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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  January 3, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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leadership moment that set the tone for everyone else. >> trace: don't forget he's the reason antonio brown was brought to the bucs in the first place. >> dana: he will not be surprised i did not know that, trace. >> trace: [laughs] >> dana: wonderful to spend the first day of work of 2020 with you. see you tomorrow. "the faulkner focus" is next. here is harris. ♪ ♪ >> harris: promises broken. president biden failing the most basic part of the covid site, testing. we have been at this, entering our third year now. this is really basic stuff. now, and bid that testing crisis, more confusion out of the biden administration. i'm harris faulkner. you are now in "the faulkner focus." last week the cdc slash the isolation. to five days for asymptomatic of the but now dr. anthony fauci appears to be walking those guidelines back, suggesting
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another possible testing requirement amid a nationwide shortage. >> there has been some concerns about why we don't ask people at that 5-day period to get tested. that is something that is now under consideration. the cdc is very well aware that there has been some pushback about that. looking at it again, there might be an option that testing could be part of that. >> harris: wow. the cdc, legislating according to pushback. i don't want to say the word "politics." we'll just move on. the president also facing a series of court challenges over his federal vaccine mandates. the u.s. supreme court will take up one of the challenges this week. and justices will hear arguments on friday on the federal mandate for large private companies. arkansas governor asa hutchinson said this. >> it's a little bit ironic. whenever you see the federal mandates on vaccinations, they
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have in this administration utilized federal power rather extensively and that's one of the things that we are in litigation about. so it's a little bit inconsistent. he has relied upon the states to get the job done. i'm just saying give us a greater deal of flexibility in terms of how to manage, and don't use the federal authority to take that away from us. >> harris: he is not just the deputy secretary of the hhs under president trump, he also was his covid testing czar. dr. brett giroir in focus today knows testing. first, white house correspondent jacqui heinrich live on the north line. jacqui? >> hey, harris. dr. fauci floating the possibility of that policy change. top public health officials. dr. rochelle walensky last week defended not testing after an
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isolation period, saying that pcr tests can show up positive for up to 12 weeks after an infection and that you might not be transmissible at that time. she also said rapid tests don't accurately say whether a person is transmissible since the fda has not authorized them for that use, and the negative test could produce a false sense of security. in the aftermath of all this blowback over the cdc shortening the isolation period, dr. fatty said the cdc will be determining whether to test after isolation. >> rapid antigen tests have never been as sensitive as the pcr test. they are very good when they are given sequentially. if you do them maybe two or three times over a few-day period, at the end of the day they are as good as the pcr. as a single test, they are not a sensitive. >> meantime, there is a renewed focus on hospitalization rates as data from london shows about
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a 2-month weight from start to finish with the submicron strain. dr. scott gottlieb predicted this weekend that about one month from now with places that were hit hard early like the mid-atlantic, northeast new england, florida, and parts of the pacific northwest, the progression of this disease is more in other parts of the country. >> i don't think you will start to see a national peak until we get into february, because there are parts of the country that have not been hard-hit by oma kind yet. in the virus will spread around the country. >> is the president arrives back in d.c. this morning he is facing a series of court challenges. the supreme court will hear cases on friday about mandates for employees at larger come down that companies, and a federal judge just lost a federal vaccine mandate for those involved in the headstart program in 24 states as republican governors are challenging those mandates. >> harris: dr. brett giroir, former assistant human services
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secretary for health and white house testing czar in the trump administration is here now. i want to talk about the significance of the testing shortages this far into the pandemic. it doesn't matter all that much? are we over blowing it or not enough? >> thanks for having me on. i do think it's very significant that we have shortages right now. you are seeing the consequences of that right now, question marks about isolation, quarantine, getting back to school. the fundamental issue was the biden administration did not place orders and security industry between about january and september, so you sow lines closing down, workers getting laid off, tests getting destroyed. now they are playing catch-up and we are in a bad spot because we don't have enough to provide it widely paid we will have to be very strategic. and they're not doing that right now. >> harris: you've been there before. and in the beginning we had all sorts of stops and starts. we call call it covid-19. it is 2022.
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when you say strategy, what should it look like? >> so, the biden administration put out a request for proposals on december 30th, and their parameters were getting about 200 million tests within the next 5-6 weeks and then another 60 days for the rest of the 250 million. so that's 500 million over three months. you can just send it out ad hoc. we need those tests and we can use them to get people out of isolation if they are positive. if you're positive, request a test so you can do it. number two, we need to make sure all the people who can benefit from the merck and pfizer feels that a very important, you need to test positive and test positive early. we need to get it to those people early. we know they are. we have medicare and insurance roles. we use them strategically to keep people out of the hospital and from dying, not just first-come first-served. >> harris: i started with this
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hour very basic, some figuring this out a while ago. makes you scratch your head on why we are so stuck on testing. a new report suggests that cloth masks may not provide adequate protection against the very infectious omicron variant, and former fda commissioner scott gottlieb said this. >> cloth masks aren't going to provide a lot of protection. that's the bottom line. this is an airborne illness, we now understand that. it's not going to protect you from a virus that spreads through airborne transmission. it could protect better for droplet transmission, something like the flu, but not something like this coronavirus. >> harris: and your advice on this? >> i think scott is correct, and i think the evidence is mounting that omicron is highly infectious and the typical single-cloth masks do not help. a surgical mask is better, or a type of n95 mask is obviously the best. you have to weigh your own risk and benefit for that, but i
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think the era of cloth masks with omicron is probably over. they don't really provide almost any protection, according to the newest data. >> harris: i've never seen a doctor where one in a medical setting, so they must be to some degree more fashion over function against this. before we move on, i do want to ask this, because i recently traveled and you had to test before and after. i had people around me who know what i do for a living and they said, "well, harris, what are the doctors saying about how contagious this is if few people get all that sick?" what can you tell them? >> well, it's very contagious. we underestimate the account in this country by about a third, so there's probably a million and a half cases per day right now, and it's very, very contagious. the good thing, both because omicron is less pathogenic, so less serious, and they sent of population immunity, is that we have dissociated the caseys from hospitalization and
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death. so that's a very important part. i want to urge all your listeners to please get vaccinated. even if you had cova before, omicron does circumvent even natural immunity, so go get your booster. that's the best way to protect us. everything else is on top of that. masks can help in indoor crowded spaces. monoclonal antibodies, there are certain ones that still work, and those oral drugs are very important. that's how we defeat this. >> harris: very interesting. even here former president trump talking about this and how the administration you are part of brought all this fourth. by then, maybe two weeks ago, decided to give a little credit there. i appreciate you breaking it down again and telling us where this came from and where we can go with it. education secretary mcgill cardona who is currently stressing the need to keep our children in classrooms. we have known that all along. dr. anthony fauci on sunday also expressed support for reopening schools after the holiday break. here's what he said and then
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we'll get to you. >> most schools i sent you a after the holiday break. are you confident that's the right call? >> i believe it is, george. we have done it so many times in the last year about the deleterious effects of keeping children out of school in physical presence, and it's very clear that there are some really serious effects about that. steel and a quick pause, some teachers unions are advocating for schools to stay close. on friday the american federation of teachers in massachusetts said this. "returning students to school on monday will inevitably make the crisis much worse," and the teachers union in chicago will reportedly schedule a full vote tomorrow on whether to return to class on wednesday. 80% of the members on a conference call said they did not want to work under current conditions. all of this as dozens of districts and at least nine states have canceled schools,
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delayed opening, down remote, amid the surge in overcurrent cases. dr. brett giroir, as any of this based on science? because we know the teachers unions are quite political. >> under the trump administration we never advocated closing down schools. as a pediatrician, it is very important to keep children in school. the american academy of pediatrics that we have a national crisis in childhood mental health. i think we have a national crisis in physical health and we certainly have a crisis in learning, particularly those in underserved communities who have fallen farther and farther behind. if your child has comorbid conditions, has chronic lung disease, diabetes, or is extra obese, be careful, but for the great majority of children they should be back in school. physical learning is very important, and we really need to draw the line in the sand. get your children back in school, get them back on the road to emotional and physical health. >> harris: their little
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personalities are in such deep development right now. it is so important. quickly, last question before i let you go. we are expecting to hear from the federal government on whether 12 to 15-year-olds can get boosted. what's your take on that? >> i think it's probably reasonable but my concern is the fda has got around their normal processes. there was no external advisory committee meeting, and i think this is essential for transparency. the american people want and eye is not political. we don't have an fda commissioner. who told him to not have their external advisory committee meet to provide a recommendation? i think for transparency, for the american people to be confident, they should have the external advisory committee and they should not do that. if they authorize it, and i think it's probably okay, it should not be made mandatory. the risk benefit is pretty close. should be up to parents to determine that. i think biden should make an executive order to make sure that it's not mandated for any
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12 to 15-year-olds. that is my take. >> harris: that's incredibly important information, as parents send kids and preteens back to school. thank you for your time and expertise. >> thank you. >> harris: the president begetting the brand-new year with the nationwide crime crisis. that's not new, but it is worse. several major democrat-led city's shattered records for murder, carjacking, and other violent crimes. can the new year bring any sort of positive change needed to keep americans safe? because that is, by the way, the government's number one job. jason rantz in focus next. and then there is this -- >> is not a border crisis, its aborted catastrophe. something has to be done because it's a clear and present danger to americans. >> harris: republican leaders again sounding the alarm on the southern border crisis. president biden is petitioning the u.s. supreme court about the
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remain in mexico policy. texas congressman chip roy has been an outspoken critic of biden's policies on the border. he tells us what needs to change, and right now. ♪ ♪
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>> harris: the chicago police department says 2021 marked the city's highest homicide counted 26 years. 797 people were killed. that is a 61% increase from just two years ago, and it's not just chicago. 17 major u.s. cities broke homicide records last year. all but one are led by democrat mayors. give it garrett tenney is live in chicago on how america's crime crisis is spinning out of
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control. garrett? >> yeah, harris, the common theme for a lot of these cities are gangs and gun violence of the driving forces behind these heartbreak and statistics that include so many innocent bystanders. in addition to leading the nation in murders, chicago had more than 3500 shootings, almost ten a day, and 1400 more than the city recorded two years ago. going to the new year, chicago's top cop said police alone can't solve the city's crime crisis or address many of the underlying issues behind it. >> coat, tutor, or mentor a young person. everyone has a role to play in our public safety. >> nationwide, at least 17 cities broke records for homicide last year while many others hit totals they haven't seen in decades. murders were up more than 50% in los angeles compared to 2019, and the highest they've been
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since 2007. minneapolis was one homicide away from reaching its record set in 1995. washington, d.c., saw murders arise for the fourth straight year, surpassing 200 for the first time since 2003. new york city hit nearly 500 murders for the first time in a decade. a 52% jump from prepandemic numbers. new mayor eric adams is promising to change that with tougher policing. >> justice and public safety go together, and i don't subscribe to the belief of some that we can only have justice and not public safety. we will have them both. our police officers will be responsible, they will understand how to properly police our city, but we will also send a loud and clear message that you will not bring violence to the city.
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>> here in chicago, so many of the victims are children. just last night the 12-year-old boy was shot and killed in the chest while sitting on his bed in the city's outside. police say apparently it was by someone he knew, although that case is now under investigation. one of the first of what is expected to be many in the year ahead. >> is interesting to watch the politics involved in this, too, garrett. he saw the incoming mayor of new york city, a former republican, and in the primary the republicans in the city were so concerned they would get an even farther left democrat that some of them change their associations or designations as republicans to vote democrat so they could push eric adams, somebody they felt was more familiar and comfortable come into that primary office, and then come out and go against that of a democrat. they liked him, they thought maybe he could get the job done. we'll see what happens. good to see you, thank you.
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in focus now, seattle radio talk show host jason rantz. jason, you and i often talk about the nexus of politics and where we are with the crime. i want to stay there for just a second because i think it's important to recognize that, in a city that is cobalt blue like new york city, they will give something a try with this former republican and now democrat mayor. we will have to see if it works. there's a lot of high hopes for him. i am in jersey, i didn't just watching it like you are paying your quick thought on that? >> i think it's important to pay attention to what results actually come of the talk. we hear from mayor adams what he plans to deal, and i actually have to do it. more importantly, has to have lawmakers that are supportive of it and don't try to sabotage. leverage your mayors across country like mayor lightfoot, mayor breed in san francisco saying, "i can't believe this is happening," pretending they aren't the ones responsible for the rise in crime. and they say they are going to take action. now you actually have to take
8:24 am
action and we'll actually have to see results. >> harris: let's pop up and i'm going to ask my team to see that map that garrett showed to us a couple sets and seconds ago.only one of those ts not a democrat, and we understand in macon, georgia, he ran as a nonpolitically declared candidate. i want to point out, too, jason, in mississippi, which is a ruby red state, jackson, mississippi, has a democrat mayor who is struggling mightily now. because they are on this map, and crime is there thing, unfortunately. >> yeah, and what i think is really important to understand and all these conversations is that, when you look at these deeply blue states, you still
8:25 am
have some deeply red counties or cities that don't necessarily have representation in the state legislature. so you have seen over the course of the last couple years democrat majorities decide they are going to change the law statewide, that impacts policing, that impacts the criminal justice system, and that means the policies that happen in new york city or seattle, chicago, san francisco, they end up spreading. so the folks who have said -- and i've heard this all the time, for people who listen to me, they say, "i'm so glad i don't live in seattle anymore, i don't have to deal with that nonsense." but the seattle influence, the portland influence, the manhattan influence, that spreads across the state. when you look at these red states and see the issues popping up, it's pretty clear where they end up coming from. we always have these jettisoned coming from a democrat policy, and especially around daily reform where we are choosing not to impose bail and people who should be kept in prison, and very light sentences. you and i have talked about this a lot. we have decided that, including
8:26 am
very violent felony crimes, we are now going to say, we will put them in jail, will put them in restorative justice programs that don't work. if they work, i would be all in favor of it. they work in some cases -- >> harris: if they did wear it, we would already know it, because this is not the first times has been tried. we'll have to see. jackson, literally, crimewise, has blown up. it's number one in the nation for homicide per capita. there is a democrat there and all around it is ruby red. if voters start across that state, and i don't know that -- if it begins to look more like jackson and the politics become more liberal, what does it say about the come across that state? you rode an op-ed about a law in washington state that ultimately allows for softer penalties on things like drive-by shootings. in the name of what lawmakers are calling racial equity, first
8:27 am
of all, how does that work exactly? >> it's not racial equity at all. right now in washington state, it gets you a minimum 20 years for a murder charge. people usually serve 20-30 years. as an aggregating factor, drive-by shooting, if you are charged and convicted, it's a mandatory sentence of life without parole. the argument coming from democrats is that this was being used to go after young black men. there is no data to back that up whatsoever. the only data point the lawmaker behind this has put forward -- and her name is tara simmons, she's a state senator from bainbridge -- she said -- or bremerton, excuse me. she said it was used against one person one time. if that's the case, and i don't know if that's the case yet, but if he was only against one person, that's not a disproportionality argument. it's not a racist argument that it's only going after black individuals, but it's one person. this is an argument that we are not using enough. as we have seen in washington
8:28 am
state and so many others, we see these surging drive-by shootings. >> harris: they want to soften what happened to the people that commit them for racial equity? >> they want to get rid of it as an aggravating factor. speak up but we have already seen what happens when you don't -- look at the rioting from two summers ago. when you don't clap back with the law, you see more of it. wouldn't that be the case with the carjackings and other type of violent crimes? if you don't adjudicate them, if you're allowing more of them to happen, that's exactly what the criminals will do. they will oblige you. >> absolutely. and drive-by shootings, by the way, we receive the most impact is the black community. the people who are victimized are the exact people you are claiming on the democratic side that you are protecting. >> harris: it's amazing. i don't know if they ever take that far end, but they should. chicago, just saying. all right, we'll move on. good to see you. happy new year.
8:29 am
critics calling out president biden's disastrous first year in the white house and it's reportedly raising major concerns among democrats who say they are worried about 2022. it's just months away when have to face the midterm elections and they are looking at this guy is a problem. plus, this -- >> aoc and all these people think they can tell you how to lead your life, and people are fed up with it. they are sick and tired of the government telling them how to lead their lives. >> harris: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez getting called up for hypocrisy as she was vacationing maskless in florida at a big event. not just this one. we have other pictures way she's got a crowd around her. you know, the things that they should say we should mask for. while her home state is living under very strict mandates. cheers to her, she's got a drink. good for her. ♪ ♪ ["walk the line"]
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>> harris: they certainly can't deny it. some members of the left side of the aisle, politically and the media, are raising concerns about the 2022 midterm elections after president biden's year of poor polling. a panel on msnbc took aim at biden, warning he will hurt democrats looking to hang onto slim majorities in the house and senate. >> all these races are going to take place across the country, and where the majority is for the democrats is tied directly to the performance of president biden at the national level. >> it is difficult when you have the biden administration struggling in so many parts of the country. >> one of the two things he needs to make sure is accomplished by june of 2022 in order to raise his number so that he is not an albatross on
8:36 am
the neck of democrats who are going to run this fall? >> wow. "the new york post" with this headline. "voters need to start turning the page on biden's disastrous presidency." any fox news op-ed, "biden's first year the worst since jimmy carter paid midterms lead to qa for buyer's remorse." one democrat even told the "washington examiner," "we have a dysfunctional democratic party, because god, we are the [bleep]ing worsen kent message and our way out of a paper bag, and can't govern as a coalition party. where do we go from here?" that's a quote. the power panel now, gianno caldwell. fox's political panelist and former biden campaign surrogate. i thought maybe that democrat had taken some potential lines away from you. [laughter]
8:37 am
>> we are seeing more honesty out of mainstream media and certainly when it comes to some democratic pundits, because they can't hide from the facts as they exist today. it shows that respondents under the age of 30 either strongly approved of joe biden's performance. you know he needs that group to win elections. democrats need that group to win elections. a rasmussen poll neck that came out recently showed that 59% of americans disapproved of the work joe biden is doing. if we look deeper into the poll numbers, they worst issue he pulls on is immigration, which we know kamala harris has been a drag on the party as well as the administration. so he is in serious trouble here. democrats are as a whole and the crime issue is something that also hurt their party. so they need to get loud and vocal about what's going on and hopefully, if they wanted to make some changes that would positively impact americans,
8:38 am
they would do that. we don't see much of that today, harris. >> harris: so to sum it up, and he said it so eloquently, there is no hidin' biden, kevin. >> [laughs] exactly right. >> i'm an eternal optimist when it comes to the present. >> harris: i know you are. >> [laughs] >> don't count joe biden out. this is a political eternity, as gianno knows. democrats have a long way to flip the script when it comes to conversations about the economy, which is in very good shape aside from the inflation issue that we are still trying to grapple with. but we are seeing some of the best economic indicators that we have seen in 40 years with regard to unemployment. 17% jump in our christmas spending over last year. that is a great increase. so democrats just have to tout a lot of the great things we are seeing and get the message out to the american people. >> harris: what happens when it starts rolling in? from when i'm reading they still have it signed the agreement to
8:39 am
put those covid tests into the mix so they can speed up the production and get that half-billion amount of tests into the bloodstream of america. what happens if and when that doesn't happen? you talk about inflation like it's a small thing. well, it's not, but you're right, it's not as bad as what we are facing right now with the testing shortage. >> inflation is not a small thing. you are seeing the white house really focusing on some of the root issues with regards to inflation. we are seeing gas prices come down, that is a key thing. hopefully that'll stay on the downward trajectory. especially coming out of the holiday season. but, harris, your point is critical on this testing front. the administration needs to get this right heading into january with the promise of the site hundred million tests, and we have to deliver for the american people. that is certainly the case. >> harris: if what i'm reading plays out -- these are reporters who were digging hard -- of those documents haven't been signed, if we aren't already down the road with these contracts to get pushed through,
8:40 am
kd, bar the door. move on. i'm kicking it vintage and old school with my things today, i'm not sure why. they were, i'm a southern girl. alexandria ocasio-cortez got slammed as a hypocrite after they knew it cumbersome and was seen mask lists and a miami bar. she can rock 'n' roll, that's her business, but she can't preach to the rest of everybody else and back at home or your constituents are covid mandates and restrictions after she criticized florida -- what she called "loser rules" as an example of how not to do things. apparently she couldn't wait to enact some loser behavior! kevin, i will come to you first. >> the congresswoman can defend yourself. she's done flight having a good time. we are all entitled to. >> harris: can she, though? she said the republicans were hot for her body! she used that to defend herself!
8:41 am
>> she can defend your comments. i won't get involved in a twitter thing with the congresswoman and what she's saying back to your critics, but all these videos i'm seeing that you play right now show an outside bar and she's fully compliant with the local restrictions in place. that she was outside without a mask, that is fully fine in terms of what is in place in florida right now, so she is totally compliant. she can defend her own actions. i'm not here to defend her or anyone else. >> harris: we are going into year three. we had two solid years. the evil things or people of florida and governor desantis, the openness and all that. there she is taking it all in. and she can do that, that's not the problem. she played the sex card and said republicans are hot for her. she couldn't even think of what
8:42 am
you said as a rebuttal. let's move on to gianno. >> i think you have a wonderful point that you just articulated there, and i think people have already realized that aoc has been a hypocrite. that i want to go back to one point that kevin made seeing the economy is so great. for those millions of people who have not gotten their jobs back since covid, sims three or 4 million people, i think they would disagree with you. in addition to the fact there's about eight me and million people in this country that are also unemployed. the economy being good, polling and numbers and data, i disagree with you, sir. stick of the numbers speak for themselves. the lowest employment rate since ronald reagan, gianno. >> certain folks aren't being counted in the workforce. that's the reason for the numbers you are mentioning. >> harris: people who feel like they can't find what they need will do that, too. we didn't even get to the
8:43 am
illegal guideways in this country, since this border has been open, since the beginning of this administration, and what kind of pressure that puts on coven and the workforce, so on and so forth. i will bring you back. i don't know where you are, gianno, but it's in a better time zone, because your day hasn't even started yet! [laughter] >> we got to go to where gianno is. >> harris: god bless you both in the new year. thank you. >> god bless you, harris. thank you. >> harris: republicans calling out the biden administration for going m.i.a. at the border. >> this is the "where is waldo?" administration. no one can be found paid we have a border crisis as we have seen throughout the year. what this administration has done is turn every town in america into a border town. >> harris: a record number of people crossing illegally, and deadly drugs pouring into our nation. one lawmaker put it this way,
8:44 am
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thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. >> harris: just crossing the wires now, new york
8:49 am
attorney general letitia james is issuing new subpoenas for donald trump jr. and ivanka trump as part of james' ongoing investigation into the trump organization. according to the filing, the attorney general's looking for a "testimony and documents" in connection with the trump org. just a week ago it was reported that former president trump was suing the new york attorney general over her investigation. so as we go back and forth, we will bring you the details. keep it on fox. critics are blaming president biden himself or the devastating border crisis that have shown no signs of letting up. and it's been a year, and his administration appears to be no closer to finding a solution. illegal immigrants increasingly and brazenly crossing the border by the thousands. let's get it right. hundreds of thousands. millions, in fact, by the end of december. we have seen deadly car chases, massive drug seizures, and capture criminals, never mind
8:50 am
the risks. to the people themselves, those traveling with their families, bill melugin's live in texas. bill? >> harris, good morning to you. 2022 picking up right where 2021 left off at the border, beginning with a border agent being shot at from mexico on new year's day. look at these photos given to us by a law enforcement source. you can see several bullet holes in the vehicle belonging to that border agent. that happened on new year's day near roma texas about an hour away from us. we are told that agent was apprehending a migrant who had just crossed over gunfire came from across. this is being investigated by both cbp and the fbi. take a look at this video, human smuggling certainly didn't take a break over the holidays. this is a pickup truck being pulled over in mission, texas, on new year's eve. the driver is a suspected human smuggler. the texas troopers show up, and take a look at what they find in
8:51 am
the vehicle. several illegal immigrants being smuggled inside, both from the bed of the pickup truck as well as inside the truck. that driver he later arrested and charge for human smuggling. out of del rio also on new year's eve, texas border patrol pulling over a truck. there was a large group of illegal immigrants being smuggled inside of it. and the photos will show that driver modified the suspension of the truck by putting blocks under it to try and raise the frame up so it didn't look like it was saturated from all the people that he was smuggling inside the car. that driver also arrested. former dhs secretary chad wolf essentially says, look, the biden administration messaging isn't working and it's got to change. take a listen. >> they need a new strategy and they need a new approach. with the cartels and illegal migrants know is, if they cross that border, odds are they will remain in the united states for years as the immigration court
8:52 am
proceedings continue. that's the issue here, and that is what the biden administration needs to address. >> and, harris, that message has gotten out to the entire world. the border patrol in the del rio sector reporting that, just for the month of november, they arrested migrants who crossed illegally from 60 different countries. we will send it back to you. >> harris: bill melugin, thank you very much. the border crisis is also a drug crisis, and bill's reporting has shown us that many times. last year, for the first time ever, more fentanyl than heroin was stopped at the border. now in focus, texas republican congressman chip roy. congressman, you have warned us that this day was coming where every single state in america would be basically a border state, unified by a drug. >> happy new year. good to be on your show. thanks for focusing on this issue and thanks to bill for being one of the few people willing to go down to the border, do the job of the media to actually shine a light on what's happening to the american
8:53 am
people, to texans, ranchers, migrants, while aoc is hanging out in miami sipping cocktails hypocritical without a mask on and complaining about policies. where is she, going down to the board as she was a couple years ago in a white pantsuit crying and gesturing next to a sense? where is she crying over the 51 dead migrants when the van had an accident a week or two ago because of the danger going on with cartels living people? the human smuggling that bill just reported on, the human smuggling occurring in the district i represent in san antonio where people are being moved up. where is the vice president? where is secretary mayorkas? where is the president? they don't care. this isn't about failed policy, it's about a purposeful dereliction of duty, a purposeful refusal to execute the laws. and you have more crossings in the last three months of the last fiscal year then -- more than twice as many as one president trump was there. i think almost half a million
8:54 am
apprehensions that we know of in the last quarter of 2021, shaping up to be the worst year ever. >> harris: that number is huge. >> that's why we have our policies, i've introduced a petition and my colleagues have introduced a migrant protection protocol. not a single democrat has joined it. >> harris: wow. i want to lean and more on that when we get together again. just to unpack a little bit of what you said, the numbers you are throwing out are so huge, but what they don't take into account is just how much stuff is moving. let's pop it up if we can. customs and border protection seized more than 11,000 pounds of sentinel during the 2021 fiscal year, surpassing the amount of heroin that was captured for the first time ever. congressman roy, where i want to go with this, obviously the sheer mass of it is eye-popping. this is such a danger to our law enforcement because of the high potency. just a few seconds, your response.
8:55 am
>> we saw 14 border patrol agents have lost their lives. we've got them having to fill in the gaps. while the president's going around preening and yelling at the american people to force a vaccine mandate. what about the overdoses of fentanyl in our community? if you are watching this show, ladies and gentlemen, in u.s. schools, in your community, there is fentanyl coming in from mexico and china through the cartels. we need to do something about it and not let this administration get away with it. >> harris: we will go deeper. "outnumbered"'s next. >> god bless you, harris. miss of the musical
8:56 am
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