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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 3, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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we know what is happening at the border there are still thousands more getting ready to head hear from central america and 150 countries ♪♪ >> grammar is a positive senior. a lot of songs are filled with hope and positivity. what a great way to begin 2022. you are watching fox and friends this early monday morning.
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>> good to be with you. i hope you have a fantastic weekend. i, like millions of americans, did relax and we look forward to 2022. how about you? >> watching football for me is not relaxing. nevertheless i watch football and relax in other ways. you know it is a sad state of affairs but about halfway through you you are like it is time to switch to the hallmark channel. the hallmark channel always ends positively. the giants never and positively. >> i understand. happy monday. good to see you. >> let's get right to it. alexandria ocasio-cortez is caught partying in florida as things skyrocket and new york faces strict vaccine mandates. >> the administration has
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confusion mounted under the isolation guidance. mark meredith is joining us from the capital with the latest on that. >> good morning to you guys. millions of americans are going back to work but determining who was healthy enough is up for debate among health officials. the cdc will announce the new guidelines recommending people who test positive isolates for five days instead of 10 and wear masks after no longer showing the fire. >> symptoms. the cdc did not include testing negative, which is a decision that surprised many. and now dr. fauci suggest the changes are coming. >> i believe that the cdc soon will be coming out with more clarification of that since it obviously has generated enough questions about that five day period, should you or should you not be testing people. >> medical asks birds are weighing in. that by an administration has done this theory every step of the way with covid.
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they change it because of external pressure. they're following the signs, this wouldn't happen. in 2022 we need less politics and more science. the biden administration says there were wrapping up the test but they are expected to be ready after several more weeks and right now it's no secret that cases are skyrocketing across the country. federal health officials have cast out whether rapid test of the enough to clear up some of the confusion confusion. that is a republican:out alexandria ocasio-cortez, after she was found sitting outside of the bar at miami. some of these videos went viral online and the congresswoman 5 almost instantly delete if republicans are mad they can't beat me. they can just say that that up projecting their sexual frustration onto my boyfriend and me. but it is where the congressman has been drawing outrage from none other than florida senator rick scott.
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>> aoc is a hypocrite. she wants to shut down the you're could come down here. maybe she needs to do a fact-finding mission about what freedom is like this down here we want people to get out and lead their lives. >> for the officials have taken a much different approach when it comes to the pandemic agri- more restrictions. once -- one thing both parties can agree on is that this warmer in florida than it is here. >> no doubt about that. listen come if it gets chance to send you down there for fact-finding, we will do what we can do. thank you, mark. lloyd austin testing positive for covid-19. he says he is experiencing mild symptoms. he is fully vaccinated, by the way, and he did receive a booster shot in october and he also says that this last meeting with president biden was back on the 21st of december, more
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than a week before he experienced any symptoms. austin says he will attempt his meetings virtually and his defense secretary will represent him as appropriate. and other matters. it is the new year but that deadly violence up like cities led by democrats in 2021 continues here in 2022. >> were live as we reported in the first homicide of the year. >> democrat led cities are dealing with the same crisis of violence that plague them in 2021. the surge of shootings over new year's weekend. before people are dead after 25 for shot of the weekend in chicago and in philadelphia that there's at least a dozen shootings they are. this follows a record shattering year for violence in philadelphia. we saw 559 homicide, the most ever for the city. chicago reporting a staggering
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797 homicides. that's the most in 25 years. and here in new york city the new mayor said that he is raining and surging violence after years of failed policy. >> far too long policy makers have not urgency. i do. you will not bring violence to the city. that is not that going to continue to happen. >> adams also reiterating plan to bring back a plane close at the crime unit to the nypd after they wear this man did in 2020 during an aggressive push to limit policing and the city. new york congresswoman says that if adams really wants change, he needs to work to end more of those tough on crime policies. >> we need our mayor to appoint good judges to the bench, number one. but we also need to ensure that he fights were changes to that
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disastrous bail reform and albany that is led to individuals constantly being put back on the streets despite having dozen, two dozen, three dozen prior arrests and convictions. >> and if adams bounds to crack down on gun violence, an officer shot my head while sleeping in his car on new year's day. that offer is suffering a fractured skull but has been released from the hospital and is expected to recover. the bullet shattered the car window and the officer was a long distance away. we are seeking information on who fired the shot and wide. back to you. >> scary stuff. in the meantime americans of choice words to describe 2021, including train wreck in chaos, according to a new poll that usa today poll sharing these responses, including awful, sucked, confusing, and catastrophe. only a few describing last year in positive terms.
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setting fracture politics as a basis for their dismay. what 46% of people say they have hoped for 2022, looking forward to a new year and new possibilities. all right, here is where i following this. i'm generally a positive person. i am optimistic as well for 2022 but let's remember a dose of reality here. remember what we were thinking about a year ago this time. we were all pretty positive heading into 2021 after the debacle of 2020. look what 2021 did. >> that is a good point. it was an up-and-down year in this sense and we had some freedoms restored and it was down and that we didn't get as free as i think most americans thought it might be by this point. the pandemic continue to hang on and i like you i'm a positive thinker and i believe 2022 will
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be better. can it get worse? yes. so let's hope for the past. >> i guess my thought is if we can be positive, we can be positive in all areas, except for sports. i have nothing to look forward to in the world of athletics. everything else is pretty positive. in the world of sports, i've got nothing. i've got nothing. >> i would love to tell you i had a great -- i'm a broncos fan. it was a tough year for my football team but unlike you i think this way, college football , the bowl season is going from alabama's playing for a title, it's not all bad. let's hope for a great 2022. speaking of football, i just want to mention this. in the nfl brown is no longer a tampa bay -- buccaneer after -- he took up his jersey and shoulder pads and made his way
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to the third quarter of the game before jogging off the field for good. the head coach of the squad telling reporters that the game he is no longer -- he customs up a lot of money. 's performance or bonuses without the outburst. that is a lot of chatter. i don't know if i would've done that. the wiki if you could take on that. nobody wants to make light of what is happening. i think in the is everywhere around the league. before i can get away, let me share what tom brady had to say about antonio's situation. >> we all love him and care about him deeply. we want to see him be his best in a fortunate it will be with our team. i think everyone should be very compassionate and empathetic toward him so it's a difficult thing to see happen. >> perfectly said by the great
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tom brady. as a former sportscaster, i'm familiar with the circumstance. he has had trouble with the steelers, patriots, the raiders, and now with the box. it seems to me is clear he needs help. what is your take? >> how many more chances can we give him. at some point he needs to want to get the help that he needs. there is something so severely wrong there. if you are one of the other teams in the nfl, do you want this distraction? he spent at the structure with the steelers, like you mentioned . he didn't even see to do for the raiders. he never start the. goes to the patriots in place for two weeks before some accusations come to light and he gets a with the buccaneers. looks like things are turning around with the super bowl in what you are seeing on your screen happens. i guess it is a set circumstance one thing we can make light about, security merit.
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they didn't know if it was a random fan running on the field. so there was talk that security was about to tackle him originally until they realize this is a player for a team who is somehow thinking the field. we don't know what is going on and they just let him do his thing. to your point, mental health is at the forefront here. the guy is good to get some help before this becomes something worse than just running off the field in the middle of the game. >> perfectly sad. i get it. he's young. he's got a lot of potential and is a great player, potential hall of fame career staring him in the face and he got a lot of money. so a lot of people sort of take the kid gloves approach but i think it is come to appoint or everybody realizes a little intervention may help. we will see if anything comes of it. >> let's move on to this. a terrifying moment when a real
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thing collapses as he walks through the tunnel at fedex field. watch. that's not good. narrowly avoiding injury at the collapse that happened just after the game. the washington football team saying they're looking into what caused the collapse of everyone involved love the stadium on their own accord. the eagles winning the game 20- 16. >> let's go. here at the nation press the capital, nascar walking back a sponsor approval for driving brandon brown. now they're saying his team pulled the gun and announcing the deal. they offer feedback on a minor graphic design change. the lgb going is a mean crypto
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currency. it can be misinterpreted, i'm using a call, for let's go brandon and if you at tell a data. i have a feeling that will be up cryptic -- >> president biden working to reassure ukraine the us has it back. but is joe biden are probably doing enough to fewer aggression in the region. corey mills has spent time on the ground in ukraine during the obama era and is standing by to react to all of it. >> do not go anywhere, a big show. not just because cork is here. joe conchas here as well and congress alum allen finding -- joining us.
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alex, good morning. >> good morning, todd. this conversation took place just after that press secretary jen psaki gave an update explaining what took plays during the call, really reiterated that us would stand by its allies and partner in a statement by the white house, jen psaki added he reaffirmed that the united states and its commitment to ukraine and he expressed support for confidence building measures to de-escalate tensions. vladimir zielinski tweeting that he appreciates the support and that the call went welcome a highlight in the special nature of the country present relationships. this all came one day after by told flatware put an offer pricing prior -- bolstered military presence of as many yes 100,000 troops have only multiply fear of an invasion. >> i feared that vladimir putin
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is very likely to invade. i don't understand the full motivation for why he certainly appears intent on that unless we can persuade them otherwise. and i think nothing other than a level of sanctions that russia has never seen will deter him. >> should invasion take place here? president joe biden reiterated saying that the white house will have no hesitation to slap rusher with severe sanctions. this is the marsh that took place over the weekend protesting the increasing tension. russia argues that it's nearly 100,000 troops serve as a pretensions medium. ukraine -- scenic us and russian officials are set to meet in geneva, switzerland come on the ninth and tenth. that will be followed by more talks at the nato russia council
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>> else open live. thank you. let's bring in for more dod advisor trump. you heard her say that are brushing invasion is very likely that you agree? >> i think that there is potential. we have to go back to the beginning. they took over command. it destroyed and took over -- they were going after it before it de-escalate head and meanwhile the obama ministration at the time as nothing to render legal aid. this is something that vladimir putin knows very well. that is why he was testing hypersonic missiles and weapons last week. that is why he has amassed the 100-200,000 troops on the border and that is why 10,000 troops left. we have no evidence but vladimir
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putin is standing strong in his stance. >> i'm ask you the difference of what we are noticing now with the biden administration temple we notice what the trump administration. is it just me or are you noticing a marked difference in the way that the president of russia is handling his relations with the us administration as a relates to ukraine? >> well, absolutely there's a difference. this is on the world stage difference were everyone sees biden as being especially week. they saw how he handled threats against taiwan and they see where did that come to the port on the talk about how that biden was. they think i'm going to slap the matt sanctions on and we know what the response was. something that our descendents will learn to regret in years to come. so vladimir putin is not backing down from this because he knows that we are facing a week administration just like the obama administration who did nothing to act.
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>> why have we coupled these sanctions yet with the threat. it seems that would be a good time of the wanted to go on offense instead of continually playing defense with our tail between our legs. >> you are exactly right. we have seen this resurgent, that being with russia and iran, no reaching its nuclear capacity to over 60%. china is signing deals because of similar sanctions to themselves and iran. that bind the administration, they all showed no go. that is what vladimir. and the worlds theaters across the stage know. >> let me jump in there and get you to weigh yet in on some language. we will act or respond, that is, decisively. what is that really mean? >> it means that we are going to have more talks. the thing that the united states
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hasn't realized yet as far as president biden is that the european union is died from a energy perspective. that being struck were not for he approves the pipeline, which is also going to connect to germany me and all the other countries. so we increase rush of power and their stance and now owes the way he is active in the past. so i don't see where vladimir putin is going to back down and this. >> corey mills, i really appreciate that. that, less question for you. >> justin 20 seconds here, have we not done enough to ensure the world that we are a reliable partner going forward? >> no, we have not at all. i think we sought that in afghanistan and the way that we handled our partnership. i think that there is no-confidence in the world stage the way that the us deals with allies. >> corey mills joining us,
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congressional candidate in the great state of florida. we appreciate your time. thanks for spending it with us. >> time now, 24 minutes after the hour. homes destroyed in the colorado grass fires, now buried in snow. we are now learning a lot more about those three people who went missing during that out-of-control blaze, todd. plus the busy holiday travel season coming to a close but the chaos in our nation's airport isn't letting up anytime soon. we talked with southwest airline warning that the worst is yet to come.
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29 minutes after the hour. this is fox and friends first.
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two people remain missing up the fires in colorado. the fire burning thursday, charring more than 6,000 acres. it's cause is still under investigation. originally fire official but down power lines spark that blaze. they're reporting that been the lines were compromise. there are now looking into this video, showing a shed burning near where the fire began. the search warrant has been executed on the property. were taking a live look at the white house and snow has been beginning to come down here in the nation's capital. a winter storm warning in place for washington dc in till 4:00 p.m. today. federal offices are closed, wait for it, 8 inches of snow are expected to start today. the governor issued a state of emergency for five counties where they are predicting up to 18 inches. wow! it's going to hit here from
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10:00 a.m. i've got to get my groceries here. the faa warning that the raffle cast that begin christmas weekend is only going to get worse things to winter weather and covid related staff shortages. president of the southwest airline pilots association joins me now to discuss. how much worse could this get? >> we hope it doesn't get much worse than you saw this past weekend, kind of a double hit for us in the airline industry. the weather system ran from north to south made its way across the country. is a challenge for us in the southwest and then you had -- you add in the omicron, which is making mandatory quarantines, and companies putting us on the sideline for ten days at a time creates challenges for staffing.
1:32 am
>> here is a statement from the faa warning of looming travel delays. cold weather and heavy seasonal traffic are likely to result in some travel delays in the coming days. like the rest of the us population, and increased number of employees have tested positive for covid-19. and then they go on to maintain safety, which might result in delays. we can't change the weather but we can change or at least some impact a human part of this. what needs to be done to limit those delays and those cancellations? >> well, the new cdc guidelines reduce quarantines for five days , beginning to talk about influencing that at southwest and will reduce the time that the pilots and other flight attendants are put on the sidelines. so that will help. weather, we can do anything about that. winter is a tough time with
1:33 am
deicing a powerful storms coming through, but, again, that is where we are at with both omicron and the winter weather. >> in the meantime the supreme court of united states is going to hear legal challenges this week to joe biden's petrel federal fixing mandate. all this up the administration says that the omicron surge needs to be handled at the state level. here is joe biden. >> look, there is no federal solution. this gets solved at the state level. and it ultimately gets down to where the rubber meets the road. >> i'm confused. if it is a state responsibility, then why is biden fighting so hard for vaccine mandates that are basically hurting your ability to keep planes in the sky? >> that's a good question. we are governed by the federal aviation administration. we fall under federal statutes.
1:34 am
you know, southwest in particular has been for choice of the vaccine, especially with our medical -- there for six months staffing. so it should be a decision made by each pilot and we will continue that position going forward. the mandates at this point have been positive at southwest, which is a good thing for us and we will see how this moves forward, but we still rain that i'm holly should have a choice to be vaccinated. >> especially when if you think about states being in charge of this, obviously first your industry makes no sense if you are flying. you cannot change what you are doing a pennsylvania. it does not make sense for the airline industry but we will see appreciate your time this morning. hopefully this improves because it's not looking to sell it right now with full speed.
1:35 am
>> a very interesting conversation. thank you. that he four minutes after the hour. new york city is a race baits formula to allocate covid tests and treatment. we will tell you who was is being prioritize amid a massive testing shortage. plus the big apple is looking to turn the page and covid and crime. >> our government has been dysfunctional for far too long and it created this crisis long before our covid. former nypd detective speaking here. he's got more of the transition with mayor de blasio. that is next.
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welcome back. 39 minutes at the hour. du jour chris already slamming the new year -- the new mayor for continuing the policy sees of mayor de blasio. setting two consecutive quarters the back demanded for private employees and vaccine requirement for most indoor activities. adams has been an embarrassing extension of manifest all year and bill de blasio part 2. and a candidate for more queens tweeting i want this to be known now i've watched eric adams speech and his self ambition is
1:40 am
falling over itself. he is talking from both sides of his mouth to appeal to both sides. this man is bad news for new york. at least with de blasio we knew what we were getting. i hope that is not the case, kevin corke. the omicron surge in new york city is smashing single day covid case records. and now the e-mails obtained shows health officials admitting to prioritizing race and distributing i respect desperate here to react dr. oscar odom. i want to begin by sharing the statement from your department of help and hygiene. this e-mail is a stunner for folks weapon had a chance to read it. it says racial equity does not mean simply treating everyone equally but rather allocating resources and services in such a way that explicitly addresses
1:41 am
barriers imposed by structural racism and white privilege. there's so many things that can be said about that. i'm not sure where to begin. a guess i put simply start by saying this. is that not racism itself? >> yes, exactly. to put it out that that way, that makes it races. when i heard about it in the context of the head, i hit you did from the fact that because of vaccine hesitancy and the low numbers of people coming out as opposed to people coming to the mounting to bring the amount of them. this way you increased more people, the likelihood of more people get in the backseat and looking at it from that sort of lens but i would not looked at it that way, the way that it was used, not at all. >> you are right. i understand that from a public policy perspective you want to try to get the word out. you want to reach out to
1:42 am
specific communities. when you start segregating based on the color of skin, it seems preposterous that that can be legal. i'm sure that there'll be some cases involving that moving forward and i'm sure to have noticed this in your own experience. i go to my barbershop and there is vaccine hesitancy in the community for a very good the best way to address that is not to simply segregate people based on race but take them message to communities in such a way as to convince them of the value. would you agree with that? >> i would agree with that that you do that to show the value of what it does and this way it makes it open to everybody whoever may be in that particular community as opposed to doing a based off of race but more of vaccine hesitancy and the lower numbers in certain areas. let me ask you this.
1:43 am
the new mayor called 911 on his very first date to city office because he's saw three men fighting. he slams the new york government as being discover -- for far too long is very first speech as mayor. for those who did not get a chance to hear, it was quite something. i wanted to share part of what he had to say and then get your reaction. >> our government has been dysfunctional for far too long and great with its own crisis long before covid. whether it was crime ridden communities, poor schools, economic inequality of racial injustice. he is taking a not so veiled shot at the outgoing mayor, bill de blasio. your take on what he had to say. >> most definitely because there is a shot. you have to look at the fact that he is looking at it through the lens of being a
1:44 am
law-enforcement officer and the needs need support of what is taking plays. crime is taking plays right in front of his eyes and shows the total disregard for the system and its own disregard for public safety in which people can commit crimes in broad daylight and also at that particular point in time, expected to get away with it and now those things will change where someone has committed some sort of mac. you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> let me switch gears and talk about a new york city quarantine in a hotel. they're allowing a doctor to bring cigarettes and marijuana in with them. that seems that the nurse will then bag -- nurse will bag and distribute to folks. while back. how about you? >> i don't know what type of
1:45 am
program that is. and when it comes to marijuana unfortunately everybody, some people agree with this and some people don't agree with that and to happen on some sort of premise, you have to look it up because everyplace has some sort of policy on the premises where you are not allowed smoke in residential buildings. if you want the smoke of the of the spoke outside and not inside so they have no idea of what they're talking about. i have no idea why they are even doing it. dr. odom, i really appreciate your time today. we look forward to having you again sometime soon. take care. >> for having me. happy new year. >> kevin, thanks. one of the last news organizations closing its doors over safety as china? down on dissent. we have all the details on our overnight round.
1:46 am
proof of vaccine requirements and it applies to everyone at five years old. bracing for the fallout. join us next.
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welcome back to fox and friends. take a look at some of the international headlines. recent economic times between russia and china. the office of the director of national intelligence reports that beijing was more aligned then asked for it and last 60 years. the biden administration cautions concern for the full military alliance just yet. meanwhile in hong kong, citizen 's denials last night that it will slow due to security ratings. this comes just days after police raided another organization that thought enforcement computers and phones were charging a pair with tradition. an unidentified person crossed the zone into north korea on sunday.
1:51 am
military officials say that they are currently still working to find out if that person remains alive. those are just some of your international headlines on this monday morning. that, kevin, back to you. >> thank you very much. a new year new mandates. chicago new covid-19 mandate starts today. anybody five years old and up required to show vaccination for indoor spaces like restaurants. joining me not to discuss the impact of the mandate. executive director of the arc association. thanks to the both of you for being here. leonard, you told our producers you didn't think this plan was well thought out. why do you say that? >> well, the timing of that, first ball. they only allowed 14 or 15 days to implement the plan and those
1:52 am
14 or 15 days included christmas and new year's eve celebrations, which are huge in the hospitality industry. that is almost reckless. >> roger, let's take a look at where the locations are for requiring proof of vaccination starting today. indoor dining, of course, your game right there. indoor fitness and entertaining and recreation, anywhere where food and beverages are. we know by now especially when it comes to omicron, the vaccine is showing signs that it lessens the impact of covid and people that does not stop the spread of it from person-to-person, even vaccinated person to vaccinated person. so how is this vaccine mandate backed by science when we know how omicron operates? >> let me just say that our
1:53 am
restaurant coalition members and myself personally, we support the backseat and the booster. the question is should government be able to mandate that restaurants are portrayed as covid hotspots and hefty check -- we really don't think that if there. the city of chicago has got $1.9 billion to get people to vaccinated and stop the covid crisis. they refer a billion of that to the city budget. this many ways that are city government can take responsibility for getting people vaccinated that does not involve having restaurants be the vaccine police. >> chicago once restaurants to serve as an arm of the public health department department p just want to prepare food. another thought, 2021 and he gets chicago president deadliest year in a quarter-century. the numbers are staggering. homicide up 25 from 2020, up to
1:54 am
and took -- to a 99. how do you want to do this with the threat of violence hanging over your head? >> well, obviously you put the key in the lock in the morning and you start for that day. you have to look at the previous nights headlines that it seems like it that baby or a nightly event for either carjackings and it isn't epidemic right now in the city spreading everywhere and you begin to realize that your customer count is going down because of customers coming in from the suburbs to the city just not going to make it. they're not going to try to entertain themselves in chicago because of this random crime spree. it is a daily headline. >> roger, 20 seconds to before we prep up.
1:55 am
where is the result from the marinetti city because to do something to do something to stop this. >> i just want to get everyone across america about the restaurant mandates come if i could. our chicago coalition has form that united states restaurant coalition. that is united states restaurant .org. we are asking everyone in every city where there is the unfortunate mandates to go to war website. we needed new national restaurant coalition to get the 60 been dollars that restaurants are old under the biden administration and the senators. >> and the violence the only does it out. thank you force your time this morning. i hope you have a good 2020 you. kevin, over to you. >> thank you very much. coming up on fox and friends first, for public and seizing on the president pressed a broken pandemic promises. >> i'm not going to shut down the economy. i'm not going to shut down the country, but i'm going to shut down the virus.
1:56 am
>> texas congressional candidate wesley hunt joining us to discuss joe biden present ever changing tone on covid-19. plus joe concha on this monday morning. don't miss it as we continue here on fox and friends first.
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♪ >> yes, we're rocking out on monday morning. welcome to 2022, for those who missed us, we're back with you. carley shimkus is chilling. i'm in for her. my name is kevin. hi, todd.


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