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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  January 3, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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services as the snow storm has reached havoc in the backyard a special report chainsaw brit i could borrow. >> brit: maybe. so all right, brit, bring it home here. >> chicago teacher learning will support in person learning as long as all teachers and students wear gas masks. >> bret: thank you. that's it for this "special report," fair balanced and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by lawrence jones. >> lawrence: good evening. i'm lawrence jones and welcome to 2022. it might be a new year but the same covid problems are still crippling our country. by now it has become painfully obvious the white house has no plan on how to handle this crisis. even know joe promised us over a year ago he had everything under control. watch. >> i'm going to shut down the virus. >> i'm not going to shut down the economy. i'm going to shut down the
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virus. >> i have said before, i'm not going to shut down the economy. i'm going to shut down the virus. >> lawrence: good job with that one, joe. nearly a full year into new administration and things are only getting worse. under biden's daily covid cases are surged among their highest levels in the pandemic with nearly 500,000 cases a day. so, what is the administration plan to combat the surge? to push more of the same failed policies? more masks? more mandates? how about more vaccines? the biden team is already floating the idea of a fourth shot saying quote it is conceivable in the future we may need an additional shot but right now we already -- we are hoping that we will get a greater degree of durability of protection from that booster shot. they are hoping that. they don't know if the science supports that and while the biden white house is focused on vaccines, americans are asking where are our tests joe? this weekend thousands of people across the country waited in long lines in cold temperatures
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just to get tested. which doesn't make any sense. the biden administration has allocated over $70 billion for covid testing since the start of the pandemic. so why are we still woefully short on what we need? it's not just at the federal level where democrats are left clueless on covid, despite the devastating effects it has had on our children last time, school districts are once again closing their classroom doors. and with more than 2,000 schools closing over covid concerns in the first week of 2022 that means thousands of more children forced into mental problems, suicide thoughts and social isolation due to distant learning. and the problem doesn't end with the classroom that have closed. as even though staying hope they are turning foolish ideas to fight the covid. watch. this our school is not offering a virtual option. they made us feel better yesterday by saying don't worry any day that is above 32 degrees we are going to let the kids eat outside until i looked at the
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weather and saw every day this week it's 20 degrees. one of my kids' schools said we would appreciate it if students would wear masks at all times including in between bites which is about the dumbest things. maybe we can ask them to stop breathing in the buildings, too. >> lawrence: have you probably seen this on the airlines, too. this is the best the left can come up to. have our kids eat in the cold or mask them up while they are chewing. this administration has an entire year to fight covid. yet, we are still using the same tools and same guidance from 2020. but at least there appears to be one democrat, at least one, who is seeing the light on how to combat covid. we don't know much about new york city new mayor eric adams yet but it sounds like he is saying the right things when it comes to this pandemic. >> our schools will open. it's time to live with covid and build systems around covid until it dissipates. and leaves us. until then, this city has to operate and i'm going to make sure of that.
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>> lawrence: whether it's schools, restaurants, offices or arenas, adam is right we need to learn how to live with covid. joe biden might have pretended covid was a switch he could turn off when he became president. it's obvious he was wrong. here we are one year into joe biden's presidency and things are only gotten worse. joining me now ben shapiro host of the ben shapiro show and author of authoritarian moment. ben, it seems like the president won his election because of he was said to be the one that could fight the virus. that has been a lie. i don't think anybody really had the tools to fight the virus. it is a virus. you can only mitigate things by giving states the tools. so i guess my question is, if he won because of that will he lose because of that as well? >> i mean, i think the answer is yes. the president overpromised and under delivered. he made a promise that was a lie shut down the virus. he noe one has the campus st s city to shut down the virus.
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states high percentages and citizens vaccinated still seeing huge spikes. what's amazing about all of this we are seeing now people are panicking over omicron. omicron is not causing mass death and hospitalization. the hospitalizations we are having are largely due to the vax mandates and healthcare workers not going back to work because they are not allowed to work. in reality people are living normal lives and going about their daily business and other half of the country in the halls of the white house there is mandate for everyone's panic no matter where whether the data supports the panic or not. >> lawrence: ben, i want to talk about the kids because we have seen the mental health effects. but i think it's quite absurd that not only are we shutting down classrooms, which we know what could happen to our kids mentally. but the notion that they need to somehow put a mask on between bites. i mean, this is just ridiculous at this point. there is no science to support it by the way. >> no there's not. there is literally no science to support the idea that children need to mask up or ever had to
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mask up because children are not been harmed by this virus in mass numbers since the beginning of the pandemic 700 people below the age of 19 have died with covid. vast majorities of them had significant underlying conditions. the idea that kids are at high risk or kids are going to threaten other people because they are not maskside absurd. not only that fun to watch thes left suddenly realize things we have realized for a quite a while. cloth mask the evidence is not there when it comes to the passage of delta or omicron. schools need to remain open. dangerous for kids not to remain open. welcome to the party, guys, seems likes you only changed your minds about the minute you got covid. until then, everybody has to shut down except for you guys when you are vacationing down in my home state of florida. >> lawrence: you know, ben, i'm no rocket scientist, you are a smarter guy than me. i didn't go to law school like you. it's almost as if the government can't solve this crisis. like they don't have the ability to do it. and i think they knew this to begin with. but they lied to the american
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people. >> i think the politicians generally have an incentive to lie that they can control things that they simply cannot control. of course, all of the politicians could do is make sure that you had the availability of the vaccine and they did that and really, good for them on that. now you need to leave everyone the hell alone and let us all go about our daily business. otherwise you created a box of your own making, a reason red states all the best states in the country in terms of unemployment rates red states and worst states are blue states. reflection of policy not a reflection of covid. >> lawrence: you know, ben, the problem that democrats have right now although the are government can't solve this, this goes against everything that they believe. in like the left believes that it is government's duty to solve problems. and if they can't come up with the answer, they better fake it until they can make it it's a lot when it comes to the gun violence happening around the country. can you pass all the laws you want. to say it's not going to stop a criminal from going out there and finding a gun. it's just reality.
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no one wants to say that because we are supposed to have an answer to things. is that what you are seeing as well is that there is this conflict between what they know to be true and their ideology, almost as if they are married to that ideology. >> well, they are certainly married to the ideology. the government is the solution for all problems. and that's why they believe, that the only people who got covid and suffering from covid were all of the bad people. all the people that voted for trump. all the people who lived in red states. won't paying attention to authoritarian dictate. you sinned and covid came for you. covid came to everyone. turns out you could have done all the right things and still maybe getting a break through case of covid. shifted their minds many have not. i look for more lockdowns in the future. you mentioned eric adams. he doubled down on mayor de mayor deblasio's mandate in the. >> lawrence: apparently i got covid in dallas a week ago. some say a false positive. a day after i tested.
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miraculously from a miracle standpoint, it just disappeared. when did i have covid i asked doctor can i have some of the testing treatment monoclonal antibodies, in new york they're saying that if you are a person of color, they are just going to give it to you. doctor denied it to you me in texas said i was too healthy. i didn't show any symptoms or anything like that. other people needed it okay. new york, i would have got it. is this illegal? >> certainly should be. according to the "new york post," the department of health in new york is saying they are taking race into account and determining how to tranch out things like anticolonial antibodies seems like a basic to the civil rights act. all that matters is that you are right. we know you are right because you are on the left. >> lawrence: ben, this goes back to public health and safety. if someone needs it, then they should be able to get it i understand. >> it's never been about public health and safety.
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come on. it's never been about public health and safety. it's about the essence of believing that you can control everything around you and that the virus is sort of your weapon in exerting that control. listen, this stopped being about public health and safety the minute in june of 2020 they decided that you could not go out and rally against covid lockdowns but could go out and rally for george floyd. the minute that occurred it was no longer a public health issue it's a political issue. >> lawrence: i'm curious, ben, when it comes to public health crisis that people were more likely to comply. they say to us health, the doctors had all the authority. do you see them using that same strategy with other things they want to accomplish? >> >> absolutely. i mean, the left constantly needs emergency to frighten you into doing things you don't want to do. frankly that's what they're doing with the january 6th coverage. the ideased january 6th worse thing that ever happened in the history of will humanity. kill the filibuster and completely restructure federal voting law that is the idea.
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it's always a crisis. health is going to be t one most obvious and available dangerous. everyone cares about their health. i have three kids. i care about the health of my kids like everyone else cares about the health of their kids. their crisis driven politics doesn't work but when it comes to health it absolutely does. you are seeing it continue to work even though, again, the threat from omicron, particularly if you are vaccinated and certainly vaccinated and boosted is extraordinarily minimal. >> lawrence: dangerous. thank you ben shapiro. >> thanks a lot. >> lawrence: you bet. biden bypassing science boosting kids 12 to 15 years of age without convening a panel of advisers. members of the medical community like dr. marty makary outraged calling the move unconscionable claiming it undermines the integrity of the fda. joe biden loved to say the fda was the gold standard when it came to the vaccine. after, this how can we trust anything that he says. here to react is dr. nicole saphier fox news medical
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contributor. someone we trust on this. the fda have advisory panels and normally the scientists that he would supposed to trust and supposed to give us the recommendation based on the science. biden bypassed that. dr. saphier. are you surprised by this and how dangerous is this? >> well, lawrence, the fda and the cdc both have these independent external expert committees and advisers that they do convene when they're making big decisions. when it comes to the fda, all along the way they have been leaning on their independent advisers except when it came to the booster. and the reason to believe being while the advisory committee vetted boosters are on their way. when the advisory committee said no, we don't actually support boosters, the fda decided to ignore what the advisory panel said and they decided to authorize boosters for the general population anyway that caused two of the high level
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administrators to leave the fda over that controversy because they did not agree with what happened. it's not surprising now that as they are trying to expand the eligibility of the boosters, they are not going to convene that advisory panel because they are probably going to vote it again anyway. they had concerns about some of the safety issues. and not to mention, lawrence, the fact that they are now authorizing boosting of millions of otherwise healthy adolescence with zero efficacy data perplexing coming out of a well renowned institution like the fda. >> i was surprised when it came to the fourth booster shot they didn't have a clue yet. they said they wanted kids to get this fourth booster give them the tonight to see how it's working and then make a decision if it's necessary going forwards. so it seems like the fda, i'm sorry, the politicians that are running that fda are more reactive right now. >> well, lawrence, israel has
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already started the fourth dose or the fourth booster shot. here in the united states we haven't done. that will do i think it's going to be on the table for high risk individuals? absolutely. should it be recommended for the general population? i would say not. in fact, i think the booster campaign in general should be targeted for those high risk individuals. when we're looking at what we're trying to do here, what is the overall golf the vaccines and the boosters? if it's to decrease hospitalizations, decrease deaths, the great news is there are now ample studies showing that existing t cell immunity from prior infection and two dose vaccine remains robust to ability prevent hospitalization and death. we have seen severe uncoupling of new cases with hospitalization. now, if you are talking about people over the age of 50, people with medical co-morbidities yes boosting in that population does make sense. but we have know at this point, especially when we are talking about healthy adolescents higher risk of side effects, albeit rare but side effects from the vaccines and likely boosters, i
4:15 pm
think we need to look long and hard at this. the disease burden in this population, the lowest risk population is exceedingly low. so, therefore, we really should look at what we are doing with these boosters, maybe giving them to other nations not able to afford it that's how we are going to stop future variants from emerging. >> lawrence: maybe conducting our own tests in the united states instead of depending on other studies as well. we did allocate a lot of money. i don't think it's enough to ask just abide by other studies, we should be conducting our own here as well. thanks, dr. saphier, so, he is not just a regular secretary of state. he is a cool secretary of state. tony blinken so cool spent the last 8 weeks curating super cool play list. finally ready to reveal it play us out, tony. ♪ ♪ busy streets and busy lives
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♪ >> lawrence: we have a major foreign policy update the state department has released secretary antony blinken spotify play list and has tweeted about it not once, not twice but 8 times from december 10th to january 2nd. forget about saving americans stranded in afghanistan or putin's push to invade ukraine or even iran's new threat of violence against america. none of that matters. the department is focused on important things like which
4:22 pm
taylor swift song is blinken's favorite? joining me now is mollie hemingway senior editor at "the federalist" and fox news contributor. mollie, i know you always have some kick ass analysis but i think we are missings that he had bruno mars on there, he had taylor swift. we should be celebrating, this right? >> it is just amazing to see how much the state department has been pushing this spotify play list and it's not that i don't think antony blinken has maybe good taste in music. i just have no basis to believe that this is actually his spotify play list. i don't think a grown man is listening to taylor swift and olivia rodrigo. i don't find it a very credible list for blinken who supposedly is a good guitar player you don't see that in the list. more importantly we have all these major issues that our country is facing. blinken has had a really rough go of things. he had that really rough start
4:23 pm
with first meeting with the chinese officials where they embarrassed him and he came off weak in general weakness is a thing that we are dealing with. i'm not sure spotify play list is the way to counter that image of weakness globally. >> lawrence: no, seriously, especially when you have putin that is continuing to flex his muscles right now. for an administration to have so much experience and was going to say that america was bad, like america is gone right now. all the millimeters that feared us and respected us are now back to the obama days. but maybe that's what they wanted. >> i don't think everything the biden administration has done is awful in foreign policy. but, he has quite a few failures. what happened in afghanistan was just a horrible thing that the entire country feels dishonor over and weakness like the weakness that the biden administration has presented on a platter can be provocative. you might remember that putin was not invading countries during the trump era. he took advantage of, you know,
4:24 pm
neocon foreign policy, basically to do his previous incursions whether that was under obama or now he seems to be threatening with bind, he also at the tail end of the george w. bush presidency tried that, too. we have really serious issues. and the state department keeps pushing out this spotify list it just makes you nervous because they are not just doing a bad job they keep doing these things that are not serious at all. >> lawrence: seems like they're always concerned about the image of the secretary and the administration in general. you know, often the former president was criticized of his words and his tone. but, you know, when you look at the former president, what he said versus what he did policy wise, there was a big difference, especially when it came to russia, very tough on russia, probably the most sanctions that russia has received in modern time, but when his words let's work together, let's work together. the biden administration seems to have this flip, talk to act weak.
4:25 pm
>> president trump had a really impressive foreign policy. i think that has not been -- he has not gotten enough credit for how much good he did in moving us away from some of our interventionism that was causing problems. and had is something where, you know, biden has a lot of problems on his watch and would like to see the national security council and other entities engaged in foreign policy caring much more about actual action and less about image. ner going to care about image, please put out a better spotify play list than one that seems like it was focused group for hipsters. >> lawrence: there with a no, sir hip hop. i was sad about that. mollie, thanks so much for coming on. >> thank you. >> lawrence: coming up what's up with this big potato why are people out to get it new year same crisis. the crime epidemic shows no signs of slowing down. that's next on "primetime."
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♪ >> lawrence: this weekend twitter permanently suspended the personal account of republican congresswoman from georgia marjorie taylor greene. she broke the golden rule and violated the platform. by that standard msnbc chief misinformationist rachel maddow has to be next, right? >> now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person. a vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus, the virus does not infect them, the virus is k. not use that person to go anywhere else. cannot use a vaccinated person as a host to go get more people. >> lawrence: so much passion. that's fake news. so by twitter's standard, rachel has got to go. sorry, rachel. meanwhile, new year, same crime crisis in america. the city of chicago ended 20 1 with the highest number of homicides recorded in 25 years.
4:32 pm
looks like 2022 is head in the same direction. this weekend chicago rang in the new year 30 shootings resulting in six fatalities. violent crime is once again running rampant on the street. last year mayor lower light foot did nothing about it will she turn things around in 2022 let's ask former detroit police chief and michigan gubernatorial candidate craig corey brooks pastor of new beginnings church in chicago. pastor brooks, thanks for joining me. been a tough year. >> thank you, lawrence. >> lawrence: i had you on, pastor, before new year's we predicted that it was going to be a little bit like this. is there any hope that the mayor the chief, the d.a. can turn this thing around? >> you know, we have always said that any government is going to end us to a dead end. i'm not depending on government to fix our problems in our neighborhood. going to take us grassroots effort and individuals in our community to turn this around.
4:33 pm
it's unfortunate that we cannot depend on our leadership. it's unfortunate that we keep having these same issues that we are faced with every single day in the city of chicago. we have to do something about it especially when it comes to dealing with the lives of our young people who are being shot and killed. too many kids are being shot. too many kids are being killed. is. >> lawrence: so true. i hate putting my passion in the government. they rarely get things right. but they do have a role when it comes to public safety. and i have already seen the different tone of the new mayor, former cop in new york city saying that the criminals can't run the street. so, do you think that it's important for there to be a toneship first before we can see progress in america's city? >> you know, lawrence, first let me start off saying happy new year to you always enjoy being on your show. i want to applaud the pastor who has done so much tremendous work in chicago. but, let me just say this: i'm
4:34 pm
excited about the new mayor. but he has a challenge. and let me tell you what the challenge is, lawrence. one he has got a progressive da, district attorney, he has got several members of his city council progressives and in my estimation, he is going to have a tough go at it because they have another agenda. bail reform. that's what they want. deincarceration. and so when you look at those issues, and defund the police, of course, he is going to have to use his pulley pulpit to speak out in a loud voice, one to support the men and women doing the job right. i appreciate what he said on his day one speech about bringings the anticrime unit back. but what good is that you go out and make the arrest and have a progressive d.a. that says we are not going to charge. it doesn't work.
4:35 pm
and so we have to stand up and the best way to do this and i will talk about chicago, new york has got, it appears, the right person in the seat. it has to be individuals who are going to stand up and fight for the people who are truly victims. not victimized violent criminals. that's what we see going on in america. we have got do it that way, lawrence. >> lawrence: you know, pastor, the chief makes a good point. seems like there is always this conflict when it comes to public safety, and equal justice under the law and civil liberty. so, when civil liberties are violated i will be the first person to talk about that. we are not seeing that the majority of the time. we're seeing straight up anarchy in the cities across america. it's not just chicago. it's leading the way. but it's happening everywhere. pastor? >> yes, we're experiencing rampant lawlessness all across chicago and every part of
4:36 pm
chicago. it started off as some thought just being in impoverished areas. they soon found out that violence and crime moves into other areas that normally don't have them like magnificent mile and up north and chicago and part of that is because we are not being hard on criminals. we are not being hard on those it who are breaking the law. we have to make sure that those who break the law, get penalized for breaking it and if we don't, we are going to continue to see the same lawlessness that we have been experiencing for years and this past year at record levels. >> lawrence: they let people all across the country lose their mind with no consequences. all the talk about criminal justice reform, i'm there. when justice needs to be reformed. but, when you have people just running rampant shooting people we have got to do something about it. chief and pastor you have been out front on that. we thank you for joining "primetime" tonight. >> thank you, lawrence.
4:37 pm
appreciate you. >> lawrence: chaos in the sky. thousands stranded in the airports across the country. not illegal migrants getting the first class experience what private charters places like pennsylvania and on the americans' dime. we are paying for it. tomi lahren is ready for this one after the break. ♪ cranky-pated: a bad mood related to a sluggish gut. miralax is different. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. free your gut, and your mood will follow. some of my best memories growing up, were cooking with mom. she always said, “food is love.” so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan.
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>> lawrence: welcome back. canceled flights leaving tens of thousands of americans stranded in airports across the country. southern border illegal migrants have no problem catching a flight. pennsylvania influx of ghost flights coming in the middle of night full of illegal immigrants. according to a letter sent by homeland secretary congressman dan more hundreds of illegal migrants have been flown by u.s. government charter flights. this isn't the first time we are hearing about it. we have heard about similar stories coming out of jacksonville florida earlier november. here now to react is fox nation host tomi lahren. tomi, anything that happens in the night cannot be trustworthy, especially when it's coming from
4:43 pm
the u.s. government. why are they doing this? >> well, i think it's quite obvious they don't want the american people to see what they are doing. interesting to me because they don't seem to care that our border is wide open. they don't seem to want to fix that in fact, they seem quite proud of what they are doing at our southern border. if they weren't, then they would change it. why fly these flights in the middle of the night? why are these biden era flights ghost flights as you say if they are proud of the open border agenda let the american people see it too bad i think they realize that the american people are not down with this invasion. they are not okay with our country being invaded by millions of illegal immigrants so they have to do this fly by night tactic. too bad, we are starting to catch on. >> lawrence: you know, we are catching on. it's reflected in the polls, tomi, they have to know about how the american people feel. i mean, even if you look at democrats cities that are on the border that have flipped to republican now. and still after all of that, they won't listen to henry
4:44 pm
cuellar, a democrat who has been encouraging the biden administration to do something. they won't listen to the polls. do they just not care or is their larger mission more important? >> yeah, the larger mission is to import their future voters. they know they are losing with the american people so they want to pad their voting block. that's been my theory for years now. the biden administration is not going to change their policy. that's clear. it's going to be up to governors both republican and democrat as you mentioned lawrence, to start making changes. ron desantis has already vow that he had is going to spend money in his state to send these immigrants to blue states. he is going to make sure that nonprofits and private companies that are aiding and abetting this activity are also held accountable and paying restitution to the taxpayer footing the bill. more governors like ron desantis. i don't care if they have r or d. they need to stand up to constituents and the american people. >> lawrence: you continue to
4:45 pm
hear compassion from this party and see what's happening to these kids but you also see the drug crisis that's happening and border, of course, get a lot of the stuff from china. there is a direct route whether you are talking about the drugs, the people that they're selling to sex slavery. or the illegal migrants, it's all one pile of nonsense that is hurting the american people. >> even if we are not talking about the drugs and the criminals that run doubtedly coming across our border. we also need to take a look at this realistically and logically and understand even if these are people are coming in unaccompanied minors, people are still draining our resources they are still costing us money. they are still draining education resources, law enforcement infrastructure. all of those things to the detriment of the american people. children in states across this country don't have the resources that they need this their schools or in their homes and meanwhile we are footing the bill for people who have no
4:46 pm
legal right to be here. also the biden administration import more future voters? no, the american people are not going to be happy with this. and i think you are going to see it come november. >> lawrence: it's funny, you have the biden administration so petty. texas decided to build its own border wall and the palace said it's already paid for by u.s. taxpayers. they wouldn't sell it to texas. that's where the biden administration is right there. they choose pettiness instead of the rule of law. tomi lahren, thanks so much for joining me tonight. >> thanks, lawrence. happy new year. >> meanwhile the biden administration continues to mix up covid priorities. they continue to put all of their focus on testing and vaccines while totally ignoring the importance of actual life-saving treatments like money know colonial antibodies. you see the supply of those drugs are controlled by the federal government and they're currently denying states from reordering. that doesn't sit well with governor ron desantis who is putting pressure on the bidens to let the states buy therapeutics on their own. joining me now florida
4:47 pm
congressman byron donalds. so, one of the things that we have noticed is that a lot of the folks that are requesting this are red states. and the biden administration is denying it do you find that strange or is that just intentional? >> it's definitely intentional. by the way, happy new year, lawrence. let's get down to the fact of the matter. ron desantis is the first governor to use monoclonal antibodies with regeneron in our state. the federal government mocked him when he wanted to unleash them. then they found out it actually worked and then they had to stop florida and other states in the south from getting them. what they never did was actually plan for an eventuality where cases would rise. you know like in the winter months when people are indoors. they didn't have a plan. they executed nothing, so now every state wants some but there they are nowhere to be found, joe biden is in charge and he doesn't know what he is doing. >> lawrence: you know, congressman, i find it very comment demented that they are so obsessed with republicans,
4:48 pm
especially ron desantis particularly that they are willing to risk lives because of politics. to say you are going to fix the buyers and you if he would on that. there are people chosen different routes to get healthy. seems like they are letting the politics win on this instead of -- >> the reality is the reason they focus on ron desantis the way they do he is potential opponent for joe biden and joe biden knows he would lose in a blaze of glory unlike anything he has ever seen. that's why you have these constant political targets when it comes to science, when it comes to the actual things that the federal government should be doing. they don't want him to succeed. they don't want any republican governor to succeed. well, the only person they want success for is joe biden but since joe biden doesn't really have a plan or have a strategy, or even have a way of actually getting our country through this crisis, they would rather everybody fail and joe biden can go on vacation and then he can admit like he did right before christmas that there really is
4:49 pm
no federal response here, everybody move on and he will see you in the new year. >> lawrence: they continue to praise shutdowns meanwhile the president of the united states on the beach in delaware. not just on the beach he has a mask on. there are moments where the science supports wearing a mask. but outdoors? i don't know any scientist that ever said you should be wearing a mask outdoors. >> no, he just did that for the cameras. but, listen, all he had to do follow aoc she was in miami without a mask on. there is a lot of democrats in my state because in florida we did it right. that's why so many people come down here. they wanted to enjoy their holidays. do it in south beach. do it in orlando and tampa as opposed to new york city where abject disaster. >> lawrence: see, that's shady, you allow your own district to be shut down. you praise it and then you leave most and did you go and feel the spirit and have a good time, congressman. >> i mean, look, again, democrat
4:50 pm
politics make no sense to me. but, as an individual, i totally get it if my city is going to be shut down, i'm going to florida, too. i'm just fortunate enough that i live in one of the best places in america, naples, florida, so it's okay for me. that's the situation we have right now. we need democrats to get their act together but i doubt that they will. >> lawrence: they won't because they are married to the ideology. anyways, congressman, always good to have you on the program. >> any time. happy new year. >> lawrence: we will take merry christmas too, brother. it's christmas all around here at fox. tight pants, fake windows and big potatoes. kat timpf is going on the clock and that's next. ♪ ♪ before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? (vo) subaru and our retailers believe in giving back. that's why, in difficult times, we provided
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♪ ♪ >> lawrence: all right, a few minutes left on the clock. time to bring in my friend kat timpf, four stories, 60 seconds each, let's go. >> oh, yeah. >> lawrence: for story, the world's richest man supports the
4:56 pm
world's tightest pants. jeff bezos looking to fly into this new year's eve with his half button shirt, heart sunglasses and big muscles, but it was those pants that definitely stole the show. what are your thoughts? you can do slim, you can't do skinny if you're a man. >> i mean, he's so rich he can do whatever he wants, but that's true except for those pants. he can't sit down in those pants. i'm serious! did he bring extra pants or did he have to stand up all night? there's no way he can sit down wearing those pants, and that's one thing i always love about dance when i buy them, if i can sit down, stand up, stuff like that, in case i want to go to mass. >> lawrence: those are leggings. >> those are absolutely leggings. >> lawrence: the role for men, cats, is you can't be showing your business, you've got to make sure that you keep it nice and -- >> i've seen a lot more of him than i want to. i'm excited we get to move on now. [laughs] >> lawrence: [laughs]
4:57 pm
moving on! the snow was falling today in washington, d.c., and a fake windows and joe biden's bake white house cometh if you recall two weeks ago during the supply-chain crisis, the digital window displays shipping containers outside and now it's showing a snow-covered white house lawn. it seems like it changes with the season. >> yes, but i was unable to -- i don't understand why is there a fake white house set right across from the white house. like i don't understand. why have a fake one when the real one is right over there? why? why? >> lawrence: you know it's funny, kat? the magic of tv, i'm sitting here talking with you in my chair just went right down. i think it's because it's a fake chair. >> that's true. i met a fake -- well, no, i'm in a fake newsroom. i'm in a fake newsroom right now. >> lawrence: look in the prompter, you look taller than me now, that's never happened in your life. >> part of it is my snarky
4:58 pm
proof. >> lawrence: up next, new study shows that nearly half of americans judge their neighbor for keeping their christmas decoration up to long. many of them believe that the season decor needs to be taken down before the end of january. so kat, how long is your christmas tree stay up? >> i don't have a tree. >> lawrence: come on, kat! >> i don't understand decorating for christmas because you're just creating a chore for yourself. i would never put it away, i would never, ever, ever put it away, so i don't put it up. i think that it can stay up as long as you wanted to stay up. i think that these people who judge people -- i mean -- >> lawrence: that's the whole -- judge but we just a bless your heart in the meantime. >> if i did that to my house, which i would imagine takes, i don't know, five months, i would want to keep it up for another five months. >> lawrence: it's tacky. >> that's never going to stop me. >> lawrence: you're a fashionable person's arm a
4:59 pm
little disappointed. >> sorry, i can disappoint people sometimes. >> lawrence: the last story, the beloved -- police it was vandalized on new year's day. the statue was cut down from the stand around 3:30 in the morning. big potato was installed in october of 2021 and quickly became a favorite tourist spot for folks. what do you think? >> i think it makes sense that it was cut down at 3:30 a.m. on new year's day. i'm guessing that some people who did this or probably not sober people. they drank and then there's drinking and it's fun and then they crossed over into it's fun to i'm so drunk i think this is a good idea. it makes me sad though because i wanted to go visit that dashcam and i had our whole honeymoon -- >> lawrence: the potato was weird. >> we had our whole honeymoon plan around that potato, we were going to go. we were going to have a renewal of our bowers in front of the
5:00 pm
potato. >> lawrence: you and kim are going to -- just to have drinks, not for the potatoes. thank you so much for watching fox news prime time, i'm lawrence jones. i'll be back here tomorrow and the rest of this week. anyway, tucker carlson is sitting by next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy new year, with got some good news for you. 2022 is going to be an improvement over the last two years. we can say that with confidence. how do we know? it's simple. the covid lunacy is finally going to end and not, by the way, because of anything that's happening in the world's medicine. the pandemic itself may burn out to this weekend new variant, we may also find highly effective medicines to treat it, in fact we arty


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