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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 4, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PST

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lahren" only on fox nation. we love tomi tuesdays. we appreciate you being here our friend. happy new year to you. >> happy new year. thank you, guys. >> todd: with that mr. corc, one more day of the man show. looking forward to tomorrow. can't waited for it with that, "fox & friends" starts right now. being >> the biden administration not mincing its words when it comes. >> capitalism without competition isn't capitalism exploitation. >> fda issuing pfizer booster shots. >> the faferred knew that the experts had concerns so they decided to not convene them and circumvent them all together. this is unprecedented. >> the chicago's teachers union will vote on returning to remote learning. as a parent, i'm sick of it. this is just a failure for the future of our children.
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>> state department getting brutally mocked for promoting the secretary of state's spotify play list it? >> makes you nervous because they are not just doing a bad job, they keep doing these things that are not serious at all. >> first and goal, quick throw, touchdown, steelers. ben roethlisberger gets his goodbye hynes field. ♪ sing a song ♪ sing a song ♪ >> brian: that is jacksonville, florida. a wonderful city home of the future super bowl champion jacksonville jaguars in about 20 years they will more than likely somehow get close to the super bowl. they have won three times in two years. you don't have to win all the time. and i think that's pretty clear. >> we have pleased to be here in studio.
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ainsley, will, i'm glad you are going to be with me. ainsley, we have so much catching up to do. will, i have been watching you on television, i feel like we have been talking although you don't hear my questions. ainsley, how are you? >> ainsley: i'm doing great. i had a wonderful vacation. it was great to be down in the state of florida that's open now and just surrounded by people who watch fox all the time. everyone came up to you was at dinners and out by the pool. they were so gracious and so lovely. i just love that state. it was wonderful. >> brian: including aoc, right? she was there. >> ainsley: i saw that she was down in miami. i wasn't down if a far south. it's funny, because i was watching desantis talk about that. he said aoc will bash us, lock down our states yet he said half a dozen governors and different congresswomen and men are coming down to florida for their vacation. will, did you a great job, happy new year, i hope you had a wonderful christmas with your boys. >> will: thank you, i did. i did have a wonderful christmas. i had a grate new year. i'm hoping you saw some of that.
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>> ainsley: i did. >> will: there has been a lot of controversy around the fox environment. the fans as you point out love the show, love the network, love our relationship and immediately after that new year's special there was a lot of controversy there was some sense that pete had won the line dancing competition. as the moment have gone on people realize pete was flashy but i was smooth. >> ainsley: i love the outfit. >> will: important to set that record state this morning i believe, you know, fair and balanced. >> brian: will, a lot of people said he can dance is he going to be good on television. we all knew you came here with mostly a dance background who adapted to this format. able to go back to your roots on new year's eve. it was certainly something special. definitely worth the price of admission. >> will: a lot of people say, look, will is, you know, trying to follow the path of brian kilmeade or will is trying to follow the path of tucker
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carlson. i wrote it down. i did see that tucker, for example, did "dancing with the stars." >> ainsley: that's true. >> will: plan is unfolding. exactly as i had intended. >> ainsley: what's on your list under brian's name? >> brian: ainsley, let him answer, that's great question. will, what's on your list? >> will: you thought i would stumble with this and i enjoy this if you take a step back and say how was will machiavellian style organized his entire career he looked at brian kilmeade incredibly invested in sports, became a morning show guy and say wow, will, really idolizes brian kilmeade. >> brian: wow, let's go to break. i just hit my pete. let's talk meat because it's a natural transition because joe biden few days off will danced, ainsley vacationed and joe biden thought about meat. he said to himself there is inflation and then there is prices, and then there is meat. horrible meat people are jacking up prices i have friends who
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tell me meat is expensive. so it's a problem when 80%, he says, of four companies control 80% of the meat market. so, therefore, is he going to attack meat like rocky did in 1976 in rockie 1. here is joe talking meat. >> i have said it before and i will say it again, capitalism without competition isn't capitollism, it's exploitation. that's what we are seeing in meat and poultry those industries now, maul, independent farmers and ranchers are being driven out of business, sometimes businesses that have been around for generations. >> ainsley: he said there were four chicken companies, four beef companies, four pork companies that monopolized the industry and they are determining the price and so all these small businesses, all these ranchers are going out of business because these big companies are taking over. he failed to mention the fact that truck drivers are hard to find, gas prices, deville fuel
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is through the roof right now. labor costs are increasing because of the labor shortage. gas prices through the roof. cost of fertilization, brian and will, is up as well. these farmers are not making as much money as they used to 10 years ago. if you ask any of them they will tell you that they are having to tack on the extra costs to you, the buyer, because they are paying more and not making as much money. he fails to blame himself and his policies and shutting down the pipelines and causing energy prices to go up and gas prices to go up and worker shortage because he is paying people to stay home. he fails to mention that he blames it on the ranchers and farmers barely making any money. >> will: yeah. he points out something, by the way, which you start with the truth and you build upon that because beef prices are rising incredible outpacing. beef is up almost 21%. pork up 17%. chicken up 9%. as you pointed out, ainsley, it's what he doesn't talk about.
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what he fails to mention coffee is up 7%. of course we know oil and gas is up incredibly as well that would seem to suggest there is something beyond antitrust needed to attack inflation. hey, look, on "fox & friends" we have interviewed small ranchers and farmers who have pointed out that there is a constriction in the supply chain in meat processing. and it has allowed extraordinary power to the meat processors, let's be clear, biden isn't focused on that because it's going to help solve inflation. is he focused on that because it's a distraction and a place to shift the blame away from an economic inflation at large throughout our society. and if you want to know, if you want an illustration of just how disingenuous this entire thing is, take look how he described as brian alluded to, how he found out about beef price prices, watch. >> in my kitchen yesterday and there is a sunroom off the kitchen, and my wife was there with her sister and a good
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friend named mary ann and she was saying do you realize it's over $5 for a pound of hamburger meat? $5? well, this is partly, you know, a pound of beef today coors 5 bucks compared to less than 4 bucks before the pandemic. >> brian: exactly. so go to your sunroom, and ask your wife to bring over a friend and find out what's bothering them and then make it a policy. what could possibly be wrong with can that. unbelievable he used that as an example. my sense is they didn't load the prompter with that you guys would know better. larry summers said something, as you know treasury secretary for barack obama. he said the emerging claim that antitrust can combat inflation because et wants to give grants to small meat producers reflects science denial, sarcasm. many areas where differ. antitrust as anti-inflation strategy is not one of them. that's a guy on your team. somebody else who does meat for
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a living spatula freda joined "fox & friends first" earlier and said here in the reality watch. >> what the president wants to do create competition and farmers, growers get more money for every dollar spent, then there needs to be more demand for domestic products still a gallon higher on average than 2019. labor is a major problem. just throwing money at a problem is not going to solve it. >> ainsley: that's coming from someone in the meat industry. joe biden can sit in capitol hill or sit in the white house or sit in his sunroom and talk to people about prices going up. that's coming from the meat industry. the reason is gas prices are up. labor costs are up. nobody wants to work. you talk to any business person, they are having a hard time
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finding workers. joe biden doesn't even know what let's go brandon means and finding out on sunday that the meat industry is experiencing higher prices. he probably doesn't do his grocery shopping like we all do. we all went to the grocery store over the holiday. prices are through the roof. i read an article over the weekend that wood right now, people are buying more firewood heat homes with fires because it's so expensive. secretary blinken putting out play list on spotify meanwhile we have foreign policy issues that he needs to be focused on, and we are going to talk about that coming up. will? >> will: yeah. i don't know what was in the prompter. i don't know if he was trying to appear folksy by telling the story of his neighbor, but is he clearly, to your point, ainsley, out of touch. he is not going to solve inflation by attacking big meat. big meat just the latest villain in the story of the biden
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administration. >> ainsley: villain, right. >> will: i don't think it's replacing the unvaxxed but going to focus on big meat the bad guy. governor desantis is demanding release -- covid crisis. not stopping them from promoting the play list that ainsley justs with referenced. packed with olivo rodrigo and taylor swift. antony blinken's spotify coming up people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible... with rybelsus®. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7.
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snrot. >> will: welcome back to "fox & friends" where we begin your headlines with a fox news alert. u.s. troops in the middle east are coming under attack overnight. air defense forces striking down two drones packed with explosives targeting iraqi base housing american forces west of baghdad. second attack of its kind in 24 hours as iran and its allies mark the two year anniversary of the assassination of general qasem soleimani and then today the chicago teachers union is set to hold a vote on return to remote learning as the mayor says children need to be in the classroom. the union is gearing up to walk out tomorrow over covid-19 safety concerns. several teachers unions across the country, including connecticut and massachusetts are also demanding a halt to in person learn and on monday night football, the pittsburgh steelers keep their slim play off hopes alive a 26-14 win over
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the cleveland browns. ben roethlisberger throwing a touchdown in what could be his final home game as a steeler. pittsburgh still needs a win, a colts loss, and for the raiders not to tie the chargers in next week's game to qualify for the post season. so you are telling me there's a chance those are your headlines. >> brian: quick question eli manning,age ben roethlisberger. >> will: in order ben roethlisberger 1, philip rivers 2. eli manning 3. >> brian: interesting. because the giants had rivers and flipped him for eli. >> we have interesting. i will talk about that with ainsley in depth a little bit later. >> ainsley: i was watching that jets game. >> will: i will be tuning in for that segment. >> ainsley: watching the jets game texting with joel the stage manager as we know he wear as green sweatshirt every day and a
3:18 am
hat. he says don't jinx this ainsley and then you saw the end of the game. >> brian: you did. so you blew the game? >> ainsley: i blew the game. sorry, jets fans. >> brian: we have a shot to joel, joel left the game exactly like antonio brown he threw it and went outside in 23-degree weather. >> will: i'm proud of joel. joel, when joel wants to walk off the set because of brian's behavior i hope he takes off his jersey and throws it at the camera and leaves like antonio brown. >> brian: that is the way we all should leave. just like that, they won't fire joel they will take it under consultation. antonio brown is not fired now. >> will: weird. >> ainsley: i'm keeping my shirt on. >> brian: thank you for a change. in just two hours from now, president biden will speak on the omicron spread assets a new omicron record with over 1 million more cases. mark meredith joins from washington with more. >> brian, the president says the
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president is going to be updating the country on response to the pandemic. urged people to get vaccinated. the administration certainly under pressure to ramp up testing with rapid tests selling out at drug stores. scale back on having employees return to work. ron desantis a potential 2024 challenger of president biden is also accusing the administration of refusing to disperse additional monoclonal antibody treatment. the governor says the administration is holding back from his state and others. >> we saved thousands of lives by providing that treatment. so that should have been replicated in all these other states. instead what biden and his cronies have done seized control of all the monoclonal antibodies. >> the department of health and human service was says the government has and will continue to supply florida with therapeutics that can help improve patient outcome reduce stress on outcome facilities and save lives.
3:20 am
we will watch that one. on monday fda authorized booster shots kids ages 12 to 15. recommending doses be taken five months after getting second shot. some medical experts are criticizing the fda's criticism here arguing that they are rushing this approval process some doctors arguing that vac rack vaccines that are on the market are offering enough protection. back to you guys. >> ainsley: we have had monoclonals for more than a year. where is operation warp speed on this. calling operation snail speed. they should be ready these states should be getting what they need. ron desantis says he wants 40,000 monoclonal infusions per week. that's what he is requesting. they are getting some but not enough. is he asking for two to three times it amount. dr. oz says pills can't find them. monoclonals are hard to find we
3:21 am
talked about. home testing not readily available. used to be able to get one when everyone went ahead for christmas and new year's. everyone started getting omicron. then you had to get the home test. then schools said you have to have a pcr test and home test also work in many of the districts if you can find them. the problem is you go to all these drug stores and they say we are out of tests. they have signs on the front doors, in order to get a test you have to wait in line some places five hours. there is a testing center outside of my building. and the line was wrapped all the way around the building because kids need tests to get back to school. people can't find what they need. and whatever happened to if you need them, can you get them. this is america. will? >> will: yeah, ainsley, so you are pointing out two categories that have been sacrificed at the altar of one singular topic and is that true vaccine. not only are you not allowed to talk about therapeutics, they have been completely vilified the past year and a half. we have no interest in helping sick people.
3:22 am
we villainize sick people certainly if they're not vaccinated. that's the topic when it comes tomono colonial antibodies. fallen at the vaccine. not allowed to talk about therapeutics. the testing you brought up. right now it's my belief, ainsley we are suffering from a pandemic of positive tests. i don't think we need more tests. i think we have enough tests. we are testing asymptomatic, healthy people, sacrificing businesses. people and our economy are falling like flies not to being sick but to being suffering from a positive test. and do you know what's weird about this, ainsley? just an observation to tie this back into football, brian. you know, apparently, the demand for tests outpaced supply. that's what i'm to understand because we don't have enough on the market. why when i'm watching sunday night football was there an advertisement between mike tarik co-and chris collins worth for abbott test. they were sponsoring sunday night football.
3:23 am
and now they have big marketing budget. you would think that would be to increasing supply. we are investing in testing and testing asymptomatic people and what we are suffering from is not a pandemic of sickness right now. we are suffering from a pandemic of positive tests. >> brian: no question. let me just run through that there is nothing you said that was inaccurate and ainsley, i hear your frustration when it comes to these tests and because people have to get on a plane international need a test. go back to school need a test. go back to college need a booster. making everyone wait online because you don't have the facilities to handle it best thing to ever handle is the omicron. mild symptoms gives you antibodies. armed up for the next variant that comes through which is going to be lighter. why don't they admit that number two the vaccines don't block the disease. block some of the symptoms. no evidence it's less likely we are going to spread it if we have it. so there is no idea why we are
3:24 am
firing everyone with mandate because of your mandates because they don't do what you want to do. creating more tension in this country. getting our military. getting our healthcare workers. getting our cops. getting our firefighters. soon-to-be corrections. it's nuts what is happening right now. then we find out something we knew all along cloth masks don't work. we find out that yesterday from scott gottlieb, heard all around the world. anthony fauci, of course, disagrees, big difference. so we have these kids sitting there like mummies in their second grade classroom wearing something that's doing absolutely no good and if the teachers had their own way they wouldn't be in the classrooms at all. i digress. move on and talk about something equally as agonizing. we have so many challenges overseas. iran tried to attack us twice within 24 hours. thankfully the iraqi air defense able to knock down a few drones. ongoing crisis in russia is something i have rarely seen in 25 years. the constant stress of china and the fact that our military is
3:25 am
being gutted because of the ridiculous mandate that are now covid riddled secretary of defense has listen to the president and put on his military. and then where is ourselves? he, who has a band which he called wonk rock has released his play list on spotify. your witness, ainsley. >> ainsley: yeah, so, state department has tweeted 8 times over the last month promoting this i don't know why he is doing this. is he trying to connect to the younger generation? but we have got so much going on as far as serious foreign policy decisions. and you are right, brian, i hear you. russia precinct to invade ukraine. working with china and iran. the mullahs in iran talking about killing president trump. talking about killing mike pompeo. you have china who continues to invade taiwan's airspace. afghanistan? how many of our troops are still behind enemy lines or i should say our allies. people who helped us other there and we just say you're on your
3:26 am
own. and they are focused on spotify and a play list and taylor swift. this is the tweet from steve scalise that i think you will find interesting. he said i'm sure the americans still stranded in afghanistan will appreciate having this play list to listen to as they are forced to live under taliban rule. this is how unserious this administration is. they are so out of touch as we were saying before. they shouldn't be promoting this when we have so many things going on. and how do you think our military reacts to this? you go to virginia beach. you ask them if they think it's okay for the secretary of state to be promoting spotify 8 times over the last month when our troops or people were stranded in afghanistan. will? >> will: fundamentally unserious. fundamentally, ainsley. mollie hemingway was on "fox news primetime" last night and that's her diagnosis and indictment. watch. >> afghanistan was just a horrible thing that the entire country feels dishonor over. and weakness like the weakness that the biden administration
3:27 am
has kind of presented on a platter can be provocative. you might remember that putin was not invading countries during the trump era. he took advantage of, you know, neocon foreign policy, basically, to do his previous incursions, whether that was under obama or now he is threatening with biden. he also at the tail end of the george w. bush presidency tried that, too. we have really serious issues. and the state department keeps pushing out this spotify list it just makes you nerve us have because they are not just doing a bad job, they keep doing these things that are not serious at all. >> will: yeah, and trying too hard. you know, i could give you a lot of nouns to describe a guy that tries too hard. but doesn't pay attention to what's actually important in life. now that's what we are run by. people that are try hards while ignoring substance. it's not just the publishing 8 times the spotify list. tony blinken is 59.
3:28 am
a band brian said wonk rock. i didn't know it was called wonk rock. look, i don't know, man, at some point you stop keeping up. are you really listening to olivia rodrigo or are you trying too hard, tony. are you listening to taylor swift or are you trying too hard. i pretty much listen to the same stuff that i was listening to a decade ago. so i'm having a hard time believing this 59-year-old is like oh the olivia rodrigo song is out. >> brian: music brings people together. transcends borders. everything else might divide us. one of the reasons they put out the play list to bring people together. this is the man that was in the hamptons because he guaranteed us afghanistan was not going to fall a at any time soon or over the weekend. it fell quicker than two days. it fell in one day. he was in the hamptons making phone calls to a president of afghanistan who had already left
3:29 am
the country. that's how embarrassing he is. that's why john mccain was so against his nomination during the obama years and now we are stuck with him as secretary of state. an unserious guy with multiple crises on his hands. let's move ahead. we have two hours and two minutes to fill. here is what is straight ahead. now it's official 2022 the countdown to the midterm election is underway. we have a former democratic mayor self-made success story warning his party is about to get wiped out unless they listen to him. that story next. ♪ to support a strong immune system your body needs a routine. centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc* season after season.
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>> brian: welcome back, i have a few headlines for you and then ainsley is could youing up. the verdict is in for the theranos founder found guilty of four of the 11 counts against her. misleading investors and patients about the capabilities of her blood testing technology. she was found guilty of one count of conspiracy. thee counts of fraud, carrying a maximum penalty of 20 years per charge. she is expected to appeal the verdict. a federal judge grants a temporary injunction for 35 active duty knave navy seals. this is great news seeking a religious exemption from covid-19's vaccine mandate.
3:34 am
the groups one of many suing the president in response to those mandates thousands of servicemen and women have applied to religious exemptions but those requests have gone unanswered. the marine corps has already kicked out over 200 marines for refusing the vaccine that is unacceptable. reportedly offering infusing equity into course material. the free beacon. the university will offer $1,500 stippen when they recurriculum and another 1500 when they actually teach it memphis will only pick 15 to 20 professors for the program which will begin sadly in the upcoming spring semester. i will gracely toss that over to ainsley. >> ainsley: surprising that's happening in memphis. if democrats want to stand a chance in 2022 they need to take a page from new york city mayor eric adams book according to the next guest laying out a litmus test for candidates who want to
3:35 am
avoid a 2022 wipe out. here is now former miami mayor lavigne. good morning, mayor. >> good morning. >> ainsley: you are a self-made success story. you ran a story like some democrats are losing. why do you say the democratic party needs to take a page out of his book. >> what's going on right now, ainsley, eric adams came out he ran a very progressive primary ran as a radical centrist. i love that tempt he said listen i'm pro-police and pro-business and pro-people but i'm not going to live in a city that's running wild and he won. he won the primary and now he is moving forward. i think he serves as a model for democrats across the country. this year looks very challenging. so my op-ed basically laid out kind of like a framework i believe will help democrats get to the promise land. and we need a healthy democratic
3:36 am
party and this is a chance for them to have great success. >> ainsley: okay. i read your op-ed. when i read the questions you say democrats unequivocally need to answer yes to. who here are the five questions. they need to say yes to funding the police. yes to securing our borders. only u.s. citizens should vote. yes that parents should participate in school curriculum and be against crt and yes disavow socialism and disavow capitalism. why are you still a democrat if you want to say yes to all of those? >> absolutely not. i think the incompassionist capitalist is a great road to go on it has nothing to do with being republican or democrat. it's about selling a product and knowing your customer. think about this, unfortunately we don't want the democratic party to go the way of blockbuster video. those who can say you can only buy 8 track tapes. we know what happened to blockbuster. the democrats need to be sell a product that appeals to the center of the party. now, are there republicans that want to find a home in the democratic party? that's fantastic. we need to get back to really
3:37 am
truly being in the middle of the road for all americans in order to win. now, think of this, ainsley. progressives can win districts. but centrists win states and in order to become president, or to win statewide, you need to win a state. i agree with you. that's why what are you going to do about aoc. >> i think what's going on is this eric adams even during the primary he was able to confront the socialist wing of the party. is he not saying i don't believe in some of your ideas, but what he is saying is that's not the direction that we are going to go in. listen, everyone has great ideas, but the reality is we need to be able to get to the middle and i think that eric adams has done that i think the proof will be in the pudding as he moves forward. >> and being a mayor, as you have seen previously and i wrote in my op-ed, bill de blasio the greatest gift florida has ever had. i used to say he needs to run for a third term because it's so fantastic for our state. all the american of people coming here.
3:38 am
eric adams is the first thing for florida because he's going to turn new york around. >> ainsley: i hope you are right. we are waiting. just a few days. in we'll see. thank you so much, mayor, great to see you. >> thank you. >> ainsley: you are welcome. 37 minutes after the hour. coming up next, the chicago's teachers union prepares to vote on remote learning despite saying students need to be in class. dad of three is going to join us next with his message for the teachers. is. (woman) wow, that's something. (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. [echoing] get a quote today. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? dry eye symptoms driving you crazy? inflammation might be to blame.
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♪ >> will: today the chicago teachers unions will vote on returning to remote learning over the surge in covid cases. mayor lightfoot is buckings idea, schools safest place for students to be. we have spent over 100 million to put mitigations in place keeping kids safely in school where they can learn and thrive we should all be focused on. father of three chicago parents collective brian griffin joins
3:43 am
us now. joining us on "fox & friends" as you look at the prospect of chicago teachers possibly walk out over covid-19 what are your thoughts? >> will, thanks for having me. it's touch to articulate our frustration as parents. right? we are simply relying on public health guidance and from every level of the public health experts out there, they say in person school chicago teacher's union. to exert their leverage and unfortunately. aren't the ones, you know, paying the consequences.
3:44 am
>> will: accomplish? >> yeah, will, you would have to talk to them about that. it's perplexing on what they want. they continue to come up with a long list of demands related to public health issues. testing, vaccinations, they want the school district to become a health clinic. again, that's not a core competency of our public schools. public schools should focus on education and providing social and emotional help for young children in the city that is sorely needed. so to flip this and make it about vaccine sites and mass testing sights at our schools is misguided and hold kids out of school over this is absolutely incredible. >> will: it is incredible. here is a list to illustrate what you are talking about. chicago teacher's union put them up on all staff and pcr tests 48 hours before returning to school.
3:45 am
providing 300 test sights and providing kn 95, kn 94 masks to all students and staff and principals have the authority to move students remote immediately if a covid case is reported. it's a long list possibly, is impossible to ultimately accomplish. really quickly, ryan, i believe you have three kids, two in chicago public schools. what do you do. >> correct. >> >> will: do you keep them in chicago public schools. >> we do. we believe in this city. we applaud the mayor and ceo of the school district for standing up. they cannot capitulate to constant demands from a teachers unions who by the way under contracted five years no strike clause but, will, they will call this a remote learning opportunity. they will not call this a waiver stoppage. but that's what this is. that is harmful to the students of this city and, again, i encourage all patience to stand up and speak their voices. >> it will be interesting, it is
3:46 am
sort of take account of the most harmful elements of our children's education the last several decades. come up with a list with teachers unions. >> thanks, will. >> will: check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather forecast. hey, janice. >> janice: hi, good morning, will. we have got snow on the ground in the d.c. area over a foot of snow. let's take a look at it over 15 inches in parts of maryland, so quite a big snow storm. the biggest they have seen in several years in some of these areas in virginia over a foot. over a foot in new jersey. and the cold air behind it has started to settle in and that means any storm system that moves up the coast, that means more snow. let's take a look at the current snow cover across the u.s. i think every state here has some snow on the ground except for florida. and they did see snowflakes in north florida from that last some system. so we cleared out of the storm off the mid-atlantic coast, we do have more potential for heavy
3:47 am
rain along the coast of the west as well as mountain snow we are all clear in the mid-atlantic. the cold air is going to settle in behind the next clipper system across the midwest and great lakes. bring snow cover to some of these areas over a foot certainly for parts of the up of michigan and parts of the upper midwest. we will continue to monitor that next storm system and then the cold air pours in southward and that is going to set the table, if you will, for more snow this week for some of these areas that don't typically see a lot of snow like perhaps tennessee and kentucky and the mid-atlantic and the northeast. so stay tuned, will, we will certainly fine tune the forecast. and by the way fox if you want your latest weather forecast. back to you. >> will: beginning to look perhaps a little like christmas right after christmas for much of the country there. >> janice: that's correct. >> will: all right, janice,
3:48 am
thank you so much. up next, big tech censors a conservative publisher selling books celebrating american heroes and now facebook calls it a mistake. late with that admission. see if we can correct our wrongs, the author joins us live next. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling--
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♪ >> ainsley: we are back with quick headlines. the average cost of a used car in the united states is now over $29,000. this is a 39% increase from just a year ago. the ongoing shortage of computer chips for new cars has caused the cost of the older models to sore. the average price of a new car is now close to $46,000. and disney world officially ended its magical express bus service from orlando international airport to their resort hotel. the company saying increase in transportation services meant express option was no longer needed. some reports claim that an uber ride to a theme park spiked up $60 after the express service was ended. brian? >> brian: thanks, ainsley, i owe you a favor. children's book series celebrating american heroes
3:53 am
seems great, ronald reagan, amy coney barrett is squaring off with big tech. last month facebook disabled the publisher's account heroes of liberty violated rules against low quality or disruptive content. on monday, a met that spokesperson that's their new name told "fox & friends" the account was disabled in error and has been restored. bret's bring in editor and bethany mandel. bethany, what exactly did they tell you about why you were disabled and why you are back enabled? >> so, when they initially disabled us two days before christmas when we were doing our big push to is sell our books, they never told us anything. we asked them on a message on their platform what did we do? they said here is all of our guidelines and you have been in error and we are cutting off your account sorry, goodbye and this is our final decision. we were kind of left hanging not knowing what to do and not knowing who to contact.
3:54 am
and so we sort of went to fox business with the story and fox business ran it the story blew up. we were contacted by multiple members of congress and we were also contacted by the daily wire and national review and all these outlets. fast forward to late last night they are telling brit hume on twitter and mary katharine ham we were reinstated and told multiple members of congress we were reinstated they never actually contacted us directly. we see our ad account is back enabled but we have no idea if we are on probation or if it was, in fact, an error. >> brian: let me just say if one of the reasons is low quality ad that's wrong, we are seeing the ads now, they look great. the book is fantastic. got through it one of the most common things i hear on my book tour is what do i give kids? and this is the answer. this series is great. right to the point you edit it here's the thing. if they were able to do this without explanation, is it
3:55 am
because there were complaints i see additional point of view complaint they had this conservative series out. >> that's what we think. we had a lot of comments on it i was contacted by another conservative publisher called light raiders. this happened to them two years ago. selling a bible study app. and two days before christmas it was just shut down and they had no recourse. this is the story for a lot of people who are conservative on the platform that they are shut down and it's probably because the users are triggered by seeing conservative content float up on their ads and so they report it. and there are woke people behind the screen at facebook and they get these complaints and they see oh, it's books about rondell reagan and thomas sowell and amy coney barrett let's turn that off because that's offensive. >> brian: that's why donald trump the perfect time to roll out his social media arm rumble is another one that is going to
3:56 am
roll out. i saw joe rogan joined donald trump yesterday got millions of followers. you are basically saying in order you want some power in this and maybe that's the way to do it. heroes of is where to go get your copy of bethany's series. you will see them all. it's top quality and your kids will like it and you will like reading it to them. bethany thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> brian: i hope they have the courtesy to call. >> yeah, please call. >> brian: calling brit hume is always good. ron desantis unmasking the hypocrisy of aoc after she rings in the new year maskless in miami ♪ ♪ >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology
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♪ >> we are scared to start without the protection we need in place. >> today the chicago teachers union will actually vote on returning to remote learning. >> this is just a failure for the future our children. >> u.s. troops in the middle east are coming under attack overnight. air defense forces striking down two drones packed with explosives. >> it's a real security risk. i think it tells you something about how they are thinking about this administration. >> governor andrew cuomo will not face charges in his hand links of covid with regard to the nursing homes nursing home grim reaper, i can't imagine how
4:01 am
devastating this is for so many family members. >> scary situation unfolding near fredericksburg, virginia portions of i-95 remain closed forcing drivers to be stand stranded more than 12 hours. >> governor ron desantis calling out the hypocrisy of democrats pushing mandates while heading to the sunshine state. >> if i had a dollar for every lock down politician that's done that over the last two years, i would be awfully wealthy right now. ♪ >> ainsley: good morning, boston. looking at a beautiful shot of your city. going to be cold today: if you took a few weeks off or a few days off and enjoyed christmas and new year with your family. good morning will, good morning, brian. >> will: good morning, ainsley, hey, speaking of the holidays,
4:02 am
it was really awesome to see you hanging out with your friends and your family. you facetimed in to our new year's eve show live from nashville. it was good to see you. i can't remember where you were if you were on vacation in mexico or south carolina. you brought your friends together from new york and from the south. it was good to see your life. brian, we didn't get a facetime from you. >> brian: yeah, i was sitting there on my ipad this was me waiting for you to call. i just sat there and i go he is going to get in touch with me any second now. [sighs] >> brian: going to be after ainsley. the show inned and i was watching a repeat of gutfeld i realized i should probably put it down and move on. you guys did a great job on new year's eve. do you know what i loved about it, will? the whole family could watch. and the thing is you didn't flip the channels. you were working. i did. a lot of the stuff was just over the top whether they were getting unbelievably drunk like you were in 11th grade sneaking beers in your parent's house on other channels and then other networks barely dressed. i'm just saying it was
4:03 am
definitely. great job. i like to name deron. ainsley, you know i know a lot of famous people. lee brice is one of my favorite people. he is famous, that was the song you chose to bump in on. i got to tap into the fact that i know a lot of famous people. [laughter] >> ainsley: you have made them all famous, brian. >> brian: i was going to say that thanks for saying that will, you didn't say a word. ainsley, thanks for jumping in. jump into this talking point, ainsley. >> ainsley: while we were away everyone is panicking are we going to have remote learning again when the kids go back to school. omicron, all stuck indoors lots of kids running around. please let the schools open because our kids need to be back in the classroom for reason many parents need a break and many have to go back to work and they don't have child care for kids. if luke at what is happening in chicago, the teachers union there they are saying we want to
4:04 am
have remote learning because of some of these districts are not keeping up with making sure our kids and our teachers are safe. you have got the chicago teachers union. today they are are going to voted. the house of delegates is going to votes to decide whether or not they want their members to work remotely. they will probably vote yes on that. then, on wednesday, they are going to take an electronic vote of all of the members of the teachers union. if both of those approve, they will be working remotely without the public schools permission and if you talk to the mayor of lori lightfoot, she is at odds with these teachers unions sayinged that the schools are safe and we need keep our kids in school. >> will: yeah, this is stunning. i mean, i cannot believe, ainsley, that this is where we are two years into this pandemic. brian said this earlier. something that i wholeheartedly agree with. the year whelming odds at this point is that omicron is not our
4:05 am
path into the pandemic but our path out of the pandemic. omicron is pandemic. some quarters vaccine. to say have teachers union to say we need to put our kids in remote learning again because of omicron shows you who they serve. this is not our students. look at their demands. this is what the chicago teachers union is asking for. all staff and students provide negative results from pcr tests within 48 hours before returning to school. they want 300 testing sites at cps location. they will want the school to provide kn 95. n 95 masks to all staff and students. they want to give principals authority to remove classes remote if a single case of covid is reported. i will say, this brian, i think if you took a survey, i truly believe this the last couple of
4:06 am
decades and what the biggest impediment to the loss of learning, to our children becoming actually educated, and we're talking about not just decades but generations now, the biggest impediment to our children is the existence of teachers unions, from fighting charter schools vouchers to fighting in person learning, teachers unions are in the way of our children's growth. >> brian: i want to make it clear, too, that i met so many teachers and, ainsley, your sister is a teacher and your mom was a teacher, and i met so 78 teachers, i went to 18 cities over the last two months some people say i know fox doesn't like teachers. i said no, no. you got it all wrong. fox is in awe of the teachers. the unions in control forced to join in order to get a job, that's the issue. but guess what it's changed? do you know what it used to be? it used to be us on the couch. used to be almost every republican political leader, almost everyone saying go get the kids back in school. and the democrats get in charge and it's like no, no, we need money to get schools ready and six feet apart. and then we need plexiglass.
4:07 am
and now all of a sudden things have changed. if you see the new mayor of new york city. see lori lightfoot of chicago, if you see what is happening in los angeles. everywhere -- in massachusetts the moderate governor, a republican governor, who has really gone liberal on so many different causes is now pushing back all on the same page saying kids need to be in school. and guess the only people stand notice way are teachers unions. the kids need to be in school the parents need to be in schools. the mayors saying get into school. the governor is saying get into school. the president is saying get in school. dr. fauci said get in school. they are the only thing stopping. these kids are going to have their learning curve forever curtailed unless something happens quickly. and this should be our man from a from here on in. not get caught up in the daily nuances what doctor is in or out. it's called live with it go to work. live with it. get on a train, get on a bus, get on a plane, how do we live with it? we can no longer hide from it that's the 10 days to 5 day
4:08 am
rule. now, listen, in the real world, there is parents that have to deal with remote learning until they can get control of their kids' education. here is diana ham bring hall a cbs school counselor she is calling for a return to remote learning listen to her reasoning. >> something has got to give we are not here taking time out of our break because we want to be here. we are here because we care about what happens to our colleagues again, i ask mayor lightfoot and her cps team which is enough enough? when will you finally join us to work together for the safety of us all? >> ainsley: if you ask any teacher if they got into it not for the money they did it because they want to help our children and they want to teach our kids and provide a better
4:09 am
country going forward for the next generation. and when you look at these children and you know that these 5-year-olds, these 6-year-olds going to kindergarten and first grade and learning to read. and they are not in the classroom, and they're learning remotely, many of their parents aren't home because they have to go to work to put food on the table. they are falling behind. >> brian: that's the key. >> ainsley: talk to any teacher they will say the kids are behind. it's prolonging. >> will: yes. >> ainsley: their education. we have all felt it. we are all parents. i have a little one and have until 6 years old, 8 years old when their brains are still elastic and learning so much. 80% of what they learn happens at this age, it scares you as pirnt. you are not equipped to teach them. hayden is learning sight words to learn to read. she needs to learn lower case letters. where is she going to learn that? i'm trying at home but i'm not a teacher. we are trying the best i can. everyone is falling behind. she goes to a great school. what about a school that doesn't
4:10 am
have the capacity to keep up with all the kids or is in a low income area. and these teachers are saying there is lingering impact on the students. learning loss, even mayor lightfoot said that, the learning loss was profound in chicago. lincoln way, the families there in new lennox a suburb of chicago. they found out on monday that they were going to be remote for the rest of the week. so then parents are scrambling, what do we do? we don't have child care. we have got to go back to work. brian, had you an excellent interview with the chicago parent, his name is ryan griffin, he is slamming these unions for pushing to keep his kids at home. how many kids does he have. >> brian: brian i don't know. good morning i did the interview. walls it you, will? >> ainsley: will, did you it, three people, three kids? >> will: it's okay. it's a hard bar to live up to brian's presence on this show and all the things he does. >> brian: you are so hurt, will. i can't believe how hurt he is. >> will: three kids, two of them in chicago public schools. and yes, ainsley, he did slam the teachers union.
4:11 am
listen. >> from every level of the public health experts out there, they say in person school is safe and should be prioritized. but, will, that's never good enough for the chicago teachers union. they will never pass up an opportunity to exert their leverage and they will get power plays they continue to come up with a long list of demands relating to public health issues, testing, vaccinations, they want the school district to become a health clinic. they will call this a remote learning opportunity. they will not call this a waiver stoppage. but that's what this is and that is harmful to the students of this city. >> will: yeah. i want to underline something that brian said. this isn't an attack on teachers. it's pointing out the problem is the teachers union. i think you are right, ainsley. i know you are right thatter teacher out there got into this to help children. so ask ourselves, do these policies help or hurt children?
4:12 am
we know the toll at this point. we know the rising case of depression. we know the rates of suicide. we know social isolation and, of course, the loss of learning that will never be recuperated. i have two sons who were in a new york city public school for most of their lives until very recently. they went on remote learning for over a year. i saw firsthand all of those elements play out. loss of learning, social isolation. and, ainsley, you said this, it's so important to reiterate. it has its largest impact on minority and poor children. they are the ones that suffer from this. compounded in extreme ways that others do not montage of illinois students upset about the timing of this more than anything else. they are going to remote just a few days before they are notified, watch. >> i was mad. >> why? >> i personally don't like being
4:13 am
online. i wish we were in person. i feel like i learn better that way. >> i'm not too happy about it i feel like i have to work a little bit harder and pay attention a little bit more. because when you are doing remote learning you kind of just -- you could get easily distracted when you are at home, you are on your computer. you can zone out easily. but when you are in person you are more engaged. >> brian: that i think, is the most important. i want to hear from the kids, from 11th to second grade. my daughter started college remote this week up in her room. she bass was supposed to go back monday. the other was supposed to go on time. they got notices they have to get boozers. booze -- boosters.bypassing the. this is nuts. we have it covered from just grade school to teens to college we are witnessing it. notice i didn't say democrat, republican, conservative, liberal. this is bringing us together.
4:14 am
these people don't know what the hell they are doing and screwing up the next generation which is a bridge too far. we can handle it. when they start messing with people's kids, their families, their grandkids it's out of control. meanwhile, talk about out of control. every time this surge happens, whatever variant it is, they look at florida and numbers go up, this live free and understand the -- responsible governor santsd comes under fire. he kind of loves it he embraces it because such idiocy especially when they attack him friday night flipping a coin to start a high school football championship and then they didn't see him for a couple days, they say florida is on fire. where is the governor? the country has an omicron surge of cases, not deaths, increase in hospitalizations, he has got a system in place. and upon that, you should understand that the guy has a personal life. and it's all about his wife and what she is going through as well. listen to what the governor explained yesterday while also
4:15 am
trying to make sense of all of these politicians who come to florida first criticize it and then come there to vacation. listen. >> when people try to say that that's a vacation, i think anyone that's gone through those treatments would not agree that chemotherapy is a vacation so my wife has had to go through that i have accompanied to all those dreams, trying to be a supportive husband. so that's what we were doing on the one day where i didn't have anything on my public calendar because it is a private matter. but if people are going to lie, we are going to fight back. and i can tell you when you have people like that congresswoman who ripped florida because we are open, who say you need lockdown policies, and then the first chance they get they come running down to my state, if i had a dollar for every lockdown politician that's done that over the last two years, i would be awfully wealthy right now. >> ainsley: he says he know he is of at least half a dozen governors that have been down -- that have restrictions in their state that have been spotted
4:16 am
recently in florida. is he talking about aoc as well who was spotted over the weekend maskless at a crowded drag bar. also seen drinking coffee at a little table on the street. she went to miami. yet locking down new york. she supports all these lockdowns and these vaccines yet people flee down to florida to get away from all of that. they say one thing and then do something else. ron desantis also, his wife casey was diagnosed with cancer. they have three little children. she has a lot on her plate. he said the one day he didn't have anything on his public calendar was because he had a private issue. he said normally i would keep this private. but when i'm being criticized for taking a day off so i can stand or sit next to my wife and hold her hand while she is getting chemotherapy, then i will do that and i will make it a public matter now. i didn't want to do that but i will to defend myself and my family. he is so informed. you talk to anyone down in florida. they love him down there. many people want him to run for president. friends down in florida are saying i hope he doesn't because we need him in our state of florida. will?
4:17 am
>> will: ainsley, that sounded suspiciously like you might be offering up a little bit of criticism for aoc. preaching one thing and practicing another. preaching lockdowns and visiting florida because it's free. i want to be careful here. because if you were criticizing apartment oc that might, at least in her estimation, mean you are hiding some sexual frustrations. >> brian: exactly. >> will: when it comes to aoc. anyone who criticizes aoc is secretly attracted to her that's what she has revealed. >> ainsley: i think she is very pretty but i'm not attracted to her. >> brian: tell her that. i will with will she begs to differ. you might be hiding that it might be deep and buried. will candace owens was on tucker talking about this. >> how bizarre and immature is it for any person that wants to be taken seriously as an adult to look at a fair critique as elected official who has been barking about how florida is doing everything wrong how bad ron desantis is to see this critique and offer back you know what?
4:18 am
you just want to sleep with me. what are you even talking about so bratty and so immature and so disgusting to even think about. and let me just say this in case there is any confusion. i have a lot of critiques of ocasio-cortez. i have had a lot of critiques since the very beginning, no, sandy, i do not want to sleep with you. >> will: candace owens is officially on the record, ainsley. you might need to go on the record as well because you criticized aoc. governor desantis join "fox & friends" live on thursday. so you will want to hear that response in just a few minutes. whatting. >> ainsley: headlines this morning. more headlines five people are dead. without power after a massive snow storm swept through the south and the mid-atlantic areas. drivers became stranded on 95 in virginia during the storm. many of them driving up from florida. some were stuck overnight as heavy snow blanketed the region and some drivers are still
4:19 am
stranded as state works to clear all those roads. more than a foot of snow falling in some parts of southern new jersey and freeze warning for travel remain in place in several affected states as temperatures remain frigid. the mid-atlantic d.a. is manhatg governor cuomo's actions involving nursing homes in the early pandemic. he will face no charges. that probe was opened last year after report revealed department under reported nursing home deaths byes much as much as 50%. accept patients who tested positive for covid as covid surged throughout the state in 2020. buccaneers wide receiver antonio brown is still on the active roster after a bizarre outburst on sunday. the head coach says he is no longer a buc ripped off his
4:20 am
shirt. left the field. asked front office about the future with tampa bay. unclear what sparked the outburst or if brown has a future on any team. those are your headlines. will, brian, what do you all think about that. >> brian: he was asked to go back in the game twice. now thoughts he might have been hurt. he was going to make about a million dollars over the next two games if he had one more touchdown catch. three more receptions. probably going to make another million dollars in two weeks. this is -- if he is off this team, i think he is done. maybe they are going to talk about some type of mental issue that he had and that could change the dialogue here, will, i don't know, what do you think? >> ainsley: what is what the problem? i saw him with the shirt off but i don't know the details. >> will: i don't know exactly what happened as well. let's put it this way, this is not the first time it's happened with antonio brown. i believe in second chances i don't believe in 8 or 9th chances. >> brian: well put.
4:21 am
twitter users locked out for good as the social media site locks down free speech. vivek ramaswamy will be here live. ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th. one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates
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4:26 am
spreading covid misinformation. >> ainsley: robert malone he predicts shifts away from big tech censorship is just the beginning. >> brian: no kidding. >> and where the country is going is where joe rogan just went from twitter to getter. what the media doesn't understand you can't suppress information it will find a way to be free. people don't tolerate this type of censorship and propaganda that is being pushed on us. >> brian: here to react biotech entrepreneur and vivek ramaswamy. welcome back. your take on joe rogan's move to join and what that doctor just said about the future? >> i think we on the tusk of economic tidal wave. big tech censorship was a problem. politicians weren't able to do anything about it so the private sector is responding. this is how things are actually
4:27 am
supposed to work. resolving the issues in the private sector through competition. i think that's going to be a good development in the realm of social media. i also think that censorship isn't just limited to the world of the internet anymore. it's rampant across corporate america. you mark my words. i think in 2022 we will see the explosion of a new wave of startups i know this because i'm personally investing and involved in many of them that are actually responding to the new woke corporate orthodoxy, offering alternatives in the marketplace of ideas. if getter twitter. great i was among the first outside investors in rumble challenging youtube. that's on the internet. i think we are going to see the same thing with respect to black rock, nike, air b and n. jp morgan chase, american express, the list goes on. i think it's an exciting moment for us. >> ainsley: why is it taking so long. jason miller started the site in july. i would have thought president trump since he was an a adviser would have jumped on to. maybe he will if he decides to run for president. you heard dr. malone say this is
4:28 am
going to catch up with them. you can't suppress someone and tell someone how to think and feel and control the news that they get. eventually it will catch up and we are seeing that right now, right? >> absolutely. you will note the shift among social media companies in talking about disinformation. years ago to now talking about misinformation which actually refers to not intentional coordinated spread of incorrect information by a state actor foreign and abroad. now saying something they disagree with or without the proper context, that's actually the kind of shift we have seen online. ainsley, i think we are not necessarily going to have one alternative to each of these platted forms. there could be multiple alternatives to twitter or other social media companies. i think that's a good thing. i don't think we should have centralized sources of truth left wing or right wing version. we should have pluralism. choice in the. that's what the marketplace is all about. we are seeing in social media and requesting to see it across sectors over the course of 2022. >> will: vivek, i share your
4:29 am
optimism for competitor stepping up in the market place you would think people want which is free speech. before we say goodbye to the old ecosystem i'm curious where do you think twitter is headed. they now have a new ceo it seemed like from the distance they are getting more sensorrous, looking down to shut down more free speech. >> every company begins as insurgent when they succeed incumbent. twitter in face of becoming incumbent. the old founder who was ceo has stepped aside. new tech know accurate in charge doing what he is supposed to be doing waving his flag in whatever direction the wind blows on a given day that's what insum bents do. job of new insurgents to unseat the incumbent. that's the way the market works. sometimes consumers have to be a little bit impatient to see it happen. i think we are seeing decay of the silicon titans of the last era. going to happen in other
4:30 am
sectors. >> brian: yesterday i joined rumble hour ago i joined getter. real quick, naive question they brought down parler because it didn't have its own infrastructure. what would stop them from doing the same thing to their competitors? >> i say this as i'm invest ago cross a lot of the companies in what i call this new economy excellence economy. quality comes first. i don't want to criticize parler or any particular website i think a lot of the first generation versions challenging those incumbents did suffer from quality issues of their own for researchers that had nothing to do with politics or nothing to do with culture. i think the bar is going to be really high for ininsurgent. the bar for the quality of your product matters even more. that's my advice to every entrepreneur out there. >> brian: keep it clean. >> ainsley: get somebody like a joe rogan. as of last night when i was checking more than 8 million followers. >> brian: wow, that's amazing. >> ainsley: they are happy to have him over there thank you
4:31 am
vivek, always great to have you your perspective. >> good to see you guys. >> ainsley: good to see you too. new year, same problem dangerous holiday weekend in chicago. shocker. now seven people are dead on this tuesday morning as a result of that. a local pastor, hoping to bring awareness to the city's crime problem, joins us live. i always dreamed of having kids of my own. ♪ ♪ now i'm ready for someone to call me mom. at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today.
4:32 am
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♪ >> will: chicago's top cop delivering this message after 2021 ends as the city's deadliest year in a quarter century. >> we all know this has been a challenging year here in the city of chicago. too many families are reeling from the loss of loved ones due to senseless gun violence. we must do more to protect the people of chicago. >> will: this year off to another violent start with 27 shot and seven killed this past weekend, including tragically a 12-year-old boy. our next guest says that he is on day 45 of his 100 day mission to bring awareness to the violence in chicago by camping outside joining us now from the roof top is project hood ceo
4:36 am
pastor corey brooks. pastor, thanks for being with us. i see you looks like a cold morning there. warm message you bring to the message. we have got to stop what's happening in chicago. pastor brooks, how do we do that? >> absolutely. well, john maxwell wrote in one of his leadership books that everything rises and falls on leadership. we can't just take successes of leadership we have to take the bad with the leadership. what we are experiencing here in chicago is a lack of leadership as it relates to stopping this violence. that's the reason why i have always said we cannot win on government to solve and fix our problems. that's the reason i'm on this roof. that's the reason why project hood is trying to do what we do to make sure we alleviate the violence we see every single day. if we don't do it, it's not going to be done. >> will: yeah, you are taking this leadership position. you are camping out as i mentioned. i don't think it's any small note. it's cold in chicago. you are bringing awareness. but in this leadership vacuum, which you are stepping into,
4:37 am
what can you do to solve this problem? i would love to sit here with you and we're not going to be able to accomplish it in a three-minute "fox & friends" segment, i would love to hear from you. what do the leaders of chicago need to do to stop this weekend after weekend? >> >> well, one, we have to punish those who break the law. we can't get them away with carrying guns illegally. can't let them get away with doing the things that are being done sense of lawlessness in chicago right now. that's the first thing. we have to punish them. the second thing is we have to get in cousin with these individuals shooters have the potential shot. give them opportunities and options to change their lives. that's the reason why projected hood we make sure we offer construction classes, electrical classes. all kinds of opportunities. entrepreneurship, mentors, help transform their lives. at the end of the day, politics can't change hearts. it's going to be up to us and the thrord change the hearts of people. and so it takes a lot of hard
4:38 am
work, but it must be done. >> will: that's huge. you know, obviously need to focus on accountability as you pointed out. change perhaps political leadership and we reapproach to meaning defunding police. talk about the right kind of polices. but you bring up something so important and that's the heart and culture and community and family and the home and i think -- i have to think that's at the center of the bulls eye. hardest part of the problem to solve. >> yeah it, is the hardest problem to solve. that's the reasonable why government can't solve. they can't solve heart issues. and that's the reason why people like me and project hood, we have to get involved in the lives of people and have to do it grass roots level. thank all the people across america who have been helping us to try to build this center because it's much needed because at the end of the day, if we don't get these people involved in the opportunity and option, their lives are never going to
4:39 am
change and everything is going to remain the same. violence is going to continue. must gte to the heart of the issue. that's where it all starts and that's where it all began. >> will: by the way, people can't help out. they can donate. they can visit project they can help donate. pastor brooks is out there. he is making his presence known and shivering his way through it so we thank you getting up early with us this morning and bringing awareness to the problems of chicago. thank you, pastor brooks. >> thank you so very much. i appreciate it. >> will: all right. doctors face new controversial guidelines regarding race when it comes to treating covid. dr. marc siegel on the outrage next. a. a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. nucala reduces eosinophils, a key cause of severe asthma. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred.
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♪ >> brian: fox news alert now. a massive snow storm shuts down a major highway in virginia. you are looking live right now at the back up on i-59 right near fredericksburg authorities say some of the drivers have been there 24 hours. heavy snow falling since
4:44 am
yesterday morning. the virginia department of transportation calling the situation quote, unprecedented unclosed quote. it's not clear how long it will take for crewing to clear the snow. the temperature is just 17 degrees right now. we are watching, senior meteorologist janice dean is studying, janice, what do you see here? where is this heading? ains. >> janice: this is awful. all over social media right now. drivers are stranded and they are talking about the fact that they have been in their cars in below freezing weather for 24 hours. so this is a really big deal and this forecast was in place so they knew, you know, officials knew that this storm was coming and could dump over a foot of snow. so you cannot blame it on the forecasters. we knew this was going to happen. we knew this was going to be a big event for areas that don't typically see over a foot of snow and now we have got drivers stranded on social media asking for help. they have been in their cars for over 24 hours. this is going to be a very big story. the storm system is gone but the temperatures are below freezing.
4:45 am
in some cases below 20 degrees. this is going to be a big issue and unfortunately, something we're going to have to cover, you know, throughout the day today and fox weather, by the way, is streaming live video of i-95 and people trying, you know, to get relief out there. it's quite incredible. now, the cold air is in place for much of the country, we're going to get reinforcing shot of cold air over the next couple of days. and that's going to circle as far as south as the gulf coast. we have another storm system moving into the west coast. this is going to be our weather maker. our trouble maker over the next couple of days. some of this energy is going to bring the next storm system to parts of the mid-atlantic and northeast. people need to unfortunately heed the warnings and know what to the forecast is going to bring over the next couple of days because, unfortunately, winter is not going anywhere and that story across i-95, brian, is really incredible. it's unfolding right now. mosts are stranded and that's a dire situation.
4:46 am
>> brian: new challenge for that brand new governor in action. let's see what's happening. thanks, janice check in again obviously. >> you are welcome. >> brian: the new york city health department is taking a patient's race into account when distributing potential life-saving covid treatments this according to the city's official guidance. longstanding systematic help may contribute to increased risk of getting sick and dying from covid-19. fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel is with us now. dr. siegel, does that statement backed up by fact? >> no, brian, it's very disturbing. look, this is a big embarrassment to new york city health department and new york state because one thing we're taught from the beginning of medical school is not to favor one group over another. we look at risk, not race. we look at the issue of what makes it more important that somebody get a treatment early. and none of this would be necessary by the way if the biden administration had actually gotten these treatments out to us. instead, we have this incredible
4:47 am
scarcity of this brand new drug from pfizer that's life-saving or the monoclonal antibodies that are specific for omicron life-saving. we can't get any. so they're scrambling and trying to ration. just the thing we don't want to do. and we don't want providers told only give it to black people. don't give it to white people. look, it's based on this. are you obese? do you have diabetes? do you have underlying health conditions? are you a frontline worker? now, maybe there are more minorities in those positions so that's how you make the decision. but you don't say well, this person can't get care. so i'm going to compensate by putting them at the front of the line. i was taught in medical school not to differentiate based on javits center, based on race. based on anything whatsoever. we look at all humans the same. that's ther that pew dick approach. we need to do that and we don't need to be told anything differently by the city. >> brian: dr. siegel, you work at nyu. you work in new york city. what are you going to do?
4:48 am
>> well, i'm already battling this problem with trying to get this antibody treatment. it's impossible to get. and i have all different ways to do it. i call up different sources. i have different connections. you know, i know how to get it through nyu. i'm definitely not being told by anyone to differentiate on the basis of race. ifield not comply with that i have race patients of all races and creed and ethnicities and all genders -- both genders i mean. that's how i look at it that's how every provider listening to this has to approach this. >> brian: i'm just outraged that more people aren't outraged i do like your point if you are a first responder, a military member, something that is required by society, i get it just keep race and gender out of it how hard is that to understand? dr. marc siegel, go ahead, final thoughts. >> brian, i am outraged, too. let me make this really clear. if i exclude -- if i give it to one person, it means i'm excluding another person.
4:49 am
so if i'm deliberating giving it to one race means i'm deliberately excluding another race. we cannot practice medicine that i way. it's already a terrible situation we don't have the drugs and treatments we need. let's not make it worse by marginalizing groups especially one group over another. >> brian: thought it was bad enough politics got into medicine and still there hence hydroxychloroquine and everything else. dr. marc siegel, thanks so much. >> absolutely. thanks, brian. >> brian: i will they can in with you again. still ahead on this show, chicago couple winning big on fantasy football. what they plan to do with their millions of dollars next in real life. ♪ i'm winning ♪ i'm winning ♪ ♪3, 4♪
4:50 am
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4:53 am
. >> ainsley: a wisconsin couple winning huge in the fantasy football game taking home $1 million watching the packers nearly beat the ravens last month. they plan no-to-use the money from once in a lifetime win to help their community, university, churches, local charities, will and jenny sue join us now. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> ainsley: will, what was your reaction? you became a millionaire overnight. >> i was pretty happy about it
4:54 am
it's obviously something that you never picture happening in your life and i just so happened that that sunday everything came together for us. >> ainsley: jenny, what was your reaction, were you involved in picking the players or involved in the team or did he just call you and say honey, we are millionaires? >> no, i wasn't involved at all. he didn't tell me until almost the very end of the game. it was a little surreal, though very exciting. >> ainsley: you waited until the end of the game to tell her because you didn't want to jinx it or you didn't want her to know. >> the top prizes obviously a really big number. and it is hearted to sit there and think about it that way. so i just kind of kept it a little bit of a secret. i knew we were -- we had a good chance at winning, you know, a good amount of money. but i never thought it would end up being you know, in the millions. >> ainsley: it's amazing. y'all are such good people. we were talking during the commercial break of just how special you are as a couple because with 1.1 million that you win, taxes about 50% will be taken out and then about 50% of
4:55 am
what you take home you are giving back to church, to the university of wisconsin, to charities, how did you all decide to do that and why? we are all americans. we need the money. >> we just -- we have everything we need. we are fortunate. this is a good opportunity to be able to give back to places in our community that could use a little extra help. >> and these are charities that we normally are involved with, that we volunteer for, that we are on the boards of, so we know the good work that they do in the community in the state of wisconsin. >> ainsley: you are giving back. that's wonderful. which players were on your team? >> so, i had tyler huntley, the quarterback of the ravens, mark andrews who is their tight end. davante adams from the packers, and so those were the three there at the end and then i also had two running backs, foreman and jeff wilson jr. we had three other wide receivers, brandon cooks, christian kirk and amon rocking
4:56 am
brown. >> ainsley: jenny, is your husband really into football? how does he know these players? how does he pick his team. >> he spend a lot of time researching and analyzing and studying. he really loves sports and numbers and statistics. so he loves to spend time analyzing. >> ainsley: all right. for those all those wives watching when your husband is so into fantasy football and he can't go with you to the party because he has to stay home with you to watch the game, it can pay big. draft king fantasy football, it's one of the ones that pays a lot. congratulations. thanks forever the people that you all are. >> thank you. >> ainsley: you are welcome. we have a big hour ahead. crenshaw, former surgeon general jerome adams and nancy grace
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
why does walgreens offer prescription copays as low as zero dollars? ♪ ♪ so you won't have a medicare in the world.
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♪ ♪ plus, 90-day refills and same day delivery. larry? that's even less to medicare about. fill your medicare prescriptions with walgreens and save. ♪ ♪ for good as the social media site shuts down free speech. >> we are seeing it happen slow eloquent decay. >> the state department getting
5:01 am
brutally mocked for repeatedly promoting the secretary of state's spotify play list. >> it makes you nervous because they are not just doing a bad job they keep doing these things that are not serious at all. >> first and goal and quick throw touchdown steelers. ben roethlisberger gets his goodbye at hynesfield. ♪ might drag you down ♪ you get lost ♪ you can always be found ♪ know you're not alone ♪ we're going to make this place your home ♪ >> will: sun is up on the east coast. there is a beautiful shot of new jersey, as we welcome you in to "fox & friends" on this tuesday morning january 4th of 2022 will cain along with ainsley earhardt and brian kilmeade. good morning to you both. good morning, brian.
5:02 am
>> brian: hey, will, good to see you again for the last two hours. hopefully this hour will be just as enjoyable. where are the lifeguards. there could be a flood of people heading to the beach today it's 19 degrees. i want to know that those kids are going to be safe. we cannot let kids because they don't have to go school in almost evidence state. they are probably going to go to the beach, i imagine, because they have been totally let down by our school system and we will discuss that in a second. ainsley, do you know on "the five" they let you pick your bump in music, do you believe that will asserted himself and picked phillip phillips for that. >> ainsley: i love that song. remember when parents named him phillip phillips. we interviewed him. great song real catchy. great job will if you selected that i have a feeling it was the producers or toba though, right? >> will: i will admit toba. not me. i don't know that you two know this about me, i'm very pop culture plugged in to movies and
5:03 am
television series but i am a complete pop culture idiot when it comes to music. if it's not country music and really honestly texas country music, i don't know what you are talking about. i have never heard of phillip phillips. >> ainsley: funny how you get older it all changes. i used to watch like all those hollywood shows and then now that i have gotten older i have my tv on foxconn distantly i need to know what's happening in news and i love fox and love the folks on there. as we get older we don't know who all these celebrities are. i just found out a few weeks ago who kim kardashian was dating. i don't know if you know this we have james over here who drove in from new jersey this morning. we were showing the picture of cape may southern at this pointw jersey known for conservative people. known for victorian houses. known for antiquing. there is someone out there on the beach right now. >> brian: maybe a lifeguard. >> ainsley: yeah, he is wearing red. 7 to 8 inches of snow his friends told him yesterday they
5:04 am
got. is that snow on the beach. >> brian: that's fan fascinating. i have actually been there. the victorian houses are quite nice very hard to park. >> will: that's not white sand. that is snow on the beach i would assume based upon the outfit of that beach goer. but brian alluded to it so let's move to this. let's move to the insanity that is retaking our country. it seems there is no bottom. we can return to the insanity of the spring of 2020 at the drop of an omicron. we're ready apparently to go back to remote learning at least in chicago where chicago's teacher unions are making demands, they are going to demand remote schooling. here's what they are requesting. all staff and students provide negative rules pcr test taken 48 hours before returning to will school. chicago public schools they are asked that they provide 300 testing sites, also provide n 95 and kn 95 masks to all staff and students. give principals authority to
5:05 am
immediately go remote for any class where there is a positive covid case reported. brian, we can catalog and we should all the detriment and damage this does to children. we have talked about isolation, locals of learning, mental illness, but as a society, i just kind of want to step back and go i cannot believe we are so fear-driven and fragile. >> brian: absolutely. >> will: that he woodland even consider allowing this i saw a picture, brian, by the way in canada of them locking up hockey goals outside so kids couldn't play outside. we are back to filling up. >> brian: canada is the worst. >> will: we are losing our minds or some of us are ready to lose our minds once again if sane people don't stand up. brian bribe absolutely true. by the way, nobody has it right. australia certainly doesn't have it right. china is lying to us say only 4,000 dead. we know they are getting hit again by delta and omicron. you mentioned canada, fan goes to the game again in hockey. we don't have the market cornered on idiocy but certainly
5:06 am
refuse to give up the competitive race. so far we are seeing this: i am very encouraged that eric adams in new york says we have to get in school. we have to get kids back to school. 1 percent of children are infected at home. over 15% are infected at home. only 1% in schools. i say to parents bring your kids to school. in connecticut, over 160 schools are closed. in california, you got to get a positive test to get your kid back into school. massachusetts, the governor is pleading with these teachers unions and the teachers to go back to school. they want their kids in school. so some sanity is happening from liberal republicans to liberal democrats to moderate democrats, politicians, the president, anthony fauci, get the kids back in school. but not the teachers, ryan griffin, chicago parent, and he is just one person representing so many parents who don't ask if you are a democrat or a republican. want their kids in school. they see them suffering with friendships and with intellect.
5:07 am
listen. >> every level of the public health experts out there, they say in person school is safe and should be prioritized. but, will, that's never good enough for the chicago teachers union. they will never pass up an opportunity to exert their leverage and they will get power plays. they continue to come up with long list of demands relating to public health issues. testing, vaccinations. they want the school district to become a health clinic. they will call this a remote learning opportunity. they will not call this a waiver stoppage. s that what this is. that is harmful to the students of this city. >> ainsley: will, when you look atom chron and you hear what eric adams the new mayor of new york has said, the kids are safer in school in addition to being safer at school versus trapped in inside higher percentage has it at home than they do at school. they are also not learning when
5:08 am
they're at home. all these parents are concerned because you are only in school for what, 1 years, and we have already been out of school for so long and some of these districts, especially the ones like chicago or california that we heferred, they not only shut down in the spring of 2020, many of them didn't open in 2021 or toward the tail end of 2021. taking out a big chunks of a child's learning when they need to be learning how to read or need to be learning thousand be prepared for college. >> brian: we gave them the money. we gave them $10 billion. gave them billions of dollars to get their schools ready will boil front of the line for the vaccine. put them at the front of the line for the vaccine. >> brian: 90% got it. >> ainsley: chicago teachers union making the demands so high you can't get there 300 different testing sites, we can't get the test, you go to any drugstore and they say we don't have the test or might have them in the morning and don't have them in the afternoon. we don't have the supply. and so the government needs to provide more tests, provide more treatment and if the children get omicron or if anyone gets omicron, usually they say it's
5:09 am
just like having a cold or worse case scenario you feel like you have the flu for a few days, the house of delegates, the chicago teachers union they are going to vote today on this. >> brian: you know what they are going to say. ains apes they are going to say we want to work remotely. electronic voting or all the members will happen on wednesday. if both sides approve that then they will work remotely even though lori lightfoot the mayor of chicago and chicago public schools are not in agreement lori lightfoot and the chicago public schools say schools are safe and we need to help our kids stay in school here are some students that are upset. some of these students from lincoln way in new lennox a suburb of chicago. they found out on monday they will be working remotely for the reps of the week. they are hoping they go back next week. no one knows at this point. listen. >> i was mad. >> why? >> i personally don't like being online. i wish we were in person.
5:10 am
i feel like i learn better that way. i'm not too happy about it i feel like i have to work a little bit harder and pay attention a little bit more. because when you are doing remote learning, you kind of just -- you could get easily distracted when you are at home and on your computer. you could zone out easily, but when you are in person you are more engaged. >> will: as brian pointed out, we gave the teachers union the money they needed to meet their demands. we put them at the front of the line to get the vaccine, they have received almost every single demand throughout the last two years and, yet, the answer is more. clearly, when faced with something where the science says at worst you are going to face a mild sickness. the only conclusion can be is teachers union not teachers but teachers unions care nothing for our children. and they are one of the biggest not just impediments but sources of dang now tour children and their development for going on not just two years, not just decades but generations. now we move to this as well.
5:11 am
speaking of villains. the biden administration moves from donald trump to insurrectionist to anti-vaxers and now the newest villain is big meat. that's the villain of the day. move back to the top of the cycle with donald trump and insurrection later this week for now big meat that's the problem. that's the reason there sinflation. here is what joe biden had to say about meat processors and the rising price of. >> i said it before and i will say it again capitalism, isn't capitalism it's exploitation. that's what we seeing in the meat industry seeing it now. small independent ranchers driven outs of business. sometimes businesses that have been around for generations. >> brian: where this came from, we all know prices are going up. where it came from, evidently, is the fact that beef is up 20%, pork is up 17%, and chicken is up about 10%. there has got to be a villain.
5:12 am
they say too much power concentrated certain amount of meat companies hurting the small time rancher, he wants subsidies small town rancher. conglomerate going on. larry summers, former secretary of treasury who was right about sustained inflation sadly, we are living through it $1.9 trillion in he says this ♪ the problem. having antitrust push is not going to help inflation. he says this will never help inflation. it won't affect it. it's not transitory. this is only going to hurt it meanwhile joe biden, answered back with facts. he didn't just go out there and just make up the fact that meat was a problem. he went to the source sunroom with a friend of his wife's. watch. >> i was sitting in my kitchen yesterday and there is a sunroom
5:13 am
off the kitchen and my wife was there with her sister and a good friend named mary ann and she was saying do you realize it is over $5 for a pound of hamburger meat? $5? well, this is partly, you know, the pound of beef today costs 5 bucks impaired to less than 4 bucks before the pandemic. >> ainsley: brian and will, he said that on monday, that means yesterday referring to sunday he was sitting in his kitchen and his wife and friend were in the sunroom. he found out on sunday that beef prices, that chicken prices that pork prices are going up? we have been talking about this and experiencing it for months. clearly he doesn't do his grocery shopping or maybe he doesn't care how much prices are going up. also, he is blaming this on big beef. well, you have had a monopoly in big beef. you have had four major companies district the majority of beef around our country for years. same with chicken, four companies. same with pork, four companies. we have had walmarts and targets for decades. two years ago when president
5:14 am
trump was in office, prices were down. he can't blame a monopoly. he has to blame gas prices going up. he shut down the pipeline. he gave control to russia, and then you look at labor, yes, he was paying people not to go to work. then people thought, you know what? i really didn't like my job. do you know what? i don't want to go back to work. i want to work for a small company or less pay or i'm going to stay home and i'm just going to take money from the government. a lot of people are not going back to work. those who are working are getting big bonuses because companies need their drivers, companies need people to process the meats, so you have got a labor shortage and gas prices are through the roof. deville is astronomical right now. truck drivers hard to find them if you can paying a lot for gas to put every single product that you buy that's in your cupboard on the shelves in our stores. look at firewood. firewood is going up because more people are trying to use firewood to heat their living rooms instead of their heat because energy prices are so extreme. whose fault is that? that's joe biden they are passing the buck.
5:15 am
>> brian: clearly. >> ainsley: passing the buck. like you said, will, this is the latest villain. bill will after this villain go after big firewood and big coffee and big furniture and every other aspect of our economy that is suffering through inflation. >> brian: i would like to bring something up. maybe use the actual green bay packers go into the meat place full uniform start working in meat places. one of my jobs in high school i'm just remembering now meat place i worked at norman's meats. >> will: really. >> brian: i have enormous respect for people who work in meat. worst shift can you get making chopped meat. go into the refrigerator with a lab coat with lining and you just jam a whole bunch of meat parts through a grinder and you get chopped meat. you didn't want the chop meat chipped. it's tough jobs. i hope they are paying them a lot. it doesn't surprise me people are getting paid more money not to got refrigerator and make chopped meat than to do it.
5:16 am
if the green pay packers can leave practice and pack some meat that would help joe biden. >> ainsley: you thought you had a dirty job. >> will: i want them to take on a second job experience a little fatigue. they have the number one seed. i want the packers compromised when they meat the cowboys in the play offs. >> brian: exactly will. they have a week off. they could do it because they have a bye week. thanks so much i did have a dirty job, ainsley. thanks for noticing but i won't sing about it a fox news alert. massive snow storm right now shuts down a major highway in virginia. you are looking right now i-95 near fredericksburg where george washington was born by the way. authorities say some of these drivers have been there for 24 hours. it's dangerous, heavy snow falling since yesterday. the virginia department of transportation calling the situation unprecedented. it's not clear how long it will take to get crews out there to clear it up. it's 17 degrees right now. over to the virus omicron variant and extreme weather
5:17 am
creating perfect storm of hardship. flight aware reporting more than 3,000 u.s. flights and 4800 global flights canceled monday as snow pounded the mid-atlantic. airlines still facing getting labor shortages as employees call out sick with covid. travelers might have better luck today with only 400 u.s. cancellations so far. man, is that frustrating. and the end of a year in technology. the classic blackberry will no longer function beginnings today as touch screen smart phones like the app. pell iphone surged in popularity the blackberry and tiny keyboard quickly became obsolete. i still like the keyboard better. one of the first high tech phones hit the market first introduced in 1999. they called it a crack berry because it was so addicting. the iphone took over. i will still take that keyboard any time anyway. >> will: i loved it i had a hard time giving it up. >> brian: exactly i would take it back in a second. would you be able to read us out?
5:18 am
>> will: okay. yeah. brian is down. i will come, in will is in. still ahead, a 7-year-old girl is reported missing two years after she was last seen. what we know about this strange disappearance. plus, we're live in la joya, texas as border patrol reveals there were nearly 2 million migrant encounters in the last fiscal year. the stunning impact to biden's border crisis. ♪ before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> as you know two years have passed since she was seen. puts us at disadvantage and public's help is greatly needed. i'm appealing to everyone, help us find this little girl. someone knows something, do what
5:23 am
is right and call it in. >> will: new hampshire police are begging for help in the case of a 7-year-old girl reported missing two years after she was last seen. police say harmony montgomery who is blind in one eye hasn't been spotted since october of 2019 when she was only 5 years old. investigators are questioning her parents. host of crime stories on fox nation nancy grace joins us now. nancy, how does someone, i don't know, go unreported for two years before finally being reported missing? how does that happen? >> well, you know, i could air brush the truth for you and say oh she slipped through the cracks. what does that really mean? that means a lot of people failed at their jobs and mommy and daddy just don't care. all right? i think the whole kit and caboodle need to be put in jail. but this is what we know.
5:24 am
july, 2019, the uncle, kevin montgomery says he sees harmony with a black eye. a little girl black eye. he calls the cops. nobody does anything. and the department family children services, of course, they don't do anything. fast forward, august, the neighbors call about bad living conditions. the police come. they do nothing. two facts two children services does nothing. then in october, there is some type of a family upheaval, the cops come out again, they say witness said she looked like a lost and scared puppy dog. >> they do nothing. that's the last time she is seen alive by the police. two years pass, mommy doesn't know where she is. nobody can apparently find dad who may have her. so have you got so many fingers to point and now the cops jump in and go oh, help us find her
5:25 am
well, where have they been for two years. they are the ones that answered the call and did nothing. >> will: you know, nancy, what an important point, i mean, how many -- it does sound air brushed or cliche to say so many things slip through the cracks or so many people failed. schools, relatives, neighbors, community, how can no one notice for two years that this little girl hadn't been seen. >> people notice. people noticed. neighbors, a relative, they called police. defax was conducted. what about the school system she had been in school in massachusetts what happened when she didn't come back? nobody noticed she wasn't there? nobody followed up? she wasn't being home schooled that we know of. so defax didn't look into it. they didn't follow up and now there is this mysterious anonymous email to the mayor blasting defax about where is harmony? the mom says she sent it.
5:26 am
but, everybody failed. this little girl. my prayer is that some relative or neighbor has her somewhere else and they haven't seen the news. that's hard to imagine but that's what i'm hoping for. >> will: okay. well, on that note, many people are watching right now. the police, which you have focused on rightfully with some of your criticism here. the police are asking people to call. in so let's share that now. many people are watching, 24 hour tip line here is the number 603-203-6060 if anyone knows where this young girl is. >> there is a reward. police have managed to put together a reward between several donors, $12,500. i do have to give them credit. they are trying now. and, you know, they rely on the parents to care about the child. but apparently here, nobody cared about harmony. >> will: well, thanks for filling us in this morning, nancy, hopefully this will lead to some answers thank you, nancy.
5:27 am
>> thank you. >> will: still ahead, mixed messaging on covid from the biden administration. >> the pcr test after infection can be positive for up to 12 weeks. so that is not going to be helpful. >> people are getting concerned about why not test people at that time. i myself feel that that's a reasonable thing to do. >> will: so who do we listen to? we will ask former surgeon general dr. jerome adams. ♪ ♪ before treating your chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more, you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start, with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you, and if a sample is available. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms.
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♪ >> ainsley: this is a fox news alert. a massive snow storm shutting down a major highway in virginia. look at this video. stand still traffic for hours. you are looking at the back up on i-59 near fredericksburg. authorities say some of the drivers were there 24 hours. some of them are still there running out of gas. heavy snow falling since yesterday morning. the virginia department of transportation calling the situation unprecedented. it's not clear how long had will take for crews to clear the snow. the temperature is just 17 degrees right now. and our senior meteorologist janice dean joins us live. janice, i have a friend that was stuck in that traffic driving up from florida. they just ended up pulling over and getting a hotel room after being stuck in virginia for four
5:32 am
hours. stand still. >> it's unbelievable. it is unbelievable, people are still in their cars after 24 hours, not going anywhere. and this storm was well forecast, i mean, we knew at least 48 hours in advance that there were going to be over 2 feet of snow. the temperatures are into the 20's right now. into the teens, only going up to around 32, 34 degrees. so, the fact that we have over 280,000 people in virginia without power. that's another big story. winter is not going anywhere. and it's going to be here for the next couple of weeks with plunging temperatures for areas that, you know, don't typically see feet and feet of snow. and the storm track is going to bring us the potential for more snow. you can see well over foot of snow for parts of maryland and virginia and new jersey and, again, this was forecast. this was in the forecast and to see the fact that people are still in their cars stranded in temperatures well below freezing is really dire and we are hoping that the local authorities can
5:33 am
get on this because this is going to be an ongoing situation, unfortunately. if i could also mention it's always a good idea to have an emergency kit in your car in case something like this happens because it does, unfortunately, in the winter time. looking at the snow cover, i mean, most states have some sort of snow cover with excepts for maybe oklahoma and parts of florida, but otherwise, we have got a lot of snow on the ground and very cold temperatures and ainsley, again, this is going to be the weather pattern for the next couple of weeks so, keep in touch with your local forecasters, fox you want to download that, that will give you the latest in the forecast. we they're are streaming live what is happening in virginia right now on i-95 back to you. >> ainsley: did you forecast it, janice, you know how we are it will be fine, it will be fine. then we get stuck. my mom wouldn't drive in rain. she wouldn't drive in snow. so maybe she has a point. our moms are always right. >> janice: yeah. >> ainsley: thank you. good to see you.
5:34 am
to test or not to test. that is the question. our nation's top doctors are making conflicting statements, surprise of. about whether or not asymptomatic covid patients need to get tested to end their quarantine after five days. listen. >> what we do know is that the pcr test after infection can be positive for up to 12 weeks. so that is not going to be helpful. >> there has been some concern about why we don't ask people at that five day period to get tested. there may be an option in that that testing could be a part of that. i think we are going to be hearing more about that in the next day or so. >> ainsley: well, here with his take is former surgeon general dr. jerome adams. >> my mom is always right. in maryland snowed in. she is telling everybody to stay home. i'm glad you said that. >> ainsley: did she lose electricity. >> she did for a will little bit. >> ainsley: glad everybody is
5:35 am
okay. i was going to go mexico. i decided to stay in states. i didn't know how this omicron thing was going to pan out. glad i didn't. travel agent some people stuck in mexico. fine after five days after they got omicron but still testing positive. what do you say should we get tests? >> it's important to understand that there are pcr odessas and rapid tests. cdc director walensky was correct can test positive for days or weeks out. rapid tests tell you whether or not you are acutely infectious. that's what dr. fauci is referring. to say there is no debate munkts the majority of experts out there. none of us for our family would let any individual leave quarantine or leave isolation in our house if they didn't have a negative test. that is what we would do for ourselves and i would never recommend that you or anyone else do something that i wouldn't hold my own self for my own family to. you should get a rapid test if you can. the problem is that the
5:36 am
administration has not yet delivered the rapid tests so they didn't want to put out a policy telling you to do something which then reflected blame back on them. >> ainsley: right. you can't get the antiviral pills or monoclonals or if you can it's very hard to get those. the home tests are not readily a. available and like you said, you could test positive for weeks afterwards. all right. let's talk about the next topic which is, let me get my papers, dr. fauci and dr. -- you saw dr. fauci and dr. will walensky. dr. scott gottlieb he is saying that the cloth masks he doesn't think they are providing enough protection, then you have dr. fauci who say that they do protect you against this omicron. here is dr. scott gottlieb on the masks. >> cloth masks aren't going to provide at love protection, that's the bottom line, this is airborne illness, we now understand that and cloth mask is not going to protect you from a virus that's spread through airborne transmission it could protect better through drop elizabeth transmission something like the flu. not something like this coronavirus.
5:37 am
>> ainsley: if do you need n 95, where do you get those? are they available? >> we have been saying this all along. i put out a tweet all along. if you are taking out the trash you need a flannel storm. if you are going out in the rainstorm you need a rain coat. if you are going out skiing you need a ski coat. omicron is much more infectious than delta and much more infectious. we are in a blizzard and telling people to protect themselves as much as they can. if you are going to go out and expose yourself, then can you go to amazon and home depot. there is much greater availability of these n 95 k. in 5. kf 94 infill foreign relation masks now. i wear one particularly if i'm traveling and going to be around people where i don't know if they're vaccinated or not or i can't control the environment. >> ainsley: it's so strange. you will have a group of friends that say they were on vacation together half of them got it half of them didn't. some sharing hotel rooms together.
5:38 am
anyway you hear some stories. no rhyme or reason. thanks for all you do. >> get your vax, get your booster, wear the best mask can you if you are going out. >> ainsley: good advice. forget russia, secretary of state antony blinken has music on his mind. state department criticized for pushing his play list. dan crenshaw is going to react to the mixed up priorities of the country's top diplomat. ♪ nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection-site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: border patrol and the fbi are investigating after bullets flew across the southern border from mexico aimed for a u.s. border agent. bill melugin is live at the border with all the details. bill, how is that agent doing? >> ainsley, good morning to you. happy to report that agent is perfectly fine but an incredibly dangerous start to the new year for him. as you mentioned, he got shot at
5:43 am
from across the river on new year's day. take a look at photos given to us from a law enforcement source showing the damage to that agent's vehicle. several bullet holes in that agent's vehicle after this that happened. we are told arresting a migrant crossed illegally roma, texas where when gunfire erupted from the mexican side of the river. thankfully the agent wasn't hit, neither was the migrant, only the vehicle was hit. as you mentioned, the fbi and cbp now investigation this incident. then take a look at this video here, this is out of laredo, texas on tuesday where human smuggling continues to be a problem. this is texas dps chasing a human smuggler in a pickup truck. he flies through a red light and smashes into the back of a vehicle being driven by innocent bystander. both vehicles go spinning out. texas dps and border patrol show up on screen. they hold that smuggler at gunpoint as they protests says the area but take a look at the aftermath of that crash, these photos right here. not only was that smuggler's
5:44 am
pickup truck totaled take a look at the back of that innocent cripple's vehicle crumbled up like accordion. thankfully no major injury in this crash. several illegal immigrants were recovered from that pickup truck as well. horribly dangerous, just last month a texas mother and her daughter were both killed when a human smuggler crashed into their vehicle as well, thankfully, no major injuries in this one. then drugs continue pour into the country as well. take a look at these photos right here. this is texas dps finding and seizing 54 pounds of meth being hidden in water pumps in a vehicle that was driving in highway 77 popular route heading to the houston area that 54 pounds of meth, a street value estimated at $4.7 million. the cartels try to get that meth through a hub like houston to pump it out elsewhere into the country and then lastly, take a look at this mugshot right here. criminals constantly showing up at the border. this is out of border patrol's
5:45 am
tucson arizona sector. sex offender mexican national by the name of nester zonko will state of illinois back out here live back here in the rio grande valley. border agents reporting in the last few days they arrested two sex offenders and one ms-13 gang member. send it back to you. >> brian: all right, bill, thanks so much. let's bring in dan crenshaw, a congressman from texas. dan, none of the numbers surprise you but they say there is over 2 million, when the year came to an end, over 2 million people crossed illegally. let alone the people we missed. they say they tossed out cbp 62% under title 42. does anyone believe that number? 62% have been tossed out? >> look, brian, even if we do believe that number that leaves about a million that still made it in. you know, so if that's the real problem here. we know that hundreds of thousands of people have been let loose, sometimes given some
5:46 am
sort of notice to reappear. sometimes not. we know from data that approximately 90% of people who come from northern triangle countries do not show up for their court date. this is a common myth that the left tries to put out there and it's not true. the data actually shows recent data from dhs shows about 90% do not show up. okay. now, as far as the other myth that they perpetuate that this is some form of compassion you are just taking care of people have a worse life than you and welcoming them. this is not compassionate. you listed all of these horrible, heart brench wrenching news stories that occurred on the border because human smugglers are trying to escape police. talk about the human smuggling itself. you talk about the fact that we have lost more people from fentanyl deaths than covid from ages 18 to 45. this is a real crisis in america. and this administration doesn't want to do anything about it they don't. now, they were forced to do something about it, let me give you a little bit of piece of good news to end with here. the good news is that the courts forced them to reinstate the
5:47 am
remain in mexico policy. the so-called mmp program. since that time, which is not very long ago, we have seen the crossings dropping by about 30%. this is an actual trump policy deterrent that works. we should keep doing it. >> will: congressman, speaking of former president donald trump, iran has made their feelings known. they still have revenge on their mind when it came to the killing of absolutely. i think we are approaching an anniversary of that drone attack. and here we have speaking of drone attacks, in iraq, u.s. forces have foiled just baghdad a drone attack, it's the second time in as many days. i know you were in fallujah, you served with seal team 3 in iraq. when you see what's happening there now, with this drone attack, what's going on connected to iran? what's happening in iraq? >> yeah, look, it is the middle east, you are seeing drone attacks and rocket attacks on the regular. that's something we are quite accustomed to.
5:48 am
i actually look at this a little differently. i think it's interesting that on the anniversary of the killing of absolutely, president trump did that famous striking of absolutely two years ago. everybody thought the world was going to end and major conflict with iran and world war iii was going to start. what happened? well, not very much. and relatively speaking this is pretty insignificant responds two years later to that strike of absolutely. so it shows a couple of things. one, that trump policy of taking design action and, therefore, reestablishing deterrence with our enemies, it does actually work. peace through strength or strength through peace -- peace through strength actually does work. and i think trump showed that on a variety of cases. we can't undo that leverage. right now you are seeing the biden administration want to renegotiate the jcpoa the iran nuclear deal with iran go back to the table. that's a mistake because inevitably what they do with
5:49 am
that negotiation table is give up leverage. after we spent years reestablishing that leverage and reestablishing that deterrence with iran. >> ainsley: congressman, you are mentioning iran. you have the mullahs there saying they want revenge for absolutely's death. threatening to kill pompeo or president trump in russia. they are preparing to invade ukraine. they are also working with china and iran. you have china continuing to invade taiwan airspace. not to mention what we mentioned at the top of the interview with the border and sex traffickers and sexual abusers coming across and bringing fentanyl as well. you have all of this foreign policy crisis. and if you look at the what the state department is pro-motel they covered 8 times in the last month secretary blinken's spotify play list. they want you to listen to it his taylor swift songs. why is he promoting this? why are they promoting this instead of talking about things that really matter in america? >> early yeah, it's fascinating.
5:50 am
you can call this play list the bury your head in the sand. probably put together 20-year-old intern, if you look at the play list that's what it appears to me to be. this is what antony blinken listens to when he doesn't want to deal with the world's problems and do his job. again, whether it's americans left behind in afghanistan. whether it's russia, ukraine border. whether it's china taiwan issue, whether it's our southern border, pick any of them antony blinken doesn't want to deal with it. >> brian: yep. >> in politics we always walk this line of doing professional things on the one hand but also showing the people that we are human and that we can do fun things. but there is a time and place for that and with the world as it is right now, with this administration, under such deserved scrutiny, it shouldn't be promoting silly play lists that were clearly meant for teenagers. >> brian: said he was going to bring the world together. glucose with that congressman dan crenshaw thank you so much. >> ainsley: thank you.
5:51 am
>> will: thank you. >> brian: remembering icon from emotional moment of silence to incredible cleats. the nfl honoring john madden, jim gray and john madden personal friends. they traveled together for years. jim gray joins us live they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ find your rhythm. your happy place. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c.
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5:55 am
chaos threatening to collapse businesses this very month and kids once again on the losing end of the government's plans. dr. matter makary will be here. retirement as the g.o.p. is likely to win big in 2022. karl rove has new information that you need toker ha. the u.s. marshals took down a major criminal sex ring that involved children this week. you will meet one of those officers and what he fears could still be out there. we will see you at 9:00. back to you, brian. >> brian: i will be watching, dana. tributes pouring in across the world and nfl following john madden's passing last week from colleagues to players to fans shared their admiration to the nfl broadcaster. next guest knew john madden well. fox news contributor jim gray joins us now. jim, it seems like i'm always talking to you people you knew well also icons in your business. did i not know what happened to john madden in retirement. he clearly was still on his game at the end. when is the last time you talked to him? >> john was a huge boxing fan. so we had several fights in
5:56 am
november and december and we texted each other and he was still really excited, specifically about the fight on show time. he wanted know what time the main event was coming on. he wanted to know about the guys in the preliminary. he wanted all the information. john used to run back before there was pay per view he used to have all of the closed circuit rights for northern california. he was a huge boxing fan. we used to hang out at caesar's palace in the 80's on the bench for the big fights in caesar palace holmes and alli and so forth. he loved boxing. we texted quite a bit in november and december. >> brian: jim, is the guy that we knew in front of the division, the guy that you knew in private? >> oh, john didn't change. john was himself. that was the beauty of john. john was who he was. and john didn't try and hide it and in the documentary on fox he says i love football. it's complicated. it's been my life but i don't apologize for it john was
5:57 am
exactly what you saw. >> brian: here's a little what he had they ran on sunday was gray. john madden talking about more on football while commentating on football. watch. >> 5'2", maybe that's why he doesn't have a lot of -- with a size 5'2" you aren't going to kick it downtown, are you. 20 pounds. this lobster weighed 20 pounds. how about the baked potato. where do you get a 20-pound baked potato. that's a hot dog. he got that hot dog some place and he gave it to rick meyer. i thought it was chewing tobacco. that was a big old hot dog. >> brian: that was real. i mean, people might have been afraid to do that in the past. but he made that-that's what made him him. >> he just saw things that people didn't see. no matter where you were in life with john, john would point out it would seem so obvious but nobody else recognized it and it would jump out to him. and then he would say it in such
5:58 am
a simplistically genius way. and he was really something. you could be riding down highway 80 and he would say look over there at that. and you would say look over where? and then have the bus and willie area borough the bus driver would pull us over and stop and we would get out and go look at something that nobody else would even think would be remotely interesting like how do you water the corn or something in the middle of a dairy farm and he talked to the guy for 15 or 20 minutes and get back on the bus. the bus was freezing cold. that's one thing about john. john kept that bus about 58 degrees. if you didn't like it, too bad. that was one of the rules of the bus. bring a jacket. >> brian: i always wonder with all his traveling and obligations and commercials, did he sacrifice his family? when i watched his sons talk about him, they knew they didn't have him around maybe as most parents but they clearly had a special connection. finally, would you talk about that? >> >> they had his love and they had his attention and john devoted himself to football and to his family.
5:59 am
he loved virginia. his wife joe his son and mike madden were integral parts and involved with him in all aspects of his life. john told me this many times when he quit the raiders when him and al davis decided that was enough for both of them and just best for john to move on after moving that super bowl and all those championships, john said you know what? i wanted to spend more time with my family but after about three weeks my family said they didn't want to spend more time with me. so he started getting on the train and eventually the bus and went on and did all of this great stuff on television. his family was very, very important to him. that was the most meaningful thing to him in his life. >> brian: jim gray his career and life has been part of the most important people in america. we got a chance to reflect personally with that. jim, thanks so much for your time this morning. >> brian, thanks for having me. >> brian: absolutely. all in his book. got to pick it up. it's fantastic. mean while will and ainsley, according to the clock we have 28 seconds left together. will, do you want to say something special? >> will: i would like to say
6:00 am
hey, on the will cain podcast tomorrow itch an hour long conversation with ennis kanter it's fascinating on china lebron and the nba. might want to check it out. >> ainsley: i want to say so good to be back. aren't we grateful for our jobs and all of you watching. i hope everyone has a wonderful new year. let's make it the best year petty. >> brian: on behalf of will and ainsley, listen to the radio show for the next three hours. bye, >> dana: americas in the grips of oma chronic and the u.s. becoming the first country to report limiting cases in one day. doubled the previous record set a week ago. good morning, i'm dana perino. bill is off. >> i'm trace gallagher. this is america's newsroom. president biden will meet with his covert response team at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. the surgeon cases comes as the country faces a shortage of tests. the president pledged to mail it half a billion free ones, but we have yet to see


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