is frightening with the fentanyl poisoning we're seeing. >> kennedy: let me ask you, it is difficult from your vantage point, you are trying to help people. how much do you think the lapse on the southern border is making this particular problem more ark
1:36 am
cute for you folks? >> well, we can't focus on where the drugs are coming from, from my vantage point, i'm here to help people addicted to the drugs. i'd rather see pharmaceutical companies be more responsible and insurance companies who are restricting length of treatment which makes it hard for us to do our job, those are two industries i point to if we're looking for someone to hold accountable. >> kennedy: let me share these, these are predicted overdose deaths in the u.s. in 2021 and people will be shocked to learn 73,000 is the number, we're talking about synthetic and heroin. i'm curious from where you are, is it mostly fentanyl? for a long time heroin was a real devastating problem, as well. >> well, what we're finding is
1:37 am
fentanyl is laced in all sorts of drugs. it can be put in anything. it makes whatever drug you're taking more addictive. it is dangerous and across the board. >> kennedy: i have so much appreciate what you are doing, i love the state of louisiana. i want to see it do better and obviously take care of the people there. you do, dr. joyce bracy, thank you for joining us on "fox and friends first." >> thank you. todd. >> todd: louisiana such a great state. between ever-changing cdc guidance and doubling down on false claims, president biden and his administration have a lot of americans questioning whether anything is about science or all just politics. congressman buddy carter, gives us the facts, next.
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>> good morning, welcome back to "fox and friends first," i'm alex hogan with your international headlines. the white house says the u.s. led coalition in syria has intercepted two rocketss, short-range rockets, believed to be heading toward syrian sites
1:42 am
housing u.s. troops. north korea fired suspected ballistic missile toward the east coast. this comes just days after leader kim jong-un promised to ramp up the country's military powers. nato scheduled a special meeting to deescalate tension at the -- this meeting with russia on friday days before scheduled russian council in brussels next week. the u.s. will hold talks with russia on sunday and monday in geneva. that is a look at international stories on this wednesday morning. todd, back to you. >> todd: all right. thank you very much. president biden continues to division between americans when it comes to the pandemic. take a listen. >> president biden: let me be
1:43 am
absolutely clear, we have in hand all the vaccines we need to get every american fully vaccinated, including the booster shot. this continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. we got to make more progress. >> todd: the president says we got to make more progress. joining us on buddy carter, member of the gop doctor's caucus. congressman, when i look at numbers from monday, it's frankly stunning. let me share for the folks at home. record-breaking covid cases on monday, more than a million, which is incredible and the white house continues to insist it has a handle on things. your perspective as we continue to deal with the covid crisis for lack of a better description, now into the third year. >> buddy: we know joe biden is a record breaker, record number covid cases, record breaking gas
1:44 am
prices and illegal border crossings and as you reported earlier, record-breaking fentanyl overdoses. he is setting records here. confidence people have in joe biden and dr. fauci is all-time low. it is high time tony anthony fauci resign or is fired, people don't have confidence in him. this president, along with vice president kamala harris, they weren't the first to politicize this vaccine. if they want responsibility for politicizing it, they should, they brought it up during the campaign. >> kennedy: yet the president says, we're on our own when it comes to getting tests. take a listen. >> president biden: second on testing. i know this remains frustrating, believe me, it is frustrating to me issue but we're making
1:45 am
improvements. google covid tests near me, go there, google -- excuse me, covid test near me on google. >> todd: what kind of advice is that? telling us to hit the google machine, when we know there are no tests to be found. you see signs, no tests at this or that drug store. what kind of advice is that? >> buddy: not good advice at all. i've called for a federal investigation as to why joe biden refused to order at-home tests for covid testing for americans. this would have helped us during the holiday season in particular to know whether we could go out and join our family members or not, whether we were negative or positive, if you have confidence in the at-home test. a lot of people don't have confidence in them, that is a whole other subject there. a lot to be had as to why he did
1:46 am
not place that order. and now trying to place an order for 500 million. he already announced it, but my understanding he hasn't signed the order yet. it will not do any good to get the test in february, we need them now. in february, this omicron is moving so rapidly, it will be over by then and will do us no good. right now, i think we're on our way to natural immunity, asking the wrong question. joe biden and administration are asking, are you vaccinated, we should be be asking, do you have immunity? that is important. >> kennedy: i love you pointed that out. not enough people are talking about that. buddy carter, thank you for joining us on "fox and friends first." have a great day. >> thank you. >> kennedy: it turns out, when it comess to operating a business during the pandemic,
1:47 am
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>> kennedy: workers are laid off and businesses shut down in san francisco, the economy is booming in texas and showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. russell berry, 2022 chairman of the texas realtors and former salon owner, we do not have erica? i apologize. okay. we do not have her. let's go with russell then. start with the good. we only have erica, we will go with that. erica, obviously a bad situation there in san francisco. you went viral over the blowout of nancy pelosi's blowout. is california doing anything to keep people from fleeing? >> actually, no, there is not many incentives at all. we will take two steps forward and seriously take four steps
1:52 am
back. >> kennedy: got it. got it. 10 years from now, will anyone be saying the american dream runs through california? you know, i mean, the histore caliperspective, go to california to pursue the american dream. 10 years from now, are people saying that? >> probably not. i actually am an example of the american dream. my mom is an immigrant from another country and i'm a first generation american who worked my way through restaurants to build my saknow lo, my american dream. it is gone, taken away from me overnight. from 10 years from now, i don't have any faith in california unless seriously we get rid of some extreme leftist politicians here. >> kennedy: we will bring in russell now, great to have you. how high is demand there for people fleeing blue states trying to buy homes in texas?
1:53 am
>> as far as the housing market, it is out of this world. we can't keep up with the demand. supply is at all-time low. people coming from california, all over the country, to be in this economic boom here that we have in texas and the economy is very strong. >> todd: that said, russell, how big is fear among texas natives that these people coming from blue statess are going to bring blue state policies with them? >> i think that is a real concern. i don't know that we've seen that come to fruition, but people are thinking people are coming and ruining our texas way of life. it is something to be considered, but we have a lot of people moving from florida and louisiana, illinois, kansas, places that keep us grounded. i don't think it will happen any
1:54 am
time soon. people come to texas because of our great economy. it is fear of changing what we have to make it fit into what they have already witnessed. >> todd: erica, what is next for you? >> funny he just said that, talking about california citizens running to red states. i work part time out of nashville and tennessee. i would say 80% of my new clien teleare from california. when we vet each other out everyone says i'm running from california, running away from gavin newsom and a lot of people have lost their livelihood in california and are going to tennessee to rebuild businesses and more than likely i would say 99% will vote republican. >> todd: this is not just a talking point. when you talk to people on the ground, regardless where you
1:55 am
are, they are moving to red states. i live in a blue state and saw the numbers of people trying to get out. not good if you live in these states good, in texas and really good and in the real estate business. russell and erica, thank you, enjoy the rest of your wednesday. kevin, over to you. >> kennedy: todd, good conversation, thank you. it is 55 minutes after the hour. we still have a very big show ahead on "fox and friends first." sean duffy, joe concha and michael waltz all on deck. don't go anywhere, we're coming right back.
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>> todd: we begin with a fox news alert and it is sad state of affairs. chicago public schools cancel class today, teachers refuse to show up for work in person. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro. i'm kevin corke. whopping 73% of the teachers union voting to switch to remote learning late last night. this is happening despite countless pleas from parents and push from city leaders to keep educators in the classroom. >> we will not stand


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