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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  January 4, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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brothers but this is an assortment but she makes the choices. i just put them together. okay. that's it. tomorrow "special report" attorney general merrick garland holds remarks on holding capitol riot rioters. "fox news primetime" hosted by lawrence jones starts right now. >> lawrence: bret, good evening thank you, brother. tonight we started with a another grim milestone under the biden administration. despite the president's promise to shut down the virus with masks and mandates, more than 1 million americans were diagnosed with the virus in just 24 hours. he responded to that staggering number not by offering solutions but by pointing the blame game. >> the impact from the rise in cases depends on the effect of a person based on whether that person-what their vaccination status is. if you are vaccinated and
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boosted you are highly protected. you know, be concerned about omicron, but don't be alarmed. and if you are unvaccinated, you have some reason to be alarmed. >> lawrence: you have heard this before. biden continues to blame the unvaccinated americans for the surge in covid across the country. but do you buy that? how many vaccinated people do you know who have received right now? he doesn't care though, is he asleep at the wheel. here he is reading another crooked lie his handlers wrote in the teleprompter, watch. >> there is no excuse, no excuse for anyone being unvaccinated. this continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> lawrence: it's the unvaccinated people. they are the enemy. joe, just let it go. you got to wonder why is he so obsessed with pushing this vaccine? why is he telling people with valid medical excuses they don't have an excuse and why did he interfere in the fda approval process in order to jam through
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booster shots for children? >> it's easier than ever to get a booster shot and more importantly than ever as it's been. look, the fda has also now authorized booster shots for children ages 12 to 15. >> lawrence: so that is so dishonest, touting fda authorization of a booster shot for teens when they were approved without the consultation of the fda's scientific advisers. he knows. this blaming the unvaccinated and rigging the approval process americans have every right to be skeptical of the president and his disastrous decisions. they have every right to ask questions and they deserve answers. none of this makes any sense anymore. here now fox news medical contributor dr. marty makary. doctor, thank you so much because we were trust you on these issues, you know, i looked at your newsletter and it really touched me on a personal level because it seems like you have been the only one talking about the facts here and part of it is
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our children. they are shutting down schools when we know there is no risk to the kids. and you wrote in your article about students that are the lowest risk population on planet earth. what did you mean by that? >> well, what we have done is imposed restrictions on the lowest risk population using all the tests on low risk population folks and we are shunting them away from those who may need it right now. look, there is nothing that represents the overreach of public health more than requiring a college student to get a booster even though they have natural immunity from prior infection. there is not even any evidence to support boosters, that's why the fda bypassed technical expert to get the booster recommendation for young people including teenagers. >> lawrence: doctor, does that make any sense though the fact that they decide dodd bypass the
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experts on this like is there any precedent for that happening? >> they're sick of the false lexicon of the vaccinate and unvaccinated when we know it's immune and nonimmune and you will still get the common cold illness like omicron even if you have immunity. they are sick of being told to be tested incessantly with a scarce testing supply. sick of quarantines for mild illness and then being told to test at the end of a quarantine with a low sensitivity test. they are sick of watching children go through high rates of suicide and mental illness a recent statistic found that 31% of parents now are reporting that their kids' mental health is much worse. sick of boosters. people are sick of all of it. they are sick of all of it we need to stop the nonsense, stop this damage to public health credibility. and move on. because, this had a case
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fatality rate of .02%. when the next pandemic comes and has infection fatality rate of 5%. we better be in a better position. >> lawrence: you know, forgive me, doctor, i have to ask this question. how do we move on? the reason i ask you that, you are a doctor, you know, you have the same information these other to come doctors have. yet they aren't citing this information. how do we move on as a society when you have doctors that are pushing misinformation? >> well, look, we have to get the word out that immunity works in preventing severe illness. it doesn't work in stopping you from having the virus land in your nose cavity and testing positive. we have got to get back to common sense, which means, look, if you are around someone vulnerable, be careful. avoid them if you think you might have been exposed. and if you are sick, stay at home. let's go back to the basics of infection prevention. >> lawrence: you know, doctor, let's talk about common sense. you know, you have had students reach out to you. part of your newsletter was
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focusing on those students that have privately decided to reach out to you because they don't want to be silenced. princeton university you are required to get both vaccine and booster and tested twice a week. now you are not allowed to leave the county. is there any science that backs that up? >> absolutely not. what we are seeing now is an attempt for public health officials to impose this sort of covid zero goal this allusive unachievable goal of let's put the lowest risk people of planet earth in a bubble and ruin their lives. take their livelihoods away and by the way we don't talk about the other things we should be talking about like obesity and therapeutics. instead, we blame the lowest risk people for the transmission in the community. i talked to students at georgetown where staff patrol the library to see if anyone is loosens their mask to take a sip of water. they go outside in the cold to get a sip of water.
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princeton won't allow them to leave the county. cornell is requiring masks outdoors. i learned over and over again at our top universities what we are seeing is this complete antiscience approach and it's resulting in a very cruel policy to defenseless population. >> lawrence: doctor, when this is all said and done, because we have been in this for a while now, we know now what's happening to our kids. we know the effects. you know, if the adults want to play experiment with themselves and see how this experiment works on them, not talking about the vaccine but the shutdowns and the effects that's one thing. this is the next generation. so, what do you see happening to the medical community? do they have any credibility when this is all said and done? because there will be real consequences on the next generation. i mean, we are already behind but we are talking about mentally does the next generation make it. >> well, there is -- the good news is people are pushing back. and they are pushing back with data. because, if you look at the data, it does not support
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boosters, your risk of dying of covid after being fully vaccinated or have natural immunity is zero. you cannot lower that number zero any further with a booster and people are pushing back. they are presenting data to their universities, to their employers, the data on natural immunity is now matured. it's incredible. and i think we are going to see a push back. doctors, we did a terrible thing to doctors. public health officials put them on abstinence only mission. stomp out the disease to try to achieve covid zero. look where we are now. stomping out replication and ruined lives as a result. and then we silence the doctors that said no, we have got to treat the whole person. not the lab test. we have got to get back to the dignity of the medical profession. >> lawrence: you know, doctor, i have got to go but ask you this real quickly. did we wait too long to start pushing back? >> yes. look, we have been told for a long time just listen to us.
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don't ask questions. and everything will be okay. we were told if you vaccinate everybody, this thing will go away and stop. and many of these myths have too long. we waited too long to push back. >> lawrence: never again. dr. matter makary thank you so much for joining us. also here tonight kayleigh mcenany, co-host of outnumbered and author of "for sump a time as this" then dr. joseph, a florida in doctor. thank you two for being here. i will pick up where i left off with you kayleigh. it seems like we waited too long to start pushing back. the science is out. let's go to the politics of this kayleigh. the president of the united states has this data. yet, in his speech he put out misinformation to the american public today. >> oh, he certainly did. this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, right? that's what he tells us. we know that's not the case. he continues to put out miss information. one such piece of misinformation came from his deputy press secretary this morning. she went out on npr.
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maybe she thought no one was listening or sirius xm rather and said president trump didn't leave us a plan. it was a little noticed clip. i noticed it because number one, president biden said president trump does not have a plan being, i do. so regardless of who left you a plan, you guys purported to have a plan. but, number two, yeah, we left you a plan in the trump administration. it was called this. it was called 800,000 vaccination -- vaccine doses secured based on contracts with private companies. it's called the most advanced testing system in the world where we were beating every other country with the abbott test, the rapid test that was approved right before president trump left office. we left you a plan john pierre maybe you didn't notice this you claimed to have a better plan neither of which was true. we left you a plan. you never had one. shame on you president biden and your minions out saying the opposite. >> lawrence: he had a plan it didn't work. instead of admitting to the american president obama people
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look i got it wrong i thought i was a tough guy thought i could get it done while doing press conferences during the transitioning when he got the actual power he cannotting with it w. it the that's the reality of it doctor, what drew doing in florida a lot of folks are moving to florida. fighting despite media bashing your state. what are you doing to keep people safe? >> thanks, lawrence. well, you know, what we have done is really start with a platform of being sensible. and that's, you know, that might be in one sentence the words that capture the complete failure of our approach to the pandemic in this country. it was never sensible for for this president or for any president to promise to shut down a respiratory virus. lawrence lawrence come on. >> that never made any sense. it set up unrealistic and unattainable expectations. and now we have what you expect in that situation, which is failure. and that is the opposite of what we have done in florida. we have been realistic.
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we have provided people with options. we have provided -- we have prioritized seniors and other vulnerable populations and we have emphasized living. you know, because that's what people want to do. they don't want to be, you know, running on this treadmill of tests after tests and restriction and vaccine passport and boosters and the second booster and a third booster. i mean, that's someone's, you know, dystopian vision. and that's not what we are doing here. >> lawrence: kayleigh, let's talk about the big lie. the the big lie was if you gott did everything, i got the vaccine, i did everything they told me to document got it appeared still got it and a lot of other people that got it. so there is a lot of people. i have even seen people on tv they did everything people told them to do and they still got the virus. so, that was the big lie all along, telling people that if they did everything that they said, that they wouldn't get the virus, but the truth is that mitigate it wouldn't be as dangerous.
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they never told the american public that kayleigh. >> i think we are having problems with kayleigh's audio. doctor, i will let you pick up on that. >> oh, no, no. you are absolutely correct. and, you know, i just -- i'm happy to hear you say it, lawrence, and i hope more americans realize it, you know, the vaccine passports, you know, this requirement to get tested to go to school or to get on a plane, i mean, it's just ridiculous. this idea that, you know, that you could stop this with vaccines was unrealistic and but the policies are based on the idea that you can stop this with a vaccines and mass testing and things like that. there is a mismatch between the policies and reality. and, you know, more people need to wake up to that, i think, and stop participating in this really dystopian view of public
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health. it's totally unhealthy. it's divisive, it's political. it's unpleasant. i understand why people are coming to florida. >> lawrence: yeah. that's why you are doing a good job leading. kayleigh, i want you to react to this pediatric doctor talking about pediatric cases on msnbc. watch. >> the number of children hospitalized with covid-19 is soaring nationwide. so what are you seeing at your hospital in terms of are children coming in with omicron? is it delta? is it omicron that's creating this big impact? >> as far as children that are admitted for covid pneumonia i happen to be on service this week so i know we're really not seeing a big uptick in pediatric patients. >> lawrence: you hear right there from the doctor saying they are not seeing an uptick when it comes to pediatric cases. yet, it seems like the host was expecting her to say that and it seems like the fda was really trying to force this mandate for the boosters to come through
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without approval from the medical experts. there is no reason to do, this kayleigh. >> there is no reason. what if your child has immunity, natural immunity, what if your child is an asymptomatic carrier of covid? many kids in this country aren't affected the same way as adults. that is a fact. lawrence, the real travesty of this is the way the teachers unions, in particular, are manipulating covid to try to shut down schools. lawrence, i have been a passionate advocate about this since i stood at the podium last year when the facts were clear, 22 million kids depend on getting their school lunch at school. one in five child abuse cases are reported at school. mackenzie and company has reported that low income students are the victims of remote learning more than any other. so why are we sacrificing our children on the altar of covid-19 when they're least affected by it it's a question we have got to keep asking. i don't know why the political left is using them. >> lawrence: i can answer for you.
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they don't care. we are two years in. it's one thing when you don't have the data and the evidence to support this they know. >> would we have been covering it for a while and still choose not to alter their policy. thank you so much for joining the program. democrats are hyping up january 6th. you and i know they are not. you know what else? the justice department does as well. we will break down the reasons why with brit hume. that's next on "primetime": ♪ limu emu and doug.♪ and it's easy to customize your insurance at so you only pay for what you need. isn't that right limu? limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows several different whistles. doug blows several different whistles. [a vulture squawks.] there he is. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> lawrence: if you have been watching the other channels and i hope you haven't democrats have been sounding the alarm all week about january 6th. this was the worst attack on our democracy since 9/11. >> to me, though there was less loss of life on january 6th. january 6th was worse than 9/11. >> destruction of democracy is
4:22 pm
not a 2020 story. it's not a 2021 story. it's going to be with us into 2022. >> if we don't lift you want troops and put down the lies, our democracy is at stake. and that is not an overstatement. >> lawrence: the obvious question is if this is really a case of domestic terrorism, why hasn't any of the defendants been charged with domestic terrorism. the evidence doesn't support it despite what you hear from the alarmist on msnbc. that is why you should stop listening to what they say instead if you want the truth, just watch what they do. they might have called them domestic terrorists they never charged them. need another example. listen to what they say about omicron. >> viral blizzard is going to shut down a lot of services that we normally would count on every day to be there. >> it's almost feels worse than last year. i don't know why. i think it's because everybody has it or some kind of form of it. >> this is going to be a very rough time not only for the kids but for the adults as well.
4:23 pm
>> the governor of florida doesn't seem to be following the science. >> again, don't listen to what they say. watch what they do. like aoc prancing around the free state of florida without a mask. she knows this is all overblown. we already are living in a very turbulent time. do you know what makes it worse? when the people you are supposed to trust are constantly overstating and exaggerating the truth. brit hume is our senior political analyst and he joins us now. brit, you know, i know some people call it exaggerating. but when it does it go to the point where it's a straight up lie? >> the thing we have to be concerned about, lawrence, in politics and in the news media there has always been a tendency to state things as dramatically as possible. it makes the charges against your opponents in politics more effective people think and this it also makes a news story more interesting and compelling if you can state it in as dramatic terms as possible. in normal times, that is sort of how things go and nothing particularly to worry about.
4:24 pm
these are not normal times, however. we are living in a particular py tense age. the country is deeply divided. we are in the midst of this pandemic. what we need is people to calm down. the bitter divisions that we see in this country are exacerbated by this tendency to exaggerate and do so grossly. "the washington post" the other day had a headline about the omicron variant break in the southeast saying it's going to be a firestorm. fire storms kill people. what we seem to know about omicron so far is that it's not particularly deadly. if it's deadly at all. oso, that's the kind of overstatement i'm talking about. but it has a lot of people really frightened, tense, on edge. and of course donald trump didn't help this with his wild claims about these thefts of the 2020 election by voter fraud on election day. this is the atmosphere we are living. in bennie thompson of the january 6th committee say would he go came critically close to losing our democracy. one of those soundbites that you
4:25 pm
played same thing. we weren't close to using our democracy. cockamamie scheme by trump bound to fail and did. that's where we are, i think. it's a problem in this age. >> lawrence: brit, it's one thing if it was one situation but this seems to be a pattern of behavior. it was complete misinformation. they took it as fact. used it to spy on a political campaign. got them shutting down the country over misinformation. then you got them with rittenhouse. got them with oh yeah we were never for defund the police and we seen crime raging all across the country. defund the police. border is completely closed. yet we see people trotting around the kids and dropping kids like amazon packages and lie after lie after lie and we are supposed to just gloss over it. >> part of what is happening here, i think, lawrence, as you suggest is, you know, a lot of things that get said may have a kernel of truth in them. by the time we have been behind to the extent that they have been behind, they turn into
4:26 pm
falsehoods. look what's happening in chicago with the teachers unions right now. i suspect a lot of those teachers out there sincerely believe that they are really in danger from the new omicron wave. well, the science doesn't support that. public health authorities don't seem to support that they are elm buoyed with this and look what they're doing. you can make the argument some have they are just trying to get out of work and many of them are. on the other hand people believe this because too damn much information and a lot of it comes from political charges and media hype. >> lawrence: and they don't care about the truth. brit, you are old school guy. you are seasoned guy. you have been around the block a couple times with this stuff. is this new to you? habit is not new. what is new is it is napping a moment of particular tension and division in the country and in the middle of this pandemic which we badly needed to
4:27 pm
understand correctly from the start. the consequence the not doing that all the damage now being acknowledged by public health authorities to children and countless other people who were harmed by these heavy handed and it seems like in nearly all cases unnecessary lockdowns, school closures and the rest of it. that's what is worrisome to me. >> lawrence: you are exactly right. the harm being done by all these lies that they're telling. brit hume, thanks so much for stopping by prime. >> you got it, lawrence. >> lawrence: school closings are hurting our children. why is this still happening. >> i will have to cancel classes tomorrow because i can i have to be responsible in not knowing who is going to be showing up to the building. >> lawrence: sonnie johnson is next. don't go anywhere. more "primetime" after the break. plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? now get powerful relief with robitussin elderberry.
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>> lawrence: welcome back. all eyes are on chicago tonight as members of the teacher's union vote on whether or not
4:33 pm
chicago public schools will return to learning. >> we are going to send a message to parents this afternoon about this. i will have to cancel classes tomorrow. it doesn't mean that the schools will be closed. the schools will be open but i will have to cancel classes tomorrow because i can't -- i have to be responsible and not knowing who is going to be showing up to the buildings. >> lawrence: that is not just chicago. some of this districts across the nation preparing to shut down schools once again. why isn't anyone sticking up for children. the data is clear remote learning and certain mandates are hurting our children. research shows that the test psycho energies reading and math were significantly lower in 2021 compared to years past. mental health also declining. when you look at the numbers, it's minority children that are suffering the most. a study by the mckenzie and company shows that students in majority black schools are six months behind in reading and math as a result of the pandemic while students in majority white schools were just three to four months behind.
4:34 pm
still bad. these kids are hurting. but yet no one is doing a thing about it. where are the democrats? and where are the republicans? joining me now host of did she say that podcast sony johnson. i expect democrats to do nothing. they have been in bed with the teachers unions for years. it is frustrating when republicans run on helping the kids and do nothing as well. >> i was sitting here i was like it's going to be interesting how you phrase this question. because as soon as i heard the topic, the one thing that i started to think about was the life of julia. if you remember what this was, this was a theory program put out under the barack obama mapped how government would interfere in your life from the time you were born until the time that you died. basically showing how every single step of your life, every stage of your life government has a role in to play in that
4:35 pm
space. i think that's what we are seeing now play out and come to fruition. if you don't send your kid to school public dislools are laws against that you can be used against to punish you, truancy laws. they make it so have you no choice to send your kids to these public institutions. if you can't afford these other options you are forced to send your kids and you become accustomed to it it becomes regulated towards you, now what we are seeing how much power the government has when they provide you with everything to take everything away. so now that they have taken, special the kids that are at the lower socioeconomic scale and said we are going to give you school. now we are going to take it away. you are going to see how much ability government has to
4:36 pm
interfere with our lives. but not only that, it also exposed a lot of what wrong has been done in the public school system. if you remember at the beginning of the epidemic, one of the biggest things that you had progressive and democrats complaining about was now they weren't going to be able to distribute food like they had done before. because now schools have come -- become a platform where they are able to feed the poor through the school system. now, it's nothing wrong with feeding the poor, but is that why we set up the school system? so a lot of what they have been doing to entrench themselves into our lives has now been exposed by the mandates that they are pushing, especially when it comes to covid. the reason you don't have republicans fighting back is because they can't. because majority of these regulations and rules that are coming through are on the local level. there are no republicans at the local level with the power or
4:37 pm
the capacity to actually fight back against these policies. so there is nothing that the republicans do -- can do. there is no solution for republicans as long as their strategy for these areas is to run with their tail tucked between their legs. >> lawrence: so, as a result of republicans not running for those mayor and city council and school board races they have zero control of what is happening right now. >> and they wonder why. and they put it on black america like okay, black america hates conservative policies. we don't ever get offered them. you think if you were really in chicago right now saying hey, look how the school systems treat you. we have a better way. let us show you how this works. let us show you how you can get back your freedom and your liberty to provide the quality education for your child, but not to be subject to the whims of government. this is what we are seeing. the more power we give government, the more they are
4:38 pm
going to use that power to crush us when available. and people need to be very, very, very cautious about this. especially when you are looking at the build back better plan and the aspect they have in it for the free pre-k that pre-k is government pre-k. they are not going to be giving those grants to private institutions or religious institutions. if you are going to want to benefit from the candy jar of government, you are requesting to have to send your kid to government schools that are going to be run by karens who have women study agrees who have put off raising their own children for a chance to raise yours. that is what we are looking at. we need to be taking it seriously. and if republican also not decide that the local level is where the real fight is, there is nothing that they can offer to black america or to america's children. >> lawrence: wow. sonnie johnson, seriously patriot. thank you so much for joining the program.
4:39 pm
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>> lawrence: dryers on i-59 in virginia nightmare ordeal stranded in 24 hours in freezing temperatures thanks to a major to snow storm left ice and snow on the roads. here with the latest on that is fox weather reporter robert ray. hey, robert. >> hey, lawrence. what a past day or so for people here on i-95. this is southbound. i have been following this blockade of police cars and virginia department of transportation as they have moved from exit to exit reopening. this is here in cherry hill, virginia. the epicenter of this was down south about 20 miles and that, we are told, is now being cleared. as of appear hour and a half ago, the department of transportation here says that there is about 20 vehicles that were still on the road. they were clearing those and getting all the ice off. meanwhile, you could see the trucks are starting to move.
4:45 pm
commerce is flowing. on one of the biggest and most important interstates in america. but we do have reports out. the state police here and department of transportation went in and responded to over 1,000 crashes in the past 24 hours because of this winter snow storm. over 1,000 people have called in that were stranded. even senator tim kaine spent the entire night trying to get up to a meeting in d.c. not to the north of here. people now recovering in this area hopefully most at hotels or found safe spots and are at home but a harrowing scenario. thankfully no reported injuries and we should get word soon as to whether or not this i 95 corridor is going to be completely open. certainly we hope so tonight. lawrence? >> lawrence: thank you so much, robert. so probably not a surprise to you i don't use the phrase lat latinx you know who also doesn't
4:46 pm
say it? actual latinos. according to recent polling only 2% of latin knows describe themselves as latinx. who are the races calling people latinxagainst their wishes a. >> october 15th, the last day of latinx heritage month. no matter where i connect with latin-x communities one thing is certain latin-x communities are feeling squeezed to the breaking point. >> lawrence: tide seems to be shifting back towards some sanity. elected officials are speaking out against the term and calling for an end of it arizona congressman reuben to be clear my office is not allowed to use
4:47 pm
latinx in communications when they use the term it is to appease white rich progressives who think the term we use vicious circle of confirmation bias. joining me now is rachel campos-duffy author and fox news contributor. rachel, this seems a little absurd that it took this long for people to denounce this nonsense. what do you think of this? >> rachel: listen, those democrat lawmakers heard from their constituents and their constituents are like latin what? they didn't know what it was and they certainly didn't like it. here is what they need to understand and even as i said these democrat lawmakers are getting it the hispanic culture is a very religious and family oriented culture. they celebrate masculinity. they celebrate femininity because they celebrate family. and so we like our men macho. we are not aggrade to be very feminine as hispanic women. so they like that. even our nouns are masculine and feminine and that's what they
4:48 pm
tried to change. they tried to change us into this genderless culture and hispanics pushed back on this completely. where did this come from? this comes from cultural marxism. as you know, lawrence, atheistic. antifamily. it's the opposite of everything that hispanics stand for. hispanics said no way, we don't want it. and, of course, it's so ironic because this is the ultimate in cultural imperialism. not only did they start calling us they tried to force us to call ourselves that it was cultural imperialism and hispanics said no, we are not interested in this genderless world. you are not going to transform us into your progressive, you know, allies and your genderless world. and so they pushed back. they said no way. and i'm proud of hispanics. i'm proud of hispanics who said no way. >> lawrence: isn't it deeper than just the name? it seems like progressives feel like they have everything
4:49 pm
figured out when it comes to the hispanic community. like they think all hispanics are open borders. when by and large, hispanics especially american hispanics reject it. >> right. they think we are all the same. they think if you are mexican american from the south that you think the same as somebody who is from, you know, miami or orlando or new jersey, puerto ricans are the same as mexican, americans same as venezuelans. they try to put us all in this box. hispanics who live on the border care about the same things that every other hispanic -- every other american cares about. they are americans. they care about their safety. they care about rule of law. they care that they can't get into the hospital in their local town because it's been overrun by people who are here illegally. they care that their social service networks are being strained and they can't access them because there is just no money. so, yes, absolutely. hispanics are -- hispanic americans are first americans. and so that is the first thing that a lot of people need to learn.
4:50 pm
but i'm so proud of our community. we are not latinx. we love our genders and rerefuse to bow down to the cultural marxists who try tell us what we should call ourselves. >> lawrence: rachel campos-duffy see her on "fox & friends weekend" every saturday and sunday. thanks, rachel, for coming in on your day off. >> rachel: oh, any time for you, lawrence. >> lawrence: thank you, my dear. naked babies, celebrity fist fights and one very confused old man. jimmy fallon is on the clock and that's next. to start working. so you can bounce back fast with alka-seltzer plus. now available for fast sinus relief. (burke) with farmers auto multi-policy discount, the more policies you have with us, the more you could save on your auto insurance. (man) hey, hon! (wife) hi, honey! (man) like what? (burke) well, you'd get a discount for insuring your jet skis... and ...home and more.
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a few minutes left on the clock. go ahead. >> first up biden in 2019 was the worst ever. >> there is a lot of reason to be hopeful for 2020. >> what do you think?
4:56 pm
if you listen closely to the clip here in the entire white house press team hitting therefore has at the same time. at this point he would make a very good walmart greeter. >> this man is a miss. we give him the nuclear codes instead of taking his car keys. they say he is going to run and 2024. he isn't going to be running water in 2024. >> they tried to hide him but they can only do so much. if you meet your heroes don't call them by the wrong name.
4:57 pm
>> they called him by the wrong name at a party. >> he has little man syndrome. to be clear this was jason's first hit in ten years. good night everybody. but what is so crazy is i don't want to judge anybody for what they do in a las vegas. i usually lose so much money that i have to turn tricks behind treasure on. you should be upset. if you walk outside tonight and somebody said this you are not going to hit them.
4:58 pm
moving on. with all this talk on social media a lot of people have been referring to this. we are here to set the record straight. >> i am an entertainer. not a new variant. keep your distance because that is how it is supposed to be. >> if you keep calling that iri by that name he is going to sue you. >> the worst thing to catch is not covid. the reason that this is so popular is not because it is funny but it is because he post this on new year's day.
4:59 pm
this was the only video that included self-help about new year's resolution. >> can you imagine being compared to a virus? a lawsuit about the naked baby on the nirvana cover was dismissed. he sued claiming child exploitation. >> first and foremost i am relieved this is not involving cnn producer. the truth is this was a desperate money grab. he re-created this four different times on four different anniversaries. he may have that on the cowboys over the arizona cardinals this last sunday.
5:00 pm
>> you always have to get that dagger in there. thank you so much for watching fox news primetime. we will see you tomorrow mornin on fox and friends. until then tucker carlson is up right now. good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. one of the weirdest features is how we are all trained to ignor the things that really matter. why00s of thousands of your fellow americans are going to b living on the sidewalk. where did these drugs come from exactly.


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